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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed

    "Hello there mister hot shot" Jenna said on the other end of the communicator. Jenna knew that she would surprise him by talking to him directly. She didn't know why he made her blood boil. Could be his cocky demeanor what ever it was she didn't like it.

    "I'll get my revenge this time around you won't even be able to stop me this time."

    "I promise you that." she said with a haughty tone in her voice.

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  2. JM_1977

    JM_1977 Jedi Master star 6

    May 23, 2011
    Zeke Barbosa

    "My powers have double since the last time we met. And this time I will handle myself under pressure."

    For some strange reason his heart raced every time he thought of Jenna, or even talked to her. He still couldn't figure out why. Then he blurted out something he regretted a split second later.

    "If you like me just say so. You can quit harassing me and calling me on my personal communitcator."

  3. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed

    "What!" Jenna said loudly in the communicator. She couldn't believe what he just said. The nerve of him saying that.

    Of course she didn't like him "As if" she said in hopeful convincing manner.

    "Look bubble head I don't like you. I don't know where you're getting your information but it's completely absolutely one hundred percent wrong!

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  4. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Vincent Cutter
    Board of Governors Meeting

    Cutter sighed and looked at Aebatt who had given her approval of the situation. Figures that Beskaryc and his helmet wearing goons were queasy about the league determining a franchise's internal workings. Mandos had a history of being an isolated lot. And as for that helmet. Why didn't he take the damn thing off? Had he missed the memo about wearing a tin can on your head? Next time he'd wear an old stormtrooper helmet just to fit in. Maker above! The Monarchs didn't like that idea either. That bothered Cutter. Bothered him a lot. He'd had the league breathing down his neck for years. You just dealt with it. Cutter couldn't figure those two out. One minute they were in bed with the Chancellor, the next they were throwing her under the proverbial bus.

    Say what you wanted to about Kerry Trieste, the woman was the sole reason the Republic even functioned, let alone the galaxy at large.You needed something done, you went to Trieste. Even though Nar Shaddaa technically belonged to the Roon Trade Organization, run by the Vehn clan, everyone on the Vertical City knew that it was the Republic that kept the trade winds blowing favorably in the Vertical City's direction. But enough thoughts on galactic politics. The truth of the matter was, the league had changed. This new breed was messing everything up. You couldn't count on the Triestes or the Vehns to steer galactic sporting policy anymore and that was wrong. Very wrong.

    Frak, Cutter thought as he heard the tallies for the decision, 4-2.

    Another proposal flew his way. This one a little less insulting. This one was something he could work with.

    "I concur," Cutter announced.

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  5. JM_1977

    JM_1977 Jedi Master star 6

    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa

    "Well if you say you don't like me then why do you keep bagging on me. You know some people might take that as flirting with me."

    Zeke could just hear Jenna cursing in the background. It almost made him smile. He was having way to much fun with this.

    "You give up yet Jenna?"

  6. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed

    Jenna was so mad at Zeke for thinking that she liked him. She knew that she had to get even with him during the game.

    "I will never give up I get even. I'll see you at the game then we will find out who gets the last laugh."

    She switched off the comm link and went on her way. She went to the gym to let off some steam.

    "I'll show him" she said as she punched a boxing bag imagining that she was punching Zeke's face.

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  7. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Court Hallway

    Gark was exhausted. For the past two weeks, he had been fighting for his life in a solo battle against Calo Mornd and his endless parade of attorneys and goons in court. Had this been a Limmie game, Gark’s face would have been matted with sweat from all the energy he was exerting. He was physically and mentally spent, yet the opposition could just wheel in a new face every few hours and keep up the attack. However, he had no such luxury; this was testing him in every way possible. His resolve was strong, but he felt like his mind was starting to go numb. He needed sleep badly, but there was little to be had. Every waking second, he was devising a plan to get some new tidbit of information in, and it consumed his life. He hardly ate, hardly ever slept, and whenever he had a moment to himself, he kept looking for that one small bit of evidence that would tip the scales in his favor.

    He had already put in all his evidence, and had been cross-examined countless times by Mornd’s attorneys. But he held firm, blasting them whenever he could in his own defense when it came time to question Mornd and his lackies. The jury was going to have a lot to think about, it appeared. Rumor had it that the Elite League offices were thinking of lending him help, but Gark knew that he didn’t want them to interfere with this. It was not their battle to fight; it was his, and his alone. If he won this by having Mornd be slapped with other court action by Kayl’hen, that wouldn’t clear his name. All it would do would give him an edge that he couldn’t use because his name would still be black-listed. No, he had to gut this one out on his own. He had even used the taped conversation with Mornd oh so long ago, the one where Mornd had put out some rather damning evidence. But one never knew with the jury; they could still think that Gark was guilty and condemn him on sight.

    Finally, a voice came from out of the blue. “The jury is ready to give their verdict.”

    “All right,” Gark said. This was it; everything he had worked for the past few months was going to come down to this. Either he would leave later that day as an emancipated man, or he would lose and his name would be mud forever more. As Gark settled himself in the seat one last time, he looked over at Mornd, who was wringing his hands nervously. So Mornd did seem a little nervous here; that was good. The jurors came in and sat down at their place, the foreman remaining standing to give the verdict.

    “Has the jury decided on a verdict?” the judge asked in a deep voice.

    “We have,” the foreman said.

    Gark shut his eyes. He didn’t want to watch, almost hoping that keeping his eyes shut would prevent the jury from ruling against him. Everything was coming back now; all of the hardships, the sleeping on a couch, the utter breakdown of the Senators franchise in front of him as he was powerless to do anything, his sister’s hurtful disowning of him, it all came down to this. Gark’s breath sped up, his heart racing. This was it.

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  8. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Coruscant, outside the Board of Governor's meeting

    The owner's meeting had lasted for longer then Taab had thought possible. Especially as the main topic, the only topic really, had been the situation created by Calo Mornd. Truly if he were this much of a problem to the league why not just have him killed? Taab was sure he knew of at least a dozen ways he could do it himself and make it look like an accident. Better not to bring that up in front of the Chancellor, especially after the Kor'le incident a few years ago. The aruetiise were so squeamish about such things. Taab would be amused by that if it weren't so annoying in this case.

    The length of the meetings had forced a short break upon them, and a chance to speak with the media. Taab had kept things close to the besar'gam in his chats there, thhe better to present the illusion of a united front against Mornd. He was about to head back in to the boardroom when one last question was shouted out to him.

    "Mr. Taab, you have made it a habit of attending every Mercs road game for the past few years, are you upset about not getting to see Bakura for Truce Day this year?"

    Taab paused a moment before turning around. "While I will miss seeing our players finish out the regular season, especially with a playoff berth on the line for us, I frankly don't give a shab for
    the whole world of Bakura..."


    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Ryi looked over at her rival as the players stretched on the field prior to their matchup. A rivalry that almost seemed tarnished and forgotten in the past year. Part of that had to do with Alana's horrible season following her winning the MVP trophy, as well as the Miner's recent play. Though if Kor'le were honest with herself, she knew she and the Mercs were partly to blame as well. Last season they had missed out on the playoffs and they were seen in some circles as a team on the downslope. Still at least they had won something during the Great Quiet, and the credits provided as a bonus for their Rim Series Championship had gone a long way to taking the sting out of the way last season had ended.

    But this year the Mercs still had a chance, how good a chance she wasn't sure. The holo-zines had been going crazy presenting all of the various scenarios for the end of the season and what it would take for each team to make the playoffs. All of those were further complicated by the situation on Coruscant. It was enough to make any sentient's head spin, and Ryi had tried to pay no attention to any of it. Only what she could affect mattered, and that meant doing her best to win this game.

    She looked around at the stadium as the Bakuran Anthem played, it was so typically boring this aruetiise song, nothing at all like the more bombastic Mandalorian songs she learned as a child. Still there would be no dha werda verde this time. Last time the Mercs were here for surrender day (or whatever they called it) that had only served to fire the Miners up. The team had decided that today they would play things cool, and professional.

    The fans had other ideas though. As a team the Mercs travelled rather well with regards to the fans. Being that the Mandalorian people were nomadic in nature it only made sense that there would be mando'ade across the galaxy clamoring for a ticket when their team came into town. Today was no exception and now, after the Bakuran anthem had ended they made themselves heard.

    Oh we don't give a shab for the whole world of Bakura,
    the whole world of Bakura,
    the whole world of Bakura.
    We don't give a shab for the whole world of Bakura
    We're from manda'yaim!
    We're from manda'yaim. Manda!
    We're from manda'yaim. Mando
    O, we don't give a shab for the whole world of Bakura,
    the whole world of Bakura,
    the whole world of Bakura.
    We don't give a shab for the whole world of Bakura,
    We're from manda'yaim!

