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Star Wars Dominion of Darkness ? The Shadow War

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by NickLitYouAFlame, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. mujapple-juicey

    mujapple-juicey Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 21, 2008
    IC: Veto Dainx
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    "No, I have not finished with you yet.

    Not finished? I have a bad feeling about this.

    "Just know that I will not abide stupid questions, or questions of why you are doing something. You will first learn to do what you are told without question, after you have mastered that, I will tell you why you are doing what I am telling you.

    The Chiss turned and beckoned for him to follow, and Veto immediately scrambled up without a word.

    Looking up again, he saw that Kye'El was heading towards the weapons' rack, and his heart skipped a beat out of terror.

    Oh cruel fate...

    Veto forced himself to follow. As he walked, he prayed that when he left this room, his next destination won't be the medical ward.

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  2. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    IC: Kye'eldes'tann
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Kye'El could sense the fear and apprehension in the young Sith, he sucked it in as he neared the rack. He enjoyed the smell of fear, it brought power to certain aspects of Sith Magic, fueled it to heights that even the most pure hatred could not hope to send it. Though he did not need it now, he could save it for later for use in his laboratory. He channeled it into one of his gauntlets for later use.

    "What style of fighting do you prefer young one?"

    He asked as made an abrupt about face once reaching the weapon rack. The rack itself contained dozens of assorted weapons, both real and mock blades. Though it did not contain any lightsabers, use of those had been forbidden inside the training facility by any lower than a master.

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    IC: Thok
    Mining Tunnel, Seven Miles from the Dominion Compound, Lehon

    Thok bolted through the mining tunnel at a speed one wouldn't believe his body capable of, but he was no ordinary Vornskr, he had been altered through the power of Sith Alchemy by his master. Like his sisters, Thok had been captured by the master only three weeks out of the womb.
    Since the day of their capture, he had begin changing them with his dark powers. Mostly in subtle ways not detectable by the human eye, such as that they now had the thought capacity of a normal human, or that their muscles could exert up to three times as much force as muscles of comparable size in their own species. This is where his speed came from.
    The end of the tunnel appeared ahead of him, a dot of light piercing the darkness of the passageway. Seconds was all it took for him to leave the darkness of the tunnels behind, but he did not embrace the light upon exiting, and instead scurried through the underbrush into the thick forest only meters from the tunnel's entrance. He was a creature of darkness, the light made him uneasy.

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  3. mujapple-juicey

    mujapple-juicey Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 21, 2008
    IC: Veto Dainx
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    "What style of fighting do you prefer, young one?"

    Veto's heart skipped another beat. His throat tightened. He was expecting a question like that, but it still startled him.

    He knew he had to reply, but the minute he opened his mouth, his windpipe twists into every knot in the galaxy, and he couldn't speak at all.

    At last, he forced something through. He kept his voice low to conceal his fear, even though the Chiss was undoubtedly aware of it.

    "Um... I... I don't know. As long as it's fair... I mean..."

    He cursed at himself. How did something so punishble and brainless get out of his stupid mouth?

    "Uh, I did not just say that?"

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  4. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    [hl=black]IC: Darth Ardeur[/hl]
    Command Center, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Ardeur looked up when Lord Insipid walked into the room. Stunning as ever, his power wrapped around him, he instantly got down to business.

    "We're not going to hold onto this position forever. We need a plan, my fellow Lords."

    "I assume that is why we are gathered here, Insipid. In my younger days I would've offered to go there myself. People still fear the sith lady who took down Lowbacca." Ardeur spoke with a wistful look in her eye, "But let's be honest, I'm far more valuable here at the moment. What has the meeting been called for, Ventris?"

    Narrowing her eyes, she glanced over at the Dark Lord of the Sith. He could send her out, she thought to herself, the Sith were always looking for ways to eliminate possible enemies. Darth Ardeur had never shown any inclination for Dark Lordship and was quite content in her current role, but others who had the ear of the Dark Lord may be spouting lies.

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  5. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    IC: Kye'eldes'tann
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    He smiled at the slip of the young marauder, but he let the boy's slip go, he didn't feel like dolling out needless punishment at the moment.

    "Come now, you must have a preference. A Staff? A Cane? Maybe Duel Blades?"

    He posed the question in generally sincere manner, playing the emotions of the young sith to ease him for the coming test. A Sith should not let fear rule him in battle, but the boy would be incapable of calming if he felt insecure.

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  6. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Sith Title: Darth Alastor
    Name: Iek'ra Iecka
    Age: 45 (chronologically) 25 (physically)
    Species: Echani-Sithspawn (Originally Echani, turned sithspawn, now in Genetically engineered Echani Body courtesy of Project Nox)
    Planet of Birth:Naboo (original) the Fires of War in the Outer Rim ('rebirth')
    Appearance: Alastor's new form is 6'4? tall, his hair is white and is trimmed to about ear length. His eyes, due to being immersed fully in the darkside for long periods of time, and genetic alterations, are red. He is very muscular for an Echani, and very well toned. He wears entirely black outfits, generally consisting of black pants and a leather vest, with a cloak.
    Rank: Arbiter
    Weapon Description: Alastor utilizes a hand crafted Echani Blade. The blade 4 feet long with a single edge and a curve, and a cortosis weave, the hilt is wrapped in black twine for grip, with a black cortosis knuckle guard. A simple black scabbard houses the blade when not in use, the scabbard is often filled with the numbing poison of local deadly plants to keep the blade coated in it. Several strikes from the blade can temporarily paralyze a target allowing them to be captured or tortured.
    One Holdout saber with a two and one half foot red blade
    one [link=]Blaster Rifle[/link] with several recharge caps, and recharge station onboard his ship.

