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Thriller Dragon Warriors: Bloodlines

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    GM's Note: It seems that I have changed my mind ;)


    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Dojo

    The moment of Truth was at hand. The intruder had forcibly entered and attacked Master Lu Chan in his own dojo, knocking him uconcious, and had consequently engaged his prized student, May-Ling in combat. The two seemed to have come to an impasse. But had they?

    The intruder was quick and decisive in his attacks, while May-Ling found her rhythm and countered with exeptional skill. Now the intruder taunted and goaded her to attck him. She had many questions in her mind, but they would have to wait until later. Right now she had other, more pressing concerns on her mind.

    How many times had Master Lu Chan observed May-Ling's ability to focus and perform feats which lay beyond her current level of training. It was uncanny how she was able to do that, it was a gift. But one that without proper training, could be detrimental in the end.

    True to her character, May-Ling answered the challenge. She flipped herself into the air, moving closer, but not into range to actually hit the man. She just wanted him closer. As she landed gracefully, she went into a very low crouch, and launched fowards with both hands, tonfas tight. With fierce concentration, May-Ling went into action as she released both Shockwave, and Ki-Blast almost simultaniously.

    May-Ling maintained her tremendous focus, however draining it was, as she released the impressive combination attack in a manner which her Master had yet to teach her. Many thoughts and questions raced through her mind as she watched for the results of her efforts. This had to be it!!

    A smirk joined the intruders steady gaze as he also went into action. He shifted into a forward leaning stance and thrust both his hands forward.

    REFLECT!!! He shouted in a commanding voice.

    A shimmering wall appeared before him a split second before May-Ling's combination Ki attack hit him. The energy barrier flashed just as the Ki-attacks impacted upon it and immediately bounced back May_Ling's attacks back at her. Time seemed to slow down as both Shockwave and Ki-blast came barrelling down back at young May-Ling. Her enhanced senses were still active, and even through the sound of high pitched energy, she clearly heard a voice cry out in alarm behind her.


    The voice was one she was very familiar with.

    But before she could react, a figure blurred and materialized right before her. Though she could only see the man's back, not only did she recognize him, but she could tell he'd gone into horse stance and crossed his arms in an "X" formation.

    No sooner had he done that, than a two part detonation shook the very floor they stood on. A bright light flashed all around them and ripped the floor to smithereens, creating a cloud of saw dust. Once the dust started to settle, a dome of bluish energy was seen surrunding them, then flickered off. Master Lu Chan turned around, looking over his student, worry etched on his face.

    "Are you alright?" He asked her. He seemed calm, yet concern was evident in his tone of voice.

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    OOC: No worries Ktala, it's fine. :)

    Hikari Oda

    Master Law?s Martial Arts Supply Store
    South Beach Florida, USA

    "Always remember what we've thaught you. Remember what you've learned." This was something Hikari's parents always encouraged him to do, for he was not only representing himself, but them as well, through himself.

    Now was such a moment.

    Everything seemed to have led to this moment. Here, in the parking space infront of Master Law's Martial Arts Supply Store. All eyes were on Hikari, awaiting his next move. His mysterious opponent silently regarded him. His parents watched, seemingly holding their breath. The Elite guards held their position, waiting for the signal that would unleash them; and the universe too seemed to take note and paused to watch as well.

    Hikari's mind
  2. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda

    Master Law's Martial Arts Supply Store
    South Beach Florida, USA

    "Always seek the TRUTH. Let it guide you, for it is indestructible and never changing, enduring beyond the passage of Time."

    The truth of the matter was that Hikari was at a loss for words. Now in the aftermath of his encounter, he was starting to grasp the significance of what had just transpired.
    He could clearly see that he had a great deal to learn before he could even begin to consider himself competent at being the type of warrior that he envisioned. But all the evidence seemed to suggest that he was on the right path.

    They were all in on it and he never suspected it. This was both good and bad. Good, because he gave it his all, his best shot. Good, because the end result was beyond his wildest expectations.
    Bad? Well, he literally walked into a set up and didn?t see it. It starkly showed areas that needed desperate work, but that was also good.

    All eyes were in him now? here in the parking lot of Master Law?s store; the universe seemed to hold its breath, as if pausing.
    Not a moment ago, he had been fighting for his life against the ninja that now stood before him. In reality, his opponent could have overpowered him at any time, he had suspected as much, and yet he didn?t shirk away from the confrontation, nor did he resort to dishonorable tactics.
    Hikari?s mind was going from frenzied activity to paralysis from near disbelief and surprise. This ?ninja? in truth was none other that the legendary Master Hanzo , and Hikari now stood in his presence outside the convention of ceremony.

    "You have performed exceptionally well this day, Hikari Oda. Not only have you trained well, but you have also passed my test and have been found worthy, so "I", Master Hanzo , declare it."

    Hikari was so stunned by all this that it felt like it was happening to someone else, like he was dying and this was his mind?s way of helping him cross to a warrior?s afterlife.
    And to make matters harder to believe, Hikari was being presented with another legend. This was something that almost all young warriors trained for exclusively and dreamed about constantly; to receive an invitation to The World Martial Arts Tournament.

    ?We would be honored by your presence at the World Martial Arts Tournament. Please accept this humble invitation?_ said Master Hanzo. The young Oda gazed, as if hypnotized, at the red velvet interior which serves as a bed for the ornately carved jade invitation. It appears to be a framed dragon in the clouds. The invitation is no bigger than a bookmark, and at the top of it a golden tassel is attached.
    Hikari immediately drops to one knee and bows his head and lifts his arms toward the Master Ninja in a gesture of acceptance.
    ?It is I who is deeply honored Master Hanzo, I accept this invitation with all humility.? The words had a mixture of reverence and suppressed emotion.
    With that, Hikari realizes that his life is about to change drastically. He will have to seriously dedicate himself to his Martial studies and fulfill his earlier promise of doubling his training regimen.

