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    OOC: Oh the interlude game is very much happening, regardless of who shows up for it. :D It's just a question of where it takes place in our timeline--midseason or preseason?
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    Liam, you got the schedule mixed up: the Smugglers are at home for this match. The Storm don't have another home game until Week 5.
    Trieste, I'd prefer a mid-season break rather than a flashback, as it would flow more smoothly, but it's not a strong opinion.
    Everybody, this post is in some ways a reflection of how I've been feeling the past couple of days. As Trieste commented on a similar post a few seasons ago, it's art imitating life.

    IC: Marte Nalo

    Location: Nalo home, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: 0830, Sunday of away game against Smugglers

    Marte groaned as his alarm went off, and he rolled over and smashed the snooze button. Eight minutes later, it went off again; this time the chrono, a fully functioning droid, jumped off the nightstand and began running around the room to force Marte to actually get up and chase it down instead of hitting snooze again. Marte reluctantly sat up, rubbing his eyes. When he opened them to look for the droid, the whole room immediately began spinning, and Marte, unable to stay upright, fell sideways back onto the bed. As he laid there, listening to the droid beep, he slowly became aware that he also had a splitting headache, a runny nose, a sore throat, and an upset stomach, and he also began to cough.

    Although he was no medical professional, he knew enough about these symptoms to recognize the illness, although he couldn't remember what it was called. The cure had been invented about a hundred years before the Clone Wars, and had been available over the counter for the past sixty years. Marte knew he had some in the medicine cabinet in the downstairs refresher and that it would act fast enough to let him call the game this evening without problems. The challenge would be to make it downstairs without falling down the stairs, as dizzy as he was. He tried to sit up again, but the room resumed spinning, and Marte fell over again. He decided to give up and call for his wife to bring the medicine to him.

    When he tried to do so, however, he found that he couldn't speak. Great; he also had laryngitis. The cure for it had been developed by New Republic scientists three years before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, but it took 24 to 48 hours to act?which meant Marte wouldn't be calling the game tonight.

    "Honey? Are you OK?" Marte recognized his wife's voice over the chrono droid's beeping, which stopped a second later. "This droid's been beeping for five minutes."

    No. Get me a dose each of Sanrus and Cyneran, a notepad, and something to write with, he mouthed.

    After repeating the request to make sure she understood him, she disappeared down the hall and came back a minute later with the requested items plus a cup of water. Marte popped the medicine in his mouth, washed it down, then took the notepad and wrote on it, I have laryngitis, so I can't work tonight. Contact the studio and let them know so they can get a replacement.

    Jaria took the note, read it, and nodded. "OK, I'll let them know. Get some rest, sweetie."

    Marte nodded as another dizzy spell attacked him. He gave in, collapsed on the pillow, and drifted back to sleep.
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    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    "The revelations broken today on Fyre Storm are not only serious, but troubling," Esther Gondorf said to members of the press, "As General Counsel of the League I am spearheading an investigation into these allegations of performance enhancing substances. Not only is the use of performance enhancers illegal under League rules, but it sets a reprehensible example for young beings throughout the galaxy. The immorality of doping is something that the Elite League is committed to punishing severely and swiftly. At this time we have requested that VCN and Ms. Fyres provide what evidence they have collected to the League so that we can perform a full and complete investigation."

    "Esther, there's a long standing tradition of journalists protecting their sources. What if VCN doesn't comply with the League's request?"

    "We will conduct our own investigation if need be, though getting access to the work that VCN has already done would help us immeasurably to bring about the swift administration of justice," Gondorf said, "However, if we find that we need the information collected by VCN, we will file a motion in court on Nar Shaddaa compelling VCN to share their records with us. We believe that the League has the legal right to do so under the rules that all League members agree to as a condition of their play."

    "Esther, let's be honest: you've never shied from using force to get what you want. I mean in the court room, that is. Why even attempt to conduct your own investigation?"