    Apparently the Mandalorian fans had taken the words from Taab's last comments to the press and run with them, and there were enough of them that the new chant could be heard down on the field. Kor'le looked once more to the Miner's bench. oh yes they had heard them, and she knew that now more than ever, the rivalry was back on.


    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Board of Governors meeting

    Taab listened as the Chancellor spoke, she had actually given a sound idea for the rest of them to consider. Perhaps he had misjudged her...

    "We can work with this plan, should it be necessary."

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  9. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
  10. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "Governors, I count five votes in favor of guaranteeing the financial operations of the Senators should they make the Galactic Cup Playoffs," Kayl'hen said, "constituting a majority of the eight members. We will draft a press release to inform the galaxy and make tentative overtures to members of the Senators organization regarding organizing administration of a team in the event they make the playoffs. Their veterans sitting out might be likely candidates to spearhead such an effort. I propose tabling the issue of punitive measures against Mornd for his actions."

    "I second the measure," Trieste said, "and add that I'll be damned if I ever let Callo Mornd interfere in this League's affairs again."

    "With the second the issue is tabled," Kayl'hen said, "Thank you all for your attendance on such short notice to resolve this issue. We will reconvene during the offseason for our annual meeting."

    Kerry stood and looked at Taab. "You know, they put a pretty fast starship at the disposal of the Chancellor and I intend to make the game. Want a lift?"

    Thanks to the Board of Governors meeting, it's a big week for bonus rolls! Bakura,Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, Rydonni Prime, Ryloth, and Thyferra (in place of Coruscant) all receive bonus rolls.

    Elite League Limmie
    Week 7 Results

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (24-15)
    Euceron Storm at Coruscant Senators (8-16)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (20-35)
    Nadiem Chiefs at Vandelhelm Jets (32-4)

    (4) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    (3) Vandelhelm Jets at (2) Coruscant Senators)

    Final Standings
    1. Rydonni Prime Monarchs (4-3)
    2. Coruscant Senators (4-3)
    3. Vandelhelm Jets (4-3)
    4. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (4-3)
    5. Bakura Miners (3-4)
    6. Nadiem Chiefs (3-4)
    7. Euceron Storm (3-4)
    8. Mando'ade Mercs (3-4)
    Tiebreaks as follows:
    The 4-3 Tiebreak
    • Coruscant defeated Nar Shaddaa and Vandelhelm, lost to Rydonni Prime (2-1)
    • Nar Shaddaa defeated Rydonni Prime, lost to Coruscant and Vandelhelm (1-2)
    • Rydonni Prime defeated Coruscant and Vandelhelm, lost to Nar Shaddaa (2-1)
    • Vandelhelm defeated Nar Shaddaa, lost to Coruscant and Rydonni Prime (1-2)
    Rydonni Prime wins 2-1 tiebreak by virtue of victory over Coruscant and is the Commissioner's Trophy winner. Vandelhelm wins 1-2 tiebreak by virtue of victory over Nar Shaddaa.

    The 3-4 Tiebreak
    • Bakura defeated Euceorn, Mando'ade, and Nadiem (3-0)
    • Euceron defeated Nadiem, lost to Bakura and Mando'ade (1-2)
    • Mando'ade defeated Euceron, lost to Bakura and Nadiem (1-2)
    • Nadiem defeated Mando'ade, lost to Bakura and Euceron (1-2)
    Bakura outright wins the #5 slot. Circular tie between Euceron, Mando'ade, Nadiem (Euceron def. Nadiem, Nadiem def. Mando'ade, Mando'ade def. Euceron) so point differential kicks in. Nadiem is +10, Euceron is +5, and Mando'ade is -26. Mando'ade will have the first pick among Elite League teams in the 271 Draft.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (4) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    (3) Vandelhelm Jets at (2) Coruscant Senators

    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    Commissioner Kayl'hen reviewed the final results and standings of the League. Surprisingly, Coruscant had pulled out a victory and even gotten a home playoff game in the bargain. Though the League would fund the Senators' operations, she was not confident that they could force Mornd to allow the Senators to play in the stadium that now bore his name. They'd need some place for the Senators to host the Jets. Luckily, Coruscant had several Limmie venues and there was one that she knew would be available this time of year.

    She commed her secretary. "Get me Martin Locke at CorTech, please."

    Week 7 Results

    Corellia Rebels at Alsakan Flyers (31-4)
    Chandrila Patriots at Genet Vornskrs (3-11)
    Agamar Packers at Kuat Triforce (25-35)
    Ryloth Rough Riders at Onderon Crazy Dragons (17-27)

    Final Standings
    1. Genet Vornskrs (6-1)
    2. Kuat Triforce (4-3)
    3. Onderon Crazy Dragons (4-3) [JEDI_TEEGIRLOO (Sam Poland, General Manager)]
    4. Ryloth Rough Riders (3-4) [JediMaster_1977 (Zeke Barbosa, Player)]
    5. Corellia Rebels (3-4)
    6. Chandrila Patriots (3-4)
    7. Agamar Packers (3-4)
    8. Alsakan Flyers (2-5)
    Tiebreaks are as follows:
    The 4-3 Tiebreak:
    Kuat defeated Onderon.

    The 3-4 Tiebreak:
    • Agamar defeated Chandrila, lost to Corellia and Ryloth (1-2)
    • Chandrila defeated Corellia, lost to Agamar and Ryloth (1-2)
    • Corellia defeated Agamar, lost to Chandrila and Ryloth (1-2)
    • Ryloth defeated Agamar, Chandrila, and Corellia (3-0)
    Ryloth outright wins the #4 seed. Circular tie between Agamar, Chandrila, and Corellia (Agamar def. Chandrila, Chandrila def. Corellia, Corellia def. Agamar) so point differential kicks in. Corellia is +19, Chandrila is +5, Agamar is -22.

    GCLA Playoffs
    (4) Ryloth Rough Riders at (1) Genet Vornskrs
    (3) Onderon Crazy Dragons at (2) Kuat Triforce

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  11. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008

    Week 7 Results
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Thyferra Force (32-19)
    Toprawa Torpedoes at Kessel Runners (4-31)
    Naboo Ducks at Bison Sabres (28-29)
    Kamino Waves at Druckenwell Marksmen (18-16)
    Bastion Imperial LC at Kashyyyk Rangers (30-30, OT 0-3)
    Denon Demons at Balmorra Blasters (2-14)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Cloud City Sky Captains (31-15)
    Mon Calamari Mariners at Concordia Crusaders (34-8)
    Fondor Freedom at Commenor Gundarks (16-1)

    Premier League Premiership
    (6)Kessel Runners at (3)Toprawa Torpedoes
    (5)Kamino Waves at (4)Balmorra Blasters

    ??? at (1)Thyferra Force
    ??? at (2)Druckenwell Markmen
  12. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Vincent Cutter
    The Grand Villa, Rydonni Prime






    The Fab Five as they were called on Nar Shaddaa. Five names that routinely scored against the Monarchs defensive backfield, five names of terror, five names from hell.

    After last week's loss to the Jets, the Smugglers regrouped and decided to head back to the basics after playing a very sloppy game of Limmie. Coach Everoux had pulled the team together after a painful loss at home to strike hard and fast in the heart of the Monarchs and put them away by the start of the second half. Cutter, eager to get away from the doldrums of League meetings, had decided to attend this game not only to support the franchise he had helped build after the death of Smuggler great Rhia Grames but also check the pulse of a squad that had been sporadic at times.

    Chambers looked a little slow today. She had suffered an illegal hit in the game against the Jets and her play was not as tight or as focused as it could've been. No, today was a day for the offense. A unit that ranked number three in the league. The Monarchs were potent on that side of the ball and Cutter was pleased to see that Everoux's game plan against the Monarchs was paying off. Their offensive unit had been contained all game long and as the game ended, Vincent breathed a sigh of relief. The Smugglers had won, 24-15, and once more were headed into the post season. Ever since the league had changed the playoff format, those post season berths had meant so much more to him. This squad had a lot of fight in them and as he watched them come off the field, heads held high in victory, he knew they would have to play the Monarchs one more time to reach the Final. One more time to have a shot at another Galactic Cup.

    No, you can't think too far ahead, Cutter. He reminded himself. Today they should celebrate but not for too long. They'd have to come right back around and do this again, one more time. Silence the crowd, win the game.

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  13. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Andrew Mundle
    Calo Mornd Stadium

    The season finale between the Coruscant Senators and the Euceron Storm was a big game. League pundits all week had said that the winner of this game would make the playoffs, and the loser would watch the playoffs at home. Well, that was at least true for the Storm, who were looking to break back into the playoffs once more. For the Senators, this was a pride game. With Calo Mornd shutting the team down soon, the fans who packed the stands at Mornd Stadium were sad that this was going to be the last game they would probably see at the venue for a long time, possibly ever.

