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    OOC: Forcing myself to get this in at the nick of time. I need that bonus potential. Darn writer's block…

    Antaro Kiraon IC:
    ~Great Iziz Field, Iziz, Onderon~

    The crowd was still filing in and already there was a good level of excitement. It may not be the ELL, but the Premier League could deliver some good games as well. Good rivalry games at that.

    Today they were hosting Bilbringi, the division rival who was one spot above them in the ranks. And from here on out, they were only playing division rivals. To say they needed to win was an understatement. They needed to go undefeated for the last three games, starting now.

    Arms folded, and eyes gazing out the glass from his Owner's Box, Antaro watched the game preparation quietly. He heard Sanna's voice somewhere behind him, handling a call to one of his arms manufacturing company managers on his behalf, but didn't really listen. His mind was elsewhere.

    Not only did Onderon need to win out, they needed both Bilbringi and Zeltros to potentially fail on a skid for these next three games. Highly unlikely. Very highly unlikely. But.

    "It's not over yet," murmured the Beast Riders Owner. He paused a moment more to make sure the zeltron had hung up before adding something else.

    "Sanna. Can you do something for me?"

    "Yes, Mr. Kiraon?"

    He smiled. "Can you tell your old team to lose for me in their own game?"

    "Ha! I'm afraid that's up to the Force as the Jedi would say, Mr. Kiraon."

    Sanna had once been a member of Zeltros Athletic a few years back and for only a few years. Good potential, not elite, but definitely notable. Then came the injury and resulting complications. After some thought, the young woman decided to retire instead and focus on healing. She healed completely despite many thinking it would only do so partially, but instead of coming out of forced retirement she had learned that her heart just wasn't in it anymore.

    Fast forward a few years and now she found herself a highly paid secretary and surprisingly, she liked the job. Of course, Antaro Kiraon was not a normal person to be a secretary for, so it certainly made things more entertaining than they otherwise would have been.

    "Then may the Force be with us," replied the older man bringing them both back to the present.

    It had been with them in a tight game against Naboo last week, which was a cause of much celebrating. Why not a few more games?

    Glancing over to the holoscreen, he watched some of the ongoing ELL games and saw the news ticker below talking about the Membership Committee becoming annoyed with the Jakku market. He only smiled, a slight gleam in his eyes, before turning back to the game.

    The players were coming out. It was time to march forward to victory and revenge.

    Lets crush the Durasteelers this time, Beast Riders.

    Last time the two had met in Week 5, it had been a disgusting rout with no prisoners accepted. Antaro was hoping the anger over it would still be simmering under the surface of his players.

    They're all yours.

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    OOC: It seems that the Association of Procrastinators and People With Busy Lives has arrived in force tonight! :p Now we're just waiting on @CPL_Macja...

    IC: Tendra Nalo
    Location: Kenobi Field, New Ayotte, Stewjon
    Time: Week 9 match vs. Stewjon Metropolitans

    "Identification, please," said the customs official in a friendly tone.

    Tendra handed over her passport, identifying her as Lass Raritine of Tralus. She didn't think the Consortium would try to reach outside its borders for another attempt on her life, but off of Euceron, she wasn't taking chances for now, hence the desire to keep her presence secret until game time. As a sports star, her face was well-known throughout the galaxy, but a dental appliance reshaped her face enough to make people second-guess, and she had cut her hair short and dyed it green, which was completely out of character for the "real" Tendra.

    The customs official looked at it. "Lass Raritine. Not a name I typically hear from a Corellian."

    "My parents moved from the old RTO when I was six. Got naturalized about four years ago."

    "Ah, an immigrant. That makes sense. You have an athlete visa, good through Tuesday. What sport do you play?"

    "Video gaming, actually. E-sports, if you will. Athlete visa is what they told me to get, so that's what I got."

    "Ah, so you're here for the League of Lords Galactic Championship, I take it?"

    "That's the one."

    "Well, enjoy your stay, and good luck in the tournament. Scan of the ship shows nothing of interest, so you're good to go."

    Tendra took her fake passport back and pocketed it. She hadn't expected any problems with it, given that it had been manufactured by a Jedi Master, with her brother's help, but at the same time, she was relieved to get past that conversation successfully. The deception would be revealed when she made her presence known on the field on game day, but the proper people had been bribed to quash any investigation that could result in felony charges for lying to a customs official. Jado had helped with that as well, though the bribe money had been her own.

    The Jedi Order had first offered her a direct Jedi escort, but over their objections, she had refused to accept it, preferring to slip in unnoticed and out as quickly as possible after the game. However, her brother and one other Jedi were somewhere in the city, and would meet her in the stadium after the game and escort her to the spaceport. She still didn't like that idea, but she liked the idea of making a break for the spaceport by herself after her cover had been blown even less, so she had reluctantly accepted the post-game escort.

    She boarded the ship again, retrieved her bag, and headed out into the city. Her hotel room, separate from the team's hotel, was also reserved under the Lass Raritine name, so she flashed her passport again at check-in. Once in her room, she notified Leota of her room number and waited. Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock at her door. Tendra peered out through the peephole, confirmed it was Leota, and opened the door enough for her head coach to slip inside.

    "Did you follow the plan?" Tendra asked.

    "Yes. Husband and kid are holed up outside the Consortium, and I'm never going back."

    "Republic? Roon Federation?"


    "Probably the best place for them. So it's time to speak your mind in public."

    "Not yet. Unlike you, I can still be fired and replaced with someone that means harm to you. No, I have to play the role of good little coach and GM for three more weekends."

    Tendra sighed. "Got the game pass?"

    Leota fished into her pocket and came out with a lanyard. "Here. Show up at the player's parking lot after 1000 hours and show this to gain entry. Then follow the signs for the visitors' locker room."

    "1000? Why so late?"

    "Ever the morning person, aren't you? It's Metropolitans policy, that's all I know. It's almost a night game anyway; the HSN scheduling was a bit awkward because of the time difference between here and Ta'a Chume'Dan. The Hapan capital will be watching the game over breakfast."

    "Alright, see you tomorrow."

    "Oh, one other thing. Remember what I said about being a good little coach? Well, the government has been pressuring me to either bench you for the season, or at least take the captaincy away. So Rath Tyrnith will stay captain de jure for the rest of the season. But in the confines of the locker room, I still consider you the de facto captain. So get your pregame speech ready."

    "Works for me. It's past my bedtime. Good night."


    Leota left, and Tendra went about her nighttime routine. Tonight, that included a special task: washing out the green hair color and dyeing her hair blonde instead. If she could help it, she would try not to make the connection between Tendra Nalo and green hair public for another week or two. She figured she should be able to slip onto Nar Shaddaa next week the same way she did Stewjon, with a fake passport and bribes, but the Truce Day game on Bakura would be tougher to get in without notice, as bribes almost certainly would backfire there.

    As she turned out the lights, she pushed that to the back of her mind. She still had two weeks to figure out Bakura. By then, it might even be clear that precautions were no longer necessary, especially given that Hapan goons would also have a much tougher time getting onto Bakura. She would wait, and cross that bridge if and when she came to it. For now, she succumbed to the call of sleep.

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    IC: Harron Myrat'ur
    Leigh's Apartment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    This was the first week of Harron's table monogamy and, he was maybe getting a little tired of it. He'd played here long enough to know the tics of every other player at the table. Seiji, had a smirk that pulled at the corner of his mouth when he had a good hand. Else ran a hand though her red hair when her hand wasn't very good. Cutty got this hungry look in her eyes when she thought she could win. The one person he actually had a challenge with was Leigh, the hostess of the game. She had a sabacc face to rival the best players he'd faced.

    She was the one he didn't take his eyes off of, and she didn't either. Many hands were just them, his green eyes staring into her brown orbs. He always saw the same iron will in her, just like the day he made the bet that shackled him to this table in her smartly appointed home. He could have noticed more about it. The holo of the 283 team set prominently along the back wall of the living room, the Salbukk award placed just below it. There were voids next to it, she expected to win some more hardware, yet it seemed denied to her.

    Right now though the only hardware she wanted was the stack of metal markers the assistant coach had accrued over the course of the game. The problem with her was, she seemed to know exactly how to bait him. Raising at just the right moments to get him to take risks, challenging him when she knew she could win. She was crafty, and dangerous. If he didn't know any better, he might be falling for the star player. While some might frown on a relationship like that between a coach and a player. He'd remind them that the Power Couple of the Pirates were the head coach and a key half back.

    So, the relationship wouldn't be completely taboo but, that feeling of doing something wrong. It was intoxicating thinking of taking on such a risk. He blinked hard, trying to throw that thought behind him. He was still playing a game here, he couldn't allow himself to become distracted, not against her. The bet was to him and he gazed into his cards. A fine hand but, was it enough to beat Leigh. Her face gave nothing away. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest. This was the rush he lived for, the thing that brought him to the table, that also got him into the situation he was in now.

    "Call." He said with some confidence. She looked at her hand then back to him. She smiled, a slight dimple forming in her cheek. Seeing this nearly stopped Harron's beating heart. He had to admit that she was beautiful, in a forceful way, just like Lily. She had a spine of durasteel and nothing would stop her from getting what she wanted. Maybe that was way he was so taken with her. She was so much like the woman, the love he'd lost just one year past. The thought of that painful anniversary caused him to let out a long breath.

    Leigh's eyebrow, quirked, and then the smile disappeared.

    "Let's see 'um." She replied turning her hand over. Another long breath left his chest, he'd lost, just barely but, he had.

    "You got me," he said revealing his lesser hand.

    As she was raking in her winnings she gave a wink to her adversary. "You got close coach."

    "Ah, close only counts with thermal detonators." He sat back smile pulling at his lips. A short laugh slipped from Leigh's mouth. This only deepened the smirk on Harron's face.

    They played until everyone else was tired, until it was only them in the apartment. All the while the coach felt something inside him growing, something he hadn't felt in a long time.

    "Time to call it coach." She said stretching her long toned arms. "We've got a game coming up, have to be ready for it."

    "The mighty Leigh Cavanagh needs sleep?" Harron replied, a joking tone in his voice. "I thought you were powered by the pitch."

    "Unfortunately," she started, "I am a mere mortal, and do require sleep occasionally." The hostess of the game began cleaning up. Putting discarded cups and plates into the sink and empty Harron picked up the empty snack packages that littered the space. As he stuffed them into the trash he heard water running.

    "You're doing that now?" he asked watching Leigh cleaning the dishes.

    "Ah, if I leave them I'll forget."

    "Well let me help." He took up a place next to her drying the plates and bowls and other items and putting them away. Every so often their shoulders would touch. Her warmth would shoot through him, just for a moment. He'd somewhat awkwardly pull away, she'd just smile. He began to wonder, could she…he want he was feeling. It was something that was far removed from him after losing Lily. Leigh was powerful, willful, and far stronger than himself. He was drawn to her, like a battered ship entering a safe port.

    Could she feel the same? She seemed determined to save him from himself, you didn't do that unless you held some sort of care for the person. He looked into her eyes, putting away the final plate. He thought he could see something, a slight flicker.

    "Thanks for helping." She said

    "Any time," he replied stepping closer. She didn't pull away her feet planted firmly. His heart pounded in his ears, he knew he was taking a risk. He'd seen some signs from her, some signals that he cared for him but, did she have the same feelings in her? He felt that familiar rush, he'd just gone all in and hoped that he was right. He leaned in closer and still she remained unmoved, like a statue to a goddess she left it up to him to act, to show his devotion. The heat between them rose as his body came closer, ever so closer to hers. Her face didn't change the same soft features yet determined eyes. He took in every facet, seeking any tell, any sign that what he was doing was accepted.

    Just as he was about to cross that line, he felt a firm hand press into his chest pushing him away.

    "Coach," her voice was a little harsher but, not overly so, enough to break whatever spell had fallen over him. "I like you but, I think we might have crossed some signals here."

    "Um…" he coughed into his hand, trying to cover up his own discomfort at being rejected. He still couldn't shake the sense that she did…like him more than she let on. Was she just covering, trying to hide it, to not show weakness. "Well maybe we did or, maybe we didn't." Her mouth quirked up, brow rising. "How about this, if you crush…" she held up her hand silencing him with a motion.

    "Let me stop you there, my heart is not a thing I wager with." Her voice was quiet, solemn.

    A deep breath left the coach's chest, "Belongs to someone else eh…"

    "It belongs to me." she replied flatly, "and I don't play games with it."