    "Because if we file any sort of motion, it's very possible that this matter could be taken up by authorities on Nar Shaddaa. The League doesn't feel that is in the best interest of the League or the Smugglers as we can't predict how broad of a probe could be conducted into the affairs of the Smugglers," Gondorf said.

    "That sounds like you're using the possibility of an official, government probe into the Smugglers as a threat to get them to comply with your request."

    "You asked the question. I'm stating a legal possibility as the office of the General Counsel has reviewed it."

    "Esther, what action is being taken against Greenfield by the League?"

    "Since Mr. Greenfield is not coaching in the Elite League, we have no jurisdiction at the moment, even if at the time of these allegations he was a coach of an Elite League team. However, we will be fully sharing the results of our investigation with the Premier League, who doubtless will be interested in our findings. That's all for today."

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    IC: Yore Vex Ten - Vandelhelm Jets

    Yore sighed as the Jets suffered another beat down. More and more it became apparent that he had to do something to shakeup the team and get things back on track.

    He picked up his comm link and made the call.

    "Are the papers set? ...Filed? ......Then proceed."

    It was couple days later and the Jets had announced a big press conference, but kept a lid on the announcement. Many though a coaching change was going to happen. Mny didn't know what to expect.

    Then everyone's jaw dropped as he crossed the curtain with no announcement.

    "I'm back.." Phil Brooks said as the photo strobes flashed. then he stood before everyone. For those that missed why I got in trouble, well I didn't get in trouble for doing an interview, see I got in trouble for having the guts to say basically what nobody else has the guts to say. Things like this league both on and off the field is filled with a parade of shameless butt kissers. But never fear, today not only am I reinstated, not only am I back on the team..." Phil reached down behind the podium and pulled out a mega phone, switching it on. "I brought back up they cut my microphone off." He said as he spoke into it, then pulled it back down, playing with it to make a siren go off, then smirking while speaking back into it. Just in case." He said before putting it back down.

    "But you guys are probably wondering why my microphone is still live. You see, the league wants me back because I make them a lot of money and they need me. It's funny because he business people of this game are now bending over backwards to give me everything I want and it's funny to me because all I ever wanted was this microphone because you see this thing, this thing is power. This voice, this is power. In everyone else's hands this is just a microphone, but in my hands this is pipe bomb, as I proved two weeks ago. You see, now they want me for what I am and that's the hottest property in this industry today. I am a sensation, and everyone is falling all over themselves to get me on their shows. They are begging for my story. Well...I'm back."

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    IC: BBC News Team
    BBC Sports Studios, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "Good evening, I'm Lun Selayen."

    "And I'm Aerax Skytrayn. Welcome to BBC Sports. Today's top story: it's a forecast of light rain tomorrow for the Miners game tomorrow according to the latest forecasts."

    "Also breaking news, the Monarchs will lose tomorrow because of a wittle wain," Lun said.

    "No, I'm pretty sure it rains on Rydonni Prime," Aerax said, keeping a smile.

    "I'm pretty sure it doesn't," Lun replied.

    "I'm pretty sure it does," Aerax said.

    "No, it doesn't."

    "Fans are advised to dress appropriately for the game," Aerax continued, "Team officials from the Miners said that they don't anticipate that conditions will change their game plan coming into the game."

    "You know," Talley said in an interview, "we play in a lot of conditions. Rain's not as bad as the scorching heat, a blizzard, you know, things we've played in already this year."

    The feed transitioned to Alana Glencross outside of the Miners' practice facility, listening as she received a question. "Alana, you criticized Euceron Stadium earlier this season for lacking a roof, but now the Miners will have to contend with rain in Bakura Gardens, a roofless facility. Care to rethink your comments from before?"

    "Rain's a lot different than the blizzard. Salis D'aar's a very temperate climate and rain's about the worst that we get. You can play Limmie in the rain. It adds character to a game," Alana said.

    "So rain's character and a blizzard's not?" the reporter pressed.

