Unclassifiable Dreaming in the Dark

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    This game was supposed to be dead. And now it had not only come back--but it came back a long time ago and he didn't know. This is crazy. And in keeping with wanting his life to be a musical, Trieste had found an appropriate song. Actually, last night he'd been on a date (yep, another new woman. Seriously, it's like the flavor of the month sometimes. But before you think he's a womanizer, none of them stick around for long enough to get into any real trouble with any of them. But it's going to make for great material for his memoirs one day. Or so he assumes.) and he'd been talking about how great it would be if his life was a musical so he'd know about all the important moments in life. He decided against saying, "Like if this date is actually going to be the start of something or if you're really just part of the revolving musical number of women who slide in and out that would probably look really cool on the stage, but it would mean you're just another nameless woman in the chorus rather than someone who's going to win the Tony for Best Featured Female Actor."

    Anyways, back to the matter at hand. Now Trieste's head was being seriously screwed at. The game was over...but it wasn't? What was real anymore? Becuase at this point he was really kind of done trying to figure it out. He'd decided to exist in this in between state of hoping that things were going to become clearer and they had been at least resolved by the game ending--except now they were open and unresolved.

    Well, might as well begin.

    "I'm confused," Trieste typed by way of response, "because I now seriously have no idea what's going on. But for what it's worth, February 16 is actually a highly inconvenient date for me to leave the continent. Kind of have other plans at the moment. Sooooooo...where does that leave us?"

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    Sey had a rough month and sort of disappeared for a bit. January always did that to her. Sometimes she thought she was a bear the liked to hibernate in January since that's roughly what she felt like during that month. Oh well. It was February now and she was trying to be human again...or as near as she could get. She logged onto the boards and started trying to catch up. After surfing around for awhile she decided to check her messages. Oh. My. Gosh. She'd been so disappointed when he canceled their big get together that she had been depressed for weeks. Now she'd almost missed her second chance. She quickly typed up a response.

    "I'm in. Give me the details and you'd better not bail on me this time or I'm jumping a plane over there anyways!"

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