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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Contract talks between Mando'ade Mercs and Xander Darkrider (MF) break down. Xander Darkrider released to free agency
    • Mando'ade Mercs vetting candidates for new ownership group. Sale rumored to be pending but not imminent
    • Mando'ade Mers sign Pella Lovenforth (FF) to 1 year contract extension and assign her to Concordia Crusaders
    • Mando'ade Mercs sign Hyde Los (F) to 1 year contract extension and assign him to Concordia Crusaders
    • Mando'ade Mercs sign Stan Marin (HF) to 1 year contract extension and assign him to Concordia Crusaders
    • Mando'ade Mercs sign Zovort (HB) to 1 year contract extension and assign him to Concordia Crusaders
    • Mij Katan (GT) back from season ending injury. Will compete with Mitth'or'noris (GT) for starting goaltenders spot next season
    • Tover Micjaa retires from the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers for second time. Sources inside the Smugglers organization say that “it’s for good”
    • Report: Gwynn Reeser resigned from Corellia after Rebels' demotion, to return to Starkillers organization

    Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia
    The new Commissioner strode onto the stage with a broad smile. He did not speak from the podium that was set up for later, but by way of wireless audio amplification so he could move about the stage.

    "Gentlebeings, Ylesians, limmie fans--welcome to the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft!" he proclaimed, throwing his arms out. The crowd cheered.

    "Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words," Fenrir said, "The first is that you cannot believe the energy that is in the room right now. I've never felt anything like it before. I can feel the intensity, the passion that you all bring to the sport. That is what makes limmie the greatest sport in the galaxy, hands down. Now, I know some people say that podracing is the biggest sport in the galaxy, and that might be true. But you know what they say, don't you? Limmie fans are devoted to a beautiful game full of instant reversals and excitement. Podracing fans like watching things go around in circles for five hours."

    Some of the crowd laughed.

    "Please, no letters," Fenrir said, holding up one finger, "After all, we are here for one of the best moments of the entire season--the draft. Today we're going to meet the future stars of the sport. I mean, just last year, at this very moment, the Salbukk winner was waiting nervously to find out who was going to take her in the draft. Now that, gentlebeings, that is exciting.

    "Who do we have here today? Let's see...ah, of course, our first overall pick holder, Coruscant," Fenrir said, shielding his eyes from the lights to look at the draft floor, "A first overall pick can be a franchise defining moment. But no pressure or anything like that.

    "We've got the Packers over here. Another high draft pick for them this year. Better make it a winner.

    "Ah, the Mercs. You know, I've got a sense for these things and I'd say they're one player--just one player--away from a deep playoff run. The question is, can they find that player here today?

    "Who else...who else...oh, the Miners. Good to have you here. It's just not a draft if Quinn Cundertol doesn't make funny hand movements or destroy something on the draft floor, so we have high expectations from the Miners' table today.

    "Over here we have Euceron with not one, but two consecutive picks in the first round," Fenrir said, "Well, that does make things considerably easier for them, now doesn't it? Of course, it would help if someone was playing the Antilles Formation in college or juniors so they might be able to accurately evaluate talent.

    "Ah, our Solo Conference champion, Rydonni Prime. It's always interesting to see what our runners-up do at the Draft. After all, last year was so, so close, wasn't it? Just that little bit far away. But what is it? Maybe a little defense...maybe a little more offense...maybe a little bit at midfield...maybe a new goalkeeper? Decisions, decisions...

    "Oh! Almost didn't see Ralltiir back there! Well, that's what happens when you don't have a pick until the second round--but the good news is they've got two. Problem solved!

    "And here, in the catbird seat, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Last pick in the Draft isn't such a bad thing when you've got a big silver trophy sitting on your desk, is it Kaitlyn? You are here, aren't you Kaitlyn?" Fenrir squinted under the lights, "Oh well, someone from the Smugglers are here."

    "You know, speaking of silver, I've been thinking quite a bit about how we've come here today," Fenrir said, "We have much to thank Niakara Kayl'hen for in the development of the League, including this very event. It's enhanced the sport in so many ways. I know that there was a lot of talk of the Kayl'hen Era and the accomplishments of it. Rightly so. But you know what?" Fenrir held up a finger contemplatively. "I think that what my predecessor started was less than an era and more age. A Silver Age of limmie, if you will. Silver, like the trophy that one team will lift at the end of this season. I wouldn't say that the Kayl'hen Era has ended--I'd say that the Silver Age continues on and it's going to be better than ever. What do you say?"

    The fans cheered.

    "Well then, it sounds like we're ready to begin!" Fenrir proclaimed, "As Commissioner of Elite League Limmie, I formally proclaim that the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft has begun!"

    The crowd cheered again, even louder.

    "The Coruscant Senators are on the clock!"

    277 Elite League Limmie Schedule

    Week 1
    Bakura Miners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Euceron Storm
    Coruscant Senators at Mando’ade Mercs
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Agamar Packers
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Ylesia Lightning
    Chandrila Patriots at Ryloth Rough Riders

    Week 2
    Agamar Packers at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Ylesia Lightning at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Euceron Storm at Bakura Miners
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Coruscant Senators
    Ryloth Rough Riders at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Mando’ade Mercs at Chandrila Patriots

    Week 3
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Ryloth Rough Riders
    Bakura Miners at Ylesia Lightning
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Mando’ade Mercs
    Coruscant Senators at Euceron Storm
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Agamar Packers
    Chandrila Patriots at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

    Week 4
    Ryloth Rough Riders at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Mando’ade Mercs at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Agamar Packers at Bakura Miners
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Hapes Conortium Buccaneers
    Ylesia Lightning at Coruscant Senators
    Euceron Storm at Chandrila Patriots

    Week 5
    Agamar Packers at Mando’ade Mercs
    Ylesia Lightning at Euceron Storm
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ryloth Rough Riders
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Bakura Miners
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots

    Week 6
    Ylesia Lightning at Ryloth Rough Riders
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Mando’ade Mercs
    Euceron Storm at Agamar Packers
    Chandrila Patriots at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Bakura Miners at Coruscant Senators

    Week 7
    Ryloth Rough Riders at Euceron Storm
    Agamar Packers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Ylesia Lightning at Mando’ade Mercs
    Coruscant Senators at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Chandrila Patriots at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Bakura Miners at Ralltiir Starkillers

    Week 8
    Agamar Packers at Ylesia Lightning
    Euceron Storm at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Mando’ade Mercs at Ryloth Rough Riders
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Coruscant Senators
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Bakura Miners at Chandrila Patriots

    Week 9
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ylesia Lightning
    Mando’ade Mercs at Euceron Storm
    Ryloth Rough Riders at Agamar Packers
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Chandrila Patriots
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Coruscant Senators
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Bakura Miners

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    May 20, 2008
    Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia

    The first overall pick was something that was oh so valued in the new Draft system. It was the first crack at the draft board, a chance to take a new franchise player. To see that team name first up on the draft board, that was something special.

    But it was also a black eye to the franchise. It was proof that your team had truly sucked the prior season, hadn’t deserved to even sniff the playoff chase. It was a false prize for what you really wanted at the end of the season, the proverbial “Participant” trophy handed out long after the awards with meaning were passed around. In elementary school, maybe that was enough to placate you, but at this level, you didn’t feel the same way. It wasn’t something you wanted, but it was something you had to take.

    So the Coruscant Senators were going to try and make a splash with it.

    The Senator War Room was packed today. As always, Gark was joined by his wife, Me’lin S’rily. The Twi’lek had recovered sufficiently from her mental trauma and was back at work in full form. Her job was to keep track of not just the Senator roster, but also to look at the rosters of other teams. Allie Orchetrada, the new Assistant GM, was here, Telena Perrette, the Selonian defensive coordinator, Dirxx Horstse, the Besalisk Hall-of-Fame Half back and half backs coach, Izzi Polakaya, the team’s captain, and Pamila Korthe, the team’s head coach, were all in here with him. Pam seemed excited to not get stuck out at the table once again; that job fell to Ravil We’kyr, the midfield coach, and Sulena Gure, the Echani offensive coordinator who seemed happy as hell to be here. She was an eccentric one, Gark knew, so hopefully she wouldn’t scare the new draftees away from wanting to sign with the team.

    The new Commissioner, Fenrir Loken-something, whatever his name was, strode up to the stage. Everyone fell silent as they watched the quirky new Commish.

    "Please, no letters," Fenrir said, holding up one finger, "After all, we are here for one of the best moments of the entire season--the draft. Today we're going to meet the future stars of the sport. I mean, just last year, at this very moment, the Salbukk winner was waiting nervously to find out who was going to take her in the draft. Now that, gentlebeings, that is exciting.

    "Who do we have here today? Let's see...ah, of course, our first overall pick holder, Coruscant," Fenrir said. "A first overall pick can be a franchise defining moment. But no pressure or anything like that.”

    “Quirky prick, isn’t he?” Dirxx commented.

    “Hopefully he won’t try to alienate us like Kayl’hen did at the end of her time,” Gark said. “I still haven’t forgiven her for the realignment plan. Seems all too fishy why all our rivals won the Cup in consecutive years when we couldn’t finish the deal. Guess I’m still just bitter.”

    “You have every right to be,” Dirxx said. “We have so much pressure on our shoulders this year to win. The fans don’t want us to have another losing season. We need to win a Cup. That’s our goal.”

    “So we need to be smart here,” Gark surmised.

    "Well then, it sounds like we're ready to begin!" Fenrir proclaimed, "As Commissioner of Elite League Limmie, I formally proclaim that the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft has begun! The Coruscant Senators are on the clock!”

    “We’re on the clock,” Me’lin said.

    “About time,” Pam said. “We’ve been waiting for this pick for months. Now, what in the hell are we going to do with it?”

    “I think it’s obvious,” Dirxx said. “Didn’t we come up with a plan for this?” All eyes turned to Gark, who paused for a few seconds before saying anything.

    “I just want to go over things again real fast,” he commented. “Offense. Sulena, you hear me out there?”

    “Only over the sounds of my own excitement,” the Echani said into the communicator. “What do you need?”

    “What’s the state of the offense in your eyes?” Gark asked.

    “Lots of good talent. We shouldn’t have to draft for need, and maybe a late stash pick wouldn’t be too stupid,” Sulena said.

    “Alright, works for me,” Gark said. “Midfield. Ravil, go.”

    “Lots of competition, but we have veterans. Hopefully we pan out without Alysha this year.”

    “Hopefully Farfell works out like we’ve hoped,” Gark said as a side note. “Telena, defense and goal.”

    “Our trades have built that up, but we still need a center half and a full back,” the Selonian remarked. “We should try to fill one of those spots with this pick if possible.”

    “That’s what I intend to do,” Gark said. “The mock draft has us taking Patti Meter. I’m inclined to go with her.”

    “All the scouting reports seem to agree,” Me’lin said as she flipped through a few. “Won the Helmsman this year, plus an award last year . . .”

    “And she’s not averse to playing Center Half,” Dirxx said.

    “Then we’re going live,” Gark said. He stood up and walked out of the room, clutching the Senator uniform in his hand. When he got to the podium, he took a deep breath before continuing.

    “With the first overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select Patti Meter, half back from the Citadel University of Anaxes”. As expected, the Senators had gone with the prized half back.


    Meter came up to the podium amongst all of the flashing lights from the media, and shook Gark’s hand. The two of them posed for a few Holos before Gark said something. “You want to start this year?”

    “Of course,” Meter said. “I want to be the next star of the league. Isn’t that what we all want?”

    “With your skills, you should go far. Good luck this season,” Gark said before walking off the stage and back to the war room. Meter went to the team table.

    Then the new draft pick got grilled by the war room. They wanted to know more about her. “Well, my actual name is Patricia, but I didn’t really like that. Especially when at Citadel, they always liked to joke about that name. Sounded ‘too soft’ to them. So I shortened it,” she said.

    Another question. “You don’t know how nice it feels to let my hair grow for once. For all those years in college, I never got to let it flow. Now I don’t have to worry about proper military style, and what they think I need to look like. Good riddance.”

    Different question. “Any half back spot works for me. I just want to play.”

    Last question. “I really don’t know. I like rainbows . . . does that count?”

    “What kind of question was that?” Gark asked.

    “We need to know our players, don’t we?” Dirxx asked.

    “But that was a stupid question,” Gark insisted.

    “Look, man, this may be a business, but it’s also a fraternity and a sorority, and whatever else like that. This is a unit. We have to stick together. If I’m going to be coaching Meter this year, I want to know what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and see what I need to teach her, if anything. That’s just how I do it,” the Besalisk commented.

    “Kind of a roundabout way of doing it,” Pam said.

    “Whatever. Just let it go,” Dirxx said. All eyes returned to the vidscreen as more players were selected. They had the first pick of the second round. Who to take?

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    IC: Tim Dodd - 277 Elite League Draft, Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia

    Once again, Tim had asked Asyr to go to the podium and announce the Packers' selection.

    "Gentlebeings,", she said in her pleasant contralto, "For our first pick in the Elite League Draft for 277 ABY, the Agamar Packers select....

    Emma Blanchard from University of Ryell Clemency Beasts!"

    Emma came forward to receive and don her Packers' jersey, then pose for the holo-cameras. Once they ceased their strobe-like flashing, Asyr returned to the microphone and said;

    "Thank you, Gentlebeings - the Mando’ade Mercs are now on the clock!"