    "That's a bit much when it comes to character for me...but maybe I was a bit hard on the weather on Euceron. After all, we played okay there," Alana said.

    The feed returned to Lun and Aerax. "It's an afternoon start tomorrow at Bakura Gardens and you can catch all the action here on BBC Sports," Lun said.

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    IC: Nadiem Chiefs

    Getting slaughtered in the first two games of the season was horrible. HoloNet columnist Dickie'Dunn even had a tough time spinning that one to make the Chiefs look good.

    Before the upcoming home game against the Senators, Chiefs coach Reggie Dun'lop woke up to see the local news on the HoloNet that a number of food processing centers were shutting down all across Nadiem. It was a farming planet and processing centers were shutting down? Reg couldn't understand why. He knew the financial situation on this backwater planet in the Outer Rim was going through some tough times, but he had no idea it was that rough.

    The woman on the HoloNet broadcast announced that dozens of processing centers would be closing over the course of the next few weeks, putting thousands of Nadiem people out of work. And one of the processing centers that was shutting down was right there in Char'les'town!

    With all those people out of work, they would be forced to venture off-world to find work and a better life. If people didn't have an income, or left Nadiem all together, how would that affect the Chiefs limmie ticket sales?

    Reg put his head in his hands. The Chiefs were embarrassed last season, and were looking even worse this season. Now the processing centers? The news just kept getting worse.

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    IC: No One in Particular

    It was another nice day on the backwater planet of Nadiem. The 2-0 Coruscant Senators were ready to take on the hometown Nadiem Chiefs, who were struggling as of late. However, the worse a team did the previous weeks, the more dangerous they could be to a team riding high on a wave of confidence. Or, at least that would have been the story had Aileen Wynn not been coach for the Senators.

    "Any expectations for this game?" asked a reporter two days before the game.

    "We're going to go in and give these bunch of hicks a back-alley whipping," Wynn said. She was taking a no-prisoners approach to this game. "You have to do more than put in a few hits to win a Limmie game."

    "Is this a guarantee of victory, then?"

    "Of course it is. We're going to cap those losers and head out to Boroughs as a 3-0 team. The Chiefs won't be any challenge to defeat, since they suck. That is all."

    Meanwhile, the Senators players watching this interview were shaking their heads. They had never talked smack like this before games. The animosity towards Wynn was at an all-time high, and it had caused more players to sit out. Dirxx Horstse, Polis Vayne, Moen Heatly, Shev Fil'yer, Shayt Contar, Jerek Deter; they were all sitting out in protest, and unless Wynn quit or let the players have control over the game plan, they would continue to sit. With Deter out, Ortho Dyhon would get his first career ELL start, meaning that yet another bench player would be starting a game this season. But this time it wasn't due to injuries, instead a conflict of interest. In their opinion, Wynn had to go.
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    IC: Carly Fyres

    Smugglers Practice Facility, New Vertica

    24/7 Coverage of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

    OOC: My best shot at this 24/7 stuff

    Fyres spoke as she walked down the underground corridors of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers practice facility built directly beneath the practice field.

    ?Recently, Fyre Storm was given exclusive access to the behind the scenes operations of the franchise. We followed the team in a series of interviews where they talked about the game. Uncensored, uncut, and definitely not safe for families, this is, 24/7 with the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers,? Fyres said.


    The shot opens with a view of Six Boroughs Stadium with the flags of the Nar Shaddaa Smuggglers blowing strongly in the wind. The constant sound of speeder traffic and the heavily crowded populations of the city flow in above the sound of a flag fluttering in the wind.

    NARRATOR: For 114 years, the crime infested, garbage laden moon of Nar Shaddaa has known Elite League Limmie. The sport has given Nar Shaddaa a legitimacy it has never before known. Once a week the people of the Vertical City unite to support their Limmie franchise putting down their blasters and believing in something greater than themselves.

    Feed cuts to images of Smugglers fans celebrating in the stands.

