Saga Dooku and Qui-Gon - Prequel Trilogy Notes AU - Completed 9/23/05 (with Kynstar as Dooku)

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    The character of Dooku will be played by Kynstar. The Author of each Note will be clearly labled.

    Kynstar's link can be found here:
    (Please check out her stories too )

    Timeframe: From around the time of the podrace in TPM through the end of TPM

    The quick background story of the Dooku and Qui-Gon PT Notes-
    Dooku is still a Jedi Knight at this point in the storyline, and is actually a member of the Jedi Council. He's a somewhat ignored Jedi, and has been sent on a lot of missions that no Jedi would consider desirable. While this may frustrate Dooku some, he is upholds the Republic.

    Qui-Gon is currently on Tatooine, and the podrace is about to start. Obi-Wan had asked about Dooku in his last correspondence with Qui-Gon, so Qui-Gon decides to contact Dooku.

    Qui-Gon also wants to run the whole Anakin thing by Dooku...he has discovered that Anakin is extremely strong in the force, and asks for advice about that situation, as well as in how to handle Obi-Wan...

    And the story begins...
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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 1:
    Written after AOTC came out
    To Jedi Master Dooku,

    Hello. I was just thinking about you today and was wondering how you were doing. We haven?t talked much recently, so I wanted to know how everything was going for you. My apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, asked about you in his last letter to me, which reminded me that we hadn?t seen each other in years.

    I do not know what you thought of me when I was your apprentice, but Obi-Wan is a very good apprentice. I know that he is still a Padawan, but I can already tell that he is a much wiser man than I am, and that he will become a great Jedi Knight. Obi-Wan tends to follow the Code and the Council exactly and does not allow the Force to guide him as much as I would like. As soon as it goes against a Jedi Code or an order from the Council, Obi-Wan stops following the living Force.

    I have found a small boy who is unusually strong with the Force, and I know that it is the will of the Force that he be rescued and trained, but Obi-Wan is against it. I was wondering if you had any advice that you might be able to give me. I know that the Council will not be likely to go along with me either, and I know that you follow the living Force and have defied the Council many times. I was wondering what your thoughts on this issue were.

    And how do I make Obi-Wan obey me without hurting his feelings. I know that he is dead set on following the Code EXACTLY, but it?s tough dealing with him. I need to find a way of teaching him about the living Force. He would be quite capable of passing the trials, but I feel that before he takes the trials he must learn to let the Force guide him. I would like to see Obi-Wan take the trials very soon because he is ready in every other way except his knowledge of the living Force. I feel that it would be a mistake to Knight him before he masters the living Force.

    I hope that I have not taken up too much of your time, and that I have not bothered you.

    Qui-Gon Jinn
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    Author - Kynstar

    Note 2
    My old Padawan,

    Greetings, it most certainly has been quite a while since we last talked. I figured you have been busy with your apprentice.

    I have been extremely busy myself these last few years with attending negotiations for new worlds to join the Republic and also mediating disputing planets. It always amazes me even still today at how many worlds encompass the Republic.

    Your Padawan asked of me? I truly hope you told him only the good things? We should get together once we are all back on Coruscant, perhaps at one of the restaurants? We could then catch up on old times. I have missed our philosophical talks.

    You were one of the best, Qui-Gon and if you recall that was one of the main reasons why I chose you as my apprentice. And you have become one of the greatest Jedi Masters now because of it. Together we were the best, so of course I have nothing but praise for you as a Padawan. There were times when we had disagreements, but what Master/Padawan doesn't? I had plenty with my old Master.

    If you think as much of your own apprentice, then for sure he will become what you believe in. Ahhhh he is one of those? The Code is great for a guideline, but he should always remember that the Force is our ultimate guide, not the Code, and definitely not the Council.

    If the boy doesn't learn soon to follow the Force's will...he will live a harsh life, but then again don't most Jedi? There are too few of us who are of the Living Force these days.

    You say you have found a child unusually strong in the Force? How unusual are you saying, Qui-Gon? If he has an overall of 15,000 or more midichlorian might be wise to bring him to the Temple for evaluation. And if the Force is guiding you to do this...then follow the Force.

    If you apprentice objects too much, put him in his place. I know it is harsh to say this, but you are the Master and he is just the apprentice. If you want to go easy on him...well explain to him that it is the Force's will and that you feel strongly in bringing the child. He probably is so bent on the Code that he thinks the child is too old, is that it? How old is the boy?

    As for defying the Council...I can tell you the many times that I have as well, young one. The Council will see the truth in what you say, and if not...let me know and we can work something out. If the Force is telling you that the youth must be trained...then it must happen. I will assist in this if need be. The Force's will must be done. Obi-Wan must learn this eventually.

    Teaching one who is not strong with the Living Force about the Living Force is difficult. They usually can not grasp the understanding that all living things are important. Not just people, but what affects them as well. Also they can't look outside the immediate happenings; they tend to focus to far ahead instead of concentrating on the moment. Yes I agree that we should look ahead; anticipate what might be. But we do not center ourselves on 'what ifs'. Only advice I can give, Qui-Gon, is to keep up what you are doing. If you remember my teachings...then that is all that you can do. Perhaps soon he will understand...if not, then he isn't meant to be like us. I just hope he doesn't become another Master Windu... or by the stars another Yoda. We only have room for one of those.

