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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Since I am going to be busy starting early tomorrow and all teams that I expect to post have posted...guess what? Surprise early Final games! It's better than waiting all day for them right? Teams should also move pretty quickly to make their posts relating to these Final games. We will be moving very quickly to the Draft and an opening post for the 271 season will be put up soon.

    Bonus rolls to Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, and Ryloth.

    Elite League Limmie

    Galactic Cup Final
    Six Boroughs Stadium, Nar Shaddaa
    (4) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers vs. (3) Vandelhelm Jets (37-1)

    Congratulations to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, the 270 Galactic Cup champions, on their second Galactic Cup of the Kayl'hen Era and their record ninth Cup in the Modern Era.

    Meredith Chambers is named the Numifolis Award winner as MVP of the playoffs.

    GCLA Final
    Great Iziz Field, Iziz, Onderon
    (4) Ryloth Rough Riders at (3) Onderon Crazy Dragons (30-39)

    Congratulations to the OnderonCrazy Dragons on their 270 GCLA championship!

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Setarcos once again found himself dressed up in a tuxedo and accompanied by his usual entourage: Beks Vidda, Dawn Solo, Greenly Zo, Laura Cynd, Mara Singus, Mia Naberrie, and Uda Nazug. But something that was different was the fact that each attendee was accompanied by a significant other: Cora Secura, Tev Undolo, Tonn Manark, Biedo Nazug, Herc Tathor, Lex Silas, and Dana Roslyn respectively. The last of that group was a coupling that Setarcos was still trying to wrap his head around, especially on an occasion such as the Elite League Season Awards.

    He had gotten so used to seeing Roslyn settle in with the Miners, that when she sat down, arm in arm, with the Vice President of Limmie Operations for K’ntarr Sports Entertainment Corp, he found himself staring at her. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his side where Nora jabbed him with her elbow. “Get used to it,” she whispered into his ear, “that’s something that has been brewing since they faced off against each other on the pitch.”


    It was true, and Setarcos knew it. As he reflected back on the season that was for the Monarchs it marked several changes. One, he had been chosen to head up one of the HSN All-Star squads, Team Gundarkade, thrown together during The Great Quiet. It was weird not only to be coaching the likes of Jerek Deter, Alana Glencross, and Ryi Kor’le, but to be coaching against his own All-Star players of Lex Silas and Dawn Solo.

    The second change was the fact that they had once again made it into the playoffs, but unlike the 269 season, where they had just snuck in as the fourth seed, this year they were on top of the standings all season long, won the Commissioner’s Cup, and entered the Galactic Cup Playoffs as the number one seed. However, just like last year, they ended up getting bounced from the playoffs in the Semifinals. It just continued their struggles in tournaments that even stretched into the Chancellor’s Cup Challenge where they were eliminated in the Quarterfinals by the Thyferra Force of the Premier League.

    The final thing that was different was the fact that out of the group he had accompanying him three others were nominated for an award tonight as well. The only two awards that they were not nominated for was the Ingbrand, since they did not really have any rookies this season, and the newly created Zumtak Award.

    As the Awards started out the Commissioner invited Uda, Setarcos, Beks, Dawn, and Mia to come up to the stage and accept the Commissioners Cup. Uda and Setarcos allowed the team captain and assistant captains take the honor of accepting the trophy. Once they arrived on stage there was a smattering of applause. None of them made any type of a speech. Beks just quietly passed the award to Mia and shook Kayl’hen’s hand.

    They all sat and watched as the first no-brainer award of the night was handed out to Nanchecka Stormborn of the Bakura Miners for best rookie of the year. Setarcos was convinced that they had a factory hidden somewhere on Bakura that all it did was churn out phenomenal Limmie rookies. Of course, with their new GM severing ties with the Sabres and the Trieste’s selling off their shares, who knows what the future holds.

    The Grames Award was presented next and Uda Nazug lost to Aebett Zargana of the Euceron Storm. Setarcos looked down the row to see Uda’s reaction and the VP was stoic as usual. Neither one of them expected him to be nominated let alone win the award, considering Drab Yespem was the General Manager of the Monarchs. Grant it Uda was the one making the overall organizational decisions with respect to the Monarchs and Blasters, but Drab was the one making the calls for the Elite squad.

    The next award was the other newly created Duchess Eldin Award for athletic excellence and sportsmanship. To Setarcos this award was a contradiction in terms. Limmie was known for its hard hitting, fast paced, in your face action, it didn’t really create a contusive environment for gentlebeingly play. What was even funnier was the fact that two of the nominees were Ryi Kor’le and Alana Glencross, the two feuding midfielders who had a war of words a couple seasons back. Everyone in their row thought that Beks was a shoe-in to win, but then the Commissioner announced Alana Glencross’s name and all the Monarchs sat there with their jaws on the floor.

    Luckily for all of them Alana was not at a loss for words, prattling on about the awards smell, the Great Quiet, the All-Star Game, and marrying her new ‘BFF’ Ryi. The long delay gave them all a chance to regain their composure for the next award, the Langann. Setarcos had once again been nominated, which shocked him, but was sure the results were going to be the same as last year.

    He was going up against Luc Everoux of the Smugglers and Goreal Sepiun of the Jets. Both coaches had eliminated his Monarchs, in consecutive seasons, from the playoffs. Add to that the Smugglers beating them in back to back games, at the Grande Villa, and Setarcos was certain that he was not going to win. That was until his name came ringing out over the sound system.

    He could not believe it, he had done it, he had won the first post-season Elite League award in the team’s short history. Setarcos just sat there while everyone else around him stood up and finally coaxed him to his feet. He shook his head the whole way up to the stage, and continued to shake it while being handed the award. He cleared his throat as he approached the microphone. “I honestly don’t know what to say, I didn’t think that I had a shot at winning this, considering the competition I was going up against. I just want to say thank you to the K’ntarrs, my coordinators, my players, and most of all to Mr. Nazug and Mr. Yespem. It was Uda and Drab who took me from being a HSN beat writer, to an Offensive Coordinator, and for the past two seasons as the Head Coach. Thank you all.”

    Slowly he walked off stage, holding only the second trophy to be awarded the Monarchs in their three seasons in the Elite League. Now if only they could just win a Galactic Cup to go with them he would feel much better. Oh well there was always next season.

    --- --- ---

    As the awards concluded, with Setarcos walking out with the only individual hardware for the Monarchs, the eight couples decided to go out and enjoy some of the nightlife of Coruscant. As they all strolled down one of the many skywalks in the Galactic Capital everything seemed to be going right for them all.

    Suddenly they all stopped and looked up at a large vidscreen of Chancellor Trieste addressing the Galactic Senate. “As you are all aware, yesterday on Balmorra, a devastating explosion destroyed half of the ordinance factories that supply weapons to the Republican Fleet. In these explosions, the lives of a great many Balmorrans were lost. This is a tragedy of a magnitude that goes beyond words. My heart aches—” Kerry clutched a hand to her breast, “—for the families who survived, for the tears they shed today, tears I know all too well. These were ordinary beings who did everything right, who had lives and dreams, and now are gone. They will never be replaced, but they will not be forgotten.”

    She continued on describing the lead terrorist as one Coronad Yssenn, an Umbaran who was bent on attacking the Republic for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment of it. But then she dropped the bomb that would cause the remaining bits of enjoyment to disappear from the group.

    “…as Supreme Chancellor and commander in chief of the armed forces of the Republic, this morning I authorized the Second and Fourth Fleets to call up their reserves and mobilize for unrestricted warfare against Yssenn and his criminal flotilla. Let me make one thing clear: I do not make this decision lightly. I fully understand that there may be some brave beings who do not return from this mission. These beings of the Fleet and the reserves swore to defend the Republic because of patriotism and honor. They hoped that they would never be called to this action, but they took that oath knowing one day their Republic might ask it of them. And by the Force I am glad they did because not only is our cause righteous, is our cause just, but there is no one, no one, I would rather have fight for me, for our families, for all of us than them.”

    Within seconds of the last words being spoken, Uda’s comlink chirped indicating an incoming message. He synced it up with his datapad and after reading it looked up with the same stern expression that everyone on the Monarchs had come to learn was his serious face.

    Without hesitating he said, “Captain Solo, Lieutenants Nazug, Silas, Naberrie, and Undolo, make sure that Lieutenants Yzoj, Pence, Lorley, and Shilou along with Chief Ovando, Petty Officers Emaldo and Preed, to report to Rythani Base. I will contact Colonel Yespem and Doc LeBoman.”

    In an instant it dawned on Setarcos that 12 of his current 22 player roster along with his Head Medical Trainer, General Manager, VP of Operations, and at least 11 of their former players, were all part of the Rydonni Prime Defense Force and Reserve units of the Fourth Fleet.

    Uda turned to Setarcos, “We all need to get back to Rydonni as fast as possible. You and I have a lot to cover between here and home, do you understand?”

    “Yeah, I do.” He most certainly did.
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    Nov 29, 2008
    PLL Update

    (6)Kessel Runners at (2)Druckenwell Markmen (22-9)

    Congratulations to the Kessel Runners, the 270 Premiership of Limmie Champions!

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Pamila Korthe
    Korthe Residence, Thyferra

    Pam Korthe weaved her comlink between her fingers. It had been several weeks since her Thyferra Force had been knocked out of the Premier League playoffs by the eventual champion Kessel Runners, and she had let her team take some time off from team activities because they badly needed some rest. But other things were on her mind; Madame Louvelle, the owner of the Denon Demons, had gotten back to her after the end of the Kessel game about her offer of the head coaching job. Pam’s mind was conflicted; should she jump at the Denon offer, which would result in her taking over the reigns of a team that had a storied history, or should she stay with the Force, who had little team history but was on the rise? None of her players knew of the offer, but they would certainly feel betrayed if she left. What a conundrum.

    Finally, she made up her mind. She was going to take up Louvelle’s offer and go coach for Denon. She had nothing against the Force, but her dream had always been to coach in the Elite League. The Force, being a development affiliate, was never going to get there. Denon, on the other hand, had enough leverage to possibly get back to the top-tier league in the near future. Besides, being coach of the Demons had its perks; a better stadium, more fan support, and, although it wasn’t as important to Pam as it was to others, more pay. Also, being Denon head coach wasn’t bad to have on your resume; Elite League teams would look at that.

    Pam flipped on her comm. unit and prepared to dial in the number that Louvelle had given her. She was ready to get the deal done so that she could get to work with the Demons over the offseason. Getting time in with her new players would allow them to have better communication by the time the season rolled around. That was key.

    Right then, her comlink rang with an incoming call. Pam was confused; who would call her at this time? Sighing, she canceled out her call and picked up the incoming conversation. “Hello?” she said.

    “Hey,” came the voice of Gark S’rily from the other end of the line.

    “Enjoying your time back in power?” Pam asked, snickering.

    “Hey, I thanked you time and again for letting me stay with you,” Gark said. “But, I guess I forgot about this one thing. Don’t do it.”
    “Do what?”

    “I know all about your offer from the Demons,” Gark said, his voice going stone cold.

    “What’s that to you?” Pam asked. “It’s my career, and although I know you won’t like it, I was thinking of taking them up on the offer. I’ve always wanted to get to the Elite League, and this will be the easiest way to get there as a coach.”

    “Mind if I give you a counteroffer?” Gark asked.

    “Like what?” Pam said.

    “What if I could offer you your dream job without you needing to leave your chair?” Gark asked.

    “Go on . . .”

    “You see, the Senators aren’t going to exist next season, and the League isn’t interested in giving us an expansion team to make up for it. If you’re interested, I could use my leverage to . . .”

    “To what?” Pam asked incredulously.

    “To promote the Force to the Elite League to replace the Senators,” Gark finished.

    “Are you serious?”

    “100% serious,” Gark said. “It might just be for one season, but you’ll get your chance. Interested?”

    Pam thought for several seconds. "Tell me more . . ." she finally said.

    Press Conference, Coruscant

    Gark sat in front of hundreds of reporters in the Senators’ press room. “I hereby announce that the Thyferra Force, our development affiliate in the Premier League, will replace the Senators in the Elite League next season.”

    This set off a flurry of activity. So that was what the Bothan had called this press conference for.

    “Sir, you own the Force franchise. Are you going to act as the owner this season when the Force play in the Elite League?”

    “I’m going to have enough things on my mind as the coach of Wroona this next season, so I name Lorrin Malestra, the GM the last few seasons for Thyferra, as the GM for them this upcoming season. She will oversee all important decisions for the team.”

    “And will you keep Coach Korthe and her coaching staff?” asked the reporter.

    “All of them will return this next season,” Gark replied. More activity from the crowd followed this.

