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    Title: Drafted
    Author: Jedi-Gon
    Genre: Drama, Angst, Mystery
    Summary: Qui-Gon is bedridden, and so another master goes with Obi-Wan on a mission to the small planet of Keatan. But soon, their simple mission turns dangerous when Obi-Wan disappears without a trace. Nothing is as it seems, no one can be trusted, and the Jedi might get more than they bargained for when they unveil a devious plot that could put thousands of lives in the balance.


    Obi-Wan had to smile as he looked down at his Master?s sleeping face. Qui-Gon would have been sulking, had he been awake, that he couldn?t go on their mission to Keatan. Obi-Wan had always thought it rather childish of him, but his master had a habit of sulking when he couldn?t go out on the field. Qui-Gon definitely wasn?t a home body, and he had to constantly move from one place to another to keep himself content.

    But unfortunately for the master, Qui-Gon was absolutely forbidden to go on any mission within the next few weeks. The fact of the matter was that Qui-Gon was sick. He was very sick, to be precise. Yes, the healers were positive that the virus would not kill him nor inflict any lasting damage, but Qui-Gon would be bedridden for at least another week. Qui-Gon had little patience for viruses as it was, and the threat of being cooped up in a bed for another week made him a bit more than grumpy. Added to all of this was the fact that he was missing out on a mission, and Qui-Gon had become utterly intolerable. The healers had finally resorted to sedating him to put a stop to his constant attempts to escape from the healer?s wing. Obi-Wan chuckled fondly, remembering one of his master?s attempted break-outs.

    ?Goodbye, master.? Obi-Wan said, squeezing Qui-Gon?s hand and smiling once more before turning to leave the room. He picked up his pack outside the door and headed straight for his transport to Keatan, the destination for his mission. Kaetan was a planet which was almost entirely covered in water, and was home to the water-thriving, humanoid people, the Kaetea. The mission there was relatively simple: Help organize, file and copy official documents, censuses, and records for safe transport back to Coruscant, so that the Senate might have records of one of the newest planets to the Republic. Obi-Wan didn?t have too many worries about this mission. It promised to go well.

    Of course, Obi-Wan wasn?t going alone. Since Qui-Gon had caught the flu right before they were supposed to be leaving, the council had sent for another master to accompany Obi-Wan on the mission. The master they sent was Master Rodric Cotral, a Jedi experienced in dealings with the Senate, and familiar with Kaetan, as Rodric himself was a Kaetea. Obi-Wan reasoned that it was for this very reason that he was chosen as Qui-Gon?s substitute to go on this mission.

    As he neared the transport waiting on the landing dock, Obi-Wan spotted Master Cotral?s tall, lean form at the entrance ramp.

    ?Ready?? Rodric asked simply, smiling at his new charge as Obi-Wan headed up the ramp.

    ?Yes, Master Cotral.? He smiled back. As the two boarded the ship, Obi-Wan quietly studied his new guardian. Like most Kaetae, Master Cotral was quite tall, and had rubbery, moist-looking skin of a subdued pink color. He wore no shoes, and instead of toes, his long feet ended in something that looked more like flippers. His arms were mostly human-looking, save the translucent webbing between his fingers, and the extendable fins that ran from the base of his wrist to his elbow. He had no hair, but instead had a short, thin fin that ran from the top of his brow and tapered off at the bottom of his neck. Rodric?s ears, like all Kaetae, did not look human, as they were simply small, closable holes on the sides of his head. A small fin behind either of these ear holes amplified his hearing, and acted as a means of expression. His nostrils were two small slits, slightly angled away from each other, that could shut closed in an instant when he held his breath. Master Cotral?s eyes reminded Obi-Wan of
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    Excellent! =D= I enjoyed this first chapter immensely and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this plays out. If you have a PM list, please put me on it.
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    Well, you're off to a great start here! I'm looking forward to more.

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