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    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Three Results
    Honoghr Honor @ Thyferra Force (15-19)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Concordia Crusaders (13-13) 1st OT(16-13)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Druckenwell Marksmen (2-13)

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    IC: Stephana Adiims

    The starters were playing great--especially Blake. Right now they weren’t nursing a you-know-what. They were maintaining a you-know-what and that was a big deal. A very big deal. Stephana knew that Draper was going to proceed carefully. He wasn’t going to pull a starter unless he had a very good reason to do so.

    If it ain’t broke… Stephana thought with a sigh.

    Even so, she wanted to be out there. She wanted to be on the field, throwing hits and making tackles, doing her part to lock it down for Marnie. She wanted to get that you-know-what with her.

    Over training camp and the last few weeks, Stephana had gotten pretty good at reading Draper. She could sense he was starting to think about making a change for a starter, getting fresh legs out there. She threw off her windbreaker to be ready. In fact, she was almost about to push off the bench when Draper suddenly said:

    “Eshepas. You’re up.”

    Stephana collapsed back onto the bench, even though she had barely risen. The newly arrived Chiss midfielder, Ame’shepa’sabosen, from Mando’ade hopped off the bench two players down. Was it her imagination, or did his red eyes glance her way in a particularly malevolent way as he passed by on his way to the sideline? Maybe that was just the way all Chiss looked. It was freaky.

    This was everything she’d feared: draper favoring his new toy over her. It confirmed all her worries. He’d gone out and traded a young, promising goalkeeper for an experienced defender because his current crop wasn’t cutting it. She wasn’t cutting it.

    Adiims restrained herself from putting her head in her hands in despair. She might as well be injured again if she wasn’t even going to play.

    This day, as Blake held Onderon to just one point, she didn’t because she spent the entire game on the bench. She had never experienced such a joyless shutdown.

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    IC: Tex

    The ball was flipped back to D’ana Themyscira from Zeus Syndulla on a play very similar to a flea-flicker. The rookie midfielder caught the ball, dropped back a few steps, and planted her foot into the turf as she unleashed a mighty throw. The ball arced high into the air, finally coming down into the waiting arms of Leia Adama as she streaked away from her defender. The veteran full forward then unleashed a skip shot that took once bounce before violently returning to the air and smacking into the back of the net. On a day where offense was hard to find, it was proof that the offense could still operate. They just needed to find consistency.

    That was pretty much the only offense the team generated in the loss to Ralltiir. Nothing could be gained against the stingy home team defense, with five bar points the only other scores. It was not the performance the Senators wanted to see, dropping them to 2-2 on the year with a 1-2 conference record. That, coupled with the pair of 4-0 teams in the Solo, made things much more difficult. With inconsistencies plaguing the offense, there seemed to be no way to catch those teams, which made the third playoff spot all that more important.

    The Nar Shaddaa game was always a big draw at the Diner, even if the Smugglers were 0-4 and the Senators were also treading some water. The hatred between the teams still drew in fans like crazy, and Tex admittedly had to swallow his pride when a few Smugglers fans showed up every year. Despite the team connection, he would never turn down a paying customer. He hadn’t built this business on shoving individuals away.

    As the fans began to flow into the back room of the Diner, Tex started the first batch of nerf steaks on the grill. If the Senators won today, business would likely continue to boom because the team was in the thick of things. If they lost, which was a good possibility because of the road test against a wounded opponent in a heated rivalry contest, that would set things back a bit. The team had shown good offense in games one and three of the year, but that was inconsistency that had cost the team a great deal in their two losses when the offense didn’t show up. That had to be addressed if the franchise was to have a real shot to make the playoffs, or to challenge for the Cup.
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    IC: Andres Fortune

    “Yolanda lobs a pass to Olidiipo,” I call.

    “He almost falls over making the catch, “Eriin observes as Olidiipo takes a few uncertain wobbly steps.

    “Lofykam and Clarette clear an opening for Olidiipo,” I continue. “He’s charging across the field, taunting the Senators keeper. This is either going to be a beautiful play or a complete disaster,” I warn.

    “Just shoot the ball already,” Eriin mutters under her breath.

    “The Senator defense has been stopping good shots all day,” I remind Eriin. “Olidiipo dribbles back across the field. He’s picking up the pace.”

    “Still not running towards the goal,” Eriin says irritation clear in her voice.

    ‘There it is,” I emphasize as Olidiipo’s left foot breaks stride. “His body turns ever so slightly, the right leg goes back, the shot is off and it’s good!”

    “Finally,” Eriin says with satisfaction. “A five point lead. That’s two possessions.”

    “This has been an amazing game of Limmie,” I say. “As much as I have enjoyed it up to this point, I’m with you Eriin. Let’s hope the Starkillers close this one out.”

    It wasn’t easy to get out of the studio after a game. There was 30 minutes of re-cap, going around the league and looking towards next week. I snuck out a back door so I wasn’t assigned a body guard. My hands were sweaty as I realized I didn’t even have lift access to the ground floor where the locker rooms were. “Sithdamnit,” I muttered out loud as I tapped the unwilling lift button.

    I didn’t know what else to do. My doctor suggested I come in for an evaluation when he texted me back. I hadn’t replied yet. I hit the button for the parking level. When the doors opened I noticed Jimsey Vigo slamming the door of his father’s speeder.

    “Hey Uncle Andres,” he called heading back inside.

    Suddenly I had an idea. “Hey yourself, you headed back down to the locker room?”

    “No,” he answers. “I had to get my sisters blanket and P.J.’s,” he holds up a small duffel bag. “Sometimes we don’t get out of here ‘til late. My dads like it if Shannon goes to bed at the normal time. So I’m going up to dad’s office.”

    “Oh,” I acknowledge. “Do you think you could take me to the locker room real quick? I want to congratulate my friends,” I explain.

    “Sure,” Jimsey shrugs. I follow him back inside. We get in the lift and he presses the button to the ground floor. Jimsey never questions if I’m allowed in the locker room. He’s in a hurry to get upstairs and finish his errand for his parents. “See ya ‘round,” he calls after opening the locker room door.

    Instead of calling out to announce myself I slither in quietly. The familiar sound of showers running and the faint smell of sweat underneath the deodorants being sprayed on newly cleaned bodies. I find myself hiding in an unused broken shower stall. When most of the room has cleared I tip toe to the trainer’s closet. I’m not worried about explaining to Alyada why I’m over an hour late. I don’t feel bad about tricking Jimsey into giving me access to this room and I don’t even feel the least bit self-conscious about my need for these pills. I open a familiar cabinet, grab a bottle, secure it in my hand and rush to the nearest stairwell. Quickly I swallow two pills dry before taking those stairs up to the parking level and strapping into my speeder.

    One Week Later

    “I can’t help but notice,” Eriin says as the holo projectors begin to roll. “Mr. Fortune has two mugs of caf with him this afternoon.”

    “Hardy, har, har,” I retort. “New babies don’t sleep.”

    “That’s right,” Erin couldn’t be more upbeat and giddy. “Congratulations!” A holo of my baby girl is shown to the viewers. “Introduce her,” Eriin insists.

    “Juliette Fortune is,” I count my fingers. “Four days old. She’s gorgeous. Home with her mother who is doing well,” I assure our viewers. This is what you always tell people after you have a baby. The truth would sound more like the baby is driving me crazy and her mother can barely lift her head she’s so tired and beat down from giving birth. “Take one last look at my daughter. Cause we are moving on to the reason you tuned in,” I announce.

    “The only two undefeated teams in the ELL, “Eriin teases.

    “The best offense in the league against the best defense in the league,” I add.

    “This game has all the makings of an instant classic,” Eriin promises.

    “Let’s hope so,” I say with a little bit of a warning tone in my voice. “The Starkillers have had home field advantage for four straight games.”

