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    Apr 29, 2002
    Dragon Warrior: Bloodlines


    Dragon Warriors. Fighters that achieve excellence in combat. Some identify themselves with the power of the dragon. Some claim they possess that power. Others say Dragon Blood runs through their veins. Some use that power for good, others for evil. Whatever the case, a Dragon Warrior is an individual of great ability. However, it is said, that there can be but only one TRUE DRAGON WARRIOR.

    Traditionally, Dragon Warriors were meant to aid in shaping the course of human history towards an enlightened Utopia. But as time marched on and civilizations changed with time, so did these traditions; and in some cases, they simply passed into Legend. As a result the influence of the dragon warriors became greatly diminished. Out of those who staunchly held onto their ways and teachings; many became reclusive, while others chose to blend in with the new era of civilization.

    Today, Modern Dragon Warriors use their skills in many occupations. Many prefer mercenary and/or military applications, while others gravitate towards Law Enforcement. Still others prefer becoming acclaimed actors, athletes, instructors, trainers, bodyguards, writers, sages, doctors, physical therapists...even healers. Whatever their occupation, they always excel at what they do.

    Those who still follow tradition train rigorously day after day, in hopes to compete in The World Martial Arts Tournament, which is held in the Wudan mountains. This highly acclaimed tournament is held every four years, and represents the pinnacle of Martial Arts skill and training. Dragon Warriors from around the world do their very best in order to attend and test their might.

    Wherever they may be; these warriors face daily challenges with unabated focus, dedication, and courage. Of their numbers, few suspect of the greater challenges yet to come. The time to answer their higher calling might just be at hand.

    In truth, some Dragon Warriors may not even be aware of their heritage.

    Be that as it may, this is their story.

    So. Are you strong? Are you up to the challenge? Has all your training and hardwork paid off? Are you the one TRUE Dragon Warrior?

    Find out and Enter the Dragon Crucible....if you dare.


    Character Sheet

    Alias: (if any)
    Appearance:(Hair style, clothing, etc.)
    Current Location:

    Please distribute 30 points among the stats below. Only a maximum of 10 points is allowed per attribute at this time and a mandatory mininum of 1 to all. No stats at zero please. When done, please send chaacter sheet to the GM for approval and finalization.

    Strength: (How strong are you.)

    Agility: (How well do you move.)

    Stamina: (How healthy and physically apt are you.)

    Speed: (How fast can you traverse a distance.)

    Defense:(How proficient you are at protecting yourself.)

    Martial Arts: (Your level of expertise and training.)

    Ki: (Your proficiency at utilizing ki energy)

    This information is to be considered private and should only be shared with your GM. Do note that these are the initial stats for your character. Be mindful, for they will evolve as the game progresses.

    I'm looking for 6-12 dedicated players max. There will be a waiting list for any others who wish to join. I reserve the right to make the final call as to who ultimately joins.


    Various Support skills:

    Choose a total of four support skills and distribute 6 points among them. One being the minimum to each of course.


    Evasion: Ability to dodge attacks.
    Weapon Skill: Proficiency with a weapon of choice.
    Stealth: Ability to move around in areas undetected.
    Dual Wield: Ability to use a weapon in each hand with equal efficiency.
    Acrobatics: a
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    Body: Character Sheet

    Name:Darius S. Carter
    Alias: Dee
    Eyes: Hazel
    Build: Slim yet very well built, and defined.
    Weight:181 lbs
    Appearance:Sports a short fade hair cut while his skin is a deep brown, but not to dark. His clothes out of competition is a black hoody sweat shirt with baggy grey sweat pants. His shoes are a white pair of high top basketball Jordan's, and he doesn't carry any jewelry of any sort on his person.

    His combat gear resembles the look of a black spandex speed suit with golden stripes down its sides that covers his whole person, his shoes made of a light material with rubber soles.

    Birthplace:Long Beach, CA USA
    Personality:Slightly withdrawn with an edge of sarcasm. Can be known to provide quiet humor, but is very rarely seen.

    Occupation:Heavy Equipment Operator
    Current Location:San Pedro, CA USA

    Biography:Darius was born on the lower eastside of Long Beach City his parents having put him up for adoption. After a few foster homes throughout LA County a polynesian family living in Long Beach not to far from his birthplace took him, and were able to provide for him a strong sense of family yet never could erase some of the ills that befell him early in life. Darius showed a natural affinity to sports especially track, and wrestling to which he quickly excelled in both setting countless records as a freshman. Yet Darius was never able to capitalize on his success as street life found him an easy target to which earned him numerous stints in juvenile hall over the remaining three years of his high school career.

    During his last stint in juvenile hall which ended up being 18 months Darius was befriended by an ex army ranger Roger Young who through much painstaking efforts finally was able to guide Darius onto a higher path. Through Jeet Kune Do Darius began to find an outlet for not only his anger, and bitterness but also his talents. Roger was marveled at the speed, and fluidity that Darius displayed but not as much as the focus the troubled young man possessed. Day, and night the pair could be found with each other Roger eager to share his knowledge while Darius ate hungrily drinking every piece in.

    After earning his GED in Juvenile Hall Darius returned home reformed in certain aspects of his life. While he still has an affinity for the streets the Long Beach native can seperate himself from it's lures through his continiuing of martial arts electing to train away from home when his work schedule allows him. It's been twelve years since he first began training with Roger Young, and Darius owes everything to a wise old man and the path he set him on.

    One of the chief things Roger taught him was to be adaptable, and smooth like water to which can fit in any container it's put into. Darius while being a dominate practioner in Jeet Kune Do has not foresaken the other forms of martial arts, and has over the years become competent in many of them. Darius is no longer the bitter, and angry young man that he once was. He has developed a sense of understanding, and even a patient mindset to accept all infront of him though he's never content with it. His thirst for success is now stronger then ever, and Darius is on the lookout for a way to satisfy his thirst.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: So far there's been some really good looking Character Sheets! Good work everyone. =D=

    However, it looks like I have to clarify a few things.