    Ships: [link=]Blue Star (Final Evolution)[/link]

    Fires of War - An Ardent-class Fast Frigate Alastor took control of in 129aby. The ship is filled now with bio-organic circuits and its interior looks more like a Yuuzhan Vong ship then that of an actual Ardent. Its bio-organic nature allows Alastor to control it as he does the Blue Star. The Ship is in orbit of Lehon's magnetic North Pole.
  7. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Carrin
    Forest Depths

    [blockquote]Darth Carrin knew of Bursyrkr, and resisted the urge to have fear. They had fought twice before, and neither had killed the other; in the first fight Carrin had been the victor, nominally, but in the last Carrin had gained a scar across his arm. When the wave of fear filled him, Carrin knew his opponent, and though he could do little about it beyond revel in the horror like any half-decent Sith would - the Dominionite's overconfidence had sold him out.

    Today, for the first time in the past two years, Darth Derkomai had instructed the Dragons to act in pairs. So when Carrin lost all trace of Bursyrkr, his partner, Darth Cognas, a male Iktotchi who had manipulated the title of the late Darth Cognus of the Bane Order, reached out and mentally touched Bursyrkr, concealing himself in the Dominion Sith's mind, his powerful telepathy enabling Carrin to see Bursyrkr through Cognas' eyes; and the latter Sith drew himself into the shadows, moving around the battle.

    With a lunge, Carrin thumbed his lightsaber and jumped down towards Bursyrkr, making sure to leave plenty of space for him to land and then crouch, grinning with eyes closed. The effect of the latter could only increase Bursyrkr's own fear. And then, he splayed out his fingers and allowed a bolt of energy to emerge from it.

    Simultaneously, Cognas grabbed at Bursyrkr and his body and sought to Slow him; although he could not achieve a great deal with his telepathic focus, the two Dragons expected it would be enough.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kev

    [b]IC: Darth Marka[/b]
    [i]Secret Site[/i]

    [blockquote]There was a fourth point to the locations in the vicinity, one deep within the mountainous region directly opposite the Rakatan Temple; forming a square out of the triangle. To the south was the beaches, and to the north the Sith Temple of the Dominion. This camp was the pseudo-base of operations of [b]Darth Insipid[/b]. Here lay a menagerie of vessels that belonged to him and his closest allies, none too far south of the north pole. It was here that Project Nox had crashed, over a decade ago, and it was here that [b]Darth Avarice[/b] had secreted his personal vessel.

    Today, however, [b]Darth Alastor[/b] was assigned of the few trusted allies of Darth Insipid to keep an eye on things. While the [i]Blue Star[/i] was kept in the Sith Temple, it was often assigned by Insipid to patrol these wastelands. It was not known that Avarice and Alastor were allies of Insipid; though it was very well known that Bursyrkr was his apprentice. So the former two could patrol this wasteland for enemy combatants occasionally, and check up on the base, which, otherwise, was concealed beneath sensor-negating netting and dark tarpaulin.

    From these various tools, Darth Insipid had regained his body and then dispatched other elements out into the galaxy, to secure control of his various schemes. The Unknown Terrors, the Sith Empire, the Remsi Republic, the Chiss Empire, and the Anti-Sith Coalition were all pawns for him to bypass. Alastor knew that he owed Insipid, but how much that meant to him was unknown; betrayed by the One Sith, what else could he do but be wary?

    But the scanners of the [i]Blue Star[/i] echoed, and, via his mental connection with the ship, Alastor knew that a Predator was en route, doing a period sweep of the area and had detected the mutant vessel. Though Nox was invisible, the vessel was nominally noticeable; and Alastor had an issue, for this was no simple pilot; it was a Dragon.[/blockquote]

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  8. Imperial_Hammer

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    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Pelandra Harrn
    IC: Entering Lehon's Atmosphere

    So there it was. Lehon. The planet that the latest leg of her searching had lead her to. After fleeing from Korriban and wandering about the galaxy, her grandfather, Darth Mentok, was said to have fled to this planet for some mysterious reason. And it was there he either died or still remained, as there had been no evidence of his existence after the tale.

    The young Red Sith was excited. She was nearing the end of her long search. A search that, at its end, may have vast amounts of knowledge and power as its reward. If her grandfather left a Holocron, her powers in Alchemy and Runes could jump greatly.

    She looked at a glowing rune stone, gently hovering over the empty passenger seat of the ship. The inscription on it was glowing a fierce red, confirming what the Force was telling her. Sith, and a very good deal of them. There was still far too much distance and interference for her to pinpoint where exactly they were, but they were there. Somewhere.

    The run was also rather handy in that it served as a compass. If functioning properly, its marked "tip" should point the way towards the largest concentration of darkside power. Right now, it was just slowly spinning around and round. But once she landed, it should stabilize.


    The force was talking to her. The force of her Grandfather. Like a loyal ghost that had been with her since she was a young little girl. It was flowing smooth and fast. Like a stream before going over a massive waterfall. It was time to descend.