    He did plan to indulge in some celebratory way later on. He needed to unleash the happiness that he was barely keeping in check. But for now he was satisfied in the knowledge that Destiny had come knocking and he was able to recognize the sound.
    This was definitely the sign of new beginnings and Hikari Oda was feeling quite ready for the challenges to come.

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  3. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Combine brought to you by greyjedi125 & Ktala

    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Dojo

    Every moment was an experience, and every experience was a lesson. The trick was learning from it.

    Once the dust settled, Master Lu Chan turned to his student as he was worried for her.

    "Are you ok?" he asked her.

    May-Ling nodded slowly, not taking her eyes off the intruder. She was trying her best to keep the dissapointed look from her face. "I'm fine, Master Chan." she said tightly, doing her best to maintain her calm. She was tired, but she was not going to admit it.

    Master Lu Chang studied his student for a moment, then nodded.

    "I pray you find it in your heart to forgive my deception May, it was... the only way."

    Nodding once again, Master Lu Chan took a breath before speaking.

    "Please allow me to introduce to you, Master Yuen."

    Master Lu Chan turned to face the intruder, and they both bowed to each other with obvious respect. The intruder, that is to say, Master Yuen, took a step forward and came closer into view. He removed his hood, revealing a rather pleasant face. He was much younger than Master Lu Chan, but clearly an adult. Gone was his sinister experssion, replaced by an open and friendly face. When he spoke, his tone was somewhat apologetic, despite its firmness.

    "I am pleased to make your acquaintance May-Ling. Master Chan has spoken very highly of you. So I insisted that he arrange this, somewhat dramatic test. I must say, that you are exceptionally gifted and I have come with two propositions should you wish to hear me out."

    The room sudenly became quiet as both Master held their peace, giving May-Ling a chance to speak.


    May-Ling narrowed her eyes barely as she looked at Master Chan. So, she had been right. It was a set-up. A test. But then, what did his stepping in the middle of it mean? It didn't make her feel any better, but she now turned her attention back to the stranger.

    Master Yuen.

    He was rather nicer looking. And so young. She listened to his words, as she caught her breath.

    "I am pleased to make your acquaintance May-Ling. Master Chan has spoken very highly about you. So I insisted that he arrange this, somewhat dramatic test. I must say, that you are exceptionally gifted and have come with two propositions should you wish to hear me out."

    For May-Ling it was becoming harder to keep her calm center, or the many reactions she was now feeling.

    Exceptionally gifted? She certainly didn't feel it at the moment. And having a strong feeling that it had been a test didn't help one bit. She felt almost embarrased, not that she could really say why at the moment. The heat of the moment maybe? She didn't trust herself to say much of anything at the moment, so she simply gave Master Yuen a small bow.

    "What propositions, Master Yuen?" she asked simply, doing her best to keep her emotions from her voice.

    Master Yuen bowed back. He understood the various effects these test could have on students sometimes. There were even instances when they even 'backfired', to use a modern term. He certainly hoped that was not the case here. Still, he proceeded. That was the least he could do.

    "Master Lu Chan has mentioned that he has not much more to teach you, and much to learn you still have." Master Yuen brought a hand up and held his chin for a moment.

    "I would like to continue your training, if you'll have me. That is proposition number one. As for number two...."

    The younger master reached into his tunic and produced a small wooden box.

    "You have been tested and found worthy to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament. There you will be able to test your skills against worthy opponents as yourself. We would be honored by your presence. Please accept this humble invitation."

    With that said, Master Yuen took one more step forward and opened the small box before May-Ling.

    Inside its red velvet interior lay an ornately carved jade invitation. The carving appeared to be that of a framed dragon in the clouds. Th
  4. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Fullo Ocean
    -Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

    [blockquote]Fullo pushed the door open with his foot and only took a couple steps in. "Hello? Papa John's pizza delivery?" He looked around, but did not go any further. You don't go into people's houses without them welcoming you. Turning around, he looked at the garden and the rock combination outside. Impressive, but he was no expert on gardening or floral arrangements. It did click in his head to maybe propose to the Newspaper that they do an expo on beautiful gardens of Greensboro.

    "Hello?" He sighed and turned to leave.[/blockquote]
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  5. Mikaboshi

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Vajra Pani
    Hubei Province, China

    It is odd how quickly success can turn into potential failure, but in the blink of an eye Vajra saw that his attempt to avoid further violence had gone very wrong and was on the verge of taking a person's life.

    Unacceptable. The conflict would not end this way. It could not, Vajra would not permit it.

    Without a second thought, the monk leapt forward, but instead of a regular jump an inner power propelled him forward at speeds no normal human could possibly achieve.

    In but an instant Vajra had sailed through the air and sped past the bandit, grabbed the machete out of thin air, and was now standing about 10 yards opposite of where he previously was.

    "Enough." His calm voice rang clearly in the peaceful surroundings, a soft babble of the nearby creek and the chirping of curious birds provided the only other sound.

    As if disgusted with the weapon in his hand the monk loosened his grip and let it drop to the ground, then began to walk toward his belongings in order to gather them and continue his trek.

    He paid no further attention to the bandits, though if they attacked again he would sadly be forced to deal with them. He hoped with all his heart that would not happen.

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  6. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    The acrobatic girl may be able to put on a successful street showing, but Itzhak was a top gymnast as a teenager and could have easily become Olympic material. This girl was a mere amateur to him and now that he was mad, he would get a little rough. Her maneuver was an unusual one as she tumbled towards Itzhak at a rapid pace. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught the three other acrobats move slightly closer to him, but he dismissed them as any sort of real threat immediately.

    She was quite majestic as she soared over him, but she was still his enemy and so Itzhak had no problem with the possibility of killing her. She must?ve thought that her move had no counter, but she obviously has not met a professional, highly trained and specialized killer like Itzhak. He was just a step ahead of her and as she landed on her hands her feet and legs came down to wrap around Itzhak?s neck, although he wasn?t there.