    AGILITY is the ability used in Combat ( in case that was not quite clear).

    SPEED is what is used for say, running.

    HEALING is used on others, not on oneself. However, HEAL-SELF, will become available sometime later in the game.

    Please post character descriptions only.


    I do apologize if that was not clear and for any other source of confusion.

    I will accept revisions for those who may have misunderstood and wish to alter certain details. ;)

    Feel free to PM me with any further questions. * goes back to finalizations* :-B

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    [hl=black]GM Approved Character Sheet[/hl]

    Name: Vajra Pani
    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Hair: None, shaven bald. Eyebrows are brown.
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6'0"
    Build: Athletic, lean and muscular
    Weight: 179

    Birthplace: Southwest Rural Zhengzhou, China
    Personality: Reserved, calm and soft spoken.
    Occupation: Shaolin monk, spiritual teacher.
    Current Location: Zhengzhou, China

    Biography: Vajra grew up in the shadow of the Song Shan mountain, less than a half day walk from the Shaolin Monastery. It was here that he was first introduced to Zen Buddhism, through the monks of the mountain Vajra first learned only bits and pieces of the ancient culture, but he absorbed the teachings quickly and was always hungry for more.

    Seeing this thirst and talent for knowledge the monks suggested to his parents, prosperous farmers in the area, that they consider allowing him to stay at the monastery. Upon asking him, Vajra expressed his desire to do just that.

    Vajra's life immediately transformed from one of agriculture and prosperity, to one of a humble spiritually minded monk. Thanks to his life as a farmer however, he was no stranger to hard work. With this ethic in place, the young boy took quickly to the rigors of temple life and his skill and knowledge expanded exponentially. Within a very short time it was clear that the young boy was a prodigy, and though his time at the temple was still short his ability was greater than what should have been expected.

    The years passed quickly, and young Vajra grew into a wise and patient man. By the time he reached his late teens in years, his prowess and knowledge was surpassed by only the eldest and most fit of the temple. By his early twenties, he was becoming a something of a legend in the mountain temple, and a bit of a distraction to the others...both young and old.

    Life transpired peacefully however, until the day his Abbot approached him, and speaking to him privately was told him that it was time to leave the monastery, saddened by this Vajra asked why, the Abbot's reply was a patient smile and said, "It is time for you to spread your wings and fly, the world is ready to know Buddha's power". Not knowing what this meant, he could only comply with his Abbot's wishes.

    Saying goodbye to those he had known since childhood, he packed his meager belongings and set off to see the larger world for the first time ever.
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    Character Sheet Approved by Grey! :)

    Name: Kamiko Takahashi
    Alias: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: Slender
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Appearance: Black hair in a bun with bangs, usually found in dresses but when training or fighting, she prefers to wear black and white feminine gis. Her weapon of choice is a double sided naginata
    Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
    Personality: Loving and caring, but with a fiery attitude and a quick temper. Worries a lot.
    Occupation: Currently jobless
    Current Location: Kyoto, Japan
    Biography: Being born to a wealthy and powerful family, Kamiko led a quiet life away from the bustling of ordinary people and living in Kyoto was the perfect place. Though living the lifestyle she had, Kamiko didn?t attend public schooling and instead went to several different private schools. If it also hadn?t been for her mother, her personality would have followed her type of lifestyle: demure and quiet. But her mother was not one such as that and was rather passionate with her emotions, constantly worrying over her daughter?s safety and well being when she was away at school, and had a quick temper when Kamiko hadn?t returned right on time. Though vowing to never be like her mom, slowly over the years, was molded into being just like her.

    With no other child in the family, Kamiko?s father chose to put all of his knowledge of martial arts and other techniques onto his daughter, and when she found she enjoyed training, she continued with her learning in depth and even began learning how to fight with a naginata. At the tender age of fifteen, her father brought Kamiko to the World Martial Arts Tournament and that marked the day she fell in love with one of the contestants. Practically pleading with her father to bring her back stage to meet the man of her dreams and met him for the first time in person. After that initial encounter, she made herself a promise that one day that man would marry her and would even have children with him...she even began planning names and the big day in her mind. And ever since that fateful day, Kamiko trained day and night to ensure her success into getting ever further with her strength.

    Now it is her hope, nay, drive, to get into the next World Martial Arts Tournament to maybe meet that mysterious man her heart went to those four years ago and to show everyone a woman like herself could be a champion! She would never lose!
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    Sep 7, 2002
    ***Approved by the Grey One!*** :D

    Name: May-Ling Parker
    Alias: Mayli(Maylee)/ Gazza (when keeping name hidden)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'5"
    Build: Slim, athletic
    Weight: 114
    Appearance: Ling dresses in clothes typical for a kid her age most of the jeans, loose shirt/t-shirt. When she is hanging around dojo, or with Hawaii friends, she tends to wear looser pants, and tunic. Blue's and purples being her favorite colors. She has a tiny tribal tattoo of dancing dragons on her left ankle. Walking around with blades might be a bit noticed, so she has a pair of tonfas she uses..and several strategically placed hair pins. She also has a special strand of spiked "jewlery" braided within her long braid she wears.
    Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica
    Personality: A calm a likable personality. She is slow to anger, but once there, she is a firestorm, looking for someplace to remove the source of her irritation. She speaks Japanese, Jamaican, and some of the Hawaiian's dialects she has picked up so far.
    Occupation: Student
    Current Location: Ohau, Hawaii (University of Hawaii)

    Mayli has ALWAYS had issues with her name. To her ears, growing up in various parts of the US with parents always on the move, it sounded so...stereotypical.

    But May was anything but.

    Born of a Japanese Father, but Anglo mom, Bright blue eyes peering out from very long, dark black hair often brought her issues. Her accent, because she was born and raised in Jamaica, before coming to the US made her stand out even more so. For the most part, she has disappeared most of the accent..unless she becomes upset, and
    then it is quite noticeable.

