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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    No One in Particular

    Calo Mornd stood at the podium that he liked so much. Unlike the others had performed this job, he preferred to stand, mostly because sitting might make him more vulnerable to having things thrown at him from angry media members. Besides, a podium gave him more protection from aerial projectiles than a table would.

    “I am well aware that the Senators are in a possible playoff position this season,” he said, still smirking as he said it. Sure he had pissed off Senators fans all season long, but he enjoyed doing this. He had always hated Limmie in the first place, and loved to use his position of power here to rub it in the faces of the little people. You know, those who were too lazy to work for a living and whose fault it was for not working hard enough to earn a boatload of credits a year. He had no sympathy for those people who had to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and taking yet another thing from them was going to be sweet. “However, seeing as this is my team, I have made a decision. I am formally announcing that if the team is eligible for the playoffs this season, that we shall decline the invitation to participate in the league playoffs and shut down operations completely in two weeks. That is all.”

    Mornd’s intuition served him right, as quite a few small objects came flying in his direction. But he didn’t care; these people deserved their fate, and he was loving every minute of punishment he was dealing out to them. It was good to be rich and mentally abuse people like this by taking their team from them.

    When news of this reached the Senators team, they were incensed. Several of the holdovers from the 269 season, including the increasingly-vocal Alysha Romax, were incensed now. They had been successful at lambasting Aileen Wynn in the media, and hoped that they were close to getting her fired. However, then Mornd just had to proclaim that the Senators wouldn’t go to the playoffs at the end of the season if eligible, and that was the final breaking point. Wynn was going to be lucky to get away from this job without it being in a body bag at this rate, because the rage was building. All of the players hated Wynn, as did the coaches and other team staff. She wasn’t the coach she had been a decade before; her bitterness would hopefully be her downfall.

    [b]IC: Gark S’rily[/b]

    Gark sighed as he stared at the courtroom door from the hallway. He was ready to do this. All his lingering doubts had been pushed aside, and a wave of confidence washed over him. His case was as solid as it was going to be, and he had some plans in case Mornd got the upper hand.

    “Well, look who it is,” Mornd said as he and his entourage came up the hallway. “That little thief. Why you bothered dragging me into this, I have no idea, but you really need to stop getting me involved in your problems. You really should be trying to explain yourself, not take court action.”

    “You certainly sound confident,” Gark said, shrugging. “Of course, you know, I don’t think you’re exactly popular either around these parts.”

    “Look, I just do good business,” Mornd said. “So what if a few saps get hurt in the process? It’s all about me and my corporation.”

    “You know, it’s going to be fun to drag you down,” Gark said. “You shouldn’t have messed with me, Calo. I’m going to be your worst frakking nightmare when all this is said and done, and you’re going to do some hard time.”

    “How so?”

    “Oh, I just have a little bit of evidence that I can use to stem the tide,” Gark said, grinning. “Now, let’s settle this little dispute, shall we?” He opened the court room door and made his way to the prosecutor’s bench. Thoughts were racing through his head, but he knew that he had to be strong. If his resolve wasn’t solid, he wasn’t going to win this case, and all would be for naught. There was no option for failure here.

    [b]TAG: Bardan, JC for first part, No One for second[/b]>
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: HSN Euceron studio, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Three days before home game against Monarchs

    Marte nodded as the director signaled that he was live. "Welcome back to SportsCenter, where we now have two breaking stories out of Elite League limmie. We'll start with the one that concerns the local team. About half an hour ago, the Euceron Storm announced that they are going to install a retractable roof on their stadium. This comes in the wake of this year's opening week game, which was played in the snow. General manager Aebatt Zargana made this statement:"

    The feed switched to a holo of Aebatt sitting at a table in the press room, speaking. "In the past we have played Premier League games in the snow when the season fell in that time of the local year, but the Elite League is a different animal. Unlike what we dealt with in the Premier League, no other Elite League team has to deal with weather patterns and quirks of the local calendar that produce such wide-ranging weather conditions as are found here in Eusebus. This year's 'Winter Classic' was unusual, or dare I even say a freak occurrence, in that it represents the second-latest snowfall of the season in recorded history, which spans over four thousand years, but over the next few years the Elite League season will begin to move into the dead of the Eusebus winter.

    "In the interest of fairness to all other teams in the Elite League and to ensure that games are not unduly hampered by weather conditions, we will install a retractable roof on Euceron Stadium. Construction of the new roof will commence as soon as the Storm's season is over. Unfortunately, since the referees decided to be jerks and shut down the season for nearly four months, the resultant shortening of the upcoming offseason means that we will not be able to complete construction prior to the start of the 271 season. The 271 season will begin approximately two weeks earlier in the Euceron year, but still in early to mid-spring. As such, additional weather issues like those seen in the Miners game are unlikely, but still possible early in the season. The roof will be completed in time for the 272 season."

    The feed shifted back to Marte. "There you have it. We'll discuss it more on Elite League Playbook tonight at 1900. On to the other breaking story now out of the Coruscant Senators. Although the Senators are in good position for the playoffs in their last season, sitting third in the Elite League standings, owner Calo Mornd announced just minutes ago that the Senators will shut down operations at the conclusion of the regular season no matter what and will not participate in the playoffs. Already, the legality of this decision has been questioned by several sources, including the Storm, who called on the commissioner to force them to participate in the playoffs if they qualify in the interest of fairness.

    "We don't have a holo of those comments yet, but Aebatt Zargana said, quote, 'It's unfair to both the players on the Coruscant Senators, who would be denied what they have worked for this season despite adversity, and to the other teams in the playoffs, who would have to deal either with the Senators' opponent receiving a bye into the Final via forfeit or with a team getting in that didn't qualify, depending on how it's handled,' end quote."

    Marte turned to the screen on his left, which showed the face of newsroom correspondent Sanzek Prudup. "Sanzek, do you have more on this?"

    "Nope. What you said is everything we know at this time."

    "What's your thoughts on this?"

    "Calo Mornd is an idiot and a few other words that I can't say on the HoloNet."

    Marte shook his head as he stifled a laugh. "Well, we all know that. I mean, what are your thoughts on the announcement itself and the Storm's response?"

    "It's downright stupid to refuse to participate in the playoffs, but what can the commissioner do here? If she tries to force the team to keep playing, she needs some threat of punishment to back it up. Sanctions against the team won't work because the team won't exist by the time the sanctions would be assessed. The only way I see of enforcing it would be a breach of contract lawsuit, but that would open up a whole mess of legal issues and all sorts of stuff she would have to prove that she might not be able to. Sadly, it may simply be that the commissioner is powerless to stop Mornd here."

    "It's also been made public within the last day that disgraced former general manager Gark S'rily has taken Calo Mornd to court to try to clear his name. If S'rily is successful at that, do you think he could save the Senators?"

    "Absolutely he can save the Senators. But he has to clear his name first. The crimes Mornd has accused him of are heinous, but the simple fact that he has taken Mornd to court over them has made me completely reconsider what I thought about him. Before, I thought he was a no-good dirty lowlife. Now, I'm not sure what to think. Ultimately, this is going to be decided by a jury."