    With the speed of a great fighter and gymnast Itzhak quickly dropped to a low crouch and balanced his weight on his two hands, hovering an inch above the ground. He quickly rotated his body and spun on one hand, bringing his leg around in an attempt to completely kick out the girl?s arms from under her and send her flying.

    As he was executing the sweep a very familiar voice spoke from among the crowd. "Would you truly sacrifice innocents to reach your objective...?" Itzhak could not placed exactly where the voice was, but he knew it was the informant and he knew that the man was close. His words resonated in Itzhak?s mind and once this girl was dealt with, a proper answer would follow.

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  7. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005

    It is an honor and a privalage to join with you, you chosen few, in this endevour. If a portal were made I would yet offer a round;)

    Name: Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Alias: Dr. of Heart
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Hair: Brown, with natural red highlights
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5?11?
    Build: Well built, with a slight roundness hiding any underlying physique
    Weight: 216
    Appearance: [image=], he often wears clothing that would befit a gone era, with white loose shirt, jacket and sometimes trench coat, slacks, and a wide square black tie.
    Birthplace: Dingle Town of County Kerry, Ireland
    Personality: A bit of a jokester he often will turn philosophical quoting mostly the dead, as they cannot sue for royalties, and very observant.
    Occupation: Private Eye and part time bar top consoler
    Current Location: Dublin
    Biography: Born to a simple family in the small port town nestled into the mountain country, he often found himself seeing and talking about more than most wanted him to. At first as a wee lad he looked into being a cop, since he was so interested in what was going on in the area. Beyond what he could find out by being by the docks and swimming unnoticed with Fungi the dolphin by the fishing boats and listening in on the conversations, he soon found he wouldn?t be put to such tasks as a cop, and so the dream died at six.

    That was it did until he was able to sneak into a movie and saw K-9PI, a foreign film with some American bloke and his dog, having been kicked off the force and finding a new temporary source of income. Now that sounded like the ticket for him! Nosy, helpful, action, women, and dog! Not to mention helping others of course. So the dream was reborn, slightly different, slightly new as the aspirations of a young teenager. But this dream, unlike the last, lasted well into an age of self sufficiency and travel, as he lives in Dublin and often crosses the straight and land to London his home away from home. A place he often ends up going in pursuit almost as much as Glasgow, tailing potential cheating spouses or police suspects while they work out the details for the arrest and extradition from England.

    Of course that is the short version of his story, the parts that he likes to tell, as he always leaves out a subtle but some might say influential middle. Just how he got out of that small port of a fishing town, Dingle Town, and eventually made his way to Dublin and the traveling life of a Private Eye for citizen and bobby. He needed capita, enough pounds to start the business at least while getting situated, and he needed training, more training then one gets from tips and tidbits found on the tele or local bobbies.

    He joined the British Royal Army, for Queen and?all that other stuff his recruiter had him sign, which was a lot. But in the end it went through and he was accepted. Two years in was when he was to see his first deployment beyond the sovereign soil of the British Isles, the Irish Isles to his mind, and went to his deployment in Afghanistan. About as far from home as his mind could conceive, from the wet of the ocean to the dryness of the desert, one night he was performing recon and?found himself running through a jungle in the mid-afternoon sun. He has no memories of how he got there, merely of the strange man he awoke running with there, one he understood without understanding. Stranded for several years, just he and that man making headway through the jungles of Brazil, mountains, and the jungles of Argentina before they finally stumbled into a city. Where they finally discovered where they had and where they were, from there he doesn?t know what happened to the old man who taught him so much about survival during the journey.

    He just is glad to be alive, even if he was said to be blessed with the guardian, whatever that meant. Returning home he started his own business as always planned, using his new abilities he learned to survive with to s
  8. ShadowLeonheart

    ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 15, 2005
    Character Sheet

    Name: Michael Lorado
    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Height: 5'9"
    Build: Athletic
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Appearance: Short hair pushed forward and pushed up in the front. Blue wrangler jeans, Black t-shirt, Black combat boots
    Birthplace: Southern California
    Personality: Homeous, Flirtatious, Headstrong, and Competitive
    Occupation: United States Air Force 1st Lieutenant F-22 Fighter Piolet. On leave/Vacation

    Current Location: San Francisco Airport, Deciding where to vacation

    Biography: Michael always did great in school and sports probibly because he is competitive. Outside of school he studied Fighting styles and competed in various competitions. He studied panther and Dragon style Kung-fu, Wrestling, Brodsword-fencing-raipieur sword fighting, Boxing, and Staff fighting. He competed in Football, water polo, cross countery, boxing, wrestling, sca swordfights, track, swimming, and baseball. He Then enlisted into The airfoce officer canidate school where he graduated a 2nd lieutenant. After a couple years he was permoted to 1st lieutenant and he would now fly F-22 rapters. He just went on leave and is looking for some fun thing to do, maybe have some fun and meet a girl.

    Michael suddenly felt a pull... a feeling. He was currently deciding on his dream vacation, and where to meet a nice girl. Well this feeling he had mede him decide a flight to the east. The only destination to the eastern world was asia. He decided to go for hong kong and half a day later he arrieved. Opon his arrival he grabbed his duffel and went outside the airport. Looking around he saw the splender of the city.... an amazing place.... except he just got mugged. He chased a mugger man down the road and into an alley, Jumped a fence and deadend into another alley. The Mugger dropped the duffel and pulled out a semi-automatic handgun. Instinctivley Michael Raised up his palms and gave a mighty Ki Blast which shot his opponet against the end of the alley... Dead. He grabbed his duffel and wondered on how he did what he just did. Today was a strange day. He then begun to walk north.... hunting for a place to stay.
  9. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002

    Hidden Monastery
    Secret location, Vernal Equinox

    It was just moments past midnight at the secret shrine of the 36 chambers. All was quiet, and all was well in the world. The monk who was designated as the "keeper" made his rounds as he always did. He had performed this sacred duty for years, all without incident.

