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    It's the regular season finale! Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir to close things out.

    287 Week 11 Results
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Onderon Beast Riders (10-26)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Bakura Miners (5-22)
    Stewjon Metropolitans at Coruscant Senators (12-25)
    Mando'ade Mercs at Dac Mariners (26-26, OT 32-30)
    Denon Demons at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (8-18)
    Euceron Officers at Carratos Pirates (3-22)

    Final Standings

    Skywalker Conference
    • Carratos Pirates (8-3, conf. 4-1)
    • Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (7-4, conf. 3-2)
    • Onderon Beast Riders (6-5, conf. 2-3)
    • Mando'ade Mercs (5-6, conf. 3-2)
    • Euceron Officers (4-7, conf. 2-3)
    • Dac Mariners (4-7, conf. 1-4)
    Solo Conference
    • Bakura Miners (9-2, conf. 4-1)
    • Ralltiir Starkillers (7-4, conf. 3-2)
    • Stewjon Metropolitans (5-5 conf. 2-3)
    • Coruscant Senators (4-7, conf. 4-1)
    • Denon Demons (4-7, conf. 1-4)
    • Rydonni Prime Monarchs (3-8, conf. 1-4)
    Conference Semifinals
    (3) Onderon Beast Riders at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    (3) Stewjon Metropolitans at (2) Ralltiir Starkillers

    Conference Finals
    ??? at (1) Carratos Pirates
    ??? at (1) Bakura Miners

    And finally, as a reminder to all, this is the week to send me your nominees, from any team, for the season awards, which you can find a list of in the season post in the library thread.

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    Bonus Potential for: Concordia (28), Tatooine (28), Atzerri (28) and Marksmen

    LFL Week 10 Results
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Thyferra Force (5-21)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Honoghr Honor (26-11)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Concordia Crusaders (6-8)

    Final Standings
    Concordia Crusaders (8-2)
    Atzerri Bandits (5-5)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers (5-5)
    Honoghr Honor (4-6)
    Thyferra Force (4-6)
    Druckenwell Marksmen (3-7)

    LFL Play – Offs
    Druckenwell Marksmen (6) @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (6)
    Thyferra Force (5) @ Honoghr Honor (4)

    ? @ Atzerri Bandits(2)
    ? @ Concordia Crusaders (1)

    Futures Cup Finals
    ? vs ?

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    HSN Headlines

    • Palmer Lineart Sancheese returns to the Starkiller bench, will be eligible to play against Stewjon
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    IC: Andres Fortune

    It was hard to reign in my frustration after the loss to Onderon. I fumed as I took my seat on the shuttle. There were teammates around me I wanted to punch in the face. What had Lawco been thinking out there? He held the ball too long. Let himself get stripped, tackled and once in a hurry to avoid being tackled the coward had passed to an opponent. Just looking at him made me sick.

    Punching Lawco would make me feel better, but it wouldn’t fix anything. I sunk deep into my seat as the shuttle took off, deeper when we entered hyperspace. My mind worked furiously to find a solution to this problem. I needed to win next week. My career deserved one more win.

    My data pad began to chime quietly. Marty was calling. “How’s it going Sport?” I asked with a fake smile.

    “Dad! When are you getting back? I made it to the state finals in the spelling bee. The competition is on Thursday. You’re going to come, right?”

    “What time Thursday?” I ask, trying to sound interested.

    “I dunno, all day I think.”

    “Hopefully I can stop by,” I try. “Your Dad has a play-off game next week. I need to be at practice.”

    Marty’s face falls. I see my dad place a hand on his shoulder. “Marty go help your grandmother with dinner,” he says. My father looks me in the eye and waits patiently for Marty to be out of earshot. “Andres, he has been waiting since he got back from school Friday to tell you this news. He’s so proud. He wants you to be…”

    “Dad have you forgotten?” I broke in. “If we don’t win this week it will be my last professional Limmie game ever.”

    “No,” my father says simply. “I haven’t forgotten. I’ve enabled your career my whole life. There are two lives here depending on you now.”

    “And I’ll be there for them,” I promise. “Just a few more weeks. I was hoping you and mom could keep them there this week so I can focus on the upcoming game.”

    “No,” my father stuns me. “These kids have been tossed around enough. You want full time custody? Start acting like it. Take an interest in them. Be there for them. Love them. I don’t know how much more they can take. You put it off, even one more week and Zoey could move in with her real father. Marty might go back to his mother’s. Is anything worth that risk?”

    “Have the kids been asking about other living arrangements?” I ask now that he has my attention.

    “Well not yet,” my father answers. “But Ryan calls Zoey every day and even Justyne checks in more often than you.”

    This could not be happening at a worse time. “Tell Marty I’ll be at his spelling bee. Have both kids at the spaceport so I can take them to school tomorrow.” After my father cuts the line I reach for my pill bottle and take a couple extra pain killers. They help calm my nerves and allow me to sleep.

    I learned my lesson last week. This week I have an alarm set to wake me 20 minutes before landing. I force down some bitter caf and bounce down the ramp first to greet my kids. “I’m so proud of you, Martin. Can’t wait for the spelling bee.” I say, “Zoey you’re wearing the earings I gave you. You look so grown up,” I compliment.

    On the way to drop off the kids at school we stop for breakfast. Between bites I ask Zoey what I should buy at the store for dinner tonight.

    She shrugs.

    “You said you were tired of sandwiches. This is your chance,” I offer.

    Zoey grabs her data pad. Moments later mine receives a message. “Ingredients for meatless burgers,” she says with a smile.

    “Yuck!” Marty exclaims.

    “Tomorrow you can choose the menu,” I promise with a chuckle.

    After dropping off the kids and going to the market I head home for a mandatory rest day. I am anxious to prepare for this week’s game against the Metropolitans. A team that had crushed us 19-3 during the regular season. They had lost to the Senators yesterday. I watched that game first which brightened my spirits a little. Even though I knew the coaches would force us to watch footage of week 3, when we suffered the loss, I watched myself and I took notes. I was so engrossed I was late picking up Marty from school. He didn’t seem to mind especially when I offered to help him study for his spelling bee.

    Marty’s skills were impressive and I was proud. For fun he spelled out all the ingredients to the meatless burgers I prepared before we headed back out to pick up Zoey from raquet ball practice. Zoey was impressed with my efforts, though I am pretty sure the burgers were too dry. All of us put extra condiments on the burgers to compensate. After dinner I went to bed early and Zoey helped her brother study more for the spelling bee.

    There was a surprise at practice on Tuesday. Sancheese was there. Coaches welcomed him back and he even took reps during practice. This put more pressure on me. How stupid would I look to be pulled from a play-off game only to be replaced by a drug addict? I focused on my game. I put in all the time I could on Tuesday, Wednesday and early Thursday morning. Until I had to leave to watch Marty compete in the spelling bee.

    As soon as Martin got a word wrong and was eliminated I could return to practice. Was it wrong for me to hope he got eliminated early? Marty did not get eliminated early. He was doing great. I was anxious. My suit was stiff and my legs were getting cramped from sitting too long. Finally there was an intermission. At least I could stand up. Unfortunately, Marty was still in the competition and I couldn’t go anywhere.

    I don’t know how much longer I sat there. The auditorium emptied as more and more kids were eliminated. Then I noticed it started to fill back up. Justyne made an appearance with her new boyfriend. Richard and Ryan came in with their children and took a seat. Mrs. Vigo and her daughter came out of hiding and sat down in the back row. My parents had been there since the beginning. Soon the media arrived and I realized that there were only 5 children left in the competition. Now 4. I started to get nervous for Marty. He didn’t look nervous. He looked cool and confident.

    It seemed like we were there forever. When there was only one other competitor left I stood on my feet. All of his relatives followed suit. Even my coaches had made their way to the auditorium at this point. I felt Coach Dash’s hand rest on my shoulder for support. I wasn’t even the one competing. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. When he won I let out a holler that could be heard a mile away.

    Marty was presented with a huge trophy. So large he could barely carry it down the stairs of the stage to celebrate with me and the rest of his fans. He even had a short interview with the press. Damn I was happy for my son and so proud! We went for ice cream to celebrate and got home late.

    My teammates didn’t give me any grief Friday for missing practice Thursday. I felt like I had a lot to make up for though and hopefully I was able to get everything out of Friday’s practice that I possibly could. Saturday I made the kids breakfast and told them I had a meeting. “A meeting?” Zoey asked, skeptical.

    “I ran into Alyada Hovechar. You remember her, right?”

    “The woman you cheated on my mother with?” Zoey asks angrily.

    “My former teammate and yes a woman I had a relationship with. If my seeing her bothers you I can cancel.” I said reluctantly.

    Zoey turned and looked at Marty. “What do you think? Do we let him go out with the woman that ruined our parent’s marriage?”

    I waited nervously for the kids to decide if I could go on my breakfast date. Not that it was a date, just two adults meeting for caf. Finally Zoey turned around to face me. “Just remember you aren’t divorced yet. And Hovechar was my favorite Starkiller before I found out you were fooling around with her. This whole thing is really complicated. I wish you would date anyone else. But I don’t want you to disapprove of any of my future boyfriends. So you can go.”

    It was a loaded answer, but I went anyway. Alyada wore a sundress and sandals. We sat at a table outside under an umbrella in a back corner. I had a latte and fruit. Alyada drank her caf black. She told me about the volunteer work she does. I told her about Martin’s win at the spelling bee. It was good to catch up. Before I said good-bye, before I could make a second date she had one more thing to tell me.

    “Remember the baby?” She asked.

    “How could I forget?”

    “I didn’t kill it. I simply had the embryo frozen.” She took a deep breath. Looked at the ground and then back at me. “I want to have the baby. I’m in a better place now. Would that be alright with you?”

    “You didn’t ask my permission to terminate the pregnancy,” I said too harshly. “What I mean is. I don’t know what I mean. I’ve always wanted you to have the baby. Yes.” I said firmly. “I’d be honored to be the father of your baby.”

    “Our baby,” Alyada corrected.

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold and rainy Victory afternoon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs.."

    "Who mis..."

    "Don't care, gonna keep saying it until the Cup is awarded to someone else." Justin could be heard chuckling at that. "I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today, Mercs finish the season strong..."

    "But barely miss out on a playoff berth after the Beast Riders took care of business against Ralltiir. Onderon grabs the last playoff spot in the Skywalker, and the Mercs will be watching this season's post season from home."

    "First time in four years they've missed out on a playoff berth, and man it feels weird."

    "Yeah, been a nice sustained run of some pretty good limmie played the Mercs in recent years, just couldn't get it done this season, though at least they made things interesting down the stretch."

    "Won their last three games and actually had a shot there to defend their crown, but a couple of three game losing streaks, one to start the season, really sunk those efforts."

    "Yeah, they started off the season terribly, and then seemed to turn things around a bit with a pair of great defensive showings before going on another three game losing streak."

    "The defense was pretty bad, but the offense was horrendous."

    "10th in points allowed..."

    "Ugh, didn't realize it was that bad."

    "...10th in points scored..."

    "They were last until a couple of 30 plus point efforts there in the last two games of the season."

    "The only two games all season in which they scored more than 30."

    "...and last overall in point differential."

    "Yikes, and they still had a shot at the playoffs going into the season finale."

    "Yup, not the stats of a playoff bound team, so credit a good coaching staff for even getting them that far."

