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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Meshla Vhetin, Manda'yaim

    It was the week of the Galactic Cup Finals, the Mercs main rival in the league would be facing off against the Jets, a perennial post-season juggernaut. It should be a great matchup, one that would generate interest from fans of the game regardless of their team loyalty. This was also a week where the Galaxy's attention focused on the sport like at no other time of the year. Naturally the League liked for that focus to be on the Galactic Cup matchup itself and a sort of informal ban on other team's press conferences was usually in effect for this week.

    Despite that, Taab took to the podium in the Mercs press room. The room was full of assorted press and media, despite this being Galactic Cup week. They would have time after this to head to Ryloth to cover the big game. For now though, big news was being announced here. Taab was sure the league office wouldn't be happy with his actions, but he was beyond the point of caring. Time and time again the commissioner and her lackies in the league office had shown a prejudice against the Mando'ade and the Mercs. From this past year's schedule to back room deals denying Mercs players and personel deserved post season awards to the latest slap in the face, the moving back of the Mercs in this years draft placement, there was clearly no love lost between the team and the commisioner's office.

    Taab had of course sent off a blistering letter detailing how Gark S'rily had gamed the system in order to move into better draft slots in each of these two first ELL First Year Player drafts. For all intents and purposes, the Force had been nothing but the Senators playing at a different venue this past season and yet the "reborn" Senators were being treated as an incoming team, and thus slotted ahead of the Mercs in the upcoming draft. He was sure the letter had fallen on deaf fuzzy ears however. Both the Commissioner and S'rily were Bothans, she would back him up over siding with the Mandalorian who had caused her trouble in the past.

    So it brought him a small level of satisfaction to know that this press conference would ruffle the commissioner's fur, even if just a little. The real reward would come on the day when he and his team finally hoisted the galactic Cup themselves. This press conference was hopefully a movement in that direction. He addressed the assembled media.

    "As you are all aware, after the regular season concluded we dismissed our long time Coach Kal Dar'tome. After a long and exhaustive search for a suitable sucessor, led my our new general manager Aay'han Vhett, we have found the next coach of the Mando'ade Mercs. A coach who will lead us forward into the future of mandalorian meshgeroya in the ELL, and help me to bring home a Galactic Cup to the people of Mandalore, the greatest fans of the beautiful game that the galaxy has ever seen."

    A buzz went through the press room. It was highly rumored that this was the purpose for this meeting. It was the only thing that could have generated so much attention, after all there were only eight head coachs of ELL level play in the entire galaxy. Not even if the Mercs had signed their entire offense to contract extension would they had called for a press conference this week. That, coupled with the frequent sightings of Vhett on the KMI campus both before and after their SEC title game loss had sent the rumor mill into overdrive. Taab continued on.

    "Our new head coach was a pioneer of the spread offense, something we will be attempting to implement this upcoming season, and has seen nearly unequalled success in his past as a coach and mentor to young meshgeroya players at the collegiate level. We believe fully that this will translate into on field success at the proffesional level. Ladies and gentlebeings" Now Taab paused for effect. "I give you, the new head coach of the Mando'ade Mercs. Adenn Vizsla."

    There were gasps through the audience as the man clad in all black armor took to the stage. Taab took a seat behind the podium, next to his ex-wife. He knew they would all be surprised. Vizsla was a man they probably hadn't thought of in years. He had been Ur'ban Me'yers mentor at KMI before a recruiting scandel there had forced him from his position as head coach of the Warriors. It was to Me'yer's credit that he had managed to rebuild the team in less than a decade following the sanctions placed against the team. But it was Vizsla that had taught Me'yer everything he knew, and the Mercs new head coach had a reputation as a man with a win at all costs mentality. It was a perfect fit to Taab's ambitions and Vhett's own personality.


    The new head coach removed his buy'ce and began to address the still stunned media in his clipped Coruscanti accent, but Taab wasn't listening. Instead he carried on a conversation with his ex-wife via the comm links in their resepctive buy'ce.