    She opened up the ships scanners to their widest settings. If the Sith on planet had communications equipment, she would want to be able to talk to them. Then she rerouted power to the stabilizers and slipped her ship into the clouds of Lehon.

    Almost immediately, the vessel gave a large bump. What a wreck she had been traveling in. Really, the people she had relieved of this vessel did not keep it in very good shape. You'd think a woman with her skills would have been able to steal something a little more fancy.


    She should be on the ground in a couple of minutes. Then the search would get underway. Pelandra could hear the rattling of her camping equipment. She wasn't too worried about what she would find on the ground.

    If she could survive a visit to Korriban, she had little fear of what was on this planet.

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  9. Kahn_Iceay

    Kahn_Iceay Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 5, 2006
    Darth Avarice

    Avarice was bored. Devoted as he was to Insipid's plans, he often regretted coming to this world. Back during the Force Cold War, after that fool Lolarus had been dealt with, Avarice had enjoyed himself. The slaughter of the Senate. The Destruction of Worlds. The False Emperor Campaign. Pure unadulterated entertainment. Countless deaths, torture. The Koudminshu sighed. Despite being on this world for ten years, trapped with a legion of enemies just clicks away, Avarice found himself starved for prey.

    But what was this? This noise. Was that a lightsaber? The Lord of Terror smiled, and spoke quietly to himself.


    This was exactly why he took these little patrols with little issue. The off chance he'd find somebody, or something to kill. Oh how he enjoyed to do that. He pulled his commlink out of his pocket and held it up to his mouth, ?This is Avarice. Cut the lights in my area. No questions.? it was simple, an order, it could be Insipid in the control room and at this moment Avarice would expect even him to do it. When Avarice told someone to do something, it almost always was in the best interest of everyone to do it.

    Slowly, starting from behind, Avarice heard it, the small 'buzz' that each light gave as its power cut. Their sequence of shutting down sped up, becoming a near constant barely audible noise in the air. And like a chain reaction the tunnel moved from day to night like a train along its tracks above the tunnel was shorting them out one at a time as the Sith Lord walked casually forward towards the noise.

    And then there was darkness. Darkness was Avarice's ally. Not just as a Sith, but as a predator. He could see in the dark, much as any other Koudminshu could. But more then that, to him, the darkness was a tool. In the Darkness, there was equality. Everyone had stripped from them most of they advantages they carried in the light. Sight, cohesion, coordination. Avarice maintained these things. In the darkness, everything was his prey.

    And so, he hunted.

    Darth Alastor

    ?We are bored.?

    The thought echoed around in the darkness that was the sort of 'virtual reality' that Alastor existed in while bonded with his ship. Since he 'joined' the dominion many individuals within the Sith ranks had given the Echani odd looks when he used the identifier 'we'. This was explained by a simple fact that no one other then the one Avarice and the Betrayer Insipid knew. Alastor was not a singular being, but in fact two. Two individuals united and formed from a multitude of consciousnesses due to the events at the battle of Roon in 129 ABY.

    So many existences, thoughts, lies, hopes, dreams, ambitions died that day. The Chaos that had existed within the mind of the ?Dark Star? for the months that followed would have driven lesser men insane. Though the simple fact that Alastor was already a psychopath did little to add to the mental stability in the times that followed. It took months, exhausting tireless months but the persona of Alastor and his ever faithful ship, the Blue Star fought to become the dominate consciousness of their new form. And in this endeavor, they became something more. A symbiotic relationship unlike anything the two had been in the past.

    They were Alastor the Dark Star. From that day the two had become one. Even separated the body from the ship Alastor could exhibit control over his former Biot body. Hence the use of We and Us, for Alastor was in fact two beings. And they were bored. Insipid used him, them for patrols. To keep an eye on his precious secret base. This area however, was far from the contested areas closer to the temple, conflict was non-existent in the air. The patrols did nothing to satiate their lust for blood.

    But that was not to be the case today. Within their perception, the dark void that was their current existence. A whisper existed. This whisper in the dark echoed into a roar as the ships sensors registered it as a Predator. They found this funny. Predator. They both laughed, Alastor did so physically, and no one heard, but the Blue Star
  10. mujapple-juicey

    mujapple-juicey Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 21, 2008
    IC: Veto Dainx
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    And the Chiss smiled. Veto blinked in astonishment.

    What the...

    "Come now, you must have a preference. A Staff? A Cane? Maybe Duel Blades?"

    A preference? Of course. I prefer not being thrown into bad situations or onto walls. Common sense. Must you even ask?

    Besides, both of us know I'm no good with anything besides messing stuff up and being completely incomprehensive. Don't see how that helps.

    Veto stared at Kye'El inquiringly, his usual confusion and defiance slipping in and squishing his fear. Can't they just face the fact and get to the point without circles?

    Realising that this will get him nowhere, he shrugged, turning to scan the rack. If he was going to get beaten up, he wanted to at least have a say about it.

