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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Declan Trieste
    Inky Raven, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Why isn’t it on the BBC?” the umpteenth person asked upon entering the bar. The question was in reference to every single vid screen, which were tuned to Galactic City Sports and the local Coruscanti announcers for the Senators.

    “Miners lost to the Senators last year so we’re watching the Coruscant broadcast this year,” Piper informed her. “You want to watch the BBC? Shoulda won last year. And remember who’s serving you beer today.”

    The fan, like all the others who had asked the question before her, kept her grumbling to a level that the bartender couldn’t hear it.

    “...and that’s a zinger from Gared Joff, the former first overall pick,” the play-by-play announcer reported, describing the Full Forward’s goal. His tone was much less joyous than the general celebration in the Inky Raven over the golden boy putting up the early goal.

    “Miners, one week after a tepid outing against the Pirates, appear to be back on their game here at the Gardens,” the color commentator said over footage of a congratulatory knot of players surrounding Goff.

    “And one being who’s real happy about that is the Miners’ new owner, Declan Trieste, Governor of Telaan Valley,” the play-by-play being said. The footage cut to Declan on his feet, applauding the solid goal by the Full Forward.

    “Grew up with the sport and the team, so he knows a solid goal when he sees one,” the color commentator added.

    “This is so lame,” Piper commented as she leaned with her back against the bar to look up at one of the videscreens. “At least Falene Trieste was awesome playing for the team. Now you just have another stuffed shirt sitting in a luxury skybox watching things like he thinks he’s some god.”

    “Oh yeah, much worse than having a pretty girl heiress sitting in a luxury skybox and looking down on the peons like she’s some goddess,” someone kidded.

    “What was I saying about the being who pours you all beer?” Piper warned.

    “See this is the problem with watching Coruscanti holo. The commercials are for things I can’t buy and places I can’t go to,” a customer complained. “Who’s Dex and why does he have a diner?”

    “Because he’s awesome and I’d explain more, but I don’t think your alcohol-addled brain could handle it, Seemon,” Piper retorted as the commercial for Dex’s Diner finished and the game came back on with a series of establishing shots of Salis D’aar showing one of the two riverfronts and the attendant skyline set to a jaunty upbeat tune with lyrics about one of the prominent avenues of the city at night.

    “And we’re back here on Bakura here in the capital city of Salis D’aar. Beautiful day here in the Twin Rivers City, as they like to call it,” the play-by-play announcer said.

    “It’s a beautiful city that still feels new 60 years on since its refounding,” the color commentator agreed. “If you can make it out here to see a Senators game, you really should. One of the things that’s nice for Senators fans is how it’s really integrated with nature--lots of public parks and thoroughfares. The water, the mountains, great place to visit.”

    “While there may not be a tailgate culture on Bakura like on other worlds, there’s a pretty fun pub culture.”

    “Hey! They’re talking about us!” someone shouted. The commentary received general approbation in the Inky Raven.

    “Glad to know all you Coruscanti know a good thing when you see it!” someone else called out in Piper’s direction.

    “--and earlier today,” the color commentator continued, “Declan Trieste eschewed fancy drinks in the owner’s box to grab a pint at one of the pubs outside Bakura Gardens.”

    The feed on the vidscreens switched to a holo posted on social media of the Miners’ owner holding a pint up in toast with Miners fans who were packed as tight as Jawas in a sandcrawler in the frame, all of them with a drink in hand and a smile on their face.

    “Did you catch the caption he added to that?” the play-by-play caller asked.

    It read, “May you be in heaven a full half-hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”

    “That oughta be Trieste’s personal motto with the way that his Miners are taking it to the Senators today,” the color commentator added, “but good on him for mixing with real fans for a change.”

    “Anybody know what bar that was?” someone asked inside the Inky Raven.

    “It looked like Shaugnessey’s to me.”

    “I think it was Jimmy Toole’s.”

    “No, you’re all daft, it was the Star and Plough. I was there just last night.”

    “Who cares?” Piper hollered. “We’re going to show them all what a real pub is like. Everybody get as close in as you can if you want to be in the picture. And if you don’t, too bad.” She held her handheld datapad in front of her to take a selfie as she leaned back over the bar to get in the holo. “Everybody smile and say, ‘Go Senators!’”

    The ensuing commotion over would have marred another holo, but it was the Inky Raven to a T. In front was Piper in the only orange and black in the entire bar, proudly representing the Senators.

    “All right, we’ll just put this on the bar’s social page--”

    “The Inky Raven has a page?”

    “--and tag GCS. ‘Hey @GCS this is a real Bakuran pub because it’s got Senators fans in it.’ Send,” Piper finished.

    “Fans? Plural? You’ve been having a drop haven’t you?” someone kidded.

    “You all know you love them. Admit it,” Piper teased. “I mean, this is the limmie you live for. They’re playing like last year’s Miners right now.”

    She just smiled at the chorus of boos that rained down on that comment.

    “And this one’s pretty well sealed off now as the Miners hold a 31-3 lead on the Senators,” the play-by-play caller lamented. “Declan Trieste has to be happy that the home cooking has resulted in two fantastic games for his team at the start of this season.”

    The feed of a grinning Declan graced the screen. His chagrin on Carratos last week appeared to be long forgotten. This was the time a being most enjoyed owning a limmie team.

    “And with this score, Trixie Penn, wife of star Full Back Horst, who you see to the right of Declan has got to be even happier,” the color commentator said, calling out the ordinarily sullen member of the Noble House. Today even she cracked a smile as she applauded yet another Miner score.

    “Now, why couldn’t Falene have let her get the team?” somebody offered up. “I mean, that would be like letting Horst own it, but still keep it in the Noble House. She’d be a good choice.”

    “Oh man, Horst Penn basically owning the Miners?” Piper laughed. “That would be too awesome. They’d probably trade the entire team for a Falleen--who can’t play under ELL rules--a bald Chiss, a woodland creature like an Iktochi’s weird cousin, and a tree. And maybe another bald Chiss, but a lady bald Chiss. And a Bith who’d be very ugly on the outside, but beautiful inside. Oh, and a Chagrian who whistles all the time. And maybe Dewey Finn.”

    “Who’s Dewey Finn?” a voice in the back of the bar asked.

    “Actually, Trixie Penn would tear the League and your Senators apart if she ever got her hands on the Miners.”

    “Oh yeah? Doesn’t seem too fearsome to me,” Piper said, jerking her chin towards the happy young woman on the vidscreen.

    “When Trixie Penn sinks her teeth in, she doesn’t let go until she’s gotten everything she wants. I just watched her rip apart a certain pharmaceutical company to the tune of a nine figure settlement that I’d tell you all about if it wasn’t protected by an NDA. So trust me when I say if she owned the Miners, she would ravage the ELL like Darth Nihilus after he woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” Sydney Talon guaranteed from a barstool down the way.

    Piper paused and considered for just a second. “Okay, so no Trixie owning the Miners then.”

    “Then again…” Sydney considered, “ couldn’t be losing any worse than you are now.”

    “You’re cut off,” Piper commanded and the entire bar laughed in response.

    “And before this one mercifully comes to a close--with Marnie Blake about to record her third shutdown in five starts--we’ve got something fun,” the play-by-play announcer said as the game wound down. “Looks like there’s a bar that’s not half bad here on Bakura.”

    “Oh yeah, this is great. Just got it from our producers,” the color commentator agreed.

    On the vidscreen, the Inky Raven saw...themselves.

    “‘Hey @GCS this is a real Bakuran pub because it’s got Senators fans in it,’” the play-by-play caller read.

    “Look at us!” someone shouted and the whole bar, already joyous over the impending return of the Rosewood Gavel, turned into a riot of congratulations and celebration.

    “That’s coming from piperfitzroy54. Apparently they’re all at a local place called the Inky Raven. That’s the beautiful thing about Senators fans--you can find them everywhere, even here,” the color commentator said.

    “That’s why we’re not just fans, we’re an army,” the color commentator said.

    “To the Senators fans at the Inky Raven and everywhere, we’ll see you next week. Keep your chin up and be proud today because no matter where you are, no matter what the score is, you’re in the Senators Army. Signing off from Bakura this is…”

    “Well I’ll be,” Mihal Connair said as he looked at the holo of everyone in the bar on the vidscreen. “On the HoloNet after all this time….Will wonders never cease?”

    Among the bric-a-brac, the trinkets, and the odds and ends that littered the shelves of the Inky Raven, a collection of relics and artifacts of importance forgotten by even the old timers, there now sat a holo of a boisterous bar on game day with the caption, “We made it on the HoloNet...on Coruscant.” Perhaps one day even its significance would be lost, but for years to come the regulars of the Inky Raven would look at it, smile, and remember that day.

    TAG: Jedi Gunny who suggested we get Piper’s take for this game--an inspired idea on his part, if I do say so myself--and approved this post
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Much to the chagrin of our very own Justin Pitt, The Ord Sabaok University took it's first loss of the season this weekend losing 14-12 in a stunner to Valorum."

    "Sticking with the S16, Chadrilla A&M continue their slide. The team ranked in the top ten to start the season but hasn;t won a game yet."

    "And of course the big loss this week was number four CorTech's loss to a hard charging Pilots team from GVSU."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    [hr] [/hr]

    HSN Top 25 after Week 3

    1. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    2. UB Salis D'aar
    3. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    4. University of Zeltros
    5. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    6. Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Ryloth
    7. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    8. University of Ord Mantell
    9. University of Mon Calamari
    10. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk
    11. Druckenwell Technical University
    12. Garqi State University
    13. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
    14. UB Gesco City
    15. The Ord Sabaok University
    16. Taanab A&M University
    17. Grand Vulptur System University
    18. University of Euceron
    19. University of Trandosha
    20. University of Ylesia
    21. University of Garos (Garos IV)
    22. Albanin-Baxel Defense Academy, Clantaano III
    23. laswell College of the Sciences
    24. Palentine University
    25. Chandrilla A&M
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jai'galaar 'Jai' Buteo
    Jai's Apartment, Shield Towers, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Jai pulled off her helmet after another day of work. It was the day after the game against the Miners and there was a message on her answering machine. A pained smile grew across her face. Pressing the button to listen she let out a breath.

    "Hey Jai," it was her father, of course it was. "Sorry I missed your call, I met up with a few old friends at the game." As her father's kindly yet embarrassed voice she continued removing her armor. "They're looking at hiring me to transport goods from here to Courscant, and the other core worlds for a few months, maybe longer." Another worried smile played across her face. It was good that he had work but, that met that it would be even harder for them to stay in touch. "Anyway, yeah, I'd like to meet, just give me a date and time and I'll meet you wherever, my new job doesn't start tell next week so I should be available. Just let me know. I love you."

    Taking off the last piece of her armor she looked to the com. She should try and call him, maybe he's still awake, even though it was awfully late. Without much hesitation she picked up the com and called her father.

    "This is Maur Buteo," She hung her head, all she wanted was to talk to him and she got his answering machine, again, "leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

    "Hey dad," she started disappointment in her tone, "It's me, just got your message, that's great, glad to hear you have work again. I'll get you a time and place as soon as I can. Busy with work but, I'll see what I can do ok. Love you too." She hung up looking to the ceiling fighting back the tears that were starting to from on the edge of her eyes. With all the technology they had, way was this so hard? Why was it so hard just to talk to someone?

    She went to bed, waking up early the next morning to find no message waiting for her. As much as she would love to sit by the com and wait for her father to call her, she couldn't. She had a job to do, thought she had her duty it didn't stop her from standing at her door for as long as she could, just hoping that her father would call in the few moments she had.

    Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. She opened her door and put on her helmet, in part to complete putting on her armor, and to hide her dejected face.

    Going about her daily routine she found herself watching over her other 'client' Boutros Sabah, Raka's sister. The team was in the training room, working out, staying fit for the upcoming game against the Mercs. The Zeltron was at the punching bag, holding it for Tian. It was no secret that they were an item. Not that they were really trying to hide it. They were as inseparable as Logan and Mikia. Casting an eye round, it seemed everyone on the team had their group, their friends.

    Leigh had Else and Seiji, Nastu had Grey and Erza, even the anti-social Cutty had Ariel, a rival that she could turn to for motivation. There Jai stood, amidst a crowd of people and feeling all alone, isolated. At once part of them but, not.

    Looking back to Tian and Boutros, she watched how the pantoran laid into the bag. Her attacks were quick and powerful. Her fists would be devastating if they were set against a being not just a bag of sand. The way Boutros, no slouch herself when it came to strength, was being pushed back showed just how much power each punch had behind it. Tian was more powerful than her slight frame lead on. There was also a fire, a passion in her movements, a passion shared by her partner. The look in their eyes said it all.

    More loneliness hit Jai looking over the scene. She let out a breath looking over to the others trying to take her mind off the empty feeling in her chest. A hard thing to do when the thing you were missing was on display, belonging to everyone else but, not you.

    Her shoulders shifted uncomfortably as the team continued Logan also watching over it all. He seemed in slightly better spirits after the win over the Miners. That wasn't to say he was ecstatic just, less angry. He was still pushing his team, not that they needed much motivation. It seemed the upcoming game against the team from Mandalore had them riled up and driving hard. It was curious there was nothing truly riding on this game, just pride, and maybe another win.