    "You were wise to make this man your first choice as head coach my dear. Me'yer would have never left the warriors for a rebuilding project, even at this level." Taab continued to look on at Vizsla through his T-Visor, to any aruetii paying attention it would look as though Taab was taken in by the new coach's words rather than ignoring them. "Have you made any progress on our other fronts?"
    Vhett too continued looking on at Vizsla even as she answered the team owner. "The defensive backs have been signed to new contracts. Even Kol has agreed to stay on for one more year. But this will be his last, he was adamant that he will retire after the end of this season." Taab wasn't surprised by that, but he found himself saddened slightly. Several years ago had traded cash considerations to the Miners to bring Askah Kol back into the mando'ade fold, to give the man a chance to play for his home team before he retired. Now it looked like that time was fast approaching. Taab hoped they would at least give him a season to remember.

    "And you. Have you managed to bring the offense back on board?" Now Taab glanced over at his ex-wife's gold and black armor. "I played my part..."

    [hr] [/hr]

    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Meshla Vhetin, several weeks ago

    Ryi made her way up to the owner's office. He had summoned her, and though she was looking at becoming a free agent (or perhaps even retiring from the game entirely) she had obeyed. The doors to his office were open and the silver and blue clad man stood behind his desk gesturing her to enter and sstand opposite from him. There were no chairs in the office, something she remembered from previous visits here. He removed his buy'ce and looked her in the eye before he remarked. "I am sure you know why I invited you here."

    Ryi mulled it over for a moment, biting her lower lip. She was sure this had to do with her impending free agency, it really could be nothing else. But how could she negotiate when she wasn't sure herself what she wanted to do yet? She determined that she would hear him out, treat this as an intelligence gathering mission. She nodded, expecting Taab to make his pitch, but he came at her with a different slant from what she had expected.

    "I have been talking to the Nulls, spoke with them all yesterday in fact." Yesterday? Why hadn't Kote told her? They were in this all together, what was going on? "I swore them to secrecy on this, and they agreed. No one wanted to taint your reactions to what I am going to tell you next."

    She swallowed hard, if he had sworn them to secrecy she could understand why Kote hadn't told her anything. But it didn't make her feel any better about it. "Ok, go on."

    "When your father found the Nulls and came up with his idea for the team, he knew he would need financing. So he came to me." Ryi didn't know what to make of that. it was pretty common knowledge amongst Mandalorians everywhere, the team had been her father's idea. An idea brought to life through his vision, the Nulls muscle and Taab's money. Why was this important now, especially with her father out of the picture?

    "From the outset though we had a problem, the Nulls were dying. Aging at an accelerated rate, their lifespans would be half of what they should be." She knew all of this too, Kote had shared it with her. She also knew what Taab was going to say next.

    "However at a considerable expense to myself, monetarily and otherwise, I was able to procure a fix to their problem. And it was administered." He turned away from her now and started looking out the large window toward the field below. Ryi for her part remembered it well when Kote had gone through all of this. It was several years ago now, was Taab really going to try to play on her sympathies for actions he had undertaken years ago?

    "The Nulls will now live normal lives, lives which are quite frankly wasted playing meshgeroya." Her jaw dropped as he turned back to her smiling at her reaction. "These are the augmented clones of one of the greatest Mandalorians to ever live. They make the perfect mercenary or bounty hunter. Their skills are wasted playing the beautiful game, these are soldiers. True warriors not mere athletes." Ryi started biting her lip again. Had Taab tried to convice them to leave the team? This made no sense to her anymore.

    Once again Taab seemed to change trains of thought. "As you are well aware, I have political ambitions, beyond my current station." Ryi nodded again, though she was puzzeld by this new topic. This was also fairly common knowledge on manda'yaim. Taab was already a trusted advisor of the current mand'alor and one of several mandalorians in position to succeed him when the time came. "If the Mercs were to win a title under my stewardship it would enhance my reputation further, and the Nulls have agreed to help me in that goal." Ryi stayed silent, trying not to relay her surprise.

    "I extended their lives, and they have all agreed to sign one last three year contract with the team." Ryi raised an eyebrow at that, she could feel her anger rising. They had agreed to stay together, make their decisions together. They never would have broken that promise! "After that, they will retire and move on to their mercenary careers. Something I believe you are also considering?" Ryi gave a sharp nod in repy, not trusting herself to speak. "We have butted buy'ce in the past you and I Kor'le, especially regarding the relationship you have with the Nulls, Kote in particular." Her eyes flashed, she started to speak up but he interupted her. "But they want the same deal for you. Insisted on it in fact, they won't sign until you do."