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  11. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    Forgot: GM APPROVED :p

    Sith Name: Szal
    Name: Jason Dirani
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Nar Shaddaa
    Appearance: Despite how he is anything but, Jason is rather ordinary. Short black hair shaped into a bowl-cut atop of his 5?8? height with a few bangs hanging in front of his blue eyes and a lean, athletic build possessing lightly tanned and unscarred skin. His form is usually hidden beneath the custom black, armored Sith robes that he himself fashioned after the designs of the [link=]Zeison Sha[/link] lightweight armor that ? coupled with the added ballistic shielding ? gives him some protection but doesn?t restrict his movements. Really the only thing truly unique about his choice of attire are the gauntlets, fashioned after the ultrachrome that made up the hulls of some of the more ancient ships that littered Lehon?s surface. And beneath the right gauntlet is a hand that, to this day, still shows the signs of old burns that scar it so completely.
    Rank: Marauder
    Weapon Description: As all Sith tend to possess, Jason has his own red-bladed lightsaber but that is more often than not kept hanging at his belt. Instead, Jason?s preferred weapon is the sword that hangs next to the traditional lightsaber; its blade made out of ultrachrome. Though such melee weapons are usually powered by an ultrasonic generator to give them the added deadliness possessed by vibroblades, that technology is strangely absent from Jason?s weapon.

    Along with the lightsaber and sword, Jason has his own inventions to use in battle. Having heard about the parangs that the Lost Tribe used, he had fashioned weapons that take on the same concept. Known as varangs, these are pretty much the vibroblade variants of the parangs. Possessing two, small, curved blades that are folded around the middle where the ultrasonic generator is located, these blades can unfold before being thrown at an enemy and return back to the user?unless they happen to get stuck on a target. However, a strange feature can be noted that while these varangs possess the generators, the technology is not directly linked to the blades themselves so when turned on, the blades do not vibrate. While four of these can usually be found on his person, there is one more located at the small of his back. Lacking the ultrasonic generator of the others, this varang also possesses blades made out of pure cortosis.
    Biography: Living on a planet such as Nar Shaddaa was difficult to say the least. Filthy, polluted, and, most of all, filled to the brim with crime. One of the only good things that came from the Vong War was the clean up that moon of Nal Hutta got when Hutt Space was completely taken over by the Yuuzhan Vong. Orbital bombardment and Vong-made bacteria dealt with the filth; both the inhabitants and the pollution. And once Nar Shaddaa was wiped clean, it was Vongformed, being granted a new beginning.

    Lyara Dinari had tried to live on this new Nar Shaddaa with her only son that had been produced by an unknown father. How quickly people wished to go back to how things were. Or at least tried to. To bring Nar Shaddaa back to its full ?glory? was impossible unless it was given another millennia to pollute itself once again. Nowhere near that amount of time was needed to bring the criminals back. Whoever hadn?t been able to flee were slaughtered when the Vong first bombarded the world and the reconstruction had dissuaded any from setting foot back upon its surface?at least for a time. Small cities, nowhere near the ecumenopolis that the moon once held, had been built and smugglers had resumed to use Nar Shaddaa as the haven it once was.

    Then came the political unrest and the wars. The Second Galactic Civil War, the Force Cold War, and the troubles that followed each, had renewed the usual cycle of those becoming disillusioned in their governments and the galaxy as a whole. Whether
  12. Lord Vivec

    Lord Vivec Chosen One star 8

    Apr 17, 2006
    [hl=black]IC: Darth Verrick[/hl]

    Ardeur responded to his statement. "He wishes."

    It was then that Insipid decided to make his entrance, awknowledging Ardeur and completely ignoring Verrick.

    "Sorry I'm late. I was checking the frontline." Insipid stated. "We're not going to hold onto this position forever. We need a plan, my fellow Lords."

    Ardeur responded. "I assume that is why we are gathered here, Insipid. In my younger days I would've offered to go there myself. People still fear the sith lady who took down Lowbacca. But let's be honest, I'm far more valuable here at the moment. What has the meeting been called for, Ventris?"

    Verrick chimed in. "Most likely one of two reasons. He either has a plan of attack or retreat. As for me, I'd prefer the former."

    He sat back and smiled.

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  13. Mr-Fett

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    Mar 11, 2009
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  14. Sinrebirth

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    Nov 15, 2004
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  15. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    OOC: Sinrebirth, I'd like to continue.. Mind taking over for Nick until he returns?

    As suggested, I'm going to post my flashback. I had planned on using this in the next post, but it works here.

    [color=darkred][b]IC: Darth Xymox

    [i]A Forest
    Vicinity of the Dominion Compound, Lehon[/i][/b][/color]

    [i]Earlier that morning,
    Present day?[/i]
    [blockquote]Darth Xymox?s eyes flashed open, exactly ten seconds before the chrono began to chime. He closed his eyes and felt out the environment around him, detecting the life force of trillions of falling bacteria outside. [i]Rain[/i]. He loved the rain, as it, like darkness, concealed oneself; yet in a gentle, cleansing way.

    He had not slept well, another random night where too many thoughts bottlenecked in his subconscious, creating an intersection of realities that could have been, were, and never could be.[/blockquote]
    [i]Eleven years ago?[/i]
    [blockquote]?Have you seen her? That?s all I?m asking.? Tozia said dryly to the older Sith, looking up from under the scowl on his face. It was the third time he had asked, only to receive a mocking answer.

    ?And what, is it, that makes you so sure she is missing?? Came the callous, sarcastic response.

    ?She left her lightsaber on her bed and her cloak. It?s been two days and she said nothing to me. That?s all.? He said, his voice lowering to an adolescent growl, turning to trod off on his search.

    ?You should stop worrying so much. Damn woman let?s you be so weak..?