    “Does this mean that the Senators will not be coming back to the League?”

    “I will be working this offseason to get the Senators back in time for the 272 season. Besides, there are a few other things that need to get done before then.”

    “Like what?”

    “Andromeda Steel Corp. Field, which has now been returned to my care, shall be undergoing an expansion project.”

    There was a collective gasp in the room. The Bothan was going to expand the stadium?

    “We will be adding another 300,000 seats so that more people will be able to experience the thrill of game day here on Coruscant. Also, it expands the seating capacity for civic events and concerts, which will be beneficial for all involved. However, as such, the stadium will be closed for the next several months as the construction is completed.”

    “Who will cover the costs of this project?”

    “I will cover part of the costs, but I will also be taking donations from any interested parties. More details will come soon,” Gark said.

    Ten minutes later, Gark finished the conference and walked out of the room. The Thyferra Force had their chance to make it to the Elite League; now it was up to them to make good on it.

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    IC: Meredith Chambers
    Galactic Cup Final, Six Boroughs Stadium

    The visiting locker room of Six Boroughs stadium wasn't that bad. It was a step above the facilities on Tatooine and several notches below the plush comforts of Bakura Gardens. Still, the locker rooms were functional if poorly maintained. Paint was peeling off the walls, the showers reeked of mildew and mold, and the toilets were screaming for a plunger. To add insult to injury, someone had removed the stall doors on the bathrooms so as to further humiliate any occupant that wanted to have some privacy while they took care of bodily functions. That wasn't so bad. The Smugglers were a close knit group and had long ago broken down gender specific bathrooms for a more unified experience. That unified experience had shocked and surprised many a reporter. To further complicate matters, the locker room walls were adorned with colorful graffiti. Mostly explicit stuff that anyone wouldn't want to repeat to their child but some of it was rather fascinating, almost drug induced.

    "Feels weird being in here," Sasha Luy'kin said as she laced up her cleats.

    "At least we're at home," Chambers replied as she reinforced her wrists with additional tape.

    "Take a knee," Head Coach Luc Everoux called out as he gathered the squad around him.

    Chambers knelt beside Luy'kin, Facin, and Loayen, the defenders who had helped make this run to the Final possible. She owed them a great deal. The defensive unit had come together, gotten hot, at just the right time. They had helped squelch the Monarchs two weeks in a row and were looking ready to handle the Jets and any look that Phil Brooks might give them.She could feel her blood dial in on the game at hand. She was on target. Nothing would stop them now. Not even the galaxy tearing itself asunder.

    "Earlier today I was informed by General Manager Vincent Cutter that Joaquin Vehn, the man who founded the Roon Trade Organization, the man who helped keep this franchise financially afloat, passed away last night," Everoux paused as the team reacted to the news. Curses flew around the room, others looked like they'd been punched in the face, "As you know, Mr. Vehn was very fond of the team. Let's not disappoint his memory today."

    "We've fought long and hard," Everoux continued, "we came into the playoffs this year as underdogs, a fourth seed, the last team that made it in and here we are, at home, in front of our friends and families. I don't need to tell you how important today is. Each of you has your own interpretation of how much this game means to you. Just go out there and do your very best. Play Smuggler Limmie the only way you know how, with pride, with heart, and with passion. . We had the 'Great Quiet' and stumbled coming out the gates. But without that adversity, I can guarantee you, this team would not be where it is today. You rallied, you refused to be put down, and you showed the galaxy that this team, in this moment, was destined to be here today. I am so very proud of you. I love you guys," Everoux said as the team roared and clapped in response.

    "Meredith, you have anything you want to add?" Everoux asked his star goalkeeper.

    Chambers knew that she could've drawn upon her vast resources to come up with another stirring speech to rile up her squad. She knew just the right buttons to push to get them to play with even greater motivation, with even more heart and desire. But learning that Mr. Vehn had died had hit her pretty hard. She really didn't have much to say anymore. She preferred to let her play do the talking. She started to stand and then stopped in mid-form. She remembered something that Mr. Vehn had said once, long ago, during a delicate trade talk. It hadn't translated directly into sports but it was quite fitting all the same. Thank the Maker for the Holonet and the 24/7 news cycle. Returning to a kneeling position, Meredith looked down at the shoddy floor of the visitors locker room and then looked back up at her team.

    "Just Win, Baby!"

    The team knew what she meant. Knew that it had been a favorite saying of Mr. Vehn's for a very long time. They gathered around in a tight hug, heads together, eyes closed, lots of support, lots of power. Today was their day and not even Phil Brooks could take that away from them.


    [I]Smugglers 37, Jets 1[/I]

    Meredith raced past the sulking form of Phil Brooks, arms raised high, fingers pointing up toward the heavens, her face beaming with the biggest smile of her life as the crowd whistled, clapped, and screamed their way through the conclusion of a magical season. Ticker tape had begun to rain down through the smoky sky as fireworks burst high overhead. The crowd surged against the protective line of security as the Jets players began to file out of the stadium, heads hung low, bodies bruised and beaten. A chant ripped its way through the stadium, one that had lauded the Smuggler greats of old.

    "Chambers! Chambers! Chambers!"

    Her teammates picked her up and carried her on their shoulders around the pitch. She waved, smiled, but felt that the victory was not hers to celebrate alone. The team never would've made it this far without the stellar performances of Rajah Rollko, Micah Reiger, Mel Rypen, Kellie Dupont, and Helena Forsythe. She owed them a lot. She owed them everything.As she was set down on the pitch, her eyes caught sight of a metallic flash. More pure, more real, than anything she could remember seeing in her life. The crowd around her parted as the Galactic Cup Trophy was thrust into her hands. Meredith kissed the smooth chalice, felts its reassuring coolness on her lips, and took a look at the long list of champions who were engraved on the front. She ran a finger across the team from 267 who had led a rookie head coach to the ultimate victory. Now, the year was 270, and everything had fallen into place for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. They had won the Galactic Cup trophy on the most important stage of all, Six Boroughs Stadium in front of their fans.

    Meredith Chambers and the team was steered toward a platform that had been rolled out at midfield. Gathering at the top, the team was surrounded by rabid fans and reporters.

    "Meredith, what have you to say about this historic championship run?" Carly Fyres, lead anchor for [I]Fyre Storm[/I] asked as a microphone was shoved into her face.

    "We did it," Chambers laughed, "we did it!"

    "The Jets had beaten you guys badly at home earlier in the year. Did that play a factor in how the team came together for this resounding victory?" Fyres asked.

    "You know, we don't like them. They don't like us. I'll leave it at that. Today, we're championships!" Chambers said over the crowd that was patched into the feed.

    "How does it feel to know that you brought a record setting ninth Galactic Cup victory to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers?"

    Meredith wiped the tears that were forming at the corners of her eyes. "Very special. Nothing can take that away from us. Nothing. We worked hard all year long to win this game. We brought the Galactic Cup back to where it rightfully belongs in front of our families, in front of our friends, to Nar Shaddaa!"

    "You are the playoff MVP. You have won the Numifolis Award, what have you to say?"

    "I am deeply honored. I couldn't have done this without the rest of the team. We live and die as a team out here. Forsythe, Rypen, Dupont, all you guys, I love you, you were amazing today. You played hard, you put them out when it counted. Luy'kin, where are you?"

    Sasha Luy'kin came out of the corner and joined Chambers who wrapped an arm around her best friend. "Without this woman, I wouldn't be anywhere near as successful at what I do. I owe her a great deal, a great deal."

    General Manager Vincent Cutter approached the platform and was followed by a handsome looking man in a dark suit. His eyes looked tired and his face saddened despite the festivities.

    "Liam Vehn would like to meet you," Cutter whispered in Chambers ear.

    "So you are the star of our franchise? You played well today, Chambers, real well," Vehn said.

    "We played for your father, sir," Meredith replied. "The entire team extends its condolences."

    "Thank you," Liam replied with a pained look.

    "I'd just like to say one last thing," Meredith yelled into a nearby microphone.

    "This one's for you, Mr. Vehn! This one's for you!" Chambers cried out as she held up the trophy high above her head.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Here are the final draft players, with one extra to spare, actually. ;)
    • Marzek Keartor (Goak Keeper, Zabrak, Male, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Goalkeeper)
    • Araa'or (Left Half Back, Twi'lek, Female, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Half Back)
    • Gootaa Swiftflight (Full Forward, Togruta, Female, Orn Free Ta Central Academy, Half Back)
    • Aeron Vos (Midfielder, Kiffar, Male, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Midfielder)
    With those posted, the draft order is now finalized. It is (with draft day in parentheses):
    1. Ryloth Rough Riders (October 17)
    2. Onderon Crazy Dragons (October 18)
    3. Thyferra Force (October 19)
    4. Mando'ade Mercs (October 20)
    5. Euceron Storm (October 21)
    6. Bakura Miners (October 22)
    7. Rydonni Prime Monarchs (October 23)
    8. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (October 24)
    Rounds 2 & 3 will take place immediately following the Smugglers' pick and go until October 28.

    And, for your draft planning, the HSN Pre-Draft Rankings by position. Since they were decided by the dice roller, you may discard them or accept them as you choose! :D

    1. Asyel Yan'ii (Bothan, Male, Rian [Frego] High School, Full Forward)
    2. Maximus Qorbus (Nautolan, Male, Chandrila A&M, Corner Forward)
    3. Niast Nan'lie (Bothan, Female, University of Kamino, Center Half Forward)
    4. Carvin Spork (Human, Male, UB Gesco City, Half Forward)
    1. Kelsei Seter (Zeltron, Female, GVSU, Midfielder)
    2. Xander Darkrider (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Midfielder)
    3. Sarya Dilvam (Zabrak, Female, University of Sanbra, Midfielder)
    4. Gayla Renhorn (Human, Female, CorTech, Midfielder)
    5. Shelly Lebronc (Human, Female, Midfield, BCC)
    6. Tonga Rute (Twilek, Male, UC Bella Vistal, Midfielder)
    7. Charlotte Storm (Humane, Female, Midfield, BCC)
    8. Aeron Vos (Midfielder, Kiffar, Male, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Midfielder)
    1. Zumarroroo (Wookie, Male, UC Bella Vistal, Half Back)
    2. Nelly Wizmark (Human, Female, University of Evenvale, Half Back)
    3. Reena Wyley (Hapan, CorTech, Half Back)
    4. Abbey Waters (Human, Female, Fullback, BCC)
    5. George Edwards (Human, Male, The Ord Saboak University, Half Back)
    6. Gootaa Swiftflight (Full Forward, Togruta, Female, Orn Free Ta Central Academy [Ryloth], Half Back)
    7. Lexi Anna (Theelin, Female, GVSU, Half Back)
    8. Tank Bratter (Herglic, CorTech, Half Back)
    9. Araa'or (Left Half Back, Twi'lek, Female, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Half Back)
    10. Baga Oda (Duro, Male, GVSU, Full Back)
    1. Mij Katan (Human, Male, Keldabe Military Institute, Goalkeeper)
    2. Marzek Keartor (Goak Keeper, Zabrak, Male, Coruscant AFA Sky Hawks, Goalkeeper)
    3. Jayla Leed (Human, Female, UC Bella Vistal, Goalkeeper)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    OOC: I actually forgot to do a start-of-season post so I’m indulging myself with a favorite (and the video embed feature) this time. :D

    Elite League Limmie 271: The Higher You Get…
    “Good afternoon, gentlebeings,” Esther Gondorf said, addressing the media, “I am pleased to report that the Membership Committee has submitted its final recommendations to the Commissioner regarding next season’s slate of teams and they have been approved.

    “The Elite League unfortunately must announce the demotion of the Coruscant Senators given their ongoing bankruptcy proceedings,” Gondorf said, “It pains the League to make this historic demotion, but after a review of the Senators’ current financial position the Membership Committee did not see any way for the Senators to continue in the League without being a detriment to the rest of the League. The League would also like to note that the Board of Governors’ emergency fund for the Senators’ operations was not touched thanks to the intervention of Gark S’rily to personally guarantee the operations of the team during the playoffs. Those credits have been released from escrow to the other seven teams.

    “However, I am happy to report that there is good news as well. The Elite League is pleased to welcome three new teams as members next season. They include both finalists from the GCLA, the Onderon Crazy Dragons and Ryloth Rough Riders. They will be joined by the winners of the Chancellor’s Cup and the regular season champions of the Premier League, the Thyferra Force.”

