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Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by DVDMaster, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Doc_Savage Jedi Youngling

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    Was over at Target earlier and saw the Reno 911 DVD for $16.99
  2. GMSepiroth Jedi Youngling

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    "Return of the DVD Deals" indeed!
    The CollecTOR has retired. It is time for the Master to join him.

    Somewhere burried one of these threads is my DVD want list. 2 of the big titles have finally come to pass.
    Animaniacs came out a few weeks ago.
    The TICK (animated) comes out Aug 29th

    I just had to share my elation.

    "I now return you to your pathetic lifes... already in progress"
  3. DVDMaster Jedi Padawan

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    SPECIAL DVD Deals of the Week Posting - Star Wars OT Original Version Report

    Here's a breakdown of the deals being offered at each location.

    Best Buy
    BB has the movies prices at $16.99 each. For $59.99 you get all three 2-disc sets in an exclusive collectible metal case.

    Circuit City
    CC has the movies priced at $14.99 each. Each of the 2-disc sets includes a collectible lithograph that is unique for each film. They also have each volume of the Clone Wars cartoon series & each of the prequel films for $9.99 each.

    Price is not specified. Each film comes with a Target-exclusive original concept art mini-poster. For ANH it's the Death Star Trench attack, for ESB it's the Snowspeeders attacking the AT-AT, & for ROTJ it's Luke on a Speederbike.

    Price is also unknown, but likely $19.99 each. WMT has exclusive graphic novel reprints from the orginal publishing of each of the films' comic adaptations packaged with the films.

    Which is the best deal? I honestly don't know. Somewhat depends on the quality of the graphic novels or the BB exclusive metal tin.
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