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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Six Boroughs Stadium, Nar Shaddaa

    Gaeriel Valerii had played enough Limmie to know when it wasn’t her day. Today was definitely not her day.

    The Smugglers’ fast start put the Miners behind early and it was clear that with nothing left but this game, Nar Shaddaa had brought their A game. Of course, it was probably maddening to their fans that they played like this now, rather than when a playoff spot had been on the line last week, but they’d be more than happy to take this win to cap off the season.

    Valerii’s halftime adjustment had been simple: pull her veterans to keep them from suffering potentially more abuse—and also to keep everyone from doing anything stupid that might warrant league suspensions. The Old Whiskey Trophy was a prize, and one the Miners has sorely lacked the last few years, but there was another prize that they needed to think about. Sometimes it was better to cut your losses.

    This was how Alana wound up sulking on the bench. She hated watching the Smugglers run rampant over their defense. Despite being integral to the Miner defense this season, Wizmark and Waters had both been left in and were getting picked apart by the Smuggler offense that was scoring points like they weren’t playing again this season—oh wait, that’s right, they weren’t. Alana tried to remind herself of the fact that this was a Pyrrhic victory for their archrivals, but she would have preferred that their archrivals not have any sort of victory at all.

    “How come when we didn’t make the playoffs we never got to stomp them down like this?” Alana muttered.

    “Because we played them when we still could make the playoffs,” Rodders replied. That pretty much said it all.

    When the carnage was finally completed, Alana trudged off the field next to Valerii. “Remember that thing you said about having fun?”

    “Yeah,” the head coach replied.

    “Having fun sucks. I’d rather go kill them,” Alana said.

    “I’m inclined to agree with you,” Gaeriel admitted.

    Inside the locker room the team undressed as quickly as possible. They wanted to get on their way as soon as they could to get back to Bakura for their playoff game and leave Nar Shaddaa behind them for another couple years. There would still be some media interaction—which was not going to be enjoyable—but the sooner they got that out of the way the sooner they could leave.

    Unfortunately, Quinn Cundertol had other ideas.

    “What the hell was that?” Cundertol asked as he came through the sliding door so fast that it hadn’t finished opening yet. “That’s the performance you put up when a first round home game is on the line?”

    The mood of the entire locker room changed. Everyone sat up straighter. “Say that again,” Alana said.

    “Three points. No goals. And you let in triple that, triple, to the last place team in the league. Fantastic. Bloody fantastic,” Cundertol continued, “Now we have to go back to Thyferra. In fact, forget about going back to your nice apartments and homes. I’ve already filed a flight plan to take us straight to Thyferra again. And, by the way, it’s not supposed to snow there next week so you’re actually going to have to play a Force squad that’s able to execute their usual game plan, which led them to a 3-1 conference record.”

    “No, no, no, no. Slow down,” T.K. said, “We have a home playoff game.”

    “No you don’t,” Cundertol said shortly.

    “Yes we do. Coach said we do,” T.K. insisted.

    The GM spun. “You told them what?”

    “We do have a home playoff game. We beat Thyferra. We win the head-to-head,” Valerii insisted.

    Cundertol slapped his forehead. “No you idiot! Conference record is the first tiebreak!”

    “Oh my Maker,” Alana said, putting her head back against the dirty permacrete of the locker room. For good measure she put a towel over her head to fully symbolize the gigantic frak up this had just been.

    “You thought this game was meaningless?” Cundertol continued, “We just lost a chance for our home fans to see us in the playoffs for the first time in three years! This unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.”

    “Yeah, well where were you to point out the error of our ways?” Adanna piped up. There was an edge in her voice. Clearly she did not appreciate the tone the GM was taking. “We haven’t seen you since we left Bakura.”

    “Scouting,” Cundertol said, “Something that a large portion of this team should keep in mind given contracts coming up at the end of this season.”

    “Oh right,” Han Tunross suddenly spoke up from a corner where he’d been icing up Muzzi Tah’s shoulder, “How’d that go?”

    Cundertol crossed the room to where the team doctor was working and leaned in. “Verbal commitments, Han. Verbal commitments.”

    “From them?” Tunross asked.

    “Both of them,” Cundertol confirmed.

    “So now we have to hope they’re as good as their word,” Han said.

    “Would somebody care to explain what we’re talking about?” Alana said from under her towel.

    “You leave that to me,” Cundertol said, turning back to the team, “And let’s just hope you got all the losing out of your system because we need to win three straight road games now and in case none of you noticed we’re not particularly liked outside of Bakura, so batten down the hatches.

    “Let the games commence.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    HSN Sports Studios, Commenor

    “And welcome back to Limmie Today. As promised, we have the exclusive here at HSN Sports: the Elite League Limmie season awards announcement,” Jek Fulbuk said, “Tarandella, let’s start with the mother of them all, the Salbukk.”

    “This one’s a doozy this year,” Tarandella Herxpla said, “I’ve never seen anything like it before. Shocking a lot of people, the two standout rookies Zeke Barbosa of Ryloth and Jenna Leed of Onderon have pulled in not Ingbrand nominations, but Salbukk nominations. Though you’ve got to think it stings that neither of them were nominated for rookie of the year, standing for Salbukk is a much more prestigious honor.”

    “Yeah, it was a big year for rookies thanks to the 271 Draft really attracting top talent to the League in a major way, but more on that in a second,” Jek said, “Rounding out the Salbukk nods is Mara Singus of Rydonni Prime, one of the few defenders left from last year’s squad.”

    “She really did an outstanding job shepherding those rookies into vets that pulled down the top seed in the Solo Conference. A well deserved nomination,” Tarandella said.

    “Now to the Ingbrand Award, which has sometimes been a thin category, even down to just two nominees in years past. This year, not so. Any previous year and I think that Barbosa and Leed would have had a shot at the rare Triple Crown. However, the nomination committee clearly wanted to focus on as much individual talent as they could with no repeat nominations this year. For the Ingbrand, it’s high school sensation Ansel Yan’ii of Euceron, 270 Helmsman winner Maximus Qorbus of Ryloth, and Staweh Tam-Ford of Rydonni Prime.”

    “I think because of Euceron’s record, Yan’ii flew under the radar for a lot of people, but he was a huge part of the Euceron offense this year that was actually quite productive,” Tarandella said.

    “You know, if Euceron had played in the Solo Conference, I think we could have seen them in the playoffs,” Jek said.

    “Well, we know that the Solo Conference was weaker, so it’s a possibility. Tam-Ford did a spectacular job with the Monarchs this year, and Qorbus went seamlessly into a pro offense. Really, really impressive rookie of the year field.”

    “And let’s point out that no Miner was nominated this year. That’s something you don’t see often.”

    “Nelly Wizmark fell just short of making the cut. I think the nomination committee punished the Miners pretty hard for failing to show up against the Smugglers in Week 7. That 32-3 loss is just a huge blemish on their record, despite making the playoffs,” Tarandella postulated, “I also think it probably doomed any chances for Alana Glencross seeing a second Salbukk nomination. I would have had her as a lock after Week 6 personally.”

    “Onto the Duchess Eldin, and this is where Bakura did get some love,” Jek said, “Aron Rodders gets a nod for sportsmanship and athletic excellence, as does Med Braden of the now-folded Chiefs and Riff Persnor of the Thyferra Force.”

    “Real class acts all the way around,” Tarandella said, “Whoever wins will be very deserving of the victory.”

    “And finally, among the player awards, the Zumtak for perseverance and dedication to the sport of Limmie. It’s an award the League seems to construe pretty broadly for contributions on and off the field. Persnor gets his second nod here for his flood relief efforts, which made galaxy-wide news as he put his life on the line to save others.”

    “Also nominated was Alana Glencross for mental health advocacy and that’s one nobody saw coming after Week 6.”

    “Yeah, who would have thought that Glencross had some mental issues…well, okay maybe not so farfetched. Anyways! A very serious nomination to finish out the category: the League is also recognizing the Rydonni Prime Monarchs players who are currently fulfilling their reserve service in the Republican Fleet,” Jek said.

    “And as we broadcast, the Republican Fleet is in pitched battle in the Unknown Regions with the pirate fleet of Coronado Yssenn in what the Department of Defense is calling ‘a pitched, multi-day battle.’ No word on the fate of Monarch players involved in the battle,” Tarandella said soberly.

    “And our thoughts are with all the servicebeings with the Republican Fleet right now,” Jek added. It was an awkward pause as they transitioned back to the world of sports. “The Langann Award had one of the biggest surprises: Greebus Ion, interim head coach of the Monarchs for the last four games and wound up with a 3-1 record in that time, has one of the nods.”

    “I don’t think anyone saw that one coming, but it’s a solid nomination for the Solo Conference champs. Pam Kor’the of the Force also got a nod in her first Elite League season.”

    “But the real surprise is non-playoff team Nadiem, whose head coach Reggie Dun’lop will get one last moment on the big stage to represent the Chiefs, who are going under.”

    “Onto the Grames, Setarcos Rhemes has the second straight GM of the year nomination for the Monarchs franchise for stepping in and taking the reins after losing nearly his entire starting roster,” Tarandella said, “Samantha Poland of the Onderon Crazy Dragons is also getting recognition for the team she put together that surprised the Skywalker Conference by knocking off the undefeated Rough Riders.”

    “And, to prove that wonders never cease, Jo Mu Grath, the GM of the Chiefs, is also getting a nomination. He’s had some…creative ideas about how to run a hockey team in the past, so I guess the League is rewarding his innovation over the years.”

    “Once again,” Tarandella said, “I think that Miners Week 7 loss reared its head again. Quinn Cundertol would have been a strong contender for this category, especially with the way he’s single handedly introduced non-Humans onto the traditionally Human Miner squad, but at 3-4 it was just too hard to put his name in the mix.”

    “Agreed. Now let’s talk playoffs since we have a few extra minutes. Skywalker Conference?”

    “Wide open. I’m not sure this Vandelhelm team is as good as their record suggests,” Tarandella said, “The Rough Riders/Crazy Dragons game is gonna be a wild, rough, and crazy ride. I really like the winner of that game to take the Conference.”

    “Vandelhelm is in pole position for their third straight Galactic Cup Final appearance and history is on the side of teams that go three times, win the first, and lose the second. Don’t discount them, especially if Brooks gets going,” Jek pointed out.

    “Now the Solo Conference, we got a doozy here. Rydonni Prime blew a first round bye last year, so did they learn from their mistakes? It’s almost an entirely new team so you have to wonder,” the female Devaronian said, “I’d like to think that they’re going to capitalize this year.”

    “Another perennial playoff disappointment, the Bakura Miners, is traveling to Thyferra for a rematch of their wild Week 6 ‘snow bowl’. Can lightning strike twice for the Miners? I say no. This team has had trouble just getting three wins in a season lately, let alone stringing three straight wins together—all of them on the road no less,” Jek said.

    “Yeah, but the Miners have yet to lose a Quarterfinal game in the Kayl’hen Era. They seem to do best when they’re underdogs and they’ve got a veteran squad that should be able to go deep.”

    “Should being the operative word. Now let’s not discount Thyferra here.”

    “Absolutely not. They know how to win big games. Just look at their high flying affair at the Grande Villa in Week 7. They don’t get much bigger than that in the regular season and they brought everything and more to that one.”

    “So there you have it! Your playoff roundup and your season awards. You heard them here first on HSN Sports!”

    Elite League Season Awards Ballot

    Salbukk Award (League MVP)
    • Zeke Barbosa (Ryloth Rough Riders)
    • Jenna Leed (Onderon Crazy Dragons)
    • Mara Singus (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the year)
    • Maximus Qorbus (Ryloth Rough Riders)
    • Staweh Tam-Ford (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Ansel Yan’ii (Euceron Storm)
    Duchess Eldin Award (For sportsmanship and athletic excellence)
    • Med Braden (Nadiem Chiefs)
    • Riffhard Persnor (Thyferra Force)
    • Aron Rodders (Bakura Miners)
    Zumtak Award (For perseverance and dedication to the sport of Limmie)
    • Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners, for mental health advocacy)
    • Riffhard Persnor (Thyferra Force, for flood relief efforts on Thyferra)
    • Rydonni Prime Monarchs serving in the Republican Fleet
    Langann Award (Coach of the year)
    • Reggie Dun’lop (Nadiem Chiefs)
    • Greebus Ion (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Pamela Kor’the (Thyferra Force)
    Grames Award
    • Jo Mu Grath (Nadiem Chiefs)
    • Samantha Poland (Onderon Crazy Dragons)
    • Setarcos Rhemes (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Styz Kordvo and Loi Drung
    HSN Studios

    “Welcome, ladies and gentlebeings, to this college Limmie special report,” Styz said to the crowd. The Devaronian host, wearing his favorite black suit and blue tie, then motioned to his stylish Twi’lek co-host. “As always, I’m here with my smashing co-host, Loi Drung.”

    “Hello,” the female Twi’lek said, with that pretty-as-always smile on her face. Man she looked gorgeous, Styz thought to himself. Perhaps this was the day he’d finally ask her out on a date . . . Nah, he had a show to finish here first. Then he’d get around to that . . .

    “Uh . . .” Styz said before getting back into his rhythm. “Tonight, we will take a look back at the regular seasons of the college Limmie conferences around the galaxy. We’ve had a good year all around the board, and the playoffs look to be rather entertaining down the home stretch.”

    “We’ll start with the always-popular SEC,” Loi said. “It’s no surprise to Limmie fans out there that the Keldabe Military Institute Warriors are back in the playoffs and are primed to try to defend their Galactic championship from last season. However, things are never easy in the SEC; they call it the Super Elite Conference for a reason. The Palentine University Devils are also looking strong coming out of the regular season, with a 6-2 record to their name that included a close loss to the Warriors in Week 3. Look for these two teams to make it through the playoffs and meet in the conference final, which will determine if the Warriors can continue their reign of terror in the SEC or if another team can rise up and claim dominance. Only time will tell on that one,” Loi finished.

    “Ur’ban Me’yer certainly earned that six-year contract extension he got last season,” Styz said. “Another spotless record in the regular season earns you the big credits, and Me’yer has done a fantastic job once again. However, with the struggles in the front office for the hometown Elite League team, will Me’yer be convinced to make the jump to professional Limmie? He has five years left on his current contract, but the chance to turn around the Mercs franchise has to be quite the enticing offer,” Styz continued. “But for now, Mey’er looks to polish off another conference championship, one that his Warriors look to be huge favorites for right now.”

    “Now to the KAAC,” Loi said, referring to the Kashyyyk Associated Athletic Conference. The KAAC was a rising star in the college game, sending a representative to the Galactic Semifinals the season before. “After a couple of down years, the University of Kashyyyk Foresters look to finally regain prominence. Their defense, led by Helmsman finalist Chenkabukk in goal, was hands-down the best in the league in points allowed. This guy is a stud in the net; he never gets rattled, and should be a fine prospect for the Elite League. The Arbors of the Floral College should be back in contention for the title with a strong offensive unit led by five seniors, and the always-powerful Kashyyyk Agricultural College Pioneers should be in the mix as well for the conference crown. However, keep an eye out for the dark horse in this race, the Garrgarrump University Bowcasters. These guys are always sniffing around the top of their league, but always seem to fall apart at the wrong time. Look for them to break through this season and turn heads, because their midfielders are definitely the best in the conference. Add in a strong goalie in Filabukk, who still has her senior season left, one that shouldn’t have her in the shadow of Chenkabukk, and the Bowcasters should be strong for this title push and for the seasons to come.”

    “Moving on,” Styz said. “We have the Big 20. Venderwell University of Bespin looks strong once again. The Speeders have a nice passing attack led by senior Full Forward Chaz Styne, an All-Conference selection. They wrecked most opponents this season, but the one team that beat them was a rugged Techsters team from Eriadu Tech. Their defense shut down Styne in their regular-season matchup in a brutal 10-7 win on Eriadu in Week 2. Look for these two teams to make a push to the championship game and then have a real slugfest to determine the champions.”

    “But don’t forget about the University of Ord Mantell,” Loi reminded her co-host with a sly grin. “This team has been a laughingstock for a long time in that league. Last season, they went 1-7, yet now they stand with the #3 seed with an 8-2 record with one loss coming to Eriadu Tech. What a turnaround for this squad, and they should not be overlooked.”