    “With the 271 season members now finalized, the League is prepared to unveil a conference format,” Esther continued, “The two conferences are named for two of the great heroes of the galaxy: the Skywalker Conference and the Solo Conference. The top three teams in each conference will play for the privilege of competing in the Galactic Cup Final. The League will be divided as shown here—”

    The vidscreen next to Gondorf transitioned to show the following

    Skywalker Conference
    Euceron Storm
    Nadiem Chiefs
    Onderon Crazy Dragons
    Ryloth Rough Riders
    Vandelhelm Jets

    Solo Conference
    Bakura Miners
    Mando’ade Mercs
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Thyferra Force

    “Each team will play four conference games and three non-conference games. Seeding will be determined by overall record first, head-to-head tiebreak second, conference record third, and point differential fourth.

    “The League looks forward to what will undoubtedly be an exciting season in 271,” Gondorf said with a smile.

    270 had been a crazy year: the Great Quiet, the galactic Limmie challenges, the All-Star game, a regular season that ended as close as it possibly could. And the truth was that several of the new Elite League teams were riding high…and all of them have plenty to lose…

    The Bakura Miners took home two more awards in 270 for their impressive trophy cabinet, but they continue to miss the biggest one of them all: the Galactic Cup. Everyone’s expecting the Miners to finally make good on all their individual talent and go the distance and tolerance for further failures by managements—and more importantly the fans—seems unlikely.

    On Euceron, the Storm have struggled to find traction, but they’ve held their position in the Elite League against the odds for a small market team. With the Elite League Draft in Eusebus, can the Storm seize the opportunity to begin a new era and break through for the first time?

    The Mando’ade Mercs’ season ended with a bitter loss and a spot at the bottom of the standings. With the highest draft position of any returning team, the Mercs are expected to make good with the opportunity—and disappointing the fans isn’t good when they show up to every game in battle armor with weapons.

    It’s hard times for the working beings on Nadiem, but the Chiefs are the only bright spot. But as the local economy continues to decline, there’s cause for anxiety as the ragtag Limmie squad quickly becomes the closest thing that anyone has to look up to. Even if it’s a short pedestal, it’s still quite a drop if one falls.

    The Rydonni Prime Monarchs went as high as they could in the regular season, but it all came crashing to the ground in the playoffs just as swiftly. The question in the Grande Villa is whether last season was a fluke or the first step in a dynasty. Expectations are high, and that can turn out to be a dangerous thing.

    The Onderon Crazy Dragons and Ryloth Rough Riders tangled plenty in the GCLA and they’ve earned spots in the Elite League after a thrilling GCLA Final. Now they must prove that they belong in the Elite League. Failure to do so could send them right back where they came from.

    The Thyferra Force have more than proven their case to be included in the Elite League by upsetting three Elite League teams en route to the Chancellor's Cup during the Great Quiet and owning the regular season in the Premier League. Now they have their chance and it has to be smiles all around for the Force and their fans. Now the Force need to show that their success thus far hasn't been an aberration and the only way to do that is keep winning.

    And, last but certainly not least, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers took home the ultimate prize, the Galactic Cup of Limmie, in their house, in front of their fans in one of the most decisive Galactic Cup Finals ever played. Meredith Chambers reigns as League and Playoff MVP. The Smugglers couldn’t get much higher these days.

    Every team is riding high in their own way—but in the back of everyone’s mind is whether or not in 271 they’re going to experience a very long fall.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Eusebus, Euceron

    "Gentlbeings, welcome to Eusebus and to the 271 Elite League Draft," Niakara Kayl'hen said from the podium of the large hall where fans and Elite League luminaries had gathered. Each team participating had a table for their executives to use as they reviewed data and player profiles. This was it. This could decide the future of franchises or send them into a tailspin. In the seats in the hall, fans had gathered to wait expectantly for their team's choices, to meet the future of Limmie, and to see the next generation of superstars.

    "Without further ado, I hereby commence the Elite League Draft," Kayl'hen said to applause and cheers from the crowd.

    "The first selection belongs to the Ryloth Rough Riders. Ryloth, you are now on the clock."

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    One quick request: when you make your pick, please tag the next person in the draft order, found in the library thread, to let them know that they can go ahead and make their pick now if they choose to do so early.
  9. JM_1977

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    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Eusebus, Euceron

    Zeke sat in the war room the Rough Riders had for the draft as the GMs, scouts, and front office of the team debated and talked about who they wanted to pick.

    Zeke had been chosen to read the choice out loud to everyone and he waited anxiously for the decision. Then after about twenty minutes of debating one of the office guys handed him a piece of paper.

    Zeke found his way outside to the podium. He looked at the sheet of paper and read, "With the 1st overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Ryloth Rough Riders pick Maximus Qorbus, Corner Forward Chandrila A&M!!!!!"

    The crowd of what Zeke assumed to be Rough Rider fans erupted and he knew it was a good choice to go with Qorbus. After the cheering died down he said, "The Onderon Crazy Dragons are now on the clock."

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    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: Catching up on things here. Sorry for the delay. :)

    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: ELL Awards Banquet, Coruscant

    Marte looked around as he took things in. Unlike last year, where he had been sent to cover the awards as a media member, this year he was nominated for an award—a brand spanking new one, in fact—himself, and so his boss had given him the week off. HSN Euceron would rely on the galactic HSN reports and feed instead.

    But first, two members of the Storm were also nominated for other awards. The rookie Chalporrin had earned a nomination for the Ingbrand, and general manager Aebatt Zargana had somehow wrangled a Grames nomination. Marte looked around the room for them, but found only Chalporrin, whose tall Wookiee frame stood out among the other attendees. Aebatt, with her tiny body, was effectively buried in the crowd.

    The Ingbrand was up first, and Chalporrin lost to yet another Miners winner. Marte had never been able to figure out the Miners. They produced plenty of excellent rookies but seemed to be unable to convert that into Galactic Cup Championships or even a Final appearance.

    Next up was the Grames Award. To Marte's surprise, Aebatt won. He would be left to figure that one out on the way back to Euceron. He looked around once more for Aebatt as he applauded and finally found her near the back of the room as she came forward to accept the award.

    Aebatt adjusted the microphone and then spoke. "Thank you. I am deeply honored to be given this award. Some may wonder how I received this award when the Storm finished second-to-last in the League. They may think that such a poor performance should reflect poorly on the front office of the team." Aebatt paused for a moment. "I'm wondering the same things. But I have a plan to try to bring the Storm back into the playoffs next season. I'll spare you the details here, but it starts with participating in the draft. Again, I am honored and surprised to be voted the best general manager in the League, and I'll try not to let everyone down next season."

    Marte applauded with the rest of the crowd as she returned to her seat. As the ceremony continued, Alana Glencross somehow hauled in the new Duchess Eldin Award, and Setarcos Rhemes claimed the Langann.

    Following those two was the Zumtak, for which Marte had been nominated. Of course, Marte knew he had no chance of winning after what Gark S'rily had done, and it was pretty evident by the reactions as Commissioner Kayl'hen read the names that the crowd thought the same. So it was no surprise to anyone except S'rily himself when he was declared the winner. Marte smiled as S'rily called him out in his acceptance speech. Yes, Marte had always felt that he had been framed. Indeed, when calling the final game of the season, Marte had not been surprised in the least when the verdict had been read out over the jumbo screens.

    Finally, the Salbukk went to Meredith Chambers of the Smugglers. No surprise there. When the ceremony was over, Marte slipped out. Being a member of the media himself, he knew their tricks and how to avoid them, and so he was able to slip out to his rented airspeeder without a single interview.
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  11. Teegirloo

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    May 26, 2005
    Sam Poland
    Eusebus, Euceron

    [ul] The General Managerof the Onderon Crazy Dragons was in the Onderon war room with several of Asst. Coaches along with the Head Coach Ross McKowen. Fresh from her win in the GCLA Championship, Sam Poland was in her usual track suit in the color of blue sipping on a hot cup of caf. On the large rectangle table was a several data pads with different pictures on each one. Under the picture was information on the selected player in the draft. The info contained not only name height and weight, but strength and weaknesses of each position of all the selected players

    One of the data pads had a picture of a Nautolan male out of Chandrila.A&M named Maximus Qorbus. Ross Mckowen was looking at that specific data pad. He scratched his chin before he began to speak.

    “Maximus Qorbus has a lot more strengths than weaknesses. I think he will be a good fit for our team.”

    Sam looked at him nodding her head. “If my sources are right there is a rumor that Ryloth may take Qorbus first. If they don’t we will go in and scoop him up.”

    “Let’s look at the other positions that we need. We need a goalkeeper because Brad Pamjer isn’t getting any younger. We need better than decent Midfielders, we also need some defensive backs to help our struggling defense. Now that we are in the Elite League we need to patch up the holes we have and pick wisely.” Sam explained.

    Ten over one of the monitors a voice yelled out. "With the 1st overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Ryloth Rough Riders pick Maximus Qorbus, Corner Forward Chandrila A&M!!!!!"

    "The Onderon Crazy Dragons are now on the clock."

    “Well that does it for that pick. Guess we have to pick another one. Your sources were right Sam.” Mckowen said with a bit of disgust on his face.

    Sam replied back to him.”We need to look for someone that is overall a better fit for our team. Yes Max is gone, so we take another strong candidate. I have just the person that can fill that space for us.” She owed everyone the data pad of a player. They all seemed to be in agreement.

    With that a messenger took the piece of parchment and strode up to the podium and handed it to the announcer. The announcer glanced at it before announcing the pick.

    "With the 2nd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Onderon Crazy Dragons select Gayla Renhorn, Midfielder from Coruscant Polytechnic Institute!!!!

    There was a loud boom of cheers and joy as the Crazy Dragons fans that were in attendance were happy with the pick of Renhorn.

    Sam smiled as she looked on at the monitor from inside the war room.

    The announcer put a hand up to quiet the spectators. “The Thyferra Force is now on the clock.[/ul]

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Eusebus, Euceron

    With the first two picks, the time for the deliberations of the Force team dragged on...until Commissioner Kayl'hen stepped up to the podium once again.

    "Gentlebeings, a trade of draft picks has just been concluded," Kayl'hen said.

    The hall fell into a hushed silence of expectation.

    "The Thyferra Force have traded the third overall pick in the 271 Draft to the Mando'ade Mercs for the fourth and twelfth overall picks in the 271 Draft," Kayl'hen said, "Accordingly, the Mercs are now on the clock."

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  13. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    "War room" Mando'ade Mercs. Eusebus, Euceron

    The time leading up to the draft had been a tumultuous one. The Mercs had done their homework, opening up conversations with all the other teams regarding moving their top pick. All options were
    on the table, either sacrificing picks and moving up in the draft or moving down in the draft and collecting even more picks. No stone was left unturned, and as the draft began the talks began to get more serious, and more focused.

    Taab watched as the first pick was announced. Qorbus, no surprise there. He had been rated at #2 on their own draft board, and would be a worthy pick for most any team. The pick also explained
    the reluctance of the Rough Riders to trade down. They had their man. But with the pick, the trade talks also intensified. Things were moving closer and closer to a deal with what many around the
    league would think an unlikely team.

    The Crazy Dragons then made their choice; Gayla Renhorn. The shock in the Mercs war room was palpable. They hadn't expected Renhorn to go so high, in fact they had the midfielder rated as the 9th
    overall player in the draft, a low first/high second rounder. With that pick though the trade the Mercs staff had been working on was near finalized. Taab had a feeling that Renhorn had been targeted by the team they were working with as well. Perhaps they had misjudged the CorTech alum's merit. In any case a quick call to the commissioner's office and the trade was finalized.

    "The Thyferra Force have traded the third overall pick in the 271 Draft to the Mando'ade Mercs for the fourth and twelfth overall picks in the 271 Draft," Kayl'hen said, "Accordingly, the Mercs are
    now on the clock."

    It was a steep price, to swap first rounders and throw in their second round pick just to move up one slot. Taab was sure there were those around the league that would be critical of the trade. But that didn't matter to Taab. This was about getting the player they wanted, no matter the cost. If they hadn't, then the team would have traded down and stocked up on lesser players. Fortunatly they didn't have to.

    The hall itself was still in a state of hushed silence as the Merc's representative began to move onstage. It was Ayso, Null-15.


    The former commando frozen in carbonite by the aiwha-bait only to be thawed out and join the Mercs with his brothers. They had done almost everything together since then, until the anti-aging regimen Taab had "aquired" was administered. It had worked on all the others, had slowed their aging to that of a baseline human. But for Ayso it had the opposite affect and his aging had sped up even further. The team knew he didn't have long to live, so it was that he was chosen be the messenger that would add the newest memebr of the Mercs family. He gingerly handed the piece of flimsi to the announcer.

    "With the 3rd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mij Katan, Goalkeeper from Keldabe Military Institute. The Thyferra Force are again on the clock."