    Is your apprentice ready for the trails? Do you truly think that he will be soon? If he can not grasp the concept of the Living Force... regardless of whether he can or can not, if you deem him ready when the time comes...then so be it. He is strong in the Unifying Force and might not be able to understand fully of what the Living Force can offer. You as a Master must feel comfortable with the idea of your apprentice becoming a Knight. If the boy is ready on all levels, then he is capable. I am sure the Council will give their approval if they feel as you do.

    No Qui-Gon you have not taken too much of my I mentioned before, I miss our talks. Think on my offer
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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 3
    Master Dooku,

    It has been far too long since we last talked, my friend. Yes, I have been busy with my apprentice Obi-Wan, but that is no excuse for not seeing you.

    Ah yes, I noticed that you have been sent on a lot of negotiation missions to try to get other worlds to join with the Republic. The Republic certainly is a large governmental body. How have your missions been going?

    Heh, yes, I only told him the good things about you. It would be hard to find much negative things to say anyway. Getting together at a restaurant on Corucsant after this dispute is over sounds refreshing. I accept your invitation. Obi-Wan has a friend who owns a diner on Coruscant. He and I occasionally stop in to see him. How does that sound? I hadn?t realized how much I missed our philosophical talks until you mentioned them to me.

    Thank you for your words of praise. We were a good team, I will agree with you. It would be an honor to work with you on a mission sometime. I do think much of Obi-Wan. He is practically ready for the trials, in my opinion. I don?t know how to explain it to Obi-Wan that the Code/Jedi Council should not be followed above the Force. It seems to be a difference of opinion between us.

    It is unfortunate, but true. Most Jedi are so stuck on the Code and Jedi Council that I fear they do not think/reason for themselves, or follow the Force. Instead, they hold the Code and Jedi Council as a higher authority. If a change is not made soon, I fear this will have negative impacts on the future of the Jedi Order.

    Yes, I have found a child who is unusually strong in the Force. His name is Anakin Skywalker. According to his mother, his grandfather was once a Jedi Padawan?a Lowdun Skywalker? I slightly remember him from my Padawan days. His Master, Frey Corta was killed, I believe. I do not know the details. I have taken a blood sample from the boy, and his midiclorian count is higher?higher than 15,000. In fact it is MUCH higher?24,000. He is a slave, from a system not included in the Republic, and he is nine years old.

    I am in the process of trying to get the boy freed. His master (remember I told you he is a slave), would not go along with me taking him easily. I have made a bet with his master, Watto. If Anakin wins this podrace (yes, he is a human who can race pods), then Watto will grant him his freedom. The boy knows nothing of my bet.

    I just realized that you may not know our situation. You are of course aware that my Padawan and I were sent to Naboo to negotiate with the Trade Federation leaders there? The Trade Federation leaders attempted to murder us, and eventually we escaped down to the planet. We managed to make our way to the Queen of Naboo, and rescue her. We took a Naboo ship in hopes of reaching Coruscsant.

    However, as we were leaving, Trade Federation ships making up a blockade, shot at our ship. It was damaged in the process, and our hyperdrive began leaking. We landed on a small desert planet called Tatooine.

    Tatooine is not a planet that is a member of the Republic. In fact it is owned by a group called the Maurders, and to be more specific, the Hutts. I had plenty of Republic credits with me, however Republic credits are not accepted on a Maurder world.

    I was in a junk dealer shop, hoping to acquire the hyperdrive part that we need, when the slave boy came out, introduced himself to the Queen?s handmaiden, who had gotten out of the ship with me. A bad sandstorm began brewing, and Anakin offered us shelter.

    During my interaction with the boy, Anakin offered to win us the money to pay for the part we need by entering a pod race. Although the plan didn?t please me, I accepted his offer. I believe that a boy that strong with the force can win us the money.

    I will take your advice and take the boy to the Temple for evaluation. I can?t imagine what the other Jedi Council members will say, but I feel that it is the will of the Force that this boy be trained.

    Thank you for your advice on how
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    class fic, update me when you ahve updated lol,
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    I love this! =D=

    Why these 'notes' of yours do not get more attention is beyond me!
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    Oh wow :) Thanks for reading! I'm glad that you think so, and I would be glad to update you when I've updated this :)

    Thank you! :) Glad that you have enjoyed so far.

    To both of you:
    Welcome to my Notes fics! :) I'd love to share my Notes fics with you :)
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    Author - Kynstar

    Note 4
    Dear Master Jinn,

    Padawans can keep one extremely busy, I hold no grudge over your lapse in communication. As I mentioned before, I have been tied up with negotiations of my own.

    My missions have been so far a success. Only a few had hardships that proved too much for the Republic to handle. It is a shame though...something could have been done, but they decided not too because the place would not be 'beneficial' to the Senate. That is not something they should determine legibility when assisting worlds with their troubles. Sometimes I think the Senate is only after itself...then again I know that they only care for themselves. They are corrupt and definitely not getting any better.