    NARRATOR: It is a proud franchise, one that has delivered the Vertical City eight Galactic Cup championships and a Limmie Hall of Famer.

    Images of Rhia Grames celebrating her Galactic Cup victories of the Chandrila Patriots are shown.

    NARRATOR: And one that has seen its fair share of defeats.

    Last year?s Semifinal loss to the Coruscant Senators is shown with Smugglers players walking off the field heads lowered in defeat.

    NARRATOR: But each season the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers make sure that their opponents never forget why they are one of the most successful franchises in league history. They pride themselves on hard hits even ones that are less than legal. You may forget about which players have worn the Smugglers jersey but you will never forget what it is like to play in Six Boroughs.

    Ankylo delivers a bone shattering hit on an opponent as he follows up with a point below the bar. The referee blows a whistle.

    NARRATOR: But this season the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are mired in controversy. Evidence has come to light that former Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Greenfield supplied his players with the means to dope, to enhance their abilities with the use of artificial stimulants.

    ANKYLO: Doping? That?s ridiculous. Who the frak would dope when you get to play in this level? That **** will get you kicked off the team!

    MEREDITH CHAMBERS: I?ve never doped in my life. Not once. I?m proud of that. I may lose a step one day but you will never be able to call me a cheater. Never! I play the game with integrity. If it turns out that the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers have some players who are cheaters. Kick their frakking rears out of here. Just get rid of them. They don?t deserve to wear the uniform.

    A lone shot of Vincent Cutter?s pristine office overlooking the Smuggler skyline.

    Vincent Cutter (VOICEOVER): ?I have not nor will I ever support the policy of doping in the Elite League. We do not hire players who dope. Those that fail their weekly drug tests are kicked off the team. We have a zero tolerance policy here on the Vertical City. That may be hard to believe for those tight wads at League headquarters but that is the truth. Now I know all about these allegations. I know that we?ve been blamed for doping. I don?t buy into it. If it comes to my attention that a player has been doping, I will take care of the situation immediately. Immediately. I never knew Greenfield could sink to such lows. Son of a ----.?

    COACH EVEROUX: I sincerely hope that any player who joined this squad is cleared of these doping allegations. I mean, honestly, do you realize the implications of a league investigation? They would look into our championship r
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    IC: Monarchs? Defensive Back Three
    Bakura Gardens
    It was game day and just as the local meteorologists predicted it was raining, but being wet never stopped anyone from playing a good game of bolo-ball. As pre-match warm-ups were wrapping up the Back Three of Tev Undolo, Lex Silas, and Edu Ovando were standing around waiting for Coach Rhemes? permission to head into the locker room. They decided that since this was their third match against the Miners they could take this extra time to get to know their opponents a little better.

    Tev was the first to strike up the conversation, ?Hey Rodders! What?s the deal with your Middie Coach looking like our Mia?s twin sister? And that Half Back Inviere could pass as one of the K?ntarrs??

    As he waited for a response Lex turned to Edu and pointed out that it looked like the two team captains Beks and Alana, were chatting it up at midfield. Edu just chuckled and responded, ?Looks like she?s gotten tired of all the local meat and has her eyes on something imported.?

    Edu had no clue why he said what he said next, but he obviously had not passed it through his mental filter first. ?Dorf!? he shouted, ?Is it true that ?Big Red? has slept with the majority of team, and that sometimes she gets paid for it??

    As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Edu?s jaw dropped. He realized that just as he started asking the question a hush fell over the stadium and pretty much every single soul had heard his inappropriate comment. This game would definitely start off with a Bang and not a fizzle.
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    GM Post

    Now we've got the season rolling!...just in time for the move which will happen in the middle of this week. After thinking about it, the interlude game will take place in the middle of the season rather than before the season. As I have it planned you will have a full week after the end of the interlude game to post for the Week 4 bonus roll. You may consider the time from now to the temporary boards going up on March 21 as extra time. :) Any and all posts on these boards from now until then will count towards the Week 4 games.

