Thriller Dragon Warriors: Bloodlines

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  1. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda
    Shang-Yang Village, Wudang Mountains, China

    Hikari was wrestling with a powerful sense of awe and incredulity. He had to quickly realize that no amount of deliberation or study could have prepared him for the profoundness and superlative importance of this moment.
    He was beginning to get a sense of his place in the Universe and it was very humbling.
    Here he stood, in the middle of a secret village in ?nowhere? China, about to take part in a major event from a secret society in the martial arts world and possibly have to fight for his life in the presence of other masters, legends and a very attractive girl.
    It was only his training as a young dragon warrior that gave these incredible circumstances its validity, that and the fact that there was no turning back now.

    Beside him stood his best friend Dean and a new friend Teresa , and not too far away was May Ling Parker and her former teacher, Master Lu Chan .
    His heart skipped a beat and he blushed slightly as May Ling gave him a quick smile, which he returned with a quick bow.
    He was curious to locate the other members of their traveling group, but the solid silence that suddenly fell about the dining hall was an unmistakable indication that the two masters at the podium where about to speak.

    The high priestess White Lotus and their apparent host, Master Shen Woo, calmly regarded their audience. After a brief moment, Master Shen Woo stepped forth and began to address those gathered.

    "Welcome one and all to Shang-Yang Village, here in the Wudang Mountains, to this, the 144th quadrennial World Martial Arts Tournament!"

    This of course brought a great applause from everyone. Some applauded knowingly, some it seemed just driven by sheer enthusiasm.
    Hikari however was openly struck with wonderment; ?Quadrennial???? his eyes opened wide with the thought, as he was comprehending it?s significance. ? This has been ?officially? going on for over five centuries??? I mean I know this word from astronomy and planetary rotations??
    He noticed that this also impressed Dean, judging by his ?jaw on the floor? look.

    "You have all trained so very long and hard for this unique opportunity, and finally, your efforts have been noticed. Because you all have fulfilled a certain criteria, you've been found worthy to participate in this elite invitational. Here, you will know what it means to perform at the very peak of your ability and beyond. Only here, will you have the unique opportunity to vie for the number one ranked fighter post in the entire world...and learn exactly what it means to be at the very top. You will also learn that there's so much more to the World Martial Arts Tournament besides its ranking system."

    Hikari was taking in every word and weighing their meaning, there was so much being communicated; ?Here, you will know what it means to perform at the very peak of your ability and beyond.?
    It was the ?beyond? part that almost sounded foreboding.

    The White Lotus then took the center stage, bowing respectfully before speaking. She scanned all before her with an intense and penetrating gaze coupled with a gentle smile. Hikari felt that the high priestess could see into every corner of his being yet he did not feel intruded upon by her scrutiny. He wondered if that was a skill attained by masters who attained a perfect balance between the aspects.

    "Before me, I see nothing more than potential for greatness. All of you possess this quality. In some way or another, you have all pursued excellence, and from what I see, you all can achieve it. Tomorrow morning, your journey towards that goal will begin as you ascend the Stairs of Destiny, which lead up toward the tournament grounds. You will face many obstacles and encounter opposition as you progress, but none that you cannot surpass. Remember, remain focused and always keep your goal in sight. Choose wisely, then act."

    There it was again, more advice and subtle hints. There was no doubt in hi
  2. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Shang-Yang Village, Wudang Mountains, China

    Introductions had begun, and frankly he had never cared enough for fighting to memorize an ranking systems. He doubted he would bother this one's system either, after all they all were the same in that whoever beat the other guy senseless won, and that made him wonder why he was even a part of it. Sure he could likely beat a few of these individuals, his strength was good enough in his estimate for nearly any bar fight, but what was that they hinted at?

    The Masters talking seemed to dance about a point, infering, but never coming right out with something either truly wonderfull or exquisitely terrible. That question was left to lull in his minds air as they moved on to the Stairs of Destiny they, those within the tournament, would have to travel. Soon enough even these talks of difficulties to traverse passed, leaving him with an uneasy feeling in his stomach that might know his fears and make him face them.

    Feeling the message was coming to a close his gaze shifted up toward the podiums occupants, and away from his thoughts and sounds alone to see...

    "...May honor guide your path." the Masters said in unison.

    With that, both Masters bowed to their captive audience, signaling the end of their discourse. A moment later, festive music came on and the servers began to bring about the delicious platters that were mentioned earlier.