    You wouldn't know that this was just the third week of the season with the way the Pirates were preparing for this game. It was like they were preparing for a war, or a tough fight. Given what Jai knew of Mandalorians, which was quite a lot, they brought the same passion they had in their hearts to everything they did. That would include Limmie, maybe that was why the Pirates were training like they were going to war.

    As she stood there watching this a thought passed through her mind.

    'Would mom be watching?'

    Jai shook her head, her mother was at times single minded, she didn't have time for frivolous things like sports.

    'She didn't even have time for me.'

    This sad thought only deepened the void that was growing inside. A darkness that Jai was doing her best to quell, to fill with her job and…and…there was nothing else, she was trying with her father but, it seemed the fates had aligned to keep them from talking to each other. There was…him…Mana, was it.

    No…no, it was just one time, one fleeting moment. She was just returning his pendant that was it…his mother's pendant…she shook her head again. It did her no good to think about these things, it was time to move on, to forget about the subtle pain in her chest.
    Arcadia Colosseum, O'pahz, Carratos

    Jai stood on the sidelines watching the game and for the first time she actually found herself somewhat drawn in…entertained.

    It was interesting watching the two teams clash. She liked seeing her mandalorian brothers and sisters bring their strength against the Carratosian determination. It was curious witnessing the two parts of herself in conflict. On the one hand she was Mandalorian, tough, strong unyielding, but, on the other she was also Carratosian, determined, and scrappy. They were similar and different maybe it was this similarity that make them hate each other so much.

    It was apparent in how the teams moved, the sound of their bodies crashing into each other that gave away their feelings. The crowd was deafening as Cutty made a goal with an assist from Leigh. Jai caught a snippet of it. The pass was fast, so quick the bodyguard nearly missed it. The shot that came right after was just as fast, burying itself into the back of the net. The Mercs came roaring back with Fu Arock at the front taking a pass and diving into the back line Kala put his large frame in the way but, the Mandalorian bent the shot around the towering defender.

    It was impressive the skill the Mandalorians brought to this game. She could see why some called it meshgeroya, the beautiful game. While the Mandalorians had skill and passion, the Carratosians had speed and grit. Powering through the offense Boutros broke through to the midfield passing off to Natsu, one half of the famous DragonBlaster Midfielder combo. The pink haired player spun around his mark and burned up the field charging right towards the offensive zone. The Merc defenders stepped up but, he just passed the ball right between them, to Leigh.

    Before she could get too engrossed in the game as call broke her out of her musings.

    "Got a suspicious being wandering the upper concourse." One of the detail said over the com. "Checking it out." Jai's eyes snap to the upper levels of the stadium. This might have been a game day, and the stadium might have been patrolled by nearly an entire battalion of soldiers but, that didn't mean they could let their guard down.

    "We're clear just a janitor that had pre-partied too hard." Jai rolled her eyes, of course that was another thing the Carratosians liked, partying. Where there's a party there was drinking. It had its place but, it seemed the locals drank as much as their teams name sake. Well she guessed it was better a drunk than an actual threat.

    The rest of the game continued as normal with the Pirates gaining a lead and holding onto it. Close to the end the Mercs put the pressure on, attacking again and again with all the strength they could muster in the final minutes. However it seemed they were shut down by the goalkeeper, Qazi.

    "Qazi, Qazi, Qazi." The crowd cheered, as he stopped shot after shot, keeping his team in the game. Soon though as the minutes ticked by and Qazi continued to halt the Mercs the chant changed

    "Iron Keep, Iron Keep, Iron Keep." Jai quirked her head a little what was that about. As the clock hit the end the final whistle sounded closing this game with the Pirates winning their second game. Logan was nodding his head pleased with this result. As the teams were getting ready to line up for the handshakes Jai noticed something in the upper section. A glint.

    She focused on it, dropping her rangefinder to get a closer look. Her face hardened when she saw it, a rifle, pointed at the field. Right away she moved to cover Logan. A shot rang out, followed by screams.

    A heavy bolt struck Jai in the chest turning her body with the force of it. It hurt and would bruise but, it didn't punch through her strong armor.

    "Sixth level, Section Leth." She called out the location of the shooter. "Sniper," She turned behind her looking to the others in the personal protection detail for Logan. "Get him out of here." With her orders given the took off after the being that shot at her charge, activating her jet pack to get across the stadium as quickly as possible.

    She landed on the upper concourse and chased after the being. The crowds parted for her, not many wanted to stand in the path of a charging, armored mandalorian. As she ran she had a recognition program running on her visor looking for anyone that matched the body type or face of the person she saw. She caught sight of a being slipping into a maintenance entrance. Jai was right there muscling the door to stay open. It led into a cramped corridor difficult to move but, Jai could keep the being in her sights.

    They were a human male, wearing just regular clothes with a bag over his shoulder, do doubt containing the rifle he used. He looked over his shoulder then picked up his pace. The corridor opened up and the would be assassin turned around with a blaster in his hands. As he lined up his shot Jai primed her jetpack again, ready to charge him. At the last moment his aim was thrown off. His hands were pulled to the side by a metal wire wrapping around his wrists and tugging hard.

    Jai's jetpack activated sending her slamming into the being. She carried him with her into the far wall knocking him out. Looking over her shoulder she saw another being in mandalorian armor, colored Red and Orange, just like hers but, the design was different. However Jai still recognized it a woman her…

    "Buir" she called out. The figure just turned away, recoiling the wire she fired out of her gauntlet. "Buir wait." Jai got up to chase after her mother.

    A low deep moan stopped her, the assassin was waking up. She slammed down on the man with her armored knee causing him to let out a pained breath. He looked out at her with no fear in his eyes, conviction deep in his eyes. He was young, maybe in his teens, too young to be doing this.

    "Tell me, are there more of you." She said shaking him a little, angered that he ruined her reunion with her mother.

    He smiled, a little giggle left his chest. Jai had a feeling she knew what he was going to do.

    "White Star Shin…" she silenced him by ramming her armored forearm into his mouth chipping his front teeth as she did so.

    "No…you don't get to go out like a martyr." With her arm still in his mouth, his words muffled, she hosted him up. Pressing his back against the wall she tilted his head down and delivered a hard punch to his jaw. She heard a ting from his mouth as the false tooth, most likely containing a poison, bounced off her arm. Violently she shoved his head to the side sending the poison filled tooth flying out of his mouth.

    "You're coming with me." she reached around her back pulling out her binders she kept there.

    "This isn't over, he will die, the traitor will die by our hands. For Carratos, For the White Star."

    "Shut up." She quieted the boy with an elbow to the back of his head. She was not in the mood to hear his fanatic cries. Jai turned him over to the Security Force and returned to her job.

    "Thank you," Logan said as she returned to his side. "You saved my life." Mikia put a hand on his shoulder, his reached up to take hold of hers.

    "Just doing my job…" Jai replied nonchalantly, though on the outside she was calm inside she was confused.

    Why was her mother here, why did she help, why did she leave?

    Just more questions, questions she couldn't answer. It was getting annoying.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik
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    Mana Kittsad IC:
    ~Mesh'la Vhetin, Mandalore~

    Things were both joyous and disquieting. That was how Mana's life was currently. Joyous was all because of the reason he was traveling the galaxy. His passion. Limmie of course! The Onderon Beast Riders were on a roll in their first season of the ELL under their new owner, whose reputation on the planet was apparently already huge as it was.

    With the surprise toppling of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, they stood alone at the top. This was something Mana never thought he would see and it made him jubilant like you couldn't believe.

    "Keep it going!" he whispered to himself as he stood in the stands of Mesh'la Vhetin. The heart of the infamous Mando'ade Mercs. His eyes were wide as he looked all around at the passionate fans about him.

    He didn't care if they were having a down season, winless in stark contrast to the Beast Riders at the moment, they were historic. A team that would forever go down in history and in his honest opinion, as with anyone else who had a lick of sense…always dangerous.

    Mana openly challenged the Mandalorian fans too, unlikely pretty much anyone else who seemed to be wary of attracting attention from away teams. He had on his Onderon jersey this time, proudly displaying it.

    To say he had already attracted attention was an understatement. He had been jeered and jostled a number of times, though outright violence had been prevented so far. The hybrid had a feeling that had something to do with the mandalorian security, the toughest of the tough. Still, the eyes were everywhere. A few bruises from the mere jostling were displayed, but he kept his chin up.

    "I will represent my team here and anywhere. There is nothing you can do that will stop me. So if you want to break me and risk security, do it," he once said his head tilted up to a Merc fan who already seemed more than a little drunk.

    "Ya dare to speak out against me, here? You're a fool or somethin'."

    "I learned a lesson this season. There's always a chance to win, no matter how much others think you don't have much hope. I got that from my Beast Riders. But I learned a bigger lesson last season. Speak up. In all you do, everywhere you do it. All the times you can do it. That's from Tendra Nalo."

    The man rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna smash your troan in, you di'kut!"

    Mana readied himself, fists rising. He didn't understand the words, but he got the idea. "Maybe. But I'll return the favor in every way possible. That lesson, I learned from your Arock."

    As the drunk fan drew his arm back to let fly, Mana already grimacing despite his bravado; another fist flew out next to him and sent his opponent flat on their back. And suddenly there were three other mandalorians at his back. He blinked at them.

    "Hey. You're the di'kut. You're making us look like guroayaor. We got this one's back."

    "Um. Why are you helping me?" Mana asked befuddled at the sudden turn of events.

    A woman on his other side, grinned in response. "Because you've got epan. Guts. This schutta doesn't."

    It turned out to become a small melee at that point after all, which hurriedly disbanded before the security team got there. There was no clear winner, bruises and cuts everywhere but attempted to be hidden, yet Mana realized he made a form of friends whether temporary or not. That was…new.

    On Mandalore, he had discovered the Mandalorian Spirit while wearing the Onderonian Colors. And it was only possible because of the lessons he had learned from Limmie. But it was true that he had failed to quote the other lesson he had learned and just recently. The reason why he was also disquieted, though this had helped dispel it for a short while.

    No matter the odds, stand your ground. And defend that which needed it, no matter who they were.

    "Thank you, Jai," he murmured.

    And in his heart, he knew he had to find a way to contact her. He had to thank her. Properly. And…make sure she was all right from the incident last week they had all saw on the news.

    But, how he could do that? There was no way to get that information, he wasn't savvy like that. Sure, he could hire someone. He did have the money. But that didn't feel right. Frowning, he wondered…

    And his eyes spotted a sign hanging over one of the balconies in the stadium.

    The Fandalorian.

    With a very mandalorian-like grin and his newfound battle spirit, he realized that after this Mini-War between the Beast Riders and Mercs, he just found his way.

    He would contact her again.

    Tag: Trieste jcgoble3 galactic-vagabond422 Bardan_Jusik (Time to weave together multiple threads for a greater story, no matter how brief the roles! ;) )

    Antaro Kiraon IC:
    ~Mesh'la Vhetin, Mandalore~

    "I admit that this isn't a planet I'd ever thought I'd visit," Sanna confessed as she looked out from the VIP box of the Mandalorian Limmie Stadium: Mesh'la Vhetin.

    "Didn't think we'd make it?" Antaro asked as he brought over a sandwich from the small buffet stand set up for them nearby. The zeltron woman blinked surprised as she took what he offered her.

    "I'm supposed to be the one giving things to you, I thought?"

    "A change of roles is refreshing sometimes, no?" teased the older man.

    The zeltron took a relishing bite of the sandwich and looked over at the masses, briefly noting a small scuffle breaking out somewhere. How very much like a warrior people. The game hadn't even started yet.

    "And no, Mr. Kiraon. Mandalore just wasn't high on my personal list in general, though I'm assuming you're through the roof right now with how Onderon is playing?" she asked amused. The woman already knew the answer, but couldn't help herself anyway.

    Antaro smirked as he bounced on the balls of his feet, taking a few bites of his own meal. "Oh, certainly! They are performing even better than I expected! The sole undefeated team, no matter how briefly, in the ELL and on a ten game winning streak dating back to last season? Aha! That is how Beast Rider Limmie is supposed to be!"

    As usual, his dreams so far were being realized a step at a time. Onderon was on a Limmie Fever Rush and all that was left? The Galactic Cup.

    A 36-31 surprise victory in a truly offensive shootout against the fabled Nar Shaddaa Smugglers to improve them to a 3-0 Record was definitely the right path on getting it. Orialus and Drelzahviss were beyond red hot, they were on the level of a blue sun at this point.

    One half of the Game of Rivals down. One to go.

    The Mercs may be an opposite 0-3 right now, but Antaro knew what Mando'ade was capable of at any given moment, so he didn't put much stock into it. Just look at the last three seasons. Still, he could only hope for another good week. Beast Riders' victory over the Smugglers as well as Honor's 23-11 win against the Sandskimmers had rounded out nicely.

    Truth be told, more than any other team: The Mando'ade Mercs were the one he had been wanting Onderon to play against. They would have to play strong and smart against them.

    Coach Oh'dahvre was putting in some reserve players to give some others rest, he knew. The Mercs were dangerous to do that against, but he knew the bothan over the years didn't do anything without reason. It wasn't because he was taking them lightly, far from, it was merely a conglomerate of other reasons. One because they had the room to take the risk, two because he wanted to make sure certain players got some rest unless they were on a hot streak for their own health, and three because they were players he trusted could still bring in some heat against a team like Mandalore's Limmie team.