    ?[i]We?re[/i] not weak!? He screamed and threw himself at the elder in a blind fury. He made two steps and then found himself flying backwards towards a nearby wall where he struck with crackle of bone and fell into an nearly unconscious lump.

    ?You?ll never make it? You just won?t..? Came the voice of the older Sith over the intense ringing in his ears, before the world faded to black.

    Hours later he came to, still lying in a broken pile. His crisp white shirt was stained with blood and the gruesome sight of a bone protruding from his arm and through the shirt was visible. He managed to drag himself back to his home, using his budding Force powers to numb the pain and give strength to his legs. He barely managed key the door lock, as he silently begged for her to be there. The door swished open, reveling the dark, uninhabited space. He limped into his mother?s bedroom and collapsed into painful sobs into her cloak. He had noticed the change when he had awoke from his coma. Where once her presence, though distant, was there, now there was nothing. Just a empty void in the Force.

    No amount of sobbing, begging or screaming would bring her back, he knew. But, as he set his own arm, in a blood curdling scream, he let the whole planet know that a river of blood might at least leave his soul in peace.[/blockquote]
    [i]Four days earlier?[/i]
    [blockquote]He often wondered why-- yes, that was Norm Tozia. He wanted to know why. Why did his mother raise and train him? Why didn?t he have a master? Why did his mother and he dress in such an aristocratic fashion, when it seemed they didn?t have much of a standing within this tribe of Sith? Where had she come from? Where was her home planet and when did she first join the ranks of the Sith? Would he ever receive his Sith title? And most of all? who was his father?

    He asked the questions often, but to the same responses. Either his mother turned a deaf ear, or she brushed him off, or answered with a snappy, ?I?ll explain it to you when you are older?. He was nearly twelve years old, surely he deserved to know now.

    The airspeeder descended through the late-evening clouds towards the temple, Darth Mirabilis at the controls, nudging the levers to bring the speeder to a soft landing. A high collar of lace went up to her jaw line, and her dress of rare black nanosatin seemed to flow like a river at night as she stepped out of the SoroSuub. Norm climbed out of the back seat, tugging at the uncomfortable knot of white lace at his neck, tied there as a cravat. For the last two weeks his mother had brought him here to meditate with her>
  16. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    IC: Darth Insipid
    Meeting Room

    [blockquote]"But let's be honest, I'm far more valuable here at the moment. What has the meeting been called for, Ventris?" Darth Insipid almost snorted at her assertion - in his opinion Ardeur was, and always had been, a blunt instrument, but when Ventris did not assert himself immediately, Insipid prepped a quip, glancing at Verrick even as he responded.

    "Most likely one of two reasons. He either has a plan of attack or retreat. As for me, I'd prefer the former."

    "The meeting has been undoubtedly called because of the fact that we've lost track of the One Sith position. They've moved their base again. So we can anticipate an attack here - soon. And you all know we're running low on supplies, munitions and Sith." Insipid folded his arms. "We'll have to form a strategy. The Dragons know about the tunnels. And the mountains. And the forests dangers. We are, in point of fact, out of tricks to stall them if they come for us in full force."

    Insipid snorted. The Dragons would be cautious, but when they succeeded more and more, their confidence would enable them to strike hard. So something risky was necessary to make the Dragons think, for a bit longer, that the Dominion had more tricks available.

    "So attack or defense? Does it matter what the plan is beyond having one?"[/blockquote]

    TAG: Vivec, Sey, Nick

    [b]IC: Darth Tenac[/b]
    [i]Command Center[/i]

    [blockquote]It had been forty five years since her first exposure to war in 100 ABY, and the young woman was now a hardened Sith, moreso for having finally killed her brother during the Sith-Imperial War - the traitor. It had been lucky that [b]Lord Insipid[/b] had not brought [b]Darths' Tenac[/b] and [b]Tenoc[/b] to Lehon; or the Dominion would have been crushed nearly five decades ago.

    Now they had a fighting chance.

    Not that anyone knew the fate of the Sith Empire in civilised space. Darth Tenac did, however, as Watchman, have command of the frontier during the House meeting, and thus she didn't have time to wonder about such things. She did, however, have other things to notice. Such a strange energy reading approximately midway between the ancient Rakatan Temple ruins and the beach itself. The tunnel system in that area had been cut off a few years ago by explosives lain in the tunnel walls, and so the Dominion had no access to that area by its tunnels.

    That meant either dispatching an aerial force - which she didn't have permission to command - or to order no more than four Sith to go and investigate. The Dominion had carefully controlled the responsibilities and powers of the Sith, so as to not allow any one Sith the ability to destroy all they had. It had worked for some time, so they needn't disagree with it, after all.

    But the reading needed investigating. So Darth Tenac tapped the shoulder of a Minion and directed him to open a channel to a group of Sith, who, as they typically did when on call but not actually on duty, were in the Arena, keeping their skills sharp. But not too sharp. Death in the Arena usually saw the victim's loss also added to by the death of the idiot who had cost the Dominion a tool. The Dominion could hardly afford such losses, but they made a necessary point; we can't afford fools anymore than weaklings.