    "And a jury is how it should be decided. When we come back, yet another push to outlaw Podracing on Euceron and bizarre events at a zoomball game caught on holo. Back in three minutes."

    TAG: Jedi Gunny, Trieste (as commissioner), and anyone who wants to comment on the new roof
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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab
    Meshla Vhetin, Manda'yaim

    One point. One solitary point. That was all the Mercs had scored against one of the stoutest defenses Taab had even seen play the game. Of course it wasn't the first time in recent history that the Mercs had struggled on on offense. Last season's 0-0 tie in regulation (a Mercs loss in over time) came to mind, as did this year's season openner againt the Smugglers. The Mercs had scored only 3 points in that game, but since then had scored in the 20s each week. Until the Cheifs came to town.

    It was something that concerned Taab greatly, the inconsistancy of his team's offense. They seemed to either score in droves or have a complete drought. Their defense this season had been doing even worse. If things kept up like this there would have to be changes made in the off-season. Taab had almost made them last year after missing out on the playoffs. This year he felt like he may have no choice.

    At least the woes of the Mercs weren't the top stories around the league anymore. The Storm were looking into putting a roof over their staidum. Retractable of course, so they could play in nice conditions when they existed and hide indoors when the weather got rough. To Taab it was an affront to the toughness of meshgeroya players at all levels, but it wasn't his team, nor his concern. The Storm could, and would do as they pleased.

    The bigger issue was the potential for the Senators to end all activities after the regular season, and bow out of the playoffs if they made them. This was truly troubling to Taab. What kind of person wouldn't want to compete for the ultimate prize? What kind of person would deny that prize to those who might truly deserve it? Only an aruetii to be sure. The Galactic Cup was to be won on the field by the best team. If one of the teams in the running for it dropped out, it would tarnish the title for that year. With only eight teams, the aliit of owners in the ELL was a small one. But still Taab had never gotten to know the others that well. Typically they all looked out for their own interests and allowed the commisioner's office to deal with league wide issues. If there were concerns for the league, they were handled behind the scenes, through a dialoge with the commisioner. However, Taab knew he had to act on this, and do so publicly, or else faith in the ELL, a league just back from the Referee's strike and the Great Quiet, could suffer irrepairable harm with the fans.

    So he released a simple statement to the media.

    "As owner of the Mandalorian Mercs and a fan of meshgeroya I am asking now, that Commisioner Kayl'hen file for an injunction against the Coruscant Senators forcing the team to participate in the Playoffs should they qualify. If the Senators were to fold operations before the postseason were to begin it would not only harm the standing of the league in the minds of it's fans it would also affect the revenue generated by the playoffs and distributed to the teams and the league. Though competitors, the teams of the ELL act in partnership to provide a quality product to the fans. Any decision to not participate in the 270 postseason would be a breach of that partnership. The Senators organization has a fiduciary duty also to the rest of the league to continue on through the end of the 270 season and post-season.

    I ask that my fellow owners stand with me in this call to the commisioner's office. The stance I take is made more difficult because the Mercs will be travelling to Coruscant this week. To the fans of the Senators know that though we may be competitors this week, we stand with you. We may all have our favorite teams and players, but we all share our love of this beautiful game."


    TAG: Everyone.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    It had been a tumultous afternoon in the wake of Calo Mornd's announcement regarding the non-participation of the Coruscant Senators in the Galactic Cup Final. Sports media outlets throughout the galaxy were going absolutely bonkers. For the once-proud franchise--a team that had been almost physically incapable of not making the playoffs--to have sunk so low was "shocking, positively shocking" in the words of one commentator. And it had changed the entire tenor of Niakara Kayl'hen's afternoon. The headquarters of the League had been upended by the development. Beings were besides themselves. They simply didn't know how to handle the situation. The Bothan herself was puzzled herself, but there was only one being she was going to let onto--Esther Gondorf.

    The Near-Human attorney had spent the last 45 minutes storming about in Kayl'hen's office. Included in her remarks were words like, "ridiculous," "unprecedented," "insulting," "offensive," "stupid," "unbelievable," and plenty of curse words. Kayl'hen weathered the storm because Gondorf was actually rather useful to the League, even if prone to militancy. When set on a task, Gondorf went full bore and Kayl'hen needed people like that. She also needed Gondorf's encyclopedic knowledge of League bylaws and rules and she needed it right now.

    So when Kayl'hen had heard enough and let the revolutions of her mind do their work, she posed a question to her General Counsel. The question caused Gondorf to stop her pacing, sit down, and think. "It could work. In fact, it's the only thing that could work."

    "Draft a memorandum to all teams and send it to me for review," Kayl'hen said.

    "Including Coruscant?"

    "Yes," Kayl'hen said. She had the memo 15 minutes later and immediately sent it to all eight members of the Elite League.

    From the Office of the Commissioner:

    Acting in her capacity as Commissioner of the Elite League, Niakara Kayl'hen has called a meeting of the Board of Governors to discuss recent developments pertaining to the state of the league, in particular the Galactic Cup Playoffs. All owners are duly requested to attend in person at League offices or by Holonet connection. Duly empowered designees are allowed to attend if given immediate and full decision-making authority for their team. We look forward to your attendance.

    And, then, for good measure, Kayl'hen called a friend at HSN Sports and "leaked" the memo. Didn't hurt to play the PR war at all.

    It's been bandied about for quite some time now, but the first ever meeting of the Board of Governors (the fancy name for the collected Elite League owners) will be taking place shortly, with a proposal being put before the Board . The important thing right now is to determine who will be attending. If you do not have a premade owner character or have never thought about it you can create one for the purposes of this meeting. Or if you can figure out a way to have your character made a representative of your team's owners.

    Sorry, Teegirl and JM 1977, as GCLA teams you can't participate in the meeting. :(

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Alysha Romax

    Alysha stood in front of a crowd of reporters, most of them ready to hear her response to that morning’s news of the Senators refusing a playoff spot if they were eligible to participate.

    “Alysha, what are your thoughts on Mornd’s statement this morning?”

    “That guy is messed up in the head,” Alysha said. “I’m sick of what he’s done to tarnish this franchise already, taking over and bringing the ship down all season. Bringing in Aileen Wynn was a terrible move, and she needs to be gone. If we need to put up a case against her, so be it, because all of us would be more than willing to provide testimony against her being coach the rest of this season. But back to Mornd. Then he refuses to let his vendetta go against this team by folding us in two weeks. That’s something only a coward would do. I didn’t come to play for the Senators just to be bandied around like this by a mad man; when Coach Orchetrada came to Hapes to recruit me, I saw it as a great opportunity to play for an elite franchise who really cared for its players. It’s been almost like a family since I got here, and I wouldn’t give up any of that. But to know that the owner is more interested in finance than the game itself, that’s sacrilege, and I’m not going to be silent anymore. Get rid of Wynn, and I certainly hope Mornd gets what’s coming to him eventually for all he’s done to this team and its fan base.”