    “What about the RAAC-14?” Styz asked.

    “Punch a ticket for the Admirals of the Ackbar Air Fleet College to the championship game,” Loi stated solidly, not wavering a bit. “This team is on a mission like they usually are, and they will bulldoze any teams that get in their way. You don’t go undefeated like they have and roll over in the playoffs, especially not when you have the work ethic of this team. Given their military duty after their playing careers, these fine men and women are ready to take on anything on and off the field. Other opponents of interest are the University of Anchorhead, who play a stingy defensive game centered on their two standout Corner Backs, and Hyvelli University. But I think the Admirals are still going to take this conference with ease, because they have the mental and physical toughness to dominate any other team in their league.”

    “And, what of the Super 16? Don’t forget them,” Styz said.

    “Wouldn’t dream of letting such a conference go by,” Loi said, winking. Styz didn’t believe that she had just done that at the camera. She was a mighty fine woman, that was for sure. “I did go to the Brentaal College of Commerce, you know,” she continued. “Anyways, this was quite a topsy-turvy season in the Super 16. Gotta make a shout-out to my Merchants, who captured the Crendan Division regular-season title with a 7-3 record. Hats off to Quillan Sands, the solid goalie they have, in what should have been a Helmsman season in my opinion.”

    “You’re just biased because you went there,” Styz interjected.

    “Am not,” Loi said. “The kid was impressive in goal all season long. Despite struggling early on, the Merchants turned it on in the second half of the year and made a strong push for first. Not a bad turnaround given last year’s debacle.”

    “More importantly, what happened to most of the playoff teams from last season?” Styz asked. “Only three of the teams in the playoffs last season are in them this year. What gives?”

    “This league is strong in parity,” Loi replied. “You don’t simply dominate like you can in other conferences, because the teams here are always getting better. My surprise of the season definitely, despite my Merchants, has to be the unanimous pick, the Defenders of the Citadel University of Anaxes. What a season they had this year. Led by Draft-eligible senior Will Detra, the Defenders just ripped apart their competition in the Kayl’hen Division, going to an undefeated record in conference play and also winning the overall regular season title for best overall record at 8-2. You just don’t do that in this league, given its strength. But the Defenders are the first team in the past 11 years to accomplish that feat, since Hexton Cordel’s Chandrila A&M Rovers did it on their way to a championship and undefeated season. This next week, they’ll be facing off against the College of Fondrodelphia Ions. The Ions snuck into the playoffs with a tiebreaker like they did last season, edging out the Coruscant Polytechnic Institute Mean Green and defending Super 16 champion University of Kuat Destroyers based on their nonconference performance. The Ions made their way to the conference Finals last season as the #4 seed, and are determined to knock off another top seed in the Defenders. Led by the solid brother duo of senior Ike and junior Paul Tullo in the Back 6, the Ions are an underrated bunch who always like playing against the odds. However, they are also known for their dirty play at times, and can easily tick off disciplined teams with their antics. So the Defenders will have to keep their heads on straight and deal with these two if they want to get to the conference championship match.

    In the other Kayl’hen game, the resurgent University of Coruscant Hawkbats are back to prominence as they face off against the Dark Horses of Duro State University. The Dark Horses seem to live up to their moniker, as they are definitely a team to watch going forward. Star junior Left Corner Forward Moval leads this team in points scored by a wide margin, and he is their locker room leader. But the Hawkbats are getting back into the groove after a terrible year last season that cost the coaching staff their jobs. Look for them to make up for last season and get to the conference finals this year.”

    “In the Crendan division, the Brentaal College of Commerce Merchants will take on the Knights of Valorum University. Valorum is a solid team, but the Merchants should take them to town. You don’t get that good and falter down the stretch, so the Merchants should be moving on. The other semifinal is between the National University Eagles and the UC Bella Vistal Renegades. UC is led by Helmsman candidate Andres Fortune, who is by and large a top-tier prop prospect. If he wins, expect him to be the top pick in this offseason’s ELL Draft. The guy’s got talent,” Styz said. “I fully expect them to win this game and get to the finals for the conference. However, they lost a lot of talent after last season, namely #4 pick and Helmsman candidate Jayla Leed and star midfielder Tonga Rute, not to mention Zumarrorroo from their defense. Thus, I’m not sure if they have enough firepower on all sides of the ball to beat their opponent in the finals, whoever that might be. Goalie has been a question mark for them all season long, and it won’t help now that they have both goalies on the injury report with bumps and bruises. So, Loi, who wins the Super 16 this season?”

    “Citadel,” Loi said. “I can’t go against a team who went 7-0 against the power programs of University of Coruscant, Chandrila A&M, Univerisyt of Kuat, CorTech . . . that’s just too much to overcome and fall short on.”

    “I think the Renegades will take it all this year,” Styz said. He knew he was climbing on a bit of a limb here, but it was his job to analyze, right?

    “Shocker right there,” Loi replied.

    “They went all the way to the league finals last season, only to fall a little short of the title in the end. However, they do have Fortune and a strong offensive attack, so I think they can make up for last season’s disappointment and take home the title.”

    “Now, for the full unveiling of the Helmsman candidates,” Loi said, checking her notes. “We have the aforementioned Andres Fortune, Full Forward for UC Bella Vistal. Also, there is Chenkabukk, goalie for the University of Kashyyyk Foresters. Joining them on the podium will be:

    Ye'ves'toung, a midfielder from Brask Yashuvhi University. She was by far the best player in her league this season, and although it is not considered a power conference, she simply dominated. Actually, that’s not accurate enough. She beyond dominated. The knock on her is the level of competition she played against, but she looks to have all the tools necessary to be successful in the pros.

    The last player joining the Helmsman finalist list is:

    Marmu Ishana, Full Forward for the Grand Vulpter System University Pilots. I . . . I don’t know what to say on this one. The Pilots didn’t make the playoffs this season in the Super 16 . . . well, the committee must know better than we do . . . This is certainly a surprise, to say the least. This award typically takes team performance into account as well as personal accomplishments, so Ishana must have gotten in here on her talent alone. She absolutely lit up opposing defenses this past season, and her defense was not giving her any help by squandering several leads in crunch time. Although the Pilots posted a winning overall record, their conference record wasn’t good enough to go to the playoffs. Too bad, really, because Ishana would have been sensational if given the chance. I know she has the talent to be nominated for the award, but she will definitely be a longshot to win against the other candidates. But, her pro prospects seem bright, even though there is definitely a knock on her size for an Elite League Full Forward.”

    “So, who’s your favorite to win this award?” Styz asked.

    “Andres Fortune. The guy’s got an impressive set of skills, and his size definitely is an attractive quality for teams looking for size and length up front.”

    “I’m going for Chenkabukk,” Styz said. “In a league full of Wookiees, you just don’t flat-out dominate the other team in goal like he does. And he makes it look so easy, too. Fortune’s numbers may be impressive, and his position on the field definitely helps his case, but the Wookiee makes everybody else on the team better by not being rattled and doing the little things. You can’t teach those, and I think he takes it based on his dominance in the net.”

    “There you have it,” Loi said. “It sounds like we have plenty to watch out for as the league seasons end and the playoffs begin. We will be back here in two weeks to break down the action and bring you our analysis. So long for now.”

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie Vigo blinked her eyes open and stared at the chrono on her nightstand. One hour remained before the start of her shift at Rori's Diner. With no thoughts of the extra shut eye most beings would desire at this hour Lucie shot out of bed. She dove into a pair of shorts, slipped into a sports bra, laced up her shoes and headed out the door. Even before sunrise the temperatures were brutal this time of year in Cambrielle. Within minutes she was soaked in sweat. It was nice to run before daylight, no creeps blowing their speeder horns or whistling as she jogged by. This morning Lucie needed the peace and quiet of an early morning run more than ever. Just the thought of last night nearly made her heart stop. For the past two years the Starkillers had been on a rampage. Last season they had won every regular season game in the ABC and this year in the GCLA they had been following the same path. Last night's engagement had been against the Agamar Packers. As usual the Starkillers took an early lead, but in the 2nd half the Packers managed to tie the score. A last second goal by hot shot right corner Loren Jul had won the game for the Starkillers. Lucie knew Loren looked down on her. All the female players had a superiority complex when it came to her and the rest of the dance team. Fact is she and her squad were just as athletic as any Limmie player. But that was beside the point. Loren had won the game, another perfect regular season. Even if it did mean seeing and hearing Loren all over the holonet today this greatly improved the Starkiller's chances of becoming a member of the ELL.

    Once back in her quarters Lucie quickly executed a routine of several dozen crunches, push-ups, squats, lounges and sit-ups before jumping in the shower. With no time to spare she put on her uniform and headed to work. Rori's Diner served a variety of greasy options that made Lucie's stomach turn. They also attracted a large crowd of business folk for the morning meal. As per her normal routine Lucie unbuttoned all possible buttons on her uniform, enough to show cleavage and midriff, in order to encourage extra tips from male customers. She stuffed down a tasteless protein bar, swallowed some black caf and made off to her first table.
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jayla Leed
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime

    Jayla stretched out as the two teams readied themselves for battle in the middle of the field. She had slept so soundly the night before it was unreal; for once, she wasn’t worrying about playoff position. The Monarchs, regardless of the outcome of this game, were going to get the Solo Conference title and the semifinal bye for the playoffs. Meanwhile, her Thyferra Force, regardless of this game, were going to be third in the conference, enough to make it to a playoff game but not enough to host one or earn the bye. So, there was really nothing of importance here. It was supposed to be a tune-up game for both teams, something that typically didn’t happen in the Elite League at this time of the season. As such, Coach Korthe was going to run her backups longer in this one, trying to get in some reps for them going into the postseason and also resting her starters up for the long trip out to Bakura for the semifinal game the next week. Not exactly how Jayla wanted it, but she couldn’t do anything now. Had she not blown so many games, perhaps they would be the one with the bye wrapped up.

    The game was close for the first fifteen minutes. Both sides were humming along, putting up points like mad up on the board. After a little while, the Force starters had been yanked for the reserves . . . except for Jayla. With no backup goalie on the roster, Jayla had come in knowing she was going to play the full 60 in this game. She was earning minutes here, but that was pretty much it. But it wasn’t like her statistics counted for much anymore, because she had long blown any chances to be nominated for the Ingbrand with her poor play.

    At the half, the score was 23-15 Monarchs. The Force went into their locker room with little energy; why bother exerting more energy than you had to if this game meant nothing? Coach Korthe looked at her troops.

    “Come on, guys, I need more from you out there,” she said.

    “Nothing to play for,” Jayla said, rolling her eyes.

    “So this game means nothing to you, Leed?” Korthe responded. “I know it may not mean anything on the stat sheet at the end of the day, but it should mean something to each and every one of you. It’s difficult to win any games in this league, and yet we have a chance to go 3-4 this season. Not the performance we would have hoped for, but it’s still leaps and bounds better than 2-5. If we lose this game, and we’re certainly doing our best at that right now, no one will respect us going into next week. I should never have told you that we were playoff eligible, because you all seem to have quit those past few minutes. Lighten up and play with pride; if we lose, I’d rather go down fighting than give up and roll over because our playoff spot is assured. I need more effort from everyone out there, because not only are you competing for playing time next week, but also for roster spots for next season. Keep that in mind, because we can still win this.”

    All Jayla could do was sigh; it was hard to care about a game that had no meaning for anything. But as she trudged out to the other goal to begin the second half, she still tried her best to look prepared so that the Monarchs wouldn’t get any ideas that she really didn’t care what happened here.

    And then things changed. Jed Ortmeyer, the offensive coordinator, came up to Korthe and began to discuss something with her. Then, the Zeltron yelled at her players. “Miners lost!” she yelled at them. “Win this game, and we get to host them next week!” This sent a shockwave through the rest of the team; the conference record meant something after all! Suddenly, Jayla shot back into her goalie mode; all of the marbles were now out of the bag and ready to be taken by the Force. They were trailing, but that was no concern for her. All she needed to do was concentrate.

    And concentrate she did. The second half, the Monarch attacks in the offensive zone were easily thwarted by the Force Back 6 and Jayla. On the other end of the field, the Force offense started to find a spark. Multiple reserve players began to chalk up points, and de facto captain Riff Persnor was putting in another solid effort as he eclipsed the 50-point mark for the season. The game finally was tied up, and then the Force took a 35-34 lead late in the game.

    “Zone read!” Ortho Dyhon, the defensive leader, shouted to his defense. The defense, mostly reserves at this point, shifted into a zone defensive look as the Monarchs came down the field. The ballcarrier was tripped up by Tonga Rute and then lit up by Tank Bratter, who had come in to protect his territory. The ball squirted free and ended up in the hands of Zumarrorroo. The Wookiee tossed it up the field to Sarya Dilvam, who then beat a defender and passed it into the offensive zone. All Jayla could do was watch now. Persnor passed it over to Dypral, who outleted it on a rainbow pass to a cutting Corshisha. The Dug, trying to make it in the Elite League again as a forward, beat the Monarch’s goalie with a nice shot and buried the ball in the back of the net. The Force bench went crazy after the score, and the Dug was swarmed by her teammates. The Monarchs looked shocked; Greebus Ion just shook his head on the Rydonni Prime sideline.

    After several frantic minutes in which the Monarchs tried to get the ball past Jayla, the game came to an end with the same score. Korthe was drenched with Gundarkade after the win, and the Force players ran out to the center of the field to celebrate. It wasn’t exactly a playoff win, but the victory had just brought them a home date against Bakura, a chance for revenge. For Jayla, it would be a chance to final get to face the Miners on even ground, when the snow and a fallen light pole didn’t try to take her out of her groove. Although today’s game had been a real mess for her, she had tightened the screws just enough to be effective, and that’s all that mattered. The Force had won this game and notched a home playoff game; now they had to make good on their second chance.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    HSN's bevy of analysts have culled over the declared draft players for the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft and have issued their rankings of the top talent. This list is not inclusive of all players eligible for the Draft, but HSN believes these players will be the ones heavily targeted by next year's Elite League teams. The League has indicated that Bakura, Euceron, Mandoade, Nar Shaddaa, Rydonni Prime and Thyferra have all met the criteria to participate in the Draft for 272. Furthermore, the League has indicated that they intend to bring on at least one new team for next season, whose Draft eligibility will be reviewed at that time. Per Elite League rules, new teams to the league for 272 will draft ahead of returning teams. Bakura and Nar Shaddaa will receive compensatory picks in the first and third rounds, respectively, to honor trade agreements made during the 271 Draft.

    1. Dauza Chary (Neimoidian, Male, Right Corner Forward, GVSU)
    2. Marmu Ishana (Bimm, Female, Full Forward, GVSU)
    3. Will Detra (Human, Male, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes)
    4. Andres Fortune (Human, Male,Full Forward, UC Bella Vistal)
    5. Calli Webb (Mon Calamari, Female, Right Corner Forward, Chandrila A&M)
    6. Maggie Adams (Human, Female, Left Half Forward, The Ord Sabaok University)
    7. Vic McTodd (Amaran, Male, Center Half Forward, GVSU)
    8. Dyslo "Dizzy" Rol'per (Twi'lek, Male, Corner Forward, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute)
    1. Ike Tullo (Human, Male, Corner Back, College of Fondordelphia)
    2. Sas'quetch (Wookiee, Male Full Back, The Ord Sabaok University)
    3. Reid Livingstone (Human, Male, Left Corner Back, BCC)
    4. Ruunron (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Back, University of Kashyyyk, identical twin brother to Ruunjaa)
    5. Unia Yistral (Zabrak, Female, Left Corner Back, University of Ord Mantell)
    6. Sugnok Umanh (Human, Male, Center Half Back, U. of Be'Nal)
    7. Gunman Forp (Ishi Tib, Male, Left Corner Back, Chandrila A&M)
    8. Ciegarth (Kaleesh, Male, Left Half Back, The Ord Sabaok University)
    9. Bailey Walker (Human, Male, Corner Back, U. of Garos)
    1. Ye'ves'toung (Chiss, Female, Midfielder, Brask Yashuvhi University)
    2. Demetra Silkins (Human, Female, Midfielder, University of Denon-Eastlake)
    3. Cali Royd (Hapan, Female, Midfielder, Albanin-Baxel Defense Academy) [Cover athlete from ELL 13]
    4. Sanyr Ralders (Human, Male, Midfielder, Vertical City University)
    5. Struss Sillensun, (Rodian, Male, Midfielder, University of Coruscant)
    6. Ruunjaa (Trandoshan, Male, Midfielder, University of Kashyyyk, identical twin brother to Ruunron)
    7. Honey Ryder (Hapan, Female, Midfielder, Royal College of Hapes)
    1. Chenkabukk (Wookiee, Male, Goalkeeper, University of Kashyyyk)
    2. Abe Cynour (Corellian, Male, Goalkeeper, GVSU)
    3. Anton Jorpik (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, UB Telaan Valley)
    4. Sali Meets (Human, Female, Goalkeeper, UB Gesco City)
    5. Kurta Thaar (Zabra, Male, Goalkeeper, Verpine Tech)
    6. Quillan Sands (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, BCC)
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: Section 109, Row 28, Seats 1 and 2, Euceron Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Halftime of Week 7 home game against Chiefs

    "So how's the game so far?"