    Her words were final, ending whatever he had thought was going on. His stomach plummeted. He'd completely misread her, once again.

    "Well, I…I should go." He was stammering Leigh didn't say anything, they both needed some distance, or at least he did.

    Arcadia Colosseum, O'pahz, Carratos

    It was an awkward couple of days for Harron after the Leigh's rejection he could quite bring himself to play at her table. He didn't want to relive that moment again. It was game time again, and again he found himself at the Memorial Wall. This time he wasn't worried about the game, he was just avoiding Leigh.

    He leaned his head back closing his eyes as he did so. That was a mistake. In the darkness he saw her eyes, her smoldering brown orbs. They were so close, yet so far away from him, something he couldn't have.

    "Hey," a female voice said next to him. He felt something cold touch his hand. His eyes snap open to see the pantoran again, did she come here every week. "The machine gave me two, you want one?"

    She held a can of fizzy drink in both hands offering one to the trouble coach.

    "Sure." He took it cracking it open as soon as he could.

    "Rough week?" she asked after taking a sip.

    "You could say that." He looked over to her, taking a swing himself. Her head was hung low, looking up every so often to gaze upon the wall. In an odd way he felt a sort of silent kinship with her. They had both lost someone, lost them to the war that still raged albeit at a much smaller, and much more terrifying way.

    They sat there in silence, him putting his awkward feelings away, and swallowing his pride. She wrestling with something, something only she could fight, or even understand.

    "Well," he said standing up, "Thanks for the drink." There was a delay between his words and her actions.

    "Oh, yeah no problem."

    The game was rough, physically and mentally. It was close, no team pulling out ahead of the other. It was the homestretch of the season, the time that the playoff teams were decided. The Pirates were desperate to make it back, to make up for the disaster that was their start. Towards the end the Mets, slip one past Qazi, the net minder coming off his first ever shutout and crunch time set in on the team. The offense surged down the field, the crowd cheering them on. It was just one goal, they could make it back.

    Harron balled up his hands, stomach sinking lower. Logan became very quiet, a weight pressing down on his shoulders.

    Ro-o-oll Cavanagh Roll
    Ro-o-oll Cavanagh Roll
    And we'll all hang on behind

    Said Cavanagh was rolling down the sideline ball in hand, time running out. She broke one tackle the sound of the impact reaching up to the nosebleeds. She had a clear line to the net, she had to put this in, had to make it. Plaza moved to stop her but, slipped on the turf. That was enough it seemed as he slid taking the star forward's legs out from under her. The shot bounced off the cross bar and flew into the waiting hands of the Mets.

    The crowd was let down. The team felt let down, this was their chance to secure their place in playoffs. They weren't out but, now it was just a little harder.

    They had to step it up, or just get lucky.

    Knowing Harron's luck, that wouldn't be possible.

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    Almost a full house again! Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Hapes, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, and Ralltiir.

    286 Week 9 Results

    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (26-37)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Jakku Junkers (14-21)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Dac Mariners (11-13)
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Stewjon Metropolitans (18-2)
    Carratos Pirates at Bakura Miners (39-10)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Denon Demons (5-0)

    286 Week 9 Results
    Bilbringi Durasteelers at Onderon Beast Riders (13-22)
    Zeltros Athletic at Yag D'hul United (16-22)

    HSN Headlines
    • HSN projects Bakura Miners, Hapes Consortium Buccaneers, and Stewjon Metropolitans have been eliminated from the playoffs
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    Bonus Potential for Concordia (30), Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28) Thyferra (30) Druckenwell (28)

    LFL Week 8 Results
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Iego Angels (15-15) (OT15-15) (Shoot Out Iego wins 16-17)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Thyferra Foce (14-26)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Atzerri Bandits (3-1)

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    IC: Mihal Ceallaigh
    Inky Raven pub, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    It was an almost dead afternoon in the bar. Piper and Mihal were alone together in the dark, woodpaneled confines of the pub. There was a muggy heat sitting on the capital city this day, a perfect excuse to have a drink. Even Piper, who never drank on shift, had a tiny bit of porter in a short tumbler for herself.

    Of course, it was just going to be that kind of a day. The Miners had not only lost their eighth straight game to Carratos, but been booted from playoff contention to boot.

    “Not that they deserved to make the playoffs the way they played this season,” Mihal observed without malice or rancor. It was just an observation of fact.

    “I know it’s tough for you all to not be at least in the hunt for the playoffs at this point in the season,” Piper said, “so as someone who’s been there many, many, many times, allow me to help you through this.” She slid a pint in front of Mihal. “My advice is to start drinking heavily.”

    “I’ve been through this before. It’s not like I became a Miner fan in the last 15 years, you know,” Mihal pointed out, though definitely not declining to accept the beer. “These things have to happen every once in awhile. Get the fire back in the team.”

    “You mean a team that’s so expertly run by the likes of Quinn Cundertol?” Piper pointed out archly.

    “He’s always looked at the long game,” Mihal said.

    “Except that one time he recalled Niall Bourdogny and had to send a pick to the Senators. That was hilarious.”

    “A calculated risk that wound up not paying off.”

    “Now, meanwhile, the Pirates, whose draft strategy I seem to recall you took a dim view of, wiped the pitch with your Miners.”

    “They’ve had our number, that’s for sure,” Mihal sighed.

    “Can’t see what the big deal is. The Senators almost always beat those guys. I can’t understand what your problem is,” Piper said casually. “You should be able to just blow through them. Guess you’re just not as good as the Senators.”

    “Not this season,” Mihal admitted. “They lock down a playoff spot this week?”

    “Force no,” Piper spat. “They’ve got a 4-5 logjam right behind them. A win against Jakku will help, but they’re probably going to need to win on Dac too. That’ll be a challenge.”

    “Be a shame if we’re both sitting on the sidelines this postseason,” Mihal observed.

    “Shame? Look, I did not come all the way out to Bakura to work in a limmie bar and not lord over all of you the Senators’ 286 Galactic Cup championship,” Piper said.

    “If only it worked out so nicely.”

    A silence fell over the bar, hot and thick in the muggy afternoon as they both drank.

    “Hey, Mihal,” Piper said in the lazy way one shot the breeze on a hot day. “How old are you again?”

    “Oh, let’s see here,” Mihal said, thinking back and doing the math. “I guess it’d be...well, come to think of it, I’d say 130.”

    “And where is your homeworld?”

    “Right here. Bakura, you know.”

    “No, I mean where were you born,” Piper clarified.

    “Like I said, Bakura.”

    “So, okay. About that. A while back Artur said I should read up on Bakuran history. I picked up a book on it at the library--”

    “Great place the library. I get all my reading from there. Haven’t bought a book for myself in decades.”

    “Yeah, so I started reading. It talked about the rebuilding in the 210s, the resettlement at the end of the decade, start of the 220s. You know, because of the Neo-Sith, nobody your age is actually from here,” Piper pointed out. “You all came from elsewhere to resettle the planet.”

    “Ah, well, it’s true there aren’t many of us left anymore,” Mihal said, looking down into his beer.

    “Were you offworld at the time?” Piper asked.

    Mihal said nothing for a long moment. “No, I wasn’t.”

    “But the Sith killed everyone.”

    “If they killed everyone, then how did anyone know they did?” Mihal said softly.

    With that, the tale of Mihal Ceallaigh began.

    “I was born out in Gesco County, outside the City. I lived in a small town. We were far enough to be outside the urban sprawl, but close enough that at night we could see the lights of the city. It was a good life. Everyone knew everyone. Sure, back in those days Bakura wasn’t a very welcoming place. Aliens, non-Humans that is, weren’t always welcomed. Our town was, to its discredit, one such place. But we all pulled together, you know? We were proud we were an independent system. We weren’t beholden to the GFFA. We toughed it out at the edge of the galaxy.

    “I was 52 when the Sith occupation began. Watched it on the news that night with my wife. That was when the news was still on. My daughter and her husband still lived in town with their little girl. Maille. Gorgeous flaxen hair, blue eyes. She was a gem. Our eldest son, he was at the university. We were so proud of him the day he left to go into the City. Engineering degree. Our younger son, he was still in high school at the time, lived at home with us. Our youngest daughter was just starting. She was the brightest one of the bunch. She was going to make it to Tiarest. If she got a scholarship, then she was going to go.

    “All that ended when we saw the BBC reports of the Defense Fleet battle with the Sith. And then the BBC went off the air. Didn’t even find out what happened, but we guessed easily enough later. It was just before the new broadcasts started, the ones run by the Sith, that the troop transport came into town. Occupied the police station, turned it into a base. They said, everything would be okay if we just kept on with our lives.

    “So we did,” Mihal said. He paused to drink his beer. “And for a year or so all was okay. Of course, we heard the Sith were winning the war. They’d stopped the Holonet--we had no idea if it was true or not. The resistance had begun by then. We’d only hear whispers from neighbors in passing.

    “I always respected the resistance. It wasn’t just that they were fighting--it was who was fighting. It was all the old families. The Captisons, the Thanases, the Antroses, the Beldens, the Ardens, the Triestes, the Sweetwaters. The Sith would always tell us whenever they hung a ‘terrorist’ who was disrupting the peace on Bakura and we’d hear the names. It wasn’t just the local boys who were dying. It was the leaders of these families. They could have gone along, gotten along. Some did.

    “I remember the day they broadcast the Deputy PM, Lennon Trieste, being executed in Salis D’aar. They said he was one of the most dangerous men on Bakura. A civil terror. I looked at the footage as the soldiers dragged him into the square and thought, ‘How can such an old man be so awful?’ I don’t know how old he was, come to think of it. I’m probably older than he was, yet I don’t feel so old. But that’s neither here nor there.

    “But it was nothing…nothing like…” Mihal paused for a few seconds. “...the day our neighbor told us why our youngest daughter hadn’t come home that afternoon. She’d been in the resistance...and they’d found out.”

    Piper wasn’t even blinking as she listened to this story. What little whispers of noise stirred in the bar had faded into nothing. There was only Mihal’s voice.

    “They never told us what they did with her body. We never did find out. We had to make our own grave to remember her by,” Mihal continued, unable to actually say the awful truth. “It was the first time the occupation hit us. Really hit us. Our daughter, gone.

    “But I had three other children, a wife, a grandchild. So I did nothing. It was just an awful, terrible thing. What I did, what they did.

    “And then came the day that the troops called us all out of our houses, made the entire town stand on the ridge. They said we had, with the exceptions of a few of us that had already received their punishment, been good. We were model citizens of the Sith Empire or some such stuff. I’m not a man prone to profanity, but it was what people mean when they say something is ‘Sithspit.’ And then they said we were to be...rewarded.”

    The word hung in the air, in all its terrible many possibilities.

    “I thought then they were going to kill us all and I held Maille against me with one arm, my wife with the other, so I could at least give them that in death.

    “But that was when it began.

    “The orbital bombardment. That’s what they called it later. But to us, it was the sky raining down fire. The atmosphere went red with it as we watched them turn Gesco City into dust from their warships in space. They were doing the same throughout Bakura at that moment. You could feel the heat of it, even as far away as we were from it all. It was the fires of hell.

    “I pressed Maille’s face into my chest. I didn’t want someone so young to have to see it, to be burdened with those memories.”

    The door swung open. “Hey--”

    “We’re closed!” Piper shouted, pointing her finger for him to leave, but her eyes never left Mihal’s face.

    The would-be patron didn’t argue and withdrew. Piper had made her point.

    “But I watched. I watched,” Mihal repeated, the silence in the bar restored. “I watched because I knew that somewhere in that city was UBGC. And I knew as only a father can know that my son was dying in that.

    “I don’t know how long it went on for. It seemed like an age. But then it stopped and the soldiers told us we were the lucky few. They were leaving us alive. And then they got in their shuttles and left. They did it. They really did it. We were alive. So many others were dead...and we weren’t…”

    Mihal paused and drank again.

    “Someone cobbled together a transponder and we got a signal out then. The jamming was over. The Republic sent humanitarian crews and took us to Vandelhelm. Amazing, really, that they cared. We’d spurned the GFFA for decades and they were taking the brunt of the Neo-Sith War. They’d only formed the Republic a few years earlier. I think it was Fionn Trieste who made it happen. He was Director of Republican Intelligence, cabinet level position with the Supreme Chancellor. He never forgot where he came from, as much as I heard he was troubled by what Bakura used to be…. Anyways, we learned then that there were a few other towns who had been spared. Small, insignificant places.