    They were bringing in their only signed Free Agent, Elora Ningo, the quiet and unassuming yet skillful corner forward as a test due to her experience to rest Cam Sonalsk, while also giving a good first full game test (rather than just a few minutes here and there) for the Midfielder Rookie Kiran Levedru. He was being put in for Marcel Banrock, who had been struggling so far.

    And the most important two, according to the Head Coach. Wyss Vornoa who had been begging to play these last two games especially. (She only saw some minutes against Nar Shaddaa which irked her, but he acquiesced to a full game this time). She was subbing for Ia'kormai clan Sarnakh because Wyss was, well, Mandalorian. And the other?

    Freyja Horskvin to sub for Narra Korsio. The lasat woman had been hot, but she had complained of some muscle soreness after the last game, so it was good timing. Freyja was a Vahla. Normally barred from limmie play…except that was what made her story so intriguing. A rare Vahla who was not Force-Sensitive, considered unlucky by some and an abomination by others from her own kin, so she came here to show her strength in other ways. Two warrior women, with a desire so strong that if they could show their passion this game, who knows where it could lead for their futures.

    Add them to the likes of Sage 'Commando' Orialus and Drelazahviss and even the surprisingly more adept than thought Ovanaan Muzyk…There was only one way to phrase it when comparing that next to the Three-Peat Champions.

    Fight fire with fire.

    "Time to see whose flame is hotter and whom gets burned," the man mused to himself.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential today for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Onderon, and Ralltiir. Best of luck to everyone. :)

    287 Week 4 Results
    Dac Mariners at Denon Demons (0-27)
    Euceron Officers at Stewjon Metropolitans (0-18)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Ralltiir Starkillers (5-19)
    Coruscant Senators at Carratos Pirates (5-18)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners (22-27)
    Onderon Beast Riders at Mando'ade Mercs (0-3)

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Austin Vehn

    "Relax," Addison said as she rode an elevator up to the executive suite in anticipation of the game against the Bakura Miners. "Nothing is going to happen here. We're safe on Bakura."

    Austin grunted and put away his lightsaber hilt. He was unsettled after the missle attack last week on Nar Shaddaa. His investigations hadn't revealed much beyond the obvious and he was beginning to suspect that there was something Addison wasn't telling him. They needed to talk.

    "I intercepted transmissions from your brother, Gryffyn," Austin said as the elevator doors opened. "What I discovered was interesting to say the least. You two have a very, shall I say, unique relationship."

    The pair walked down the hallway to the suite. Once inside, Addison closed the door behind them.

    "Our relationship isn't much of one. As I'm sure you read in our conversations things can go south in a heartbeat. My brother and I have some irreconciable differences," Addison explained, "and I feel that as we approach the gala on Druckenwell its all going to come to a head. Why were you looking at my datapad?"

    "To do my job effectively I need to monitor everything about you, Addison. I need to know whom you are speaking with and where you are going. I need to map out every location in advance, every entry, every exit, because I never know when and where the next strike may happen," Austin replied. "I'm sorry if that violated your privacy but right now you don't have any personal space or personal time. Not until you're safe."

    "I take it you like to be in control of everything," Addison said as she took a seat in a plush chair overlooking the field down below.

    "I prefer to call it being prepared," Austin replied.

    "The ways of a Jedi?" Addison remarked.

    "Something like that," Austin replied.

    He swept his eyes over the room one more time. The final sweep before the game began. Nothing stood out to him as being a trap. Bakura was safer than most places in the galaxy and security at Bakura Gardens was taken seriously. The Triestes saw to that.

    Austin settled his gaze on Addison whose attention was elsewhere. She was beautiful. In fact, she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. He'd worked hard to control his emotions when he was around her, to not seem interested, to not seem attracted, and he'd even repeated a few Jedi mantras to keep him focused. It was a challenge. It wasn't easy.

    Addison Karr was the unattainable gift. The prize just out of reach. Ever since he'd first met her on the battlefields of Mon Gazza he'd felt called to her in some way he couldn't explain. Her face had become a focal point to help him survive the war. Her face had become a reminder of how to control his emotions in the halls of the Jedi Temple on Ossus. Her face was before him now tempting him to blur the lines between work and play. Between loyalty and love. Between personal and professional.

    Addison took her attention from the field. It was as if she could feel Austin gazing at her. Her eyes drifted upward and met his. A heavy silence filled the void between them. Addison stood and walked toward him with a quiet purpose.

    "I never thanked you for saving my life on Nar Shaddaa," Addison said.

    "You don't need to," Austin replied.

    "Yes, I do," Addison said as she drew Austin close to her and kissed him on the lips.

    Austin returned the kiss. He held her tight as they made out in the suite for a few minutes. The raw passion filled his veins and made him feel more alive than at any point in his life. Everything suddenly came into focus for him. Something connected that he'd buried deep inside. Something stirred.

    Addison pulled away. She brought her hand up to Austin's face and whispered, "I remember those eyes. I found those eyes in the mud and rain of Mon Gazza buried underneath a helmet and a weapon and a war that threatened to take everything away. Such kind eyes. Even then, even on the verge of killing, you had such kind eyes. I remember you, Austin Vehn."

    "You kept me alive during the war," Austin said. "You are the only reason I am standing here before you today. I'm thankful your father chose me to protect you."

    "He didn't," Addison whispered in his ear as they embraced, "I chose you."

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Galin S’rily

    Falco Lombardee slipped and fell on the field with the ball in hand, the bolo squirting loose from his grasp and running along the turf to a Carratos player. It was emblematic of the season for the Senators, a giant gravtrain-wreck. OK, maybe it was worse than a wreck . . . burning gravtrain that had also wrecked? Something like that. Crash and then a burn; a long, slow burn. Everything that the team had worked so hard the prior years to achieve was blowing up spectacularly in a sight that made some fuel fires seem tame in comparison.

    Galin just planted his head, already drooping from confusion, on the headrest of the sofa. He couldn’t watch the final few minutes of this game; it was too painful to watch. But his mother insisted that he not turn off a game, even though it was way out of reach and the Senators had no hope of winning.

    Sarah Connor, the 279 1st-round pick and consensus mega-bust, allowed another point to the Pirates to push the lead to 13 in the final minutes. She had come in to relieve the struggling Michonne, and had actually done an OK job closing things down. Undoubtedly there would be a goaltender competition in the coming weeks due to the Chiss starter’s inability to stop shots from going in and Connor showing a few flashes here today in what otherwise was another lost cause.

    As soon as the final horn sounded, Galin got up and walked out of the room. He didn’t want to hear any post-game analysis; it would just make him feel ill having to hear the same old crap that the analysts would go over. It was the same every week, so why listen to it again? It wasn’t anything new, just the same junk recycled for every game.

    He grabbed a soda from the fridge and popped the lid off. Taking a long swig of the liquid, he could tell that this was far more satisfying to him than his team’s performance. Wiping his eyebrow to dislodge an annoying hair, he brought his soda to the table and propped his arm on its surface while letting his head sag into his hand. That had been a real waste of time.

    He sat there for a good twenty minutes, staring off into the distance with a blank expression on his face. He didn’t feel like moving, because what else was there to do at this point? Do homework? Nah, he didn’t feel like it right now. Train? Didn’t feel like doing that either. He just felt lethargic.

    From the other room, he could tell that the analysts were almost done. They had their postgame interviews in progress, which meant the broadcast was close to finishing. Why anyone would stick around to listen to that was beyond him; what was the point? The players didn’t want to talk about it, so why ask questions? That’s what didn’t make sense about the media. Asking questions to people who didn’t want to answer questions was the definition of hypocrisy. What did the media expect as answers? “Oh yeah, we suck. We suck so badly we aren’t going to try next game out”. Was that really what the players thought? Or did they really think there was still hope? Galin wasn’t sure what to think anymore. It was frustrating to say the least.

    Then the communicator line rang. Galin didn’t move a muscle; he didn’t want to answer it. Several minutes of silence followed, after which his mother came into the kitchen with the comm. unit in hand. “Your father’s been fired,” she said.

    Galin moved his arm so that it was no longer propped up, sending his head gently down to the table’s surface. Great, so his Dad had been fired. What else could go wrong for that team at this point?

    “Ms. Alaree was very quick giving him the hook, and his position is going to be reconsidered over the week.”

    “Guess that’s it, then,” Galin said, not looking up. “Dad’s done. Tex was right; he should have quit when he had the chance.”

    “Don’t worry about your father. Let me handle him when he gets home,” his mother said. “You need to focus on more important things, like school. Don’t allow this to shake you.”

    “Kinda hard not to,” Galin replied. “Mom, that team means everything to me. It’s not just something I can forget. It stings too much.”

    “It’s just four games, Galin. In one season. One year. Doesn’t mean much.”

    “How do you feel? Dad’s probably pissed,” Galin said, bringing his head up. “Mom, tell me. How do you feel about all this? Don’t tell me that it’s all going to be OK. Do you even believe that?”

    “I have to,” his mother said. “If there is anything I have learned in dealing with your father, it’s to not take too much stock in a bad stretch. There will be better days ahead. Maybe next year they will go 4-0, you don’t know.”

    “But it’s a whole ‘nother year!” Galin whined.

    “Better that then not having another year to go. Point is, there’s still time to turn it around. But your goal has to be to keep your chin up and not worry so much. You’ve got all this talent and promise; don’t waste it being depressed about the team. I don’t need two members of this household depressed. Please?”

    “Fine, Mom,” Galin said. “Did Dad say anything about what he’s up to next week?”

    “I don’t know,” his mother commented. “He is still unsure if they want him traveling with the team at this point to Mandalore. But they don’t really have an interim coach, so I don’t know what’s up.”

    “Maybe you should coach.”

    “I don’t think so. The last thing they want is the wife of the coach they just fired to take over for him.”

    “I’ve heard weirder things.”

    “Don’t worry about it. They will find a solution.”

    “This never would have happened had Kyril not retired,” Galin said.

    “He had his reasons.”

    “Killed the team when the other players left.”

    “That may be true, but we will never know. All we can do is move forward.”

    “Management says that they are open to listening to trade offers! They must think the season is lost!” Ronny yelled from the other room.

    “Great,” Galin said, rolling his eyes. That was just fantastic. Alaree was willing to put her team on the trading block after just four bad games. Things were spiraling out of control. What the team needed now was a steadying presence, and they had just fired the one man who could have provided that. What would happen to management if this losing kept occurring? Alaree could clean house if she wanted to.

    Very uncertain times were ahead.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Concordia (28), Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28), Honoghr (30), Atzerri (28), Thyferra (28)

    LFL Week Three Results
    Concordia Crusaders @ Thyferra Force (17-20)
    Honoghr Honor @ Druckenwell Marksmen (2-4)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Atzerri Bandits (4-22)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Andres Fortune

    There were definitely some butterflies in my stomach as I took the field. The Monarchs were a rival. Last week had been an embarrassment. We were at home and there was always a little extra pressure to win here. Our defense came out strong stopping the Monarch offense and giving us the opportunity to score first. After getting pummeled last week I was pleased to find myself open. Sureysh passed the ball my way and I didn’t hesitate. I kicked the ball with all my might and threw my hands in the air as it sailed past the Monarch keeper. Our home crowd went wild and all the butterflies were gone.

    I’m not saying it was easy. On this level nothing comes easy. The Monarchs came to play. After that first goal I found myself double teamed on more than one occasion. I just played harder. I found a ways to get open. I took a much needed rest at the end of the first half so that when the second half started I had gas left in the tank to score again. When it was all said and done I scored 10 of or 19 points. Not bad for an old man.

    It’s a brilliant day as we rid ourselves of the Golden Gloves trophy and I volunteer myself to answer questions at the press conference. My parents bring Marty and Zoey in to watch. I give them hugs when it’s over and tell them to have a good week at school. There’s a nice stretch of home games ahead of us, so I make sure they know they are welcome to visit and we arrange Thursday night for them to stay over.

    I’m getting used to my hotel room. I toss my bag on the floor and sprawl myself out on the bed. I flip my data pad open to watch the Storm game. They lose bad. I don’t let that fool me into thinking I can slack off this week. I know they’ll be hungry to prove they are so much better than today’s score says they are. Hell they are in the ELL I know they are way better than today’s score. It’s my job to prove we are better.

    I remember the pain pills so I feel good the next morning. We mostly watch film and do walk-through’s. Noah and I do a little light lifting after most everyone else goes home. I’m finishing my dinner and watching more film when there’s a knock on my hotel room door. I figure Zoey has had another fight with her mother, so I open it without hesitation. Instead there’s a woman in a business suit with a brief case. “Mr. Fortune, I have a delivery.” She opens the case and hands me an envelope.

    “What’s this?” I ask.

    “Your wife has filed for divorce,” she says darkly.

    “I see,” I take the envelope and close the door. I knew this was going to happen. Why does it hurt so bad? There’s a pain in my chest, like the day I got traded to Nar Shaddaa. It’s too late to do anything. I try to sleep, but I can’t. The next morning I send electronic messages to the best divorce lawyers on the planet. Despite the early hour I hear back fast. These guys know I have credits and will be fighting to represent me. I have to meet with them. I need to find someone who wants more than my credits. I need someone who’s really on my side. Someone who’s going to fight not just for me, but for my kids.