    Jado, chewing on a too-big bite of greasy concession food, looked up at his dad and tried to answer, but the only sound that came out was unintelligible.

    "Don't talk with your mouth full," scolded Marte.

    Jado swallowed part of what was in his mouth and moved the rest to the side so he could talk clearly. "Then don't ask me questions while my mouth is full." Marte shook his head as his son finished swallowing and continued. "I said great 'cause we're winning."

    "Yeah, 27 to 9 is a pretty solid halftime lead. Here come the teams."

    Marte felt a tap on his left shoulder and turned around to the aisle to find a couple of young fans with a datapad and stylus. He signed an autograph and smiled while the kids' father took a holo. The night before, he had debated about whether to rent one of the last two remaining private boxes, knowing that he was still a local celebrity and easily recognizable, not just from his coaching days but also from his time at HSN. However, he wanted Jado to feel the energy of the other fans, and thus had chosen to buy regular seats, even though it meant periodically signing autographs and posing for holos. As long as no one posted his seat number on the Storm's Facepad page, he felt he wouldn't be bothered too much.

    The number of empty seats had shocked him, though. Storm fans had always been a loyal bunch, keeping the stadium full even during the slump in the early 260s, but it appeared that even they were tired of losing seasons, this being the sixth consecutive, and it showed in the attendance. For the first time in 21 years, the HSN broadcast of a Storm home game was blacked out locally due to the failure to sell out.

    The second half began, and the Storm began playing conservatively, protecting their lead but not running up the score, as Marte and Jado chatted and enjoyed the atmosphere. With about ten minutes to go and the score 35–12, Haron Orus called a timeout and put his reserves in. The Chiefs began to pick up the scoring after that, but everyone knew that it would be too little, too late.

    Just then he felt a tap on his right shoulder. Puzzled because the seats behind them had been empty the whole game, he turned around to find two people he knew very well sitting in those seats wearing jerseys—one an Asyel Yan'ii jersey, the other Med Braden—and although they appeared to be unarmed, Marte knew that their lightsabers were hidden on their bodies somewhere.

    "Palla? What are you and Zay doing here?" he asked.

    "Oh, we got in to Euceron this morning and decided to stop in and see the game. Zay here is a Chiefs fan, and he's definitely not happy about the team folding. Thought I'd give him a chance to see what could be their last game."

    "Ah," replied Marte. "I don't usually see... uh, people like you out in... regular clothes." Marte was aware that the two Jedi might have a good reason to not be displaying themselves as such and so didn't want to give them away to the people around them.

    "We just didn't want to distract people from halfway across the stadium, so we thought we'd blend in. I hear little Jado here might be Force-sensitive?"

    "Actually, we know he is now. He taught himself how to pick up a ball with the Force last week."

    "Wow," said Zay. "And how old is he?"

    "Seven!" announced Jado.

    Palla and Zay chuckled. "Well, why don't we watch the rest of the game and then we can talk more in-depth back at your house?" Palla suggested.

    "Sounds good," replied Marte.

    Location: Nalo home, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Later that evening

    "The Order relaxed the rules on attachments a few years ago, so you wouldn't lose contact with Jado forever," Palla was explaining to Marte and Jaria. "Visits would be rare, though, maybe only three to five times a decade at the low end."

    "Still, I don't know if I could stand to be down to just one kid in my regular, everyday life," said Marte.

    Jaria considered the matter for a few seconds before speaking. "I think that we should let him go. I don't want to lose another child, either, but I do want what's best for Jado, and I think that this is the best thing for him."

    "Yeah, I guess you're right. We'll let him go with you."

    "Are you sure? This is a big decision. I want you to take a minute, think it over, and make sure that you're certain about it."

    Marte and Jaria sat back and thought for a minute, then looked at each other. After a second, Jaria nodded, and Marte turned back to Palla. "Yes, we're sure."

    "OK, then. I'll go get Zay and Jado."

    Time: Two hours later

    Marte knelt in front of Jado at the front door. "I'm gonna miss you, little buddy," he told Jado as a few tears began to fall. "But I think this is what you were meant for, so make us proud."

    "I will," said Jado.

    Marte gave his last son a long hug, then moved aside so that Jaria could do the same. Marte then looked him in the eye. "Now go and don't look back."

    Palla and Zay looked at Marte, who nodded, and Jado and the Jedi walked out and headed for Zay's rented speeder.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Aquila, Republican Fleet
    Unknown Regions

    Fiona Westenra looked around the command center. It was a wreck. Consoles were burnt out, the central projections flickered, some panels were hanging off the wall, if not completely off them. This was one of the things she’d had to hazard to get Yssenn—the Aquila itself.

    She’d assumed Yssenn would need to make a run and to do that he’d need to do two things: break her line and take out the interdictors. Fiona had decided to enable that and do so on her terms. In the break between battle, she’d maneuvered the interdictors behind the wreckage of destroyed capital ships, which she had repositioned to shield them from Yssenn’s assault. It allowed her to reinforce her line elsewhere, but it presented Yssenn with an opportunity that Fiona had bet he wouldn’t pass up: accomplish both objectives at once. If he dedicated the bulk of his force to punching through the line at the interdictors, he would have the best shot of victory. With his smaller picket ships, he could maneuver the space debris and keep Fiona’s larger capital ships from following him.

    What Yssenn only found out when he accepted Fiona’s invitation was that the wrecked capital ships were operational. With shielding to either side to protect their flanks, Yssenn’s ships were utterly annihilated by the unexpected onslaught. He’d drawn his force out to make one run for it and it had cost him, dearly.

    But the pirates hadn’t gone down without a fight. Fiona’ s ships had been highly exposed in the maneuver and she’d lost them. A lot of them. In fact, it was in sheer numbers the most she’d ever lost in one engagement in her career. An entire fleet. But she’d won. She’d won.

    A door slid open and Fiona instinctively looked up. Captain Dawn Solo entered in a battered, scuffed, even slightly burnt flight suit. The battle had clearly not been easy on her. The former fighter pilot looked Solo, the woman who’d found Yssenn and made this possible, in the eyes from across the room. She didn’t have to speak a word to ask the question.

    Solo shook her head.

    Fiona, despite the fatigue, drew herself up and gave the sharpest salute she knew to the Captain. Solo returned it and their eyes stayed locked.

    Beings had died today under their commands.

    In the days that followed what became known as the Forty Hours’ Battle, the extent of the casualties became known. They were not over exaggerated.

    Among the dead were names that Limmie fans knew:

    Ahcas Yzoj
    Ali Senow
    Allie Nifer
    Austin Pence
    Cota Lorley
    Endra Hawk
    Gage Rango
    Hahn Emaldo

    Ila Rieger
    Inus Socca
    Lorli Boxey
    Nash Hareilly
    Pia Riise
    Riv Emerik
    Sasha Tarik

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    Jun 11, 2002
    (It's tough to find a Slap Shot clip that doesn't involve nudity or bad language... So this will have to do.)

    IC: Nadiem Chiefs

    The game wasn't going so well. The Chiefs were getting killed. At half-time, when the players were getting a much needed rest, GM Jo Mu Grath walked into the locker room.

    "Oh, great," Braden said. "He's here to rip into us again."

    "No," Grath said. "I'm here to tell you that there are scouts in the stands. Beings from other teams and other leagues, here to scout the Chiefs. You guys need to pick up your game or you won't impress them. That means no job."

    His comm beeped, indicating a call. "Sorry. I have to take this." Grath exited the locker room.

    The players looked around at each other. Were there really scouts here? Reggie watched the door slide closed behind Grath. "Scouts?"

    - - - - - - - - - -

    The remainder of the game, most of the Chiefs players played dirty. There was lots of hitting and some were trying to pick fights. But Med Braden stuck to the "old time limmie" that he loved. He got the Chiefs a good majority of points that second half.

    He was tired of the fighting and wrestling and "gooning it up" play that Reg was always pushing on them. He was the most skilled player amongst all the goons. He was fed up with it.

    The minute the game ended and the home crowd cheered for their win, Med Braden began taking off all his clothes.

    "Kid," Reg yelled. "What the hell are you doing?!"

    Med grabbed the limmie ball and began streaking across the field.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Owners box, Meshla Vhetin, Manda'yaim

    The 271 meshgeroya season ended as it began for the Mando'ade Mercs, with a loss to an expansion team. Granted they each held 5-2 season records and were headed to the playoffs in the unbelievingly strong Skywalker Conference, but it was still a loss nonetheless. At least they had secured the rights to a high draft pick. It would be the first except that once again the league was supposed to be adding teams to its ranks. A team from Ralltiir would be joining them.

    There were rumors of another team as well undergoing the process, but he couldn't garner any further information. The commissioner's office was being more tight lipped than usual regarding requests for information from him. They had been ever since the head of their scheduling commitee had gone missing.

    Taab mulled that over for a moment. The commissioner had her own well run network of informants, and also had acess to resources from the Republic. It was possible, however unlikely, that she would discover his involvement there. But what could she do to him? He was outside of Republic jurisdiction, and she wouldn't kick the Mercs out of the league. Despite their poor season, they were still a ratings monster on the road, and a large financial contributor to the league. With the folding of the Chiefs, the value of a bedrock franchise, especially one so far out from the core, could not be overlooked.

    These thoughts brought a topic to mind that he wanted to discuss with his companion in the box. "Scouts were dispatched to the Chiefs final game, there may be a glut of free agents hitting the market this off season." Vhett never so much as looked at him as she responded.

    "There may be a few members of that team that could fit into our overall concept."

    She seemed non-commital as she watched the Mercs players move into the stands, thanking as many fans as they could personally for sticking with them through tis hard season. It was apparent to Taab that she was still evaluating the team they had. "And, what do you think of our loss?"

    "We played our style of meshgeroya. Slow and smashmouth, ball possesion was to be key. The Onderon team played more up tempo, it is an adjustment we need to make as well."

    Taab raised an eyebrow under his buy'ce. Was she suggesting they turn away from the traditional style of the Mercs? She continued on explaining herself.

    "You tried to alter that by bringing in aruetii concepts and players. That was a mistake. We can open up the offense, in a Mandalorian way."

    Taab nodded now. "It would put more strain on our defense which has shown weakness for the past two seasons."

    Now his ex-wife did look at him. Just as beatuiful and cold and treacherous as he had remembered her. "It cannot be helped. This may take time, but we will re-build the team the right way."

    Taab magnified the view in his buy'ce watching Kor'le shake the hands of an elderly Mandalorian. Such a man might not have the time left to take such an approach. For that matter Taab might not either if he was to reach his poloitical ambitions. "Then your meetings at KMI have gone well?"

    She laughed now. That evil, nasty laugh that always went along with one of her sucessful plots. "Yes quite well. Haven't you been following the news? We will have our man."

    He had, of course, and the information presented there all supported her statement. "What of Dar'tome and the offense?"

    "I will handle Dar'tome. You have your role to play with Kor'le and the Nulls yes?"

    "Already set in motion my dear."

    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Home Locker room, Meshla Vhetin. Two days after the end of the 271 season.

    At long last the season was over. Most of the Mercs had already cleared out their lockers. This had been a season to forget, she never thought that the team could go through such an dreadful losing streak to start a season. They had managed just one win, a win against a team that had only won two games itself all season. Anotther year without the playoffs, and the dismissal of her father from the team.

    Now she sat in front of her locker, dressed in her black and red beskar'gam ready for the off season. It was sure to be a tumultuious one. Her previous contract had forbade her from bounty hunting during the offseason, but during the Great Quiet she and many of her team mates had done so anyway. They had earned no rebuke from the team, and it seemed that many on the squad were going to do so again during the offseason.

    But Ryi didn't have that luxery, nor did the Nulls. They were all free agents, they had other issues to deal with first before they could go out an enjoy themselves. Her business here complete for now, she hefted her heavy bag and slid her buy'ce over her head. A blinking on the HUD informed her of an incoming message. It was a forward of a holo-news article sent to her by Kote.

    Ryi stopped reading. First her father, and now Coach Kal had paid the price for the lack of team production for the past two seasons. Was this really even a team she wanted to continue playing for?
    Another flash inside her buy'ce shook her out of those thoughts. Another message. An audio one, from the team owner Taab.

    "Kor'le, report to my office. We need to talk."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Thyferra Stadium, Bree Clearing, Thyferra

    Well, Alana could honestly say she hadn’t expected to find herself here again. When they’d left two weeks ago, people thought they were shaking the dust from their feet for two years when it came to Thyferra. A home playoff game against the Force had been assured. And now, here they were.

    At least it wasn’t snowing this time.

    The team sat in the locker room. For a lot of the faces in this room, this was their first Elite League playoff game. Despite only having one game under her belt, Alana was a comparative veteran. But even she felt dwarfed by the champions in the room: Inviere and Andersen. Adanna had playoff experience with the Miners, but she’d gone to the promised land with the Senators. Andersen’s had come with the Smugglers. They knew what it took to win it all. So did Valerii. The head coach had lifted the Cup twice, once as captain of the Miners. But now she was in a much different role. She was in a pant suit these days, not cleats and a jersey.

    It was a big moment for these Miners. A lot had changed since they last went to the playoffs. Back then they’d had a first round bye, a different captain, a different head coach, and an all-Human team. Now they had to sew extra large jerseys for the Herglic goalkeeper. Everybody felt that these were the playoffs.

    “Hey, Red, this came for you,” an assistant called out, tossing a package across the locker room to her. She caught the light envelope.

    “Someone trying to ruin your pregame ritual?” T.K. kidded from across the locker room.

    “Probably love letters from her BFF Ryi,” Corrie said.

    “More like she’s asking for a reference before Taab fires her for sucking this season,” Everett said.

    Alana tore the envelope open with curiosity. She pulled out two ribbons, one blue and one yellow, and a note.

    I seem to recall in high school someone wore ribbons in her hair for big games.


    P.S. I think it was Judi Tullmore. But I never liked her.

    Alana laughed at the last bit.

    “Secret admirer?” Aron asked.

    “No, just an old friend,” she said as she began to gather her hair back into a ponytail.

    Under much warmer circumstances the Miners came out of the tunnel to Thyferra Stadium. Of the once proud Big Four (Bakura, Chandrila, Coruscant, and Nar Shaddaa) only two remained. Even if the hand of Gark S’rily was behind the Force and their slow development into a Galactic Cup contender, it had come down to the Miners and the Smugglers as the standard bearers of the old tradition. Of the Big Four, only the Miners had yet to see the Galactic Cup Final since the dawn of the Kayl’hen Era.

    Alana was sure that the other fourteen starters who entered the field of battle felt the same weight of expectations that she did. This was what mattered. The playoffs were the measure of a being. This was what separated the good from the great.