    “I knew why they left us alive,” Mihal said. Tears had been silently running down his face for minutes. They were pooling on the bar, mixing with Piper’s. “They left us to tell the galaxy what they had done. They wanted us to speak of their brutality. We were to be the messengers of their terrible truth.

    “So I told the official from the Republic what had happened, what they had done, so that history would know and Bakura, the Bakura I had been born to, would not be forgotten. And then I never spoke of it...until today,” Mihal said, his eyes fixing on Piper’s, boring into her pupils with intensity. “I did not want them to win. That’s why I didn’t talk about it. Not because I couldn’t, but because I did not want to be their tool, even after they were gone...but perhaps that doesn’t matter anymore. Perhaps in being silent I was still their servant. Perhaps...perhaps staying silent was still their yoke on my neck...perhaps I should have spoken of Maisie, who should have gone to Tiarest, and Finbar, who was just about to begin a life of so many promises. They have always lived on in my, in my wife, in my other children, even in Maille.

    Mihal wiped his eyes with one of the coaster napkins. “On Vandelhelm, we had very little going for us. We were refugees. But we had one thing in that first year, 210 it was. We had the broadcast of the Miners, a team without a home, like us. The family would gather and watch. Maille, who was old beyond her eyes then, sat on my knee and they were going through the entire galaxy against the odds. They went all the way to the Final.

    “For the first time, I thought maybe, just maybe, Bakura wasn’t dead. And now, here we are.

    “I suppose missing the playoffs isn’t so bad. After all, the Miners have given us so much. It’s a thing to be thankful for, it is.”

    Piper understood why it was Mihal had left the bar that early one afternoon, why he had been choked up about the return of the Kurtzen to Bakura, and why Artur wouldn’t tell her about it. She understood why a rich lawyer like Sydney Talon would threaten to beat a patron for taking a seat that belonged to Mihal. She understood why Mihal had a seat in the first place.

    Before her sat a being who had survived more pain and horror than she thought a being could take and remain sane. A being who had carried the horrors of a galaxy-spanning war, a genocide, inside him for 80 years. A being who was of two Bakuras, who had rebuilt a new home from the ashes of the old one. A being of greater internal fortitude than one could possibly imagine from his dry comments and daily pints.

    Piper came around to Mihal’s side of the bar, put his arms around him, and, for the first time that afternoon, was able to sob as she set her head against his shoulder.

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny but cool Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Mercs win another one, baby."

    "Yeah, they did, yeah they did. Still holding on to first place too after the three teams chasing them for those playoff berths all won too."

    "Going to come down to the wire man, too many good teams all bunched up at the top. I tell ya, a very good team is going to end up watching the postseason on the holo, and I just hope it ain't us."

    "Well, you have to feel good about where we're at right now though right?"

    "Oh sure, sure. Like you said, still holding on to first place, even if just barely, and with the top three making the playoffs, you figure the Mercs are in a good spot."

    "Of course we do play Stewjon next week..."

    "A team the Mercs have never beaten in the regular season."



    "I knew they always played us tough, but never?"


    "Stewjon's inaugural year."

    "...the Mets crushed us 30 to nine at Stewjon."


    "That was a rough year for the Mercs, five and six overall and they finished well out of the playoff hunt."

    "283, Mets beat the Mercs again, putting up 30 again on us in a 30-20 Mercs home loss."

    "Yeah, but the Mercs did play them again in the playoffs that year, winning 30-28 in the first round."

    "Before losing to the eventual champion Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    " a single point in the conference finals."

    "That was the season that really set them up on their current run of dominance."

    "True, but they lost to the Mets that season."

    "In the regular season."


    "284, the Mercs lost 29-19 to the Mets at Stewjon."

    "We just can't keep them out of the net."

    "They can score against us, that's for sure."

    "That was one of Stewjon's three total wins for that season too, so the Mercs lost to a bad team that year and they still put 29 on us."

    "Mercs won it all that year though."

    "That's right, that was our second overall Galactic Cup, won at Stewjon believe it or not against the Miners 36-18."

    "In fact, this will be the Mercs first trip back there as a team since that Galactic Cup title, so maybe the mojo will be flowing."

    "Hope so, since they seem to be able to score on us at will, we're going to need a good defensive effort."

    "Well, the Mercs defense is peaking at the right time for that, coming off their shutout win over Denon."

    "Last week they won 8-4 in a game where the offenses were shut down more by the weather than the opposing defenses, but man this game was played in perfect weather and the D seemed to stand tall."

    "For both sides, shutout for us, shut down for them as all of our five points were scored above the bar."

    "Three for Fu Arock..."

    "You got Arocked!"

    " each by Jaing and Kendal."

    "And all five scored on assists from Mor'kesh who played a stellar game."

    "Right, those five assists to go along with six forced turnovers. He was in the right spot at the right time to not only help stall out the Demons offense, but to facilitate ours."

    "Rest of the defense played great too. Bruce played some tough minutes there and seems to really be getting the hang of the cornerback spot."

    "I look for him to be starting opposite Mauntak next year."

    "And of course the play by Stargazer between the pipes was amazing."

    "Such a steal for the Mercs, I don't know where they'd be right now without her."

    "The few times the Demons had a good, or even decent shot, she was there to stuff them and shut otu that offense. An offense that's tied for sixth in the league after that game."

    "She played great, absolutely great no doubt."

    "In what amounted to a must win game given what the Smugglers, Mariners and Pirates are doing."

    "Like I said, a very good team is going to end up as the odd team out come the post season."

    "Actually, I think that win might have put the Mercs in the playoffs."


    "HSN didn't..."

    "You know better than to believe anything the three letter network has to say."

    "OK K-Man, tell us how the Mercs clinched the playoffs here now with two games to go and four teams all bunched up at the top."

    "Simple, start with the premise that the Mercs lose their next two games for their own 'worst case scenario.'"

    "Right, that has them ending the season at 7-4."

    "Sure, sure. Still a pretty shabla good season no matter how you slice it."

    "Normally a lock for the post season with a record like that, but that means nothing so...go on."

    "And behind the Mercs we have the Mariners, Smugglers and Pirates."


    "Mariners are sitting at 6-3, 3-2 right now. So say they win the last two games and end the season at 8-3, 3-2."

    "OK, that puts the Mercs at second in our scenario."

    "Right, with the Smugglers and Pirates still playing for their own playoff spot."

    "Yup, Smugglers are at 6-3, 1-2. So if they win the rest of their games they finish the season at 8-3, 3-2"

    "Again ahead of the Mercs."

    "And the Pirates are at 5-4, 3-1. If they win out they finish at 7-4, 3-2."

    "Same as the Mercs."

    "Yeah but they have the head to head tiebreaker, so in that scenario, the Mercs miss the playoffs."

    "Thus they haven't clinched."

    "Problem is, both the Smugglers and Pirates can't win out. They finish the season against one another."

    " least one of them has to lose at least one game."

    "Yup. Say they both win next week and one has to lose the head to head matchup then. If the Smugglers take that loss, it puts them at..."

    "7-4, 2-3."

    "Tied with the Mercs worst case scenario in terms of overall record, but behind them in conference record."

    "The first tie breaker, so Mercs are in under that scenario."

    "Wait, where are the Pirates in that scenario?"

    "Pirates would be 7-4, 3-2, tied with the Mercs but winners of the head to head matchup. So the Pirates would be the two seed, the Mercs the three seed."

    "And we're postulating the Mariners win out and are the number one seed."

    "Yes, in both Mercs worst case scenarios, the Mariners win out and are the one seed."

    "OK, so what if both the Smugglers and Pirates win next week but the Pirates lose the head to head match up?"

    "That slides the Pirates to 6-5, 2-3 overall and puts the Smugglers at..."

    "8-3, 3-2. Again ahead of the Mercs but the Mercs worst case record of 7-4 puts them ahead of the Pirates there, and in the playoffs as the three seed."

    "Wait a second, what if the Mariners don't win out and every team ends up at 7-4?"

    "Then we go to a series of convoluted tie breaks that I don't think we can prognosticate this far out..."

    "It wouldn't matter."


    "Conference record is the first tie break, in order for Carratos to even get to 7-4 they have to win out..."

    "Which gives the Smugglers their third in conference loss."

    "And puts them behind the Mercs, remember we just have to beat out one team, just one, out of the four to secure a playoff spot, and that record would do it."

    "So...worst case scenario for the Mercs right now is a third place finish in the Skywalker conference and a ticket to the playoffs."

    "Yup, and you know what that means..."

    "It means Mercs fans, you will have a post season to remember."

    TAG: none, shabla NPC teams. Really hope I did all that playoff math right, or else K-man is going to look like a fool. :p
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    IC: Richard Vigo

    “I changed my mind,” Jimsey said.

    “You can’t change your mind. You’ve already been assigned to a team. You wouldn’t want to let your teammates down would you?”

    “I’ll be doing them a favor, I suck at Limmie.”

    It was the first day of flag Limmie practice and there seemed to be nothing I could say to convince Jimsey to get his ass to practice. “Two weeks ago you wanted to play. You made a commitment and you are going. Get dressed!” I ordered.

    A few minutes later we were strapped into my speeder and I was lifting us out of the driveway. “Why do you think you suck at Limmie?” I asked curiously.

    “I’m Ithorian. Olidiipo coulda won last week, instead he missed a wide open shot at the buzzer. What if that happens to me?” He asked.

    “The chance to take a game winning shot? If that happens you do the same thing Vic did. You go for it. Sometimes shots fall, sometimes they don’t. No one will think any less of you,” I explained.

    “I’ve heard lots of beings make fun of Olidiipo’s miss,” Jimsey countered.

    “Jealous beings who sit at home making judgements on their sofa’s. They have no idea how fast those defenders were coming at him. They’ve never shot a Limmie ball in a clutch situation in their lives. Don’t listen to everyone else. Listen to your heart. Do you think it would be fun to play Limmie?”

    “Well, sort of. I mean if we win.”

    “You’ll win if you work hard,” I told him. “And if you do lose, you’ll learn from it. You’ll work even harder the next time. I bet you Vic Olidiipo is on a practice field on Bakura right now perfecting his shot.”

    “You better hope so,” Jimsey replied. “If the Starkillers lose to the Miners you’ll be the laughing stock of the league. The Miners suck.”

    “The Miners are having a rough year, but they aren’t to be underestimated. Look there’s the field,” I said pointing to a patch of grass where several young human children were assembled passing bolo balls. Quickly I landed the speeder. “Grab your ball and get movin’ you’re late.”

    After Jimsey got out I pulled down a mirror and gave myself a look. I brushed pup hair off my shirt, grabbed a comb and ran it threw my hair. Finally once I felt I was presentable I stepped out of the speeder and walked purposefully to the field to observe practice. Jimsey annoyed the hell out of me, embarrassed me even. “Hustle,” I kept calling to him. He never hustled. If a ball went over his head he stood and watched it go over his head. If a teammate was looking for an open man in a drill he just stood there. When the coach let them have water breaks he was always the last to return to the field.

    “How’d I do?” He asked on the way home.

    “Not very well,” I answered honestly. “You need to go after the ball. It’s not going to come to you.”

    “Told you I sucked at Limmie,” he said sitting back into his seat.

    “You’re going to get better,” I insisted.

    When we got home I scooped up Gabriel and went to make a call in my office. “You again?” My brother Spencer asked in an annoyed tone when he answered my call. “I see you still haven’t put that pup down either.”

    “I thought you said she was cute?”

    “That was a week ago. What do you want?”

    “I was thinking we’d come out this weekend. I want to see how bad your franchise, my possible pool of players is really suffering. I want to make sure Tomas recovers from his awful loss last week and I want Jimsey to get a little break from the monotony here.”

    “You don’t need my permission to come to Tatooine,” Spencer reminded me.

    “I need a place to keep Gabriel, can she stay with you?”

    “Why don’t you all just stay here,” he offered. “I have room.”

    I spent the next day interviewing pilots. I wasn’t about to travel with a puppy and a one year old on commercial spaceflight. My brother’s ship had been sitting in storage since he passed and it was about time someone took it out again. A spirited older gentlemen was the final candidate and the pilot I hired for the job. I chose him because he respected my brother’s ship. He even recognized the modifications made to the engines. “Shame about your brother,” the man said. “He was a hell of a Limmie player. Obviously he knew a thing or two about space travel too.”

