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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tomas Vigo

    It was game day, again. Tomas hated self-talk. He knew he was supposed to be full of confidence. Everyone told him it was his destiny to win the Starkillers a title. No more than just a title he was supposed to make the Starkillers the new Mercs. Win multiple titles. After high school and college Tomas had to question these prophecies. He paced around midfield waiting for the game to begin. There was team captain Yoldanda Dunerider calling the toss and deferring the ball when she won. She looked back and gave Tomas a thumbs up.

    “Follow me,” Tomas heard Lawco call as they lined up to kick off. If he was supposed to lead the team to multiple titles why was Yolanda the captain and why was Lawco telling him what to do?

    Tomas followed anyway. He watched the Miners make some successful passes. He stayed on his man, Burrnsbacca. Tomas wanted the super star, he wanted Kyr Irvin, Lawco had been assigned to Irvin. The rookie from Carratos “Wiskey”, they called him made a nice block. Lawco received a pass and dribbled up field while Tomas covered. Lawco had plenty of time to get a pass off to Olidiipo who put the Starkillers on the board with 3 points.

    It was nice to be on the board, but Tomas wanted to be the one scoring the points. Or at least to make the assist. Covering Lawco wasn’t going to get him any glory. He knew one thing for sure Burrnsbacca wasn’t getting his paws on the ball. The Wookie had no chance at outrunning him. While Tomas covered his man on the next drive he was forced to watch as rookie Harle Quinn of the Miners scored right back on the Starkillers tying the game. The “Show-off” didn’t just score, she did gymnastics on the field. It was embarrassing the defense allowed her to do that.

    Tomas fumed. They let a rookie score? Some girl who’d spent two years in the developmental leagues. All week it he had heard comparisons about who would perform better her or him. It was like that when you were a rookie, you got compared to all the other rookies in the league. Tomas did not want to see Harle Quinn score again, not in this game, never in his life.

    Except she did, this time it was just a bar point, no fancy moves. It was still enough to make Tomas angry. Something in him snapped.

    On the next drive Lawco took a long shot and scored a bar point. Again Tomas enabled him to be all by himself by fending off any defenders. Tomas went to the ground to keep Irvin off Lawco and Lawco got credit for the point. The Miners were driving again. Hoping to tie it up again, or take the lead. Burrnsbacca obviously wasn’t a threat. Tomas looked downfield and saw Quinn wide open, again.

    Tomas ran downfield, he called out to Lawco and motioned with his head. His fellow midfielder understood that Tomas wanted him to watch Burrnsbacca, Lawco didn’t look happy about the order. Tomas didn’t care. He was already downfield. He saw Quinn waiting for a pass. Quinn thought she was so smart, she actually thought her offense had outsmarted his defense. She had no idea he was coming up behind her. Tomas had incredible endurance, he wasn’t breathing heavy from the long run. He surprised her with a hard tackle. He knew he’d startled her, he’d thrown her down hard on her face, but Tomas wasn’t finished. He pushed Harle’s face into the turf made her taste real authentic Ralltiir dirt. Tomas sat there a minute on top of Harle he heard her mumble something he saw her arms flail like a child. Once he figured he had gotten his point across, point being, you don’t show off on my turf, he got up.

    Quinn had the gull to taunt him “Awww, can’t keep up so you resort to penalties?”

    Tomas laughed in return. This was professional Limmie there were no rules against tackling an opposing player. This girl was out of her mind if she thought the refs would side with the Miners on a long shot call in Ralltiir. Sure enough as Tomas ran up field to join his teammates in an offensive attempt he noticed that Miners head Coach Jon Draper was giving a ref an earful. The ref and the coach were engaged. Tomas being Tomas made a fist and lifted his middle finger directly at the coach. Just long enough that he knew what he’d done and not long enough to get caught. This was Limmie, there were no rules against tackling another player. Draper was wasting his time.

    “Nice move rook,” Tomas heard Lawco say. “Dash will have you doing push-ups in the locker room at half time, but you scared her. She won’t score again today.”

    Tomas nodded in appreciation, but his mind was already on the next drive. Lawco deferred the dribble to Tomas so Tomas took it up field. He had a shot. He could take it. Yolanda was wide open. He knew she would make it. Tomas passed the ball and Yolanda got the goal. It wasn’t everything he wanted. It was 3 more points for the Starkillers they were now up 7-4.

    As the half went on so did the Starkillers ability to score points on the Miners. They were up 20-6 with just a few seconds left. The Miners were getting desperate. They wanted to score and gain some momentum before the end of the half. This desperation led to a wild pass downfield. Tomas intercepted. He didn’t think. Tomas ran the ball all the way up field and drove to the goal. Giving the Starkillers a 23-6 point lead going into the half.

    IC: Von’kedo

    Of course Von’kedo was happy for Tomas. He’d gotten his first ELL win. She’d witnessed the whole game. The steal, the fast break goal, 3 assists, another goal, she’d seen Tomas smash Harle Quinn’s face into the dirt. His opponent was down, sitting on her, Von'kedo saw the humor in that. He didn’t have to push her face into the turf. Still Tomas’ family had justified the move. They said Tomas’ play single handedly turned around the momentum of the game. Quinn had been psyched out and unable to play the rest of the game.

    Von’kedo carefully bandaged the scrapes on Tomas’ arms and legs that evening in their apartment. “I really wish you could come to Stewjon. I don’t want just any trainer looking me over after the game next week.” Tomas complained.

    “Tomas I have classes and next week I’m going to observe my very first sessions in the operating room,” Von’kedo reminded her husband.

    “I know, it’s just that. I don’t like strangers touching me,” Tomas huffed.

    Von’kedo wanted to point out that Tomas had no quarrels with touching other people himself, or even smashing their faces into cold Limmie turf. She was afraid. What if she made Tomas mad? Would he harm her? Von’kedo had never known Tomas to be violent towards her. Still his moves on the field were fierce and frightful.

    She told herself she was overreacting. The couple had dinner and went about their week. Von’kedo got to observe her first surgery as promised. The doctors removed a tumor from a young boy’s brain. Von’kedo was fascinated by the procedure. Tomas had mentioned once and told her to keep it in upmost confidence that Ty Allin would lose his memory someday due to the trauma he had experienced playing Limmie. Von’kedo hoped she could study brains and save Ty Aliin from this awful fate.

    It was late when Von’kedo got home that night. Tomas was already sleeping, so she grabbed the extra blankets from the closet and slept on the sofa. The next morning Tomas wasn’t happy at breakfast. “Why don’t you get in bed with me?” He asked.

    “I got in late, I didn’t want to wake you,” she explained.

    “That’s crazy. You’re my wife. I want to share a bed. I want to do husband and wife things together,” he insisted. “It’s bad enough I have to leave for Stewjon tomorrow and not see you for two days.”

    “I’ll miss you too,” Von’kedo agreed.

    “So from now on,” Tomas ordered. “When you get home, no matter how late I want you to get in bed with me.”

    It sounded like an order. Before Von’kedo had time to answer Tomas was gone. Off to practice. She went to class a few hours later. She was at the med center late again. She didn’t dare disobey Tomas. That night she crawled in bed next to Tomas. She didn’t cuddle up next to him. She stayed comfortably on her side wondering what she had gotten herself into.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny but cold victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Glactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Do we ever, Mercs got their rings yesterday..."

    "And celebrated by pulling off the 29 to 12 win over the Storm."



    "You said Storm..."

    "I did?"


    "Well I meant Officers."

    "I know, but..."

    "I doubt I'll ever get used to that name change."

    "I won't either."

    "Best to just call them Euceron and avoid the problem entirely."

    "That's a good idea Liz."

    "Anyway, Mercs avoid the post ceremony letdown with the win over Euceron..."

    "Good call."

    " their home opener, and boy have they looked good so far this season."

    "Not showing any signs yet of a post Cup Championship slump and of course once again Mercs standby Fu Arcok along with relative newcomers Cordell Beckman Jr., Zap Dos and Jolla Pic have been in the center of it."

    "Pic especially has been impressive to me."

    "Came over here in the Irvin trade, a trade he demanded..."

    "Yeah and how is that working out for him so far?"

    "... in the last year of her contract. Oh yeah, Miners have looked awful so far."

    "Yeah they have, lots of season left though."

    "Sure, sure."

    "Anyway, Like you were saying. Pic comes over to a rival team, a team with an obvious championship pedigree, and then she helps make the team even better."

    "She has that championship pedigree herself."

    "She does, and frankly she is just adding to the legend now."

    "And setting herself up for an impressive payday too at season's end."

    "Which was why I think Bakura traded her away. They're a budget conscious team..."

    "I just hope the Mercs can afford to keep her now."

    "You and me both, but lets not talk about next offseason, we're still at the beginning of this one, and it's starting out pretty good."

    "Offense and defense are both clicking along, the midfield is making the transition between the forwards and back smooth as Dramassian shimmersilk. They're looking good right now."

    "Right now, at the beginning of the season, but how do they keep it going?"

    "Well, they can't keep this up forever, so look for some bumps in the road along the way, but I think this is the team the Mercs front office was looking for when they put the roster together..."

    "Could that bump in the road come from the Senators who the Mercs play at home next week?"

    "Oh yeah, sure it could. Senators are a hungry team, that bounced back from their loss to Nal Hutta's moon by putting up 30 this weekend against the Patriots."

    "Yeah, speaking of hich, how about those Strugglers?"

    "Teams are struggling to put up any points againt them so far this season and of course you can never count out the Pirates..."

    "I hate those guys."

    "Or even the Sto..." There was a brief embarrassed pause. "I mean Euceron..."

    "Good call."

    "...which is why the Mercs win against them here was so important."

    TAG: @jcgoble3
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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Stability and chalk reign in the world of college limmie as nearly all of the HSN Top Ten from last week brought home victories, the only outlier being number eight University of Kuat who lost to UCBV in a stunner 21-19."

    "Thought they would pull that out."

    "Only other top sixteen team..."

    "The playoff cutoff."