    She remembered everything that Dr. Calay had gone over with her: she needed to be the best player she could be and trust that would be enough. She couldn’t worry about what everybody was doing. They had to win as a team. But Alana knew that she would be judged by this performance, her first playoff appearance as captain. The disappointment of not having a home playoff game had already registered among Miner fans. Plenty had come to Thyferra, but it was a small section of the stadium. More than they’d had Nar Shaddaa, but it was still small. Alana looked over at them as she trotted across the field and gave a salute to them to acknowledge and thank them for making the trip. She hoped she gave them worth seeing today.

    And then she did a double take. There in the front of the stands, waving, were Dr. Calay and Niall. Alana gave them a smile. Well, she hadn’t expected that, but the ribbons had to get her somehow, didn’t they?

    But there were more pressing matters at hand. Alana quickly headed for the Miner sideline and the huddle that was forming up around Valerii.

    “This is it,” Gaeriel told her team, “You all know the stakes. Everything that’s happened this season—gone. All that matters is this game right now. Win one game. That’s all I ask of you guys. One game.

    “We know this one’s not going to be an easy game. We came here two weeks ago and pounded them. You know how that stings. You know the burn in your chest after that,” Gaeriel said, “We were there last week. Do you remember what that felt like? Do you Aron?”

    “Yes,” Rodders said. His eyes showed that he truly did.

    “Remember that,” Gaeriel said, taking hold of his jersey briefly, “They’re going to bring it. All of them. This is their house. But we know how to win on the road. It’s what we do, right Adanna?”

    “Yeah,” Inviere replied.

    “One game. Right here, today. Be the team that you know that you are,” Valerii said. She looked Alana. “Red?”

    “We didn’t see their full game in the snow. Well they didn’t see ours either,” Alana said, “Let’s hit them with everything they’ve got, every play.”

    “You know it,” T.K. piped up.

    “Let’s go do this!” Valerii said, clapping as they broke the huddle.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jayla Leed
    Thyferra Stadium at Byree Clearing

    Jayla stared down the Miners as they warmed up across the field from her. There was a burning in her eyes, one of anger, one of utter rage. They had beaten her so badly two weeks earlier in that 32-16 loss right here, making her look like a two-bit rookie. She hadn’t exactly excelled all season in goal, but that game hurt the most for her. Had that light pole not gone down in her direction, perhaps she would have done better. A win in that game would have given the Force a bye this week and then a home playoff game. She could sit for a week on her couch and not have to worry about anything. But now she was stuck here, trying once again to stop the power offense of the Miners. And she wanted revenge.

    When warmups were over, Coach Korthe got everyone together in the locker room and started her usual pre-game speech. Jayla wasn’t really interested in hearing what she had to say, but she tuned in anyways.

    “These guys gave us an old-fashioned whipping last time we played them,” the Zeltron said. “And you know something, the snow wasn’t the only thing working against us. We beat ourselves by being sloppy with the ball. Last week, we tightened up the screws and played a lot better. We may have given up a banthaload of points, but we didn’t break on defense. That’s what we need now; the Miners will score like they always do, even though Nar Shaddaa pummeled them last week. They’re coming into this game as wounded as we are, maybe even more so. We need to go out there and show them that you can’t come in here twice and expect to win both games. This is our chance to prove that we truly belong in this league, since almost no one thinks we do right now. That’s what the media’s been going on about all week, that we’re weak. That we’re just some glorified minor league development squad who’s challenging the big boys at their own game. That Gark S’rily is the one who runs this organization, and that this is all his doing. Well, last time I checked, he built this team, but I’m the one calling the shots and made most of these personnel decisions. He gave us the foundation; now I intend to use that to build this franchise.

    When we came together three years ago, this was a real mess of a franchise. The stadium here was a wreck, fan support was almost nonexistent, and the team was terrible. Hadn’t won a playoff game in decades, and unfortunately we still haven’t accomplished that feat since I took over control of this team. But you know something? We have accomplished things. You hear those people out there, chanting your names? They’re behind you all 100%. You’ve affected this planet. Backwater planet indeed. Bacta planet, and nothing else, right? We’re going to go out there and show up those pretty-boy Miners because we CAN! This planet is then going to be known not just for its medical supplies, but also for its Limmie. I want each and every one of you to know that a win here not just means a lot for you, but for the fans, for this world. They’ve gone so long without a playoff victory that it seems ludicrous that no team was able to finally get back to the promised land. Twice we’ve been in the playoffs, and twice we’ve lost. Last season’s especially, since we got ground up and beaten to a pulp. That one still stings, because we definitely did not play our best ball. But this is our third chance, and on the biggest stage. Some of you,” she paused as she looked at the Elite League veterans, “have been here before. A few of you have won this whole thing once, two of you twice. This is your time to step up and be leaders for the rest of us.” She walked up to Syprul Raches, the Shistavanen Full Forward, and then stuck her finger into his jersey. “I need you to show me that Numifolis Award winner I know you have in you. You don’t win two Galactic Cup championships to only go out like a punk. And you,” she said to Jerek. “You’ve won a Cup title, and got to the All-Star Game in the process. What does that say about you?”

    “That I’m just that good,” Jerek said with a wry smile.

    “Exactly,” Pam said. “But because you also have the right people supporting you so that you can make plays. This isn’t an individual sport, everyone. Limmie is the ultimate test of not only yourselves, but also of your team skills. Fifteen players working in synchrony to achieve victory, that is the ultimate goal of this game. And, after having watched you this season, I’m not always sure we have that. But today is different. Today, we’re going to show the Bakura Miners that you can’t walk in here and pick up an easy victory. So what if they’ve got a poster child midfielder, or a golden-armed forward? Or a giant in goal? Well you know something? We’ve got our own giants in the Back 6, our own All-Star on defense, a star, hero of the people, and TEAM CAPTAIN . . .” she said as she pointed to Riff Persnor, “to defeat them. This is our time; the fans have been waiting 52 years for a playoff victory, and that one elusive playoff win in the Elite League. One season this franchise was in this league before now, and that season was enough to derail the team for a long time. But now we’ve been given a second chance, and we need to take it. If we lose, let’s go down swinging so that we can prove to everyone in this galaxy that WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Because if we win, or lose trying, this means everything. And today we will have the advantage on our side. The Miners, they got flattened last week, and they’ll come in with a lot of hurt. Well, we don’t take too kindly to crushed egos is they were elated following a win over us, one that never should have occurred. Well, the Miners won’t have the fortune of a light pole falling over on the field in this one, or the snow making their jerseys almost impossible to see in the dim light. Now they have to face us on even footing, when we can play our game and shove it down their throats like we know we can. We will run the Wing-T to death until we break through. If it doesn’t work . . .” she looked at Syprul once again. “We run the offense your way. Jed,” she said to the offensive coordinator. “We need a Senators game plan. One of the old time ones.”

    “Four Around?” Jed asked.

    “Four Around,” Pam replied coolly. “We mix up our offensive attack. Some of you may not know exactly how to run the Coruscant game. I myself have never really pulled it off. But we have players who have, and they know how to run it. So follow their lead, and make changes on the fly. I want to see you challenging for the ball, passing it when on offense and in transition, and also that you never, ever, EVER, give up. Because this one is for all the stakes; loser goes home, and the winner gets a ticket to Rydonni Prime for a showdown next week. We beat the Monarchs last week, and no doubt they’ll be ready to combat whoever stands in their way. But first, we need to take care of business here. Now, who’s with me? Are we going to win this game?”

    “Yeah,” Riff said.

    “I can’t hear you. Can we win this game?” Pam repeated.

    “YEAH!” the team shouted.

    “Let’s do this,” the Zeltron said. She pulled on her Thyferra Force t-shirt and placed on her headset. “It’s game time.”

    When the team rushed out of the tunnel, clad in their dark and sky blue uniforms, the crowd went wild. They were ready to see some real Limmie action. Jayla couldn’t help but feel energized after that pregame speech; she never knew the Coach had it in her. Reaching the goal, Jayla put on her gloves and smacked them together three times.

    “Rook, remember, head up at all times,” Shayt Contar, the Feeorin corner back, said as she passed by.

    “Don’t worry. I’ve got that covered,” Jayla said. The media hadn’t just hurt the Force as a team; they had hurt her as well. Given her the “bust” label because she had given up so many points. Well, now was her chance to prove them all wrong. One game could change everything.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    It's time for the long awaited start of the Galactic Cup Playoffs, this time with conference play! Bonus rolls to Bakura and Thyferra. Everybody else banks for their next game.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (3) Ryloth Rough Riders at (2) Onderon Crazy Dragons (35-19)
    (3) Bakura Miners at (2) Thyferra Force (19-3)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (3) Ryloth Rough Riders at (1) Vandelhelm Jets
    (3) Bakura Miners at (1) Rydonni Prime Monarchs

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    Thyferra Stadium, Bree Clearing, Thyferra

    "Hook left, hook left!" Alana called to Everett.

    The Miners hadn't come out with the same offensive explosion that had powered them to their snow bowl victory against the Force, but they'd gotten a good groove working during the game. The front three were doing the heavy lifting hammering away at Leed with some half forward shots peppered in to keep her guessing and on her toes. Rodders had been having a great game with two goals to lead the charge for Bakura and occupy a lot of the keeper for the Force.

    With more normal conditions, the Miners were indulging themselves in more of an aerial attack than they had brought to bear on Thyferra before. Then the conditions had prohibited it. Now they could play more fluidly in their regular vein. That likely explained the lower scoring--the Force knew more of what was coming and they were able to check some of the Miners' prolific offense. Korthe was no slouch--she'd seen the vids and she knew how the Miners liked to operate. Before, when they'd reverted to a ground game it had been new territory and the Miners' brute force up front had won the day.

    But the same had gone true for Valerii and the Miner defense. With the Force going back to their old ways, the back seven of the Miners were ready and waiting. In particular, Wizmark was having a game. She was completely shutting down her side of the field. In fact, she was playing with fire, Alana thought. Maybe she felt slighted at not being considered for the Ingbrand. Maybe it was lingering anger from having to endure 60 minutes of beat-down last week from Nar Shaddaa. Whatever the reason, she was unloading on the Force. And speaking of rookie D, Abbey Waters, a back that nobody seemingly wanted in the Elite League Draft, had essentially neutralized one of the greatest threats that the Force had in Persnor. It was an outstanding performance from a young player and it just went to show that there were Elite League players waiting in the wings even on bad college teams.

    Alana had been able to join the rush in her customary manner once or twice, but she only had one point on the day. That was fine by her. The offense was doing its job and she and North were prowling the middle of the field, hampering the Force breakout and clogging up the works. It was working beautifully...and Alana had to admit that just by doing her job as a midfielder and trusting her team they were winning. They were winning a playoff game. And there was one being more than anyone else to thank for that.

    The clock was now winding down and Alana got a long, low, fast pass from T.K. she spun away from a tackle and stepped up into the offensive zone. The score was 19-3 in the Miners' favor and a victory was all but assured. She had some room to work with and glanced at the clock. Five seconds left. Alana looked at the goal and Leed. She tensed for a shot on goal, but stopped. Instead, she hurled the ball straight up, as high as she could get it. By the time it came back down to where anyone could get it, the horn had sounded.

    For the first time since 264, the Bakura Miners had won a playoff game. Big John never won a playoff game as head coach. Dorf Landa never won a playoff game as captain. Adanna Inviere had left and come back in that time. A lot had happened in the last seven years. And Alana Glencross was captain of the team that broke that streak. For the second time in her career, she was going to the Galactic Cup Semifinals.

    The entire team, coaching staff and players alike, lined up in the middle of the field for one of the most sacred institutions in the Elite League: the end of game handshake after a playoff game. You stood there and, win or lose, you looked the other team in the eye, one by one, and clasped hands. It was sportsmanship above and beyond so many other sports. It was great to be on one side of it and it was a special brand of hurt to be on the other.

    "Great game," Alana said to most players.

    "Hell of a game, Riff," she said to the All-Star.

    At the end of the line she came to Korthe. Usually the coaches came at the end, by de facto tradition, and the head coach last of all. "What a way to break into the League. This won't be the last we hear of you guys, I know it," Alana said, giving the Zeltron a friendly pat on the back.

    With the handshake done, Alana joined the throng of Miner players who had gathered near the primary cheering section of Miner fans and were clapping their appreciation for these diehards who'd made the trip. Alana held her hands up over her head as she ran over and applauded them.

    "Thank you, thank you," she said genuinely, to them. But as she did, she was scanning the crowd to find two faces in particular.

    As the Force fans filtered out, Alana found them. Niall and Etie had come down to the rail at field level and Alana jogged over with a huge smile.

    "You!" she said to the Omwati, "Thank you. We wouldn't have won without you. You get my game ball." She vigorously clasped hands with Calay.

    "I only helped you be you, Alana," Dr. Calay said with a grin, "I'm so happy for you."

    "And you," she said turning to Niall. She climbed up the railing. "Judi Tullmore my ass." She pulled him by the collar to give him a kiss.

    The relief of winning a playoff game was palpable in the Miners locker room. There was a smile on every face and everyone was talking, congratulating each other.

    "Damn it feels good to win!" Alana said with a grin five parsecs wide. She gave Everett, her partner in crime, a hug and ruffled Aron's hair.

    As she took her seat in her stall to start getting changed, Valerii came in and went over to the board in the locker room wall that she'd used at halftime to draw up plays. The team went silent to hear what their head coach had to say about today's stellar performance. All Gaeriel did was take up a marker and write in large letters:


    The underline was thrown in for good measure. And with that she put the marker back where she found it and walked out.

    The locker room was silent and Alana looked around. Everybody else was looking at everybody else. The celebration had gone out of the room in an instant. It felt like a load of bricks hitting Alana.

    There was still a lot of work to do.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Warrior Stadium, Eshan

    Gark stared at the clock as it ran down below twenty seconds. That was all that stood between him and an Inner Rim Limmie League championship. One of his Wroonian backups hit the Eshan player at the knees, causing the Warrior player to drop it. Dirxx Horstse picked up the ball and then began to run towards the middle of the field. None of the Eshan players tried to stop him; they couldn’t stop the Wroona Islanders all game long, and they weren’t about to try now that the game was way out of hand.

    When the clock ran out, the Islanders bench rushed the field. Gark was caught up in a storm of players and media as they all swarmed the field. In the middle were the players who had been out on the field, many of them Senators veterans who had forgotten what this feeling was like. After that heartbreaking set of losses to the Vandelhelm Jets two seasons before that cost them the Commissioner’s Trophy and the Galactic Cup, and then the forgettable 270 season, it felt amazing to be able to make up for those with a league title. Sure it was the IRLL, and it was a mid-tier pro league, but it was still a championship. Gark went up to Dirxx.

    “Hey, champs again at last,” the Bothan said to his long-time captain.

    “Damn it feels good to win another title,” the Besalisk said. “Can’t discount the feeling of going out on top.”

    As the minutes passed, the victorious Islanders made their way to the middle of the field once again to be presented with their championship trophy. Many of the Eshan fans who had made their way out to their home stadium had long since left, but those who stayed continued to clap for the champions. For the Wroonian players on the team, this was their chance to celebrate a championship trophy. Limmie on the planet had been stagnant for a long time coming into the season. Although former Senators and current Thyferra Force player Decha Wynas hailed from the planet, and was seen by many young Wroonians as an inspiration to follow their dreams, the sport had still struggled to find a foothold. Then things had changed with a shrewd business plan, and now Gark was sure Limmie was going to become a staple of Wroonian civic life for a long time to come.

    “Hey!” came a familiar voice from out of the blue. Gark spun around to see Alonis Wyrtz, the Wroonian team owner and businessman, come up to him. The two men shook hands, and then Wyrtz continued to talk. “Amazing victory there, coach. Congrats on a perfect season and league title!”

    “I didn’t do it alone,” Gark said. “This victory was really from all of my veterans. They really made all the difference in this one.” He paused for a second as he looked at his former Senators players. Dirxx had pulled out a bottle of cheap champagne and sprayed it all over Shev Fil’yer, the Noghri Full Back, and Polis Vayne, the Half Forward and former Numifolis Award winner. The three team captains certainly were having fun; it was almost like they had just won a Galactic Cup with the way they were acting. Gark wasn’t surprised, though. They had just won a league title with a perfect record, and had run over the perennial favorite in the Eshan Warriors twice in their run to the title. “I think that this means a lot more to all of us than we thought coming into this season.”