    Unfortunately the flight wasn’t going so smoothly. Gabriel began to shake with fear as soon as we took off. Going into hyperspace didn’t calm her nerves. She was refusing to eat so I coddled her in my lap whenever possible. Meanwhile Jimsey was refusing to do the schoolwork his teacher assigned. “I shouldn’t have to do all this work,” he grumbled.

    “It’s not that much,” I commented. “Besides life isn’t going to get any easier. What do you think is going to happen when you get older and get a job? You’re going to do work, that’s what.”

    “I’m going to be the boss when I get older. I'll have people to do the work for me. Like you.”

    “Oh, you think it's easy to be the boss? You know what I’m on my way to do? I’m on my way to go spy on my little brother. I need to find out why his team is losing so much this season. And I might have to tell him to step down as head coach. A job he’s been dreaming of for years of his life. I might have to fire Dash if he doesn’t make the play-offs this year, and your Uncle Ty who’s done nothing but play and coach Limmie his whole life. I might have to let go of players who’ve become a part of my extended family. It sucks to be the boss,” I said without realizing who I was dumping my problems on.

    “You’d fire Uncle Ty?” Jimsey asked in disbelief.

    “Well I certainly don’t want to. I hope it never comes to that. The team needs to turn a profit. We need to start making the post season again. And we will,” I said determined to make it sound like I believed it. “I do have some pretty cool plans for the off-season.”

    “Like what?” He asked.

    “I’m going to have your dad help me redesign the stadium. I want to remove a deck of seats and build apartments. Imagine living in Financial Square. Looking out your living room window on Sunday afternoon’s and watching the game? Or observing practice after work in the evenings? These are going to be the most luxurious, most sought after, best places to live ever.”

    “Can we live in one?”

    “I already have an apartment at the stadium.”

    “Oh, why don’t we ever spend the night there?”

    “We can do that some weekend,” I offered. “But right now I need you to do your homework.”

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    Antaro Kiraon IC:
    ~Personal Office, Kiraon Industries, Onderon~


    "To hope!" cheered Antaro as he held his glass up high. Dark Red Onderonian Sangria. Not as good as Dos Iziz, but sometimes you catered your tastes to whom you were with…though truthfully, the bottle of Dos Iziz within arm's reach just happened to be on standby for when the bottle was finished.

    Sanna had so kindly set it there for him. He had no idea how it got there, but no matter!

    It had only been a couple hours after the big win against Bilbringi, which had ignited some Limmie Fever in Iziz. Revenge had never tasted so sweet, even if it hadn't yet decided anything. For now, however, they would celebrate being alive in the playoff race.

    With him was a woman whom he was good friends with, a noghri by the name of Frehnkah clan Khim'bar. One whom he had managed to persuade getting Honoghr to throw their hats into the limmie ring for the first time ever and plan on aiming for the LFL to become an affiliate to Onderon when they themselves reached the ELL.

    What if you don't make it to the ELL?

    Pah! Banish such idle negative thoughts. It would come to be, for it was destiny. "Mr. Galactic" was pushing for it with all his drive and ambition. There was no way he would fail.

    That was that. Was it arrogant? Perhaps. Was it challenging Fate in a sense? Definitely. But it was his dream to get them to return to that glorious stage. And Onderon needed something on the intergalactic stage to get behind. The populace needed a spark and so he took it upon himself to deliver it.

    Getting closer. For the road shall pave itself.

    "To hope!" Frehnkah agreed with a small smile, her small stature made more so as she sank into a chair nearby.

    "I offer congratulations to Onderon's big win in the Premier League earlier tonight. I apologize for not being able to attend, but it certainly lends a good portent to our meeting tonight."

    "That it does. That it does! Ah, haven't been this energized in some time and I went trekking through our wilderness recently! Ha!"

    Sanna remembered it. All too well. Wisely she kept her features well schooled from revealing her shiver at the memory. She did allow amusement to settle into her mind despite herself. Mr. Kiraon was acting like they had won some big championship or at least a playoff game, in her mind. It was still just regular season, important victory or not. But she wouldn't take away from his excitement.

    With an inward smile she wondered if that was even possible anyway.

    "So," mused Antaro as he leaned against his desk for the moment, "How goes the formation of the team and their current progress?"

    Frehnkah shrugged and replied in her species' accent, "Decently. Around the .500 mark for now, but lots of promise. It is good we decided to bring limmie more broadly to Honoghr."

    "I hear your team is becoming very predominantly filled with your people. Really promoting it hard, I see," chuckled Antaro with a sip.

    Frehnkah's eyes gleamed. "We are new at this globally. You said it yourself when we talked about it the first time. Rouse interest through the local base. That is what I am doing, though I am making sure to bring in talent from outside as well. But Honoghr will start off benefiting by seeing mostly noghri faces at first. Diversity will follow in the coming seasons."

    The human man nodded with full understanding. It was a tactic he had indeed spoke with her about before and would have done with the Beast Riders if they hadn't already been featured in limmie leagues in the past. Since they were already in the PLL when he acquired them, he was able to jump straight to a diverse cast. Indeed, doing so was better for his situation.

    All in the name of a wider net of a fanbase. And it helped bring more tourism to Onderon from the home worlds of those non-native players or worlds that shared common species of his team. Did he ever mention that he owned all the tourist companies on the planet as well?

    With another sip, his eyes sparkled. "Any upcoming talent? I daresay you'll be hard-pressed to match our surging forward."

    The noghri shook her head, "Not yet. But we'll be affiliates, so you better hope I can soon enough. From what I know of the game, I'm assuming you are speaking of that ssi-ruu on your team."

    "Drelzahviss, yes," offered Sanna helpfully from where she sat with her own drink.

    "Thank you, Sanna," nodded the Beast Riders owner, "Drelzahviss is starting to come into her own these last few games. She's rising on our list of potential stars, though she'll take some more time to grow…but by the time we hit the ELL, she will be a verifiable threat alongside Orialus and Kurin."

    Sanna smirked behind her own glass with a chuckle. "It's already starting to give certain circles the fits having a ssi-ruu back in the sport from what I've heard."

    "I've heard the concerns myself," murmured the noghri guest of honor.

    Antaro only grinned and finished off the sangria. "Oh. They'll really start having the fits when that ssi-ruu girl hits her prime. She scored half of today's points on her own. Haha! A terror in appearance to many and a terror as a player…once the ELL teams finally take real notice of her, the news will become highly amusing I am sure."

    "Bakura…" whispered Sanna.

    Frehnkah cocked her head to the side as she set down her own glass, "Are you sure it is wise to promote that?"

    "I support all those who wish a chance to play as an act of equality. Furthermore, she had a natural talent as we are seeing start to fully bloom, so she earned her place in the PLL. I've talked with her. There's no ill intent in her, only the drive to win."

    "And if she plays on Bakura in the future?"

    "She doesn't care for that old history, though I am certain they will still. Trust me, Frehnkah. That young woman only breathes limmie, much like the three of us at different points of our lives, hm?"

    A small nod of understanding and brief reflection took place at that.

    The grin now softening to a small smile, Antaro gazed off. "In time, Bakura and the others will only see her as a player. Whether their first few meetings end in her dominating or them stopping her, or an even split…soon enough Drelzahviss the Evil Ssi-Ruuk will become Drelzahviss the Forward."

    Another pause presented itself, but then he reached for his Dos Iziz. "But enough about that somber topic. I hope you're still thirsty ladies, this old man still has room for celebration left as we discuss the technicalities and unending paperwork."

    There was a beep that interrupted them however and Sanna scrambled to grasp her datapad and take a look at a received message while the two older persons watched her. The zeltron gave a look to the man.

    "Your quiet message was officially delivered, sir."

    "Quiet message?"

    "I am curious as well," the noghri admitted.

    Sanna shook her head, "Forgot? The one you used hidden channels and various connections to send safely?"

    "Oh! Oh, right. I am glad we were able to send that offer to miss Tendra Nalo then. We'll just have to see her response."

    "Miss Nalo? The star captain from the Hapes team in the news due to all the political drama?"

    Antaro did not hide anything from his friend and gave an open nod. "Correct. Ugly business that. It's not right, so I wanted to extend some safe haven here where she would be protected until things got sorted."

    "I'm sure the Hapans would love hearing a man from outside the situation was extending their hand to her."

    Antaro only shrugged. "Sometimes one has to act….." then he cleared his throat and his eyes brightened, "Did I ever tell you ladies that one time I dated a Hapan woman. What a story!"

    Just like that, his energy was back in full force. The work was accomplished, but they lingered long into the night…

    Onderon's first global taste of the sport since the Crazy Dragons had fallen into chaos. A hunger re-awakening.

    Had begun.

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    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Miners head coach Gaeriel Valerii announces that rookie goalkeeper Marnie Blake will start against Ralltiir
      • Blake was the goalkeeper for Team Bakura in the Interstellar Cup and the top-ranked goalkeeper prospect in the 286 Draft
      • Comstock, who started the season with a shutdown and a shutout, has a points allowed average (PAA, an average of points allowed per 60 minutes of playing time) of 17 this season, but a PAA of 21.956 in the Miners' last 7 games
      • Valerii: "I'm thinking about two things: winning this week against Ralltiir and winning the Cup in 287. Blake deserves her chance"
    • Valerii also said that Stephana Adiims will start for Sid Qwan at Right Half Back and Quint will start at Left Half Forward
      • Valerii: "We'll see how it goes after the first five minutes"
    • HSN analyst: "Quinn Cundertol and Gaeriel Valerii just put their players on notice that this season has been unacceptable and now they're playing for jobs in 287"
      • "Blake's got a pretty high margin for error. Anything's going to be better than Comstock's performance last week, giving up 39"
    TAG: @Runjedirun
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    IC: Briar (Thorne) Adama
    Nar Shaddaa

    The Senator offense came to play.

    The only problem was that the Smuggler offense was better.

    The home team blitzed the Senator defense, which suffered greatly without Klay Mettews at the half back spot. Jella Tweed, making her first start with the Senators, had looked out-of-sorts, and that gave Briar quite the headache. This was probably the reason why midseason trades didn’t occur often; changing planets was a huge move, especially for a player going from Jakku (the middle-of-nowhere, farthest from the sun place) to the glitzy and metropolitan Coruscant. The game was also on the road in a hostile environment, a situation that Tweed likely had never envisioned getting into. Being on the Junkers here was one thing; being a Senator was something completely different. At least Tweed hadn’t cost too much, or else Briar would have wanted to vomit.

    Leia Adama had paced the offense with two goals on the day, but the Smugglers had found ways to get it done against the full forward captain. The rest of the offense had done its part, including rookie Bas Wren, who had a nice game after being very pedestrian against Denon. Signs were pointing upwards for the offense; they just needed the defense to do their part every time out in order to win. They had the firepower and the experience; it just needed to come together every game in order to be successful.

    Next up was Jakku, which would be a homecoming of sorts for Tweed after the trade. The Junkers had ripped off consecutive wins after the trade, using their new forwards to great effect. A Senator win likely meant a postseason berth; a loss would be crushing in the tight Solo Conference race. There was little room for error now, and so much to gain or lose depending on the next game. After that loomed a trip to Dac, which would present its own challenges.

    Going to the playoffs meant going back to Jakku. Because apparently everyone wanted to go there.

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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "UB Salis D'aar needed a win to try to force their way into the top eight and a potential playoff spot, but they blew an early 9-2 lead and end up losing 13-11 to Prytis College of Natural Sciences. Looks like the Golden Bear's playoff hopes have been dashed."

    "Elsewhere around the Top 25, University of Zeltros dropped one that might keep them from the playoff. Even with the loss, they clinched the Coreward Division of the Big 20 though, so they still have life if they can win the Big two-zero's championship game against Bison"

    "University of Corellia, Bella Vistal is another team that goes down in a losing effort only to back into their conference championship game. They clinched the Super 16's Crendan division but face a tough task against number one overall Chandrila A&M University in the S-16's title game."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 rankings after Week Nine

    1. Chandrila A&M University
    2. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    3. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    4. Dac State University
    5. UB Telaan Valley
    6. University of Csilla
    7. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    8. Norand University, Carratos
    9. University of Devaron
    10. University of Zeltros
    11. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    12. University of Shili
    13. UB Salis D'aar
    14. Druckenwell Technical University
    15. Concord War College
    16. Ralltiir University
    17. University of Onderon Rupings
    18. Bakura Fleet Acadamey
    19. Cathar Technical College
    20. University of Bison
    21. Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Ryloth
    22. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
    23. Imperial College of Bastion
    24. University of Northern Dependencies, Corsin
    25. Derrling College of Technology

    OOC: From here on out all games will have their scores rolled manually (rather than just an overall record determined). Buckle up folks, it's going to be a fun ride.
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    IC: Harron Myrat'ur
    The Snake Pit, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Harron was hiding. After an awkward week being around Leigh he, decided to limit his time around her. Even though he had rejected him, he was still drawn to her, he just didn't say it. Part of him was wondering if he could maybe somehow make a place for himself in her heart. He'd done it before, Lily had rejected him the first time as well he'd found a way get past that. Right now he just thought they needed space, let the awkward moment pass. Let time heal the embarrassing, self-inflicted wound. He had a lot of those, what was one more.