    Ryi calmed down a bit, three years? A three year contract and then they would all retire, together? "And what is to stop us from just retiring now?" Her question caught him by surprise she could tell. He blinked rapidly several times before responding. "Nothing at all, you are all adults, and able to make your own decisions." But then he began smiling, a sharklike grin that never seemed to end. He pressed a button on his desk activationg a hidden holo device.

    A recording of the meeting between he and the Nulls yesterday sprang to life. The Nulls all looked emotionally drained, especially Kote. She thought she could see tears streaking down Fi's face. Ayso was there with them, the anti-aging regimen had created the opposite affect on him and they all knew he was near death, but he stood as best he could with his brothers. Taab was saying something to them all. Ryi listened closer, it was something about how he considered them all his children, regardless of their decision. Taab turned up the volume so she could hear the next words clearly. "Ni kar'tayl gai sa'ad." ("I know your name as my child") he said to them and as one they looked him in the eye and called him buir.

    Taab deactivated the holo and continued on. "And though they are all adults, the Nulls are also now family. It seems they couldn't refuse one more request from dear old Dad." If there had been a chair in the room Ryi would have slumped back into it. Taab had adopted them all. Made them his sons, and they had gone along with it. He had extended their lives, done everything for them that he could and Ryi was sure he would continue to support them after their time with the team was done. They had been brought into one of the most powerful and influential of mandalorian families. Couple that with their own natural abilities and they would be unstoppable bounty hunters. And all Taab asked in return was three more years playing meshgeroya. Even so they would only go along with it if she gave her go ahead. Their loyalty was touching, and her love for Kote too strong. She couldn't pass this up, and there was just one last thing to say. She sighed. "Where do I sign?"

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    Dec 14, 2009
    Mando'ade Mercs Transactions.

    Ji Skirata, (Human Mandalorian, male) Left Cornerback signs two year contract extension.

    La'kelvafer Ret'ooeliel Kor'le (Twilek Mandalorian, female) Right half back signs two year contract extension

    Askah Kol (Human Mandalorian, male) Center half back signs one year contract extension

    Ryi Kor'le (Human Mandalorain, female) Center half forward signs three year contract extension

    N-13 Fi Taab (Human Mandalorian, male) Right alf forward signs three year contract extension

    N-18 Cabur Taab (Human Mandalorian, male) Left half forward signs three year contract extension

    N-14 Jaro Taab (Human Mandalorian, male) Right Corner forward signs three year contract extension

    N-17 Kote Taab (Human Mandalorian, male) Full Forward signs three year contract extension

    N-16 A'den Taab (Human Mandalorian, male) Left Corner Forward signs three year contract extension

    Kii Skirata (Human Mandalorian, female) Goaltender signs one year contract extension

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Oshi Shilou (Human, Male, Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Keln Kutran (Human, Male,) becomes a free agent
    • Mira Kashvili (Human, Female, Right Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Kiek Libby (Human, Male, Defensive Back) becomes a free agent

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    IC: Lucie Vigo
    Fans were grilling nerf, eating fried pastries and drinking ales in fold out chairs on the permacrete. Lucie could feel the excitement radiating off them as she approached the stadium. She quickly made her way to the small room on the ground floor that had been converted into the dance team's headquarters. "Game day people" she greeted as she opened the door. It wasn’t just any game day either, it was the Starkillers first playoff game of the 271 GCLA season. Most beings thought it was up to the Limmie players, coaches and possibly those in the offices behind the scenes to win this game. Lucie liked to think her dance team had a role in every win the Starkillers put on the board as well. Her Dance Team brought the fans into the game, kept them from despair if the team got behind, kept them from boredom and loss of interest during a blow-out. She knew how important her squad was and Lucie did not take their job lightly.