    Until tonight.

    Upon entering a certain chamber, he made a startling discovery.

    His blood ran cold and he thought his heart would never resume beating. A feeling came over him. At first he didn't recognize it, but then realized it was called panic. Instantly he ran out. The Elder had to be informed.

    The Elder Abbot did not usually tolerate his rest being disturbed. Not without a very good reason. As the keeper knelt before him, face flat against the the ground, wet with tears of shame, the Elder Abbot listened silently as he stroked his white beared.

    "Elder Abbot...." The keeper said in a trembling voice.

    "The Relic. is gone!!"

    The Elder Abbot held his peace for a moment as he continued stroking his beared. This was no small claim the keeper was making.

    "Are you certain of this...." The Elder Abbot finally asked, his voice calm, his tone cautious, but inquiring.

    "My life is yours Elder Abbot! I have failed my sacred duty...!"

    The Keeper could no longer contain his grief and wept openly. The Elder Abbot sat on his cot and continued to stroke his beared.

    "Have you searched every chamber?" The Elder Abbot inquired carefully.

    "Yes, Elder Abbot." The Keeper answered.

    "...and the entire grounds?"

    "Our best seekers have done so. Three times."


    The Elder Abbot paused. Thinking. "Then we must search the entire mountain." he said finally.

    "We've already begun an extensive search Elder Abbot. So far... we've found...nothing."

    The Keeper refused to look up or get up from his prostrated position.

    "How could this have happened..?" the Elder Abbot said, asking more himself than anyone else. The Hidden Monastery had the best security the world of wuxia could offer.

    " one must know about this. Understand?"

    "I will dash myself against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff Elder Abbot. My failure..."

    "Nonsense!" countered the presiding figure head of the Hidden Monastery.

    "We must get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. If what you say is true, then punishment is the least of your worries...and death....we'll, you won't be escaping fate so easily. Now go and fulfill your duty."

    The Keeper rose immediately and dried his tears. After performing a deep bow, he dashed off to join the search team.


    The Elder Abbot continued to stroke his white beard and narrowd his eyes as he considered the unfortunate turn of events. If the Relic was indeed 'gone', then it was likely that someone had misappropriated it. And if that was true....

    The thought of it was too terrible to contemplate. The Elder Abbot could only shake his head as his seemingly unshakable calm demeanor was now challenged by a very real feeling of dread.


    PRESENT DAY.....


    Fullo Ocean
    Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

    Sometimes to see clearly, one is required to listen first.

    Fullo pushed the door open with his foot and only took a couple steps in. "Hello? Papa John's pizza delivery?" He called out as he looked around. He had entered a small hallway which lead to a larger room, which was dimly lit. Framed Martial Arts movie posters hung at either side of the entrance hallway, which Fullo could appreciate. Zu Warriors from Magic Mountain to his left and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to his right.

    Even so, Fullo did not go any further. After a moment, He Turned around and looked behind him and gazed at the garden and the rock combination outside. The sight of it seemed to evince a pleasant and calm feeling, coupled with his admiration.

    "Hello?" He repeated.

  10. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Kamiko Takahashi

    "Yes, yes, Kamiko. Please come in. I have had some visitors as you see in which we have been discussing some certain important matters."

    Kamiko lifted her head at her father's words to see that in fact, there were two men he was apparently in conversation with. Both of these men were garbed in traditional monk's robes. She blinked, though not impolitely, at them being there and that she was called to join their discussion. With her father being who he was, it was not uncommon for him to meet with people, but to bring them to their house? Let alone their own personal dojo?

    "Come, sit. We have something to discuss, Kamiko."

    The young woman carefully stood from her kneeling position and moved inside, shutting the shoji screen behind her. She made her way to the spot her father, Uksen, had motioned to and quietly took her seat. And then, she thought of something. Could this possibly be about entering the tournament? Oh, I knew you could find a way, father! she mused with a mental grin, though she was trying to suppress it so that it wouldn't show on her face.

    Rather confidently, Kamiko watched her father, waiting for him, or the two men to speak up. Until then, she remained in her place. Eagerness and excitement welling within her.

    Tag: Uksen and Monks
  11. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    OOC: Sorry for my absence. I blame horrible assignment timing!

    IC: Roland "Roy" Gespenst AKA Ghost
    Newark, Delaware, USA

    "And that," Roy finished, recapping the dry erase marker, "Is the same basic technique you should apply to problem 35 on the homework set. You're dismissed, thank you for attending this study session."

    On cue, the bell rang and the students shuffled out of the classroom in bizarre clumps, as usual, and Roy glanced over at the clock. 11:50 AM. Whoever this "Akeshi99" character was, he expected Roy in 10 minutes. So far, the clues were faint, at best: He seemed to know an odd amount about both Roy and the Doc, but other than that, nothing. No distinct spiritual pressure, no hints to his identity... nothing. Not to mention the fact that the Doc, as far as Roy knew, didn't have much to leave in the first place.

    But then again, what did Roy have to lose? And before he was fully cognizant of his actions, he was en route to Sunset Lake, quickly flicking on his sunglasses. They were rather nondescript, and they weren't aviators, in order to avoid comparisons to his alter ego, the prizefighter known as Ghost. It wasn't the most foolproof disguise, but it had worked so far, and Roy wasn't willing to give up the distinction quite yet.

    In about five minutes, he had arrived at his destination. It was early, but maybe...

    "Hello? Anybody here?"

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  12. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: welcome mitth, and leon.

    sorry grey, haven't been able to sleep for two days. still can't, but figured i may as well toss something out.