    In the meantime he was sitting at a bar. He had to step down into it at the front door. Inside it looked rough and tumble. Where the Kingston Pub was Aphran wood and brass fixtures, this place was Bilbringi steel and dull tarnished fixtures. There were no flags like in the 'Stacked Deck' declaring that it was a Pirate cove. Along the back wall was something akin to heresy in this area, Nym's Finest Rum, and no Arcadia. If the others on the team knew about this there would be a riot. There was light conversation going on around him, and the ever present hum on the ventilation drawing the smoke from the many smoldering cigarettes.

    The bartender was a tough looking Cathar, in a black shirt that looked to of had its sleeves cut off. The cigarette burned lazily hung from her lips, the coal glowing red as she took a drag. She regarded the new arrival with a somewhat disaffected look. Like she didn't even recognize his presence. The whole place seemed unconcerned with another person entering their space. He sat there for he didn't know how long as the bartender just went about her business. She cleaned the bar top, wordlessly poured another shot for a patron and lit another cigarette for herself before even talking to the assistant coach.

    "What do you want?" the woman behind the bar finally asked. Harron was about to answer when the door opened. Curious he turned and saw a woman in a white t-shirt, black shorts, and a black hat. The monochrome outfit looked meant for a workout, or other physical activity. By the looks of her she did so often, as evidenced by her toned arms and legs and fit frame. In the back of his mind he felt like he recognized her. Her head was down the brim of her hat hiding her face. There was a sound from behind the bar which took Harron's attention away from the newest patron.

    The felinoid female pulled a bottle from behind the bar and in a swift motion opened it and set it on the metal top. Looking at the label it was brewed by a company called Drydock, based out of Glagone. That sounded familiar to him. The fit mysterious woman sat in front of the open beer and took a long swig from it. Then it dawned on him, seeing the white hair that was peeking out from under the cap. She was from Glagone wasn't she, her accent was a dead giveaway for that. She was also distinctive for being a human with naturally white hair.

    "Cutty?" He said still somewhat unsure.

    She paused right in the middle of taking a long drink. Her head was still tilted back as her eyes turned toward him. They were wide, as if surprised that someone found her here.

    "Coach." She replied putting the bottle back down. "What are you doing here?"

    "I should ask ya' the same. No one comes here."

    "Not anymore apparently."

    "This is my bar," She pointed towards the floor as if claiming the whole room to herself.

    A long smoke filled breath left the bartender.

    "Alright, it's my refuge from the others."

    "I'm just here to get away from the others for a bit." He explained holding out his hands.

    "Do it somewhere else if ya' could."


    "Hey," the imposing bartender barked, "Can you lovers quarrel somewhere else, you're ruining everyone's time."

    "Sorry Mica, but, could you throw this…" Cutty held her tongue, was she so put off by his presence. "Man out?"

    "Depends Cutty," Mica turned to the outsider face showing no emotion. "Whata'll it be?" She asked in a low monotone.

    Harron looked confused, green eyes shifting between Cutty and the bartender. Was this a test? If he ordered the wrong thing would he be kicked out? He looked to the wall, should he order Nym's Finest that seemed to be the staple of this bar, or maybe that it was a trap. He started to feel his heart pound in his chest. His stomach dropped. He knew this feeling he just never expected it to occur here, in a bar he chose on a whim, due to its location, far away from his usual haunts.

    He looked all around looking for some clue as to what he was expected to order, what he needed to order to stay here. Soon the prize didn't matter, it was just the familiar feeling of gambling, his vice. Right now he was indulging himself, running through all the possiblites. This was a bar, he should order an alcoholic drink right, maybe the most expensive, give the establishment the most money for their trouble. Or maybe she was looking for the non-obvious answer, water. It would be cheap, and who goes to a bar to drink water.

    As well, Harron had a history with drinking, well, his father had a history with alcohol. He'd done his best to avoid drinking, avoid falling into the same trap as his dad. The seconds pass as Mica's nails…claws tapped against the metal bar. It was hard to tell but, he thought she was getting annoyed with him.

    Rum or water, those were the two choses running through his head. He scanned looking for something that would give away what he should choose. Then behind the bar, next to a holophoto of a Balosar, a full glass of water. It was strange, almost surreal.

    "Running out of time." Mica reminded him.

    "Uh…" he replied a little taken aback, "Um…water." He blurted out.

    The Cathar nodded her head putting a glass under a faucet and filling it with clear water.

    As she put it in front of him Cutty looked on with a shocked expression.


    Mica just shrugged her shoulders, "He ordered a Shade."

    The limmie forward looked away taking another draw of her beer.

    "A shade?" Harron asked utterly confused by what happened.

    "Drink you water and don't worry about it ok." The coach took the advice taking a sip but, not taking his eyes of the cup of water behind the bar. Was it for Mica, to drink while she was working? The fact that it was still full seemed to suggest no. Was its placement important? Was that Balosar some notable patron that passed away or no longer frequented the 'Snake Pit'? He gave another look over to Cutty who was nursing her beer with a sour expression.

    "So I gather you come here often." Harron said trying to start up some light conversation.

    Cutty didn't respond. Mica on the other hand gave a short nod. A sharp breath left the white haired woman's nostrils as she continued to down her beverage.

    "Bit of a loner huh?" Harron asked again, this time looking to the bartender for his answer.

    "I like my alone time, alright." He was surprised when the player spoke. "I'm…I just can only handle being around the team so much ya' know. Need some time to myself, time ya'r interrupting."

    "You know if you spent more time with the team…"

    "I've been playing for three years now, so shut your fracking mouth." Now it was his turn to recoil a little. "Look the team is doing fine, I'm doing fine, this works for me, and for them." She brought her bottle to her lips, "And that bloody red hair princess."

    "Which one?" he asked thinking of the three red heads on the team.

    "Which one you think, the one that has all of the money, and none of the sense."


    With a stone face Mica clapped softly.

    "Congrats coach, you had a 1 in 3 chance and you got it right."

    "What is your deal with her?"

    "Deal…Deal, the trollip stole the Ingbrand out from under me."

    "Still carrying that grudge."

    "Frack yes, I'm twice the player she is."

    "And she plays twice as well when you're on the field."

    "What…" Cutty was stopped in her tracks.

    "You heard me, I watched her play in 284, she was unfocused and sloppy without you playing next to her." Cutty just rolled her eyes, "She needs you playing with her, I don't know why but, you both do better when you play together." A scowl formed on the forward's face. "Well maybe together is too strong a word. But you two have an odd sort of chemistry, like two things that explode when put together. That explosion can decimate teams."

    "Tsss," she hissed trough her teeth, "I don't need her to do well, hell I'd be even better if she wasn't there."

    "I wouldn't be so sure, who would you have to put yourself above when you score." She was quiet. "Admit it, you like showing her up, it's hard to do that when she's not on the field."

    "Can we go back to not talking."

    Taking the hint, Harron fell silent smirking in a little victory. He'd made his point, and hit a little close.

    He enjoyed his time in the 'Snake Pit' getting to know one of the star players of the team, the 'Flyer', the morose, jaded, forward that moved like lightning.
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Game day came and the Pirates cleaned house, Cutty and Ariel each playing their hearts out. Each time they scored they would glare at each other. It was like they were daring the other to do better. It was amazing and terrifying to watch as they tore up the field and threw blazing shots at the goal. It wasn't that the Miners' defense was useless, it was just that they couldn't withstand the firepower Cutty and Ariel were putting out. The wildfire and the lightning bolt each flew down the field with only one thing in their sights, the goal.

    Together they scored six goals with assistance from the half forward line. Tian scored two goals with Leigh scoring the same but, having the most assists. The remaining points were scored by Else and Seiji making it a full house up front.

    After the resounding win against one of the most storied teams in Limmie, the team was understandably excited. Logan, didn't share their enthusiasm. His gaze seemed to look right though them.

    "A little early don't you think?" he said, not shouting but, speaking loud enough to be heard. "I know, we won, and won big but, we're not done. We've got two games left, two games. The Demons and the Smugglers. So let's hold on to this energy. Store it up, contain it. We're going to need it when the playoffs come around. We're not getting there unless we can win, win these next two. Hear me, we party once we make the playoffs. Then we've earned it."

    The room quieted, the party mood sufficiently killed. Everyone went back to packing their things for the last home game, a game against the Demons, a game that now become a must win.

    Harron wasn't sure if dampening their spirits was the right choice to make here, that was until he saw the fire in Cutty's eyes, they might not win the next game but, they were going to give it their all. And sometimes that's all you can ask.

    TAG: @Trieste
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    GM Post

    Bonus potential today for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Onderon, and Ralltiir.

    286 Week 10 Results

    Denon Demons at Carratos Pirates (11-1)
    Coruscant Senators at Jakku Junkers (36-26)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Bakura Miners (5-2)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Stewjon Metropolitans (9-29)
    Dac Mariners at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (6-7)
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (20-21)

    286 Week 10 Results
    Yag D'hul United at Onderon Beast Riders (28-36)
    Bilbringi Durasteelers at Zeltros Athletic (9-22)

    HSN Headlines
    • HSN projects Mando'ade Mercs and Nar Shaddaa Smugglers have secured Skywalker Conference playoff berths
    • HSN projects Dac Mariners will secure final playoff berth with a win against Coruscant
    • HSN projects Carratos Pirates will secure final playoff berth with a win against Nar Shaddaa and a Dac loss
      • Carratos won the head-to-head matchup with Dac in Week 6
    • HSN projects Rydonni Prime Monarchs have secured first round bye in Solo Conference playoffs
      • Monarchs won the head-to-head matchup with Coruscant in Week 4
    • HSN projects Coruscant Senators and Ralltiir Starkillers will secure playoff berths with wins against Dac and Stewjon, respectively
    • HSN analysts are too lazy and have not explored what a 5-6, conference record 3-2 circular tiebreak between Coruscant, Ralltiir, and Denon would produce
    • HSN analysts project the loser of the Miners/Buccaneers game will finish last in the ELL
    • HSN analysts project the winner of the Onderon/Zeltros game will win the Premier League's Inner Rim Division and secure a playoff berth
      • If Zeltros wins, they will win the head-to-head tiebreak, having taken both regular season games
      • If Onderon wins, they will win either the point differential tiebreak (Zeltros leads Onderon in point differential by 1 point) or, if tied in point differential, the point scored tiebreak (Onderon leads Zeltros in points scored and would continue to do so if they win)
    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @CPL_Macja @Darth_Elu @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    IC: Addison Karr

    Post Game

    "You've put together a winning season in your second year as General Manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. You took a bold risk this year by not participating in the ELL draft and have helped guide the Smugglers into what looks to be a post season berth in a very competitive conference. Thoughts?" Jaeda Lerouex, VCN anchor asked following the game against Hapes.

    "Well I'll tell you one thing. I believed in this team from the very beginning of the season. I knew that we had the talent on the roster to challenge anyone. That talent wasn't playing to its potential last season and that reflected in our final record. In fact, the last three years have been pretty hard for this franchise. We haven't made the playoffs since '82 and I think part of that problem was an underachieving roster. I took a gamble not participating in the draft this year. I think that's paying dividends," Addison replied.

    "Was there a turning point during the season where you and Mylessa McCloud sat down and put your heads together and said, "Look, we have to right this ship," Jaeda asked.

    "Definitely. The loss to Bakura was a wakeup call. The loss to the Mercs, as well, prompted us to further change our game. Both of those losses to very storied teams in their own right told me just how far we had to go in order to compete in this league. Mylessa and I did sit down. We worked and re-worked the roster and I'm happy to say that I think we have a winner out there," Addison said.

    "Still one regular season game to go against a bruiser of an opponent: Carratos. As we know Carratos won the Cup in 283 and have been a very challenging opponent, historically, for the Smugglers and Mercs. Do you see this as a trap game and are you going to rest any starters?"