    “Are you suggesting perhaps joining your teammates in protest?”

    “I’ve been considering that all season, but unfortunately this job gives a steady paycheck. And I can’t let the game go, either. But I’m sick of what’s going on, and I want it fixed because this game is more important that Mornd makes it sound.”

    “What are your thoughts on the impending fold of this team in two weeks after the Storm game?” came another question. “The Commish is hosting a Board of Governors meeting soon to talk about forcing the Senators to play in the playoffs if they make it.”

    “If they can force Mornd to let us play, I’ll do it as long as Wynn gets canned,” Alysha said. “If nothing else, I’d like to finish off the season in the normal fashion, and then take my next step during the offseason.”

    “Would you be willing to enter the Elite League free agency pool?” came another question.

    “I hate to say it, but if someone will offer me a job at this level, I’ll take it,” Alysha replied. “There’s no future here with the Senators after they fold, and it’ll be a sad day when the team is gone. Mornd has pissed all of us off, and we’re through with his ownership. If we need to, we’ll all show up at the meeting with the Commissioner to voice our opinions. All of us are willing to be there, but Mornd won’t let us go because we’re not his yes-men, or, yes-woman. I just hope that the meeting forces that piece of crap to finish the season.”

    “Any more comments?”

    “I’ve said my piece,” Alysha said. “Now we have to wait on the Meeting to see what happens next.”

    TAG: Anyone
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    The Elite League headquarters possessed a boardroom with one bank of transparisteel windows that looked out across one of the many sections of the Coruscanti skyline. The reinforced, sound-deadening windows made it look like a calm and tranquil vista, though Niakara Kayl'hen knew that was just an illusion. Usually when there were meetings of the Board of Governors they were just as calm and tranquil as the view she took in at this moment. The Bothan wondered if this meeting would be an exception to that rule.

    "Gentlebeings, thank you for joining me on such short notice for this meeting of the Board of Governors," Kayl'hen said. She gave a nod to Supreme Chancellor Trieste, sitting in the center of one of the sides of the conference table they all gathered around, who had made the comparatively short journey from the Senate to the Elite League offices for the purposes of this meeting. It came as little surprise that Trieste would handle this matter personally rather than send a deputy, especially given her proximity. Some others were present via "I have called this meeting to deal with the recent announcement by the Coruscant Senators that they wish to decline participation in the Galactic Cup Playoffs. This is an unprecedented decision in the history of the Elite League, one that I am sure you will all agree requires immediate and decisive action by this body to placate fans and thereby ensure the financial health of the League.

    "I have instructed the General Counsel's office--" here Kayl'hen indicated Gondorf, who sat at her left, "--to review the rules and bylaws of the league. Because no one ever thought that a team would decline participation in the Galactic Cup Playoffs, there are no provisions that speak to the current circumstances. Therefore, it would be up to this body to determine how to handle the Senators' request.

    "However, before we consider that issue, I believe that there is a deeper question that we must address first: the competency of the current ownership of the Senators franchise. The bylaws of the Elite League give the Board of Governors the right to admit or exclude teams for any circumstance, including competent ownership. After consultation with the General Counsel, the League is prepared to submit that these bylaws can be enacted at any time, not just between seasons. This is not an action I suggest lightly. It is, however, one that I believe is necessary. The erratic actions of Mr. Mornd in his administration of the Coruscant Senators team were tolerable when they were limited to the management of his team. These actions are now affecting the entire League and therefore have become a League matter. I believe that it is in the Elite League's interest to intervene to restore stability for the benefit of all clubs. I believe it is in the best interest of the League and its member institutions to have the Coruscant Senators finish this season, including participation in the Galactic Cup Playoffs if applicable. I propose that the Board of Governors vote Calo Mornd unfit to be owner of the Coruscant Senators in the Elite League and that the team be placed under League management, including the appointment of a new General Manager to oversee operations of the team through the end of the season. When the season is finished, the League will restore the Senators to Mr. Mornd concurrent with their demotion from the Elite League.

    "In the opinion of the General Counsel's office, this matter requires a majority vote by the Board of Governors to take effect. I now place it before you for debate and voting," Kayl'hen said.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Calo Mornd

    Calo was pissed. Not only was Gark S’rily taking him to court, but now the League was trying to foil his plans to shut down the Senators in two weeks. Also, as if to rub salt in his wounds, the Senator players had gotten extremely vocal over the last few days. They had been annoyed all season long, but after his little announcement days earlier, things had gone from bad to worse. Now he was stuck in his office, afraid that a bounty hunter might come along to kill him off and set things “right”. He was nervous, but his resolve remained firm. No matter what the League did, the Senators were going to be history soon enough. He was a businessman, and thus had a crack legal team looking for loopholes that he could exploit to meet his ends.

    Aileen Wynn came into the office, looking haggard as usual. “You’ve been drinking again, haven’t you?” Mornd asked, disgusted.

    “I’m not happy,” Wynn said. “Everything that’s been said in the media about me isn’t true.” She then grabbed a flask and took a big swig of whisky from it.

    “Look, Wynn, I hired you to coach this team and to not get the media on the side of the protestors,” Mornd said angrily. “Not only have you failed to keep them all in order, but you’re a rude drunk who is completely worthless. Therefore, you’ve been fired, effectively immediately. Clean out your office and get the hell out of here.”

    “You can’t!” Wynn shouted at him, somewhat drunk.

    “I just did,” Mornd said, folding his hands as he sat. “Now get out before I call security.”

    Wynn’s shoulders drooped as she slunk out of the office. She had an urge to take another swig of her whisky, but there was none left. What a wretched life she was leading now.

    Mornd then turned his attention to the League actions being taken against him. In his interests, no one from his organization would show up for the meeting, as he did not want to be eviscerated by angry fans or owners from the other league teams. Thus, he was content to just stay in his office and brood, because at least he was safe here.

    “Sir, I have news,” came a voice, and Mornd turned to see an assistant come in.

    “Well, spit it out,” Mornd said.

    “We’ve been digging a bit, and we think we’ve found a loophole that will allow you to close the team out regardless of the League filing an injunction against you,” his assistant said. “If you file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, you might be able to use tax laws in your favor and get things done without worry.”

    “Well, tell the legal team to start filing,” Mornd said. “I need to make sure those meddling Limmie do-gooders won’t succeed.”

    TAG: No One

    Note: No one knows of this conversation or that bankruptcy is being filed, just that Mornd won’t be at the Governors meeting and Wynn has been fired.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Location: Boardroom, Elite League headquarters, Coruscant

    Aebatt listened as the commissioner laid out the problem and her proposal. It was more than Aebatt had thought would be considered, but a light went off in her head as Kayl'hen finished. Perhaps the proposal didn't go far enough.