    I schedule interviews during mid-day breaks. When I usually eat lunch or take short naps before the second round of practice begins. It doesn’t take long for me to find my guy. I know he’s the one because he tells me the things I don’t want to hear along with the things I need to hear. The worst news is that he suggests I don’t keep the kids overnight at a hotel. He understands that I want to buy a house outside of the city or maybe even on Corellia after the season, so he suggests I rent a house. There are plenty of furnished houses on the rental market. I have no idea why I had never thought of it myself. So I arrange to move into a house, but not until the day after we play Euceron. This week I have to see the kids somewhere else. Luckily my relatives are pretty amazing.

    Ty knows what’s been going on and arranges to have me and the kids over to his house for dinner on Thursday. Marty stuffs his face with Lucie’s cooking and Zoey settles in to braid Cammie’s hair. When Marty finally finished eating he runs off to play with his cousins. I wish he was spending time with me, but I have time to talk to Ty one on one. He’s so supportive. Suddenly a door opens. A tall dark figure walks out behind the sofa where Zoey is braiding Cammie’s hair. He ignites a red light saber. “Zoey,” it says in a deep voice. “I am your father.”

    Giggling ensues from under the cape and behind the door. Zoey is not amused. She springs to her feet with a clenched fist. I leap up and hold her back. “What’s this about?” Ty asks with just enough sternness in his voice.

    The cloak drops off the tall figure and Ezra hops off T.J.’s shoulders. “Just a prank,” T.J. says.

    “Your cousin isn’t laughing,” Ty points out to his eldest son. Ty looks at me for an explanation.

    “Zoey’s been asking questions about who her real father is,” I say without letting on that I’ve actually been doing some research on the side. Though so far I haven’t found any leads.

    “Ty Junior and Ezra,” Ty says sternly. “Line up.”

    The boys are obedient. They stand in front of their father. Ty puts his chin in his hand and thinks for a minute. “Give me 25 burpees, 10 push-ups and 30 jumping jacks.”

    “Go!” Ty yells.

    “Hold up,” I say. The boys look at me hopefully. “Martin, join your cousins.”

    He looks at me and the look says “I can’t.” I have a feeling he’s right, but he blabbed to his cousins about his sister’s private business.

    Ty gets up quickly and moves a caf table off to the side. “There that will give us some more room,” he says cheerfully. Marty looks queasy. I have a feeling that T.J. and Ezra are used to this. I find the whole thing amusing. Ty was born to coach Limmie and he had brought the gig home with him. It becomes painfully obvious that Ty’s boys are in much better shape than mine fast. After a burpee they jump a foot or more in the air. Their father booming in their ears to jump higher.

    Ty has to show Marty how to do a modified burpee. Marty’s push up form is so poor it makes me sick and he doesn’t even finish the jumping jacks. I vow that when I get moved into the house and he comes to visit that we are going to make use of the yard. Why is my son so out of shape? I try to remind myself that he’s on the honor roll at school and in an advanced math class. Still I’m not happy about his physical health and for the first time I’m motivated to do something about it.

    I get back to my room after dropping the kids back off at their mother’s house. I’m craving a woman’s touch. It’s all over the news that I’m on the market again and I know I could pick up any woman I want. Or I could call a service and have one over. I did that on Nar Shaddaa all the time. I just didn’t want that type of quick fix. I wanted a relationship. All summer I had worked so hard to win over Justyne. She’d acted as if she was falling in love with me again. We got back to Ralltiir and she turned on me. I hated her for it.

    Somehow I fell asleep and the next thing I knew my alarm was blaring. I had one more full day of practice to prepare for Euceron. I was ferocious. Coach Dash had to tell me to save some of my energy for Sunday. Cliff was sweating bullets in the goal box as I scored on him more times than he’d ever care to admit. At least I had a go to on Sunday. If ever I needed a little motivation I’d just pretend my opponent was my soon to be X-wife. No Officer had a chance at stopping me this week.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Declan Trieste
    Vertical City Network

    “Welcome back to VCN’s coverage of Smugglers Limmie,” the play-by-play announcer said on screen with his partner, Omar Mosk, legendary Smugglers color commentator, with the field behind and below them. “This one’s already living up to the hype as a true Black & Blue Battle.”

    “No doubt, no doubt,” Omar agreed. “I’ve seen a lot of games between these two teams--the only two to never miss an ELL season since 246--and this one’s shaping up to be one of the best in recent history. The Smugglers already look leagues better than they did last year when the Miners ripped them apart in an embarrassing 33-0 shutout. That game really lit a fire under them though--they were fantastic for the rest of the season.”

    “Omar, what have we seen thus far today?”

    “Real balance of offensive attack and defensive force on both sides. These are the hard hits that make the Black and Blue Battle. Man, I’d give anything to be down there in burgundy and black today to play a game like this,” Omar said wistfully.

    The game started up again with Shady Lerouex putting the bolo-ball into play on the same field that she spent her college career on with UB Salis D’aar.

    “Smugglers are trying to snap a 7 game losing streak to the Miners here today,” the play-by-play caller said.

    “And I think they’ve got a great chance. Until Gaeriel Valerii got the Smugglers’ number a few years back, this was a very even series, but not even the Miners can buy enough luck to keep this up,” Mosk said.

    “Is that an oblique reference to the Miners’ new owner, Omar?”

    “Oblique? Korriban no! That’s a direct reference to that Chancellor’s son!” Mosk said indignantly. “I mean, the Trieste family has been a paragon of stability in the ELL. They’ve been owners for nearly 80 years. That’s great, that’s good for the sport. We need more of that in the League. However, owning an ELL franchise is an honor. It’s how we knight people in our society. This is the most exclusive club in the galaxy and this fortunate one got it handed to him on a silver platter.”

    The ball turned over in the Smugglers’ offensive zone, courtesy of Nar Shaddaa native Ponie Ternardiel. She punted hard up the field, bypassing the midfield entirely.

    “That’s not an honor that should be handed down lightly,” Mosk continued. “What has Declan Trieste done to deserve that? Not a thing. His sister proved herself on the field by winning a Galactic Cup. His mother won a Carnation Bowl. His grandfather is responsible for the Miners still being a team today.”

    Niskat Deenever, who received Ternardiel’s long pass, lost her defender and penetrated deeper into the Smugglers’ end.

    “Miners here making a drive into the Smugglers end, looking for a score to widen their lead in this one,” the play-by-play being reported. “That’s a pretty high standard, Omar. Not sure many beings in the galaxy could meet that, let alone anyone in the Triestes.”

    “Of course it’s a high standard! There are only 12 beings in the galaxy who have the privilege of owning an ELL team!” Omar retorted. “We don’t just give them out like deathsticks at an Ord Mantell dive bar! You’ve got to earn--”

    “Hold up, Omar, Deenever’s passed to Quint who’s penetrating the Smuggler defense.”

    The second year player out of Chandrila A&M made a long blind pass across the field, high and headed out of bounds. Then, out of nowhere, a jumping Cordell Beckman Jr. snagged the bolo-ball with a single hand over the head of a Smuggler defender and came down on his feet, in bounds, securing the ball. The defender landed tight on Beckman, who had just enough room to tip the ball over the bar with a light touch.

    “What a play by Beckman!” the play-by-play caller said. “Miners are up by 2 now.”

    “Still a one score game, but that one oughta have been worth at least 2, maybe 3. That’s a circus catch right there,” Omar said, giving due to an impressive play even if it went against the Smugglers. Perhaps he would have been less generous if it had been a goal.

    “And looks like your buddy is pleased with that.”

    They showed a replay of Declan Trieste watching, his gaze intent on the action on the field. Around him the others in the box jumped to their feet as the play was made. All Declan did was lower his hands from where they were pensively perched before his face and lean forward slightly during the two seconds it took Beckman to come down in control of the bolo-ball and put it over the bar. As the Noble House raised their arms in celebration, Declan simply threw his left arm up over his head without shifting his gaze to high five his wife. It was in stark contrast with the rest of his family’s exuberance.

    “That’s one cool customer right there,” the play-by-play caller said. “I mean, that’s primetime, right Omar?”

    “Awww Korriban no! Primetime! Please!” Omar objected stridently. “Primetime--you gotta be kidding me. You wanna know what’s primetime? Director of Foreign Affairs Eleanor Vehn, sitting to his right there. She’s behind the Smugglers 100% today. Team of the Federation, baby!”

    “You know, she’s a Trieste on her father’s side. I’m guessing you think she’s earned the honor of being an ELL owner after her years leading the RTO and Federation.”

    “Eleanor Vehn could be, but not of the Miners. Her heart’s with the Smugglers. That’s for sure from the way she reacted to that score. But that Beckman point distracted me. What I was going to say earlier is that there is a way better choice for Miners owner than Declan Trieste--his cousin May.”


    “Eleanor’s younger sister, Dr. May Trieste, MD. She’s been living on Bakura for the last several years.” Omar explained. As the Smugglers got sorted before putting the bolo-ball back in play they cut to a view of the doctor on the Miners sideline in white coat. The image was a close enough zoom to show the four scars on her face, each at a different angle. “She’s on staff at Belden General Hospital here in Salis D’aar, but has held a dual appointment on the Miners medical team. Incredibly well respected in the ELL community for her work. She does not have to do what she does, but what would you expect from a Trieste-Vehn?”

    The image cut back to the gameplay with Smugglers goalkeeper Helen Ripley kicking the ball to midfield.

    “She’s put in the hours,” Mosk continued. “What has Declan Trieste done? Sipped frufru cocktails in the owner’s box. That’s nowhere even close to primetime.”

    “And the Reaver’s got the bolo-ball after the play in. The Smugglers are angling to find that goal and get the lead back…”

    “...and with two minutes left, we could be headed to overtime, Omar. All tied up at 22 apiece.”

    The teams scrummed about at midfield, possession of the bolo-ball flipping seemingly every few seconds in a light drizzle that had started midway through the second half. Jerseys on both sides had telltale rips that testified to the type of contest today had been.

    “This has been the best Black and Blue Battle in recent history. What a game,” Mosk gushed. “What perfectly matched teams today. Neither team has led by more than three all game, and that’s been rare. Smugglers really answered the bell today and I think they’re going to pull it out.”

    “We’re getting into next score wins territory now. Who do you think could be the hero today?”

    “Mick Steele has had a fantastic game today. His best all season, hands down. Nil Brynner has found his game today too. I think either of them could be the one to break the deadlock.”

    “And for the Miners?”

    “I think--”

    Omar stopped mid-sentence as Burrnsbacca barrelled through the pile with a howl, bringing the ball with him. Miner and Smuggler alike went flying from the force of the charge.

    “Holy Wookiee!” Omar exclaimed.

    “Burrnsbacca with the ball and he’s on the run!”

    The lumbering Wookiee wasn’t fast, but he shrugged off a Smuggler that tried to stop him at speed.

    “Smugglers have to get someone on him,” the play-by-play caller said.

    Two defenders did just that, sandwiching the Wookiee in a crunch. The bolo-ball popped out and into the hands of an uncovered Quint, who took all the space available to him in the offensive zone to get deeper.

    “Miners stacking the box--Ripley coming out for challenge--Quint’s out of room, he circles back--Smugglers backchecking into the zone--Quint passes low to Beckman--uses both hands this time--Ripley’s got the corner covered, Beckman bails out--he tracks back to the middle--Ripley follows--Hardy boxes Beckman out--he shoots!”

    The bolo-ball was in the air, but the expert positioning of Ripley and defense by Gretta Hardy had left Beckman without a good shot. The bolo-ball looked like it was going high and wide, continuing the 22-22 stalemate. Then, a black hand reached out, deftly redirecting the ball down on a sharp, wicked angle. The change in direction handcuffed Ripley and the bolo-ball went into the back of the net. The crowd exploded and Jo Pawvelski, who had made the tip, pumped her fist three times in a celebratory howl.

    “Oh my stars!” the play-by-play caller exploded. “Pawvelski puts it in with the light touch! The Miners suckered the Smugglers into the shot and Beckman--I think Beckman actually shot that wide to get the redirection from Pawvelski!”

    “That was, without question the nastiest, dirtiest, most beautiful goal I have seen this season by someone not wearing the burgundy and black,” Mosk said. “As a Smuggler fan I am disgusted, but as a limmie that was primetime!”

    “And they’re loving it up in the owner’s box too.”

    The replay revealed an anxious Noble House tracking the offensive zone play in front of Ripley. This time Declan Trieste was on his feet, his mouth open in a bellow of celebration as he raised his fists over his head. He turned and gave his uncle Oisin Trieste a high five over the head of Oisin’s seated daughter Eleanor--with so much force that Oisin shook his hand from the sting of it.

    “Now that’s the passion you want to see in your owner,” Mosk said.

    “Maybe it’s even primetime?”

    “He’s still a not-ready-for-primetime-player. He’s like one-fourth of what a member of The Crew is. But he’s a Bakuran, so that’s still 50% better than he has any right to be.”

    “Well The Crew’s got to be nervous with a minute left. The Smugglers have to find three points to tie it up and force an extra frame…”

    This day, it was not to be. The winning streak for the Miners went to eight over the team from the Smuggler’s Moon. Though it didn’t make VCN, Declan Trieste raised a glass of old whiskey to the third straight home win of his tenure.

