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Ark Dreams of a Jedi

Discussion in 'MidSouth Regional Discussion' started by RedHanded_Jill, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    [please feel free to critique it. i have lived with it around 1998 or at least the beginnings of it. i am writing this to people familiar with the star wars universe. i will put a bit at a time.]

    There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity;
    There is no death; there is the Force.
    The Jedi Code

    What is emotion? Is it the same as feelings?

    Can you feel love and not hate? Can you be brave without

    fear? How can you know serenity with knowing aggression?

    Can you cut off one half of yourself and still be a whole

    being? No, it is impossible. Yet, that is what is

    expected of you if you wish to be a Jedi. A sentient

    being, chosen by the Force, became a Jedi. For 25,000

    standard years the Jedi found, trained, and made beings

    into protectors of the galaxy. Before a padawan learned

    anything, he or she became the code. While padawans

    learned to use feelings, they were not to use emotions.

    How do you separate feelings from emotions? The Jedi Order

    refused to understand that the dark side was a part of

    everyone and everything. The Jedi Order demanded that

    you must suppress half of yourself to command the Force.

    The Force corrected this problem. It created a Mind

    Healer. Yet the Mind Healer was only one catalyst for

    change, though. The other became Darth Vader.

    I once asked a bird, ?how is it you fly in
    this gravity of darkness??
    She responded, ? love lifts me.?

    Hafiz, a great sufi master

    ?He is this way, I know it,? Au?Liya said urgently.
    ?I can feel him slipping. Hurry!!?
    Au?Liya ran ahead of the small remainder of the rescue party desperate to reach Omeek Oman in time. She knew she needed to mentally connect with him but dared not. If she had to fight, which she almost surely would, the connection could sever. That could hurt the tortured jedi even more. With no regard for her own safety, Au?Liya sprinted away down another shadowed corridor.
    ?Is Master Au?Liya afraid of anything?? Obi-Wan Kenobi asked his Master Qui-Gon Jinn. The three were sent to capture Dr. Evazan and rescue Master Oman and his padawan, Montu Zu. However, the padawan was already dead and Oman barely clung to life.
    ?Yes, it would seem that way.? Qui-Gon agreed but with reserve in his voice. ?Au?Liya sometimes lives in the moment too much. If we don?t hurry, that moment might be gone.? Qui-Gon urged his padawan down the hallway toward the darkness.
    As Au?Liya turned yet another corner, two Quara, the lower status Aqualish inhabitants of the planet Ando were waiting for her.
    ?Where is he?? Au?Liya demanded as she stopped in an offensive stance.
    ?Arg rah rall buh!? growled the slightly larger Quara on the left. It was evident to Au?Liya that the two were not going to talk.
    Au?Liya felt the Force flow through her. Was it the dark side? Maybe for any other Jedi, but she was different. As she raised her hands up, the two rose with them. Au?Liya choked them?just enough so they understood their lives were in her hands. Then, she went into their minds.
    All Aqualish were crude, belligerent creatures. Their minds became like putty. Au?Liya found no joy in piercing the Quara brains. It was an ugly place. She discovered the information she was looking for though.
    She turned quickly to look backwards at her companions. They couldn?t help her here, but they could accomplish the other half of the mission.
    ?Go back to the landing bay. Dr. Evazan is already on his way there. Stop him.? It was an order. The jedi pair was already on their way.
    Au?Liya glared at the Quara as they choked and floated in the air. She cocked her head to one side and brought her hands near her face. With the Force aiding here, Au?Liya pushed them into the hallway that they came from before.
    ?Hmm Ahhhh,? she grunted then shook as if to get the ugly off her. ?Stay there!? Au?Liya ye
  2. hyperspace_police

    hyperspace_police Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 22, 2005
    It sounds pretty good so far. Nice style.
    Looks a lot better than these freshmen papers I am looking at right now, apparently when you have an internship with the history department, you sometimes wind up doing a lot of crummy grunt work, like helping grade extra credit papers about Mesopotamia...One of these guys actually wrote about ancient civilization being on the banks of the Mississippi, makes me wonder about our education system.
    What are you getting your masters in?
  3. Die_Jedi_Dogs

    Die_Jedi_Dogs Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 17, 2002
    Nice! I really really like the Qui-gon/Obi-wan bit there at the end.