    “You think my sister can’t score on the road?” Eriin challenges.

    “She was my teammate. I know she can. The Starkillers didn’t get to be 4 and Oh just because they started out with 4 home games this season. They are a solid squad. Just don’t’ be surprised if they start off a little slow today” I caution.

    “Your sour mood is echoing in these empty hallways,” Eriin complains. The stadium is eerily quiet since the game is on Bakura. “La, la, la,” Eriin puts her hands between the headset and her ears. “I can’t hear you. You know what I hear audience? I hear the Starkillers are the #1 ranked team in the whole ELL.”

    “They are now at this moment,” I agree. “The question remains. Who will be ranked #1 at the conclusion of this broadcast?”

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "That was rough."

    "Yeah, another tough loss as the Mercs drop their second straight game after giving up 26 points..."

    "Again for the second game in a row."

    " the Stewjon Mets..."

    "A team the Mercs have never beaten in the regular season."

    " fall to two and two on the season."

    "Not a good beginning to the ELL career of rookie goaltender Jacen Hunter, and you could see why he was the last player taken in the draft."

    "He had his moments, that was a great save he had there in the second half on the wide open shot from Trevor."

    "Yeah, that was a nice save, but he just let in too many shots that he shouldn't have, both into the net and above the bar."

    "Hey, it's his first game after the trade, his first game in the ELL, cut him some slack."

    "Yeah, I know."

    "I was surprised to even see him out there, I figured Kor'le would keep him as the backup for a week or two to let him get acclimated to the team..."

    "The league."

    "...before throwing him out there to the strill."

    "Yeah, I agree..."

    "Well then why?"

    "Just shows the lack of confidence she has in Farmhand right now between the pipes."

    "Can't blame her for that."

    "No, you really can't. And that's why Hunter was out there even right away. They expect Stargazer to be back sooner rather than later."

    "Another two weeks at least."

    "Right, so I guess Kor'le figured there was no time to get Hunter up to speed, because by the time they did...."

    "Stargazer would be back anyway."

    "Yup...The bigger problem this week was the offense."

    "Trying to deflect attention from the poor D there Justin?"

    "No, not at all. the defense needs work too, but I think that issue gets solved once Stargazer comes back, hopefully healthy. The issue on offense though..."

    "Yeah, they were pretty bad. Only five points scored. One each by Arock and Beckman and then the late three pointer in garbage time from Irvin to bring the final total to five."

    "The offense looked bad out there, no rhythm at all."

    "What's going on with that?"

    "Well, not to take away anything from the Mets, they played good defense, but the Mercs offense looked a bit out of sync."

    "Out of sync?"

    "Yeah, too much hero ball, with everyone trying to make the big play to get the Mercs back into the game and not enough team ball that has been the hallmark of the Mercs success in recent years."

    "Well it's not going to get any easier for them next week."

    'Nope, the Carratos Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...come to town just a season removed from winning the regular season conference crown, and don't look now but they're back on top early this season right now too..."

    "ugh, I really hate those guys."

    "...and with a chance to really take control of the Skywalker if they can beat the Mercs."

    "Yeah, two teams in the conference still sporting an O'fer in the win column, and the Beast Riders with just the one win."

    "Meanwhile the Pirates already atop the standings with three wins, and looking to make it four against the Mercs this weekend."

    "Yeah they have a really good shot to get back to the playoffs, and even solidify their chance at another #1 seed if they can go to four and one."

    "The Mercs though, they can stay not only relevant in the playoff picture but can grab the conference lead if they beat the Pirates this weekend right?

    "Yeah. Kind of early to be scoreboard watching but a win would put them in a tie with the Pirates, and depending on what the officers do, with them too."

    "And holding the tie breaker with each of them."

    "Right, so even though it may be early to be thinking of the standings and playoff seeding, this weekend could go a long long way in determining the way the rest of the season plays out for the Mercs."

    TAG: No one, osikla NPC teams (especially shabla one that beat me all the time ) :p
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Week four is in the books and madness is sure to ensue in the upcoming rankings as three of the top five teams go down in stunning fashion in what pundits around the GCAA are calling upset week."

    "Wow, just wow at some of the games this weekend."

    "Closest to home was Taanab A&M's dismantling of KMI to the tune of a 36-22 score."

    "Warriors looked lost in that one, but give credit to the Aggies, they were on fire."

    "Of course they weren't the only big name university to take a loss. Number 2 University of Zeltros and last season's champion number 3 Wookiee Forrest Institute also took losses in games they were expected to win."

    "Upheaval in the rankings!"

    "I love it."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week Four

    1. Grand Vulptur System University
    2. Tiarest University
    3. Taanab A&M University
    4. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    5. University of Zeltros
    6. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    7. Bakura Fleet Academy
    8. Norand University, Carratos
    9. Druckenwell Technical University
    10. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    11. Chandrila A&M University
    12. University of Csilla
    13. Balmorra State University
    14. University of Kashyyyk
    15. University of Agamar
    16. Zehava College, Melida/Daan
    17. Garqi State University
    18. The Ord Sabaok University
    19. Dac State University
    20. University of Onderon Rupings
    21. University of Corellia, Bella Vistal
    22. Sposia Medical University
    23. UB Salis D'aar
    24. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    25. College of Fondordelphia
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    IC: Mar'git 'Cutty' Evers-Sark
    The Snake Pit, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Cutty walked into her favored watering hole to find an already filled glass of water at her stool. She quirked head and took her seat.

    "Why is this already here?"

    "You won didn't ya, you always drink water when you win."

    "Ya' but, how did you know?"

    "Cause I saw you."

    The forward paused for a long moment cup still raised to her lips but not drinking. Her blue eyes narrowed, mind obviously turning things over.

    "Wait." She replied putting her drink back on the bartop. "That means you actually watched a game.

    "Yep," the cathar shoved a hand into her pocket pulling out a ticket stub. "Had a ticket and everything." Cutty was stunned silent. Mical had never shown an interest in ever seeing a game of limmie. As always the bartender's voice made it sound like no big deal, when to the forward it was world shattering. Her friend was actually taking an interest in what she did. "You did pretty good, I think. Still not sure how the game works."

    "Pretty good?" Cutty said coming out of her bewilderment. "Four goals, almost five, nearly half of the points scored for my team, and you call it pretty good."

    "Yeah and it was nice to see you and your new girlfriend playing together."

    "Frack you, she's not my girlfriend, and what's this about new?"

    "Well, the princess of course and, the new kid was all over you."

    "Arrrggghhhh, stop it. Stop reminding me. Damnit she just wouldn't leave me alone." Another cruel smile grew across Mical's face.

    "Still you were very good. And it looked like you all were dominating for a while."

    "Damn right we were, Mariners never knew what hit them in the first few minutes." Cutty was really getting into talking to someone else about the game. Especially someone she actually sort of, kinda liked. Even with all the ribbing Mical gave her, Cutty still considered the cathar her friend. "You saw the back to back goals right?"

    "Yeah, you and Serica tag teaming to get six points in right before the half. It was so cute it was like you were sharing a mind."

    "Could you not make it sound so…"


    "We're not friends." Cutty replied to Mical's flat question.

    "So you keep saying, yet I saw two people very much in sync."

    "How do you know anyway, I thought you didn't know what was going on."

    "I'm a bartender, people watching is something of a hobby of mine." The white haired woman took another long drink of her water, thinking back to that moment. She'd rushed down looking to get a quick shot on goal before the end of the half. The ball left her hand and found the back of the net. When the goalie went to throw in Cutty got a hand on it and redirected it. She didn't see who it went to until she hear Serica's excited voice.

    "I got it Cutty." The rookie shouted as she charged toward the net.