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    IC: Aay'han Vhett
    277 ELL Draft, Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia

    Vhett waited impatiently for the new commissioner to finish his pre-draft introductions. She already didn't like the man and didn't believe a word that escaped his silver tongue. Still he was preferable to his predecessor though she was sure that the bad blood between the league office and the Mercs front office would need more than just a change of league leadership to be put completely behind then. She convienetly ignored the other half of that equation, the fact that the Mercs ownership would be changing hands soon enough. Her husband was still hashing out terms with the (presumptive) new ownership group, headed by that detestable woman. Vhett stopped herself from shaking her head and giving any outward signs of her emotion towards the forthcoming sale. No, it was better to go about her business as though nothing was changing. Her job was to make the team better, and she would do just that.

    As soon as the commissioner ended his speech the Senators were on the clock. There was little doubt in the Mercs "war room" who the Senators would take, though there was hope that not only they but all the mock drafts were wrong. Sadly they were not and the HB Meter quickly came off the board. Too bad, the athletic female had been the Mercs top target as well, especially given the Mercs needs on defense now. Still Vhett didn't so much as frown behind her faceplate, this was a defense heavy draft and there were numerous other options on the board for them to choose from. Sadly of course the Mercs also had a large number of holes to fill.

    The Mercs needed a Fullback, a cornerback and with the recent breakdown of contract talks with Xander Darkrider, they needed a midfielder too. That was all on top of the gaping hole left in their defense by the retirement of the Hanson brothers, all three halfback positions would need to be replaced. It was a daunting task, but Vhett felt she was up to it. Besides it wasn't as if the Mercs were completely without options.

    The Mercs offense was in decent shape. It certainly hadn't set any records this past season, but the young group had another year of seasoning under their belts. They were improving as a group she felt, and if there were issues the Mercs had offensive depth at Concordia that could be brought in. They also had the third pick in the draft despite having a winning record the season before. That pick, as well as the high selections they had in the second or third rounds could be used to pick up dynamic (though perhaps not franchise altering) players or could be parlayed into further picks or even other players through trades. In fact there was a faction of the front office that wanted to trade away the third pick in an attempt to garner more picks, an attempt to fill every hole now. But Vhett urged patience on that front. She would rather use the third pick to select the player they wanted. The draft would be used to fill what holes they could, free agency would fill in the rest, or so she hoped. Depsite any misgivings she might have had though, she was still the GM of the team, and the final say was hers. They would hold on to the pick.

    That left the question of who to add to the team, and that decision was about evenly divided among the Mercs scouts. For the past few months they had argued back and forth over who the best fit for the Mercs would be. Starsearcher or Baelidy. Wylliam Starsearcher was an excellent player, a defensive star at the University of Tatooine. However he played just the one position, right half back. It was possible that he could be converted to play one of the other halfback positions, but it was there that he was truly a star, putting him anywhere else would be putting a square peg in a round hole. Of course, the Mercs did need someone to fit that square hole anyway....

    On the other gauntlet was DB Neal Baelidy. He wasn't quite the player that Starsearcher was, but he wasn't that far off the mark. He was also versatile, and could be played pretty much anywhere in the defensive backfield. Given that this was where all the Mercs current needs were, he could be plugged in anywhere giving them more flexibility and something of a security blanket for the remainder of this draft. Another point in his favor was the large number of half backs in this draft compared to the other defensive positions. Yes the Mercs needed half backs (like Starsearcher) but they could probably be picked up later in the draft...

    Vhett pursed her lips. To be honest she still hadn't been quite sure which "camp" she would agree with coming into draft day. But the decision was her's, and her's alone. Nodding to herself at long last she knew which player she would take. She calmly approached the podium and announced. "With the third pick in the 277 ELL first year player draft the Mando'ade Mercs select..." she paused for dramatic effect.

    "Wylliam Starsearcher, Universiity of Tatooine."

    Chants of "Oya, oya, oya" rang out from the Mercs faithful that had either traveled here, or were here on business anyway and had attended the event. Vhett handed the burly young man a Mercs jersey as he came up on stage and the customary holos were taken. It had been an hard decision, but one that she knew she would not look back on with regret, regardless of what happened. Starsearcher was the better player at the half back position, and half backs were what the Mercs needed. It was a good pick, a solid pick and she was sure, the right pick.

    "The Bakura Miners are now on the clock."

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    Once the Mercs had finished on the stage, the Commissioner walked out. The crowd sensed that something big was going to happen and started to cheer. Fenrir allowed them to do so, before slowly raising one finger to his lips. The crowd immediately silenced itself.

    "Gentlebeings," he said expansively, and paused for dramatic effect.

    "We have a trade."

    The crowd roared in approval.

    "The Euceron Storm trade the thirteenth and sixteenth overall picks in the 277 Draft...

    " the Rydonni Prime Monarchs for the seventh overall pick in the 277 Draft."

    The crowd cheered, especially the present Storm fans who would get to see a rarity--their team make three straight first round draft picks. That had happened only once before: in 274 when the Miners had done so--with the fourth-, third-, and second-to-last picks in the first round as well.

    "The Bakura Miners remain on the clock," Fenrir said, "Tick tock, Quinn."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Nar Shaddaa Smugglers promote John Huntington to Head Coaching position. Huntington to also call plays for the team this year
    • Nar Shaddaa Smugglers hire Beauregard 'Bo' Thomas of the BCC Merchants to fill the defensive coordinator position of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Haly Teska (CF) and Ema Zostin (HF) of the Monarchs become free agents
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Falene’s apartment, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Falene had the vidscreen in her apartment, set to HSN and the Draft. She always watched, but now she figured she had to watch. She owned the team. Of course, the Draft was the least of her worries at the moment. Everything else that went along with owning the team was very much her worry.

    Some of it she’d delegated to her Aunt Regan as Chairwoman. This meant that Falene didn’t think about whether to sign a new contract with Nelly (which she obviously wanted to do considering how well they played together) or Benji (a slightly thornier question) or what hole to plug with the Draft or if they should even keep their draft picks. Those were questions she didn’t want to think about for many reasons and luckily had arranged so that she didn’t have to.

    However, she’d had her meeting with Uncle Ronan to go over the Noble House finances some time ago and she was still trying to sort it out. There was the matter of her contract—if she took a salary as a player it would be taxed differently than if she took the exact same credits (literally the exact same ones) out of the team as a capital gain—and whether she should modify it. Under the terms of Niall Trieste’s charter for the Taoiseach, she couldn’t divide the property of the Noble House, but she could do lots of other things. She could take as much of the income from it for herself. She could, at her discretion, sell assets to third parties and keep the money. So really it all came down to how moral Falene wanted to be about the family’s property.

    It really wasn’t even that much of a question. Falene didn’t care about the money. It was why she was still living in her apartment, not Kilmainham Brook. What did she need with that huge house? What was the point of one person living alone there? It was fine for family gatherings, but Falene would have just knocked about all on her own there. Similarly, she didn’t need millions of credits to sustain her lifestyle. She hadn’t said yes to be Taoiseach because she wanted it. She’d said yes because it was what her mother had wanted and Falene had accepted the burden. She would do what she could for the rest of the family, but she was going to take a careful look at precisely what level of living they all seemed to feel she should subsidize.

    That would have to wait. Falene was still unraveling the family’s finances. Uncle Ronan probably knew all of it, but he’d been working with them for over thirty years since his father had entrusted him with it. Falene’s mind was blown by the vastness of the Noble House holdings.

    They owned 30% of Rivers & Company, the venerable Salis D’aar based department store. 10% of BakuRepulsor. 25% of Next Generation and its organ therapy business. From what Falene could tell, twenty years ago they had started buying into defense contracting. Falene was realizing that the BakurStar Mark VI project had funneled millions of credits into the Noble House (ironic, seeing as her mother had twice vetoed the Mark VI project as Prime Minister) by way of their corporate ownerships. There was an entire venture capital portfolio of small companies Falene had never heard of. Of the income properties, the Miners was one of the most prominent assets with the Noble House holding the totality of its stock. If Kerry had kept tabs on any part of the House’s financial health, it had been the Miners. Falene had heard about the internal cap, but the extended financial records showed that player salaries had definitely been kept down. No wonder Isabella Montador had walked. She was never going to get what Vandelhelm had offered her out of the Kerry Trieste Miners.

    But Falene could change that. She could give Cundertol more to spend with. A lot more if she wanted. Of course, Kerry’s way had won three Cups (she hadn’t been really responsible for the salary situation in 252). Those were hard results to argue with.

    It was a question for later. The Miners were on the clock and the feed on HSN was showing the Miners table where Cundertol and Thorne were discussing. Falene had been afraid that Briar would take a job with Corellia or Hapes. Thank heavens for Adanna Inviere saving the day and Reeser snapping up the Rebels’ job. Even if the rumors were true and Reeser left Corellia due to the demotion before even holding a single practice, Thorne would never go down to the Premier League. She’d had responsibility for the Sabres during the brief interlude of Miner ownership of the team and had been quite happy to return to the Elite League. She would be secure in Salis D’aar for this season at least.

    Cundertol nodded and stood up before heading for the stage. On his way, he paused to shake hands with the new Commissioner, who seemed to have a look of amusement on his face. Fenrir then motioned for the Eriaduan to step up to the podium.

    “With the fourth overall pick in the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Bakura Miners select Horst Penn, Full Back, University of Agamar,” Quinn said.

    The camera cut to a visibly excited Penn, who seemed genuinely, and pleasantly surprised to be picked.


    The only true Full Back in the Draft, Falene now had a pretty good feeling that Cundertol had decided Zire’s services would not be needed this season. It was the only reason you took the fourth-best defensive player in the entire Draft with a first overall pick when you had top corner talent on the board and an opening at that position. Falene also had a feeling that Cundertol had something up his sleeve for Stormborn’s slot.

    It was apparently taking Penn a while to get to the stage to receive his jersey and when he finally came out he was playing it up for the crowd…except something wasn’t quite right.


    Luckily for Falene and the home audience, the microphone picked up Cundertol’s thoughts.

    “What are you doing?” Cundertol hissed.

    “This is my number, number 12. Best number ever,” Penn said, “Wanted to get drafted with my number.”

    “That’s a Euceron jersey,” Cundertol said.

    “Well, I kind of thought they were going to draft me, so I came prepared,” Penn replied, “Besides, they’re the same color.”

    “They are not the same color.”

    “Ummm…yeah…pretty sure you’re color blind. That’s blue. This is blue. You should probably get that checked out,” Penn said.

    “No, you are wearing Euceron Blue. This is Bakura Blue. And this one has gold in it. And it has the number one on it. For first round draft pick,” Cundertol insisted.

    “But I had my mom make this. She’s gonna be so disappointed,” Penn said, pouting, “Can’t I just wear this one?”


    “Pretty please?”


    “Like with cherries on top?”


    “Fine,” Penn groused, taking his jersey off. Neither of being looked happy in the holo that was taken of the Miners’ GM and his first round draft pick holding the Miners “1” jersey between them.

    Cundertol descended from the stage with Penn following him. “So, like, are you guys any good at limmie? Because I kind of didn’t study up about anyone except Euceron. Like did you know that Marte Nalo won…”

    Falene put her head in her hands. This was not exactly the way she had imagined her ownership of the team beginning.

    “So…halfway through the first round,” Fenrir Lokensgaard said from the podium, “and I know I’m having fun. The Euceron Storm are now on the clock for the first of their three picks.”

    TAG: jcgoble3 (who should not feel pressure as there won’t be any negative repercussions if he makes all three picks on the last day)
  8. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "Gentlebeings..." Lokensgaard said, returning to the stage as Euceron deliberated, "We have a trade."

    The crowd cheered.

    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs trade Shae the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in exchange for the eight overall pick in the 277 Draft," Fenrir said, "The Euceron Storm remain on the clock."

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Christine Gamble

    “ . . . and number fifteen, at corner back, Christine Gamble,” said the announcer over the crappy PA system. Christine walked out to the middle of the field and waved her hand to the fifteen or twenty people sitting in the tiny grandstand. It was a very poorly attended game today, she noted, but none of these games ever were. She was used to playing in front of hundreds of thousands of fans every game, so to see this few people in the stands was definitely a shock. Then she looked down at her “uniform”; it was basically a t-shirt, not like the sleek uniforms she had while playing pro ball. That’s what you got when you played in the PrimeDay night League at the local rec club.

    It was funny how she had ended up here. The rehab process had gone well since the surgery, and she was now going to play her first game since falling awkwardly in the Ralltiir game the prior season and tearing her MCL. But training camp was so many months away; it felt even longer when you had missed half the prior season, and then your team missed the postseason. So she had been out of action for over three months, and was just now returning to any sort of Limmie. This was a good way to start.

    She looked around at the other players, both on her team and on the other. This was just as advertised, a Limmie league for adults from the local club. They had already played half their season by the time Christine joined, but the team who had gotten her, the All-Stars (what a funny name considering her history in the Elite League), knew they had gotten a winner when they saw the name “Christine Gamble” show up on their roster this week. Obviously a few messages had been sent out by the other players in seeing that they had an Elite League player on their rec team, but Christine didn’t really care. She was here for herself first and foremost. She had to see if that knee could hold up to the rigors of even a backyard game like this with a bunch of never-will-be adults who probably never even played Limmie in high school. If they did, most of them probably weren’t that good to begin with, being lucky to sniff the end of the varsity bench. But she was here regardless, so she figured she might as well try to have fun.

    And have fun she did. The atmosphere was very loose, and almost nothing was crisp like it should be in the pro game. But that was the whole point, it wasn’t supposed to be good. A twenty-year old jock could play on the same field as a fifty-something who had never played a single second of organized Limmie in their life. Christine didn’t have to move much during the game, because the opposing players didn’t know much about strategy. They just went this way and that, and sometimes just stopped in front of her. So she bumped them when they came close, just to send enough of a message. No need to hit anyone hard. This was just for fun, after all.

