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Saga Duty, updated 12th may 2005

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Shutterbug_2, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Shutterbug_2

    Shutterbug_2 Jedi Youngling

    Dec 18, 2004
    Here's my on going attempt to write a star wars fanfiction, feedback is welcome :) 10 pages and growing, might want to get some food :)


    "Patrol Duty, I hate patrol duty" Craylo Venis muttered to no-one in particular on his third lap of the Naboo system. "They are a necessary evil master". The electronic voice of C5M9, his astromech droid chimed in, this particular astromech was unusual, as he didn?t beep and warble like most droids of his type, he was a protocol droid when not attached to Craylo's Fire spray. He was one of the lucky few who owned such a ship, the most famous example belonging to Boba Fett.

    Craylo was 24 standard years old and was among the best pilots in the Royal Security Forces on Naboo. He loved to travel the galaxy and learn of new cultures and places, pirates left him alone, as they knew well the profile of the ship, mistaking his ship for Fetts. His brother built C5M9 as a 15th birthday gift.

    As the ship neared the half way point of his next patrol leg, he was informed by C5 there was an incoming holocall; it was Jaden, his nephew of 5 years old. He was becoming a talented engineer, like his father. "Hi uncle kway" he waved. (Jaden couldn?t properly pronounce Craylo yet) "Papa wants to know if you are coming to dinner next week with grandma and grandpa". Craylo smiled and waved back ?Yes, tell papa I?m coming to dinner.?

    "Yay!" Jaden exclaimed. "I'll go tell papa," Jaden ended the holo call with a wave to Craylo, who waved back. He ran out of the luxurious house in a suburb of Theed, and into his fathers? workshop. He loved going in there to watch his father build droids.

    ?Papa?? Jaden called out, into the spacious workshop. There was no reply. He didn?t have to wait long; a protocol droid came to the doorway.

    "Hello master Jaden, your father is busy at the moment working on something important and cannot be disturbed." The droid said in a monotone voice.

    "Oh ok" Jaden said slightly disappointed "Can you tell papa that uncle Kway will be coming for dinner next week?"

    "Certainly master Jaden" Said the protocol droid as it shuffled off into the recesses of the workshop.

    No sooner had the protocol droid left. a small black droid came shooting out of the workshop, stopped a few centimeters short of jaden's feet, emitted a couple of electronic beeps and raced off in another direction. Jaden chased the droid, running in front of it, laughing as it beeped and changed direction.

    Meanwhile, back in space, Craylo?s mind had wandered to another place away from his cockpit. It was two weeks ago when he stood on the balcony of one of Theed?s grand royal palaces. On one side of the palace lay a city of beauty, but where he stood, he looked out at the beautiful countryside, and a glistening lake far below.

    "Sorry to disturb your thoughts master."

    Craylo was abruptly brought back to the present by C5M9, "RSF command sent new orders a few moments ago, an imperial transport is making an emergency stop in Naboo space, it has been heavily damaged by rebel attack, and this is the nearest system they can reach.? See five continued.

    "Yippee what fun that will be" Craylo said with a slight hint of sarcasm. He pushed the fire spray?s engines to full power, and switched on the booster for some extra speed.

    The transport was a mess, one of the engines had been destroyed and another two spewed fuel from ruptured fuel lines, fires raged inside the ship, a cloud of frozen oxygen hung over the ship and small explosions burst periodically from the ship as systems overloaded. "Please help us!" Begged the captain of the transport "We have important cargo aboard, the rebels must want it as badly as Lord Vader does" he continued

    Another message came through, this one was from a squadron of TIE fighters who had been on training maneuvers nearby "We have been dispatched to your location, we will arrive in 15 minutes, defend that transport till we arrive"

    "C5, divert all available energy from the reactor to the shields, I have a feeling it will be needed at some poin
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