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Rocky M, NC Dynasty of Pain: Shindo's Lyrical Assault

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Shindo_Windu, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Shindo_Windu

    Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 2004
    Yes, the title should explain everything perectly.
    I can confidently and safely say that I have become a great songwriter.
    It has taken me some revisions and thought re-arrangements and assess my works to see what I disliked about them.
    My lyrical content has usually revolved around self-triumphs and bloodletting stories of lusts and sins.
    I wish to use this thread to show you what's in the heart and mind of yours truly. This is real. This is heavy. This is unforgiving.

    This is The Dynasty of Pain.
  2. Shindo_Windu

    Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 2004
    ?My Wings are Yours?

    It was long ago that I found my way
    The path was filled with blood and loss
    I was told that the fighting would strengthen me
    Every night I found myself clenching the Cross
    You were what I needed to make my eyes clear
    Sobbing you asked me what my wings were for
    I?ll use them one day to fly back here
    To hold your beautiful body in my arms once more

    My wings are yours
    You can take them if you need them
    They are yours for the taking
    The sun cannot melt what we created

    A gentle kiss always brings us back
    Letting us know that we?re still awake
    Your hands could always warm my heart
    But its my breath that you always managed to take

    My wings are yours
    You can take them if you need them
    With these you?ll never be alone

    I love how I can fly us to nowhere
    The humans cannot judge us
    Only God can do such a thing
    A kiss is all I want
    It breaks the stone around this heart of mine
    It breaks the stone??.

    Note: there is a small reference to Greek Mythology there, with the first chorus.
    "The sun cannot melt what we created." Saying basically we will not be victims like those in the past(Icarus and Dedalus)
    This is a new writing, very new. Like, I wrote this a week ago new lol.
    I try to convey nothing but visions and emotions in my songs. I try to get you to see everything that I say.
    And this one I wrote back in 2005, I actually put it up here before, but since it has stuck around, I'll re-post this so everyone can see.

    ?Lone Wolf Syndrome?

    [The intro is a piece from ?Shogun Assassin?-then the music commences]

    "Solitaire-cast out once again for my intentions
    Unaware-pretend to understand when it?s all a blur
    I can?t care-looking in the water seeing no reflection
    No one there-collecting scars that remind me of her?

    In the sea of red I lay
    All gone away
    I chose to stay
    So leave me alone
    And all these words I say
    Garments of you
    Fragments of you
    My own ? Syndrome!!

    Barren road-the one I travel looks fine to me
    Blistered cold-the icy pain becomes a nice sensation
    Stinging rain-so much scenery but unable to see
    Truth be told-I am the source of my own damnation?

    On this broken bed I lie
    Seeing you cry
    Bliss in my eyes
    I left you alone
    And it wasn?t enough
    Bloody skin was your sight
    Now I say good night
    To my own?Syndrome!!
    Lone Wolf Syndrome!!"
  3. Shindo_Windu

    Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 2004
    "Unruly" (Inspired by Streets of Rage)
    It was such a rush
    To be in the glory of the people
    We tore the roof off
    And I saw you in the corner
    You sneered at me and you walked away
    That night after the happiness
    I awoke to find two allies of metal
    My two allies
    You came like a thief
    And you took my metal brother and sister
    The remaining three of us
    We read the note you had left in blood
    Our answer was a quest to find you
    And return to you the blood you left
    :The city is alive
    And it is all unruly
    Authority is blind
    Stupid but truly
    We take the law
    Into hands of our own
    Into battle we go
    :The gauntlet has been thrown

    Through the streets of rage
    We encounter your minions
    But I see them as insects to crush
    Warriors of three to take on dozens
    Blood through my veins become such a rush
    Hundreds of bones we break and snap
    The beasts of burden are alive within
    Finally to reach your place of hiding
    With metal and blood we will win
    You brandish a barrel and allow
    Your fear to fly in the form of bullets
    It stings us with the gazes of Death
    Shutting the pain out we rush to you
    The blood you gave us I return to you now!
  4. Anguish_City

    Anguish_City Jedi Youngling

    Oct 15, 2007
    Genius. I love it! I love all the stuff you've let me read, Chris!
  5. Shindo_Windu

    Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 2004
    ?Titanium Lies?

    Amongst the sea of people I?ve travelled through
    You were the one who took my breath
    The one who grabbed the heart inside
    I grabbed your throat and told you no
    The gravity of your actions weighed me down
    And I was flustered by my lust
    Flustered by your evil
    Each day ended with us wrapped in each other
    And to each other we spoke the words
    I love you
    But we didn?t mean this ****
    Did we mean it at all!?

    All around me
    I can see the walls (see the walls)
    How can I deny
    I was trapped inside
    Titanium lies
    Every word that was spit
    All the energy was spent
    It was all for naught
    No more cries-just
    Titanium lies

    Time became an enemy
    And absent words drove a wedge between us
    When I returned to my home
    You were there
    You and your flesh
    Ready for me to take you again
    The ride was splendorous
    I craved the way you tasted
    Your screams were rhapsody to my ears
    Your eyes of ice became full of tears
    When you cried you also lied
    How dare you share me with another!?

    All around meI can see the walls (see the walls)
    How can I deny
    I was trapped inside
    Titanium lies
    The years we spent were dead
    A fantasy in my head
    Your body I still crave inside
    Titanium LIES!

  6. Shindo_Windu

    Shindo_Windu Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 21, 2004
    (Inspired by my absence from home)

    ?The Defender?

    The hills and the mountains
    They are littered with bodies
    Stained with the blood of the wreckless ones
    My armor and my men
    All discarded
    Hilts of the swords buried in the ground
    The evils of the earth
    Threaten to destroy
    All that I know
    All that I love
    The power I possess can keep them at bay
    As long as my heart continues to beat

    How could I just leave you alone
    All by yourself while the world was on fire
    I swore to you
    I swore to your heart
    That I would be your defender
    I?ll stand by your side
    While the rest of them die
    Your life is the one that I cherish the most

    Through blades and through demons
    Mastering the senses
    Putting a stop to all that dare
    My love eternal
    Always forever
    Even if my body decides to tire
    Lessons are learned
    And bridges are burned
    And even so my love won?t expire
    I danced with death
    But I shall dance with you
    For I
    I am your defender
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