    Addison shook her head, "I'll leave the starters question to Mylessa. All I can say is that Carratos is a team you can never underestimate. They will hit you hard and leave you spinning in a free fall if you take them for granted. This is a squad that has earned the right to play in the Skywalker. They're as fierce as the Mercs and as hard hitting as us. It's going to be a game for the ages."

    "Thank you," Jaeda said as she moved on to Mylessa McCloud.

    Addison walked off the stage and into the night. Somehow, someway, the Smugglers kept on winning.

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    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Concordia (30), Atzerri (28), Tatooine (30) Thyferra (28)

    LFL Week 9 Results
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Druckenwell Marksmen (7-12)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Iego Angels (4-8)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Thyferra Foce (23-13)

    Tags: @Vehn @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny
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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny but cool Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Mercs lose another regular season game to the Mets, and the playoff standings tighten up in the Skywalker."

    "Again we gave up nearly thirty points to a team that isn't going anywhere in the Stewjon Mets."

    "I wish they would go somewhere..."

    "Like back to the PLL?"

    "...because they seem to really have our number in the regular season."

    "I'm hearing rumors that the League Competition Committee is again looking at bringing in new blood".

    "Well hopefully they kick Stewjon out, because we can't seem to beat those guys."

    "They're on the chopping block for sure, but so would Denon and Jakku I think."

    "Don't forget Hapes."

    "They're just a PR nightmare right now, regardless of their poor play this season."

    "You wonder too if the league would just look at expansion."

    "Expand the league without getting rid of anyone?"

    "Sure, bring in say Euceron and I dunno..."


    "Yeah Zeltros, bring back Euceron and bring in Zeltros and just add one each to the Skywalker and the Solo."

    "That would make getting a playoff spot even harder for everyone..."


    "Just one more team in the mix."

    "Things are tight enough headed into the last weekend of the season without adding two more teams."

    "Yeah, going to be an exciting last weekend of the season with that last Skywalker playoff spot up for grabs between the Pirates and the Mariners, and of course you still have two playoff spots still undetermined over in the Solo, and there could be chaos depending on who wins and loses this weekend."

    "Their top spot is already set though, the Monarchs have that locked up."

    "That they do, that they do. Looking to win the Commissioner's Trophy too."

    "They can have it, so long as it's the Mercs left holding the Galactic Cup when all is said and done."


    "Even without worrying about the best over all record, the Mercs are still playing for the coveted number one spot in thge Skywalker and that all important first round bye."

    "Going to be tough, I know Kor'le pulled her starters after the results of the Mets game were a foregone conclusion, but I see her playing all out here in the season finale"

    "Helped that the Dac game had just finished by then, she knew we had the edge on them."

    "Yeah, but six minutes left in a 27-8 game. We weren't coming back from that and she knew it..."

    "She was right."

    " best to not risk injuring anyone so late in the season with at least a playoff berth locked up."

    "Still would be good to get that first round bye though, especially when the likely first round opponent is a team like the Pirates."

    "I hate those guys."

    "I know."

    "You think they grab that last playoff spot?"

    "I do, Dac is in something of a freefall, the Pirates are playing some really good bolo ball right now. Just for the sake of a fun and competitive post season I hope they make it."

    "And I am sure the players on both dac and Carratos are hoping to make you eat those words."

    TAG: No one. Good luck to all Player teams, let's keep the NPCs out of our playoffs
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    IC: Mihal Ceallaigh
    Inky Raven pub, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Shortly after taking his seat at the bar, Piper came over to Mihal, leaned across the wide wood barrier, and swatted him on the side of the head. It wasn’t a hard slap, just a tap of annoyance.

    “Now what was that for?” Mihal asked, rubbing his temple. “I can’t possibly have offended you. I haven’t said a word yet.”

    “Exactly,” Piper said, putting her hands on her hips, a limp rag in one. “You didn’t tell me that the frigging Miners come here the day before the game to watch Bak10 limmie!”

    “Oh, now that you mention it that’s right,” Mihal remembered. “I guess I we usually pass each other.”

    “Nobody told me that I shouldn’t take college game day as my day off! Thank heavens I got called in yesterday!” Piper protested. “Niskat Deenever was sitting over there! Right there!” She pointed emphatically, as if you could see the barstool that had hosted the captain was still glowing from her aura. “And next to her was Falene Trieste! And over there was Gared Joff, Polly Malu, Newt Jordan, and that new goalkeeper.”

    “Ah, Marnie Blake. She’s getting the start today,” Mihal said.

    “Pretty big ask of her. Throwing her into the last conference game as a desperate attempt to get one win,” Piper commented as she poured Mihal’s beer.

    “Valerii’s got the right mindset. They’re not going to make the playoffs now. It’s the perfect time to give the rookies a chance. But Blake’s no rookie--she played in the Interplanetary Cup and did a right fine job. She beat the Mercs, you know,” Mihal pointed out.

    “Bet the Miners would have liked it if she’d dropped out of college a couple years back and played for them in those Finals.”

    “I find that trying to hurry to your destination often doesn’t save you any time,” Mihal said, as he accepted his beer. “So, as a dyed-in-the-wool Senators fan, what was so exciting about seeing the Miners here? Did you devise all manner of revenge against them?”

    “Korriban no,” Piper scoffed. “One, they were all great tippers. Two, they probably all know Leia Adama and could introduce me to her.”

    “So that’s your game,” Mihal said with a smile before he drank his beer.

    “Damn straight. I’m angling for a game-worn jersey. I’m on the schedule for next week.”

    “Best be careful. If UBTV takes the conference in their rivalry game against Atalanta, you’ll have some unhappy Miners in the bar,” Mihal said. “Not a single Pioneer on the Miners’ roster these days.”

    “Ah, but there’s the beauty of my plan. Who’s going to be serving them beer when they’re feeling so low?” Piper asked, pointing at herself with a thumb.

    “You Coruscanti are clever. If the Senators didn’t have a Bakuran GM, I’d think that’s why you’re looking like a playoff team this season,” Mihal observed.

    “Gotta lock that down today,” Piper said.

    “Well, on that note the Miners are starting.” The old man gestured to the vidscreen. “If they beat Ralltiir, that might do it for you lot,” Mihal said.

    “Force help me. I actually want the Miners to win this week.” Piper shook her head in disbelief.

    “Come on! Come on!” Piper shouted at the vidscreen. “Don’t you dare screw this up for her!”

    “For the love of the Balance, just score a goal!” someone else yelled out.

    The Inky Raven was watching a rare event unfold: the double shutdown. Neither team had allowed a goal in a stifling game in which both goalkeepers had proved their mettle. True to Mihal’s observation, Marnie Blake didn’t look like an ordinary rookie today. She ranged from goal post to goal post denying the Starkillers’ finest from finding the back of the net. The only balls she couldn’t stop were those that sailed above the crossbar that no keeper, not even the tallest Kaminoan, could have reached. Those points weren’t on her.

    But for yet another frustratingly close game, the Miners’ offense was unable to bridge the gap, even though such a feat felt so obviously achievable. All it took was one goal to send the game to overtime and no matter how hard the offense pounded away, the Starkillers answered the call.

    “Are the Miners seriously going to lose a game where their keeper recorded a shutdown?” Piper asked. “That would be the most Miners thing they could possibly do.”

    “Well, we could have gone back to the Final and lost again to Mando’ade,” Mihal idly commented.

    “Now that would be hilarious,” Piper agreed.

    “But you know what this means, don’t you?” Mihal asked, motioning to the vidscreen.

    “What’s that?”

    “Lizbit Comstock’s contract negotiations just got a lot more complicated. It’s going to be an interesting Truce Day, that’s for sure.”

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    IC: Richard Vigo

    Once we landed back on Ralltiir I had to rush over to the stadium and start making preparations for the final regular season Starkillers game. It had to be a big deal. The crowd had to be loud, louder than loud. Our play-off spot was on the line. I met for hours with my sister Justyne going over her plans with the dance team and announcers whose job would be so important to keep our crowd in the game even if the team wasn’t ahead.

    What you learn early in this business is that a losing team costs more than a winning team. A lot more. You gotta push harder to sell tickets, which means spending more on advertising. During game an antsy crowd is the worst. Their unengaged, the last thing you want on the Galaxy wide holocast is shots of your fans checking electronic mail on their data pads during a game they paid credits to see live. So you have to keep this crowd entertained in other ways. Usually by offering free stuff.

    This is why you want a winning team. So you aren’t giving away 1,000 free t-shirts you could be selling in the pro-shop. Or filling people’s bellies with free nachos you could be selling at the concession stands. But this Sunday I was going to do anything and everything I had to do to keep butts in seats until the end of the game.

    By the end of the week I was worn thin. I missed my family and yet I didn’t feel like going home to them. Going home was just more work. A different kind of work, but work nonetheless. I did something I hadn’t done since I was home from college on break. I flew my speeder to a part of town I mostly avoided and found the safest spot I could to park it. I paid the lot attendant double and told him there’d be more if my speeder was still here and still in the same condition when I returned.

    I walked quickly down the block and found the door I was looking for, just a simple door next to a grocery store. Only people like me even knew the door existed. Inside things were just the same. Only males in attendance, mostly human, I took a seat at the bar and ordered an ale. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” the bartender commented. I nodded in reply just before I leaned my head back and chugged the entire ale. Quietly I placed in back on the bar in front of me. “Let me get you another,” the bartender said eagerly.

    “Nah, I can’t,” I said. “I flew here.”

    “You haven’t changed. Still the responsible brother.”

    “Someone has to be,” I said with a sigh.

    “You’re missed here. We see your partner sometimes.”

    “Wait, Ryan comes in here?”

    “Well he gets bored waiting for you to come home sometimes.”

    “He isn’t hooking up with anyone is he?”

    “With a catch like you? Hell no, he’s just looking for adult company.”

    “He’s the one who wanted another kid,” I said defensively.

    “Ryan knows you care about him. I’m just saying if you spent half the time on your relationship that you spend on your Limmie team I think both would be champions.”

    “How’s it gonna help my Limmie team if I’m home working on my relationship?” I asked.

    “You’ll be happier, your partner will be happier, your children will be happier and you’ll accomplish more in less time at work. I read that on the net last week, sounds like good advice.”

    “We won the game against the Miners last week. Only had two points scored on us. Cliff and Noah put on one of the best defensive shows on turf.” I reminded the bartender.

    “Your offense only put up 5 points. Got shut out by a rookie keeper,” he reminded me.

    “Not just any rookie keeper,” I started.

    “You’ve got Kara Sureysh, Andres Fortune and that overpaid Yolanda Dunerider and you couldn’t score a goal. Not one.”

    "Yolanda had four assists, she is not overpaid."

    "Says, you."

    “Since when did you start watching Limmie?”

    “Since you stepped up and started managing the team. You know what your presence in the front office does for people like us on Ralltiir? More people in this bar have jobs than ever before. I’m selling more ale, I even hired a cook and started serving dinner.”

    “Well why didn’t you offer me a menu?”

    “I thought you came in to drink.”

    “I didn’t know you had a menu,” he reached under the bar and pulled out an electronic board with pictures of entrees and a list of prices. I chose a salad.

    “Watchin’ your figure?” He asked.

    “Staying healthy.” I answered. The salad was great. I had an ice cold water to wash it down with.

    “How are your brothers on Tatooine doing?” The bartender asked.

    “Spencer lost again, but I think I know why,” I didn’t let on that my brother had delegated droids to do most of his work for him. “I’m giving him another season with the Sandskimmers and some advice to get them back on track. I hope he turns things around.” If he didn’t my brother would likely fall back to his spice addiction. I really hoped it didn’t come to that. I hoped he found his way. I wanted nothing more for him than success. But you couldn’t succeed if you let others do your work for you. Especially when those others were mechanical.

    “What about Tomas? He still planning to play for the Starkillers when he graduates?”

    “He’d join the team today if I let him,” I admitted. “He’s gonna play at least one more season with UTA. I’m considering moving him to the Sandskimmers while he finishes his classes his senior year.”

    “That would make the Sandskimmers a winning squad. And it would get me a much better crowd during their games. I like that idea, I like it a lot.”

    My salad was gone. My appetite satisfied. “It’s just an idea. Don’t go tellin’ anyone I said that,” I warned. I paid my bill and walked back down the empty street. I found my speeder just the way I left it so I paid the attendant an extra 200 credits and headed home.