    "OK, Justin, so i know the season just ended, but what went wrong for the Mercs? How did they fall so far so fast, especially after the greatest most dominant run any team has had in ELL history?"

    "Well, I think it starts with the retirement of midfielder and team captain Argo Mor'kesh after last season's unprecedented threepeat performance. He was the glue that kept this team together and I think the Mercs struggled early on to replace that."

    "He seemed so tired..."

    "He was exhausted after three successful playoff runs over the previous three seasons, and I think really that most of the Mercs were too."


    "Yeah, emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted after playing a lot more limmie than any other team in the league over that span."

    "It carries over that much from one season to the next?"

    "Oh sure, especially when playing at the level needed to go to and win a Galactic Cup Finals. Look how many teams go into a slump the year following a title run."

    "Even the Starkillers barely made the playoffs in their second year as back to back Champions."

    "Had a worse record the first year though."

    "That team was made for post season play..."

    "Yeah they were really good."

    "You can look at the recent Miners run too of Cup finals appearances to see the effect playing that much limmie has on the players."

    "How? They made the playoffs this season, and ran away doing it."

    "Yeah but last season they were terrible."

    "Four and seven last season. That's not exactly lighting the world on fire, but it's not terrible."

    "Oh and five in conference though."

    "OK, their 283 team though..."

    "And congrats to them on their Hall of fame induction."

    "...wasn't even. yeah congrats on the HoF. But like I was saying, that was a completely different team!"

    "True, but still then you have back to back years taking that toll. Like I said, it takes a lot out of you to be a championship caliber team, and eventually you hit the wall."

    "OK, so, the Mercs showed some signs of life out there in the last two games. "Arock was on fire..."

    "No surprise there."

    "...scoring eight points and Irvin chipped in with ten."

    "Letting him loose on the offensive end is really helping, especially with the forwards there to soak up the defense, defending middies haven't been able to keep up with him over the last two games and it shows."

    "You think their good play late in the year gives them some momentum going into next season?"

    "I would like to think so, I know fans and some folks in our profession seem to think so, but I don't really subscribe to that. Overall it was a pretty bad season for the Mercs, and while not surprising, it wasn't expected that they would be this bad. They have some work to do in the off season to catch up to teams like the Smugglers ort Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...and make a push to return to the playoffs in 288."

    two hours and twenty minutes later.

    "OK, OK. Enough about the Mercs for now. We've dissected what was eventually a meaningless game for long enough, and we have a whole off season to give a postmortem on their season and discuss what will be a busy off season of soul searching for the club."

    "Sure, sure."

    "So let's get down to it and talk about this season's playoffs..."

    "Playoffs? You talking...playoffs?"

    "...which will cap off with a... Yeah very funny, never heard that before."

    "I do amuse myself."

    "Anyway, even with the Mercs missing the post season, Mandalore will still be in the limelight come Galactic Cup Finals time as Meshla Vhetin will be the host for this year's event."

    "Yeah a really neat move by the League office to kind of recognize the Mercs unprecedented achievement and award the Galactic Cup from the home field of the reigning, and only time, three peat winners of the Cup."

    "Actually I heard that no one else submitted a bid so..."


    "Even so, it will be a neat moment for the franchise and any locals who can manage to snag tickets."

    "Going to be a lot of fun."

    "Anyway Justin, how do you see these playoffs unfolding?"

    "You're looking for my predictions? Already?"

    "Sure, why not?"

    "PREDICTIONS SURE TO GO WRONG!" The jingle and boisterous words of the producer rang out over the wave.

    "Well...lets see...."

    "Start in the Skywalker, where the upstart Beast Riders take on that team from Nal Hutta's moon in the first round."

    "Smugglers have come back a long way after their own decade of dominance was ended with the mercs recent run of success. This isn;t the same team as those of a decade ago, but still. That Stadium, that mystique, that crowd. I don;t think a new team like the Beast riders can handle it and i look for them to go down bigly to the Smugglers. Nal Hutta's Moon to move on."

    "Yeah, can't really argue any of that. I mean, maybe this is some residual anger at the Beast riders for winning that last game and holding off the Mercs from that last playoff berth, but I hate the Smugglers as much as anyone else, so that kind of evens out. Still can't see Onderon going to Nal Hutta's moon and coming home with a playff win though so the Smugglers are the pick.

    "In the Solo you've got the Mets at Starkillers."

    "Oh the Mets, the team the Mercs can never seem to beat against the Starkillers, the team that if they had won in the final week of the season the Mercs would be in the playoffs."

    "Hey if the Mercs had taken care of business earlier in the year they would have been a playoff team, can't leave your fate to someone else."

    "That's very...Mandalorian of you."


    " don't have a flamethrower or a dagger hidden in the studio I should know about do you?"

    "Possibly," Justin deadpanned.

    "Oh boy, better stick to the playoffs. Who ya got in this one?"

    "Starkillers. They were a really good team all season long..."

    "Mercs beat them in week nine."

    "...who seemed to tail off a bit at the end of the season, but still managed to play good ball in the losses. I look for them to win a tight one over the Mets in a low scoring affair where the combined total doesn't go over 25."

    "Starkillers 7th in points scored, Mets 11th so that might be a good bet."

    "I dunno Justin. The playoffs haven't been kind to the Mets recently, but I think they edge this one out and win a close game against the Starkillers."


    "Yeah, and low scoring too, I agree with you there. I just think the late season fade by the Starkillers speaks to larger issues with that team."

    "Sure, sure."

    "That means in the Solo Conference finals..."

    "Well you have Mets at Miners and I have Starkillers at Miners but I am going to guess..."

    "Yeah, Commissioner's Cup winning Miners win that going away against either opponent am I right?"

    "Yeah I think so. Miners were dominant all season long and end the season with a nine and two overall record, four and one in conference. They win and win big against either the Starkillers or the Mets to get back to the galactic Cup Finals, a place that hasn't been too kind to them in recent years."

    "What about the Skywalker?"

    "Well we both have Smugglers at Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "And that is one I could see going either way. I'm going to go Pirates in a shootout..."

    "Which would set up a rematch of the 283 Finals if you're right."

    "Yeah, and at Meshla Vhetin, which would be crazy for all the Miners fans. Playing the team that beat you in the first of three straight Cup Finals losses, at the home of the team that beat you the last two times."

    "Emotions would be running high, a given of course in any Finals game, but man what a story."

    "Sure, sure. So who ya got?"

    "Well, it's lose lose for me as a fan, Smugglers and Pirates, but I think the Smugglers win a tight one and earn a bid back to the Finals."

    "Now that's a huge story too if it happens, Smugglers playing for a title on their most hated rival's field?"

    "Yeah, we in the media will have fun with that."

    "I just hope all their fans return home alive if that happens."

    "Oh I'm sure all mando'ade will be on their best behavior."

    "So you guys both have the Miners in the Finals, you both picking them to win."

    "No!" the replies came out simultaneously to the laughter of the entire crew.

    "Commissioner's Cup winners traditionally have a tough time actually winning the Final prize."

    "Right, my thoughts exactly."

    "So I think that either way, the Galactic Cup stays in the Skywalker Conference for the fifth straight year."

    "Which no matter how you slice it will make for a fun night on Mandalore."

    "Did you have to say slice?"

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    IC: Declan Trieste
    HoloNet Sports Network

    OOC: I’ve been waiting to use this song all season, but I knew it had to be on Truce Day. Enjoy!

    An establishing shot of Bakura Gardens at twilight greeted viewers after the commercial break. The last purple vestiges of a sunset were fading as the dark blue sky crept closer to black in anticipation of the end of game fireworks that always marked the Miners’ Truce Day home games.

    “Welcome back to one of the biggest Truce Days in recent memory. The Miners are poised to capture their seventh Commissioner’s Trophy and fifth under head coach Gaeriel Valerii, who’s got to be a Langann candidate for going from last place in the Solo Conference to having a home playoff game,” the play-by-play announcer said.

    “You bet it’s big. Truce Day is always a prime ticket on Bakura, but this one is off the charts. Bakura has got a fever--and the only prescription is Miners limmie!” the color commentator exclaimed.

    “And anybody who’s anybody is at today’s game.” The feed cut to a lot of mostly old humans sitting in the lower bowl of the stands. To a being they all wore blue, gold, or a combination of the two. “Looks like just about the entire Bakuran Senate is in attendance, including recently declared candidate for Prime Minister in next year’s election, Senator Silas Madsen.” The camera zoomed in on a respectable looking man, the Senator in question, viewing the game from beneath a stern brow.

    The next cut was up to the skyboxes where a well-dressed woman, surrounded by similarly well turned out humans, sat. She too was dressed in the national colors of Bakura, as well as those of the Miners. “And there’s Prime Minister Trixa Garlant, who should secure her party’s nomination without too much trouble. She might wind up facing Madsen in the general election.”

    “Prime Ministers love to come out on Truce Day, especially when the Miners are doing well and playoff-bound. Never hurts to be associated with a winner,” the color commentator said.

    “I don’t think either Garlant or Madsen are the first politician that Miner fans think of when it comes to their team.”

    The following shot was, predictably, of Declan Trieste in the Noble House box, which was situated directly across from the Prime Minister’s, though the home audience couldn’t tell that from their view. The Noble House box was nearly bursting with Triestes for Truce Day. It appeared to be a game that nobody missed, especially this season. Like the rest of the stadium, it was a swirl of blue and gold. Declan, however, stood out in a black suit that popped with a pair of blue and yellow flowers in his lapel and a diagonally striped tie in the same colors. His wife the Minority Leader was more in keeping with the order of the day, wearing a golden blouse and a pleated navy skirt.

    “That’d be Governor Declan Trieste, who’s been on the forefront of supporting the Miners ever since taking over as owner,” the play-by-play caller said.

    “As much as Falene was on the field for the last decade, she always acted like just another player. When she went on strike, it was clear that’s how she viewed herself: a player, not an owner.” The image panned across the box to show Falene sitting in the back row of seats, her adopted children around her.

    “And there you see Falene with her kids. On her right you see Elza, who was part of the Bak10 championship UB Salis D’aar Golden Bears, who finished second in the final college limmie poll and just advanced to the next round of the GCAA playoffs.”

    “A little bit of controversy about her presence on the team,” the color commentator pointed out. “Her coach, Jon Draper, did not like it when beings took aim at Elza for being descended from Sith partisans.”

    “No, that was a little firestorm around here,” the play-by-play announcer agreed. “To her left is Gaius, who played for the Bakura Fleet Academy this season.”


    “And on Falene’s left is Avie, who recently was accepted on scholarship to Falene’s alma mater, the Prytis College of Natural Sciences. I think she’s going to tear it up when she hits the Bak10.”

    “To your earlier point,” the color commentator said, “I think a lot of Miner fans would have forgotten Falene owned the team if it hadn’t been for her last name. In fact, I think some did. But nobody on Bakura, and I’m talking all 80 million of them, could forget that Declan owns the Miners.”

    “I don’t think that Falene’s going to be the last Trieste we see on an ELL field, not by a long shot…”

    “And with that point the Miners pull ahead, 9-2,” the play-by-play caller said.

    “They keep it up and that’s going to be their mark on the season,” the color commentator observed. “The Miners add to their historic offensive production on the season. It’s been an amazing turnaround for a team that this time last year was battling the Hapes Consortium Buccaneers to not finish in last place.”