    Had Cutty made that choice on purpose, or was Serica just in the right place at the right time. It was all a bit of a blur, that was until the rookie again wrapped her arms around the veteran for an enthusiastic hug. It was a tradition that was taking root. Every time either one of them scored Serica would celebrate like it was the most important play of the game. Even the jaded star player had to admit there was something infectious about the younger woman's energy. It seemed to innervate everyone around her, keep them going even in the darkest of times.

    That didn't mean Cutty had to like it. It was too much too fast, she wasn't used to such praise so quickly. If she was being honest, she was also unused to physical affection at least from teammates. Her father was not the nicest man. He was hard on her pushed her to her limits. At the end of it all the best she would get was a, 'that will do' and a hand on her shoulder. Anything more would have been alien and so far out of character for her father she would have worried he was going mad.

    "You still there Cutty?" Mical asked drawing the player out of her thoughts.

    "What…" she replied.

    "I was asking if Serica would be playing in next week's game."

    Cutty thought about it for a bit. It was likely, they hadn't lost a game with her on the field but, three games was not enough to say there was a pattern yet. However the player was chaffing a little under the thought of having to deal with Serica's energy every time she laced up her cleats. On the other hand, it was her energy that kept the team going.

    "Probably." Cutty said taking a long drink of her water.

    "You don't sound happy about it."

    "Why should I feel happy about it. The girl is all over place and is plastered to me most of the time."

    "One day you're going to admit that you like it. You like having a little puppy that follows you around."

    "Don’t think so," she took another drink wishing it was something stronger. "So do you think you're going to see the next game?" She asked the barkeep.

    "Well, we'll have to see, I don't have season tickets so I'll need to get a hold of them which is expensive."

    "I think I can get you some comp'ed tickets." The player added.

    "Really, you would do that?"

    "Well yeah, I mean you are my friend, I just never thought you were interested in watching the game."

    "Are you sure it's about me being your friend or that you just want to talk about the game with me."

    "Can't I do both?" She was really into this, to finally have someone that she liked take an interest in her work she wondered when this curiousty started in Mical. "Hey Mical, why'd you go to the game this week?"

    "Oh, one of my regulars handed me two tickets."

    "Who'd you go with?"

    "No one, I sold the other one. I tried to sell the mine but, no one wanted it."

    Cutty's head hit the bartop with enough force to rattle the glasses. So much for a friend taking an interest in her work.

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    Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir.

    288 Week 5 Results
    Coruscant Senators at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (4-30)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Bakura Miners (11-20)
    Denon Demons at Onderon Beast Riders (25-4)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Stewjon Metropolitans (1-15)
    Carratos Pirates at Mando’ade Mercs (8-37)
    Dac Mariners at Euceron Officers (29-7)

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    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28), Thyferra (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Four Results
    Thyferra Force @ Honoghr Honor (14-6)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (10-22)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Atzerri Bandits (4-28)

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Mercs needed to put forth a good effort in this one to stay relevant in the Skywalker, and boy did they ever deliver."

    "Yeah they did, put up 37 points in a rout of the Caratos Pirates..."

    "Who by the way are a really good team Randy."

    "Yeah they are, I hate them, but yeah..."

    "Hunter had a really good game in the net in only his second professional start."

    "He did, he really did. Came through for the Mercs in a big way when they needed him the most."

    "It's going to take time for him to really get used to the speed of the league, though he looks to have made an adjustment. of course once the league gets a better read on him, gets more tape, I'm sure they'll find some holes to exploit."


    "He still seems a little slow going to his right, he's shading that way right now to help cover for it, but it's a concern."

    "Only gave up eight points Justin."

    "Not harping on the guy, just pointing something out that the rest of the league will eventually try to exploit. Though if the defense keeps playing the way they did in front of him this weekend, they may not get many chances."

    Randy snorted out a laugh. "Pirates got their licks in though."

    "They di...? Oh yeah, you mean Serica's hit on Bruce."

    "That was hilarious, she's like a meter and a half tall."

    "She's taller than that!"

    "At least a meter and three quarters..."

    "Didn't look like it next to Bruce, and she blindsided him."

    "Yeah, he looked a little incredulous after that."

    "Fumbled the ball and led to a score didn't it?"

    "Yeah, Cutty scored her second goal of the game on that play to make the score 35-7, so the game was basically over by then."

    "That's what made it so funny, I wouldn't be laughing if it had tied up the game."

    "It did make for a good moment between these two rivals."

    "Of course, despite what Justin might have you believe the game wasn't all defense."

    "Nope, the forwards had a heck of a game too."

    "Arock came through scoring 11 points to lead all forwards, and Irvin snuck in there with 12 from the midfield."

    "Kor'le has been talking about moving him up as more of a rover on offense, like a seventh forward, and it seemed to pan out here."

    "Yeah, he gets left open a lot and can make a defense pay if they forget about him."

    "Now with the win the Mercs move back into first place with a little over half the season left to go."

    "Yeah, still too early to be scoreboard watching, but the Mercs are looking good right now as they have the head to head tie breakers against the second and third place teams in the conference to go along with an undefeated conference record."

    "Speaking of undefeated, next up for the Mercs are the Galactic Cup champion Bakura Miners, who have yet to lose this season."

    "Now that should be a heck of a game."

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    IC: Stephana Adiims
    Bakura Gardens, Bakura

    Once upon a time, Stephana had worn a Ralltiir Starkillers jersey.

    It had been a birthday gift from her grandmother. ELL jerseys didn’t come cheap and Stephana knew it, even at the age of 14. It had been too big for her back then, but somehow she’d thought it was cool to wear such baggy clothes. Now maybe it was a little tighter than it should be. Then again, some beings might say it fit her perfectly. The truth was she didn’t know. She hadn’t touched it since she’d been drafted by the Miners.

    That didn’t mean that she’d forgotten her hero, the name on the back of that jersey in her closet. Kelli Sen had been a star defender for the Starkillers. Though Ty Allin had been the bigger name, Sen was part of what made the Starkillers such a good time. Young Stephana had looked up to Sen. She wanted to make those big plays in a Starkiller jersey one day.

    But that was behind Stephana now. Maybe she’d be shopping for a new team this offseason and the Starkillers would offer her a contract. Maybe she’d have a contract extension. She didn’t know. All that mattered was this game. First place in the conference and the league was on the line and both teams knew it. They’d each brought their tough, gritty game. Neither side wanted to be the one to make a mistake and they were each playing sound technical limmie. This was the sort of game that training camp’s repetitious drills were designed to prepare you for.

    It was also the kind of game that you wanted to be in. This was a player’s game: rough, grinding, fought in the trenches. These were the games coaches remembered--and Stephana needed to be remembered.

    Esheps went in for first substitution, taking off the Kaffeen. And why not? He’d played admirable relief in a shutdown. That was long gone today though, thanks to a Starkiller goal. It was clear that Draper had made the change because the Starkillers were outclassing the rookie. The Starkillers might have been the best defense in the league, but they were also the second best offense. It was one thing to trounce Onderon. It was another to withstand a well-built roster like this.

    Stephana surveyed the field. Penn wasn’t going to come out. He anchored the defense. Ternardiel might be one of the oldest players on the team, but what she lacked in pure athleticism she made up for with smart play. The two of them weren’t going anywhere. That meant--

    “Adiims,” Draper barked. In response, Stephana flew off the bench. “In for Jordan.”

    Corner back. The last line of defense. Jordan played on the left. That meant she’d face the right corner forward of the Starkillers. Her mind flipped through the depth chart.

    Sancheese. The former Bakuran college star. So a Bakuran wearing blue and orange was going to play a Ralltiirian wearing blue and gold?

    Might as well be the way, Stephana thought as she bounced on her feet to pump herself to go in at the next break.