    Everyone gathered around as Lucie held up her hand and headed toward the middle of the room. “I’m going to make this brief. Today’s assignments are Sal, Tayson, Dia and Elly Supernova section; Urther, Leesa, Traci and Bough Dwarf section; Ranald, Tula, Nykky and Felicia visitors section. Everyone else is with me at midfield. The Triforce is here to make a point. No one outside of this organization is particularly happy the Starkillers have been promoted to the ELL after just one year of play in the GCLA. They are also downright sick we are undefeated. The Triforce and the fans who have travelled here with them today have only one thing on their minds: upset the Starkillers. Do your best not to let any of those visiting fans upset our fans. For the rest of this day only positive vibes should be radiating from each and every one of you. The players, fans and the planet need us. Cheer, Dance and Motivate!”

    Long ago the fans in Bankers Stadium had been divided into 3 distinctive groups. The majority of the fans had no specific title assigned to them. These were the fans who showed up for the games had a good time if the team won, went home a little sad when the team lost and generally did not cause any trouble. The Dwarfs got their name for being dead drunk before the game even started. These fans could be harmless or they could cause a lot of trouble. They sat behind the visitor’s goal and Lucy always assigned at least one of her male team members to this section. The other group of fans that had earned a name for themselves were the Supernovas. These fans were shameless, they donned outrageous sometimes scandalous costumes. They were loud, obnoxious and known throughout the planet as the most die-hard Starkillers fans. For these reasons Lucie always assigned at least 2 of her male dancers to their section behind home goal.

    At the end of the first half the game was tied 19 all. The tension in the stadium could be cut with a knife. The dance team pulled out all the stops with their half time show. Every daring flip, toss and flashy move was performed. Lucie even instructed the females to toss their pom-poms to fans as souvenirs at the end of the performance. Then to everyone’s disbelief the Triforce scored in the opening drive of the second half. Dismantling any good cheer the dance team may have been able to bring out of the crowd during half time. Worse yet the Starkillers were so disorganized and out of synch that on the very next play their two midfielders Gwynn and Jiims collided. Jiims stood up immediately shook himself off and grunted angrily, but Gwynn seemed motionless. The crowd was respectfully silent as the med team rushed onto the field. Lucie discretely shadowed them so she could evaluate the situation for herself. Gwynn was out cold. The Selonian was one of the toughest beings Lucie knew, she was in shock, but she tried not to let emotion overcome her. As Gwynn was removed from the field an announcement was made to the crowd. A reassurance that even though Gwynn was unconscious the Selonian had a pulse, strong vital signs and that further updates would be made as they became available.

    Before the timeout was over and play resumed Lucie relayed a message to all of her dancers. Soon a quiet chant began and within seconds loudly it echoed throughout the stadium “Win for Gwynn”.

    The Starkillers took the field with a renewed sense of dedication. Replacement midfielder Cheli Shorten worked with Frokabukk, Loren and Galen to quickly move the ball up field. Loren regained her usual confidence and smacked the ball into the goal. The speed with which the ball went under the crossbar and into the net caught the opposing goalie completely off guard. He never even got a chance to block the shot.

    The defense held steady for the rest of the game. Blyss made certain that the ball never made it near the Starkillers goal again. He blocked and tackled everything that came within a 10 yard radius. At one point Lucie noticed that Jooms was glaring at Blyss with all four of his eyes. Lucie knew Jooms wanted a piece of the action himself, but he daren’t leave the goal box without good reason.

    Galen put the ball through the uprights twice, the second time a short kick with only one minute left on the clock. A two point lead was a solid enough win for the Starkillers, but Loren had other ideas. She scored again 28 seconds later to make the final 27 – 22 Starkillers.

    The stadium emptied, everyone seemed ecstatic, Lucie rushed to the medical facility to check on Gwynn. Most of the female players were rude to Lucie and the dance squad, but Gwynn had always been supportive of Lucie. She had taken time to get to know Lucie, even helped her find the job at the diner a few years back. Lucie owed Gwynn a lot, she hoped she was okay. She flew through the doors without knocking and stopped short. Gwynn was floating in bacta. One of the med staff noticed her entrance and rushed to comfort Lucie. “It’s just a precaution” she reassured her. “You shouldn’t be here. You should celebrate the victory. I will call you when Gwynn is able to talk. Would you like that?”

    Lucie nodded and left. But she didn’t celebrate.