    Taab smiled as the Mercs fans in attendance roared in appreciation. Katan was a strong goalie, from a Galactic Champion meshgeroya program. Any team should be happy to have such a player. But
    that wasn't why the vode were cheering. As a Mandalorian, Katan was already family, and now he would be coming home. To them and to Taab, that was the important thing.

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  14. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Miners headquarters, Salis D'aar, Bakura
    Three days ago

    "I'm so sorry, 'Lana babe," Glencross's agent, a smooth Ishi Tib, said as they rode the lift to the Miners' offices.

    "Eh, anyone can get the Snivvian flu," Alana said, "Besides, good to make Cundertol sweat it out a little bit."

    Her agent's illness had delayed the start of contract negotiations with the Miners over Alana's expiring contract. Since the Miners only had three contracts expiring on the player side, Alana's negotiations were going to be very important for the team and would get quite a bit of the GM's attention. There were many different negotiation strategies that one could engage in and last minute delays were one of them. It wasn't an intentional one...but hey, it was fun to jerk Cundertol around a bit.

    The lift doors opened and Alana and her agent walked into the lobby of the Miners offices and down to the GM's.

    "We're here to see Cundertol," her agent said, "He should be expecting us."

    "Uhhh...I don't think so..." the GM's personal assistant said.

    "Why's that? We told him we had to delay because he was sick," Alana asked.

    "...because he's not here..." the assistant said.

    "Whaddya mean he's not here? Not here for his biggest free agency negotiation of the entire offseason?" the Ishi Tib fumed.

    "Well, he kind of left yesterday for the Draft on Euceron..."

    "This is unbelievable! I can't believe this!" Alana's agent said, "This is unacceptable! This--"

    "Wait," Alana interjected, "I have an idea."

    Eusebus, Euceron

    "Look, we just need to get in to talk to Quinn Cundertol, the Miners' GM. This is one of his star players and we have contract negotiations! I mean, don't you recognize her from the HoloNet?" Alana's agent said.

    "No," the Whipid security guard said gruffly, still barring the entrance to the floor of the hall where the Draft was taking place, "No pass, no entrance."

    "Oh come on, we're totally allowed in!" the agent continued.

    The Whipid remained stolid and uncomrpomising.

    "This isn't working," Alana said. It had been her idea to fly out to Euceron to do negotiations in person with Cundertol, but they'd been late getting to the hotel where the Miners' team was staying only to discover they'd already left for the Draft. So they hailed an airtaxi and headed for the Draft venue. Except it turned out you needed floor passes to get access to the team tables and the war rooms for each team--passes that neither of them had.

    It was then that fate intervened. "Excuse me, coming through," a blonde said, shouldering her way between Alana and her agent, holding up a floor pass hanging around her neck. Just before she was about to pass the Whipid, she realized who she had just moved past. "Alana?"


    The blonde was none other than Briar Thorne, the former Miners Assistant GM that Dana Roslyn had tasked to Bison to develop the Sabres franchise. Everyone had viewed her as being the heir apparent to Roslyn, but that had been upset with the Cundertol hiring. However, there seemed not to be any bad blood. When the Triestes announced the sale of Bison, Cundertol had immediately plucked Thorne out of the Sabres and brought her back to be part of his management team. She was officially Vice President of Limmie Operations--a high title for sure, but still subordinate to the General Manager. Even so, her presence was a no-brainer at draft proceedings for the Miners.

    "Briar!" Alana exclaimed, shaking the blonde's hand, "Good to see you!"

    "What are you doing here?" Briar asked.

    "We need to see Cundertol," Alana said, "I want to hammer out contract negotiations here and now since we couldn't get them done on Bakura."

    "Well he's not coming out here. Hold on. Let me get you passes," Thorne said. She went by the Whipid and Alana and her agent waited for several minutes before she reappeared again...bringing only one pass.

    "It's all we've got. Only one--"

    Briar was cut off by Alana snatching the pass and proceeding past the Whipid.

    "'Lana! Wait! Where are you going? You need me for negotiations!" the agent called. He started forward to follow her, but the large hand of the Whipid stopped him rather decisively.

    "Don't worry! I won't do anything stupid!" Alana called back.

    Miners War Room, Eusebus, Euceron

    Holoprojectors were set up around the room, vidscreens hanging on the walls, datapads in front of everyone, sometimes more than one, comms buzzing randomly. And in the midst of it all sat Cundertol, thinking, processing, sifting. Alana could see it all moving in his mind. No doubt his brain would go into overdrive once picks started coming in.

    "Hello Quinn," Alana said as she entered the room.

    The GM looked up and his eyes bore into Alana. "Everybody except Thorne, out now."

    The command was delivered so authoritatively that the rest of the Miners team complied immediately. Alana took a seat, unasked, to Cundertol's left. Thorne, for her part, sat down three seats down the table to Cundertol's right, as if the pair were about to come to blows and she wanted to be a safe distance away. Of course, this was the woman who'd once gotten punched in the nose breaking up a fight between the Chiefs and the Miners (before the game had even started, no less) so she could hold her own if that's what it came down to.

    "You want to negotiate? Fine, let's do it. I don't have much time. The first pick is coming on the clock in 45 seconds and I expect things are going to move rather swiftly," Cundertol said, "Two years, three million."

    "Excuse me? That's laughable. I just brought home the Duchess Eldin. I'm a Salbukk winner. I think I deserve considerably more than no pay raise at all," Alana said, "And a two year term? Insulting."

    "Point differential, the standard performance indicator for midfielders, was an appalling -20, sixth in the League. You're talking like you just had a career season. Three million is grossly overvaluing you and it's a gift," Cundertol shot back.

    "One of your first acts as GM was to make me captain because you believed in me. How's it going to look if I walk? I don't care how you spin this at your press conferences like you did with Talley when you dumped him," Alana said, "I will win the PR war. When I'm through with you, it's going to sound like I was so disgusted by what you've done to the Miners you're going to have free agents fleeing here."

    "No wonder you won the Duchess Eldin," Quinn snorted.

    "Then let's play this straight!" Alana said, pounding a fist on the conference table.

    "With the 1st overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Ryloth Rough Riders pick Maximus Qorbus, Corner Forward Chandrila A&M!" came the announcement on one of the vidscreens.

    "Saw that coming," Cundertol mumbled, glancing away from Alana for a moment before returning his intense gaze to her, "Make me a counteroffer."

    "Four years, 3.5 mil," Alana said succinctly.

    "HA!" Cundertol barked, "That's not going to happen."

    "North and I are the best midfield pairing in the League. We're worth it," Alana said, holding firm.

    "And there are eight ranked Midfield prospects in this draft that have potential to play in the Elite League on day one. You think you're irreplaceable, you're not," Cundertol shot back, "And guess what? You've got a clock that's ticking. Because if we don't have a deal before I get to make a pick, then I'm strongly considering taking a Midfielder. Let's see how you do with a little competition in training camp. So think about that. Tick tock. Tick tock."

    "Let's face it--despite the so-called rankings--" Alana waved a hand at a vidscreen with the HSN rankings for midfielders on them, "--there's only one big name there. Renhorn. Do you really think she's going to last until sixth overall? Do you?"

    "Teams are testing the waters. I could move up without too much trouble--and potentially not much cost either," Cundertol said casually, "Nothing says I'm going to stay at six."

    "Counteroffer me," Alana said.

    "No, you counteroffer."

    "I put the last one out."

    "Doesn't mean I have to put the next one out."

    "With the 2nd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Onderon Crazy Dragons select Gayla Renhorn, Midfielder from Coruscant Polytechnic Institute!"

    All three heads whipped around to the vidscreen where the Crazy Dragons had just made their selection. Alana had to check herself. She knew that she had Cundertol now. He needed a solid midfield if this was to be a year where the Miners contended. He couldn't afford to risk breaking in a first year midfielder from the college ranks and the prospects at that position were pretty shallow from Roslyn putting her money down on the Glencross-North combo and pursuing other avenues. But this was a relationship that had to be cordial going forward, so it didn't hurt to give a bit when she didn't have to.

    "Counteroffer," Alana stated, "Three years, 3.5 mil. Because I could walk out that door and go to just about every team in the League and get way more than that. This is a gift, Quinn. A frigging gift."

    Cundertol didn't even hesitate. "Two years, 3.5 mil." She'd budged him by a full million from his starting offer, but Alana had other ideas.

    "Three years, 3 mil," Alana said.

    "So you concede that your on field performance leaves room for improvement," Cundertol stated, smugly, "De--"

    Alana held up a hand. "And an NTC."

    The redhead heard a chair creak behind her and she guessed that Briar Thorne had just leaned in with interest. No-trade clauses had historically been extremely rare in the Elite League. What it meant was that Alana couldn't be traded without her permission. She could waive the clause if the team approached her with a trade if she liked the destination, but if she didn't she could veto it without having to give a reason. It would lock her in as a Miner for as long as she wanted, no matter what.

    Cundertol looked straight into Alana's eyes and she stared right back. She couldn't tell what was going on in his mind, whether he was going to torpedo the deal or take it. But she knew this was a test and a battle of wills. And she couldn't blink. Literally. If she did, Alana had this sinking feeling that she'd lose the advantage she'd gained in the wake of the Renhorn pick.

    Cundertol extended a hand. "Done."

    Alana took it and they shook.

    "Thorne, go get the others, and then wait 30 seconds before you bring them in," Cundertol said, looking over to the blonde.

    She obeyed wordlessly. As soon as the door slid shut behind her, Cundertol said, "Do you really think I'd trade you?" It was a surprising question. She knew what the GM was really asking: did she have that little faith in him?

    "No, I don't," Alana said honestly, "But think about the optics. The captain flies to Euceron to get a deal done before the trade, allowing the team to lock up one of their most important pieces still in play, freeing you up to make the best pick for the team with total certainty. Furthermore, you throw in an unprecedented NTC because not only am I committed to being a Miner, but this team is telling the entire League that you're betting on me. Now don't tell me that's not going to play great with fans and in the media."

    Quinn said nothing for a second, and then he laughed. "Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant." He chuckled a few more times until he heard the door slide open and the Miners delegation came back in. "Thorne, get Glencross a datapad. Everyone, meet the newest member of the Miners' draft day team," Cundertol said.

    Alana sat back and hoped that the giant sigh of relief inside of her wasn't visible to anyone else. It wasn't a great contract, but it was a pretty good one. Three solid years as a Miner to work with. It was enough.

    Tag: Everyone who wanted Glencross as a free agent...yeah, that's probably not happening now. ;)
  15. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Lorrin Malestra

    War Room, Eusebus, Euceron

    Lorrin paced back and forth around the long table in the “War Room”, which was just a small room allotted to the Thyferra Force. She was uptight because the first-ever Elite League Draft was going to start in twenty minutes, and she had no idea what players she wanted to look for. She had never been in this kind of position before; Gark S’rily, the technical owner of the team, had handed the keys to her, and now she was in complete control of the team as GM and owner. Being a new member of the league, the Force had the #3 overall pick, which gave them the chance to make a big splash and reel in a solid rookie for the upcoming season. But the question was: who to pick?

    “No way Qorbus is going to be on the board by the time we get to pick,” Jed Ortmeyer, the Force’s offensive coordinator and one-time Senator forward, said. “Ryloth would be stupid to pass on him. I mean, the kid’s got serious game. You don’t win the Helmsman by playing mediocre Limmie.”

    “The last I checked, we don’t need offense,” Lorrin said. “We’ve got plenty of stars on that side of the ball. What we really need, if anything, is some defense. Or maybe a midfielder or two.”

    “Who do you suggest?” another assistant asked.

    “Who’s first on the list?” Lorrin asked, rolling her eyes.

    “Xander Darkrider might be a solid play,” Jed said. “He led a solid defensive effort at Ord Saboak last season from the middle of the field.”

    “That’s true,” Polix Ghan, the defensive coordinator, said. “If we play solid defense in the middle of the field, it takes pressure off my defense.”

    “But I’m not sold on that,” Lorrin replied. “We need an emotional leader on this team. I mean, Mychele is a good captain, but she just doesn’t exude that killer mentality you need in a team captain. What we need is a real firebrand, someone to get the team going.”

    “Jayla Leed might be up your alley for that,” the assistant said.

    “A goalie?” Lorrin asked. The assistant nodded. “I don’t know . . . Kapp is doing a good job in goal. Has for several seasons. That guy would have been called up already had it not been for last season’s scandal at the big club and their depth at the position.”

    “But Leed might be the best goalie in the Draft,” Jed said. “Helmsman finalist.”