    Fiona "Flex" O'Hara/ New York City/ USA
    Madison Square Garden, Rooftop

    [blockquote]It had been readily apparent that these feats would have a cost, just as it had been equally apparent that reflecting the energy ball back at White Lotus would have basically no effect. What was irritating was she still had no clue what this woman wanted of her, and a bit of fatigue was starting to set in. Deciding against using more of the energy for as long as she could, Fiona watched as the ball of energy exploded harmlessly, causing the white robes of her opponent to flap in the breeze.

    Flex was very curious about what could be done with this energy she had found though. Somehow she knew that trying to repeat her redirecting in that fashion would, quite simply, not work again. This made her exceptionally glad that Lotus had not returned the serve, as it were.

    Surprisingly she was actually impressed by what Fiona had managed so far. That made two of them really, because the gymnast had absolutely no clue what she was doing when it came to the realm of spiritual energy and flying women. What appeared to be teleporting could be added to that list.

    Literally one second White Lotus was a good distance away, and then the next she was right next to Fiona trying to chop into the aforementioned's neck. What the hell? Suffice to say the shock to the system resulted in a purely instinctual reaction. Thankfully those instincts had been trained pretty thoroughly.

    This current situation made Fiona exceptionally glad she had been circling, and as a result of that fairly standard move in Krav Maga she had also raised her arms into their equally standard defensive position called the three-sixty defense. Basically her arms were held at angles with the hands as extensions of them so that she could even more easily redirect an attack.

    So the standard motion came into play, despite her shocked state and her arm flitted out to redirect the blow away from her body, as she continued circling away from the incoming blow, effectively taking most of the sting out of the contact that resulted.

    Under a more ordinary situation an attack would have been forthcoming at the same time as her defense, but being addled as she was by the sheer amount of shock Fiona did not manage any kind of counter attack other than a yell of surprise.[/blockquote]


  13. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Fullo Ocean
    -Greensboro, North Carolina

    [blockquote]He did a silent face palm when he realized that he had called out Papa John's instead of Ray's Pizza. Old habits died hard he guessed. His simple and pleasant North Carolinian accent called out. "Aye, my mistake. Coming right up!" He walked down the hallway and admired the movie posters once again, getting a better look now that he was closer to them. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. No way, Escaflowne had that beat by miles.

    Stepping into the room, he fumbled with the pen. Dropping it, he reached down and picked it up. "I got one large sausage pizza, right?" He looked around the room with an apathetic face, but when he saw the customer, put on a bright, genuine smile of greeting. With most restaurant people, you could sense that their smile was a stereotypical smile for them, as if they had given it to everyone that they had met that day because most likely, in fact, they had. No, Fullo was a genuine nice guy.[/blockquote]
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  14. Mandeillord

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    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    The girl was good, Itzhak would give her that. It seemed like this ?routine? was just a mere distraction so the informant could get closer without alerting Itzhak to his presence. He was good. Itzhak turned towards the crowd and recognized that some SOG agents had responded to his distress and were already blending with the crowd flawlessly. They would merely observe him and would not get involved unless Itzhak was in imminent danger.

    The informant spoke again, getting a little impatient as Itzhak took his time to answer his question. It seemed as if he was speaking to himself, but Itzhak knew that the man heard every word that he said. ?Sometimes one needs to sacrifice a few to save thousands. It is a necessary part of life.? Something about this man made Itzhak feel as if he wasn?t just here for Itzhak?s ?services?.

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  15. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Hikari Oda

    The Oda Family Estate

    Many small steps were often the beginning of a long journey.

    The celebration of Hikari?s invitation to the World Martial Arts Tournament was a small and private affair held at the Oda family Estate. Only those close to the family were in attendance. Among them were Master Law who was accompanied by his small family, and even Master Hanzo himself, who was the guest of honor.

    All the Heads of Household who were present had the distiction of having participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament at least once in their lives. To have been invated alone was a source of prestige amongst the martial arts peerage. Now it was Hikari?s turn to shine upon that legendary arena.

    A late comer to the small gathering was Master Law?s son, Dean Forrest. After paying his respects and greeting everyone, he quickly made his way around and found Hikari. He was obviously excited by the news and was anxious to congratulate his friend. Waiting in line to do so was so ?bogus?.

    Finally his moment came.

    ?Hikari!!! Man, I can?t believe it! You gotta be?.oops!?

    Dean caught himself before he uttered another word. He suddelny remembered there was a sense of decorum to be maintained in present company. ?Congratulations my friend.? He said then bowed. Dean looked around, seeing no ?big wigs? in their immediate vicinity, he gave a wink then smiled. He then took a step closer and whispered.

    ?Man, I?m happy for you, but I?m freaking jealous too! Man, I haven?t trained in months. Y? know?new car, hanging out, breaking hearts and all that good stuff.?

    Dean chuckled and elbowed his friend jokingly.

    ?Man, I still can?t believe you got invited before me?haha!?

    A waiter passed by and Dean helped himself to a drink, then toasted his friend

    ?Here?s to you my friend. May your star keep on rising.?

    Tag: Ameteth


    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Home

    The pair had walked back to Master Lu Chan?s home in contemplative silence. Each one replaying in their minds the events they had just experienced.

    ?Congratulations once again May-Ling?? Master Lu Chan once they had entered his humble home. It was a flat not too far from the dojo.

    ?I can hardly find the words to communicate the pride and joy I feel.? The Master admitted.

    ?How would you like to celebrate this occasion?? he asked with a smile. ?We?ll, it shouldn?t be anything too strenuous?? He added quickly. ? Now that you?re in, you can?t afford to slack on your training.?

    May-Ling?s former sensei gave a good natured chuckle then moved towards a large bookshelf where he began a small search while he listened for any suggestions May-Ling might have.

    Tag: Ktala


    Ambrose C. Ambrose
    Dublin Ireland, Temple Bar

    T?was a nice day by anyone?s reckoning. Blue skies and sunshine, that sort of thing. Not only that, it was also the weekend, and weekends was the time when most people went about enjoying their time off. At least most did.