    “Well, I can’t thank you enough,” Wyrtz said, a wide grin on his face. “Without you and your players, I wouldn’t be standing here as a champion owner. I know that the conditions weren’t perfect, because this is a small league, but I think I can speak for all of my fellow Wroonians in thanking you for bringing home a title this season. It means a lot to our world, especially to finally beat Eshan at something. Maybe this will make up for all of those huge losses in Grav-ball that we’ve suffered through the years at their hands. But, anyways, enjoy your win.” He then turned to go, but then stopped. “Oh, and I’m curious about your status for next season. We would love to have you come back for a return run to the championship. I can’t offer you much, but we should be a title contender next year. And if not, I understand.”

    “I haven’t really thought about it,” Gark said with a slight chuckle. “I’m just basking in the moment right now.”

    “Of course,” Wyrtz replied. “Well, enjoy your win. You earned it.”

    When the team picture was taken with the league trophy, Gark felt like he had easily been the most excited about the title. Although some of his players had certainly been pleased with this victory today, he easily had the most incentive to feel jovial. At this time a season before, he had been trying to mend his image and regain what he had lost. Now he was able to be a small-time Limmie coach that had just bulldozed aside an entire Limmie league on his way to a championship. And damn it felt good to finally be back on top.

    After the holo picture was taken, some of the players went to sign autographs for the fans in the stands. Gark was going to join them, but an aide came up with a datapad. “Coach, you have an urgent message. I suggest you retreat into your office to read it; I’ll tell the media that you aren’t available for interviews.”

    “Thanks,” Gark said. At first thought, he guessed that the aide was probably over-reacting, and the message was most likely some congratulatory note from a contact of his. Maybe it was from the League, congratulating him for his perfect season. But he did as he was directed and retreated to the visiting coach’s office. Flipping on the datapad, he opened the message and then proceeded to read it. It didn’t take long for his grin to widen even further than it already was. This was real news, and a sight for sore eyes.

    Press Conference, Two Days Later

    Gark sat in front of a packed media room. After once again struggling to get his tie on his suit, Gark had decided to go without it. Those dumb ties never stayed in place . . . and it wasn’t like he favored wearing them in the first place. After reading the contents of that datapad, but mostly because of his league title as coach, he had finally called a conference on Wroona in order to speak to the media.

    “I want to thank you all for being here today,” he began. “I have a lot to say today, so if we can keep the questions off for a little while, that would be great. I would first like to thank everyone on my team this season for their hard work. Winning a league title isn’t easy, especially when you have to add in so many new cogs to the overall team. And everyone knows how hard it can be to learn a new game plan so quickly . . . and because I just like to be confusing.” Some laughs came from the crowd. “But without all of my players, this championship would not be possible. For my veterans, who have been playing for me for a while, those guys really stepped up this season and took charge. For the rookies, I want them to know that they did a good job and did everything I asked of them. The future of Wroonian Limmie looks bright with those players taking over next season.”

    “So you aren’t going to return next season?” came out a question.

    “No, I don’t intend to come back,” Gark said. “I also want to thank Mr. Wyrtz and his ownership group for letting me be a head coach again. When I came in last season, I was a real wreck on all counts; I had just cleared my name in the galactic courts, and I was so out of things that I really wasn’t sure what to do as far as a gameplan. Frankly, I hadn’t even heard of the IRLL before then, so it was a shock to me. But I took the offer, and here I am in front of you today as a champion coach. This means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to this planet here to have a championship team in a non-traditional sport. Hopefully Limmie will continue to grow so that more Wroonians will be to enjoy it.”

    “Coach, will your players not return next season?”

    “I’ll have to ask them about that,” Gark replied. “I just made up my mind, but I can’t make up theirs. If they like it here, they can stay. I gave up being a control freak a long time ago.”

    “Where are you going to be then next season if you aren’t returning?” came another question from the mass of reporters in front of the Bothan.

    Gark waited a few seconds, taking a sip of water to buy himself some time. While he did so, his eyes shifted over to where several of his veteran players were standing. Dirxx had an arm on the windowsill, Shev sitting on one knee as they waited for what he was going to say. Gark was sure they were going to get a kick out of this one.

    “I have been in contact with the Elite League and their investigation committee,” he finally said. “It turns out that the Senators franchise was not bankrupt after all. Calo Mornd was a tricky one, really, a total snake. He apparently hid his money is many off-planet bank accounts, some that were chock-full of credits when discovered by League officials a few weeks ago. This means that that franchise is not bankrupt as was previously thought, and proceedings have ground to a halt on this process after these finds.”

    “Does this mean . . .?” came another question. Gark cut it off with a wave of his hand.

    “If you’re thinking what I am, then yes,” the Bothan said coolly. “The Coruscant Senators will return to the Elite League next season. And I will once again be at the helm.”

    University of Evenvale, Bakura

    Jet Adama held his head in his hands and breathed out a protracted sigh. He was watching the game footage of the close 9-8 loss his Archers had suffered at the hands of the UB Telaan Valley Pioneers days before in the Bak10 Conference championship game. His offense had let so many chances go during the game; many times they had numbers on a fast break and had failed to cash in on the Pioneers. Telaan Valley had played gritty defense, and the Archers couldn’t break through enough for the win. A promising season, one that had him thinking title, had been derailed one rung short. One measly point was all that had stood between him and that title. He had played four seasons as an Archer and now had been offensive coordinator for one year at his alma mater, and had yet to win that elusive championship. Life just didn’t seem fair.

    There was a knock on his door, and Jet looked up. “Come in,” he said. One of his players walked in, her jet black hair tied behind her head in a crisp ponytail.

    “Heya, Coach,” Brandy Collins, a standout junior forward, said.

    “Hi,” Jet said. “What do you need?”

    “Nothing, really,” Brandy said, shrugging. “But I think you might find this interesting.” She handed the offensive coordinator a datapad and then walked out of the room. Jet rubbed his chin and then flipped the device on. It didn’t take long for his misery to disappear; his Elite League job was back, and Jet Adama was ready to take it by the horns.

    Coruscant Polytechnic Institute

    Izzi Polakaya was in the CorTech weight room, taking part in her squad’s offseason conditioning. The Mean Green had been eliminated from the Super 16 playoffs on the last day of the season due to a tiebreaker with the College of Fondordelphia and University of Kuat. Both teams had posted better nonconference records than CorTech had, and thus the Mean Green were going to watch the playoffs from home instead of participating like they had last season in that miraculous run to the Kayl’hen Division regular season title. That year, Izzi had been running the defense, but at least this last year she had been able to coach the midfielders. Former coach Byla Dos, most likely due to her efforts in improving one Gayla Renhorn from high-strung high schooler to the #2 pick in the 271 Elite League Draft, had been signed away by a school in the Den-10 League. As such, Izzi had stepped in to the role for the Mean Green, and had done quite a good job. Under her tutelage, sophomore Alyda Hovechar and freshman Powappa, the lumbering Wookiee, had been a fearsome duo in the middle of the field. Senior Javan Harpor had also played better this last season, although he had no real pro prospects beyond entry-level ball, if that.

    She was currently supervising some of her old defenders as they lifted weights. Junior Sef-Radu Mel and sophomore Brancko Nagriski were doing the bench press, and Izzi was spotting them since the regular defensive coordinator couldn’t be there due to a family issue that had come up. The weight room had been far different this last season without Gayla’s heavy metal music, and Izzi really missed the firebrand Helmsman candidate. She had to hand it to Gayla; the girl never gave up on a play. She was certainly missed in the midfield this last season. Alyda had done well, but nowhere near as good as Gayla had been in 271.

    The door to the weight room opened, and Head Coach Martin Locke walked in. He had a neutral expression on his face. Sef had to re-rack her weight and then sat up as Locke approached, and Brancko, the tough-as-nails Barabel full back, did so as well.

    “Martin,” Izzi said.

    “Hey Coach,” Sef said. “What’s up?”

    “Got something to say to ya, Coach,” Locke said. “You two can go back to working out. This shouldn’t take long,” he said to the two players, who then stood up and walked off to other portions of the room so that they were out of earshot for the conversation between coaches.

    “What is it?” Izzi asked.

    “It’s about your status for next season,” Locke started off.

    “Hey, if this is about my contract, I’ll come back next season. It’s not like I have a job waiting for me anywhere else right now . . .”

    “You’re wrong,” Locke said, taking Izzi by surprise. What did he mean by that? “There in fact is a job offer on the table for you. I just got back from hearing Gark S’rily do a press conference. It was on all the Holo news channels a few minutes ago. The Senators are coming back next season, and they want to bring you back into the fold.”

    Izzi, had she not been around three other people, would likely have literally jumped for joy. The Senators were going to be back, and she was going to get her chance to get back to playing Limmie. She was going to miss coaching, but at least now she had some coaching experience on her resume. In case the rest of her playing career didn’t pan out, perhaps new doors would be open for her now.

    Mon Calamari

    Bel Erein chewed on her food slowly, taking all the time she wanted to enjoy her meal. It wasn’t like she was in a hurry, anyways. Her Mon Calamari Mariners team had finished last in their Conference in the Premier League season, and thus were just trying to lick their wounds and move on.

    “Enjoying it?” one of her teammates asked.

    “Kind of,” Bel said. “Wish this could be a victory meal.”

    “I know the feeling,” another player said. “This was not our year, not by a long shot.”

    “What are we going to do next season? Sounds like we may have a major rebuild going, which means a fire sale this offseason,” the first player said nervously. “I bet all of us are expendable. This jersey means a lot to so many people, and we didn’t cut it. So we may get cut because of that.”

    “Eh, I bet Bel here could sign with an Elite League team if she wanted to,” the second player scoffed. “I mean, you’re the only one here with Elite League experience. A couple of seasons, after all, mean a lot at that level. And you started most of last season, so that means quite a bit.”

    “Well, Thyferra didn’t want me, so maybe my time in the Elite League has run its course,” Bel said. “All careers at that level end at some point. I’m just glad I got the chance to be there that long, because most players don’t ever make it that far.”

    “You’re telling me,” said the second player.

    “Hey, Erein, message for you,” said a third player, handing the Mon Calamari a datapad. Bel kept chewing on her food as she checked the message. “Coruscant Senators returning to the Elite League” was all the headline said, and there was a message from Gark S’rily himself to her inbox asking if she was interested in returning to the team. This had certainly made her day.


    Palla Tyroti sat at the bar, taking a sip on a beer. It had been quite a season for the Corulag Swoops, who had signed her as Head Coach that season. Her team had gone 7-2 in the regular season, only to lose in the league semifinals. It had been a tough loss for Palla to swallow, but she also had to admit that she had a good run as a head coach. The Swoops’ defense, fitting with Palla’s fiery attitude, had certainly brought the intensity, putting the vicegrip on many opponents over the season. In the semifinal loss, it was the offense that had failed to put up its end of the bargain; the defense had been outstanding. But how can a defense do more in a 3-1 loss?

    “Need another one?” the bartender asked.

    “I’m fine,” Palla said. She was content with finishing the last dregs of this beverage.

    “Suit yourself,” the bartender said, moving off down the bar.

    Palla got to thinking. She didn’t really like Corulag as a planet; it didn’t really fit her. But the fans certainly were liking her, and that made quite a bit of difference in her mind. Then the sound of a HoloNet broadcast came on, and Palla looked up. The screen, like the bar, was grimy, but she could still see well enough. SportsCenter was talking about the Elite League like they always did.

    “In a Press Conference that has just ended out on Wroona, Gark S’rily has made a promise that the Coruscant Senators will return to the Elite League next season, replacing the Thyferra Force . . .” They kept speaking, but Palla didn’t hear them. So the Senators were returning next season?

    Then she received a call on comm. unit. “Hello?” she said.

    “Hey, Palla,” came a familiar voice. “It’s Gark.”

    “Sounds like you’ve got your wish, then,” the former Senators defensive coordinator said back.

    “Hey, it’s all I’ve really wanted all year, so this is huge for me,” the Bothan said on the other end of the line. “I was curious, though. You want to return next season as DC? We need the continuity on defense. You game?”

    Palla made sure to order another drink. Going back to the Elite League as a coach was a reason to celebrate.

    Meanwhile, back at the press conference . . .

    “Sir, how could the Senators franchise be able to return from bankruptcy proceedings?” asked a reporter.

    “I could probably tell you from first-hand readings for my own legal cases,” Gark said, “but I was not involved in any of the hearings or proceedings in this instance. The League itself had to go through a hell of a lot to take the franchise from the brink of being completely bankrupt, despite the money still being present. Anyways, I spoke with the League on all this two days ago, and it was decided by the Commissioner and the Investigation Committee that I was given back control of the franchise by default. It sounds like a terribly-long bother for the League to go to such lengths to have to dig up the team from the mud, but I sincerely thank them for putting in the effort to save the Senators. It means a lot to me, and I intend to pay them back with a strong performance on the field next season.”

    “I still don’t understand. The Senators team wasn’t bankrupt?”

    “Apparently not,” Gark replied. Didn’t he just answer this question? “Mornd kept his money hidden in other places, from what I hear. The League and I share the opinion that he was trying anything he could to dissolve the team in as clean a way as possible, in order to leave no mess behind. There were some legal loopholes that he smartly followed, and the team was in dire straits for a while there despite the credits still being present under his name. But what matters not is that the Senators will be back in operation next season.”

    “Coach, will you take part in the Draft this upcoming offseason?” came another question.

    “I fully intend to make use of it,” Gark said. “Now that I will be back in the League, I will make sure to send scouts out to various colleges to see what kind of talent is in the pool this year. I am fully confident that we will find some players who will fit our system.”

    “Coach, you are technically the owner of the Thyferra Force, despite you having given someone else the reins this year. The League doesn’t allow you to have vested interest in two teams at one time. If the Senators are going to return to the Elite League, then the Force will have to be demoted, correct?”

    “That is correct,” Gark said. “I’ve already discussed that with the League. The Thyferra Force will drop out of the Elite League so that the Senators may return. I’ll probably be hated on Thyferra for this, but I really think that Lorrin did a good job this season as GM of the franchise to get the right personnel in there for a playoff spot. Anyways, due to my ownership of the Force, and adding in the development contract they signed with the Senators, the team is obligated to be the development location for the Senators now that they are returning to the League.”

    “And what of the Force players? Will they remain on Thyferra next season?”

    “I have a team to build,” Gark said. “All of them are going to get a long, hard look this offseason. Many of them may make the Senators’ opening day roster for next season due to their performance not just this last season, but also for the two years before that in the Premier League. I have no doubt that many of the gaps in the Senators roster will be filled by the Thyferra players.”

    “Coach, who will be on your coaching staff for next season?”

    “Will Pamila Korthe be in the running for any coaching spots next season? Or, why isn’t she leading the Senators next season?”

    “One at a time,” Gark said, flustered a slight bit. “Pam’s done a great job with the Force the last three seasons, and I think she wouldn’t mind staying there as head coach. However,” he said, causing the reporters to stop their scribbling. “She will be well-considered for any coaching vacancies that may come up in the next few seasons. Coaching is a tough job, and Pam has all the tools necessary to make it in this league. I have complete confidence in her coaching abilities, and think that she would be a good coach on the sidelines with the Senators when the time comes for her to be called up to the Elite League once again. For now, I will return my old coaching staff. Andrew Mundle will once again coach the offense, Palla Tyroti, at least I’m hoping, will come back to coach the defense. And Ravil Gynordis will coach the midfielders, with Brosh We’kyr as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. So, no change from the last time I was coach.”

    “Coach, if all goes well, you’ll bring in quite the talented team next season. Any thoughts on re-entering the League with such a powerful squad?”

    “All I’m going to say now is that we will come to play next season. Everything else can be said on the field next year,” Gark said.

    “Coach, how will it feel to return to the Elite League under better circumstances?”

    “I’ll be relieved, that’s for sure,” Gark said. “I worked long and hard to get where I am now, and to be able to go out there on the field and coach Limmie for seven weeks next season without having a black cloud hang over my head . . . I look forward to it.”

    “I have a question,” Dirxx said, raising his hand. Everyone turned to look at him. “When do we get the new Senators team gear? My ol’ sweatshirt’s been falling apart for years now.”

