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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Christine Gamble
    Senator Stadium

    Christine wanted to scream. She was so frustrated by how bad this game was going today. Nar Shaddaa had come to play, and was dominating the Senators at every turn. When the home team tried to get the ball into the offensive zone, a Smuggler defender was there to take them out before they could do any damage. On defense, the Smugglers did what they wanted, peppering Zeke Barbosa in goal with shot after shot that even the All-Star goalie couldn’t stop. The Bith was incensed, but there was nothing he could do.

    Christine was really struggling today as well. Unlike the prior week, where she had shut down Kad Mereel, Bellweather had her number today. She was routinely late to the ball, always coming up a moment too late as the corner forward kept the ball moving. It took a whole half plus some time before Christine finally notched a tackle, and it was that kind of day for her, with only two tackles and a forced fumble when the game was pretty much over.

    Patricia Meter, the number one overall pick in the Draft, had been completely rocked in this game by Salbukk winner Mylessa McCloud. McCloud had dominated every aspect of the game with her excellent play, proving why she had deserved the MVP award. Meter never caught up with her counterpart, missing tackles, making stupid mistakes, and never getting into a groove. Finally Pam Korthe had decided to move her over to left half, swapping in Rana Lel Dey to the center. Now matched up against another half forward, Meter was still getting destroyed. The half forwards were dominant today for the road team, seemingly scoring most of the Smuggler points. Meter finally got yanked for Reena Wyley early in the second half, and the rookie cried into a towel as soon as she got to the sidelines. Christine knew what it felt like to be down to nothing in this game; the injury had done that to her last season. It stung to know that you had failed like that.

    The offense had once again been nonexistent. Thulius Jomas scored a bar point late in the game to get on the board, and Ye’ves’toung had scored her first point as a Senator with another bar score. But other than that no offense had been there. Maximus Qorbus once again struggled mightily, the Smugglers making sure to swarm him with double and triple-teams. The Pistol offense was a complete dud so far, and no doubt fans were looking to rip off Sulena Gure’s head already after just two games. When you got caught in a corner by two or three opposing players, you couldn’t get out of that jam. Qorbus committed three turnovers, and when he came out of the game slammed his fist into the bench. Cord McKerty had also struggled, and the half forwards had quickly been jumbled to no effect. Gark S’rily looked clueless as his half forwards didn’t do anything for the second consecutive game.

    What made matters worse was Sorcha Styles. The Bothan, playing against her former team, was having another terrible game. She had turned the ball over once already, and was driving on a cross pattern when she ran smack-dab into Qorbus’ back when he wasn’t looking. She bounced off of him but then got plowed under by a couple of players caught in a jam. When the carnage cleared, Styles hobbled off the field. Tama Wor, the trainer, had diagnosed it as a foot injury, and the Bothan never returned to the game.

    With about ten minutes left in the game, the Senator crowd, or what was left of it, started to boo. When the game was over, they booed the Senators off the field mercilessly, even louder than they booed the Smugglers for taking the Rim Jersey for another season. When she returned to the locker room, Christine didn’t want to say anything. There was nothing to say; everyone had sucked, and they all knew it. Nothing to prove by saying something.

    Could this season get any worse?

    IC: Ava Killenger

    The injury to Styles had given Ava an opportunity to play. By now the game was getting away, and Ava could feel that this might get ugly if the Senators didn’t get something started soon. On her first play, she was whacked off her route by Ken Zetter. The former first overall pick was on top of his game today, and Ava didn’t like that.

    As the game progressed, Ava found herself getting even worse. Zetter was dominating her, riding her hip and making her pay when she tried to do something. It was a perfect game from the full back. Nothing could be done against him or his teammates today. Once again Ava felt silly as she trudged off to the locker room to the chorus of boos. At this rate she would feel the Thyferra humidity in a few weeks. When Ganlin came back, she was as good as gone. And that just made her stomach roil.

    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senator team shuttle, en route to Euceron

    Gark yawned. He had no idea why he was still up right now, because most everyone else was asleep by now. Me’lin and Galin had hit the sack at least an hour earlier, but something gnawed at Gark and kept him from wanting to sleep. The way his team had been shellacked by Nar Shaddaa . . . when would the crapfest end? It seemed like every loss was getting worse, and there was no end in sight. Pam Korthe was doing what she could, but the defense was a mess, the offense didn’t even try to show up, and Zeke Barbosa had no chance in goal. The rookies sucked, the veterans weren’t any better, tackles were missed in droves, and the fans had booed them mercilessly after the end of the Rim War game. All this gave Gark was a headache, so he decided to stop thinking about Limmie and just find something more positive to think about. He wasn’t much for drinking, so he wasn’t going to get sloshed to cheer himself up. He had to find something else.

    As he flipped through pages on the HoloNet, Gark’s attention finally landed on a search result. He wasn’t sure why he was looking here; perhaps he was just tired and not thinking rationally. Or maybe he was willing to push his luck, which seemed to be worth nothing at this point anyways. But he didn’t care; maybe this would cheer him up. He created his account and clicked “Send” to finalize the information.

    Gark S’rily now had an account with Rossum Bookmakers. Yes it probably was illegal, but right now Gark wasn’t thinking clearly. That’s what two huge losses would do to you in this galaxy. Or he was just that tired. Or because he wanted to see if he could make a little cash by betting on games. That couldn’t be addictive, could it?

    Up came a screen of six games, those for Week Three. He entered in the following wagers off the 250,000 credits he put into the account to begin with.

    Ralltiir vs. Ryloth: Ryloth, 50,000
    Bakura vs. Ylesia: Bakura, 40,000
    Hapes vs. Mando’ade:

    Hm, this one was going to be tricky. Mandalore seemingly was up to something, so they might not be so good. But he didn’t trust Hapes’ quick start, either. He was going with his gut.

    Mando’ade, 40,000

    Coruscant vs. Euceron: Coruscant, 20,000
    Rydonni Prime vs. Agamar:

    Agamar seemed overdue for a win.

    Agamar, 30,000
    Kashyyyk vs. Nar Shaddaa: Nar Shaddaa, 40,000

    He finally sent in the wagers and logged out of his new account. He had put a lot of money in on this account, but at some point he really didn’t care. Hopefully, if he won a few credits out of all this, maybe he would feel better.

    Unfortunately, he was now a betting man. And he was betting 20,000 credits on this team of his that wasn’t doing anything. Perhaps this wasn’t a good idea, he thought as he slipped into his cot. Perhaps the Gark S’rily he had once been was no more. Perhaps the Senators were finished. And that didn’t sit well with him as he drifted off to sleep.

    TAG: Vehn (for this week's game), jcgoble3 (for next week's game), Trieste (for the last bit. Have fun with that. ;))
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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post/IC: Marius Turnell
    Six weeks before the start of the 277 Elite League season

    “Greetings, everyone, and welcome as we prepare to kick off the fifth season of the Limmie Futures League. As I'm sure you are all aware, changes are afoot in the Elite League, and these have had significant impact on the Futures League. Late last season, my office processed paperwork for two new teams to the Futures League, which are the new development affiliates of the Corellia Rebels and Chandrila Patriots. However, those teams have been demoted back to the Premier League. While my understanding is that both development relationships remain intact, those development teams are no longer within the purview of the Futures League, which deals exclusively with affiliates of Elite League teams. Therefore, those affiliates will play in regional leagues for the time being, and it is my sincere hope to one day see them in the Futures League if the parent teams can work their way back to the Elite League.

    “With the demotion of the Rebels and Patriots, the Ryloth Rough Riders and Kashyyyk Rangers have rejoined the Elite League. The Rangers were, as recently as last season, members of the Futures League as the development affiliate of the Ylesia Lightning. The Lightning have decided not to renew their contract with the Rangers, freeing them to play in the Elite League. In their place, the Lightning have signed an agreement with the Eriadu Thunder, which will join the Futures League for 277. The Thunder will take the Rangers' place in the home-and-away alternation.

    “As we received no communication from Ryloth or Kashyyyk regarding development affiliations prior to the deadline, and Bakura and Hapes have each once again declined to create development affiliates, we will return once again to the eight-team, eight-week round-robin schedule format that we have become familiar with over the past three seasons. While the Futures League season has in the past begun concurrently with Week 3 of the Elite League season so as to line up each league's respective championship games with each other, the Elite League has for this season moved its All-Star Game back to the end of the season, thereby eliminating the mid-season off week and shortening their season by one calendar week. Therefore, the 277 Futures League season will begin simultaneously with Elite League Week 2.

    “That concludes my statement. The 277 schedule will be transmitted to your datapads momentarily. Thank you, and good luck to all eight teams this season.”

    277 Limmie Futures League Schedule

    Week 1
    Concordia Crusaders at Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Garqi Gunners
    Thyferra Force at Eriadu Thunder
    Byblos Red Wings at Commenor Gundarks

    Week 2
    Commenor Gundarks at Concordia Crusaders
    Byblos Red Wings at Thyferra Force
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Garqi Gunners
    Eriadu Thunder at Druckenwell Marksmen

    Week 3
    Commenor Gundarks at Thyferra Force
    Eriadu Thunder at Byblos Red Wings
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Druckenwell Marksmen
    Bye: Concordia Crusaders and Garqi Gunners

    Week 4
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Byblos Red Wings
    Garqi Gunners at Eriadu Thunder
    Thyferra Force at Concordia Crusaders
    Bye: Commenor Gundarks and Tatooine Sandskimmers

    Week 5
    Eriadu Thunder at Commenor Gundarks
    Thyferra Force at Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Garqi Gunners at Concordia Crusaders
    Bye: Byblos Red Wings and Druckenwell Marksmen

    Week 6
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Commenor Gundarks
    Concordia Crusaders at Druckenwell Marksmen
    Byblos Red Wings at Garqi Gunners
    Bye: Eriadu Thunder and Thyferra Force

    Week 7
    Byblos Red Wings at Concordia Crusaders
    Eriadu Thunder at Tatooine Sandskimmers
    Commenor Gundarks at Garqi Gunners
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Thyferra Force

    Week 8
    Garqi Gunners at Thyferra Force
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Commenor Gundarks
    Concordia Crusaders at Eriadu Thunder
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Byblos Red Wings

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Lokensgaard declares Ralltiir visit a success: "The Elite League has a long and bright future on Ralltiir. I look forward to returning for the opening of the new Starkillers stadium."
    • Court date set for Ternardiel trial; defense counsel calls for a "speedy trial to exonerate my client"

    After arrival on Euceron and connection to the local Holonet, Gark S'rily received the following message on his datapad.

    Dear sir,

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the list of Rossum Bookmakers' clients. Rossum prides itself on catering to the beings in the galaxy who are a cut above the average bettor. As a client of Rossum we are committed to catering to the particular interests of our clients, including extending certain benefits at fine establishments around the galaxy. As it has been indicated to us by your self-provided registration information that you are a client of particular distinction, I will personally be handling your account, number 214782. Please know that all future communications will come to you addressed to this number.

    We have received your 250,000 credits and placed a lien of 220,000 credits to cover your wagers on ELL week 3 games. We wish you the very best of luck with your wagers.

    Bennett Halverson
    Executive Director
    Rossum Bookmakers
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  4. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun

    The Packers had, perhaps, become a little too predictable in their play. It wasn't that the team wasn't scoring, though, they were, just that they weren't outscoring the opposition! The eleven point loss to the Starkillers pointed to that possibility, so Tim would be suggesting a rethink of the 'Bombardment' and 'Charging Bantha' gameplans in favour of a different style of Limmie at the midweek strategy session; any changes arrived at would be tried out against the Miners in Week 4. Next week's match against the Monarchs would be too early for the various player-shuffle arrangements to be made.

    Perhaps it was time to give last year's draftees their chance to show what they could do for the Senior team. Certainly Stont's progress reports were indicating that Neaga and Everett North had formed a solid playing partnership at Midfield and both Penny Jinch and Kahpule Morkis looked to be gelling nicely with 'T.K.' Kutel in Defence. However, if the rumours about the Mercs newly signed 'Super Striker' turned out to be true, he'd be looking at the need for mass at the back in Week 5. The prospect of being sandwiched between two fast-moving Barabel should be extremely off-putting to an Elite League Rookie!

    On the gambling front, a Confidential Informant had reported to his ASF handler that whispers were beginning to circulate about possible co-ordinated 'fixing' attacks on highly reputable odds-giving institutions in the Core. The rationale was, apparently, to so drain the selected institution's cash reserves that Criminals (fronted by not-too-disreputable lawyers) would be able to take over the said institutions for a virtual song - one ideally written in the Credits extracted from those same institutions by the scam! Oleg had passed this information on to his contacts in Republic Intelligence for them to monitor events and take action if needed.

    The Lokensgaard situation had taken another downward step with the revelation that the fellow couldn't, apparently, properly cross-reference two lists! It also seemed that, for one reason or another, he hadn't even made use of Esther Gondorf's trained and highly organised Legal mind to backcheck his work before rushing it into circulation. On the basis of his own prior interactions with her, Tim couldn't conceive of the error not having been caught, had she been involved.

