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    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Byblos (28), Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Seven Results

    Week 7
    Thyferra Force @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (10-20)
    Byblos Golden Knights @ Druckenwell Marksmen (28-28) (OT 31-28)
    Concordia Crusaders @ Atzerri Bandits (11-23)

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    IC: Tomas Vigo

    It was a simple task. Win today and the Starkillers secured a spot in the playoffs. Simple if you were a fan chugging ale and stuffing nachos in your mouth while slouching on your sofa back home. It wasn't so simple if you were running the ball up field all day long, willing yourself to find more energy, digging deeper into your already empty reserve. Tomas knew the Monarchs would put up a fight. He'd hoped it wasn't going to be this difficult of a fight.

    Tomas didn't look at the clock. He didn't want to know if there were 7 minutes left or 3 minutes left. All time was an eternity when you had a mere one point lead in an important game like this. It took less than a second for the tying bar or worse goal to put the Monarchs ahead.

    As he pushed up field Tomas felt a man behind him, saw another coming at him from the right. Faster, he willed himself. He was close enough to the goal now. Tomas aimed for the bar with his right foot and kicked solidly. He pumped his fist and caught his breath. A two point lead. Now he dared to look at the clock. 45 seconds left.

    Tomas ran back to be ready on defense. He could not, would not, let this game get away from his team. A minute later Tomas watched Yolanda present the Golden Gloves trophy to the Monarchs. Those slackers back home could relax now. For Tomas and his teammates more work lie ahead.


    At home the next day Tomas had a rare quiet meal with his wife. Even though they had agreed not to talk about it the upcoming playoffs loomed heavily over their ability to enjoy spending time together. The meat substitute was lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection. Tomas had nearly forgotten what real animal meat tasted like. Von'kedo had adopted two fish that swam cheerfully in a tank on a table in the living room. It was all the busy, young couple had the time to care for right now.

    Tomas was not the only member of the Vigo family who struggled with the League's decision to hold the Galactic Cup Final on Canto Brite. Tomas's older brother team owner, Richard Vigo brought his pup to work often. The elder Vigo cared for several pets in his home. He personally set aside space in the parking lots at his stadium to be used as protest sites during home games.


    On the field the Starkillers were preparing physically and mentally for their final test of the season. The Starkillers were headed to Bakura for their first ever Truce Day battle at Bakura Gardens. All players listened intently as Lizbit Comstock gave her insight on what the atmosphere would be like. She was, after all, a former Miner.

    Caffrette McMee was Bakuran. She had attended Tiarest University and had played at the Gardens before. Her insight meant a lot to her teammates as well. Tomas relied heavily on Davy Lawco, the other full blooded Bakuran on the Starkillers. Lawco had been drafted first overall in '86. He grew up idolizing Alana Glencross, even dared to play her position. Not just any Bakuran sought to be better at midfield than Alana Glencross. Tomas admired Lawco's grit.

    Tomas had always known there was something special about his partner at midfield. Together they were going to make midfield history. He was sure of it. As they discussed the importance of Truce Day Lawco showed Tomas some holo's on his data pad. The first was at a family barbecue. "These are my brothers and sister," Davy said proudly showing off a holo of them together. All young children, Davy in the middle, all of them wearing Miners Blue and Gold t-shirts. Then Lawco produced a more recent photo of his siblings eating barbecue in the same backyard. Their faces were aged, bodies taller and one brother much wider than before. Something else had changed. The colors of their t-shirts were not Blue and Gold anymore. The Lawco's now proudly wore Blue and Orange.

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    IC: Jellal Fernandes
    O'Pahz, Carratos

    The blue haired man took a seat around a larger table in the same abandoned factory. Since his successful acquisition of the explosives he'd been given an invite to the big kid's table. There was the pantoran, the shistavanen, Jella had met before and another human and twi'lek he had yet to meet. No one knew each other's names or if they did they weren't used. It was of little matter to mole, he wasn't after the underlings, he wanted the person pulling the strings the being holding all the cards. He had felt the dark presence earlier, at the job site, the thing that 'pushed' him over the edge and fully into terrorism.

    This whole operation was for not if they didn't reveal themselves, it would mean weeks that he had spent just spinning his wheels, and furthering the cause of a terrorist group. There was no mistake something was here, a darkness hid just out of his sight. It wasn't like dark powers just revealed themselves with fireworks and black smoke. They had to be coaxed out of their holes, made to think that it was alright to show themselves. It could be a long process, and a dark one, to prove yourself you sometimes had to show that you were just as willing as they to sink deeper into the mire.

    He looked to his best friend, the average man with the tattoo on his neck, that was still sitting next to him. It seemed that Jellal or Gildarts as they knew him was the tattooed man's responsibility. The man went everywhere with him, everything that involved this little group, the man was on Jellal's hip. He was sure that whatever his part in this little plot was he'd be doing in with the man he met weeks ago in the Old Nassau Pub. He seemed nice enough, passionate and devoted to his home. That's what it was about for him, saving his home from a dangerous threat.

    Didn't make what he was doing right, though who was Jellal to judge right and wrong. There were very few clear lines where one crossed into another and grey areas as broad as an ocean. The man seemed genuine, and friendly if a little misguided, and a little too loyal to the group he'd thrown his lot in with. Jellal couldn't speak to the others around the table but, the man next to him was, all things considered a pretty decent guy, for being a terrorist recruiter. It was a reminder that not everyone that worked for a monster was a monster.

    A blue hologram sprang to life in the center of the table. It's cold light shined on all gathered around it. Hovering in midair was Arcadia Colosseum. This was a new development.

    "So we're hitting the Colosseum, again?" Jellal said referencing the 286 attack which claimed the lives of hundreds, a young assistant coach among them.

    "That was another cell," The pantoran explained, "I don't know what they were planning but, our target is clear." He reached out with a finger and circled the main entrances. "The 'Animal Rights' protestors."

    Jellal couldn't hide his confusion.

    "So we're going to blow up a few animal lovers, what's the point." The tattooed man gave another worried look.

    "They are here protesting a decision we had nothing to do with and that no one here even cares about." the shistavanen spoke up leaning closer, "They are off worlders causing havoc making our lives miserable. They are everything we hate about the Republic, decisions made parsecs away without a second thought and then the consequences fall on us. Now our streets run rampant with outsiders shouting in our faces."

    "So we're sending a message. Stay out, take your problems somewhere else." Jellal replied.

    "Exactly," the other human that sat between the wolfwoman and pantoran. "We don't want to deal with someone else's problems, we have enough of our own." He seemed to speak with some authority or at least confidence. The others didn't seem to treat him like a leader more an equal. Other than that he was unremarkable, no distinctive scars, no tattoos showing on his neck or arms, you could pass him in the street and never notice.

    "We on the same page now?" The pantoran asked looking between the two humans. Jellal and the other man both nod. "Good," the blue skinned being straightened himself and returned his attention to the Colosseum. "With the explosives acquired by our new friend we've made three devices." From under the table he produced a simple backpack. It looked filled to the brim with something, most likely blasting agent and nails. "The plan is simple, get into the crowds of protesters, put the devices down, and walk away."

    "Isn't that going to be a little suspicious?" Jellal spoke up, "People are going to be on the lookout for unattended bags."

    "Not if we set them off early enough. It will be a tight window but, once you get far enough away the bombs go off, hopefully before anyone raises an alarm."

    "And if someone does say something?"

    "Well, we set them off early."

    "Who's setting them off?"

    "So many questions, just do your part, everything will work out."

    Jellal kept quiet, it seemed he might be wearing out his welcome with all the questions. Best to just listen to the plan and only speak when spoken to.

    "Now, we'll be split into three pairs one to carry the bomb another to watch their back." Or make sure they go through with the plan. The assignment were handed out and the date set, right after the Pirates/Smugglers game when the protesters are in full force. Jellal was paired up with his best friend, of course he was, it wouldn't have gone down any other way.

    The plan seemed simple and bloody, just the way terrorists liked it, less to go wrong, and maximum casualties.

    The meeting adjourned and the group dispersed, the tattooed man keeping close to Jellal as they left.

    "Want to get a drink? Play a few hands of Sabacc?" He asked,

    "Nah...I've got a lot to think about...going to head home." The other man reached out putting a hand on Jellal's shoulder.

    "If you need to talk, I'm here, you know that."

    "Yeah...I should be fine, just...gotta' prepare myself."

    "Alright, we'll get a drink after."

    "Sure." Just like that, like it was some sort of office get together, not an attack designed to strike fear into off worlders, not an act that would take many lives with the push of a button.

    He parted ways just looking up into the darkened sky, not a single star hung there. Could he go through with it, could he sign the death warrant for hundreds of people whose only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time? If it came to it, he could, he knew deep down that if it was to further his mission, he'd push the damn button himself. That didn't make what he was doing right. He hoped that whoever was running this show would appear but, it didn't seem so. The four he met with didn't seem to be leaders, more carrying out a plan already decided.

    He got back to his home, such as it was. The good thing was that they were making a move this might be a chance to round up the cell, send the puppet master underground. That wasn't his goal. He wanted everything and in his heart was still willing to let many die just to see it through.

    He pulled out his comlink and hailed Ultear.

    "Hey," he started laying back on his bed, "We're making a move, a bombing, end of the week, at the colosseum."

    "Took them long enough. How's it going to go?" Her voice was cold as always though there was something of relief.

    "Simple, walk into the crowd of protesters, leave the bomb, walk away."

    "Detonate once you're clear?"

    "Seems like, but, I don't think we'll be on the button, someone else will."

