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Unclassifiable Duality - Between Real Life and Fantasy

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Schoolgirl_Bounty, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005
    You go through your daily life... You get up, go to work or school, come home, eat, go to bed... But, every now and agian, you find solice in your one enjoyment... Computer games. Specifically, a game called Duality.

    Duality is one of the largest up and coming MMO games of the year. Quoted as being the "Warcraft Killer" Duality has some of the most amazing graphics, and the most interactive character creation system out there.

    Sure, in your day to day, you may be simple and boring... Nobody talks to you in the office, the teacher never calls on you in class, but, in Duality, your greatest dreams come true. You become a super hero. You fight crime, and protect the innocent. But, should you slip up, you might become the most wanted villain in the city...

    Some people seem to have forgotten about their real lives while playing Duality... How far will YOU fall?

    In this game, you will play two characters. Your "real life" and your "Duality" character. Please IM me character sheets for approval, and... Game on!

    Character Sheet:
    ~Real Life~

    Avitar Name:
    Level: (max level - 10)
    Character Bio:
  2. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005
    Allow me to start you off with some NPCs~

    ~Real Life~
    Name: Amy White
    Age: 20
    Profession: Student (Community College - Sortuary Science)
    Personality: Often skiddish and shy, Amy doesn't talk to people much...
    Description: Amy is one of those people that you wouldn't take a second look at. She stands at 5'3", red hair past her shoulders, pale skin, and green eyes. She looks 'normal' enough to be the girl next door.
    Background: Remember that girl in school who you always saw sitting in the back of class, who never said a word to anyone? The weird girl who people whispered about? Yeah, that's Amy. Either made fun of, or ignored, Amy often kept to herself. Sure, she had a few friends, but nobody who kept in touch with her after high school She was always considered 'weird' by those around her. Maybe it was just something about her... When she decided to go to school for Mortuary Science, the whispers got louder. Why would the freak want to work with dead people? They didn't care that she loved the art of restoration, all that mattered was that she was weird...

    Avitar Name: Jynx
    Class: Mage
    Level: 10
    Powerset: Fire/Darkness
    Hero/Villain: Villain
    Description: Pale skin, Dark hair with Violet streaks, and violet eyes. Usually, her main costume is something sexy, like a black leather catsuit with purple accents. She wears a small mask (very similar to the one Miss Marvel wears)
    Character Bio: A villain of the highest calibur, Jynx was granted her magic powers through an ancient amulet. She uses her powers to fight back against what she views as a corrupt world, and wants to recreate the world in her image.

    ~Real Life~
    Name: Barbara Lee
    Age: 25
    Profession: n/a
    Personality: Barbara is a very caring person. She would do anything to see someone smile.
    Description: Confined to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury, No one is quite sure how tall Barbra is exactly. She has short brown hair and hazel eyes, which are often hidden behind glasses.
    Background: Barbara is one of the creators of Duality. Barbara had aims to become a member of the peace corps, that was, until she was in a severe accident. Confined at home due to her recovery, Barb and her college friends teamed up, and created a game that people could enjoy, and could be the person they always wanted to become. The game was so innovative, and so well scripted that it was almost immediately picked up by a game company, and thus, Duality was born. Barb enjoys the fact that, through her pain, she could help bring millions of people joy.

    Avitar Name: Lady Justice
    Class: Warrior
    Level: ~NPC~
    Powerset: Stregnth/Stamina
    Hero/Villain: Hero
    Description: Tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes, flawless skin. Usually sporting a Red red skirt, blue bodysuit with a white star on the chest, and white golves. She either uses her golden sword, named Scales, or her fists to fight her foes.
    Character Bio: The Granddaughter and sidekick of The City's first real hero, The Emancipator, Lady Justice is often considered 'royalty' of Super Heroes. New heroes often come to her for guidance, and she is more than happy to help.
  3. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    What kind of setting is the game? Fantasy like WoW, Rift LotRO, D3 and D&DO? Scifi like Star Wars and Star Trek Online? Is it like a parallel Earth universe like Marvel and DC comics? What is the video game exactly? Not sure what kind of character to make if there is little info on the game's setting/storyline.

    This message brought to you by the letter S and by the letter W.
  4. Schoolgirl_Bounty

    Schoolgirl_Bounty Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 25, 2005
    Sorry. I'm in the office right now, so my time away from work is limited! Allow me to clear things up for you!

    The setting for "Duality - The game" is very much like any superhero game, such as City of Heroes, DC Universe Online, or Champions Online. A nondescript Metropolis style city, simply named "The City", sprawling with tall buildings, and many crime syndicates. From small style gangs, to outright organizations. Here, you can be whatever you want to be. From the brawling crimefighter, to the mystic who flies through the skies and breaks up fights with your magical powers.

    The setting for "Real Life" is just that. Real life.
  5. greyjedi125

    greyjedi125 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Apr 29, 2002
    Bountifully Approved! :cool:

    Character Sheet:
    ~Real Life~
    Name: Amano Alvarez
    Profession: Bookstore clerk
    Personality: Generally good natured, but often moody. Loves comics and anime, and doesn't mind a good book now and then.
    Description: Average height, dark hair, brown eyes and tan skin. Wears manga or comic book T-shirt and jeans. He's often told that he looks like 'Rock Lee'.
    Background: Amano or 'Mano' had to quit his sophomore year of Art College when his mom suffered an injury at work. He now works at a local bookstore to help with house bills and the sort. He longs for a 'normal' life, however, he instantly became addicted to 'Duality' after it launched. He plays to get away from the 'stress' of his situation, to the point of not having a social life. He's even stopped going to the dojo.

    Avatar Name: Endymion
    Class: Vampire (undead)
    Powerset: Speed, Strength, Vitality.
    Hero/Villain: Villain
    Description: Endymion has raven black hair, perfect pale skin and crystalline purple eyes. Geared in all black stylish goth clothes, He's devilishly handsome and only comes out at 'night'.
    Character Bio: There is darkness in the city, and those so called 'heroes' have done next to nothing to 'fix' things. A dark avenger will rise and bring the fight to the workers of wickedness and iniquity. Blood shall follow blood…but is it justice? Once alive, he was powerless to change anything. Now, that is no longer the case.
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