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Thriller Dragon Warriors: Bloodlines

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by greyjedi125, Mar 29, 2009.

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  1. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Fullo Ocean
    -Greensboro, North Carolina

    [blockquote]His breathing was mild and it took him a minute to settle down while he watched the asian guy pick the entire samoan up and over his shoulder with nothing but a slight shrug of power. He shook his head rapidly and put his hands on his knees. What the hell was going on here? Picking up his broken cellphone and then eyeing the asian girl, Fullo discovered that she was talking to him about fighting, or sparring she called it.

    He mouthed the words why in astonishment. "I don't know what is going on here, but I have a job to get back to, so let us make this quick, please." The words came out of his mouth, but he did not know what he was saying. He knew he had to get back to work, but something was compelling him to battle this girl. It was completely out of character for him to do this, though character no longer mattered when a divine emotion overpowered his southern resolve and replaced it with a reckless and chaotic resolve.

    He took off his now dirty and sweaty shirt and placed his hands on the ground, closing in on his opponent with ape-like movements. With one hand, he dashed out his right hand at her ankle, testing his opponent and also looking for a takedown.[/blockquote]
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  2. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda

    The Oda Family Estate

    ?For one to see clearly, sometimes one must first listen??

    Just before he entered his meditative trance, Hikari felt as if he was listening to the Universe, it wasn?t words or physical sound, but a sense of calm and of correctness, of being finite yet connected to the unfathomable infinite and yet being of consequence in it?s endless mechanism. He could never quite describe it, but it was a state where he could gain insight about many things, and this time the concept that came to mind was ?potential?.

    Hikari never ceased to be filled with wonderment when he entered the Training Trance part of his meditations. This happened randomly and he wasn?t sure if it could be influenced to happen at will. Maybe with more advanced training, he could unlock some secrets that might help him gain the proficiency of a master.

    In this special place, time had no meaning, for it was apart from its influence. The blue orb had appeared like many times before, and transformed itself into a mirror image of Hikari. It wears the same clothes and expression as the young man, signifying their connection. Thusly, when the figure goes through the exercises that Hikari was studying, he feels and sees the correct motion, the proper flow of energy and kinesiology, and the proper application of Ki.

    He was sure that if he wished to feel fatigue, he would feel it as keenly as if he was at the dojo beset by the passage of time. But this was a miraculous place and he could almost train indefinitely, but the Training Trance happened on its own and its mysteries where beyond him to influence let alone control.

    Hikari internalizes every iota of this experience, knowing that it will change him when wakes back to the material world.

    After ending his meditation, the only indication that time had passed were the almost extinguished candles, hanging tenaciously to their flames. Hikari watched them go out and reflected on how he wanted to be like the candles and make his life meaningful, but unlike the candles, that when he passed onto infinity, whatever light he shed, might still remain in the hearts of those illuminated by it.

    Still sitting in the center of the now spent candles, enshrouded by moonlight and a warm breeze, Hikari?s mind started imagining what other Masters could be experiencing in their Meditation Training Trance and what amazing feats they would accomplish. This gave him hope and something to shoot for, but also made it quite clear why it was important not to underestimate anyone out there, it was impossible to know who unlocked what secret, and learning such a lesson during combat, more often than not, proved fatal.

    Feeling that he could submit to sleep with a feeling of completion, he walks over to his courtyard and sits under the Waterfall Fountain his parents had built for his 18th birthday and proceeds to let the message and white noise lull him to much needed rest.

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  3. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Home

    The meal had been an excellent one and Master Lu Chan seemed to be on cloud nine, to put it mildly. She couldnt help but grin slightly, he was to happy. It was nice to see him this happy. She wondered how her parents would feel about it. Wow. So NOT the thought to have right now. She shoved it away, content to be happy in the moment of things.

    "I should really find out what Lucy Lu's secret ingridient is. Her food always leaves me craving for more. It's just too good." May-Ling laughed. "She will never tell you Master, or else you wont have a reason to buy it from her." she said with a soft laugh.

    Master Chan gave a hardy laugh, then bowed. "Thank you May-Ling. Your company and your choice of music made this meal even better." Mayli simply nodded. She would miss this. She began to wonder about her new master to be, Master Yuen. She helped Master Chan clean up, humming as he did so. She wondered what he would be like. She touched the book that she had tucked within her clothing for now.

    "I think all that food has made me hyper." Master Chan announced. He looked over to the rows of balance poles at the back of the garden. "Excuse me a moment." he says with a wink and makes his way to the balance poles.

    The balance poles were always ... um.. fun. Then again, she would not have been able to do one of her abilities if it was not for those poles. The beginner section was not bad at all, and even the advanced. But the Masters section, where Master Chan was now working on, THAT was another subject. Especially when objects were being lobbed at you.

    Instead, May-Ling went over and picked up the rake that stood over to the corner of the garden. There was a wonderful sand garden that he worked on from time to time, drawing designs within the carefully cared for sand.

    She stepped out on one of the smaller rocks, holding the rake. She closed her eyes and concentrated. She slowly levitated from the ground, her legs she pulled up, crossing them. To Master Chan, she asked, "Master Lu Chan, can you tell me something about Master Yuen? What is he like?" she spoke, as she began to move. Like she was rowing a boat in an invisible river, May-Ling slowly moved about, as she twirled the rake in her hands, using it to drawn within the smooth sands, the energy and feeling she felt now. She took her time, feeling the energies flow through her as she drew the rank across the sands, spinning and twirling about as she floated, using the rake to move her. The added bonus, no footprints to leave behind as well!

    She would not open her eyes until she was finished, to see what she had created, while she waited for Master Chan to respond to her question.

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  4. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    ?Is there anything else you wish to know?? The instructor said, ever so calmly.

    Itzhak?s mind was racing. There were so many things that he wanted to know, but he could only ask a few questions because the rest would fall into place later. His fingers moved along the edges of the wooden box as he began formulating his questions.