    " lose was College of Deredith & Millicent who fell 18-15 to the Pioneers of UBTV."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone


    HSN Top 25 after Week Three

    1. Grand Vulptur System University
    2. University of Csilla
    3. University of Kashyyyk
    4. University of Zeltros
    5. Taanab A&M University
    6. University of Shili
    7. Druckenwell Technical University
    8. The Ord Sabaok University
    9. University of Onderon Rupings
    10. Norand University, Carratos
    11. Prytis College of Natural Sciences
    12. University of Kuat
    13. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    14. Ryloth Ag and Tech University
    15. UB Telaan Valley
    16. University of the Northern Industrial District
    17. College of Deredith & Millicent
    18. Citadel University of Anaxes
    19. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk
    20. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    21. Ralltiir University
    22. University of Dantooine
    23. Bakura Fleet Academy
    24. Duro State University
    25. University of Bison
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    IC: Shady Lerouex

    Burgundy and Green Brawl

    Shady stood in her position waiting for the game to start. She was well aware of the significance of her retirement tour. They'd downed Coruscant in round one, blew apart Stewjon in round two, and now she was returning full circle to Chandrila to rip apart their precious Patriots.

    It had been awhile since she'd participated in the Burgundy and Green Brawl. A few season, at least. To see the old arch rivals of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers back in the Elite League took a bit of an adjustment. So many things had evolved, as so many things continuously did and this rivalry and fallen by the wayside. Now it had returned, fiercer than ever, two classic franchises, going at it, once more.

    The whistle blew and Shady quickly drove down the field for a pair of points.

    It was right then and there that a Patriot defender slammed into her knees.....

    OOC: Short one this week but perhaps some suspense....
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    IC: Dawn Solo
    The Crown Jewel enroute to Bakura

    It was nice to have been back on their home turf, especially when they were facing off against a team that consistently gave them problems. In seasons past Dawn would mark down their match with the Pirates as an automatic loss. No matter how much they prepared, studied previous match holos, ran drills, they never seemed to have the right combination to topple the Pirates.

    But this season was different, this season she circled the second week and did nothing different than their normal match prep. And this year was a completely different story. The Monarchs were in control from the opening kick off.

    It was good to be home.

    But that good feeling was only temporary as they were back on their way once again. Now they were traveling to Bakura to face off against their biggest in conference rivals. Last season the Miners were the regular season Solo Conference champions and lead the league in all three aspects of the game. Hells, they only lost out on the Commissioner's Trophy by a single point. Going into the playoffs, Dawn thought that Bakura was a shoe in to win it all.

    But they didn’t. They didn’t even make it to the finals.

    So that gave her hope. Of course it was the only thing that gave her hope, as once again with them being up against a rival, her new favorite General Manager was making the trip to the Outer Rim. So once more the Monarchs and Miners faced off in the Blue and Gold Bowl.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Boutros Sabah
    Monarchs Stadium, Rydonni Prime

    Pol Sila

    That name dominated Boutros's mind, why did they have to find him? Out of all the bodies that had been put in that bay over the years it had to be his. There weren't many people she feared but, he was one of them. Now she feared the repercussions of what she did so long ago. It wasn't often that a cold case got just a little warmer. She wouldn't admit it to Tian but, each knock at the door made the Defender nervous, each seccer they past made her hair stand on end, worried that they were going to arrest her.

    It was these thoughts and more that made her nervous. She may have looked confidant on the outside but, under her skin she was a bundle of nerves. She knew Tian could see past it, could peer into her heart and notice her fidgeting, the quick glances over her shoulder. The pantoran knew the something was wrong but, couldn't bring herself to ask, not that Boutros would say anything about it. Yes Tian knew about the whole gang thing, and knew she did some dark things in the past but, this...this was too much. She also didn't want to make Tian an accessory after the fact, or become a witness to be used against her.

    This might have been why everything fell apart in this game. Boutros took to the field mind not fully in the game. The Monarchs came rushing down taking the first possession from Cutty, a rarity in most games. The white haired forward always seemed to get her hands on the ball first. Not this time apparently and the defense was treated to an early test. A test they failed. They danced around the half backs coming to the back line in record time. Boutros shook her head getting into position but, she was just a half a step slow, her mark sailed past her for a perfect cross pass that was thankfully stopped by Qazi.

    That was just the start of their troubles, every play the home team slammed into the defense with terrible force. It wasn't only Boutros that was having issues. Mighty Mo was aggressive as always but, was overcommitting. Focusing on her mark to the detriment to everything else. The Monarchs used this to their advantage. Swinging in close to get the rookie's attention then passing back once they had an open lane. As the goals stacked up the rookie didn't learn, she still went after her mark like a rabid dog with tunnel vision. Doubling down didn't help things, the Monarchs were messing with her, baiting her the whole game.

    Big J seemed to be the only one with his head fully in the game. However his endeavor was not helped by his linemates worrying about other things. He was overwhelmed very quickly, unable to keep pace with the lightning fast offense that pelted the goal with shot after shot. Qazi did his best but, not even he could keep up with all the attempts coming in. It was embarrassing, going from stopping a power offense cold to allowing 30+ points in a single game against an offense that could best be described as sluggish last year. Needless to say it wasn't a game the Pirates were proud to play. They messed it up, and it cost them.

    The post game wrap up was quiet. The team knew they hadn't done well, the offense gave side long glances at the defense. It was back six's fault, mostly. It's difficult to dig out of a hole as deep as they were in when the defenders kept letting it get deeper, and deeper. Logan had very little to say as well. He saw what happened, he probably recorded it all in his cybernetic eye. That was the rumor anyway, that his golden eye recorded every game and he reviewed them every night, picking them apart, finding where the Pirates failed.

    It was going to be a rough week of practices they all knew it. However, that was for tomorrow, now they just had to get back home. The ride back was quiet with Boutros putting on a brave face for Tian, keeping her from asking what was going on. There was some light conversation between the pair, mostly discussing the game, and what they were going to do once they got home. However in the back of Boutros's mind there was always the thought that the OSF would be waiting for, waiting to take her in for 'questioning', waiting to put her in prison.
    Boutros's Apartment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    That night, laying next to Tian, Boutros dreamed. It wasn't often that she did that but, tonight the dream was vivid.

    She could see the bloodshot blue eyes staring into hers, meaty fingers wrapping around her throat, her feet swinging in the air. The edges of her vision were darkening, tears were running down her cheeks. In a last desperate attempt she drove her thumbs into his eyes causing him to cry out in pain.
    The next few moments were a blur leaving her on her knees coughing palms and knuckles cut and bleeding, a piece of masonry off to the side, covered in gore, and Pol, his hulking form unmoving on the cold ground, his face shattered and unrecognizable.

    It was the final piece of her sister's plan to take control, to rest the throne from the tyrant. It fell to Boutros to end him, it wasn't the first time she'd taken a life, the fangs of her howlrunner had been stained with blood for years but, this was the toughest, bloodiest fight she'd ever experienced before or since.

    She shoved the body into the trunk of her speeder and quickly dumped the body into the bay forgetting it all.

    As she stared into the dark waters of O'Pahz Bay, a meaty hand reached out wrapping around her throat and pulling her into the abyss. She fought dug in her heels sliding against the pier from which she dropped his body. Just before she was pulled under her eyes snapped out, her body sat up in bed in an instant, her magenta skin covered in a cold sweat.

    Was this her punishment, for her sin so long ago.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential to Bakura, Carratos, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime.

    289 Week 3 Results
    Chandrila Patriots at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (10-40)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Stewjon Metropolitans (2-7)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Bakura Miners (6-32)
    Carratos Pirates at Euceron Officers (6-22)
    Coruscant Senators at Mando’ade Mercs (4-16)

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @SWNerd11 @Vehn
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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week two Results
    Atzerri Bandits @ Concordia Crusaders (8-14)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Rattatak Sea Devils (16-15)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers @ Thyferra Force (15-14)

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cold and rainy victory afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Another week, another win..."

    "That's right Justin, another week, another win and the Mercs must be butter because they're on a roll.**"

    "Three and oh to start the season, and no team is playing as well as they are right now."

    "I don't know about that. The Strugglers are looking pretty good right now too."

    "Tied for first..."

    "With the Mercs."

    " points scored...."

    "Through just the first three games of the season folks, let's not get ahead of ourselves here."

    "...while allowing just half the amount of points that the Mercs have allowed."

    "OK, so they're 1 and 1a in the league..."

    "Which makes sense right now as they're the only undefeateds we have left now."

    "When do they meet?"

    "Second to last game of the season, week eight."

    "Too bad, chances that either of them are still undefeated by then are small. That both could be, infinitesimal..."

    "Big word college boy."

    "Thank you."

    "You're not wrong though, doubt we get that far with either of them, much less both, still undefeated..."

    "Sure, sure."

    "And although there is a lot of season left, anything can happen..."

    "Sure, sure."

    "That is looking right now like a pivotal game as those two teams right now, and I stress that, right now, have control of the Skywalker."

    "Remember too, the top three teams out of five now still make the playoffs..."

    "Way too early to be talking about playoffs."

    "...and with the Pats yet to win a game. Yeah I know, but it's fun to talk about anyway."

    "It is."

    "Anyway, with the Pats foundering...again. It makes for some good drama with the two best teams through the first third of the season to both be undefeated, from the same conference and as big a rival as the Strugglers and Mercs are."

    "Not to change the subject, but I'm changing the subject, you all see the Miners finally won one?"

    "Not that surprising, bound to happen eventually, but the way they won."

    "Yeah, they put up 32 points on a pretty good Monarchs team."

    "The Evil Empire never dies, it just..."

    "Becomes the First Order?"


    "Yeah, so does Mercs Nation."