    Her team scored the first six points on two nice goals, and then the other team came down the field. An Iktochi passed to an Ishi Tib, who was smothered by the coverage of a very healthy-looking human. The ball quickly became a loose ball, and everyone tried to jump on the ball. Christine just let them fight for it; there was no reason to bulldoze in there and try to make something happen. No need to set a bad precedent her first night. Finally the human came up with the ball and tossed it up the field. Crisis averted.

    Finally Christine was able to make a play. The Ishi Tib came too close to her airspace, and she bumped him off to the side. It wasn’t a very hard hit, but the man tumbled over, and the crowd seemed to be impressed. Why, Christine didn’t know, but she didn’t care. It felt good to hit someone in a live game, even if it was a rec league. During these games she wouldn’t have to run much; they were only thirty minute games, and since no strategy was in place, it made it a very casual environment.

    Finally the ball came to her, and she gripped it in her hands. It felt a little flat; probably needed some more air. But she went up the field with it anyways, which was something she would never do in her right mind in the pro game. She dodged a tackle, then another, and a third when a Quarren slid and missed completely. She then slung the ball over the bar for a point on a casual throw. Got her name in the scoring sheet, and just in time. A minute later, the game ended, and her team won easily.

    Christine walked off the field, her t-shirt hardly even wet. She hadn’t gotten up much of a sweat tonight, because she hadn’t needed to go very far. It was a light jog for her, not a real grinder for sixty minutes like she was used to. Her knee, on its first Limmie game since the injury, felt a little tight, but it wasn’t bad. She could work with this.

    “You just had to add that late score, didn’t you?” came a familiar voice. Christine looked up to see Ava Killenger hop off the last small step in the grandstand and get onto the ground of the rec field.

    “You don’t know how long it’s been since I got a chance to score a point,” Christine replied. “It’s been almost a year and a half. Might as well keep them on their toes. I could probably put up ten on them easily without trying.”

    “I’m sure you couldn’t,” Ava said. “Defenders don’t score well.”

    “And how would you know?” Christine countered.

    “I used to play defense. I know how it goes. Switched to offense full-time my senior year. Much easier,” Ava said.

    “I see,” Christine said. “So, are you here to revel in my glory?”

    “How’s the knee?” Ava inquired.

    Christine reached down and touched the back of her knee. It tensed a little, but otherwise it seemed fine. “Still tight, but that will improve with time. First game back and all.”

    “I still think you’re crazy for playing rec league ball,” Ava said. “Too many crazies who don’t know what they’re doing. They could easily get you hurt.”

    “But I need to get hit a few times,” Christine protested. “If I go in cold to winter ball, then I’ll be out of whack.”

    “Winter ball?” Ava asked indignantly. “You’re seriously going to play that this year?”

    “Why not? I want to make sure I’m in good shape going into camp.”

    “I still think you’re crazy.”

    “Come on, Ava, please join me. Please.”

    “All right, fine. You’re just lucky I need to work my ass off to try and get the Senators to put in a reinstatement bid for me from the Futures League,” the blonde forward said.

    “And then, after winter ball, we’ve got a few months to work out before camp starts. I hope you haven’t started a relationship or something that would get in the way.”

    “Nothing that I know of,” Ava said. “But is there really that much time in between winter ball and training camp?”

    “Month and a half or so. Should be more than enough time to crosstrain and get ourselves in awesome shape,” Christine said. “I want to get to camp and be ready for Day One. Gotta show everyone that I’ve still got it, despite the injury.”

    “Don’t burn yourself out either,” Ava warned. “We have camp, and then an entire season to play. Maybe then the postseason, if we’re lucky.”

    “Don’t worry, Dr. Wor’s got me on a good plan,” Christine said. Tama Wor, the Carosite team trainer for the Senators, was working with her closely to get her back on track. He had replaced Hamlin Trenos, who had been demoted in the organization to a medical technician. The Iktochi was too good at his job to fire, but at least in this position he had to fill out paperwork. Gark S’rily hoped that it would teach the man his lesson, and Wor was now head trainer. Assistant trainer Amart Lobbock, who wasn’t at fault for the surgery decision, stayed in that position for the upcoming year.

    “Does he know you’re playing rec ball?” Ava asked.

    “Nope. But I don’t think he needs to know,” Christine said with a wink.

    “Why do you have to act like yourself all the time?” Ava asked as she shook her head.

    “It just comes naturally, what can I say?” Christine replied. “All I know is that it’s going to be a long offseason, but it should be a good one.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    • Vick McTodd (Amaran, Male, RCF) signs with Ralltiir
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Martin Vigo

    We arrived on Tatooine the evening before the game against Thyferra. I told Richard to go check into our room and make sure everything was satisfactory while I went out to the stadium to speak with the coaching staff about some concerns I had. Truth was I didn’t have any concerns to discuss with the coaching staff. In fact they wouldn’t even be there. I had planned a surprise for Richard and I wanted to make sure it was ready.

    Once I was sure everything was in order at the stadium I treated Richard, Till and the Jul’s to dinner at what was considered a nice restaurant in Bestine. It didn’t much resemble the establishments we were used to on Ralltiir, but the food was good. Dinner conversation ranged from what player’s we would have our eyes on the next day to Richard’s studies in college. After dinner I took Richard to the stadium for that surprise I had been working on.

    I told Richard I was concerned about a leak I had discovered while I was there earlier in the evening. We walked through the corridors of the stadium. Several beings and droids were hard at work preparing for the game the next day. I led him quickly to the ground floor where the executive offices were located. “I thought you said there was a leak?” Richard asked suspiciously.

    “It’s right over here,” I said leading him to the GM’s office. Casually I pointed at the nameplate. When he didn’t immediately react I tapped on it.

    He glanced at my hand to see what I was knocking on the wall for. His mouth opened, for almost a minute he didn’t say anything. “Richard Vigo…What’s my name doing on the GM’s office door?”

    “This,” I said proudly “Is your office. Come on in,” I prompted showing off the new furniture and computer equipment I had ordered for him.

    “You are giving me the Sandskimmers?” He asked.

    “You earned them,” I told him. “You studied hard, graduated top of your class, got into one of the best Universities in the Galaxy, done well there so far and you’ve managed to excel in sports as well.”

    “Track isn’t really a sport.”

    “Never put down your successes.” I told him firmly. “Until you graduate this is to be an internship. Once you’ve earned a diploma you will earn a percentage of all ticket sales, jersey sales, concession sales and all other profits. So what do you say?”

    “What do I say about what?”

    “I mean do you take the offer? Will you become the next GM of the Sandskimmers?”

    “Of course, I mean why wouldn’t I?” He asked.

    “I don’t know,” I admitted with a shrug. “Maybe you want to start your own business. Perhaps you would rather work for someone besides your old man. Just about any opportunity you desire is available to you. Don’t rush into this. I want you to take it. What I want though, may or may not be what you want.”

    “This is what I want Dad. I’m going to take this franchise to the top. We will produce a crop of players that will win the Starkillers a Galactic Cup.” He sat down in his new chair and spun around. He didn’t say anything after that; he just looked around. Probably contemplating our first pick in the draft. Richard was always a forward thinker.

    The next afternoon we all had our eyes on Kara Sureysh. Last year’s 3rd round draft pick. We needed someone to fill Marmu’s shoes. It wasn’t going to be an easy position to fill. Kara was good she scored a goal for the Sandskimmers and a few bar points as well. Till didn’t believe she was ready for the next level yet though and Jul also had her doubts. “She’d make a good reserve,” Till commented.

    “The experience on the ELL level will prove whether she can play or not,” Jul agreed.

    Both midfielders Klick and Kong showed promise. It was agreed that they would try out for the Starkillers as well. Roby had a few stand out plays on defense, but her fate would be decided after the draft. Drif had been fighting for a starting position for several seasons and even a low second rounder wasn’t to be counted out.

    The game itself was a thriller. The Sandskimmers lost by one point, they had fought hard though. Richard had a good crop of players to work with and we would be signing more during the off season. We travelled home while the Galactic Cup game was played on Mandalore. Till and Richard watched the game. Jul wanted to know the score several times. She wasn’t watching though. I think the pain of coming so close to getting to play in the game more than once now was too much for her. I watched most of it myself. It was a great game. Nar Shadda would have been hard to beat if we had gotten there.

    When I got home I found Fortune busy planning a 2nd birthday party for Zoey. I knew right away he was just creating the perfect setting to propose to her mother. Justyne was somehow completely blindsided. When he got down on his knee in front of all of us and presented the ring she started shaking. With tears in her eyes she said yes. While we all applauded, Justyne seemed to be in shock.

    I liked to work from home in the summer whenever possible. The boys were off from school and I was in the midst of planning a wedding when the news broke that the Rebels were being demoted from the ELL. My data pad lit up. Three of my six children were trying to call me at once and two others came running towards my office. Gwynn had helped Lucie when she first landed a spot on the dance squad. She had assisted Lucie in getting her a job waitressing at a diner and co-signed a lease for her to get her own apartment. Without her Lucie may have lived on the streets. She meant a lot to everyone in our family. Not to mention her contributions as an assistant coach last season.

    We had hated to see her leave the Starkillers. We only allowed it because the opportunity to coach in the ELL was something not to be passed up. If she could have made a winning franchise out of Corellia a team considered to be the laughing stock of the league she could have gone on to have any job she wanted. Now it was obvious the position she had accepted was not going to be the position any of us had originally thought. Spencer and Tomas arrived in my doorway out of breath with scowls on their faces. “Did you hear what the new commissioner just announced?” Spencer asked crossing his arms over his chest.

    I nodded and motioned for them to have a seat. Meanwhile I took Richard’s call and texted Bat and Lucie that I heard the news and would get back with them later. “Richard,” I said in greeting. “Hold your thoughts just a moment.” I brought him up on a conference screen so he could see that Spencer and Tomas were in the room. “I take it you are calling about the Rebels announcement.”

    “New commissioner is a pleasure to work with,” Richard commented sarcastically.

    “Can we bring Reeser back Dad?” Spencer asked from his chair.

    “I’ve already hired an assistant coach. If she comes back to the Starkillers it will be a demotion.”

    “This isn’t fair!” Tomas said angrily.

    “Very few things are fair in business,” I reminded him gently. “Ira Clarke used stolen money, some of which had been stolen from me to buy our franchise. You think I got a discount when I bought the team?”

    “I know Reeser didn’t sign on to coach a PLL team,” Richard cut in. “You don’t think she’d be interested in the Sandskimmers head coaching position if we offered it to her do you?”

    “Don’t hesitate to ask her,” I said quickly. “I’ll send you her direct number.”

    “I’ll let you know what she says,” Richard said as he signed off.

    I spoke toTomas and Spencer about their feelings on the matter after the call ended. They thought it was pretty fair to offer Reeser the job on Tatooine. Richard called back later that day. It had taken him a while to get through to Reeser. She was interested and wanted to talk salary. Since she was planning to come in for Justyne and Fortune’s wedding I suggested she come in a few days early so we could talk then.

    In private before discussing any salary arrangements for the position on Tatooine I offered Reeser an offensive coordinator position with the Starkillers. She was flattered by the offer, in the end though Reeser preferred the head coaching position of the Sandskimmers. I agreed to pay her same salary I had paid her to be an assistant on Ralltiir last season. It was a lot of credits to pay someone on a backwater planet. She had proven herself to be a good candidate for the position though and deserved those credits. She also inquired about taking Keli Sen on as her assistant there. If those two women couldn’t produce strong Limmie players that could win games in the ELL no one could. We contacted Sen immediately and had the paperwork drawn up.

    Rehiring Gwynn Reeser was the easiest of my tasks that week. My next major project was overseeing the wedding of my younger daughter. It was a stress filled event for me. It was beautiful in the end though. The Fortune-Vigo wedding took place in one of my theaters. The very theater where I had met my wife 25 years earlier. Immediately after the reception the couple and Zoey left planet for a honeymoon of sorts. Zoey came through with a call to say goodnight to her grandmother and I was hoping for a little bit of rest before the draft.

    It wasn’t meant to be. The man who had fired on Bat was going to trial for the shooting. Bat had already voiced that he didn’t want to be there. I understood, I had no plans to pressure him to be there or attend myself. The morning the trial began I got a surprise call from Strike Three a local film director. He was attending the trial and he wanted permission to produce a holo of the events. It was an awkward situation. I had the feeling Bat would be against the idea. However Strike Three was more than just a film director he was also quite possibly the Starkillers biggest fan

    Bat admitted that Strike had been trying to reach out to him for nearly a month and that he’d been refusing to take the calls. In the end though he agreed to sit down with him and at least hear what the holo would entail. Once word got out through the press that Strike was attending the trial the public was expecting a holo. The trail would most likely be a long drawn out process. In our home we talked about it as little as possible. I hoped that if he needed when he was ready Bat would approach me.

    The trail had just gotten underway when some possible good news arrived on the news wire. Nar Shadda was releasing Vick McTodd. Till was calling quicker than I could read the story.

    “Here’s the replacement for Marmu,” he said cheerfully.

    “You think?” I asked cautiously.

    “I know,” he answered. “Nar Shadda has been discretely becoming an all human roster. They are letting go of McTodd out of discrimination. Their loss is our gain. We can pick up a player with play-off and even a Galactic Cup win. Experience no other player on our team has. This is an opportunity we cannot pass up.”

    I agreed with him. The Starkillers had won their division 2 out of the last 3 seasons. Each time they had completely blown their only play-off appearance. Hopefully McTodd would agree to speak with us about a position and be reasonable about the number of credits we were going to pay him. I gave Till the go ahead to call him immediately.

    We were the first franchise to reach out. McTodd was eager to join our team. His agent didn’t allow him to settle for our first offer. It was to be expected. After several hours of negotiations though we had ourselves a new offensive player. I imagined that when Fortune got back he’d be happy to hear the news.