    “About that,” the play-by-play announcer interjected over images of the point scorer, Cordell Beckman Jr., receiving congratulations from his teammates. “All season long we’ve heard talk about, ‘Oh, this Trieste should own the Miners, that Trieste should own the Miners.’ Well, there’s been one name that’s been missing from the conversation, and frankly it’s the only name that should be in the conversation--and I include Declan Trieste in that statement. If there’s one being who should own the Miners now, it’s his eldest cousin, Monarch great, Hall of Famer Vesper Lynd.”

    Vesper was seated next to Declan at the moment in another perfect vignette for the viewers at home. While she too was dressed in blue for her homeworld’s major holiday, the scarf jauntily tied round her neck was a very distinct maize compared to the darker gold of the rest of her family.

    “Vesper has on-field experience second-to-none, even Falene, in the family and front office experience from her time with the LFL. No one has better qualifications than her to run this team. No one,” the play-by-play being repeated.

    The former player’s attention was focused on the field, not on her cousin the owner, who had twisted in his seat to make a comment to his mother, Kerry Trieste, Commissioner of the Bak10 collegiate conference. With the Bak10 schedule over, Truce Day was often the only day that Kerry could attend a Miners game. She spent most of the rest of the season crisscrossing the planet to make as many Bak10 games as she could the day before as time zone differences allowed her to make three, sometimes four games a day--or even all five depending on timing and geography. One more trip for the Miners was out of the question.

    “Really? You think the keys to the Miners should be given to the queen of the Monarchs?” the color commentator asked with surprise.

    “Oh yeah. Vesper played hard and she does business hard. Right now she’s representing the Noble House of Trieste in negotiations over a potential purchase of the West Rim Holo Corporation, which has built a parallel, next-generation HoloNet system throughout this section of the Outer Rim. If she can manage what could be a multi-billion credit deal, then she can absolutely lead the Miners to greatness.”

    “But can you argue with the results that they’ve seen under Declan Trieste?” the color commentator asked. “He didn’t overreact to what happened last season. On any other team, Niskat Deenever would have been stripped of her captaincy and Jolla Pic kicked to the curb in contract negotiations with the salary she was asking. Instead, Pic has a bounceback year that might get her a Zumtak nomination, maybe even a Salbukk. The only way that she doesn’t get an MVP nod is if it goes to Deenever, the undisputed leader of this offense.”

    The picture focused on Deenever, who was signalling with one hand to her teammates as they waited for the bolo-ball to be thrown into play.

    “There was a lot of criticism thrown at Niskat after last season. Strong words were said, like she was never going to be Alana Glencross and that the Miners shouldn’t trust a 35 year old player, the oldest on the team, to find them that next Cup. Everyone would have praised Declan for cutting Deenever with three expensive years on her contract--she’s going to be 37 when her contract expires in ‘89. I think Vesper would have said that Niskat’s best days were behind her. But what does Declan do?” the color being asked. “He says, the moment he becomes owner, ‘I’m staying the course.’ He puts his faith in the roster they’ve got, with a few minor tweaks, and now he’s playing for the Commissioner’s Trophy with a record-breaking offense. Don’t tell me that the Miners could have done better than they have this year.”

    “Well, we’ll never know, because it’s Declan in control now and I don’t think anyone’s going to want to change that any time soon…”

    “And it’s all but over now. The only question is whether the shutdown is going to hold for Marnie Blake--which would be her fourth in thirteen starts. Quite a start for the young goalkeeper,” the play-by-play caller said.

    “This crowd can sense the Commissioner’s Trophy coming. With the Miners entering the game with it theirs to lose, the League has it on hand for presentation and the Miners didn’t disappoint,” the color commentator said.

    With the game action winding down, the video feed cut from the field to the sidelines. The gaggle of Triestes were massed on the sidelines, enjoying their owner privileges fully. Declan Trieste stood at the forefront, a wide grin on his face. That smile was full of satisfaction, perhaps even joy.

    “And this one’s going to put a bow on a phenomenal bounce-back season for the Miners,” the play-by-play announcer said. “From here it’s straight to their fifth Solo Conference Final home game in six years.”

    “Hard not to call them a dynasty, but they’ve fallen short of that big prize for the last decade…”

    Niskat Deenever and Jolla Pic shook hands with the League official, but studiously avoided touching the Commissioner’s Trophy sitting on the table at midfield.

    “I think they’ve probably got Horst Penn hogtied on the sidelines after what happened two years ago. These Miners--they’re sending a clear message--and I think the fans have heard it loud and clear.”

    In the background, viewers could make out the chant, 100,000+ strong: “We want the Cup! We want the Cup!”

    “The winner of Ralltiir/Stewjon is going to have something to say about that,” the color commentator said.

    With the Commissioner’s Trophy presented, if not accepted, the stadium lights dimmed and necks craned upwards as bursts of light from fireworks exploded above them.

    “And that’s the book on another Truce Day. Miners 22, Monarchs 5,” the play-by-play caller said.

    The cameras took in a long shot of Bakura Gardens with the panoply of fiery colors painting the night sky above. The feed then cut to shots of the victorious Miner players, hair matted against their foreheads or hanging limply over their shoulders, enjoying the show with their loved ones. Interspersed between them were other luminaries in attendance, including Declan Trieste, his arm around his wife, children standing on chairs next to them. All four had their heads pointing skyward and were alternately bathed in the colors of the rainbow.

    “From Bakura Gardens, good night,” the announcer signed off.

    TAG: @CPL_Macja (who didn’t review this, but I know loved that maize reference)
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Limmie Lunacy continues this weekend, lets see who all moved on to the Final Four!"

    "The Bank of the Core Bowl saw number one overall seed University of Zeltros take care of number 9 seeded Taanab A&M University 21 to 15."

    "They're looking unstoppable right now."

    "They've looked like that all season."

    "It was a much tighter matchup in the SoroSuub Bowl with seven seed KMI once again pulling a rabbit out of the hat with a last second goal to push them past the second seeded Golden Bears of UBSD 19 to 18."

    "That game was back and forth, had me on the edge of my seat all night."

    "Warriors looking blessed in this tourney man."

    "Would love to see them and Zeltros in the title game."

    "No kidding, especially since..."

    "Number three Wookiee Forrest Institute ended the bracket busting dreams of number 11 Orn Free Ta Central Academy 28 to 20 in the Mining Guild Bowl."

    "That team from Ryloth made noise in the tourny, but they were no match for the Wookiees."

    "And GVSU..."


    "...kept up their winning ways as the number four team held off a late rally by number five Druckenwell Technical University. The Pilots take the Sienar Bowl 18 to 17."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    The Final Four

    Skimmer Ade Bowl: #1 University of Zeltros vs. #4 Grand Vulptur System University
    Dos Iziz Bowl: #7 Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore) vs. #3 Wookiee Forrest Institute
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    IC: Austin Vehn
    Nar Shaddaa

    He was alive.

    He was focused.

    He was hell bent on saving Addison Karr.

    Austin leaped out of the speeder and ignited his lightsaber in mid-air. He landed deftly on his feet and threw off his robes as his sharp eyes settled on the forces that had been arrayed against him. Gryffyn wasn't playing any games. This was serious and the thugs were out for blood.

    The thugs kept coming. Waves upon waves. It was like a bad exercise at the Jedi Temple.

    Austin's lightsaber burned with a fierce intensity of purpose as he chased after Addison's kidnappers. He deftly sliced through arms and legs, across torsos, and through faces. Nothing was stopping him. No one was going to get in his way. Not this time, not ever.

    His yellow lightsaber sizzled with crimson as he went through another body, another helpess soul, another being who halted him from reuniting with the one woman he swore to protect. He would not fail her now. He would never let her down. He would never stop until she was safe in his arms.

    Austin called upon the Force and shoved a few of the hired guns into the chasm down below. Their screams disappearing in the sharp winds of the Vertical City. He knew they had a long way to fall before they died. They just picked the wrong day to stand in his way.

    The opposition was gone. A wake of death and destruction followed behind the ex-Jedi as he channeled a side of him not seen since the war, since the bloody siege of Mon Gazza. He had forgotten the thrills of the kill. He had forgotten the very dark nature that had called to him in the trenches. A nature he had worked so hard to destroy following the end of the war.

    Now the darkness had returned.

    He twirled his lightsaber hearing the blade sizzle and burn as he made his way up a flight of stairs. A few more criminals stood in his way. They were quickly dispatched. Austin reached the second floor and saw Addison on her knees, hands tied behind her back, struggling against a gag, a blaster pistol resting against her head held by none other than her brother, Gryffyn.

    "Let her go!" Austin said.

    "This is between my sister and I!" Gryffyn responded.

    "Not anymore," Austin said.

    "I will not have you interfere anymore with our family, Jedi," Gryffyn threatened as he raised his blaster pistol toward Austin.

    "I promised your father I would protect her," Austin said, "and that is what I will do until my dying breath."

    Gryffyn looked down at Addison and then back up to Austin. He loosened Addison's gag so she could speak. He was stunned. He had no idea that their father had gone behind his back to protect Addison. It was almost as if their father had already made his choice for the heir to the family fortune.

    "Is this true?" Gryffyn asked Addison.

    "Father hired Austin to protect me," Addison admitted.

    "Has he made his choice?" Gryffyn inquired.

    "Not yet," Addison replied, "but killing me isn't going to help your case."

    "No," Gryffyn said, "but killing your bodyguard ought to help my case a bit."

    Gryffyn raised his blaster and fired several shots in Austin's direction. Austin deflected them with ease and closed the distance. With a quick swipe of his blade he severed the blaster pistol in half. Gryffyn stumbled backward and fell to the durracrete surface. He looked up in terror as Austin leveled his lightsaber at Gryffyn's throat.

    "Austin, don't!" Addison yelled.

    Austin looked deep into Gryffyn's eyes and fought the darkness swirling inside. He realized that he wasn't at war any longer. He realized that he wasn't at war with himself. He pulled back and deactivated his lightsaber. Enough blood had been shed today. He reached over and helped Addison to her feet.

    "It's over, Gryffyn," Austin said. "I need your word that Addison will be safe from here on out."

    Gryffyn slowly got to his feet and nodded his head, "You have my word."

    "I'll hold you to that," Austin said as he and Addison walked away.

    They had a game to catch.

    The first playoff game against Onderon.

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    IC: Jai'galaar 'Jai' Buteo
    Arcadia Colosseum, O'Pahz, Carratos

    With everything that has happened, security was tight, tightest it had ever been. It was the last game of the regular season but, not the last game to be played at Arcadia. Not if this team had anything to say about it. They stepped onto the field with a fire in their eyes. None burned brighter than Leigh's. Her brown eyes looked almost red. Jai had seen her at practice pushing her team hard, and herself harder. She had grown into her role as team leader and the results speak for themselves. They went from being on the outside looking in, to being the top of their conference.

    However their place at the top wasn't secured, not yet. They still needed to win, needed to win this game to win the crown. Right from the start the Pirates took control breaking through the defense. They were held back by the Officers but, it set the tone, the Pirates would not go easy. Cutty rushed and ducked her way across the front line looking for an opening. Leigh hung back gears turning putting a plan together at the speed of light. With a word and a gesture, the half forwards broke, moving in perfect sync, like they shared a mind.