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny

    **Taken from the late, great Stuart Scott. @};-
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Miners belatedly introduce their new assistant captain in the wake of Jolla Pic's trade to Mando'ade
    • Quinn Cundertol: "The new assistant captain, I can't do this"
      • Cundertol leaves the press conference, allowing the new assistant captain to introduce themselves
    • Horst Penn is new assistant captain of the Miners
    • Penn's comment on being assistant captain:
    • On how he views the Miners' chances this season:
    • On whether he has a plan to bring home the Galactic Cup:
    • On the decision to make him assistant captain:
    TAG: Nobody, but also indirectly everybody because I know you will enjoy this
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    Sep 3, 2012
    Tomas Vigo:

    “Cheer up kid,” Lawco said sitting down next to Tomas for the shuttle ride home from Stewjon.

    Tomas didn’t reply. He just looked at Lawco. What was there to be happy about? The Starkillers had lost to the Mets, again. Sure he didn’t have to take credit for the previous losses, but he hadn’t made them any better and it stung.

    “They respect you man,” Lawco said interrupting his thoughts. “Carlotta didn’t receive a single pass in the second half because you had her covered. She was running scared after you brought her down and stole the ball. You nearly scored,” Lawco reminded Tomas.

    “Nearly isn’t the same thing as actually scoring,” Tomas reminded his teammate.

    “You’ll get ‘em next week,” Lawco promised. “We can dethrone the Smugglers. They think they are hot stuff this season. Think you can take on Shady Lerouex?”

    “I can take her,” Tomas boasted. “Been waiting my whole life to flatten Shady on the Limmie turf.”

    “You get your chance next week rookie,” Lawco assured him.

    Tomas smiled. He laid his head back against the headrest and slept for the short ride back to Ralltiir.

    IC: Von’kedo

    Von’kedo didn’t know what was different about Tomas this week, but she liked it. She had been at the med center caring for the child who had the tumor removed during Tomas’ game. When she heard the score, she decided not to watch. Instead she assisted N17 in making his favorite dish so it would be ready when his shuttle landed. Tomas didn’t act like he needed comfort food. He was appreciative and scarfed down the meal.

    Surprisingly he didn’t want Von’kedo to look at his superficial cuts. What he wanted was for Von’kedo to share their bed. It was just what the couple needed. The short week was unwanted. Von’kedo found it really hard to say good-bye again so soon. The apartment was so lonely without Tomas. Even with her long hours at the med center she couldn’t sleep the night before the Nar Shadda game.

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    Tomas slept very well the night before the Nar Shadda game. In his dreams he dominated against Shady Lerouex. In one dream Shady got the ball. He ran out of nowhere to block her shot. In his next dream he tackled her to the ground before she could receive a pass and in his final dream he made sure to kick her sore knee as he tackled her.

    Tag: @Vehn (hopefully the liberty I took at the end is okay, just going by your last teaser ;) )
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    IC: Christine Gamble

    The success from the Chandrila game seemed to have disappeared by the next week for the Senator offense, which once again sputtered when squaring off against a better team. The season was only three games old, but the same issues kept reappearing in the usual spots. There was no potency to the offense, just a lackluster effort. Trying to pinpoint the issue wasn’t Christine’s job, but it threatened to derail her chances at a playoff berth.

    The defense had done its job against the Mercs. Holding a team of that caliber to so few points was rather rare in recent years, and Christine going toe-to-toe with Arock was one part of it all. But the offense had been the same mess, and the defenders were pissed. They had kept another quality opponent down from their usual offensive production, but the offense failed again to capitalize. This had not happened during the good seasons. It was clear that something had to be done.

    “Something needs to be done about the scoring problems,” Christine said after the game to Leia Adama, the captain. “We’re sick of doing our job and not being backed up.”

    “You’re not the only one with problems, Christine,” the captain full forward snapped. “Do you know how fractured this team is right now? The new OC doesn’t get us. We’re built for an old system that doesn’t work with the new philosophy. Unless we get those issues figured out, we’re not going to the playoffs this year. That would be three times in a row. Unacceptable.”

    “Then what can you do to fix it?”

    “If only it was that easy . . .”

    “I’m not going to miss out on the playoffs, not again,” Christine said. “I want my shot at a title.”

    “Then you should have asked for a trade this offseason,” was the answer she got. “Because I fear it’s not going to get better.”

    “You know I can’t just go and ask for a trade,” Christine replied. “Not in my last year. The fans deserve better . . . I deserve better than to be forced into requesting a trade because things aren’t going well. Isn’t that what camp is for?”

    There was a long pause when neither veteran player said anything. Finally Adama opened her mouth. “Look . . . it’s no secret to me or upper management that if we miss the playoffs again, Briar’s going to get canned. And if she goes, we likely all go.”

    “You met with brass? Without consulting me or the other captains?”

    “When the GM is the wife of your older cousin, you get access to these things that most players don’t. Besides, I’m full captain, not you.”

    “Only because I gave it to you,” Christine said.

    “What?” was the angered response. The corner back had touched a nerve. “I earned this designation through being the best-qualified player on this roster to hold the captaincy. You didn’t have the stones to keep it, or else you would still be wearing the C instead of an A.”

    “You didn’t have to go through a winless season,” Christine said, her ire rising as well. “You’re just the pretty girl who always got her way. It’s no surprise that the GM always liked you best. You’re practically family. And going to secret meetings without informing either Zeus, D’ana, or myself . . . that’s low. Don’t give me the sob story of how tough it is to be you, got it? This isn’t the way I plan on going out, asking for a trade from a dysfunctional franchise that can’t get out of its own way.”

    “This is not going to go the way you think,” Adama said bitterly.

    “Then how is it supposed to go? You just want to wait things out until you can go to Free Agency and then sign with the Miners? Is that your big plan? To run home to daddy because you can’t gather enough courage to show us your hand?”

    “Take. That. Back.” Adama growled. Things had been simmering before, but it had come to a boil.

    “Make me. I’m in my last season anyways. The League is kicking me to the curb regardless of what you say. You want to win? Score more points. Maybe then we . . .”

    Her sentence was interrupted by the force of being slammed into a durracrete wall. Adama had an iron grip, and the expression on her face was of pure rage. “You think I asked for all this? You think I asked to be an Adama, to be in my father’s shadow all these years? Do you know the pressure I deal with on a constant basis? You don’t understand the hell I go through. Not when your father was known for winning Cups, and all you get is criticism for not being as good as he was? Do you know the pressure on my shoulders for being a captain who is related to the GM but is constantly told that I am only captain because of that fact in the media throughout the frakking galaxy? Is there any comprehension in your feeble mind that maybe I didn’t ask to be Leia Adama, the daughter of Declan the Champion? I just want to be Leia Adama the Limmie player, the beloved captain who just wants to chart her own path and not be reminded that she will never be as good as her father. I just want the media to love me like they loved my father, and they don’t. And I won’t take any more crap from the media, from the fans, or even you. So stay away from me, you hear? You don’t deserve this, not on my team.” She reached up and ripped a segment of Christine’s jersey free, then dropped it to the ground before stomping on it with her cleat. After that, she stalked away to one of the farthest recesses of the underground tunnels of the massive stadium, leaving Christine stunned and missing a piece of her jersey.

    Christine was silent as she returned to the dressing room. Many of the defensive players looked up to see her enter the room, and the look on their faces asked the same question: what’s with the ripped jersey? And where is the captain’s letter?

    So she mouthed one word to them: “ADAMA”.

    Wahay Contar, the lanky Feeorin corner back whose toughness had made him a fan favorite in only his fourth season, cracked his knuckles as he turned his torso to glare at the offensive players on the other side of the room. Klay Mettews and Eddie Munster bore their stares down at the forwards, the latter being especially creepy since it appeared almost like a hunting stare before the ‘wolfman’ would pounce.

    Caught in the middle of it all were the midfielders. Both Syndulla and Themyscira, assistant captains on the team, said nothing. But Christine’s missing A was not lost on either of them.

    Christine went to the showers and tried to forget what had happened, but there was nothing she could do. The full force of being slammed into a wall was one thing, but the mental assault that she had borne the brunt of made it even worse. When she returned to the locker room, both sides of the room were pitted against each other, even when it divided friends against each other. The rift was simple: the forwards were pissed that S’rily had gotten fired and disliked the new coordinator. The defense thought that the forwards weren’t playing up to their potential, regardless of how the opposing team performed. It was all self-absorbed, and it threatened to tear the team apart.

    The shuttle ride was even worse. The two camps had completely fractured except for rookie forward Morganna DuChaard, who went about her business on the shuttle as though nothing had happened. The one time Christine saw Leia on-board, the captain refused to even look her way.

    The fracture was complete.


    Senators Headlines:
    • Christine Gamble no longer an Assistant Captain. Third captaincy remains open for player who is deemed to deserve it.
    • Senators Coach Cuth Hulu on reports of heated argument between captains: "We will look into it. But I am most focused on Carratos."
    • Reports surface that new hire of Offensive Coordinator Lakali has divided locker room.
    • "We are sick of losing because the offense can't score," cited in media article from an anonymous Senator defensive player.
    • Attempts to reach Gark S'rily for comment have not yet been successful. S'rily's firing widely believed to be main cause of rift within Senator locker room.

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422 (for next week's game)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Harle Quinn
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    This is not the first time I’ve played at the Gardens. I’ve been here twice before in college since UB Salis D’aar plays their home games here. Back when I went to Prytis, I thought it was typical Golden Bear arrogance: we’re so awesome because we play in the Miners’ stadium. Coming out of the visitors’ locker room I always wanted to show up the Bears, put them in their place.

    Now I see why the Bears play here. The blue carpet in the locker room, the polished wood stalls with a nameplate for each being (I admit--my heart jumped a bit when I saw “QUINN - 22” above one of them), the hallway with the holos of Galactic Cup championship teams on the walls, the polished silver doors that slide open, the walk across the concourse to the field: this is the grandeur of Miners limmie made tangible.

    That glory is in danger. An 0-2 start, including a conference loss, has us scrambling. Draper uses the word “urgency” a lot. That’s coach talk for “panic.” Going 0-3, with two conference losses, will mean this season is just about over at the one third mark. We have got to win today.