    ?Why me? Why am I better than those students of yours? What makes me so special??

    He had wanted to know the answer to this question since he was a teenager. He knew there was something special about him, but he didn?t quite understand what. It seemed as if this man could at least shed some light on the situation. In the brief pause between the two men talking, Itzhak opened the wooden box to peer at the contents inside.

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  5. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    Vajra Pani
    Hubei Province, China

    "You are closer than you can imagine, brother, for the Tournament is held here, in the Hubei Province." Brother Jian gestured all around.

    Vajra found it odd that he had never heard of this tournament before if it was being held so close to where he lived his entire life, though he humbly admitted to himself that there were many things outside of the temple which he did not know. This was just a way of being shown that there was still much of the world he needed to learn about.

    "The exact location however, is guarded and quite secure from the outside world. None may simply stumble upon it. That is why you need the invitation. It is your key to finding it. But we will tell you this much. You must venture to Wudang Mountain. There lies your destiny."

    Brother Feng respectfully bowed as he finished.

    He was about to thank the brothers for their kind assistance, but before he could Brother Jian interjected.

    "However....I sense something troubling you brother. It seems pivotal. Forgive me for prying, but perhaps we could be of help in this matter as well." The monks looked at him expectantly, their faces held a strange mixture of emotions.

    Vajra, though not sure of their intent, felt compelled to share his inner turmoil to the strangers. He did not know why, but he felt as though he could trust them. Was he wrong or naive to do so? Possibly, but only time would tell.

    As he began to speak, his voice was soft. It betrayed his feelings, and revealed his doubt about his role in this tournament. "I can not help but wonder if by participating in this event, am I not being true to my beliefs?" He looked down at the ground before him, "I try to live by what I have learned, never needlessly harm or kill. Yet the very nature of this tournament is to physically compete is it not?"

    It was clear that the young monk was seeking some kind of approval or justification to participate in this tournament. Even though his Abbott's last words to him had eluded to this, he was still unsure as it seemed to go against everything Vajra believed in his heart.

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  6. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland


    The large man sailed through the air and even flailed his arms as he was flung by Ambrose. The woman screamed at the top of her lungs! she could not believe her eyes! How could something so horrible happen, she wondered.

    The large man landed gracelessly, which was underscored by the impacting thud-sound he made as he it the cobblestones. At first, he lay motionless. A groan escaped his lips. Then he tried to get up, yelped! and set himself back down. The woman was already kneeling beside him asking him all manner of questions concerning his well being in a rapid-fire manner. The large man didn't seem to be listening.

    "WHAT IN BLOODY HELL DID YA DO TA 'EEM!!?" The woman demanded once she saw Ambrose. She was livid and afraid her 'champion' had been hurt. Guilt washed over her face. But before Ambrose could answer, the patron who was observing the entire ordeal all along, walked out from the bar and approched the woman.

    "Violence begets more violence and seldomly solves the issue at hand." the man said to the woman, and threw a wad rolled up paper at her, which landed neatly on her lap.

    "Two Hundred Euro. Count them, it's all there. I hope it was worth the trouble."

    The man sipped on his drink noisily through a straw and looked down at the large man.

    "He'll be quite bruised. Might have a few scratches and sprains, but nothing broken. Please take him and go."

    The woman looked at him, mouth agape. She was speechless and had no idea what to reply. The man simply turned and walked away. Once he came near Ambrose, he slowed his pace so he would be heard. "It's over. We should go inside. I think they have enough to keep them busy for awhile."

    Without waiting for a response, the man took another sip of his drink and proceeded into the Temple Bar.

    The ball was now in Ambrose's court. The next move was his.

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    MIchael Lorado

    Outskirt Village, Hong Kong

    Wong listened to everythig Michael said with great care. He listened for what was said and what was also omitted. Overall, Wong found Michael's story believable, except for one simple fact.

    Ki-blast could not be performed by accident. Well, at least not by anyone normal. Such a technique required precise training, even a 'natural born warrior'.

    Michael's stomach grumbled, which made the monk smile in amusement.

    "What's taking them so long? What's for dinner? Michael asked with the impatience of one who had been starved for most of the day.

    A voice called out from one of the nearby, and larger huts. Wong stood up and answered as he called back in return, then looked at Michael.

    "Your stomach has good timing." Wong declared with a smile. "We'll talk more later. Come, dinner is ready."

    Wong moved to exit the hut and gestured for Michael to follow. It took them but a moment t reach the larger hut, where the wafting aroma of food was almost overpowering. A guard greeted Wong, who kindly returned the guard's bow. Upon entering, Michael could see that this hut was indeed large and had a high ceiling. It also had several long tables with people sitting on both sides. The food was served buffet-style and there was already a line of people waiting their turn to serve themselves. No doubt Michael could now appreciate the various soups, rice dishes, fish and other sea delicacies being served.

    Wong led Michael to the table with the trays, bowls, chopsticks and other utensils.

    "Please, serve yourself as much as you'd like. There's more than enough for everyone." Wong reasured him with a nod.

    From one of the tables near a corner, a female called out the monk's name and waved enthusiastically. Wong returned the wave and leaned over to Michael saying; "We'll be taking our seats over there."

    Wong smiled, then went ahead on the business of serving himself. After he had finished, he waited for Michael before leading him
  7. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Teresa Starkos
    Victoria Shopping Centre, London, UK

    As Teresa had guessed, nobody had thought to call EMS. The doctor shook her head and turned back to her patient, deftly binding his wound shut with a bandage. "That'll stop the bleeding until the ambulance comes," she told him as she tied it off. "Just sit here, alright? You'll be just fine."

    The guards were still arguing as Teresa moved on to the next kid, the one with the broken hand. It took some coaxing for him to release his grip far enough to let her see - and yes, he'd broken at least two fingers and dislocated a knuckle. Possibly more, but Teresa couldn't tell without an x-ray.
    Oh, what she'd give to be in the ER. Or even a decent pair of scissors.