    This latest error had been noticed outside the Packers, too. At this morning's meeting of the Agamarian Council the Business Representative (Agamar's major Lomin-Ale manufacturer) had, not so jokingly, offered the Commissioner a night's full access to his plant to see if Lokensgaard could organise a binge-drinking party on the premises - or not!

    However, it was no small thing to dislodge a sitting Commissioner, much more evidence would be required before Agamar could feel confident enough to call a meeting of the Board of Governors. That said, if Lokensgaard could be put under enough pressure that he jumped of his own accord....

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Martin Vigo

    The first half of the game was much like the one the week before against Ylesia. A close offensive battle was playing out before us. Jul, Fortune and McTodd were lighting up the scoreboard. On the defensive end I watched as Ty Allin repeatedly made tackles and dove for balls. Despite his best efforts and that of the rest of our defense the Packers were still managing to come away with points on most possessions. With about 10 minutes to go before halftime and a score of 20–18 Starkillers Till sent Bo’gruth in to give Allin some rest. Allin wanted no part of it. He waved Bo’gruth back as he approached his position. Bo’gruth turned to the coach for further instruction. Till shrugged and waived Bo’gruth over to relieve Zire instead, who gladly took the rest.

    Allin continued to throw himself into nearly every tackle and even assisted Teaspoon by making a hard diving save at the end of the half allowing the Starkillers to keep their now 3 point lead as they headed into the locker room with a score of 22–19. I spoke to my wife during halftime. She informed me that she, Lucie and T.J. were about to make their way from the med center to Lucie and Ty’s condo. It was good news because it meant Lucie and the baby had been given a clean slate of health. It was also not good news because I couldn’t imagine how Ty was going to take care of his wife and new baby after getting beaten up on the Limmie pitch all afternoon.

    When the Starkillers took the field to warm up after the first half I saw security open a gate and allow Strike Three to make his way on field to congratulate Ty in person. Strike used his celebrity and season ticket holder status as an excuse of sorts to give himself privileges no ordinary citizen would be allowed. Usually I thought nothing of it as he went to give our coaching staff or one of our player’s advice before games and during halftime. I tried to look in Lokensgaard’s direction to see if I could make out what his take was on such brazenness. It was no use; he was much too far away to make out a facial expression. After Strike gave Allin a pat on the back and even a gift bag full of tokens for little T.J. he headed over to Till for a chat before making his way back to his seat only a minute before play resumed.

    Sureysh started for Jul at the beginning of the second half. Once again proving to be a strong addition to our team, she took a turn at each front position giving Jul, Fortune and McTodd a chance to get some much needed rest. During her time on field she scored 2 goals and a bar point as well as picking up 4 assists. Meanwhile our defense was playing much tighter and double teaming in some instances. The Packers had to settle for only a few bar points. About 5 minutes before the end of the game when it was obvious we had the win I gathered the kids and headed down to the locker room.

    “Great win!” Till declared as the players gathered around after the game. “That is how Limmie is played. Offense, top notch game from beginning to end, I want to see more of the same next week on Ryloth. Defense, I still haven’t fully forgiven you for the sloppy play in the first half. You all are to report here tomorrow to watch game tape. Clear out and get some rest. The season is still young there is a lot of Limmie left to be played.”

    There was a chorus of whoops and hollers as the team dispersed to the showers. Zoey hid quietly behind Spencer’s leg discretely watching Hovechar pack up her belongings. Andres quickly swooped in and picked the girl up. “Did you want to meet Ms. Alyda?” He asked her. She shook her head, but Andres wasn’t even paying attention. I watched as Andres tried to introduce the normally outspoken young girl to the midfielder. She buried her face in Andres shoulder. “Don’t be shy,” Andres said. Eventually Zoey peeked at Hovechar and then shook hands. Alyda seemed gracious but uncomfortable.

    Ty was being looked at by a trainer. “Is everything alright?” I asked as I walked up next to him with Spencer and Tomas following close.

    “Nothing more than the usual,” Ty assured me. “Just some bruises. Hit the ground pretty hard out there a few times.”

    “You can never be too careful,” the trainer said looking in my direction. Then she turned her attention back to Ty, “I know you are in a hurry to go see that new baby of yours, promise me you’ll take an ice bath when you get home.”

    I saw Ty’s face fall. He nodded in assurance, got up and half walked half limped over to his locker to gather his belongings.

    “Spence, I want you to ride over to Lucie’s with Ty,” I said quietly. He nodded as he took in the scene before him. About half the beings in the locker room were having limbs iced or wrapped. In a rare moment I wished the boys were older, I wished one of them were old enough to fly Ty home. He didn’t look like he was in any condition to pilot a speeder. That’s why I wanted Spencer to ride along. To keep him awake, even if it was only a short trip. I was also very concerned for Tomas to see what real professional Limmie looked like. I sure hoped he didn’t want to quit the game after witnessing the aftermath.

    It was nearly an hour later that I pulled into the garage at Lucie and Ty’s building. We had never crammed so many people into their small condo before. Andres, Justyne, Zoey, Spencer, Tomas, and I made our way into their tight living room. Lucie remained in the bedroom out of sight. My wife brought T.J. out. Ty sank into the sofa and put out his arms. My wife handed over the baby before coming over to stand next to me.

    Tomas and Spencer took a seat on the floor out of the way and studied their data pads. I’m not even sure they looked up to see their new nephew. Zoey grabbed her mother’s hand and pulled her over to see her new cousin. Justyne reached out to trace his little face gently. “He looks like you,” she said to Ty. He slept soundly and Ty looked as if he too were about to pass out. He reached forward to give his son a gentle kiss.

    “You want to hold him?” Ty offered reaching the baby out to Justyne. She took him, showed him to Zoey and Andres. She tried to hide it, but I could tell there was an attraction there. “You want to hold him Dad?” She asked as she walked towards me.

    I reached out my arms. It was the main reason I came, whether I would admit it or not even to myself, I doubted. I studied his face, then my wife’s. “We can’t leave them here with a new baby,” she whispered to me. “Neither one of them is in any condition to take care of him tonight.” She was right, though I imagined she mostly just wanted to take care of that little guy herself.

    “I can manage the boys tomorrow,” I started. “But after that there’s Zoey to think about as well,” I reminded her.

    Just then Tomas got up and walked over towards Ty. “Are you really going to take a bath in ice?” He asked.

    Ty shrugged, “I got out of the locker room without one, so I doubt it.”

    I handed T.J. back to my wife. “You’re taking the ice bath. We need you to play next week.” I said making eye contact with Ty. Andres grabbed Spencer and they prepared it for him. I went in to visit Lucie. “How’s my girl?” I asked.


    “You did great, T.J. looks strong. Don’t get up too soon. Your mother made that mistake about 6 times. She’s going to stay tonight. I don’t know if you saw the game or not. Ty was his usual foolish self and he’s barely able to walk at the moment.” Lucie smiled, “Get your rest,” I told her backing out of the room. I gathered Spencer and Tomas. “We should go,” I told them.

    “What about mom?” Tomas asked.

    Andres declared Ty’s bath ready and collected his family to go as well. Before he left I watched as he pulled Ty out of the sofa and led him to the bath. My wife looked at me and I shrugged. “You better order dinner,” I said with a wink. When we got out in the hall I answered Tomas’ question.

    “Who’s going to cook for us? Pick me up from practice tomorrow? I don’t even know if my uniform is clean and I have a game in two days.” He said exasperated.

    I arranged to pick us up some food for dinner on the way home. After we ate I instructed the boys not to bother me and retreated to my office. I cancelled all the commitments I could for the week and tied up all possible loose ends. By the time I finished and went upstairs to check on the boys Tomas was sound asleep. “You should be sleeping too,” I said startling Spencer.

    “Is Ty going to Ryloth next week?” He asked me.

    I hadn’t expected the question. “Yes, as far as I know he is.”

    “I don’t think he should go. He should take care of T.J. and Lucie.”

    “Lucie knew what she was getting into. Your mother will help as much as possible.”

    “He shouldn’t have had a baby during the season,” Spencer stated angrily. “I’d never plan to start a family and then abandon them a week later.”

    “He’s not abandoning them. It’s his job.” I said gently. “I know you are going to hear a lot of press this week about whether Ty should play next week or not. And it’s okay for you to form your own opinion. You know Ty. He’s going to make a great father. He loves kids. He spends most of the off-season working with youth leagues. Don’t hold it against him that the timing didn’t work out. Plenty of father’s are absent, some for longer periods of time than others. It doesn’t mean they love their kids any less.”

    “You just want Ty to play because you want the Starkillers to win,” he challenged.

    “Even if we win next week, if Ty wears himself down taking care of his family and trying to play Limmie we could lose the final six.” I explained. “There is no right or wrong decision in this situation. As a family we are going to help Ty succeed in both areas. Are you willing to help with that?”

    “How can I help?”

    “You can support his decision, family is unconditional love. You got me?” He nodded. “I need to get some rest and so do you.” I said as I reached out and shut down his data pad for him.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Hooray for some Monday Night Meshgeroya to kick the season off! Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Concordia (30), Tatooine (30), Druckenwell (28), Garqi (28), Thyferra (32), Eriadu (30), Byblos (30), Commenor (30).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 1
    Concordia Crusaders at Tatooine Sandskimmers (18–25)
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Garqi Gunners (18–11)
    Thyferra Force at Eriadu Thunder (27–26)
    Byblos Red Wings at Commenor Gundarks (12–12, OT 12–15)

    TAG: Jedi Gunny Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Tim Battershell Rebecca_Daniels CPL_Macja
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Morning Headlines
    • Deputy Commissioner Gondorf to visit Agamar in Week 6; apologizes for error in Commissioner's visit schedule
    • Gondorf: "Agamar is important to the Elite League and the League is going to have a presence there this season"
    • No announced plans for the Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner to attend a home game at Bakura or Hapes this season
    • Gondorf on Bakura or Hapes visit: "It's a possibility, but it's being discussed"
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Falene! Hello!” Mara, legal secretary at Fleetfire Zarmer, said pleasantly.

    “Hi Mara,” Falene said, walking up to her cubicle outside of Sydney Talon’s office.

    “Excellent game against Euceron,” Mara said, “Very well done, all around, yourself especially.”

    “Chalporrin and I go way back,” Falene said, “It felt good to get in a solid game against them.”

    “Keep it up and I’ll have peace from Sydney, which I can always use,” Mara said, “He’s always in a better mood when the Miners win.”

    “Speaking of better moods, this is for you,” Falene said, handing over a take out cup.

    Mara waved it under her nose. “Is this a—”

    “Caramel caf with light cream? Yes,” Falene said.

    “How did you know? I mean, if I were me I’d know because Mara knows all, but you?” Mara asked with an arched eyebrow, “And while we’re on the topic…what do you want?”

    “Nothing to the second and my Aunt Regan asked me to bring you one to the first,” Falene explained.

    “Well done, Justice Eldred,” Mara said, impressed.

    “Is he ready for me?” Falene asked.

    “Oh no, he’s finishing up with one of the associates,” Mara said, pointing through the glass wall of Sydney’s office.

    “Wait—the last time I was here wasn’t he yelling at that same associate?” Falene asked.

    “That’s about all she’s good for,” Mara said, “He’ll be pretty destressed by the time you get in there.”

    “It’s not very nice,” Falene observed.

    “She should have thought about that before she broke up with a young friend of Sydney’s,” Mara said.

    “He can’t hold that against her,” Falene said incredulously.

    “He can when she did so via text while vacationing on Thyferra after leading the guy on,” Mara said, “Trust me, if she was worthy of pity, I’d have set Sydney straight a loooooooong time ago. Don’t you worry.”


    “There may have been a Devaronian named Paco involved,” Mara said.




    “Definitely,” Mara said.

    At that moment the associate left the office clutching her flimsi and datapad, not interested in stopping to chat with anyone.

    “Falene! Come on in. Just finishing my community service for the day,” Sydney said from inside the office.

    “You know that’s not actually community service because you were getting paid to do that, right?” Mara called out.

    “Damn straight—I would never waste time on such an incompetent attorney if there weren’t credits on the back end,” Sydney said with a rakish grin, “Falene—” for she had just stepped into the office, “—stellar game against Euceron. You were a force to be reckoned with.”

    “Glad you enjoyed it,” Falene said, “Honestly, this one felt good. I think we needed to win to show we could do it on the merits of the game.”

    “It was a clean game. Everyone liked to see that,” Sydney said, “Do that for the rest of the season and good things are going to happen. When do you leave for Ylesia?”

    “Later today. Long travel time out to Hutt Space,” Falene explained, “I wanted to get an update on Ponie—I mean Eponette.”

    “We’re advising a criminal defense firm based on Nar Shaddaa,” Sydney said, automatically closing the door from his desk so they could have privacy.

    “You’re not going to try it yourself?” Falene asked, “Aunt Regan said that you started your career in the DA’s office.”

    “I did, and she’d know. She’s got a lot of friends in the DA’s office even though it’s been 25 years since she was DA, well before my time,” Sydney said, “Prosecuting is a much different beast from defense. Even if I felt up to it, I’m not licensed by the Nar Shaddaa bar association and even if they then recognized my Bakuran bar membership through a reciprocal arrangement, Vertical City court is a whole different beast. It’s like a Geonosis arena death match in there. Those prosecutors have a killer instinct with all the crime that’s passed through those halls.”