    The whistle blew and Stephana was off like a shot.

    Starkillers are going to come hard at me, she told herself. Got to be up to speed. Got to get in the flow now. She fingered her necklace. Grandmother, give me the wisdom of a Tatooine Howler.

    The play was underway before she even knew what was happening. One week off and the game felt like it was moving a parsec a minute.

    Just keep with him. Don’t let him behind you. She ran, giving Sancheese no time or space. He tried to juke her out of position, but she pivoted to match him. She didn’t know what he’d been taking last season, but whatever it was hadn’t done anything to his performance on the field. He was athletic as Korriban. That was how he found enough room to get open to receive a pass. Sancheese started looking for a big throw. Stephana didn’t watch his hands or the bolo-ball. She watched his eyes. He threw, and Adiims prayed, Grandmother, give me the wings of a mynock.

    She leapt and got her fingers on the ball, changing its trajectory. Instead of sailing into the waiting hands of Dixun, Horst Penn jumped the route and scooped the ball on the run. Before Dixun could react, Horst had punted the bolo-ball up to the midfielders to the cheers of the crowd.

    “Awesome! How’d you do that?” Penn congratulated Stephana. “I didn’t even think you knew I was there.”

    Stephana gave a brief smirk. “You’re always where you need to be,” she said.

    Truth was, she just wanted to disrupt the play. She had no idea it would work out as well as it did. But she didn’t care. She’d take it. Anything to show Draper she belonged. Anything.

    Stephana wiped the sweat from her face. After the inactivity of last week, she was tired and exhausted, but she felt great. She’d played the remainder of the game at corner back. She’d taken some hits, but she’d dealt out more. The Miners had out-defensed the top defense in the league and that was something to be proud of.

    It was bittersweet to deliver this blow against the team she’d loved...but that was the way it had to go. It was her or them and she was going to choose her. Maybe with luck she’d play one of these games in Financial Square and know that her classmates would be watching and think, “She made it. She really made it.”

    When Stephana shook hands with Ty Allin, Mr. Starkiller himself, and he told her, “Good game,” it was like she’d just been handed the Galactic Cup.

    That one’s for your, grandmother, Stephana thought, That one’s for you.

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    IC: Tex

    “Bet you Vayne comes in here in a day or two and has to vent because the wife has mocked him enough about the loss,” a customer said with a long expression as another beatdown on the Senators was about finish. The diner had cleared out except for a few fans who were likely more interested in the beer than anything else, and the two Smuggler fans whom were sitting in front of the screen and acting completely giddy every time the Smugglers scored.

    “I keep telling him that he got himself into this situation,” Tex said, not really concerned. “You marry Ms. Smuggler, and you’re going to get that kind of response when your team loses. Especially when the loss is this brutal.”

    “Man, we’re not doing well these days against either them or the Miners. I don’t think we’ve scored double figures in any of the last four games combined with those two. And they’re scored what, 30-plus, in all of those games?”

    “It was 28, so not quite 30,” Tex corrected.

    “Same difference. Point is, how annoyed is Alaree that her teams can’t win rivalry games? We can’t even stay in games with the Miners most years, the Smugglers are clubbing us now, the Mercs have won at least two in a row, and Chandrila isn’t even in the league anymore for us to beat up on. Monarchs game is a toss-up these days. Face it, Tex, we can’t win against rivals, and our years are over.”

    “Now hold on there. We won a Commissioner’s Trophy just a few years back.”

    “Guess what? Lopaki’s gone. He made those teams good, and now that he’s gone, they can’t keep it together. Gamble’s going to play her entire career with just two playoff wins to her credit, and no Finals appearances. These aren’t the glory days anymore.”

    “What they really need is a new GM.”

    “What makes you think that?”

    “It may not be up to me,” the other customer commented. “Up to the owner.”

    “There’s still season left. She would be crazy to fire a GM with two awards to her name.”

    “No Finals appearances, and the Miners and Mercs have won the last five titles. And the Monarchs before them. Then the Smugglers got a couple . . .”

    “OK, I get the point,” Tex said. “But don’t write them off just yet. They’re down two with six to go. Plenty of time. Stewjon will wilt down the stretch.”

    “They aren’t Denon.”

    “No one wants to be Denon.”

    The Smugglers scored again, a bar point against rookie reserve goalie Croc Walon. The Smuggler fans cheered loudly again.

    “Oh shut it!” one of the customers talking to Tex yelled at them.

    “So you really think that they need to change GM?” Tex asked.

    “It’s not up to us. But I hear Alaree’s not a patient person. She might decide to cut the cord if things don’t improve. That would be another famous face out the door. We’re not expecting titles every year like some fanbases do, but it’s been twenty years since our last one, and 15 since our last Finals appearance. Something has to give if they are going to turn it around at long last.”

    “Can’t argue with that one,” Tex said, taking a big sigh. “Who would replace her?”

    “You could. Then you would have the diner and the team to run.”

    “What is this, a sideshow?”

    “They could steal another Miners exec. That usually works out well.”

    “They’re probably out of assets for us to steal, so quit it. We’ve already hired one of their coaches, an executive, signed many of their players in free agency, traded for players, picks, cash . . .”

    “Niall Bourdogny was a real trade . . .”

    “That . . . that wasn’t even a trade, not for the Sens, anyways.”

    “They got a draft pick out of it.”

    “And I don’t think that got them anywhere. Face it, the team can’t draft well. When they do, the players they get are overmatched. This year is no different. Give the rookie the start, and she can’t get it done. Syndulla is pulling all the weight, and he isn’t as good as he was in his first year.”

    But Tex didn’t say anything. He was looking across the counter to a holo on the wall, one of the 262 Senators team that had come from out of nowhere to win the Galactic Cup. On the left side was a Bothan who, like the team, had never been expected to be much. But he had done what was thought to be impossible.

    “We need someone like you back to fix all this,” was all he could utter under his breath. If the current Senators couldn’t get the job done, then they needed someone who could. Someone who would connect the disparate dots on the roster and make it a seamless whole. Gark S’rily wasn’t the answer, but he had done this before. Perhaps someone else out there could do the job?
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    IC: Andres Fortune

    It’s hard to explain. I don’t play for the Starkillers anymore. Some folks would expect me to be happy that the team isn’t winning right now. Maybe it would look bad for me if the team goes on to win the Commissioners Trophy and a Galactic Cup for the first year I’m not on the field to assist. I don’t care how it reflects on me. The beings on Bakura today are my former teammates. Those beings are my family and it’s not easy to watch this game slip away.

    I try to hold back the emotion in my voice as I make the call, “Adiims just sealed the deal.”

    “There’s a few minutes left,” Eriin sounds hopeful.

    “Against the Miners on their home field,” I digress. “Hopefully our coaches study harder before we meet again in the play-offs.” I add trying to bring some positivity to the situation.

    “So you blame Dash and Allin?” Errin asks.

    “I didn’t say that,” I clarify. “This game is on the team as a whole. What I am saying is that we can beat this Miners team. Even here on Bakura. We have the talent.”

    “Our offense is driving up field again,” Eriin reports. “Yolanda passes to,” she stops mid-sentence.

    “Another offensive scheme read too easily by the Miners,” I finish for her. “Pence leaps in and secures possession for the Miners.”

    “So remind me,” Eriin changes the subject, “Who do we play next week?”

    “The Pirates,” I report uneasily. “It’s back at home which gives us one advantage we’ll need.”

    “The Pirates always play tough,” Eriin concedes.

    “Your final score today Bakura 20, Ralltiir 11,” I conclude as players and coaches for the traditional handshake lines. I do my best to remember all the positives that came out of today’s game. It’s important our viewers believe the team will bounce back next week.