    Aebatt was the first to speak up when the floor was opened. "Why should we give the Senators back to this dirtbag after the season? I dare anyone to come up with one good reason why allowing him to terminate operations for no apparent reason other than his own contempt is in the best interest of all involved, including the players on that team and its fans." Her datapad buzzed, and she looked down at it to see the message and shook her head. "And now the news is reporting that he's just fired Aileen Wynn. Why would you fire your head coach with two weeks to go in the season when you're in the top half of the League? Frankly, I must question whether he is even sane. I submit that Calo Mornd should not have any control over any sports team, including control that would allow him to shut the team down, unless and until he passes a psychological evaluation.

    "My counter-proposal, then is thus: take Commissioner Kayl'hen's proposal up to the end of the season, including playoffs. But after that, the Coruscant Senators will remain in League management until someone competent to do so steps forward to take the reins. Even as we debate this, Gark S'rily has sued Mornd in what appears to be an attempt to clear his name. If he is successful at that, perhaps he would be willing to take the Senators back and continue operations. But no matter what, Calo Mornd should not be allowed any further control over the Senators."

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  9. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Vincent Cutter
    Location: Boardroom, Elite League Limmie HQ, Coruscant

    Commissioner Niakara Kaly’hen was known for knocking a few heads around the league. The Bothan had incredible power, unprecedented power, and had used that power to come down hard on the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers a time or two for hits that were above and beyond the call of duty. Not to mention there had been the drama surrounding the signing of Ankylo, the Ssi-Ruu, who had actually been taken in for a private hearing by the commissioner after complaints were filed by the Bakura Miners. The entire affair had been ridiculous to Cutter, especially now that Ankylo had suspended his way out of the league and was doing something with the Smugglers Premiere League affiliate, the Druckenwell Marksmen. Needless to say, Cutter and Kayl’hen were not on the best of terms.

    But now was not the time to bring up past grievances. Now was the time to examine why Calo Mornd was making a complete fool of himself. After hearing Kayl’hen’s address to the Board of Governors, she had his full and undivided attention. He felt like a general who had won a major war and was now determining what slice of the pie was going to be coming his way. It felt good. It felt right and to the victor go the spoils.

    Aebatt was the first to speak. He made some valid points and Cutter was pleased to discover that the good doctor thought along the same lines that he did; the commissioner had not gone far enough. For all the talk about the Rim War, for all the sour defeats that the Coruscant Senators had personally served to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers on a silver platter, for all the success that the franchise had known over the past decade, Cutter was not about to support any idea that would have the team removed from the league. He wanted that rivalry. He wanted those grudge matches and he wanted a challenge. Besides, it was a little known fact around the old guard of the Elite League that the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers organization feared the re-entry into the league of the Chandrila Patriots. If one organization gave the Smugglers a bad case of the runs, it was the Patriots. Cutter was determined to keep the Senators in the league at all costs. There were worse things than losing to Coruscant.

    Aebatt had finished. Now it was his turn.

    “I for one would support a move that would have Calo Mornd removed from the league and from any future sports proceedings. The man is a nutcase. He is staining the name of the Elite League and all of our efforts to have strong, successful, franchises. I haven’t spent the last four years of my life with the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers to see some up and coming delinquent throw it all away. No, dear friends, we must make a stand against Mornd and stop this insanity before it takes us all down. Having said this, I refuse to support any decision that calls for the removal of the Coruscant Senators from the Elite League. We tread a dangerous path if we must contemplate such an idea. Instead, I suggest, as my counterpart from Euceron has laid out so concisely, that we do everything we can possibly do to have Gark S’rily reinstated as general manager of the Coruscant Senators. I remain thoroughly convinced that S’rily is innocent. This may sound strange, but I respect the hell out of that Bothan. I believe he is one of the greatest forces in this league and it would be a damn shame to know that we could have done something to help him out in a time of need and instead sat idly by while his reputation, his family, everything, is tarnished. Solidarity, ladies and gentlemen, solidarity is what we need now.”

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Jo Mu Grath (Nadiem Chiefs)
    Location: Boardroom

    The massively overweight Twi'lek sat at the table amongst the other team representatives. The Chiefs owner, Anita McCam, had suggested General Manager Jo Mu Grath attend the meeting in her place. She didn't really give a clear answer as to why. But he went anyway.

    Grath hadn't paid much attention to the situation with the Senators. He knew very little about what was happening. Recently, he was preoccupied with other issues, such as prospects replacing a few of the Chiefs current players. But, the issue was laid out here at the start of the meeting.

    As Kayl'hen and a few of the other team representatives spoke, Grath found himself agreeing with the original plan that was put forward.

    Awaiting his turn to speak, Grath stood up. "On behalf of the Nadiem Chiefs, I agree with the plan Miss Kayl'hen presented. Rather than hurt the League due to one man's actions, I feel the team should be turned over to the League itself, at least until the end of the, playoffs, actually. The fate of the Senators should be decided in the off-season so it doesn't disrupt the League any further."

    He maneuvered his weight and plopped back down into the seat.

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  11. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    One of the things about being Supreme Chancellor was that it was usually wise not to speak first--at least not if you wanted to have a real conversation. Once the Chancellor said something, it had a bit of a stifling effect on actual debate. In fact, in some meetings Kerry utilized designees to float ideas on her behalf so that they would actually be debated. Today, however, she simply listened as her fellow owners gave their opinions.

    "I agree that Mr. Mornd, who declined to join us today it seems--" Kerry gave a look at an empty chair around the table, "--is patently unfit to be the owner of an Elite League team. Unfortunately, and I ask Ms. Gondorf to correct me if I'm wrong, because the League operates on a promotion-demotion system, we are bound together only as a coalition. Our ability to dictate the owners of a franchise is essentially nil. Were we to operate on a monopolistic, fixed membership system like other sports, this would be different in that we would approve all sales of franchises. The bylaws state that all League matters are adjudicated in Republican courts, correct Ms. Gondorf?"

    "That is correct," Gondorf confirmed, "though it is possible that they could be resolved in local Coruscanti jurisdiction since the League and the Senators are domiciled on Coruscant."

    "Regardless, the law is not on our side for seizing control of the Senators, and furthermore what happens if we can't find new owners? Then we're on the hook for the operating costs of the Senators and gentlebeings. As much as I agree with Dr. Zargana and Mr. Cutter that the Senators are a historically important part of the Elite League and that Calo Mornd has no business being anywhere near them, the only legal recourse we have is to temporarily remove him as an owner and then demote the Senators during the offseason," Kerry continued. She looked to the attorney again. "When Mornd folds the team, can the League award that franchise to a new owner?"

    "Mornd would still control the Senators franchise, even if defunct. If he retained copyrights and trademarks, it would be a very uphill battle," Gondorf said, "Even if we admitted an expansion team under the banner of the Senators, there are a lot of judges who would prevent that team from even competing under such a label in deference to Mornd's existing copyrights."

    Kerry sighed with frustration. There were no easy answers it seemed. "Force, just what we need. A mad man holding all the cards."

