Provo Drabble Challenge Thread

Discussion in 'SouthWest Region Discussion' started by Dantana Skywalker, Oct 30, 2007.

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    Okay, I got the idea for this from a meme going around my friends list on greatestjournal, but adapted it for us.

    1. Someone posts two characters (not necessarily Star Wars ones!)

    2. Someone else responds with a drabble (100 words) about them. It can be romantic or not (no slash and no smut, remember to keep it within what's allowed on these boards!), humorous or serious, whatever you choose.

    3. The person posting the drabble then picks two characters for someone else to write about.

    Han Solo
    and . . .
    Jar-Jar Binks
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    "A stowaway, huh?"

    Chewie growled, which meant he was in a better mood than Han. Han wasn't fond of ANYONE being on his ship and this guy could bust the engine just by looking at it.

    ?What did we do with the last one??he asked, fingering his blaster. ?Did we lock him in the oven or just use him for target practice.?

    The guy'd helped them smuggle some good whiskey, but from Chewie's hand gestures, the stowaway probably thought that it had involved decapitation.

    ?You're going to be in a lot of trouble, punk.?

    The eyes blinked. ?Who, meesa??

    Kyp Durron
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