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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by DarthSubZero, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. DarthSubZero

    DarthSubZero Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 10, 2006
    (Dragonball GT never happened, yet I shall be borrowing bits from it.)

    784 A.D. May 7th

    It has been 200 years since Buu was destroyed, saving the earh, the universe, and bringing everlasting peace. 200 years since the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai, in which Goku took Uub, the reincarnation of Buu, under his wing.

    Yet some things must be sacrificed for this to happen. Most of the Son Family, and Briefs family have passed on due to age. Although two descendants still exist, the line will soon reach it's zenith, and end. Full Blooded Saiyans are virtually extinct, hybrids as well.

    The Dragonballs have since dissapeared for good. To uphold the peace Goku fought so hard to achieve, and to not allow the evil hearts of some to control all, with merely three wishes.

    The peace is still apparent, conflicts rarely seen, and never on the scale of what was once commonplace.

    Yet things aren't what they seem. Something rarely known was when Goku himself succumbed, Uub dissapeared from sight, apparently from the Earth. Reports are running around of a rising criminal organization, naming themselves the Shadow Hand. Almost simutaneous with the groups rise to power, what seemed to be a pink planet orbiting the Earth, replacing the Moon. All investigative attempts at landing a shuttle (courtesy of Capsule Corp) have ended abruptly, the envoys mysteriously dissapearing in one form or another...

    IC: as Son Goku Jr.
    Turtle School/Kame House

    As the waves crashed on the small island, a lone turtle began to ride them like the most skilled of surfers. This turtle was not like others. One could just look at it, and tell it was skilled with some sort of energy. This he picked up in his long life. When it finally drew close to home, the turtle began to emerge, slowly.

    On top of it, stood an old man. Yet in that respect he was like no other. His spiky black hair, now showing signs of gray, sticked out in all directions. Despite having wrinkles all over, he is heavily muscled for a man his age. A powder blue gi, and yellow karate trousers, tied together by a white belt, were his only garments.

    Despite having the usual characteristics of such, this old man was the most powerful person on the planet, beside his rival. His stories nearly match those of Hercule Satan and Son Goku, having saved the Earth numerous times.

    He now turned to his students, who were always training. If one wasn't doing his practices, they were sparring vigorously, with abilities many would call 'superhuman.' If doing neither, he would scold them. Yet he believed, in mostly letting people choose their own path.

    He then smiled a bit, looking to the Kame House. What a heirloom, a symbol of his heritage. Now that he gazed at it, remembering his rival, he remembered that they hadn't talked in a long time, much less spar.

    The Turtle and Crane School (re establised under Vegeta Jr.) were fierce rivals, yet their two masters were good friends, and life-long rivals. He shook his head, remembering the memories of their first meeting in the Budokai Tenkaichi.

    They had much to discuss, he thought. Not of least the Shadow Hand, laying waste to entire cities in a mindless quest for power. He now looked at the pink planet above...

    ...just what was it's purpose.)

    Character Sheets (to be PMed to me)


    Height (if your character has some sort of transformation(s) that alters it, name the different heights):
    Weight(same as height):
    Description (picture or manually):
    Race (Human, Human/(insert race here), Namekian, Majin):
    Affliation (Turtle School, Crane School, Shadow Hand, etc.):


    Attack 1 (power up): (Name, along with attack details)
    Attack 2-3 (chi or physical attack):
    Attack 4 (Ultimate attack):


    (max is 3. Put them in order of strength, along with a description)



    1. No God-Modding. Even if your character is much st
  2. Droitanis6

    Droitanis6 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 14, 2008

    Name: Kasori Hiake
    Age: roughly around 15-16
    Height: Roughly 6 feet
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Race: Majin (form of a human)
    Affliation: Lone (Has no direct loyalty)


    Attack 1: Telekinesis, a technique that allows to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind.
    Attack 2: Kirkon Divebomb - Flying into the air, Kasori focues his chi on his foot (forming a gray cloud around it)and kicks downwards with great force
    Attack 3: Media Focus - Karosi meditates on the spot, controls his second insane personality and regulates his chi
    Attack 4: Insanity Scream - Kasori will start to here voices in his head and will start muttering for them to stop. Then without warning he will let out a deafening scream that will cause the opponent to be drained of power. Unfortunetly Kasori collapses from loss of power right after.


    Lost Control : This transformation happens when Kasori loses control of his own power. When this happens his skin turns black, he teeth turn into fang,He glows claws, and his eyes turn red. He takes on a more insane personality and becomes very crual. He has no memory of what happened after he regains control.

    Personality: Has multiple personalitys. His personality his calm, collected, and alittle snoby, But his second personality is insane, crual, and sadistic. His second personality is only incontrol in his transformed state.
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