    Mom was a University teacher, and on sabbaticals quite a bit. She grew up quite close to her father, who even though his job kept him busy, he ALWAYS made time for her. (He works for the government, that is all she knows.) Looking MUCH more like her father than mother, she loves to get under her mothers skin, by keeping her hair LONG. Almost at waist level now, her mother teases her about trying to look like the woman from 'The
    Grudge'. May rather likes the distinction, though for school, she keeps her hair pulled up tightly, with various objects always in her hair.

    It was while her mom was away, that her father started to slowly train her in martial arts, to keep her focused, and to help her deal with her mom being away. Mayli took to it immediately, always learning moves quickly, and asking her father for more. He saw that indeed, she was quite skilled for one so young, and so he began to slowly show her more advanced moves. She enjoyed it, learning the moves, and sometimes improving them, making them more adaptable to herself. She also peeked in, and watched whenever her father practiced alone. He caught her one day and decided to stop trying to hide what he knew, and to see just how far she could go.

    Within 2 years, she was surpassing him. A fact that both of them kept from her mother. When Mayli went off to college, her father gave her a special present. He found his old teacher, now also lived on the islands, and when she went to Hawaii, she became his student. He was MUCH more difficult than her father, but Mayli hung in there. It was a great, especially after an annoying day in classes, to go there and learn something she felt she could really use. He taught her how to meditate much deeper than her father had been able to, so that she could focus more on her attacks, and to improve even more. The Hawaiian culture, was heavily steeped in the mystical, and Mayli felt a close draw. Many times, she hung out with the locals, going to different events, not normally allowed by outsiders, and it seemed to call to her. It was definitely much better than hanging around the campus. She is also on the University's Martial arts class, but she just 'plays' as she calls it in there. It also allows her to carry her tonfas around with her.

    Master Lu Chan, Mayli's current teacher, is swiftly running out of things to teach her. She has excelled far past her father.

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    Grey Approved!

    Name: Roland Gespenst
    Alias: Roy, ?Ghost?
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Hair: Bleached white (Naturally blonde)
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 1.85 m
    Build: Somewhat thin, but mostly nondescript
    Weight: 68 kg
    Appearance: Roy keeps his hair long, at slightly past shoulder length, and in casual clothing he tends to favor loose shirts and pants and warm colors. In an effort to maintain his mysterious ?Ghost? persona, Roy has opted to wear all black, including a trench coat, shirt, jeans, and black rimmed, mirrored aviator sunglasses.
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Personality: Roy is normally affable and gregarious, if a bit prone to sarcasm. However, his fighting alias, ?Ghost,? demands a different sort of attitude, and so he disguises himself as cold, aloof, and ups the sarcasm to a large degree.
    Occupation: Graduate student of mathematics at the University of Delaware, and part-time prizefighter
    Current Location: Newark, Delaware, USA
    Biography: Roy was a bright boy who excelled in school, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and had a particular fondness for video games. In short, he was like a lot of kids his age? with the possible exception of his fondness for mathematics. Nobody?s perfect.

    That all changed one day when, while he was particularly absorbed in that day?s math puzzle, he took a wrong turn down an alley that he didn?t recognize, which is where he met old ?Doc? Torrence, a one-eyed, eccentric expert on all things? that he claimed to be an expert on. Which Roy noticed did not include mathematics, but that was irrelevant to what Doc told him: Roy, it seemed, had tremendous amounts of what Doc called ?supernatural ability,? if only he could harness it. Doc offered to be his teacher, in exchange for math lessons.

    Roy, apparently having missed some lessons regarding ?stranger danger,? agreed. Fortunately for the naïve youngster, Doc was on the level (If not his rocker), and Roy quickly learned to control his ?spiritual powers,? in addition to learning numerous methods of self-discipline.

    The years went by, and eventually old Doc Torrence passed away, leaving Roy to fend for himself. Still an excellent student, he quickly realized that he could use his talents for profit, and became a prizefighter in his spare time, adopting the mysterious alias ?Ghost,? which has become something of a minor urban legend in both downtown Chicago and Newark. Someday, he looks forward to entering a major tournament, but only if he gets a break from his studies. Those proofs don?t write themselves!
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    [hl=silver]Grey Approved[/hl]

    Name: Fullo Ocean
    Alias: F.U.L.L.O
    Gender: Male
    Age: 019
    Hair: Brown; Spiked
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6?0
    Build: Athletic-Skinny
    Weight: 145
    Appearance: Green shorts and brown hoodie over a black NIKE shirt. Orange checkered shoes, sunglasses, silver watch, tattoo of a dragon on his left ankle.
    Birthplace: Raleigh, North Carolina
    Personality: Fullo is a good, southern boy. He speaks his mind and does not tolerate rudeness. He enjoys fried chicken and collard greens and is a very energetic person who does not party, but is a riot to be around when he is not reading books or working out.
    Occupation: College Student; Papa John?s Delivery Boy
    Current Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Biography: Fullo was born October 1, 1990. He was a fat baby and grew quickly, but also learned developmental skills rather fast. His daddy was a preacher and his mom was a teacher, so people told him when they met him that he would grow up to be a teacher, a preacher, or a doctor. Needless to say, Fullo fell a little short of short of those professions. He instead joined the wrestling team in High School and chose that he wanted to be a lawyer. He met success in wrestling, winning multiple championships, and also took up Muay Thai kickboxing.

    He graduated High School early this year and picked up skateboarding. He just got his license and does community service around his city. Fullo is a photographer for his college newspaper and, undoubtedly, has what is called Southern Hospitality.
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    GreyJedi Approved.