    Till’s temporary plan was to move Fortune to Full Forward and start McTodd at Right Corner Forward. The position of Left Half Forward was also still available. Till was hoping that Tory would step up in the off season and win that position, if not though Kara Sureysh might get an opportunity to start there. Unless of course someone good enough fell low enough in the draft to fill that spot. It wasn’t likely with our picks. We had a great team out scouting though including Richard, Jul, Reeser and Till himself. If there were any good low ranked prospects our franchise would be ready to pounce.

    Before we left for the draft I had one last bit of business to take care of. A present to our fans. Bankers Mansion had been the home of the Starkillers for as long as I could remember. Most of the memories of the team the that played there were the memories of a minor league team. We were part of the ELL again. A new stadium was overdue. Instead of buying new land or trying to knock down our stadium and rebuild in less than a standard year I had decided to use land we already had. Parking was going to be limited for the next two seasons. Our public transport was built to handle heavy traffic. Even if fans loved to arrive early and cookout in the parking areas I was hoping they would be understanding for a couple season’s while we took the time to build the stadium they deserved. When completed the new structure would seat 4 million. The roof would retract, the locker rooms would have more space, the jumbo screen would bigger and there would even be proper facilities for the dance team.

    I held a press conference to make the announcement. It was well received. I left for the draft with confidence. Then I got a call from Lucie on my way to Ylesia. “Dad,” she said excitedly. “I know this is a crazy time to be calling but I wanted to tell you the news.”

    “What news?” I asked.

    “It’s a boy!” She exclaimed. "Ty and I will be having a boy. He should be here about 3 weeks into the season.”

    “Congratulations honey,” I said unable to keep a smile off my face. “Rest up, keep him healthy.”

    No sooner did she sign off than did I realize Till had overheard the conversation. “Lousy timing Allin.” He commented with a shake of his head.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Lilly Vehn
    Ta’Chume’Dan, Hapes
    ELL Off-Season
    Lilly had sat in on the Smugglers war room, made draft day suggestions on players, patrolled the sidelines during games, and helped Kaitlyn make difficult franchise decisions but she had never once seen the world of the professional ELL scout. The world that the rest of the galaxy never even knew existed. A world unto itself.​
    For months before the season ended, sometimes even years, teams scouted the collegiate talent about to declare for the Elite League. Homework and due diligence were a requirement because a really strong candidate, a really good signing, could put a franchise on the path to a Galactic Cup and a really bad signing would throw years of progress away in a heart-beat. The ELL draft was where teams were either contenders or pretenders but all the blame that was thrown at a general manager for failing to have a strong draft always, eventually, fell on the feet of the scouting department. They were the eyes and ears of the Limmie franchises. Everything the GM saw, they passed along, every recommendation, every comment, every field test. Their information had to be impeccable, immaculate, and spot on. There could be no mistakes.​
    Last year, Lilly reviewed, the Smugglers had pulled the trigger on two very talented players in Mylessa McCloud and Erin Windreaver. Some of that was luck in that the Smugglers were gambling on a win-now approach but another large piece to that puzzle was the eternal dance with the other teams of the Elite League and some were willing to give the Smugglers another crack at the first round. That, looking back, must’ve really stung when the Smugglers took home the Cup. Lilly knew that Kaitlyn had thrown all her chips to the wind last season and it had paid some serious dividends. That unorthodox approach was why many teams in the ELL not only had to plan for the coaching staff of the Smugglers on game-day, and their players, but what the front office was going to do with their draft pick, with their firebrand owner paving a new course into the future.​
    Lilly looked around the indoor arena where today’s workout was going to be held. Shay Dionne and Lilly were here for the beautiful Hapan midfielder Severine. They wanted to see what she had and whether or not she’d be a good fit on their team with a very deep midfield roster. She noticed that other scouts from the teams of the league were here as well. Euceron, Rydonni Prime, Bakura, the works. Everyone did their due diligence. Everyone.​
    “Watch and learn, Lilly,” Shay instructed as the drills were about to begin.​
    “Go!” A voice shouted as Severine fired into action.​
    The Hapan midfielder made sharp cuts, dodged flying balls, deflected others, charged towards the goal with the bolo tucked under her arm, legs pumping, arms swinging, her pony-tail shaking in the artificial wind. She was all energy, all focus, nothing could stop her. Nothing at all. She made a sharp cut to the left, slipped, fell on her face, the seconds whirling by as she pounded the turf in fury as a whistle blew. Lilly felt a little sorry for her. She could tell that Severine had practiced for a long time on this event. The young athlete was visibly frustrated as she cooled down and drank some water on the sidelines.​
    “Again!” the voice shouted.​
    Severine backpedaled, eyes alert, face taut, jumped high, ran forward, threw the ball away. She seemed to slow down a little. Wasn’t as fast. Something was bothering her. Lilly studied. There was something about Severine that wasn’t working for her. It wasn’t the work ethic, something deeper, something forced. Did she have the heart to play the game? Did she have the motivation to come back after making a mistake? That was it. Severine couldn’t let go of mistakes. Lilly saw the flicker of doubt creep into her eyes as another drill came to an end. Yes, even you have your demons, don’t you, Severine?​
    “Thoughts?” Shay asked.​
    “Pass on her. She’s mentally weak. She can’t recover from a mistake,” Lilly pointed out.​
    Shay looked over at Lilly and replied, “Very good. Come along, we have many more beings to look out.”​
    “We’re not going to interview her? Ask her questions?” Lilly asked as she hurried alongside Shay back to their shuttle.​
    Shay stopped and looked Lilly directly in the eyes. “I only interview the ones I’m certain about. I’m not here for a lovey-dovey time with these people. Either they have what it takes or they do not. Interviewing Severine would be a waste of my time.”​
    Lilly nodded and took one last look at the Hapan midfielder as other teams prowled around, asked her​
    questions, and maybe were willing to overlook that the near-human had played just like her human counterparts, full of mistakes.​

    Ivaan Artor growled and layed another huge hit on the dummy in front of him. He was the Full Forward out of the University of Agamar. His size was intimidating but it was his lightness on his feet that caught Lilly’s eye. He’d done well in the bench-press, the long jump, the vertical jump, and his 40 yard dash, for his position and weight, was serviceable. Clearly he’d been well trained from the get go. He was aggressive, fought hard, but Lilly noticed he had a tendency to overpursue. More agile players in​
    the ELL would have a field day as they used his impressive strength against him.​
    On the shuttle ride over to Agamar, Lilly had studied footage of Artor. When pointed in the right direction he could wreak havoc on an opponent’s defense. Too often, however, he was caught out of position on a more technical attack and completely lacked awareness as to where the bolo-ball needed to be on a moving-parts offense. The Full Forward position set the tone, at least for the Smugglers, for their attack. Diversion, blocking, lane opening, the Full Forward was the lifeblood, and a dying tradition, for the burgundy and black attack. Last season they’d operated more from the wings and center half back position. This year, well, things might shift a bit, especially now that Tover Micjaa had announced his retirement from the league.​
    Lilly felt a cold air swirl around her as she read the headline. She read it again just for good measure. ‘Tover Micjaa retires saying that his mission was accomplished and he has done all he ever wanted to do in the Elite League.’ So now there was a gaping hole up top for the Smugglers organization. The dream team that had come together two years ago to make the Smugglers champions, having done what they set out to do, was being split up. Meredith Chambers-Vayne had moved on to Hapes, Tover had just retired, so now that left John Huntington, the offensive genius who’d made McCloud and Windreaver stars on the Vertical City and their respective home planets.​
    “You focusing?” Shay asked.​
    “Sorry, was concerned about the holes in our front office. Micjaa just retired,” Lilly explained.​
    “Saw that coming,” Shay replied, “we can’t do anything about that. Let’s keep our heads where they need to be. Do you think Artor is a fit?”​
    “I like his size, his speed, his hitting power. I’m concerned with his over-pursuing and whether or not he can play in a difficult offensive scheme. His collegiate tape suggests that he is better suited to a​
    simpler system,” Lilly said.​
    “What else did you notice?” Shay asked.​
    Lilly looked back at Artor. He was rubbing his back. That was a concern. That meant injury risk.​
    Nobody wanted to invest a first round draft pick, or any draft pick, on a player that couldn’t run the gambit. The Smugglers were one of the few teams in the league that didn’t rely on reserves. Reserves were to fill in for injured players. If you were a starter on the Smugglers you played for the entire 60 minutes.​
    “He’s been injured in the past,” Lilly said.​
    Shay put a hand on Lilly and replied, “I better watch out for you, Miss Vehn. You’ll be replacing me in my job soon enough.”​
    Lilly smiled and knew that today there would once again be no interviews. They had done their due diligence. Artor was off the board.​

    The Zabrak female, Enarch Tech’s very own Genevieve Rokee, leaped and pounded a heater into the net. She was sleek. She played smart. She was smaller than Lilly knew Shay liked in her prototypical forward player but Genie as she was called was every bit the hard player that Nar Shaddaa needed to bolster an impressive Smuggler attack.​
    “Genevieve, Shay Dionne, Head Scout for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers,” Shay said.​
    Genevieve wiped sweat away from her horns and smiled in those sharp fangs that Zabraks were known to have.​
    “I thought you guys might come a calling. People call me ‘Genie the Meanie’ around here,” Genevieve said.​
    “Did you now?” Shay replied.​
    Lilly didn’t want to dance. She wanted answers. “How do you handle a high-low attack when the opponents defense is playing being to being coverage and their goalie is head-hunting?”​
    Genevieve focused her eyes on the human girl in front of her. She licked the tips of her teeth and replied, “Don’t complicate things. Focus on where the ball is at and watch for when the goalie bites on a charge. Then you fire it and show no mercy.”​
    Lilly nodded. Good answer.​
    “You’re driving down the field, late in the game, you going to share the ball or try and get the glory yourself?” Shay asked.​
    “Depends on who is open and whether or not my teammate has my back. I don’t play spread the ball around. If I see a kill I go for it,” Genevieve responded.​
    Ball hog, selfish, needs to learn to play with others, Lilly thought, this isn’t the Genevieve Rokee show.​
    “Hostile stadium, incredible crowd noise, we’re down by a goal, you’re not communicating with the offense, nothing is going right, what do you do?” Lilly asked.​
    “Any timeouts?” Genevieve said.​
    Lilly looked over at Shay who gave her the go-ahead. “No,” Lilly responded.​
    “Start fishing for penalty flags. Get the refs to throw one against the other team while you’re in their offensive zone. That stops the clock and at the very least puts you in a position to score. After that, well, its talent and the gods, isn’t it?” Genevieve replied.​
    Lilly and Shay looked over at one another and nodded. This could be the one. Genevieve Rokee could be a Nar Shaddaa Smuggler.​
    “Thanks for your time, Genie,” Lilly said as she tucked her clipboard underneath her arm.​
    “I like her,” Shay said as they boarded the shuttle.​
    “So do I,” Lilly responded.​

    Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia, 277 ELL Draft
    Lilly was relieved that the Elite League had a new commissioner. Niakara Kayl’hen had certainly worn out her welcome on the Vertical City and it was to no surprise that film crews of Vertical City Sports Network captured Smuggler fans celebrating the end of her era, the end of her reign. Good riddance.​
    One look at Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard told Lilly everything she needed to know. The man was confident, good with people, and had a clear vision for the league. She also suspected that the owners might not get away with as many shenanigans as they did under Kayl’hen’s time which seemed contrary to what Lilly thought the league might be headed toward. So maybe when all was said and done Niakara Kayl’hen wasn’t the big bad devil that everyone made her out to be. Time would tell as to how Lokensgaard would handle the Elite League which was very much like a troubled classroom of misguided children wanting this and wanting that, pushing one another, and asking for a timeout.​
    Lilly crossed her arms and tensed. The draft was going quickly. Patti Meter was gone, taken by Coruscant. Then Emma Blanchard went to Agamar and the Miners took his teammate Horst Penn. So far, so good, and then Euceron secured three picks in the first round draft and everything was off the table. Off the table because Euceron hoarding draft picks had suddenly changed everything and there were still more changes to come. Euceron was taking a long time to decide. Lilly was growing impatient. What was taking the Storm so long? Communication problems? She sighed and rubbed her eyes. All those months of searching, interviewing, long shuttle rides, sleepless nights, they all had to pay off today. Lilly looked over at Shay and nodded. They were ready. They were—​
    "Gentlebeings..." Lokensgaard said, returning to the stage as Euceron deliberated, "We have a trade."​
    The crowd cheered.​
    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs trade Shae the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in exchange for the eight overall pick in the 277 Draft," Fenrir said, "The Euceron Storm remain on the clock."​
    Lilly pounded the table in frustration. Shay Dionne jumped, John Huntington just stared, and Kaitlyn Vehn did nothing, absolutely nothing, for Lilly’s outbursts were nothing new, nothing untoward. Lilly leaned over, ignoring her smarting hand, and growled, “What the frak do you think you’re doing, Kaitlyn? We had a pick all lined up today. We had a replacement at forward. We don’t need anyone from the Monarchs. We blow the Monarchs out of the water every single time we play them. Every single, mother-frakking, time! Shae Bellweather is a 274 draft pick. If you’re going to give things away maybe you should throw a third rounder at the Monarchs, not our first round pick!”​
    “How much time until the second round, Shay?” Kaitlyn asked ignoring Lilly once again.​
    Shay looked at her watch. “Ten minutes, thereabouts.”​
    “Thank you,” Kaitlyn said and stood. She looked down at Lilly and said, “Come with me, Lilly.”​
    Lilly didn’t budge. Shay and John looked elsewhere. They could feel the tension at the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers table. They knew a family conflict when they saw one and they were wise enough to not get involved. They wanted nothing to do with whatever was going on between these two. Nothing at all.​
    “I’m not going to ask you again,” Kaitlyn said in a more threatening tone. “Come with me or you can find yourself another job.”​
    Lilly pushed herself away from the table and followed Kaitlyn into the women’s restroom. Once inside,​
    Kaitlyn locked the door. Lilly fumed and looked into the mirror. She didn’t like what she saw. This wasn’t her. She wasn’t normally so prone to anger. None of this felt right. Was it what she had learned about her parent’s deaths? Maybe.​
    “We’re not leaving this bathroom until I have some answers,” Kaitlyn said folding her arms across her chest.​
    Lilly leaned over the counter and looked down into the bathroom sink. Saw her distorted image reflected in the fosset. She didn’t feel like talking to Kaitlyn. All that hard work, all that time and energy, thrown away for some 274 nobody, some player the Smugglers burned in the Final, someone not even worth the salary they were being paid.​
    “Why did you do that, Kaitlyn? Shay and I busted our asses to get you valuable information on this year’s draftees. You expect us to just bend over and take it as you trade out of the first round?”​
    “I expect the two of you, and I suspect that Shay had nothing to do with your little outburst, to do your jobs. You bring me information and I make personnel decisions. That’s my job, Lilly. Your job is to do your very best out there and help me make an informed decision. Doesn’t mean I’m going to make the decision you like or even the decision that you want. Am I clear?”​
    “We had a player lined up that would have been a perfect fit!” Lilly protested.​
    “Perfect fit,” Kaitlyn repeated and shoved her hands in her suit pocket. She smiled, looked down at the floor, and when she looked back up at Lilly she was all ready for battle. She was going to bring her daughter to task. There was anger in her eyes. There was that look that had broken so many before and may even break a family member today. “I’ll tell you a little story.”​
    “Enough with the stories, Kaitlyn. You obviously didn’t want to listen to our advice, you knew that we had a good candidate lined up, and now we’re going to watch that candidate sign with another team,” Lilly bitterly said.​
    “Shut up and listen,” Kaitlyn replied.​
    Lilly looked away. Tears were coming to her eyes. She hated Kaitlyn for not listening to her. The only thing that ever mattered to Kaitlyn Vehn was winning that frakking Galactic Cup. Well, she’d done that, but did she ever stop to appreciate those around her? Frak no. She went about her business of screwing those she loved one little piece at a time. One, tiny, sharp, hurtful, piece at a time.​
    “There was a very powerful man once who fell in love with a woman of equal power and stature. Together it was said they would usher in a powerful new era for the government they served. At first, they did. They had it all. Money, fame, and people at their constant beck and call. Everything was going so smoothly. So perfectly. They started a family. They negotiated equitable treaties with other galactic powers. They were destined to be together, destined to rule their portion of the galaxy, to be successful. They had fought together against a powerful enemy, one of their own, emerged victorious. They had sworn once, long ago, to always look out for one another no matter what. Everyone who was anyone said that they were the perfect couple, had a perfect relationship, were the perfect fit,” Kaitlyn said.​
    “So what happened?” Lilly asked as she wiped the edges of her eyes.​
    “One day the woman came home and found her husband cheating on her. Point blank extra-marital affair. That house of cards they had built together had just come crumbling to the ground. Everything that she had done, everything that they had done, was gone. So the woman left and rebuilt her life. She came to a bustling city, a filthy city, and soon that city became her city.. In that city she met a young girl who had the light of life taken right out of her soul. A young girl who had no reason to hope, no reason to care, no reason to think that life would ever get any better. But things did get better, Lilly, things did get better,” Kaitlyn said.​
    Now Lilly understood. Now it all made sense. She knew what Kaitlyn was talking about.​
    “You trying to tell me that it is not the end of the world if we don’t have a first round draft pick?” Lilly said.​
    “That and so much more,” Kaitlyn replied. "I need you to be level-headed out there. Can't have you challenging me in front of the others. Bad for morale. Understand?"​
    “Understood. I think we should be getting back to the draft,” Lilly said.​
    “Not so fast,” Kaitlyn said, “there’s one more thing we should discuss.”​
    “Oh yeah?” Lilly asked.​
    “Yeah,” Kaitlyn replied and then fished out of her handbag the blaster pistol that Lilly stowed underneath her mattress.​
    “Recognize this?” Kaitlyn asked.​
    Lilly’s face went ashen, her heart stopped beating, chills cascaded down her spine. “Where did you find that?”​
    “You left your clean laundry again on the dryer. I dumped off the basket in your room and found this handle sticking out from underneath your mattress. I must say, Lilly, that you have excellent taste in blasters. This SoruSuub JX-981 is a nice piece of equipment. Heard some good reports from the VCPD officers that carry these. Apparently one shot will put a person down. Plus, the bolt doesn't go through the person. Just sits in them and creates a nice big hole. That’s always nice for a change, isn’t it? Oh, I have some contacts with Draft security. Nobody noticed, I promise,” Kaitlyn said.​
    “I needed protection for when I took public transportation to work. You know, working late nights, lots of gang members, I need something to keep them off me,” Lilly said in an even tone though her mind told her to get out of the bathroom by any means necessary.​
    Kaitlyn studied the blaster pistol, looked up at Lilly, and replied, “You’re of a legal age to carry, Lilly. I’m not going to fight you on your right to have one of these. These pistols are dangerous. Just be safe, okay? I love you. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”​
    Lilly relaxed and embraced Kaitlyn. “Nothing is going to happen to me, I promise.”​
    Kaitlyn smiled, handed the pistol over to Lilly, and headed back to the draft.​
    Lilly looked down at the pistol and her hand tightened around the grip.​
    Nothing is going to happen to me. You, on the other hand….

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Falene’s apartment, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    As the Draft progressed—and the HSN commentators took great glee in discussing the addition of Penn to the Miners, especially in light of the fact that he apparently had really gotten into the idea of being a member of the Euceron Storm—Falene had some other work to do aside from the Noble House’s financial standing. After all, the reason that her mother had made her Taoiseach was to look after the Miners. Though she’d made Aunt Regan chairwoman, Falene wasn’t going to totally cede all duties to her. She had requested team stationary to write some notes by hand.

    Dear Manda’lor,

    Three years ago I had the pleasure of playing against my first Elite League team at
    Mesh’la Vhetin in a preseason, non-League game. It would be our pleasure to host the Mercs at Bakura Gardens to ensure that our teams continue to meet annually for what remains a marquee game in the sport today. In the spirit of “friendly” play, the Noble House would be honored with your presence in our box for the game if this would be amenable to you. I have no doubt that an appropriate financial arrangement can be agreed upon by our respective representatives.

    Most sincerely,

    Falene Trieste

    Dear Mr. Tunran,

    The Miners organization wishes to return your hospitality of last season in similar fashion. Your presence at Bakura Gardens in week 2 of the 277 season would be a great honor for us, especially should you choose to join the Noble House in our box. I hope that you will give the Miners organization the opportunity to be a better host than we were a guest.

    Most sincerely,

    Falene Trieste

    Dear Mr. Dodd,

    It has been two years since our teams last played each other. The entire Miners organization, myself foremost among them, is pleased to invite you to Bakura Gardens for the week 4 contest between the Miners and the Packers. As always, the Noble House would be flattered by your presence in our box for the game should such a prospect appeal to you. Speaking for the players, we promise to be better hosts this year and give the Packers a more challenging time than when they last visited Salis D’aar so that you and all of Agamar would be able to take true delight in a victory.

    As always, your guests shall be our guests, including the beings of the ASF. After all, we will not be joined by the Senatorial Guard this year so our quota of blasters in the box will be woefully low.

    Most sincerely,

    Falene Trieste

    To Her Majesty Queen Variise, House K’ntarr,

    The Noble House of Trieste, in conjunction with the House of Arden and the Lynd family, cordially invites House K’ntarr to Bakura Gardens for the 277 Blue & Gold Bowl in week 5 of the season. It would be our pleasure to receive Her Majesty and family for the game after the many great receptions that Rydonni Prime has extended to the Noble House. House K’ntarr is welcome to join us in the owner’s box, but we can easily make arrangements for a separate box on your behalf if that is preferable. We very much look forward to this year’s contest and hope that it is but the prelude to another meeting in the playoffs.

    Most sincerely,

    Falene Trieste

    To Her Majesty Queen Mother Irsine Chume,

    For the first time, the Noble House is pleased to invite Your Majesty to the Truce Day game in week 9, to be played between the Miners and Buccaneers. In the spirit of Truce Day, the Noble House would be honored by your presence in our box for the game. It weighs heavy on our hearts that it was returning from Bakura that tragedy ended the reign of your sister. The Noble House wishes to do her memory honor this year and hopes that your presence will grace our festivities.

    Additionally, we would be flattered if Your Majesty would be inclined to make the usual bet for this year’s game.

    Most sincerely,

    Falene Trieste

    Falene set the letters aside for her Aunt Regan’s signature with the one heading to Rydonni Prime to also receive her Aunt Siona’s. The Evil Empire needed an image overhaul and beginning at the top was as good a place to start as any other.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    Commissioner Lokensgaard announces schedule for regular season games. He will see all 12 teams in action and visit 9 different stadiums. Lokensgaard intends to sit in the stands with the fans.
    • Week 1: Bakura Miners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Week 2: Agamar Packers at Ralltiir Starkillers
    • Week 3: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Mando’ade Mercs
    • Week 4: Ylesia Lightning at Coruscant Senators
    • Week 5: Euceron Storm at Agamar Packers
    • Week 6: Chandrila Patriots at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Week 7: Ryloth Rough Riders at Euceron Storm
    • Week 8: Mando’ade Mercs at Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Week 9: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ylesia Lightning
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Christine Gamble and Ava Killenger
    Locker Room, Prior to the Draft

    Christine tied her cleats and then set her feet on the floor. She was ready to take on her third game of Winter ball, the long road to recovery from her Torn MCL already a few steps along. She couldn’t do everything she had done prior to the injury, but that would come back with time and conditioning. This was the perfect stage to work on all of that, with lower-level competition. Perhaps they wouldn’t be miffed at her presence like the rec league players were. That hadn’t worked out well, as she only got to play in three games before the league had told her to either leave or stay within a “boundary box” on the field. She had refused, so she decided to leave instead. It sucked that she didn’t get to stay, but such was the life of a professional athlete in a recreational league.

    She looked across the cramped locker room at the local high school they were playing at to Ava Killenger, her training camp roommate. She was also playing winter ball this year, mostly at Christine’s request, but also to prove to the Senator front office that she deserved another glance for the training camp roster. With all of the new talent the Senators were bringing in, and the names they might yet bring in through the draft or trades, she wanted to make an impression. Although not the best competition abounded at this level, at least these players played pro ball somewhere. Some was better than none in the world of offseason Limmie leagues.

    Ava messed around with her headband, a new feature on her person. She wanted to see if this would keep the perspiration from rolling down her face, and to also keep her hair out of her line of sight, which sometimes happened if the ponytail she wore broke down during a game. Then her datapad vibrated, indicating that there was a message in her inbox. She opened up the message and began to read.

    From: Senators Front Office
    To: A. Killenger

    Ms. Killenger,

    You might want to read this.

    There was an attachment to the message. Ava opened it. It was a release from the Limmie Futures League.

    The Limmie Futures League has considered the case of Ava Killenger, on appeal from the Coruscant Senators and Thyferra Force. After discussion with team management and Ms. Killenger herself, it is the opinion of Commissioner Marius Turnell that she has learned her lesson after her drug abuse offense in 265 and that no purpose is served by continuing the League's hold on her through the first two weeks of the season. Accordingly, the Commissioner has fully reinstated Ms. Killenger, effective immediately, meaning that she may be called up to the Elite League whenever the Senators see fit. The Commissioner trusts that Ms. Killenger will not repeat her offense, and has made it clear to her that should it be repeated while she remains within the jurisdiction of the Futures League, stricter punishment will be enforced.

    “Yes!” Ava shouted. When she realized that everyone in the locker room was staring at her like she was crazy, she blushed. “Oops,” she said, trying to rectify for her rash behavior here. But this was indeed good news; she had figured that the big club wouldn’t go to bat for her on this at least until Week Three, if not later. Obviously they wanted to have the freedom to call her up on a whim and not have to wait. Yes they might be freeing themselves up to at only give her a look in camp, but that was something she didn’t have to fall back on prior to this. So it was a step in the right direction.

    Also attached to the message was a tagline.

    One more thing. Can you consider playing full forward? We may need you to switch positions.

    Now that was an interesting thought. Ava had never played Full Forward before, so that sounded like it would be a real challenge. She preferred half forward, which she had always played. If the Senators had asked her to switch to half back, she could do that. But full forward? That was a whole different animal. Was this the only way to get her on the big club? If so, then she would have to do it. The Senators had traded for a half forward during the offseason thus far, and maybe they wanted her to switch so that she could play immediately up there. That was either an assuring thought, or a crazy challenge.

    So she went to the coach of the Winter ball team, who seemed only somewhat receptive to change her position on the field right before a game. Ava understood his hesitance, and decided to play at her natural position for this game but to work on the FF spot during the week of practice. She had no choice at this juncture.

    The game seemed to go easier for her after this announcement. Although she was already doing well, she made defenders look silly and scored two goals along with a bar point, plus dishing out two assists. Good numbers to post to show the Senators that they were right in trying to call her up. Christine had done her job on the other end. Although she felt a little slow still, she recorded four tackles and a pass breakup. It wasn’t a monster game, but this was just rehab for her. It probably would be another month before she was back at full strength.