    "Any reason for that?"

    "Don't know, to prevent one of us from backing out, stop one of us from going rogue and not blowing them, or blowing them early. Didn't ask too many questions, got the feeling I was on thin ice."

    "You have a read on the darkness running the operation."

    "Not yet, though they might show themselves during the mission. I have a suspicion they'll be the one to push the button."

    "If you want something done right."

    "Oversee it from far away and make the final call?"

    "Close enough." A silence overtook the conversation, leaving Jellal to think a little more, if the puppet master showed themselves would he still go through with the mission or just sabotage it and go after his target.It was a quandary. "What's the plan, go through with setting the bombs and hope the mastermind shows?"


    "And if he doesn't?"

    "The bombs go off, we let them think they succeeded,"

    "That's going to be quite the body count, more than anything since the occupation."

    "It's what he have to do."

    "You seem like you're trying to talk yourself into this."

    "No," he snapped back quickly putting a little more force behind the word than he would have. "I know there is a greater danger here, the people lost today will be small compared to what will happen if this being continues to have a hand in this world."

    "Either way, Myself and Meredy will be on hand for backup."

    "Thanks, just don't be too close."

    "We'll be fine, we know what we are doing, just make sure you do."

    Arcadia Colosseum, O'Pahz, Carratos

    Jellal had been standing for hours and hours, a backpack full of explosives on his back, his fist in the air joining the chants of the protestors. He had stopped to pull a water bottle off the side of the pack, make it look like he had a reason to be wearing it rather than just having it for show. The beings gathered had no interest in the game though over the crowd he could hear the play by play.

    It was close, and rough, per the usual really but, it seemed the Pirates were struggling. The only points were put up by Serica after a messy long shot from Cutty that the Smugglers just couldn't get ahold of. Ever since the goal had been locked down. There was just no energy in the offense. The color commentator tried to put a spin on it but, there was nothing to cover the fact they were still without their most experienced line. Leigh was still in recovery and the rest of her line wouldn't play without her. The defense was playing well, as well as could be expected.

    Jellal heard the name Scar'lett be called out many times often followed by some description of a brutal hit she'd leveled against a poor forward. Though she was on fire it wasn't enough. They held the Smugglers to 12 points which was admirable but, with the offense just stuck in the mud, they couldn't get pull the win out.

    All Jellal could do was stand and listen to the team lose yet another game. Not that anyone in the crowd cared they had something much bigger in their eyes to worry about.

    They stood for a little longer as streams of fans started to leave, they waited until the rush had passed and got to work. It was simple just drop off your 'Package' and walk away. As he set the pack down about in the center of the crowd He opened it up to check on something, making sure the bomb was armed. He was going through with this, he had to.

    All at once the hairs on the back of his neck rose. Something was here, something dark. He closed his eyes focusing on the feeling he knew it was a two way connection that whoever it was would sense it too. His only hope was that he could chase them down before they got too far.

    He pinpointed their location in a building just a across the street overlooking everything. He began to walk through the crowd heading towards the location he'd felt the darkness pooling.

    "Jellal?" A voice that was all too familiar called out.

    "Jellal?" his friend for the past few weeks said turning to look.

    He should have walked away, should have kept his head down and kept moving but, he couldn't. His heart wouldn't let him. His head turned slowly and there she was, hair brilliant red, eyes warm and beautiful. She was so close. The lights of the streetlamps glinted off her armor, when did she start to wear that?

    "It is you." She continued taking a step forward. "I thought I saw you before." Her voice was soft kind, she had no business being this happy to see him again. "I...I thought I lost you forever Jellal."

    There was a feeling of confusion and rage coming from next to him.

    "Gildarts." the tattooed friend said, "What's going on?"

    Everything was falling apart around him and he couldn't move, frozen in place by her gaze. Suddenly he felt guilt and fear wash over him, the bomb, she wasn't clear, he wasn't clear the bomb could go off any time. Without thinking a moment longer he took off in a burst of speed. Towards the building hoping against hope that the person on the button didn't push it.

    "Ultear, Meredy, deactivate the bombs." He spoke breathlessly to his companions.

    "Why, I thought…" the youngest of they trio spoke up.

    "Just do it I have a bead on the mastermind."


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    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "The streak is over man, the streak is over..."

    "Yeah, the Mercs have had it going on all season, and pushed that win streak to six in a row, but it's in the past now as the Miners really took it to them and came away with the 24-10 win over the hometown team."

    "Man, tough for a streak to end like that. They came out firing, but credit to the Miners, they weathered the early storm and then just took over the game from about midway though the first half and never looked back."

    "Mercs seemed to have gotten caught up in the hoopla of two six and one teams battling it out for the Commissioner's Trophy and were playing on emotion early on..."

    "That pregame show had something to do with that I think..."

    "The Mercs have overthrown the Monarchs..."

    "Slain the Senators..."

    "And seized the Smugglers..."

    "I'm surprised they didn't go all out and said they met the Mets."

    "My favorite part was the warrior in full beskar'gam at midfield with the beskad taking on the guy with a pickaxe."

    "That was hilarious!"

    "Hey it got the crowd fired up, and the Mercs too for the first ten minutes or so."

    "And then Kyr Irvin, former Merc, took over the game, and oh what a show did he put on for his former teammates and fans."

    "He was spectacular, and I'd bet revenge had a large part in it."

    "He was all over Pic, really had her number throughout the game, beating her on offense and smothering her on defense."

    "He played a great game, a great game, and now he has bragging rights, at least until the finals."

    "Assuming these two teams meet there again."

    "They seem to be on a collision course, though based on this game I'm not so sure we should be looking forward to that."

    "Well, anything can happen in the playoffs, and though both teams have clinched their spot, I don't think you can say they are destined for a rematch in the Galactic Cup Championship."

    "True enough, true enough."

    "You know, and this may just be me trying to get myself to feel better about this, but I'm almost glad they lost now..."

    "You are? Why?"

    "They were bound to lose eventually. I mean, on a six game win streak, if they had won the last two of the regular season that would be an eight game win streak, and then they'ed have to win two more to push the streak to ten in order to bring home a Cup."

    "Ten games in a row is an awful lot to ask in this day and age of professional limmie."

    "Six was a lot! Ten is just crazy."

    "So you think they needed to lose?"

    "I do, to kind of get it out of their system before the playoffs start."


    "And what better time that after not only a playoff spot, but a first round bye is clinched?"

    "Hate to say it, but you might be on to something."

    "Just so long as this loss doesn't start them on another streak, a losing one..."

    TAG: @Trieste

    OOC: Talk of the Mercs pre-game show based on this, and was the brainchild of Trieste who showed it to me and we agreed it was too good to not be used somehow. I really can't do the whole thing justice with my writing so watch and I leave the rest to your imaginations. :p
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    IC: Ayn Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura
    Truce Day

    Ayn winced as someone elbowed her in the stomach. It was a toss up as to whether it was a member of her own family or one of their esteemed guests for Truce Day. Honestly, the owner’s box was so full of beings that she couldn’t tell.

    Inviting the Vigo family to join the Noble House for the game might not be the smartest idea she’d ever had.

    For starters, when she’d extended the invitation to Starkillers owner Richard Vigo, she had thought that it would be maybe ten of them: Richard’s immediate family and a few select family members. That was the usual Noble House traveling contingent: Ayn, Declan, their two kids, Regan, Atticus, Trixie and Quill, and a few others who rotated through like Vesper and Dorian; Ginny, Rickard, and Vienna; Cillian and Swann; and Sevan. It really depended what folks were up to on any given week and where the team was playing.

    However, Ayn had underestimated the draw of the Starkillers’ first Truce Day Game for the Vigo family. It looked like everyone had come to Bakura for the game.
    Richard, his husband Ryan, and their two kids (an Ithorian and a Mon Calamari, the safety of whom Ayn had let it be known she would answer for so as to assuage any fears on the part of their parents given recent demonstrations for non-human rights)
    • Ty Allin’s wife Lucie
    • The three Allin kids (TJ, Ezra, and Cambrielle)
    • Spencer
    • Georgia and her four kids (Serena, Tiffanie, Prince, and Athena)
    • Andres Fortune and wife Alyada Hovechar (with daughter Juliette)
    • Zoey and Marty
    • Von’kedo (another non-human that Ayn had been clear was under her personal protection)
    • Madeline and her daughter Louise
    That might not even have been all of them. Ayn had lost count as they had come through the door of the box. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t have been a big deal to have fit another two dozen or so beings in the box, but this was Truce Day, the only week of the regular season that everyone in the Noble House showed up for. That meant that not only were the regulars here, but also:
    • Kerry, fresh off the end of the Bak10 regular season
    • Falene and Avie
    • Uncle Dorian
    • Vesper and young Dorian
    • All three Harlows
    • Cillian and Swann
    • Aunt Fiona
    • Aunt Nessa
    • Elfie and Jax Ralter
    • Quentin Trieste-Ypres and Corrie Ypres-Trieste
    • Uncle Ronan and Aunt Mandy
    • Jane Serena
    • Elyse Carlowe and little Elon
    • Uncle Oisin
    • Sevan Hull
    That made for a grand total of 32 Triestes...and a very crowded box. (The only small mercy was that Antrose and his immediate family had skipped this year and Ayn was in no mood to see them anyways.) In truth, there weren’t even enough seats for everyone. If the fire marshal came in here, she’d probably kick everyone out on the spot. Thankfully, the fire marshal didn’t usually make stops by the box...and hopefully she wouldn’t start on Truce Day.