    Lets see more!
  4. davisjaron

    davisjaron Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 9, 2005
    Hey, thats cool so far! Can't wait to read the rest of it! I like how you started that out by stating the jedi code and ended it with obi-wan asking about how au'liya used the dark side.

    quick question, i don't know if you've already answered this or not, but what species is au'liya? Her name sounds like a twi'lek name...

    put a wookiee in it somewhere.... lol (i can't help it i love wookiees, :p)
  5. ForceConduit

    ForceConduit Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 19, 2004
    Hey guys! Don't forget that Knights of the Old Republic added the addage of "There is no Chaos there is Harmony". I always did like that part.

    To flip the "Sides" though what do you think of the Sith Code:

    Peace is a lie; there is only Passion.
    Through Passion I gain Strength.
    Through Strength I gain Power.
    Through Power I gain Victory.
    Through Victory my chains are Broken.
    The Force shall free me.

    It makes a definite statement I think!

  6. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    i am working on adding a chapter that has au'liya putting memories in his head and suppressing others so he can heal himself without guilt over losing his padawan and his arm. i am also going to add a reference to jorus c'baoth and finding dr. evazan. in the eu, jorus leads an expedition to ando to find evazan. one of the goals is to make continuity between the eu and the canon.

    no, au'liya is not a twi lek. she is a species of my own devising.

    criticism will not hurt. please tell me what is wrong with it so i can make it better.

  7. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    And the son of the sun will come and
    bring order to the universe.

    Journal of the Whills

    Au?Liya knew she was dreaming. She also knew

    she was not in control of this dream. The Jedi Mind Healer

    used the dream state at times to heal Jedi Knights, and

    because of this, Au?Liya was unaccustomed to being the

    recipient of a dream like this.

    Au?Liya was in the middle of the Chara Grove, a small

    grove of various trees from different worlds of the

    Republic. The grove of trees was certainly an anomaly on

    Coruscant. The entire planet was a city leaving little

    room for gardens or foliage. An ancient Mind Healer

    created this grove near the Manarai mountain range before

    the planet became overrun with urbanism. Each Mind

    Healer since refused to let the grove succumb to city

    growth. As the city grew and trees were added, the use of

    technology ensured that each tree flourished under the

    conditions needed. Au?Liya, kneeling underneath her

    favorite tree, an Eka? Sati, felt the Force flow through

    her with a feeling of calmness. She did not remember her

    home planet, but this tree allowed her to feel like she was

    on Hwoatii-dreams were common for her here. Even though

    her dream was taking place at night, the grove was filled

    with light. A familiar figure approached her?Me?Lya, her

    mentor and former Mind Healer.

    ?It is appropriate for me to visit you this way- a

    Mind Healer?s favorite mode of travel. Habits are hard to

    break even in the Force. Au?Liya, you are about to enter

    a difficult time for the Galaxy, the Jedi, and most

    importantly, yourself.?

    Me?Lya stood in front of Au?Liya with her hands

    clasped in front of her in the same pose Au?Liya had seen

    her make many times.

    ?Child, have you felt a change within the Force?

    Perhaps it is distant and nebulous, but there nonetheless.?

    Au?Liya looked up into the comforting eyes of Me?Lya

    and slowly shook her head.

    ?Yes, I have. I regret I have not meditated upon

    it to find the correct meaning behind it. Are you here to

    tell me what it is?? Au?Liya knew it would not be that

    easy, but why not ask anyway.

    ?Still the inquiring pupil, aren?t you? I am only

    here to remind you of what you have learned. I cannot tell

    you what is to come. The Force is always in motion. I can

    only tell you that you will find yourself and many others

    at a crossroads. You will be faced with a life-changing

    decision that only you can make. You must remember what is

    important to your life- to any life worth living. The

    choices you make will affect the future of the galaxy. The

    role of the Mind Healer will change, and you must change

    with it. Be mindful of the Force. There is an evil ahead

    my child. You must find the cause.?

    ?What!?! Why tell me only enough to worry me?? Au?

    Liya was more disturbed than worried. Since when did the

    entire galaxy depend upon one person?

    ?Because there will come a time when you will forget

    what abilities you have. You will doubt what you can do.

    Draw your powers from the Force. You need to remember that

    you possess all you need to make the right decision.?