    “Where you been dad?” Jimsey asked. “Did you forget? You were gonna help me practice my Limmie tonight. I have a game this week.”

    Shavit, I had forgotten. “You want we can practice now,” I offered.

    “It’s past my bedtime,” he reminded me.

    “Well you can stay up. Or we can practice in the morning.”

    “I’ll go get my ball,” Jimsey said eagerly. To my surprise Ryan followed us to the gym. The three of us ran drills for an hour. All of us were dripping and exhausted. We enjoyed some Skimmer Ade at the kitchen table and hit the showers. Jimsey was fast asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

    The next morning I ran and swam. We packed up the speeder and headed to the Starkillers parking lot for a tailgate lunch. Every time I flipped a burger, held my daughter or began a game of catch with Jimsey my data pad would light up. “Sir, we can’t find the key to the janitor’s closet. Sir, where did you put the extra caf mugs? Sir, who ordered the field to be cut, it’s too short.” Finally I shut it off. My staff needed to learn to fend for themselves and I needed to spend some time with my family.

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    IC: Briar (Thorne) Adama

    The bad news was that the Senator offense once again had not shown up.

    The good news was that the offense roared back to overshadow the defensive struggles.

    In the blazing heat of Jakku, the Senators had taken command early and had not looked back. The forward line saw frequent substitutions to keep players fresh, and it allowed all 12 of the forwards on the roster to earn significant minutes. It was a true team effort for 60 minutes, as starters and reserves alike played alongside each other in the relentless assault on the Jakku defense. For every major play made by the Adamas and Nuuns of the team, plays were also made by the Rotramels, Cellens, and Wrens of the roster. Even Lisha Larring, the little-used Togrutan forward, got plenty of game action.

    Defense had once again been a mess. For some reason communication was lacking on that side of the ball, and it was costing the team opportunities to get stops. It was obvious that the sun was taking a toll on the players, especially the larger ones that had more bulk to move around in the heat. But that didn’t include Gamble, whose uncharacteristic struggles the past two weeks were of concern. Michonne, the promising young goalie, once again got shelled in what was turning into a troubling trend in its own right. Even if the Senators made the playoffs, their defense was a wreck.

    “I’m glad we don’t have to stay here,” Briar commented during the second half. She was burning up watching the action. No matter how exciting the game was, the heat rendered everything else as unimportant. She wished she had dressed more appropriately for the game; wearing dark clothing, especially slacks, had been a bad idea.

    “If you think we have it rough, look at S’rily. He is sweating something else right now,” Tela Loni said. The Bothan looked absolutely drenched in his own sweat on the sidelines, and he didn’t even have to play in the game. There was a saying that wet Bothan was not a nice smell; hot and sweaty Bothan was probably just as bad. The courage of the man to continue coaching in the heat was commendable; he had certainly earned his share of respect from the front office.

    “Why would the League ever put a franchise here?” Briar asked. She had heard the rumors of Jakku’s market struggling to keep up with Elite League demands, further embarrassing a Junkers team that had never been successful at this level. “It’s hot, dry, and a lot like Tatooine. You see how much that got them in the past under Kayl’hen before they got bought out.” The Sandskimmers had once been a regular ELL staple, featuring a signature rivalry with Nar Shaddaa – the “Blood Bowl”. Now, most games with the Smugglers could be constituted as such, but that rivalry had once been hot. Especially on Tatooine. But the purchase of the Sandskimmers and LFL placement as the Ralltiir affiliate had removed them from the League, and Briar was not unhappy about it. She didn’t want to travel there as well as here on Jakku. One blazing-hot planet was enough. It was at times like this where the cold winter mix of Mandalore actually was rather welcoming.

    “They’re probably going to ask themselves that question this offseason,” Tela said, shifting in her seat once again to try and cool off. “I will bet you quite a bit that the League hadn’t even heard of Jakku much before they decided to promote them. Like they were just created out of nowhere as some Tatooine rip-off, just given a new name.”

    “You don’t have to worry about the heat much longer, not with the next stop,” Mirik Lopaki reminded the other two. She had been the smart one of the three and had worn a light-colored dress.

    “After this, I might think that Dac would be a rather nice alternative,” Briar said. “Water everywhere sounds good after this.”

    “I wouldn’t suggest swimming in it,” Tela said. “I hear there are all sorts of sea life there that might find us tasty.”

    “I don’t know, Dac seafood is supposed to be exquisite,” Briar retorted.

    “I didn’t know you were one for seafood.”

    “As an Elite League GM, one must always be willing to try new things.”

    “We’ll see how long that newfound curiosity lasts,” Tela said dryly.
    The three stopped when they saw Bas Wren drill a shot into the back of the net for three. The rookie corner forward was finally coming around after a rough start to the year. She likely wasn’t a Ingbrand candidate, but the development she had made over the course of the season was cause for optimism.

    “I think she’s finally growing into the role,” Tela said. “Lot of pressure on her to perform. Doesn’t matter where you’re from; that always is difficult to deal with.”

    “Especially for someone from her clan. That alone is pressure enough.”

    “If only we could find about six more of her, or clone her,” Mirik commented. “Then we would have the most fearless forward line in the League.”

    “I think we have some options,” Briar said. “Besides, we have stars up front that will keep carrying this team. I am not expecting Wren to become the best player in the galaxy. She does not need to be the biggest star on this team. We drafted her for the high ceiling, but also the other intangibles. As long as she fits her role, things will be fine.”

    “Speaking of finding new players, I got our long-awaited report from Adanna in the Cluster. Things are a little hairy there right now with the C-Bucs in the tank and the whole Nalo affair,” Tela said.

    “Please tell me that they get demoted after this whole incident,” Briar said. “It’s one thing to stay closed-minded about things, but to try and kill one of your players, especially your star? It makes no sense.”

    “If anyone knows the Cluster, it’s Adanna. She worked there for a few years,” Tela said.

    “And it’s why I am glad that she is doing scouting for us there right now,” Briar said. “Plenty of talent, and if the C-Bucs ever get demoted, ripe pickings for some prospects from the Juniors League. We can promise them a chance they will never get from the hometown team.”

    “They would still be stuck in the Futures League for a while. Or, if we wanted to, send them off to whatever backwater league Bessimir is playing in right now.”

    “The Velocity are a good team. We have two prospects there now who are lighting it up. They will be intriguing options for next year, especially if we need to replace some players on Thyferra.”

    “It’s good to have a farm system,” Tela said, leaning back. “It gives us plenty of options and develops the young players.”

    “Plus all the bacta we will ever need,” Mirik chipped in.

    “There won’t be enough of it to go around if we don’t figure out the defensive struggles,” Briar said, drumming her fingers. “Miss Alaree is very invested in this team, and would like to see us make the postseason.”

    “We should be in good shape after this.”

    “Never count on anything in this League. Dac is dangerous, as are the teams right behind us in the standings. We need to finish our business next week and go into the playoffs on a roll. Maybe then we can finally break the losing string there.”

    “And you want your own title as GM,” Tela said. “Three titles as Assistant GM, yet you still feel as though you haven’t accomplished anything.”

    “I wasn’t on Ylesia when they won their title, so I understand what that is like,” Mirik said.

    “I know we all want that championship, but first this team needs to finish strong. They have shown resilience down the stretch, but they need to come out firing every game from now on. And the defense has to pick it up, or else this whole thing will crumble.”

    “Then you need to keep your trust in your niece-in-law to carry this team,” Tela said.

    “Is that really how you would describe it?” Briar asked.

    “I don’t know. I guess I never had to find out. My husband doesn’t have a star player cousin on the team,” Tela said.

    “We can trust her, but only if she stays healthy. If Leia goes down, we are in trouble,” Briar said.

    The game ended shortly thereafter, and it was on to Dac for the season finale. The Senators, with a win or Denon or Ralltiir loss, would make the postseason. But hoping that another team would lose was a fool’s proposition. The Senators had to finish the deal the next time out.
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    OOC: Apologies. Due to unfortunate RL circumstances, my motivation is a little disrupted right now but this is the best time for me to get a post up (and I want that playoff spot so gimmie a bonus roll!). So forgive a small post this time.

    Antaro Kiraon IC:
    ~Athletic Field, Zeltros~

    Settling into his VIP Box seat with yet another hour till play, Antaro clasped his hands together and smiled down at the limmie field before him and all the other fans pouring in to watch this high octane match between Zeltros Athletic and the Onderon Beast Riders.

    He allowed himself a small laugh when he saw the large holo-screen flash out the occasional message of: 'No Pheromones During Game Time Please!'

    A drink sliding into his cupholder next to him and the feminine voice speaking up, prompted him of the new arrival.

    "No pheromones during game time please," the human woman stated in a mock stern voice and expression, "Oh, but before and after are completely open. Have at it! Am I right, Mr. Kiraon?"

    Guffawing a bit, he nodded. "So it would seem Amanthine, so it would seem." He turned to look over at the blonde looking down at the field herself and patted the chair next to him. "Come, sit and relax."

    She smiled at him and did so with grace, "Surprised you didn't invite any of your friends or associates for this match."

    "Some things can only be shared with those of a closer circle and understanding. Seeing as I have no family, true friends will have to do."

    A sad smile was given by the woman, unsure how to respond, though she didn't have to as the owner of the Onderon team lightened it up himself.

    "Plus, I need you here to keep me out of mischief, hm?"

    Giggling a little and feeling childish for it, Amanthine nodded. The third of his three secretaries he kept on his roll call. "Yes, this is true. Iuva's orders."

    "That woman knows me too well," grinned the older man, "Well. For now then…

    "To Onderon!"

    "To Onderon!"

    This one should be a game to remember. I'm counting on you Beast Riders…

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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "It's Championship week throughout college limmie, the last hurdle for some teams to face before the final HSN rankings come out and the playoff field is seeded. These should be the top teams in their conferences, and the ways these games played out sure didn't disappoint."

    "First in the BIG 20, the Rimward champ University of Bison wins a close one 23-21 over Coreward champion University of Zeltro. Zeltros was counting on a big win to try to impress the pollsters and snatch a playoff spot, but those hopes have all come to naught now."

    "Over in the Super 16, Kayl'hen division champ Chandrila A&M University avoided drama and potential controversy after downing Crendan champion University of Corellia, Bella Vistal 20-17 in another game that wasn't decided until the final seconds when UCBV's last shot clanged off the goalpost. The Mean Green avoid the chaos that would have ensued with a loss and have probably locked up the number one overall seed in the playoff with the win."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    Final HSN Top 25 rankings

    1. Chandrila A&M University
    2. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    3. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    4. Dac State University
    5. UB Telaan Valley
    6. University of Csilla
    7. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    8. Norand University, Carratos
    9. University of Devaron
    10. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    11. University of Shili
    12. University of Zeltros
    13. UB Salis D'aar
    14. Druckenwell Technical University
    15. Concord War College
    16. Ralltiir University
    17. University of Onderon Rupings
    18. University of Bison
    19. Bakura Fleet Academy
    20. Cathar Technical College
    21. Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Ryloth
    22. Derrling College of Technology
    23. Imperial College of Bastion
    24. University of Northern Dependencies, Corsin
    25. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal

    Bowl and Playoff matchups:

    Bowl games:

    Skimmer Ade Bowl: 16. Ralltiir University vs. 10. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    Sienar Bowl: 18. University of Bison vs. 11. University of Shili
    Mining Guild Bowl: 14. Druckenwell Technical University vs. 19. Bakura Fleet Academy
    Beskar Bowl, presented by MandalMotors: 20. Cathar Technical College vs. 13. UB Salis D'aar
    CoreBank Bowl: 17. University of Onderon Rupings vs. 12. University of Zeltros
    Incom Bowl: 15. Concord War College vs. 9. University of Devaron

    Playoff Bowl games:

    Papa Palpatine Bowl: 4. Dac State University vs. 5. UB Telaan Valley
    Republic Bowl: 3. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa vs. 6. University of Csilla
    Jogan Bowl: 2. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) vs. 7. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    Nylonite Bowl: 1. Chandrila A&M University vs. 8. Norand University, Carratos

    The winners of the Playoff games will face each other in the Sweetner and Party Bowls. Games will be reseeded to ensure the highest ranking remaining team plays the lowest.
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    IC: Harron Myrat'ur
    Arcadia Colosseum, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Things did not go well. With all the talk of winning these last two games, with all the practice the team put in. All the sweat, all the work meant nothing. A single point, that was all the team could score. Leigh was locked down. After the explosive game against the Miners she was pinned in place, she couldn't move without the Demons collapsing around her. With Leigh out of the game, Cutty and Ariel tried to fill the gap. Again the Demons' defense was near complete, slowing even the two fastest forwards in the league. Nothing got through, well nearly nothing.