    Navigating the box was like hacking one’s way through the swamp of Dagobah. A lightsaber would have been handy to cut through the bodies and limbs that invariably blocked the way to wherever one wanted to go. Of course, Ayn couldn’t figure out where anyone would want to go.

    The seats were completely full with a mix of Vigos and Trieste. Kerry was conversing with Madeline. Both of them had lost husbands in tragic shootings. That probably wasn’t the topic of conversation, but it didn’t take a large stretch of the imagination to think the two had a lot in common as the elder stateswomen of their families. Cillian was entertaining Ezra by showing him the various parts of his prosthetic arm, catnip to an adolescent boy, especially as Cillian had never replaced his basic model military issue arm with its easy access to gears, motors, and wires. Vesper was chatting with Spencer, plates of food balanced on their knees.

    At least they had food. It was like a bunch of starving Wookiees had descended on the counters. The normal food order, even for a Truce Day gathering, had disappeared. A request had been put in for more, but the Gardens’ catering had boxes all over the stadium to serve on a choreographed schedule. Heaven knew when they’d get more up here.

    Though not in quite such dire shape, the liquor cabinet was beginning to look a little sparse too. Ayn suspected this one was a Noble House response to an unexpectedly boisterous Truce Day gathering. Ayn knew she’d had a couple of drinks already, though only as part of being a good host and discussing League business with Richard. Though the Starkillers were antagonists on the field (and particularly thorny ones at that thanks to their tendency to beat the Miners more often than not), Ayn sensed he could be a natural ally in the boardroom--especially if Lokensgaard tried anything suspect.

    Richard’s spouse Ryan was watching Jane Serena hold their growing Mon Calamari daughter as she sat on the treasured real estate on one of the couches in the box. Ayn reflected that Jane Serena was the only female cousin who didn’t have a family, whether it be children or spouse. Perhaps she was getting that itch…

    In the back of the box some of the children including Jimsey, TJ, and Vienna were enthralled with the talking, dancing baby tree in the Jar of Dirt. Ayn was not surprised that children and Horst Penn found the same things entertaining.

    Two members of the Vigo family were currently absent. Georgia was currently in another smaller box with Prince, who was on the autism spectrum. This fact had stuck in Ayn’s mind (she couldn’t recall where she’d picked it up--perhaps it had come up on a visit to Financial Square) and she’d remembered hearing that at public events it was useful to have a quiet space for beings with the condition. As part of the invitation to the Vigos, she’d ordered a box be made available with transparisteel windows that could be closed to keep out much of the noise of the stadium. Right now Ayn felt like she wanted to be in the quiet space with so many beings around.

    This included the being who had been displaced from his box to make the quiet space: Quinn Cundertol. He looked distinctly unimpressed at being lumped in with the hoi polloi and not having his usual vantage point for the game.

    “What do you even need to look at?” Cillian had joked, slapping the general manager so hard on the back he’d nearly toppled forward. Ayn was pretty sure Cillian had used his prosthetic arm. “Got the conference sewn up, ticket punched to the conference final at home. Besides, who wants the Commissioner’s Trophy curse?”

    “Our next game that could well be against the Starkillers,” Cundertol replied, eyeing his opposing GM out of the corner of his eyes. “There are a great many things I wish to observe today.”

    Ayn was pleased. A GM who got lazy now was not a GM she wanted. Every battle had lessons to be learned, if not about the opposition then about your own strengths and weaknesses. Ralltiir had a shot at a home game in the semifinal on the line today. They would bring it. The Miners controlled their destiny for the Commissioner’s Trophy. They would bring it as well.

    “Richard, I dare say we’re going to have a heck of a game,” Ayn commented as the stadium lights began to dim, letting the twilight sky softly glow above the Gardens. Now would begin the pomp. If the owner’s box was any indication, this was going to be a truly wild game.

    TAG: @Runjedirun who kindly collaborated with me on the details of the Vigo clan and the general air of this meeting
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "Limmie Lunacy is upon us all so let's get right to it!"

    "In the Skimmer Ade Bowl number one overall seed Cloud City University, Bespin survived a late push by Zehava College before nailing down a 21-19 victory over the sixteen seed."

    "I thought we were going to have another 16 over one upset there."

    "You and me both."

    "Over in the Dos Iziz Bowl, number 15 UBTV and number two University of Tatooine, Anchorhead were locked in another close game that actually required overtime to determine a victor."

    "Pioneers man, they fought hard as the only Bak10 rep in the playoff."

    "Tied at 15 after regulation, UTA pulled away in the overtime to beat UBTV by a final score of 20 to 17."

    "Props to the Pioneers, at least they made the field after a spending so much of the season on the outside looking in."

    "Here at home at the Beskar bowl, presented by MandalMotors, number 14 Kothlis National University, became the lowest seed to pull the upset, beating number 3 Ralltiir U 24 to 21."

    "You know the fans here too, they love the understrill."

    "The Carnation Bowl, the gradma of them all saw number four VCU take down number 13 University of Commenor 22 to 17."

    "Always love that Bowl more than any other."

    "You would."

    "That was our bowl! S16, got to represent."

    "Speaking of the Super 16, the Party bowl was a rematch of the S16 title game from a week ago. There Duro State pulled off the upset, but they couldn't do it two weeks in a row..."

    "Go Bucks!"

    " number the number five StarBucks of The Ord Sabaok University took care of business against the twelve seed 23 to 18."

    "The Sweetner Bowl was the site of another upset though as number eleven University of Zeltros took down number six Wookiee Forest Institute in overtime 27 to 26 after that game had been tied 23 all at the end of regulation."

    "That was another fun game to watch."

    "Number seven Universtiy of Kashyyyk though took care of number ten Sarvchi Technological University 24 to 22 in the Nylonite Bowl."

    "Gotta defend that Wookiee pride."

    "And in the Jogan Bowl, number eight Ryloth ag and tech defeated number nine Albanin-Baxel Defense Academy, Clantaano III..."

    "Say that three times fast."

    "...24 to 12."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone


    Limmie Lunacy: Elite Eight

    Republic Bowl: #1 Cloud City University, Bespin vs. #8 Ryloth Ag and Tech University

    Papa Palpatine Bowl: #2 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead vs. #7 University of Kashyyyk

    Incom Bowl: #14 Kothlis National University vs. #11 University of Zeltros

    Bank of the Core Bowl: #4 Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa vs. #5 The Ord Sabaok University
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  7. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    The last game of the regular season is upon us--and the best part is that both NPC teams are on the outside looking in. Mission accomplished everyone! :D Bonus potential for Bakura, Carratos, Mando'ade, and Ralltiir (all teams that, incidentally, play each other this week).

    290 Week 9 Results
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Stewjon Metropolitans (1-11)
    Euceron Officers at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (27-0)
    Ralltiir Starkillers at Bakura Miners (40-14)
    Coruscant Senators at Chandrila Patriots (24-19)
    Carratos Pirates at Mando’ade Mercs (33-6)

    Final Standings
    Skywalker Conference
    1. Mando'ade Mercs [ Bardan_Jusik, Randy "the rancor"/Justin Pitt (sportscasters)] (6-3, conf. 2-2)
    2. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [ @Vehn, Omar Mosk (sportscaster)] (5-4, conf. 2-2)
    3. Euceron Officers [ jcgoble3, Tendra Nalo (player)] (4-5, conf. 2-2)
    4. Carratos Pirates [ galactic-vagabond422 Jella Fernandez (fan?)] (4-5, conf. 2-2)
    5. Chandrila Patriots (2-7, conf. 2-2)
    Solo Conference
    1. Bakura Miners [ Trieste, Ayn Trieste (owner)] (7-2, conf. 3-1)
    2. Coruscant Senators [ Jedi Gunny, Dirxx Horste (general manager)] (6-3, conf. 3-1)
    3. Ralltiir Starkillers [ Runjedirun, Tomas Vigo (player) & Von'kedo (player spouse)] (6-3, conf. 3-1)
    4. Stewjon Metropolitans (3-6, conf. 1-3)
    5. Rydonni Prime Monarchs [ @SWNerd11, Dawn Solo (head coach)] (2-7, conf. 0-4)

    HSN Headlines
    • Bakura Miners win their seventh Commissioner's Trophy of Silver Era
    • Euceron Officers clinch final playoff spot thanks to Week 1 win over Pirates
    • Coruscant Senators clinch home field advantage in the Conference Semifinal thanks to Week 1 win over Starkillers
    • Rydonni Prime Monarchs in line for first overall draft pick in 291
    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference Semifinals[/b]
    (3) Euceron Officers at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (2) Coruscant Senators

    Conference Finals[/b]
    ??? at (1) Mando'ade Mercs
    ??? at (1) Bakura Miners

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @SWNerd11 @Vehn and please remember now is the time to get me draftees and any award nominations!
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  8. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Atzerri (28), Tatooine (28) and Concordia (28)

    LFL Week Eight Results
    Concordia Crusaders @ Thyferra Force (10-12)
    Byblos Golden Knights @ Tatooine Sandskimmers (14-0)
    Druckenwell Marksmen @ Atzerri Bandits (19-27)

    1 Atzerri Bandits (7-1)

    2 Thyferra Force (4-4)
    3 Byblos Golden Knights (4-4)
    4 Concordia Crusaders (4-4)
    5 Tatooine Sandskimmers
    6 Druckenwell Marksmen (2-6)

    LFL Play – Offs

    (6) Druckenwell Marksmen @ (3) Byblos Golden Knights
    (5) Tatooine Sandskimmers @ (4) Concordia Crusaders

    LFL Semifinals

    ? @ (2) Thyferra Force
    ? @ (1) Atzerri Bandits

    Tags: @galactic-vagabond422 @Jedi Gunny @SWNerd11 @Bardan_Jusik @Vehn
  9. galactic-vagabond422

    galactic-vagabond422 Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Jellal Fernandes
    O'Pahz, Carratos, Building across from Arcadia Colosseum

    Jellal rushed up the stairs added by the Force moving at a speed he'd not thought himself possible of, in a flash he was on the top floor, slightly winded. The Force could push a body beyond its normal limits but, it still took its toll afterwards. He entered the room, the space that felt choked with darkness.