    This depressed attitude spread even to the Senators players. With the firing of Aileen Wynn two weeks earlier, and a full week of practice, all of the players who had been sitting out in protest had come back to the team and were going to be in uniform. For the first time all season, ‘The Wall’ was going to be present in its entirety, with Dirxx Horstse, Shayt Contar, Shev Fil’yer and Jerek Deter returning to the lineup, the former three playing their first game of the season. Although they didn’t admit it, most people with any kind of expertise in Limmie believed that they only came back to prove to the other teams in the league that they could still play after such a long spell of sitting out. This was most likely a contract move, getting some game tape to gear up for Free Agency.

    But, for the protesting players, this was going to be their last game for the Senators. Although the League seemed to be interested in getting Coruscant through the playoffs, they weren’t so sure if that would fly. So they braced themselves for the worst, and the mood in the stadium was more somber than it should be when the Senators, dressed in their trademark jet black uniforms with orange highlights, rushed out of their team tunnel during pregame.

    Andrew Mundle, the long-time offensive coordinator, had taken over head coaching duties the week before after Wynn was fired, and was promptly killed by Mandalore in a head-scratching loss days later. The defense had been out of whack all game long, and although the offense had done a decent job of scoring, led by rookie senation Zadd with his twelve points, the leaks in the defense had led to way too many shots on goal put on goalie Tavis Corizyl, and a loss had been put up on the board. Andrew had been unsure of his ability to be a head coach seasons before, and this loss had just compounded his nightmare. He could coach an offense with ease, but try adding the entire team to that, especially with the complexity of his offensive scheme already making that much difficult. It was good having Palla Tyroti and Rqavil Gynordis helping him coach the team, but Andrew knew that he just wasn’t cut out for this job. At least not yet.

    The only positive note for the Senators was the return of Syprul Raches to the lineup. Raches, the Numifolis Award winner in 268, had torn his ACL early on in training camp, which was an injury that cost all players an entire season. However, it had been early enough that, along with the several months lost due to the Great Quiet, Raches had been cleared to play this week. Although Bel Erein would make another start at Full Forward, Raches would see the field for a few minutes, because although his injury had healed enough for him to play, the team doctors deemed that it would be safer to limit his minutes. So Syprul was going to play, but he most likely wouldn’t be a focal point of the offense.

    The beginning of the game seemed to echo the sentiments of the crowd. The Storm stymied the Senators offense for the first twenty minutes, preventing newly-returned Polis Vayne and Moen Heatly from getting involved in the offense at all. Jet Adama and Zadd had both scored bar points by this point, but the rest of the offense was out of sync. It was obvious that the two stars on offense for Coruscant had been negatively impacted by their protest, and weren’t in Elite League shape. Meanwhile, on the other end, the Coruscant defense had held rather firm, although they had given up eight tough points to the Storm on a pair of Lann Helkin goals and two bar points. ‘The Wall’ was back in force, making plays like they had never left the team. However, the rest of the defense struggled, opening up holes for the Storm to exploit. Tavis Corizyl was doing a good job in goal, but enough shots were going in his direction that he couldn’t stop them all. The defense had to hold! In the middle of the field, Alysha Romax was missing running mate Izzi Polakaya, whose contract had been terminated weeks earlier by Mornd because she had refused to return to the Senators after the end of the Great Quiet. The same went for backup forward Pryce Kniferunner, who was also without a contract from an Elite League team.

    At the half, it was 8-2 Euceron on top. A few boos emanated from the crowd as the Senators trudged back to their locker room. Once inside, Andrew looked at his defeated troops. They looked weary, especially the stars who had sat out. There was little energy in the room, and Andrew knew this. But what could he do? The team was going under after this game, and this was on everyone’s mind. What could they do? What was the point of playing this game?

    “I know that none of us want to be here now,” Andrew said to start off his halftime speech. “I don’t really want to be here either. I’d rather be hiding under a rock right now, because I don’t want to believe that this team is gone after this game. But we need to hold our chins high and get out of here with a win.”

    “What’s the point, Coach?” Polis Vayne asked, a towel draped over his head. “We’re all goners after this game anyways . . .”

    “We have to give the fans something to be proud of,” Andrew said, but the team still looked depressed. He didn’t blame them; it was hard to believe in anything anymore for this hard-luck squad.

    “What? Nothing we do means anything,” Erein said, propping her head up on one knee.

    “And we’re just so out of it today,” another bench player moped.

    “Well, I know I can’t do anything about that, but we need to finish . . .”

    “Finish what?” Adama asked. “Nothing ever started here. Ugh, this has been a terrible season . . .”

    “I didn’t come this far just to see you all quit,” came a sharp voice from the door at the back of the room.

    All eyes turned to see where the voice was coming from. Was it from a dream, because it sounded familiar? Finally, a Bothan, dressed ruggedly in a shoddy-looking suit and looking rather unkempt, entered the room, a serious look on his face.

    “It’s the boss,” said one of the players quietly, which echoed in the stunned silence of the room as everyone stared at Gark S’rily, former GM and Coach of the Senators. The Bothan had a half-scowl on his face as he looked upon the tired players. It was obvious that he was not happy.

    “What the hell do you want?” Moen Heatly said angrily, attempting to stand up. The blood was boiling in his veins; he was going to finish the job this time.

    “Take a look for yourself,” Gark said dismissively, tossing a datapad forwards. Dirxx caught it and began to read the headline aloud.

    “Gark S’rily, former General Manager of the Coruscant Senators Limmie club, and former executive at Andromeda Steel and Droid Corporation, has been cleared on all charges by a Tenth-Circuit Court earlier today on a vote of complete confidence in Mr. S’rily’s innocence. The defendant in the case, Calo Mornd, has been charged with five counts of money laundering, three counts of grand larceny, two counts of beingslaughter, two counts of sabotage, five counts of making false police statements, and one count of lying to a judge, among other things. Mornd was sentenced to a life term in prison for his crimes, removing him from his post as CEO of Andromeda and the owner/General manager of the Senators. S’rily, whose goal of the court action was to clear his name in the public opinion, is no longer black-listed in any official court documents, and as such all of his frozen assets shall be returned to him by the end of the day. Additionally, he has been given full control once again over the operations of the Senators, along with all naming rights to the stadium and other trademarks.” Dirxx finished reading, and then looked up at the Bothan. Several more moments of silence followed as the two stared each other down. Finally, Dirxx got up out of his sitting position, and everyone turned to watch what he would do. However, his arms went down, and he grabbed Gark in a big hug. Gark felt his throat getting squeezed tightly by the Besalisk’s meaty arms, but this was one time where he didn’t mind having to gasp for air. At least this time now it was on friendly terms, not like the way he had felt mentally only days before. At that time, it almost had felt like the entire galaxy was suffocating him. Now, it was slightly less so.

    “He’s back!” Dirxx exclaimed. But, instead of it being in rage, he seemed genuinely delighted to have Gark back.

    In the coming moments, the rest of the team swarmed their former coach, congratulating him on clearing his name. Moen came up, grinning sheepishly. “Sorry about that little outburst back there,” he said, scratching his head nervously.

    “I would have done the same thing if I was in your position,” Gark replied after getting free from Dirxx’s grasp. “Hey, I’d like to say a few things, so if you guys could let me get up there to the board . . .” He was finally able to make his way through the sea of bodies over to where the coaches were. Andrew Mundle nodded, and Gark returned the favor. It was good being back. All of the players sat down once again, but this time they were intently listening to the Bothan. “All right, so I want you guys to know one thing. You’ve been down all season. The media hated you, the ownership hated you, your coach hated you. I know a few things about that, and it was not fun. But you know something I learned during my exile? I learned never to give up, no matter the circumstances. When life pushes you down, you get right back up again. You have to shine in the face of adversity. I fought the galaxy and won; what do you guys want to be remembered for? So, are you guys ready to follow your ol’ coach, who looks like a wreck and probably is only standing up here in front of you today on frayed nerves, onto the field of battle today with NO FEAR and everything to PROVE?!”

    “Yeah!” the entire team shouted in unison. The locker room had gone from being silent to completely electric. This was Limmie at its finest.

    “OK, good to know that I got that over with,” Gark said, cracking his first grin in a long time. Man it felt good to finally have people back on his side after being an outcast for so long. “So, Andrew, what’s our situation here today?”

    “Not good,” Andrew said. “We’re out of sorts today. The defense is holding, but our offense is stagnant. I can’t coach the team and the offense at the same time; it’s too hard with all of my line calls and audibles.”

    “Well, then consider yourself relieved of head coaching duties,” Gark said. “That’ll let you focus on the offense.”