    I’ve been thinking all week about my run in with Cundertol on the shuttle. He was right. I can’t let myself get distracted. I have to be tougher. The team needs me. Not that I’m anything special--but we can’t win without all of us working together.


    I stand on the field and listen to the national anthem, head held high. I think about the beings who died for the counties of Bakura to be together today. My parents came here after the Civil War so neither of them fought, but the parents of a lot of the kids I grew up with did. Gesco was squarely for the Federal Union and that was the faith I was raised in.

    My primary defender today is Ryan Barlen, but last week taught me that I’m going to be under attack from every angle. I’ve got to know where the entire defense and midfield is at all times. I have to be focused. Determined. Focused. Committed.


    We start the offensive zone cycle again. It’s the same play where Vigo plastered me last week. Draper worked us on this in practice this week. He’s too stubborn a coach to let a couple bad games shake his system. Even so, my stomach drops a bit and I try to counteract it. We’ll pull it off again. Nothing to be afraid of.

    The ball’s in Pawvelski’s hands now. She doesn’t have a shooting lane, so she passes back to Rakko. He draws defenders to him and then passes to Deenever. I instinctively know what’s going to happen and I break forward. Sure enough, Niskat puts it up for me. I can tell that Barlen is on my tail. I won’t have time to receive it and then make a play. I jump and twist in the air, kicking the ball as I’m parallel to the turf.

    It’s a beauty as it sails into the net.

    I hit the ground, but I barely feel the impact as I shout with joy. I barely hear my own voice because for the first time I’m joined by 100,000 voices. My first goal at home. I hop to my feet with a giant grin and throw my fists in the air.

    This week is going to be different. I know it is.


    For the first time this season, the offense is humming. Everyone’s going at full speed, not just me. We’re paying for it though. The Monarchs have been chippy and I’ve responded in kind. It’s little things: tugs of the jersey away from the play, brief shoves here and there, a push with the shoulder in close corners. Are these things penalties? By rule, yes. Are the refs calling them? No. Game on, goldenrod. (Seriously, who came up with this ugly yellow jersey idea? The 170s are calling. They want their jerseys back.)

    But I’m keeping my cool. I’m doing what Cundertol said. I’m going to keep playing our game, my game. Focused. Committed.

    I throw my hand up for the boloball and catch Riggles’ eye. He pitches back to me and I receive the ball, step up, and kick the ball just through the hands of Antilles into the net.

    “Woooo!” I cry as I turn and hook my fist into the air in celebration as the hands go up in the stands. It’s my first multi-goal game in the Elite League. This is what I dreamed my ELL career was going to be.

    Burnsbacca growls and lifts me about two feet in the air in a giant Wookiee hug. I smile ear to ear because I know I’m not done yet.


    Kyr Irvin, who is starting to show why he led last year’s champions in scoring, barrells past Severine. I sense momentum again and break forward. Irvin sees me, just like last week. His pass is true and fast. I catch it on the run. I see a hole and shift my weight from low on my back foot to forward and high as I overhand hurl the ball in a straight line into the corner of the net.

    I’m in the process of opening my mouth and raising one fist in celebration when I get slammed from the right side in a late hit. I tumble to the ground as the fans roar. I’m immediately hauled up by my teammates, who slap me on the back to recognize my first hat trick in the ELL. I can see some of the fans tossing their caps onto the sideline. I smile--I really am happy--but my eyes are looking for the Monarch who put me down after the play. It came from the center. I’m pretty sure it was Elsa Sarnac, their center half back.

    She says something to Barlen. I can’t hear her at the distance with the crowd, but I try to read her lips. “Little,” that’s the first word. I’m pretty sure the next two are my name. The fourth one is tough. The first couple syllables are Ka and Ooo. No. Cunder. But the last syllable didn’t end in an L with the telltale push forward and arch of the tongue. It was Ch. Cunder--.

    No she didn’t. You want to hit us after the play and then talk trash like that? Fine. Committed. That’s me.

    The half is coming to a close, but the Monarchs want to close the gap between us before we head to the locker rooms. Good. This is perfect. The kick from Antilles is a little short, not quite making it to the midfield, which means one of the half backs has to pick it up. I’m right there with them. It’s Sikota who gets it and he passes to the middle to Sarnac. I cheat to the center to assist Deenever, who had moved towards Sikota. I get in there, shoulder to shoulder, with Sarnac, taking away her time and space. She’s got a firm grip on the ball as I reach in to pry it out as we run together like we’re joined at the hip. As I jostle with her, I jab my elbow into her gut. You know, accidentally-on-purpose. Just like when the impact sends my fist flying up into Sarnac’s face.

    There’s a whistle immediately after Sarnac’s head jerks back. We disengage from each other thanks to Sarnac pulling up short in the wake of the impact. I turn to face her since she’s now behind me and I see Sarnac drop the ball. I’m smarter than to turn my back on a player who I just fouled.

    “What the frak!” Sarnac shouts at me as she takes two menacing steps towards me.

    I throw my arms out to the sides and mock, “Who you calling a Cunder--”

    Elsa springs forward, drops her head, and as her shoulder rams into my stomach my sentence gets cut short as the wind leaves my lungs while I go backwards into the grass. I feel a fist hit my face and I can’t believe it. You don’t haul off and slam somebody into the turf for taking a penalty (even if they intended to do it)! I am not going to take this, so I throw an arm up in a punch. I feel my fist connect with a body and keep going. I hear the crowd go, “Ooooooooh,” but I don’t think it’s because of something I do or Sarnac does because neither of us landed a punch right before the reaction.

    “Break it up! Break it up!” I hear a voice say and somehow I figure out it’s one of the refs. I refrain from throwing any punches, but I’m holding on to Sarnac to make sure she doesn’t land any extra blows here.

    After about ten seconds, we’re pulled apart by officials, one of whom has an arm across my body and is moving me back.

    “Don’t come into our house and talk Sithspit!” I yell at Sarnac.

    The ref points at Sarnac and--for reasons foreign to me--Gemma Sal-Solo and jerks his thumb. You’re outta here. I laugh and the crowd cheers. That’s what you get for retaliating. Then the ref turns and points at me and makes the same motion.

    My mouth falls open as the stadium boos loudly. “What?” I exclaimed. “What’d I do? She’s the one who hauled off and hit me!”

    “Elbowing, roughing, fighting,” the ref snaps. “Get out of here before I throw unsportsmanlike conduct in there.”

    “Fighting?” I repeat, aghast. “If I was fighting you’d be scraping her off the field! I barely touched her! She’s the one who put me down!”

    Before I can say anything else, Pawvelski grabs me from behind and pulls me away. “It’s almost halftime. Just go to the locker room.”


    “And don’t say another word,” Pawvelski growls.

    Angry though I am, I know better than to disobey my roommate. As I walk to the tunnel, I put my head down. Ejected. We’ll be down a player for the rest of the game. Way to go in your home opener, your first ELL game at the Gardens.

    That’s when I hear the fans near the tunnel clapping. I look up and they’re cheering me. Cheering. They think I did well. I smile and throw a thumbs up at them and they start cheering louder. Somehow, they don’t hate me. In fact, they like me.

    Best first ELL home game ever.


    My day is done. When I come back out onto the field, I’m wearing my team sweats and tennis shoes to signal that I’m not taking the field again. Even though I could get a head start on the showers, I am going to be here for my teammates.

    My lax apparel isn’t the only thing I’m sporting though. Sarnac gave me something to remember her by: a real shiner of a black eye that matured during halftime. I think they can even see it from the cheap seats, especially because I spend most of the game standing on the bench rousing the fans to keep their noise up and stay behind the team. It’s easy--we’re rolling and the Monarchs are completely stymied. For one half, I’m just a Miners fan again like I’ve been my entire life, getting excited for every point.

    It’s a dominating win for us, one where we finish strong. I high five my teammates as we head off the field. I’m almost ready for what I know is coming when I reach the hallway on the other side of the locker room doors off the concourse.


    Yeah, I was pretty sure I was going to get a talking to from Cundertol. I put the team down to 14 players for the entire second half because of the brawl with Sarnac. Even though it was unwarranted, it’s still inexcusable. I take a deep breath and look at the GM coming towards me, steeling myself for the inevitable.

    “Today you put up points and were tough,” Cundertol said. I blink in surprise. My chest starts to swell. “That’s what I want to see from you.”

    I almost can’t speak for a moment. “You mean you’re not mad about the ejection?” I ask in disbelief.

    “This time you’re the one who threw them off their game,” Cundertol said. “Monarchs never recovered from losing Sarnac and Sal-Solo. In another game, a closer game, we couldn’t afford that. We could today. Now show me what you can do like that with a full 60 next week at Chandrila.” He nods in approval and moves past me.

    “Thanks Mr. C!” I say, turning to call after him.

    Cundertol stops and looks at me, his mouth open a little bit in disbelief.

    “I could tell you didn’t like Mr. Cundertol,” I explain. “Thought that would be better.”

    “Mr. C…” he muses. I actually think he likes it. “The black eye...looks good, Harle.”

    My injury is no longer a stain. It’s a badge of honor. I’d wear it all the way to Stoney End if I could.


    It’s the end of a long day when I get back to my apartment. Even though I only played 30 minutes, I put up a hatrick, won my first game, and got Mr. C’s approval, which makes it the greatest day ever. As a result of all the excitement, I’m just about ready to pass out.

    I’m about to wave my passkey for my door (thank heavens I don't have to do something as primitive and coordinated as fit a key into a lock) when I hear, “Rough day?”

    I turn and it’s my neighbor, Pamilla Ixlay the Falleen. I blink at her in near-exhaustion. “Huh?”

    She points to her eye. “That typical for your line of work. What is it called again? Mimmie?”

    “Oh! That! Occupational hazard,” I explain. “By the way, sorry it took me this long--practice and the road and all--but I apologize about my parents. They get a bit carried away when they meet another non-Human.”

    “Please. They were sweet,” Pamilla said.