    "It's broken," Teresa informed him calmly, "but it's not bad. I'll set it for you and bind it up, alright?"
    "Can you give me something for the pain?" the youth groaned.
    "Have you taken anything recently? Drugs, alcohol, prescription medication?"
    The youth said nothing, which Teresa took as an affirmative.
    "Then I can't, sorry. You might have a reaction -"
    "Just a beer," he muttered. Teresa gave him a look; he flushed. "That's it, I swear."
    "Well then," Teresa said, taking the opportunity to yank a finger straight; he yelped. "Take one of these -" she handed him a pill, still in its packaging, and started bandaging "- and keep the wrapper, so the paramedics know what you've taken."

    "Pssst!" came a low whisper. "PSSSSSSTT!!!"

    Teresa looked up, startled, to see Old Jackie. Wasn't - Teresa glanced at the escalator and back again - hadn't he walked off a moment ago? Evidently not, for there he was gesturing at her from behind a pillar. He quickly put his finger to his pursed lips in a 'SHHH!' gesture, then quickly waved at her to come over.

    Indecision gripped her for a moment. Nobody was paying attention to her, though the guards were still going on about questioning people, and she still had people to help - but her curiosity had been piqued. What did he want?

    "Thanks, Doc," muttered the kid with the broken hand, evidently having heard nothing. Teresa patted his shoulder absently and rose. Just a moment, she gestured to Old Jackie, and went over to the third injured youth. His injury turned out to be one mostly of pride; Teresa gave him a painkiller too and looked around again.

    The guards were still ignoring her. But her work here was done.
    That cinched it.
    Teresa shut the first-aid kit and pulled off her gloves. Then she slipped around the pillar.

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  8. Darth_Elu

    Darth_Elu Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jan 2, 2003
    Kamiko Takahashi
    Takahashi Estate, Kyoto, Japan

    The monk was mildly surprised to see Kamiko managed to fumble only slightly, then manage to swing her naginata around and get the middle of it to jam his own weapon upwards as he had done to her but a few short seconds ago. Nicely done.

    As he finally managed to regain himself, he noticed her rushing in again. An aggressive one. He quickly shifted into a defensive stance only to see her attack turn into a feint and attack his open left side again.

    Frowning only faintly, he quickly moved his naginata so the point end of it managed to catch the side of Kamiko's end and push it straight down to the ground. Without giving her any time to react, he quickly then spun the other side of the weapon around and slashed through the middle of her weapon. Cleaving it in two before she could move it.

    The monk turned to face her then and tossed his naginata to one of the monks, who caught it and held it nonchalantly. He smiled, only for an instant, and gave a warrior's bow before resuming the infamous Crane stance.

    The weapon duel was at an end evidently, how she fared in all their eyes remained to be seen, but the duel continued...

    "Come on, Kamiko," Uksen whispered quietly as the opposing monk waited patiently for his opponent's reaction.

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  9. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland

    It worked! Well of course it worked, might of been a while, and the man larger than a panther but the principle was the same. He may have changed his sky's but his soul, what he knew, and what he could do was still the same.

    The womans scream, now that made him wince almost as much as the man's poor landing, must of been a bruiser that one. Once she had finished pestering her brute she turned to him, just having taken a step out of the doorway, "WHAT IN BLOODY HELL DID YA DO TA 'EEM!!?" The woman demanded in yet more loud uncouth manner. But she had the precense of mind to at least look guilt ridden slightly, she knew her part in this play hopefully.

    Before he could answer the gentleman from the bar walked out and spoke, "Violence begets more violence and seldomly solves the issue at hand." the man said to the woman, and threw a wad rolled up paper at her, which landed neatly on her lap. "Two Hundred Euro. Count them, it's all there. I hope it was worth the trouble."

    Ambrose for his part just stared at the man, eyes going wide as his jaw remained shut. Blinking he cleared his eyes back to normal as the man explained the bruising of the poor fellow, as he walked by him into the Temple Bar he spoke once more. Nothing philosophical or any such blarney but just simply, "It's over. We should go inside. I think they have enough to keep them busy for awhile."

    Without waiting for a response, the man took another sip of his drink and proceeded into the Temple Bar.

    Ambrose gave a slight nod after a moment to no one in particular and went on inside himself, following the old man he spoke up as he neered, "Thank ye' sir, you consider your next two hundred euros of tab as paid in here. I'll be see'n to that. But if ya don't think me to forward in y'er business, just why in plump heaven's did ya do that?"

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  10. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009

    Hikari Oda

    The Oda Family Estate

    With languid stretching motions and a good yawn, Hikari re-enters the waking world. Like an ancient heliotrope he turns toward the mid-morning sun basking in it?s rays and enjoying one of life?s true luxuries; waking up naturally. No anxiety producing alarms, or butlers or maids, just the peaceful wakefulness of a naturally recharged and regenerated body. It is an almost addictive feeling.

    As a few moments pass, Hikari notices that he is in his master bedroom and wonders how he got there, a few ideas come to mind. But as full consciousness settles in, the cozy feeling is soon forgotten and replaced by matters that come crashing into the forefront of his thoughts; ?did I just have the best dream ever or did that really happen??
    Turning to and fro, his eyes dart over the vast room searching for a clue, ?Aaah, there it is?? A quick glance at the tournament invitation on his desk confirmed that what he remembered was indeed real and not some elaborate figment of his imagination. With that, the buzz of satisfaction and excitement returns almost undiminished.

    Noticing that his cell phone was flashing the message light, he goes over to see who might have called. He chuckles as he sees the image of a beat up Pika-chu; the icon he had selected for his good friend Dean. ?Ha! It?s Dean?so early? He probably wants to do some laps at the beach...?