    “Good,” Andrew said. He looked relieved.

    “All right,” Gark said. “I don’t want to see that you quit on your coaches and your fans. I want you to go out this second half and show everyone that we are still the team to beat in this League, no matter what crap had occurred this season. Offense, I need you to let it out. Whatever aggression you have bottled up in you now, unleash it. Alysha, I need you to send a message to Euceron’s midfielders that you aren’t going to be pushed around. Defense, lock down any gaps in the defense and keep your assignment in front of you at all times. Let’s show the Storm that we’ve brought the thunder and lightning with us today.”


    The fans in the stands were getting restless. The Storm had come out onto the field minutes earlier to warm up, but the Senators were still nowhere to be found. Had Mornd been able to shut down the team before they had even finished their last game? What a disgrace he was to them all, and many of the fans were sad enough already. There wasn’t going to be a next year at this rate, and it depressed Senator fans all over the galaxy to know that their favorite team was about to go under. Fans who had years earlier clamored to get their season tickets for the next season were now unsure of what to do. They would have to find their Limmie fix in other ways now, probably going to more AC Coruscant games along with Super 16 and other college league games. The University of Coruscant was doing terribly now, and the Air Fleet Academy had struggled near the end of the season, but at least National and Republican Universities had done well, and CorTech was coming around for the first time in a long time. But it still wouldn’t be the same without the Senators.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just received breaking news,” said the announcer, which broke the silence in the stadium. “If you would, please fix your eyes on the jumbo screens around the stadium.” All eyes indeed turned; what was going on here? Then, a picture of a judge appeared on the screen, his spectacles hanging low on his nose.

    “We hereby acquit Gark S’rily, the prosecutor in S’rily vs. Mornd, of all charges that have been filed against him. In addition, his name has been cleared in all official court documents, his frozen assets shall be returned to him in due time, and, most importantly, he is found not guilty on any charge of criminal activities. As such, he shall be given back ownership of the Coruscant Senators Limmie club, along with all rights associated with the team. As for Calo Mornd, he has been sentenced to life in prison for a whole list of charges that I will not read out now. However, he has officially relinquished all ownership rights to the Senator organization, giving primary ownership back to Mr. S’rily. That is all.” The screen then proceeded to show Mornd being dragged out of the court room kicking and screaming bloody murder at the jurors and judge by the court guards.

    Silence echoed in the stadium for several seconds. Then, someone clapped their hands together. Someone else joined in, making two claps. Then four, then eight. Then two hundred people. Then a thousand people. Within five seconds, the entire stadium lit up with applause; the nightmare was finally over!

    “All right fans, are you ready for your Coruscant Senators?” yelled the announcer. The crowd, now fired up once again, roared their approval. The Senators, at least for now, were back. The stadium cameras all descended towards the Senator team tunnel, and even more noise came from the crowd as the Senators spilled out of the tunnel. They no longer looked like a team that had been beaten down; there was new life in their veins. The crowd cheered wildly as they saw their troops come out with an abundance of energy; this was what they came to expect from their team over the years.

    However, the cameras stayed focused on the team tunnel after the team had left. A solitary figure came out of the tunnel, a ruffled-looking Bothan wearing a Coruscant t-shirt that was too big for him and a spare coaching headset. The crowd was silent for a moment as Gark emerged from the team tunnel, and then became absolutely ecstatic. “Gar S’rily! Gark S’rily!” they chanted in their four-syllable unison chant. The chant filled the stadium, echoing around the place like mad hornets.

    For Gark, this was something that, months earlier, he feared he would never experience again. The feel of the grass under his feet, the sweet air of a Limmie stadium, the energy of the crowd, the feeling that he was once again in control of his life. But for now, he would have to look past that; he had a game to win.

    The chants of his name continued into the start of the second half, and the energy that he had brought to his team seemed to be paying off. Only a minute in, Zadd took a pass from Alysha, sidestepped a defender, and made a crisp pass towards Jet Adama. Adama made a nice catch over his shoulder, and then whipped it around the side of a Storm defender to Polis Vayne. Polis then skipped the ball to the other side of the goal, where Moen Heatly was waiting. Moen pump faked to draw the Storm goalie off balance, and then rocketed a shot into the back of the net. 8-5 Storm, and the crowd went wild. That was the Senators offense they knew from years past.

    Another goal came a few minutes later. Adama set up Polis with a nice feed, leaving Polis one-on-one with the goalie. Polis buried a shot into the net, tying the game up at 8. Meanwhile, the Senator defense, as Gark had suggested at halftime, was locking things down. The Storm offense couldn’t find holes to operate in, and began to turn the ball over with alarming regularity. Helkin was being double-teamed a lot, Palla Tyroti’s defensive scheme clamping down on him and his Euceron teammates. The tide had changed.

    Coruscant finally began to pull away after Alysha tossed a ball over the bar for a point, and after Adama had burned the Storm defense for another bar point to push the Senator lead to 10-8. “Bring the hammer down!” Gark yelled to his offense. “We’ve got ‘em running now!” Bel Erein, the full forward, tossed the ball over to Lokesh Fil’ish, perhaps the best set-up player in the league. She scanned the field, and then fired a no-look pass to Syprul Raches. The Shistavanen, who had just come in for the first time, caught the ball and, seeing that he had space, drilled a rocket off his foot. The Storm defense was unable to get a hand on it, and the ball screamed into the back of the net for another Senators goal. 13-8 Coruscant.

    With thirteen minutes left, Gark made another ploy. He called in a trick formation that he had been saving in the back of his mind for a long time. “Switcheroo!” he yelled to his team. As such, the defenders ran forward to take the ball up the field, and the offense dropped back into the defensive zone, along with one of the midfielders. Alysha accompanied the defense while they began their attack. Dirxx tossed it to Shev, who rifled it to Jerek. Jerek, who had always wanted to score some points, bullrushed the goal. The Storm were caught completely off-guard by this move, and were confused as to what defense to play against the burly Senators defensive unit. Jerek bullrushed the goal, and was the recipient of a brutal screen set by Dirxx. Then, bringing the ball around, he used a move that he had seen done at the All-Star Game by Med Braden. Actually, the play had been right on him; there was no fooling Jerek twice with the same move. Knowing that he had no shot at throwing the ball into the goal, he pulled his arm back with his hand underneath the ball and came forward with it almost like a bowler. The ball smacked into the field and then, with a wicked spin, hooked over to the left. It eked past the fingers of the goalie and went in. 16-8 Senators.

    That was more than enough. The Senator defense stymied the Storm and held them scoreless in the second half. The final score: Senators 16, Storm 8. The crowd was ecstatic; this was what they had come to see. Gark found himself at the end of the game hoisted into the air on the shoulders of his players and carried onto the field. He lifted his arms into the air in triumph; what a win, but more importantly, what a comeback in his life. Days earlier, he had been a wrecked man with an impossible dream. Now, he was back on top of the galaxy, loved by his team and the fans once again. He had done the impossible, and now he was reaping the rewards of his hard work.

    Gark finally had to run down the PA crew as they left the field. He had a few things to say to the crowd. So, the PA crew set up a microphone, and Gark walked out on the field alone with it in hand. The Storm had left the field, but the Senators team, noticing that their coach was still on the field, held up and watched. Finally, Gark stopped in the middle of the Senators logo, and all eyes turned to him. “Hi,” he said simply. The crowd burst out in cheers; Gark S’rily was back in town.

    “This has been a long time coming for me,” Gark said. “I’ve had a rough past few months. It’s tough when everything, everyone you know, is taken from you. I was a broken man for a long time. I missed the game, missing it but not knowing if it missed me in return. I’m not going to bore you all with a sob story, though. But what I am going to do is apologize. All of you have been mired in the middle of an absolutely terrible mess this season. Being told that your team would be shut down at the end of the season, that’s tough. This franchise has been around for over 300 years, and to close it down? That’s unbelievable. But that was also torture for me. I watched as the team I had helped build began to fall apart. Loyalties began to fray, and the team was divided. The protesting was a tough time for all of us, but for all of you, here and watching this at home, that was even harder for you. And . . . And I wasn’t able to prevent that from happening. For that, I am truly sorry. I failed all of you by not standing up to Calo Mornd earlier, but I was afraid. I had no one to turn to, and I gave up. I told myself that there was no going back, and for a long time, I believed that there was no hope. But, then an old friend helped me get through the dark times, and a wise man told me that I had nothing to be ashamed of. So I came back, and now I stand in front of you all now having completed his quest against long odds.