    “Oh, we’ll get to that,” Gark said with a grin. “You guys still have your jerseys?”

    “They’re still hanging in my closet,” Dirxx said. “Why?”

    “I think it’s time you can bring those out again. They should be back in vogue at some point,” Gark replied. Then, he turned back to the crowd of reporters. “Those are all the questions I will be taking today. Thank you all for coming out.”

    When Gark left the stage, he was intercepted by his Senators players. Man it felt good to be back in the Coruscant fold.

    As soon as the news broke, there was major celebration on Coruscant. Fans rioted, at least a few of them, in the streets at the news that their team was coming back. Millions of beings brought their Senators apparel out of their closets and wore them proudly. Schoolchildren had their parents stop by their schools to drop off their Senators gear, allowing the die-hard kids to once again wear their team gear proudly in the halls. The typically gray interior of the planet was soon filled with black and orange, their team’s colors. What a happy day for them. Coruscant Limmie was back.

    TAG: No One, Yet Everyone at the same time

    Big Changes Are Coming . . .
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  16. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Pamila Korthe
    Thyferra Stadium at Byree Clearing

    Pam watched as the Miners scored once again. Leed wasn’t holding up in goal at all, and the defense definitely wasn’t doing their part. But the biggest problem was the offense; the Miners, somehow, miraculously, brought their best game after the absolute piledriving that they had suffered the week before. The Force had certainly come in with a chip on their shoulder against Bakura, but the Zeltron coach guessed that winning their final regular season game had taken that bad taste out of their mouths a little too much. Leed didn’t need a light pole almost falling on her to lose her composure; she certainly looked like a rookie out there on the field.

    Pam just stared at the scoreboard as the seconds ran down in the game. That was all she could do; losing by 16 in the playoffs wasn’t exactly how anyone wanted to go out in this game, especially at home in front of long-suffering fans. Sure the Miners weren’t winning Galactic Cups like they used to, but at least they had won a few playoff games in the last five decades . . . as the Force hadn’t. And that streak was going to continue for another year. What a downer. Three years, three playoff appearances with high seeds, three first-round exits on regrettable losses.

    When the game finished, Pam looked at her players on the sideline. Many of them looked stone-faced; even Jerek Deter, who was typically full of energy, looked beaten. He had been running after the Miner forwards all game long without a break, and had been pulled with a few minutes to go to save him more embarrassment out there. Leed in goal just looked down at the ground and then spat on it. That was the story of the Thyferra Force, the perennial losers in the playoffs, the real choke artists in recent memory. For a third straight year, nothing came of a strong regular season.

    Pam just went through the motions when the teams came together for the post-game festivities. She didn’t really want to care about this, because all it did was give her a headache. That fiery pre-game speech had been for naught; what a waste, because it had been a thing of beauty. Certainly some filmmaker would have liked to use that for something down the road, but no one thought of keeping it for posterity. And if they had, Pam probably would have trashed it immediately. She didn’t want to think about this loss more than she had to.

    When the team trudged off the field, Pam was the first one to the locker room. But she didn’t give any post-game thoughts; all she did was go into her office and sit down in her desk chair. She put her head in her hands and just sat there, motionless, for several minutes, staring into oblivion.

    Finally, Artie Gurvey, the Nemoidian midfielder coach, came by. He poked his head into the doorway. “You fine?” he asked in his usual drawl.

    “Of course not,” Pam replied with angst in her voice. “We just blew another playoff game. That’s the third damn one!”

    “Keep your head high. We did a lot,” Artie said, turning his head slightly.

    “It means nothing, Artie. Absolutely nothing,” Pam groaned.

    It was a while before she left her office, and when she did, all she told the team to do was come back to team HQ in two days for post-season meetings before they would leave for the offseason. Most of her players lived off-planet; she was only living there because her job kept her there. Thyferra was a nice place, but she preferred to live elsewhere. The planet just lacked . . . something. She didn’t know what, but it just wasn’t there for her. When she got home, she just went to bed and sat there all night staring at the ceiling in between small bouts of sleep. It had been a crappy day.

    Two Days Later . . .

    “ . . . it’s clear to me that we need to look in the mirror at ourselves as a team,” Pam said to her team as they sat around her at Team HQ. “We lost that game not just because the Miners wanted it more, but because we didn’t want it enough. We got complacent, and it killed us. You don’t come in to the Elite League and expect to win. After that Nadiem game, I thought that we could only get better. And to a degree, we did. We won two of our last four, but one of those losses was when it counted most. We can’t do that and expect to be successful; you needed to show me that you were focused on the prize, and most of us failed that test, myself included. I got too caught up in our win on Rydonni Prime two weeks ago like all of you did.” Silent faces looked back up at her; it was almost like a classroom full of sad children being sternly lectured by their teacher.

    “Hey, give it up already,” Jed Ortmeyer said.

    “I can’t, Jed,” Pam said. “I’ve been thinking about it too much to just simply forget it. We needed to give more effort out there . . .”

    “Turn on the Holo!” came Polix Ghan’s voice. The Fondorian raced into the room and flipped on the screen. All eyes turned to see what was going on. The image of Gark S’rily filled the screen.

    “If you’re thinking what I am, then yes. The Coruscant Senators will return to the Elite League next season. And I will once again be at the helm.”

    Many of the players looked at each other, confused. So S’rily was getting the Senators back into the Elite League. What would this mean for the Force, as it was common knowledge that the Bothan had vested interest in the franchise. For the Thyferra stars, this was a neutral move; perhaps they had a chance to stay in the League for a while. For others, especially the rookies, the realization that they might have just blown their last Elite League opportunity came to mind. But for the grizzled veterans, Shayt Contar, Jerek Deter and Syprul Raches, it meant a return to normalcy.

    “We’re gettin’ the band back together!” Jerek yelled to no one in particular. It seemed like he had moved on from the disappointing loss already.

    “Coach, will you take part in the Draft this upcoming offseason?”

    “I fully intend to make use of it,” Gark said. “Now that I will be back in the League, I will make sure to send scouts out to various colleges to see what kind of talent is in the pool this year. I am fully confident that we will find some players who will fit our system.”

    “Coach, you are technically the owner of the Thyferra Force, despite you having given someone else the reins this year. The League doesn’t allow you to have vested interest in two teams at one time. If the Senators are going to return to the Elite League, then the Force will have to be demoted, correct?”

    “That is correct,” Gark said. “I’ve already discussed that with the League. The Thyferra Force will drop out of the Elite League so that the Senators may return. I’ll probably be hated on Thyferra for this, but I really think that Lorrin did a good job this season as GM of the franchise to get the right personnel in there for a playoff spot. Anyways, due to my ownership of the Force, and adding in the development contract they signed with the Senators, the team is obligated to be the development location for the Senators now that they are returning to the League.”

    “There goes the team,” Polix sighed. “We got our last chance in the Elite League.”

    “What does this mean for us?” asked Riff Persnor. The talented Cathar had slumped over as he sat down, each piece of news making him even more depressed.

    “I . . . I don’t know . . .” Pam said.

    “That’s it, we’re done with the Elite League,” said a glum-looking Eldis Dumerville.

    “And what of the Force players? Will they remain on Thyferra next season?”

    “I have a team to build,” Gark said. “All of them are going to get a long, hard look this offseason. Many of them may make the Senators’ opening day roster for next season due to their performance not just this last season, but also for the two years before that in the Premier League. I have no doubt that many of the gaps in the Senators roster will be filled by the Thyferra players.”

    Everyone’s ears perked up. So they weren’t being forgotten after all.

    “You might have that chance yet, Doom,” Shayt said to Dumerville.

    “It doesn’t guarantee anything, though,” Maff Biskis chipped in. “We’re probably going to get passed over.”

    “But you get your chance,” Shayt said. “That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

    “I guess . . .” Biskis said.

    “But . . . what happens to the team if some of us leave?” came a question from Tonga Rute. The rookie midfielder had been easily outplayed in that playoff game, and it had obviously shattered his confidence.

    “Coach, who will be on your coaching staff for next season?”

    “Will Pamila Korthe be in the running for any coaching spots next season? Or, why isn’t she leading the Senators next season?”

    Pam just sighed. Even though the Senators were coming back, her chances of staying in the League looked slim. The Bothan was no fool; if he had seen her playoff flub and put too much weight into that, she had just shot herself in the foot more than she had previously thought. She just felt defeated, like a dog that had been beaten down and trampled.

    “One at a time,” Gark said, flustered a slight bit. “Pam’s done a great job with the Force the last three seasons, and I think she wouldn’t mind staying there as head coach. However,” he said, causing the reporters to stop their scribbling. “She will be well-considered for any coaching vacancies that may come up in the next few seasons. Coaching is a tough job, and Pam has all the tools necessary to make it in this league. I have complete confidence in her coaching abilities, and think that she would be a good coach on the sidelines with the Senators when the time comes for her to be called up to the Elite League once again. For now, I will return my old coaching staff. Andrew Mundle will once again coach the offense, Palla Tyroti, at least I’m hoping, will come back to coach the defense. And Ravil Gynordis will coach the midfielders, with Brosh We’kyr as the Strength and Conditioning Coach. So, no change from the last time I was coach.”

    Pam just hung her head. She had indeed lost her chance to stay in the ELL. Even though S’rily had given her a vote of confidence, it sounded to her that he had also said that she wasn’t ready for a full-time job with the Senators. That would have been fine any other time, but right now it stung especially hard.

    The rest of the meeting went by rather fast for the players. For Pam, she was still rather depressed, and she just went through the motions. It hadn’t been her week.
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  17. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    GCLA Playoffs
    (4) Kuat Triforce at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers
    (3) Corellia Rebels at (2) Chandrila Patriots

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  18. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Monarchs’ Locker Room, The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime
    After the Monarchs’ week three win against a struggling Mercs franchise and Setarcos stepping down as head coach, the teams luck seemed to take a turn for the better. But as a matter of due diligence Setarcos did what any normal GM would do in his situation, he began actively seeking a permanent replacement for himself.

    Mercs at Monarchs (2-10)

    His first stop was to Coruscant to pay his Alma Mater a visit, along with the Republican University Scholars’ head coach, Cali Pak. Setarcos liked her style of coaching, even if the Scholars were having a rough season. The graduate of journalism sat down with the young coach as she prepared for the Scholars week seven match up with Cinnagar Imperial College on Empress Teta. But even as they spoke, he knew that she still had some unfinished business to take care of on Coruscant.

    Monarchs at Smugglers (35-3)

    He then traveled to none other than the home of ‘Big’ John Talley, Bakura. While in conversations with the former Head Coach of the Miners, the two teams they both had coached against each other were battling on the pitch below. Setarcos invited Big John to the visiting team’s private box to discuss a great many things, the least of which was the potential of John becoming the next head coach of the Monarchs. He was open to the idea, but was steadfast in his belief that all the players be granted equal contracts. Setarcos could not guarantee anything because there were several contracts coming due and he was in the midst of fighting his fellow GM, Gina Cabna, of the Blasters. So as the Monarchs marched to victory, the talks grew cold.

    Monarchs at Miners (17-5)

    In a vain attempt to mend relations between the two organizations, Setarcos travelled to Concordia to watch the Blasters take on the Crusaders. He first sat down with Gina to discuss the faltering status of the once amicable developmental team, the Blasters, and their sister team, the Monarchs. It took much of the game for them to come to a mutual agreement that neither would stand in the others way of bringing a championship home to the K’ntarr Sports Entertainment group. Unfortunately in order to keep to that newly formed agreement he would need to return the Blasters’ All-Star Midfield combination once the Monarchs of the Fourth Fleet returned and he was not allowed to ‘court’ the Blasters’ head coach.

    Storm at Monarchs (25-32)

    Suddenly he realized that the Monarchs were not only into the playoffs, but had secured themselves a first round bye and potentially a second Commissioner’s Cup. They had not done it, as one would assume with offensive power, but on the back of a staunch defense. Instantly Greebus Ion went from Offensive Coordinator turned Interim-Coach to a legitimate candidate to take over the job permanently. Setarcos opted to stay at home and watch the Monarchs against the one team that constantly has given headaches to K’ntarr owned teams, the Thyferra Force. Sadly the Monachs lost in the closest match they had had all season.

    Force at Monarchs (38-34)

    Even sadder still was the news that came out of the capital, fifteen of their former players had been killed in combat. Not only that, but Drab Yespem, the man he had now replaced twice, had been severely injured in the same battle, losing an eye. Yespem had returned ahead of the rest of the Monarchs and took up a new position as Assistant Vice President of Limmie Operations acting on behalf of Uda Nazug until his return.

    Setarcos had kept out of the locker room since his departure from the position of head coach, but he could not keep out any longer. As he stood before the team, many of them just hours away from their first taste of Elite Limmie Playoff action, he addressed them, not as their head coach, but as their General Manager.

    “I know that many of you have been watching the HoloNet News and know of the sacrifices that our fellow brothers and sisters have made in order to keep us free. But I bring good tidings as well. Tev & Dawn, Lex & Mia, and Edu & Babs have all decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Also Babs gave birth to a healthy baby boy and has since returned to Rydonni Prime. So even in a time of darkness and sorrow there is always a glimmer of hope and renewal.

    “Last season we suffered a blow in the post season by dropping two heart breaking losses to end our chances at the franchise’s first shot at a Galactic Cup. Let us this year show that the Monarchs are more than a punch-line in a bad joke. Let us finally have our revenge on Alana Glencross and the Bakura Miners, who welcomed us into the ELL with a pathetic 16 point loss three years ago. Let’s show them what real Monarch Limmie is.

    “Let’s go out there and win one for the Fighting Fourth and the Fallen Fifteen! LET’S WIN ONE FOR RYDONNI!!!!”
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    Sep 3, 2012
    It was 3 days until the Starkillers first play-off game of the season. Lucie was a mess. Not everyone on the squad had the new routines down yet. She was still worried by the team's final performance of the season, having to come from behind with a last second goal was not this team's normal style of play. Worst of all the new uniforms she ordered were still not in. In fact Lucie was headed for the owners office right now to find out where they could be.
    The owner of the Ralltiir Starkillers was none other than a former business partner of her father's. Ira Clarke had purchased the Starkillers at an inflated price after their promotion to the GCLA last season. At the time Lucie actually contemplated quitting the dance team. Ira had cheated her father many times over on their business venture. Eventually her father sold out for much less than he should have just so he could get rid of the headaches that resulted from his arguments with Ira. Two things had persuaded Lucie to keep her job. One was her sanity, she didn't think she could handle waiting tables full time. The other was opportunity, she was promoted to captain at about the same time. Aside from swindling her father Clark was also known for dating girls young enough to be his granddaughter. Lucie could feel his eyes on her when in his presence. For this reason she wore uncharacteristic modest baggy clothing on this visit. Lucie braced herself as she was buzzed into Mr. Clarke's over sized office suite by his young female secretary.
    "Miss Vigo", he greeted. "So nice of you to stop in and see me. To what do I owe this great pleasure?"
    "A week ago I gave you funds for new uniforms for my squad." Lucie began, cutting to the chase. "You promised you had connections, told me they would be here two days ago. The shipment still has not arrived. I was hoping you could tell me if the uniforms can or will be here by tomorrow." Lucie knew she would have alterations to make on several of the uniforms and she really needed to get started. She tried not to show her impatience as Ira took a long pause before answering.
    "About that", he began. "I decided those funds could be put to better use. The dance team hardly needs new uniforms. There were several lights out in the visiting teams locker room so I decided to have the bulbs replaced".
    "WHAT?" Lucie exclaimed. "Those were my personal credits."