    ?Hey there, Hikari. Long story short, I was asked if I wanted to go with you to the Tournament as your guest. Hell yes, I said. So, I got up early and got all packed up. Now I feel like a dork! Hahaha! So hurry up and get your stuff together. Give me a call when you're ready. I bet you'll never guess where we have to go, hahaha. Anyway, hit me back when you get this. Later.?

    The enthusiasm in Dean's voice was unequivocal.

    Hikari shook his head as he chuckled, again, half disbelieving his good fortune. ?Wow, this is perfect, Dean is coming too, woohoo! At least I?ll have a sympathetic ear to gripe to if things go sour? came the sobering thought.

    ?My word, what does one take to a thing like this? Training clothes? Hair products? toiletries? Ugh! Should I ask Dad? Oy-vey?? the young man plops himself down on the chair by the computer module of his desk, contemplating the simple yet gargantuan task before him and suddenly feeling tired.

    A million questions run through his expectant mind. What kind of accommodations would they have, hotels, hovels, beds, straw beds, mirrors, hair dryers, what to take, what to leave? He was sure that he could live without electricity if necessary, he had done so many times when he traveled with his Mom during her volunteer expeditions with World relief agencies.

    ? I need to get in the right frame of mind, I?m still giddy from all this?maybe I?ll do those laps around the beach after all, I did say I?d double my training. But first a light breakfast?
    Hikari reaches over to the remote panel and buzzes the kitchen to alert them that he?ll be coming to the breakfast table shortly. For a split second he contemplates the idea of monastic living and all the things he?d have to trade in for the pursuit of wisdom. He quickly realizes that focusing on a goal is the best way to overcome the ever-present obstacles, that and having a good friend as support.
    Recovering his enthusiasm, Hikari presses the beat up Pika-chu icon on his cell phone and prepares to call Dean back, a quick call before a bath. As the phone rings he feels a tinge of awe as he recalls that Dean is already packed. ? If he?s already packed, he must know where we are going, I need to know too, the suspense is killing me??

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  11. Mandeillord

    Mandeillord Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 13, 2006
    Itzhak Peled
    Santa Monica, California, USA

    The invitation was one of the most beautiful and meticulously crafted pieces of art Itzhak had ever laid his eyes upon. A weird feeling emerged from the depths of his soul as he stared longingly into the dragon?s eyes. What seemed like hours were mere seconds as this dragon ?spoke? to him. He now knew that this was serious and all inhibitions were crushed as Itzhak shut the invitation and slipped the box into his pocket.

    The instructor?s words were meaningless after laying his eyes upon the invitation. Itzhak was surely not a spiritual person, but for some reason gazing upon the dragon had changed him. He felt at peace with himself and his surroundings and began to feel the world?s energy as well as his. Everything was in focus now and Itzhak was able to remain calm regardless of what happened next.

    ?Thank you, Sifu. You have thrown the veil off of my face and have allowed me to finally see. I will venture to Hong Kong and then the Tournament immediately.? Itzhak bowed low at the waist before turning on his heels and leaving the pier. He did not glance back at the instructor, but assumed that the students and him had already disappeared. [i]Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, China[/i]

    [b]Itzhak[/b] had only visited China once before and that was for an extremely brief liaison with Israeli Mossad agents that lasted a mere two hours, hardly enough time to explore the country to any extent. This journey would be much more interesting and worthwhile and Itzhak was hoping to find answers to the many questions that had formed since his encounter with the instructor. Unfortunately Itzhak knew little Chinese since he was never stationed here, so traveling was going to be a little difficult even for the highly proficient SOG agent.

    Getting to Hong Kong was easy. Itzhak had proved himself countless times so he had a good deal of independence in the agency and therefore was allowed to fly in on moment?s notice aboard a passenger flight using a fake identity. A simple lie about possible Juarez-Triad relationships was enough convincing for the agency?s management to allow him to leave Santa Monica.

    The city of Hong Kong was beautiful. Itzhak always marveled at the immense skyscrapers of massive cities such as Hong Kong and the way they reached higher and higher into the sky. The crowdedness did not bother him either because it allowed Itzhak to go unnoticed even though he looked completely different from the locals.

    [i]Where to start in this massive city and even larger country?[/i] For the first time in his life he actually felt clueless and lost. He knew that he had to make his way to mainland China, but did not know where to even begin. He shook these bad thoughts from his mind and began to walk along the crowded streets, his fingers brushing along the wooden invitation in his pocket as if it could somehow point him in the right direction.

    [b]TAG: Grey[/b]

    [b]OOC:[/b] I hope you don?t mind me going straight to Hong Kong. :D.

  12. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: sorry grey, know i said this past weekend but the computer problems kept up and then i got sick. should be this weekend. i do still really wanna play in this game.

  13. blubeast1237

    blubeast1237 Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 10, 2007
    Fullo Ocean
    -Greensboro, North Carolina

    [blockquote]She was light. So light, in fact, that it made Fullo feel self-concious about his own weight. He felt like a rock being rolled over.

    She hit him in his hip harder than an average girl would be able. However, Fullo was a wrestler and balance responsibility shifted from the hands to the feet often and as swiftly as he was off balance, he was again leveled. Pivoting and firing his body from his legs, Fullo's reached out both arms, both with their own destinations. One hand was aimed towards the woman's hip, while the other was, again, aimed towards her ankle. All the while, Fullo's leg kept shifting, up and down, testing the man's weight, as if they were unsure how much they were carrying.[/blockquote]
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  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    May-Ling Parker
    Oahu, Hawaii, Master Lu Chan's Home

    "Master Lu Chan, can you tell me something about Master Yuen? What is he like?" May-Ling asked.

    Master Lu Chan did not answer immediately, which made May-Ling wonder for abit until her finally responded.

    "Hmmm. Well, Master Yuen is profoundly passionate about martial arts and demands the greatest effort possible. He's a perfectionist, but also patient and attentive. He can be a bit distant, but he does care in his own way. I believe you are ready to learn under someone like him. He can help you achieve a higher potential."