    “And what gives you the idea I care about that?” Lorrin asked. “I need numbers, people, not accolades. So she was nominated for that honor. That’s great. But what I need from you are numbers that we can use. And, consequently, players we can plug into the lineup and contribute from Day One. If Leed is as good as you say, give me a bone. Why do we need a goalie?”

    “Say Kapp goes down. What do we have left after him? Not much,” Jed said.

    “And . . .”

    “Leed’s a fiery type,” Jed replied. “Her sister has a mean streak to her name, and we’ll be facing off against her this season on Onderon. I think that rubbed off on Jayla, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.”

    “Numbers, Jed.”

    “She led her team to the Super 16 title game, where they lost to the University of Kuat,” Jed offered. “That Kuat offense was really good, so Leed wasn’t at fault for that loss. If she’s given a solid defense, I’d say she’d be worth picking up.”

    “What about defense?” Lorrin asked. “We got roasted in that last game, and we can’t have that happen all the time. It’s about time our defense matched our offense in terms of production. Thus, we could use some solid defensive backs.”

    “Well, I see a lot of second and third-round talent on the board,” Polix said, staring at a datapad. “But no real good first-rounders as far as I’m concerned. I suggest that we pass up on defense for the first round and see what players are left after that.”

    “You do realize that we could always trade for picks,” Lorrin said.

    “But our assets are thin,” Polix replied. The Fondorian scratched his chin. “We don’t want to give up solid talent that we already have in place for draft picks. That would basically be throwing away two years of development for a fat contract and a player we might not even be able to use. If anything, we should look at trading what we do have if we decide to; draft picks. Besides, no one will bargain fairly with us, and we’ll get a lot of one-sided offers because teams will try picking on us as a new squad. We need to draft smart, and not waste our assets.”

    “And now, coming to you live from Eusebus, Euceron, it’s the first ever Elite League Draft!” said a voice from the Holo screen. All eyes in the room turned to watch as the spectacle unfolded. This was going to be an interesting draft.

    Ryloth was up with the first pick.

    “I’ll bet that they take Qorbus here,” Jed remarked.

    Jed’s intuition was spot on. Zeke Barbosa, the RoughRiders’ goalie, came up himself to announce that his team was taking Qorbus. It was good to see the Draft going so predictably.

    “Onderon might go two ways here,” Jed said after the Crazy Dragons had been put on the clock. “Either they draft Leed, as her sister is already on their team, or they trade their pick.”

    “You’re not seriously thinking of trading up, are you?” Lorrin asked cynically.

    “Of course not,” Jed said. “But I wouldn’t put it past other teams to maybe pull something here to get Leed. No doubt in my mind she goes here with this pick; the only question is where she’ll end up.”

    Kayl’hen came up to the podium, and then said that Gayla Renhorn, the fiery CorTech midfielder, had been taken. The Thyferran room was deathly silent; that had been their pick. Renhorn would have been a perfect fit in the system, and now she was gone.

    “Ouch,” Jed said. “That pick really hurts.”

    “All right, it’s our turn,” Lorrin said, turning back to the table. “We have ten minutes. Give me numbers, people.”

    Then a comlink rang. Lorrin picked it up. “Hello?”

    IC: Pamila Korthe

    Pamila clapped politely as Renhorn strode up to the podium. Now her team, the Force, was on the clock. She began to crunch the numbers in her head; what exactly would Lorrin do with this pick? As the “official team representative”, she was cut off from the “War Room”, and had absolutely no idea what was going on in there. Her job was to look pretty in her dark blue dress and high heels (which she utterly despised) and represent the team when the time came to make first contact with the new draftees.

    Thus, it was to her complete surprise that the commissioner came up to the podium so early. “"Gentlebeings, a trade of draft picks has just been concluded," the Bothan said. This quieted everyone down; what were the Force up to now? A lump formed in Pam’s throat; what was Lorrin doing? They had their chance to make a splash, and then she squandered their high pick? What a terrible decision!

    "The Thyferra Force have traded the third overall pick in the 271 Draft to the Mando'ade Mercs for the fourth and twelfth overall picks in the 271 Draft," Kayl'hen said, "Accordingly, the Mercs are now on the clock."

    Everyone in the audience wasn’t quite sure what to make of this. The Force and Mercs had just swapped picks, but the Force had come out of this with a second-rounder as well? Taab certainly wanted this pick, and was willing to do whatever was necessary to get it. Pam was unsure what to think now; what had given Lorrin the idea to pull the trigger on such a trade? It seemed to favor Thyferra, but it was still an odd trade.

    Finally, an old man came up to the Commissioner with a piece of flimsy. Pam had no idea who this was, and she frankly didn’t want to know. The Mandalorians had their traditions, so it was obviously foreign to her. But no matter; the next pick was in. "With the 3rd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mij Katan, Goalkeeper from Keldabe Military Institute. The Thyferra Force are again on the clock." And another round of applause. Pam groaned; Katan had been on the Thyferra board, and now another big name was gone. Once again, her team was up; she just hoped that Lorrin wouldn’t make another trade.

    “Most of the best players are already gone,” Jed stated. “Now what?”

    “What do we need?” Lorrin prodded.

    “Defense. And midfield,” Polix replied.

    “And . . .” Lorrin asked indignantly.


    “We don’t need a goalie!” Jed blurted out. “With Renhorn off the board, we have to pick a solid midfielder. Seter’s available,” he continued. “She was solid last season.”

    “Jed, I’m not going to say this again. We need to take the best player on the board right now.”

    “But why? We have needs that need to be met for this team!” Jed asked.

    “Trade value,” Lorrin replied. “It’s true we probably don’t need another goalie, but what we do have is leverage. Perhaps we can flip Leed for someone else later on? This draft is not exactly binding; only the contract makes it that way. Besides, we just picked up a second round selection; that will help us fill holes in the roster.”

    “I was afraid you’d say that,” Jed muttered.

    “Well, then it’s settled.” Lorrin finally said after several moments of silence in the room. She walked out the door with a piece of flimsy in her hand, most likely to give it to the commissioner herself.

    Everyone else in the room watched as Kayl’hen received the name and walked up to the podium once again. “With the fourth overall pick in the Draft, the Thyferra Force select Jayla Leed, goalkeeper, from the University of Corellia, Bella Vistal.”

    “There’s no going back now,” Jed commented after the pick had been made. “I don’t think Kapp will take this too lightly.”

    IC: Jayla Leed

    Jayla sat through the first pick with a frown on her face. Ryloth wasn’t going to pick her because of that Zeke guy they had, so she was still going to be on the board. When they chose Qorbus, who had won the Helmsman Award over her weeks before, her pulse began to speed up. This was Onderon’s pick; her sister, Jenna, was on the Crazy Dragons, and Jayla secretly hoped that she might get a chance to play with her big sister in the Elite League. Or, well, maybe they could co-exist peacefully . . . enough. When the Bothan Commissioner came up to announce the pick, Jayla prepared to get out of her seat and be presented to the crowd as the #2 pick of the Draft.

    “Gayla Renhorn . . . Coruscant Polytechnic Institute,” Kayl’hen said.

    It was almost as if someone had dropped a window on top of Jayla’s head, the glass shattering on impact. What was this? Onderon, with its issues at goalie, hadn’t taken her? So Jenna hadn’t been successful in getting her sis on the team; instead, Renhorn was taking the stand. Jayla couldn’t stand the new Onderon pick; although they had never played against each other, Renhorn was another polarizing force on the field, and Jayla didn’t like to not be the center of attention. What was wrong with her game? Perhaps Onderon didn’t want her because her last name was Leed; if so, they were going to pay. Her despair turned to utter rage; this was unjust. That freak Renhorn had been picked before her, and now she was going somewhere else.

    When the Force were on the clock, Jayla prepared to get up once again, this time to give the crowd, and mostly Onderon, an icy stare that would tell the galaxy that she was not happy with all this. But, then again, something bad happened. The Mercs, who had the #4 pick, had traded up with the Force, and then selected Mij Katan from the Keldabe Military Institute. Another goalie in front of her? Jayla couldn’t help but be absolutely shocked; she, the Helmsman finalist, was getting passed over for lesser players? This was insane!

    Then, the fourth pick, from the Force, came in. “With the fourth pick in the Draft, the Thyferra Force select Jayla Leed,” Kayl’hen said. Jayla rose from her seat and made her way forwards to the podium, making sure not to make any eye contact with the people sitting around her as she went. Finally, she got up to the podium and had her picture taken with the Commissioner and a “1” Thyferra jersey in the home dark blue.

    It was at this time that a peculiar sensation washed over Jayla. Her anger washed away, and in its place came a sense of cruel satisfaction. Onderon didn’t want her, that much was clear. But, with the Force, Jayla knew one thing: if she was put up against the Crazy Dragons this season, she would show them no mercy. Renhorn wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of this; Jayla knew that she would prevail in the end. It would only be a matter of time.

    IC: Gayla Renhorn

    Gayla stood up slowly as her name was called by the Commissioner. She, the small-time player from the afterthought college, was the second player taken in the Draft? Unbelievable. She looked around her; the faces of Reena Wyley and Tank Bratter looked back up at her, along with Broody Rootiger and Coach Martin Locke. They had all come out for the Draft, the former two to be Drafted, the latter two just to watch as their friends and players went on to the next stage of their careers.

    “Don’t forget about us,” Tank said. “And don’t spend all of your signing bonus. That only leads to trouble.”

    “Get up there!” Locke urged. “You have a jersey to take.” Gayla did as she was told, and made her way up to the podium. The whole experience was surreal; she had never expected to be taken this high. The experts had pegged her as the fourth-best midfield prospect in the Draft, and yet here she was beating all of those ahead of her in the rankings. What a sweet feeling . . . but it came with a price. Gayla’s mind raced as she walked. This was what she had always wanted; to be an Elite League player. And she was going to play for a hot new team that was itching to prove itself on the galactic stage. What a good combination.

    But her mind also wandered to her college career. The redshirt year, the three seasons of mediocre play, her senior season. The thrill of beating the U of C for the Coruscanti Cup, the horror of the school shooting, Alyda being inconsolable, the mayhem of the moment. The emotional loss against the Rovers, Dalid Adreson’s game-winning kick to best the Destroyers, the humbling loss to the Ions, the playoff exit on their own turf. What a ride that had been . . . and now she was ready to write the next chapter in her story. One thing was certain; Gayla Renhorn was here to stay.

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  16. Dubya_Scott

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Nadiem Chiefs

    In the off-season, Chiefs GM Jo Mu Grath had been brainstorming with some of the other "front office" people in the organization on how to make some money and how to keep the people of Nadiem, who are in a financial crisis, interested in limmie and wanting to come back to the games. There were plenty of fundraisers and times where the Chiefs players would make appearances at different events. None of the players had time in the off-season to just kick back and relax. Everyone was busy doing something.

    One such event that the players hated doing was a "fashion show". It not only helped the Chiefs but also one of the major clothing stores in Char'les'town. The Chiefs players would model the clothing and walk out on a catwalk.

    "I'm not doin' this, Jo!" the Devaronian named Ahern yelled from the dressing room.

    "Yes you are," Jo Mu Grath replied from out in the hall.

    Ahern emerged from the doorway wearing some frilly designer outfit that looked almost like a robe over pajamas. "I'm not goin' out there like this. I look like a frakkin' woman!"

    Grath just shook his head.

    "If I'm goin' out there," Ahern said, "I'm gonna open my robe and wiggle my--"

    "Shut up, son," Grath interrupted him. "You're embarrassing yourself."

    "I'm gonna do it! And everyone, with the exception of my girlfriend, will be running for the exits!" Ahern turned to see the curtain leading out to the catwalk. He stormed through it.

    The female announcer could be heard saying, "And next we have Chiefs left corner back Ahern wearing a--"

    The announcer was suddenly interrupted by screams.

    The other Chiefs players came out of the dressing rooms and peeked over toward the curtain. The Twi'lek Johnny Secura turned to Grath and said, "Holy crap. He did it."

    Grath just hung his head...