    Once we are off the air I wipe the make-up off my face, change into my street clothes and head for my speeder. I welcome the empty, quiet hallways. No annoying security guard to shadow me. A few moments for me to reflect on the game before rushing back to relieve Alyada of single parenting. Deep in thought I turn a corner. Richard Vigo steps directly into my path, scaring the Sith out of me. “Give someone a little warning,” I say trying to play-off how startled I am by his presence.

    Richard doesn’t seem to notice that I’m caught off guard, “Do you have something of mine?” He asks sternly.

    I’m on my way back to help my wife with the baby. I have no idea what he’s talking about. “Um, no,” I stutter.

    “Think back to last week,” Richard instructs. “My son isn’t your pawn. I could have you arrested. But I’m worried you have a problem and if I can get you help. I’d rather do that.”

    “Help for what?” I ask puzzled.

    “Don’t play dumb,” Richard demands. He’s yelling now. He steps closer to me and despite his smaller stature I feel threatened. “You stole painkillers. My security holos captured the whole operation. I think I know desperation when I see it. You’re addicted to painkillers.” He accuses.

    “Addicted?” It had never occurred to me that I was dependent on the pills. Suddenly I realized just how desperate I had been a week ago. I remembered the pill I took this morning, the one I took last night, the one I took before we went on the air today. “I can stop anytime I want,” I say to make myself believe just as much as to make Richard believe.

    “Do you have the pills you stole?” Richard asks.

    “I can pay you for them,” I offer.

    “That’s my point,” he barks. “You took all those pills. I’m not concerned about the credits”

    “I just had surgery,” I remind Richard defensively.

    “Six months ago,” he retorts.

    I try to think of something, anything that will get me home. I’ll take a pill, relax on the sofa and hold my baby girl. I realize that taking a pill is part of my plan. Can I go home and not take a pill? How will I get more when I run out again? “What am I supposed to do?” I ask out loud.

    I see relief wash across Richard’s face. “You need to get help,” he says softly.

    “I have a new baby at home, a wife and kids that need me,” I remind Richard.

    “You won’t be able to be there for them if you’re arrested for stealing painkillers or if you go bankrupt buying them on the black market. It’s partially my fault you started taking these pills. My trainers fed them to you like candy last season. Let me get you help. I can assist with your family while you’re in rehab,” he’s thought this through.

    “No, I can’t go to rehab.”

    The same thought repeats in my mind over and over as I pack my bag that same evening.

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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "After a crazy week last week, the GCAA tried to outdo itself this week with both the top ranked teams..."

    "So awesome!"

    "...losing in close games. GVSU loses to..."

    "Yes!" Justin's exclamation drowned out the rest of Kitterich's report.

    "While Tiarest lost to Bakura Fleet in a showdown of Top Ten teams."

    "Look out for the Ensigns, I think they have a good thing going out there."

    "Meanwhile the StarBucks of The Ord Sabaok university keep up their winning ways. Look for them to break into the top fifteen."

    "Season starting to look up man!"

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week Five

    1. Taanab A&M University
    2. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    3. Bakura Fleet Academy
    4. University of Zeltros
    5. Grand Vulptur System University
    6. Norand University, Carratos
    7. Druckenwell Technical University
    8. Tiarest University
    9. University of Csilla
    10. Chandrila A&M University
    11. University of Kashyyyk
    12. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    13. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    14. Zehava College, Melida/Daan
    15. Garqi State University
    16. The Ord Sabaok University
    17. University of Agamar
    18. Balmorra State University
    19. College of Fondordelphia
    20. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    21. University of Wroona
    22. University of Onderon Rupings
    23. Ryloth Ag and Tech University
    24. Dac State University
    25. Sposia Medical University
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    IC: Mar'git 'Cutty' Evers-Sark
    The Snake Pit, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Cutty entered the ‘Snake Pit’ with a cloud hanging over her. Not a literal cloud the sky was actually clear and sunny but, a metaphorical one. Her shoulders were slumped forward her eyes narrowed. There was a tired appearance to her as she sat heavy in her chair, hissing a bit. It had been a rough game. They played the Mercs, it was always tough but, it still took a few days to recover from the bruises the players incurred during play. Mical let out a long breath of smoke from her nostrils as she made her way over to her favorite customer.

    Putting a bottle of Drydock on the bar the barkeep spoke,

    “Winning streak over?” she asked in her infuriatingly neutral tone.

    “Yeah, it’s over.” Cutty snapped, “And in spectacular fashion.”

    “Bad loss huh,”

    “Bad loss…” the player replied incredulous, “It was a slaughter, they scored 4 times as many points as we were able to put up. Kept us pinned down for most of the game and ripped through us every chance they got. We frackn fell apart the game was decided by the end of the first half. No amount of words from the great Manx-Sandin were going to be enough to beat them.” Mical just stood back causually smoking as the human woman continued. “I did everything I could but, the damn Mercs were all over me every time I touched the ball.” Cutty hissed reaching for her drink, a broad purple bruise on her right side still causing her trouble.

    “You still scored right.”

    “Of course I did, the only one that did, twice.”

    “So it wasn’t enough huh...thought you could carry the team.”

    “You really know how to brighten up a girl’s day.”

    “It’s what I’m here for.” the bartender turned around to pull down a bottle of Nym’s Finest for a parton. “Besides you get all the encouragement you need from your girlfriend.”

    “Force dammit can you just let it go already.”

    Mical’s brown eyes fall on Cutty a blank expression on her face. “No.” She continued on her way pouring a double of rum for an older Balosar. He put a few credits on the bar top, half of which Mical put into her own pocket.

    Cutty watched this taking a long pull from her beer before admiring the label on the bottle. It was a depiction of Glasgone Shipyards. Once used to built mighty vessels to traverse the oceans, now sat disused, a scar that no one has figured out what to do with for centuries. Part of it has been converted, changed into highrises and shops but, the core of it the soul still remains. It has been five years since she’d seen her home, seen those shipyards.

    She wasn’t getting homesick, that place held nothing for her. Her father was a drunkard how sent his last message to her three years ago. He was still alive, Cutty knew she was his only emergency contact, not since mom up and left when Cutty was still a baby.

    Her father didn’t talk much about her mother, when he did he just said she was disloyal and ran off the first chance she got. Not that her father was much of a catch. Cutty always wondered why her mother ran off, why she left her in the care of her father? Did she even know that Cutty was playing in the ELL, why hasn’t she reached out yet?

    “Thinking of home?” Mical asked breaking Cutty out of her thoughts.


    “You’re looking at that label like you’re missing something.”

    “Ah...just thinking about Glasgone.”

    “So home.”

    “Well, not really, not anymore. Home is here.” she tapped the bar, “as much as it can be.” She took another pull, she was lying, she didn’t want to admit that maybe just maybe deep inside herself she was missing that old city. She’d been separated from it for a while had tamped down the feelings of homesickness for a while but, it was still there if just a little.

    “Alright. Serica from there right?”

    “Yeah she is, we went to the same school.”

    “At the same time?”

    “No, we were about four years apart, both went for one year before declaring for the draft.” Cutty shivered at the thought of running into Serica when they both went to university. If she was the same bubbly energetic person back then it would have annoyed Cutty, who even back then was a prickly person.

    Thinking about the younger woman brought to mind one of the bright points in the last game. It was towards the end, the game wasn’t going to change no matter what anyone did but, Serica did something. She blindsided the massive Karkarodon named Bruce. He either wasn’t expecting it or she hit him extremely hard, because she knocked the ball loose from his hands. Serica didn’t need to say anything Cutty pounced on the opportunity and hammer it into the back of the goal. Thinking back Cutty could recall the Serica being a little slow to get up after that hit. However once she was up she ran over and nearly threw herself at Cutty. Thankfully the veteran forward was prepared this time and didn’t fall to the ground as she had many times before.