    Character Sheet

    Name: Maya Yubari
    Alias: none
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Hair: Very dark brown
    Eyes: very dark brown
    Height: 5'3"
    Build: Average
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Appearance:Shoulder length hair, usually wears black and grey suits but in order to fit in more she is wearing simple vest tops with sweatpants.
    Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
    Personality: Determined. She will always get the story she wants even if it means bending a few rules.
    Occupation: Journalist for The Guardian
    Current Location: London, UK.
    Biography: Maya was born in Japan but moved to the UK in her early teens to work in journalism. She was brought up by heavily socialist parents and took those beliefs with her. Despite the offer of a good job at the more conservative Daily Mail she took a job with far worse pay at the Guardian in order to work with those of a familiar political mindset. She has been working there for many years now and has got to a reasonable position as a copy editor but her dream is to write about world politics. In an effort to be seen as a proper journalist she entered the Dragon Crucible to write an in depth account of the tournament. She doesn't expect to go far, she has few offensive powers or strength having only ever really focused on defence, but if she writes a good article than she will be happy.
  10. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: Bravo, Everyone!! I'm tingling with anticipation!! LOL!! Good character sheets! Currently just waiting on a few more before we begin. I'm thinking very soon, indeed. :D

    Thanks again everyone. Woot!!

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    Dec 16, 2000
    The Grey One ... has approved me!

    Name: Kensu Chang
    Alias: (if any) None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Hair: Greying
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Height: 5'8
    Build: Wiry, athletic
    Weight: Light for his size
    Appearance:(Hair style, clothing, etc.) Kensu has thinning salt-and-pepper hair tied back in a very short ponytail. In combat (and indeed in his occupation) he prefers an archetypical Chinese Mandarin's outfit in white...
    <img src="">
    Birthplace: Officially, Memphis, Tennessee, but he lived all his childhood in Hong Kong.
    Personality: Quiet; reserved. Tends to read a lot in his spare time. Determined. Having said that, he's never felt the need or inclination to commit himself to one partner or one woman in his life; he's something of a womaniser, even at his age. He likes dancing, and a good party fills him with energy, even if he won't necessarily be the life of it. Also likes Western movies.
    Occupation: Herbalist and acupuncture practitioner.
    Current Location: Chinatown, Los Angeles, United States
    Biography: Kensu was born to travelling circus performers in Memphis, Tennessee, and his forward-thinking father had him registered as a US citizen at the time. However, he lived with his parents in Hong Kong when the tour was over, and began his training in a very brutal style of Wing Chun when he was a young man, maintaining that training and focus right through to his 19th birthday. However, thanks to a fight that broke out at a dance hall when he was 18, Kensu was forced to flee Hong Kong and 'return' to the United States, where thanks to the anti-Asian sentiment of the seventies United States he drifted into the LA Chinatown scene like so many others.

    There he found work apprenticing to an acupuncturist named Li Kwong, a friend of his father's. Li Kwong also introduced him to a Tai Chi variant, a distaff branch of that art which had long been forgotten and taught to only a few individuals over the years. Li Kwong chose to do this after hearing about Kensu's past and seeing his talent for the art and the acupuncture which was one of its applications. Kensu took to it rather well, the art somehow seeming perfect to him.

    His first real test was when a Yakuza standover gang started a protection racket down Kwong's street. Kensu -- without permission -- put up some resistance, which prompted a very brutal showdown one night at the store against a good eight Yakuza thugs armed with batons and a katana, and Kensu armed with nothing. The store was partially written off ... but only seven of the Yakuza walked away that night, and all of them with serious injuries. The gang's leader, armed with the katana, left in an ambulance.

    After that, the Yakuza left that part of Chinatown alone, and both Kwong's and Kensu became something of a minor celebrity within Chinatown itself. It had the unfortunate side-effect that every few months or so some young buck would come down challenging Kensu to a duel, but the confrontations at least helped Kensu keep in practice and refine his art. Kensu also became a decent herbalist and acupuncturist, taking up Li Kwong's offer to buy out the business. Kensu's had a few adventures over the years, but never a wife, only a series of girlfriends. And the bills do keep on mounting up over time.
  12. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    [hl=darkgrey]Grey Approved[/hl]

    Name: Fiona O'Hara
    Alias: Flex
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: Steel Gray
    Height: 5'3
    Build: Acrobatic
    Weight: 101
    Appearance: Keeps her hair cut just below the ear, layered, and curled in towards her face. Usually wears casual clothing when not training or in a competition. Favors baggy tee's and comfortably tight blue jeans.
    Birthplace: Brooklyn
    Personality: (Subject to change as I play the character) Hard worker, and usually in a pretty good mood. Has been known to be chipper at times, but has avoided bubblehead comments most of her life. Is something of a flirt, but never really carries things beyond that.
    Occupation: Acrobat
    Current Location: New York, Acrobatics Contest
    Biography: As a young girl, Fiona's parents took her to a circus and she was absolutely smitten by the high wire act, the trapeze and all of the other acrobats performing their daring feats. Begging her parents for lessons, they finally assented and the rest, as they say, is history. Fiona has won numerous contests and has even made it to the Olympics where she swept the gold medals for individual performances, and her team ended up taking the gold as well. Her duels with the Chinese and Russian stars were the stuff of legend, and right now she is preparing to defend at the next Olympics in a year.

    Other than that, she has had a pretty typical life. Good but not spectacular grades throughout school, and decided to focus on her "career" while she could instead of going to college. Has shown some interest in [link=]Krav Maga[/link], and studied it for the last five years, mainly as another way to strengthen herself and stay limber in other ways, not to mention self-defense should she need it.. She does have a the equivalent of a double black belt in this, and has entered and won a few mixed tournaments over the years, but views it more as a hobby than anything else.

    Currently is single, and not particularly looking for a relationship and is generally pretty pleased with her life.

  13. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    Grey Approved!