    Bonus rolls to Bakura, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nadiem, Nar Shaddaa, Rydonni Prime, Thyferra, and Vandelhelm.

    Week 3 Results
    Euceron Storm at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (30-26)
    Coruscant Senators at Nadiem Chiefs (3-24)
    Mando?ade Mercs at Vandelhelm Jets (27-32)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Bakura Miners (15-9)

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    PLL Update

    Week 3 Results
    Balmorra Blasters at Thyferra Force (4-36)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Kessel Runners (28-26)
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Bison Sabres (27-16)
    Commenor Gundarks at Denon Demons (7-17)
    Concordia Crusaders at Bastion Imperial LC (11-8)
    Cloud City Sky Captains at Kamino Waves (17-32)
    Fondor Freedom at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers (26-18)
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Toprawa Torpedoes (1-6)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Naboo Ducks (15-15, OT 1-5)

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    IC: Alana Glencross
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Aron put one more pass into the hands of Nancheka before he turned to Undolo. "I dunno. Maybe they're clones."

    "Who's a clone?" Andersen said, coming into the conversation late.

    "Valerii and Nabierre," Rodders said, "With the whole uncanny resemblance thing. Oh, and apparently one of their owners looks like your bestie."


    "Your girl crush, Adanna."

    "Inviere...a clone..." Corrie said, "That'd make so much sense. Clones can go mad. That explains a lot."

    "Force sensitive clones can and we've all been tested. We're not Force sensisitive," Aron said with a roll of his eyes.

    "Evil Mandalorian plot then. That Taab's a sneaky one. Been scheming for years," Corrie said, switching gears.

    "Are you sure you're not the insane one?" Rodders asked. He could only wonder what the Monarchs thought of Andersen.

    "Hey Dorf! Is it true that 'Big Red' has slept with the majority of the team, and that sometimes she gets paid for it?" Edu suddenly shouted. Loudly. Every head turned. Even Corrie couldn't believe what she'd just heard.

    Alana herself stood there for a second and looked in disbelief at the defensive back. She stalked over to Edu. No one on the Miners moved, mainly because they didn't exactly know what was going to happen--which is when Bree Tarth at the other end of the field realized that was exactly why she should start moving. She began crossing the field with long strides.

    "Do I what?" Alana asked indignantly, close to Ovando, "And exactly how would that go down? Were you thinking straight up credit chips? Or maybe a gift card, keep things nice and discreet. Probably to The Union for some khakis--actually, no, Office Stop. I have my eye on a label maker. So tell me, is it true you're a giant--"

    That was about as far as Alana got before one of Bree's strong arms wrapped pulled her backwards with such force it squeezed the air out of her lungs. Of course, the sudden movement by Tarth towards Alana and the defensive backs of the Monarchs had drawn other Miners in, including a very unhappy looking T.K. It also drew some officials who, knowing the Miners had already had one dust up with the Chiefs a few years back, were somewhat vigilant for trouble.

    "Hey, break it up, break it up," the Ishi Tib ref said, "Let's be cool. I don't wanna toss anybody here."

    "You gonna back that kind of talk up?" T.K. said to the Monarchs, oblivious of the ref.

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    Coruscant Senators at Nadiem Chiefs (3-24)

    So much for that trash talk, eh, JEDIGUNSHIP? :p
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    IC: Phil Brooks - Vandelhelm Jets

    The Jets were back with a win this week. The injection of Brooks back into the lineup sent waves through the offense that sent the Jets surging past the Monarchs.

    With a blow of the final whistle, Brooks opened up his arms to the sky and screamed at the top of his lungs. "I AM THE BEST IN THE GALAXY!!!!"

    With that Yore, and probably Sepium, breathed a sigh or relief to win a game. The season was not out of control, not yet. It was an all too real possibility though, even if they win out for the rest of the season. Only time would tell....