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    GM Post
    "Welcome, one and all, to the Elite League Limmie 271 Season Awards," Niakara Kayl'hen said, "It is my pleasure to welcome all of you here tonight to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the past season. The institution of a draft that has brought the finest young talent in the galaxy to the League, the addition of two teams, and the division of the League into conferences were some of the big developments that we saw this year. I have no doubt that they are only the beginning of great things for the League.​
    "This is also a very special ceremony for me, for it marks the tenth season that I have been privileged to be Commissioner of the League. These last ten years have been absolutely awesome for me. Words can barely convey the experience. However, I would like to thank the owners, players, and most importantly the fans for allowing me this great honor. I hope that in the years to come the League will continue to promote the highest levels of competition and athletic excellence in the greatest sport in the galaxy.​
    "This year we would like to start with an award that has sometimes been more of an afterthought. That is no longer the case," Kayl'hen said, "The Ingbrand Award recognizes the rookie of the year in the Elite League and thanks to the Draft, this year we had some of the most outstanding rookies we've ever seen in this League. Each of these nominees could have easily won this award, and any other year each of them might have. Therefore, I think it's safe to say that tonight's winner richly deserves the honor.​
    "Our nominees are Maximus Qorbus, Ryloth Rough Riders; Staweh Tam-Ford, Rydonni Prime Monarchs; and Aysel Yan'ii, Euceron Storm." Each received applause and even cheers from their partisans. "And our winner is...Max Qorbus, Ryloth."​
    "The Langann Award recognizes the best head coach in the Elite League. This year, we are proud to feature two of the newest coaches in the League and one that we hope we haven't seen the last of," Kayl'hen said, "Our nominees are Reggie Dun'lop of the Nadiem Chiefs, Greebus Ion of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs, and Pamila Korthe of the Thyferra Force.​
    "And the winner is," Kayl'hen paused to open the envelope. She did so, and then she smiled. "Reggie Dun'lop of the Chiefs."​
    "Limmie is, by its very nature, a hard and rough sport. Players battle fiercely on the field week in and week out," Kayl'hen said, "As a result, it can be easy to get caught up in the emotion of the game. While every player in the League is a fierce competitor, there are a select few who are able to be passionate but also classy on the field. The Duchess Eldin Award recognizes these players. Our nominees are Med Braden of the Nadiem Chiefs, Riffhard Persnor of the Thyferra Force, and Aron Rodders of the Bakura Miners."​
    The cameras showed each nominee...with the exception of the absent Rodders, currently on Ryloth preparing for the Galactic Cup Final. They had to settle for a still holo of him.​
    "And our winner is...Riff Persnor, Thyferra Force."​
    "Named for one of the great personnel managers of the League's history, the Grames Award recognizes the best General Manager in the League, the being who is the architect of the entire season. The GM is responsible for signing players, coaches, support personnel, coordinating travel, keeping owners happy--which let me tell you in this League is no small feat--" The Bothan got some laughs for that one, "--and now drafting the future of the franchise. Truly, it takes a special breed to be an Elite League GM and this year we have three excellent ones nominated. They are Jo Mu Grath, Nadiem; Samantha Poland, Onderon; and Setarcos Rhemes, Rydonni Prime.​
    "And our winner is...Setarcos Rhemes, Rydonni Prime Monarchs."​
    "Every week, there's at least one incredible story in the Elite League. The reserve player who comes out of nowhere to win the game. The rookie who becomes a hero. The coach that comes back from a debilitating illness. The truth is, some of the people who come together to give the galaxy the joy of this great sport have to overcome more than others. And then there are beings who give back in a way that reminds us that limmie is just a sport at the end of the day. This year, we have three stories of perseverance and dedication to the sport that the League has recognized with nominations for the Zumtak Award. They are Alana Glencross for mental health advocacy, Riffhard Persnor for flood relief efforts on Thyferra, and the members of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs organization for their military service in the Republican Fleet."​
    As with her teammate Rodders, Alana Glencross wasn't present tonight so a still had to suffice.​
    Kayl'hen paused. "Ordinarily, we would proceed right to the announcement of the winner, but as has been widely reported, many members of the Monarch family did not come home. They gave all. At this time, the Elite League would like to remember them."​
    The lights in the auditorium dimmed and projected in holographic form were the following beings:​
    Ahcas Yzoj​
    Ali Senow​
    Allie Nifer​
    Austin Pence​
    Cota Lorley​
    Endra Hawk​
    Gage Rango​
    Hahn Emaldo​
    Ila Rieger​
    Inus Socca​
    Lorli Boxey​
    Nash Hareilly​
    Pia Riise​
    Riv Emerik​
    Sasha Tarik​
    The lights came up again to great applause. A standing ovation, in fact. Kayl'hen joined in before she opened the envelope. "And the winners are the Rydonni Prime Monarchs."​
    "Finally, we come to the Salbukk Award to the player who was most valuable to his or her team during the regular season. Of special note this year is the presence of not one, but two rookies who were integral to the success of their team this season. Our nominees are Zeke Barbosa, Ryloth Rough Riders; Jenna Leed, Onderon Crazy Dragons; and Mara Singus, Rydonni Prime Monarchs."​
    Each received robust applause, for this was perhaps the biggest award of the night.​
    "And our winner is...Mara Singus of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs."​
    "That concludes the 271 Elite League Awards," Kayl'hen said, "Congratulations to all of our very deserving winners. To all of our viewers at home, we'll see you shortly on Ryloth for the Galactic Cup Final. Until then, good night!"​
    OOC: For our new players, the breaks that you see represented by lines are inserted as an invitation to our winners to give their acceptance speeches. You may also choose to have your primary character react to other wins (or losses, as the case may be) from their vantage point.
    Additionally, we had three ties this year. Zeke and Mara tied for the Salbukk, Riff and the Monarchs tied for the Zumtak, and Reggie and Greebus tied for the Langann. Every other win was outright.
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    IC: Alana Glencross, Part I
    En route Ryloth