    But that was her battle. Right now, Ava was just happy to know that her future in the Elite League might come sooner than expected . . .

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Euceron Storm announce expansion of Euceron Stadium seating capacity to 315,000; ticket sales for 277 season will begin at midnight tonight
    • Nelly Wizmark (HB) signs new three year contract with Miners
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Martin Vigo

    With the release of the 277 regular season schedule for Elite League Limmie came the announcement from the commissioner that he would be attending a game every week himself. His visit to our stadium would be early in the season. In fact it would be our season opener on week 2 against Agamar. Seeing an opportunity I decided to formally invite him to lunch before the game:

    Dear Mr. Lokensgaard,

    Congratulations on your recent promotion to commissioner of the ELL. I look forward to working with you during your tenure. I understand you will be attending the game against Agamar held at Bankers Mansion during week 2 of the regular season. It would be my pleasure to invite you to lunch at my house before the game. I would like to advise you that I have a young granddaughter and 2 sons of my own who will be in attendance. They are well mannered. This invitation is meant to be a social one. I look forward to meeting you, getting acquainted with you, introducing you to the planet of Ralltiir and if I do say so myself the best crop of Limmie fans in the Galaxy.


    Martin Vigo

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: S.P.E.A.R. Agent Will Kol’sin
    Byblos Drive Yards Headquarters, Byblos City, Byblos
    Prior to Week 3 of the 273 ELL season

    A press conference was called to address the growing rumors about the talks between the Adrimar’s and the K’ntarr’s. Kol’sin’s boss viewed it as an opportunity for him to make contact with the Earl of Ryell. Unfortunately Count Kalin was already walking towards the podium, so he opted to address the next best person, “Lady Thara?”

    The long legged Byblos heiress with the flowing red hair looked over at him out of the corner of her eye, “Yes?”

    Agent Kol’sin gave her a slightly disarming smile, “Can I speak to you for a moment?”

    “I’m not part of the press conference, but it’s about to begin right now,” she nodded towards Kalin.

    “I’m not a reporter. I'm Agent Will Kol’sin with the Surveillance, Protection, Enforcement and Apprehension Regiment.”

    She chuckled slightly as she shook her head, “That's quite a mouthful.”

    “I know. We're working on it,” he loved what he did for the agency, but they really did need to fix that.

    Turning her focus to him, she gave him a cross look, “You know, we've been approached already by the RDF, the RFI, the RIS...”

    “We're a separate division with a more specific focus. We need to debrief Lord K’ntarr about the circumstances of his father’s death.”

    Her look turned to one of puzzled disbelief, but then returned her focus to Kalin, “I'll put something in the book, shall I?”

    “Thank you,” and that was the last he said to her on the matter.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Eusebus, Euceron
    273 ELL Season Awards

    After sixteen weeks of broken and missed appointments, Agent Kol’sin discovered that the every member of House K’ntarr would be attending the Elite League Limmie Season Awards. He decided that a public forum would be the best way to get a word in with Count Kalin. He approached the Earl of Ryell as he came up to the bar to order a drink, “Lord K’ntarr.”

    The Earl half turned, looking him up and down, “Yeah?

    “Agent Kol’sin,” he extended a hand out to the Royal.

    A glint of recognition sparked the corner of Kalin’s eye as he took Will’s hand, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, the guy from the...”

    “Surveillance, Protection, Enforcement and Apprehension Regiment,” Kol’sin finished for him.

    “Whew! Gods, you really need a new name for that,” Count K’ntarr shook his head as he let go of his hand.

    “Yeah, I hear that a lot. Listen, I know this must be a trying time for you, but we need to debrief you. There's still a lot of unanswered questions, and time can be a factor with these things. Let's just put something on the books. How about the 24th at Adrimar Arena?” Kol’sin realized his words were starting to fall on half listening ears. Kalin’s attention was no longer upon their conversation, but on the stunningly beautiful Lady Thara.

    “Tell you what. You got it. You're absolutely right…” the Earl’s final words trailed off as he walked away towards the red head in the open-back blue dress.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Adrimar Arena, Byblos City, Byblos
    274, The Inaugural Fight for the Adrimar-K’ntarr Shield

    As the first match between the Rydonni Prime Monarchs and Byblos Red Wings wound down Agent Kol’sin found himself in a secure room just off the Owner’s Luxury Box with Count Kalin and Lady Thara. His original intent was to just speak with the Earl, but it became increasingly evident that it wasn’t going to be an option. So he laid it out for both of them.

    “In 272 we intercepted a message that outlined a deal to have Count Wilran assassinated, but it didn’t specify a timetable. By the time we were able to backtrack it to the source and get a team in place to protect him, it was too late.”

    Kol’sin could see that Kalin was struggling to believe his words, “So the whole story that it was a raid of pirates? You came up... I mean, is that... That's kind of flimsy, don't you think?”

    “This isn't my first rodeo, Lord K’ntarr,” Kol’sin took a drink of water before continuing on. “This next item might be difficult to hear.” He paused to allow the gravity of situation to settle in, “The person who ordered the hit was Variise.”

    Kalin’s jaw dropped to the floor as he sprung to his feet, “And you’re just now telling me this!” Kol’sin watched as the Earl walked over to the fully stocked bar and poured himself a drink, which he promptly downed and then refilled.

    “I’ve been trying to tell you for the better part of a year and a half,” Kol’sin reminded him, “But you kept putting me off. Besides, we weren’t completely sure we could trust you.”

    “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Well, Variise wasn’t the only one who was involved in a plot to kill your father. We traced more than one source, and we weren’t able to find its source until just before I tried to contact you. Along with all the strange financial transactions that you were all conducting, it was difficult to determine if you were involved in your sister’s plot.”

    Kalin, nearly choking, poured himself yet another drink, “So who was this other person? My brother? My other sister? Who?”

    “Your cousin, Queen Naathe.”

    Finally, Lady Thara walked over to Kalin and took the glass, mid-drink, out of his hands, “So how are you certain that Variise was the one?”

    “Excellent question Lady Thara. The funds provided to the assassin originated from Variise’s personal account.”

    “Why are you just telling me about this and not arresting her? Why even create the pirate story?”

    Kol’sin crossed his arms, “We plan to arrest her, but we need to do it in such a way that both your sister and the Queen are removed from power without creating a power vacuum.”

    “So, you want me to step up and assume the throne? As flattering as that notion might be, it’s not my style. Perhaps you would like to talk to my little sibling, they might be interested.” The Earl grabbed another tumbler and started filling it with lum.

    “Actually, I need to speak to your little brother on a separate matter. But what I need for you to do is nothing.”

    “Nothing?!?” Kalin looked confused and slightly inebriated.

    “Nothing,” Kol’sin echoed, “I want you to act completely normal, especially if you happened to be in the company of both your sister and your cousin. We want things to play out as they are currently planned between them. In the meantime, we will provide you with a cover agent. His name is Colonel Jamys Roades and he’ll be your test pilot for the battle suit you are building.”

    Lady Thara was even shocked by this, “How do you know about that?”

    “That's what we do,” Kol’sin put his sunglasses on and turns to leave, “You'll be hearing from us.”

    “From the Surveillance, Protection...” Thara starts.

    Agent Kol’sin pauses to interrupt her, “Just call us S.P.E.A.R.”

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Security Force Station, Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    274, The week of the Blue & Gold Bowl

    The room was completely darkened, shades drawn, one single light shone on the face of the young brunette. Her hands were bound behind her and connected to the chair she sat on. A table was set before her, a data pad with a blank screen and Kol’sin’s hands were all that she could see.

    “It's not easy to do what you do, Ms O’Shane. You’ve made my associates - some of the most highly trained professionals in the world - look like a bunch of High School Newspaper journalist.” Kol’sin’s voice was even toned. “In my experience, it takes someone who's received similar training to do what you’ve done. Why don't you tell me where you received that training? Imp Intel? Roon Secret Services?

    “No, you strike me more as the freelance type,” He tapped his datapad’s blank screen in a specific pattern and several images of Erika meeting with a cloaked individual flashed across it, “Certain groups pay well for good information on influential families. Who are you working for?” Kol’sin waited for a response, but gets none. “One way or another, we will find out what we want to know. We're good at that.” Kol’sin comlink chirps and he glances at it quickly.

    He turns to leave the room and quips, “Don’t go anywhere.” Out in the hall he is approached by fellow S.P.E.A.R. Agent, Standgood, “Sir... she's got a visitor.” Standgood punched up the security feed from the visitor’s area, “He claims that he’s her brother.” Kol’sin walked down to the room that Erika’s ‘brother’ was told to wait in and looked at the information that Standgood already collected from him.

    "Her name is Erika Arden?" Kol’sin questioned the young man.

    “Yes,” he answered, “Erika Arden. She's part of House Arden of Bakura.”

    “Your sister has ventured into some dangerous territory, Lord Arden”

    “Troubling, not dangerous.” Retorted Lord Nicolas. “She was distraught when she found out that a non-Bakuran aristocrat was taking advantage of one of her fellow noblewomen. She got depressed, started drinking, and... well, you know the rest.”

    “Uh-huh.” Kol’sin was not convinced. There was something about the young man’s story that just wasn’t adding up, “You mind if we take a moment to verify her identity?”

    “Certainly.” Kol’sin taps the screen of his datapad a few times, running this new information through S.P.E.A.R.’s database. Meanwhile Nicholas continued to ramble. “You can understand how a patriotic woman could go off like that. I mean, a big, Core world family like the K’ntarrs, come in with their knife-jawed prince and steal away a Bakuran...” Kol’sin raised his eyebrow at Nicholas’s curious commentary, “...that is how she described it.”

    “That doesn't explain how she managed to circum vent our information security.”

    Nicholas shrugs, “Droids. She's a bit of a techno nut.”

    Kol’sin hits a button, and a graphic reads, "SPEAR SECURITY ANALYSIS IN PROGRESS." Kol’sin eyes the datapad screen. After a moment, he turns back to Nicholas. “It says here she studied genetics and genealogy.”

    “She is. That is, she was. She switched careers and became a journalist. She's quite brilliant, really.” Nicholas swallows hard as Kol’sin continues to look down at his datapad. “If you would just release her to me, I promise to keep an eye on her.”

    Kol’sin thinks about it for a moment, sizing Nicholas up. A slight smile spreads across his face as he turns to Standgood nearby. “Release Ms Arden to Mr. Arden here.” Standgood looks to Kol’sin with surprise in his eyes. Kol’sin ignores it and returns his attention to Nicholas. “Make sure she stays in town for the next few days in case we need to talk to her again.”

    Nicholas stands up and shakes Kol’sin’s hand, “Thank you.” Standgood and Kol’sin escort Nicholas to where Erika is being held. The trio bursts into the room bringing the illumination up to full and find a
    cuffed Erika still in her chair. “Eri, Eri, Eri! There you are!” Erika squints at Nicholas, with an unsure look upon her face. As Kol’sin and Standgood uncuff her, Nicholas pulls her to her feet, giving her a warm hug. “It's going to be all right, sis. Come on, I'm taking you home.”

    Kol’sin watches his datapad as Erika and Nicholas make their way past a table with a datachip upon it. As she passes, Erika quickly takes the chip from the table and pockets it. Kol’sin looks up from his datapad screen which bears Erika Arden's identification record. A security warning is over her image clearly reading "SECURITY ALERT: FALSIFIED DATA." He knew it had been a ruse all along, but this was the final proof. He looks to Nicholas and Erika as they head away from the Security Department, following them outside. Kol’sin calls to Nicholas, “Mr. Arden,” the duo pauses, “Just keep her away from the bars.”

    Nicholas does not even turn back, “I will!”

    “Where are we going?” Erika asks Nicholas quietly. Who answers matter of factly, “To get a drink.”

    As the ‘siblings’ exit the building, Kol’sin turns to Standgood and simply states, “Follow them.”

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Ryell Metropolis Spaceport, Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    275, After the Royal Reception

    Kol’sin stood off to the side and watched as Erika O’Shane attempted to clear through the final security checkpoint. When the security droids pulled her out of line and escorted her to a holding room, he could hear her protests of being a reporter and violating the freedom of the media. When he walked into the room her look turned from one of disgust to one of defeat.

    Kol’sin pulled the stolen datachip out of Erika’s datapad. “Ms Arden? I don’t think you’ve been completely honest with me.” He starts to roll the chip between his fingers. “Your ‘brother’ told me you were a techno-nut, but if you were you would know to scan a government agency’s chip before sticking it into your datapad.” Erika’s jaw dropped.

    “Know this Agent Kol’sin,” she started to plead, “You and I, we fight for the same cause: the protection of the people. From this day forward, you can count me in as your ally, if…”

    “You have nothing to bargain with.”

    “I was going to say, if you allow me to be the one to reveal myself to my father.”

    A small grin curls the corner of Kol’sin’s lips, “Of course, in exchange I need to speak with your brother… or should I say, your cousin Lord Nicholas and I need you to break some news to Vesper.”

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Arden K’ntarr’s Private Residence, Bin City, Balmorra
    275, Prior to the Byblos-Rydonni Prime Friendly

    Director Fu’rey finished laying out everything that happened to Wilran K’ntarr to his younger son, Arden K’ntarr, as Agent Kol’sin and Tasha Rotskof walked in with a case. Director Fu’rey turned to the Baron as he put on his jacket to leave, “You remember Agent Kol’sin, right?”


    “Good,” Fu’rey started to exit the room when he paused to look back at the Rydonnian, “Oh, and Arden, remember. I’ve got my eye on you.” He then gave the young Baron a slight smile and walked away.

    The redheaded, female agent looked up at Arden, “We’ve disabled all communications. No contact with the outside world until further notice.” The Baron raised an eyebrow at her as she followed Fu’rey’s lead, “Good luck.”