    The door flung open slamming against the wall, a figure dressed in business attire, with their hair pulled up into a bun on the back of their head. Silhouetted by the lamps outside the window. They turned with a smile on their face half lit face, detonator in their...her hand.

    His face went slack, the woman, from Stellaris, the woman that he met, that gave him the jobs, that called him. could she be in front of him the whole time and never notice. Had he just dismissed her never considered her a danger?

    "Come to watch?" Her voice was cold sending a shiver down his spine but, it was unmistakable. It was her, he would have never thought she would have been the one pulling the strings. "I sense your confusion. Come closer, it will all be clear, in the righteous fire of the 'White Star'." He could feel her trying to dominate his mind, to try and take him over.

    "No," he replied, his mind straining to hold off the dark tendrils that were attempting to take hold of him. "You wish to sow death and destruction, there is no righteousness in that. I should know."

    "Yes, you should. So much pain in your past. You just wanted to be free." She held out her hand inviting him closer, "I'm am freeing this world, from the tyranny of the Republic, of the laws that punish them, that restrict them. Like the chains that once imprisoned you."

    "No...No, I wanted power, power over others. I only told myself it was for freedom. You're lying to yourself." He reached out his hand pulling the detonator from her hand. She was taken by some surprise but not enough to bring the detonator to his hand.

    It hung in the air, suspended between the wills of two Force users. They put everything they had into holding fast to the detonator. It strained and struggled against the pull from each side. This was a battle of the mind, and each combatant remained locked in with each other. Dark lines began to form around the woman's slowly yellowing eyes. Whatever illusion she had put up was fading all her power focused on holding on to the implement of destruction. Jellal fought back just as strong unwilling to see Erza come to harm, unwilling to let the darkness come to pass, and spill innocent blood that didn't need to be shed.

    The small cylinder began to shake and deform. It was breaking apart all Jellal had to do was hold on for a little longer, it would tear and be useless. His power was waning but, his will was strong he wasn't giving up, not this close.The darkness around them deepened and deepened, sweat began to bead on the woman's forehead. The stain, not just on the object they were fighting over but, on their bodies became apparent. Their hearts pounded almost in unison, a voice called out in Jellal's head.

    "Give in, use me, I can defeat her, just surrender and she will be no more."

    He was tempted, so tempted, it would be so easy, just slip a little further into the black. No one was here, no one would see. Just as he was teetering on the edge the detonator could take no more and broke into two pieces both of them were sent flying back the Force rippling between them.

    As they both got to their feet the lady of darkness shouted.

    "NO!." Her blazing yellow eyes locked with Jellal. "…"

    "You've," he started out of breath, "Failed."

    "No, not yet." she turned to the window holding out her hand.

    "NO!" Jellal pulled on the strands of the force yanking her back. She turned blasting him with another wave of Force energy. Caught off-guard he went tumbling across the floor.

    "It seems I'll have to deal with you first." Her hand reached out strands of Force wrapping around his throat like an ethereal garrote. He struggled for breath trying to focus his will into another push or pull anything to break her concentration. His eyes watered, his vision blurred. This couldn't be the end.

    "Give in now, to save your life." the chilling voice spoke again in the back of his mind. He closed his eyes, ready to give himself over the the Darkness he thought conquered years ago.

    "Jellal," a voice rang loud and clear. The bellow of a woman afraid for her friend. His eyes snap open to see a flash of red hair the glint of armor. The grip around his neck lessened as some of the power was taken to send a burst of power catching the charging Half Back in the chest. The armored woman seemed to just shrug it off barely even losing a step. The strangling force around Jellal's neck disappeared entirely as the dark lady put all her will into the next attack.

    This one Erza couldn't shake off, it hit her square on knocking her off her feet and sending her flying through a pillar in the open space.

    No words came for Jellal's mouth, just a shout of rage. She had harmed the only thing he'd cared about. She would pay.

    He rose deadly power growing in his hand. Lashing out he froze the monster in place lifting her off the ground. With anger in his eyes he slammed her into the floor, not once, not twice but, many times hoping to break every last bone in her body. When the rage finally left him he let go out of breath and energy. It was over.

    Weakly, but with haste he rushed over to the pile of rubble that covered her.

    "No," the word tumbled from his lips like a prayer, hoping that she was ok, and wasn't killed by his own problems, his own interference.

    He could see a lock of scarlet hair, stained in burgundy blood. Stumbling forward he reached out eager to move the chunks of duracrete and plaster that held his love down.

    His hands were stopped, his body was held in place. He couldn't reach her, she was so close just out of reach.

    "Did you think it would be that easy." A coarse harsh voice rumbled from behind him. He was turned around to see the woman he thought dead, standing on one good leg, the other turned in an unnatural fashion. Her outstretched hand dripped blood as he was pulled towards it. Her fingers dug into his throat with a strength not apparent in her physique. Spinning around Jellal was crushed into the wall that was once in front of him. Her sickly eyes bored into him as the gripped tightened. "I'm going to enjoy this." A cruel smile formed on her lips. She slammed him into the wall again grin growing deeper. "You've accomplished nothing. I will succeed, I will free this planet, with blood."

    In his darkening vision he couldn't take his eyes off the pile of stones that contained her body. The rage he should feel was gone, he couldn't muster it. He thought this was over now it wasn't.

    "This is your final chance." The beast inside him screamed. "Save yourself."

    She was gone what would it hurt, he was willing to let hundreds die, why had he grown so squeamish. Maybe he feared that if he let the monster out, he wouldn't gain control of it again. However if he didn't he would surely die and his other monster would go free.

    That couldn't be allowed to happen. His vision narrowed even more his heart thumped in his chest it was now or never.

    The rubble moved, a bit of duracrete slipped from the top of the mound. Then bursting forth, like some maiden of war was the red headed warrior, head cut and bleeding but undeterred. The dark lady didn't notice, too inraptured with watching the life drain from Jellal's eyes.

    Erza surged forward face in a grimace. Metal and flesh clashed as her shoulder crashed into the other woman that held Jellal fast against the wall. All three broke through into the next room. Jellal was thrown clear though he heard a sickening crack as he hit the ground.

    It wasn't his bones being broken, it was those of the woman that had started all of this, the one he'd been hunting since the start of his mission. He could feel it, the darkness was gone the weight that hung in the air had dissipated. She was dead, for good.

    He stood up weak and a little weary but, he stood, and stumbled forward.

    "Erza." he said, finally saying her name. She looked up hair a mess, caked in blood and dust a look of rage on his face. "Erza." WIthout thinking he took her into an embrace. It didn't matter the armor she wore or the lifeforce that stained her she was alive.

    "Jellal," she replied holding him close. Time seemed to stop for them, it had been years since they've seen each other. They parted on the worst of circumstances yet that was behind them though maybe not fully. They try to pull away and stumble together and fall to the ruined floor, light from a street lamp pouring through the window. She seemed to loom over him her red hair falling in curtains around him.

    "Where were you all this time? I...I knew, even when you sent me away...there was some good in you."

    He didn't have the courage to tell her that he'd been in prison, for the crimes he was rightfully convicted of, then released to hunt monsters across the galaxy.

    "Well," he started, "Here and there, doing good works were I can."

    "And you never thought to visit until today?"

    "I've been busy."

    "Well, you don't look busy now." She leaned in he knew what was coming. Almost all of him was ready for this, to finally admit that he was madly in love her, that he would move the heavens for her. But, a little voice piped up.

    'You still have your mission...You cannot, give it up. You must turn her away.'

    As much as it pained him, he had to let her go. It was better this way, she didn't want to have a monster like him as a partner, he'd only let her down...again. She came ever closer, eyes closing. Just before the moment their lips touched Jellal spoke.

    "There's someone else." He blurted it out without much thought, he only wanted to end this moment before it went too far.

    Erza stopped eyes opening, a smile played across her face. She was silent for a moment.

    "Does she make you happy?"

    He looked up hand carding through her hair, wishing he was a different man, a man not weighted down by the past. A man that could be with the woman he loved.

    "More than anything in the galaxy."

    The playful smile deepened her eyes closed with a nod of her head.

    "Well, I wish you two well." She rose offering a hand to help him up. A hand he accepted.

    "Thank you." He replied simply.

    Something in her coy smile took him she didn't buy a word of it but, she let him go all the same. Letting him exit her life once again.

    As he walked away his comlink buzzed in his ear.

    "Bombs are disabled," It was Ultear's voice cold and serious. "Your friend is a little hurt though, broken arm I think. Your girlfriend did a number on him." A slight smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth that's what took her so long. "The others are subdued OSF will be picking them up soon."

    "Good," Jellal said turning through the doorway seeing Erza for one last time, smile still on her face.

    "Think she bought that?" Ultear asked clearly having heard the conversation between them.

    "Not at all."

