Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

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    IC: Ty Allin

    "Ty Allin come on up here," I heard in a state of shock. Good thing Lucie wrote me a speech. Quickly I stood up and strode casually to the stage making sure to pose for holo's as I made my way to the podium.

    "Sorry to do this to you folks," I said as I pulled out my data pad. "I didn't think I was going to win this award. My wife Lucie she has faith in me, so she wrote me a speech and I'm just going to read that."

    Along with the data pad came a newly purchased pair of reading glasses. I was sure that as I put them on I suddenly looked like a geek and that I aged 20 years. At home 3 children were laughing hysterically. "It's been a privilege and an honor to be the head Coach of the Ralltiir Starkillers this season. I want to thank everyone who helped me on this journey. My wife Lucie Vigo," I paused just a second at how clever she had been to put herself down as the first one I thanked. "My two captains Tomas and Yolanda," I looked out at them in the audience next to the empty seat I had vacated. "My wife, my assistant coaches, Lucie Vigo, the late Martin Vigo, my wife Lucie, owner Richard Vigo, the woman who married me, all my players, my dear wife Lucie, my children, the beautiful Lucie Vigo, my mother, my gorgeous wife, everyone who shows up on Sunday to make these games happen from the waterboy to the hardworking vendors that sell the nachos and most of all the woman," I had to give credit where credit was due. "The woman who learned from the best. This is the best prank yet honey. I love you Lucie."

    IC: Yolanda Dunerider

    “...would you look at that, Yolanda Dunerider!"

    "I'm going to share a little secret with ya'll. I didn't write a speech. I retired two days ago. I wasn't planning to come this evening. Mr. Vigo, the young pilot back there he kidnapped me this morning and flew me out here. I had to borrow his sister's dress. I did have one hell of a career. And to have this to help me remember. There aren't really words to express how this farm girl from Tatooine feels right now. Tomas I hope you have some wine on that ship. Everyone have a glass with me. Just don't buy the wine on this planet. I heard some rumor they torture animals here. So buy some good wine on another planet and toast with me as soon as this show is over."

    IC: Tomas Vigo

    There were no awards for Tomas. He had simply been the pilot. He'd go home and be the simple husband to the woman who was studying hard to become a pediatric neurologist. A week ago Tomas was dreaming of raising a cup over his head. He was considering retirement. A quiet life out of the spot light and one in which he could fix ships and build droids. That was out of the picture now, he had to continue on with his Limmie career. It wouldn't be complete without one championship. He'd be sole captain next year. Von'kedo would graduate. They'd buy a house and somehow someway they'd have that baby.

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    IC: Tendra Nalo
    Location: Mesh'la Vhetin
    Time: Conference Final, postgame

    Tendra, as a full forward, was a fan of high-scoring shootouts. Today's game had been just the opposite. The defense she and Elza had tried to solve on the shuttle had mostly held firm, save a few cracks in the armor they had been able to exploit for a measly 14 points. Fortunately, the Officers defense came through, confounding the Mercs offense and holding them to just seven points for the game. A win was a win, especially in the Conference Final, and Tendra would take it any way she could get it.

    The Skywalker Conference Championship Trophy was brought out, and the customary speeches were given before it was presented to Tendra, who hesitated for a moment. Should she touch it? She decided in the moment that she didn't believe in superstition and grabbed the trophy, raising it above her head. For a team that had a losing record to make it to the Galactic Cup Final was rare in recent years, but the Officers had done it, and in Tendra's eye, that was worth celebrating, at least for a few minutes.

    When the team retired to the locker room, Tendra put the trophy down on a bench in the middle of the room and leaned on it as she called for attention. "Awesome job out there, everyone. Great job. Defense especially, this win is on you. Nice job proving why you were the number one defense in the league in the regular season. We can take a moment to celebrate how far we've come, but we must not lose sight of the ultimate prize waiting for us next week. For every hour this past week you spent studying holos, I expect two hours this week. For every push-up or lap last week, two this week. The Miners offense is as good as the Mercs and is more dynamic. It will be harder to stop it. Their defense is much better than the one we just faced as well. They led the league in point differential this season.

    "Whatever your feelings are on the animal abuse controversy in Canto Bight, I don't want it distracting you from the game. I've already talked to Leota, and we're going to route our entrances and exits away from the inevitable protests as much as possible. Expect the media to ask you questions about it, and I have no problem with you giving honest responses to those questions, regardless of what position you may take on the issue. But outside of the media circus, I don't want anyone involved in the mess in any way. It's just a distraction we don't need.

    "Focus on the game, but don't forget to enjoy the game as well. Win or lose, the Galactic Cup Final is an experience, and one reserved for a select few. Some of you may have been there before, but for most of you, this will be your first time at the biggest game in the galaxy. Take the time to soak in your surroundings and marvel at the spectacle, but remember that we still have to play the game. Balancing the two can be difficult if you've never been there, so feel free to ask a Final veteran for advice on how to do that. And remember that the greatest experience is raising the Galactic Cup.