    The young man will learn eventually if he ever opens himself fully to the Force. Give Kenobi time, he will or he won't. And if he doesn't...then that is his loss, for the full connection to the Force can make matters so easily at times. Some Jedi can never achieve that level of connectivity.

    My old Padawan...negative impacts are all ready happening to the Order and it is only getting worse. Something needs to be done with the Republic first in order for the Jedi the work their own problems out. The Council is becoming all too lax seating there in their room and not actually getting involved. I know they do not like to dabble in politics, but if the corruption of the Senate does not get resolved...the Republic will slowly crumble from within and the Order will follow soon after if not at the same time.

    The slave has a midichlorian count of that magnitude? Oh my, that is astonishing indeed. You must bring that boy in for sure!

    You've made a bet? Well, well Qui-Gon...that is definitely interesting. I never thought that you would be the type too. But I understand that it deals with the child's freedom as well as getting parts for the Queen's ship.

    Trade Federation...the worse part of the Senate's corruption lies there. I still can not believe that they are not doing anything about the Naboo issue! Are they blind to the truth? Pish...just like the Council, blind to the obvious facts.

    Well do take it easy on Tatooine...the planet is vile and disgusting. Maurders you say? Not familiar with that, but of course with the Hutts I am. Who isn't familiar with Hutts?

    The boy is going to win your parts and his freedom with pod racing? Oh this is good, Qui-Gon. I wouldn't mind seeing that. Humans usually can not do races like that. Do tell if the lad wins. I am interesting in the outcome. Hopefully it will work due to you needing those parts. Also let me know once you return to Coruscant, I wouldn't mind meeting this boy you've found.

    I am sure the Council will train the child. Though he is older than what they allow to enter the Jedi, I too was older than the set age when I was taken in. So perhaps they'll overlook that slight detail. But then again, we are talking about the Council...

    To me you will always be young, for you were my apprentice Qui-Gon. That will always be there in my mind. So I am glad that it amused you, some habits are hard to break and calling you such is one of them. I will help you with the boy if you like. I am interested in how much he knows and what he can do all ready on his own. If he wins that race...then that right there shows how his connection to the Force is stronger than most.

    Chosen One...well I never thought that that one being would show up within my lifetime. But do you think it possible? Feel on this Qui-Gon, don't think. What is the Force telling you? If you believe that it is so...then the possibility might be there. I know and have known for a long time, that your connection with the Living Force has been extremely helpful in your decision making. I too, as well allow it to guide me. If It is telling you that the child is...then he very well could be. I will meditate upon this once I meet the child. If you have found the Chosen One, then perhaps the Republic and the Order can be saved before t
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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 5
    Jedi Master Dooku,

    I am only beginning to understand why it is best for Jedi Masters to have Padawans. A Jedi Knight who has not yet gained the title of Jedi Master may have a very hard time attempting to train a Padawan. It is a hard enough ordeal for Masters.

    I was glad to hear that your missions have been successful. And that, my old Master, is the reason I try to stay as far away from politics as possible. I am sorry to hear that the Senate responded in such a way to the situation. The Senate seems to go through rough times occasionally. Unfortunately, we seem to be in one of those rough times. My hope is that the Senators will realize that the Senate cannot continue behaving the way it has recently, and other Senators will strive to reduce corruption. Corruption seems to be inherent in politics.

    I have no doubt that Obi-Wan will be a very wise Jedi Knight one day. He is already a much wiser man that I am. I foresee that he will become a great Jedi Knight. He just needs to learn how to open himself fully to the Force. I understand that not all Jedi can achieve that level of connectivity, but my hope is that he will.

    My friend, I hope you are wrong about the condition of the Senate. Do you really think that things are that bad? Although I do not take pleasure in politics, I agree, the Jedi Order as a whole should become more involved in Senate affairs.

    The boy has won the pod race, and he has been freed. We are now on our way to Coruscant. I am having Obi-Wan schedule a meeting with the Jedi Council for us. Not only do I wish to bring the boy in, but I believe the Sith have returned.

    A being who was well trained in the Jedi arts attacked me as I was about to reach the ship (before leaving Tatooine). The being fought with a red lightsaber, and certainly had a good grasp on the Force. I am certain that it was a Sith.

    Yes, the boy, Anakin Skywalker, has a midicholrian count of 24,000. His grandfather, Lowdun Skywalker, was once a Jedi Padawan. I remember him as a Padawan. We grew up on the same wing of the Jedi Temple, and he and I went on a mission together once with our Masters, but I had not heard of him for a long time. Are you familiar with him? Or his Master, Frey Corta? His Master was killed, I believe. You are older than I, so I wondered if you had any memory of these individuals. I also wonder whether Lowdun Skywalker was extremely high in his midicholorian count. I know that he did not have 24,000?no Jedi has, but he probably had a fairly high number.

    I do not make a habit of betting, no. In this case, I made an exception.

    You sound slightly frustrated, my friend. I agree that something should be done about the Trade Federation. That may change when we arrive on Coruscant. The Queen is hoping to speak with her Senator, and possibly the Senate itself. Hopefully this will motivate the Senate to do something for the Naboo situation.