    Else back pedaled while Seiji rushed forward. The ball was tossed deep into the visitor's zone. Else leapt up, picking off the pass and throwing straight to Leigh already making her move from the right side. The coordination was amazing it was like they always knew where each other was. The captain took possession dodging around the defender that came forward to stop her. Her black and white cleats dug hard into the turf as she cut to the outside giving her just enough space to get a shot off into the top corner. The crowd cheered louder than the goal horn. It seemed even with all the trouble it didn't dampen their spirits.

    On the other end of things the Pirate defense was doing work. The half backs slowing down the initial rush giving the back line time to set up. Once the back line got in place, they were unmovable. Minutes pass, and pass without the Officers being able to even put up a single point. The clock continues to wind down with the Pirates continuing to pull ahead, and the Officers still held at bay with nothing in their column. The home team seemed intent on keeping their shutout going. Qazi blocked shot after shot, those that got through the withering defense.

    As the game was coming to a close the shutout seemed imminent that was until Tendra Nalo, the golden girl as much as Logan was to the Pirates, put a point over the bar. Though the game was mostly over, the visitors were not giving up, they would rob their opponents of a complete victory. Jai could appreciate the tenacity. It didn't matter that things had gone so poorly, just as long as you didn't fully give in to your despair you could hold your head high. The second point she scored drove the point home.

    In the locker room Jai got word that the Officers had left, within minutes of the game ending they were out of the stadium. The mandalorian didn't blame them, it wasn't like Carratos's issues were secret. They were font page news throughout the galaxy. No a lot of people would stay longer than they had to in a place like this. Particularly if they were from a place like Euceron they'd had their own troubles with an insurgency, destroyed their last stadium and sent the team into exile.

    The team took their time getting ready, there was no rush, they had a week off. However the look in Logan's eye said that it wouldn't be an easy week.

    "Alright team." He called to them. "We did good, closed out the regular season on a high note."

    The space resounded with cheers.

    "We've won ourselves a week off but, we can't slack off, the team we face in the finals in going to be a team we lost to this year…or the Smugglers."

    "Booooo." Was the reply from the team.

    "Yeah I know but, whoever it is coming to face us they're going to be hungry, and ready to fight. We need to be just as prepared. So take a bit of a break, rest up, but be ready to work hard for the next two weeks."

    "Aye Captain." Leigh shouted, the rest of the team joined in. They finished packing up and made their way out of Arcadia. Jai was at the front leading Logan out. The corridor was lined with soldiers holding back the fans from getting too close, just in case they weren't fully loyal to the Pirates. The players stopped to sign autographs, Logan shook a few hands. Jai noticed her father in the back of the crowd. He smiled and waved at her with a long arm. Under her helm she smiled back but, her professionalism stopped her from waving back to him. Everything seemed normal. Jai looked out ahead of them, the golden boy's armored car waited just a meter ahead. It wouldn't be too long now until he was out of the open.

    However, just beyond it she noticed groups of beings making their way over. Their movements were with purpose, and they didn't seem like they were excited. Dropping her rangefinder she closed in on their faces. There were no smiles to be seen, only grim determination.

    Jai set a firm hand on the back of Logan's chair turning him towards the speeder. He looked up at her.

    "Something wor…"

    "WHITE STAR SHINES." The beings from all around shouted. Within moments the area was filled with blaster bolts flying this way and that. As they were trained the four beings around Logan surrounded him ushering him and his wife quickly into the waiting vehicle. At the last moment she snapped her head around looking for her father. She panicked when she didn't see him. She activated her arm canon charging it up without a second thought.

    She still couldn't find her father in the mess of bodies and bots that were being flung about. They didn't just come from the soldiers and the White Star but, the civilians as well. Everyone was packing a blaster it seemed, and they weren't going to be afraid. Out of the corner of her eye Jai saw a blur of magenta. Focusing over to it she saw Boutros standing in front of Tian who was on the ground clutching her leg, must have taken a stray shot.

    "You keep her safe…" Raka's voice called to her from the past. Jai had made a promise, a deal to keep Boutros safe should anything happen.

    "Get him out of here." The bodyguard ordered the soldiers around her. She did not move closer to the speeder.

    "What about you mam'."

    "Don't worry just go." She snapped. Logan and Mikia were swiftly hustled into the speeder and disappeared into the city. A grenade exploded near to it causing it to swerve for just a moment before the driver gained control. Jai let off a few shots from her canon as she rushed to Boutros. Two shots glanced off her orange and red armor as she stepped in front of the full back. "You should get out of here." She shouted over her shoulder at Boutros.

    "I won't leave her." The zeltron spat back. Jai looked to Tian still on the ground blood pouring from her wound.

    "Pick her up. I'll cover you." The cacophony of battle raged around her as she caught another White Star in the chest. The soldiers had fanned out taking cover were they could. The open ground was littered with bodies, some living some dead. The smell of ozone was thick in the air and smoke clouded all vision.

    "I've got you Sweet Cake." Boutros said quietly collecting her teammate and lover in her arms. "Let’s go mando." She added shouting over the din of what must have been a hundred blasters roaring. More bolts ring off Jai's armor as she moved with Boutros to the curb, none of them could break her stride. She prepared to clear a path out of the battle when another speeder broke through the battle lines. The door opened and a man with a broken nose looked out from the door that opened.

    "Get in." he bellowed.

    "What are you doing here?" Boutros yelled back. A being clad in just regular clothes stood up from behind cover leveling their blaster at Boutros. Jai brought up her arm stepping in the way of the shot. Whoever they were they never got the chance to pull the trigger. A red lance of energy caught them just above the left eye. As his head fell back Jai dropped her rangefinder following the trajectory of the shot. On the roof of a nearby building she saw a head of black hair and magenta skin, clad in black.

    "Raka sends her regards." The man with the broken nose shouts from inside the speeder.

    "GO." Jai shouted again as a bolt grazed the top of her helmet. Boutros gently laid Tian in the back of the speeder then took the seat at the front. It too sped away now that both her charges were safe Jai charged into the fray arm canon blasting.

    "Dad." She called out, dropping another aggressor leveling a blaster at her. Everything was a mess. With the civilians involved telling friend from foe was made a near impossible task. "Dad." She shouted as a heavy blaster bolt caught her in the knee. It twisted her leg in an odd way but, didn't break through her armor. Her body fell to the ground her joint screaming in pain she just gritted her teeth. Still prone she sent a charged shot catching the being that shot her in the chest. Their body was flung back slamming them into a wall. As she was getting to her feet she saw him, her dad. He was taking cover in an alley way battered DL-44 in his hand. He turned the corner letting off two shots that clipped being in the shoulder sending them tumbling to the ground.

    Jai limped her way over laying down suppressive fire.

    "Dad." She yelled one last time. He turned his determined face softening as he saw her. He wasn't looking behind him as someone else was taking aim at the aged Lafrarian. "Dad get…" Jai was already raising her blaster ready to end the fool that would dare harm her father.

    The sound of combat was drowned out for just a moment, drowned out by the sound of a jetpack. Red lances of energy rained from above tearing through armed being. Jai looked to see a woman clad in orange and red mandalorian armor.

    "Buir?" The word slipped from her mouth before she realized she said it.

    "Later ad'ika," the woman answered, "It's time we leave." Jai's mother turned to face her father. She stood just a little shorter than the lanky avian but, was noticeably wider in the shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him close in an embrace.

    "You came back." Maur said putting his arms around her neck.

    "Of course cyar'ika. Now hang on." She looked over her shoulder at her daughter. "Follow me Jai'ika." With that her jetpack came to life sending the pair rocketing off into the sky. Even in the middle of a battle Jai smiled, her parents were together, and she was with them. The family landed on the roof of a building some distance away from the battle that still raged.

    "Buir, what are you doing here?" Jai asked hissing though her teeth as she stood heavy on her slightly injured knee.

    "When I saw what was happening," Jai's mother started, coming closer to her daughter, "and that you were in the middle of it. I knew I had to do something."

    "How long have you been here, watching me? Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you contact me?"

    Her mother put a hand on her shoulder. "I made a promise to myself…that I would only intervene if it was necessary. You are strong Jai'ika, you can handle yourself. I didn't want to take that away from you. As well I just couldn't stand by and leave you in danger."

    "Kote," Maur said tears forming in his eyes. "You're back." That was all he had to say as he wrapped his arms around her again. He held no ill will, no anger at her leaving him, of being on planet and not calling him, of all the things she'd done to him. Jai couldn't see under her mother's helmet but, she could tell, just from the way the older woman held herself that there was a bit of shame, of unease at avoiding her husband for this long.

    "Yes cyar'ika," she replied knot in her throat arms holding him close. "I'm back…sorry for not…"

    "Don't worry about it. I'm sure you had your reasons."

    "I didn't…I…" He pulled off her helmet and quieted her with a kiss. Her long blonde hair, just like her daughter's spilled out from underneath, her brown eyes with faint wrinkles around them widened.

    Jai turned away, even as an adult, her parents being affectionate made her uncomfortable.

    Looking out into the city, the sounds of battle were dying down, a few scattered skirmishes were happening but, nothing like the full scale battle that they'd just been through. The body count would be known in the morning, Jai knew it wouldn't be good.

    "Ms. Buteo." It was Syrnola Kariz’e, the woman that hired the mandalorian. "Why are you not with Logan?"

    "The situation was fluid, things were moving quickly and I had to get him out of there as quickly as possible. I was going to be right behind him but, the White Star cut me off."

    "We hired you to protect him, to stay by his side. You didn't do that."

    "Calm down, I did my best." That was a lie, she stepped away to help her dad, and fulfill the other contract she had going.

    "I'm sorry Ms. Buteo, but, I'm afraid we are suspending you, pending review of you contract." That sounded like a fancy way of saying

    'You're fired.'

    "I understand."

    "We will have our people deliver your effects to your apartment." It wasn't much just a bottle of One Eye.

    "Understood. I hope we can work together in the future."

    "We'll see." Yeah, her tone said it all, this contract was over, time to find another one.

    "Jai," The now former bodyguard quirked her head hearing a voice in her helmet.


    "Yeah, you doing ok, you took a lot of hits."

    "I'll be fine," As if to make her a lair her knee shot pain through her, "Just some bruises."

    "Thanks for saving my sister."

    "You helped."

    "I was just doing what I could. You got her out of there. Thanks. I'll have payment sent to you."

    "Hey Raka,"


    "How does the deal work if I lose my contract because it?"

    "What…they ended your contract. You got the golden boy out."

    "Yeah, but, I didn't stay with him."

    "Hm…that's rough." The line was quiet, for a long time.


    "I'm thinking, give me a sec." Jai waited for well more than a second. "I have an idea, how would you like another contract."

    "I'm listening…"

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    Bonus potential in the conference semifinals to Nar Shaddaa and Ralltiir. Best of luck to everyone who's not Stewjon. ;)

    Conference Semifinals
    (3) Onderon Beast Riders at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (23-40)
    (3) Stewjon Metropolitans at (2) Ralltiir Starkillers (13-1)

    Conference Finals
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Carratos Pirates
    (3) Stewjon Metropolitans at (1) Bakura Miners

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Druckenwell (28) and Tatooine (28)

    LFL Play – Offs
    Druckenwell Marksmen (6) @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (3) (7-4)
    Thyferra Force (5) @ Honoghr Honor (4) (11-3)


    Druckenwell Marksmen (6) @ Atzerri Bandits (2)
    Thyferra Force (5) @ Concordia Crusaders (1)

    Futures Cup Finals
    ? vs ?