    Once again the rookie doesn’t give up. It would have been easy to just let the defender get the pass off, no need to risk yourself trying to take down a being that could literally eat you for lunch. Serica was different she gave everything she had every moment she was on the field no matter the situation.

    Cutty began to question if she was really giving her all in those final minutes, putting everything she had into the game every second she was on the pitch.

    The season wasn’t over, not yet, there was still a chance to make the playoffs. Not that Serica would care, win or loss she would keep going.

    Indefatigable, that was what she was she was tireless in her play, she never gave up.

    Cutty took another drink from her beer. Still feeling the aches from the beating her body took. She wondered if Serica was going through the same thing.

    Probably not, she concluded.

    The girl was unstoppable, or just too damn cheery to feel pain.

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    Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir.

    288 Week 6 Results
    Week 6
    Euceron Officers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (17-20)
    Bakura Miners at Mando’ade Mercs (21-22)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Denon Demons (23-14)
    Onderon Beast Riders at Stewjon Metropolitans (15-29)
    Coruscant Senators at Dac Mariners (37-1)
    Carratos Pirates at Ralltiir Starkillers (36-14)

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @Vehn
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    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28), Thyferra (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Five Results
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Thyferra Force (26-7)
    Atzerri Bandits @ Honoghr Honor (22-20)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Concordia Crusaders (17-2)

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    IC: Andres Fortune

    The weather is dreary. Light rain is falling and temps are chilly. The weather doesn’t lift my spirits as I leave my house for the first time since returning home from a short stay at the rehab center. No one has told Starkiller fans that the weather is damp and dreary. They are partying full force all around the stadium. The lights in bars shine brightly all along the streets leading to the stadium and the parking lot is full of all it’s usual pre game festivities. My spirits lift just a little. I take a long sip of caf and self-talk my way through the VIP entrance. Security is waiting to escort me upstairs.

    Richard Vigo has promised me that my addiction and stint in rehab have been kept a secret from all staff. Still when we go on air Eriin’s open surprises me. “Not so close,” she says scooting over her chair. “I heard you had the Tatooine flu all week and I don’t want to catch it!”

    “I’m feeling better, thanks.” I offer. “The flu sucked, but the Sandskimmers remain unbeaten in the Futures League,” I remind Eriin.

    “I’ve noticed. Dale Beiberman is making a strong showing in the offense. I won’t be surprised to see her on this stage by this time next season.” Eriin reports. “But we all know the player on Tatooine that everyone on Ralltiir is watching with abated breath.”

    “That would be Tomas Vigo,” I say incredibly. “UTA is ranked the highest they’ve been ranked in two seasons. Number 20 won’t get them to the play-offs, but he should at least get a bowl game out of it.”

    “Tomas has been the leader of the Kryat Dragons,” Eriin tells our viewers excitedly. “He scores a lot for a midfielder.”

    “No stopping him,” I agree. “Once he starts running no one can keep up.”

    “Well enough about players that will be here to play for the Starkillers next season,” Eriin reminds me. “There’s still a lot of games left to be played this season. And last I checked the Starkillers are a team worth watching. What’s their strategy going to be against the Pirates today?”

    “The Starkillers need to score first. They need the defense to play a physical game. The Pirates are a viable opponent. We need to wear them down early.”

    Beginning of the Second Half

    “Again the Pirates make it look easy as they run downfield and score on Comstock,” Eriin relents.

    “I was hoping that switching the keeper would help us out, but with a shot like that any keeper would be hard up to make the save. Evers-Sark has been incredible for the Pirates today,” I say giving credit where credit is due.

    End of Game Re-Cap

    “A disappointing showing by the Starkillers here at home today,” Eriin says as we come back from break.

    “It really was,” I agree. “We opened the season strong, played well against the Miners last week. There’s no reason to despair though. A game like this might be what the Starkillers need to kick their asses back into gear before the conference match up against Rydonni Prime next week.”

    “You really think we have a chance against the Monarchs on the road?”

    “I know we do,” I promise.

    “The Sandskimmers won another game. You think it’s time we call up Beiberman?”

    “Absolutely not. Remember Yolanda played on the Sandskimmers for over a season before she was called up. I believe that development helped her to be the dominant player she’s been in the ELL.”

    “Well my sister was not dominant today,” Eriin complained. “She barely made one shot.”

    “She made several shots. Only one made it past the Pirates keeper,” I remind Eriin. “The Pirates played great defense. Gotta give credit when credit is due.”

    “Next week I hope we can give Yolanda credit for a win,” Eriin says forcefully.

    “That’s the spirit,” I agree. “Until next week Ralltiir,” I sign off.

    I did my part on the job to pretend like the loss had not affected me. The viewers were given hope the Starkillers could still salvage the season. I had that hope too, but it wasn’t as easy to believe as I had let on to the holo watchers. What I really wanted now that I was home was to take a painkiller. I’d gone a week. There were none in the house. I had suffered through withdrawals and slept in a hospital like room for four nights. Why did I still crave the pills?

    As I paced in the living room I could feel Zoey’s judging eyes on me. She wouldn’t let me out the door. If I told her I wanted to get a bite to eat she wouldn’t believe me and she’d be right. My baby girl cried in the bedroom and I should be helping Alyada calm her. I just couldn’t deal with a crying baby right now. “Dad,” Marty complained. “Is my new sister ever gonna stop crying?”

    I almost snapped. My hand came up. I realized with terror that I almost hit my son. For an innocent comment. I paused looking at my open hand. Somehow I collected myself, walked to the bedroom and offered to hold Juliette. “Why don’t you take a break,” I said holding out my arms.

    “I’m sorry, she’s just fussy,” Alyada explains.

    “Don’t be sorry. I’m the one who should be sorry. Let me take her,” I urge.

    Alyada hands me my daughter. Her cries calm some as I rock her back and forth. “Daddy loves you,” I say. My craving subsides just enough to make me believe I’m going to get through this night.

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    All-Star Game

    Skywalker 43, Solo 20 - Final Score

    TAG to anyone interested
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    IC: Tex
    The Diner

    The collective sigh could be heard throughout the diner as Dac took the opening kickoff and smashed it down the Senator defense’s throats to score a bar point within thirty seconds of the beginning of the game. A blown coverage by Klay Mettews allowed Vinnie Damphouse to put the ball over the bar to get on the board first. Undoubtedly a few fans were ready to ask for their checks because the defense looked porous.

    On the ensuing kickoff by Michonne to get the ball back in play, the Senator offense stalled out because Freya Stormhelm was swarmed under by three defenders when she got the ball. It was not a good start for a team that had struggled on offense the past two weeks and was in danger of losing serious ground in the Solo. They had no more ground to lose – this was a must-win situation.

    When Dac came down the field the second time, their offense was set. They had the visitors on their heels and were ready to come down hard to win a game in front of their home fans. It seemed all-too-perfect for them to get their shot here to knock the Senators off and revive their own playoff chances.

    Yet they never got the chance.

    Rowan Olan was smacked by the combination of Zeus Syndulla, who had dropped back on the play to defend, and Eddie Munster. The ball squirted free, and in the ensuing scrum of bodies Syndulla kicked it out to the offensive zone. Bergal Rotramel snatched the ball out of the air with one hand before juking a defender to the turf. The ball went around three or four times before Freya Stormhelm pitched it in deep to Leia Adama. The longtime captain found space against the defense and beat the goalie to the spot. A bar point resulted, one of many points to come.

    "What a play!" the announcer exclaimed when the hit was made. "That is gonna hurt tomorrow!"

