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DS review please!

Discussion in 'Games: CCG, TCG, and Boardgames' started by Hunter_Rose, Jun 23, 2001.

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  1. Hunter_Rose

    Hunter_Rose Jedi Youngling

    Jun 22, 2001
    Non-Objective CPI

    Start: (5)
    Death Star
    Prep?d Defenses
    Oppressive Enforcement/There is No Try
    Power of the Hutt
    You Cannot Hide Forever

    Other: (3)
    Sebulba?s Pod
    CPI x2

    Locations: (9)
    d*:Central Core x2
    d*:Detention Block Control Room
    d*:War Room
    Imperial Holotable
    ex:Meditation Chamber

    Characters: (11)
    Ephant Mon
    Death Star Gunner x4
    R3-T6 x2
    Darth Maul
    Lord Vader

    Weapons: (4)
    Mara?s Saber
    Maul?s Saber
    Vader?s Saber (premiere)

    Effects: (9)
    A Million Voices Crying Out
    Come Here You Big Coward
    No Escape
    Reactor Terminal
    Strategic Reserves
    There?ll Be Hell To Pay x2

    Interrupts: (19)
    Control/Set For Stun x2
    Ghhhk x2
    Masterful Move x2
    OmniBox/It?s Worse x2
    Podrace Collision x2
    Put All Sections On Alert x2
    Sniper/Dark Strike
    This Is Some Rescue
    Twi?Lek Advisor x2
    Weapon Levitation x3

    Non-Obj CPI is a very tough deck to make work. Despite my best efforts I think it'll rarely be more that a "fun" deck (Success! :p ).

    The basic premise is that most LS decks run an objective which forces them to play a system. Most of thier force generation and game strategies are drawn from those locations. Remove their locations and (hopefully) their deck falls apart. Also consider that many new cards impose penalties on the oponent if they do not occupy battlegrounds. CPI removes battlegrounds from the board.
    I threw in Tatooine and Endor to contend with some popular deck types that don't require a related system.
    During the entire game, you pretty much will just draw & dump cards to set up. First for your generation & superlaser (4 gunners, 3 weapon levetaion,.. the laser comes out quick!), then for the rest of your protections. You get a high destiny average pretty quick.

    Power of the Hutt helps you get Ephont Mon, your spy protection (no need until you're ready to deploy a gunner). If all goes well, you'll only need to deploy 1 D* site to get going, saving the other 2 in case you need the extra D* locations for a last second CPI bonus. Jar Jar is a problem, for that reason I would LOVE to fit in a 3rd "Control/Set For Stun", but I don't own one yet.

    Some people think that my opponent invading the D* is a Larger problem for me than it actually is. "Set For Stun", "Coward", "PASOA", and "Ghhhk" are very effective. The gunners can be sent to the used pile when they are not of immedeate use, to help reduce targets. LS rarely fortifies they cannot drain at ("Coward" again)

    Come Here You Big Coward can also be very useful agains decks that rely on an abundance of "twix" locations for generation. It also cancels the late game force retrieval.

    Vader, Mara, and MAul are not to be used lightly. If opponents drains get out of control or if they invade the Death Star.

    "Control" can cancle drains if necessary, but I prefer to save then to use for the "SFS" text.

    By continuously sending gunners to the reserve, you can get the most out of "Strategic Reserves"

    Ghhhk candrain at teh holotable. As long as you control the holotable, you can return ghhhk to your hand at any time. Lightsaber drains and Ability^3 can ping them out in the late game.

    4 decks that can give me a hard time:

    1. Hidden Base (Flip). Blowing away the hidden base places the objective out of play. What hurts is the pay-to-draw. That cuts into my force worse that flipping Watch Your Step.

    2. EBO, especially if they are smart enough not to deploy the Hoth system. If they ?filp? 2nd turn with a good draw, AND deduce that I have no space, they have me dead to rights. I lose unless I had a really good draw too. Not much EBO around here fortunately. Everone is big on Mains & Toys.

    3. Profit. No system to start. Fast, Direct damage. Mains stick to battgrounds and use the Direct Damage to lure you in. Don't fall for it! Remove Tatooine _then_ fight, if necessary. Some Profit goes to space, but you can always kill those battlgrounds too.

    4. Th
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