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    HSN Headlines
    • Coruscant Senators reportedly interested in interviewing Associate Coach Cuth Hulu of Bakura Miners for head coaching position
      • Hulu has repeatedly said he is only willing to leave the Miners for an ELL head coach position
      • Miners have reportedly given permission for Hulu to interview at the conclusion of the Miners' season

    287 Season Award Ballot
    Salbukk Award (League MVP)
    • Leigh Cavanaugh (Carratos Pirates)
    • Niskat Deenever (Bakura Miners)
    • Shady Lereoux (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the year)
    • Flag Ly'ton (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Narra Korsio (Onderon Beast Riders)
    • Moonjoy (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Langann Award (Coach of the year)
    • Logan Manx-Sandin (Carratos Pirates)
    • Dash Stonlon (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Gaeriel Valerii (Bakura Miners)
    Grames Award (GM of the year)
    • Addison Karr (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Richard Vigo (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Adenn Vizsla (Mando'ade Mercs)
    Duchess Eldin Award (For sportsmanship and athletic excellence)
    • Corvo Antilles (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Christine Gamble (Coruscant Senators)
    • Kara Suryesh (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Vigo Award (For perseverance and dedication to the sport of limmie)
    • Andres Fortune (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Logan Manx-Sandin (Carratos Pirates)
    • The Rancor Pitt team (Mando'ade Mercs)
    Comeback Player of the Year
    • Lizbit Comstock (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Jolla Pic (Bakura Miners)
    • Erin Windreaver (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Nominations were light this year, so this is what you get when I'm left with minimal input. ;) Votes are due before the Conference Final scores are released on August 13.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @CPL_Macja @Darth_Elu @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    HSN Headlines

    • Kara Sureysh, Andres Fortune and Dev Poletin all announce their retirement from the game of Limmie
    • Richard Vigo confirms rumors that he has asked his brother Tomas to consider playing for the Starkillers next season
    • Speculation runs wild about what position Tomas will play if he joins the Starkillers next season. He played midfield as a youngster, his brother Bartholomew played Forward and won two Galactic Cups as a Starkiller, Tomas himself was coached often by defensive masterminds Trey Till and Ty Allin.
    • Many analysts on Ralltiir doubt Tomas' abilities to play any position professionally pointing out UTA's lack to rank at all in the top 25 last season.
    • Noah and Wylla Till welcome a son Russell Till
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    IC: Andres Fortune

    “Are the movers gone yet?” Marty called from his new bedroom.

    “Left ten minutes ago,” I called back. “Why don’t you come out here and help us chose a place to order take out from?”

    “I thought you wanted Corellian?” Zoey said from beside me.

    “I do,” I assured her. “It should be a family decision.”

    “I already agreed to Corellian. I got my hopes up. Don’t let Marty ruin it.” Zoey warns.

    “No one is going to ruin anything,” I proclaim. I mean it too. After a long week in court the divorce was final and the kids were officially mine, except for every other weekend and holiday. We’d found the perfect house to buy. All of our stuff was officially in the house. There was the small chore of unpacking, but I have some spare time.

    Finally Marty walks into the kitchen. There aren’t many boxes in this room. We’ll be buying mostly new dishes, silverware and furniture. I didn’t get much out of the house my ex-wife had claimed in the settlement. I wasn’t too worried though. Objects were replaceable. The kids, it would have been so painful to lose them. “I don’t care what we eat,” he says. “As long as we eat soon. I’m starving!”

    “Corellian it is!” I say pulling up the menu on my data pad.

    That night we sleep on the floor, we have blankets and pillows, but my back hurts so bad in the morning I can’t stand up. I reach for my pills and I can’t find them. “Looking for these?” I hear Zoey ask as she shakes the bottle in my doorway.

    “Where’d you get those?” I ask.

    “You promised to stop taking these,” Zoey reminds me. “The doctor told Marty they are habit forming and they ruin your kidneys.”

    “Well you better come help me up,” I say reaching my hand out.

    Zoey laughs as I slowly make my way to my feet, “Yeeeow!” I cry once I’m erect. Zoey just laughs harder.

    There’s no food in the house so once my back is stretched and a little less sore we get in the speeder to find some breakfast. “We need to buy a holo,” Marty reminds me.

    “I think we should buy beds,” I say.

    “My father offered to decorate the house,” Zoey chimes in.

    “I don’t know about that,” I say.

    “He’ll buy the furniture, paint the walls, even new carpets,” Zoey pleads.

    “Your dad decorates houses for pompous rich people,” I remind her.

    “We are pompous rich people,” she reminds me.

    During breakfast we browse some holo sites for furniture, I realize that we also need towels for the feshers, dishes for the kitchen and even artwork for the walls. “Call your father,” I say to Zoey.


    “There’s no way I can do all this. I need a bed with a mattress delivered by tonight though,” I say.

    That evening we sit on pillows in the living room watching our brand new holo. The pregame analysis of the Bakura/Stewjon game fills my senses. “Are you sure it’s okay to watch this. It doesn’t make you sad?” Marty asks.

    “Well it makes me a little sad,” I admit. “But along the way your dad has accomplished a lot of goals. I played Limmie in high school, I received a scholarship from UC Bella Vistal, I was drafted in the first round and I played 13 seasons in the ELL for three different teams. Most beings would kill to experience what I have.”

    My data pad vibrates. “Aren’t you going to answer that?” Zoey asks.

    “I don’t recognize the number,” I reply.

    “It might be the mattress delivery,” she reminds me.

    Quickly I pick up the call. “Andres, gosh you’re a difficult guy to get a hold of. Don’t you ever pick up a call?”

    “Not when I don’t know who’s calling. Who is this?” I ask.

    “Kaat, Kaat Stun, duh? I work for RSN now, Ralltiir Sports Network. I’ve been trying to call you because the network wants to offer you a broadcasting job. And they think that since we used to work together I should be able to convince you. So what do you say?”

    “This better not be some kind sick joke,” I say.

    “Ugh, you really think I’d waste my time playing a prank? Seriously the name is Stun not Allin. So what do you say? They have a contract all written out for you. Salary is negotiable, but I don’t even know what they’re offering.”

    I hesitate. I had just retired. Wasn’t I supposed to take some time off? The kids are listening and they are motioning for me to say yes. Nodding their heads rapidly. “Sure, why not.” I decide.

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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "The Final Four has finally finished and fierfek was it fantastic!"

    "The Skimmer Ade Bowl saw number four ranked GVSU take down..."

    "Kill me now."

    "...the overall number one seeded University of Zeltros, 25 to 17."

    "Didn't even seem that close, the Pilots just dominated them."

    "In the Dos Iziz Bowl, KMI kept up their late heroics by tying the game against Wookiee Forrest Institute at 21 with a last second netter. But the Warriors couldn't keep it going in OT as the number three team beats the number seven 23 to 22 when the Warriors last shot clanged off the bar as OT expired."

    "Thought they had it with the way they played down the stretch."

    "Yeah me too."

    "So that all means that next week, here on Mandalore we'll see the championship game played out between GVSU...."

    "I'm boycotting the game."

    "...and the Wookiee Forrest Institute at Meshla Vhetin for the Beskar Bowl presented by MandalMotors."

    "Gonna be a good one."

    "Not for me..."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    GCAA Limmie Championship Game

    Beskar Bowl, presented by ManddalMotors: #4 Grand Vulptur System University vs. #3 Wookiee Forrest Institute
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    OOC: Time to throw down the mic......sing it, Whitney.

    IC: Austin Vehn


    A few hours before the game

    Austin didn't know what had just happened. One minute he was escorting Addison off the team shuttle and the next he was making love to her in a hotel on Carratos in the most passionate way he knew.

    Hours passed as the pair stayed together, connecting, sharing, ignorant to the world and galaxy around them. It was a welcome relief from the weeks of stress that being hunted had caused. Now, the pair cuddled together as the playoff game against Carratos marched toward them in the back of their minds.

    "Never let me go," Addison whispered.

    "It's not that easy," Austin said as he slowly pulled away.

    "What are you talking about? What's wrong?" Addison asked, "if you're worried about Gryffyn, you don't need to worry anymore. He's gone. All we have now is one another. To be honest, you're off the hook. You don't need to protect me anymore."

    "You don't understand," Austin said as he rolled away, sat up in bed, and planted his feet firmly on the floor. He buried his hands in his face as he fought off his concerns. His back was to Addison but he felt her burning gaze searching through him as if she herself were Force sensitive.

    "Talk to me, Austin," Addison said stroking his back, "don't shut me out."

    "I nearly lost myself to darkness and ruin when I rescued you," Austin said, "and I promised myself long ago I would turn from the path of taking lives by any means necessary. I had enough killing to last me a lifetime during the war. I never thought I'd have to take so many lives to get to you. I failed myself."

    "Do you have regrets?" Addison asked.

    Austin shook his head. "Never. No regret at all. I will never regret saving your life. The only thing I regret is that I am lost. I am not the same man who started this journey with you weeks ago. I don't know who I am anymore."

    "You're Austin Vehn, a Jedi, a bodyguard, and," Addison said as she sidled up next to Austin, "my love."

    "Ex-Jedi," Austin corrected, "and soon to be former bodyguard. As for love, I've done some dark things. I've made some poor choices."

    "Hey," Addison said placing her hand on Austin's cheek, "I chose you. Never doubt that. Never doubt that our paths crossed at just the right time in our lives. Trust me when I say that you will find your way again. Have faith, Austin. Have faith in us."

    "I wish it were that simple," Austin mumbled.

    "It is," Addison said, "trust me, it is. Don't shut me out, Austin."

    "I need some space," Austin said as he slipped out of bed.

    "Austin, please, don't leave," Addison pleaded.

    "You're safe on Carratos," Austin said as he slipped into his clothes. "Nobody is coming after you here."

    "Don't leave me," Addison cried out, "frak you, don't leave me. I'm nothing! I'm nothing without you."

    Austin turned as he was about to leave the room, "You're everything, Addison. You don't need me anymore."

    "Don't walk away from me! I love you!" Addison said raising her voice.

    Austin paused and replied, "That's the problem."

    Austin slipped out of the hotel room and heard a loud crash hit the door as he closed it shut. He closed his eyes and sighed. Life wasn't working out quite the way he'd intended. He'd been shut out of the Jedi Order because of his loyalty to his family and now he was shutting out the one woman who truly saw him and loved him for what he truly was, a good man.

    Five minutes before the start of the game

    Austin kept a watchful eye on Addison from a distance. He kept to the shadows as she encouraged the team to take the field. He knew the implications of this playoff game against Carratos. It was a chance for the Smugglers to return to the Final and hopefully win it all. A lot was riding on this game.

    "She seems sad," Thaddeus Karr said as he stood next to Austin. "I find that ironic because she is just a few steps away from lifting the Galactic Cup trophy above her head."

    "She carries a heavy burden," Austin pointed out.

    "Spoken like someone who understands the feeling," Thaddeus said.

    "Why are you here?" Austin asked.

    "I came to pay you for your services. Addison told me that she no longer requires your protection. I let her know it wasn't exactly our agreement but I'm not going to argue with her," Thaddeus said as he reached inside his suit jacket for a datapad.

    "I don't need the money," Austin replied.

    Thaddeus hesitated and a slight smile crossed his worn face. "I know you don't. What you need is a good kick in the pants. My daughter loves you. She trusts you. Frak, Austin, I've never seen her more happy than when she's with you. How could you walk out on her?"

    Austin lowered his head in shame. "We were so careful. How did you know?"