    “I thought things were better on Nar Shaddaa?” Falene said.

    “They are, but that justice system is built a different way than ours because of its history. Not the procedure of law, just the character of the court. Eponette needs a Vertical City defense team and we got her a good one. Like I said, I’m personally monitoring the case,” Sydney said.

    “What are her chances?” Falene said.

    “I understand from your aunt you may have been present for certain hypothetical conversations regarding the facts of the case?” Sydney said.

    Deftly done, Falene thought. “If I had been,” Falene said carefully, “that would be correct.”

    “Honestly, the charges she’s facing are relatively minor, at least they would be here. Heck, statute of limitations here probably would have expired already. We’re talking about something that happened eight years ago. But Nar Shaddaa takes a hard line on crime. They prosecute these things hard and they’re going to go full throttle here because Eponette is famous. They don’t like to send the message that there’s two sets of justice on the Vertical City.”

    “Has a plea bargain been discussed?”

    “Not one that’s acceptable,” Sydney said. He paused. “We both know that the Noble House is not exactly unconnected on Nar Shaddaa. The Vehn family has done a lot for that city. There are probably favors in that bank.”

    Falene shook her head emphatically. “No. All the more reason not to ask. They’ve done good work there to make things better. They need to be above this fray.”

    “I understand,” Sydney said, “but will Eponette if she goes away for this?”

    Peace City Gardens, Peace City, Ylesia

    The last time the Miners had been in Ylesia, Falene had been a rookie. It had been her second road game in the ELL and the Lightning had…well she’d say “shocked” the Miners, but really their week 2 loss to Euceron had been the real shock. Their poor showing against the Lightning had unfortunately just been a continuation of their play the previous week.

    Now the Miners rolled in 2-0, sporting the best defense in the League and best point differential. Valerii and Cundertol had taken their time bringing Glencross back into the game after her pregnancy and they were looking pretty darn smart for doing so. She hadn’t missed a beat since coming back and the Miners midfield was looking as good as ever. It seemed that Cundertol had been proven correct when he’d nabbed Pic in the Draft to partner with Alana. Some might have thought the Miners should have used that first round selection to address more pressing needs, but for the Miners there was nothing more pressing than midfield. Ever since Glencross had come into the League, the team had pivoted around midfield. Given that Valerii was a former midfielder and captain of the Miners, it was no surprise.

    Speaking of Cundertol, Falene knew that the Miners’ return to Ylesia would be an important one for him. The Eriaduan had a reputation for bucking the historic humanocentrism of his homeworld, a former bastion of Imperial strength and homeworld of the Tarkins (which made the Lightning’s decision to have a development affiliate there very intriguing to say the least), but events on Ylesia had made the visit to the overwhelmingly alien world rather tense. The last time the Miners had seen the Lightning, they had been an all-alien team, a rarity in the Elite League.

    And now they weren’t.

    The news had been big enough to make headlines across the sports galaxy. Korlo Penin had been signed by the Lightning to an Elite League contract out of Alsakan. What would have been a regular personnel move was so much more than that, for Korlo was a human, the first human to ever play for Ylesia.

    And his first game would be against the Miners, a team that had symbolized humanity in limmie. If that had still been the case when Falene had inherited the team she would have ordered the management to get some non-humans. There were lots of good non-human players in the galaxy—quite possibly more than there were good humans on the pitch. Even if Bakura remained an overwhelmingly human planet, that was no reason why there shouldn’t be humans on the team.

    Of course, that didn’t stop Falene from gawking at the Lightning’s new goalkeeper with the rest of the ladies on the Miners during the warm up.

    “He’s dreamy,” Niskat sighed.

    “What a jaw,” Morgan Alesh said.

    “You can see his eyes shine from here,” Becki said.

    “I bet his got a six pack,” Jolla said.

    “More like an eight,” Nelly observed.

    “I’m a married woman,” Alana said.

    “And you’re still looking,” Niskat said.

    “And I’m still looking,” Alana confirmed.

    “Do you think he looks so good because he’s the only human?” Falene asked.

    “No. He’s legitimately hot,” Niskat said.

    “Think Coach would get mad if I tackled him during the game?” Becki said.

    “How could she blame you?” Lizbit pointed out.

    “Hey…uh…ladies,” Dalton asked from behind them, “Aren’t you going to warmup?”

    “No, getting quite warm already,” Nelly said, fanning her face.

    “You know, it’s not polite to stare,” Dalton said.

    “Quiet,” Jolla said, putting one finger to Ward’s lips without looking at him.

    “He’s right though,” Alana said.

    “But we’re allowed to stare,” Lizbit said, “Aren’t we?”

    “No, we have to get back to practice,” Alana said, “Otherwise Aron’s going to get mad we’re not there for drills and when Aron gets mad—”

    “Aron smash,” Becki said.

    “And Aron’s been known to nearly take the head off a goalkeeper when he’s unhappy,” Alana said, “Imagine what his face would look like if Aron puts a bolo-ball straight into it.”

    “Eep!” Becki squeaked.

    “Back to it,” Alana said, herding the ladies back to the warm up.

    “You know, he’s going to like me more,” Nelly said to Morgan as they shuffled back to their drills.

    “No he won’t,” Morgan protested.

    “Yes he will. If I do my job, I’m not putting balls past him,” Nelly pointed out.

    “He looks like he enjoys a good fight. He wouldn’t respect me if I didn’t pound him into the turf through scoring,” Morgan said.

    “Yeah, sure, just keep telling yourself that,” Nelly scoffed.

    It was then that it struck Falene that this must be what it was like for males to play against the C-Bucs. That explained a lot.

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    IC: Lilly Vehn
    Senator Stadium, Coruscant
    The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers walked past Lilly on their way out onto the pitch. They were wearing their road whites and were looking determined, ready to play, ready to win in a hostile environment after last week’s disappointing debut. There was John Huntington looking grim-faced, playbook tucked under his arm, the heir to Tover Micjaa and the ‘dream team’ that had rocked the Vertical City last year, the man had a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders. There couldn’t be any other mentality than just win.​
    Lilly stood near the huddle as McCloud gathered the team around her. “Last week was a fluke. Last week was an anomaly. We beat these guys last year and if we play the way we’re capable of playing we can beat them again. Play physical, play them hard, and go all out on Barbosa. Quick hits, nothing soft, play chippy, focus, we’ve got this. We’re the reigning champions, go out there and play like it!”​
    The team broke the huddle and jogged out onto the pitch. Lilly couldn’t help but notice Jayla rush over to the Senator sideline to hug her older sister. The two players had vastly different fortunes in the Elite League. One was a Galactic Cup champion and the other was seeking that great glory. How the odd hands of fate had shaped their individual careers. And to think: the Senators could’ve had both Leeds playing for them had they held on to Jayla last year. That move would’ve inevitably killed the Smugglers championship run. Lilly didn’t want to know how the season would’ve turned out without Jayla anchoring the back. Lilly knew that probably wasn’t entirely plausible but she knew the fans loved to debate the great what ifs of the Limmie sports world.​
    The game started and quickly swung in the direction of the Smugglers as McCloud, Bellweather, Broussard and Lerouex dominated the pitch. Lilly didn’t stick around to watch the inevitable conclusion. It was clear to her that the Smugglers would win this one, another notch in the belt for the burgundy and black in the Rim War. She had other things to do, other things to focus on.​
    She had someone to murder.​
    Someone she loved.​

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers HQ, New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa

    She was ready to kill. She was one knock away from pulling the trigger and ending Kaitlyn Vehn’s life. Nothing could stop her now. Her act of violence would be a complete surprise. She would have her freedom. She would avenge her parents. She would bring dishonor upon the very family, the family of Vehn, that had adopted her but that was the furthest thing from her mind right now as she stared at the closed door of Kaitlyn Vehn’s office. Oh, yes, she wanted revenge. She wanted to see Kaitlyn’s look of horror as she ended her life. How Kaitlyn trusted her. How Kaitlyn would never see it coming. Oh, if ever there was a perfect murder, this would be it.​
    She felt the reassuring coolness of the blaster pistol in her hand. Perfectly weighted, sighted, and loaded with the deadliest ammunition, she’d chosen this pistol because it had called to her, because it had a destiny to fulfill. No other weapon would suffice. She’d made her choice and now she would have to live with the consequences. Lilly took a deep breath and raised a hand to knock on Kaitlyn’s office door.​
    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a voice behind her said.​
    Lilly turned around to find Kaitlyn’s head of security looking at her. ​
    “Do what?” Lilly asked as her blood ran cold. She couldn’t remember his name. He’d come to get her when she’d gone to visit her old neighborhood.​
    “Knock on her door,” the head of security said. “Miss Vehn has been in a meeting all day.”​
    “I see,” Lilly replied. “What is your name? We run into each other quite a bit.”​
    “Graham,” the young man replied. His eyes were locked on the blaster pistol clutched in her hand. “Nice pistol. That a JX-981?”​
    Lilly slowly nodded.​
    “Mind if I take a look?”​
    Foiled again, Lilly, she thought as she sighed and handed the pistol over to the young man. There wouldn’t be any killing today.​
    Graham examined the pistol, looked down the sights, rolled his fingers around the grip, the action, his eyes betraying that he enjoyed her selection of firearm. “It’s a little much for concealment but I like the way its designed. Good balance, moderately useful size, have you tried taking it to a shooting range yet?”​
    “I’ve actually never fired it before,” Lilly admitted feeling stupid.​
    “Yeah, well, girl has to carry something to protect herself. I wanted to try it out at some point,” Lilly said. “I bought it on a whim.”​
    “So you thought you’d let the entire galaxy see it at Smugglers team headquarters in front of Kaitlyn Vehn’s office?” Graham asked.​
    “Maybe I just wanted a professional opinion,” Lilly replied.​
    “The pistol is of good quality and is one of SoruSuub’s better models. Again, a bit big for personal protection, but that’s more a matter of opinion. You’ll definitely be able to put someone down in one shot. I wouldn’t suggest trying that and especially not on the boss. Sure, she’s a real taskmaster at times and can get on my nerves but I’m not going to be the one to put her down. She has enough enemies to make sure I’m gainfully employed for the rest of my life. Besides if you were going to shoot Kaitlyn I’d have to take you out,” Graham explained.​
    The color drained from Lilly’s face.​
    “I’m kidding, Lilly, just kidding,” Graham said as he studied Lilly’s face.​
    “I better get going,” Lilly muttered and turned to leave.​
    “Forgetting something?” Graham asked as he dangled the pistol in the air.​
    Lilly reached for the pistol but Graham held it out of her grasp. “Not so fast,” Graham said.​
    Lilly put her hands on her hips and asked, “What do you want?”​
    “I’m off work. Why don’t we grab a bite to eat, I know a great place just a few blocks from here,” Graham asked.​
    “Aren’t you a little old for me?” Lilly asked.​
    “Shouldn’t I be the one asking about your age?” Graham replied. “Make sure you’re legal and all?”​
    “Very funny,” Lilly responded, “but can you just give me my pistol back?”​
    “I’ll give it back to you once you agree to grab dinner with me,” Graham said.​
    Lilly sighed and looked past Graham as the security detail changed the watch. She knew she couldn’t get away from him. He had those eyes, those piercing, sharp, dangerously intelligent eyes that could see right through her despite all the shields she threw in his way. Damn him for making her feel vulnerable. Now he was asking her to dinner. She couldn’t say no. She couldn’t refuse.​
    “What do you say?”​
    Lilly knew when she was defeated, knew when to stop fighting.​
    “Lead the way,” Lilly grumbled.​
    Dinner went well. The two talked about things that mattered and things that didn’t matter. They got to know one another a little better on some key issues and found that they had more in common than they realized: they were both graduates of the Valor Foundation. Graham was a few years ahead of Lilly but not by much. They shared a few laughs as they reminisced about teachers, other students, their own experiences. As the evening wound down to a close and Graham walked Lilly to the door of her home both felt like maybe something good was happening here. Maybe something special.​
    “I had a good time tonight,” Lilly said.​
    “So did I,” Graham replied.​
    Lilly stared at his face, thought how handsome he was, thought about his kind words, how he’d brushed off the fact that she’d been carrying a pistol through the Smugglers headquarters. Had he known what she was about to do? Maybe.​
    “So why were you carrying that pistol?” Graham asked.​
    “I have a vendetta against someone,” Lilly replied.​
    “Someone powerful?”​
    Lilly nodded.​
    “Someone close to you?”​
    “Yeah,” Lilly responded.​
    Graham stepped forward. He was looking down at Lilly and gently brushed a lock of hair from her face. “Why would someone as beautiful as you want to kill anyone?”​
    “I don’t want to kill anyone,” Lilly stammered and started to back up. She ran into the building. She had no escape.​
    “You’re lying,” Graham whispered.​
    “So what if I am?” Lilly replied.​
    “Guys like me aren’t good at their jobs if they can’t spot threats, can’t spot liars, can’t spot would be assassins,” Graham said.​
    “Guys like you only get to have one date with the girl they’re after if they piss her off,” Lilly said.​
    “So its probably best if I don’t ask any more questions,” Graham said.​
    “Probably best,” Lilly responded and then grabbed Graham and kissed him passionately on the lips. She pulled away from him and added, “even better if you just shut the frak up.”​
    “Leave me alone, I don’t like fast women,” Graham mildly protested as they kissed again.​
    “And I hate arrogant men,” Lilly replied as she went up for air.​
    The two of them made their way up to Lilly’s apartment where they soon found themselves in her bed. Lilly couldn’t believe how fast this was all happening. But she didn’t care. She wanted him and that was that.​
    Graham threw off his clothes, cradled Lilly’s beautiful form tightly in his arms and whispered, “Ahhh, Nar Shaddaa…”​
    The rest of the night went well. Went very well.​
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    IC: Martin Vigo

    As I feared my wife spent most of the week at Lucie’s condo caring for T.J. When their schedules conflicted Justyne and Andres left Zoey there. Andres wanted to find a school to send Zoey to so as to ease the workload on my wife. He thought she was getting to an age where more contact with children her own age would be good anyway. Truth be told Ty and Lucie should have looked into hiring a nanny before the baby was born. I just wasn’t sure they could afford one. Before marriage Lucie had always been the independent daughter, Justyne had been the opposite completely dependent. It seemed now those roles had reversed.