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Euceron Storm
    • Lisan Rett'tey (Bothan, Female, Offensive Coordinator) released
    • Leroy Brown (Human, Male, Right Half Back) re-signed to five-year contract
    • Ryric Nertrayn (Human, Male, Midfielder, age 37) becomes a free agent
    • Krevjaa (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Forward, age 37) becomes a free agent
    • Lann Helkin (Human, Male, Right Corner Forward) re-signed to three-year contract
    • Eurkett Nan'sar (Bothan, Male, Full Forward) retires
    --Current Free Agents--
    • Ryric Nertrayn (Human, Male, Midfielder, age 37, Euceron Storm)
    • Krevjaa (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Forward, age 37, Euceron Storm)
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    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Thyferra Force
    • Receives 3rd round pick of Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Receives Freknok (Trandoshan, Male, Midfield) from Ryloth Rough Riders
    Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Receives Gill Ry'ston (Bothan, Male, Corner Back) from Thyferra Force
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    --EDIT 2--
    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Thyferra Force
    • Receives 3rd round pick of Mando'ade Mercs
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Beck Thornton (Human, Male, Midfield/Center Half Forward) from Mando'ade Mercs
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  18. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: Broadcaster's desk, Hall B, Eusebus Convention Center, Euceron
    Time: First day of inaugural Elite League Draft

    "With the fourth overall pick in the Draft, the Thyferra Force selects Jayla Leed, goalkeeper, from the University of Corellia, Bella Vistal."

    "Interesting pick," commented Marte. "I thought Leed would last until the second round. Why would they take her now?"

    "Beats me," responded Sanzek. "It seems to me that the only team thus far that's paid attention to the HSN rankings is the Mercs."

    "What puzzles me about this is the fact that the Force simply don't need a goalkeeper. So why would they burn a first-round pick on one?

    "Trade leverage?" asked Taru.

    Marte and Sanzek looked at the Twi'lek. "Possibly," said Marte after a moment, "but that seems like the kind of thing you'd do in the later rounds. The first round is where you want to get someone that can help your team right now."

    "Well, at any rate, the Storm are now on the clock for their first pick," said Sanzek. "What do they need, Marte?"

    "Funny you should ask that as a number of Storm transactions have just hit the wire..."

    IC: Aebatt Zargana
    Location: Storm war room, Room 216AB, Eusebus Convention Center, Euceron

    "And Eurkett said he was retiring, correct?"

    "Yes," Aebatt replied. "So we're in need of basically a new center offensive column. Full and center half forward plus a midfielder."

    "So what about this Asyel Yan'ii fellow? Looks like the complete package at full forward."

    "Possibly, but he's fresh out of high school. That's a huge risk. The fans are already calling for our heads, and if he flops, they'll have our heads on a silver platter. Let some other team gamble on him. We can't afford to take the chance."

    "I don't see where it's as big of a risk as you're making it out to be. He's a good solid player and just what we need."

    "I told you, it's too big of a risk. There's a damn good reason why you practically never see players come fresh out of high school into the Elite League. It's too big of an adjustment to make all at once."

    "He's smart; in fact, he's the valedictorian. He'll learn quickly."

    Aebatt sighed as her datapad went off. "Wilrax, I don't know why you picked the draft to stick your nose in where you don't know what you're doing, but I wish you hadn't." She checked the message. "Looks like the Force have just obtained two more third-round picks."

    "That doesn't really affect us. Look, I know it's a risk, but not as big as you think it is."

    Haron spoke up for the first time in a while. "Perhaps we can trade down? Get an extra pick, and Yan'ii might still be on the board when we come back up. Then we can take him then, and we're not out so much if he doesn't work out."

    Wilrax was already shaking his head. "Absolutely not. We need Yan'ii, and I guarantee he won't last through the first—"

    "Oh, for Force's sake," interrupted Aebatt. "I just noticed for the first time what high school he's from. Do you realize what happened to the last top-rated limmie player to come out of Rian High School?" There was silence in the room for several seconds. "Guy by the name of Nalo?"

    Everyone nodded their heads except Wilrax. "Marte was screwed over by a college that didn't fit him," he insisted. Aebatt rolled her eyes as Wilrax continued. "He could have made it big as a player if he had gone pro right out of high school. Remember why Strensky signed him in the first place: he thought the Fregan high school game was closer to the pro game. It's college that did Marte's playing days in, not the high school he went to."

    Aebatt folded her arms on the table, put her head on them, and sighed in defeat. "Fine. Whatever. It's your fault if he flops, not mine."

    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: Broadcaster's desk, Hall B, Eusebus Convention Center, Euceron

    "And the Euceron Storm's pick is in," said Marte. "Presenting the pick will be the winner of a fan contest held by the Storm, twelve-year-old Zan Helant."

    The holocams focused on Zan as he climbed onto the stage with a piece of flimsi in hand and a big smile on his face, dressed in a Lann Helkin jersey and a Storm cap. A staff member lowered the microphone down to his face, and he took a deep breath and made the announcement. "With the fifth pick in the 271 Elite League Draft, the Euceron Storm select Asyel Yan'ii, full forward from Rian High School on Frego!!! The Bakura Miners are now on the clock."

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes and Commodore Uda Nazug
    Rydonni Prime, one week prior to the Draft
    It felt strange, stranger then when he had moved into the Head Coach’s office, not long ago he was sitting on the other side of the large kashyyyk-wood desk that dominated the office of the General Manager. Sitting opposite of Setarcos were the two co-owners of the team, Kalin and Variise K’ntarr, and standing on either side of the desk were Uda and Drab. “You understand Mr. Rhemes,” Variise started, “there is absolutely no one else in the galaxy that we would entrust the Monarchs too. So whatever you decide for staffing and personnel you have our full support.”

    “Thank you Ms. K’ntarr, Mr. K’ntarr, I won’t let you down.” Setarcos said as they all rose to their feet. He extended a hand to Variise first and then to her brother.

    As Kalin shook his hand he chuckled and said, “Just let us know who to make the checks out too, okay?”

    “Sure thing Mr. K’ntarr,” he replied with a grin. With that the owners turned and walked out of the room. Setarcos slowly slumped back into the nerf-hide chair and looked over the extremely short list of remaining Monarchs who were currently under contract. Nine of them were under contract until the end of next season, and one, Herc Tathor, was slated to enter into free agency. The newly appointed GM was more than confident that he would be able to negotiate a contract that the young Defensive Back, besides, his girlfriend, Greenly Zo, was still on the squad.

    With a push of a button, Setarcos switched from viewing a list of the remaining Monarchs to the Blasters current roster. Drab had turned to the liquor cabinet and started pouring three glasses. “So, Mr. General Manager, have you figured out who you’re going to yank off of ‘Crabby’ Cabna’s precious team, yet?” He walked over and slid one of the glasses in front of Setarcos, he then continued over to Uda, who was looking out the large, picture window that overlooked the field. The Commodore took the glass from his XO, his best friend, and took a long slow pull off of it.

    As he looked over the current remaining players he determined that at least he had his Goalkeeper locked up, but aside from that he had hardly anyone on the defensive side of the field. Some of their needs could be satisfied through the draft and free agency, but he knew that he was going to have to pick up some of the players from the Blasters, it was inevitable. So after downing the contents of his glass he reached for his comm unit.

    “Don’t make that call,” Uda slowly said over his shoulder, “You need to know something first.” The Commodore walked over to the datapad in front of the newly promoted General Manager and pulled up the file on the current Midfielders for the Blasters, Thalia and Clarisse. “These two,” Uda started, “these two are the only players with Monarchs contracts.”

    Setarcos was confused, “What are you saying Uda?”

    “What he’s saying,” Drab said staring at Uda, “is that they are the only two players you legally can call up from the Blasters. How in the frak did that happen, sir?”

    “They were the only ones that I actually recruited and signed myself, all the others came over in the deal with Dathomir. Then when Gina got hired by the K’ntarr twins last season she quickly started signing all the former Rancor Riders to four year Blasters exclusive deals, the only two I got to before her were the Middies. Sorry Setarcos, but you have an uphill battle to fight now.”

    Euceron, two days before the draft
    The day Setarcos left Rydonni Prime for Eusebus, the members of Knights Wing, reserve component of the Fourth Fleet, left to join up with the rest of their group. As he stepped onto the shuttle to the draft he was stopped by Laura and Biedo, “Dad, we have some news for you.” She paused long enough for him to give her his full attention, then she thrust her left hand into his face. “We got married! Aren’t you excited for us?”

    Setarcos just stood there in stunned silence when it finally dawned on him what she said he embraced them both and congratulated them. “Truly I am happy for both of you, but my mind is so cluttered with all the different contracts and filling roster holes. Biedo I am honored to have you as a son and pray that the gods will keep you safe during your service to the Republic.”

    Standing at the top of the shuttle’s loading ramp were Nora and Rayel Edure. “Seta, honey,” Nora called down to him, “If we are going to make it in time for the draft we need to get going.”

    “Right. Ok, Laura, stay safe and I will be back after the draft.” Setarcos leaned down, gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, and shook Biedo’s hand. He then turned around and headed up the ramp.

    “And Dad,” Laura called out before he reached the top of the ramp, “Make sure you draft at least one of the Pilots for me.”

    “For you honey, I’ll try and draft two,” he said with a wink and a smile. Setarcos turned back around and said under his breath, “We’re going to need all the help we can get.”

    Just twenty-four hours earlier he found out that the captain of his team, Beks Vidda, joined the rest of the team as a pilot in the Knights Wing. So that dropped his total of returning players to nine: six offensive starters, two offensive reserves, and one keeper. He was also down to two coaches. He reached out to some of the former Blasters and Monarchs, so far he had been able to renegotiate Herc into a 3 year 1 million credit contract.

    He had wanted Beks to be the one who represented the Monarchs on the floor at the draft, but now he turned to the youngest player on his team. Rayel was not only going to replace Beks at the draft, but also on the field. As he settled into his seat as the shuttle started towards their jump point, he looked down at his data pad. “Thank the gods, Genifer Ulla and Kiek Libby agreed to the same contract as Herc. Plus Clair Illo and Dr. Derus Cyxan.”

    Setarcos found Genifer and Kiek at the end of their contracts with the Dathomir Rancor Riders and they jumped at the chance to play in the Elite League once more. Now they were going to get it as was Clair, who had retired as a player.

    But then he read a statement from his counterpart in the PLL. The Blasters were no longer going to consider themselves a developmental affiliate of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs. They were their own independent, professional Limmie squad. Any and all contacts extended to any one individual player or groups of players, would have to be approved by the General Manager of the Blasters first.

    Now all he had to do was survive the draft.

    Premier League of Limmie Head Quarters, Office of the Commissioner
    All it took was for two Galactic Championship Limmie Association squads and the Thyferra Force to join the Elite League and Agado was looking for a new job. As soon as Thyferra announced they were going to taking over for the now defunct Coruscant Senators, the former Commissioner started making calls. Everyone around the league seemed more than confident that they were going to be staying packed, everyone but Cloud City and Fondor that was. Both squads had yet to return any of his messages.

    Than Niakara announced that Onderon and Ryloth would be joining the Elite League and Agado saw a glimmer of hope. Two new Elite squads potentially meant two new Premier League squads. His first call was to the Rough Riders of Ryloth. Lenlla lifted his spirits when she told him that they were planning on bring in a new affiliate from Shili, the Suncrushers. Then he spoke with Samantha and she explained that the Crazy Dragons were in talks with Denon Demons, and they were going extremely well.

    But then the blow that would end it all was delivered. The announcement by Fondor and Cloud City that they had agreed to a contract with the GCLA and would be leaving the PLL immediately is what forced Agado to start packing up his office. Now the office belonged to former team owner Wilran K’ntarr.

    “Now,” Wilran stated, “My first order of business is to get the scedudule posted.”
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Herc Tathor (Human, Male, Half Forward, Balmorra Blasters) signed 3 year contract from free agency
    • Genifer Ulla (Human, Female, Forward, Dathomir Rancor Riders [Juniors]) signed 3 year entry level contract
    • Kiek Libby (Human, Male, Back, Dathomir Rancor Riders [Juniors]) signed 3 year entry level contract
    • Clair Illo (Human, Female) signed 3 yearr contract from retirement as Defensive Coordinator
    • Dr. Derus Cyxan (Human, Male) signed 3 year contract as Head Trainer
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Jai Skirata (Human Mandalorian, Male, Right Corner back) resigned to two year contract
    • Kyr Ram'ser (Human Mandalorian, Male, Fullback) resigned to three year contract
    • Ji Skirata (Human Mandalorian, Male, Left Corner Back) resigned to one year contract
    • Sev Kii'rle (Human Mandalorian, Male, Left Half Back) resigned to two year contract
    • Jor'tag Ro'val (Human Mandalorian, Male, Midfielder) resigned to three year contract
    • Ge'tal Taab (Devaronian Mandalorian, Male, Right Half Forward) retired
    • Arick Vau (Human Mandalorian, Male, Midfielder) promoted from Concordia Crusaders to Mando'ade Mercs. Signed to 4 year contract
    • Position change for N-13 Fi (Human Mandalorian, Male) from Midfielder to Right Half Forward
    • Tsulkalu (Wookiee, Female, Corner Forward, Rwwokrrorro Aboreal College) signed to one year contract
    • Lycar Naughten(Shistavanen, Male, Full Forward, OSU) signed to one year contract
    • Syrah Mothlan (Human, Female, Half Back, Republican University) signed to one year entry level contract
    • Tenah Del'shar (Bothan, Female, Midfielder, Republican University) signed to one year entry level contract
    • Ryric Nertrayn (Human, Male, Midfielder, Euceron Storm) signed to one year contract
    • Krevjaa (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Forward, Euceron Storm) signed to one year contract
    • Garf Tamarack (Human, Male, Right Corner Forward, Chandrilla A&M) signed to one year entry level contract
    • Vishar Morndu (Fondorian, Female, Center Half Back, Chandrilla A&M to one year entry level contract
    • Argo Mor'kesh (Human Mandalorian, Male, Midfielder, Chandrilla A&M) to three year entry level contract
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  22. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Mando'ade Mercs team offices, Keldabe Manda'yaim
    Two weeks prior to the draft.