    No, most humans cannot race pods, that is except if they are Anakin Skywalker. The boy was astonishing. He is the only known human who can pod race. This should tell you something about the boy?s connection to the Force, if his 24,000 midicholroian count reading do not speak enough.

    I?m sure that Anakin would be very interested in meeting my old Jedi Master. He has been so fascinated with the idea of meeting Jedi Knights. To meet one that is on the Jedi Council, and my former Master, would thrill him.

    We will just have to see what the Council says once we arrive on Coruscant.

    Your help with the boy would be much appreciated. Thank you. Anakin will need to be tested. He has become so accustomed to using the Force as a natural part of his life, that he is not even aware that he is using it. One example of this is when he races pods. He always has thought his Jedi reflexes were normal.

    I always hoped that I would have the opportunity of meeting this Chosen One, and I am convinced that Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One. I have done a lot of meditating on thi
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    Author - Kynstar

    Note 6
    Master Qui-Gon

    Ahhh now you see that fact, hmm? Well even Masters do have problems especially if they are rebellious. Does that ring a bell? I still chuckle at how alike we were on that part.

    Politics have their purposes...if done correctly. There are too many now a day who think they know it all and actually know nothing. Then those that are beyond greedy...corruption is running rapid my old friend. There are times when I just want to turn my back on it all and fight it my own way. The Order's way is failing...they better open their eyes soon or it will be too late.

    Then if you foresee it, then it will happen. Only the Master truly knows the Padawan. The Council might know some...but only the Master will know the extent of the apprentice. If you have hope...then perhaps one day he will achieve that.

    Wrong? Oh my dear Padawan, you will see that I am not. It has gotten to the point that even the Council turns their backs to it. This I will not tolerate for much longer. I have talked with my old mentor on several occasions and he just tells me that he can only do what the Council ordains. I can not understand why he won't speak out. Perhaps he has become too complacent as well... And yes, the Senate has worsened...and continues to do so and will until somebody or people prevent the continuation of the corruption.

    I figured the boy would win. If he is as you have said...he very well could be the Chosen One. My apprentice! You should feel honored to have been the one to find him!

    Prepare to be denied, you know how the Council is about their rules. I would bet you that they will not allow the youth to be trained. Typical of them...

    A Sith? Sith you say? I have warned the Council that their existence was still possible, but they would not listen to me. Perhaps they will with you now that you have proof. I am relieved to know that you survived the encounter. Was the being evil? Did anger drive it? It could have been just a Darksider...but I could believe that it was a Sith. If any time was to be picked to appear now would most definitely be the occasion. The Senate is in an uproar with the problems surrounding Naboo. Interesting how one miserable planet could cause such a ruckus...interesting indeed.

    The name sounds somewhat familiar, but unfortunately I can not recall it at the moment... though nothing that a side trip to the Archives could rectify that. Perhaps I will see to who that man was. Frey Corta? Now that name rings a bell...though I would have to research it to remember. I will check with my old friend Madam Nu, she will find the names for me.

    I will let you know what I find out on the grandfather as soon as I hear from Madam Nu.

    I was wondering, I did not recall you a betting man.

    Frustrated? Oh my friend you have no idea. The Trade Federation is just the start. I am tired of arguing with the Council over the Senate issues. And I truly hope they do something soon...or I will myself.

    Do let me know how this meeting goes if you happen to be near or attend with the Queen. I am quite interesting how it will turn out.

    I look forward to meeting with the youth then. It will be interesting to know what feelings I get when I meet him.

    Ahhh the fascination of youth. Of course his curiosity is piqued. What child's wouldn't be? To see and talk with the legendary keepers of the peace?

    Let me know what the Council's verdict is...just do not keep your hopes too high.

    It is no problem to assist you with the youth if it is allowed...even if it isn't I would help you if you asked. The Council's will only goes so far with me. I listen to the *Force* first and foremost. I am sure the Council will test the boy to ensure what control he has over the Force if any. If not to see where he lies with his emotions. Now that will be an interesting turn out. Especially if my old Master is there.

    As I said before, you should feel honored if not pleased at finding the Chosen One if indeed he turns out to
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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 7
    Master Dooku,

    We do share many characteristics, many of which could probably be explained through the Master-Padawan relationship that we shared.

    It pains me to hear of the prevalent corruption within the Senate. It is possible that with the Queen of Naboo speaking, the Senate may possibly listen. And how do you suggest the Jedi Order to fight. You are on the Jedi Council now. Is there any way you could convince the others to take some sort of action?

    Yes, yes. However, it is not up to me what becomes of Obi-Wan?what he learns now. I feel as if I have taught him all that I know. There is very little else he can learn from me. It?s time that Obi-Wan begins to learn on his own and continue to grow in wisdom and in knowledge of the Force. Someday he will become a great Jedi Knight; I have no doubt of this.

    Perhaps Jedi Masters like ourselves should become more vocal, and encourage younger knights to do the same thing. If enough concerned Knights were to gather together, the other Jedi Council members might listen to us. If a person wants change to happen, we must step up instead of stepping back and waiting for someone else to take the lead.