    Try as she might, the excitement permeated the air. This was the Galactic Cup Final. Alana had never even been tangentially close to it. Cape Suzette was too far from Salis D’aar to have been impacted when Bakura Gardens had hosted it. Alana didn’t actually remember the 252 Miner championship. She’d been only 8 years old at the time. The 259 championship left a much bigger impression on her. She’d gotten into high school limmie by then and the 15 year old Alana had watched as the underdog Miners had shocked the Smugglers.

    She remembered a lot about that game. But she remembered one thing more than ever: then-team captain Gaeriel Valerii’s cleats on the field. After lifting the Galactic Cup and handing it off to much-maligned goalkeeper Diarmid Zarek, Valerii had withdrawn from the celebratory throng, unlaced her cleats, and taken them off. She left them at midfield, where she had prowled for 18 years for the Miner. It was her way of announcing her retirement from the sport.

    A different Miner captain had returned the Miners to the Galactic Cup Final. And it was Alana.

    She put her head against the cool viewport of the team shuttle. How did I ever get here? She thought. Alana knew all too well.

    Ojai North High School
    258 ABY

    PE sucked.

    Fourteen year old Alana Glencross was only taking it because you had to take two years of PE in high school. Seriously? It wasn’t like she was out of shape or anything, thanks very much. Quite the opposite. But noooooooooooooooo. It was a “requirement”.

    And she’d just had to sit through twenty boring minutes of the rules of limmie, overenthusiastically explained by her PE teacher. Alana had sat there with crossed arms, petulantly boring her eyes into her oblivious teacher. When is back was turned she mocked him through imitation. Couldn’t she just read a book or something? That would be so much more productive.
    Instead she was standing in the middle of one of the school’s fields in her stupid bright yellow and blue school-mandated t-shirt and shorts. Maybe it would rain. She could slink off inside the gym and do something worthwhile if they had a rainy day schedule. Alana looked at the sky. Not a cloud in sight. She sighed.

    “Think fast!” somebody shouted.

    It took Alana a half second to realize that comment was directed at her. By the time she did, there was a hard impact in her stomach. Alana grunted as the bolo-ball rammed into her. She had enough presence of mind by that point to hold onto it. Alana looked up to see Chaz, one of her classmates as the culprit of the hard pass. He was one of those guys who thought he was athletic, but the fact that he was in PE and not on a sports team meant he wasn’t half as good as he thought he was.

    “Come on, we gonna play or what?” Chaz asked Alana.

