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    Hi, I'm pretty new here and it seems things move very quickly, so I'll start here too.
    I don't know what is known about Qui-Gon's history, but I'm going to invent some for Star Wars cutest Jedi before Luke Skywalker.

    "Qui-Gon. Where are you?" a deep voice demanded playfully as he looked around, silently-he though-Qui-Gon slipped from under the sleep couch and made a fast run towards the kitchen,

    "Haha, Daddy, I beat you!" he shouted as he skittered to a stop in front of the counter cluttered with all the junk you would expect from two men.

    Six - year - old Qui-Gon Jinn leaped into his fathers arms as he came into the kitchen it was hot inside their hut, and their tunics clung to their chests. Ha' Rabb Jinn wrapped his arms tightly around his boy, his mother was long dead, his boy had most definatly inherited her grace because he was often called clumsy by the hundreds of people in the small community on Tatooine where they lived poorly as shop manager and his son, who was often of more help to the customer than the shop owner and often know what the customer wanted before they ever entered the shop, making them popular for business?but no popular enough, they still rode low on the bantha, but to Qui-Gon, riches didn't seem to matter as long as his father was there beside him, so Ha' Rabb did his best to be sure he always would be, but not everything can be predidcted, even when the right tools are avilable.
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    Looks interesting, starduster!! I like the part about Qui inheriting his mother's "grace." Lookong forward to more!!
  3. starduster Jedi Youngling

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    Jan 17, 2001
    Hey, okay, here's another shourt part real quick.

    ?Daddy! Daddy! Guess what!? young Qui-Gon Jinn launched himself into the room. ?There are people here from Coursant and they want to buy stock from US! Can I go show them the animals please!?

    ?No, son, you can come along, but if they?re from Courascant then you better let me handle this sale.? He smiled at his well intentioned son.

    ?But Daaaaad, I want to. Please!? he begged as they entered the front of the shop, instantly Qui-Gon felt his fathers emotions turn bitter, he turned and looked at his face, he looked alright, his blue eyes still seemed to shimmer with laughter, nothing was wrong with his father, he was just upset that he couldn?t help make the sale, that was all, he just neededto be more patient.

    ?Son, go to the back of the store please.? Ha? Rabb told his son, and he nerviously pushed his black hair back behind his ear, at least, Qui_Gon recognised it as a sign of nerviousness. Qui-Gon too pushed his long brown hair behind his ear in a mimic to his father.

    ?Don?t tell me, you forgot your ocular piece again.? He pretended to be amused, yet he senced something dreadfully wrong.

    ?I wish you wouldn?t do that?yes, please get me my oculars.? Ha? Rabb gave the boy a wry smile as he disappeared around the corner.
    Qui-Gon came back a moment later empty handed to listen at the curtain, his father and the men where talking in low voices.

    ?Ha? Rabb, you told me I could have the boy on his sixth birthday, his sixth birthday was sixth months ago by Courscant time, please give him to me.? He man in the black cloak said in a sickeningly polite way that mad Qui-Gon?s stomach churn.

    ?That was, Master, before you killed his mother, Ssamac had nothing to do with you, she just happened to be a carrier of the Force like you wanted, you have an heir now, but as payment for my wife, I'll not give you my son.?

    ?Just as well my good apprentice.? He began to say something more, but it was lost in the humming of a brilliant red lightsaber blade, the cloaked man raised it to Ha? Rabb?s throat and settled it there, once more my lost apprentice, give me the boy for your life.?

    Faced with death was not something Ha? Rabb Jinn had ever expected in this deal, sweat began to form on his brow, part from fear and indesision and the other from the heat of the energy raidiating fronm the lightsaber blade, finally he exhaled slightly, carefull to keep his chin back away from the blade ?Alright, I sent him to the back, he doesn?t know what?s going on.?

    ?Good, I can feel him, he is very storng in the Force, he must be properly trained in the dark side, inorder to insure the survival of the sith.? The cloaked figure slowly ran his blade across Ha? Rabb?s neck, leaving a bloody trail before the humming ceased and Ha? Rabb?s head rolled dead to the floor leaving his body to collapse in a heap the cloaked man marched with presision through the curtain.

    ?NO!? Qui-Gon screamed at the man when he approached. ?Daddy!? he squealed frustrated with indesision, should he attempt to run past the man and comfort his fathers dead body, or should he turn and run out the back entrance?

    After a brief moment he turned and ran out the back entrnce, he felt tears began to streak his face and the dusty Tatooine air began to freeze his lungs as he ran, filling them with sand, the longer he ran the harder it would be for him to breath, and it was approching midday, only a crazy man would stay out during midday?or a jawa, he needed to find some sort of shelter.

    //good my boy, good, hate me, it will only bring you closer to the dark side, and them my job will be much easier//

    Qui-Gon froze in his tracks as he heard the thought, what was the dark side and what was the Force his fater had tlaked of, why would he not know these things, his father told him everything, didn?t he? Now he wasn?t so sure, but he was sure he was frightened.
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    Please write more!!!!! I think that a six-year-old Qui-Gon is so cute!!!! Interesting how his father had promised his son to a sith!
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