    As Master Lu Chan continues his breathing routine, May-thought about his response. A perfectionist? Hmm. That might be ok. Master Chan did say he was patient. And distant. Well, that would be a change. She wasnt to sure how she felt about that. But she did know that she wanted to continue her learning. She felt there was so much more out there. So even if that meant dealing with a stuck-up teacher, she would have to simply deal with it.

    Does that help answer your question?" he asks after a moment. May-Ling, who was still drawing her intricate design thought for a moment before responding.

    "I guess so Master. Since he left so fast, didnt get to ask much. Like if he has a dojo here, and other things.." she sighed softly. "Guess I will find out later." She frowned a moment, as she looked at her work. She closed her eyes, and re-did the part she was floating over. "When and where IS the tournament, Master?" she asked. She opened her eyes, and looked at her work, grinning.

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  15. The Great No One

    The Great No One Jedi Grand Master star 8

    Jun 4, 2005
    OOC: post, as promised

    Fiona "Flex" O'Hara/ New York City/ USA
    Madison Square Garden, Rooftop

    [blockquote]Had she really thought about the siutation her kick would have been aimed a fairly substantial amount higher. As it was, the concrete block that was White Lotus leg caused a jolt throughout Fiona's body and nearly causing an umph as a result. Regaining her equalibrium after the attack, and finding the other woman now floating in a crosslegged position. What should have been something of a shock was only mild irritation at having no clue as to how that was done. Bending over she rubbed at her shin, muttering about people who obviously had no life outside of training.

    Being told to take a deep breath, Flex eyed the other woman warily. First she's standing on top of a pole in the wind, then attacking, flying and now being... teacher? Or something. Deciding that more oxygen wasn't really a bad thing, she did as instructed and made sure that she didn't do something defensive when Lotus reached out and touched a hand to her abdomen. The sudden rush of energy took her off guard and made her breath rush out.

    Several seconds went by and Fiona's head was swimming. Blinking rapidly several times, vision starting to clear, she all but glared at the other woman. What. The. Hell. Her look pretty much said it all, and Lotus just sat there with a knowing little smirk sitting on her lips and an open invitation to speak in the other's eyes.

    Crossing her arms, Flex considered refusing to say anything. But there were questions she wanted answered. The most obvious one was what was going on, what this whole "thing" had been precisely? Knowing it was a test was one thing, but what it was a test FOR was something else entirely. One word seemed sufficient now that she thought about it. "Explain." Fiona's tone of voice was a demand, the normally musical tones completely removed from it.[/blockquote]


  16. spacelady

    spacelady Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Mar 16, 2003
    IC as Kamiko Takahashi

    The monk blocked Kamiko's attack at his left side and forced the end of her naginata down to the ground with a thud, the blade making a small cut in the wood flooring. Moving quickly now, Kamiko's opponent twirled his weapon, aiming that side's blade at the middle of her staff. Her eyes flew wide open in surprise and before she could register or react, the naginata had been cut into two pieces.

    The young woman stared bewildered at the two halves of her weapon and barely noticed the monk tossing his casually to one of the watching monks. She stared hard at him as he bowed and positioned himself into the Crane stance, waiting for her to move. Her dark eyes traveled down to her now broken weapon in both hands. The feel of it familiar and now very different. She took in the small carvings of two initials, KT and UT. And slowly, the two pieces trembled in her grip. How dare he cut the naginata she had trained with ever since she graduated up from the training weapons.

    Gingerly, Kamiko let go and tossed them to the ground. Any and all modest and proper behavior went out the window as she stood still, her eyes flashing on the poor, clueless monk and her eyebrow twitching furiously. "Fine! But I'm not going to hold back for what you did! And maybe next time you'll rethink destorying my favorite thing or anyone else's property!!"

    Quickened by anger, but still as graceful as ever, Kamiko charged forward and aimed a punch directed at the right side of the monk's stomach, which was open compared to the other side which was protected by his lifted leg.

    Tag: Monks and Uksen
  17. Ramza

    Ramza Administrator Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA VIP

    Jul 13, 2008
    IC: Roland "Roy" Gespenst, Alias Ghost
    Sunset Lake, Newark, Delaware, USA

    "C... crap..." Roy cursed as he got back to his feet in time to see Akeshi hurtling towards him foot first, enveloped in a blue glow. This sucker was fast and strong, not to mention it seemed he, too, had spiritual powers. This was going to be one of Roy's more problematic fights. As such, it called for something of a heavier touch.

    "I don't have time to dodge..." he muttered under his breath, "In that case...!"

    He braced himself for impact, hoping that his stamina would hold out from whatever blow was incoming, and moved his hands into position at his sides. He then quickly shot off five shots of spiritual energy at Akeshi, hoping to catch the other warrior while he was in mid-air. "Five Souls of the Damned!" he cried out, an instinctive response bred by prize fighting's emphasis on spectacle as well as substance.

    TAG: Grey
  18. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    [hl=black]The Great Greyjedi Approved[/hl]

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Raven Topeni
    Alias: Ree
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5?9
    Build: Athletic, Lean
    Weight: 115

    Appearance: She has long hair that reaches to her waist. Sometimes she will have it braided. She wears green cargo pants, and a black long sleeve shirt. Her shoes are black Vans.
    Birthplace: Tonga
    Personality: Shy around people until she gets to know them. She doesn?t really trust anyone. She is a private person very protective of herself. She is a tomboy who loves sports.
    Occupation: Dancer, Cheerleader
    Current Location: New York City


    Raven was born to a Caucasian woman and a Tongan man. Together they had six children, five boys and one girl. Raven was the youngest of the siblings. They lived in Tonga for eight years of Raven?s life. There her father who was a martial artist that practiced Kenpo and trained all his children. Raven excelled in her training and learned to apply the training in her current profession of dancing.

