Beyond - Legends "Doom And Dischord" (AU, one-shot)

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  1. Dantana Skywalker Manager Emeritus

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    Um . . . I have no introduction for this . . .

    Title: Doom And Dischord
    Author: DantanaSkywalker
    Timeframe: post-NJO?
    Characters: Kyp Durron, Corran Horn, others
    Genre: AU
    Keywords: AU
    Summary: Definitely AU. Um . . .just read it. :p
    Notes: The title will make sense at the end. This one is . . . not my fault. Blame for this one lies with Abby and ars_longa. :p

    Yavin IV
    33 ABY


    A small child with black curls and bright green eyes dashed across the landing field and threw herself into her father's arms. She was about four, and dressed in a miniature flight suit.

    Kyp Durron bent and scooped up his daughter, Lana, and smiled. "What are you up to, huh?"

    A michievous look crossed the child's face. "Hiding."

    "Who are you hiding from?"

    "Me," a wry voice said. He turned to see his wife headed towards him, her lightsaber swinging at her hip. Her long hair was loose around her shoulders.

    Lana giggled, burying her face against her father's shoulder.

    Her mother smiled and reached over, ruffling the black curls of first her daughter, then her husband.

    "Get back here!"

    They turned to see Corran Horn chasing after his five-year-old son, Corran Junior. The little boy's brown hair was shorn short on one side, long on the other. Kyp watched with amusement as Corran caught the child.

    "Mommy is not going to be happy," he told the boy. "Look what you've done to your hair!"

    Corran Junior giggled.

    "Can you believe the arrogance?" Kyp muttered to his wife. "Naming his kid after himself? So narcissistic."

    The boy's mother appeared, walking sedately out of the Jedi Temple. She wore an ankle-length skirt and a plethora of necklaces. Her dark hair was cropped at chin-length, her brown eyes large and darkly lashed. She had a baby on her hip, a little girl with her father's brown hair and green eyes.

    "Mommy!" Corran Junior shrieked.

    "Hello, darling," Corran Senior said. "Don't blame me for his hair, I didn't have anything to do with it."

    His wife looked at him pointedly. "You were supposed to be watching him."

    "Hey, it's not my fault that the Horn gene was actually recessive this time around. How was I supposed to know the Skywalker gene overrides everything else and he can move scissors with his mind?" Corran demanded.

    Ignoring that, she turned to Kyp. "Master Skywalker wants to see you. He says he and Callista are about to leave and he wants you to take over while they're gone."

    Kyp shrugged. "Okay."

    He handed his youngest child--of four--to his wife. "Watch her . . . and keep her away from Corran?"

    "Hey . . . he doesn't cradle-rob them that young," she murmured.

    "I heard that!" Corran said.

    "I didn't mean that one. I meant the little one."

    She looked him up and down, then glanced over at Corran. "Your point is?"

    Kyp grinned and gave his wife a passionate kiss. Reluctantly, he pulled away from Mara and stuck his tongue out at Corran before he followed Jaina into the temple.

    *runs and hides*


  2. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Hmm, so Luke and Callista... Funny Corran Jr.
  3. MiaTieska Jedi Master

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    You actually did Mara/Kyp.


    And Jaina/Corran.





    I think my brain hurts.

  4. Daughterofflame Jedi Padawan

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    ¡Ay! L/C? K/M????????! :eek: Can I assume that Corran's still with Mirax??? Or was the cradle-robbing jab to point out an alternative relationship?

    Gah! You've got me hooked already!

  5. Healer_Leona Squirrely Community Mod

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    I am just getting around to know the characters in the EU and you're playing musical chairs with them or would it be muscial pairs?? :D :p

    Very interesting Dana... and amusing for the twist ending.
  6. djcati Jedi Master

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    I think I'm ded...


    Kyp/Mara! I seem to remember a discussion of sorts about that... I think...

    Corran/Jaina... I had a crack dream about that once, last summer. o_O

    Yes, very good. Very crack. :D

  7. padawan lunetta Jedi Grand Master

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    ACK! Woq, lol! Love it aside from Lukie\Callista, I want ot kill her. ;)

    Corran Junior *snort*

  8. GoddessJainaSoloFel Jedi Master

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    It feels like you put all the characters in a box and paired them as their names were picked out! Very interesting twist.

    ~Goddess Jaina~
  9. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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    Duh, I completely forgot to mention K/M because I was arching my eyebrow over L/C.
  10. Daughterofflame Jedi Padawan

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    Oops! Missed the part where Jaina was identified. *ducks*
  11. Jesina_Dreis Jedi Padawan

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    That's the one that hurts my head the most...

    And I thought we were playing musical 'ships in the joke fic...
  12. Thrawn McEwok Co-Author: Essential Guide to Warfare

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    Dana: [face_laugh] [:D] Great 'fic! :D

    - The Imperial Ewok

    Don't advertise, especially not in my thread.
  13. SpeldoriontheBlended Jedi Padawan

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    Y'know, just, um, DIES*

    Shouldn't it be C/M K/J, though? :p

    Wait... this is me saying that? Usually it'd be over my dead body...

    *looks up*

    Yeah, that's why then... :p

  14. Bria921 Jedi Youngling

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    Interesting twist.
    Corran jr. is cute! ;)
  15. Elfsheen Jedi Knight

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    Ohhh this was interesting!
  16. Smuggler_Shidakis Jedi Padawan

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    *rubs eyes*
    *blinks again*


    Okay... I really want to know where this came from...

  17. GreatOne Jedi Master

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    Hey... this is MUCH better than 'Dead Han' and Leia/Jag! MUCH, MUCH BETTER! (the only thing that would make it perfect would be Luke being dead, too!) :p :p
  18. Leia Jedi Grand Master

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    Bwah ha ha! I love it! :D Although I had to reassure myself that it could not possibly ever happen...right? [face_worried]

    Great fic, DantanaSkywalker! =D=

    *strolls off still chuckling to self* ;)
  19. Jedi_Jaina_Durron Jedi Knight

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  20. Kyp_Jaina_Jag Jedi Youngling

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    *gapes for a few seconds, then gets out lightsaber*

    Who are you and what have you done with the K/Jer queen?

    Just kidding; it's really nice to see people branching out and trying different pairings, even if it's only a one-shot.
  21. NenYim Jedi Youngling

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    Corran/Jaina!? Kyp/MARA!? :eek: Interesting fic... :D
  22. Knight_Aragorn Jedi Master

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    *blinks* Did not see that one coming?. [face_thinking] Definitely a different perspective. Great AU! :D
  23. JediCallista_1_6_e54 Jedi Padawan

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    i think i just threw up a little ()()
    (,,)(,,) (still thought it was funny and good)
  24. Ars_longa Jedi Youngling

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    Kyp/Mara I actually can believe completely. :) But Corran/Jaina? What's it, an odd couple week on the boards? :D

  25. Grand Admiral Wettengel Jedi Youngling

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    This must be a very AU AU. The only time I'd think they'd be alone, unsupervised and in such close proximity would be for this:

    "DIE JADE!"

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