    Adren turned and looked at Kol’sin slowly crossing the room towards him, “Please. First thing, I need is to get on a flight to Rydonni Prime. I’ll put in a little time in the mobile lab on the shuttle. If you could send one of your goon squad down to the The Caf Beanery, for a Seahags run, or something like that, that’d be nice.”

    Flattly Kol’sin answered, “I’m not here for that. I’ve been authorized by Director Fu’rey to use any means necessary to keep you on premises. If you attempt to leave or play any games, I will tase you and watch Superdaddy while you drool into the carpet. Okay?”

    “I think I got it,” Arden said drolly, “So does that mean you’re not going to be getting me any caf ?”

    Kol’sin ignored him, “Enjoy watching the game via remote,” turned a walked out of the office.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Arden K’ntarr’s Private Residence, Bin City, Balmorra
    275, Prior to the Packers-Monarchs Week 1 match

    Kol’sin walks into find Arden and his new personal assistant, Cathrine Dawson, going over design specs for a new starfighter. “So I heard you broke the perimeter to go out on a date?”

    Arden didn’t even look up from his work, “Yeah. That was like three years ago. Where have you been?”

    “I was doing some stuff.”

    “Yeah, well, me, too,” he glances over at Cathrine, who blushes and punched him in the arm, “and some work. Hey, I’m playing for the home team, Kol’sin, you and all your Brilliant Black Suited Brothers and Sisters. Now, are you gonna let me work or bust my balls?”

    Kol’sin starts thumbing through some items on one of K’ntarr’s active datapads. He comes across an old design for an old Incom Corporation StealthX starfighter. “What’s this doing here?” holding it up so that K’ntarr can see what he’s talking about.

    “That’s it,” K’ntarr gets a look of inspiration, “Bring that to me.”

    “You know what this is?” Kol’sin starts to walk over to him.

    “That is exactly what I need to make this work.”

    Kol’sin hands the pad to K’ntarr who studies it for a moment before using it to prop up his other design specs. “Perfect.” He steps away for a moment to look Kol’sin in the eye, “I’m busy. What do you want?”

    “Nothing. Goodbye. I’ve been reassigned. Director Fu’rey wants me on Tython.”

    K’ntarr doesn’t even look at him, “Fantastic. Bright center of the Universe.”

    “So I’m told.”

    “Secret stuff?”

    “Something like that.” K’ntarr just shrugs his shoulders and looks away, “Good luck.” Kol’sin extends his hand to shake K’ntarr’s.

    “Bye,” K’ntarr grasps his hand in a firm handshake, “Thanks.”

    “We need you.”

    “Yeah, more than you know.” K’ntarr drops his hand.

    “Not that much.” Kol’sin snorts as he walks out of the lab.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    IC: Duke Kalin, Earl of Ryell
    Shooter’s Cantina, Level 1313, Coruscant
    After the conclusion of the 275 ELL season

    Kalin stood at the entry way to the dimly lit drinking establishment in the lower levels of the Republican capital. Replays of sporting events from around the galaxy played on the myriad of vidscreens that lined the walls and hung from various spots in the ceiling. The flickering displays were providing the ambient light that bathed the sparse occupants in a variety of colors. For a planet that never sleeps, there was hardly a being within the cantina.

    Only one occupant was his focus and he found him. He was hunched over the bar, holding his glass aloft, and shouting, with a slight slur, “Reload!” to the bartender droid. A tall, barrel shaped droid with a multitude of hoses and nozzles rolled down to the man. Without any discernable instructions, the droid refilled the vaulted, glass tumbler with a caramel-colored liquid.

    The Rydonnian took in a deep breath, through his nostrils, and audibly exhaled. “Ah. The smell of stale beer and defeat.” He looked about the room, noting that his comments had fallen on deaf - or in most cases drunken - ears. Slowly he walked towards the hunched over man at the bar who lifted his empty glass once more.


    Standing back slightly, he continued to address the man’s back, “You know… this was the last place I ever expected to find an award winning Elite Limmie League General Manager.”

    The intoxicated gentleman turned to see who was addressing him, “Well… if it isn’t Kalin K’ntarr, Duke of Byblos, Earl of Ryell… to what do I owe the honor, your highness?”

    The Duke stood confidently, “Keep your voice down Mr. Rhemes.”

    “Why?” the GM hiccupped, “This is my watering hole. I grew up in the apartment overlooking the walkway.”

    “Well, regardless, I think you should slow down on the jet fuel your sucking down on.”

    Setarcos slightly wobbled on the stool he was sitting on, “You should talk.”

    “You should listen,” Kalin fired back.

    “What did you expect me to do? My team is the laughing stock of the league, I just found out that I have an illegitimate daughter only months older than my estranged daughter, my ex-wife… who I’m pretty sure I’m still in love with… is missing, and I was just informed that the woman I was… at least until recently… sharing my bed with has most likely committed patricide and possibly responsible for my exes disappearance,” he turns and pokes a shaky finger into Kalin’s chest.

    “What if I told you we were putting something together to fix most of those problems?”

    Setarcos seems to sober slightly, “Who's "we"?”

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    IC: Vesper Lynd
    ???, ???, ???
    After the conclusion of the 121st Galactic Cup Final


    Slowly her senses returned to her. First was her hearing. She could faintly hear murmured voices over the low hum that rang in her ears. There were at least three, no four distinct voices, but their words were a mashed up bowl of interconnected noodles.

    There was a dull throbbing in her limbs and her back. Her muscles ached, but she could feel a pulsation against her back. Vibrations rippled down her spine almost in synch with the humming that rung in her. Flexing her fingers, their tips ran across cold durasteel. That was when she realized that she was laying on the floor.

    Sitting up, her head felt like it had started to spin, but the world was still black. She leaned forward, putting her head in her hands, trying to piece together what had happened. The last thing that she remembered was stepping out of the showers on Mandalore and walking into the eerily empty visitor’s dressing room. The Monarchs had just lost their first Galactic Cup Final and she was the last person to get changed for the shuttle ride back to Rydonni Prime.

    Realization dawned on her. She had been attacked! Frantically she rubbed her eyes in hope that she might stimulate her vision to return, but it was to no avail. Her vision was returning, but the rubbing was not speeding up the process. As she tried to take in the make-up of her surroundings Vesper was able to piece a few things together. Number one, she definitely was not in visitor’s dressing room of Meshla Vhetin. Number two, she was most likely on a shuttle bound for who knows where. Number three, she was in a crew cabin of sorts, with multiple bunks and a bench running down the middle.

    She must be off of the main gathering area of the vessel since she could hear the muffled voices just on the other side of the bulkhead. By the prevalent humming of the engines and the vibrations she felt on the bunk, she figured that she must also be near the engineering bay. She held onto the hope that she might be able to slip past her captures and find an unsecure communications console to send out a distress signal. But she didn’t hold her breath for it.

    With her vision fully restored, she gathered up her courage and decided to act. She crept to the door and cracked it enough to hear the conversation on the other side clearly, but not enough to see exactly who she was dealing with.

    “…think someone should check on her?” the first male voice pondered, “She’s been out for quite a while now.” Vesper wondered if they were referring to her or another hapless female captor of theirs.

    “Naw, she’s been through a lot,” answered a second male voice. This one sounded slightly older than the first.

    “How do you plan on breaking it to her?” now there was a female voice, it was flat and even but it was still distinctly female.

    “I’m going to do it,” this third male voice struck a chord of familiarity with her. As if they spoke several times and in a multitude of capacities, “She needs to hear it from me of she’s not going to believe it.”

    NICHOLAS? She gasped as the voice dawned on her. Quickly she took a step back from the door and covered her mouth with both her hands. As if doing so would cancel out the already released noise.

    “Well you might as well get it over with,” a fourth male with a commanding voice boomed, “she’s already been listening for few minutes.”

    Since the nexu was already out of the bag, she flung the door open and confidently stepped over the threshold into the common area of the ship. The walls were lined with live vid-feeds and the center was dominated by a circular holotable. Round the table were all familiar faces that she thought she knew, now she wasn’t so sure.

    “Ves?” Nicholas attempted to embrace her, but halted when she slapped him across the face.

    Taking a small step back from him, she put her hand up and hissed, “Don’t.”

    “Ms Lynd,” she looked over at Kalin and Thara, who were decked out in a red and gold version and red and silver version of Sentinel armor respectively, “I know that this is a lot to process right now, just know that we’re the good guys.”


    “Listen Vesper,” she wheeled around to see the one-eyed stare of SPEAR Director Fu’rey, “we had no choice but to extract you from Mandalore that way.”

    “You!” finally everything was starting to become clear, “This is all your doing, isn’t it? I gave you my answer the night you broke into my apartment. I am not interested in your precious Sentinel Initiative.”

    “This is larger than that, Vesper.” She had to do a double-take. Arden, like his older brother and sister-in-law, was also in Sentinel armor, however his was matte-black. “We need you… no, the people need you and the team to stand with them.”

    Vesper’s brow furrowed with confusion, “The team?” She turned her attention to Setarcos, “You, of all people, should realize what happens when limmie players march off to war.” She looked over at the three nobles, “We’re not soldiers, my Lords and Lady, and, despite the fancy armor, neither are any of you.”

    A door behind her slide open, “That’s not entirely true Cap.”

    Vesper turned around towards the new voice, “Dougant?” The Monarch midfielder was wearing a black uniform that matched the three females, who now stood behind him. She recognized the two who were posing as the replacement pilots on the Crown Jewel and the sight of the third made her blood boil.

    Her head snapped around, eyes locking upon Nicholas, “What is your floozy doing here?” she asked while punching him in the arm.

    Nicholas started stammering, “Talia isn’t…” But then Director Fu’rey cut him off, “Agent Rotskof was assigned by me to shadow Mr. Arden to keep an eye on both of you.”

    “Agent Rotskof?!?” Vesper and Nicholas questioned in unison.

    The red-head stepped forward and stood before Vesper and Nicholas, “Yes, my name is Tasha Rotskof, formerly of the Chume’doro, now an Agent of S.P.E.A.R.. Director Fu’rey contacted me when the Monarchs traveled to Hapes. He knew that when you were selected for the All-Star team Agent Dougant couldn’t protect you, so I met up with Mr. Arden with the cover story that I was hired by House Arden to protect him off world.”

    Vesper was still steaming at Nicholas, “So you make out with all of your new bodyguards?”

    Tasha cut off his mumbling, “That was my doing. When you came out of the stadium you were being guarded by a squad of SP-600s and I didn’t want them to connect me to Nicholas.”

    “So the most convenient way to conceal your identity was to kiss him?”

    “Yes,” Tasha answered matter-of-factly, “Public displays of affection make others uncomfortable… even for droids.”

    A silence hung in the room as the screens on the walls flickered with images of Variise-loyal SP-600s and Naathe-loyal SP-580s exchanging blaster fire among the rumbled streets of Ryell. Suddenly, there was a blue and red flash that streaked out of the sky into the middle of the crossfire. A cloud of dust and debris obscured what had just fallen to the battle field. Whatever it was drew the attention of both battledroid armies. Blasterfire from all sides converged on the center of the cloud only to come back out on a return trajectory to the firer.

    By the time the dust settled all the battledroids were destroyed and a lone figure stood in the middle of the wreckage. A young woman in a ripped red, white, and blue uniform grasped a battle-battered shield in her hand. She surveyed the battlefield before she ran off, presumably to lay waist to another group of droids.

    “What the frak was that?” Vesper exclaimed.

    Fu’rey just smiled, “That was Commander Namaryne, leader of R.A.I.D., and they are going bring about a revolution on Rydonni Prime.”

    “Sir,” Agent Tor spoke up from the door, “We need to get the rest of the team to the Trident before we’re discovered out here.”

    Vesper was half listening as the group started talking about plans and strategy when something else on the screens caught her eye. It was a live report being done by Erika O’Shane. She was standing in front of the Parliament in Ryell, which was surrounded by barricades and beings carrying blaster rifles. At the bottom of the screen her name was displayed with the words “PARLIAMENTARY LOCKDOWN” underneath. She stepped closer to hear the report better.

    “That is correct. Both Houses of the Rydonnian Parliament have assembled and locked themselves away. They have declared that they will not open their doors again until they both come to mutual terms on Constitution for the people. They are being guarded by a group of freedom fighters calling themselves the Rydonnian Army for Independence and Defense, or R.A.I.D. for short.

    “We also have unconfirmed reports that Duchess Naathe K’ntarr, Queen-in-Exile of Rythanni, has returned to Rythonni Prime. According to sources, she fled Sacorria after having been imprisoned for the apparent attempted assassination of her estranged husband, Telandro Calrissian. Naathe Loyalist claim that she is seeking asylum from Queen Variise.”

    The image goes to a split screen, showing the main reporter sitting in the main studio.

    “Erika, we know that the Ryell Royal Spaceport is not far from where you are, can you see the Crown Jewel on its final approach?”

    “Yes Tim, it looks like the Solo Conference Champions have returned home amid…”

    Erika’s other words were never heard, as the vessel identified as the Crown Jewel exploded in a massive fireball.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Wilrax Tunran IV
    Location: Euceron war room, Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia
    Time: 277 Elite League Draft, Bakura Miners on the clock

    “Aebatt, what's the status of free agents?”

    Aebatt checked her datapad. “We re-signed everybody, except for Daven Morray. He elected to retire.”

    Wilrax scratched his head. “He was a corner back, right?”

    “Full. And one hell of a starter, too.”

    “What's in the pipeline for us to fill that hole?”