    I do feel honored to have found Anakin, but there is grave danger with the resurfacing of the Sith. I would like to see the Naboo situation settled peacefully in the Senate. Queen Amidala will speak at a special session of the Senate very shortly.

    I have had the initial meeting with the Council, as you are aware. I explained the Sith situation, as well as mentioned Anakin Skywalker. Several Council members did not seem overly interested in having Anakin Skywalker trained. However, Mace Windu and the rest of the Council have agreed to have Anakin tested. The boy will pass the tests.

    We will see what the Council decides. If they should decide to refuse training for Anakin, I will do what I must, even if that means leaving the Order. Anakin will receive training. It is far too dangerous for him to remain untrained. I believe the Sith have resurfaced, and if they were to ever get a hold of the boy?

    I wish the Council would have listened to you about the possible existence of the Sith, my friend. It appears as if the Jedi Order is about to pay for their neglect in that area. Most of the Council members still seemed skeptical of the existence of Sith, even after the evidence I presented. This is not going to be an easy task to convince the Council that the Sith have returned.

    My friend, you should know that all Sith are evil. Sith are fueled by their anger and lust for power. They seek only to destroy. The being that I fought was certainly evil. He attacked in rage and anger, and he certainly sought to kill me. Anger DROVE the creature.
    The Naboo situation should never have gone as far as it did in the Senate. It began as a simple trade dispute, and eventually turned into a full planet invasion.

    I am too busy to visit the Archives at present. It would be helpful, if you have the time, if you could sort through the Archives to learn of Anakin Skywalker?s grandfather or his grandfather?s master?Frey Corta. Be sure to say hello to Madam Nu for me.

    Thank you, my friend.

    You have made me chuckle. Although you are on the Jedi Council, you still do not include yourself as part of it when you make references to the Jedi Council.

    Queen Amidala has not addressed the Senate yet, and I do not think I will be present, though I will certainly hear of it. I will let you know what I learn. I have heard from the Queen?s handmaiden, Padmé, that Queen Amidala has met with her Senator Palpatine. She will be addressing the Senate very shortly.

    I too am interested in how this meeting turns out.

    Now that we are on Coruscant, let me know when you would like to meet with Anakin personally. Arranging the meeting should not be difficult. I too would be interested in knowing what feelings you get from him when you meet him.

    I do not believe that the Council will make a decision about
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    This has to be one of the best set of notes I have read, not that I don't love the others, but I really liked this one!

    The connection between Dooku and Qui-Gon was strong, and it saddens me what fate had in store for them (or maybe you are planning something else...). I particuarly enjoyed their talk about Obi-Wan and not following the living Force.

    Look forward to more! :)
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    I always like Dooku/QuiGon interactions..we don;t get enough of those... :D

    I like this one a lot. Particularly how they're so similar, and the way they discuss things..
    its sort of sad too, how they said they were going to get together after naboo...
    if you think that they had become closer through their 'notes' would be logical to believe dooku would have bene really mad to hear about Qui's death and blame it on the council...

    hehe I like how they gossip about Obi Wan. ;)

    looking forward to more!
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    I really enjoy the banter. I had to laugh when Dooku refered to Qui-Gon as "Young One" knowing how old Qui-Gon is. [face_laugh]

    Can't wait to read more.
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    :) This is an idea I had after AOTC came out, when I was setting up the Notes originally.

    We don't know much about Dooku and Qui-Gon's relationship, so I thought that it would be something interesting to focus on...especially how it will apply to later events.

    As always, the Master and Padawan relationship is very strong. These men went on missions together, and learned from one another, and became like brothers, father/son relationship, and great friends.

    As for whether or not I am planning something'll have to wait and see. Certainly this relaionship will be important later on.

    Glad that you liked the talk about Obi-Wan not following the living Force. I too enjoyed that conversation ;)

    Thank you for dropping by!

    Doing the Dooku and Qui-Gon intereactions is fun. This is not even talked much about in the movies, and so this is how I am thinking Qui-Gon would view his old master...and Kynstar is doing the same with Dooku.

    I have been very pleased with how this set of Notes is going.

    Dooku and Qui-Gon were together for many years, on missions, whatever...and Qui-Gon learned so much from Dooku, as Dooku learned from his apprentice. Qui-Gon has picked up things from Dooku, and thus, Dooku's training, opinions, and ideas, have rubbed off on his apprentice.

    They may get together before they leave for least the two of them. They're both on Coruscant, so why not :)

    Thank you for your thoughtful speculation on Dooku. It is possible that this will certainly come into play later on...

    And thanks for reading! :)

    Welcome to my Notes stories! :)

    I'm glad that you enjoyed their discussion so well.

    When I first read what Kynstar had Dooku say about Qui-Gon being "young one" I laughed too. It's nice to know you found it humorus as well.

    Thank you very much for reading!
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    Author - Kynstar

    Note 8
    Master Jinn,

    Indeed. A lot of Masters and Padawans pick up from each other, though I truly hope you have not inherited too much of my rebellious attitude. Though you have given the Council a run around several times, you did it justly. The Force led you and you followed its guidance. I will always be proud of you for doing that.