    TAG: Vehn (who reviewed and provided helpful commentary to help me bring the full Omar Mosk experience ;) )
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines
    • Coruscant Senators name Half Backs positional coach Lam Kordo (Nautolan, Female) as interim Head Coach, effective immediately.
    • Kordo is known for no-nonsense coaching style, and is attributed with the success of half backs Klay Mettews and Eddie Munster.
    • Gark S'rily has been re-assigned as team Offensive Coordinator for remainder of season. Offense under S'rily the prior two seasons had been near the best in the league.
    TAG: Jedi Gunny
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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Victory..."

    "Took us long enough to hear that."

    "... afternooooon. Yeah I know right?"

    "Way too long."

    "Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Off the schneid baby."

    "Like you said, took the Mercs long enough but they finally have that first win of the season..."

    "And against the previously undefeated Onderon Beast Riders."

    "That was a battle, I can see why they were undefeated coming into this one but they leave with a loss after Stargazer throws a shutout at them."

    "That was a defensive struggle, just the kind of game I love to see."

    "Yeah figured that was coming."

    "And Stargazer was great, can't deliver a shutout without great play between the pipes, but the rest of the defense in front of her played great too. From Manutak on through Bruce on the other side of the defense, even the halfback play was just phenomenal."

    "Still that first win came hard for the Mercs..."

    "Yeah, they had a hard time scoring in this one with Swisku getting a shutdown of her own."

    "Who scored for the Mercs? I know Arock opened the scoring, and Kendal scored the last one midway through the second half. But I can't remember who scored that second point."

    "It was Langdon, she grabbed a bounced rebound from a blocked Jaing shot and put it over the bar."

    "That's right, I remember now."

    "You know it's funny, Beast Riders weren't the only team to get shut out this weekend."

    "Yeah I saw that, three shutouts and at least the one shutdown in week three..."


    "...Monarchs and Senators were also held to five points, were those games shut downs too?"

    "Don't know I'd have to go check."

    "Because if they were, wow what a weekend for defense around the ELL."

    "Mercs play the Sens this upcoming weekend, that has the potential to be a really ugly game."

    "Depends on your point of view, I love a low scoring defensive match on the pitch."

    "Still going to be ugly I think, one win team against a winless one.

    "Yeah, the ELL is not going to be happy with those ratings."

    "Well you know Meshla Vhetin is going to sell out no matter what."

    "And who knows? Maybe this is the start of a Mercs winning streak!"

    "From your mouth to the limmie god's ears, Justin."

    TAG: Darth_Elu
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Well the top three in college limmie has gone unchanged since the pre season ranking came out, but that will be no more as number one Vertcial City, last year's collegiate champs, fall at University of Ylesia 15-14 in OT."

    "More upheaval as early season favorite Chandrilla A&M continue their losing ways. Look for them to fall out of the top 25, a stunning blow to a team with championship aspirations at the beginning of the year."

    "And GVSU wins again. Unranked to start the season the Pilots are knocking on the door of the top ten."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    [hr] [/hr]

    HSN top 25 after Week 4

    1. UB Salis D'aar
    2. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    3. University of Zeltros
    4. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    5. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    6. Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Ryloth
    7. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    8. University of Ord Mantell
    9. University of Mon Calamari
    10. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk
    11. Druckenwell Technical University
    12. Garqi State University
    13. Grand Vulptur System University
    14. UB Gesco City
    15. Taanab A&M University
    16. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
    17. University of Trandosha
    18. University of Ylesia
    19. University of Garos (Garos IV)
    20. University of Euceron
    21. The Ord Sabaok University
    22. Palentine University
    23. University of Wroona
    24. Chewbacca College
    25. Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
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    OOC: Finally catching up after several weeks of laziness. :p Grab a snack, because this will probably be a long one.

    IC: Tendra Nalo
    Location: Owner’s office, Storm Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Two weeks after the 286 Galactic Cup Final

    Tendra had her nose buried in her datapad when somebody said something that she missed. “Huh? What was that?”

    “I said everything looks good over here,” Leota Avoy, her former head coach and general manager with the Bucs. “What about yours?”

    “Oh. I’m almost done here.” She quickly scanned the last couple of paragraphs. “All good here.”

    “Great,” said Melkin Tunran. “Then feel free to sign when you’re ready.”

    Tendra pulled her stylus out of the back of the datapad and signed on the touchscreen. Leota did the same, and both of them hit the transmit button at the same time.

    Melkin’s workstation dinged twice, and he quickly checked the contracts he had received. “Wonderful. Leota, welcome to Euceron and to the Officers. And Tendra, welcome back to Euceron.” He offered both of them an handshake, and they obliged. Tendra then turned to Leota and shook her hand as well. “Welcome to Euceron, Leota. I’m glad to have you as my head coach again.”

    “Thank you, both of you,” Leota said to Tendra and Melkin. “I look forward to coaching somewhere that doesn’t force discriminatory practices down my throat.”

    “You’ll find that such practices are actually illegal here,” Melkin said. “Anti-discrimination protections have been built into the Euceron Constitution for two hundred years now.”

    “Article three, section seven,” Tendra said from memory. “Passed by the General Assembly in spring of 79 ABY and approved by voters in that fall’s general election.”

    Melkin laughed. “There’s the girl that graduated high school two years early. I see you still haven’t lost any of that information you crammed into your brain back then.”

    “Yeah, well, you wouldn’t want to see me as a contestant on Are You Smarter than a 6th Grader?, ‘cause I’d fail so hard. Most of that stuff has been pushed out of my brain to make way for limmie stuff.”

    Both of them looked at Leota, who was just shaking her head. “I have to put up with this again for how many more years?”

    “Four,” Tendra and Melkin said in unison.

    “Force help me.”

    Location: Press room, Storm Stadium
    Time: One month after 287 Draft

    Tendra sat to the right of Leota Avoy; beside Leota was Melkin Tunran at the podium, and to his left was the Officers’ general manager, a woman Tendra knew from childhood. Each of them had a microphone in front of them.

    “Hello, everyone, and welcome to yet another press conference for the Euceron Officers,” Melkin said into his microphone. There was some chuckling at the words “yet another”. “Yes, I know it seems like we’ve been having a press conference every other day. I promise it hasn’t been quite this often, but barring unexpected news, this should be the last for a while. Today, we will be revealing the roster of the Euceron Officers for the 287 season, but before that, I would like to introduce the final member of this team’s leadership.

    “Many Euceron limmie fans will recognize the woman sitting to my left as Dr. Aebatt Zargana, former general manager of the Euceron Storm. She has held a few different roles since then, including a stint as assistant general manager for the Coruscant Senators and a couple of general manager positions in the Premier League. However, today it is with great pleasure that I announce that Dr. Zargana—” Aebatt hissed at Melkin, and Tendra, along with several of the long-time members of the local press, laughed, “—excuse me, Ms. Zargana, I forgot that she hates being called ‘doctor’, Ms. Zargana will be coming back to Euceron and joining the Officers as our first general manager.

    “We felt that Ms. Zargana was the obvious choice to fill this role, and I’m glad to have her back on Euceron. Would anybody like to ask a few questions of her?”

    There was only one question: “Ms. Zargana, will you ever deal with the First Euceron Bank again?” The question referred to the bank that forced the dissolution of the Euceron Storm in the aftermath of the stadium’s destruction by stubbornly insisting on enforcing the letter of a mortgage contract, when all reasonable sense said to allow enough leeway and time to rebuild the stadium and thus recreate the missing collateral.

    Aebatt stared back at the reporter that asked the question. “The day I touch the First Euceron Bank again is the day Mustafar freezes over. No, this time around all of our finances are through the Eusebus Valley Credit Union. The First Euceron Bank can go bankrupt for all I care. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t already gone bankrupt.”

    “Alright, thank you, Ms. Zargana,” Melkin said. “With that, I now turn to revealing our roster for 287. You have already seen our free agent signings and draft picks, and now you will see how they fit together.” Melkin stepped aside as he pushed a button, causing the roster to be projected onto the large screen behind him.

    • Starting Lineup:
      • Owen Magnus (Human, Male, Goalkeeper)
      • Aaltoides Minte (Chagrian, Male, Full Back)
      • Roc Mynus (Devaronian, Male, Corner Back)
      • Selene Bondi (Human, Female, Corner Back)
      • Charles Brown (Human, Male, Half Back)
      • Kettin Hervey (Koruun, Male, Half Back)
      • Leo "the Lion" Fostiir (Human, Male, Utility Back)
      • Longjon Sylver (O'reenian, Male, Midfielder)
      • John Masters (Human, Male, Midfielder)
      • Vobal Kennick (Devaronian, Male, Half Forward)
      • Cody Williams (Human, Male, Half Forward)
      • Tom "Iceman" Kazan'sky (Chiss, Male, Forward)
      • Peter "Maverick" Mitchell (Human, Male, Forward)
      • Car’rick Adelaide (Twi’lek, Male, Corner Forward)
      • Tendra Nalo (Human, Female, Full Forward, captain)
    • Reserves:
      • Sann Merok (Klatoonian, Male, Full Back, rookie)
      • Son'ic Hedg'hog (Ryn, Male, Corner Forward, rookie)

    “We are still working on adding more reserves by looking through the Premier League, but this is the core of our roster. The rookies, Merok and Hedg’hog, will be given the chance to win the starting role in training camp, but aside from that, you are looking at what we expect to be our starting lineup in Week 1. Exact positions for some players, including right and left sides of the field and corner versus half positions, are still to be determined for some players. Tendra, over here to the right, has been named captain for the Officers’ inaugural season.

    “I will now open it up to questions for anyone up here.”

    For half an hour after that, Tendra, along with Leota, Aebatt, and Melkin fielded questions from the press. Tendra answered each question posed to her with comfort and ease. By the time the press conference wrapped up, she knew once again she had made the right choice to come home. Never in her eleven years in the Hapes Consortium had she ever been that comfortable.

    Location: Financial Square Arena, Cambrielle, Ralltiir
    Time: 287 Week 5 game at Ralltiir Starkillers: Game day, 0500 hours

    Tendra laced up her running shoes and began her morning run. She ran every morning, even on game days. Today, she started in the visitor’s tunnel of Financial Square Arena and headed out onto the field, staying at the field’s edge and out of the way of the groundskeepers. She ran a lap of the field, and then ducked back into the tunnel and started taking random turns. Every Elite League stadium’s security team knew of her morning runs by this point, so she usually had free run of the whole stadium, though she made a point of staying out of staff-only areas.

    As she ran, she reflected back on the season thus far. Two wins, two losses. The Officers sat in third place in the Skywalker Conference, but they still had most of their conference schedule to come, so anything was possible. They just had to be more consistent, both on offense and defense. Last week had been a disaster, being shut out by the Metropolitans. They could console themselves in the fact that they had been just one of three teams to be shut out last week, but that meant nothing. A shutout was a shutout, and as a result, Tendra and Leota had pushed the offense hard in practice this week in an effort to prevent it from happening again. Ralltiir would be just as tough of an opponent as Stewjon, so they had to bring everything they had today. There had been some significant improvements made in practice, but would they be enough? The most significant change was Car’rick Adelaide being benched; rookie Son’ic Hedg’hog would get his first start in Car’rick’s place.

    Tendra turned a corner and found herself in the home tunnel. Not wanting to ruffle any feathers on the Starkillers, she turned around and headed back the way she came. She stopped a moment later to use one of the public restrooms on the concourse, then headed back to the visitor’s locker room. It was time for a good breakfast before preparing for the game.

    TAG: Jedi Gunny (for the Aebatt Senators reference), Runjedirun (for the upcoming game), and anyone who has been impatiently waiting on the Officers roster, which is now in the library thread HERE.


    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Team: Euceron Officers
    Name: Tendra Nalo
    Species: Human, according to her official player data filed with the League. She is actually half Hapan (through her mother), but she prefers to ignore that nowadays.
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 259
    Physical appearance: 5'11" and 210 pounds, well-toned muscles, well-tanned, short blonde hair
    Homeworld: Euceron
    Relation to Team: Starting full forward and team captain

    Biography: The middle child, and only daughter, of the late Marte Nalo, former head coach of the Euceron Storm, it was only natural that Tendra would play limmie as a child. She excelled from youth to high school levels of limmie, but she excelled even more in the classroom, leading to an early graduation and a decision. Feeling too young for the pros, despite being scouted by the Euceron Storm (whom she had dreamt of playing for since childhood) and not wanting to go to college, she entered the Hapes Consortium Juniors League instead. Four years later, she looked to go pro, but the year previous, Rosty and Rondy Bassell had achieved his horrible goal of destroying Euceron Stadium killing a massive number of people including her father, Marte, and as she started to seek offers from Elite League teams, the financial problems created by the destruction resulted in the Storm being dissolved by a Euceron bankruptcy court, an action for which she, and most Storm fans, have never forgiven the First Euceron Bank.