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    Sep 22, 2012
    (OOC I'm new and looking for a serious Rp any openings? Also I need a quick brief. I read some pages and all I got from it was there is a new cool sport in the Star wars galaxy.)
  13. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Monarchs’ hotel, Euceron
    Once again it was the day before game day, or as Setarcos liked to think of it as, his last chance to relax. He sat back in his room and watched multiple news feeds on his holovid wall. The first was on Collegiate Limmie Game Day watching as his Republican University Scholars captured the top seed in their division and finished with the best overall record in the Super 16.

    The second feed was tuned into HSNews as they maintained their non-stop coverage of the developing Senators drama. Setarcos had the sound muted and was mainly watching the bottom line. Being a former journalist it drove him crazy when HSN latched on to the latest sensational story and ran it into the ground. He occasionally glanced at the bottom line checking to see if there was any word from the Board of Governors. The K’ntarr’s tapped VP of Operations Nazug as the representative of the Monarchs.

    On the third and final feed was the Core News Digest, and it was this channel that Setarcos was most interest in. Normally he only watched it to get updates on the happenings of his home world of Coruscant, and the greater galaxy. Normally this was the second channel that was muted, but when the headline of ‘Explosion on N’zoth’ caught his attention, he turned the sound back on.

    He listened as the report explained that an explosive device was detonated in the headquarters of the Nazfar Metalworks Guild. It was the fourth such event to occur at a weapons manufacturing in the Core in the past three months. Now if there was a war going on, this story wouldn’t have caught Setarcos’ eye, but there wasn’t a war. The Republic was at peace, or at least they were supposed to be.

    The Monarchs could not afford for a war to break out, not just for the obvious reasons, but because sixteen of the twenty-seven team members, including the VP and GM, were part of Rydonni Prime’s Defense Force and, by extension, Reserve Forces for the Republic. Setarcos just knew that once the Core Defense Fleet was deployed that the Monarchs would be mobilized in support.

    I guess that was the risk you ran when the majority of your squad were hotshot pilots and starfighter techs. “Help us, Lords of Rydo. Guide us on the path of righteousness that we might be protected from our enemies. Let us walk the path of righteousness and lift our faces unto your goodness. Help us turn away from the calls of the wicked and show us the knowledge of your certain salvation. We offer this prayer. So say we all.”
    IC: Uda Nazug
    Elite League Offices, Coruscant
    The Great Quiet had been the opportunity that Uda had been waiting for. He used the time away from the offices of the Monarchs to reconnect with an old rival and friend, Dana Roslyn. But he didn’t know that it was going to be a coupling of sorts. He sat back and allowed his mind to wonder to the times the two of them spent together over the past few months.

    He came back to reality and added in his thoughts once the Supreme Chancellor had finished voicing her opinions. “Madame Chancellor, honorable owners, distinguished guests, are we honestly discussing the possibility of the League stepping in and telling an owner how to run their own team? Believe me the Monarchs organization has no love for the Senators, but to step in and take over a team is a clear violation of said owners rights.

    “If we vote to have this measure approved, who is to say that the League won’t step in and take over one of our organizations, should we ever do something that is unpopular. No we have to allow Mornd to do what he is planning to do. The only thing that we really can do is decided whether or not they are allowed to forfeit their playoff spot.

    “I for one will not approve any action that includes the taking of rights away from an owner.”
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Tisk, tisk, tisk. Gunny forgot to remind me since we returned that the Senators don't get bonus rolls right now because Gark isn't with the team. I may have to devise a special punishment as as a result...what's that? You think he just forgot like me? No, that couldn't be. ;)

    Bonus rolls to Bakura, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nadiem, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, and Rydonni Prime. And definitely not Coruscant. :D

    Elite League Limmie
    Week 6 Results

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Euceron Storm (10-39)
    Vandelhelm Jets at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (25-8)
    Bakura Miners at Nadiem Chiefs (25-22)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Coruscant Senators (39-23)

    Week 6 Results
    Kuat Triforce at Chandrila Patriots (7-22)
    Agamar Packers at Ryloth Rough Riders (2-32)
    Genet Vornskrs at Alsakan Flyers (19-17)
    Corellia Rebels at Onderon Crazy Dragons (24-38)

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  15. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    PLL Update

    Week 6 Results
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Commenor Gundarks (9-4)
    Toprawa Torpedoes at Concordia Crusaders (15-4)
    Naboo Ducks at Cloud City Sky Captains (29-16)
    Bison Sabres at Kamino Waves (16-10)
    Kessel Runners at Bastion Imperial LC (10-24)
    Thyferra Force at Denon Demons (32-12)
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Tatooine Sandskimmers (17-5)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Mon Calamari Mariners (10-19)
    Balmorra Blasters at Fondor Freedom (28-10)

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  16. JM_1977

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    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Kala'unn Memorial Stadium
    Day 3 of Week 7

    "Hey Barbosa quit sitting there like an unconscious Hutt. We are in the middle of practice”, yelled coach Vuhsan.

    That had basically been the story of Zeke’s life on his Limmie team for the past few weeks. Ever since the season started after the All-Star Game, which he still was shocked at how Team Sorosub had mounted the comeback and won 39-38 beating Zeke’s Team Gundarkade, Zeke had been off his game a little bit. Maybe it was because he still felt a little responsible for giving up the game since he was the Goalkeeper for Team Gundarkade, even though he had been told many times it wasn’t his fault.

    It wasn’t like the Rough Riders were having a bad season. They were actually having an average Season. They were currently sitting in a 5-way Tie at the top of their division with a 3-3 record after blowing out the Agamar Packers 32-2 in their previous game. Their postseason chances were still very much alive and if they won this week which was the last game of the regular season, they were guaranteed a spot in the postseason. Basically they controlled their own destiny.

    The Rough Riders star Rookie midfielder Freknok shot the boloball down field. It flew towards Zeke like a Rocket and it would definitely test him. The coaches had divided the team in half and decided to do a scrimmage to end practice. Zeke had kept the other team to only 8 points and the clock was ticking. The boloball flew towards the uprights as Zeke timed his jump just right snatching the ball up ending the scrimmage in a 8-8 tie.

    Coach Mothker blew his whistle. “Bring it in. Great practice today men. I’m very proud of you. I’ll admit the season hasn’t gone quite the way we’ve wanted it. All of our fans didn’t expect this. After our push last year to the semifinals, one game from the title game everyone picked us to push the competition away and easily make the championship. Do I think we can win our last game and get a postseason spot, absolutely. Do I think we can make a run for the GCLA title, without question. The think I don’t know is how bad you want it. I’ve heard you say many times as a team that you want to bring the Rough Riders back to the Glory Days that Zeke’s father did, and you almost did last year. I know the loss hurt last year. I know people think we will choke again. But I guarantee you if yu work your butts off for this last game and leave it all on the field everything else will take care of itself. The little things fellas. You have to do the little things right to be successful. Let me tell you a story someone told me.

    Zeke got Goosebumps while coach told his story.

    "Bring it in. We got to come out again tomorrow and have another good practice. I can tell you Agamar won't be an easy game. Rider Pride on 3. 1.....2....3 RIDER PRIDE!!!!!