    “Well, forgive me while I crash on my couch,” I say brightly with a wan smile that speaks the truth about how tired I am after such an exciting day, “otherwise I’d invite you in for a drink.”

    “Good night.”

    “Good night!”

    That’s the last thing I remember from this wonderful, amazing day.

    TAG: @SWNerd11, who approved and collaborated with me on the game parts of this post
  14. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Bloodbath in the Top 16 this week as five teams holding down playoff spots in the early going go down."

    "Crazy week."

    "Crazy good!"

    "The highest ranked of which was Taanab A&M University who lost a tight one at unranked University of Euceron 4 to 2 in bad weather"

    "Not enough to get Euceron ranked I bet."

    "I'll take that bet, they looked good."

    "How could you see them through the storm?"


    "Through the Storm...that's pretty good."

    "Over in the S16, University of Shili lost to Ord Sabaok 13-7 in a game featuring two top 16 teams."

    "Hang on Sloopy!"

    "Elsewhere, University of Tatooine, Anchorhead got beat on their home turf, look for them to fall out of the top sixteen."

    "Going to be tough for them to reclaim a playoff spot after that loss."

    "And in the Bak10, College of Deredith & Millicent lost for the second straight week."

    "I'd be surprised to see them still in the top 25 after that."

    "Maybe those folks over at BBC do know their conference better than the fools at HSN after all."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone


    HSN Top 25 after Week Four

    1. Grand Vulptur System University
    2. University of Csilla
    3. University of Kashyyyk
    4. University of Zeltros
    5. The Ord Sabaok University
    6. University of Onderon Rupings
    7. Norand University, Carratos
    8. Prytis College of Natural Sciences
    9. University of Shili
    10. Taanab A&M University
    11. Druckenwell Technical University
    12. Ryloth Ag and Tech University
    13. UB Telaan Valley
    14. University of the Northern Industrial District
    15. University of Kuat
    16. Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa
    17. Citadel University of Anaxes
    18. Bakura Fleet Academy
    19. University of Tatooine, Anchorhead
    20. College of Deredith & Millicent
    21. Duro State University
    22. University of Bison
    23. Gargarrump University, Kashyyyk
    24. Ralltiir University
    25. Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • ELL announces fines to Harle Quinn (Bakura), Elsa Sarnac (Rydonni Prime), and Gemma Sal-Solo (Rydonni Prime) in wake of Week 3 altercation featuring those players
    • League says it declined to suspend the players due to the shortened season
      • "The standard for suspensions has gone up now that they are worth 1/9 of a season and not 1/11"
    • HSN analyst: "The League effectively just told players, 'Go ahead. Play dirty. You won't miss any playing time'"
    TAG: @SWNerd11
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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Shady Lerouex

    289 Burgundy and Green Brawl

    Shady was upended and landed hard on her back. For a second she couldn't breathe. She just lay there, gasping, vaguely hearing the referees blow the game whistle for a medical team to check up on her. Then, suddenly, her ability to breathe returned and so did her determination.

    She shook off the medical crew, ignored calls from Mylessa McCloud to return to the sideline and headed right back into the game. It was the best game of her life. The absolute best game.

    She'd never scored more points. She'd never made another team fear her the way she did against Chandrila. It was as if Shady Lerouex was a woman possessed.

    The game concluded with the Smugglers putting up 40 on the hapless Patriots. It was like old times. The Smugglers now stood at 3-0, tied atop the Skywalker with the infamous Mando'ade Mercs. Shady trudged off to the locker room listening to that old refrain that rocketed throughout the stadium.

    "Wicked! Wicked! Wicked!"

    Six Boroughs Stadium

    Ralltiir Vs. Nar Shaddaa

    "Gather round," Mylessa McCloud called out.

    Shady took up her usual position to the right of the head coach. Part of her position had to do with her experience and the other part had to do with the fact that the offense, in so many ways, ran through Shady even though she wasn't team captain.

    "Ralltiir is going to be a different team than any we've played so far. Don't instigate fights with them. Don't fight them the way that we're used to winning, you can't beat them by getting more physical. They won't stoop to our level. They won't play the game the way we set it. We need to just go out there and dominate on offense and defense. Play the game," Mylessa instructed.

    "Offense, we're running our attacks through the wings," Shady said.

    "That means the center has to yield," Martia Paak added.

    "You know the assignments, you know what needs to be done. This is Shady's farewell tour so let's go give Ralltiir something to remember!" Mylessa added.

    Shady stood as the team dispersed. She shook everyone's hand as they made their way out the tunnel. It hit her now, unlike in previous games, that this was it. This was her last season in Elite League Limmie. After this game there were only five opponents left. That was it.

    Shady heard her number called and trotted out onto the field. Six Boroughs went nuts.

    Time for wicked to win.

    Tag: @Runjedirun (brief team mentions but it was something!)
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    Dec 19, 2017
    IC: Dawn Solo

    Right from the opening kickoff Dawn knew that the usually friendly rivalry Blue & Gold Bowl was not going to be usual. Elsa, for some reason unknown to the Coaching staff, was playing with a bee in her bonnet and seemed to be unable to keep herself from jawing with any of the Miners within earshot. Before long she found someone that took exception to her words, Harle Quinn. Everything unfolded in what seemed to be slow-motion.

    Elsa and Harle both started swinging at each other and take each other down to the turf. Dawn’s cousin, Gemma Sal-Solo rushes to the scuffle to separate the two, but then she catches a elbow in side of the face. The Solo temperament, that Dawn was all-to-familiar with, flared up and Gemma goes to respond in kind. Unfortunately her blow missed its intended target and found the unsuspecting face of an official. Suddenly they went from being on the verge of coming back to being completely out of the game.

    Dawn just sat on the sidelines as the entire team filtered back to the locker room at the end of the match. She could not believe the way they performed. They looked nothing like the Monarchs that had dominated their first two opponents. The feeling of job security that she had begun to develop was evaporating by the minute.

    By the time she walked back into their locker room, everyone had already changed and headed back to their hotel for the night. Most of the equipment managers had already completed their tasks and only one or two servo-droids remained to clean up after the demoralized Monarchs. Dawn appreciated having these moments to herself, but they also reminded her of the one irrefutable truth in her life… she was all alone.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Boutros Sabah
    Boutros's Apratment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Boutros woke up to another sunny day in O'Pahz. The spring sun poured through the window of her apartment. She didn't wake in a cold sweat like she had a few nights ago. That didn't mean she was free of her nightmares. They still haunted her from sleep to sleep. Each of them ended the same, Pol's hand reaching out from the bay to drag her down. It was getting taxing, the tossing and turning, waking Tian in the middle of the night. This was ruining her life ruining her sleep. This had to end soon, she hoped this all just blew over.

    She rose from her bed to being the morning routine of showering, dressing, cooking. She didn't check the news, it would just be another report on a White Star attack in Vi'tal, maybe one on any crimes committed overnight. Things she didn't want to deal with all that right now. As she made breakfast, two eggs and some meat, two arms wrapped around her middle, providing a comforting warmth.

    "Good morning Sweet Cake." Boutros replied feeling Tian's head come to rest against her back.

    "Morning." The shorter woman replied, pulling herself closer.

    "Breakfast should be ready soon."

    Tian hummed contently deepening her hug. "You slept well last night." She mumbled.

    "Yeah, it was a good night."

    "Want to go out for a little after practice."

    "Sure, it's been a bit since last we did that. Would be nice to do it again."

    Boutros could since Tian's worry, it was unlike the tough defender to shake in fear, to wake suddenly from sleep. She noticed this but, Boutros couldn't say anything, more that she didn't want to say anything. Didn't want to poison this relationship, if she told Tian what she'd done, would she look at her the same, or would her gaze be tainted by what she knew.
    The practice went by quick enough, Mighty Mo and Big J both putting their best into it as they always did. Boutros maintaining her place on the starting lineup, despite a few missteps here and there. It had been a little more than a week since Pol's body had been discovered, and nothing had come of it. Maybe the OSF wouldn't care, he was just a crime boss, not like anyone cared before he died. Why would they suddenly start caring now. Maybe she was getting worked up over nothing.

    This thought faded when Tian and Boutros visited their first bar. A little out of the way place near their apartment. They were just enjoying a few drinks and some light food when an older man with a broad brim hat walked up to them. His suit looked cheap and old, his face partially covered by a greying beard, everything about him screamed Seccer detective.

    "Miss Sabah," he said tilting his head.

    "Who wants to know?"

    "The OSF." The older man quickly replied. "We'd like to talk…" he pulled out a small case leaving a business card on the table. The name Philip Radwinter was written on it. "When you have some time." With that he walked out, a specter, a threat. They were looking at her for the murder, there was no other reason.
    Storm Stadium, Euceron

    Boutros wouldn't admit it but, she was shaken. The run in with seccer had put her on edge, what did they have to gain from investigating a 12 year old case. They city had gotten better, she did this world a favor getting rid of him. There was no reason for them to keep looking into this, no reason for them to care about his death. These thoughts continued to swirl in her mind as she took the field. Tian brushed against her shoulder, trying to break the defender out of her spiral to no avail. Boutros didn't even notice.

    She took her place, anger in her heart, flaring in her eyes. Right from the first whistle Boutros attacked, was all over her mark a Mitchell, called Maverick. She didn't really care he was hers, he wasn't getting anywhere near the net. The first time he touched the ball, she crashed into him at full force knocking the wind out of him. That was good hit, just the first she felt. Every attack, every play she would run her mark into the ground. Nothing else mattered, just him, not his team, not the crowds, nothing around her. She could already feel the edges of her vision turning red.

    Hard hits kept coming and, Boutros was happy to deal them out. The sound of her clashes could be heard across the field, they felt good. The way the impact rattled her, shook her to her bones. She needed this, needed this way to get the anger out. But, was it anger, or was if fear just flipped around. She could almost see that seccer's face, his grizzled face every time she collided with 'Maverick'. Now nothing matter, the goal horn sounded every now and then but she didn't care, her vision was laser focused, it wouldn't be moved anywhere else.