    Heartbroken, she accepted a four-year contract offer from the Hapes Consortium Buccaneers, despite her misgivings about the all-female culture on Hapes. During her rookie season, the winds of change started blowing in the Consortium, with a protest strike by male players on the LFL affiliate Firedrakes gaining attention, and after an unrelated locker room brawl by the Bucs after the penultimate game leading to mass suspensions and a large injury report, men called up from the Firedrakes played on the Bucs for the final game of the season. A few months later, Tendra was instrumental in engineering the selection of a male player with the Bucs' first ever draft pick, and in her sophomore season, the Bucs began to integrate males into the roster. She also took a few weeks off to tag along on a Jedi mission, where she helped rescue her younger brother and Jedi Padawan, Jado Nalo, from Rosty Bassell's captivity, observed the death of Rondy Bassell, and personally fired the shot that killed Rosty Bassell. All was looking up, and with her misgivings gone, Tendra happily signed a new three-year contract when her rookie deal was up.

    And that's when it all came crashing down. Acting under orders, as well as threats, from the Queen Mother herself, Bucs head coach and GM Leota Avoy started removing men from the team and replacing them with females. Tendra, now the team captain and unaware of the behind-the-scenes machinations at first, became a vocal opponent of these moves on social media, but soon Leota clued her in to the threats and expressed concern that the Queen Mother's goons might come after Tendra if she didn't shut up. She did, but only for a while. When the time was right, she spoke out again and fled Hapes, dodging two attempts on her life as she did so. With the final three games of her contract on the road, she returned to Euceron and traveled on her own from there to each game, staying loyal to the team, if not the government that controlled the team. After the final game of the season, she retreated to Euceron, never to visit the Hapes Consortium again. Within a week afterward, Leota and her family joined her on Euceron, as her contract with the Bucs was also up, and she wanted no part of coaching and managing a team where the owner was willing to kill to get their way.

    If that had been the entire story, Tendra and Leota might very well be retired now. But as fate would have it, Melkin Tunran, grandson of the final owner of the Euceron Storm, was starting up a new team from scratch on Euceron called the Officers, in memory of those law enforcement officers (including Marte, who followed his old college degree into a third career as a law enforcement officer in his final years) who had been killed by the Bassells. Tendra opened talks with Tunran about a contract, and jumped at it once it was known that the Officers would go directly into the Elite League. Now realizing her childhood dream of playing Elite League limmie on Euceron, she has the whole galaxy open to her (except the Consortium, of course), and anything could happen. With her mother, Jaria; brother, Jado (now a Jedi Knight); and a whole planet of fans behind her for support, Tendra wants just one more thing: a Galactic Cup.
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jai'galaar 'Jai' Buteo
    Jai's Apartment, Shield Towers, O'Pahz, Carratos

    "Ahhh…" Jai hissed as she removed her slightly blackened armor. She could feel the bruise under her white undershirt. She looked at the black ring right over her heart. She was thankful that she spent the time and money in getting Beskar. It wasn't easy, but, worth it.

    She let out a breath looking to her answering machine. No message was waiting for her, the attack was galactic news, surly he would have seen…That's right, he's on a long haul. Probably hasn't checked the holo-net or tried to listen to the news. If he had the light on her machine would be shining.

    Well, she might as well. Jai got up taking her comlink into her hand and dialing her father's number.

    "This is Maur Buteo," Given how many times she'd gotten this message, she thought she'd be used to the sense of disappointment that came over her, "leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

    "Hey dad," she started wincing just a little as she turned wrong to look at the door. "Just wanted to call you to cay that I'm ok, the shot hit my armor. Nothing serious, just a bruise." She looked down for a moment souring her face. "Dad, when you get some time, we really need to talk about something." The something they needed to talk about was why her mother was on planet and left no word, not even telling dad. With how much her father loved her, he would crawl through all the Corellian hells to talk with her mother.

    The man's devotion to her was, odd. She rarely spent time at home even when Jai was growing up, now it was even less. Yet her father still had a picture of her mother next to the bed, and to the best of Jai's knowledge he'd never strayed or had a lady over. Not that anyone would blame him. Well…Jai might, and she may have…asked around about him, made sure her father wasn't stepping out on her mother. She was younger and worried about keeping her family together. As she's aged she's become less paranoid.

    If she was honest, it hurt her a little to see her father so…alone, still carrying a torch for a woman that was never around. Was she any different? At least her father had something to look to, to hope after. She just had her job. The loneliness that would stab her at moments like this flared though this time it was tinged with anger.

    How could her mother just walk away like that? Help her, maybe save her life, then say nothing. It had been years since Jai had seen her mother. She had imagined their reunion so many times, what she would say, what she would ask. She wanted to have time with her mother and all she got was a look. Did her mother not know how much Jai idolized her, how much the woman chased after her mother, followed in her footsteps?

    It's hard to know things when you're not around.

    Before Jai could sink even deeper into herself the door chime sounded. Her head snapped up grapping a blaster that was nearby. She moved swiftly over to the door her leg armor still on her person. Pressed against the door frame her blaster held tightly in her hands she looked to the sensor she had looking outside her door.

    On the other side was a familiar looking zeltron in a leather jacket, a white howlrunner showing on her neck.

    "Raka," Jai snapped, "How'd you get up here?"

    "I have my ways, besides," she held her arms out to the side, "Do I look like a terrorist?"

    "Still this is a major breach of security."

    "Calm down, I'm just checking in."

    "So you do care." The sarcasm dripped from the bounty hunter's words.

    "About my sister, I saw what happened at the Mercs game." The gang leader retorted.

    "I suppose you want to come inside?"

    "If I can I'm not exactly alone out here." She gave a wink to someone outside of the visual range of the sensor.

    "You know the drill, show me you're not armed."

    Raka gave a wry smile as she removed her jacket. Tattoos ran up and down her arms, as she turned Jai could see more between her shoulder blades. There were well done, like moving art as her muscles flexed underneath. Jai rolled her eyes just a little, Raka was of course making an even of this moment, taking her time making her turn. She even stopped to give a cheeky look over her shoulder before continuing.

    "Satisfied?" the magenta skinned being asked, "Or would you like another turn. I should mention that the guards were very thorough in checking me for weapons."

    "That's enough," Jai replied, opening the door. At least some protocol was followed. Raka stepped through as if she was an expected guest, tossing her jacket onto the back of couch.

    "So," Raka started throwing herself into the nearest chair. It was the first time she'd laid eyes on Jai in her leg armor and undershirt. "Wow, I'm a little embarrassed, you should have told me you were half dressed." She mocked covering her eyes with her hand, an impish smirk on her face.

    Jai let out an exasperated sigh as Raka's eyes looked her up and down. The hunter sat across from the tough her face unamused by her guest's antics. "Your sister's fine, she was never in the line of fire. Logan was their target, and I think he will continue to be so."

    "Ah, good to hear, and it's nice to see you in one piece. Taking a blast for 'One Eye' that deserves a drink."

    "It's part of my job." Jai replied as Raka rose and moved into the kitchen. "What are you doing?" she asked as the zeltron rifled through the various cabinets and drawers.

    "You have to have alcohol around here some...oh…"

    Jai got up somewhat pained, most likely dealing with a bruised rib. "What did you…"

    "You have Logan's Rum."

    "What…" Raka pulled down the amber bottle a single gold eye on a black field staring back at Jai. The script above the eye said it was 'One Eye Golden Rum'. "It was a gift. For taking this job."

    "It's unopened," Raka commented.

    "I've been busy."

    "Well, I'd say taking a blast is worth cracking this open." As if to punctuate her words Raka twisted the top removing the cork. She pulled down some cups and poured out a generous measure of liquor into each.

    Jai returned to her chair waiting for Raka to return with the drinks. She took a sip finding herself mildly surprised that it wasn't awful, in fact it was propably the best alcohol she'd tasted. Though that wasn't saying much.

    "Damn, this is good." Raka said, sitting back obviously enjoying herself.

    The two women fell into silence as they drank. Raka enjoying her drink and Jai just waiting for this to be over.

    "You don't get many guests do ya'." Raka broke the silence casing a gaze around the mostly empty room.

    "Like I said, I'm busy." The hunter looked away taking another long gulp of rum. "I don't have time for guests."

    "Really cause it looks like you could use some fun in your life."

    "Shut up and finish your drink."

    "Look I'm being honest here, and a little drunk. Life isn't all about working it's about living. And it's hard to live on your own."

    "Like I said I don't have time."

    "What you need is someone special, the person you can make time for, or they make time for you."

    "What, you volunteering?" Jai snapped feeling the lonely feelings well up again. She took another swig of rum to burn them away.

    "Sorry, my schedule is all full up got a gang to run."

    "Didn't stop you from coming here."

    "I had some time, doesn't happen often. Thought I'd check in see how you're doing." Silence once again took over the conversation. "What, no one springing to mind?" Raka said once again shattering the silence.

    Jai hissed but, as she did so a face came to the fore. Orange skin, green eyes and a goatee, his eyes seeing only her. The relief on his face when she returned his pendant, the way his eyes widened, the sharp intake of breath. Why could she still recall this moment? She was just returning property, yet she could remember every second of it. She took another swig of her drink. "Of course not I told you I'm busy."

    "Ah…what's their name?"

    Mana Kittsad

    "I told you there's no one."

    "Keep telling yourself that." Raka quickly finished off her drink and made her way to the door, picking up her jacket on the way. "Look, I'm not saying you have to find a lover, just a friend that will be there. That's how I got my start."

    "Why are you trying to be helpful?"

    "Ehh…blame it on the drink." With a little wave Raka walked out of the apartment, leaving Jai alone, again.

    Why did she have to think of him?
    Arcadia Colosseum, O'pahz, Carratos

    Security at this game was even tighter than the last. Armed guards at every entrance, metal detectors, and sensors that can pick up explosive particles. The lines to get in were long and distinguished but, it seemed everyone agreed it was for the best. Logan was smiling though there was a flicker. From what Jai had heard, the Pirates always had problems in defeating the Senators. They hadn't beaten them in years and it seemed the team was nervous.

    They were on a two game winstreak and wanted to keep it going. Leigh was going around steadying everyone's nerves giving them smiles when necessary. She was growing into her role as a leader, she didn't show it the first game but, now it seems she took the job head on.

    Instantly on the field the Pirates took control, the crowd right behind them. The stands were still packed. No terrorist attack was going to keep these fans away. Jai couldn't help but also notice the soldiers lining the concourse, making their presence known. They didn't want a repeat of last week.

    The game was quiet, well, on the security threat front. The Colosseum was the loudest it ever been. Watching their home team finally give it to the team that always seemed to flummox them got the crowd on their feet.

    Leigh once again put in an amazing performance crisp passes and hard shots that kept the defense on their toes. It was surprising how she could control the field, and know where her teammates were without looking. It seemed the coach had chosen the right person to lead.

    At the end the Pirates were victorious extending their winstreak to three. Jai couldn't tell if the team was happier about beating the Sens or keeping the streak alive. Jai followed her charge to the Stacked Deck after the game and the interviews. The team partied long into the night, Jai keeping her professional distance, and not drinking. She kept one eye on Boutros and Tian as they drank and talked between each other.

    "What you need is someone special," Raka's words ring in her ears.

    Once back home there was a message waiting.

    "Hey Jai," It was her dad, of course it was her dad, "sorry for not replying sooner, my com was on the fritz…again…" there was a crackling. "I saw what happened, I'm…ald you're alright. We'll ta…oon I get back to Carratos tomorrow. May…en we can sit down. I…ou."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa (who definitely wasn't going to miss out this week ;)), and Ralltiir.

    287 Week 5 Results
    Euceron Officers at Ralltiir Starkillers (20-21)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Dac Mariners (22-26)
    Stewjon Metropolitans at Denon Demons (0-24)
    Coruscant Senators at Mando'ade Mercs (6-12)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Carratos Pirates (7-34)
    Onderon Beast Riders at Bakura Miners (7-39)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Concordia (28), Tatooine (28), Atzerri (28), Thyferra (28)

    LFL Week 4 Results
    Honoghr Honor @ Thyferra Force (21-0)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Concordia Crusaders (13-17)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Druckenwell Marksmen (17-14)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Andres Fortune

    Half time. I couldn’t decide if it was a blessing or a curse. The Officers were fighting hard, currently they were winning by a point. We had momentum though, the last 6 points had been ours. It was one of those moments you didn’t want to stop, we had just found our groove. When I sat down on a bench inside the locker room I realized too just how much I was sweating. Every one of us was soaked to the bone. The stench in the locker room built quickly. We all stripped off our wet clothes toweled off and put on dry uniforms as Coach Dash reminded us of some plays that could come in handy during the second half by drawing them on the dry erase wall.

    As soon as we exited the tunnel for warm-ups my cool dry uniform stuck to me again. There was no reason to fret. Coach usually sat me for the beginning of the first half anyway. A little extra rest seemed to pay off a lot at the end of the game when the team needed me. The team struggled as I sat there helplessly. We went back down by 4 than 5. Finally Olippo broke free and got us back within 2. Only a moment later we were back down by 5. Finally coach called my name.

    I knew what I had to do. I had to get open. I had to go after the ball. With fresh legs I raced up the field while Sureysh and Dunerider distracted the defense with some fancy ball handling. Maybe my legs were a little too fresh. I actually had to run back towards Euceron’s side of the field to catch Dunerider’s pass. I ran through two defenders and faced off against their keeper. I threw, the ball was deflected off his right arm. I collected it and shot again, this time I scored.