    In transit to Courscant

    Jellal reclined just a little in his business class seat on a shuttle heading towards the center of the galaxy. There was no rest for his wicked bones, straight from one job to another. At least he had the game to listen to, Pirates vs. Mercs. It was supposed to be a hard fought game of a team on the top and a team fighting to reach the playoffs.

    Both teams came to play with the annoucer talking at lightning speed as the teams crashed into each other again and again in the first minutes of the game. Then the fire with which the Pirates were playing began to burn. Cutty drew first blood off a rebound setup by the newly returned Leigh Cavanaugh. After that it was a feeding frenzy as the Pirates just stormed the net every chance they got.

    The Mercs' defense was buried under white and black jerseys as they continued to pour on the attack. Shot after shot was put on goal, a team desperate to reach the playoffs.

    On the other end, the visitors continued to show no mercy. There were so many hard hits that the commentators were running out of words to describe them. More than once did Jellal hear the name Scar'lett be called as she crushed her mark into the turf.

    Half way through the first half it seemed the Mercs gave up on trying to win. The Pirates were just playing like their lives depended on it. The scoreboard was lit up now that the second stringers were put in for the Mercs. The game was decided right there as the visitors ran away with the game.

    At the end the last whistle sounded and the dreadful news was delivered.

    Though the Pirates had stomped the Mercs, the top seed of the league. It wasn't enough. The Officers had won their game, locking the Pirates out of the playoffs they had burned up the field to reach.

    It must had been heart breaking for the team. To fight so hard in the end and not have it matter at all. The Mercs go on to the playoffs, and the Pirates stay behind.

    Though, there was always next year, and they'd have a new fan listening in, wherever he ended up during the season.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Officials in Canto Bight announce "free speech zones" for Galactic Cup Final Week
      • Police chief: "These areas will make sure that everyone has the best time possible during their visit to Canto Bight"
      • Protest organizer: "They're herding protestors away from areas that will see a lot of fans and trying to diminish our voice"
    • Protest groups have sued the City of Canto Bight, but legal experts say it is unlikely the Corporate Sector courts will rule in their favor
    • Deputy Commissioner Wigast: "I don't like it when people use that word....No, not voice. Why wouldn't I like that word? I mean the P-word. Why can't we all just call them, 'busybodies with no direct stake in the topic under discussion'? I mean, when was the last time you were an animal?...That's right, I thought so"
    TAG: Nobody in particular
  11. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    As the first half came to a close Tomas moved the ball up field. Coverage was tight, but Tomas made zig zagging around helpless Miners look easy. He passed to Yolanda and watched as she added 3 more points to their total. Ty jumped up and down excitedly on the sideline. “Score again!” He called to his star forward.

    At halftime Ty told his team they weren’t letting up. The starters were seeing this game, this season to the end. “Don’t ease up on the throttle,” Tomas chimed in. His teammates laughed at the expression. Tomas relating Limmie to his other love in life, maybe his one true love, meant Tomas was having fun. To everyone on the Starkillers Coach Ty Allin emphasized always that when you stop having fun, that’s when the game truly came to it’s conclusion.

    The 14 year wait of the Vigo tenurial had been worth it. The Starkillers had been to Bakura on Truce Day and they’d made winning look easy. Now they began their journey for the honor to go back to Bakura in two weeks and prove it was no fluke. That journey wasn’t an easy one. After the fireworks there wasn’t any drinking in the Starkillers locker rooms. There were smiles, congratulations exchanged, showers and preparations made for rest on the flight home.

    Tomas clenched a towel in his teeth as the message therapist kneaded his muscles. Bags of ice were tied to hamstrings, knees, shins and shoulders. He drank caf to keep from freezing. Once he was finally free of the recovery process Tomas made his way to a bunk. The first thing that caught Tomas’ eye wasn’t an inviting open bunk. It was Ty Allin’s son’s fast asleep in a bunk with their father. Tomas remembered his father brought him to work only when he was in trouble. The Allin boys weren’t known for being troublesome. Maybe because their father gave them attention and love just for being his son’s.

    He climbed into the empty bunk, but it was empty. Tomas suddenly wanted a son or daughter of his own. The chance to be a better father than his own weighed heavily on Tomas. He and Von’kedo had always agreed to have kids someday. Von’kedo still had several months of school left. She’d voiced that she wanted to start her own practice before having a baby. Tomas was ready to prove he could be a dad, now.


    Tomas landed before Von’kedo who had traveled with his older brother’s family to the game on Bakura. He paced as he waited for the shuttle. Finally it touched down. Their embrace was short, the ride back to the apartment quiet and tense. They both wanted to talk, neither sure of how the other would feel about what they were thinking. Von’kedo rushed into the apartment and immediately reached for the fish food. “You guys must be starving,” she said as she sprinkled some into the water.

    “I don’t think they are guys, well not both of them anyway,” Tomas said looking into the tank.

    “Oh my gosh, is that what I think it is?”

    “Eggs,” Tomas confirmed. He watched as Von’kedo walked around the tank inspected the sac from all angles.

    “This is so exciting,” she said. “I wonder how many there are. We are going to take good care of you little babies,” she said as if she were talking to a newborn puppy.

    Tomas cleared his throat and put a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “What would you think if I suggested us having a baby,” he ventured.

    “We will,” she assured him. “We’re not ready yet.” She stated matter of factly.

    “We can buy a house,” Tomas suggested. “My brother can’t make me live here forever. I’ve changed a lot this year. I’m ready.”

    “Wait you’re serious? You want to have a baby? Now? Tomas I haven’t finished med school.”

    “You’ll be finished before the baby is born,” Tomas reminded her.

    “It’s hard enough pulling 12 hour shifts.”

    “If I could take a season off and carry the baby I would,” Tomas interjected.

    “Tomas!” Von’kedo interrupted. “I’m not ready,” she pulled away from his touch and walked into the bedroom.

    Tomas was done with being scared of his wife. If he hurt her feelings he’d correct it. He followed her. “What makes you think you aren’t ready?”

    Von’kedo lie flat on the bed. “I never protested anything in my life. I never risked anything. Going out there, making banners and voicing my beliefs. I thought I could change something. I didn’t. The final is still taking place on Canto Brite. I failed Tomas. What if I fail our baby?”

    “You didn’t fail. My brother is already working behind the scenes. Our fans will spend as few funds on Canto Brite as possible. He’ll pre-book hotels on a close by planet, set up shuttles to the game, pack lunches. No one from Ralltiir will spend a credit on Canto Brite. If we are lucky enough to make that statement. Look, Von I gotta go to work. Give it some thought, please.”

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  12. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "The Elite Eight have come and gone as Limmie Lunacy is in full swing, now we're down to four. Here are your scores for those that didn't see the games but want to update those brackets!"

    "In the Republic Bowl, #1 Cloud City University held their own in a 26 to 21 win over #8 Ryloth Ag and Tech."

    "That final score was closer than the game really was, Ryloth scored a couple of goals in garbage time late."

    "Yeah Cloud City rolled all over them."

    "Meanwhile the Papa Palpatine Bowl saw #2 University of Tatooine, Anchorhead fall to #7 University of Kashyyyk 24 to 14."

    "I didn't see that upset coming, but man did those Wookiees play motivated."

    "The Incom Bowl featured a couple of teams that weren't supposed to be there, but after orchestrating their own upsets last week we saw the higher seed, #11 University of Zeltros prevail 23 to 20 over #14 Kothlis National University. They'll take on Kashyyyk next round."

    "And in the Bank of the Core Bowl..."


    "...#4 Vertical City University, Nar Shaddaa fell 26 to 17 to #5 The Ord Sabaok University."

    "All the way StarBucks, all the way!"

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    Limmie Lunacy: Final Four

    SoroSuub Bowl: #1 Cloud City University, Bespin vs. #5 The Ord Sabaok University

    Mining Guild Bowl: #7 University of Kashyyyk vs. #11 University of Zeltros
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  13. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Dirxx Horstse

    For the first time in the past four seasons, the Coruscant Senators were in the postseason.

    That fact had not been lost on the Senator faithful who packed the stands at Senator Stadium for their Conference Semifinal game against Ralltiir. Neither had it been lost upon the first-year GM of the franchise, the man whom had re-built the roster with the intent to turn the franchise back into a powerhouse in four or five years but whose efforts had already reaped fruit.

    “Nothing quite like a playoff game, is there?” Gark S’rily asked as he took a bite out of a piece of fruit with his sharp canine incisors. The man had wrapped up his second season as the head coach at nearby Valorum University. “I mean, it’s not as big a hoopla as a Galactic Cup Final, but still a big deal.”

    “To be honest, I had no idea at the beginning of this year that we would be 6-3 and hosting a Semifinal,” Dirxx replied. “It shows how much growth our young players have undergone throughout the season.”

    Gark slapped his old captain on the back. “It takes a lot of courage and luck to build a team like this. You took quite a few pages of out my book.”

    The Besalisk chuckled. “That I did. I remembered what worked for us in the past – diversity, unity, and a sense of being together for the sake of the planet. I’d say that those efforts are paying off already, both on and off the field.”

    “It’s time to see what you’ve built,” Gark said, “and if it can finally get this franchise over the hump.”

    “Maybe it should wait until I get a chance to have a say in that, Dad,” Galin S’rily said as he elbowed his father in the ribs. “You know I’ve always wanted a chance to lift that Cup above my head for the Senators.”

    “Well, son, I’ve been waiting longer than you have. Besides, you have a big college decision to make after this year.”

    “Dad, I have the Galactic Semifinals to play in first. We’re going to do our best to win.”