    When Justyne announced she was going to have a daughter she was asking for our help in raising her. I knew from experience with Justyne that her child would be as much my responsibility as her own. I was in a huge bind at the time trying to keep track of the children while my wife was consumed by mental illness partially brought on by Lucie’s departure and mostly brought on by feelings that she had thrown her life away to raise her children. Nothing the doctor’s subscribed seemed to cheer her, but when Justyne announced a baby was coming; my wife came out of it on her own. As a result Zoey had spent the first two years of her life more so as our daughter than Justyne’s. It wasn’t right to cut her off; even when she started school I hoped she would remain a major part of our lives.

    Lucie began to date Ty shortly after reuniting with us. When she announced their engagement I had assumed they had been seeing each other for much longer. Upon finding out they had only dated for 6 weeks I wanted more than anything to intervene. The problem was I had just gotten her back, if I questioned her judgment she may have wanted nothing to do with me. I did my own research after meeting Ty. On his home planet of Corellia he had been an All Star athlete. Early on several colleges and universities had been interested in recruiting him to play Limmie for them. There were several reasons Ty had ended up here on Ralltiir playing Limmie first for Ralltiir U and eventually for the Starkillers.

    One of those reasons was that Ty knew he was good. He routinely showed up for practice late and sometimes blew it off altogether his senior year. Another reason was that his grades were not up to standard. Many colleges worried he may be ineligible to play if he were recruited. The biggest reason in my opinion is that Ty got into a lot of trouble. He even had a few brushes with the law. Limmie seemed to be a real bright spot for Ty though, he accepted a scholarship to play for Ralltiir U and lead their defense there for several seasons before he was recruited by the local professional team.

    The Starkillers were not a part of the ELL, but they were rising and Ty made the decision not to finish school and join their squad. He signed a 9 year contract for a low end salary without the assistance of an agent. One of the first things on my agenda after buying the team was to increase his pay. I had attempted several times. He told me he was happy to be playing ball for a living and that money was not important. I didn’t know for sure, but I had suspicions that Ty was struggling financially. He was paying the mortgage on a house he bought his parents, constantly loaning funds to friends and now he had a family to care for.

    Another little known fact about Ty Allin is that he was almost cut from the Starkiller squad. Not because he wasn’t good at Limmie but for all the same reasons he hadn’t been recruited to a better school. Trey Till, the starting full back for the Starkillers when Ty signed on, recognized Ty’s talent and continually covered for him. Till was finally able to get through to Ty enough that one evening when Ty recognized he was in over his head at a Cantina in the wrong part of town he called Trey to come pick him up. The next morning Trey, the more recognizable of the two had been arrested. I’m not sure how many people are aware who Trey was going to help that evening. Trey insists Ty did nothing wrong and that he never wants word to get out so that Ty can avoid any possible bad press or worse that may come with the reveal.

    That’s why I wasn’t suggesting to Lucie or Ty that they hire a Nanny or look into buying a home. We could get by helping them out for a couple of months and then hopefully Ty would finally take an extended contract with more credits. 280 was still a long way off, a long time to support a young family on little funds, unless for some reason he was holding out to enter free agency. I didn’t want to think about that. I’d seen two sons’ off, a daughter leaving planet would be harder to take, especially now that she had a child that would go with her.

    It was hard to say who missed Maddie more the boys or I. Luckily she missed us too. She wanted to come home to cook us all a good meal and spend a night in our bed before Ty left for Ryloth. It meant that I got some much needed work taken care of that afternoon while she picked up the boys from school and shuttled them to practice and then back home. When I got there dinner was on the table and Spencer was already eating. “Where’s Tomas?” I asked.

    “Upstairs, showering I guess,” he said after quickly swallowing his most recent bite.

    “You’re so hungry you can’t wait?” I asked, reminding him of his manners.

    He gave me an exasperated look and put down his utensils.

    “He’ll be down in just a minute,” my wife informed us as she entered the room.

    I couldn’t resist I reached out and gave her a hug then a long kiss, completely ignoring Spencer who covered his eyes in disgust.

    Tomas came down wearing a jacket, sat down at the table and began to serve himself. “Can we eat now?” Spencer asked looking at his food.

    “Now we can eat,” I said as I began serving my own plate. “Are you cold Tomas?” I asked. In return he gave me a confused look. “Take your jacket off at the table” I ordered gently.

    “I’m comfortable,” he quickly informed me.

    I had the feeling he was hiding something. I just had no idea what. “I didn’t ask your comfort level, I asked you to take your jacket off.” I said a little more firmly. When he still didn’t make a move to remove his coat I ordered again, “Now.”

    I watched as he unzipped the jacket with his left hand, his right arm perched on the table. Gingerly he moved the right hand over to grab his left sleeve, his face showing that he was in pain. Once he got the left arm free he stood leaned over and allowed the jacked to fall off his right arm. It was obviously swollen and bruised. His mother gasped. Boldly he sat back down, perched his injured limb on the table and began to eat again.

    “What happened to your arm?” Spencer asked.

    “I fell on it.”

    “When, how?” Madelyne broke in.

    “At Limmie practice.”

    “Did you have your coach take a look at it?” I asked. When he didn’t answer I took it as a no. “Did you tell anyone at practice you injured yourself?” There was still no reply. He knew he should have told someone, or he wouldn’t have been hiding the injury. So he sat looking down at the table in silence. “Go get in the speeder.” I ordered as I pushed back my chair realizing that the quiet evening at home I was hoping wasn’t meant to be.

    “Why?” Tomas asked.

    “Someone needs to take a look at your arm, that’s why.”

    “But I have a game tomorrow.”

    “And you’re not playing in that game.” Normally I would have grabbed his arm and dragged him to the speeder by this point, but it looked broken and I certainly didn’t want to make it any worse. “Come on the longer you wait to have that set the longer it will take to heal.” I said putting both stealth and urgency into my voice.

    Realizing that he didn’t have a choice in the matter Tomas got up and followed me out to the speeder. We flew to the closest Med Center in silence. His arm was broken. I let him explain to the young physician why he had waited several hours to tell anyone he had hurt the arm. I hoped a stern lecture from someone besides myself would help get through to him how serious his error in judgment had been. The doctor set the arm and wrapped it in bandages soaked in bacta. He also gave Tomas a painkiller. We made an appointment for the following week; he’d most likely be cleared to play again then the doctor told us.

    I had another idea when we got back in the speeder I informed him he’d sit the bench one extra game following his clearance to play. “You can’t do that,” he argued forcibly.

    “I can and I will. Let’s say you had somehow managed to keep it from me and your coach that your arm was broken until you started in your game tomorrow. I seriously doubt you could run or make tackles as well as you can when your arm is functional. You would have been a burden to your team. More importantly you would have gone an entire day before having it set and most likely would have injured it further. You are going to need that arm for everything from flying a speeder in a few years to typing up your schoolwork on your data pad tomorrow, not to mention playing Limmie. You are not to hide another injury, no matter how small. Understand?”

    “Yes sir,” we rode the rest of the way home in silence. When we got there we warmed up some left over dinner and as soon as he finished eating he retreated to his room for the night. My own room wasn’t the place of solace I would have liked. My wife lashed out at me for allowing Tomas to play Limmie in the first place. When I finally calmed her down she informed me that after some forceful convincing of her own she had persuaded Lucie to bring the baby and come stay with us while Ty was in Ryloth. The next morning I would be in charge of going to collect them while she remained home to greet Zoey when she was dropped off by Andres and Justyne.

    Zoey waited all day to see her mother and Andres on holovision. She sat watching pre-game coverage for over an hour with Tomas. Spencer had spent most of his day studying. Lucie and my wife caught up some much needed sleep and I held little T.J. “Dad” Tomas called. “Is Kent getting the start in goal today?”

    I looked down to see if he had woken T.J. Thankfully he hadn’t. I rose slowly and walked gently to the living room. “Not that I’m aware of,” I said quietly. “Why do you ask?”

    “He’s in the goal warming up,” Tomas said in a too loud voice pointing with his good arm at the holovision.

    T.J. let out a weak cry. Thankfully Lucie walked into the room and rescued me by taking the baby. After comforting him a moment she turned to Tomas. “Ty said Teaspoon would start, but if the points begin building up against us again Till will put Kent in today.”

    The game would be starting soon so I took a seat in the living room. Spencer joined us a few minutes later. Then I realized that I smelled something baking. Just in time for kick off my wife brought in a large plate of fresh vegetables. “I’m making cookies,” she said with a sly smile. The boys and Zoey knew what that meant, so they dove into the vegetable tray. Lucie had already beaten them to it though, I noticed. I sat back enjoying the company of my family as the game was about to begin.

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    GM Post

    What We Learned: Week 2

    This crop of interns really likes multimedia presentation, which is going to become rapidly apparently.

    Agamar PackersOh snap! The Commissioner cancels his visit to Agamar to go see the Rangers play? This does not bode well for our dream of Lokensgaard trying out TenGate in the near future. But hey, at least Gondorf’s going to show so maybe she’ll suspend a bunch of players while she’s there.

    Bakura Miners – Glencross doesn’t play against the Mercs and the Miners lose big. Glencross plays the first two weeks and the Miners put up the best point differential in the League. If that doesn’t define “most valuable player,” we don’t know what does.

    Coruscant Senators – The Senators are such a mess that they’d better get a butler to clean up. We recommend hiring one who can dole out some much needed advice in the process.

    Euceron Storm – As we said last week, the Storm are part of the Big Four and everything they do must be blown out of proportion. Ergo, Euceron may now begin the “1-8 season here we come” collective freak out.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – I think we can safely say now that the ladies are doing all right.

    Kashyyyk RangersOkay, now we get it.

    Mando’ade MercsWhaaaaaaaaaat? You’re saying a used speeder salesman might not make the best head coach?

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – How do you think Kaitlyn Vehn feels about being the only Skywalker Conference team to win this week?

    Ralltiir Starkillers – Okay, okay--hear us out on this one. Martin Vigo and Kaitlyn Vehn have a passionate and torrid affair. 18 years later, their child Marlyn Vehn-Vigo (or Marlin Double V as (s)he’ll be known in the business) becomes the new GM of the Stewjon Mets (because (s)he can’t choose sides, obviously) and proceeds to win ten straight Galactic Cup championships. Bam. Stop being such a family man Martin and give us this one thing! We’ll never ask for anything else! We promise!

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Wait--they’re calling it the Lynd Formation? As in Vesper actually approves of this? that case we love it. Setarcos, you’re a genius for forcing the Badger to do it (and the interns wrote last week’s column--we always loved it).

    Ryloth Rough Riders – Just because they’re called the Rough Riders doesn’t mean they have to make this hard for themselves. Someone did tell them that, right?

    Ylesia Lightning – Who is this blasphemer that is not Kasin? The limmie gods have been angered by all the celebrating! ...well, they would have been if there was anything to celebrate in this past game, that is.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Charles "Chuck" Bonaven
    Kabukk Stadium, Rwookrrorro, Kashyyyk

    There was a buzz in the air like Bonaven had never felt before in all his years working on Corellia. There was barking and yelping and fur (or was it long hair?) everywhere. The atmosphere was absolutely electric for the Rangers return to the ELL. Oh sure, they had played their first game back last week (a loss in a fast paced game on Ryloth) but this was their first game back here, in front of their home fans. Even the season opener on Mandalore last week couldn't compare to what was going on here as the fans file dinto the stadium. Their fans were already loud, and unless the Mercs were able to shut them up early, Bonaven felt that the team was in for a long day.

    Still if any team could shut out fan noise and distraction Bonaven knew it was the Mercs. Their veteran players were some of the most disciplined in the league, and playing in front of the huge crowds at the Meshla Vhetin prepared for for any amount of fan "interaction" possible. Looking around from his place in the visitor's box though Bonaven had a hard time believing anyone could be prepared for this.