    But one sore item remains. This team, I’m afraid, has now been declared bankrupt by the legal system.” There was a shockwave going through the crowd; how could this be? The League hadn’t been successful in keeping the team afloat for the playoffs? “I was notified of this on my way over from court, and I am absolutely distraught at the news. Mornd has done so much damage to this franchise, and now we’re left to pick up the pieces. But you know something? I’m not going to let him get the last laugh on me. Somehow, by any means necessary, I’ll make it up to all of you. That talk of declining a playoff spot? I swear, right here and right now, that this team, these fans, are going to get the taste of playoff Limmie. We are going to the playoffs this season!” The fans erupted in cheers once again; this was what they had been praying for a long few weeks. “If I have to, I will personally float the bill the get this team through the playoffs. And, as for the team going bankrupt, I promise you this: no matter what it takes, I will get Coruscant Limmie back here. It may not be this next year, but I swear that the Senators will be back here soon enough!” The energy in the stadium was palpable; it was easy to believe that had it been a bomb of pure energy, it could easily wipe out entire buildings with its power.

    “See you all in the playoffs,” Gark said, ending his speech. The crowd gave him a standing ovation as he left the field; this was Senators Limmie at its finest. When Gark made his way back to his team, he was mobbed by the players and coaches, who began to jump up and down and yell “Senators! Senators!” The crowd picked up on it, and began to mimic the motion.

    “Welcome back,” Dirxx said as the team went back to the locker room.

    “Thanks,” Gark said. It certainly felt good to be back.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    The Miners were humming today. Riding the Truce Day high, they got to business early and often on the offensive side of the ball. The new front six that Gaeriel Valerii had pushed for the week before had remained in place and the change was self-evident. Rodders was more integrated into the attack. While he was a heck of a passer, using his arm to put the bolo-ball on net was devastating. He was throwing absolute rockets. They were hard shots and when they were stopped they looked like they were painful stops that were made.

    It felt like it had taken an entire season, but the Miners, who had been completely overhauled by Cundertol in the offseason, seemed to be finally gelling. The defense wasn’t quite where it needed to be, as evidenced by the way Kor’le and her cohorts were picking neat scores on the back six and Cephala. Maybe it was the energy in the Gardens, but both teams were playing fast tempo, high scoring. The Miners were answering the Merc scores quickly and with confidence.

    Alana felt like it. The Miners-Mercs game had thus far been a regular season affair, but her existing history with Ryi elevated her game, especially when at home. She’d yet to break through at Mesh’la Vhetin but she knew that she had the edge at the Gardens. With North sufficiently chastened to stay defensively responsible, Alana was able to activate into the offensive zone without fear. Now that she was back into the flow of the Elite League season, Alana had found her conditioning again and she was flying back and forth with the play. When she overloaded the zone, she was often able to lose Fi and Rov’al and get space. That was why she’d already put up one goal and two bar points today—a pretty good day against any team but a very satisfying one against the Mercs.

    The Miner fans were in high spirits today and they remembered two years ago when the players had answered the Dha Werda Verda pregame chant of the Mercs with one of the Miner songs, Rare Old Times. The refrain was echoing through the stadium:

    Ring a ring a rosie
    As the light declines
    I remember Salis D’aar
    In the rare old times

    It provided a cadence to the Miners’ play, a steady undercurrent. This was what home field advantage should be, why teams should worry coming into the Gardens. The problem was that the Miners hadn’t played worthy of the support of their fans early in the season and squandered it. That was something they’d need to rectify next season—to play hard like this when it mattered, not when it was just a pride game. But that was something that they’d address in the offseason. Alana was focused on the present as she shrugged tackles.

    And since it was a game against Ryi, there was of course unfinished business to be attended to. “Goofy! Goofy!” Alana called out to Everett. It was a prearranged signal between them to flip their coverages and move Alana back into the D-zone and Everett up. Alana flew up the field and converted herself into a defensive back. She stepped up into double coverage of Kor’le, who had just received the ball. Unaware of the new Miners’ defensive scheme, she was unaware of the redhead bearing down on her. Rather than go for the blind side tackle, Alana decided to pull a different maneuver. She went in for a flyby of the star Merc and just as Ryi was squaring to pass to a teammate, Alana arrived and popped the ball out of the one handed grasp of Kor’le. Glencross caught it and moved it up the field to Landa.

    “Cycle up, cycle up!” she called out to North and the pair returned to their usual formation with Alana leading the charge in the offensive zone again. It was a lot of intensive effort, but it kept the Mercs guessing as to exactly what midfield they were going to see out of the Miners and disorient them. But Alana wanted to capitalize on her steal from Kor’le and make sure the Miners converted. To say that would be sweet would be an understatement. It would be downright delicious.

    Landa worked the ball laterally across the field to Tah, who was now filling Rodders’ old position in the half back line. Tah had his head on a swivel and worked through his potential receivers, not seeing much of a scoring chance for himself.

    “Drop pass!” Autumn Graves shouted when the Talz looked her way.

    The Talz processed it immediately and turned his back to the goal and passed back to Alana who was coming up the field and uncovered as a recent entry to the offensive zone. She easily received the pass, got a block from Landa, hooked in to the left and put the ball on her foot for a rocket shot towards Skirata. The shot was partially screened, blocking the Mercs’ goalie’s view of it, and that made her just a little too slow to react. The back of the net swooshed and the crowd erupted as Alana notched her second goal on the day.

    She pumped her arm in celebration as she received the congratulations of her teammates. When that was finished she jogged back to midfield to ready herself for the Mercs who would undoubtedly push again. As she did so, she took a moment to give a smile to Ryi, without whom that last play couldn’t have happened.


    The 35-20 Miners victory was one of their best efforts of the season. It was bittersweet that it should come when they were out of the playoff picture, proof that the team could have done so much more if they hadn’t dropped 4 straight games in the middle of the season. Winning any one of those games could have put them back in the playoffs. Alas, it was not to be.

    But the Miners victory took the Mercs right out of the playoff picture—and into last place. That was a pretty good consolation prize. Alana didn’t hate Ryi…but she wasn’t keen to see Kor’le win it all either. She made sure to find her nemesis after the game for a handshake.

    “Awesome game, Ryi,” Alana said as she clasped Kor’le’s hand, “They say that the definition of a rivalry is a competitive spirit that makes both players better. You raise my game so high. See you next season.”

    After the exchange was finished, Alana went to the sideline and got up on the bench to applaud the fans that had been faithful in their support all year. It would be another non-playoff season, but still they had come. They’d only seen one home win this year, and still they had come. They’d suffered through the Great Quiet, but still they had come back. They’d had plenty of reasons not to give up, but still they had come. The fans cheered as the rest of the Miners followed their captain’s examples and lifted their tired arms to clap it up for the Miner fans.

    Unlike in other games, the players and coaches did not immediately retreat to the locker room, for there was something special at the end of the Truce Day game. Indeed, the Chancellor, arriving just in the nick of time for the start of the game from League meetings on Coruscant, and her family joined the players and other team officials on the field and shortly thereafter Bakura Gardens went dark.

    And then it lit up as the fireworks began.

    “Well, this was a game not to miss,” Kerry Trieste said to her children as they stood on the field, necks craned up to watch the bursts of fire and light.


    “I’ll say,” her daughter Falene replied. It was not the first time she’d been on this field this year. As a reserve player for the Prytis College of Natural Sciences Rangers, the Sopohmore had been given a much different view of what it was like to go to Bakura Gardens when they’d played the UB Salis D’aar Golden Bears. She hadn’t been the owner’s daughter then, she’d been just a player and it had awed her. She felt a different reverence for the Gardens then and it lingered now as the night sky lit up.


    “Thank you for inviting me. This was fun,” Ayn Dormingale said, a fellow UBSD student and friend of Declan’s. Their mothers had been political allies for decades, but Ayn and Declan had only first met each other when they had lived in the same dorm in college. She had patriotically worn a yellow dress for the day’s festivities, even if it was the color of the rival political party to Kerry Trieste’s Fianna Fail green. But it was one of Bakura’s two colors and she looked good in it, so what was one to do?

    “It was our pleasure,” Kerry Trieste said, “Send my regards to your grandmother. It’s a shame she couldn’t join us.”

    “I’ll be sure to do so,” Ayn said, “Grandma never was much of a Limmie fan.”


    “Then consider it a standing invitation to join us in the box next season,” Declan said, “We’ll have to educate you.”

    Ayn smiled as she watched the fireworks. She’d be seeing a lot more of the Triestes in the future. And as she watched, Declan Trieste snuck a look at Ayn out of the corners of his eyes. As he did so, her face was bathed in the red light from a sudden burst in the sky.

    Dana Roslyn had brought the Miners three Galactic Cups and then, when she’d been asked to by Kerry Trieste after last year’s 2-5 season, she had graciously resigned rather than force the Miners to fire her. It had been a last act of loyalty, a falling on her sword, for the dignity of the team she’d dedicated her career to. She didn’t regret it one bit.