    “Don’t you dare win that game without me, or else I’ll feel really bad about it,” Ronny Velhase interjected. Galin’s older brother, an adopted Zeltron, had recently finished his freshman year at Valorum playing forward for his father’s team.

    “Maybe that’s why I want to win, so that I get that leg up on you.”

    “Boys, we’re not here to argue. Besides, Galin, you have a big college decision ahead of you. Didn’t I see that Ralltiir University letter come in the mail the other day?”

    “Yeah, Dad. But about fifty others have come in the last few weeks, too, so I can’t really remember which ones I have.”

    “Don’t forget that you will need to respond with a handwritten letter to each school and coach thanking them for their interest,” Me’lin S’rily said.

    “Wait, handwritten? Mom, that’s more than 50 of them, and they keep coming in!”

    “Handwritten. I didn’t raise my sons to be slackers.”

    “That’s part of the reason why I stayed near home,” Ronny said with a slight cackle as he elbowed Galin in the ribs. “Besides, you’re the big-time recruit. You should act like one.”

    “That would be an understatement. I mean, offers from virtually all of the Bak10 schools, Ord Sabaok University, Brentaal College of Commerce, most of the Super 16, many SEC schools . . . I’d say that constitutes a lot,” Gark said.

    “Why can’t I make the decision when I feel ready to do so?”

    “Fine. We’ll let you watch the game, and then you need to start sorting through them.”

    “And remember to study for that math test next week,” Me’lin added. “You’re not going to get a pass for that one just because you’re at the game now.”

    Dirxx couldn’t help but find the bickering humorous. His nephew did indeed have a huge decision to deal with regarding his college choice, but at the moment that seemed like small potatoes. They were here to see the Senators play and hopefully show how far they had come during the season. If they lost, it wouldn’t invalidate anything the team had accomplished. No one had expected them to come this far this fast, but no one wanted to see the ride end.
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  14. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Before we get to scores, the 290 ELL awards ballot is now available. It also includes a couple questions about league business for your input. Thanks in advance for your participation!

    Onto scores! Bonus potential for Coruscant and Ralltiir.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference Semifinals
    (3) Euceron Officers at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (27-14)
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (2) Coruscant Senators (7-3)

    Conference Finals
    (3) Euceron Officers at (1) Mando'ade Mercs
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (1) Bakura Miners

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @galactic-vagabond422 @jcgoble3 @Jedi Gunny @Runjedirun @SWNerd11 @Vehn
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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    Bonus Potential for Concordia (28) and Tatooine (28) banked for Atzerri (28) and Thyferra (28)

    LFL Play – Offs

    (6) Druckenwell Marksmen @ (3) Byblos Golden Knights (3-8)
    (5) Tatooine Sandskimmers @ (4) Concordia Crusaders (15-19)

    LFL Semifinals
    (3) Byblos Golden Knights (2) Thyferra Force
    (4) Concordia Crusaders @ (1) Atzerri Bandits

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ayn Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    It meant nothing. This was a new season. That’s the mantra. It was all just to get here.

    Ayn kept repeating it over and over in her head, willing herself to forget the tragedy that had been the Truce Day Game. The Starkillers had pounded the Miner defense at every opportunity. It was so bad that Draper hadn’t even played his starters during the second half as a precaution against injury. He knew the game was beyond reach, so he put expendable players in, even if it would cost the Commissioner’s Trophy if Mando’ade won. It hadn’t made him popular with the fans, but he’d done it anyway. The Starkillers hadn’t let up one iota against the reserves. Unlike other games where the fans would have melted away to get a jump on the journey home, everyone stayed for the fireworks, making their opinions known with boos whenever the Starkillers scored.

    And now these same Starkillers were here again. It had to be them. They were the only team in the conference the Miners had lost to this season. Of course it had to be them.

    The worry in Ayn’s breast couldn’t compare to the electricity that rippled through the 100,000+ in the Gardens around her as she stood on the sideline. She’d been to every ELL stadium there was. Mesh’la Vhetin was bigger and louder. Senators Stadium was newer and shinier. Financial Square was better planned with its mixed use. Storm Stadium had more profound meaning in light of the tragedy out of which it rose. Six Boroughs was a brighter beacon to its planet and beings. The Grande Villa was more modern, part of a well-planned central facility. Arcadia Colosseum was more full of its teams color and spirit. Stoney End was older, more venerable and revered. Kenobi Field was even newer and flashier.

    Every stadium could find a reason to look down their nose at the Gardens, a municipally-owned stadium unlike so many other arenas. The turf was worn down by two teams, UB Salis D’aar and the Miners, over the course of the season so it didn’t look as fresh as other pitches by this point in the season. It hadn’t seen a major renovation in almost 45 years. The Commissioner had made it plain the Miners weren’t going to be hosting a Galctic Cup Final until they got a new arena. The smaller gate receipts were one of the large reasons that the Miners had a self-imposed salary cap (in addition to the Noble House’s desire to turn a profit with their largest asset). There was a waiting list for season tickets, but Ayn knew that there wasn’t unlimited demand for Miner tickets--not on a world of 80 million dispersed across continents. The fact that the team could even fill the 100,000 seats regularly spoke to the winning brand that the Noble House had built, but also to the deep affection for the Miners that Bakura had.

    Watching the team from the Noble House box under three Taoiseachs she had seen the fever that the team inspired, but deep down she had always envied the gleaming new stadia the Miners traveled to. Even the marble halls of the Pond at Theed, a Premier League venue, inspired jealousy in her breast. That Bakura should have a second-rate facility compared to every other team was a disgrace.

    Yet she felt none of that now: love, anticipation, longing. It was pure and deep, like the two rivers that twisted through Salis D’aar. Everything else fell away. It didn’t matter where they played. Human or non-human, male or female, Fianna Fail or Unionist, urban or rural, the Miners cut through every level of society. It united every species, sex, creed, and class in a family of blue and gold.

    And who better to lead that family than their Prime Minister? Ayn closed her eyes as, for the first time in her life, she immersed herself in this team, this place. She understood now why the Noble House had kept the Miners for so many years. It wasn’t just for profit. It wasn’t just another tool. It was that the Miners held the soul of the planet. You could be turned out of Marian Square, but you would still be revered for giving this world limmie, for giving it pride. She now knew why Kerry had given Falene the team over Declan over a decade ago. She understood that the Miners were a labor of love.

    As she loved this planet, so she could now love the Miners.

    Ayn raised her arms at her side, eyes still closed, and said a prayer for Bakura, for the Miners, for the Noble House, and for herself.

    Bloom and grow, bloom and grow.


    At midfield, Deputy Commissioner Wigast handed Horst Penn the Commissioner’s Trophy, which--unlike captains of years past--he had no compunction about touching. Nor, apparently about wearing it as a hat, obscuring his eyes as Wigast waxed poetic about the ELL, the trophy, the playoffs, his hair, and apparently anything else that came to mind.

    “...and what do I always say about the Miners? They’re fantastic. I mean, just look at this...amazing, I guess you’d say, captain of yours. Real embodiment of the Miner spirit--or so I assume. I’ve never met a miner before so this is all kind of theoretical…”

    The Prime Minister didn’t get to focus on Wigast for much longer. “Ayn! This fits on my head! Isn’t that amazing?” Horst gushed, rushing over to the sideline to get rid of the trophy before beginning play. “They must have made it for me!”

    “Maybe leave it over here during the game?” Ayn suggested.

    “I think I’d be way more effective if I tackled people with this on my head,” Horst said, pointing to the trophy.

    “Only a Mandalorian would say that.”

    “My point exactly. Fu Arock is, like, the best limmie player in the galaxy.”

    “Horst, you’re supposed to be the best limmie player in the galaxy given what we pay you,” Ayn said. “And you beat Arock this year. Take it off.”

    “Okay,” Horst groused. He pushed the trophy up...but it didn’t move.



    “Why isn’t the Commissioner’s Trophy coming off your head?” Ayn asked.

    “’s stuck,” Horst admitted.

    This was a great way to begin the Conference Final. A real great way...

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: The Rancor Pitt

    "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE! From downtown Keldabe, on a sunny and warm Taungsday afternooooon. Welcome on into the Rancor Pitt, here on your wave home of the Mando'ade Mercs. I'm Randy the Rancor, he's Justin Pitt. Liz Baker on the boards, with Kitterich on the other side of the glass and oh baby do we have a lot to talk about today."

    "We're talking playoffs!"

    "That's right, that right, the playoffs are in full swing in the ELL and College limmie and with the lightball strike going on..."

    "They're on strike?"

    "No, @Darth_Elu just hasn't signed in since last July."

    "Yeah, they're on strike," Randy continued as if he hadn't heard Liz.

    "Shows how much I follow lightball, I didn't notice."

    "Anyway, with them on strike and no news about any progress on a new CBA there, we get to talk all limmie today!"

    "How is that different than any other day?"

    "It's not, but at least we don't have to pretend there is more today."

    "OK, so first round is said and done in the ELL and we've got the Officers and the Starkillers moving on."

    "Just like we both said."

    "Uh no."


    "Nope. We both had the Strugglers taking care of the Officers and you had the Sens winning...bigly I think was the word you used.

    "I would never use such a..."

    "Bardan didn't post last week, he's just making this all up now, so don't bother going back to look anyone."

    "In any case, we were both wrong about the Strugglers, which opens things up for us both since we also had them getting past the Mercs to go to the title game."

    "Yeah, that's right. You said against the Miners and I said Sens."