    "Addison and I have a very close relationship. I could tell something was off. She told me everything," Thaddeus explained, "and I think you're making a big mistake."

    "I don't know what to do," Austin said.

    "You need to fight for her," Thaddeus advised.

    "I've done enough fighting," Austin replied.

    Thaddeus shook his head, "You mistake my meaning. I'm not asking you to fight for her with your lightsaber. I'm asking you to fight for her with your heart. Open yourself up. Trust your feelings."

    "What if I don't know how to," Austin said.

    "Then you've already admitted defeat. Any man who does that doesn't deserve my daughter's love," Thaddeus replied. "You need to go to her."

    Addison lingered at the entrance to the tunnel. Austin knew he had to make a move. It was as if he were journeying across no man's land again. This time, instead of blaster bolts flying, it was something far more sinister: his own demons.

    Austin took one step, than another, and as he drew closer to Addison he thought of all the things he wanted to say. Thaddeus was right. Addison had been right as he left the room. Perhaps, in their own way, the Jedi Council had been right when they asked him to make a choice. A choice he wasn't ready to make. The choice loomed before him now. The running had to stop.

    It was time to leave the past behind.

    "Addison?" Austin said as he emerged from the shadows.

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    IC: Jai'galaar 'Jai' Buteo
    Jai's 'Real' Apartment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    "We are still getting reports of lightfights in parts of the city," The holoprojector sounded from the living room, "The death toll has not been fully accounted yet but, conservative estimates put the dead at 30-40, with hundreds more injured."

    "I'm fine Buir," Jai said to her mother who was applying ice to her injured knee in the kitchen. The joint had swollen to nearly the size of a bolo ball.

    "No you are not, look at this, it is already in swelling."

    "I just need to put it up,"

    "You need to put it up and keep ice on it."

    "Listen to your mother." Her father called from the door way leading into the living room. He had a simple disposable cup in his hand, no doubt containing a dram of Golden Eye Rum. "You've been through quite a lot recently, you deserve a little rest."

    "We all deserve a little rest." Kote added, finishing wrapping up her daughter's injured knee. "There, take a seat on the couch, put up your leg." As Jai made her way her father moved to brace her, help her hobble on her bad leg.

    He got her to the sofa putting a pillow underneath her let to elevate it.

    It was nice to be back home, in her somewhat less smartly appointed space. It lacked the modern design of Shield Towers but, it felt more lived in. The threadbare and slightly stained sofa, the mismatched chairs, the years old holoprojector, it was all well used and homey.

    "Let's change this shall we." Her father said as he changed the channel. He flipped through a few until he fell on a documentary about the development of the most recent X-Wing design. Things that fly were her father's passion. He enjoyed watching craft of any kind cutting their way through the sky and stars. Jai couldn't deny that she liked it a bit too, seeing the nimble craft bank and turn powerfully yet gracefully across the sky. Her mother seemed to tolerate it as any rate. She entered with two cups in her hand. Handing one to Jai she sat down in the other chair across from her husband.

    The family sat drinking rum watching X-Wings, old and new dogfighting, banking diving struggling against each other for better position. In a small way it was like limmie the two players jockeying for position. Except in the skies, one touch between the two bodies would result in more than just a penalty, or tackle.

    They were quiet just letting the voice over sound, it had been years since they had all been together. Now that they were it was like there was nothing left to say. That everything they'd been through today and the actions taken had more than spoken for how they felt. Jai's mom stepped in when her family was in true danger. Her father finally had the time to spend with his family, and fought to keep himself alive to see them. Jai had been lonely and reaching out for her loved ones, finally she had them.

    "So you going to be hanging around for a bit?" Maur asked his wife.

    Kote looked down staring into her cup. Jai looked to her eyes wide, waiting for her answer. If her mother was going to stick around, just for a little while that would mean everything to her and her father.

    "Yeah, a week or two," Jai and her father share a smile, "I'll look for jobs closer afterwards."

    "You know, I could come with you." Maur said, "Just like the old days."

    Again Jai's mother looked down.

    "It would be dangerous, we could both die."

    "We could have died today but, we had each other. Was it any different before Jai was born?"

    "But, Jai'ika." Jai turned her head towards the older woman, "If something were to happen to us…"

    She didn't want to say it but, it was a hazard of their chosen profession, you could not come back from a job.

    Jai was quiet thinking about it, trying to imagine the pain she would feel at losing both her parents. She then looked to her father, how heartbroken would he be if he lost his wife, the woman he's loved for most of his life by this point. She didn't want to think about it but, which was worse? She'd be in pain either way, losing both whether they were together or not, her father would never be the same if he lost her mother.

    "You two can make your own decisions, I'm grown up now, you don't have to worry over me." She took another deep gulp of rum, steadying her nerves. "If you want to work together again, do that."

    "But, what if…"

    "Then you would have gone out together, I can think of no better end for you both." She looked down, blue eyes welling up with tears, "Will I be said, yeah." Her head came up tears finally falling from her eyes despite the smile on her face, "But, it would have been the way you would have wanted to go. And I would still have your eyes dad, and your strength buir. Besides, I don't think I could take watching one of you suffer without the other. You were meant to be together. You can't change that."

    She sniffled a little wiping the tears from her cheeks. "Wow, this is some strong stuff." She said holding up her cup. Looking at her parents they were both misty eyed, just gazing into each other's eyes.

    Yeah it was just the alcohol talking.

    "This isn't me allowing you to throw your lives away." Jai continued in a more somber tone. "I will still be angry at you both that you didn't come back, that you both were stupid enough to get yourselves killed. You keep each other safe out there. And…and…if you ever find yourself in trouble, you call me, you tell me and I'll be there as soon as I can be, to save you."

    Her father got to his feet, quickly followed by her mother. They made their way over to her and put their arms around her and each other.

    "You're going to have to start forwarding your phone then."

    "Fine, I should have done that a while ago."

    They all hold each other close, in a group embrace, none of them wanting to let go.

    They were finally together.

    "Let's do this again." Maur spoke up knot in his throat. "After the Skywalker Final? We can meet here, have dinner together?"

    "Sure dad."

    "Alright cyar'ika."

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    GM Post

    Well, well, well. Conference finals. Bonus potential for all the teams that matter (who are still playing, at least--plenty other teams matter if you ask me!): Bakura (carried over from last week), Carratos, and Nar Shaddaa.

    Conference Finals
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Carratos Pirates (21-4)
    (3) Stewjon Metropolitans at (1) Bakura Miners (17-32)

    131st Galactic Cup Final
    Mesh’la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore

    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs. (1) Bakura Miners

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 @Vehn
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    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for: Druckenwell (28), Concordia (28) and Atzerri (28)

    LFL Semifinals
    Druckenwell Marksmen (6) @ Atzerri Bandits (2) (10-24)
    Thyferra Force (5) @ Concordia Crusaders (1) (16-8)

    Futures Cup Finals
    Mesh’la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore
    Atzerri Bandits (2) vs Thyferra Force (5)

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    IC: Declan Trieste
    Central Comedy

    (OOC: I’ve been waiting to use this song all know...get it? ;)--and I think the moment has finally come.)

    “Live from Stewjon, this is the Nightly Show with Rurra Eshka’mos.”

    Familiar, upbeat theme music played to the sound of the live studio audience applauding the gray, elderly Bothan who had become synonymous with hilarious political commentary on the galaxy’s hottest issues.

    “Welcome to the Nightly Show!” Rurra hollered over the crowd applause. “I’m Rurra Eshka’mos. Thank you thank you thank you! And, wow, do we have a show for you tonight. Our guest is Jedi Master Flargramoth, who’s going to talk with us about the situation in Anoat right now. Very powerful stuff, a real amazing story he has to share with us. It’s going to warm your heart.

    “But first,” Eshka’mos said as he turned towards camera two, “we have to discuss a sad situation. Now, this might surprise you--and I say that because many beings are surprised to learn this about me--but I happen to be a fan of a little team, a club if you will, called the Stewjon Metropolitans.”

    The audience laughed and cheered--anyone who’d seen even one episode of the show knew that Rurra was the #1 Mets fan in the galaxy.

    “Yes, I know--shocking,” Rurra deadpanned to further chuckles. “Now, if you roll your memory back all the way to the long off day of...yesterday--” Once again more laughter. “--you may recall that the Mets were playing in the Solo Conference Final. Now, I was actually at a weekend-long conference on Huttese Conversational Nuances, so I actually missed the game. Now, let me just get my popcorn--” Rurra brought out a large bowl of the buttery snack, “--and let me get my fizz--” followed by a giant plastic cup full of sugary beverage, “--and let’s just settle in and see how the game went! I’m just going to take a nice long sip of my fizz here while I watch. Chuck--roll 2:12!” Eshka’mos’s face was one of pure innocent anticipation.

    The feed cut to HSN coverage of the Mets/Miners game from Bakura Gardens. Noah Trevor had his hands on his head, having just kicked the bolo-ball wide of the uprights yet again.

    “...and for a team that looked so absolutely impressive last week against a Starkillers team that I think could have gone all the way, this has been nothing but a disaster for the Mets,” Colin Krisworth, the color commentator said over the footage.

    The video cut back to Rurra who was sipping his soda noisily through a straw, looking off screen. His gaze returned to the home audience as he released his lips’ grip on the straw. “What, you thought I was going to do the spit take gag? I’m a Mets fan! Disappointment is our bread and butter!” Rurra cried. “Sudden bursts of optimism after a thrilling playoff victory followed by inevitably crushing defeat!”

    The audience gave a long “awww” of sympathy.

    “No no no,” Rurra said waving his hand. “It’s okay. We know how to handle this. I mean, I’m sure we’re already in full ‘we’ll get them next season’ mode down at Kenobi Field on locker cleanout day. It’s okay, it’s’ve been through this before buddy.” Rurra paused and brushed a faux tear from his eye. “But, you know, the team I really feel badly for is the Miners.” There were some assorted chuckles. “No, seriously. I mean, we’ve been hearing their former owner, Kerry Trieste, former Republican Chancellor and friend of the show, moan for years about the ‘Core World bias’ inherent in galactic sports reporting, especially when it comes to Bakuran limmie. Let’s listen to the absolute denigration of the Miners that followed.”

    The game feed resumed. “If one team has looked like what we’ve come to expect from them this season, it’s the Miners, who running rampant all over the Mets like the record-setting offense that they put up this year,” Mike Al-Als said. “I mean, this team is just playing fantastic limmie. It almost doesn’t get better than this.”

    “I’m going to say it right now: Gaeriel Valerii--stupendous job this season righting the ship. Niskat Deenever--silenced the critics about her worthiness to be captain,” Krisworth said. “Jolla Pic--earned every last credit of that fat contract she got when the seers and sages were saying she was too old to deserve it. Top to bottom, the Bakura Miners are an amazing comeback story. If you could nominate an entire team for Comeback Player of the Year Award, they would have my vote, hands down.”

    Returning to the studio, Eshka’mos gave the camera his best you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me look. “‘Core world bias.’ Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.” The audience laughed. “But if I know HSN--and I know HSN--they weren’t finished there. See if you can pick out, from a team full of all-stars on their way to their fourth Galactic Cup Final in five years, exactly who they think is the real hero of this Miners team.

    The game feed resumed with Mike Al-Als saying, “And Declan Trieste, owner of the Miners, could not look happier right now.”