    Long ago when Raven was little she remembered her father telling her stories about Dragon Warriors of ancient times. It was always fascinating to hear the stories and even though Raven?s father would tell her that she and her five brothers were dragon warriors as well, they never believed it. To her it was just a story that was passed down from generation to generation.

    Her family moved to Brooklyn, New York. It was a move that would lead to Raven?s path as a dancer. There she learned moves from the kids on the streets who were break dancing. She realized that she loved dancing just as much as she loved martial arts.

    Her family enrolled her in several dancing lessons. Her father made a condition that if she danced she still must continue with her martial arts. It was a hectic schedule that left little time for making friends. Still Raven continued on with her busy life. When Raven turned eighteen she auditioned for the New York Giants football team as a cheerleader. Though Raven wasn?t perky, she knew how to fake the enthusiastic smile to get on the team. Raven also landed a few gigs as a Hip Hop dancer in music videos. She is also a student at NYU where her major is Dance.

    Though succeeding in her life as a dancer and cheerleader has made her happy, Raven still trains hard at her father?s dojo in Brooklyn, amazing her father for she had surpassed him and all her brothers as a martial artists. She never let it go to her head, but it did give her the confidence to keep reaching to get better. It was in her work ethic to always challenge herself, to keep striving to improve on her skills.
  19. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Teresa Starkos

    Victoria Shopping Centre, London, UK

    Old Jackie peeked around the pillar like some overgrown child and watched the entire scene. That amused smile he wore never seemed to leave his face. He marvelled at Teresa's dedication and the way she worked despite all that went on around her. Unlike most people who spent long years in her profession, Teresa still cared. She still managed to make a connection, rather than form an impenetrable shield around herself. No, it wasn't easy at all to do what she did, but caring made a very big difference. More than a lot of people suspected.

    Old Jackie couldn't help but chuckle when he saw Teresa motion for him to 'hold on' after he'd waved at her to come over. The patient always came first.

    Finally, when the coast was clear, or rather, when the guards were not looking her way, she quickly, yet inconspicuously made her way to the pillar and rounded it in one swift motion.

    "Hi" said Old Jackie, smiling at her. He could tell she wanted to roll her eyes at him.

    "Right." he said, now acting a lot less drunk.

    "I apologize for the suddenness, but there isn't much time. Please take this, but do not open it until you are alone and in a safe place."

    Old Jackie slipped Teresa a small wooden box.

    "You have a great secret heritage. Not sure if you've been told. But the time has come for you to make a choice. You are needed. Those like you are needed. The time is coming. You have a much greater purpose in the world, a much greater place and calling. You can heed it, or you can ignore it."

    Old Jackie looked at Teresa knowing he would see an expression of incredulity etched upon her face. He quickly looked about and listened. The guards seemed to be scattering now, probably starting a search. Old Jackie chuckled, covered his mouth with his hand as he did so,then remembered to get serious.

    "Inside the box, there's an invitation. An invitation to a place that will help you understand about your past and your secret heritage if you choose to seek it. For that, you must travel to Hong Kong and then to the mainland."

    Old Jackie looked at the box intently, then into Teresa's eyes. "THAT, is your key to finding your destiny."

    After a pause, Old Jackie gave Teresa a solid nod.

    "When you heart is truly open, you'll understand the needs of the world as if they were your own."

    And then just as suddenly, the smile was back. Old Jackie gave a shrug, then waved at Teresa.

    "Well, then... good bye!"

    Without a warning, he turned and leapt over the mezzanine balcony unto the floor below, leaving Teresa to wonder if Old Jackie was nothing but a drunk lunatic with moments of apparent lucidity. She may never find the answer to that question, but the box that now lay in her hands, that was another matter altogether.

    Tag: DarthXan318

    Ambrose Charles Ambrose

    Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland

    The stranger who'd pacified the quarrelsome couple with the Two Hundred Euros they so vehemently claimed was owed them, could feel Ambrose stare at him, even as he walked back into the Temple bar, where he reclaimed the table he'd been sitting.

    After dispelling his surprise, Ambrose followed shortly after and spoke up as he neared.

    "Thank ye' sir, you consider your next two hundred euros of tab as paid in here. I'll be see'n to that."
    The man seemed to think about that for a moment, then simply nodded his approval.

    "...But if ya don't think me too forward in y'er business, just why in plump heaven's did ya do that?"

    The stranger smiled at Ambrose and slurped the last of his drink. As soon as he placed the empty glass, the busboy took it and replaced it with another, umbrella an all.

    "'tis on the house, sir." The busboy said, before he retreated, having heard what the 'boss' Ambrose told the man and immediately implementing it into action.

    "I like this place." The stranger said with an open smile and gestured all around. " I just didn't want to see it needlessly
  20. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005
    Vajra Pani
    Hubei Province, China

    As both monks bowed to Vajra, he thought hard on what they had just told him. "Show them that there is another way...", was their final words as they stepped aside allowing the young monk to pass.

    His gear in hand, he gave a final bow to the men who had just minutes ago seemed like ruthless bandits. With that he was off, headed toward the general direction he believed Wudang Mountain to be. The walk may be long, or maybe not, depending on the distance. He wasn't overly concerned, he had much to think about.

    First was how to participate in a tournament, and "show them that there is another way" as the brothers had said. Second was to try and decipher the cryptic words of his Abbot, "spread your wings and fly".

    Surely his path would lead him not only to Wudang Mountain, but also to the answers he sought.

    Tag: greyjedi125

    Sorry this seems so empty and short, but I didn't want to let myself get too far behind. I have practice tonight, and have been working 50 hours/wk for the past 2 weeks. I will definatley be able to get a post or two per week in though. Thanks in advance for the patience GJ. [face_peace]
  21. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Raven Topeni
    Topeni Dojo, Brooklyn, New York

    [ul]It was nice out, not too cold as the day was ending. The cab ride was indeed fast as they avoided the normal traffic that New York City was famous for. Riding over the bridge to her father's dojo would be a relaxing experience in her eyes as she saw the sun go down. Beautiful, as always. she thought to herself as she peered through the window of the cab to see the sunset.