    But that loyalty had brought its benefits. Whenever she cared to, Roslyn always had a ticket to a Miners game, and a good one at that. Truce Day was always a good day to take in and Roslyn had enjoyed club level seating for the day. She had to admit that Cundertol seemed to have gotten a good squad together, one that was starting to come together. She wondered whether he’d hold the line or make more changes. Luckily, that wasn’t her problem anymore. It was nice to just be able to watch Limmie for a change.

    Her datapad vibrated in her purse. Despite the booms of the fireworks, she was able to notice. She pulled it out and saw the final standings. Rydonni Prime, top of the pile.

    “Uda, you old dog,” Roslyn said with a smile, “Good for you.”

    “It’s going to be a big offseason, Han,” Quinn Cundertol said as he stood on the field with the trainer and his friend, “Very big changes. We have a long way to go.”

    “Quinn, for once can you be a regular being and just enjoy the fireworks?” Han said in exasperation, “You do not need to figure out the entire offseason tonight.”

    “It doesn’t work that way, Han. You don’t just turn it off,” Cundertol replied with exasperation.






    “Fine.” The pair turned their eyes in silence to the skies as the colors exploded.

    “Your call on Rodders was the right one,” John Talley told Gaeriel Valerii as they watched the sky show, “We never should have moved him away from Full Forward.”

    “Hindsight is 20/20, John,” Gaeriel said, “Don’t beat yourself up over it.”

    “Life’s too short to dwell on your mistakes, Gaeriel,” Talley said, “Just remember that for me, will you?”

    The Midfield Coach looked at her boss. “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not going somewhere are you?”

    “Cundertol’s not going to resign me,” Talley said, “He hasn’t said so, but I know what kind of being he is. I wouldn’t stay even if he wanted me to. I came in here as a favor for Dana after Wynn left. My time is up.”

    “I’m gonna miss you Big John,” Gaeriel said, “Real bad. You were a good head coach.”

    “Hey, chin up Valerii. You’ve got a future ahead of you. I know it,” Talley said, “Let’s just enjoy Truce Day for now.”

    They did.

    “You know, you’re a hell of a back, Inviere,” Corrie Anderson said as she stood next to her fellow Hapan.

    “You’re hell on wheels, Anderson,” Adanna Inviere replied.

    “See, I knew you liked me,” Corrie said brightly.

    “I didn’t mean it as a compliment,” Adanna returned.

    “You know you love, Inviere,” Corrie continued, “‘cause I got the moves. I got the moves.”

    Inviere just watched the fireworks and sighed.

    “We came so close Red,” Everett North said to his partner.

    “Sucks, doesn’t it?” Alana replied.

    “We’ll get it going. The Great Quiet screwed us up.”

    “That’s just excuses,” Alana said.

    “So you coming back next season? I mean, your contract’s up.”

    “I guess we’re going to have to just find out when I sit down with Cundertol.”

    “Glad to hear you haven’t already decided to take your talents elsewhere and at least give us a shot to keep you.”

    “Bakura’s my home. Who would I be if I didn’t at least give them a meet?” Alana asked, “A Mando?”

    North smiled. “I’d miss you if you were gone Red.”

    Alana looked up in the sky. Yeah, she’d miss this place too if she had to leave. But it might not be up to her. Next season would be different. It had to be different after two straight missed playoffs. She didn’t know what she’d do if it wasn’t.

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  15. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed
    Great Iziz Field

    Jenna could hear the sound of the crowd as she emerged from the tunnel. With her game face on she was focused and ready to play. She even put behind her the last days event of a verbal sparring match with the Rough Riders goalkeeper, Zeke Barbosa. Now it was time to back up her trash talk that she spewed to him. She got in her designated position and waited till the whistle blew.

    The Crazy Dragons received the ball first. The ball was passed to Jenna. She shifted in motion until she got closer to the goal then with a hard burst she kicked the ball in to the goal for the first score of the game. She gave Barbosa a smirk as she passed him by. That will show him i mean business. She thought to herself.

    She high fived her teammates before she got back in to a defensive position. The first half went back and forth with both teams scoring back to back. It was now halftime and Jenna and her teammates were in the locker room. They were up by seven and coach Mckowen wanted to address the team.

    “So far we done a fairly good job out there but we made some mistakes as well. Where is our defense?”

    “We are getting behind on them. We need to be aware of our positioning.”

    Jenna put her head down in shame because she was one of the players he was referring to.

    “Let’s go out there and win this the way we know how. Anyone want to speak to the team. Then a Zabrak named Renji Dos yelled out that he would.

    “We’re not gonna let these chumps bring us down. We’re on a mission that would lead us to the Championship. The Rough Riders are in our way. We need to eliminate them. We need to annihilate them. Who’s with me cause i’m ready to wreck havoc out there.”

    The team was pumped up and yelled out We are! Jenna was ready to out there as if someone stole something from her. She pumped her fist in the air when Renji yelled out “Who are we.” The whole team yelled out “Crazy Dragons”

    “What I can’t hear you”


    The team filed out toward the tunnel to play the second half. The crowd was cheering loud for them as they took to the field. Jenna got back in to position and the whistle blew to start the second half. The Rough Riders received the ball first and were driving toward the goal. Jenna got in the path of the player who had the ball and stole the ball with her feet. She passed it to Renji and he then passed it back to Jenna. They were close to the goal and Jenna kicked the ball into the goal scoring points for the Dragons.

    “Take that Barbosa”

    The second half was better for the Crazy Dragons. They started to pull away from the Rough Riders. The Dragons kept scoring until the last play when the time regulation had expired. They had won and Jenna ran with glee as she tackled ug her teammates. It was over and Jenna looked over to see if Barbosa was angry or just sad. Maybe she did like him but it felt good to win. Also this win procured a play off spot for them.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    "Good afternoon gentlebeings," Commissioner Kayl'hen said, "We have a few items of business to discuss today.

    "First off, my congratulations to Rydonni Prime, Coruscant, Vandelhelm, and Nar Shaddaa on making the Galactic Cup Playoffs. This promises to be an exciting Semifinals with a rematch of this year's Week 7 showdown between the Smugglers and Monarchs, as well as a rematch of last year's Galactic Cup Final. As you know, earlier this week the Board of Governors voted to subsidize the operations of the Coruscant Senators during their playoff run to enable the franchise to compete in the Playoffs. The recent court action and exonerating Gark S’rily is applauded by the League. We are pleased that Mr. S’rily has guaranteed the operations of the Senators as they proceed through bankruptcy proceedings. Accordingly, the League at this time will not activate any emergency subsidies for the Senators, though the resolution remains in force for the duration of the playoffs if need be."

    "With the end of the regular season, the Elite League is pleased to announce that this offseason we will be holding a new event. The Elite League remains the top destination for the most talented bolo-ball players in the galaxy and we want to enable these players to have the easiest access to the League. Accordingly, I am pleased to announce that this offseason the first Elite League Limmie Draft will be held on the host world of Euceron in the city Eusebus, home of the Storm.

    "The Board of Governors will be convening prior to the Draft to discuss the recommendations of the Membership Committee, which will review current franchises for suitability to continue in the Elite League as well as notable teams that are worthy of inclusion," Kayl'hen explained, "Any teams that are ratified as new members of the Board of Governors will be ranked by the League for draft position with higher draft picks going to teams with worse playoff performance. For returning Elite League teams, regular season standings will be used to determine draft position for non-playoff teams. Accordingly, the following four Elite League teams have had their draft position locked up."

    A vidscreen next to the Commissioner winked to life showing the following order:
    • Mando'ade Mercs
    • Euceron Storm
    • Nadiem Chiefs
    • Bakura Miners
    "Next will come the losers of this week's Semifinal games. Higher draft position will go to the lower seeded of the two losers. The following draft position will go to the loser of the Galactic Cup Final. The Final draft position will be given to the winner of the Galactic Cup.

    "The Elite League will not use a serpentine draft wherein the Galactic Cup champion would then get two consecutive picks. Instead, the holder of the first overall draft pick will select first in the second round as well. The League will instead use a straight draft where draft positioning is the same in all three rounds of the Draft.

    "Now that the format of the Draft has been established, allow me to go into the benefits for players," Kayl'hen said, "The Draft is designed specifically to bring new talent from college conferences and junior leagues into the League. Players who have played one or more professional seasons, defined as a minimum of four games in the span of their career, and are currently signed by a professional Limmie team are ineligible for the Draft.

    "Players drafted are guaranteed a minimum salary of 750,000 credits and a minimum four year contract. While this number is only a minimum and teams will be allowed to sign their draftees for larger amounts if they feel it is warranted, we believe that it provides fair value to teams who are taking a chance on unproven talent coming into the pro game for the first time while still fairly compensating these players, many of whom would otherwise not have the ability to start their career in the Elite League. College and junior players must declare that they are entering the Draft before the Galactic Cup Final is held.