    That would be her undoing. As she crashed into Mitchel for the umpteenth time, she noticed a board smile on his face. Looking at his chest he waved his hands, his empty hands. He had to of had the ball, where did it go. The moment she brought her up she knew exactly where the ball ended up. The goal horn sounded, it was in the back of the net. They had played her, used her aggression and tunnel vision against her. All that succeeded in doing was making her angrier. And the angrier she got, the more and more she focused on her mark.

    The game came to a close, with her body battered and bruised, and team losing another one. They were 1-2, 3 weeks in. Not the start they wanted, not after getting to the finals and losing to the Mercs, again. They wanted to take the Skywalker by storm, wanted to assert their dominance but, things weren't coming together for them. Maybe it was the personal matters getting on the field that were dragging them down. Boutros walked still angry still holding on to the rage. The game failed to quench it.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential today for Bakura, Carratos, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime.

    289 Week 4 Results
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (28-15)
    Bakura Miners at Chandrila Patriots (9-25)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Mando’ade Mercs (23-14)
    Euceron Officers at Stewjon Metropolitans (6-24)
    Coruscant Senators at Carratos Pirates (25-13)

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28), Thyferra (28), and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Three Results
    Thyferra Force @ Druckenwell Marksmen (25-20)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Tatooine Sandskimmers(19-19) (OT 19-19) (SO 21-28)
    Rattatak Sea Devils @ Atzerri Bandits (10-1)

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    Sep 3, 2012

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    Tomas woke up early. He woke up ready to play Limmie. He was so jazzed up for the game against the Smugglers he almost didn’t go for a cup of caf with breakfast. Tomas had been playing Limmie for a long time and he knew one thing you never changed up on game day was your morning routine. If you drink caf every morning of your life, do not skip caf on game day. It had been engrained in his head. Who had taught him that? As he took that last sip of caf he remembered, his stepfather, Coach Till.

    Tomas had always imagined playing for his stepfather one day. Trey Till had won two Galactic Cups. One had been against the Smugglers. Coach Till wasn’t a bad guy. Tomas was sure of it. If Coach Till had killed Bartholomew it was because Bat had given him no choice. So when Ty Allin pulled Tomas aside before the game and told him to play a clean game. Tomas listened. Tomas knew that Ty had learned everything he knew about professional Limmie from his stepfather. “The Smugglers want us to play their game,” Ty had warned. “If we fall into that trap, they win. The only way we win today is to stay out of fights.”

    It wasn’t what Tomas wanted to hear. He wanted hit Shady hard. He wanted outplay her at her own game. And Shady wasn’t making it easy for Tomas to keep his balled up fists to himself. Her taunts were loud and relentless. It was a close game so far. The Smugglers had just taken a one point lead on their last possession and now they had the ball. Shady taunted Tomas yet again as she went out of her way to pass him on her way downfield. “Come on kid, I know you can do better!” Shady taunted, “You don’t want to let your family down now do you?”

    Use this aggression towards making your move. He reminded himself as he began to run full speed along with Shady who was making a nice cut across field to make a catch. He used her words as motivation to run faster, he ran right past Shady and caught the pass intended for her. He knew what was coming next and he knew it was going to hurt. Before Shady could bring him down and steal the ball back he passed to Noah Till. His Uncle had taught Noah well. The ball would be back up field in a flash. Once the ball was secured in Noah’s hands Tomas braced himself and took the hit from Shady.

    Tomas wouldn’t see the play until later, but Yolanda caught Noah’s pass tossed it to Olidiipo and the Starkillers retook the lead. Tomas found his face in the dirt. He hated to do this but Tomas didn’t fight back when Shady pounded him into the dirt. It would make her angrier if he didn’t fight back. “Know your opponent,” Tomas remembered his stepfather saying.

    As she slowly rose above him she sneered, “Better enjoy the taste of that! There’s a lot more where that comes from!” Tomas licked the dirt and a little bit of blood off his lower lip. Tasted like Limmie. The game he’d been playing since he was 8 years old. He enjoyed it more than Shady could know. He enjoyed it enough not to let her get to him.

    The tactic worked. Shady was so frustrated that Tomas wouldn’t take her bait that she missed some vital cues during the remainder of the game. The Starkillers pulled ahead. Tomas loved midfield. Tomas hadn’t just contributed to the defense today. His teammates had to appreciate his offensive skills too. Early in the second half just when the Starkillers were starting to pull ahead, but it still looked like the Smugglers could come back. Tomas got an appreciative nod from Lawco who dribbled the ball right to Tomas’ side of the field. Tomas collected the ball from Lawco quickly dribbled up field, passed off to Yolanda ran closer to the goal, received a pass from Yolanda and he scored a goal.

    After that the Smugglers never took another lead. Tomas left Six Burroughs knowing wherever Coach Till was he would have been proud of Tomas today.

    IC: Von’kedo

    Von’kedo dropped sorely and defeated into the couch in her empty apartment. Finally she let the tears come. It had been a hard day at the med center. When she went to check on the child who had the brain tumor removed he was on life support. An infection was spreading inside his brain. There was a decision to be made tonight. A second emergency surgery to try and stop it or to pull him off the machines and let him…Von’kedo couldn’t even let the thought happen. How could a child be allowed to die?

    A knock at her door startled Von’kedo. She looked towards N17, “Who could that be?”

    The droid whistled an answer.

    “What’s he doing here?” She grumbled. Von’kedo didn’t want any company. She wanted to cry alone. She wanted to go to sleep and wake up to learn all this was a bad dream. Not a dream a nightmare. She couldn’t ignore her brother-in-law. He wasn’t just family. He was Tomas’ boss. So Von’kedo pulled herself up from the couch and answered the door.

    “Have you been crying?” Richard Vigo asked startled by her appearance.

    “Bad day,” Von’kedo explained as she wiped her eyes. “May I help you?”

    “Well I came by to check up on you. And I’m glad I did. Why don’t you come back to my house with me and watch the game with family?”

    “I don’t know,” Von’kedo appreciated the gesture, but she didn’t want to be around people right now.

    “Tomas would want you to come. He wouldn’t be happy if I left you here alone, upset.” Richard emphasized.

    “Can I take a shower first?” Von’kedo asked.

    “Of course,” Richard let himself in and took a seat. “I’ll text Ryan and tell him to expect us in an hour.”

    Von’kedo walked into a large house, the living room full of beings. Von’kedo had been here before. She still couldn’t believe Tomas grew up in this house. It was massive. Their entire apartment could fit in this living room. Von’kedo thought she knew what kind of snobs lived in mansions like this. Tomas wasn’t a snob. Von’kedo did feel uncomfortable in this house. “Have a seat,” someone said. It was Tomas’ eldest sister.

    “I made spicy Nachos,” Ryan said offering her a plate. “Not as spicy as they make on Tatooine,” he said apologetically.

    The game had already started. Von’kedo didn’t hear the children arguing or the pre-teens ungrateful remarks. She watched Tomas carefully. She saw Shady Lereoux smash him to the turf just as hard as he had tacked that offender from Bakura a few weeks earlier. Von’kedo watched intently, bracing herself for the hit Tomas made on Shady. She reminded herself it was just a game and Tomas wasn’t that type of person off the field. To her surprise Tomas and the rest of the Starkillers won today’s game without being overly aggressive or violent. It eased her mind and the next thing she knew someone was shaking her awake.

    “What?” She asked.

    “Did you want a ride home?” Lucie Vigo asked. “I’m sorry to wake you, but we’re leaving now.”

    “Oh sure,” Von’kedo said absentmindedly as she grabbed her purse from beside her.

    “Are you okay?” Lucie asked. “I know it’s hard when your husband leaves all the time.”

    “I miss Tomas,” Von’kedo confirmed.

    “But there’s something else,” Lucie guessed.

    “One of the patients I have been tending to made a turn for the worse,” Von’kedo explained.

    “I’m sorry,” Lucie said. “Is there something I can do?”

    “Take me to the medcenter,” Von’kedo requested. “I’ll walk home from there. I just need to check on him.”

    Von’kedo walked down to the basement by herself. The body was already in the freezer. She put her hand on the glass. “Good-bye,” she said.

    Before she could leave the head surgeon approached her, “The family didn’t want him to suffer. It was their wish we not perform another surgery.” He said.

    Von’kedo was speechless. “Look if you want to get into this field,” the surgeon continued. “You are going to lose patients. But we save patients too. I promise you for every case like this 3 other children go home. They return to school. Some of them grow up to be doctors.”

    “I want them all to grow up,” Von’kedo said.

    “Me too,” the surgeon agreed.

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    It had been a sweet victory. Tomas gave himself five minutes to smile about it before he started preparing for next week. It felt good to beat Nar Shaddaa at Six Boroughs. It would feel amazing to knock off the defending champions. Tomas knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The Mercs were undeniably the best team in the Elite League. They’d also lost to the Monarchs this week and they’d be out for revenge when they faced the Starkillers next week.

    When Tomas got off the shuttle he had plans to drop his bags in the apartment and immediately hit the training facility. He had to work on his shot, perfect his tackle and increase his speed. He gave Von’kedo a kiss on the cheek before he rushed out. When he got home that afternoon she was at class, or maybe she was observing another surgery. Tomas was focused on his own schedule not hers. He ordered N17 to make him dinner and went to bed early.

    The next morning he found Von’kedo at the table drinking caf. She looked up startled. He noticed the data pad she was reading from wasn’t her own. It was his personal data pad. She hadn’t been to bed. “Tomas are you looking for your stepfather?” She asked looking up. “Do you think he’s alive?”

    Tomas didn’t know whether to be angry or concerned. “Don’t tell anyone, not my brother, not Ty Allin, not even N17.” Tomas looked around the apartment as if it might be bugged. “I know he’s alive.”

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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a cloudy and cool Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the defending Galactic Cup Champion Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "Mercs finally lost one..."

    "Yeah, you figured they wouldn't go through the season undefeated, and yesterday they put up a stinker losing to the Rydonni Prime Monacrhs..."