    "Right, so I guess you can change your mind on that now since Coruscant got knocked out."

    "And I think I will. Starkillers over the Miners I think in a really close game..."

    "And I'll stick to my original prediction there, I had Miners Starkillers as my Solo final, and had the Miners taking the crown to go back to the Galactic Cup and I'm sticking to it."

    "Surprise, surprise. What about the Skywalker?"

    "Well....what about the Skywalker, we were both wrong so do we..."

    "It's tough man, Mercs looked so good until the final stretch of the regular season."

    "Blowout losses to both the Miners and Pirates."

    "I really hate those guys."

    "The big question is, did the bye week help them out or will their late season crash become a three game losing streak, one that will prevent them from reaching the Galactic Cup final?"

    "And the answer is, I just don't know. I just don't know."

    "Stunning analysis there Randy, just amazing."

    TAG: @galactic-vagabond422, since I missed a post last week and @jcgoble3 for this upcoming weekend's action.
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    Sep 3, 2012

    IC: Von’kedo

    When Von’kedo got back from Bakura she expected to dive back into her studies and her work. It was exactly what she did for several days. Until she saw her weekend had been left suspiciously unscheduled at the med center. Her professors had arranged for her to be able to travel and see Tomas play the Senators. “There will be plenty of children needing your services when Limmie season is over,” the head surgeon promised when she brought up her concerns.

    The game meant more to Tomas than Von’kedo could understand. It was his first ever ELL play-off game. So Sunday afternoon she found herself in the Senators stadium surrounded by in-laws. Every time a play involved Tomas her image, her reaction, could be broadcast around the galaxy. In living rooms and watering holes everywhere beings would see her face. The ever present security detail made it impossible for her to forget who she was now. Not a simple girl living on Tatooine. She had said it herself just a month ago, she was royalty.

    Some things reminded her of home. T.J. Allin at hot dogs almost as fast as her own teenage brother. Like Tatooine the Vigo clan was very diverse. Most of all it was the sheer volume of children that overwhelmed her. She had grown up in a large family herself. She just wasn’t sure she was ready to start a family of her own yet. How did Tomas know? What made him so confident?

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    All week Tomas had told the holo cameras that he and his team would come through with a win today. Now he was about to deliver on that promise. The score had been 7-3 since just before halftime. Noah Till deserved defensive player of the century. Cliff Tuff just proving to be the great keeper he’d always been. Tomas and Lawco chasing down balls all afternoon. Exhausted, yes, but the end was finally in sight. Of course the play everyone would remember took place less than two minutes into the game when Sancheese put the Starkillers up 3-0. It was goals that got the glory, but the entire team deserved credit. Even before the final buzzer sounded Tomas was seeing his future self. Downloading plays to study on the long flight to Bakura.


    Coach Ty Allin stopped cold in his motivational speech. He flipped his data pad horizontally and snapped several holos of Horst Penn. “Where’s that empty bowl of fruit?” He suddenly asked.

    “Last week’s trophy?” An assistant asked.

    “Yes,” Ty answered. “I want to wear it on my head.”

    Tomas made his way to a storage locker on the sideline that two assistants were unlocking. As it opened he reached inside and grabbed the bowl. Eagerly he walked behind Ty and placed it on his head. Ty stepped on a bench so he could be better seen by everyone in the stadium. “Who wins pre-game shenanigans?” He cried out.

    “We do!” His team called back.

    “And who wins games?" Ty asked, empty bowl still on his head.

    “We do!”

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    Dec 14, 2009

    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "The Final Four of Limmie Lunacy have has come and gone and now we're down to two teams for the GCAA championship. In the SoroSuub Bowl, #1 Cloud City was down early, they were down late but they pulled ahead when it mattered most, when star forward Daniel San hit a goal with three second to go on Coach Miyagi's 'crane play' to put the StarBucks down 18-17 as the final gun sounded. Cloud City moving on to the finals..."

    "Man this StarBucks team, they never quit. They just didn't have enough to hold them off..."

    "Should have swept the leg, shown no mercy."


    "Just something I heard in a holodrama once."

    "Meanwhile #7 Univserity of Kashyyk took down University of Zeltros 26 to 21 in the Mining Guild Bowl. The'll take on the overall number one seed in Sienar bowl next week for all the marbles."

    "I'm Ken Kitterich and this has been your five by five sports update. I'll be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian!"

    TAG: no one/everyone

    GCAA Limmie Lunacy Title Game

    Sienar Bowl: #1 Cloud City vs. #7 University of Kashyyyk
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    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: The holoconference that is the subject of this post first appeared in @Trieste 's Annals of the Noble House of Trieste, Volume 12 about a week ago, specifically the one in the second-to-last section of the linked post under the heading "Kilmainham Brook". Since I am in the position of owning a player that is part of another user's fanfic, I decided to cross-reference a little from the limmie perspective.

    IC: Tendra Nalo

    Location: Team shuttle, en route to Mando'ade
    Time: Two days before Conference Final

    Tendra threw the datapad aside after watching the same Mercs game holo for the hundredth time. She hadn't learned anything new in the last ninety-seven watches. What she needed to learn was how to beat the defensive alignment she was studying, but her brain was too fried to think at this point.

    She picked up the datapad and walked to the next room to find the rookie Trieste, Elza, having a holoconference with the Noble House... or half of it, at least. Tendra hung back out of range and observed as Elza talked strategy of a non-limmie sort with her adopted family. The more Tendra listened, the more it sounded like a war council instead of a friendly family meeting.

    Eventually, after a little over an hour, the meeting ended and Elza turned around only to jump when she saw Tendra standing there. "How long have you been standing there?" Elza accused.

    "Long enough to see you wasting time that should be spent trying to figure out how to beat the Mercs."

    "That was a private family matter! You have no right to listen in on that!"

    Tendra folded her arms and gave a firm reply. "As team captain, I have every right to listen in on anything that goes on in this shuttle or any other team facility, especially when it takes away from our ability to prep for the game. If you don't want me listening in, do it at home on your own time."

    " 'Takes away from our ability to prep?' What are you talking about? Coach says all the time that family is more important than limmie."

    "That's for major life events like deaths, severe illnesses, weddings, and such." Or rescuing your brother from an evil Sith wannabe deep in the Unknown Regions, Tendra thought, but didn't mention since it was still a secret and would be counterproductive to her next point. "War councils don't count. And since you seem to be in the mood to argue while displaying a lack of respect for your seniors, tell me why I shouldn't bench you for this."

    "Coach makes that call! Not you!"

    "You forget that I've been playing under Leota for ten years now. She trusts my judgment. If I tell her you are a liability to this team, you'll be benched in a heartbeat. And you currently appear to be a liability."

    "I just won that job two weeks ago when Vobal got hurt! You can't replace me!"

    "Vobal was cleared for practice yesterday, and is expected to be nearly 100% for the game. He's ready to play. You were only scheduled to start because we're not 100% certain, and we needed to create a gameplan. But if you want to continue arguing, a few of us can tweak that plan and shuffle you back to the bench real quick. And if Vobal can't go, there are other backups on the roster that can."

    Elza sputtered for a second, but couldn't find the words to retort. There was silence for a few moments as Elza looked down, realizing she was beat.

    "Alright, fine. I shouldn't have said any of that. I apologize. However, you haven't dealt closely with the Noble House. When your Taoiseach summons you, you are expected to respond immediately, not at your or your team's convenience."

    "I don't give a kriff." Tendra rarely cursed, but found it appropriate here. "Until our season is done, your primary responsibility, and in fact your absolute only responsibility, is to our team. I don't want you involved in any way, no matter how small, in any of this war council poodoo until we are done for the season. Period. The moment I find you doing anything related to that, even reading a text message about it, you are benched for the rest of the playoffs, and if we win Sunday and I catch you involved in whatever that is before we leave for Canto Bight, I will personally argue that you should not even be allowed to travel with the team. Do you understand that?"

    "But I—"

    "No buts. That is a yes or no question."

    Elza took a deep breath before responding. "Yes."

    "Good." Tendra held up the datapad. "Now come help me solve the Mercs defense. While we were arguing, I had an idea..."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus potential for all four conference finalists today!

    Conference Finals
    (3) Euceron Officers at (1) Mando'ade Mercs (14-7)
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (1) Bakura Miners (7-13)

    134th Galactic Cup Final
    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica

    (3) Euceron Officers vs. (1) Bakura Miners

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Sub GM Post

    LFL Semifinals

    Bonus Potential for Thyferra (banked 28), Concordia (28), Atzerri (banked 28)

    (3) Byblos Golden Knights (2) Thyferra Force (25-0)
    (4) Concordia Crusaders @ (1) Atzerri Bandits (7-8)

    Futures Cup Finals
    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica
    Byblos Golden Knights vs Atzerri Bandits

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Yolanda Dunerider and Noah Till of Starkillers announce retirement from the sport of limmie
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Canto Bight, Cantonica

    “Hello, hello, hello!” Deputy Commissioner Andy Wigast said to the crowd. “It is so good to be here to do the ELL awards. Honestly, it’s just one of the many things that makes it a joy to be part of the League now. I really do love a good night of jewels, celebrities, and excellent food. In fact, I’ll be bringing all three together after the show for the official afterparty, hosted by moi at the hottest venue in all of Canto Bight. Anyone who’s anyone is going to be there. For example--”

    “Andy, what are you doing?” ELL Commissioner Fenrir Lokensgaard asked, coming onto the stage.