    Barely at the edge of hearing he could just make out words that this might be a test as well, and that, that made him smile probably for the first time that they had left that forebodding plane behind without having to force it. The oddest things can tickle one's funny bone, and this with added pile of anothers declaration to eat to cheer for him definately tickled his as he began to chuckle.

    Tea, select spiced meat, and a hefty sampling of carbs he set about prepparing on his plate. Tonight he would carbo load and lightly exercise, in the morning he would eat up and load up his bag with light foods after another workout&practice session, so that he could go the rest of the day without food stations and without his body turning on him. Well that was the plan anyway.

    "An ingenious test this be." he spoke to no one in particular, as he knew nobody here. He would look forward to tomorrow, and seeing whose food strategy worked the best.

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  3. Ameteth

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda
    Shang-Yang Village, Wudang Mountains, China

    The dining hall was alive with sounds of conversation and eating, most of the mirth was coming from the non-combatants. Hikari observed that all the individuals that were participating in the much anticipated World Martial Arts Tournament , were exercising control and good judgement over their food consumption.
    It was becoming very clear that one?s best effort will be required at all times and in all phases of this Tournament.

    He looked around the hall taking the scene in, the quiet before the storm. How many of these participants will become friends, or bitter rivals? How will this competition affect his new friendships, especially with May-Ling Parker ? She seemed to be as capable and as determined as any of them. ?I guess that will be a test for us to pass?, he found himself looking in her direction as the thoughts crossed his mind and seeing her made him smile. He decided to hope for the best and put all indecision or doubt aside.

    Dean was making lively conversation with Teresa and a few others and the mood was jovial. Almost imperceptibly Dean gave Hikari that ?Are you Ok?? look, and Hikari returned it with his ?Yea, Just thinking? look. The two have been friends for so long that they developed that silent language that occurs naturally between people who are close.
    Hikari realized that he must have been flipping the chopsticks between his fingers while he was lost in thought.
    There was so much to consider and he had so many questions, and there was no way to ask them without looking like a total noob. But this was his first Tournament and being a noob was not a crime, it was important to have the right frame of mind.

    Glancing over at the podium, Hikari tries to determine the best moment to approach and speak to Master White Lotus , all his questions vying for position in a queue in his mind.
    For one, he needed to know if they will be using their ki-based abilities freely during the tournament and if so, what were the rules involving matches. Was it point based or K.O?
    He could imagine that there might be trials where he might want to help a fellow contestant, would that be permissible? Will the challenges be outlined in detail or left open for the participants to interpret them by instinct?
    Then there was the matter of training, where would training take place, could one ?free? train in the forest? If so, how would one know where the village limits were?

    With a sense of clarity, he feels that his moment has arrived and so, with a sigh of resolution and a quick adjustment to his tournament gi, Hikari excuses himself from the table and advances to the center podium. He releases all his anxiety and vacillations before approaching; he focuses on his goal and sets forth.
    Once there he bows deeply and respectfully to both masters, making sure to observe all decorum expected of a member of Clan Oda.

    ?Master Shen Woo? Master White Lotus, I want to thank you for making this opportunity of a lifetime possible and I am deeply honored to be here, I hope to prove to be worthy of your generous invitation.?
    He focuses on the respect he has for all Masters of the Martial Arts and the incredible chance for growth that this moment represents and the humility necessary to correctly walk such a path.

    His demeanor is calm and serene, yet he knows that it is nothing but his training that is keeping him from being severely intimidated and running in the opposite direction. Just the thought of standing before Master Shen Woo, the Master of Shang-Yang Village where the World Martial Arts Tournament takes place and then the Legendary White Lotus herself?whom everyone pretty much reveres?it can be very, very overwhelming.
    With a deferential tone he continues, ? Master White Lotus, I come to ask if you would spare a moment and indulge some of my questions about the Tournament. I am at the mercy of ignorance and would like to shed those shackles??

    With a quick prayer to the Dragon in the Clouds over the M
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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: Update coming VERY soon! w00t!!:cool: :D [face_dancing]
  5. greyjedi125

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    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's note

    Well, I guess this was inevitable.

    The time has come for me to close Dragon Warriors. Exceeding time constraints and other RL factors have forced my hand. LOL! :p

    I'd like to thank every single on of you awesome participants, for your invaluable contributions of time and creativity to this game. I enjoyed every single moment, and it is my hope that you did also. :)

    I look forward to gaming with each one of you sometime in the future.

    Once again, you have my sincerest gratitude!

    'Til fate brings us together once again.


    Honorably yours,


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