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  17. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Elite League Offices, Coruscant

    The Chancellor turned to look at Uda. His lack of support could be difficult difficulty. A majority action by the Board was going to take five votes. The Senators were unrepresented—and if they were there’s no way that Mornd would ever approve what they were discussing—so that meant that they could only have two holdouts in the group. As it was, they were one vote short of any action that would take control of the Senators—and two of those votes wanted a stronger stance than Kayl’hen was proposing. If they couldn’t persuade Nazug, that meant they would have to find one more vote out of Vandelhelm or…oh Maker…Beskaryc Taab. Kerry did not want to have to prostrate herself to the Mandalorian. She’d never hear the end of it.

    “I share your concerns,” Kerry told Nazug, “We shouldn’t take this step lightly. But this goes to the integrity of the League and the sport as a whole. Before this Coruscant’s implosion was localized. This is going to affect everyone in this room. Let’s say we allow Coruscant to skip the postseason. So the 5 seed competes for the Cup. Let’s say they win even one game. Let’s say it happens to your first seeded Monarchs, a distinct possibility.” Kerry looked right into Uda’s eyes. “Are you going to be happy about that? That a team that has no business being in the playoffs beat your team? Who knows, it could even be my Miners.” Kerry smiled to defuse the moment, but she felt she’d made her point.

    “And let’s say we force them to accept the spot,” Kerry said, returning her attention to the rest of the boardroom, “If we don’t put an administrator in place of Mornd, then what’s to say they’ll show up? Imagine—Six Boroughs, Vandelhelm Stadium, Euceron Stadium, the Grande Villa, packed full of fans for a home Semifinal game and you’re stood up for the Junior prom.” She looked at Cutter. “No offense, but I think you’d have a riot on your hands.” She turned to Zargana. “I don’t think anyone would want to have a playoff win, especially their first in the Galactic Cup Playoffs, to be due to a forfeit.” Her eyes wandered back to Uda. “It’d be like having an asterisk next to your name on the Galactic Cup, as if you didn’t really earn it. No, we need to stand up for the integrity of the Cup.”

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  18. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Location: Boardroom, Elite League headquarters, Coruscant

    "No, we need to stand up for the integrity of the Cup."

    "Yes, we do," said Aebatt. "The Chancellor has explained it perfectly. I understand your concerns, Mr. Nazug, and I have my own reservations about the precedent this would set, but we cannot allow Mornd to make a mockery of the Galactic Cup Playoffs. Because that is exactly what will happen if we do not replace him immediately."

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  19. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Sam Poland
    Great Iziz Field

    The season so far has been a bust. The Crazy Dragons lost three games in a row and now they were up against the Corellia Rebels. While the morale was low they haven’t thrown in the towel yet. Though the season maybe over for the Dragons but it didn’t stop Sam from scouting young players for next year to improve the team.

    Losing hurt Sam more than she let on. The team was her baby. Just like a mother Sam would nourish the team and give them special attention to specific needs. She let the team know that she wasn’t happy with their performance and that they better turn it around. She may have been a bit harsh with the team but that was just the way she was. No one could deny her passion for the game.

    The day of the game with the Corellia Rebels, Sam was up in the skybox watching the game. There was few people she invited as guests. Some were journalists who wanted to get the inside scoop on the General Manager. One of the names was Frank Bottoms, who writes for the independent paper the Onderon Times.

    Frank: The Crazy Dragons are so new to the GCLA that your expectations must not be that high coming in.

    Sam: No matter how new the Dragons are the expectation will always remain high. I expect thisteam do go out there and give it their all no matter what the score is.

    Frank: You have an all-star on your team Jenna Leed. How do you think she is doing?

    Sam: Leed is doing good she has made a couple of mistakes here and there but she is a young player and she will only get better with time. I expect her to be on more all-star teams in the future.

    Frank: There are rumors that you made some sort of deal with the Chandrilla Patriots to get the Crazy Dragons in to the GCLA.

    Sam: There was an opportunity to get in and we I took it.

    Frank: If by miracle the Dragons get into the GCLA Championship where would the team stand in your eyes.

    Sam: Well we haven’t won anything yet I think it’s premature to say where they will be if they win. I do know that this team has alot of guts and courage. They play hard and have a winning spirit. Even though we haven’t played as well as we could there is no giving up.

    Frank: Thank you for your time Ms Poland it’s been a pleasure. Good luck on the season.

    Sam: Thank you

    Sam turned her head toward the game that was now in progress. Jenna Leed just scored the go ahead goal for the Crazy Dragons. They were now leading the Corellia Rebels twenty seven to twenty four.

    “Now that’s how you play.” Sam said with enthusiasm while everyone in the sky box whooped and hollered. The Dragons scored a few more times to win the game. Sam had a big smile on her face as she high five people.

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  20. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC Beskaryc Taab

    By a happenstance of fate Taab was able to kill two mynocks with one blaster bolt on this, his latest trip to Coruscant. There was to be an emergency meeting of the board of Governors, the Commisioner and all the owners of the ELL teams (or their designated stand ins) were going to meet to go over the ownership situation of the Senators. Given that the meeting was being held on the
    same world as the Mercs game provided Taab the opportunity to take in both, and as luck would have it, the game was scheduled to end an hour before the first meetings were to start. Sometimes it
    seemed the manda really did smile upon him.

    The game itself proved that to be true. 39 points, many scored by Taab's own son, Ge'tal. The Devaronian had been un unstoppable force in the game as he took feed after feed from Kor'le. Finally
    it seemed that the two of them were developing a chemistry on the field, epspecially after last week's offensive debacle. By the time the Senators figured it out and shifted their attention away from Kor'le and Kote it was far too late. Ge'tal had scored some 19 points alone, nearly half of the teams total. Taab wondered idly if that were a record for a rookie player, but didn't allow himself to get too excited. They were the first points he had scored since the end of the Great Quiet and for now there were bigger gooberfish to fry.


    Taab sat through most of the meeting, silent behind his T-visor taking in what the others had to say. The idea of the league taking over a team did not sit well with him, no matter what the consequences were. Just days before he had advocated for legal action against the Senators organization if it followed through on its threats to sit out the playoffs. He still believed that to be the wisest course of action. But it seemed he had few allies on that in this room. Certainly Nazug of the Monarchs seemed to be one, but that may have been it. After most of the others had their say it was time to speak up. He pounded an armored fist on the table once, gently, but the noise would serve to get the other's attention.

    "I must agree with the Rydonni Prime's position on this. I do not think the establishment of this sort of precedent is good for the league. Suing one of our own is one thing, but to step in and take over their investment is something else entirely." He paused for a moment, to let his position sink in amongst the others. With only eight teams, and the Senators not being represented, he knew every vote counted. Now he said something that he was sure stunned everyone in the room.