    “Oh, hey there Fenrir,” Andy said casually. “I was just chatting with these lovely beings, and of course all those watching throughout the galaxy.” He motioned casually to the holocameras. “By the way, I didn’t get your RSVP for the afterparty. I assume you’re coming?”

    “Andy, I wasn’t asking what were you doing a few seconds ago. I was asking why you’re on the stage right now,” Lokensgaard clarified.

    “You know me, just hosting the ELL awards with my typical wit and charm,” Wigast said with a casual smile and offhand shrug. “It’s really quite embarrassing. No matter where I go this happens to me. Beings just love to hear me expound on life and the galaxy.”

    “No, I’m hosting the ELL awards,” Lokensgaard said.

    “I’m pretty sure I saw ‘hosting the ELL awards’ in the job description I wrote for myself last night on the notepad in my hotel room,” Wigast parried. “So what do you say? How about we hand out some awards?” The audience cheered.

    “No, how about I hand out some awards?” Lokensgaard said, appealing to the crowd with similar results.

    “I think they cheered louder for me, so better luck next time. I’m sure they’ve got a seat up there in the back row for you, Fenny,” Wigast said, pointing to the highest tier of seats.

    “I’m pretty sure they cheered louder for me,” Lokensgaard insisted.

    “Well, let’s agree to disagree,” Wigast said with a smile for the camera. “Now, let’s get to giving out some awards! What do we have here?”

    As Wigast talked, Lokensgaard walked down the steps to the floor of the hall. “Could I get a little bit of help here?” he asked a trio of players.

    “You got it my man,” Fu Arock said.

    “Who let this fool anywhere near this place?” Kyr Irvin groused.

    “We could probably get rid of both of them between the three of us,” Leia Adama pointed out, as if trying to entice Irvin and Arock to agree.

    “...and that’s why the Ingbrand Award is called what it is. Who would have thought it was after my great-grandmother, rest her soul, Eugenia Ingbrand Hortense Wigasta? Really funny how that works out. So, without...excuse me, what are you doing?” the Deputy Commissioner asked as the three MVP candidates lifted him on their shoulders and marched him off the stage. “If you don’t put me down, I’m suspending all three of you from limmie for life. I have that power, you know.”

    “No he doesn’t,” Lokensgaard assured them as he gave Wigast a sarcastic wave goodbye.

    “Don’t worry everyone. I’ll be back. Life finds a way!” Wigast called happily as he disappeared from the stage.

    “So, right, Ingbrand Award,” Lokensgaard said, gathering himself. “The nominees are Abigail Ripley of the Starkillers, Elza Trieste of the Officers, and Aurora Windreaver of the Smugglers. The winner is…”

    “...Elza Trieste!”


    “Our nominees for the Langann Award, the coach of the year, are Ty Allin of Ralltiir, Jon Draper of Bakura, and Ryi Kor’le of Mando’ade. The winner is…”

    “...Ty Allin, come on up here!”


    “Now part of the reason that we have the Duchess Eldin Award is because in a competitive sport you have to be good at the sport, but that shouldn’t be everything that matters to you. That’s why we recognize beings who demonstrate excellent sportsmanship all season long. Our three contenders for this season were Yolanda Dunerider, Ralltiir Starkillers; Tendra Nalo, Euceron Officers; and Ezra Scar’lett, Carratos Pirates. And our winner is…”

    “...would you like at that, Yolanda Dunerider!”


    “Shane! Comeback Shane!” Andy Wigast called as he wandered back onto the stage.

    “Oh Force help us,” Lokensgaard said, burying his face in his hands.

    “Shane!” Wigast said.

    “Security?” Lokensgaard pleaded.

    “That’s right it’s time for the comeback player of the year award, the Marte Nalo Award!” Wigast said happily. “Seeing how I’ve come back to these awards when no one expected it, I humbly accept this award. Now, where is that beautiful trophy?”

    A couple burly Whipids dragged the Deputy Commish off the stage, his heels dragging against the floor.

    “Oh, thank you my good gentlebeings,” Wigast said. “The award’s right this way I assume?”

    Lokensgaard sighed when he was back on the stage alone. “The Nalo Award nominees are Leia Adama of Coruscant and Tomas Vigo of Ralltiir. The winner of the Nalo Award is…”

    “...Leia Adama!”


    “Dear Grames Award-eligible beings,” Lokensgaard said, “since some of you serve on the Board of Governors, please vote me the power to fire the Deputy Commissioner during this offseason. Please please please. If so, I will give you all awards. For right now, only one of the following three will get this year’s award: Dirxx Horstse, Coruscant Senators; Addison Karr, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers; Adenn Vizsla, Mando’ade Mercs. The winner is…”

    “...Dirxx Horstse! You might need all those arms to hold this trophy!”


    “Oh the Vigo Award. What an award. You’ve got to work hard for this one. For some beings it takes an entire career to win. And what careers our nominees have had: Dawn Solo of the Monarchs and Omar Mosk of Nar Shaddaa have both blazed trails for limmie on their planets. And the lucky winner is…”

    “’s show time, baby! Omar Mosk!”


    “Now, all of you deserve an award for helping me with my Deputy Commissioner problem earlier, so know that you’re all winners in my book. However, the winner of the Salbukk will be only one of you. Leia Adama of Coruscant, Fu Arock of Mando’ade, and Kyr Irvin of Bakura: congratulations on a great season. And the winner of the Salbukk Award as player most valuable to his or her team is…”

    “...none of us saw this one coming: Fu Arock!”


    “On behalf of the ELL, I’d like to apologize for the Deputy Commissioner--” Lokensgaard began his sign off.

    “No apologies needed, I’m just glad to be here!” Wigast said happily as he wandered onto the stage again. “You’ve all been so kind! Are those for me?” He bent to receive a bouquet of flowers. “You are too kind. Too too kind. I just gotta say, I’m proud of you all. This awards show has been a huge success. Yay us! Pat on the back. Pat on the back. Come on. No? Me too. ‘Cause I’ve been a big part of it. Can’t have an awards show without a Deputy Commissioner. So you’re welcome. And it’s a tie.”

    “I give up,” Lokensgaard said as he walked dejectedly off the stage. “See you at the Final.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ayn Trieste
    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica

    Ayn let a deep breath out through her nose as she gripped the railing at the front of the box that had been provided to the Miners for the game. But it wasn’t just the game. It was The Game.

    The Galactic Cup Final.

    For the third time in four years the Miners had won the Solo Conference. It had taken a strong defensive performance--not the Miners’ forte--to get here. The Starkillers hadn’t gone down easily. There was a reason they’d bloodied the Miners’ nose on Truce Day. Even so, Jon Draper had watched that blowout with a keen eye. He might have put his reserves in, conceding the game, but he’d keenly watched the Starkillers in garbage time, analyzing their game plan in case he’d had to face it again. When the Starkillers came knocking again, he had been ready. Hiring Draper had been the smartest thing the Miners had done in the last four years and he richly deserved the contract extension he’d gotten at the start of the season.

    Even if the Starkillers had turned in a repeat performance of their Truce Day debut, the Noble House still would have been here. For the first time ever, someone with the last name Trieste was guaranteed to get their name on the Galactic Cup at the end of the Final. If anything, it raised the stakes significantly for Elza. If the Miners won, Officer fans might blame her for throwing the game. It would be easy for them to focus on her last name and forget she was adopted into the family. Ayn knew that Elza would never do any such thing. She was standing by the Noble House in the dispute with Antrose. Her adopted brother Gaius had assumed a position of neutrality while Holly Remizan reported that her adopted sister Avie had been seen in Nouvelle Orleans, a sure sign she was consorting with Antrose.

    Ayn would not be the least bit surprised if the Officers won today that Elza would be a key part of that. Assuming, of course, Tendra Nalo didn’t turn Horst into a pretzel like she had a tendency to do. Ayn hoped Trixie had given her husband one Korriban of a pep talk this morning to get him focused for the game.

    “Different, isn’t it?” Declan asked quietly.

    Ayn looked around at the gleaming arena of the casino city. It shone and sparkled so much that it’s almost like no one had known it had even existed this time last year. There was none of the municipal stateliness of Bakura Gardens here.

    “Night and day,” Ayn said. “I guess this is what all that high roller money can buy when it’s coming into the tax coffers.”

    “I didn’t mean the stadium,” Declan corrected. “I meant the Final.”

    “Of course it’s different. The Cup is in the building. Win this game and we get edelweiss crowns,” Ayn said, “and we’re back behind the Smugglers by one Cup.”

    “You’ve been to the Final plenty of times to know all that, but you hadn’t owned the team until now. Heart’s going faster than usual, isn’t it?”

    “Yes.” Ayn hated that he was right.

    “Senses are sharper?”

    Ayn nodded.

    Declan moved closer to her. “But other things seem to fall away. The pageantry fades to silence. There’s only the game, a game that you are powerless to influence. All you can do is watch and let everyone do their job. It’s excruciating--wanting it so badly and not being able to do anything to get it.”

    They were so close now that their bodies were touching. Ayn was starting to bend backwards as her husband leaned into her, one hand slowly snaking to her back to support her. “But that’s just it. It’s no different than politics: set everything in motion at the start of the season, deploy the best pieces you can get…”

    “And then…?” Declan asked, his lips centimeters from hers.

    “...and then you watch the chaos and pray you come out on top when it’s all said and done.”

    “So now you understand.”

    “This game was made for us,” Ayn breathed.

    “Gentlebeings, the Bakura Miners!” the public address announcer trumpeted.

    Ayn straightened up, bent her husband backwards, and kissed him hard as fireworks exploded.

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