    In desperation Else let a rocket off her boot that sailed between the uprights. That was the only point the Pirates were able to score. All Logan could do was shake his head. Things were tense in the locker room at the end of the game. Leigh was stone silent, fuming with anger, shifting uncomfortably with the many bruises her body bore. Harron looked over them looking solemnly. This was their last chance, a win here and they would have had a better chance of making the playoffs. Now they needed to win against the Smugglers but, that was always known, now the Mariners needed to lose as well, a tall order.

    It seemed the energy that Cutty had been containing came out. She flung her fist into the back of the stall. She kept punching, and punching until a snap resounded. She pulled her hand away, red and bruised, one of her fingers looked broken. She turned to the rest of the team breathing heavily. Blood started dripping from her knuckles her blue eyes burned. She was angry, burning with rage. She wanted this, the whole team wanted this, to get back to the playoffs and now there was mountain in front of them. A mountain clad in burgundy and black.

    The team is silent as Cutty stands before them, hand bloodied. The white haired forward seemed to act for the team. They were so close, one win away from reaching the goal of the playoffs. Now it felt that they were in an impossible situation. They'd lost, lost hard, in a game they needed to win. Now they were relying on another team to lose, and themselves to win against a tough, strong opponent. If they got crushed by a lesser team what made them think they could take on the Smugglers. Everyone was frustrated, and angry, on the brink of losing it all.

    The trainer came out and began wrapping and icing Cutty's broken hand. She didn't seem to feel the pain. Was she just so frustrated or focused that she couldn't recognize the pain she should be in? Everyone else sat in silence unwilling to speak or just stewing in their own failure. Harron could feel it a, storm brewing in the space. It was oppressive suffocating as they all gave hard looks to each other. This was a low point lowest of the season. It all felt so hopeless, that there was no way out of this situation, no way to get what they want.

    "Did I say we were done?" Logan said sharply, drawing everyone's attention. "Did I say we were done?" his glowing yellow eye swept over them. "This is not the end for us, there is still one game left to play, one game one chance. Today we got crushed, destroyed. But, we can't let that stop us. We can't give up yet, we can't throw the season away. There is hope, there is light, and while that is there we're not giving up. While there is still hope we do not give up, while there is still light we keep moving."

    The rest of the team looked down. Then to their coach, "Good, now we can start again. Go home get rest, blow off some steam. Tomorrow we meet here to start practices, it's going to be hard, it's going to be difficult but, the Smugglers won't make it easy either. We're going to put everything we've got, all that we are into this next week, into this next game. We are going to do Carratos proud when we go to Nar Shaddaa. We are going to give them everything we have, we will fight for our place in the playoffs."

    "We hunger for this, we want this, they have it all sown up, their place is assured. They won't bring the same fire, the same heat. We will be fighting to survive, fighting for a place that they have already secured. They won't feel the same burn within them, they won't play with the same fire we will bring. We will practice, and practice until we are gaunt, until we are so famished that we will take to the field like rabid animals and tear the Smugglers to pieces. We will give ourselves the best chance to win and will take them by surprise, or we're going to make them pay for facing us before they get to the playoffs."

    The team roared, throwing their fists into the air. Harron just for a moment was transported to three years ago. Hiding underground, riding out the occupation. Then over the wave he would hear Logan's voice, he would tell them not to give up, not to lose hope. That they were working to make Carratos free, to make their home theirs once again. He had this charisma about him, this force of personality. He rallied a planet in its time of need now he was rallying thirty beings in the homestretch. It looked like he was successful at least a little bit.

    The team filed out burning passion in them there were no fans greeting them as they came out. Why would they, their team was destroyed on the cusp of the playoffs. There was one person, Harron noticed them. By the bluish hair he could see, they looked to be a pantoran. They turned to face the team walking out, Logan and the assistant coach walked behind the team. Mikia was next to her husband, and around him, were his guards, a CDF soldier, a OSF officer, and a member of the Star Dragons. Looking upon them, he saw a white stripe in their purple hair.

    Harron broke away, he hadn't seen her that morning at the memorial. It was so strange to see her outside of it. He moved closer smiling and waving. She looked up but, not to him, beyond him to Logan. She took in a breath, taking a step towards him. He noticed her yellow eyes were wide. There was something off, her steps were heavy. She held something in her right hand.

    "Hey," he called out. Suddenly her gaze came to him her right hand shook. The wind kicked up blowing open the coat she wore, odd for near summer in O'Pahz. There wrapped around her waist charges, explosives, wires, was that a…

    Blinding white light consumes his vision, then everything went black.
    New Six Boroughs Stadium, Nar Shaddaar

    The team stood silently in the visitors' locker room, heads bowed, this was the last game, the last one of the season.

    "For Harron." Leigh started

    "For Harron," the team responds.

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    IC: Sgt. Rax D’vja
    ELL Week 11, Ryell, Rydonni Prime

    Rax could not believe what he was doing. He was walking down the streets of Ryell without having to look over his shoulder every three steps. On top of that he was wearing his R.A.I.D. uniform in board daylight. Of course he still had his trusty blaster rifle slung over his shoulder and his blaster pistol on his hip, but doubted that he would have to wield either anytime soon.

    Weeks earlier, in a surprising turn of events, Aruetyc Aran revealed his true identity as Setarcos Rhemes. With the help of Del Gr’yco, his reveal was broadcast on the holonet down the Corellian Run from the Namaryne system to the Pencael system. Imbedded within the feed, were the codes to override the systems controlling the gates of the city wall. R.A.I.D. forces were able to retake Ryell with little to no resistance.

    The Peacekeepers that were still loyal to the Governor-General retreated to the fortified gubernatorial estate, the rest laid down their arms surrendering to their fellow Rydonnians. R.A.I.D. and S.P.E.A.R. leadership issued a ceasefire and a week later a provisional Parliament was in place. Looking around, it was if he was seeing Ryell for the first time in his life, and yet he still did not fell entirely at ease.

    “How are you holding up?” Johanna’s voice was a welcome surprise. He knew as soon as she learned the same awful truths he discovered that she would be checking up on him.

    Rax answered without turning to look at her or even breaking his gate, “Well enough for a man who just learned he’s been a widower for the past few years. You?”

    Johanna appeared to quicken her pace slightly to fall into step with him, “I’m sorry you found out that way. I tried to get that portion edited out of the briefing so you could be debriefed about it in private, but Agent Standgood overrode me.”

    “At least I know that two of my kids are going to be ok.”

    During the initial data-mining that S.P.E.A.R. conducted after taking back the planet, recordings were uncovered of the Peacekeepers “reprograming” adult children of R.A.I.D. members that were captured. Separated from the rest of their family, these “recruits” were psychologically conditioned to be loyal to the Governor-General and to view their parents as traitors to all Rydonnians. Their final test was to see if they would obey any order, even if it was to kill a family member. The only recorded evidence of this test they could find was of Rax’s oldest child executing his mother.

    Agent Rotskof later told Rax that she found his other two children locked up in one of the abandoned “reprogramming” facilities. She confirmed for him that they had not been completely conditioned, but that they suffered from severe psychological trauma. He was able to see them, under heavy supervision, before they were taken off planet to a treatment center.

    The provisional government reached out to the Jedi to assist with the recovery effort of these children. They also re-opened the system to all outsiders, of course there wasn’t much to see in a planet ravaged by a decade long war.

    Rax desperately wanted to get his mind off of their current discussion thread. “So explain to me again how we were able to smuggle Setarcos Rhemes out of the city while still having him get captured?”

    “You remember our contact, right?”

    “Lynn Wonstak.”

    “Well,” Rax could hear the smile in Johanna’s voice, “that wasn’t the real Lynn Wonstak, that was Rascal Four, Nomi W’ylde.”

    Rax paused on the sidewalk and turned to Johanna, “Wait a minute. You had a shapeshifter on your team the whole time? Why didn’t you use her to sneak you into the city?”

    “Because Nomi was supposed to be dead.” Rax’s brow furrowed in confusion. “A few years back, we were tasked with surveilling Minister Rhemes. Unbeknownst to the majority of us, our final mission wasn’t a snatch & grab, like we thought, but a bait & switch. Nomi was under secret orders from S.P.E.A.R. Command to fake her death and take the place of Minister Rhemes. Setarcos took up the mantle of Aruetyc Aran and started his broadcasts.”

    “So how did you find out that Nomi was still alive?”

    Johanna went on to explain that Setarcos felt that his cover was about to be compromised. So he worked with Agent Kol’sin and they hatched the plan of sneaking Rascal Team back into the city. As the two of them started moving once more, Rax noted there was a conspicuous looking red-headed female shadowing them. He quickly grabbed Johanna and shoved her down the nearest allyway.


    “What the hell are you…” Rax pressed his finger to Johanna’s lips as the red-head came running around the corner towards them. Rax quickly drew his blaster and leveled it at the unknown female only to have it smacked down by Johanna.

    “Rax! That’s Nomi, she’s using her new cover.”

    The Nomi extended her hand towards Rax, “Name’s Ana Tessmacher, nice to meet you sergeant. Lieutenant, if you don’t mind I’ll get back to my patrol.”

    Rax and Johanna moved back out on to the city street and continued on their way. “So, now that you’ve shoved me down a dark alleyway, what else do you like to do to show a girl a good time?”, Johanna teased.

    Rax answered matter-of-factly, “How about we go to the Solo Conference Championship?”

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    GM Post

    Final week of the regular season! Who will keep playing in 286? Let's find out! Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime.

    286 Week 11 Results

    Week 11
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Bakura Miners (17-33)
    Jakku Junkers at Mando’ade Mercs (7-17)
    Coruscant Senators at Dac Mariners (38-15)
    Carratos Pirates at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (25-36)
    Stewjon Metropolitans at Ralltiir Starkillers (13-19)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Denon Demons (29-0)

    Final Standings
    Skywalker Conference
    1. Mando'ade Mercs [ @Bardan_Jusik, Randy "the rancor"/Justin Pitt (sportscasters)] (8-3, conf. 3-2)
    2. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [ @Vehn, Addison Karr (general manager)] (8-3, conf. 3-2)
    3. Dac Mariners (6-5, conf. 3-2)
    4. Carratos Pirates [ @galactic-vagabond422, Herron Myrat'ur (assistant coach)] (5-6, conf. 3-2)
    5. Stewjon Metropolitans (3-8, conf. 2-3)
    6. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers [ @jcgoble3, Tendra Nalo (player)] (2-9, conf. 1-4)
    Solo Conference
    1. Rydonni Prime Monarchs [ @CPL_Macja, Sgt. Rax D'vja (fan)] (8-3, conf. 4-1)
    2. Coruscant Senators [ @Jedi Gunny, Briar Thorne (general manager)] (7-4, conf. 3-2)
    3. Ralltiir Starkillers [ @Runjedirun, Richard Vigo (general manager)] (6-5, conf. 3-2)
    4. Denon Demons (5-6, conf. 2-3)
    5. Jakku Junkers (4-7, conf. 3-2)
    6. Bakura Miners [ @Trieste, Mihal Ceallaigh (fan)] (4-7, conf. 0-5)
    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference Semifinals
    (3) Dac Mariners at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (2) Coruscant Senators

    Conference Finals
    ??? at (1) Mando’ade Mercs
    ??? at (1) Rydonni Prime Monarchs

    HSN Headlines
    • Rydonni Prime Monarchs win their third Commissioner's Trophy on the strength of their 4-1 conference record
    286 Week 10 Results
    Onderon Beast Riders at Zeltros Athletic (30-25)
    Yag D'hul United at Bilbringi Durasteelers (27-16)

    Final Standings
    Inner Rim Division Standings
    1. Onderon Beast Riders (7-4, conf. 4-2)
    2. Zeltros Athletic (7-4, conf. 4-2)
    3. Bilbringi Durasteelers (6-5, conf. 2-4)
    4. Yag D’hul United (5-6, conf. 2-4)
    Premiership Playoffs
    (8) Bastion Imperial LC at (1) Kamino Waves
    (7) Onderon Beast Riders at (2) Ord Mantell Scrappers
    (6) Naboo Ducks at (3) Chandrila Patriots
    (5) Kashyyyk Rangers at (4) Cloud City Sky Captains

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