    Name: Teresa Starkos
    Alias: -
    Gender: Female
    Age: 26
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Light blue
    Height: 5'5"
    Build: Slim
    Weight: 110lbs
    Appearance: Long hair (usually tied back), rather sharp, angular features, and on the rare occasions when she's not in scrubs or a judogi, she's dressed casually in slacks and a soft blouse. And a coat, and a beanie, and gloves; one must dress warmly in London.
    Birthplace: London, UK
    Personality: Quiet, confident and self-assured - how much of that is genuine and how much is an act isn't entirely clear even to Teresa herself, but sometimes appearances are all that matter.
    Occupation: Doctor
    Current Location: London, UK
    This is Teresa Starkos in a nutshell: she was born in London shortly after her parents moved there from Finland; she was a bright child who always wanted to be a doctor, and when she graduated from school early she went straight into medical school; she currently training to be a specialist in emergency medicine; and as a hobby, she occasionally goes for judo training at her uncle's dojo. She doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and seems to have no interests outside medicine and judo, and even the judo is largely to keep the family happy. She's on the road to a brilliant medical career and appears to be determined to not let anything interfere with it.

    That's what most people know.

    What most people don't know, including Teresa herself, is that she's a Dragon Warrior. Her parents, who run a small martial arts supply store in central London, and her uncle are all Dragon Warriors, but they haven't told her a thing. From an early age they put Teresa through learning meditation, martial arts and taught her some Dragon Warrior traditions - without actually telling her they were Dragon Warrior traditions - but after she chose a career in medicine rather than the 'family business', they decided not to at all.
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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: A most impressive turn out! =D=

    All Player slots have been officially filled. Anyone else who wishes to join will be put on a wait-list. As is, we're just waiting for the last players to post before we move to the next phase. I'd like us to begin as soon as possible. :D

    Here's the roster of players who've been approved and have posted their Character Sheets. :)












    (Two more to go )

    [face_peace] Excelsior!

  15. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Hikari Oda
    Alias: none
    Gender: male
    Age: 23
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: hazel-green
    Height: 5? 11 1/2 ?
    Build: Athletic
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Appearance: Hikari has the attractive looks that are a direct result from his mixed parentage. His hair is mid-length and styled in a side swept shag very much like an anime character, he has the 'hybrid ' catlike almond shape to his eyes with eyelids that frame the hazel-green iris. He is often tanned from natural exposure to the sun during field work. His features are youthful and friendly, but his conservative and pensive nature reveal a mature mind. Hikaru can be shy at times and does not seek the limelight or popularity. He is somewhat of a curiosity since he manages to always be stylish in the most simple attires; A light linen shirt with simple slacks and comfortable soft shoes (in tropical climes),usually no jewelry except for a watch. Having been taught to be alert, blend and not stand out, he will adapt to his surroundings and become almost nondescript. Of his traditional attires, he rarely wears his haori or ryokan.
    Birthplace: New York City
    Personality: Good natured and polite, inquisitive and candid and very determined.
    Occupation: Student and part time assistant at Sun Holistic Health Center
    Current Location: South Beach Florida
    Biography: Hikaru is the only son of Yatsumori Oda and Veronica De La Salle Oda. Yatsumori is a doctor in biomechanics and neurology and is currently involved in the field of Prosthetics and Bionics. Veronica Oda is currently using her skills in Accupuncture, Physiology and Physical Therapy to help reclaim their bodies or maintain their bodies; She?s a founding member and Senior caretaker at Sun Holistic Health Center ( for Greater Living). Yatsu and Veru are basically the adventuring free spirits from very successful yet stoic and traditional families. Hikari Oda has always known affluence but his parents have exposed him to many of the world?s stark realities like poverty, war and disease, all through the lens of compassion and a sense of responsibility. Needless to say Hikari has been the apple of his parents eyes, but he yet remains undecided as to what path he should take. Despite all this Yatsumori Oda has started to pass down certain traditions of the Oda Clan that has been kept for generations and likewise Veronica has deepened the philosophical exchanges with Hikari and given him new reading material about certain mysteries that are quite ancient and not mentioned in any modern scholastic syllabus?
  16. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    [hl=white]Greyjedi Approved![/hl]

    Name: Itzhak Peled
    Alias: Isaac, Dicorus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 34
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: One is blue and the other is brown
    Height: 6?1??
    Build: Lean and very athletic
    Weight: 173 lbs.
    Appearance: Itzhak has the olive skin that is typical to Mediterranean people and the build of an Olympic athlete. His hair is cropped into a short, professional style and a faint scruff covers his face. Itzhak suffers from complete heterochromia where his eyes are two completely different colors and although this is not a harmful condition, it does cause many people to stare at him. He has no markings or scars on his body and is very handsome.
    Birthplace: Jerusalem, Israel
    Personality: Itzhak is cold and calculating, a trait that has allowed him to progress so far within the ranks of the CIA. He is calm in all situations but extremely ruthless when the situation is right. His dedication is unmatched and he will do anything to accomplish his goals.
    Occupation: Paramilitary Operations Officer in the Special Operations Group (SOG) within the CIA
    Current Location: Santa Monica, CA
    Biography: Itzhak was born in Jerusalem while his father was stationed there for military operations. His mother had been living there for two months and was expected to fly back to the USA in one week to birth Itzhak there. Instead, he was born in Jerusalem and was raised there for two years before moving back to the United States. Itzhak is still not sure what his father was doing, but he knows that his father was a member of the FBI and worked in the Middle East to facilitate and build relationships with many prominent members of the governments of Middle Eastern countries.

    Itzhak rarely saw his father and was raised by his mother and uncle, who was a retired Navy S.E.A.L. team leader. He was raised Jewish, as both his mother and father come from Israeli backgrounds. His family includes many military and government personnel and as a result Itzhak was vigorously trained to have the soldier mentality in every activity he undertakes.

    After graduating with top honors from high school, Itzhak received an athletic scholarship to Ohio State University for gymnastics, but declined in order to attend Harvard University. He received his B.A. in psychology and went on to attend Stanford University where he received his M.D. Itzhak was destined to become involved with the government or military since he was born and chose to apply to the Central Intelligence Agency when he graduated from medical school. He was immediately accepted at the age of twenty-five and was trained in normal paramilitary skills immediately.