    We were back within three. Soon the game was tied when Olidiipo scored again. The sophomore was hot today. It was tie game and suddenly both defenses buckled down. I tried several times to make plays just to get bashed into the turf. I took players out to free up teammates but they’d fail to get the ball by Magnus. Time was winding down. I knew what I had to do. I ran all the way to midfield where Lawco was battling for possession. I knew he’d win. When he did he passed to me. I took the ball up field while my teammates held back the defenders. I had to be fast and I had to be precise. With 2 seconds to go I gave the ball a mighty kick through the uprights.

    There were a few minutes to celebrate and shake hands. We were given cups of ice and Skimmer Ade. Coaches and trainers were checking everyone for heat exhaustion. We had to sit in the cool locker room an extra-long time before being allowed into the ice baths. No one wanted our bodies to go into shock, but the proven benefit of the ice baths made them necessary. My parents brought Marty and Zoey by to see me while I was still soaking. I promised they’d be staying at the house this week and they both actually seemed kinda excited about it.

    Personally I found the furnished house lonely. I felt strange going outside because the neighbors would stare. They definitely weren’t used to a famous person living on this block. I’d chosen a three bedroom house. I liked that it was a ways out of the city. At least I wouldn’t be running into Justyne out here. The bedrooms were especially drab. I ordered some artwork from the holo to liven them up.

    I spent my whole week dedicating myself to Limmie practice and spending as little time at the house as I had to. By Thursday morning my body was aching so bad that I found myself in the trainer’s office opening cabinets. The pills had to be here somewhere. “Watcha lookin’ for?” I heard a voice ask.

    I jumped and turned around to see Sancheese. “Oh just a bandage,” I lied.

    “Don’t lie to me man,” he says. “You’re looking for those pills I always see you taking. Look you don’t need those. What you should try is something more natural.”

    “Like what?” I asked hopefully.

    Sancheese looked both ways and closed the door. He reached into his pocket and produced a small rolled plant. He tried to hand it to me.

    “No way!” I said. “That’s illegal and against league rules. I’m not touching that.” Quickly I grabbed the door handle and exited the training room as fast as I could. I was so nervous I went back to practice and played through my pain without distraction. I had to leave early to pick up the kids from school. I spoke with Coach Allin about extra pills and he got some for me. I wanted to tell him about my encounter with Sancheese, but I didn’t want to be late.

    Zoey had raquet ball practice so I took Marty out for a snack. He wanted ice cream. As we sat down I excused myself back to the speeder and returned with a wrapped box.

    “It’s not my birthday,” he said.

    “No, but we don’t spend as much time together anymore and I wanted to get you something. Kinda like a housewarming gift. Go ahead open it.”

    “Did you get something for Zoey?”

    Strange kid, he doesn’t even seem to want the gift. I shake my head.

    “That’s why she wants to find her real father so bad,” Marty tells me. “She wants someone to give her presents.”

    “Did your sister tell you that?” I asked concerned.

    “She doesn’t tell me anything. She’s just really sad.”

    “Well go ahead and open your gift. Maybe we can stop and get your sister something before her practice ends.”

    “Okay,” Marty pulls the wrapping open and examines the box. “Olidiipo’s? What would make you think I want Limmie cleats?”

    “Are you kidding me? These shoes are the hottest on the market. Every kid on Ralltiir wants these shoes.”

    “Every kid doesn’t have a father on the team. I bet you got these for free. Besides I don’t want to play Limmie,” he says crushing me.

    “Well do you have an interest in any sports?” I ask.

    “Lightball,” he says quickly.

    “Okay,” I say. “Well let’s run by the store and pick you up a bat and glove. I’d be more than happy to help you practice.”

    “Oh, I just meant I like to watch it on the holo.”

    “Well you should learn to play. You might like it and we can pick something up for Zoey too.”

    Sometimes I really wish I wasn’t famous. Finally I’m in my element. My child is picking out a bat and I’m showing him how to grip it and swing. Snoopy people are ruining it by peaking around the isle to stare. Can’t a father and son have just one moment? I know holos are gonna be all over the net within minutes. I get him a bat, glove, shoes and several practice balls. Then we stop over by the raquet ball section and pick out two outfits for Zoey. Once they are gift wrapped we rush back to the school to pick her up from practice.

    Despite the ice cream Marty is hungry when we get back to the house. I have been waiting for the kids to get here all week, so the ice box is stocked. We make sandwiches and Zoey makes a salad. I present her the gift wrapped box. “What is this?” She asks skeptically.

    Who the hell are these kids? I loved getting presents. I still love getting presents. She opens the present with a mouth full of food. I actually wonder if she’s trying to hide her expression. “These are nice she says holding up the top and shorts. “Thanks,” she says setting them on an empty chair as she continues to eat.

    When we finish eating I take Marty out back to break in his new lightball glove. Zoey wanders out to watch from the deck. I have to show Marty how to throw a lighbtball. Finally he’s starting to get the hang of it. I even see him catch one. “Awesome,” I say excitedly. Then I hear him scream. “What did I hit you?” I ask running over to where he’s standing.

    “No, there was this bug on me and I could feel it sucking my blood.”

    I put my head in my hand. “Athletes don’t worry about bugs. They don’t even feel bugs. You remember when I scored that goal last week?”

    “At the end of the game, the winning goal?”

    “That was a bar point, but it’s a good example too. There could have been a swarm of bees on me and I would have been focused on where the keeper was, where the defenders were lined up and what angle I had to kick the ball in. There was no space left in my brain to detect if a bug had landed on me.”

    I had to go inside and get bug repellent, but we ended up throwing until dark. I came in exhausted. Zoey was studying her school work. I knew she needed a father so I sat down next to her. “Whatcha studying?” I asked.

    “Ralltiirian history,” she said.

    Of course, I’d grown up on Corellia. I didn’t know much about Ralltiirian history. “You want some help?” I asked anyway.

    She mock laughed. “From a dumb jock like you? I may as well fill in all C’s.” I had no idea what she was talking about so I didn’t even reply. “Do you think my father is Ralltiirian?” She asked.

    “I don’t know. I assume he is. I think he’s a guy your mother went to high school with. Your Uncle Bat knew him, I think.”

    “Great, he’s dead. Is that the only lead you have?”

    “This is really important to you, isn’t it?”

    “I need to know who he is. I don’t want to accidentally marry my half-brother.”

    Now it was my turn to laugh and it wasn’t a mock laugh. “Stop it!” She said defensively. “This isn’t funny. How would you feel if you had never met your father?”

    Zoey had a point. I got serious for a minute. “Princess I can hire an investigator if you really want to find your father. I just need you to be prepared for anything. He may have another family and not want you to interfere. He could be in jail or homeless.”

    “I know, but at least I’ll know.”

    So I hired an investigator. I didn’t have time to worry if I’d made a mistake. Bakura was coming to town. Their offense was the best in the league and we had to find a way to outscore them. Of course the defense was preparing too, but I wanted to be the team that scored 30+ points this week.

    Finally it was Sunday. I made my usual breakfast shake and put it in a travel mug to drink on my commute to the stadium. The new commute was much longer, I rather enjoyed having the time to reflect. I hit the tailgating traffic as I approached the stadium. The scene was bigger than ever with Limmie season being during Ralltiir’s summer this rotation. I watched the father’s man the grills and saw them playing catch with their children. It was odd, I bet they all envied me out there playing. As I watched I totally envied every one of them.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Galin S’rily

    “At least the defense did better today,” Ronny offered as the game ended with yet another Senator loss, 12-6 to the defending champ Mercs. “Maybe that’s a positive.”

    “Eh, they still lost,” Galin said, not moving as he sank further into the couch.

    “You’re a corner back. You should like the defense.”

    “You’re a forward . . . do you like the lack of offense?”

    “Well, no . . .”

    “I rest my case,” Galin said.

    “How’d it end?” Me’lin asked from the kitchen.

    “Lost again,” Ronny replied. “12-6.”

    There were several seconds of silence that followed. Finally there was something to be said. “When your father gets home, take it easy on him, OK? I’m sure he’s had a long road trip.”

    “You can say that again,” Galin grumbled at a low tone to make sure his mother didn’t overhear him.

    The defense had finally shown up in the game for the first time all season. Gamble had frustrated Arock all game, which had boosted the rest of the beleaguered Senator defense. The unit had never been overly-dominant, but they had always needed Gamble to start the momentum swing. That had led the others such as Mettews and Munster to step up their game after tough starts, and they had kept the Mercs down the entire game. After averaging 30 points allowed per game the first four outings, to only give up 12 in a game, on the road to a defending champion team, was pretty good. Sarah Connor had made her first start of the season for the Senators in goal against her former team, showing off the athleticism that had made her a first-round pick. She had been written off for years due to her failure to make an impact at the Elite League level, and had spent the past two seasons in the Futures League holding onto her dream. But she had made the Senators out of training camp, and with starting goalie Michonne benched, had taken full advantage of the opportunity.

    The offense was still a severe mess. Stormhelm’s injury would require several more weeks to heal, and it was obvious that Adama was not herself all season. But the star forward did not say anything about an injury, so it just seemed like a way to excuse the lack of production. The leading scorer for the Senators was rookie Bill Hudsen with seven points, and he had just made his first career start in this game. Wren had one point, Adama had one point, and the Montego-Wakes-Rotramel half forward line had barely made an impact. They were on course to set the all-time record for worst offensive production for a team in the history of the Elite League, so there was no way to sugar-coat things. The offense sucked.

    Then there was the question of how the team would look going into the All-Star Break. The day after the game, sports shows had started their usual rumblings of trade rumors and who would sell or buy at the deadline. The Senators were obvious sellers, but the question was if they would actually trade any of their players away. Could they trade one of their franchise cornerstones to try and turn things around in the coming years? For a franchise so close to the pinnacle, only to lose twice in the Conference Finals and then drop to the bottom of the League in one stunning fall, it seemed ridiculous to throw in the towel and trade a star. But the analysts kept at it. “Gamble would make the Mercs unstoppable as they try to win a fourth title in a row,” one said. “Her price would probably be low given that she’s not as young as she used to be, but a veteran player like that coming off the bench would be very attractive for the Mercs.” Another one suggested that Onderon would be a good fit for Gamble, given her veteran experience. A third hinted that the Miners should guarantee another seemingly-inevitable run to the Conference Finals by trading for Adama, struggles or not.

    “If Connor plays another good game next week, could the Senators trade her and get a piece or two?”

    “The Senators should pack it in and shoot for the top overall pick. Most of those have worked out for them, so why not tank and get the pick that you can use? Maybe trade it for more pieces?”

    “They should just blow up the whole thing. It wasn’t like their defense was ever dominant. Their offense obviously can’t run without Stormhelm, so trade a player or two there and try to build around the prospects you’ve drafted the past few years.”

    “But the Senators just don’t develop prospects well. They either hit it big or their picks are miserable failures. There seems to be no middle ground.”

    “Leia Adama has admitted that she has been playing on a bum foot all season. But does she admit that to team doctors? No! If your team captain hides something from the team, is she really worth being a captain? You can’t keep secrets from your teammates when you are the one they look up to for inspiration and leadership!”

    “Maybe the Senators should trade her. She is still a valuable commodity that would fetch a good price based on her past accomplishments.”

    Galin finally stopped watching sports shows after he could no longer take any more of the rumors. It pained him to have to watch this mess become even worse. And that was if things could get any worse regarding how the team was performing. But his father would want him to stay positive. After all, he still had the remainder of his high school season to finish. The team wasn’t great, but they were building a strong foundation for the future. Perhaps there would be better days ahead for the Kell Dragons of Wylsonridge High School, so did that mean the Senators would rebound as well? Only time could tell on that.

    When Gark got home days afterwards, there were few words spoken. No one wanted to talk Limmie; there was no need to. Everything that could be said had already been uttered before the Bothan had returned home. That left a void to be filled by the more important words.

    “I love you, Daddy,” Cecilia said as she hugged her father.

    In the haze of what had become of the Senators’ season, perhaps those were the wisest words spoken to the elder Bothan all year. He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath before flicking his eyes open again.

    “It’s good to be home,” he said.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • ELL announces that Week 6 games will be played under the banner of Monday Night Meshgeroya
    • Commissioner Lokensgaard: "This is a great tradition of the League of the recent past that we want to keep special by only doing periodically. I know lots of fans love this event and we're thrilled to bring it to them again"
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  21. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a rainy and cool Victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Two in a row now man, two in a row."

    "Yeah, starting to come together, starting to come together. You just hope it's not too late in the season after that horrible start they had."

    "Dropping your first three definitely puts you in a deep hole to start the season..."

    "Especially when two of those are to in conference foes."

    "...but the Mercs aren't out of it yet, and after winning two in a row have a chance to get back to the .500 mark next week at Stewjon."

    "A place the Mercs have historically never played well."

    "Tell that to the 284 team, they won the Cup at Stewjon to start the threepeat run."

    "That was against Bakura. I'm talking about playing the Mets there. Mercs have never beaten the Mets at Kenobi Field."

    "They have in the playoffs, 283, they won 30 to 28."

    "Yeah, but not in the regular season."

    "Playoffs is a completely different animal."

    "In fact, the Mercs still haven't even beaten the Mets on their own turf in any regular season game."

    "That's just crazy, you'd think eventually just plain old random chance would deliver them a win."

    "And yet the Mercs are oh and four against the Mets in regular season play."

    "Sometimes a team just has your number."

    "Yeah, well lets hope for the Mercs to score a high number in this game, because that's what its going to take to get back to the .500 mark."