    The Temple Bar enjoyed a good location. Almost at the centre point between Kildare St and Dawson St, right off St.Stephen?s Greenery. It was a popular and friendly watering hole. Also friendly was one of the pub?s (oh sorry) Bar?s permanent fixtures.


    As it was, it was too early in the day to say that the bar was considered ?open?, but its doors weren?t closed. There were always preparations being made for Happy Hour and the evening revelers, but daytime patrons were not an odditty here.

    At the moment, there were only about three people at the Temple Bar. One early patron relaxing and nursing a drink, a busboy and Ambrose. The doors opened and two more people came in. A large man and a stout woman. The man was vaguely familiar to Ambrose, but the woman he remembered. She had a penchant for hard liquor and behaved badly when drunk.

    ?He?s the
  16. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Fullo Ocean
    -Greensboro, North Carolina

    [blockquote]Weird folk, but Fullo's smile only grew, to the point of hiding laughter. He grinned. "$14.93 and I've seen House of Flying Daggers. Good movie. I also saw Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3. Great movies." 15 dollars. Fullo gave 7 cents back. He was not like most delivery guys who had the nerve to ask, "Do you want the change?" He just gave back what was due.

    The room was nice, reminding him of the old High School wrestling mats. Part of him wanted to take of his shirt and sandals and hit the mat, hard. But he had orders in the car getting cold. The pizza was sat down and Fullo backed out of the door. "I'll let myself out."[/blockquote]
    Tag: Grey
  17. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland

    It had been a be-utiful mornin' of that there could be no doubt, and with all that sun n' blue sky's one mind couldn't be helped but to wanderin' on spring and the many luv's and patrons to both his jobs. That of a barkeep and a Private Eye, or Investagator. Both had their high's and lows, but both seemed to suite him just fine.

    When two more people came in he was just polishing off the counter one last so it would be prepared for later, as always a little something seemed to get spilled when setting up a new keg. It seemed to be one of tem Murphy Laws, but no bother, not on such a be-uti..."Oh, buggera." he whispered under his breath as he recognized the second patron entering.

    He had half hoped his advice would get her out of the bar for a little while longer, maybe keep her from the hard stuff if she invested and applied herself to something. From the look on her face that wasn't the case, and there was no way he could dodge out now. He had already been spotted.

    ?He?s the one who made me do it!? she yelled across the room as she glared at Ambrose and pointed an accusing finger in his direction. Flipping the rag over his shoulder he looked at the woman, a sad and pained expression, genuine crossed his features.

    ?That right?? the man said, also glaring. Anger rising. He rolled his shoulders and neck.

    ?Oh yes, Ah remembah clearly. He says to me, ?do something daring, something you?ve nevah don befoh?, he says to me. ?Life is to be lived. Not drown?d away. So I listens to him!?

    He nodded slightly at this, no use denying what was, best to fess up to it and deal with it while staring it in the face. Before it goes for the turned back, something Fungi the dolphin had taught him with a few sore ribs. Also to never mess with a dolphin's required snack after food hits the water, but that last part didn't apply to this case.

    ?And what happened?? the man prodded, now cracking his knuckles.

    ?I played the lottery. I bought 200 euros worth of tickets?.and NOTHING!? she wailed. ?You owe me 200 euros!!? she said almost hysterically, her faced flushed red.

    ?You heard the lady! Pay up!!? the large man demanded as he strode forward with a determined lookon his face.

    Okay maybe it did apply to this case, she probably spent this weeks liquire money. "Two hundred euros is not a light amount luv's, and I merely was directin' ya to something you've never done before. Like go sailen', or fishin' on a lake, or even just taking in a trip across this here right beautiful land...why I doubt you ever saw the Blarney Stone just in our own back yard as it were." he backed up slowly walking purposefully to the far exit from behind the bar.

    Half way there he hopped up and swung his legs over to land them on the ground, before sitting on a stool. "Wouldn't have cost ya more den a few euros, now I'm sorry luv's but I just don't have that kind of capita' on me, I'ld have to go to ta bank, and personally I don't think the lady is entitled to it. Now how about I pour us each a fine stout Guiness, on me, and we forget all this nonesense about euros? Life, health and love in, of one's life is what's important now. Right?"

    Oh, how he hoped this worked as he gave a slight smile to the approaching man and lady. He had to place this man somewhere in his memory, if he didn't it would nag him throughout his day. Or the beating that seemed to be coming, not to mention it would really hurt things if he just said love of one's life to siblings or to some other relational nightmare, for all sides concerned.

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  18. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda

    The Oda Family Estate

    Hikari was really enjoying this moment, though he felt like his back was going to hurt him for weeks from standing so rigidly.
    The East wing?s Grand Tea House was the perfect setting for this small and private affair. The surrounding gardens and various koi ponds added to the elegance and traditional setting to which the gathered well- wishers seemed to blend perfectly.
    In attendance were close friends of the Oda?s, including Master Law who was accompanied by his small family and Master Hanzo himself, who was the guest of honor.
    Feeling some familiar aches, Hikari noticed that smiling and bowing seemed to take the as much energy as actual training, or perhaps that was his mild aversion to pomp and circumstance rattling in his head. It wasn?t that he minded all the ceremony, he understood the necessity for it, but he never really felt comfortable wearing the requisite ?uniform?, a term of endearment he used to refer to his Montsuki hakama, his men?s kimono.

    The pretty female house attendants always smiled and blushed when he wore traditional clothing, and his Mom would often forget modesty and openly beam with pride. Well, now they were celebrating his invitation and subsequent participation in the World Martial Arts Tournament, she was going to probably dote over him profusely once everyone left, ?Oh the torture??, Hikari smiles at the comedic spectacle in his head.