    “Honestly? Not much. We've got Tyndale down on Commenor, but he's not quite ready for the show. Needs another year or two of seasoning before we can call him up. That's it for true fulls down there. Witt'ka could start, and he already does in the Antilles, but that leaves us relying on Gronkrakk to be his backup in the classic and co-starter in the Antilles. We need to draft a true full that can play Elite ball immediately. Beyond that, I think we just draft the best available players and stash them.”

    “Well, there's only one true full on the big board, and that's Penn. Unless the Miners—hang on a sec.” Wilrax pulled his comlink out and thumbed the answer button. “Hello?... Yes?... Deal. I'll have the new commish notified.” He hung up and turned to his datapad.

    “What was that about?” asked Aebatt.

    Wilrax poked at his datapad a few more times, then looked up. “How many consecutive first-round picks do we have?”


    “Wrong. We have three. I just sent both of our second-rounders to the Monarchs in exchange for their number seven pick, right after the two we already had.”

    Aebatt whistled. To land three straight picks in the first round was a major coup. “So who do we want?”

    “Well, obviously Penn. For the value picks, I'm looking at—”

    With the fourth overall pick in the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Bakura Miners select Horst Penn, Full Back, University of Agamar.

    “Dammit!” yelled Wilrax.

    “Okay, what's the plan B?” Aebatt calmly asked.

    “We don't have one. Scouts, what's your opinion of the remaining backs?”

    The three scouts sitting at the table looked at each other, then checked their notes, then looked at each other again.

    “For Force's sake, somebody say something!” Wilrax said.

    Finally the female scout spoke up. “I like Baelidy. He is a utility back, but he seems most at home in front of the goal. Full is where he started at Namaryne. No significant injury history. Plus, he's not brand new to the Antilles; Namaryne experimented with it for a few games last season.”

    “I like him,” Aebatt said.

    “So do I,” Wilrax added. “What do we have for value picks?”

    “Golbert is the complete package,” said the head scout. “Everything you want in a midfielder. I'm not sure how well he would take to being stashed in the Futures League, though; the guy is ready for the Elite League now.”

    “Not a problem,” said Aebatt. “We have no backups on Euceron at midfield, so he can join us right away.”

    “That's two,” Wilrax said. “What about the third?”

    The female scout spoke. “It's tough to make a call here, but I'm leaning Artor. I think—”

    “Nonsense,” the head scout said. “He's an injury risk. Second-round material at best; I'd just as soon not draft him at all. Let somebody else put him on IR.”

    “Well,” said the female scout, “my other option seems a bit of a reach, but given that he have no second-rounders, I like Rokee. She's a lot better than HSN gives her credit for in the rankings, and we can't have been the only team to see that. The only ding I have on her is that she can be a ball hog at times, but she's coachable. I think a season or two on Commenor will help her be more team-oriented.”

    There was silence in the room for a minute, then Wilrax spoke. “Sounds like we have three picks. That was easy.” He opened a comlink like to Haron Orus, sitting in the draft room, and spoke for a moment.

    IC: Haron Orus
    Location: Draft hall, Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia

    Haron closed the comlink call and stood up. Immediately, the Storm fans in attendance started whooping and hollering, and as he walked to the stage, everyone eventually realized that they were about to see one team make three straight picks in the first round. When he got to the stage, he made a point of ignoring the commish—Haron was already growing tired of his antics—and walked straight to the podium.

    “With the fifth, sixth, and seventh picks in the 277 Elite League Draft,” Haron announced, “the Euceron Storm select, in no particular order: Canton Golbert, Midfielder, University of Coruscant; Genevieve Rokee, Corner Forward, Enarch Tech; and Neal Baelidy, Utility Back, Namaryne System University Knights. Again, those picks are in no particular order.” Haron smiled.

    “The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock.”

    TAG: CPL_Macja (for his draft pick) Vehn (because I totally stole your scouting reports and probably broke Lilly's heart by picking Rokee)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Euceron Storm announce that all home games for the upcoming season sold out in less than seven hours; a limited number of luxury boxes remain available for all games but are expected to be gone by the start of training camp or earlier
    • Mercs to play Miners in preseason friendly at Bakura Gardns (April 27)
    • Bengi Zire (FB, Bakura) becomes a free agent
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny JM_1977 Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun Tim Battershell Vehn (seeing as there's a free agent notification)
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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Nabreen Nayezsh & Jalex Dwara
    Draft Hall, Aruk Besadii Centre, Ylesia
    277 Elite League Draft

    The Naboo Twins, Naywara, the Lab Rats, no matter what you called them you were always certain to see them together. Nabreen and Jalex had been friends for as long as either of them could remember. Born only a few months apart, their parents were close friends that lived across the road from each other. They had a special connection. The only time the two of them were apart was their four years of university.


    While the new Commissioner opened the 277 Draft, Nabreen nervously tapped the end of his stylus against the Monarchs table. Jalex nonchalantly reached over and set her hand on his to stop the constant clicking. She then folded her hands and elegantly placed them on the table in front of her. Unconsciously, Nabreen’s knee started bouncing up and down underneath the table. Once again Jalex slowly reached down set her hand on his leg.

    “Stop fidgeting Nab,” she said through a smile, “we’re at the Elite League Draft and people are starting to stare.”

    “I know that Jalla. Why do you think I’m so nervous?”

    “It’ll be alright, just relax and go with the flow.”

    “Oh that’s easy for you to say, Miss Second-Round-Pick.”

    Jalex’s jaw dropped wide open, her head snapped around to look at him, “When are you going to stop being sore about that?”

    “When my name gets etched onto the Galactic Cup.”

    “With the first overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select Patti Meter, half back form the Citadel University of Anaxes.”

    “Called it!” Jalex gleefully punched Nabreen in the shoulder.

    Nabreen mumbled under his breath, “You and everyone else.”

    “Nab!” This time she punched with some force behind it.

    “Well, what did you expect? She won the Helmsman, the Senators needed help on defense, heck even that hack journalist who does the Mock Drafts had her going number one.”

    Jalex crossed her arms and sat back in her chair in a huff, “Whatever.”

    “Gentlebeings. For our first pick in the Elite League Draft for 277 ABY, the Agamar Packers select Emma Blanchard from University of Ryell Clemency Beasts!”

    “Ouch that one hurts,” Nabreen took his stylus and crossed Emma’s name off of a list he had on his datapad.

    “I know. I was hoping she’d still be on the board when our pick came around.”

    Nabreen gave her a confused look, “Jalla, she would be more competition for you in the front six. Why would you hope for her?”

    “I don’t know… she seemed so nice when we practiced with them during training camp last year.”

    Nabreen just rolled his eyes at her.

    “With the third pick in the 277 ELL first year player draft the Mando’ade Mercs select Wylliam Starsearcher, University of Tatooine.”

    Nabreen was diligently studying something on his datapad, “Doesn’t this all seem a little strange to you?”

    “Not really. I figured the Mercs would snatch up someone for defense,” Jalex was very matter-of-fact.

    “Not that,” Nabreen shook his head, “this is what I’m talking about. Look,” He slid his datapad over in front of her, “there’s been a ton of data traffic over the corporate database back on Rydonni Prime.

    “And how would you know that?”

    “Easy I simply backtracked the connection set up for our pick notification, assigned myself administrative rights on the server…”

    “You hacked the corporate database?” she admonished him in a whispered shout.

    “I would hardly call it hacking… it’s not like I’m some outsider trying to steal team information. Besides, now I can design a better security algorithm to prevent someone else from doing what I just did.”

    “Just because you’re an engineer and know how to do somethings doesn’t mean that you have to do them.”

    “Right,” he fired back, “because you weren’t working with Dr. Cyxan on finding a quicker way to recover from turf toe before the Crown Jewel exploded?”

    “Well… I…” Jalex stammered, “Fine. What does this mean?”

    “I have no idea? It’s just off…”

    “Gentlebeings. We have a trade. The Euceron Storm trade the thirteenth and sixteenth overall picks in the 277 Draft to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs for the seventh overall pick in the 277 Draft.”

    The dynamic duo sat gobsmacked.

    “Who the?”

    “How the?”


    Nabreen frantically typed on his datapad creating a program on the fly to figure out what was going on. Ever since the Revolution in Ryell, the entire organization had been in disarray. The only reason the two of them were present was to make the pick. They were contacted by Hris Helios, acting GM, to go and sit at the draft table. Along with their tickets to Ylesia were two datapads with a secure connection to, they assumed, Remus Olappa and Dia T’ramis, the Monarchs’ scouting team.

    Now that the first pick had been traded away what purposed did it serve for them to be there. Their confusion deepened when their commlinks chirped simultaneously indicating an incoming call. “Hello?” Jalex answered timidly.


    Both winced and pulled their ear pieces away from their heads. The voice on the other end was unmistakably the Hall of Fame Assistant GM. “It wasn’t our doing Mr. Helios,” Nabreen explained, “We haven’t moved from our seats or talked to anyone, just like you instructed us.”

    “Well if it was you guys and it wasn’t us, then who ordered the trade?”

    “We have no clue, sir,” Jalex shrugged her shoulders and turned her attention back to the proceedings.

    “With the fourth overall pick in the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Bakura Miners select Horst Penn, Full Back, University of Agamar.”

    “So… halfway through the first round,” Fenrir Lokensgaard said from the podium, “and I know I’m having fun. The Euceron Storm are now on the clock for the first of their three picks.”

    Naywara watched as the commissioner stepped down off of the stage only to be handed a piece of filmsi. He read it quickly, grinned slightly, turned back around and headed right back to the podium.

    “Gentlebeings… We have a trade. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs trade Shae Bellweather… to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in exchange for the eight overall pick in the 277 Draft.”

    “That wasn’t us either.” Naywara and Helios said simultaneously.

    After a brief silence Hris told them to sit tight and terminated their connection.

    “With the fifth, sixth, and seventh picks in the 277 Elite League Draft the Euceron Storm select, in no particular order: Canton Golbert, Midfielder, University of Coruscant; Genevieve Rokee, Center Forward, Enarch Tech; and Neal Baelidy, Utility Back, Namaryne System University Knights. Again, those picks are in no particular order. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock.”

    It was the moment of truth.

    Whose name was going to pop up on their datapad?

    Who was going to be the newest member of the Monarchs?

    Would the Monarchs even be around for their tenth anniversary?

    The clock ticked down to under one minute when suddenly the lights and power completely cut out in the Draft Hall. Less than ten seconds later the emergency power kicked in and the lights came back up. Standing behind the podium was a young woman clad in black and wearing a mask. Before anyone could react she announced, “With the eighth and final first round pick in the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select…”

    The masked woman pulled out a Rydonni Blue and Gold Monarchs jersey and held it high.

    Severine, Midfielder, Royal College of Hapes.”


    After Severine accepted her new uniform from the masked woman and few holos were snapped, the woman returned to the podium. “The Senators are now on the clock.” She then stepped off to the side and shouted, “FREEDOM, LIBERITY, EQUALITY” She lifted her mask to reveal her face.


    The morning headlines would later read…

    Vesper Lynd and the Monarchs Live!

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post, OOC

    The second round of the Elite League Limmie draft has begun. I would like to conclude it no later than Sunday, April 27. This round of the Draft, like the third which will follow it, is done via PM. Please PM your pick(s) for the second round. I will announce as many as I can in a sitting and alert you if there is a pending pick ahead of you that has superseded your pick.

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    GM Post

    "Gentlebeings, before we begin the second round of the 277 Draft," Fenrir said, coming up to the podium, "The Coruscant Senators have traded the ninth overall pick in the 277 Elite League Limmie Draft to the Ralltiir Starkillers in exchange for Ye’ves’toung and Robacca."

    Fans cheered and Fenrir smiled.

    "With that pick, the Starkillers select Shen Shyall, Half Back, Druckenwell Technical University," Fenrir said.

    "With the tenth overall pick, the Agamar Packers select Rodney White, Full Forward, Vertical City University.

    "With the eleventh overall pick, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mike Doubleday, Half Back, Tanaab A&M University.

    "With the twelfth overall pick, the Bakura Miners select Dorvan Fiesta, Corner Forward, UB Gesco City.

    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock," Lokensgaard said.

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    GM Post

    "With the thirteenth overall pick, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Jaymes Nolan, Forward, University of Byblos.

    "With the fourteenth overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Morganthow, Half Forward, Chandrila A&M University.

    "With the fifteenth overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Bo'gruth, Right Corner Back, Coruscant Polytechnic University.

    "With the sixteenth overall pick, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Ivaan Artor, Full Forward, University of Agamar.

    "This concludes the second round. That went swimmingly, don't you think? We will now begin the third round," Fenrir reported, "The Coruscant Senators are now on the clock."

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    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Signing bonanza by Ylesia
    • Ema Zostin (HF, Rydonni Prime), Bpa Mersac (MF, Chandrila), Neeoorni Bodotor (CF, Garqi State) all signed by Lightning
    • Rishal (LCF) Tung Nabb (MF), both of Lightning, become free agents
    • Bengi Zire (FB) reportedly being courted by multiple Elite League teams
    • Kerry Trieste to convene blue ribbon panel on player safety in Bak10 limmie. “Player safety must be our top priority to preserve the integrity of limmie. We are talking about beings’ futures here.”


    "With the seventeenth overall selection, the Coruscant Senators select Augustina Dekula, Left Half Back, University of Ord Mantell," Fenrir said.

    "With the eighteenth overall selection, the Agamar Packers select Doug Kraken, Corner Forward, Dac State University.

    "With the nineteenth overall selection, the Mando'ade Mercs select Vern Ghoul, Half Back..." Fenrir paused and sighed the next word, "...The Ord Saboak University.

    "With the twentieth overall selection, the Bakura Miners select Sutton Millard, Corner Back, Atalanta University.

    "The Euceron Storm are now on the clock."

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