    "Going to be tough, the Mercs offense hasn't exactly been on fire here, even in the last two wins."

    "Third from the bottom in points scored with 52."

    "52? Man I knew it was bad, but not that bad."

    "Shab, the Miners almost put up 40 in their last game..."

    "That's why they lead the league in points scored."

    "Who is behind us?"

    "Monarchs and Senators..."

    "Who we just beat."

    "Sens have put up only 25 points all season."



    "No wonder we beat them."

    "Yeah, in a low scoring game naturally."

    "12 to six, and it was rather ugly out there."

    "Even an ugly win is a win."

    "They were plastered all over Arock."

    "He still scored half the Mercs points."

    "Yeah, which means he scored six. Six! For an entire game."

    "Still matched the Sens total output in the game."

    "True enough."

    "You know guys, looking around the league, the Mercs still have a decent shot at this, even with the three game hole they dug themselves to start the season."

    "Well, yeah, season is young but we're at the halfway mark and we're at the bottom looking up in the Conference."

    "True, but aside from Carratos..."

    "That's a great team."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...most of the rest of the conference is bunched together at two and three."

    "Well you have Onderon too, they're three and two."

    "Right, but everyone else has the same overall record."

    "Overall, but that one and two conference record is doing them no favors."

    "Same record, exactly as that team from Nal Hutta's moon."

    "Who have the tie breaker over us after their week two win at Meshla Vhetin."

    "Hey, not saying it's going to be easy. What I'm saying is...there's a chance."

    "And really that's all we can ask for."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Declan Trieste
    HoloNet Sports Network

    “Welcome back to Bakura, where the Miners have opened up a 17-3 lead in the first half here against the Beast Riders,” the Devaronian play-by-play caller said over an establishing shot of the field at Bakura Gardens. “Miners are giving them a typical Bakuran welcome to the ELL today.”

    “That’s for sure. You look at a lot of teams that have entered the League since 246 and the Miners tend to smack them down,” her Zeltron color commentator said. “Both Carratos and Rydonni Prime suffered pretty bad opening losses their first year in the league to the Miners. The good news is that if this is the way things end up today, Onderon’s got a lot to look forward to. For a lot of years the Monarchs had the Miners’ number and the Pirates have still got it.”

    “There was a much more friendly welcome today before the game.” The feed cut to footage of Antaro Kiraon and Declan Trieste on the sidelines during the warm up practices. The bronzed owner of the Beast Riders exuded class and composure as he shook hands for the cameras with the younger politician. Their style of dress was similar--open collared dress shirts accompanied by well tailored suits--even if they sported vastly different colors in support of their teams.

    “Two of the three first year owners in the ELL this season right there,” the color commentator said, “the other being Melkin Tunran on Euceron. Been a long time since there’s been that much new ownership blood in the League.”

    “That’s Antaro Kiraon of the Beast Riders on the left and Declan Trieste of the Miners on the right,” the play-by-play caller explained for the uninitiated at home. There was no sound to the footage, but the audiences could see the pair exchanging comments with each other. Given the smiles on both faces, things seemed to have been pleasant.

    “Antaro’s an interesting being,” the Zeltron said. “You get in a room with him and he’s always the most interesting being there. Maybe on the whole planet.”

    “And Declan’s a real up-and-comer on the political scene here on Bakura. Governor of a county, their second most biggest administrative unit. It’s very impressive to hear him speak. He’s one of those politicians who’s one of the smartest people in the room wherever he goes. An excellent communicator.”

    “Wonder what it’d be like if they shared the owner’s box together?”

    On the screen, the handshake ended and Kiraon motioned for one of his retainers to join them. It was a female Zeltron, bearing a tray with two bottles on it.

    “And Antaro brought with him a local Onderonian delicacy, Dos Iziz. We were there earlier this season and had some. Great stuff,” the color commentator continued.

    Antaro handed one of the open green bottles to Declan, who graciously accepted it and toasted to his guest’s health.

    “That might be the last time that they bring any gifts for anyone associated with the Miners the way this one’s going…”

    “With this one pretty much over, let’s talk about Marnie Blake,” the play-by-play caller said. The action on the field was ongoing, but the outcome was all but certain with the Miners nearly leading by over 25 points in the second half. “Played her college ball at Tiarest University across town. Starts for Bakura in the Interplanetary Cup and goes 1-2, beating Mandalore after the Miners lost to the Mercs in the Final, so she becomes something of a local hero despite not making it out of the Group of Death. Top goalkeeper in her class last season, falls all the way to the third round where the Miners snag her.”

    The picture cut to a close up of Blake in goal. The bolo-ball was coming up the field. Her eyes tracked the play as it approached. She was roving slowly side to side, reacting to the location of the ball.

    “Blake gets to play for her homeworld team, but she’s stuck behind Lizbit Comstock, quite possibly the greatest goalkeeper to ever take the field for the Miners,” the play-by-play Devaronian continued. “She’s got to be thinking that her career might be over before it’s started--and then Comstock crashes and burns in the worst Miners season in over a decade, maybe even two, and she gets the start for the last two games of the season. Goes 1-1, but records--and this is amazing--a shutdown in the loss.”

    “And that means that one ain’t on her,” the male Zeltron interjected.

    “So then Comstock and the Miners can’t find an agreeable number, so Comstock walks and goes to Ralltiir--where she’s now playing cornerback, which just blows my mind--and Blake becomes the starter! Since then, she’s recorded two more shutdowns and three, looking like four, wins. And, if you believe the beat writers around here, who’s responsible for all this?”

    The feed cut to the owner’s box where Declan looked like the nexu who ate the mynock as he watched his team’s dominating performance against the newcomers.

    “Declan Trieste, who supposedly ordered Quinn Cundertol to stick to their number with Comstock and let her walk.”

    “There’s still a lot of limmie season left, but if Blake holds up, Declan’s going to look like the smartest being in the room for knowing he had a good goalkeeper in Blake and not overpaying to keep Comstock,” the color commentator said. “I mean, if Declan got that wrong and that got out, he’s going to face a huge backlash from the fans here over that decision.”

    “Now, let’s be fair: the reports say Declan was willing to bring back Comstock, just not at the price she was asking,” the play-by-play caller pointed out.

    “True, but even so, fans don’t usually react rationally to these things. They just see a player who’s been loyal and done so much for this team walk away and they get upset. And like I said--there’s a lot of limmie left this year. For all we know, Blake is a five game keeper. She may not have 11 good games in her--let alone 13 or 14 if the Miners go that far. We know Comstock is a 13 gamer because she’s done it twice.”

    “And even though Blake’s looking like the breakout star of the Miners this season, she’s not even eligible for the Ingbrand because of her playing time last season.”

    “Crazy, isn’t it?”

    Declan leaned to his left to say something to a human male sitting next to him.

    “There you see him with his cousin, Quentin Eldred, who’s taking in the rare Miners game for him these days,” the play-by-play caller said.

    “Yeah, he’s probably watching more Marksmen games than anything else. He lives on Druckenwell with his fiancee, Corrie Ypres, executive of the Ypres Initiative and daughter of Roon Federation President William Ypres, who you see next to him there.” The woman in question leaned towards Declan to listen to something he was saying, only to laugh in response.

    “First Director of Foreign Affairs Vehn and now the First Daughter of the Federation--a decidedly Roonian flair to the Miners’ owners box these last two weeks.”

    “I know that Corrie Ypres has a solid reputation throughout the galaxy for her war relief efforts, but what a lot of beings don’t realize is that Quentin has developed quite a high standing on Druckenwell himself. He leads the planet’s largest environmental pollution abatement project and he’s responsible for the improvement in air quality over the last few years. It’s pretty impressive since he’s essentially drinking from a fire hose with what Druckenwell continues to emit,” the color commentator said. “Given what he’s achieved, I think he could do about anything he wanted.”

    “Maybe even run the Miners?”

    “Oh absolutely. Let’s not forget that his mother, Regan, was the previous Chairwoman of the Miners. He would have been a fantastic choice to take over the team.”

    “Think he would have made the same call to pick Blake over Comstock?”

    “We’ll never know, now will we?”

    Before returning to game action, the last image of Declan was a human smugly sitting in his posh owners box as his team neared 4-1 on the strength of four home wins. Not even the slightest shadow crossed his face. There was nothing to worry about on the eve of a five game road trip. The fact that such a road trip started against the leaders of the Solo Conference was barely a concern. Nor did having four conference games left on the schedule darken the mood.

    Clearly, everything for Declan Trieste was coming up daffodils, sunshine, Father Yoda, bright lights, lollipops, and roses.

    TAG: CPL_Macja Darth_Elu (who reviewed and approved) galactic-vagabond422
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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Chaos in the top 25 as for the second week in a row the number one team goes down with a loss. This time it's UB Salis D'aar who loses to a tough Ensigns team from Bakura Fleet Air."

    "Number 2 KMI couldn't take advantage of the Golden Bear's loss though. They fall to Taanab A&M 17-15 at home."

    "Last week's number one, VCU, not looking to retake the top spot anytime soon. They lose their second in a row now in a season turned upside down."

    "And of course, in the only constant we seem to be seeing this season, GVSU wins again. They couldn't quite break into the top ten last week, but with the craziness this week can the Pilots do it?"

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    [hr] [/hr]

    HSN Top 25 after Week 5

    1. University of Zeltros
    2. UB Salis D'aar
    3. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    4. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    5. Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    6. University of Mon Calamari
    7. Druckenwell Technical University
    8. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    9. Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Ryloth
    10. Grand Vulptur System University
    11. Taanab A&M University
    12. University of Ord Mantell
    13. University of Trandosha
    14. UB Gesco City
    15. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk
    16. University of Ylesia
    17. Garqi State University
    18. University of Garos (Garos IV)
    19. Palentine University
    20. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
    21. Chewbacca College
    22. University of Euceron
    23. University of Northern Dependencies, Corsin
    24. Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
    25. University of Wroona
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    GM Post

    HSN Headlines
    • Tomas Vigo has decided to play out the season with UTA. In a quote he says: "My father taught me above all else to be loyal. I started the season here at UTA and even with the tremendous pressures and opportunities that may await me in the LFL or ELL I think it's important to stick with this commitment."
    TAG: Runjedirun
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    IC: Austin Vehn
    Rydonni Prime

    "Find a way to motivate the squad or I will!" Addison yelled as Austin stood outside the visiting team offices.

    "It's not that easy!" Mylessa McCloud shot back.

    "You're the coach. You put them into position and help them win. We've dropped three games in a row. Any more and you can kiss this season goodbye," Addison replied.

    "You've got extra picks if we tank," Mylessa pointed out.

    "I never settle for tanking. Never. I want to win. I want to be the one holding the Galactic Cup high above my head. I can't tell you what a championship would mean to me," Addison said.

    "It's the best feeling in the galaxy. I promise you I will take you there. The season is still young yet. There's time to turn this around, don't worry. I'm also going to run the offense through Shady. Martia Paak is good but Shady has the experience to lead," Mylessa pointed out.

    "I want to see results," Addison demanded.

    "I'm doing my best," Mylessa replied.

    The door to the room swung open as Austin quickly fell in step with Addison. "Rough day at the office?"

    "Something like that," Addison replied.

    "You're taking this sporting thing a bit seriously, aren't you?" Austin asked.

    "I have to. The consequences if I don't could be catastrophic," Addison replied as her voice trailed off inside the Monarchs stadium.

    Austin held out a hand to stop Addison in her stride. "What happens if you don't?"

    "You wouldn't understand," Addison muttered as she looked down the long, empty, corridor leading to the visiting staff suite.

    "Try me," Austin said.

    Addison took a deep breath and nodded. "My family, in many ways, is very similar to yours. We climbed out of obscurity and poverty to rule Druckenwell. My net worth is astronomical. I shouldn't really be working but I am. I don't have to have this job. I don't have to have this stress. Unlike other people, I don't get a choice. My father, Thaddeus, told Gryffyn and I that the only way we were going to inherit his fortune and his favor was to personally deliver a championship to him."

    "I see," Austin replied, "that explains your unique relationship with your brother and some of the bitter communications pass between you two."

    "There's more," Addison continued, "the only way for an heir to inherit the Karr fortune is to kill the other surviving heir. It was a ridiculous rule written in a time when families were more fractious and many false claimants stepped forward to inherit."

    "That would line up with my own theories as well," Austin replied, "which is that your brother, Gryffyn, hired someone to kill you. Fortunately, that someone isn't as talented as I am at protecting lives. What I don't understand is why your father insisted I protect you if this was a battle that you and your brother needed to work out."

    Addison looked away.

    "What is it you're not telling me?" Austin asked.

    "My father chose you to protect me, Austin, because I am the heir to the Karr family fortune. He's already made his choice. He's submitted the paperwork. The legal team is fully on board. The only person whose not is my brother. That is why he and I are on such horrible terms with one another. He's angry. He's upset that my father chose me over him. Now, one of us is going to die," Addison explained.

    "Your father would let you die just to solve the problem of inheritance?" Ausitn asked.

    "If that's what it took," Addison said, "now you know why the pressure has been so intense for me this season. Last year, I was learning the ropes. I didn't know what I didn't know. Now, the gloves are off. It's anyone's guess how this is going to end."

    "I won't let Gryffyn harm you," Austin stated.

    "It may already be too late," Addison replied.

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