    Her lips formed in to a smile and she turned her head and saw that they were almost at her destination. They turned a few corners and what do you know to Raven's surprise, she saw the sign that read Crazy Dragons: Martial Arts. She gave a soft chuckle at the name for it was pun on the stories that her father used to tell her and her brothers.

    She paid the cab driver and watched as he sped off. She inhaled then let all the air flow out. She loved being here it made her feel alive. As she walked in something wasn't right. She wasn't sure what it was, but she always had these feelings where she could tell something was out of line.

    "Hi, Raven. Nice to see you."

    She gave a smile and wave to the receptionist, Rachel, her brother's new girlfriend as she walked through the door.

    She turned her head toward the computers as a familiar voice called out.

    "Hey there, Sis!" said her her older brother Apu. He preferred George, but ever since he was little he was called Apu. This new and mature brother of hers gave Raven the excuse to tease him about using his birth name, instead of the nickname that was given to him by their mother. She also noticed that he was quite apprehensive on being around Rachel when family was around. No doubt it was because their four eldest brothers would give him a ribbing every time they saw him.

    "Hey Apu, working hard?" she called out to him with a big grin and a wink.

    Both Rachel and Apu gave each other quick glances, then Apu's head quickly disappeared behind the computer screen.

    "Your father is waiting for you inside." Rachel stated almost formally. The phone rang at that moment and Rachel seemed a bit too glad to answer it. Nothing else seemed out of the ordinary, except that there weren't any other students around.

    Still that feeling of uncertainty was swirling inside her. She had no other choice, but to step in to see her father.

    Once she made it through the double doors, the first thing she would see was her father standing at the other end of the empty dojo, save for a man he was speaking with, but the man's back was turned to her. Raven's father looked past the man he spoke with and noticed his daughter. Without breaking his conversation, he bade her to approach.

    All kinds of thoughts were going through her head like who was this man her father was talking too. Also why did she get a feeling that it had to do something with her. There was nothing she could do but listen to what her father had to say before she could make any assumptions. She walked over to her father, putting a brave face on to avoid the nervousness that she was feeling.[/ul]

    TAG: Grey

    OOC: The first place I eve practiced martial arts was called Crazy Dragons. It gives me a nostalgic feeling to actually use the name as the place my character trains at.:)
  22. Ameteth

    Ameteth Jedi Master star 1

    Mar 28, 2009
    Hikari Oda

    Family plane, North Pacific Ocean

    The clouds stretched for miles outside the plane window like an alien landscape of large masses of cotton over an invisible floor, it seemed to go perfectly with the strange contemplation that one was flying towards yesterday or was it tomorrow? Hikari tried to figure what his Mom would say to such a query; she always had a way of explaining these things in a way that took away the headache and the sense of enormity.

    He smiled for a second and returned to studying the box and the invitation, the key to the World Martial Arts Tournament. His keen mind studied, probed and memorized every detail possible: shapes, colors, symbols and textures, anything and everything. Hikari was intent in being well prepared to recognize whatever clues that might help him and Dean get to the Tournament quickly and safely, anything outside of using a bullhorn and a spotlight on the invite and yelling ?someone take me here, please?.

    The young warrior had to admit that he was excited, but ever since they left Hawaii he had started to feel a new sensation, something more than anticipation, he was actually feeling nervous, there was no doubt.
    The fact that they went to Hawaii and didn?t even spend a minute on the beach catching some waves or babe watching was indicative of the changes taking place as every minute passed and to the seriousness of this trip. He simply wanted this to turn out well, but there were no guarantees.

    Nearly a day ago he was jogging with Dean in South Beach, enjoying the sun and the company of some very perky ladies. Dean?s friend Tess was not only pretty but she had a quick wit and was good at beach Volleyball; she was downright dangerous at the net. Tess had a few friends that were just as pleasant to have around and didn?t complain about the long jog.

    All that was behind him now. This was one of those things that changed you forever, like marriage or parenthood, both milestones of life, ?Hmm?those are positive analogies, I must keep them in mind?? he said to himself.

    ?Hikari-sama?? a soft and pleasant voice spoke; standing in front of him, but at a respectful distance was one of the stewardesses. Hikari had always insisted that when he would fly alone or with friends that they would wear western dress rather than the kimonos. It just made him feel old and stodgy, plus it hid too much of the beauty that his western eye was accustomed to.
    ?Just Hikari? please?? he said with a smile
    ? Ah! Gomen? I mean, sorry?? she said blushing furiously and looking down, obscuring her own quick smile for a second.
    ?We will be landing at Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong International in a few hours, would you like to have your tea now??
    ? Yes please, that would be nice?um?Aiko? he said after giving a quick look at her name pin on her blouse.
    ? Right away sir? she said and rushed off.
    Hikari was always impressed when the staff switched languages perfectly; it just encouraged him to practice harder. Katakana and Hiragana where manageable but he found Kanji very intimidating.

    Glancing across the large isle he saw that Dean was taking a nap and was looking very comfortable. ?Poor Dean, I think that he was more excited than me, he was awake for over 24hrs, what a guy?? he mused with some pride.
    Hikari was glad that he decided to take the family plane to Hong Kong; this seemed to be his last act inside his comfort zone. Once they landed and started their journey, he would have to be on the alert at all times and largely at the mercy of luck, fate, serendipity and the forces of chance.
    Maybe he could get a rabbit?s foot at the local market or some trinket that would be equally effective in influencing their entry into the World of Wuxia. Then it hits him that he already possess such an item, ? But of course, it?s all right here?we will be under the auspices of the Dragon?? and with that Hikari goes back to studying the precious item, which will probably prove to be more valuable than he could presently imagine.