    After working as a clandestine operator in Eastern Europe, the CIA decided to make Itzhak part of a Special Operations Group team that would be placed in Afghanistan in order to hunt down Al-Qaeda members, specifically Osama bin Laden. His team encountered numerous hardships and resistance and they were unable to locate the elusive bin Laden after three years. The Agency decided to recall the SOG team and stationed them throughout the continental United States to do recon on suspected terrorists before the team was deployed again. Itzhak now resides in Santa Monica by himself in order to gather information on three suspected Juarez Cartel drug lords.
  17. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: ... And here we are! :) All twelve player and character slots have been filled and approved. Thank you all for your patience and participation. The Introductory update will be coming very soon. I shall send out a general notice after it's posted. ;)


    Dramatis Personae

    1. LordPullus - Darius S. Carter

    2. Despised - Vajra Pani

    3. Spacelady - Kamiko Takahashi

    4. Ktala - May-Ling Parker

    5. darthramza - Ronald Gespenst aka "Ghost"

    6. Blubeast1237 - Fullo Ocean

    7. Joesha - Maya Yubari

    8. Saintheart - Kensu Chang

    9. Trimaj - Fiona O'Hara

    10. DarthXan318 - Teresa Starkos

    11. Ameteth - Hikari Oda

    12. Mandeillord - Itzhak Peled

  18. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Memorial Day Weekend, Beginning of Summer

    High Noon

    It was a brand new day. The skies were clear, except for a few patches of lazy clouds drifting here and there upon the a soft breeze, which swept across the face of the land. The previous night was now a fading memory. No more spectacular meteor showers or fighting tournaments.

    At least for the moment.


    Darius S. Carter

    San Pedro, CA, USA

    The sun hung high in the sky, its rays beaming down unobstructed and unimpeded by any cloud or high rise structure. The construction site being worked on was for a mall and the workload was one that Darius was used to. It certainly provided a steady income, so there was no use in complaining about the heat.

    The Lunch bell had sounded and Darius could finally take a break from operating his crane. His stomach grumbled inside him, as if to remind him that he would have a special visitor today. It's been some time since Darius had seen Roger Young, his old sensei. Working at the new job site was busy and tiring work. But, Roger managed to convince Darius to meet him. He said he had a surprise for him.

    "No, get away from me... please..."

    The panicked voice drew Darius' attention. It was coming from the other side of the crane and it was getting closer.

    "I'll.....I'll have it by tomorrow, I SWEAR!!!...but, please....don't hurt me.."

    Now Darius recognized the plaintive voice. It belonged to "Chuck". And in that, Darius could guess what was happening. See, Chuck had a gambling problem, and he always seemed to owe people money. The bad part was, sometimes Chuck owed, bad people money.

    A gruff voiced chuckled. No, it was several voices chuckling. Three perhaps.
    "Nothing personal...."Chuck", but a deal's a deal. No money now means you go to the Hospital. Boss's orders."

    Chuckling turned to mocking laughter. A clinking sound could be heard. Chuck gasped and began to shout.

    "Somebody!! HELP!!"

    If Darius glanced out the window of his vehicle, he could see four men, one which was his gambling co-worker. Chuck had almost backed up to his crane, while two men flanked each side of him and their leader faced him. The one to the left had a chain in his hand. The one to the right held a blade, while the leader wielded a bat.

    Chuck had no weapon and only raised a hand in a warding pose, already anticipating the first blow. He shouted again, which only served a sign for his assailants to begin teaching him a lesson.

    Tag: LordPullus

    Vajra Pani

    Hubei Province, China

    "It is time for you to spread your wings and fly, the world is ready to know Buddha's power".

    The Abbot's words still echoed clearly within the young monk's mind. These words, though awe inspiring; their true meaning were still mysteriously elusive to the young monk. Vajra Pani had traveled from Henan Province into Hubei Province and he still was no closer to unraveling the meaning of the Abbot's words. Now it was noon and time for a short break and meditation.

    A nearby creek provided the ideal setting.

    Nothing seemed amiss, but a strange feeling settled on the young monk. Everything looked fine when he looked around, but it was prudent to remain cautious and alert.

    It was only after he put down his belongings and his weapons that he heard the suppressed chuckling.

    Two bandits sprung from behind nearby trees. One held a machete in his hand.

    "Look. I think the monk is lost." One Bandit declared.

    "Mhm. Maybe he'll pay us for directions..." the other chirped in.
    "Better yet, why don't you just give us your coins." The first one declared as he moved into flanking position to the monk's right.

    "You do have coins, don't you?" The second one declared, twirling the machete in his hand and moving to a left flanking position.

    There was no mistaking the intention in their eyes.

    The first bandit took a step forward, and swung at the monk. The second one merely grinned.
  19. Darth_Elu

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    Jan 2, 2003
    OOC: I am glad to be here as your Co-GM and here's another surprise character to add to the fray. I hope you all enjoy, cause Grey & I are certainly excited!! :D :cool:

    Character Sheet

    Name: Zihao Jing
    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6'
    Build: Well-built physique. Chiseled.
    Weight: 170 lbs.
    Appearance: Spiky hair, clean-shaven, blue gi and pants, fur belt, and black shoes
    Birthplace: Xin Jiang Province, China
    Personality: Intense and serious fighter when in combat and training, outside...quite cheerful and outgoing actually, always enjoys a good joke or two and loves having fun, but good luck finding a time when he?s not training...
    Occupation: Martial Artist
    Current Location: Tsushima Island, Japan
    Biography: Zihao Jing...a prodigy. From the moment his grandfather, a wise man who knew much of the martial arts and well respected in those circles, laid eyes on him...that was the word associated with him. And a prodigy title he has lived up to thus far. Entering his first World Martial Arts Tournament when he was only twelve. And won. Throwing the entire Martial Arts world upside down. It was here he was discovered by an infamous master. Master Shin. The power was already present in the boy, but Shin wanted to teach him more. The boy was still young, his limits...were unknown. And so he taught him everything, including a signature trump card of his that is now Zihao?s.