    He knew many of the other GMs from around the league had been apprehensive about the return of the Rangers to the league. They had been a juggernaught once, and as the team came out onto the field Bonaven could see why. They were huge, and they played up to the crowd like seasoned pros. He was glad he had made the trip with the team to see this game live, of course he was also here to check out that forward from the University of Kashyyyk. Depending on how this game went the Mercs might need to start drafting some kids with more size. Of course the Mercs GM was really here to see his team's first road test, and to see how Pedro, the new Zabrak corner forward, handled his first ELL game. He was not to be impressed.

    Oh things started off well enough. The Mercs managed to steal away the opening possession, and after some antics at midfield from Mor'kesh he managed to get the bolo-ball up to Daryc, the teams star half forward. He in turn got it to Johnny Limmie who handed the ball off to Pedro after a nice fake downfield. Pedro looked confused at first, not sure of what to do. Coach Braun was yelling in from the sidelines, and Lieznam looked like he was at a loss as well. he ran up field, looking either for a pass from pedro, or to at least attack the offensive zone with him. But Pedro never moved to attack. He stood there, motionless as a pair of Wookiees bore down on him. Their aggressive defense left Liznam open for a moment, but Pedro either didn't see it, or didn't care. He collected himself and flung the ball down field, past the diving Ranger goaltender and into the back of the net. Three points!

    The Mercs were stunned for a moment. That wasn't the way they had drawn up that play, but three points was three points, and it staked them to a quick 3-0 lead. Sadly it was the high point of the game for the Mercs, and especially for Pedro.

    The Mercs next possession still saw them ahead 3-0 after a good stop prompted by some hard hitting defense from K'Karlson. This time the Mercs spread out and attempted to run their normal offense. The ball went up field again, from Mor'kesh to Soker, to Manziel who zipped the ball across the field to Pedro. It was then that Bonaven, the Mercs, the Rangers, their fans and the rest of the ELL watching Galaxy all saw what no one else really knew up until that point; although Pedro could throw the ball past nearly anyone, he couldn't catch for osik. The ball bounced off his hands as though they were made of stone, straight into the hands (well claws) of a waiting Khrussk. The turnover went for naught for the Rangers, much to their fan's chagrin, but the Mercs fatal flaw was exposed. The game went downhill from there.

    Able to play Pedro far more loosely now the Rangers clamped down on Lieznam and Daryc, switching their double team between the two star offensive players. Turnovers abounded and the Rangers first pulled even with the Mercs, and then began to blow them out. The Mercs managed another three points (on single pointers, one each from Lieznam, Daryc and Mor'kesh) but their frustration grew as the Rangers lead grew. The more frustrated they became, the more the fans got into the game. And then it happened.

    Just after halftime, with the Mercs down 18-6, Lieznam was desperate to get the team back into the mix. The ball in his hands he ignored a wide open Pedro and tried to squirt his way past the Ranger's defensive line. The Ranger's backs bore down on him, and still he refused to dump it off, or even attempt to pass back to Daryc or Arock, both of whom were coming down field on his flanks. Instead he kept the ball and tried to score on his own but was met with the full weight of Greyyura who planted the young forward into the turf with a blindside hit.

    Play came to a halt as the referees whistled the play dead and assessed the overzealous defender a penalty. But even though play stopped, Arock didn't. The game's frustrations boiled over for him. He came flying at larger Wookiee fullback and crashed into him broadside sending the Wookiee flying before he too crashed down onto the turf beside Lieznam. "You just got Arocked!" the Mandalorian corner forward yelled as he made a hand slashing across his throat gesture. That in turn was too much for Ossk (the Ranger's Trandoshan half back) who punched Arock in the back of the head. The refs tried to contain the situation, but it was too far out of hand and claw by then. Daryc ended up in the middle of the melee, taking Ossk down. The coaching staffs for both teams now rushed onto the field and managed to take control of their own players, but by now the fans had gotten involved.

    Taunted for most of the first half the Mercs fans in attendance (they still traveled quite well, with Mandalorians spread around the Galaxy doing manda knew what there always seemed to be a large number of Mandalorians at all Mercs road games) exploded almost as one against the larger (though mostly unarmored) Ranger's fans. Sure they weren't allowed to bring in obvious weapons, and they were vastly outnumbered, but that didn't matter to the Mandalorians as they began to act out on their own frustrations. Soon a riot broke out in the stands, and though the battle was kept hand to hand, Bonaven could see that the Mandalorians were giving as good as they got out there. Though he had to wonder who this guy was fighting for.


    Soon enough police units began to move in and separated the fans the best they could, making a few arrests along the way as they restored order. Lieznam was carted off the field and would return for the rest of the game. Daryc and Arock were both ejected as was Ossk and the game continued. It would end in an embarrassing 32-6 loss for the Mercs, one that was sure to be the talk of the sport's holo-shows as well as the league office in the week to come. Bonaven rolled his eyes, so much for using his spare time to scout out the University of Kashyyyk...

    Meeting with team owner Ra'kel Fleps, later that week

    "We're getting ahead of this one Charlie" Felps stated firmly, a bit of fire in her eyes. "The old ownership group would have taunted the league with what happened, and most of the fans here would have applauded that. Savage fools." Bonaven couldn't argue that, though he disliked calling anyone, even the overly violent Mandalorians, savages. "We are going to announce that Daryc and Arock will both be suspended from our next game against the..." she trailed off for a moment before Bonaven supplied the name. "the C-Bucs?"

    "Yes, the Bucs," she continued. "They will be suspended without pay for the game due to their actions. That should show the league that we will be more pro-active when it comes t dealing with the outbursts that these Mandalorians are prone to."

    "I can't disagree with that," Bonaven said as he shook his head slightly. "But with Lieznam a game time decision that is going to severely curtail our chances against the Hapans. The're 2-0 ya know."

    "I don't care what their record is, nor do I care about us actually winning." It was the twi'lek's turn to shake her head now. "You know my plans for this team." She smiled wickedly now. "In fact, I just thought of something that will forward that goal as well, and it meshes so nicely with recent events."

    Bonaven cringed wondering what his boss was going to do next. Bad enough for the Mercs to be without their all-star forward (though he did deserve the suspension) but what Felps was cooking up had the potential to be far worse, he knew that much before he even heard the idea. Afterwards he wondered if anyone would be at the game.

    "Announce that in light of the unfortunate incident at Kabukk Stadium, the Mandalorian Mercs will showcase their more peaceful side this week by declaring our next home game against the..."

    "C-Bucs," he provided once again.

    "...against the C-Bucs" she didn't even acknowledge her lapse, "will be Duchess Satine Commemoration night. We will honor the efforts and contributions of the New Mandalorians to Mandalorian society and culture." She chuckled softly, her lekku twitched as she did so. "That ought to shut these people up."

    TAG: Trieste for league reaction to the riot. :p

  14. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Ava Killenger
    Visiting Locker Room, Euceron

    Ava sat in front of her locker, complete tuned out. She was penciled in to make her first career Elite League start today against Euceron, something that two years ago had seemed impossible. Yes it had required two full forwards in front of her to get injured, but her time had finally arrived. With just one minute played, she would forever have the notation of having started a game next to her name. Most Limmie players never got to see that, so this was something special. She knew she should be proud.

    But she wasn’t. She was terrified. Her first start was coming against Euceron and its Antilles Formation at their place. There were no do-overs, no way to go and hide under a rock to avoid the issue. She had to face the Storm, but she had a feeling that this could get ugly. The Antilles Formation was formidable in every way; it came at you unconventionally, smashing you up and then running back with superior strength to defend the back line. What could you do in a conventional system like the Senators had? Especially a system that wasn’t doing anything on either side of the ball? The offense couldn’t score – couldn’t hit an ocean on Kamino with a beach ball, one analyst said -, a defense that hadn’t stopped anyone yet, and a midfield corps that got burned every which way and was now changing its personnel only two games in. What a disaster this was turning out to be.

    Nearby, Sulena Gure was walking to Gark S’rily. The Bothan was trying to come up with a way to open things up for the offense. “If we keep failing to move the ball, we may have to resort to a more conventional offense,” the Bothan GM and Half Forward positional coach said.

    “Give it a chance,” Gure pleaded. “I know the results haven’t been good so far . . .”

    “ ‘Not good’ would be an overstatement,” S’rily commented. “We’re a laughingstock right now. We can’t keep failing like this.”

    What a show of confidence Ava thought to herself as she finished dressing for the game. When Pamila Korthe came out to address her team, she saw a very quiet bunch that didn’t have much life to them.

    “I know we’re a little flat today,” she said, “but we have to get our heads into the game today if we want to succeed.”

    “Yeah, and the analysts all say that we’d save everyone a lot of time if we just went out and shot ourselves,” Cord McKerty said.

    “That’s not helping,” Korthe said. “But we know what we’re up against today. Euceron has their crazy formation, and we need to crack it. Thus, I have a few changes to make to the formations. We’re ditching our usual defensive alignment . . .”

    “No big loss,” Ava could hear Bernie McAllister say under his breath.

    “ . . . and going to a better-equipped scheme,” the Zeltron finished. “The 34.”

    “34?” Domino Derval asked.

    “Yes, the 34. It’s the slang term used for a ‘3-4’ alignment. We’ll shift a defender over into the middle of the defensive zone, and run a 3-4 one-on-one defense mixed in with some zone coverage,” Korthe replied. “The Storm have good forwards, everyone knows that. And they don’t use midfielders like most teams, including us, do, so we need to make them play our game. We’re moving the midfielders out of their regular positions and playing them differently. An extra defender, likely a half back, will make a line of three half backs across the front line of the defense, likely Lel Dey, the extra back, and Leed. The back line will fill in the gaps left by the front line, and will consist of our corner and full backs, plus the last half back from the formation. Now, this may change during the game, but that’s what we’re starting with. Derval, Gamble . . . you’ll be in your regular positions, and be covering the corners. Tank, you and Meter will cover the middle. Try to funnel the defenders out of the way of the goal if possible, especially if you get into trouble early and they keep attacking the middle. This way we can cheat over a defender and cover anyone who thinks of going up the middle on us. If they go the corners, we can drop a half back to double-team them and trap them in the corners.”

    “Then how do we help the offense?” Dirxx Horstse asked. “Because this just solves the defense issue, but not the scoring one.”

    “That’s where the midfielders come in,” Korthe commented. “We’re going to have one roaming the middle of the field to either start the offense, or to start the defense. That gives us eight defenders in a pinch, and a seventh forward if we need one. Now, as to how we’re going to run that sub system today. We’re going to start Evest today there, but we will make changes as necessary. Renhorn, I need you to be ready to sub in when we’re on offense. We’re going to need your scoring ability today. This is going to require a lot of changes during the game, mostly while the clock is running. The defender who needs to get on the field for a stand has to get on the field ASAP so that we don’t lose momentum, and same with the forwards who we send in. Midfield will have substitutions as necessary for the roving position. If we play by these rules, we can force the Storm to have to make changes to their game, which may cause them to lose focus. Then we can ram it down their throats and win this game.”

    “We can’t score if we have to keep passing the ball and handing it off,” McKerty said. “That’s not working.”

    “Then open up the game a little more. Run the Pistol again, but spread the offense out. Don’t get bunched together. Air it out, and the defense will have to comply. That’s when you can get isolation and hopefully break through,” Korthe said. “We have to score today, because otherwise all our heads . . .” she looked to S’rily, “will be on pikes. So score early, score often, and defense . . . hang on. This is going to be a bumpy ride, so make sure to stand tall and firm in the face of their attack.”

    “Easy for you to say,” McAllister muttered as the team left the locker room for the team tunnel.

    Ava wasn’t sure what was going to happen today, but she hoped that it would only be good news. Because she couldn’t take any more bad news. This season couldn’t get any worse, could it?

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  15. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Adanna Inviere

    Adanna sat down in her seat before the game between her C-Bucs and the Mercs of Mandalore were to face off. The seat was not at all comfortable, but she remembered the 268 Galactic Cup Final and having to live in a glorified tent. All of a sudden this thing suddenly felt very comfortable. It was funny how things like that worked out.

    She was hoping to see her team advance to 3-0 by whipping the Mercs today. Doing that would be a great start for a team that needed confidence, and needed to inspire confidence in its fans. The analysts were all saying that this was a fluke, predicated on the Packers not being good, and Ryloth still finding its footing. But the veteran half back knew better than that. Her team could do this, but first they had to finish today. And that was usually the issue with this team in the past. Finishing.

    The Mercs were down several players for the game. Arock and Daryc had gotten themselves suspended for this game, and Lieznam was out . . . or maybe he would play, no one really knew. But those players made this offense go, she knew. The reserves would try to play extra hard to prove themselves. Perhaps the C-Bucs could use that to their advantage, she thought. Perhaps the Mercs’ flaw today would be easier to find than most weeks.