    As the first half continued, the Senator offense pummeled the Mariner defense with a barrage of passes and excellent defensive plays that fed the ball back to the offense. It seemed like whenever the Mariners got a stop, the ball was quickly back within their zone and the Senators were on the attack. The midfield duo of Syndulla and Themyscira, combined with the efforts of Ant’ope and Soi’nya off the bench, clamped down the middle of the field, effectively causing the Mariner offense to grind to a halt. Whenever the ball was cleared from the Mariner end of the field, one of the Senator midfielders would run it down and pitch it back in or make a big hit and take the ball. Syndulla, at halftime, had four forced fumbles and two interceptions; Themyscira had two and three, respectively.

    On offense, the team found its stride because all of the core members got off to a hot start. Adama was smoldering in the early going, scoring a pair of goals to stake her team to a 7-0 lead. Stormhelm racked up the assists, and much-maligned Bas Wren finally got going after a tough start. Bill Hudsen continued his solid start to the year, and newcomer Ariva Kendal was holding the fort down when the starters were out or when the team needed a boost off the bench.

    In the second half, the starters eventually gave way to the reserves. But the bench players were in no rush to hand over the ball and run out the clock. They kept going to show the coaches that they could play, and players like Vinnie Teslaturvy and Colleen Iver had their chances to impress. The only player not to see the field was backup goalie Croc Walon, but it was Michonne’s game to finish.

    And finish she did. The Mariners mounted a full-on assault to score a goal and break the goal-less game from the Chiss goalie. But she survived the attack without ceding a goal, notching her third goal-less game of the season and the sixth of her career.

    “What a game!” Tex exclaimed to his customers as they filed out of the diner after the game ended. “I told you they were capable of pulling that off! Just gotta give them some time!”

    Up next was a critical conference game against Stewjon. It was a must-win for the Senators to finish off the five-game road trip. The Mets sat at 5-1, two games ahead of the Senators, and a loss would push the visitors to 1-3 in conference on the year. That would likely spell missing the playoffs again, and no one wanted that. There were no excuses for losing to Ralltiir and Bakura earlier in the season, and the team had to push forward regardless. They had dug themselves into the hole, and now they had to get out of it. They had the pieces, but could they stay consistent?
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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Just win baby, just win!"

    "Yeah, it was close and things didn't look good early on, but the Mercs pull off the win against the defending champs, giving the Miners their first loss of the season."

    "No Cup hangover going on over there, but man the Mercs pulled it out."

    "Like I said, didn't look good early though."

    "No. No it didn't. Miners jumped out to the early 10-3 lead there in the first half, and it looked like they had the Mercs beat."

    "It did, it really did."

    "Not by a lot, but it just looked like the Miners were a strep faster out there, their hits just a little bigger, and their execution just a little crisper in every phase of the game."

    "Second half didn't start out much better, what with the three that gave the Miners the ten point lead, but then the Mercs, they started coming back."

    "Yeah not sure if the Miners went into cruise control there a bit or what, but it seemed like after that the Mercs started getting back into things a bit."

    "Arock scored on a couple of back to back possessions, then the Irvin three brought it back to within five, but man the Miners, they didn't quit either."

    "Both sides kind of traded punches there after that, and then things settled down at the 20-17 mark until the last few minutes."

    "Within net range, but man, that's a good defense over there for Bakura."

    "It really is, and they stifled the Mercs until they managed their own bar point which gave them the four point lead with two to go."

    "Looked pretty bleak for us at that point, but another Irvin three got us to within striking distance and then a few moments later Arock scored the go ahead..."


    "...point. Wait, what?"

    "Tying point. Arock scored the tying point."

    "I know."

    "You said go ahead."

    "Oh. No I didn't."

    "You did."

    "I did?"

    "You did."


    "Oh yeah."

    "OK, well I meant to say tying point off the Miners turnover deep in their own zone."

    "When we scored that one I knew we had it."

    "And that set up perhaps the best play of the Mercs season when Beckman faked half the defense out of their jocks..."

    "I thought he broke his own ankles there!"

    "...and scored his only point of the day, a bar point that gave the Mercs the win as time expired."

    "What an uplifting win for the Mercs..."

    "And a demoralizing defeat for the Miners."

    "I was starting to think they might go undefeated this season, they're that good."

    "Well they came a breath away from winning this one, but couldn't hold on and now the Mercs are in a good position to make the playoffs as we pass the half way mark of the season."

    "Four and two overall, tied with the Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "...who they have the head to head tie breaker against."

    "I have a feeling that's going to be important at season's end."

    "Also holding a commanding three and oh conference record..."

    "Which again might be important come the end of the season."

    "...and this in a conference where everyone else other than the Mercs and Pirates..."

    "Who I still hate in case anyone was wondering."

    " at least two games under the .500 mark."

    "There's what? Two, one and five teams, and a pair of two and four teams, and though limmie is a crazy game and anything can happen, the chances of the Mercs at least taking home a playoff spot got much much better with this win."

    "Yeah, still a lot of season to be played, but they only have to be top three in the conference, and right now they look like a team that will do that."

    "Of course next week they have the Beast riders, who are struggling a bit this season after taking the league by storm the first half of last year and then held on for a playoff spot in their first year in the league."

    "Yeah, down year for Onderon. Seems at times that there is no one at the helm over there, but they're a talented team, and they'll be looking to turn their own season around when they host the Mercs."

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    IC: Stephana Adiims
    Mesh’la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore

    Stephana drew her forearm across her wet forehead. She wouldn’t have been surprised to find it covered in blood, but it was just sweat. That’s how tough this game was. The Miners had been their usual selves in the first half, their high flying offense putting Hunter through his paces. It had looked like the Miners had gotten the better end of that trade by far.

    With a strong lead, Draper had been judiciously using his reserves in the second half, partially to rest his starters, but to also keep the defense fresh against a Mercs resurgence. Stephana had come in as the second defensive substitution. Esheps had been the first in, Draper wanting to lean on his inside knowledge of the Mercs offense. Once again she was in at cornerback, the edge of the Miners defense. There was little margin for error here. If Adiims fell, the only thing standing between someone like Fu Arock and the goal was Blake. And that was very bad.

    Fu Arock could eat the Miners like a mynock with a power cable when he got on his game. He could out-Miner the Miners offense singlehandedly. He was an exceptional athlete in every aspect. Only the likes of Horst Penn, defender extraordinaire, could slow the onslaught.

    And an onslaught it had been. Though the Miners had stopped almost everything in the first half, Kor’le must have said something to her team because they came out swinging in the second. They were dropping a midfielder (things were moving too fast for Stephana to notice, was it Irvin?) low--a classic Glencross move--to push the offense up the field. If the Miners could wrest possession from the Mercs, they could catch the Mandalorians in an odd-man rush. At the moment, though, their forwards were retaining control.

    Stephana was covering a familiar face--Cordell Beckman Jr. The erstwhile Miner was hard to cover. He didn’t have the brute force of Arock, but he had a finesse to his game that was part of why he’d fit so well in the Miner offense. Stephana had practiced against him during her rookie year, but he was so talented that she was still seeing new looks out of him every possession.

    The ball was coming back into play in a moment. The game was tied 21-21. The Mercs had fought back, with the crowd at their back, to tie the game. The millions of fans were going nuts, but Stephana worked to shut it out and focus on the bolo-ball. She wasn’t going to try to win the game--she was just going to keep the Mercs from winning. All she had to do was get the boloball out and let the offense do their work.

    Just stop this play, she thought. That’s all you have to do.

    Stephana fingered her necklace.

    Grandmother, give me the legs of a kybuck, she beseeched.

    The boloball came into play. They were throwing right for Beckman. Stephana jumped, straining every tendon of her body to get as much vertical as she could. Time itself slowed as she lifted into the air, her eyes locked on the ball. It was going high--the Mercs had flubbed the pass. And then Beckman made a beauty of a one handed grab. It was a stunning play and Stephana was helpless. Not only did Beckman haul it in, but he came down on his feet and was off before Stephana could even turn her body.