    Ira began to laugh gently. He reached out and caressed Lucie on the cheek. “Calm down dear, I’m only joking.”
    Lucie took a brisk step backward. “I don’t find your joke amusing”, she stated coldly. “Can you help me get the package or not? Because if not I have much more important things I could be doing right now.”
    “As it so happens”, Ira began with an all to genuine sweet smile on his face. “This arrived this morning.” He retrieved a box from under his desk and Lucie grabbed it. “What no kiss for gratitude?” Ira asked. The ridiculous smile remained on his face.
    Lucie took her box and stormed out of the office. As she attempted to make her way to a wing on the other side of the stadium where her dance team was waiting to rehearse she nearly ran into Andi Blyss.
    "Where you headed in such a rush, beautiful? Let me help you with that.” He said, as he pulled the box of uniforms out of Lucie’s arms.
    “I can handle it myself, thank you.” Lucie declared as she snatched her box back. “Why aren’t you at practice?”
    "Practice?” Andi mocked. “Who needs practice? Didn’t you see all those goals I blocked single handed this season? Or were you too busy with your little circus act to notice?”
    Lucie let the insult go. She was used to them and retaliating never helped. Andi was one of the best defensive Limmie players Lucie had ever seen, problem was he already knew that. He also knew how good looking he was. Right now he was blocking her way, with his hands on his hips and a charming smile on his face. “Perhaps you can come to my place tonight. We can watch some game footage together. You can see how good I am at defending our goal. I look even more amazing when you’re not on the sideline standing on your head.”
    “BLYSS” coach Foress’ voice boomed. “Have you had enough time to adjust your attitude? Are you ready to come back out and practice with the rest of the team?”
    “Uh, yes sir.” Andi responded trying not to show his embarrassment as he hustled back towards the field.
    Once Andi was out of sight Lucie turned around and gave a flirtatious wave to the Woudron brothers. The Talz immediately turned away and ran off. There was something Lucie found intriguing about the Jooms and Jiims. She didn’t mind their sneaky ways of trying to hide in corners to catch a glimpse of her. They were shy and almost cuddly looking, maybe one day one of them would work up the nerve to say hello, or at least waive back.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime

    Alana sat in one of the empty seats of the Grande Villa, bent forward, elbows on her knees. In a couple hours fans would begin filtering in for the second straight Semifinal hosted by the Monarchs. It was an impressive stadium. More open air than the Gardens with its awnings for the upper deck, but that made it so much more a familiar environment. It was more akin to the high school and college stadiums where Alana had gotten her first taste of the game. It felt less professional and polished and more like the real thing than some of the newer stadiums out there.

    And on the field in front of her she would soon lock horns with a Monarch team that had beaten her once this season already--on Bakura no less.

    The redhead was aware of steps approaching across the permacrete of the stands. She turned to find Valerii coming over. While Alana was still in her team sweats and had yet to get ready for the pregame warm up, Valerii was already in her game day suit.

    "Hey," Alana said.

    "Hey," Gaeriel replied, "Never played here. Hell, when I played Rydonni Prime wasn't even on the map."

    "Remember what I said the first game against them we ever played?" Alana asked.

    "Was I even coaching you then?" Gaeriel asked.

    "Maybe not. It's been a long time." Alana paused. "I said that the Monarchs had a bright future ahead of them or something like that. We beat them in their first Elite League game, pretty handily. I was being interviewed by Rhemes, back when he was still a reporter. That, give them time, the Monarchs were going to be good. I'm not even watching HSN these days because I'm sure they're playing it every hour. 'Glencross's prediction comes true--did she know that she'd have to face them one day in the Semifinal?' Writes itself."

    "Everybody says stupid stuff. 99.99% of beings in this galaxy don't have cameras rolling when they do and it doesn't get thrown back at them," Valerii said.

    "Yeah, that's the life," Alana said.

    The pair looked out across the field silently for a few seconds.

    "This one's gonna be hard," Alana said.

    "This time of year, never gets easier," Gaeriel said.

    "Anybody even giving us a chance?"

    "Doesn't matter if they do. Only matters if we do," Valerii said. She stood to head back to the locker room.

    Visitors' Locker Room, the Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime

    "Last week we knew we'd beaten Thyferra once before when we were going into that game," Gaeriel said to the team. There was a chrono on the wall counting down to when they needed to be on the field and everyone was trying not to look at it, but instead focus on the head coach. "The situation's reversed now. The Monarchs beat us at home and they think they're going to have their way with us now in their house...their big house.

    "It doesn't matter.

    "It doesn't matter what happened the last time we played them. It doesn't matter that they've been resting up. It doesn't matter that we showed Thyferra that our snow bowl win wasn't a fluke. None of that matters. The only thing that matters now is how you play today. What you bring to the table.

    "Everybody in this room knows that this team hasn't made it past the Semifinal since the last time we won a Cup. Well guess what? They've never won a Semifinal either. You don't think that they're sitting in there thinking about that?" She pointed at the door. "That it's not in the back of their heads that they've never broken through? Sure, they'll be distracting themselves by thinking about how they beat us and we know that this is the playoffs and that doesn't mean a thing. So what are we going to go out there thinking about? How about the fact that this team has six Galactic Cups to its name? That we're one of the most storied programs in the entire galaxy? That we've been around long enough to know that in the playoffs anything can happen?"

    The head coach paused and looked around the room.

    "Win one game. That's all I ask of you guys." She held up one finger. "One game."

    "Awwww yeah. Here we go," T.K. said from the corner, jumping to his feet.

    "Show time," Andersen piped up, standing.

    Alana just tightened the blue and gold ribbons in her hair and steeled herself for battle.

    The team jogged out of the tunnel into hostile territory. The Monarchs fans were predictably out in force for the playoff game and they were going to be loud, Alana knew. It was one of those things that no matter how many times she experienced the raucous roar of a road team against her it always took a little bit to get into game mode and zone them out. There was something about the raw emotion that beings poured onto the field that hit her every time. Not even the recent deaths of former Monarch players seemed to affect them--or maybe it fueled them.

    Alana huddled the team up after the anthems. "Everybody here's a veteran," Alana said, "Every single one of us. If you don't think winning a playoff game in this league is a big deal, think again. They don't have that experience over there. They might be rooks who beat us, but they're still rooks and half their starters have never played a playoff game again. We need to play hard and fast and get them to doubt themselves. Let's go out there and do our thing, all right?"

    "Sounds like a plan, Captain," Stormborn replied.

    Alana took up position at midfield. One of these teams was going to their first Galactic Cup Final of the Kayl'hen Era. In the last two years the Semifinal games had been much more competitive than the Galactic Cup Final had been. If that was true again this year, this might be the biggest test that the Miners faced all year.

    Alana Glencross was ready.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Meredith Chambers
    Nar Shaddaa, Apartment 602 A

    The game had been cold, muddy, and unforgiving. The pain that had exploded out of her right knee had reverberated throughout the Vertical City as a sports icon, much like the 271 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, had fallen to a pitiful heap in front of thousands.

    That had been the burning memory in Meredith Chambers mind as she sat out the entire season recuperating on her couch watching her squad collapse into the Limmie basement. Sure, the Smugglers victory over the Miners had been something of a highlight for Chambers, who was starting to wonder when she would ever see the pitch again, but she had come to realize a lot of things since she started the long rehabilitation journey for her knee.

    Realization Number One:

    The Smugglers were a very incomplete team without her in the backfield. It was hard for her to admit but she couldn’t help but feel that she was the lifeblood of that franchise. Without her, they looked like perennial basement dwellers. That never would go
    over well with the rabid fans of arguably the most successful franchise in the galaxy.

    Realization Number Two:

    Sitting out the season sucked. Daytime Holonet was loaded with soap operas, game shows, and the occasional re-run of something her grandmother might’ve watched back in her day. The entertainment on in the evenings wasn’t much better. There were only so many reality Holonet shows that she could take. Besides, if she saw another episode of The Stag, with those fawning women chasing after one man in the hopes that he would choose her to be his eventual wife, well, the holoscreen wouldn’t last another day. But her resolve was breaking down. She found herself thinking more about who the featured bachelor would pick than her up and coming rehabilitation schedule for the off season. That was sad and it was a sharp reminder of how far she had sunk, how isolated she had become, since being knocked off the face of the known galaxy. There were even articles being published asking, “Where has Meredith Chambers gone?”

    Yeah, being hurt kicks one to the back of the burner in the sports world. One minute you have your picture plastered on the Holonet with the Galactic Cup high above your head, the next minute, you’re forgotten and discarded as “damaged goods”.

    Realization Number Three:

    Alana Glencross was a real winner and, Chambers had to admit, a real class act.

    Yes, read that again. And, well, read it one more time just to make sure we’re all on the same page.

    Alana Glencross should win the sportsmanship award again.

    Her surprise visit to the Smuggler sideline prior to the annual Black and Blue Battle had really surprised Chambers. The two had been fierce competitors for much of their careers but that wasn’t saying much. Red had a way of making a scene everywhere she went. Maybe she was just easier to spot with her fire red mane, or maybe it was those damned Gundarkade commercials that continued to show up at the oddest hours, like late night holotv. Truth was, that visit by Glencross prior to the game had meant a lot to Chambers. Had helped restore her confidence that she would return to her pre-injury form, that she would be the athlete fans had grown to love, had grown to hate, had grown to look up as a role model.

    Chambers had heard the talk about her being a potential Hall of Fame candidate once she hung up her cleats. But she would rather have played the game through losing seasons with the Smugglers than ever call it quits. Nobody wants to sit out an entire season and the truth was that she couldn’t even begin to explain the level of guilt she felt watching her team lose knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do for them. No passionate speech to give, no half-time adjustments, no fear factor, only rage at having been struck down by the Limmie gods while she was in her prime.

    Her recovery had been slow. Sure, the media had tried to put a positive spin on it, but since the surgery, Chambers had only experienced the pain that reminded her that she was mortal after all. She needed crutches. Need walking aids, but most of all, she needed to find her resolve, to fight through the pain, to focus on returning to Six Boroughs not as a cripple but as a champion.

    Sitting on her couch, in her apartment, she eyed up the crutches that were leaning against the near wall, a mere two meters away. Yeah, she could do this. Wincing, grunting, fighting back a billion curse words, Chambers pushed off against the couch and hobbled toward that near wall. One foot in front of the other, yeah, just one step and she was there. Reaching toward the crutches with outstretched fingertips, she could almost feel the reassuring grasp of the temporary support system. And then something terrible happened, something humiliating, something infuriating.

    She fell.

    Pain shot through her body as she lay sprawled across a rug. A terrible anger flew through her. Storms on the icy world of Hoth were mere breezes compared to the anger that coursed through her veins. Tears came now, hot, salty, and filled with a season’s worth of guilt, depression, and anguish. She tried to get back on her feet but the pain was too intense. She looked up at the crutches. Her mouth forming the words that had come to define her miserable experience this season, to encapsulate all that had gone so wrong.

    “Frak you! I hate you! You’re holding me back!” She screamed as the managed to get a hold of one of the crutches.

    Blind rage swirled around her as she threw her crutch into the holoscreen mounted on the wall. Another episode of The Stag was on at that very moment. The bachelor was just about to propose to the woman of his dreams. Except, for Chambers, that proposal was never seen through to its conclusion as her crutch broke her screen and killed the show.

    I never liked that show anyway Chambers thought as she lay there on the floor.

    She began to count down the days to her return to the professional world of Limmie, to her return to Six Boroughs, to her return to glory.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Voting for the season awards has now closed. Winners will be announced later this week, though there are a couple of things I want to talk about in OOB before we do. For the record, there were three ties this year in the voting. Additionally, ever nominee received at least one vote so we had an extremely strong class of nominees this year.

    Now, onto what you all have been waiting for--the Semifinals! Bonus rolls to Bakura, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime this week. Banked teams for the start of the 272 season are Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, and Nar Shaddaa.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (3) Ryloth Rough Riders at (1) Vandelhelm Jets (19-26)
    (3) Bakura Miners at (1) Rydonni Prime Monarchs (31-19)

    The 116th Galactic Cup Final
    Kala’uun Memorial Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth
    (3) Bakura Miners vs. (1) Vandelhelm Jets

    As a result of this week's games, draft order has now been set for all rounds. Please consult the 272 Draft post in the library thread.

    GCLA Playoffs
    (4) Kuat Triforce at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers (22-27)
    (3) Corellia Rebels at (2) Chandrila Patriots (22-11)

    GCLA Championship
    (3) Corellia Rebels at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime

    She was trying not to think about it.

    She was trying so hard not to think about it.

    Alana was trying to focus on the Rydonni Prime midfielders who were valiantly pressing on, but in the back of her mind she couldn't keep the thought out.

    We're going to do it.

    There were only a few minutes left in the second half and the Miners lead looked pretty safe. 28-19, nine points, a three score game. It would take a hell of a finish for the Monarchs to beat them now. But this was the playoffs and you couldn't take anything for granted. That was why Alana was doing her best to focus on the task at hand, finishing the game. If Valerii had kept her starters in that meant the head coach didn't feel this game was sealed up. All season long Gaeriel had pulled her starters to give the reserves playing time when the game was sealed up--not to mention protect her top talent against injury. With the biggest game of them all coming up, Valerii wouldn't have chanced an injury to a starter now unless she felt that they needed to be out there.

    One of the Monarchs was coming up the field, trying to penetrate the Miner backfield. It hadn't been a perfect game out of the Miner defense today, but they'd held the Monarchs. In fact, it was a pretty consistent performance with their earlier meeting at the Gardens when they'd given up 17 points to Rydonni Prime. The Monarch was angling for the middle of the field.

    "Mine, mine!" Everett called from the opposite side.

    Alana tacked away from the Monarch to play a little more position. North slammed the charging Monarch and the boloball popped out. Alana darted in to scoop up the ball before anyone from Rydonni Prime could get there. She had a little room this time, but instead of making a charge herself she passed up to Landa. The big man paused, set his feet, and passed to an open Rodders. Aron didn't even bother to catch the ball, but headered it into the back of the net.

    And that was when Alana knew they were going to win. She jumped in the air on the run with both hands above her head to acknowledge the victory. Over on the Miner bench Alana saw that the stoic head coach allowed herself just the hint of a smirk. When the buzzer sounded, even though they'd all knew it was coming, the emotions ran over.

    Alana ran down the field to where Rodders, Andersen, and Stormborn were in a congratulatory knot. The rest of the team was piling on as soon as they could all get there. The redhead jumped up onto Landa's back with one fist in the air as she yelled in joy. The long awaited breakthrough had come for the Miners. Autumn Graves was hugging Landa from the opposite side. The two of them had played with each other for the last eight years on the Miners and Alana was sure that they were both wondering if this day was ever going to come.

    Rodders, whose transition back to Full Forward on Valerii's advice last season was now looking like a formative moment for the team, was being hugged and slapped on the back by everybody. More than anyone else his play had elevated the Miners this season and been responsible for their success. Not even Alana felt she could claim as much credit for this season as Aron.

    "Yes! Yes!" Everett was shouting as he pulled Alana off of Landa and shook her. Not even in their years on Cloud City had they broken through to a championship game. Alana grabbed North and hugged him hard.

    "Finally!" was all she said.

    "Hey, handshake guys, handshake," Uncia said from the outskirts of the throng. It caused Alana to realize that there was another team on the field, one that was patiently waiting for the celebration to be over so they could go through the traditional congratulations. She pulled away from the group, bringing North with her to join the now-forming line.

    "Good game," Alana said to each player in turn. She knew exactly what it felt like to be on the other side of this line. Not just losing, but losing after a good regular season. It was one of the most gut-wrenching feelings. It felt like the entire had been thrown away in an instant. Even the prospect of an award like the Salbukk or Ingbrand was small consolation for them.

    These Monarchs were a young team. A lot of them would probably still have jobs even after the starters who had gone off to war came back. A lot of them weren't coming back. It was a sobering thought. Alana had every hope that Dawn Solo would be back at midfield next season. She was sure that Dawn wasn't going to let her forget that she hadn't beaten her and that all bets would have been off if Solo hadn't been out saving the galaxy.

    Alana turned to go back to the locker room with a huge smile on her face at the end of the handshake, but the team assistants were blocking their way. Alana knit her brow in confusion. "Something up?"

    "Yeah. You have to go get the trophy," Gaeriel said to Alana.

    "Trophy? What trophy?"

    "Solo Conference trophy or something like that," Gaeriel said, "They've got some big wig from the League to give it to you."

    "Please welcome Elite League Vice President and General Counsel Esther Gondorf for the presentation of the Solo Conference Championship Trophy," the PA announcer said. The Miner fans, the few who had made the journey all the way into the Core, cheered and Alana walked over to the middle of the field where the Near Human was standing next to a table that had been set up with the trophy on it.