    Tag: Greyjedi
  23. DarthXan318

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    Sep 12, 2002
    IC: Teresa Starkos
    Victoria Shopping Centre, London, UK

    Teresa stared at Old Jackie's retreating back, and then at the wooden box in her hands. He was crazy - completely crazy. You didn't seriously listen to crazy people; you only kept them around if they were entertaining. And you especially didn't listen to them if they were going on about your supposed 'secret heritage' and 'greater purpose' - one of Teresa's friends in medical school had gone into psychology, and she had many stories about the manic delusions of her patients. This was classic.

    The patter of footsteps brought her out of her thoughts. Teresa looked up; the guards were scattering now, presumably starting a search for Old Jackie. They evidently thought he was sane enough, or at least, sane enough to bring in for questioning ...

    He had seemed completely sane and lucid, and very much in earnest, when he was telling her to go to Hong Kong.

    And there was the box.

    The young doctor turned it over in her hands. It was a plain, unremarkable wooden box, with an almost homemade look to it ... but what it contained was supposedly important, if she believed Old Jackie. Open it when you're alone in a safe place, he said. Well ... it was only a box. It couldn't hurt to take a look.

    Her mind made up, Teresa slipped the box into her bag and strolled back around the pillar. One guard was still around, evidently having been tasked to watch the kids until help arrived. He was looking in the wrong direction, so she could perhaps walk off ... but if he happened to turn around, he might wonder why she had tried to sneak away. And that would be inconvenient.

    The direct approach, then. Teresa walked right up to him, saying, "Um - I need to get going - is that alright? I've done all I can for them. They should be fine, but they should get looked over in a hospital just in case." She kept her tone light and professional, but slightly harried ... with any luck, he would wave her off, no questions asked ...

    TAG: Grey
  24. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Ambrose Charles Ambrose
    Temple Bar, Dublin

    As he listened to the man he at smiled at the mention of liking the place, he was rather fond of the modernized medival bar himself. Then he started to have the smile fade somewhat as the man continued talking and slurping noisily.

    Rather skilled, wasn't something he liked to dwell on, it was a way to protect himself or others always. A way to survive, it wasn't a way to his ego it was just...just...something that had to be done.

    "Tell me, have you ever considered prize fighting?"

    Now that stopped the ole' mental process cold as he stared at the man for a second, "Once, when I wasn't sure if the money was going to come through. Why do you ask?"

    He started to take better scrutainy of the stranger, he even went so far as to check for Ki energy levels, because something was off. Either a scout looking for new fighters, or something else, whichever way it was he needed to know as much as possible.

    TAG: GreyJedi
  25. TheManinBlack

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    Aug 1, 2007
    Character Sheet

    Name: Shinji Anno

    Alias: Eddy Lee in America ( due to it being an easy to remember stage name)

    Age: 29

    Appearance: [image=]

    Obama, Japan

    Personality: Showy, loud, and obnoxious. Always finds an excuse to show everyone how better he is then they are. Despite this, he very generous and motivated to do what he thinks is right.

    Occupation: Actor

    Current Location: Chicago, IL America; on the set of Demon Ninja II: Battle in the Concrete Jungle


    Shinji Anno always was always a little bit off. In a conformist society like Japan, that isn?t a good thing by any measure of any sensible person. His mother, Yoko, was an Undertaker while his father was an out of work hair dresser. Neither job paid well as it was, and with Shinji?s father out of work they had to live in a one room apartment near the slums of Obama. Shinji himself always suffered from verbal diarrhea, and given with his low social class often found it hard to make friends.

    Despite this, Shinji found himself excelling in school, and excelling somewhat in sports becoming a member of the karate club. Anno always found himself trying to fit in with the crowd, trying to act like people thought he should try to act like, often watching movies or listening to music he hated, and insulted teachers he liked to get material to connect with others. For the most part it succeeded, but it also gave Shinji even more anxiety issued, always making him feel as if there was a piano dangling over his head at all times, and if he mistepped the slightest bit, the piano would come crashing down on him.

    The Piano fell down his last year of high school. Shinji mustered had up the courage to write a note confessing a crush he had on Rika Urahara, leaving it in her shoe locker. When discovering it, she let him Shinji himself down easy, but showed it her friends who wondered what she was doing hanging out with Shinj. They on the other hand thought it was pathetic and as a joke they copied it, and spread it across the school, where the next day Shinji found himself face to face with failure, and mocked by his peers.

    He retreated into his house scarred and tormented over the fact the small bit of reputation he had built over the years, had been crushed. Shortly afterward because of the incident slowly became a hikikomori, only occasionally emerging for school. He would continue despite efforts from his teachers, who sent him encouraging letters, that seemed to mainly place the blame on his feet, even for the bullying. His parents considered seeking psychiatric help for Shinji, but when a strange female Genji; a monk from Tibet appeared on their door step, apparently asking for donations for her temple, they would never get the chance.

    When Shinji?s parents left their house that night, one looking for a job, the other going to one; she returned but this time to speak only to Shinji. She claimed he had a powerful spiritual presence, one that shouldn't be wasted, and that she came from a martial arts school. She told him her name was Alisa Young, and that she had hid her true identity and reason for being there, as a pretense to make sure he was the one she was looking for. If he agreed to come with her, he could escape his hometown; and the tortuous hermit like life style he had made for himself. Seeing nothing left for him in Japan, he left with her despite the dubious nature of her story. Sure enough it was true though.

    While there, he was constantly tested him and pushed him to his limits. Any time he was resting his body, he was honing his mind. Only sleeping and eating guaranteed a real break from the harsh life style of a monk. But while there, he gained something he had never had before, friends. He could finally be himself and not be scorned?unless he did something stupid, and even then it was only fleeting scorn. He had people who respected him, and valued his views and own take o
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