    Everything was coming down to how her own team was going to play. If they showed up today like they had the last two weeks, then they would be fine. When team captain Wai Lin was on her game, as well as the veteran forwards the Hapan had assembled around their captain, anything seemed possible. Camille Montes had been so-so in her first two games of the year, but that’s all the team needed from her in those two games. Now Adanna hoped that the goalie could squeeze the Mercs’ offense today and prevent them from scoring any more than ten points. Do that, and they would most likely win. But reserves were a tricky thing to deal with. They could make mistakes, or you would be run over by one who should be starting but was relegated to the bench for some reason. Plus, you couldn’t prepare for them as easily. So Montes would be tested early, even if half the Mercs’ forwards were backups.

    A C-Bucs serving droid came over and offered Adanna a drink. She took it from the droid’s tray and drank a sip, the alcohol meeting her throat in a sweet manner. Hopefully this beverage wouldn’t be the only sweet result from today’s game.

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    May 20, 2008
    Can there be a Gunny three-post streak? Yes there can. :D

    IC: Jed Ortmeyer

    Leave it to us to welcome the new kids to the party Jed thought as he strapped his headset on for the upcoming Futures League game between his Thyferra Force and the newcomers Eriadu Thunder. They may have changed planets, Jed thought, but many of the Thunder players he had seen before when they were playing on Kashyyyk with the Rangers, so it was just a change of venue without a ton of change on the player side. Of course, his roster was pretty much the same from the prior year as well, so was he really one to say anything about this? Nah, it was about the same.

    Coming into the game, he was curious to see how his new players, especially the starters, would work out. Ziva Kender, the Nautolan with a wealth of talent but who had been absolutely shelled in the Elite League the prior season was to make her first start in the LFL today. Levi Corner was also to make his first start, but unlike Kender, he had been here with the Force since the roster overhaul of several seasons prior. He knew the stakes in this league, and had somehow beaten out Mekmek for that second starting spot across from former draft pick Arienne Farfell. Jed figured that Corner would love to be near the attractive red-haired Hapan playing Limmie; what guy his age wouldn’t stop and stare? Orrin Calcutt was going to be an interesting case; the Kiffar was new to the Futures League, but had proven himself a starter in camp. Jed wasn’t sure what the newcomer would be able to do when the chips were down, but he hoped it was something positive.

    A trio of former Mercs players and farmhands were now in the fold, those being Sas’quetch, Pella Lovenforth, and Zovort. The Wookiee Sas’quetch would start from Day One here with the Force at full back, having gotten beat out in camp for the Senator job by Bernie McAllister. He brought experience, though, and that was a positive for him going forth. If Bratter and McAllister struggled this season like they had in Week One, oddly enough against the Mercs, Jed knew he would lose the Wookiee to the Senators. Lovenforth, a full forward by trade and yet another CorTech product, had lost out the position battle to Ava Killenger in camp, and was penciled in at left corner forward for this game. With Killenger now up with the Senators due to a late injury by former Force forward Ganlin Costa, Lovenforth could have shifted back, but Jed decided against it. He wanted to see what H’ten Stutt, the Filvian, could do there. Perhaps being versatile would help Lovenforth as she attempted to crack the Coruscant roster. She had experience in a few games the prior season with the Mercs when Lieznam was out, but she was still a prospect who needed some time to work on her game. Zovort was an intriguing half back; if there wasn’t a glut of veteran half back talent on the roster, Jed would have let the Fondorian start. He was that good.

    When the game began, it was quickly apparent that it would be a shootout today. Both offenses were clicking, and the defenses were scrambling like mad to compensate. An Eriadu goal was quickly countered by a nice hook shot from forward Ynisse Zalt that tied up the score at 3, and then after trading bar points for two scores each, coming from Alex Renhorn and from Calcutt, Lovenforth beat her matchup, a very burly-looking Wookiee, and faked out Tvani Zookin on a nice pump fake before burying a shot into the back of the net. Jed nodded his head with satisfaction. The woman had game, that was for sure.

    In the second half, Jed toyed with the idea of pulling Kender for newcomer goalie Oola Ban. The Helmsman nominee had plenty of talent, but just didn’t get a chance to use it on the field. However, subbing her out could hurt the team’s chances, Jed thought, so he risked leaving the Nautolan in the contest. Center half back Vilnova Rickmond was struggling today, so Jed finally pulled her and put in Zovort. He wanted to see what the Fondorian could do. His patience was rewarded when the man made a nice form tackle and forced a fumble. That was the kind of game Jed wanted to see. However, his expectations became tempered again when Zovort was easily burned the next time down the field by the Thunder, leading to a bar point. Well, Jed thought, the man was a work in process on the field, but he had good upside. This season would whip him into shape.

    As the game wound down, it was apparent to everyone that it would come down to the wire. Jed called a timeout after Eriadu scored a bar point to tie it up at 24. “We have to finish this,” he said to his team. “Push the ball up the field, and don’t let them set the defense. Lovenforth, you’re the hot hand today. I want you to be a decoy on this play; open up space for the other forwards. Zalt, I want you to take this shot if we get the opportunity.”

    “But Pella . . .” the Twi’lek started, but Jed cut her off.

    “This game isn’t about our stats, it’s about winning as a team. Clear out that box, and hammer away at Zookin until we break through. All we need is another score, and we can hold them. A goal is preferable, but get a bar point if nothing else. We just need to score here.”

    The play was executed, and Lovenforth cleared out the zone as intended by drawing the defense. Zalt got the ball from Alex Renhorn, and then dodged a tackle to get out into open space. However, a Wookiee was in between her and the goal, and there was no going for the bar point from her. It would just get swatted down. So she changed up the play and dished it off to Voontoo. The Rodian forward seemed surprised that the ball came his way, but clutched it and sent off a skipping shot into the net for three points. 27-24 Force late.

    Jed put in his defensive team with about a minute left, and then he could only watch as things played out. The Thunder scored a quick bar point from long distance to cut the lead to 2, and then the game was really on. The crowd cheered their team on, and Jed crossed his fingers, hoping that his defense could hold. A goal scored right here would be a winner; there wouldn’t be time for more than one chance down at the other end. The defense had to hold. George Wulson, the Weequay midfielder in his first LFL game, bulled Fuva Mu’tish of the Thunder, but the Bothan got around him and penetrated the Force’s defensive zone.

    “Stop them! Stop them!” Jed yelled, but if his players could really hear him, he didn’t know.

    A Thunder forward made a nice juke on Girola Gundor to free themselves up, and for a split-second the goal became open as Kender shifted. Six seconds left. The forward readied himself to throw, but as he released the ball, Augustina Dekula came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. The ball hung in the air as it traveled on a very slow arc. Sas’quetch, who realized that the ball was heading towards the goal, jumped up into the air and punched it away. The ball sailed over the bar for a point, but then the horn sounded. The Thunder scored there, but it wasn’t enough to win. 27-26 Force. What a win.

    After the game, the usual suspects were interviewed by the media, but Jed sought out Dekula. She had made a gutsy play there. “Nice play, rook,” he said to the Twi’lek third-round pick. “You play with instincts like that, and there will be a place for you at the next level.”

    “Thanks, coach,” Dekula said.

    Later on, Jed found out that the Senators were falling apart rapidly. Their offense was nonexistent, their defense was terrible, and the midfielders were in disarray. Perhaps his words to Dekula weren’t too far off from the truth, he thought. Perhaps the Senators would need some new backs soon if this kept up. He thought of calling Pamila Korthe to try and calm her down, like she had done for him several seasons earlier when the Force were in the midst of a major slump. But he decided to do that later; for now, he was content with a win to kick off the season the right way.

    TAG: Rebecca_Daniels (for the Thunder), jcgoble3 and Trieste (for interest in the LFL)
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  17. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Madelyne Vigo

    To: The Editor of What We Learned (specifically of the 277th season week2)

    In regards to:

    Ralltiir Starkillers – Okay, okay--hear us out on this one. Martin Vigo and Kaitlyn Vehn have a passionate and torrid affair. 18 years later, their child Marlyn Vehn-Vigo (or Marlin Double V as (s)he’ll be known in the business) becomes the new GM of the Stewjon Mets (because (s)he can’t choose sides, obviously) and proceeds to win ten straight Galactic Cup championships. Bam. Stop being such a family man Martin and give us this one thing! We’ll never ask for anything else! We promise!

    Hear you out? Are you kidding me? You want my husband to do what? And you’re printing it for all the Galaxy to read. How dare you. Don’t go hiding behind those interns, I’m talking to you big man editor, the person who allowed this to go to print. Suggesting my husband a man of great value and upstanding virtue stoop so low as to have an affair with another woman. I’m not sure who you were trying to offend when you wrote this article, but it worked. I’m offended. Martin is offended. My family is offended.

    Let me tell you about the wonderful man Martin Vigo is. He’s a loving husband. He understands marriage and not just the concept of being faithful which he has been for over 25 years. He also knows how to show love, appreciation and kindness in ways few men can. Not only is Martin a wonderful husband he’s also an amazing father. It’s an insult to his children to have to read this and to put the idea in their heads that their father would ever consider what you suggested.

    I suggest you fire this crop of interns find some who can write about sports. That is what this column is supposed to be about after all. Allow another article with filth like this go to print and I will personally see to it, that you are fired. I promise!

    -A very concerned

    Madelyne Vigo

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  18. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines
    • Mando'ade Mercs announce "Duchess Satine Appreciation Night" to be held for game against the Hapan C-Buc
    • Mando'ade Mercs suspend Jeem Daryc (center half forward) and Fu Arock (Left Corner Forward) for game against Hapes C-Bucs
    • Argo Mor'kesh (Midfielder) to play under protest for Duchess Satine appreciation night. "I have a contract to uphold. Regardless of whether I want to play or not, it is my duty to play"
    • Mj Katan (Goaltender) announces he will sit out Duchess Satine appreciation night.Jonathan Lieznam (full forward) will be a game time decision for game against Hapan C-Bucs (head injury)
    • Live feed--Lokensgaard arriving on Mandalore for press conference:
    • ELL announces one game suspension of Arock
    • Lokensgaard: “This is not in addition to Arock’s team-imposed suspension, but rather concurrent. The League must make it clear our position on a hit well after the whistle, but we have no desire to punish teams for self-policing when they do so appropriately”
    • ELL fines Ossk of Rangers and Daryc of Mercs 40,000 credits each for retaliatory actions taken during brawl
    • Lokensgaard “deplores” fighting in stands: “limmie fans are better than that"
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Jedi Gunny Vehn
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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    4th Fleet Memorial Field, Monarchs Stadium
    ELL Week 2, Monarchs vs Lightning, 23-8

    It was good to be home. The crowd was in their corner. The familiar feel and smell of the turf beneath their cleats. It was good to be home.

    Before the kickoff, Vesper pulled the Front Five together on the sidelines to go over a couple of fine points in the game plan. “Remember what we practiced. Their back three aren’t just physical they are massive. So don’t get up close and personal with them.”

    “I can’t think of a single time when I would try to get up close and personal with a Wookiee, a Barabel, or a Cathar,” Rew piped up.

    “Wouldn’t mind getting up close and personal with him though,” Vesper followed Winnie’s eyes to see her staring at Korlo Penin, the Lightning’s new goalie, “He’s so dreamy.”

    “Sure, he’s handsome, but…”

    Vesper interrupted, “No, Rew, he’s dreamy.”

    “We’ll see how dreamy he is after I leave a bolo shaped scar on his face.”

    “Down Buggie,” Rew said jokingly.

    “Yeah, we couldn’t have that, could we?” Jalex’s eyes had yet to move away from Korlo, “It would be a shame if, especially since he’s so, well, formed and symmetrical…” She looks over at Rew, “Wh-when did you stop talking?”

    “About three embarrassing sentences ago.”

    Vesper watched as the rookie’s face turned five shade of red. “Don’t worry about it Dwara. I think of about three Starkillers, six or seven Miners, and a whole squad of Buccaneers that these yahoos will be oogling in the coming weeks.”

    “Yeah, that Falene is one fine…” Rew never finished his thought because Vesper’s hand smacking him upside the head stopped it from ever being completed.

    “That’s enough of that,” the Captain said in her serious voice, “Get your head in the game, nerfherders, or we’ll have lost before we’ve begun.”

    The Monarchs 4-5 Formation seemed to have thrown the Lightning for a loop. Other than their goalie, the rest of the team seemed out of it, distracted almost. They just did not seem to be as cohesive as they had been last season when they doubled up the Monarchs on the road. Penin, on the other hand, kept the game respectable, standing on his head, sometimes literally, to keep Vesper and company from running up the score.

    When it was all said and done, the Monarchs were back to .500 like they were last year, and finally beat the Lightning. As Vesper strolled off the field she stole a glance at the other scores from around the ELL. The Solo squads were rolling against the Skywalker teams. Doing some quick math in her head Vesper realized that, despite their convincing victory, the Monarchs were still fifth in the conference and in the league overall.