    "Congratulations," Gondorf said, shaking Alana's hand.

    "Thank you," Alana replied.

    Gondorf picked up the trophy. Alana stood there. Gondorf looked at Alana. Alana stood there. Gondorf motioned with the trophy. Alana stood there. Gondorf raised her eyebrows.

    "Aren't you going to take it?" Esther asked.

    "No, I'd rather have the next one, thanks," Alana said.

    Gondorf sighed and put the trophy down. "Will you at least smile for the picture?"

    "Picture? Oh sure," Alana said, "HEY GUYS! PICTURE!" She waved everyone over.

    The attorney rolled her eyes, but shortly found Miners lined up in a nice row for the cameras. Running through their ranks was the same comment, started by Alana: "Don't touch it. We want the next one."

    "Don't even touch the table," Andersen whispered, elbowing Inviere in the gut even though her fellow Hapan was nowhere near doing so.

    The pictures were taken and the team broke up, many of them making it a point to go over to the Miner fans and express their thanks that they'd shown up again.

    "If you're not going to take it, what am I supposed to do with it?" a clearly exasperated Gondorf asked Alana.

    "Ship it to Bakura. We'll pick it up on the way back from Ryloth," Alana said, "You can bill me for the freight."

    Gondorf just shook her head and indicated for someone to help her move the trophy off the field.

    On her way off the field, Alana stopped by the Miner fans. Niall and Dr. Calay weren't at the rail today, but they were both still there. Alana blew the former a kiss and saluted the latter to show that she still appreciated their support. Just because she'd now won two playoff games didn't mean she forgot everything it had taken to get her here.

    Back in the locker room, the team remembered the silent chastening that their head coach had given them over their too exuberant Quarterfinal victory celebrations. Though they expected something similar from her now, they couldn't help but allow little bits of smiles to tug at the corners of their mouths. It wasn't too long after Alana had sat down in her stall to get undressed that Valerii came in.

    "As you all know, we played the late game," Gaeriel said without preamble. She flipped on the vidscreen at the front of the locker room and called up a single image.

    It was of Phil Brooks and his annoyingly cocky grin as he accepted the Skywalker Conference Trophy from a League official.

    No other words were needed. Alana was pretty sure that every hand in that locker room curled into a fist of anger.

    "Brooks," Alana hissed.

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    May 20, 2008
    Not Really GM Post, but Close Enough Because It Affects Everyone. Not Really, But Some of Us. Maybe. Kinda.
    Coruscant Athletic Club, Coruscant

    Cruth Kantor looked at the audience that had gathered at the Athletic Club for this year’s Helmsman award ceremony. The place was packed like it always was; that was always a sign that college Limmie was popular. As he stepped to the podium, the crowd died down, allowing the Zabrak to speak to the masses. Undoubtedly hundreds, if not thousands, of holocameras were trained on him. This was the moment had been waiting for.

    “Ladies and gentlebeings, I once again humbly welcome to the 271 Helmsman Memorial Trophy Awards ceremony. It has been another great season of college Limmie all around the galaxy, and we wish to honor four of the greatest collegiate players tonight. One of them will walk away as the Helmsman award winner, but all will certainly have bright futures ahead of them. And here are the nominees:

    Andres Fortune, Full Forward from the University of Corellia, Bella Vistal.

    Marmu Ishana, Full Forward from Grand Vulpter System University

    Chenkabukk, Goalkeeper from the University of Kashyyyk

    Ye'ves'toung, Midfielder from Brask Yashuvhi University.”

    Each player got a round of applause from the audience. It was widely speculated that either Fortune or Chenkabukk would win the award; after all, the Wookiee goalie had done quite a job this past season, and Fortune’s Renegades team was about to play for the Super 16 championship for the second consecutive year. But the other two candidates had spectacular seasons as well, so whoever won was going to be deserving.

    “And the winner of the Helmsman Memorial Trophy is . . .” Kantor said, opening the envelope with the name inside it. Even he didn’t know who had won ahead of time. Made for a better ceremony that way.

    Ye’ves’toung, midfielder, Brask Yashuvhi University” Kantor read out loud. “Congratulations. Come up and receive your prize.”

    The Chiss midfielder came up and accepted her award, which complimented her #1 overall ranking among the midfielder class in the upcoming Elite League draft. Last season, the Helmsman Award winner, Maximus Qorbus, had been the #1 overall pick, so this certainly gave the Chiss a leg up on her competition.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: No One

    Even before the end of the 271 Elite League season, as the Vandelhelm Jets looked for answers for their loss in the 270 Galactic Cup Final and the Bakura Miners celebrated their first Finals appearance since 259, the rest of the league was already starting on the offseason. Although teams could not start making personnel changes until the official end of the season, many teams had already started to personally scout players in the draft pool for the upcoming 272 Elite League Draft. A well-respected person in the HSN, who wished to remain anonymous, created this mock draft based on perceived needs for each team.

    Raltiir Starkillers: Ye’ves’toung, Midfield, Brask Yashuvi University

    As a returning franchise to the Elite League, the Starkillers are ready to prove that they, like Ryloth and Onderon this previous season, have what it takes to compete in the League. Helmsman winner Ye’ves’toung will go a long way towards providing the punch the Starkillers need to keep pace with more experienced teams. The Chiss midfielder may have knocks on her from the weaker competition she faced in the Western Galactic Conference, as well as her height for a front-line midfielder, but she is dripping in athleticism. Quite a find for BYU when they recruited her, and she would pair nicely with Jiims Woudron in the middle of the field for a solid 1-2 duo.

    Coruscant Senators: Dauza Chary, Right Corner Forward, GVSU

    If Gark S’rily builds his 272 team in the same vein as older versions of the Senators, sans protest-riddled 270, it will be strong on all sides of the ball. There really are no major needs for the Senators in this draft, so look for them to trade down with a team that desperately needs a top prospect to anchor their lineup. However, if S’rily and Co. decide to keep their pick, look for them to spend it on Chary. The Nemoidian from Grand Vulpter System University was overshadowed by teammate and Helmsman finalist Marmu Ishana all season, but Chary looks to be more than just a scorer. A fine distributor, she racked up the assists in her senior season, hooking up with Ishana and fellow senior Vic McTodd for many scores. Most likely she would see action on Thyferra, as the Senators don’t have any pressing forward needs at the moment, but look for her in a few seasons when the aging Senators front line starts to break down and she can crack the rotation.

    Mando’ade Mercs: Marmu Ishana, Full Forward, Grand Vulpter System University

    Simply put, the Mercs’ offense last season was dreadful. They put up horrendous offensive stats, and will definitely need a shot in the arm come draft time. There are rumors that owner Beskaryc Taab will trade down to acquire more picks, but if the Mercs decide to stay the course and draft here, Ishana should be a good player to fit in their system. Although there is a major knock on her height and toughness, she is a pure scorer, plain and simple. Having her up front as a scoring threat should free up All-Star Ryi Kor’le for scoring opportunities if she does indeed return to the team next season. If not, Ishana should be capable of shouldering more of the load up front for the Mercs, which could be the jolt they need to bounce back from their worst season in franchise history.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Andres Fortune, Full Forward, UC Bella Vistal

    If Fortune is still on the board by this point in the draft, he will not fall past the Smugglers. Rumor has it that GM Vincent Cutter has keen interest in Fortune, and many members of “The Crew” are seemingly pressuring the front office to take him. Although not highly-rated compared to other forwards in this draft, Fortune is still the complete package at Full Forward. He has been a do-it-all scorer for the Renegades, and will provide the Smugglers a solid option at the position. He is raw, as his other fundamentals need work, but he certainly has the most potential out of any forward eligible for this year’s draft. It will be interesting to see if the Smugglers will take this high-risk, high-reward player who seems to be getting better all the time but still needs some polishing to unleash his full potential. A Helmsman finals nod certainly doesn’t hurt his case here.

    Euceron Storm: Ike Tullo, Corner Back, College of Fondordelphia

    The Euceron Storm endured a skid to end the season that culminated in another disappointing year. The defensive unit suffered the most, getting burned time and again by Skywalker Conference foes at the end of the year. Although the Storm have little flexibility when it comes to the contract lengths of their starting defensive backs, Tullo would be a good choice to shore up the unit’s weaknesses in 272. Although he is known for having an attitude and large ego, he is still the premier defensive player in this draft, something the Storm need to look for as they search for answers going into next season on that side of the ball. Tullo has outstanding tackling and swatting skills in addition to being fast, which should help compliment the unit’s size.

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Demetra Silkins, Midfield, University of Denon-Eastlake

    The Monarchs had a rough 271 season, losing the majority of their team to military service before the year began. With the news of the deaths of many current and former players, the Monarchs still managed to pull out 4 wins and host a playoff game. However, they ran on little depth all season, which can be a death knell for a team in the Elite League. With former Salbukk nominee Dawn Solo returning from military service this next season, look for the Monarchs to pick up Silkins. Although she is another small-college girl, and the level of competition in the Den10 isn’t the highest to be found in the galaxy, Silkins is still a rock-solid prospect. She is a gym rat, always being the first to come in and the last to leave during any team events. In addition, she has a leading mentality, something that is sorely needed for a team that needs some leadership skills from all of its players as it looks for stability this next season. The Monarchs were burned in the Conference finals last season by the Miner’s solid midfield duo, and their lack of consistent play at the position was a major reason why they lost the game. Silkins should shore up the position and team up with Solo for a nice combo in the middle of the field.

    Bakura Miners (from Ryloth Rough Riders): Will Detra, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes

    Although the Miners have Dorf Landa and Autumn Graves at the Half Forward positions already, all three of their starters at the three Half Forward positions have expiring contracts. If one of them is left unsigned and goes elsewhere, look for GM Quinn Cundertol to select Detra from Citadel University of Anaxes. Detra helped lead a potent Defenders attack that allowed them to compile a 7-0 division record in the regular season in the Super 16. Although his team lost in the division semifinals, Detra was still a force in the game. He brings underrated talent to the field, as he can score, pass the ball, and has above-average Limmie I.Q. He still needs work on his overall game, but is a nice prospect that can come off the bench or start right away depending on how the Miners’ offseason shakes out.

    Bakura Miners: Chenkabukk, Goalkeeper, University of Kashyyyk

    This could easily be a talent pick. The Miners have in recent past had some uncertainty about their goalie position, and if the Helmsman finalist Wookiee falls all the way to #8, Bakura will almost have to take him. If nothing else, they can trade him for additional pieces, or can stick with him as their starting goalie for next season. The Wookiee is easily the most talented goalie in the draft, with amazing hand skills that wowed a league full of members of his own species. He is slow, which could cost him against faster opponents, but his sheer size should be an intimidating force in goal. If the Miners need a goalie, or if they just need an athlete, Chenkabukk, if he falls this far, should be a solid play.

    Second Round:

    Raltiir Starkillers: Maggie Adams, Left Half Forward, Ord Saboak University

    Adams should still be available by this time, and could easily play a role in the Starkillers’ offense next season. An overall solid prospect.

    Coruscant Senators: Reid Livingstone, Left Corner Back, Brentaal College of Commerce

    The Senators’ defense is starting to get older, and they don’t have many bona fide replacements at the corner back position. Livingstone, although he is a middling prospect, should fit right in next season depending on how the Senators decide to go. If not, he should be in the mix defensively in 273. A solid workhorse, Livingstone is not flashy, but will get the job done.

    Mando’ade Mercs: Sas’quetch, Full Back, Ord Saboak University

    The Mercs need size in the Back 6, and this Wookiee will provide plenty of it. As with all Wookiees, he is slower than the average defensive back, but his size and power will make up for that if in the right system. Should be in the mix for a starting spot next season.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Abe Cynour, Goalkeeper, Grand Vulpter System University

    As Smuggler fans found out last season, the Smugglers don’t have any plans behind franchise goalie Meredith Chambers. When Chambers went down in the season opener, the Smugglers were unable to get any traction with replacement goalie Gunba Pemiti, falling to 2-5 on the season. Although Chambers should make a full recovery and be ready to go this next season, it would be smart of GM Vincent Cutter to find a replacement, or at least a solid backup, for his Salbukk-winning goalie. Cynour struggled mightily giving up points the last two seasons at GVSU, but he will have one of the best keepers in recent memory as a mentor, which should help him refine his game. Maybe not a replacement, but should be a serviceable keeper for some time if given the right coaching.
    Euceron Storm: Cali Royd, Midfielder, Albanin-Baxel Defense Academy

    The Storm need help in the middle of the field. Royd should be a good pick to provide depth at the position, and will challenge for a starting spot next season. She wasn’t placed on the cover of ELL ‘72 without having a lot of promise.

    Bakura Miners (from Rydonni Prime Monarchs): Sanyr Ralders, Midfielder, Vertical City University

    This will definitely be another reach pick, as the Miners typically stay away from talent on the Vertical City for obvious reasons (see: Old Whiskey Trophy rivalry), and the Miners easily have the best midfield duo in the league right now with Alana Glencross and Everett North. But Ralders can be a serviceable midfielder who can provide solid minutes off the bench when the two starters need a break. Not flashy by any means, but Ralders can get the job done.

    Bakura Miners: Ruunron, Center Half Back, University of Kashyyyk

    I hate sounding like a broken Holo, but the Miners don’t have any major needs as it stands now. Add in all of their draft picks, and they will be making a lot of reach picks if their core stays together. Ruunron should be a bench player next season, as the starters in front of him will most likely beat him out in camp, but he has great chemistry with teammate Chenkabukk. If the Miners get both players, it should only help their defense.

    Third Round:

    Raltiir Starkillers: Unia Yistral, Left Corner Back, University of Ord Mantell

    If the Starkillers want to add to their defense, Yistrall should be a solid selection. Good player who has an injury history, but can definitely contribute.

    Coruscant Senators: Anton Jorpik, Goalkeeper, University of Bakura, Telaan Valley

    With Tavis Corizyl having retired after the 270 season, the Senators are thin at goalie. Jayla Leed was rocked last season in her rookie campaign, and veteran Venn Sto is an average player at best. Although he probably won’t start, Jorpik should be a good pick here to add depth to a weak position for Coruscant.

    Mando’ade Mercs: Vic McTodd, Center Half Forward

    The Mercs desperately need offensive help, and McTodd would be a good pick to pair with Helmsman finalist Marmu Ishana in the Front 6. Although the two of them had a somewhat strained relationship at the end of the 270 season, any animosity between the two of them seems to have cleared up. If they can click together, the Mercs should have two good players who can provide a boost on offense.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Sugnok Umanh, Center Half Back, University of Be’nal

    The Smugglers’ rookies on the defensive side of the ball struggled mightily last season, and it certainly hurt a once-proud defensive unit that also missed goalie Meredith Chambers. Umanh would help add depth to the Back 6, and could supplant George Edwards if the second-year player continues to struggle next season.

    Euceron Storm: Calli Webb, Right Corner Forward, Chandrila A&M

    The Storm could use another offensive threat to pair up with their young forwards, and Webb would fit right in. Any offensive players coached by Hexton Cordell at A&M are well-disciplined, so look for the Storm to add Webb in a move to boost their already-potent offense to a whole new level.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (from Onderon Crazy Dragons): Struss Sillensun, Midfielder, University of Coruscant

    At this point in the draft, teams will start drafting for depth. Sillensun, although his ceiling is much lower than the other midfield prospects, should be in the mix for playing time next season in the midfield for the Smugglers.

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Gunman Forp, Left Corner Back, Chandrila A&M

    Another A&M product who is solid in defense, Forp could be a good pickup for the Monarchs here late in the draft. Should provide depth in the Back 6 for a team that is rebuilding its defense after losing many of its players during last season.

    Bakura Miners: Dizzy Rol’per, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute

    I doubt that the Miners really need all of these picks, but if they keep this one, they should draft Rol’per based on his talent alone. He’s been solid the past two seasons, but there are major questions about his overall worth given the talent that he had around him at CorTech during those seasons, namely underclassman Malida Worody. Bakura doesn’t really need more offense, so this would be a talent pick. He could always be seasoned somewhere else or traded later on.

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