    "As many of you are aware my people are not known for our..." He stopped again to choose the next word carefully"...caution. But in this case, I suggest we adopt a strategy of just that. Patience my friends. While we need to be prepared on this front if the Senators follow through on their threats, we don't even know if the situation will arise as yet. I believe we should table these discussions for now, until such time that we know whether the Senators have made the playoffs or not. At the moment, they are idle threats, and frankly not worthy of our attention. If they make the playoffs, and Mornd follows through on this, then we can make a quick decision. Until then his antics just serve to divide us.

    However, we should leak the potential actions we are considering, the taking over his team and the pursuit of legal action. This is a man with alot on his own plate, his enemies are everywhere. I say we add a few more things for him to worry about. Force his hand, and he will make a mistake."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Team Practice on Bakura Prior to Chiefs Game, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Alana walked onto the practice field without much enthusiasm. The loss to the Smugglers was still smarting. With that not only had the Miners dropped all the way to the basement, but playoffs were now completely out of the picture, for a second straight season. Four years in the Elite League, three of them non-playoff seasons. It stung, badly. The rest of the season was going to be a drudgery now.

    A drudgery, but one that just got a whole lot more interesting.

    "John!" Gaeriel Valerii said sternly, "You're not even listening to me! I'm telling you, what do we have to lose?"

    "I am not going to change up our entire offensive scheme with two weeks left. It's stupid," Talley said.

    "I'm telling you, Aaron's a natural Full Forward. It's where he played college ball. He never should have been moved to Half Back. Why not put him back there and see how he performs?" Gaeriel continued.

    "You know what?" Talley said, turning angrily away from his Midfield Coach, "Fine. RODDERS! We're playing you at Full Forward now because of the infinite wisdom of Valerii here!" He turned back to Valerii. "So now where do you want to put Stormborn?"

    "Left Corner Forward and put Tah back at Center Half Back. Just rotate," Gaeriel said.

    "Fine, you heard the woman, we're doing that," Talley said with a wave of his hand as he stalked heavily off.

    "Well, this just got a little more interesting," Inviere said to Alana.

    "You're telling me," Alana agreed.

    War Memorial Stadium, Char'les'ton, Nadiem

    Alana had to admit, Rodders up front was a whole different beast. He still had the Golden Arm, but now he was firing it at the net, not at receivers. And man, were they rockets. Already, Rodders had two goals for six points and two over the bar. He was absolutely unleashed today. Valerii was keeping it calm on the sideline, but Alana knew her coach well. She was sure that Gaeriel was smirking inwardly at being proven right about Rodders and his talents.

    North was playing a lot more chastened and within Valerii's scheme this week. Having been absolutely demolished last week by the Smugglers Everett was being more circumspect and cautious in his play. Alana wouldn't say that either one was playing particularly well, but they were holding their own. The game had a lot more of an offensive slant to it today and that suited Alana and Everett just fine as they were moving the bolo-ball up the field. That was where they excelled in this game.

    Of course, Alana once again had drawn the short stick and was paired against the galoot, Ogeeogilthorrp. "Don't you have a price on your head in five systems?" Alana asked the Wookiee after a play.

    It was a close, narrow game. The truth was that the Chiefs and the Miners had actually really mirrored each other a lot since the Chiefs had joined the League. The teams seemed joined at the hip...except when it came to the Playoffs. The Chiefs had a Final appearance to their name. The Miners had yet to do that in the Kayl'hen Era. It wouldn't be this season that they'd break it, but Alana knew it had to come soon. Very soon.

    It was in the middle of such thoughts that Alana collided with the Wookiee--and he went down. Alana stood there and looked in shock at Ogeeogilthorrp on the turf, oblivious to the rest of the game.

    "Holy Sithspit...I took down a Wookiee!" Alana said with excitement, "I put a Wookiee down!"

    "Hey Red!" Everett called out, "There's still a game going on sister!"

    "Oh, right!" Alana said as she joined the play again. But she joined it with a gigantic smile on her face.

    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    Fist pounding, helmet Mandalorian. Kerry rolled her eyes. Seriously, did Taab think someone was going to shoot him in here? Why did he think he had to keep that tin bucket on his head? He probably had a small arsenal on him. The Senatorial Guard was likely twitching with anxiety at the outskirts of the room.

    "So what do you suggest we do, Mr. Taab?" Kerry asked, "Play chicken with an irrational being? That's how somebody loses an eye. You want to try and bluff Mornd, a man who's shown zero rational behavior? How do we know he won't call our bluff? And what if we do take legal action in the courts? Ms. Gondorf, what are our chances there?"

    "It would be highly unlikely that we could get a judge to grant a court order forcing the Senators to make the playoffs. It would be better if we could have the courts declare Mornd an unfit owner. It's possible that we could do that with a sympathetic judge...a Senators fan for instance, but we lack a complaining party. It's not a slam dunk that the courts will say that the League has standing to bring such a suit," Gondorf said, "and even if they do an immediate injunction that would come into effect in enough time for us to achieve our end of forcing the Senators to participate in the playoffs."

    IC: Alana Glencross
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Truce Day.

    It was the biggest holiday on the planet and the Miners usually finagled the League into scheduling a game for the occasion. It helped to be one of the Big Three sometimes. Maybe one day they'd get a Black & Blue Battle for Truce Day. That would be something else. The crowd double pumped for the holiday and the Smugglers. What a game that would be.

    And as Alana stood on the field in a line with her teammates she looked around at the crowd, her breast swelled with pride to be a Bakuran. The blue and gold bunting, the flags everywhere of the blue field with the circle of 32 gold stars symbolizing the counties of Bakura. But it wasn't just that, it was the fact that the team (likely through direction from the Triestes) went to great lengths to embrace the Truce Day spirit with their pregame ceremonies. The recent Civil War, not even a decade over, on Bakura had left deep wounds. Members of the Miners had left the team because they sided with the Maple Flag Republic that had seceded from the Federal Union. They wouldn't play for "Kerry Trieste and her overbearing federal government". Thousands of season ticket holders had lost their tickets when the battle lines had been drawn. The Miners had felt the Civil War, a War that Alana had been in high school for and remembered well. Some older siblings she'd known had died in that war. It left scars.

    And yet before the game the Miners had brought out and honored two old veterans. The first was the current Commandant of the Marines, Abigail Dualla, the great ground commander of the Federal Union who had carefully, painstakingly pushed the Maples back over the course of the war. And standing next to her was the man who had been her nemesis and had ranged all over Bakura and given the Union fits, General Shi, Supreme Commander of the Maple Army. Once mortal enemies, Shi had surrendered to Dualla to end the war and now they stood next to each other and shook hands.

    What was even more a testament to the spirit of reconciliation that the Miners were fostering was the fact that not only did they play the Bakuran national anthem as usual, but also "O Bakura", the Maple anthem. And Alana had to admit, it was a pretty damn good anthem.

    O Bakura, our home and native land
    True patriot love in all thy souls command
    With glowing hearts we see the rise
    The true west strong and free
    From far and wide O Bakura
    We stand on guard for three
    Force keep our land
    Glorious and free
    O Bakura we stand on guard for thee
    O Bakura we stand on guard for thee

    And it was listening to such words that Alana gazed across the field to the Mercs, lined up and ready for the game. There was Ryi. Sure, they were still mortal enemies, and maybe it was just the spirit of Truce Day getting to her a little bit, but for some reason Alana couldn't help but feel a little more kindly towards Kor'le. After all, they'd been a good team together at the All-Star Game. And she wasn't a terrible person when you got to know her. Yeah, Ryi was all right.