    Corruption is always evident in large societies and that is one reason why I am not surprised that our very own Senate is failing. A pity would think that with the way they handle things it wouldn't be as such. But no...unfortunately it is.

    If the Senate listens to this Queen I will be shocked. She is just one among thousands and if it does not serve their purpose to help her...then they will not. But do tell what comes out of the meeting.

    What do I suggest the Jedi do? Listen to the Force. We are taught this from youth, but then the Council says to obey the Code and them. To whom should an initiate listen to? Their elders or the power that gives them the gift of them being a Jedi? Why they will listen to those that are over them. Blind...the Jedi are so blind to the fact that the Force is willing to help if they would only truly open themselves to it and listen for once.

    I have grown tired, my old apprentice. Tired of wasting my breath on those who will not listen. Oh they hear what I say, but shrug it off stating the Code is the way and that the Republic is only having a slight set back. A set back? Is this what they call it now days? Pish...

    If you feel that you have taught the youth all that you can teach him...then by all means the young man should be close to ready if not. Indeed he must begin to experience things on his own for only then will he be able to grow in wisdom and in knowledge of the Force. If you believe that Kenobi will become a great Knight...then perhaps you are right. If the Force tells you so and not your heart, then it will be so.

    I have tried my friend, believe me. A few have the same notion as I. Perhaps eventually the Council will see...but I have my doubts.

    You should be concern for their return. The Sith should not be taken the other Councilors have seemed to. I sense a major disturbance in the Force and I do not like what I feel. If indeed the Sith are back, which I wholeheartedly do believe so, then we have some planning to do. We can not allow their evil...their rot to corrupt the Republic further.

    As I said before, please inform me how the meeting goes. You will probably hear the results before us.

    The child will probably pass the test; I believe he will if you so do believe in him. I am sure he is afraid right now. The child is on an alien world surrounded by people he does not know. Let alone away from his mother.

    I agree that the youth should not go untrained. But I doubt the Council will allow you to train him since your Padawan is not yet Knighted. Perhaps I can take the boy if they allow the training. I have not had a Padawan in decades, but perhaps this will help distract me from all the worrying. And I agree, if the Sith ever discover this child's potential...there would be grave danger for the Order if they get their hands on him.

    Oh yes they are about to receive a major wake up call about this if it pans out. They are fools to doubt their return. And I can not wait to see how this turns out. Oh no my friend, it will not be an easy ordeal for us to get them to believe. They have been to complacent for far too long.

    I know all about the Sith, Qui-Gon. There is a holocron that goes into details about them. And if the being you fought truly was that way as you have explained...then he just might be a Sith instead of just a darksider. The Sith will be starving for revenge, for as you recall it was the Jedi who assisted in their fall. Besides their own greed and lust for power.

    No Qui-Gon the problem with Naboo should have never accelerated this far. The Senate sat too long on it and now it has blown up i
  17. LukeSkywalker_2001 Jedi Knight

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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 9
    Master Dooku,

    The meeting of Anakin?s testing has now taken place, as I am sure you are aware. As I was not present during the testing and questioning, I do not know who all was present during the meeting. Were you there? If so, what was your opinion of the boy?

    The Council has rejected Anakin, as I am sure you are aware. I have stated that Obi-Wan is ready for the trials, but of course they have not given their consent to have Obi-Wan take the trials. However, I do not feel it will be long before they allow him to do so. They must see that he is ready.

    Anakin is upset over the Council?s decision, naturally. I have tried to comfort the boy some, but at present I do not know where he is.

    Anakin WILL be trained. I will personally see to it that he is. Once Obi-Wan faces the trials, I will take Anakin as my new Padawan Learner.

    I have received word that Queen Amidala has chosen to return to Naboo. She will continue to need protection, if this is the case. Therefore, I will return with the Queen to Naboo. After that is all settled, we may certainly meet, all of us, myself, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and you.

    I thought that Obi-Wan and I?or at least I could meet you at Dexter?s diner for a quick get together before leaving for Naboo. How does that sound? I have enclosed the directions for Dexter?s diner?I may have given them to earlier, but here they are again.

    Thank you, my friend. Following the direction which the Force leads me is very important. I try to impart it to all those that I come into contact with, including Obi-Wan and Anakin. They can only learn what they are ready for. Perhaps later on they will run into something that reminds them of one of my instruction.

    Padmé has told me that the Senate has voted to elect a new Supreme Chancellor. I am not certain that was a wise move. I happen to know Finis Valorum well; he is a good friend. There may be very little he can do. I am under the impression that the Supreme Chancellor needs some help. It is impossible for one man to oversee the entire Senate. Perhaps a few positions may be created to aid the Supreme Chancellor. This may help lessen the corruption, though I know it will not eliminate it.

    The Queen apparently delivered her speech and was met with opposition.

    Far too many Jedi have stopped relying on the Force for guidance for decision making. You are correct, my old master, the Jedi must listen to the Force above even the Council and the Code. Some Jedi seem to ignore this all-important subject, and instead look to the law, the Code. I will speak with Master Yoda on this subject after returning from Naboo.
    I believe the Sith have risen, and we must be on guard more than ever. If Jedi are not on their guard, I fear something terrible will happen.