    Penn, knowing the stakes, disengaged from Arock--a risky but necessary move--and headed for Beckman, who gave a fake cut one way that Horst bit on. It left Cordell all alone. The other cornerback had come over to cover Arock, so Beckman lined it up and fired a point over the bar.

    And that was that. The Miners had lost for the first time this season, for the first time in a long time.

    Stephana put her hands on her hips and hung her head as the Mercs celebrated. She would congratulate them when they were done. For now she would feel sorry for herself. She would remember this feeling. She would hold onto it until the next game, when she stepped on the field.

    Stephana Adiims was not going to feel like she’d lost a game for her teammates again. That she promised herself. And Stephana kept her promises.

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    IC: Mar'git 'Cutty' Evers-Sark
    The Snake Pit, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Cutty wouldn't want to admit it, wouldn't say it but, she was feeling good. They had just beaten the Starkillers, with her scoring four goals and three assists. Yep she was well on her way to snatching that Salbukk Award, now all she needed to do was make sure her team made it to the playoffs. To the best of her knowledge no Salbukk winner was from a team that didn't make the playoffs. It was also the only path to follow towards the Galactic Cup. Though if the forward was being honest with herself, it was less about the championship more about the Salbukk.

    She coveted that recognition as the best player for the regular season, something she hasn't really gotten from any other place. Her rookie year was spoiled by the princess, and every year after it Leigh took up the spotlight. This was her year and nothing was taking that away from her. Already she was doing well, scoring the most points on her team, a team that was now second in points scored, and leading them down the field. She was the driving force behind the Pirates, she was the one putting the team on her back and dragging them to glory.

    Her head was held high when she recalled the boundless energy of Serica. The younger woman was unstoppable on the field. She'd also setup most of Cutty's goals, and Cutty's assists were just rebounds that came right out to the Serica. The corner forward was always were she needed to be. Cutty shook her head of white hair banishing those thoughts. It was her contributions to the team that meant the most. That was how you got noticed that you do the most to help your team win. How are games decided? With points and, Cutty had the most in her stat column, at least on her team.

    She entered her favored drinking establishment, taking her usual chair and ordered her customary drink of water after a win. Mical, behind the bar filled up a glass and set it on the bar top. This was just a normal day after a normal victory. Cutty was riding high with her usual cocksure attitude describing her victory to her cathar friend. Said friend smiled nodded and took a long drag of her cigarette that was always hanging from her lip. The rest of the bar was quiet as was normal for her frequent visits to the 'Snake Pit'. Everything felt just right.

    It was a normal victory afternoon. Mical was jibbing Cutty, succeeding at getting a rise out of the limmie player. Their conversations were sometimes swallowed by silence as the bartender wandered off to assist another customer and Cutty was just lost in thought. She'd become somewhat more completive in the last few weeks. Thinking more about the path that lead her here, to this bar and to this profession. Her father, her old home and…Her blue eyes fall on the picture of Eamon at the back of the bar. She still owed him a debt, one she could never pay back.

    Everything was normal, until she heard the door open. She looked mostly out of a matter of course, you hear a noise you look. This time however she wished she didn't. Coming through the door was a young woman with black hair and light amber skin. Her brown eyes look out into the space with wide eyed wonder. It seemed to be her first time in the establishment. Cutty knew, that it was, and that she shouldn't be here. The new arrival walked forward missing the step down into the bar. Not like there was a sign or anything. One had to be aware when they entered the 'Snake Pit'.

    Cutty turned her head away from Serica, rookie forward and president of the Evers-Sark fan club. However even with her early stumble, nearly falling on her face, Serica couldn't miss the stark white hair of her idol.

    "Cutty?" she asked in her thick Glasgone accent, just as noticeable as her linemate. Cutty said nothing but, Mical from behind the bar nodded her head very obviously. "It is you." Serica nearly shouted disrupting some of the patrons. The younger woman was still dressed in her practice gear, though with normal shoes instead of her cleats. She bounded across the bar colliding with Cutty in a crushing hug that nearly took the veteran off her stool.

    A pained expression came across Cutty's features as Serica continued to hold tight to her most favorite person in the galaxy. Mical was smiled with a burning coal on the end of her cigarette obviously enjoying the scene before her. Others in the bar give side long glances at the pair before returning to their drinks.

    Cutty could feel Serica vibrating next to her still not letting go, in fact deepening the hug. Their cheeks were rubbing against each other and the rookie showed no sign of letting go.

    "Didn't know you came here." Serica said continuing to embrace her 'friend'.

    "What made you come here?" Cutty weakly asked in a strained voice, Serica's vice like grip squeezing the air out of her chest.

    "I thought I saw you come in here. I decided to check it out." She said finally letting go of Cutty taking a seat next to her. She gave a broad smile to Mical behind the bar.

    "Are you sure she's allowed to be here?" Cutty pleaded with the bartender.

    "Ahhh…" the cathar said with a shrug, "She's with a minder of age."

    "I'm not her minder." Cutty snapped.

    "I don't get that." Serica added.

    "What don't you get kid?" Mical asked letting out a long breath of smoke from her nostrils.

    "Back home I could drink, my team held a big to do for me when I declared for the draft. We got so knackered, I nearly didn't make my flight."

    Mical raised her brow, looking to Cutty who was seemingly unaffected. Noting her friend's concern the forward waved her hand.

    "Drinking age is lower in Glasgone, don't ask me how. I guess we like getting started early."

    "So what do you like here?" Serica asked her 'mentor'.

    Cutty remained silent scowling at the bartender.

    "The water's good." Mical answered

    Cutty looked wide eyed at Mical. Her place, her sanctuary from the others, and particularly this rookie was now gone. She was sure that Serica would not forget about this, that she would now come here every time Cutty came here.

    Now there was no escape.

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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "The College limmie season is entering the home stretch and boy is it not being kind to the KMI Warriors."

    "Another tough loss..."

    "They're just too young."

    "The team ranked in the pre-season's top five loses it's third straight and it looks to be an uphill climb for the Warriors to make it to the playoffs."

    "This will be the first year they've missed out won't it?"

    "Yup, been a long time coming but unless they can turn things around it looks as though the Warriors will be sitting at home come playoff time."

    "Elsewhere, Tiarest loses their second in a row and is in danger of falling out of the top ten."

    "They looked so good a few weeks ago."

    "And the Starbucks just keep on winning, look for them to be holding down a playoff spot when the HSN rankings are announced here in a few hours."


    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    HSN Top 25 after Week Six

    1. Taanab A&M University
    2. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    3. Bakura Fleet Academy
    4. University of Zeltros
    5. Grand Vulptur System University
    6. Norand University, Carratos
    7. University of Csilla
    8. Chandrila A&M University
    9. Druckenwell Technical University
    10. University of Kashyyyk
    11. Wookiee Forrest Institute
    12. Tiarest University
    13. The Ord Sabaok University
    14. Zehava College, Melida/Daan
    15. Balmorra State University
    16. Garqi State University
    17. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    18. Keldabe Military Institute (Mandalore)
    19. University of Wroona
    20. University of Onderon Rupings
    21. Ryloth Ag and Tech University
    22. University of Agamar
    23. Sanctuary Moon University, Endor
    24. College of Fondordelphia
    25. University of Thyferra
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    GM Post

    How are we now more than halfway through the regular season? Crazy, I tell ya. Crazy! What's not crazy is the bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir.

    288 Week 7 Results
    Dac Mariners at Bakura Miners (23-12)
    Coruscant Senators at Stewjon Metropolitans (1-0)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (19-7)
    Carratos Pirates at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (35-16)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Onderon Beast Riders (31-7)
    Euceron Officers at Denon Demons (25-15)

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