    With only four home games, and only two of them being conference games, the Monarchs needed to win on the road. And they needed to do it against the one team in the ELL they had yet to record a victory against… The Packers.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    To: Bennett Halverson
    Rossum Bookmakers
    Ms. Halverson,

    I trust that my deposit of 400,000 credits has found its way to you safely and that you are in good health. I would like to place the following wagers for the ELL Week 3 matchups:

    Miners at Lightning: 50,000 credits on the Miners to win
    Senators at Storm: 50,000 credits on the Storm to win
    Rangers at Smugglers: 50,000 credits on the Smugglers to win
    Buccaneers at Mercs: 50,000 credits on the Buccaneers to win
    Starkillers at Rough Riders: 50,000 credits on the Starkillers to win
    Monarchs at Packers: 100,000 credits on the Monarchs to win

    Thank you and have a good day,
    Client 24601

    TAG: Trieste (league and family business) Rebecca_Daniels (approved game action) Tim Battershell
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    Sep 3, 2006
    OOC: First, a GM-approved secondary character...

    Name: Korlo Penin
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 255
    Physical appearance:
    Home world: Corellia
    Relation to Team: Player
    Brief Biography:

    From the first time he watched Limmie with his father, Korlo knew he wanted to play the game more than anything else. Dedication, determination, and hard work got him from kicking the ball around the backyard with his father through little leagues all the way to a solid university team. Unfortunately, Korlo's dedication did not extend to his studies, leading to his being cut from the university team in his third year due to poor academic standing. Though he nearly gave up on his Limmie dream then, instead Korlo took the extra time to study harder and focus on learning while doing his best to stay prepared for a chance to earn his spot back. While he was replaced by a hotshot goalkeeper, Korlo graduated and earned a tryout with a lower division professional team, then quickly rising to the PLL when his ability became noticed, which is where he's played for a few seasons until his contract expired and he found himself unsigned even after a long off-season. Though not as talented as some players in professional Limmie and with his own share of weaknesses in goal, Korlo brings pure determination and optimism, leaving him in just the right position to be available when an ELL team was in need of a goalkeeper.


    IC: Lejique Beiron
    Rydonni Prime, Game day

    The Monarchs' new formation was good. Really good. More solid than any of the Lightning at this point, and maybe just confusing enough to face that it was keeping them off-balance. Or, well, there were plenty of other reasons, but discounting their opposition's skill would be disrespectful.

    Though Penin wasn't doing too badly. For a player thrown into the ELL after just a single practice with the team, he was doing downright amazing, especially once he seemed to shake off his nerves and hit a groove. At least there was one bright spot to the game right there, and Lejique had to admit that his face was going to be a bright spot for the fans too; there was no denying he was attractive.

    Penin was the only one smiling after the game, though not as broadly as the day before. Lejique only had time for a couple questions with him and Zoa before the team was to cool down and get ready for a shuttle back to Ylesia; getting away from the loss was one thing, but they all wanted as much time as possible to prepare for their four-week away stretch after facing Bakura. And Lejique had some plans of her own.

    She flagged down Zoa first, just using a voice recorder as to get the information as quick as she could - Favin was nowhere to be seen and she didn’t have time to wait for him if she wanted to get as many questions as she could in.

    "I'm here with Captain Zoa Vra," she stated for the record. "How did today's game feel compared to facing the Starkillers?"

    Zoa shrugged, though the motion wasn't captured. "We did poorly, plain and simple. The Monarchs were out there and ready and walked all over us. We'll have to do better."

    "Do you think the change in lineup affected anything?" she asked.

    "Penin's a good kid, played hard, and we didn't stand up for him like we should have." The Zabrak paused and glanced down. "I can't really say if the team was thrown off by Kasin not playing. It was weird, I won't deny it, but it shouldn't matter who's in net."

    Lejique nodded and thanked her quickly before slipping across to grab Penin before he could escape. It was there that she found her holocam operator, adjusting his holocam by their newest player.

    "What are you doing?" she hissed at him. "I needed you with Vra!"

    Favin grinned as he turned the holocam on. "Trust me, I've seen how the ladies have been looking at this guy. You'll thank me later for getting him in the best light possible." She shook her head and waved Penin into the light emitted by the holocam so they could begin.

    "Congratulations on your first Elite League game, Korlo," she began. "It must feel great to have that first game under your belt."

    Korlo smiled, but ducked his head a bit as he answered. "I'm still really excited to be here, and I'm just sorry I couldn't do more and help the team to a win."

    "How did it feel to be out there?" Lejique asked.

    "It's a bit- I was a bit nervous, but then the game got started and, I mean, I'm facing players I've only ever seen on holo before so it's kind of- well, kind of humbling to have this chance to play against and with them, even if it's only just this once. Really, it's a thrill, and I was happy to be out there, every second. I uh, I just need to get better, the players out there are nothing like anyone I've ever faced and, well, I knew it'd be hard but I have a lot of work to do."

    Lejique watched him closely as he spoke; the tripping words and hesitations seemed to be real, coming from modesty or nervousness, but it just seemed so different from the confident guy she'd spoken to yesterday. Maybe post-game nerves still eating at him? Hopefully he'd hold up, even if Kasin was back against Bakura, Korlo was going to be under a lot of scrutiny back on Ylesia.

    "Thanks for your time." She motioned for Favin to stop recording, and she stepped a bit closer to Korlo so she could keep what she said from being overheard. "Korlo, are you okay? You seemed a little nervous on camera."

    He smiled - he was always smiling - but she could see he looked a bit tired. "Yeah, I’m really just not used to… all this." He waved a hand around the room. "It's a lot of attention, and a lot of changes in the last couple days. I'll catch some sleep on the shuttle back, I'll be fine by the time we get to Ylesia." He paused, considering. "I've never been to Ylesia."

    Lejique patted his arm and stepped away. "It's really great, you'll see." He flashed a grin and went back to packing his gear as Lejique turned to leave the locker room and prepare her own things for travel.

    And around the corner, stopped just short of running into Arren Cosh.

    "New kid's really bringing a lot of attention to the team, huh?" he asked. His voice was casual, but there was something off, something forced.

    "Hopefully all good." And there she was, also forcing this politeness.

    "So is he your new plaything? I admit he's got the looks but isn't he a bit young for-"


    "I saw you being all up close and personal with him in there, it's that a new interview style or just special attention for that one?" She'd never heard him sound so bitter, and she regretted everything that had brought her to this point. She was doing him a wrong by not telling him the real reason she'd asked him to back off, but she couldn't bring herself to admit that she'd let herself get stuck in this situation, where she had to choose between her career with the Lightning or her friendships and whatever it was they had. Rich kids like her didn't pick career over friendships or love or money; she'd dropped all three, and would continue to do so until she'd had enough. And there was no way she'd give Raakla To the pleasure of seeing her give up on this job.

    Lejique toook a breath to keep from getting angry. "He was nervous on camera. I just wanted to help."

    Arren shook his head, and grew quieter. "I don't understand what's going on anymore, Lejie. I thought we were sort of heading for a good thing, and then..."

    Her jaw tightened but she kept her thoughts to herself. There was too much going on to deal with this complication. "I'm sorry," she said, and continued down the hall past him.


    Peace City

    There was a lot of time to think on the shuttle. She had planned to - quietly - contact the Ylesian police to see what they knew about Kasin, but she couldn't do that with the entire team in an enclosed space and so easily overheard. They landed in the morning though, and after a shower to get that travel feeling off of her, she headed to the local detachment, audio recorder concealed in her jacket just in case.

    The Ylesian police still looked barely more than mercenaries in uniform, and the trainers and instructors had only done so much to clean them up. Procedure and evidence chains and privacy were ignored in favour of bribes and payoffs, but even she had to admit that, at least visibly, things had changed. The precinct was tidy, desks laid out and thuggish officers walking around with purpose. But even a small credit slip and a wink to the sergeant at the front desk got her the information she needed, as little as it was.

    They knew about Kasin's disappearance, and were attempting an investigation, though the quality of the notes in the file led her to believe that they didn't have the most proficient detectives on the case. The tip about Kasin had come from her family, worried about her lack of contact, and a detective had found her apartment deserted. There was also a note in Durosian about a large payoff from a bloated ruler - probably meaning Otta - to keep the investigation quiet; that was good, at least for now.

    Lejique sat back, comfortably in her own apartment, a copy of the file on her datapad. There wasn't anything she could do without giving away that Kasin was missing, and until someone decided to announce it, she had to keep quiet too. She itched to investigate it herself, the holes in the information screaming for answers. They hadn't even tried to figure out when Kasin had last been seen or heard from, which ought to be easy enough considering how many of her friends were Lightning.

    Unless they'd done away with her themselves.

    No, that was ridiculous. Why would they remove their best chance of making the playoffs?

    Lejique tossed the datapad to the floor. This really was too much to do in secrecy, especially with all the work she still had to do for the Lightning and all the complications in her life, and she couldn't ask anyone else who knew to help. So it would have to wait. And the longer she waited, she knew, the less likely it would be that Kasin turned up okay.


    IC: Korlo Penin
    Game Day, Peace City Gardens

    Joining a team after their season started was strange, and stranger still to be surrounded entirely by non-human faces. They were polite, mostly, and not too hard on him, but he wasn't a part of the team, not really. He was a replacement, a temporary piece until the famous Kasin Urdaaza returned.

    And he felt it, sitting in the locker room before warm ups against Bakura, in the way the Coach spoke; she knew all the other players, and even after another week of practice with the Lightning, she still had little she could address with him.
    "I know we're all missing Kasin, but you guys have to give the team your all right now; she'll be back once she's dealt with her stuff, and we better be in the win column to welcome her when she does."

    And there, too: all the players here but him had met Kasin; he sorely wished he could meet her, get some tips, but he'd have to make due and do his best in her absence. Maybe if he worked hard enough he could impress her, or the organisation, or someone in the Elite League, and he'd get to stick around after.

    The team stood to head out for warm ups and Korlo was stopped short by their Captain.

    "Hey kid, you play like you did against Rydonni Prime and you'll have everyone's respect in no time. Don't think about the score, that's everyone else falling through, and it happened when we played in front of Kasin too. You stop those shots and I will do my hardest to get the ball in the other goal, got it?" He nodded and Captain Vra tapped his shoulder. "Don't think about who you're replacing, just do what you do best."

    And she left as well, leaving him to enter the field last. From the holos he'd been given to study about the Miners' play style, he recognised a few as he looked down their end, but pulled his eyes away; he'd see them soon enough, and he had to focus. He couldn't worry about who he was facing and how many Galactic Cups they'd won and how many career points they had… and how many more they'd have after this game.

    None, Korlo told himself as he settled into a pattern of deflecting his own team's shots to the sides.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    What a week! Bonus rolls to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, Rydonni Prime, and Ylesia.

    Week 3 Results
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Ryloth Rough Riders (34-7)
    Bakura Miners at Ylesia Lightning (8-3)
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Mando’ade Mercs (8-21)
    Coruscant Senators at Euceron Storm (9-10)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Agamar Packers (2-16)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (3-29)

    Dear Client 214782,

    It is my pleasure to report that your bets on Bakura, Mando'ade, Agamar, and Nar Shaddaa offset your loses on Ryloth and Coruscant for a total of 150,000 credits in winnings this week. As a result, your account balance is currently 330,000 credits. Congratulations on your initial victories.


    Bennett Halverson
    Executive Director
    Rossum Bookmakers

    Dear Client 24601,

    Your deposit of 400,000 credits by courier was indeed received. In the future, Rossum will be more than happy to arrange for discrete electronic transfers of funds if preferred.

    Prior to this week's wagers, your account stood at 500,000 credits, including the 400,000 credit deposit. Your bets on Bakura, Euceron, and the Smugglers returned 150,000 in profits. However, your bets on Hapes, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime totaled 200,000 in losses. Your account now stands at 450,000 credits.

    We look forward to the continued renewal of your business.