    Then we must lead by example. Perhaps you and I should ask Master Yoda to instruct the younglings, and all those who are interested, in the importance of following the Force. It is clear that we cannot ignore this issue.

    The Force has shown me that Obi-Wan will become a great Jedi Knight one day. I am certain of this.

    Master Yoda is very knowledgeable of the Sith, and has worked hard to oppose the Dark Side. No one could help us prepare for the Sith?s return better than him. A meeting with him MUST be scheduled after the Naboo crisis is over. I too feel a great disturbance in the Force. If I have felt it, then certainly the leading members of the Council must also have.

    Anakin passed the initial test with the screen. However, the Council examined him in every other way. I believe the Council already made a decision before Anakin even entered the room. The Council expects Anakin to be on the same level as younglings Anakin?s age who have been trained in the Temple from infancy. No consideration is being made for Anakin?s circumstances, and his love for his mother. It is difficult for us Jedi to understand. We never were close with our parents.

    If Obi-Wan is not allowed to become a Knight soon, then
  18. LLL Jedi Master

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    A lot of these notes rehash stuff we already knew from the movies, but this one is very special in breaking new ground. I think it takes real balls to try to come up with a realistic correspondence between Dooku and Qui-Gon. Great idea, y'all!!!

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall at this dinner. And I *have* to hear more of this Yoda gossip!! What does Dooku think is going on with him, anyway??

    Please keep going. Although it might help to make the letters a little less redundant. I.e., if you've said it once, don't say it again.


    OMG!! I gotta add ...

    Can you imagine the rich and elegant Count Dooku at Dex's Diner??? It is *so* not his kind of place!!
  19. Anakin_Heartbreaker Jedi Master

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    Firstly I hope that they do actually see each other before Qui-Gon leaves for Naboo.

    I see alot of Dooku in Qui-Gon.

    Great stuff.
  20. LukeSkywalker_2001 Jedi Knight

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    After watching AOTC for the first time, I wondered what the relationship might be between Dooku and Qui-Gon...what it might have been like. I thought it would be important to see where Dooku came from before he became a Sith.

    Thank you very much :) I'm really glad that you enjoy the idea of it, because it is something new to offer to the world of fanfiction :)

    LOL...that would be intersting to be a fly on the wall at the dinner. Hey, that reminds me of a computer game, King's Quest III, in which your character turns into a fly and hears a conversation between these bad guys. It was kind of funny.

    it would be interesting to turn this into a fanfic, and have the main character star as a fly LOL.

    As to what Dooku thinks is going on with'll have to wait and see (and so do I, because I'm not playing Dooku in this Note. Kynstar has something up her sleeve.)

    Thanks....yeah....I try not to repeat stuff, but sometimes it just happens anyway.

    LOL...Dooku at the diner would be funny....I hope Kynstar adds in Dooku's reactions ;)


    You'll see :)

    Well...qui-gon was trained by dooku :)

  21. Palpy560 Jedi Padawan

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    This is great. Kyns once again you have done a fine job with your favorite Sith Lord. I look forward to more.
  22. sithrules70 Jedi Padawan

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    i always thought that dooku would be like an older qui gon.i also think that qui gon's death had a lot to do with dooku leaving the order.
  23. JOINME Jedi Padawan

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    wonderful update!
    so Qui-Gon wants Dooku to train Anakin..hmm...

    I like how Dooku is letting him know about what he thinks...

    'He knew all about the corruption in the Senate..'

    this line makes much more sense when you read the notes. ;)

    Cant wait to see elegant Dooku in Dexs diner!

  24. LukeSkywalker_2001 Jedi Knight

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    Author - Kynstar

    Note 10
    Master Jinn,

    I was indeed there during the testing?the boy is beyond comprehension my old Padawan. There is no doubt in my mind that this child is the Chosen One. And if my fellow Councilors can not see that?then they are even greater fools than I had originally thought.

    He exceeded the tests, except for one. He failed Master Yoda?s ?feeling? question. But then again I anticipated that. The youth has never been apart from his mother and it was expected for him to feel fear. He fears losing her. This connection will be his downfall?unless he is able to keep in contact with her. I wonder?though I doubt the Council would allow such a thing. I would. I know that it will be necessary to keep the youth from losing himself to his fears. We all know where fear can lead to, don?t we my old Padawan?

    Just so you know - I was not among the ones to deny the boy?s training. I believe that it is a must that he be trained. If not it could very well be the downfall of the Republic one day. That child can not be left untrained. It is far too dangerous due to his strength in the Force.

    They hesitate to Knight him?I am unsure as to why. If I find out I will inform you, I believe he is ready as well because you do.

    I would assume he is upset. I feel for the child?brought here expecting the most exciting thing possible, but to only have that door of opportunity to be slammed in his face. He is missing? Odd?is there anyone he has come close too during the time you have been with him? Perhaps he has gone to him/her?

    Now that is my old apprentice! Stubborn and dedicated! I chuckle at the memories that brings up. I will back you on that?if even I am the only one to do so. The child must be trained.