    "Additionally, the League realizes that some teams may not wish to be bound by the financial requirements the League will demand. Accordingly, any Elite League team may decline to participate in the Draft at their discretion. Notice of doing so must be received by the League prior to the Galactic Cup Final.

    "Personally, I think that this is going to greatly increase the talent of the Elite League by attracting premiere young talent to the League rather than seeing it flee to rival organizations like the Premier League and GCLA. Additionally, I think this is going to be a great event for fans and I look forward to seeing everyone in Eusebus for the Draft this offseason," Kayl'hen said, "Now, with the Semifinals nearly upon us there are a lot of matters that require my attention so I will take no further questions at this time."

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  17. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Meredith Chambers
    The Grand Villa, Rydonni Prime, Visitors Locker Room/Tunnel

    “Eight years I’ve played in this league. Eight years of blood, sweat, and tears,” Meredith Chambers said as she examined the faces of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers team that she had grown to admire, that she had grown to love.

    “You tell us, Chambers,” Rollko, the female Shistavanen called out.

    “They used to say I lacked the size, the speed, the motivation, to play Elite League Limmie. That I was better off sitting behind a desk that I would never break into the starting lineup. That I would never become great. That I was destined to remain on the bench, a backup player at best,” Chambers continued. “Every day of my life I have spent proving my doubters wrong. I have spent proving that I belong at this level. That when my number was called I stepped onto the pitch and proved to the entire galaxy that my heart, my soul, my very being, belongs on that pitch, belongs with the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, with you.”

    “The media said we couldn’t win last week against the Monarchs. They had the best offense. They had the better players. They had home field advantage. In the end, they had nothing! I saw in each one of you a fear that would take my heart away. But you did not give in to that fear. You fought valiantly and you shall fight again today. We are one game away from going home, from stepping onto the hallowed grounds of Six Boroughs stadium, from securing our legacy for all time. Forty years our friends and families have waited to host the Final. What greater honor is there in the galaxy than playing in our beloved stadium in front of our adoring fans for the Galactic Cup?”

    “None,” was the emotional response from the team.

    “When you put on the Smugglers jersey, reflect on those who have come before. When you lace up your cleats, reflect on the victories that have brought you to this point in time. When you hold the bolo-ball in your hands, when you smell the pitch, reflect on those you love and savor every moment. Opportunities like this one come once in a lifetime."

    She fought back the strong emotions that nearly brought her to tears. How she loved this game. How she would do nearly anything to preserve the pageantry, the honor, the pride, and the glory of Limmie.

    She jabbed a finger at Rollko, at Reiger, at Luy’kin, and countless others. “Years from now, when you are old men and women, you will look back on these historic days, these days that were trying times, and smile with the look of a conqueror who has vanquished an age old foe."

    "I am reminded of a speech I once heard, from a time long ago. During the height of the Neo-Sith War, the last battle of that conflict, at Obroa-Skai. A Jedi, needing to encourage her soldiers to fight one last time, to make one strong push against a formidable few, said these words of encouragement."

    This story shall the good man teach his son...
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,
    This day shall gentle his condition;
    And gentlemen in the Republic now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
    And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That fought with us today.

    "There is no room for fear. There is no room for doubt. There is only victory. We are making history. Today is history. Go out there and play like you’ve never played before. Show Rydonni Prime, show the entire galaxy, that here, right now, is why we play the game!”

    She pounded her chest with her right hand and thrust her hand into the center of the group.

    “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!” Meredith roared as her eyes flashed with a hunger few of them had ever seen.

    One more victory and they were home.

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  18. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Short and sweet due to my schedule tonight, but here is your Elite League Award ballot. All players in the game are eligible to vote, regardless of whether their team is in the Elite League. I imagine that the awards are voted on by a wide cross section of the sports community, so I'm going to let the non-ELLers in for no other reason than I feel like it. :D Votes must be sent by private message to me prior to October 9. Winners will be announced October 10 ahead of the Galactic Cup Final. Do NOT post them in the thread as all votes are secret.

    Salbukk Award (League MVP)
    • Meredith Chambers (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Qatak Lemieux (Nadiem Chiefs)
    • Dawn Solo (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year)
    • Chalporrin (Euceron Storm)
    • Nanchecka Stormborn (Bakura Miners)
    • Zadd (Coruscant Senators)
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year)
    • Luc Everoux (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Setarcos Rhemes (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Goreal Sepiun (Vandelhelm Jets)
    Grames Award (GM of the Year)
    • Vincent Cutter (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Uda Nazug (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Aebett Zargana (Euceron Storm)
    Duchess Eldin Award (For sportsmanship and athletic excellence)
    • Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners)
    • Ryi Kor'le (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Beks Vidda (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Zumtak Award (For perseverance and dedication to the sport of Limmie)
    • Marte Nalo (HSN Euceron) for raising the visibility of the sport of Limmie through excellent in broadcast journalism
    • Izzi Polyaka (Coruscant Senators) for efforts in the development of young Limmie players during the Great Quiet at the Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    • Gark S'rily (Coruscant Senators) for bringing to light the crimes of Callo Mornd and restoring the integrity of the Coruscant Senators franchise
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    The following players have declared themselves eligible for the Elite League Limmie Draft:
    • Tank Bratter (Herglic, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Reena Wyley (Hapan, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Gayla Renhorn (Human, Female, CorTech, Midfielder)
    • Baga Oda (Duro, Male, GVSU, Full Back)
    • Lexi Anna (Theelin, Female, GVSU, Half Back)
    • Kelsei Seter (Zeltron, Female, GVSU, Midfielder)
    There are pictures of the last three, I just can't post them at the moment. ;)

    Currently, the Coruscant Senators and Rydonni Prime Monarchs have opted into the draft by providing draft picks.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Quinn Cundertol
    Bakura Miners offices, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Good morning, let’s get to business this morning,” Cundertol said without preamble at his first postseason press conference, “Obviously despite the improvement from 2-5 to 3-4, this season was still unacceptable. As a result, I will be making changes in the organization.

    “John Talley will not be returning as head coach of the Miners,” Quinn said almost before reporters had their datapads ready to take notes. There was a brief rising murmur of comments that the GM simply ignored and talked over. “John was uninterested in returning and I was uninterested in retaining his services, so the break was clean and amicable.”

    “Quinn, did this have anything to do with you abandoning his equal salary system this season?” one reporter shouted before Cundertol could continue.

    Cundertol ignored the question. “Accordingly, the Miners have elected not to renew the contracts of all assistant coaches and coordinators. The next head coach of the Miners will need his or her people in those positions to succeed. If that head coach chooses to resign any coordinators or coaches from last season, that is something we will discuss at that time.”

    “Quinn, is there a short list of candidates for the next head coach?”

    “Yes,” Cundertol said and swiftly continued, “The Miners have three contracts expiring the day after the Galactic Cup Final: Glencross, Graves, and Kashvili. We are evaluating the performances of those players and making determinations regarding contract extension negotiations.”

    “So Glencross not returning is on the table? She’s not a must sign for this franchise?” a reporter asked.

    He was summarily ignored as well. “Furthermore, I have undertaken a review of the Miners development system, specifically its relationship with the Bison Sabres. Based on this review, I have concluded that this system has stunted the Miners’ player pipeline. All of our young talent is learning one system of thought. While this allows for easier integration into the Elite League, it has robbed the team of creativity and originality. Our current rookies are banal. Accordingly, effective today the Miners have ended their development agreement with the Sabres.”

    Now the reporters were clamoring. “What about the Noble House’s stake in the Sabres?”

    “I informed the Chancellor and Ronan Trieste of the Eden Banking Group who manages the Noble House’s assets of my decision. They understand my reasoning and recognize my authority to make such a decision. They are currently speaking with interested parties on Bison to purchase their stake. You will have to speak with them for further details.”

    “So what happens to the Miners’ rookies?”

    “I have identified specific development objectives for every player in our development system and am speaking with the general managers of teams in other leagues who I believe would benefit from temporary use of our players and can help foster their growth as needed. Loan agreements will be signed on an individual basis accordingly,” Cundertol said.

    “The Miners pioneered the development affiliate model in the Elite League, radically altering the Premier League. Don’t you think that it’s irresponsible for you to so suddenly walk away from it now?”