    And if Alana was going to miss the playoffs again, then she intended to drag Ryi down with her. But it wasn't personal. It was just business.

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  22. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Crazy Dragons

    The Onderon Crazy Dragons were at practice getting ready for the big match against the Ryloth Rough Riders. They were a tough team but the Dragons were ready to play. Jenna couldn’t wait for a rematch with the Ryloth’s goalkeeper, Zeke Barbosa. Both were in the all star game on opposite teams. It was Sorosuub that won in the end. Barbosa got a few good stops of Jenna’s goals that made her frustrated. This time she was going to wipe the floor with him. She’ll show him.

    The team was pumped as they worked extra hard to polish up on moves and strategies. When it was time for the team meeting everyone gathered in to the room and waited for coach Mckowen to address the team.

    Coach: Those Rough Riders are a tough team to beat but they are not invincible. We have to stay focused on our job. Stay in our own lanes make sure you cut clear with no penalties. We can’t afford to make stupid mistakes. Discipline determination and direction is what’s needed. Remember the three D’s and you will be fine. You guys are number one in my book think of yourselves as number one and show those chumps who they are fighting with.

    We are the Crazy Dragons
    We fight fire with fire
    We stomp through the madness
    Going higher and higher
    Nothing will get in our way
    We are the Crazy Dragons
    We are here to stay!!!!!

    It was time to talk to the media. Jenna sat down at the podium and waited for the questions. Several reporters shouted at once but Jenna picked a lady reporter from the HSN.

    Reporter: How are you adjusting your play for this game?

    Jenna: Well I have to make sure that we have a balanced attack and defense. Ryloth has a good player at the goalkeeper position. I just got to gun it toward the goal and get him to be off balanced.

    Another reporter had risen their hand up for the next question.

    Reporter: Do you think that the losing streak that the Crazy Dragons had will have an effect on your play?

    Jenna: Well we won our last game so the streak is over. I think we can build from that.

    “I’ll take one more question before I go.”

    She picked the reporter from the Onderon Times for her last question of the day.

    Reporter: Rough Riders are probably thinking they are gonna win the game and beat the Dragons to a pulp what do you say to that?

    Jenna: Well I haven’t heard anything about it,granted I been too busy to concern myself with what they may have said. All I can say is that Zeke Barbosa I’ll be gunning for you.

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  23. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    With no one else appearing to desire to speak, the Commissioner stepped into the conversation once more. "Barring any last minute changes, it appears that the measure regarding the League assuming control of the Senators has failed by a measure of 4-2 out of 8 possible votes," the Bothan said, "Accordingly, I would like to move to a new subject for debate--that of passing a resolution compelling the Senators to compete in the Galactic Cup Playoffs, if they qualify. As before, a majority of five votes is required for passage of the motion."

    IC: Kerry Trieste
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    She had long been conditioned to gridlock and a lack of accomplishment in over four years of dealing with the Galactic Senate, but it didn't mean that a woman like Kerry Trieste enjoyed it. It did mean that she was able to restrain herself from showing her displease. She was even resisting the temptation to drum her fingers on the polished conference table. The ayes had carried a majority of the table--by a two to one margin--but the two abstentions counted against them. Done in by parliamentary procedure. What a terrible way to die.

    "For all the good that it'll do, the Miners absolutely support a resolution that compels the Senators to participate in the Playoffs," Kerry said, "After all, Mornd controls the pursestrings. He'll cut them off the moment they qualify. If they get a home game he'll deny them use of the stadium. If they travel he'll never pay the cost to go. And that says nothing of the support jobs off the field that are required. There's no way this could ever--"

    Kerry stopped. She thought.

    "What if we guarantee the financial operations of the Senators in the playoffs? Top to bottom, players, front office, everything. Mornd could rage against it, but if the players want to play--and from what we've seen this season they certainly would do anything that would stick it to Mornd--then we'd give them that ability. The League sanctions the use of the Senators' logo and name and all of that and the Playoffs continue. We structure it as a charitable gift to a non-profit...the Coruscant Limmie Foundation, for example, divide the cost among the other seven teams. All Mornd could do would be sue us for copyright infringement and potentially the players for breach of contract and we'd only have to make sure a judge was stalled from granting an injunction for a couple weeks." She turned to Gondorf.

    "That can be arranged," the lawyer confirmed.

    "It's a stopgap measure that gets us what we want--" this to Zaranga, Cutter, Mu'Grath, "--without having us have to resort to taking control of the team for any space of time."

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Dr. Aebatt Zargana
    Location: Boardroom, Elite League headquarters, Coruscant

    This time the Chancellor was first to speak. She had an excellent idea with guaranteeing their financial operations. Aebatt hadn't thought of that.

    "I and the Storm would wholeheartedly support the Chancellor's proposal," she said.

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    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Kala'unn Memorial Stadium, Rough Rider Locker Room
    Day 5 of Week 7

    "Team meeting, everyone NOW!!!!"

    Coach Mothker came storming out of his office angrier then Zeke had ever seen him.

    "Alright, who's the wise guy who's talking to the Media? You guys know my policy with talking to the media. You avoid it as much as possible. Onderon's star Player Jenna, called out Zeke with his 'serious bashing of our team'.

    Zeke's eyes went wide with shock. He should've known it was that girl from Onderon. He had had a few instances with her during their time at t he All-Star Game with the two of them on opposite teams. Zeke assumed this attempt of a low blow was her way of getting back at him.

    Coach went on a little more saying how he doesn't want it happening again and that everyone needs to be focusing on The Onderon game coming up with the season on the line.

    After the meeting was done Mothker called Zeke over.

    "Yes coach?"

    "Zeke, your a leader on this team. Your one of the few veterans currently on this team. A lot of the younger players look up to you as a leader on this team. You can easily loose all that going and pulling a stunt like you did with bashing Onderon. Let your play on the field do all the talking. If it ever happens again you'll be benched, or worse, kicked off the Rough Riders."

    "Sorry. It was an honest mistake. I had just been having a bad day and decided to vent on the media about the game. Jenna just makes my blood boil for some reason. We never got along at the All-Star Game and she almost took a few cheap shots at me while on the field. Either she has a crush on me or she just plain hates me."

    That last comment got a chuckle out of Mothker. "Just don't do it again. Now go home get rested up, and lets have one more outstanding day of practice tomorrow before Gameday." He Shook Zeke's hand and walked back into his office.

    As Zeke was heading home on his speeder bike his communicator went off. Hoping that it was Gargova Broussard, his lifelong best friend and now girlfriend, he quickly pulled it out. His mouth almost dropped open when the voice on the other end turned out to be Jenna.

    "Hello there mister hot shot"

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