    "All the teams competed this season to do that, and two remain, but only one gets to lift the trophy. Play in such a way that you get to do so.* That starts on the shuttle back to Euceron with holo study. You have until then to celebrate today's win."

    No sooner did Tendra say that than she was caught off-guard by two defenders who snuck up behind her and doused her with a cooler full of Skimmerade. She spun around, shivering. "Hey, you're supposed to get Leota with that!"

    "We couldn't find her, so we figured the team captain would make a nice substitute."

    Tendra looked down at the large puddle of liquid on the carpet. "Fine then. I'll have the Mand'alor send the repair bill directly to you. After I do this." Tendra picked up the championship trophy she had been leaning on, which now was three-quarters full of Skimmerade, and dumped its contents onto the two defenders, who made no attempt to dodge the sticky shower.

    "Shuttle in three hours!" Tendra called out amid the commotion. "Celebrate until then, but don't forget your media obligations!"

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @Trieste

    *That line, in case you don't recognize it, is borrowed and paraphrased from 1 Corinthians 9:24, which reads (NIV) "Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize."
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    GM Post

    HSN Headlines

    • Jim Vigo, estranged older brother to Martin Vigo, arrested on Canto Bight for cheating at sabaac
    • Starkillers organization has no comment at this time
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    "Hi I'm Ken Kitterich with your five by five sports update brought to you by Merr-Sonn, Fill you enemies with primal fear, fill their lungs with fire, Merr-Sonn."

    "After a long season, it's finally over and the GCAA has crowned their new champion!"

    "Man what a game!"

    "What a year!"

    "This year the championship was hosted by the Sienar Bowl, and after this game I can see them hosting it every season."

    "That was...yeah that was a nail biter."

    "The game featured 13 lead changes and no team was ever ahead by more than three points, even up to the final buzzer."

    "Edge of my seat the whole shabla time!"

    "The game was tied at the half at 14 and then tied again 22 all with just seconds to go and the ball in the hands of Cloud City's young forward Dan San, who was playing injured throughout the second half."

    "That knee injury, man that's a tough kid, I thought there was no way he was going to play the second half and then..."

    "And then he hits the winning goal to put Cloud City up 25 to 22 and Kashyyk didn't have time to respond!"

    "Hey, that's my job giving the score."

    "You're right. You're right, but we just did it better."

    "Hey maybe we don't need K-man anymore?"

    "I'm Ken Kitterich," Kitterich sounded dejected. "And this may have been my last five by five sports update. Someone will be back with you next hour at five after the hour but until then more of the Rancor Pitt, right here on the Fandalorian..."

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    Congratulations to Cloud City University, your 290 GCAA Limmie Champions!!!
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    Futures Cup Finals

    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica
    Byblos Golden Knights vs Atzerri Bandits (1-12)

    Congratulations to the Atzerri Bandits the 290 Futures League Champions!

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Tendra Nalo
    Location: Visitors' locker room, Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica
    Time: Galactic Cup Final, pregame

    Tendra gathered the team around her. She could feel the energy in the room. "This is it! This is what we have been fighting for all season! Our offense shined against the Smugglers! Our defense was the star against the Mercs! Now it's time for both at once!"

    The whole team was jumping up and down, chanting "CUP! CUP! CUP!"

    "Each of you has one job tonight! And that is to Win! The! Game! This is a team effort! To win, we have to win as a team!"

    The chant now switched over to "TEAM! TEAM! TEAM!"

    "Now are you ready?!"

    "YES!" the team shouted in unison.

    "Are you ready to beat the Miners!"


    "The time is now! SHOW THEM HOW IT'S DONE! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!"


    The energy in the room was feeding into itself, creating a feedback loop that threatened to explode like a bomb. Fortunately, it was time to hit the tunnel. The team burst out into the tunnel, causing the doors to slam up against the walls. They lined up and waited for the signal, as Tendra came down the line and high-fived every member of the team before taking her place at the head of the line.

    The public address system roared, "Ladies and gentlebeings, the Euceron Officers!"

    Tendra sprinted onto the field through a cloud of fog, the team hot on her heels. She was more ready for this than she ever had been for anything in her entire life.

    Let the fireworks begin.

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    Time for the biggest game in galactic field sports! (Which, by coincidence, is taking place at the time as another final that's only impacting one world. :p) Bonus potential to Bakura and Euceron!

    134th Galactic Cup Final
    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica

    (3) Euceron Officers vs. (1) Bakura Miners (11-3)

    Congratulations to the Euceron Officers, the 290 Galactic Cup of Limmie champions!

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ayn Trieste
    Fortuna Piazza, Canto Bight, Cantonica

    Ayn and Declan sat on the Miners’ bench on the field of Fortuna Plaza, covered in sparkling white and blue confetti. The arena around them was quiet now, the fans gone home, custodial staff cleaning up the detritus of hundred of thousands of beings who had just watched the Final. Only a bare minimum of lights were on, enough to see by but nothing like the dazzling brightness that had filled the Piazza earlier. The scoreboard and fancy vidscreens were off. The Prime Minister and Minister of State looked straight ahead as they sat side-by-side.