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    IC: Dirxx Horstse, Polis Vayne and Shev Fil?yer

    ?And the horn sounds, finishing a disaster of a game for the Coruscant Senators,? Flynn Carp, the Senators announcer, said on the HoloNet feed. ?24-3 Chiefs today at War Memorial. Next up is at Nar Shaddaa. See you all then.?

    Dirxx cut the HoloNet off. ?What a disgrace,? he said. ?That was a disaster.?

    ?Did you see that offense?? Polis asked. The three Senators players were standing in the weight room at the team HQ back on Coruscant. They had left on their own terms and had flown back home to wait until the Wynn storm blew over. ?I haven?t seen anything so dysfunctional is my entire life.?

    ?That Zadd kid is pretty good,? Dirxx commented. He laid out on a bench and grabbed one of the bench press weights. ?He?ll have a bright future someday. It just won?t be here.?

    ?You really think that Mornd?s gonna shut down the team?? Shev asked nervously. He had stopped his leg exercises to talk.

    ?I think he?s bluffing,? Polis said. ?The Senators losing money? What does he take us for??

    ?We can?t take any chances,? Dirxx said, doing the bench press as he spoke. ?You know, I feel as though this whole year is going to get worse. That loss is only the beginning; either the players finally win the team back, or Wynn?s going to go psycho on them and blow this whole thing wide open. I think that we?re in for a long ride.?

    ?Sup,? said a voice. Polis turned to see Jerek Deter walking in. Behind him were Shayt Contar, Moen Heatly and Helena Forsythe. Forsythe, who had been injured during training camp, was wearing a protective sling around her arm.

    ?Aren?t you supposed to be en route to Nar Shaddaa?? Polis said.

    ?Why bother?? Jerek said. ?Wynn?s as crazy as I thought. We got out before things got real bad.?

    ?I hate to say it, but I was wrong, Dirxx,? Shayt said. ?I thought that we could get through this, but we were all fooled.?

    ?I think we need to talk,? Polis said. ?Come on. Let?s go to Dex?s.?

    The Senators players sat down in the usual section at Dex?s Diner. Most of the crowd who had watched the game had filed out, so no one gave them much notice. Once they had put in their order, the players had a conference.

    ?This whole situation has gotten out of hand,? Moen said. ?I had to fake this injury to get out.?

    ?You faked it?? Shayt said. ?That?s weak.?

    ?Look, I wanted out just as much as you,? Moen replied. ?I can?t take this anymore.?

    ?Dunno about the rest of you, but we might as well figure out where we?re going next season,? Dirxx said glumly.

    ?What do you mean?? Helena asked.

    ?Where do you think we?ll end up?? Dirxx said. ?I mean, there are only a few other Elite League teams, and some of them wouldn?t want us to begin with.?

    ?I bet Vex Ten would sign all of us in a heartbeat,? Jerek chipped in.

    ?Nah,? Moen said. ?We?d interfere too much with that pretty boy Brooks and his shtick. Man that guy bugs me with his ?best in the galaxy? crap. He?s just a headcase.?

    ?If I recall correctly, so were you,? Shayt said.

    ?Shut up,? Moen said.

    ?Ugh, I don?t want to wear the green,? Jerek said. ?Those uniforms are just . . . ick.?

    ?There are only four teams that would even bother picking us up,? Polis said.

    ?Care to elaborate??

    ?Vandelhelm and Euceron are the obvious ones. They would sign each and every one of us to huge contracts, especially Vandelhelm. Like they don?t have enough players already. But I could also see Bakura or Nar Shaddaa wanting us.?

    ?Over my dead body on those two,? Jerek said. ?If it came down to me choosing one of those two teams, I?d rather play Premier League ball the rest of my career. It?s not worth the money at that point; I have to keep my dignity.?

    ?With Bakura moving out to non-humans, that?s a definite possibility,? Polis said. ?I have a feeling like if Wynn pulls the trigger, we?re goners.?