    “I refuse to have chitliks tied to the altar,” Cundertol said. Reporters looked at each other in confusion. “What, none of you have ever heard of that?” He sighed. “Fine, very well. There once was a priest of the Cosmic Balance who brought his pet chitlik with him to religious services. It crawled all over and he had to tie it to one leg of the altar during the service. He did this for many years until his death. The next priest came and found a chitlik tied to the altar. He asked one of his flock why there was a chitlik tied to his altar. The parishioner said, ‘What kind of a priest are you? Everybody knows you can’t have a service without a chitlik present!’”

    The reporters blinked at Cundertol.

    “Never mind,” he sighed, “Press conference adjourned.”

    And with that he left, leaving the reporters with many unanswered questions. The Miners offseason was now officially on and it was shaping up to be a doozie.

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  21. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Updated ELL Draft declarations
    • Tank Bratter (Herglic, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Reena Wyley (Hapan, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Gayla Renhorn (Human, Female, CorTech, Midfielder)
    • Baga Oda (Duro, Male, GVSU, Full Back)
    • Lexi Anna (Theelin, Female, GVSU, Half Back)
    • Kelsei Seter (Zeltron, Female, GVSU, Midfielder)
    • George Edwards (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Half Back)
    • Xander Darkrider (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Midfielder)
    • Mij Katan (Human, Male, Keldabe Military Institute, Goalkeeper)
    Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Rydonni Prime are the current draft participants.

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  22. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Premier League Premiership
    (6)Kessel Runners at (3)Toprawa Torpedoes (23-3)
    (5)Kamino Waves at (4)Balmorra Blasters (6-30)

    (6)Kessel Runners at (1)Thyferra Force
    (4)Balmorra Blasters at (2)Druckenwell Markmen
  23. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Updated ELL Draft declarations
    • Tank Bratter (Herglic, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Reena Wyley (Hapan, CorTech, Half Back)
    • Gayla Renhorn (Human, Female, CorTech, Midfielder)
    • Baga Oda (Duro, Male, GVSU, Full Back)
    • Lexi Anna (Theelin, Female, GVSU, Half Back)
    • Kelsei Seter (Zeltron, Female, GVSU, Midfielder)
    • George Edwards (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Half Back)
    • Xander Darkrider (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Midfielder)
    • Mij Katan (Human, Male, Keldabe Military Institute, Goalkeeper)
    • Maximus Qorbus (Nautolan, Male, Chandrila A&M, Corner Forward)
    • Nelly Wizmark (Human, Female, University of Evenvale, Half Back)
    • Carvin Spork (Human, Male, UB Gesco City, Half Forward)
    Bakura, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Rydonni Prime are the current draft participants.

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  24. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Mean Green Stadium

    Gark stood before his players in the home locker room at Mean Green Stadium in Forrest Heights, Coruscant. It was the home of the Coruscant Polytechnic Institute Mean Green, whom had fought valiantly all season long and compiled a solid 5-2 record that season in the Super 16. It was odd not playing a game, let alone a playoff game, away from Andromeda . . . er . . . Calo Mornd Stadium . . . er, whatever it seemed to be called these days. Gark had been frustrated knowing that the stadium had shut down without his consent after the Senators’ last game, but at least the fine folks in the League offices had gotten in contact with Coach Martin Locke here at CorTech to ask if they could play an Elite League semifinal game on the CorTech campus.

    The result was a resounding yes. Gark figured that it probably was a pride thing for CorTech to host such a big event, but he wasn’t going to dwell on that now. What lay ahead was a big challenge; the Vandelhelm Jets, who had defeated the Senators twice the previous season on their way to not just the Commissioner’s Trophy, but also the Galactic Cup title. Gark was still bitter about how Phil Brooks, the star for the Jets, had rubbed it in in the media, and the Bothan certainly hoped that someone on his team would remind Brooks that karma did not look down on such behavior well. Especially when the harbinger of destruction happened to be a towering Wookiee or whatever body the Senators could put all day on Brooks. Earlier in the season, the Jets had been systematically ripped apart by the Senators, but that had been without Brooks. Apparently he was the key to everything for them, so taking him out of the game would most likely allow the Senators to win.

    But that wasn’t the only thing on Gark’s mind. The bankruptcy proceedings on the team kept going forth, and no matter what he tried to do to question the legality of the motion, the courts kept preventing him from keeping the team afloat. So, it looked more and more like the Senators might not exist the next season, which to his standpoint would be a real travesty. Also, there was that little move he had made days earlier. The fans probably hated him for it, but he had dug deep and extended a hand to someone who needed it. One Aileen Wynn, former coach of the Senators and disgraced drunk who had been too negative for even Calo Mornd’s low standards. The media certainly didn’t like this move, but Gark really didn’t care; he knew that Wynn, like himself, was going through hard times, and he hoped that maybe, just maybe, helping Wynn through her struggles would lead to the betterment of all involved. She was down on her luck, as he had been for the better part of five months. Even though he had never really liked Wynn, and he hated her for following Mornd’s direction all that time, he also realized that she was another tormented soul in need of guidance. Thus, he gave her an option, an out for her troubles. Perhaps she could sober up after all, and go back to being that highly-controversial coach she had once been. Or, maybe something even better than that. One never knew with Wynn what she was going to do.

    “This is going to be a huge game for us,” Gark said to his players. “Home fans, rival team coming in, lots of emotion from the team bankruptcy proceedings, and my return last week.” Man how he hated the word ‘emotion’; it was used way too liberally in the sports media these days. But it fit the situation, and everyone knew what he meant when he said it. “We can win this game if we try. The media’s been saying that last week was a fluke, that we’re really not ready to take the next step out of the mud hole that was dug earlier this season. I’m not going to lie, I want to see the people who said that to be eating their words tomorrow after we win here today. Now, as we all know, the Jets are a tough team. They trounced us twice last season, and then Brooks made sure to keep up the pressure all offseason. Well, I want you to keep him on his pretty boy ass the entire time and not let him get involved in the offense at all. Defense, I need you to keep him in check, because he’s the key to everything they have. Alysha, I need you to make changes out there. If you feel the need to change up our play call, do so. I’m a little rusty at all this, so do what you feel is necessary. Offense, batter the Jets defense the entire time. Don’t be afraid to set picks and screens for each other. Their defense may have a lot of talent, but they’re slow as well; use your speed and run circles around them.”

    When the Senators ran out onto the field, Gark looked over at the Jets sideline. Sepiun of the Jets was over there, talking strategy with his offense. And, as usual, Brooks wasn’t even listening. How typical. “So, you remember how to coach?” Ravil Gynordis, the Coruscant midfield coach, asked her fellow Bothan with a friendly poke in the ribs.

    “Of course,” Gark said. Then he had an idea. “Of course, I really remember how we used to tease Drew and Palla about their relationship.” He raised his voice so that the two coordinators could easily hear him. “So, lovebirds, did you go out on a few dates while I was away?”

    “Don’t you go bringing that up again!” Palla yelled at him. Gark just smirked; he was back in business.

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    OOC: Taken from an earlier conversation that was rather hilarious in its own right. :p
  25. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Jo Mu Grath and Reggie Dun'lop - Nadiem Chiefs
    Location: War Memorial Stadium, Char'les'town, Nadiem, Outer Rim

    The rather large Twi'lek stepped up to the podium to face the HoloNet reporters. Coach Reggie Dun'lop was close behind him. Reg caught a glimpse of the Chiefs HoloNet Analyst Dickie'Dunn amongst the reporters.

    Jo Mu Grath took a deep breath and looked out at the group of people. "Thank you all for coming, and welcome to Nadiem. As you may or may not have known, our farming planet here in the Outer Rim has been having some financial troubles as of late. Food processing plants are closing all around the planet, including some here in Char'les'town. Since some of the Nadiem people are out-of-work, or have chosen to relocate to a different planet, we are on the brink of a financial crisis. If beings are watching their credits, the first things they'll cut are the luxuries, which include limmie games."

    There were a few murmurs heard amongst the crowd.

    Grath continued. "Chiefs ticket sales have been slowly decreasing. The lack of ticket sales, coupled with the money each ELL team has to put out to ensure the Senators stay in the playoffs, as ruled by the Board of Governors, the Chiefs organization also has to watch their credits. Now, the rules for the upcoming Draft state that each Draftee is guaranteed a certain salary and a four-year contract. With the Chiefs current state of affairs, we cannot guarantee that, financially. So, as of this moment, I, Jo Mu Grath, on behalf of the Nadiem Chiefs, formally announce that we will not be participating in the Draft."

    All the reporters rose to their feet demanding questions.

    "Thank you," Grath said. "We won't be taking any questions." He and Reggie stepped down from the podium. A mob of HoloNet reporters gathered around them.

    Reggie started pushing them away. "Come on. Get out of here, you frakkin' vultures!"

    As they exited, Dickie'Dunn was shaking his head. He could only imagine what the next season held for the Chiefs. Where would they be in a few years if Nadiem's economy didn't pick up?

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