    The said Sith's comlinks would chime in unison, and then they would have five minutes to report to the hangar, and to their speeder bikes. She would meet them there, via hologram. [b]Szal[/b], [b]Darth Rabic[/b] and other Sith were contacted. It was time for them to get going. It was quite possible for Sith to refuse missions, if they had a trying need, but Tenac could not foresee such an issue arising.[/blockquote]

    [b]TAG: Sarge221, Blu, Evil-King_Wiggins, mujapple-juicey (if latter two are available)[/b]


    [b]IC: Tol Skoza[/b]
    [i]Main Hall, Temple, Lehon[/i]

    [blockquote][b]Blacky[/b] saw a nervous Rodian at the door and chimed through it with a '"How may I help you sir?"' which did nothing but make [b]Tol[/b]'s nervousn>
  17. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    IC: Darth Bursyrkr
    Forest Depths

    [blockquote]As soon as Darth Bursyrkr saw Carrin's blade come to life, he knew he was in trouble. However, he still had a few tricks up his sleeve.

    Swiftly moving out of the way of his falling foe, assisted by the force, he ignited his own lightsaber, crimson blade coming to life with a snap-hiss. He then realized that the only way for his trick to fail, was if his foe was being assisted, somehow.

    And then, he felt a slight tug, attempting to slow him down, and realized his assumptions were correct.

    Taking advantage of this, he reached out to the area around him with the force, and attempted to remove his two foes' connection to the force with a Force Breach, which may in turn, hide him from Darth Carrin once again, allowing him to easily dispose of both opponents.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Sinre
  18. s65horsey

    s65horsey Otter-loving Former EUC Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 24, 2006
    IC: Darth Ardeur

    The Sith lady fought off a smirk as Lord Insipid fought off a wave of displeasure at her assessment that she was important. The other two in the room probably didn't catch it, but she was still very attuned to his reactions.

    "So attack or defense? Does it matter what the plan is beyond having one?"

    "If you mean do we stay here and fight or go elsewhere and fight before they get here, then I vote we stay here. Otherwise there is no difference. We are attacking no matter what. You're sounding defeated already, Lord Insipid, is the Sith really out of tricks?"

    Ardeur shifted her weight after asking the question and pulled out her knife again. Most of the time she just felt better having it in her hands. Well, she felt better having her lightsaber in her hands, but she knew Ventris wouldn't stand for that in the council chamber so she placated herself with her knife.

    "Even if the Dragons know about the tunnels, that doesn't mean that they will be able to penetrate whatever defense we can set up there. As far as supplies go, how much time do we have? Can we go raid a shipment of supplies and ammunition?"

    Tag: Sinre, Vivec, and Nick
  19. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Szal

    Szal - though he had no problem with going by his real name - would never say it out loud, but he had always thought that while you became more powerful with the Force, you also became soft. Voicing such a statement would probably get his head cut off by the more powerful - and more ill-tempered - Lords of course, but the thought was always kept in mind when he trained.

    Every time he swung his sword, his muscles burning with the exertion, his sweat causing his clothing to stick to his form, he just felt powerful. The Force had it's own mysticism that could put awe to both the user and the spectator, but feeling the raw, physical power that your own body possessed had its own bit of satisfaction. It was one of the several things that had caused Szal to draw his sword when in battle, leaving his lightsaber hanging at his side.

    There was the elation that one received when striking a blow with a sword especially. A lightsaber, powerful as it may be, capable of splitting a Gamorrean in half without pause, did not do such justice. Flesh, bone, organs, they all vaporized when coming in contact with the burning touch of a lightsaber. A more solid blade, however, required strength that only the wielder could generate to allow it to cleave through an opponent. Even the vibro technology made it too easy.

    Not that Szal was currently striking down such an opponent made of flesh and blood. Instead, the Marauder was content with swinging at the weightless air around him. Swing, step, underhand swing, turn, overhead strike, stab-


    The sword flipped in his hands, reversing the blade's direction as Szal sheathed it at his side in one smooth motion at the sound of his comlink. A note was made at the back of his mind that his ears detected other such beeps and the thought of a mission to replace his target with a live opponent instead of air caused him to grip his comlink with enthusiasm. A call from the Watchman. Report to the hangar...

    Sounds like I'm about to get some fun, Szal thought to himself, a grin popping up on his face at the possibility of actual combat. He had learned long ago that to survive in vicious battles such as the ones found on Lehon you had to learn to thrive in them. Not only had he learned to thrive, the Marauder had learned to have great enthusiasm for them. The worst - or best, he should say - seemed to be behind the Dominion, the Dragons no longer seeming like such great, well-equipped opponents, but he wasn't going to miss out on what fun could still be out there.

    Wiping a damp lock of black hair from his eyes, Szal immediately made for the exit to the Arena, intent on getting in on another chance to see how much strength he really possessed.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, blubeast, Wiggins, juicey
  20. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003
    IC: Kye'eldes'tann
    Interior Training Facility, Rakatan Temple, Lehon

    Just as the boy was reaching for a weapon, Kye'El's comlink chimed, as did the boy's.

    "Looks like you're about to get fighting experience on the front lines, I will be watching..."