    "Who are looking pretty good so far this season."

    "Yeah they really are."

    "...23 to 14, and the offense really let them down in this one."

    "Yeah, I mean they didn't play great on offense last week, but the defense more than helped them to carry the day there against the Sens, but man...they didn't help much here against the Monarchs."

    "First time all season they have allowed more than 20 points in a game..."

    "Which is nuts."

    "Couple that with the first time the Mercs have been held below 15 points, that's a recipe for a losing effort."

    "Mercs point total has decreased in every game so far this season, think other teams are catching on to something?"

    "Well, I think teams weren't sure how the Mercs were going to incorporate Dos and Pic into the offensive game, and so yeah we may have kind of taken teams by surprise there a little in the beginning. But let's fgace it, they're not doing anything they haven;t done before on offense. They are who they are on that side of the ball, with the forwards led by Arock. Sometimes, they get beat, and that's what happened here."

    "So, no panicking yet?"

    "Oh no, not at all. I mean yeah it sucks to lose, but the Strugglers lost too which keeps both teams tied atop the Skywalker standings."

    "Which is important as we near the halfway mark of the season."

    "Yeah it is. This season is a couple of weeks shorter than the last several have been, and that removes a lot of the room for error that a team with title aspirations might have."

    "Like the Mercs, who have to be pretty happy with where they are at right now."

    "Yeah, right now. I mean there is still just over half the season left, and no one is out of the running just yet, but yeah they have to be feeling better about where they are than say the Miners who lost again a week after getting their first win of the season."

    "Miners at one and three, they would have to climb over everyone for a chance at the playoffs."

    "Which reminds me of another thing helping out some teams this season."


    "Even though the league eliminated two teams between last season and this one..."

    "And shortened the season by a couple of weeks."

    " from each conference, they didn't alter the playoff format."


    "So three teams from each conference are still getting in. best record in each conference gets a bye, the other two playoff teams in each duke it out for a chance to get to their conference title games."

    "Right, like we've seen before for the past several years."

    "Sure, but now there is one less team in each conference, so instead of having to beat out three teams for a playoff berth, each team only has to beat out two."


    "In other terms, the last few seasons we've had 50% of the league make the playoffs, the top half of each conference."


    "Now it's 60% of the teams make the post season...."

    "Six teams out of ten. Math even Justin can do."

    "That's good news for teams that start out hot like the Mercs, Strugglers or Monarchs as they can afford a loss here or there and still stay among the 60%."


    "But it's also good news for teams at the bottom of the pack, who don't have to climb quite as far in order to reach the post season."

    "'s good for everybody? That doesn't make sense."

    "Well. Who it's really good for is the fans who are going to get to see great and meaningful limmie from here on out because now every game takes on much greater meaning. Any one game, any one play, from here on out could mean the difference between rooting for a playoff team, or waiting for next year."

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    IC: Harle Quinn
    Hanna City, Chandrila


    That’s the headline from the Salis D’aar Times’ write up of the Blue & Gold Bowl, which is now framed on my apartment wall, complete with the cover article picture of my fist in Elsa Sarnac’s face. My hat trick and ejection was the lead story in our first victory of the season. To say I’m elated is a massive understatement. This was a true breakout game after a rough start to the season.

    I know that things won’t be any easier against Chandrila. They are now where we were last week: winless and desperate, except more so. Even though they’ve bounced between leagues, the Patriot Nation is still proud. I spend most of the week working on plays or in the gym to be ready. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that constant vigilance is needed to meet the lofty expectations of Mr. C.

    The morning of the game I connect to the Holonet on my datapad for my traditional pregame call with my parents. I’ve done this ever since college. Bless their hearts: I could be on the road in Telaan Valley and there’d be a 12 hour time difference and they’d still be awake for me. This isn’t superstition: this is psychology. Sentient beings thrive on routine. The less variables, the more we feel in control of our destiny. This is good science.

    “Hey there kiddo,” Dad says brightly. “Looking forward to another win today?”

    “You know it, Dad,” I reply. “Sorry you and Mom couldn’t make the trip. It’s Stoney End. Next to the Gardens, it’s probably the greatest arena in limmie.” No homerism there, no sir.

    “We’ll make it there when you go back in two years.”

    “Assuming the Patriots don’t get booted again,” I point out.

    “I bet they’ll hold on. Just not this week.” He winks. “Actually worked out well. This probably wasn’t the best week for us to travel.”

    “Why’s that?” I ask.

    “Oh, no reason,” Dad says. A little too quickly if you ask me.

    “Hey, where’s Mom?”

    “Just coming honey,” she replies from offscreen. When she leans into the viewscreen I can tell something’s up. Her face looks drawn, a little sad despite the smile on her face. “Looking forward to today’s game?”

    “Mom, what’s wrong?” I ask. Once again, psychology major right here. I’m good at reading beings.

    “Oh, it’s nothing,” she says, but the way she swipes at the corner of her eye tells me different. “It’s just some stuff that’s been going on in the City recently.”

    “What kind of stuff?” I haven’t heard about anything.

    “It’s just...well you know the Emmetts on Carthan Street?”

    “Yeah,” I say. Carthan Street is just two blocks over from where I grew up. The Emmetts are Shistavanens, so they were friends of my parents. We went over there for dinner a few times a year, sometimes had barbeques in the backyard on long weekends.

    “’s just that Tilly…” My Mom chokes up. Tilly was one of the girls in the family. She was younger than me, probably about high school age.

    “Tilly was killed this week,” Dad finishes.

    For a moment I’m speechless. “What? I mean, how?”

    “It was an accidental police shooting a few nights ago. We’re all pretty shaken up about it,” Dad says.

    “I’m sorry. We didn’t want to say anything before the game. Didn’t want you to be distracted,” Mom says.

    “It’s okay. I’m glad you mentioned. It’s just so…” I don’t know what the right word for it is. “Tragic,” I finally say.

    “But let’s not focus on that. You’re going to sock it to the Patriots today, aren’t you?” Mom asks.

    “Yeah. Right.” I smile. “Totally.”


    I spend the bus ride to Stoney End reading up on the Gesco City Tribune’s coverage of Tilly’s death. Apparently she was walking on the street when a GCPD police officer, Bull Harlock, asked her for her identification. Harlock claimed that Tilly threatened him. Witnesses say that Tilly didn’t want to show any to him, said that he had no cause to stop her. It wasn’t clear exactly what happened, but when it was over Tilly got a blaster bolt in the chest.

    The non-human community in Gesco was distraught and outraged. They demanded to know what gave the right to a GCPD officer to shoot someone on the street like that. The police department maintained officers had the right to take action when they felt threatened. There had been a protest outside the police headquarters.

    That was as far as I got by the time we arrived at Stoney End. I got off the bus with a heavy heart. I got dressed and went through pregame warmups, but operated on autopilot. The last time I saw Tilly Emmett I was in high school. She must have barely been middle school age, if that. She was this cute little scruffy ball of fur, her horns just beginning to peek through on the top of her head. I think my parents mentioned earlier that year that the word was she might get a scholarship to UBGC or UB Cape Suzette. Now we’d never know.

    I focus on the game. No, that’s a lie. I try to focus on it, to take in the fact that I am on the field at Stoney End Park, one of the greatest limmie fields ever. The best players in the galaxy have been on this grass and now I’m here too. This should be a crowning achievement of my young career. Instead, all I can think about is Tilly.

    It hits me like a Z6 riot control baton in the face as I stand alongside my teammates and listen to the national anthem. That’s when I realize that Tilly Emmett is dead and she is never coming back.

    Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Every morning you greet me

    Tilly Emmett would never see another morning.

    Small and white
    Clean and bright

    The blaster bolt that had taken her life was a small shaft of bright light. It was probably the last thing Tilly ever saw.

    Blossom of snow
    May you bloom and grow
    Bloom and grow forever

    From that cauterized wound in her chest, Tilly’s organs would successively fail as death bloomed through her body until there was only death, death forever.

    Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever

    This had happened on Bakura. My homeland. In my hometown. In my community. On the streets I grew up on.

    Somewhere in the middle of the national anthem I fall to my knees, my legs folding on themselves beneath me. I sensed my teammates immediately around me turn to look at me.

    “You okay Harle?” Stephana Adiims whispers.

    I nod silently, not because I don’t want to talk during the national anthem, but I know from the tears welling in my eyes that I can’t. I’m too overcome to do anything else. When the anthem is over, I reach up and get helped back to my feet. It would be disrespectful to not stand for Chandrila The Beautiful with its lofty lines like “Crown thy good with brotherhood” and “Force mend thy every flaw/Confirm they soul/With self control/Thy liberty in law.” I have to put an arm around Addims’ shoulders to make it through.

    When the anthems are over, Han Tunross, the team doctor trots over. “Harle, what happened there? Everything okay?”

    “Yeah. Sorry. Just...a lot of emotions going on,” I say. “Everything’s good physically.”

    “Quinn!” It’s Draper now. “Are you 100%?” he demands.

    “Yeah, 110,” I confirm. I reach deep inside me to grab from the deepest well of strength I have. “Let’s knock these dopes into the middle of the next week.”


    It was another failure of a game. Sure, I get 2 points on the board, a significant number when we only put up 9, but the anemic Patriots offense found its life against us. Nine points was never going to be enough against these guys anyways.

    But do I ever make them pay for it. Oh boy. Everyone who gets near me gets punished. I’m holding them up, tripping them, roughing them. There are going to be some bruises that need ice packs tonight in that locker room, let me tell you. I don’t even argue when the ref calls the penalties on me. At least this time I play the whole 60 minutes and don’t get ejected--but the Patriot fans disagree. After every penalty they’re booing me profusely. I don’t pretend that I hear. I just make sure every Patriot player knows that there’s a price when you play the Miners and me.

    Friendliest Rivalry in Limmie my butt.


    When I face the media after the game, I know they’re going to rip into me about my rough play. As I see it, if there was a problem with how I played, Coach Draper would have sat me on the bench, but he didn’t. I didn’t even get a talking to from Mr. C after the game. He told me to give it to them out there, and by the Force that’s what I did.