    She is going back? Is she insane? I understand that she is just a child herself?is this hindering her actions? Her decisions?

    I would prefer that you do not go?but I know I can not persuade you otherwise. The situation with this boy needs to be resolved, but my fellow Councilors do not believe it so. I understand the problem with Naboo is important?by far do I believe it to be such as well. But I hesitate and do not know why. The Force is elusive on this and I can not sense anything past it. The Darkside has grown more powerful lately?if only my old Master had believed me. There is something more going on, but the others will not listen.

    I would like that. I will meet you at Dexter?s Diner within the hour if possible. It has been so long since we?ve talked. I know we will not have much time?but some is better than none.

    That is entirely possible. The Force works in mysterious ways and eventually gets what It wants. All we can do is await another nudge or sense of guidance from It. Patience is all we have to strive for besides hope. Hope that eventually the Republic will be purged of the ever growing corruption that taints it.

    Yes?I heard that a new Chancellor will be elected shortly. I am not pleased with this decision. They are fools to do this now?but then again, perhaps something like this needed to be done to awaken the Senators. They have been complacent for way to long. I am not downplaying Chancellor Valorum. I have actually met the man several times and enjoyed the talks I have had with him. He seemed intellectual and strong willed when it came to senatorial dealings. He was perfect for the job?perhaps this change will make them see that something indeed has to be done.

    It was expected that she would be opposed. Something is going on here?something deeper plays a part in this blockade mess. I truly hope that we find out exactly who or what is behind this chaos.

    I too have a feeling something more is yet to happen, but unsure as to what it is or will be. Restlessness. That is the best way I can explain what I am sensing. The Force is restless and I am uncertain as to why. It is as if something tremendous is about to happen that will change the events. Perhaps it is this ?Vote of No Confidence? that has stirred it up
  25. LukeSkywalker_2001 Jedi Knight

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    Author - LukeSkywalker_2001

    Note 11
    Master Dooku,

    It?s good to know that at least one other person can see that Anakin Skywalker is the Chosen One. The other Council members will either see it, or they will not. Either way, Anakin will be trained. This is the most important thing to keep in mind. The other members on the Council may appear to be foolish, but I also believe them to be under much pressure. They have not reached their final decision.

    I agree that Anakin should keep in contact with his mother. I have expressed this to Master Yoda as well, though I do not know whether it will make a difference. If you and I work together on him, we can help him let go of the attachment to his mother. Eventually he would have to let go of this attachment anyway. If the Council refuses to free Shmi, which Master Yoda has already informed me of, then we will have to work with Anakin and help him through this time. Two Jedi Masters working together should be sufficient for this task.

    Though we disagree with the Council?s decision, we must stay focused. There is still a chance for the Council to overturn their previous decision, and perhaps the extra time will give them chance to consider him once again.

    I knew that you were for me, and for Anakin?s training. You did not have to tell me that, though I appreciate it. We share the same opinion regarding Anakin. Once this business on Naboo is over, we can meet again on Coruscant to discuss this.

    Thank you. I appreciate your help. It is possible that the Council hesitates to Knight Obi-Wan because of the Naboo situation. It has been frustrating for all of us, and once things calm down, perhaps they will consider Obi-Wan seriously. I do not believe him to be far from knighthood.

    Anakin told me where he had been during the meeting. Senator Palpatine was talking with him. Though he is a Senator, he has comforted the boy, and for that I am grateful. Apparently the Senator discovered him in the hallway on the way to his office.

    Queen Amidala is a young Queen, but has proved to be mature for her age. She told me that she felt that she needed to go back, as the Senate was taking no action on her behalf. Part of me could not blame her. Her decision to travel to Naboo may not have been the wisest, but she feels it is her duty. Obi-Wan and I are escorting her back to Naboo.

    She does have a plan. Excuse me; I will be back once we have landed on Naboo.

    We have landed now, and the Queen has talked with the Gungan leader, Boss Nass. As it turns out, the Queen?s ?handmaiden? who had been with us the entire time has been Queen Amaidala. She uses a decoy when her safety is in question.

    What will happen is this: the Gungan army will draw the invasion army away from Theed while the Queen, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the others will go to the palace.

    Once there, we will make our way to the throne room and capture the Viceroy. Obi-Wan and I have warned her of several risks. The Viceroy is going to be well guarded, with the Gungan diversion many of them will be killed, and the fighter ships may not penetrate the control ship?s shields, among other dangers.

    Several Naboo pilots will travel to the droid control ship to destroy it, which would disable the Trade Federation?s droid army.

    Obi-Wan and I will do what we can to protect the queen. Master Yoda has assured me that Anakin?s situation will be discussed. That is enough for me right now. There is little else we could hope for.

    There has been a disturbance in the Force for some time now. Yoda has made the statement ?clouded the future is? far too often for comfort. This alone should provide evidence that the Dark Side has grown. If this is so, why was it so hard for the others to believe that a Sith could be out and about?

    It was refreshing to meet with you at Dexter?s Diner, though I know it is not the sort of place you are used to. I am worried for you, my old Master. You look very tired, and as if something were bothering you greatly. I can tell from our conver
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