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SWRPF Archive Edward Tang: The God

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by EdwardFlang, Jun 12, 2005.

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  1. EdwardFlang

    EdwardFlang Jedi Youngling

    Jun 12, 2005
    Edward Tang: The God

    A force has begun. 40 years after the death of Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Council is in shambles. The Jedi have split into two sides, those for Skywalker's ideals and those who want to move foward. In dismay, the Jedi against Skywalker left the Council, which included the strongest living Jedi in Hannibal Phanda.

    Phanda founded his own Jedi Council and moved aside. Blinded by greed and power, Phanda and his Jedi were recruited a man who promised to make them the true Jedi Council. In his efforts, he created the one Jedi who could not be stopped: a combination of DNA from all the living Jedi. His name is Edward Tang. The mysterious man set loose this killing machine into the Jedi Temple, by himself, as he murdered the remaining members.

    Hannibal Phanda had approached the mysterious man, to find out that he was infact the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Reaper. Weakened by power, he took the side of the Sith Lord and willingly became his apprentice. As for Edward Tang, he was sent to hunt down the last five surviving Jedi, whom have no idea of the events that have occured.

    1. Stay in Character
    2. Characters are GM approved
    3. No God Moding
    4. My word is final
    5. Have fun


    ~Darth Reaper~

    A unknown Sith Lord with great manipulation powers. He created Edward Tang to wipe out the "good" Jedi, so he could slip in easily and slowly take over as the one true ruler.

    ~Edward Tang~

    A mindless killing machine, that's powers are unmatched. Darth Reaper himself will not face Edward alone. He has been sent on a mission to wipe out the remaining Jedi. Being a clone of so many other Jedi, he has no mind, and only is alive to serve.

    ~Hannibal Phanda~

    A former Jedi Council member, who saw differently with his brotherhood of Jedi. With his followers, he left the Jedi Council and created his own. But after making a deal with the devil, he saw Edward Tang crush the Jedi, he could not do anything else but follow Darth Reaper.

    ~Phanda's Jedi~

    The surviving Jedi Council has weakened the Senate after opposing a Gestapo like tactics upon the surrounding planets. These Jedi have become nothing more than murders whom seek for an ultimate goal of money. All are dressed in dark robes and carry an orange bladed lightsaber. These can equal from 50-5000.

    ~The Five Remaining Jedi~

    These Jedi are true Jedi, sent on a mission to destroy an alien force that was troubling the planet of Gennann. Gennann's war has finally stopped, but the five Jedi sense something that they haven't sensed before. Something is wrong.

    General Wann S'orta

    Wann S'orta has hidden himself on the planet of Yavin. Gathering all the troops he can, although most have been persuaded to fight for Reaper's plan. He has begun a plan to hit the Jedi where it hurts, and possibly save the galaxy from another Emperor Palpatine rule.


    Called from all over the galaxy, these brave men have been offered a pension to defend the very nation they live in. They range from bounty hunters to pilots.

    Character Sheet
    Side (Phanda Jedi, 5 remaining Jedi, Soldier or such):
    Personal Ship:

    If Jedi:
    Rank of Jedi (Master, Padawan, Knight)
    Lightsaber Color:
    Lightsaber Form:


    I'll be:

    Name: Edward Tang
    Age: ???
    Homeworld: Created in Kamino
    Build: Muscular
    Weapon: Lightsaber
    Side: Darth Reaper's Assassin
    Personal Ship: The Reaper
    Bio: Created in a lab, as his force powers were made together from existing Jedi DNA. He has no mind of his own and barely knows how to speak, but after training with Darth Reaper in combat, he in a matter of 12 hours, defeated his master. Reaper was stunned, but it seems Edward created a new style of fighting. After he destroyed the Jedi Council, he was given orders to exterminate the final Jedi, after that, nobody knows his future...

    Jedi Rank: N/A
    Lightsaber Color: Black
    Lightsaber Form: XXXXX

  2. Darth_White

    Darth_White Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    Character Sheet
    Name:Darth Reaper
    Age: 28
    Personal Ship: Dark Jedi
    Bio: N/A

    If Jedi:
    Rank of Jedi:Sith Lord
    Lightsaber Color:Red
    Lightsaber Form:N/A

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