    This whole thing was still too incredible to believe. He wasn?t sure if he did anything special to deserve this great honor, for he wasn?t acting with rewards in mind when he had set out to ?help? during what he perceived to be a possible emergency. This was so sudden and unexpected that he was still pondering its significance.
    It dawned on him that all the heads of household present had participated at least once in their lives and now it was his turn to find destiny in the Tournament.
    Hikari?s mind was starting to wander off as he responded politely, albeit a bit automatically, to a few well ?wishers, he hadn?t noticed his friend Dean Forrest, Master Law?s son, get on the line.

    ?Hikari!!! Man, I can?t believe it! You gotta be?.oops!?

    Hikari gave a quiet laugh as Dean caught himself in his momentary lapse of decorum in front of present company, Hikari wanting badly to join in.

    ?Congratulations my friend.? He said, then bowed. Stepping in closer, the two friends engaged in some small talk trying to maximize this small moment of familiarity in the midst of all the formality.

    ?Man, I haven?t trained in months. Y? know?new car, hanging out, breaking hearts and all that good stuff.?
    ?Well, you could always get back into it by helping me train, I have to pull double duty now you know?? Hikari?s smile broadening with his idea_ ?We can keep it fun and we can both improve, hehe??
    After a few more jovial words and left field encouragement from Dean, a waiter passes by and Dean helps himself to a drink, and then toasts his friend.

    ?Here?s to you my friend. May your star keep on rising?.

    In his heart Hikari made a secret vow not to let all these people down, he would go to the World Martial Arts Tournament and do his very best. If winning was part of his destiny, then he would embrace that, but he knew better than to attempt to anticipate anything. The Tournament was legendary for it?s unpredictability and the diverse amount of exceptional talent that it called unto itself.
    He would have to muster all his determination, starting now, for the trials ahead would surely test his resolve and enthusiasm. He saw this as a molding stage, as a young dragon in an egg, and he was excited to see what the end result would be.

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  19. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Roland "Roy" Gespenst, Alias Ghost
    Sunset Lake, Newark, Delaware, USA

    Roy allowed himself a grin: mysterious stranger who knew about his past, an equally mysterious inheritance from a long-dead master, a duel to test his worthiness... Was Akeshi intentionally referencing a kung fu movie plot, or was Roy just filling in too many details on his own? Besides, martial arts were overrated, Ghost had managed to take down more than a few "masters" in his day, no match for his spiritual prowess... Spiritual prowess, Roy noted, that this man didn't seem to have.

    Or did he? For knowing about Roy and his connection to the Doc, this Akeshi fellow was awfully calm (Not to mention confident. Claiming you were inferior to someone by stressing the other's reputation was the surest sign of well-placed confident. The boasters were full of hot air, it was the defeatists you had to watch out for!) for someone with little spiritual pressure.

    Unless he was suppressing it, like the Doc had been able to...

    Well, there was only way to find out. Roy cracked his neck from side to side before flexing out his fingers. "Why the hell not? It's been awhile since I had a good fight, too many damnable papers to grade, if you ask me." He eased his way into his normal fighting stance. It wasn't terribly refined, Roy's hand-to-hand techniques having been self taught, but that was subsidiary to his main objective of unleashing a flurry of spiritual attacks at his opponent as soon as he got an opening.

    "So, uh... do you want to make the first move, or should I?" he continued, brushing a strand of hair out of his face and clenching his knuckles.

    "Oh, wait, before you answer that question: Do I have to beat you or just fight at my peak to get this "inheritance" you keep talking about?" Roy wasn't just curious, the way Akeshi answered could prove indicative of his abilities, relative to what he knew of Roy's... which seemed to be a lot. Who was this guy?

    TAG: Grey
  20. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    Fiona "Flex" O'Hara/ New York City/ USA
    Madison Square Garden, Rooftop

    [blockquote]Sheer surprise had nearly cost Fiona's neck a lot of pain, but her reflexes had come to the rescue. But just barely. The following circle filled insult was enough to start a slow boil in the blood of the young woman, and she glared at White Lotus. "Yea, let's see you not even know that's possible and block someone doing the same." Suffice to say this whole situation was leaving a thoroughly bad taste in her mouth. Why's she being such a jerk? Making me made won't accomplish anything for her. That wasn't really the point, most likely. Given the situation it was what could it accomplish for Fiona?

    The further commenting was equally insulting, and her response was much the same. "Most scumbags on the street couldn't do anything you've done today." Her anger and the fight had given her a shot of adrenaline, and the weariness of before was starting to disappear for the moment. So she was totally ready for the next blow, and instead of deflecting the spinning elbow aimed for a the collarbone she instead leaned back out of range and at the same time extended her leg in a snap kick aimed between Lotus' legs, the leaning back lending a bit more umph behind the blow than would normally be there. Having honed her leg muscles quite extensively throughout her entire life this would likely be quite painful should it connect.[/blockquote]


  21. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    Not this again? was the only thought that went through Itzhak?s mind before he started to formulate his game plan. The shouts told him that there were two males running at him from behind, and he assumed that they were the part of the acrobat troupe that was performing today. He assumed that one would attack his midsection and the other would go for his feet, effectively limiting what Itzhak could do to defend against two simultaneous attacks at different positions of his body.

    Itzhak was no average Joe though, and had been trained by one of the top counter-intelligence agencies in the world at how to deal with multiple opponents. He quickly dove to his right at the last second, barely avoiding being pummeled by the attackers. He rolled into a standing position and began his very precise counter attack.

    He was about five feet away from the closest gymnast, enough room to execute a short tumbling routine. Itzhak sprung onto his hands and pushed up into a forward roll, soaring five feet into the sky and traveling just as far. Once he came out of the brief roll, his arm was cocked in order to bring a fist down upon the nearest gymnast.

    TAG: Grey

  22. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Kamiko Takahashi

    Takahashi Estate, Kyoto, Japan

    Uksen Takahashi watched as his daughter quietly moved into the dojo, shutting the door behind her and taking the spot he motioned for her to, in between the monks that had come a long way to talk with him.