    ?I?m not taking this anymore,? Aileen Wynn said. ?Too many players are leaving, and I don?t want anymore of this />/>
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    OOC: JM1511 I think you mean either Miners, your week 4 opponent, or Mercs, your week 3 opponent, because the Monarch whooped you up in Week 2! :D

    Oh, and TK, I think the score speaks for itself. :p
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    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Vandelhelm Stadium

    It was a close game, but in the end it was still a loss. The Jets had lived up to their nickname and had flown across the field, seemingly scoring at will. The Mercs for their part had done well, the power formations had muscled their way past the Jets defense and kept the score close. But the Jets D had gotten their stops when they needed to most and now both teams were 1-2. Mired at the bottom of the standings, tied with over half the league.

    Things would get no easier, next week they had to take on the steamroller that was Rydonni Prime. Maybe the Mercs could steal a game at home against the first place Monarchs. Something had to be done, they weren't playing Mando style meshgeroya. The offense was again in the middle of the pack for the ELL. About where the Mercs wanted to be. The defense though, they were giving up far too many points. The team was supposed to be built around that defense, and it was letting them down.

    Taab looked in on the post game press conference from the open door.

    "Ge'tal, what did you think of Brook's statement at the end of the game?" came from the Rodian reporter.

    "Didn't hear, don't care."

    "you don't care that he proclaimed himself the, and I quote, "best in the Galaxy?"

    Ge'tal gave the reporter a whithering stare.

    "Nope, next question."

    "Last season these two teams played to the only 0-0 tie in league history, a game you eventually lost in overtime. This year it was a shootout. What changed?"

    "Really thats your question?"

    When the reporter simply nodded Ge'tal continued. "Can't expect every game to follow the same pattern as the last. Teams make adjustments. We made ours, they made theirs."

    "Ryi...Ryi this question is for you." The short balding human introduced himself. "Perry Tutto, Kalevala Plain Dealer."

    "Go ahead"

    "What do you think of the remarks made about your rival Alana Glencross, regarding her...ah romantic habits?" He then played an audio recording of what Edu Ovando had said just prior to the Monarchs/Miners match.

    Ryi's eyes narrowed as she listened.

    "Well everyone has to supplement their income somehow. I hunt a few bounties in the off season for extra cash. Who knows what Glencross needed to do after losing out on her endorsement deals?"

    This earned her a few nervous chuckles in the press room, they had expected such a response from her.

    "But I seriously doubt she would turn to selling herself like that. She and I may be rivals, but I know she is far too proud to stoop to that level. Frankly I find the double standard in gender roles amongst you aruetiise to be..."

    She continued on, but Taab left the doorway. He had bigger things on his mind than the bedroom habits of the Miner's redhead, like how to try to turn this season around and distance the Mercs from the rest of the pack.

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    GM Post

    Elite League Offices, Coruscant

    “Good morning, gentlebeings,” Commissioner Kayl’hen said after stepping up to the podium, “I hope you all enjoyed your midseason break—mainly because we don’t intend to have another one for quite some time. Even so, I am glad the galaxy didn’t go entirely without Limmie. My personal thanks to Chancellor Trieste, Chairman Ypres, and Mr. Noubrea for their highly entertaining tournaments showcasing the best of Limmie in the galaxy. I’d like to extend personal congratulations to the Mando’ade Mercs for ably representing the Elite League and capturing the Rim Series of Bolo-ball, an accomplishment to be proud of without question. Beskaryc Taab has built a fine team and I hope that his strategy of staying the course will pay off. Additionally, HSN gave us the rare spectacle of a true All-Star Game during the break in which every Elite League team was represented on the field. It was quite a thrilling game that came down to the wire.

    “As a reminder, not that the media needs it with the Trade Watch segments I keep seeing on the Holonet, the trade deadline is this Saturday. During the break the League instituted a roster freeze, which we are now lifting with the resumption of our regular schedule. As a note, the League has already processed the transfer of Helena Forsythe from the Coruscant Senators to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers for cash considerations.