    Taab had called in the Mercs General Manager, Jac-Ral Tan'dar Kor'le and head coach Kal Dar'tome into his office to discuss what he had vaguely referred to as "the future". Both the GM and the head coach were unsure just what that meant. It could mean their termination with the organization, especially after two straight years of missing the playoffs. As they entered Taab stood behind his desk, so they took their own positions standing at attention on the opposite side of it. He looked at them both through his helmet's T-Visor before he removed it and placed it on the desk, they did likewise.

    "Quite a season. The Great Quiet, missing out on the playoffs again. Shut out of post season awards..." The pair stood quietly, they knew it was not yet their turn to speak. "But, we did win the Rim Series championship, I suppose that has to count for something." Still nothing from them. "At ease gentleman, I am not going to fire either of you, not yet." At the command they took a position more akin to parade rest, but it was close enough for Taab. "These were difficult circumstances, I will allow for that. But the fact remains that for two straight years we have been kept out of the playoffs. We need a change of tactics wouldn't you say?" Taab's old friend Jac-Ral spoke up now. "I have an idea for that, it may seem radical at first but hear me out..."

    IC: Kii Skirata
    Skirata homestead, Manda'yaim. Two weeks later.

    "Not sure what I think of this yet, why not just go play with whoever pays the most?" Kii was watching the draft coverage with her two brothers at their sprawling homestead in the northern wilds of the planet. They just looked at each other before Jii answered, Jai was too busy crunching on warra nuts to do anything else. "It's a way to help out the more disadvantged teams I guess. We are only as high as we are due to tie breakers." He stopped there, their late season loss to the Miners had not only kept them out of the playoffs, but also dropped them into a tie for last place. After the tie breakers were all said and done they were dead last. Bad for morale, but good for the draft. Still it was a sore subject for his sister.

    "The Thyferra Force have traded the third overall pick in the 271 Draft to the Mando'ade Mercs for the fourth and twelfth overall picks in the 271 Draft," Kayl'hen said, "Accordingly, the Mercs are now on the clock."

    "Why would we do that?" Jai coughed out, spitting out bit of crushed nut with his words. "Isn't a second round pick alot to give up to move up one spot?" Jii could only shake his head. "Seems that way to me. Hope the boss knows what he is doing." Kii just watched the holo-set through hooded eyes. She was known to have a bad temper, even for a Mandalorian, and she had a bad feeling about this.

    "With the 3rd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mij Katan, Goalkeeper from Keldabe Military Institute. The Thyferra Force are again on the clock."

    "What?" exclaimed Jai, more nuts flying towards the holo-set. "Shab! They didn't, did they?" came from Jii. They waited for their sister to explode, but she didn't. It made sense to her, even if she didn't like it. The Mercs had the worst defense in the league this past year, alot of that rested on her. She could accept that, but to have the Mercs trade up to go after a young Mandalorian Goalie? To her (and her brothers) it meant that maybe they were looking to head in a new direction. After all, you didn't trade up in the draft to get a backup. Her contract was up next year, maybe this would be her last with the Mercs, or even in the league.

    Her buy'ce beeped indicating a message for her. It was sitting on the far table so she went over and slid it on, activating the comm system. It was a simple text message from the team owner, Taab. "Competition breeds winners. The better goaltender will play next season. Be the better goalkeeper."

    Kii took of her helmet and set it back down. Her brothers were still jeering at the holo-set, going on about how they would fight back in their own contract negotiations. Competition huh? She wasn't scared of it. Like the owner said, it could only make her stronger. Rather than fear it, it was time to embrace it.

    [B][COLOR=#ff0000]IC: Krik Weedstreet[/COLOR][/B]
    [B][COLOR=#ff0000]S16 Studios, Ord Sabaok[/COLOR][/B].

    With the collegiate and bowl season over, the Limmie analysts at the S16 network tunred their attention the the professional game. Usually coming at it from the persepctive of varuious Super 16 conference alums and how they were doing in the league. Of course this year the draft had added a whole new element to the broadcasts.

    [COLOR=#ff0000]"And that latest trade takes the Mercs right out of the draft, unless they trade their way back in."[/COLOR] Weedstreet shook his head at the holo-cam. [COLOR=#ff0000]"Too bad, we saw that the Mercs had pretty heavily scouted the StarBucks as well as the Rovers, but it looks like that may have been a smokescreen." [/COLOR] Weedstreet chuckled again, to himself as the lie rolled off of his lips. It wasn't too bad at all, he knew he wouldn't have wanted to play on a backward planet like Mandalore, even if it was the ELL. That got him thinking for a moment. [COLOR=#ff0000]"And actually this trade makes history. Unless he is flipped for draft picks, Thornton will be the first non-Mandalorian player ever aquired by the Mercs. One wonders if this is a new direction for them..."[/COLOR]

    [hr] >

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Mando'ade Mercs team offices, Keldabe Manda'yaim
    Two weeks prior to the draft.

    "I have an idea for that, it may seem radical at first but hear me out." Taab looked at his GM before nodding his ascent. "Go on." Jac-Ral took a breath, he had already talked to Coach Kal about this idea, and he was on board with it. But without Taab they wouldn't be able to go through with it. He started his sales pitch.

    "Sir, we mando'ade have never been shy about taking anything from the aruetiise. Weapons, armor, technology or tactics. We need to expand that to meshgeroya. Our style is uniquely ours, but sometimes that makes us easy to predict. We need a change of pace, to help put other teams off balance."

    Taab did not like what he was hearing, to win a galactic Cup was one thing. To win as a Mandalorian team could make him the next mand'alor. "You are suggesting we abandon our ways of playing the game?" Now Coach Kal piped up. "Not at all, in our hearts and minds the game will still be meshgeroya played our way. But our second team, they will be mostly aruetiise, playing within our basic team philosophy, but with their own spin on it."

    "With the draft, we are assured to have aruetiise on the team anyway, might as well use them."

    Taab nodded. "But how do you expect to fill the so called second team with aruetiise with only a few draft picks?"

    Jac-Ral jumped in quickly "Free agency, plus we grab any undrafted players that will fit from the college ranks. Sign them to one year contracts for maximum flexability." Taab looked at them both standing before him. It was an interesting plan, but there were other things to be discussed first before he agreed to it.

    "My son has decided to retire. His heart was never in the game. He has decided to move on to mercenary work for the Republic." Jac-Ral and Kal accepted that without comment. "How do we fill that hole?"

    "I can move Fi from Midfield to Right half forward. With every offensive player a Null except Kor'le that will give it more balance. Can we call up Vau to play midfield?"

    Jac-Ral sighed heavily. "His play is ready, especially if we moved him to midfield, he is an exceptional athlete..." He paused as both Kal and Taab waited for him to continue. "However, he still has a reputation as a hot head, more so than Kor'le even. But he is ready."

    Taab clapped his armored hands together once, the resulting sound echoed through thw room. "Good put him on Glencross, see how that works out for them." Everyone laughed as they moved on to the next topic.

    "And what to do with our top draft pick. We all know that Katan is our primary target yes?" The others nodded. "Good, do anything, trade any picks, we need to ensure we will aquire him." He reached down and picked his buy'ce back up, slipping it over his head as a signal that their meeting was over. "As for your idea for team aruetii, you have my approval. But we are taking an awful risk here, it had better work."

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    IC: Alana Glencross
    Miners War Room, Eusebus, Euceron

    Though Alana was now a member of the draft team, the truth was that she wasn't sure how much she'd be able to contribute to the day's efforts. After all, her only experience was on the field, not in putting together a team. But it was always useful to learn something new.

    The first thing she learned was that Quinn Cundertol might have brought Briar Throne back into the fold, but that didn't mean she was his disciple. Indeed, the pair seemed to share a distinctly different philosophy on drafting.

    "You draft to supplement your weakness," Briar argued, "Whether it's this year or two or three down the road, we've got to keep the pipeline healthy. Teams that have low prospect depth are gambling on winning right now. Those teams don't build dynasties. They get one, maybe two championships at best. You want to be a contender?" This question was put directly at Cundertol. "You need to look at what the Senators have done."

    "The bankrupt Senators supplemented their rosters with skill players, often plucked from my predecessor, your beloved mentor, as well as nobody players. They did what is the smart thing to do--draft the best player available regardless of position. You don't pass on once-in-a-generation talent just to get a middling person to plug the whole now. This team is flush up front. Would you have had us pass on Qorbus if he'd been the top pick?"

    "Anderson's contract expires at the end of this year. She's nearing the end of her window of prime performance. You draft Qorbus today, stash him in the minors for a season so he learns the pro game, and then you bring him up, full speed, next season," Thorne replied.

    "You would seriously let a talent like Qorbus languish in the Premier League or GCLA for a full season? The kid has the potential to be an impact player right now," Cundertol said. He rolled his eyes.

    Why Quinn had ever brought Roslyn's protege back might be a mystery to many, but Alana had a guess. She wondered if Cundertol didn't thrive on someone challenging him and his views, playing devil's advocate. He certainly didn't shy from the back and forth and Thorne didn't stand down either.

    "With the 3rd overall pick in the 271 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mij Katan, Goalkeeper from Keldabe Military Institute."

    "The Mercs wanted him bad," Thorne said.

    "Did they really think that Thyferra was going to pick him?" Cundertol mused aloud.

    "Must have."

    "Clearly improving on their back seven is a priority. It'd have to be after their atrocious season last year. Dead last in points allowed," Quinn said.

    "This is a good draft for them. Lots of depth at defense," Alana added.

    "And it's good for us too. It's where we should be focusing our efforts," Briar reiterated, pointing to the draft lists from HSN, "Top goalie's off the board now. Leed would be a solid choice to shore up the back end. I don't think Delphy has got what it takes."

    "It was her first Elite League season, you don't give up on a player after their rookie season," Cundertol shot back, "Kashvili's contract is expiring shortly. If anything we replace the opening."

    "Mira--" Alana started, and then stopped. She realized she shouldn't finish the sentence. After all, she counted Mira as a friend. She didn't want to see her go, but this wasn't about friendships. This never would be. This was high-level executive decision making about the roster and as long as Alana played, she'd never be emotionally divorced from these decisions. Ever.

    "What about her?" Cundertol asked, turning to Alana.

    "No it's nothing."

    "I want to hear it."

    "All right," Alana said, "Mira's a good player. She's in what, her seventh Elite League season? Rookie of the year when she came in? She's solid. But I'm biased."

    "Then where are the holes in the defense?" Cundertol asked immediately. Alana bit her lip, no response coming to mind. "Come on, you're out there. You can see where things are going wrong. If it's not Kashvili, who is it?"

    Alana's eyes flicked from side to side as she thought. "Delphy wasn't good, Briar's right. And Rhona was in and out of the line up with some minor injuries. She never hit her stride. T.K.'s....inconsistent. And Adanna was readjusting to our schemes after those years on Coruscant. Bree's come a long way, but she's not elite year. Uncia's our best defender back there. As I see it."

    Cundertol sat back. "Not bad. Not exactly as I see it, but not bad."

    "Can we return to the topic at hand? Our draft pick? Look, if Leed got passed on by Onderon, then there's a good chance she's still going to be on the board by the time we get a pick. She was a Helmsman finalist and pretty much willed UCBV to the Super 16 championship on her own. She'd be a solid choice, especially if we give her a year to learn the game in the Premier League." Cundertol's mouth broke into a smile as Thorne endorsed the plan he'd given not too long ago, but before he could gloat she said, "I'd keep her here to learn under a steady starter, but the truth is that Delphy's so young that I don't think she'd have the ability to learn much. Her player development would be much better somewhere like Chandrila or Cloud City."