    He said to the boy with a slyly satisfied smile on his face, he abruptly made an about face and headed for the entrance of the training facility. He moved quickly, but seemed to slide across the floor at a speed that should have had his robes in a flurry. He passed another marauder as he shot through the exit, he turned his head slightly as he take in his image as he slid past him. The ground was not flat outside like it was inside, though there was a more indirect route to the hanger that was paved, so he took it. It took him just over a minute to reach the hanger where the speeders were located, and due to his mode of transportation, he would arrive without having broken a sweat, something one who had run could not have said.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, blubeast, Sarge, juicey

    IC: Thok
    Two miles outside of Dominion Perimeter, Seven miles from the Dominion Compound, Lehon

    "Surrounded, bring help!" he sent to his sisters through their telepathic link. Thok was badly outnumbered, and had little hope of his sisters getting here in time to save him. So he reached out to the rancor with his telepathy, hoping that the beast was at least sentient enough to see the advantage of working together. Knowing that this creature would understand only base emotions, he sent a feeling of friendship to the beast, a feeling of trust and respect for it, and a feeling that it should turn on it's pursuers. He needed desperately for this to work, or these could be his last moments.

    TAG: Sinre, Kahn

    IC: Kol'El and Caedus
    One Mile to either side of Thok, Two from Dominion Perimeter, Seven from the Compound, Lehon

    Caedus made an abrupt turn to the right and sped towards her brother with renewed vigor, she would not allow him to die...

    Two miles away, Kol'El mirrored her sister's movement, but she also sent a telepathic burst to her master describing the situation as best she knew. Whatever threatened her brother, would wish it had never been born.

    TAG: No one, Sinre.

  21. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    IC: Darth Xymox
    A Forest
    Vicinity of the Dominion Compound

    [blockquote]A slow drip of blood finally stopped from the leaves just above where the assaulting Sith had been ripped in two. Xymox stared out into the forest, moving back to his original position and picked up the gore drenched Verpine rifle. He gave another glance around and moved toward the severed and mangled forearm of the Sith, still gripping his lightsaber hilt.

    Suddenly something moved behind Xymox and he spun in place, raising the shatter rifle to his shoulder and peering through the electroscope. He switched to IR and scanned quickly. Droplets of blood on leaves glowed slightly hotter that the background, but he saw nothing. A rustle right behind him and a dark presence caused him to pivot on his heel and before even looking unleash a six-shot volley of hypersonic needles, which tore into underbrush and tree trunks, sending splinters of wood flying, but no corpse striking the ground. Another movement, just left of the previous target, and though nothing showed on the IR scope, Xymox wrote this off as the brush was blocking it and discharged a dozen round spray of fire into the area. A 15cm thick sapling shattered and fell over as two of the Verpine rounds tore through its trunk. It fell with a crash, the tree pushing other smaller brush over. Two near simultaneous ignitions of lightsabers seemed to echo all around him and he spun, discharging an arch into the woods, random slugs tearing through small trees and limbs that crashed to the ground. Xymox paused for a moment and reached out into the Force, feeling the shadows as they moved.

    'Four.. no.. Eight.. Maybe ten.. From the West and South.' He raised the rifle and peered through the IR scope. Nothing, but in the Force, they were moving on his position. As he panned the direction of the Force signatures, a bright glowing spot appeared. Zip-zip-zip-zip. The Verpine fired a quick volley, directly on the target. A splatter of white hot material coated the leaves and trees behind the target and the torn carcass of an indigenous herbivore spun as it flew up and back from the impacts, slinging more obscuring gore with it.

    Xymox raised his head from the scope, trying to see if the carnage fifteen meters in front of him was that of a sentient or not, when the cold chill of impending death alerted him to a threat just the his left. His head spun to note the glowing blade of a Sith, blade out inviting him to the battle. The Verpine came up and Xymox pulled the trigger. There was the expected whirl as it charged up, then click. Empty. He hit the release button and the magazine dropped. He fumbled for a second magazine when again the Force alerted him to a threat just behind him. He dropped the shatter rifle as he went for his lightsaber. The blade extended with a crackle of energy into a column of crimson as he whipped around to catch the blade that was racing towards his neck. He met only air and went off balance. Nothing was there, and in the split second it took him to realize this he turned back to see a blur of a matching red blade coming down on him, which he barely caught with his own blade, throwing it away from him. In a split second the blade was back, aimed to cleave him in two. He intercepted the blade and directed it over him, as he ducked. His opponent spun in place and brought the blade in for a sweeping blow, which Xymox again caught. The Sith took the energy from Xymox's parry, and put it into a lightening fast downward arc. Xymox side-stepped the attack, directing the One Sith's blade into the ground with his own, and then spun back to catch a brand new blade that missed his neck by a couple centimeters. A stepped to the right, turning as he went. His blade had directed the new attacker's blade away from him, and the Sith was already putting it to a spin to come back around and strike Xymox from the same side again. Xymox blade caught the downward strike from the original attacker, and parried it to his left, and as he stepped ba
  22. Sinrebirth

    Sinrebirth Immortal Mod-King of the EUC, RPF and SWC star 8 Staff Member Manager

    Nov 15, 2004
    OOC: Misplaced update for Kahn as I forgot Alastor.

    IC: Darth Marka
    Mountain Region

    [blockquote]Darth Marka had not expected a routine deployment to unveil a monster like this. And certainly not one that could spew plasma. He dove down, and forward, as all One Sith were trained to do; Predators had shields and could take a few shots as their opponent attempted to take a couple of shots at them, and had speed if they tried to move away.

    Marka wondered if it was the secret weapon the Dragons had heard of, if not vaguely. Nobody had spotted it, nor survived to engage it, because, every now and then, the Dragons simply lost a fighter. Marka opened a channel to the creature, on all bands, even as he was pulling up and preparing to fire; Dun Moch on the fly, as he liked to call it, with a grin.

