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    No matter who you voted for - history was made - A LANDSLIDE decision for change from the status quo! President-elect Obama's speech was VERY MOVING and FOR ALL AMERICANS! So many people got caught up in the "politics" of the campaigning that divisions were created - we must come back together to move forward. I am proud of my vote for change and yes I am a Christian that voted democrat (I am a registered independent for a reason - best man or woman in each race in each election - not the party line based on blind faith).

    To my Christian brothers and sisters - prayer was answered wether you agree or not. To judge the people who voted for Obama as less than you or as a non-christian lacking enough faith as misguided people paints yourself in a questionable christian light - do you truly love thy neighbor as commanded - don't let your hearts be sad or worse filled with hate - UNIFY and come together to make this country great again! As Mr. Obama stated last night - he can't do it alone - we ALL are invited along for the ride to make change for the better.

    What makes America great is our freedoms - I respect your choices and even your selection if different from mine.

    One sad story I have to share:

    My son was at a halloween party last week and when I went out to check on him he was in TEARS and afraid. Apparently he had shared that he was for Obama - the other kids and one particular dressed in Jedi robes was attacking him verbally and intimidating him with words of hate and statements about Obama not being a Christian and that my son was stupid and not a believer himself for supporting Obama. MY SON IS 8 yrs old! This was very hurtful and confusing to him to have three older kids and one friend circling him - yelling at the top of their lungs that he was wrong and somehow a sinner. I intervened and stated the facts as I knew them and removed my son from this NON_CHRISTIAN behavior. Parents seem to forget too easily what our kids pick up as "normal behavior" from us and our opinions are heard by them in forming their morals and compass for living. I was ashamed for these kids parents because the kids can not be totally blamed. My son's friend in the group realized his error and at least the hurt he was causing my son and immediately apologized. I explained it was more than okay to like the other candidate and have his own opinion but to treat someone else the way he did was wrong because someone didn't agree with you - this friend did what was right and admitted his wrong doing and sincerely felt bad - he remains a friend because of this action. This starts not just at home because some parents involved including this friend's are great people who have done the right thing and kept the trash talk away from their kids but others have not. The TV was also filled with lies and hate that actually questioned Obama's and Hagan's religious beliefs.

    Anyway - my two cents - "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET A LONG"?

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    That is absolutely outrageous. I wish that children weren't so cruel sometimes. I understand that they are just children, but they should learn to be polite and tolerant. The reason America is such a great place is BECAUSE we have the freedom to vote for who we want, and because we have the RIGHT to free speech, yes even 8yr olds!!! Grr. Where were the other kids parents is what i'd like to know >:-I
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