    “Well...that happened,” Ayn said.

    Declan wordlessly passed her the one-third full bottle of whiskey. It was her turn to take a swig from it and she did so straight from the bottle. After the burn of the liquid went down her throat, she sighed. For the first time, Ayn looked at the bottle.

    “How much does this stuff cost?” Ayn asked.

    “Honestly?” Declan shrugged. “Haven’t the slightest clue.”

    “We should have gotten something cheaper,” Ayn said before taking another pull. Once she’d swallowed, she handed the bottle back to Declan. “Seems like you shouldn’t drink good whiskey like this after you lose the Final.”

    “Honey bunny, we’re rich enough we don’t have to think about that,” Declan pointed out.

    “It’s the philosophy behind it,” Ayn argued as her husband took a drink. “By the way, I’m pretty sure this is illegal.”

    “I don’t think much of anything is illegal in Canto Bight,” Declan riposted.

    “Ha ha,” Ayn said, speaking the words instead of actually laughing, even though the truth was she found that amusing. “I mean the two of us getting Sithspit-faced. Pretty sure the Senate passed a law saying the Prime Minister and Minister of State can’t get incapacitated at the same time and by the time we finish this bottle…” She motioned she wanted it back and Declan complied. “...I don’t think I’m going to be able to see straight.”

    “If it isn't a law now, it will be tomorrow. Though...wasn’t a bad game,” Declan said as his wife drank.

    “Better than average defensive performance,” Ayn admitted.

    “Just lost the momentum offensively.”

    “That’s what you get when you play the best defense in the League.”

    “If there’s a playbook on how to beat us, I think item one is ‘Stop their offense.’”

    “Isn’t that in every ELL playbook on everybody?” Ayn asked.

    “We don’t exactly share them at the Board of Governors meeting,” Declan said. “...but probably.”

    “On the bright side, Horst had to give that blue derby hat away.”

    “I kind of liked it.”

    “Not as much as he liked the Officers winning the Cup,” Ayn observed.

    When the buzzer sounded, signalling the end of the game, Horst immediately lifted Tendra Nalo, who he’d played against all day, in the air in a giant bear hug. For some reason (and there were many possible and rational ones) Tendra had not appreciated this gesture and squirmed around to punch Horst in the face, likely in a desire to join the mob of her teammates celebrating on the field. Horst, however, was either too determined or too dumb to be deterred and he ran around the field with Tendra on his shoulders shouting, “Officers win! Officers win!” Eventually, Tendra had given in and spread her arms in a shrug as if to say, “What can you do?” especially as her teammates gathered around to celebrate their captain and the heart of the franchise, if not Euceron limmie. Maybe it had something to do with thinking he was going to be drafted by Euceron when he was a rookie. Ayn could see how, given that it was Horst, he might have forgotten that he wasn’t winning the Cup.

    Ayn and Declan had watched it from field level, which explained why they were plastered with confetti, just in case the Miners’ last-ditch had come through. Ayn had a suspicion it just wasn’t going to go their way. While some beings might have sulked in the owner’s box, Ayn knew as Prime Minister she was held to a higher standard. She’d met with the leader of Euceron before the game and she shared congratulations with him on the victory, over which he was understandably ecstatic.

    The husband and wife joined the handshake line to personally congratulate the champions.

    Car’rick Adelaide.

    Wendy Kihb.

    Naomi Sunset.

    Morgan Patrick.

    Aaltoides Minte.


    Son’ic Hedg’hog.

    Cody Williams.

    Vobal Kennick.

    John Masters.

    Longjon Sylver.

    Kettin Hervey, the hulking former Miner.

    Leo the Lion.

    Roc Mynus.

    Selene Bondi.

    Sann Merok.

    Owen Magnus.

    Iceman Kazan’sky.

    Maverick Mitchell, one of their top guns.

    Elza Trieste, their adopted niece who had played with heart and fire against them today.

    Melkin Tunran, the being with the dream to bring limmie back to Euceron.

    Aebatt Zargana, the architect.

    Leota Avoy, the field marshall.

    And, of course, Tendra Nalo, the player who had so many obstacles thrown in her way throughout her career and finally had the championship she should richly deserve.

    Yeah, that was a roster that Ayn couldn’t be mad she’d lost to. She took another drink of whiskey and shook the bottle. They were getting low and she was beginning to have trouble focusing on it. A little bit more and the Marshals would have to carry her out of here. She wasn’t going to mind.

    “I know you said that nobody should think about the whole new-taoiseach-means-a-Cup thing at the start of the season,” Declan began.

    “Yes, please remind me about how in your first season they won the Cup,” Ayn quipped sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. She made a note not to do that again. It had made her a bit queasy.

    “All I was going to say is that going back to the Final’s just as good in my eyes,” Declan said. He leaned over and kissed his wife on the cheek, a piece of confetti sticking to his lips in the process.

    Ayn patted her husband’s hand. “Solo Conference this year, darling. Galactic Cup champions next year.”

    Next year. It’d be here before they knew it.

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