    He had no grin, this time.

    "Identify yourself. Dragon... or Dead."[/blockquote]

    TAG: Kahn
  23. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    ~This was Approved~You will believe this was Approved~

    Sith Title: Darth Halucion
    Name: Oobah Shin'tac
    Age: Unknown, but body has extensive growth rings
    Gender: Male
    Species: Polis Massan
    Planet of Birth: Polis Massa
    Appearance: [image=]
    Although often he has his 1.5 meter form covered in a red robe that mirrors his eyes in shade with white accents along the cuffs and hemline.
    Rank: High Marauder
    Weapon Description: Duel phase red and silver saber with utilitarian firebrand hilt, a blaster, and has been known to use climbing/ice axe.
    Force Focus: Telepathic mastery with an additional focus on Morichro and Force Camoflage.
    Biography: He began life much as any other child, born in a birthing chamber by a silent droid and the anxious thoughts of happy parents making wild gesticulations of utter joy. None thought he would ever remember the moment?especially not as clearly as he did from later remarks in life. But as he grew he became more of a curiosity in some respects than the dig sites to some, especially the exobiologists, for he could do through telepathy by the age of ten what most could not when their life force was leaving their husks.

    Tests were performed, experiments undergone that in some ways substituted any training a Jedi could get by the shear rigor of such tasks that lasted from waking to eventual exaustion and slumber. That was his life for several years as they examined every genetic anamoly from the rare condition of his red eyes, slightly large frame for a Polis Masan, and even his status of being male were all scrutinized in attempt to understand why or make use of it.

    Eventually he was sent to the Jedi, for there were no more tests to be done, and, it was the general consensus that he should be trained, after all who knows how a Jedi could help find artifacts or tissue samples in the field? Or if they ever did what they had hoped for as long as they as a race had moved here, how one so advanced in telepathy and was trained could bridge any communicative barriers.

    So he went as told and sent, taking what reminders he could of home to study by the Jedi and refine what he could do for his people, and maybe for the galaxy if it ever took his interests. He trained under many master's at first, and under many a tome and holocron's shady light. From one such article he learned of the Jedi Shadow's a group long past that had infiltrated and brought much discord to weaken and kill the Sith. Although they themselves eventually had to stay away forever to keep from the Jedi killing them he found himself drawn to their ideology, their way of guarding so unlike any alive. Upon the time of his being raised to the rank of Master he took what knowledge he could copy, what he could learn and remember, and left without an apprentice to seek the Sith. Resurrecting the mantle of Jedi Shadow.

    Finding what he had searched for he began his quest of infiltration, to become one of the Sith that so many had said no longer were. Something that he had learned from his studies were the strength of the Sith, was their resilience. To say that he was not tainted would lie and belittle his sacrifice, he studied as a Sith, passed whatever test was laid before him from the leaders?from Mystique.

    He found them it was true and although his choice was flawed, or rather his ally in Mystique and her successors, they did give him knowledge of the One Sith, even if to form his vengeance on Krayt to shatter both - if not all - groups of Sith she was not sufficient in the slightest. She failed and he knew the time for his influence would have to wait, for now he would have to disappear until once more his tactics could bear larger fruit?the fruit of mutual destruction of the Sith. His only constant was the Telos Holocron that he had taken when he had left the Temple for the last time in the end of the year 129ABY, his time in
  24. Evil Incarnate

    Evil Incarnate Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Aug 18, 2003

    ~ Character Sheet ~
    Sith Title: Darth Strages(stray-jis)
    Name: Lucian Sal
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Planet of Birth: Procopia

    Appearance -
    Armor: Black, and inlaid with a cortosis weave to protect the wearer from saber damage.
    Height: 6'11"
    Weight: 270lbs
    Build: Athletic Muscular

    Affiliation: The Dragons
    Rank: Lord
    Weapon Description: A Lightspear. The blade is adjustable with a maximum length of six feet, though some substances are harder to cut through at that setting, and the color fades to a silvery pink. The color of the blade is red, the hilt is silver with a counter weight on the bottom.

    Force Powers: Only two, Lightning, and Speed.

    Biography: He was born the son of a Mecrosa Assassin in service of House Mecetti, and begin training at the age of five. As is with most of the Assassins in order, he neglected all but two force powers. Their thoughts were that you could be more skilled with less variety. This is partly true, as most can never match one trained exclusively in a skill. He was recruited by Krayt when he was twenty-three and assigned to the dragons. He has slowly climbed their ranks since his inception into the group, and is now the second-in-command.
  25. Kahn_Iceay

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    Mar 5, 2006
    Darth Alastor
    The Blue Star

    A communication? If our pray wishes to talk then we shall let him. The Blue Star had no communication in the traditional sense, but a small (in terms of the ship) sensory organ operated in the same manner. The voice of the Dragon pilot echoed through their mind, sounding so tiny, so weak, to him though, it was.

    "Identify yourself. Dragon... or Dead."

    "Dead?" they replied, sounding like a voice with an echo. A soft, very echani like voice, and the deeper echo of something more sinister as they both communicated through the communication organ. "Is that a request? We'll oblige you." The black ship began to accelerate towards the craft, its tendrils extending forward as it got closer.

    Tag: Sinrebirth[/i]

    OOC: in a bit of a rut, couldn't think of much.
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