    However, I am completely unprepared by what’s waiting for me.

    “Harle! Why did you take a knee during the national anthem?”

    “Were you following in Kaepernick Kryze’s footsteps?”

    “Are you protesting something?”

    “Are you proud to be a Bakuran?”

    “Was there symbolic significance to taking a knee on Chandrila, long a home for free expression and democratic values?”

    I am so shocked I don’t know how to respond to this. Protesting? Why wouldn’t I be proud to be a Bakuran? What symbolism could there be to kneeling during the national anthem? I put up my hands to try to get a word in.

    “I knelt during the national anthem because I received news this morning that a friend from my hometown of Gesco City was killed in a police-involved shooting this week. When I heard the national anthem of our shared homeworld, I was overcome by sorrow at this life being removed from the galaxy,” I say.

    “Are you referring to the Tilly Emmett murder?” someone asks.

    “Yes. Tilly Emmett was a friend. My family knows hers well.”

    “Harle, do you believe this was a case of police brutality?”

    “Harle, what do you have to say to beings who support Officer Harlock?”





    My head is spinning. I clutch my temples and close my eyes. I can’t deal with this right now. We’re 1-3 and now everyone is asking me about things I don’t know how to answer.

    “Just leave me alone!” I yell and storm of out the press conference.

    I wonder when we’re going to get on the shuttle to go to Euceron. I’m pretty sure there’s a punching bag in the gym. I’m going to wail on that until the stuffing comes out of it at the seams. Anything to stop the thoughts raging in my head.

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    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Queen Mother Sierra Chume publicly apologizes for treatment of male players on the state-owned Hapes Consortium Buccaneers earlier this decade
    • Queen Mother commissioned a formal investigation of the Buccaneers' practices that determined there was "systemic, coordinated discrimination against males" in Buccaneers' management and Hapan Ministry of Sport
    • Perpetrators have been dismissed from both team and government agencies
    • Queen Mother: "We cannot undo the harm that was done to careers, the team, fans, and our culture. We must as a monarchy and a society stand against such treatment and be vigilant that it never happens again"
    • In addition to apologizing to the affected players, the Queen Mother issued a particular apology to Tendra Nalo, which report says was the target of state-sanctioned assassination attempts
      • "She took a brave stand against a diseased culture and nearly paid the ultimate price for speaking truth to power. We are ashamed of Hapes' conduct"
    • Queen Mother said she welcomes meeting with affected players to discuss how reparations can be made
    • In a sign of conciliation, Queen Mother will attend Euceron's home game against Bakura
    • When asked whether she will meet with Nalo: "We would welcome the opportunity, but understand that healing happens on individual schedules. We understand if Ms. Nalo is not ready to discuss the terrible treatment she received. When she is ready, we welcome that conversation"
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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Boutros Sabah
    Boutros's Apartment, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Boutros's eyes open, at least she thinks they do. It is hard to tell everything around her is black. Unable to see she reached out with her hands, fumbling about like a blind woman. Her foot tripped on something solid but, soft as the same time, sending her body sprawling to the ground. The floor, if it could be called that was wet...slimy...warm but, cooling on her skin. Part of her knew this sensation, another was panicked scrambling to her feet.

    A loud 'clack' sounded behind. A bright spot light shined down upon her, as if she were some actor in a play. Her hands, her knees, her chest were smeared in deep crimson, blood, not hers. She turned her head, gazing on the object her was foot caught on. It was a body, Pol's body, his face was disfigured, just like she left it that night. Except, on his face, his bloody battered face, a horrid chipped tooth smile. His meaty hand latched onto her ankle not letting go.

    Why...Why was he smiling….Why wouldn't he let go. She tried to tear her leg free but, his cold hand wouldn't relent, his large fingers dug even deeper into her flesh, feeling like they would shatter her bones.

    "Boutros Sabah." A voice called out, not just any voice...It was the voice of the detective, Philip Radwinter. "You are under arrest."

    The Zeltron struggled violently against the grip straggling her foot. The sounds of heavy boots thudding against the pavement came closer and closer, until a dozen, no twenty faceless bodies cald in blue surrounded her, weapons drawn.

    "You're under arrest," they all called out in unison.

    No matter how much she fought she still couldn't get free, still couldn't escape Pol's cold dead grip.

    She looked again, the otherworldly smile remained, as broad as his grip was strong.

    That was the image burned into her mind as she woke from her nightmare with a start. Once again her skin was covered in a cold sweat, her breathing short and quick.

    Beside her a body stirred mumbling under their breath. Boutros turned still seeing that terrifying grin in the darkness that surrounded her.

    "Another bad dream?" Tian asked sitting up eyes half lidded with sleep.

    "Yeah...yeah." Boutros replied with shaky breathes nodding her head. Without warning Tian threw her blue arms around Boutros's shoulders pressing herself closer in a loving hug. The defender took a deep breath soaking in the warmth of another. The pantroan rested her head against her shoulder.

    "Do you want to talk about it?" Tian asked, voice full of equal parts care and worry.

    Boutros closed her eyes wapping a clammy hand around one of the warm hands on her shoulder, eyes looking straight ahead, boring into the far wall. She should tell her, speak of the demons that plagued her. On the other hand, what would she think, if she knew the full extent of her sins, of what she did...No, Tian couldn't know, Boutros couldn't take losing her, couldn't take that risk. She never wanted Tian to look at her in fear, not like that time...that day so long ago it seemed.

    When Tian drew a knife after seeing the howlrunner permanently tattooed on Boutros's back.

    "I'll be fine." Boutros replied keeping her emotions off her face.

    Tian was quiet for a long time, as if she saw through the lie presented to her.

    "You know, I can talk to Doc Z, set up an appointme…"

    "I said I was fine Tian." Her voice wasn't harsh or biting, just tired. "I'll get over this, just a little rough patch."

    "Well...If you need any help or anything, I'm...I'm here." Tian pulled herself closer tightening the embrace, not wanting to let go. Boutros laid back down Tian close to her side. She closed her eyes trying to get to sleep again. However it seemed that was to be taken away from her tonight. She tossed and turned for an hour trying to find peace. Every time she closed her eyes she always saw his face, Pol's bloodied, battered face, still smiling.

    She walked out into the front room pulling down a glass from one of the cabinets. Filling it with water she saw her reflection, dark half circles under her bloodshot eyes, skin more pale than it usually was, and dark hair wild and unkempt. She was a mess, and it wasn't getting better. The nightmares were getting worse she could tell, Tian was worrying and asking questions Boutros couldn't answer. Her game was off, they had dropped two games in a row. She needed help needed a hand but, she was too afraid to reach out.

    She took a long drink for her glass setting it back down on the counter when she was done. Taking a breath she saw the crumbled up business card at the top of the trash. The seccers were on to her, she couldn't say anything, for fear of it getting back to them. She couldn't trust anyone, she had to keep this inside.

    As she thought a bit more, there was one person, one single being that wouldn't talk to the OSF, would take these secrets to the grave.

    Her sister, the current Alpha of the Howlrunners, Raka.

    Their relationship was complicated to say the least. Raka once tried to kill Boutros, sent goon after goon to take her out. The defender recalled how she ended in, pressing a blaster to her own sister's head, demanding that she let it all go or she would die by Boutros's hand. It wasn't how she wanted to close that chapter of her life but, it was the only way.

    And for ten years Raka stayed out of Boutros's life, that was until 287, when Raka, the woman that once wanted Boutros dead, saved her and Tian's life.

    Maybe...Just maybe it was time to reach out a hand to her. Back in the runners, raka made many problems just go away. Though Boutros knew exactly what making a problem go away meant.

    It meant another body in the bay.

    Arcadia Colosseum, O'Pahz, Carratos

    A few more sleepless nights pass and it was time for the game against the Senators, a team that had always given the Pirate's issues. Sure they had won a couple of times but, they always loomed especially when the team from Carratos was struggling.

    This time was no different. The Sens quickly exploded onto the scoreboard quickly taking control of the game. Boutros did what she could but, always in the back of her mind she saw the OSF coming to arrest her, to take her away for a very long time. Nunn walked all over her, cutting hard to the net always a step ahead. Mighty Mo had her own troubles dealing with Adama the golden girl of the Sens. For all her bluster the rookie was still getting used to the speed and power of an Elite level offense. Her linemate and friend Big J was trying to do the work of all three and failing to do so.

    It wasn't his fault, the players he was with on the line where not in the game, not really. Their minds seemed elsewhere and refused to return. He was frustrated beyond compare and let it be known pleading for some support from his teammates. Mo, just snapped at him, Boutros didn't even hear his words. The gulf between the visitors and home teams grew and grew. If any of the players cared to look they would have seen people, in black and white leaving the stadium, not wanting to see another blow out against their favorite team. Or maybe what was their favorite team.

    The half time break was tense, and quiet. One could hear a pin drop they were two games down, with a shortened season. The chances of reaching the playoffs were getting slimmer and slimmer. They needed a turnaround, needed to get back into the fight. They had one more half to turn this around, another half-hour to turn a loss into a win. These words affect everyone differently, the forwards nodded their heads, the midfielders, shouted about being fired up, the defense, well, they were less enthused. Barely even to lift their heads. They were run ragged or just not present.

    Thought something still stirred, a small mote of determination in Boutros's chest. Fear still clouded her mind but, something inside her was starting to fight back. This wasn't who she was, she was a fighter, she didn't give up. She shook her head stepping back on the field. It was time for the defense to tighten up. It started with a hard hit on Nuun forcing a fumble and causing a turnover. Mighty Mo stepped up covering Adama more closely not giving her as much room as she did before. It didn't shut down the Sens but, it did slow them down, closed the gap just a little.

    However it just wasn't meant to be, wasn't going to change the fate of the game. This one was going down as a loss, making three in a row. It wasn't a good start, wasn't even a even an ok start, it was a terrible start.

    Could they still turn this around?

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