    Four years later he returned to the World Martial Arts Tournament to defend his title at the age of sixteen. And he did. Winning yet again and this time: Without even a scratch. No one in the entire tournament who went up against him...could even touch him.

    And for another four years he has trained hard. Insanely even; to defend his title a second time at the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament, now at the age of twenty. And still his limits have not been reached. How far can he go? None knows. Not even he.

    Nor does he know that he has more eyes on him than he thinks.
  20. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    Vajra Pani
    Hubei Province, China

    "Look. I think the monk is lost." The voice did not startle him, Vajra had a feeling that something was amiss. "Mhm. Maybe he'll pay us for directions..." A second one chimed in.

    There would be trouble, the monk sighed to himself at this prospect. "Better yet, why don't you just give us your coins." The first one commented as he began to flank to the right of Vajra.

    "You do have coins, don't you?" His friend asked as he spun the machete in his hand and flanked to the left.

    He was about to answer that he didn't, which was a lie, but one intended to avoid violence so it was acceptable in Vajra's view. Before he could do so however the man to his right stepped in and threw a punch.

    Vajra's motion was smooth and quick. He sidestepped to the left, and pushed out with his right hand to catch the arm of the assailant by the wrist. With it firmly in grasp, he pulled his hand back and struck forward with his own left hand, the strike directed at the mans elbow.

    Vajra had no desire to hurt anyone, but it was clear what the two intended. He could only hope that by quickly disabling the first man, that the other would think twice about his actions and leave.

    Tag: greyjedi125
  21. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    The computer monitor?s blue glow illuminated Itzhak as if he were some holy figure. The rest of the room received light from one lone fluorescent lamp in the corner of the small workspace. His apartment was cramped, with most of it turned into a makeshift workshop where Itzhak could make any necessary repairs to his equipment as well as his person. He was in peak physical condition at all times and had become very intimate with his body over his years of gymnastics. Couple that with his M.D. and his CIA training and he was able to treat wounds with common household materials.

    Itzhak checked the clock on the wall and did not realize that time had passed so quickly. He shut down the computer and took three majestic steps to his backpack. He grabbed a M1911A1 pistol and two extra magazines and shoved the pistol and magazines into his shoulder holster. He also grabbed his cell phone, watch, and knife and threw these into his pocket before leaving his apartment.

    The walk to the Santa Monica pier would not be long, as Itzhak lived very close in order to make his reconnaissance easier. He still was irked at the fact that someone had received his cell phone number and called him, claiming that they had information necessary to his task. This person definitely had professional help because Itzhak would have been able to locate and identify any informant who called him. One has to be paranoid in the spy community, and Itzhak was no stranger to this. He prepared for the worst, a set-up by the Juarez Cartel, and dialed a *9 into his cell phone. These two keystrokes pinged the SOG command center with Itzhak?s location and also made sure that they knew he was going into a potentially hostile situation.

    The minute hand moved one tick over to 12:01 as Itzhak stepped foot on the Santa Monica pier. It was packed with tourists, but Itzhak didn?t stick out like a sore thumb. He just hopped that this meeting went smoothly so that he could finish his assignment in a couple months from now. His hand instinctively went to his shoulder holster as he started the waiting game before the mystery informant gave him a call.

    TAG: Grey

  22. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda

    South Beach Florida, USA

    After listening to the voicemail and sending a text saying that he got the message, Hikari?s keen mind began to race, he had always tried to figure out the what?s, the who?s and the why?s of everything, a habit he?s had since childhood.

    ?So now Dad needs mouth-guards for a full contact session? which probably means that there is an important client or maybe another, if not several other martial artists of note in the dojo??, Hikari chuckled at the way details can get in the way of well laid plans. He did feel a bit sorry for the inventory manager; this type of ill preparedness was not something that Yatsumori Oda took lightly. Still, it was curious that no mention of this meeting was made during dinner.

    Brushing aside his curiosity, Hikari placed his sushi box somewhere strategic for the seagulls to get it. He waved back at a group of sunbathing beauties as he readied to go to Master Law?s supply store. He paused and sighed with resignation; again details. His discomfort centering over the Ferrari Segway he decided to use to ride to the beach front during lunch. It wasn?t exactly the image of humility that he felt he should have at a place like Master Law?s. There were two types of patrons there, the real fighters and the wanna?be dilletantes, he didn?t like being mistaken for the latter, but no matter, ?The truth is always revealed in combat? a quote from Clan Oda surfaced as reasurrance.

    Indulging one last lunch break impulse, Hikari rides past the area where the Brazilian capoeira fighters practice in the sand to perfect their skills. Plotting a short cut to Master Law?s in his head, he watches the fighters for exactly 3 minutes, imagining that he is engaging them and countering their fluid and dexterous moves. Fighting the urge to add another minute to this imaginary encounter, Hikari speeds to complete his errand, curiosity returning to his mind? his cast becoming a bit more serious? full contact is never to be taken lightly?

    Tag: Greyjedi
  23. The Great No One

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    Jun 4, 2005
    IC: Fiona "Flex" O'Hara/ New York City/ USA
    Madison Square Garden

    [blockquote]Bored. Mentally tasting the word, Fiona concluded it was a very good description of her current state of mind. Bored. Boredboredboredbored.

    Everything was too easy. It was almost like she was some level beyond everyone else, something that no one could even really aspire to. Flex had never lost after she became serious about Gymnastics, not even the other "best" in the world had really been able to challenge her in the last year. And she was supposed to be LOSING her ability to dominate at this level at this point in her life. Instead it all just became easier.