    “During the midseason break, high level meetings of League officials took place during our annual retreat where we discussed the state of the League and Limmie in general. One particular issue that came up repeatedly during our sessions was the fact that the Elite League has developed into a very hard hitting league. It’s exciting for fans, but brings with it definite concerns, not the least of which is safety. I intend to suggest to the Board of Governors that the issue be considered at their level.

    “But more than that, recent years has seen an uptick in acrimony between teams. While this might garner viewership, it showcases the worst of sentient emotion. Accordingly, the League has decided to help encourage the better angels of our natures, if you will, with the introduction of two new awards.

    “The first is the Duchess Eldin Award, which will be presented to a player for achievements in sportsmanship and athletic excellence. The Elite League remains committed to setting a high standard for competitive Limmie in the galaxy, but we want to recognize those players who do so while still holding themselves to an equally high standard of conduct. This award, named for the longtime owner of the Empress Teta Pikemen, has been founded through a bequest by the Duchess's estate.

    “Additionally, the League is proud to introduce the Zumtak Award, which will recognize those beings associated with the Elite League who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and perseverence in the sport of Limmie. This award, unlike our other post-season recognitions, is not restricted to a certain group of beings, such as players, coaches, or general managers. Rather, the League will consider a wide variety of potential nominees from all positions in an organization.

    “A word of explanation regarding the Zumtak Award,” Kayl'hen said, pausing from her prepared remarks for a moment, “Since I took the reins as Commissioner, there have been some monumental obstacles overcome by players in the Elite League in the course of a season. Off the top of my head I can name the Coruscant Senators kidnapping and the Ankylo specist debate in his rookie season. It is these sorts of triumphs against the odds that the Zumtak Award looks to recognize at any level of the game of Limmie.

    “Finally, the Galactic Cup Final Site Selection Committee has convened and made a decision regarding the host planet for this year's Final. Actually, I misspoke. They have made their decision regarding the host moon for this year's Final. I am pleased to announce for the first time in over 40 years, the Galactic Cup Final will take place at Six Boroughs Stadium on Nar Shaddaa. The League is very excited to bring the galaxy's premier sporting event to the home of one of its most storied franchises and hallowed fields.

    “I will consent to take a few questions,” Kayl’hen said.

    “Niakara, are there any safety concerns with the Final being hosted by Nar Shaddaa? Crime rates there are infamous.”

    “None at all. We’ve made a deal with the local crime syndicate to suspend all their activities for Final week,” Kayl’hen deadpanned. When the reporters’ heads shot up she said, “That was a joke.”

    “So really, no concerns at all?”

    “Believe it or not, crime drops drastically on Nar Shaddaa on a Smugglers game day, as Carly Fyres reported during 'the Great Quiet,' as she termed it. Limmie is something that they take rightful pride in on Nar Shaddaa so I think we’re going to have no problems at all during the Final.”

    “What about a Bakura-Coruscant match up in this year’s Final? Do you still think there’d be no issues with those two teams?” one reporter in the back asked.

    “In that instance, I’m going to have to call in riot police,” Kayl’hen said, once again totally straight faced but this time getting an isolated couple of laughs, “The only thing Smugglers fans like less than losing would be to see one of those two teams lift the Galactic Cup. However, I think that the fact that one of them would have to lose in that situation might actually be worth it for Smugglers fans. Seriously though—I’ve been assured by members of the Smugglers organization and by officials from Nar Shaddaa that we’re going to have no problems at all for the Final. They’ve told me they’ve been laying the groundwork for a potential Galactic Cup Final for some time and that they’ve prepared for a wide variety of scenarios. Thanks very much for your time.”
    Kayl’hen took one step from the podium, but stopped and came back. “Oh, there is one more thing. We’ve been running some numbers here at the League, looking at revenue streams, broadcast numbers, the like. As a result, I believe that the Elite League is in a good position to consider expansion. We’re looking at adding at least two teams to bring us up to a ten team League next season. Aspiring teams should take note: now is your time to shine.”

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