    Me?Lya knew she was being cryptic, but giving

    too much information would affect the future. Me?Lya was

    one with the unifying Force and had no right to influence

    the living Force. She could only make Au?Liya aware of

    her abilities and remind her to use them wisely.

    ?The last message I have for you is this, Au?Liya.

    It is up to you to help the Jedi find their true gifts.

    The Jedi have grown as bureaucratic as the Senate. Their

    future will change as well. We all have certain gifts from

    the Force within us. Finding it and using these gifts is

    the key to any life worth living.?

    As Me?Lya said these last words, she faded into the air.

    Au?Liya awoke to a sunny day on Corusca
  8. davisjaron

    davisjaron Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 9, 2005
  9. Shadowscout04

    Shadowscout04 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 30, 2004
    I really enjoyed reading both "chapters", ready to read more and find out the outcome. The first "chapter" had some grammatical errors but still enjoyed it. The second was much better.
  10. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    i can post more of it.
  11. Jano_Kenobi

    Jano_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Jul 28, 2005
    I found no mistakes whatsoever(besides grammar)and I should know. nearly every hour of my days is spent on either furthering my Star Wars knowledge(reading books, writing stories, etc.) or practicing with my home-made(bamboo)lightsaber. I also need some people for my movie, so if anyone reading this lives near Southern Arkansas(Camden), I need to know.
    anyway, the story rocks and so does your way of telling it.
  12. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    Here is the next part. please dont worry about grammar mistakes. one, it doesnt transfer well when copying/pasting. two, i am more worried about content than grammar right now.

    Do not be concerned with how a goal is to be achieved. Leave that to the Force. Be concerned with the direction of a goal. The answers will come.
    Do Rethea, philosopher

    As Au?Liya remembered the ceremony, many

    thoughts and feelings ran in and out of her head. She let

    the memories sweep her away to the moment of that day. She

    held the holocron, the small box that contained her

    physical connection to the Force and the Order, and

    marveled at the lines, curves, and indentions. The outside

    of the box changed as each Mind Healer added to the

    information and knowledge held within. By a small movement

    of her thumb, the holocron came alive with the same

    ceremony in her head.

    It was like any day; but it was not any other day.

    The Jedi all sat eagerly in a circle around the Jedi

    Council. The inner circle had stones with ancient markings

    and in the center of the quad was a thin stone obilisk.

    The top of the obilisk was grooved out to fit the Jedi

    Holocron that was used for the ceremony. The obilisk was

    centered between two stone seats. Au?Liya remembered it

    as if it had just happened.

    Au?Liya wore a plain robe. Me?Lya, on the other

    hand, looked almost regal in her blue attire. Au?Liya

    wore her hair like any padawan except her braid was her

    entire hair. After the ceremony her hair would be free and

    long. Her iridescent skin would become glossy; she would

    even glow when performing an act in the service of the

    Force. Afterwards, Me?Lya would then be one with the

    Force. Not even her body would remain. That was the

    reward the Mind Healer received for her service. To

    Me?Lya, Au?Liya, and all the previous Mind Healers, that

    was more than enough.

    As Au?Liya sat in the seat of stone, she marveled at

    the weight of the moment. Me?Lya placed her hands on Au?

    Liya and whispered, ?it is time. I love you, child. Do

    not forget that.?

    Tears welled up in Au?Liya?s eyes as she nodded her

    head. ?Yes, and I love you. You have been my mentor, my

    mother, and my friend. At this moment, we are a pair

    within the Force.?

    The two women held up their palms to each other until

    they almost touched. The women spoke outloud to each other

    and to all.

    Where we are in the present
    is determined by our past.
    What we do in the future
    is determined by our present.
    The present is a shadow of the past.
    The future is a shadow of the present.

    All things have no beginning;
    All things are without ending.

    Every action we take, every word we speak,
    Has a reaction on the people around us.
    We share not only our physical life
    with each other,
    We share our spirit and our emotions.
    We are all from the Force; no one walks alone.
    It is for the Mind Healer to show that we are all
    an extension of the same Force.

    All things have no beginning;
    All things are without ending.

    Each Mind Healer is but a candle;
    Here to shine as a light.
    We are to help others see the way
    And benefit from this light.