    On cue, the look at the Noble House box showed a pleased-as-punch Governor of Telaan Valley sitting back, completely relaxed. He had one arm around his wife’s shoulder and in the opposite hand was a drink. It seemed the celebration was beginning a little early even though there was a lot of the second half left to play and a 13 point lead for the home team.

    “Like I said earlier this season,” Krisworth continued, “good things happen when the Miners get a new owner.”

    “It looked touchy there at the start, but the Miners ended the season with five straight wins to cruise to a Commissioner’s Trophy,” Al-Als said.

    “And that’s not going to be the only trophy that goes in the case for the offseason, not by a long shot. The only question is how many now. And if one person is responsible for all of that, it’s got to be Declan for his steady hand at the controls.”

    Eshka’mos came back on the screen. “You hear that Quinn Cundertol? You’re not the great architect behind a worst-in-the-conference-to-first-in-the-conference comeback! It’s pretty boy Governor sitting up there signing the checks!” The audience howled at that. “I mean, look at him!”

    They put up a still image of Declan looking youthful and exuberant.

    “How old is he? 38? He looks like he’s in his 20s! Oh, wait, that’s right, I forgot. It’s 2.5 galactic years to 1 Bakuran year when it comes to age--they’re like nexu years--so…” Eshka’mos scribbled on his script as if he was doing longhand math. “...carry the two...take the square root...what the--!” Central Comedy tactfully bleeped the following word. “--he’s only like 15!” Rurra laughed genuinely at that and the audience joined him. It was so funny to the Bothan that he actually pounded his desk a couple of times with an open palm in enjoyment before he composed himself. “But, oh, don’t worry, HSN wasn’t done. Here’s them towards the end of the game.”

    “And there you see Declan Trieste on the sidelines as the final minutes tick off,” Al-Als narrated over footage of Declan, Ayn, and their children watching the game from field level. “This is a moment he’s probably dreamed about from childhood.”

    “You know, I talked to Declan yesterday and asked him what he thought it would feel like if the Miners won their fourth Solo Conference championship in five years and the first on his watch,” Krisworth said. Declan took his wife’s hand as the color commentator spoke. “He didn’t even hesitate. He said, ‘It’ll feel great for all of about half an hour, and then I’m going to think about the championship I really want.’”

    “If it were me, I think I’d give it a full hour to enjoy the win,” Al-Als joked.

    “When you meet and talk to this being, it is very clear that his eyes have been on one prize the entire time,” Colin continued. “He is not going to settle for anything short of the Galactic Cup--and neither are these fans.”

    “Oh yes. The poor Miner fans,” Rurra cut in. He pretended to cry. “‘Oh, life is so hard. We have a thriving information economy and we live a flibbertyjillion years because we just get new organs whenever we want them. Woe is us.’” The audience enjoyed that bit.

    Over Rurra’s shoulder was a still image Declan and Ayn, their kids tactfully omitted. “So let’s just look at Mr. and Mrs. Tarkin--I mean Trieste here. If I was an aspiring painter, I think I’d capture this moment and call it ‘Bakuran Gothic.’ It’s got a nice ring to it. It’s just so us-against-the-galaxy, you know? I mean, these are two people who when you look at them absolutely do not say ‘We’re totally going to take over the galaxy like this was a TV series called Noble House of Cards.’ Nope, not one bit.” The audience laughed heartily.

    “But, if you know ELL limmie, then you know there’s one shining hope left. That’s the touch-the-conference-trophy curse. Now, statistically, if you look at it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all a load of hokey religions and ancient weapons, if you will. However, in 283 and 284, the Miners touched the Galactic Cup and promptly lost the Final. In 285, nobody on the team wanted to touch the Solo Conference Trophy. Except…”

    There was a sudden sound like the heavens parting and a top-down spotlight illuminated Rurra.

    “Yes, that’s right, the Chosen One!”

    A picture appeared over Rurra’s shoulder of Horst Penn lifting the Solo Conference Trophy over his head with his mouth open in a celebratory yell. The audience howled with laughter.

    “And, of course, the Miners lost. Now, if there’s one thing that can save this terrible, terrible day, it is Horst Penn. Come on Horsty. Don’t let me down now!” Rurra was leaning over the desk with anticipation.

    The feed cut back to the presentation of the Solo Conference Trophy to Niskat Deenever and Jolla Pic, the captain and assistant captain respectively. The audio was cut so Eshka’mos could narrate. Deenever and Pic shook hands with the league official.

    “Okay, so we’ve got a classic double avoidance going down here…”

    Deenever and Pic stood next to the table, opposite the league official. Neither of them so much as touched the League tablecloth as they posed for the picture.

    “And this is when Horst strikes!”

    Deenever and Pic remained smiling and nothing happened.

    “And he strikes!” Rurra repeated.

    The two players shook hands again with the official and walked away...and nothing happened.

    “And now he strikes!” Rurra tried one more time.

    But Penn didn’t appear. Instead, the league official walked away with the Solo Conference Trophy in his arms.

    The video cut back to a confused and disappointed Rurra. “Wait, where was Horst? Wait--Chuck--roll 2:12!”

    The video clip was of Horst shaking hands with Declan and speaking without audio. It looked like a regular handshake between an owner and a star player, who also happened to be cousin in-laws with each other. And the handshake kept going...and going...and going...and going...and going…

    “Holy Sithspit, Declan’s using the Never-Ending Handshake of Doom to keep Horst from touching the trophy!” Rurra exclaimed over the footage of the two smiling and the handshake continuing.

    They cut back to Rurra. “This means only one thing: the Miners truly are the Evil Empire of limmie.” The audience laughed at that. “By the way, where’s that Final being played?”

    They cut to a clip of Mike Al-Als during the postgame celebration with confetti and general jubilation on Bakura. “Three years ago, the Miners played Mando’ade for the Cup. Two years ago, the Miners played Mando’ade for the Cup. This year, they will play for the Galactic Cup at Mandalore, and use Mando’ade’s home facilities.”

    The video returned to Rurra. “And remind me what the local Mandalorian announcers had to say about Declan earlier this season?”

    They showed video from the Week 1 game between the Miners and Mercs with the local Mandalorian

    “It’s a sign he’s a burk’yc alor. No ijaa,” the play-by-play commentator said. “Can’t parjir on the vhetin, then bikadinir in the norac like a hut’uun.”

    “You can say that again. He better think twice before showing his face on Manda’yim next season.”

    The view returned to Rurra, who started waving his hand energetically in farewell to the Miners. “Have a fun trip on Mandalore guys!” The audience laughed. “We’ll be right back.”

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @Vehn
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    IC: Austin Vehn


    Addison tore her attention away from the field as the game began. She studied Austin quietly with those deep, understanding, compassionate eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. It was as if she was expecting a gust of wind to take up her sails but no wind came.

    Austin stepped closer. He was within arm's reach now. He wanted to draw Addison close to him and kiss her. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. He wanted to commit to her because she represented everything that his life could be. In her there were no more mistakes or failures. There was only acceptance. There was only the future.

    "I thought you'd left," Addison said she her attention returned to the game.

    "I nearly did but I remembered that I never leave a job incomplete," Austin replied.

    "Unless that job requires you to love the person you're protecting," Addison said.

    "I'm not leaving," Austin replied. He didn't address the use of the word love. Not yet, anyways.

    "You say that but when the going gets rough are you going to run?" Addison asked as she looked at Austin with skepticism. "I wasn't asking much from you, Austin. All I wanted was for you to stay."

    "I'm staying, I promise. I'm not going anywhere. Give me a chance, Addison," Austin said, "please, give me a chance."

    "I need to know that what we have is more than a job to you. I need to know, Austin," Addison demanded.

    "When your father needed protection for you I signed up without a moment's hesitation. I knew it was my chance to do something good with my life."

    The crowd roared as the Smugglers made a defensive save.

    "I suppose you need to focus on the game," Austin said as his attention returned to the field.

    "There's not much I can do. What happens out there is out of my control. I only hope Mylessa can guide them to a victory. This is a hard venue to win in and many great teams have flamed out against Carratos," Addison replied.

    "Looks like one of the Pirate forwards, Leigh Cavanaugh, went down with an injury," Austin observed.

    "That's going to hurt them pretty bad," Addison pointed out. "I expect Meredith Chambers-Vayne to develop a gameplan to shut the Carratos attack down."

    "You should get out there. You need to be there for the team," Austin said.

    "What about you?"

    "I will do what I've always done, Addison. Watch from the shadows," Austin replied.
    Tag: @galactic-vagabond422 (we talked about the Cavanaugh injury)
    OOC: More to come.....
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    IC: Andres Fortune

    Zoey may have confiscated the remaining pills I had left over from my days with the Starkillers but she wasn’t able to stop me from buying painkillers from the drugstore. They were the only thing that got me through the flight to Mandalore. While the kids visited battlefields and museums with my parents I was shown around the awards hall and a briefing/dress rehearsal of the awards show I had somehow been tricked into hosting this evening.

    I thought it was just an assignment for RSN, I’d commentate from the side, make remarks about how I felt about the winners and losers to viewers back home. No, I was hosting the whole damn show. Tux and all. I really wanted to be out looking at the arsenal my son was enjoying right now. At least I had gotten out of taking Zoey to get her nails and hair done for the events tonight. My mom was enjoying that pleasure.

    By the time people began to arrive for the awards I was starving. I didn’t want to be too full while on the air, I already felt a little fat in the tux, so I had passed all the snacks that had been brought around during rehearsal. I paced around nervously back stage. “Water?” Mr. Fortune, people kept asking. I didn’t want to have to hold my bladder so I turned down the offer.

    Finally the lights dimmed and I heard my introduction. “Please welcome tonight’s host. 13 year Veteran and Newly Retired Full Forward formally of the Ralltiir Starkillers, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers and the Mandalore Mercs.” There was some applause for each team I had played on the loudest by far for the home team.

    I walked out on stage and waved. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I guess you’re wondering why out of all the beings in the Galaxy I was chosen to host these awards. After all I demanded to be traded from the Mercs,” I pause as a few random people boo and a few others actually cheer. “Two weeks ago my teammates and I weren’t even able to score more than one point against the Metropolitans,” I pause again. Just one lame joke I remember. After that I present the awards and get out of here. “With the loss our season came to an end and I had some time available. So here I am!”