    “With the fourth overall pick in the Draft, the Thyferra Force select Jayla Leed, goalkeeper, from the University of Corellia, Bella Vistal.”

    "Oh frak me," Briar said, tossing her datapad in disgust onto the conference table.

    "Why do I think Thyferra had a similar conversation to what we just had?" Alana asked no one in particular.

    "Then we've got a choice to make now," Briar said, "Is this pick still worth it for us to keep? It's a seller's market out there. Thyferra's giving away the farm to get draft picks. They obviously think that their current roster can't stand up to the rigors of Elite League teams. Is there anyone worth it to take with it? Trading down has its merits."

    A comm buzzed and Briar picked it up. "Yes?....Yes...You do?......I'll pass it on." She hung up and wrote something on a flimsi that she slid to Cundertol. It was an offer for the pick.

    Quinn looked at it and immediately ripped the flimsi into pieces with a sneer. "That's an insult. Does that team even understand how this works? We would literally be giving them nothing for the pick."

    Alana didn't know who had been on the other end of the comm or what the terms had been, but clearly it was a nonstarter. Cundertol sat, fingers steepeled, and thought for a moment. The redhead had a guess as to what was going on in his head. With no playoff appearance and a dramatic overhaul of the roster already to his name, Cundertol had yet to have a signature moment as GM of the Miners. If he traded this pick, even for a good bundle, he might look smart, but he'd miss his first opportunity to score a signature moment as General Manager. Alana had talked to him about optics before. The optics of trading away the first round pick in the first ever Elite League Draft would be too damaging. If Glencross had to guess, Cundertol was going to hold his first rounder and use it.

    "We're picking," Cundertol said, jumping out of his chair and walking to one of the vidscreens. He brought up the HSN rankings and immediately tapped a name to bring up a profile. "Asyel Yan'ii. High risk, high reward. I don't think any other team has the stomach for him."

    "Yan'ii is coming straight out of high school. He's not a huge risk--he's an incredible risk," Briar said, walking over to the vidscreen.

    "This Bothan has the potential to be a once-in-a-generation player. He's ranked higher than Qorbus on half the draft charts at forward. And this is Qorbus we're talking about. You pass on a player like this and you regret it for the rest of your career," Cundertol said.

    "Somebody should tell Ryloth, Onderon, Thyferra, and Mando'ade that," Briar said with a smirk.

    "Their loss and our gain," Cundertol said.

    "Frego...I know that planet from somewhere," Briar said, tapping her chin.

    "Nowhere world," Cundertol said dismissively.

    Briar glanced at the live feed from the draft floor. "What's Euceron going to do?"

    "Their defense was impressive this season, offense needs work. A strong midfielder could be an excellent upgrade for them," Cundertol said.

    "Then Yan'ii could go there."

    Cundertol shook his head. "It's too much risk for Zargana. She'll likely take Seter or Darkrider to shore up the midfield."

    "With the fifth pick in the 271 Elite League Draft, the Euceron Storm select Asyel Yan'ii, full forward from Rian High School on Frego!"

    "You've GOT to be joking," Briar said in disbelief.

    Another name came off the Miners' draft board. Almost everyone who'd been taken today with the exception of Katan had been a target for the Miners. Nobody had really thought that Qorbus would fall to sixth overall, but stranger things had happened in other drafts. It wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Though the Glencross deal had made choosing someone like Renhorn impractical, there had still been a feeling she'd be a good insurance policy, especially if stashed away in the minors to get more experience. Her fierce drive was an intangible that couldn't be found every day. Leed and Yan'ii had been discussed already. So now the Miners were deep in their draft board.

    Cundertol looked at the remaining players and once again thought. He turned to Thorne after a good 15 seconds of thought.

    "I believe now our philosophies intersect," he said.

    Briar looked at Cundertol. "The best player left on our board fits what we need as a team."

    "I give even money she's not available when we get the twelfth pick," Cundertol said.

    "More than likely. We pull the trigger now." She extended a hand to Cundertol as a sign of agreement. He took it and they gave one quick pump.

    "Will somebody get a sewing machine! We have a jersey to prep!" Cundertol shouted, "Briar, you can sew, right?"

    "The edges won't be straight but I'll get it done," Thorne said.

    "I took home ec in tenth grade," Alana volunteered, "Let me."

    Cundertol just smiled a wry little smile as if to say, I knew there was a reason I let you stay.

    Draft floor, Eusebus, Euceron

    As Cundertol explained to Alana on their way down the hall, a lot of teams traditionally used off site war rooms and had one representative on the floor to relay their decisions. However, that wasn't how he worked. He wanted to be in the thick of it, in battle, feel the anticipation in the air. If he wanted to make a trade, how much more of an impact would it make if the General Manager himself was extending it on the draft floor? It was the stuff that great stories were made of...and it did give one a slight edge when it came to negotiating.

    There was one other benefit: the entrance of the Miners draft team onto the floor. The whole gaggle bursting onto the scene made quite an impression and the Miner fans cheered--especially when they saw the auburn mane of their captain among them. Alana smiled her wide smile and waved for their benefit before taking her seat at the table reserved for the Miners. At the Force table there was Pam Korthe, the famous Zeltron bench boss. The hosting team, Euceron, was up front but didn't appear to have anyone official here, but instead had given the honor to one of their young fans. Nice PR move, Alana had to admit, and she knew something about PR moves. After all, it wasn't by accident that her hair always smelled great, thanks to New Aroma bodywash....

    "Let's do this," Briar said, handing Quinn the folded jersey.

    Cundertol accepted it without a word and strode across the draft floor past the tables of their competitors next season and up to the podium on the stage.

    "With the sixth overall pick in the Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners have the pleasure of selecting Nelly Wizmark from the University of Evenvale," Cundertol said.


    The Miner fans cheered. By and large they were also Bak10 Limmie fans and they knew of the standout defender from the Evenvale Archers, who had come in third place that year thanks in large part to Wizmark's play which had earned her Bak10 Defensive Player of the Year honors. If you asked people from Bakura, it had been "Coreward bias" that had kept her out of the Helmsman nominations and her number 2 overall ranking by HSN's defensive rankings was well deserved. When she'd declared for the draft, Miner fans had feared that one of their best instances of homegrown talent was going elsewhere. Sure, if they'd had a shot at Qorbus, Renhorn, or maybe even Leed the Miners should take it. Maybe she'd last until the second round...but there were still sighs of relief that "the Wiz" was staying on Bakura.

    The blonde emerged smiling from the green room where the players were waiting and strode across the stage to accept her dark blue Miners jersey with WIZMARK in bold white letters above a gold 1 for the first round pick. She posed for the cameras, which had always just eaten her up on and off the field, with Cundertol who cracked a small upturn of one corner of his mouth for the occasion. He was not one given to broad smiles, so this was about as good as you'd get from him.

    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock," Cundertol said before leaving the stage.

    Before Nelly went off to meet the media and do her first round of interviews as an Elite League player, Cundertol brought her by the draft table to shake hands with everyone, who congratulated her and welcomed her to the Miners' family. The reporters clustered eagerly for the moment when the current captain would meet her newest teammate.

    "Welcome to the team, Nelly," Alana said as she pumped Wizmark's hand.

    "Thank you, thank you," Nelly said, "I'm so happy to be a Miner."

    "Remember that feeling for when they're kicking your butt in training camp," Alana said with a wink.

    "Bring it on," Nelly said, her smile never flagging.

    The 271 Bakura Miners were starting to come together.

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    IC: Setarcos Rhemes and Commodore Uda Nazug
    Monarchs War Room, Eusebus, Euceron
    Just like everything else this season figuring out who the newest members of the Monarchs was a foreign concept for Setarcos. He had surrounded himself with the coaching staff. He knew, they knew, and everyone knew, that all the Monarchs really needed was defense.

    Setarcos had lost all of defensive players to the war effort so now he was being forced to draft defense. Or was he?

    As the draft proceeded he watched as two forwards, two keepers, and a Midfielder came off of the board. Now he was waiting on the Miners to make their pick. As they waited the group looked over the list of available players. There were ten defensive players still available, anyone of them would be able to contribute immediately to the team.

    “With the sixth overall pick in the Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners have the pleasure of selecting Nelly Wizmark from the University of Evenvale,” Cundertol said.

    Setarcos knew then what he had to do. He picked up his commlink and contacted Rayel, who was on the draft room floor. All he said was one simple phrase, “The pick is number 2.”

    Down on the floor of the draft, Rayel looked down at the stack of seven envelopes. All of them were sealed, so she had no idea whose name she would be carrying up to the podium. After she opened the one marked with a ‘2’, she read in a clear voice, “With the seventh overall pick in the 271 Elite League Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs are proud to select Lexi Anna, Half Back from the Grand Vulpter System University Pilots.”

    The young Theelin strode up to Rayel and wrapped her arms around the former rookie. She then took the jersey with a large number 1 on the back and draped it over her shoulder. Rayel walked back up to the podium to finish her duties by saying, “The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are now on the clock.”

    It was now official, Rayel was no longer the youngest member of the Monarchs.
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    IC: Vincent Cutter
    Smugglers War Room, Eusebus, Euceron

    Vincent Cutter had seen a lot in his time as General Manager of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. But nothing could prepare him for the chaos that was the 271 Elite League Draft. There were trades, foiled draft plans, and lots of research that had gone into these young kids straight out of college. Kids that could become tomorrow's greatest stars or biggest busts. And as the draft had progressed, Cutter couldn't help but smile as rival teams struggled to readjust their draft boards after the first four teams had picked the clear front runners of the draft, Maximus Qorbus, Gayla Renhorn, Jayla Leed, and Mij Katan. But the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers never had to readjust their board. Surprisingly, as the draft progressed, all they had to do was reaffirm that the person they were selecting would be an immediate contributor to their franchise and would help revamp a unit that had never gotten much play under any coach that had ever led the burgundy and black to victory.

    "Currently, four of the six picks already turned in have been focused on defense. Tells you where the other franchises are seeing holes in their roster," Tover Micjaa, former head coach and player and now head of the scouting department said.

    "Not everyone is blessed enough to have a Meredith Chambers as their goalkeeper," Cutter replied.

    "True enough," Micjaa replied.

    Truth was, the Smugglers had scouted the available goalkeepers entering the league and hadn't seen that special spark in them that could help tip the balance of a game. Sure, they were talented, especially Mij Katan, but you needed more than talent in this league. As a goalkeeper, you needed to have a very short memory and believe that you were invincible out there. That nothing could get by you. Outside of a few key positions on offense, a great goal keep could swing games and help you win championships. Chambers was going to retire a Smuggler, no matter the cost, and that was that. Perhaps next year they could look at a replacement player for her but that was a long ways away.

    "So we're decided then?" Cutter asked as Rydonni Prime headed to the stage.

    "We've been needing to upgrade this position for years," Micjaa said.

    "Let's hope the Monarchs don't feel that they have the same need," Cutter said as he thrust his hands into his pockets.

    “With the seventh overall pick in the 271 Elite League Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs are proud to select Lexi Anna, Half Back from the Grand Vulpter System University Pilots.”

    Cutter breathed a sigh of relief. They were a go. Everything had fallen into place. Now they were going to make the call.

    "Put me through to him," Cutter said as they still had a few minutes before they were required to be on the stage.

    "Hello?" Came the voice on the other end of the comm.

    "Xander, good morning. This is Vincent Cutter of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers."

    There was a bit of a pause. Then an elated voice came over. "Good to speak with you, sir."

    "How would you like to be a Nar Shaddaa Smuggler?"

    "I would like that very much. I would be honored."

    "We think you're going to be something, Xander. You're joining a storied franchise, a true competitor. I'll meet you on the stage in a minute."

    "Thank you, sir."

    Vincent Cutter cut the feed, leaned back in his chair, and smiled. Yeah, today was the start of something special. Xander Darkrider hailed from The Ord Saboak University, one of the best collegiate programs out there. The kid had shown incredible smarts in all phases of the game and looked to be an immediate contributor at the Elite League level. The Smugglers were desperate for a play maker at midfielder and now, they hoped, they had just found one.

    Presenting the pick for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers was Cally Thrace who helped the team take home a championship in 261 against an undefeated Mon Calamari Mariners squad. The fans roared and whistled as Cally struggled to quiet them down.

    "With the eighth overall pick of the 271 Elite League Draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select, Xander Darkrider, Midfielder, from The Ord Saboak University."

    The Smuggler portion of the crowd went crazy as Darkrider emerged from backstage to take his burgundy jersey with a white number one on the back. His name flashed under the bright lights of the stage. Standing with Vincent Cutter, Darkrider smiled and posed for the cameras.

    Today was a good day.

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