    Watching her, he could tell that she was getting excited and probably thinking it was about the tournament; despite her containing it upon her face well. He just knew her too well.

    "These monks have come a long way, my daughter," Uksen began, "and usually do not make such a trip, but made an exception in your case."

    The Head of the Takahashi family smiled at his only heir here. She was so promising. And he was so exceedingly proud. But now came a time of destiny. There was little doubt.

    "Your training has gone very well and you've surpassed with all I can possibly teach you, which is very sadly the truth. I would like to continue teaching you my entire life, but a man must learn some day that he cannot be so selfish to possess his daughter so...even in training matters," a chuckle, "and so I have arranged a final test from our special guests to see how far you've truly come."

    With that he nodded to the monks, who nodded back and moved to the sides of the room. A small bird chirping sound emanated from one of them, like a call. A signal.

    Uksen himself stood up to his full impressive height and began moving backwards to go against the wall, his eyes gazing over the top of Kamiko's head. A clear but silent signal for her to look behind her.

    At the other end of the dojo was another door that led to some equipment storage rooms and a personal after-training showers room. It slid open soundlessly and a man dressed like the monks stood in the doorway...naginata in his hands. He stepped forth into the dojo proper and began twirling his weapon skillfully, showing he knew how to handle it.

    Kamiko would soon notice Asuka reappearing by her side, kneeling again, holding up her own naginata with both hands in the form of giving.

    The Test of a Life Time was upon her.

    Tag: spacelady
  23. ShadowLeonheart

    ShadowLeonheart Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 15, 2005
    Michael Was drenched in guilt and confusion. He looked deeply into his palms, then at the stranger in robes before him "Who are you, What do you know?" Michael barked out in defence. He didnt understand what was happening, a murderer? Not Michael, not him,... why?

    "Whats going on, How did I...? Who are...? Why?" He stammered out strongly to the Robed Man. "Somehow Justice was served, But by a power higher then my own. Now... Who are you?" Michael asked as he quickly calmed and turned his attention to the stranger. Michael had taken life before, never like this. Was this man going to help, or taunt?

    Tag: Grey
  24. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Home

    The pair had walked back to Master Lu Chan?s home in contemplative silence. May-Ling was in shock still, trying to replay what had just happened in his mind. She looked up, a bit startled, when she hear her Master speak.

    "Congratulations once again May-Ling?" Master Lu Chan once they had entered his home. "I can hardly find the words to communicate the pride and joy I feel." The Master admitted.

    May-Ling blushed furiously. It was all just too bizarre for her to comprehend. The words he poured at her, made her feel almost as if it was her father speaking to her. She knew how much respect HE had for the man. "Thank you, Master Chan." she said softly, as she walked into her Masters home. "I would not been able to achieve what I have, without your help and training." She had been here a few times before, but it felt - different somehow. Mayli stifled a yawn. That little stunt of hers had drained her. She would need to meditate for a bit.

    "How would you like to celebrate this occasion?" he asked with a smile. "We?ll, it shouldn?t be anything too strenuous?" He added quickly. "Now that you?re in, you can?t afford to slack on your training."

    May-Ling's sensei gave a good natured chuckle, as May shook her head. Celebrate? She had not really thought about it. She felt like she should do something. But what? She was not really one to drink much... and her other friends would have no idea what in heck was going on, or what the celebration was for. Besides she didnt really feel like going dancing, or much of anything else. May-Ling thought for a moment.

    "I think..." she stated with a grin. "That I would love some take-out Chinese food. and then, I would like nothing better than to hang out in your Zen garden I know you have been working on, out back, Master Chan." she said giving a small smile, as she thought of his garden in the back. He had been working on it for ages it seemed, trying to get it just right. Sifting sand, rocks from special places, and other touches. He had even gotten some of the local Buddhist monks to add a few things. It was quite a little garden. She sighed, wishing she had her flute with her. As she waited to hear his response, she crossed her legs, as she sat on the floor, closing her eyes. Perhaps a tiny recharge would be just the thing.

    Tag: GreyJedi
  25. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Kamiko Takahashi

    "These monks have come a long way, my daughter, and usually do not make such a trip, but made an exception in your case. Your training has gone very well and you've surpassed with all I can possibly teach you, which is very sadly the truth. I would like to continue teaching you my entire life, but a man must learn some day that he cannot be so selfish to possess his daughter so...even in training matters, and so I have arranged a final test from our special guests to see how far you've truly come."

    Kamiko finally allowed a smile to show through, though only let her father to see. It would be terribly rude of her to embarrass him in front of these guests who had traveled a long way just for her. And she wouldn't dare miss this chance to show what she was made of!

    Movement from the linen the monk's robes were made out of caught the young woman's attention. She looked back and watched them move back against the side walls of the dojo, her father doing the same. An eyebrow quirked up at the sound of the strange signal, but kept her dark Asain eyes on her father, who's gaze was directed up and over her. Following his eyesight, Kamiko stood and faced the doors that led to the shower room. A man, another monk, stepped out of the room, twirling a naginata in his hands.

    She then felt another presence at her side and found Asuka on the ground, kneeling and holding out Kamiko's own personal naginata. Unable to help the grin forming on her lips, the young woman of the Takahashi estate took her weapon from her friend and spun it about once to prepare her arms for the fight. Kamiko moved her hands into the proper positions, as her father had taught her, the feeling of the long weapon her hands - comfortable and familiar.

    This naginata only had a blade at one end of the staff like weapon, which was pointed at her new foe. Unlike when she was younger and used simple training naginatas, the weapon she was holding was a real and true one. The light from the ceiling shown down on it, the cool metal blade reflecting off its whiteness.

    Kamiko moved a little forward to be closer to the center and positioned herself in a defensive and ready stance. She would show her father and these monks that she was strong, even for her young age, and no matter what, she would get into that tournament!

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