    The women were quiet and for a moment there was

    silence. Me?Lya began to glow. At first, it was slow but

    soon the glow encircled the old Mind Healer. It was as if

    she was building up energy. Au?Liya stared into Me?Lya?s

    lavender eyes and began to drop into a trance. Au?Liya

    found herself standing in the middle of nothingness

    although it did not feel like nothingness. It felt like

    pain. At first, it was a burning, but soon the pain?s

    intensity crippled Au?Liya. Before she could scream, the

    pain was engulfed by an all-encompassing love.

    You must experience pain before you can heal pain, Au?

    Liya,? whispered Me?Lya. ?Do not fight the pain.

  13. Jano_Kenobi

    Jano_Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Jul 28, 2005
    I can feel the action. If I close my eyes its like a movie. the story is great. You should consider making a movie about it. I would.:)
  14. RedHanded_Jill

    RedHanded_Jill Jedi Padawan star 4

    Nov 16, 2004
    thanks for the feedback. i will add some more. i feel that some parts need more. it is my thesis project for my masters. the professors and i are working in a final draft of the first part of the book.

    For every action there is a reaction. To have good in the universe; there must be evil. Or, there is no balance.

    From The Scientific Journals

    He sat surveying the last 20 years of work as he

    gazed out at the beautiful city of Coruscant. But, if the

    Sith had learned anything in the previous millennia, it was

    patience. Sometimes, patience was all that had been left

    to them.


    Them referred to the legacy, the untapped power of the

    universe, the long dead users of the dark side. Certainly,

    them did not refer to the apprentices. He had trained so

    many of them. In the end, they were all expendable. They

    served their purposes. Some had promise; some only used as

    brute force; but one would exceed all expectations. It was

    as if all of the Sith lords contributed to the creation of

    the savior of the Republic. The Jedi had ruled the galaxy

    for too long.

    Hmmph. The Jedi were the evil. Was it not evil

    to let power go unused? Was it not evil to deny oneself of

    a birthright demanded by the Force to be wielded? Was it

    not evil to profess to be one kind of being yet be

    something entirely different. The Jedi were hypocrites.

    ?The Jedi will pay for all of their sins. My

    masquerade only need last a while longer. Once Naboo

    elects a new ruler, preferably a young queen who is easily

    manipulated, I will put the Trade Federation to work. The

    clones have been ordered on Kamino which means the wait is

    almost over,? mused Darth Sidious to no one but himself as

    he sat in the dark.

    His alter-ego, Senator Palpatine, lived here at 500

    Republica. This meant that his true persona of Sidious

    stayed hidden except for times like this. The Sith Lord

    allowed himself to relax if only for a stolen moment among

    the high balcony of a prominent senator?s apartment.

    It was the middle of the night, and Darth Sidious so

    loved the dark. The dark was misunderstood. To survive in

    the dark one needed focus, resolve, and sharpened senses.

    Every step calculated, every noise a potential risk, every

    shadow a misinterpretation of reality. He felt satisfied

    in knowing that he was behind all realities. The Jedi

    light lived in the dark and did not realize it.

    ?How stupid they are,? he hissed outloud. ?They walk

    around Coruscant expecting all to respect them. Yet even

    Windu and Yoda have no idea what?s to come. The indication

    that will be mine at their demise is worth the wait.

    Hmmmhahahaaaaaaa. Especially that of my little green

    friend,? cackled the Sith Lord.

    Darth Sidious went back to his mediation. Sith

    meditated for different reasons than the Jedi. Jedi

    meditated to find peace or answers. Sith, more

    importantly, this Sith meditated for one reason- to cloud

    the Force. He meditated like this every night. The dark

    side afforded him the opportunity to go without sleep like

    regular people. His meditation gave him strength, cleared

    his mind, provided focus. He needed this time not just for

    his own benefit, but for the benefit of thousands of years

    of planning. His meditation drew energy, dark energy,

    around the Jedi temple. He spent precious nights creating

    an invisible shield around the Jedi center. Darth Sidious

    let enough of the Force through so the Jedi would not

    become suspicious, at least not yet. He would use their

    suspicions later, not now. The time was not right. Other

    parts of the plan needed to be put into play first.

    The Jedi Mind Healer must be controlled. He

    wanted that power. Here was a Jedi with an untapped wealth

    of power. But, she would never be worthy to be a Sith. He
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