    Bennett Halverson
    Executive Director
    Rossum Bookmakers

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Concordia (28), Byblos (28), Thyferra (32), Tatooine (28), Eriadu (28), Druckenwell (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 2
    Commenor Gundarks at Concordia Crusaders (25–2)
    Byblos Red Wings at Thyferra Force (0–23)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Garqi Gunners (20–1)
    Eriadu Thunder at Druckenwell Marksmen (20–16)

    TAG: Jedi Gunny Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Tim Battershell CPL_Macja
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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Lilly Vehn
    Owners Box, Six Boroughs Stadium
    Rangers 3, Smugglers 29
    Lilly felt the thunder of the crowd roll across her chest and roared in delight as the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers absolutely took it to the Kashyyyk Rangers. Years of painful losses to the Rangers in the regular season and the post season seemed to melt away as the crowd roared, danced, and saluted their team in the greatest celebration since winning the Cup last year. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers fans were known for their long memories and beating the Rangers on this particular occasion felt as good as any victory ever did. A chant erupted throughout the stands as Mylessa McCloud fist pumped in the air, her name being sung from the nose bleeds all the way down to field level. The Salbukk Award winner had turned in one hell of a game putting up nearly 26 points, a Smuggler regular season record, by her own hand. The Vertical City had her champion and as the black haired woman from Coruscant celebrated it was as if the entire galaxy unfolded before her and welcomed her to the highest podium of Elite League Limmie talent.​
    Lilly was impressed how the Smugglers had been putting up the points this year. She’d thought the team would’ve struggled more without the guiding hand of Tover Micjaa and the stabilizing influence of Meredith Chambers-Vayne but as of week three the franchise was the leader of the Skywalker Conference. Huntington had learned well under Micjaa. It also didn’t hurt anyone that nearly the entire roster from last year’s championship run had returned. Sure, the Amaran, Vick McTodd was gone but in his place Shae Bellweather was putting in a good season. She shook her head as the team dumped the remaining Gundarkade on Huntington who flinched as the cold ice poured down his back. Today there had never been a better day to emerge victorious over Wookies. The shaggy carpets had left the field in utter shock. Served them right for they were once the greatest threat to the known Limmie world. Now they had been humbled and the emotional victories they had once held over the Smugglers Moon were defeated.​
    This was the last game at Six Boroughs that she would be attending for the season. The Smugglers would hit the road over the next several weeks and she would be scouting out collegiate talent with Shay Dionne for the following year. Part of her would miss being on the Vertical City. Part of her would miss Graham.They’d talked all through that memorable night not so very long ago. They’d discussed a lot of things, covered a lot of ground, and had started a relationship. They’d wanted to keep it secret, keep it hidden, at least for a little while. In time, they had decided, they would tell Kaitlyn, they would break the news, but not yet.​
    She took her eyes away from the field and saw Graham standing in the corner of the owner’s box, hand raised up to his ear as security information was fed to him. He whispered a few words into his comlink before resting his gaze on Lilly. She gave him a look that said so many things, so many beautiful things that only young lovers can share before the storms of life begin to weather and test that bond. For now, in this moment, everything was well. Everything was as it should be.​
    “Look upon what I have created, Lilly,” Kaitlyn said as she surveyed the Smugglers celebrating on the pitch down below. “I have everything I could possibly want in the galaxy. I have won a Galactic Cup, I have built a stadium that will stand the test of time, I have conquered my foes one at a time and still I find that my victories are not enough for me.”​
    “You should be thankful for the good fortune that the universe has given you. Rest on your laurels, Kaitlyn,” Lilly responded.​
    “Oh, I am eternally grateful, Lilly, but I find there is one thing in my life that I lack,” Kaitlyn responded, “do you know what that is?”​
    Lilly shook her head.​
    “People that I can trust, people that I know will carry my vision forward when I am gone,” Kaitlyn said.​
    “What are you getting at?”​
    “Did you ever see the holo-movie, Fall From Grace?” Kaitlyn asked.​
    “No, what is it about?”​
    “The final days of the Old Republic seen through the eyes of Mas Amedda,” Kaitlyn responded.​
    “Palpatine’s most loyal subject during the waning days of the Old Republic,” Kaitlyn said.​
    “Oh, the blue guy with the horns?”​
    “Whatever happened to him?”​
    “Nobody knows. The written record suggests that he continued to serve Palpatine on the deep core world of Byss but others say that he increasingly found himself isolated from the court once Palpatine instituted his doctrine of Human High Culture. Maybe Palpatine didn’t have the heart to kill him. I don’t know. The movie tells an interesting tale of absolute obedience and loyalty to a cause. Very powerfully acted, moving script, I think you’d like it.”​
    “Thanks for the recommendation. I should look into it,” Lilly said.​
    “Being a person in power is a very lonely place to be, Lilly. You have lots of enemies and far fewer friends. Not everyone likes you and a few of those people want you dead. Loyalty is hard to come by in any organization but in the sporting world it is loyalty that will buy you favors, loyalty that will buy you access, and loyalty that will buy you a championship. If you stay loyal to me, Lilly, you can have all this one day, the team, the stadium, the history, maybe all of Nar Shaddaa.”​
    Lilly felt her blood run cold. Kaitlyn knew. Kaitlyn knew that Lilly wanted to blow her away at the earliest possible moment. Lilly tried to fight back the fear that slowly sucked the air right out of her. Her blaster, strapped to the small of her back underneath her coat, dug into her spine. This was serious. Kaitlyn knew and Lilly’s game was up. Did she also know about Graham? Time to find out exactly what she knew.​
    “Are you suggesting I’m not loyal?” Lilly asked.​
    “Hardly,” Kaitlyn replied, “just wanting you to know that if you enjoy working for the Smugglers organization and hang in there you could really reap the benefits.”​
    Lilly relaxed a little bit. So maybe she’d jumped to a few conclusions. She could breathe a little easier now.​
    “I’ve got a shuttle to catch,” Lilly said as she turned to leave.​
    “Lilly?” Kaitlyn said grabbing a hold of Lilly’s arm.​
    “Love can be a wonderful thing but it can also break your spirit. Be careful,” Kaitlyn warned.​
    Lilly’s lip trembled slightly. She held Kaitlyn’s gaze for awhile. Maybe too long. She couldn’t hide now. Kaitlyn saw right through her. She felt as if a dagger had slowly entered her heart and was quietly twisting around to complete the kill. She couldn’t speak. She felt as if the very life in her soul had been sucked right out of her. She nodded and broke Kaitlyn’s grasp. On her way out the door she once again made eye contact with Graham who gave her a look that said one thing: What’s wrong?​
    Lilly felt tears come to her eyes. Had this sneaking suspicion that their budding relationship had just been mowed right out from under her. She shook her head and walked right on past him. There was something wrong here. Something not quite right. All she could think about on the shuttle out to Empress Teta was one thing and one thing only:​
    Kaitlyn Vehn knew.​
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Martin Vigo

    It was a good afternoon to be a Starkillers fan. Ryloth started the game with an all too predictable drive downfield. Our defense was able to stop them easily. Poletin passed the ball to Hovechar who easily dribbled up field where she was able to pass off to Andres who put an easy three points on the board. Zoey jumped up and down in front of the holovision screaming with glee. “I’d hate to hear how loud she’s going to scream when the team wins,” Spencer commented putting his hands over his ears.

    The offense continued to put points on the board and the defense was playing better than I had seen them play since Till had become the head coach. It was a great relief. It was the first match-up between us and any team aside from the struggling Senators in which we held a team to single digits. As much as I liked Till as a person I had begun to question his abilities as a coach. I hoped this was the way our defense would play for the rest of the season.

    Lucie took T.J. upstairs before the game ended. There wasn’t much point in watching the final minutes. Even Ty had allowed himself to be pulled when the score reached 30 – 5 in the Starkillers favor. It was a good thing she did too. Zoey had continued to dance and holler around the living room throughout the broadcast. The cookies my wife made adding to her hyper presentation. When the game finally came to a conclusion she lifted her pom pom’s in the air and proclaimed at the top of her lungs. “Andres wins!”

    “Shhh,” my wife said approaching her gently. “You will wake your cousin.”

    “I don’t care. T.J. is a stupid head.”

    It seemed that jealousy was beginning to set in. My wife scolded Zoey which only made her act out more. To my surprise it ended when my wife threated to tell Andres she was causing trouble. In fact the rest of the evening went much more smoothly after that. She didn’t even throw a fit at bedtime.

    The next morning as I was approaching the kitchen after my morning swim I could hear my wife ranting. “Spencer,” I called knowing he was the only other person in the house likely to be awake. He came out of the kitchen clutching a large cup of caf in both hands with an aggravated look on his face. “What did you do to upset your mother so early in the morning?” I asked.

    “Nothing,” he began. I crossed my arms and gave him a look so he knew I didn’t believe him. “Honest Dad, I just put my data pad down on the counter to pour my caf. Mom looked over to read the article I was going to read while I ate breakfast. You know the What We Learned article from last week. I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet because I’ve been studying all weekend. I don’t know what she read because she won’t tell me, she won’t even let me have my data pad back. She thinks you should block the site from me. You’re not going to do that are you Dad?” He asked looking at me with concern.

    “Go around the other direction to the dining room.” I said with a motion of my head. “Let me see if I can get your data pad back.” I gave him my best reassuring smile and headed into the kitchen to try to calm down my wife. “Morning Maddie,” I began gently “Spencer says you’ve confiscated his data pad. He needs that for school you know.”

    “I know,” she said turning to look on me with angry eyes. “He can have it back, just as soon as you explain this.” She handed me the data pad with the article Spencer had mentioned to me still uploaded. It was a column I read every week. I was very familiar with the satire, I had even glanced over this very write up just a few days ago. I couldn’t for the life of me remember anything unfavorable in the article.

    “Which team’s write up am I supposed to be upset about?” I asked.

    “The team you own.”

    I started to read it over again to refresh my memory. Years of these types of conversations reminded me not to smile. “Sweetheart, no one really wants what is being suggested here to happen. You are right, it’s written in poor taste. I know it’s not easy, just try to ignore it.”

    “I’ll do my best,” she said too quickly as she handed over the data pad. “If you are going to let Spencer read that I suggest you remind him that if anything like that ever did happen there would be little pieces of you scattered all over the Galaxy.”

    I took the data pad from her and smiled. “I wouldn’t expect any less from the woman I love.” I stepped closer and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

    That afternoon I was at a meeting listening to bids for shows that were looking to fill a vacancy at one of the theaters I owned when I got a call from Cambrielle law enforcement. I excused myself and took the call in my office for privacy. As I unlocked the door I stumbled with apprehension, I quickly closed the door behind me and took the call. “What seems to be the trouble?” I asked trying to keep my voice calm. Bat wasn’t on Ralltiir, was another one of my children injured or in trouble?

    “Mr. Vigo,” the officer said all business in his voice. “The security system at your home has been tampered with. We have two units in route to the house now. Are you at your residence, are you in trouble sir?”

    “I’m away from home. My two younger son’s should be there. Please hold while I try to get a hold of them.” I said, my mind racing. Madelyne should be at the spaceport the team would be coming in any moment. Lucie, T.J and Zoey were with her. Spencer’s practice was over by this time and Tomas was supposed to be resting his arm. I dialed Spencer’s data pad. Unconsciously I tapped my fingers on my desk while I waited for him to answer. “You need something Dad, I’m kinda busy,” he said mindlessly when he finally did pick up.

    “Spencer, is everything okay at the house? The alarm has been tripped.”

    The nonchalant expression changed to one of guilt. “Oh, I meant to, I mean I thought I overrode the alert system. Tomas and I were borrowing some of the parts of the camera in Bat’s room. You haven’t had that camera in use for over a year now. I didn’t think it would matter.”

    “If you tamper with the system it alerts law enforcement,” I said sternly. “Get your brother and remain on the line I want to talk to both of you.” I put his line on hold and told the officer the people he had dispatched to our home could turn around. I apologized and promised the system would be re-set momentarily. Both boys sat on the sofa when I switched back to Spencer’s line. Spencer looked guilty, Tomas looked defiant. The first thing I did was give Spencer the code and instructions to re-set the alarm. I watched as a screen in my office and my data pad assured me that all systems were restored. Spencer made his way back to the sofa and sat down next to Tomas. “You two just managed to pull me out of an important meeting and take two law enforcement units out of the line of duty when they were dispatched to our house. This had better be good,” I said raising my eyebrows.

    “We were working on a project for school,” Tomas said defensively. “For my engineering class. I asked Spencer to help me. We are building a droid and need the camera.”

    “As glad as I am to hear you two were working together on a school project you both know the security system is off limits at all times. I’ll be assigning you both extra chores, potentially some community service outside of our home.” Spencer looked panicked but he remained quiet. Tomas’ expression remained angry. He made the wise decision not to speak though. “What is the droid going to do when finished?” I asked curiously.

    “Play Limmie,” Tomas answered.


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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun

    Now that was more like it! The Monarchs on the short end of a sixteen points to two final score! For once everything had worked, more or less, as intended; although he thought that the team should have put more points on the board. Considering the Monarchs' undefeated status going into this match, Tim now had to consider that the Packers were the Monarchs' 'jinx' side and had been from their very first meeting! At least there hadn't been any nonsense with Battledroid 'Security' troops this visit, not that he'd heard about, anyway. Although, given what had happened on Rydonni Prime in the interim, perhaps the entire concept had turned very sour where the Monarchs were concerned!

    Nunafeed-scale fines on the two players involved in the Mercs/Rangers on-pitch Brawl, no fine at all for the Mercs' player whose down-time hit on a Ranger had started it all and no action at all taken against either club for their fans' atrocious behaviour! Ridiculous! To be an effective punishment and, more importantly, an effective deterrent; fines needed be set at a level that actually hurt the wrongdoers, not so low as to hardly be noticed! Another very important point was that punishments needed to be consistent across the board. If Lokensgaard didn't shape up very quickly, turning the Elite League into a laughingstock would be the least of its problems - at worst, Lokensgaard could end up wrecking it!

    Not directly Lokensgaard's fault, except that such things tended to occur when the sensitive antennae of bottom-feeding media hacks detected a lack of 'grip' at the top, was the disgusting suggestion made in the remarks directed at the Starkillers in HSN's 'What We Learned' column. Entirely over the top - and not even satire, it wasn't even the tiniest bit 'funny'.

    Under former Commissioner Kayl'hen's rule, such things just hadn't happened.

    Well, next week's game would be on Bakura; an oasis of peace and also a chance to confer with Justice Eldred, possibly even former Chancellor Trieste, about the apparent 'League's bad bargain' in the Commissioner's office.

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