    “I consider myself one of the luckiest beings in the Galaxy. Maybe I never won a Galactic Cup, but for over a decade I was able to make a living playing a game I’ve enjoyed since childhood. Some of those playing with us this season were children just yesterday. It’s not easy breaking your way into the ELL, but these young folks did such a great job that they’ve been nominated for the Ingbrand award. Tonight’s nominees are Flag Ly’ton of the Mandoade Mercs, Narra Korsio of the Onderon Beast Riders and Monnjoy of the Ralltiir Starkillers. The winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Moonjoy, Ralltiir Starkillers

    “The next award I’ll be presenting tonight is to the Coach who is tasked with the duties of a parent reigning in these kids. And trust me when I tell you that even us veterans need some reigning in every once in a while. The nominees for the Langann Award are Logan Max-Sandin of the Carratos Pirates, Dash Stonlon of the Ralltiir Starkillers and Gariel Valerii of the Bakura Miners. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Logan Max-Sandin, Carratos Pirates

    “We move on now to the beings who put in all the time behind the scenes. These beings work relentlessly to put teams together, help draw out contracts and every detail in between. They are the General Managers. Please join me in congratulating these nominees Addison Karr of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, Richard Vigo of the Ralltiir Starkillers and Adenn Vizla of the Mando’ade Mercs. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Addison Karr

    “Our next award is for the Comeback Player of the Year. A being who overcame doubt and persevered. The nominees are Lizbit Comstock of the Ralltiir Starkilers, Jolla Pic of the Bakura Miners and Erin Windreaver of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Erin Windreaver, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

    “On to a personal favorite award of mine. As most of you know I spent the greatest amount of my tenure as a player for the Ralltiir Starkillers. One of the greatest honors of my life was when I was traded to the team and welcomed by Martin Vigo. He was a relatively new owner at the time, but he was making waves and I knew the team was headed in the right direction. He’s no longer with us, but he’s made an impression on me and many others that will never be forgotten. In fact my one and only son is named after him. This year’s nominees for the Vigo Award are myself, Logan Manx-Sandin of the Carratos Pirates and The Rancor Pitt Team of the Mandoade Mercs. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Logan Manx-Sandin, Carratos Pirates

    “Another important aspect of Limmie is being a good teammate. This person may not make the most heroic plays, but without them behind the scenes the whole team can fall apart. This years nominees for the Duchess Eldin Award are Coryo Antilles of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs, Christine Gamble of the Coruscant Senators and Kara Suryesh of the Ralltiir Starkillers. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Kara Suryesh, Ralltiir Starkillers

    “Our final award is the Salbukk Award. This player made the biggest difference for their team. They literally eat, sleep and play Limmie. This year’s nominees are Leigh Cavanaugh of the Carrratos Pirates, Niskat Deenever of the Bakura Miners and Shady Lereoux of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. And the winner is…

    Show Spoiler
    Niskat Deenever, Bakura Miners

    “Thank you to everyone who joined us around the Galaxy this evening. Have a safe and wonderful evening.”

    After a late night meal I collapse into my hotel bed. We have an early flight in the morning and I forget to take any type of painkillers. I’m in such a hurry that I pack them in my luggage. Sometime during the flight I can feel my back begin to spasm. I’m afraid to ask a stewardess for anything because I know Zoey will overhear. It takes some effort, but I manage to stand when we land. I limp down the ramp and over to the area where our luggage is located. Without much thought I reach down to pick up my travel bag. The problem is I can’t stand back up. My back is locked.

    “Fortune come on,” I hear Zoey calling. Finally she comes to check on me. “What’s taking you so long?”

    I’m on my knees with my hand still clutched around the handle of my travel bag. “I can’t stand,” I say quietly.

    “What do you mean you can’t stand?” She says so loudly that beings turn to look.

    “Zoey,” I whisper harshly. “My back is locked up.”

    Zoey reaches around my waist and tries to help me stand. I can see Marty in the back ground watching. I feel myself fall to the ground. Zoey breaks the fall. Now I’m lying helpless on the ground in the spaceport and a crowd is gathering. It’s humiliating. Even more humiliating when paramedics arrive and load me onto a stretcher.


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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From Meshla Vhetin, on the greatest day..."

    "Night actually."

    "...of the ELL season. It's the Galactic Cup Championship game, so welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, broadcasting over the wave with the play by play for those of you in the sector, and I know there's a lot of you, who couldn't get tickets to the game. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker and Kitterich back at the studio, and oh baby we've been waiting all season for this one!"

    "Galactic Cup finals and we're hosting!"

    "Strange isn't it?"

    "What, us calling the game here on the Fandalorian or Meshla Vhetin hosting? Because this stadium has host..."

    "No, the Mercs not actually being in the Galactic Cup finals."

    "Ha. Yeah, that. it does seem rather strange, but after three straight years of dominating the league, the Mercs stunned us all by not making the post season, and now..."

    "Now we're stuck with this, a Miners/Strugglers..."

    "Wait, Strugglers? Did you say Strugglers?"

    "No, I said Smugglers."

    "I...I don't think you did."


    "You said Strugglers."

    "Now why would I call that team from Nal Hutta's..."


    "Yeah, he said Strugglers."

    "I did not!"

    "You really did."

    The audio was played back. "Now we're stuck with this, a Miners/Strugglers..."


    "Huh, well maybe I did."

    "We're so calling them that from now on."

    "I didn't mean to..."

    "Sure, sure."

    "But yeah, like I was saying we now have a Miners and Smugglers," he emphasized the correct pronunciation of the team's nickname, "here in the 287 Cup Finals and wow is it going to be a doozy."

    "These two teams have been pillars of the ELL for...well seemingly forever."

    "And now they meet again in the Cup finals for the first time in a long time."

    "A rematch 18 years in the making!"

    "Uhhh 28 actually."




    "Really, really."

    "I thought I heard 18."

    "It's 28..."

    "I've been telling folks 18 years all week!"

    "We know, and it's been hilarious."

    "I hate you."

    "I know."

    "...last time these two teams played for a Galactic cup title was way back in 259..."

    "Before there was even a Mercs franchise."

    "...and the Miners pulled off a close 18-15 win over the Strugglers..."

    "Oh yeah that caught on fast."

    "Long time for a franchise to hold a grudge, you think it matters at all here?"

    "For most teams, no, not at all. Something that long ago, most of the players on either side wouldn't remember that..."

    "Probably wouldn't even know unless it was brought up to them by the media."

    "...but for a franchise as old and proud as the Strugglers, yeah they know and I'm sure they're itching for revenge."

    "As if they need any more motivation on a night like this."

    "Sure, sure. Game like this you don't need any extra motivation out on the field, and if you do, well this probably isn't the right profession for you, but for the fans. Yeah they remember too, and as the old Mandalorian saying goes; 'Revenge is a dish best served cold.' And ya know what? It's very cold..."

    "Is that a Mandalorian phrase?"


    "I thought it was Kli..."

    "Doesn't matter..."


    "What does matter is that those fans are going to be fired up, and from what i can see out there, they've filled about half the stadium, so you've got roughly two millions of them out there crying out for revenge."

    "Yeah and another two million in Miners colors looking to reverse their recent Galactic Cup misfortunes."

    "They haven't won a Cup since Vizsla handed them one against the Mercs in 277."

    "Oh for three in three straight appearances for Bakura, with each loss being worse than the previous one."

    "Yeah, they beat the Mercs 38 to 24 in a tight game back in 277 for their last win."

    "Never would have scored that many on us without the inside scouting report from Vizsla."

    "And then the next year the Strugglers beat Monarchs in what was not only their last appearance in the Finals, but the start of three straight appearances for the Monarchs."

    "We know what that's like!"

    "Yeah, but while we won ours and it took the Monarchs until their their third try in a row to take home the Cup, the Miners fell flat in their three straight appearances, losing 37 to 35 to the Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    " 283. and then losing 36 to 18 in 284 and 25 to six in 285, both times to the Mercs."

    "Those losses will no doubt weigh heavily on the team, but you'd have to think they have a bit of an experience advantage going into this one right?"

    "Yeah, but like you said, there's some demons there too, and while the Miners would no doubt like to exorcise those demons, if things start getting away from them early it's going to play havoc with their psyche..."

    "A dreaded, 'Oh no, not again' moment?"


    "Well, the teams are taking the field for the announcement of starting lineups, so let's go down to the field and listen in for that and's the Galactic Cup Finals and it's coming up next!"

    TAG: @Vehn, @Trieste. Good luck to you both, I'd say make it a good one, but between the two of you, I know don't have to. ;) Couldn't resist throwing out a reference or two to some recent discussions in OOB. GCAA Finals scores coming tomorrow!
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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From Meshla Vhetin, on the greatest day..."

    "Night actually."

    "...of the ELL season. It's the Galactic Cup Championship game, so welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, broadcasting over the wave with the play by play for those of you in the sector, and I know there's a lot of you, who couldn't get tickets to the game. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker and Kitterich back at the studio, and oh baby we've been waiting all season for this one!"

    22 minutes later

    "...and oh what a hit!"

    "What a game!"

    "And while we wait for the officials to sort things out, let's take a moment to congratulate the players, staff and fans of the Wookiee Forrest Institute who outlasted the Pilots of GVSU..."

    "Thank the limmie gods."

    "...23 to 21 in the GCAA Limmie Championship game played right here at the Beskar Bowl, presented by MandalMotors...."

    "Boy did the sponsors and fans get their money's worth in that one."

    "...that game was a back and forth affair between the number three and four seeds..."

    "Hold on here Randy, here's the call from the official..."

    TAG: no one/everyone. Congratulations to Wookiee Forrest Institute, your 287 GCAA Limmie Champions!
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    IC: Austin Vehn

    Tesserone, Roon

    "Your fight is over, soldier. Time to go home."

    Austin heard the words as clear as the day they were first spoken to him. Words that told him his war was over. Words that let him know his journey as a soldier in the Federation army had come to an end. They were the words of his commanding officer but in reality they were the words of his sister, Eleanor, who had been President of the Roon Federation. She was calling him off the front lines for fear that the fierce fighting would take his life.

    Austin had resented his older sister for years for what she had done. He'd had the loyalty of his squad. He'd had the loyalty of those above. He had been on the verge of tipping their sector of the battle in the Federation's favor only to be recalled at the last moment. The decision, for him, was a total disgrace to the oath he swore to protect all enemies of the Federation both foreign and domestic.

    Austin knelt before a cedar chest in his boyhood room. The chest was stockpiled with memories. Fun days as a child, family reunions with the Triestes, his time during the Roon-Druckenwellian war, his service to the Jedi, the hunt for his niece, and his duty, nearly completed, to Addison Karr.

    There was one thing missing. One thing that Austin knew the chest needed to be complete. One thing the chest needed to be sealed away forever never to be disturbed.

    Austin reached within his robes and found his lightsaber. He examined the hilt, beautifully crafted, custom designed, by his grandfather. The blade was a true work of art. It was truly one of a kind. Now, however, he needed to move beyond the blade. He needed to stop running. He needed to face his fears without the use of a weapon protecting him.

    "Thank you," Austin whispered to the lightsaber hilt as he opened the cedar chest and placed it in the last remaining spot. After a moment's hesitation Austin closed the chest and walked away.

    His war, his struggle, was over.

    Austin arrived on Mandalore in time to see the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers file out of the tunnel in preparation for their historic matchup against the Bakura Miners. He knew the players names by heart now. All of them wanted one thing more than anything else in the galaxy: to bring the Galactic Cup of Limmie back home to Nar Shaddaa.

    The veterans who had been to the big game before: Shady Lerouex, who walked by with a determined limp and plenty of scars from last week's brutal fight against Boutros, Erin Windreaver, Zelena Wiles, Martia Paak, Mick Steele were focused and determined. For some of them this Final was their swan song. For some of them it could very well be the last shot at Limmie glory. To win, here, at Meshla'Vhetin of all places against the Smugglers oldest rival would be a story worth telling for generations.

    "Where were you?" Addison asked as the last of the team took to the field.

    "I was at my family's home," Austin replied, "saying goodbye to the past."

    "I see you didn't bring your weapon," Addison pointed out.

    "No need," Austin replied as he gathered Addison close to him in an embrace, "I have everything I need right here in front of me. Win or lose, you are my hero Addison Karr."

    The epic matchup between Nar Shaddaa and Bakura, between Vehn and Trieste families, between the Western Outer Rim and the Eastern Outer Rim, had begun and with it rode the hopes of millions of fans around the galaxy.

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