    Having just finished her pre-stretch routine, and having nothing better to do, Miss O'Hara was headed back into the locker rooms, and she was not in a particularly pleasant mood as would have been expected. Martin (her trainer) had called her on it, but she really didn't care. He couldn't understand. This wasn't really fun anymore. Everyone knew the competition was her's, so what was the point of even going through it? Everyone knew the next Olympics was going to be her personal playground, as she was currently destroying everyone that would be present there. There was just no point anymore. Wasn't excellence in and of itself supposed to be at least SOMEWHAT satisfying? All she was left with was an insatiable hunger to be better, and no one to prove it against. How would anyone know she had improved if no one else could even hold a candle to her? In short, even she couldn't tell.

    These were the thoughts that haunted the greatest gymnast in the world as she walked through the halls as an attendant headed her a letter. The time was 11:54, and had she any clue of the potential that was within the letter Fiona would have opened it then and there.

    Instead, she thanked the attendant, stuffed it in her jacket pocket and continued towards her locker.

    Sitting in front of it, Fiona held her head in her hands. What'm I supposed to do? I don't like this feeling. In frustration she slammed her hands against the bench, knocking the jacket that had been laid next to her to the floor. Muttering at her own carelessness, Flex bent over and picked it up and the letter ended up on the floor.

    The stark whiteness of it against green floor caught her attention, and bending over again she decided to see what in the world was so important it had to be given to her in the off limits areas. A better question... How did they get it past security? Curiosity got the better of her, and the gymnast opened it.

    Reading quickly it took her a moment to realize what this was. Someone was offering her a challenge. Something to test herself against. Something new. Looking up she saw that it was just about to turn noon, which meant there was no real time to make a decision. Miss this last round, and she could very well be throwing her career away. After all, people who just up and quit for no good reason were generally not well respected anymore.

    Grabbing her pants, Fiona's mind was made up by the obviously jealous glare of one of the other girls. Enough was enough. Too much of the fake camaraderie had been spoon fed to her. Too many snarky comments had been overheard. This was not the world she had entered so many years ago, it had become some corrupt and perverted version of the glittering dreamland that had beckoned to the wide-eyed young girl so many years ago.

    Again taking to the halls, Flex quickly found a door that was for employee's only, but also pretty clearly lead upwards. Odds were this was one of the ways to the roof.

    Five minutes later she was proven correct as the door stood before her. Something made her pause there, however. I could still get back... Throwing away everything she had worked for like this was suddenly not quite so easy of a decision, but here it was. Step through the door into the unknown, or go back to the drudgery that was the current competition. This is probably a hoax. It has to be. The uncertainty welled up insi
  24. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Teresa Starkos
    London, UK

    It was a rare sunny day in downtown London, and for a change Teresa didn't have to spend it inside the hospital. In fact, it was the first time in several weeks she'd had time off - she had been on duty for a week, on-call for another, and on her last day off an emergency had called her back to work. She didn't mind, though: her work saved lives, and she was learning a lot.

    This time, though, her boss had decided it was high time she took a break. He had noted before that she tended to overwork herself; at the end of her last shift, he had propelled her firmly out of the door with a smile and an admonishment to not return until Monday. Relax, he had told her. Go shopping. You know what they say about all work and no play - go have some fun.

    So Teresa found herself in Victoria Place, dressed in clothes that were not scrubs, a long-unused sweater slung over one arm. Shopping - she hadn't been shopping in so long that fashions had changed while she hadn't been paying attention, and she found herself more sightseeing than anything else. But perhaps she would try on that top, in that window there -

    Then came the sound of a scuffle, and a scream, and the sudden unmistakeable sound of glass breaking. And more screams.

    Teresa stood still for a moment, stunned, then began pushing her way forward - if there was broken glass, someone might be hurt, and she could help - but she was going against the flow of frightened people streaming away from the mezzanine, which was a problem. "Someone call security! He's gone bonkers!!" yelled a frightened patron, nearly knocking over Teresa in her haste to get away.

    "Excuse me," Teresa said, again and again. Nobody listened, of course. "Excuse me - let me through, I'm a doctor - excuse me -"

    She was determined to make it there, though. And with the same tenacity that had gotten her through medical school, Teresa navigated her way through the frightened crowd towards the scene of the incident.

    TAG: Grey
  25. Darth_Joesha

    Darth_Joesha Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2004
    ic: Maya Yubari
    Guardian Offices, London

    Maya looked at her phone again. Victoria Place, she had heard of it but didn't for the life of her know where it was. One quick google search gave her her answers. No wonder she knew the name, there had been a lot of controversy when it opened a couple of years previously. Located in Temple, the developers had a hard time finding a location for this new, relatively large shopping centre. They then bought some park land exeptionally cheap, no one had managed to get planning permission for decades. Mysteriously the shopping centre received planning permission, around the same time that several key members of local government bought new yachts. There were cries of corruption, a public inquiry was held and environmental protesters held back construction for a few months after claiming that an endangered species lived on the land, a few yachts later and the allegations got lost in bureaucracy.

    If she wasn't in a hurry she would walk to Temple, she didn't trust the tube to get her there quickly, no money for a taxi and with Saturday lunch traffic there was no way she'd get her car out of the staff garage. There was only one option to get there before anyone else, she would have to run.

    Using her practically inhuman speed Maya dashed down the cycle-path on York Way toward Temple, she knew that going this fast would raise suspicion but she would be damned if the Mail would get this story and put their usual right-wing, condescending, upper-middle class spin on it. She would not walk down the street tomorrow and see their front page with this story spouting out their usual sick fallacies.

    It didn't take her long to reach the Victoria Place Shopping Centre, from the outside it looked normal. She needed more information before she went in. She took out her mobile and called Jimmy.

    "Hey Jimmy is Maya. I'm outside Victoria Place, what's going on? Tell me everything you know." Maya said while looking through the large glass windows.

    tag: Grey.
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