    “Oh we’re gonna play,” Alana said dropping the ball on the ground and taking a couple steps back, “Kickoff time, flyboy…”

    Alana rushed forward and angrily slammed the bolo-ball with her foot in a kick. It came off the grass like a blaster bolt and pegged an unprepared Chaz in the face, dropping him like a stone.

    “Oh snap!” somebody shouted.

    “My node! Fnak! My node!” Chaz was wailing on his hands and knees.

    Alana closed her eyes and put a hand to her forehead. Smooth. Real smooth Glencross, she thought.


    Alana froze. That would be her teacher. She was going to get it now. She turned around and reluctantly trudged over.

    “What the hell was that?” the teacher bellowed.

    “Well I—”

    “What are you doing in this class?” he continued.

    “I didn’t have much—”

    “How long have you been playing limmie?”

    “Three seconds,” Alana said, adding hopefully, “I could get back to it if you want.”

    “Cut the bull, Glencross. That leg belongs on the team.”

    “What now?” Alana asked, blinking her eyes for further clarification.

    “Go see coach Martelli and tell him that he’s got a new player for the JV squad. Then go see your counselor to get your schedule changed up so you’re in sixth period athletics.” Alana stood there. “Well, get going!”

    Alana scurried off before the coach thought about the fact she’d probably just broken another kid’s nose.

    271 ABY

    Alana stepped off the shuttle to the biggest crowd of media she’d ever seen. Elite League Limmie games were a media circus, but this was something else entirely. The reporters were five, six deep to either side and cameras were going off at every turn. They were probably shouting questions, but so many of them were doing so that she couldn’t make anything out of what they were saying. So Alana just smiled and waved as she got off the shuttle.

    “Happy to be here. Damn glad to meet you,” Alana said to no one in particular and not particularly loudly, “We’re the pros from Dover. Pop goes the weasel. Alana Glencross, at your service. How are you? I’m great. Happy to be here.”

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    OOC: She shall return stronger and better than ever for 272 Limmie. And so shall I.


    Name: Meredith Chambers
    Gender: Female
    Birth year: 239 ABY
    Physical appearance: Athletic build, 5’8’’, Brown hair
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
    Relation to Team: Goalkeeper

    Brief Biography:
    Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. –William Shakespeare

    Years before she won three Galactic Cup championships, three Salbukk awards, and two Numifolis, Chambers was just a young woman hoping like so many athletes to make a professional squad.

    Coming out of Vertical City University, Meredith was swept up in the very popular and successful recruiting campaign run by the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers known as “Go-Local”. Chambers was hired on as the backup goalkeeper to Gunba Pemiti in 261.

    Gunba Pemiti was solid and an intelligent goalkeeper having been poached off the Mon Calamari Mariners, a perennial Limmie powerhouse in those days, and could hold her own against the most challenging opponents. Deemed raw and inexperienced, Meredith sat on the bench and was the furthest thing from the coaching staff’s mind as the 261 season kicked off against the Kashyyyk Rangers.

    The battle that was waged between the Rangers and the Smugglers was as ferocious and violent as any the galaxy had ever seen. By the time the struggle concluded, the Smugglers had been soundly defeated and Pemiti had suffered a catastrophic season ending injury. She would never return to the Smugglers starting lineup. The team would dedicate the rest of the 261 season to her.

    Meredith Chambers suddenly found herself thrust into the starting lineup and never looked back. Anchored by a stout defense and potent offense, the Smugglers squad of 261 would roll to a 6-1 record and into the Galactic Cup Final facing the undefeated Mon Calamari Mariners. No stiffer challenge could have awaited the young rookie goalkeeper as the high flying Mariners offense opened up against Chambers with one vicious salvo after another. Deflection by deflection, Chambers who was riding the hot hand, helped stymie the Mariners attack and turn the tide for the Smugglers who ended up winning the game 9-7.

    Meredith Chambers has become a household name throughout the Limmie galaxy. Hated by some, loved by others, Chambers has become synonymous with success, dominance, and the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers franchise. When the day comes that she hangs up her cleats, Six Boroughs and the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers franchise will once again experience the passing of a legend.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    Kala'uun Memorial Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth

    "Live from Ryloth, this is BCC Sports' special presentation of Miners Limmie with Lun Selayen and Aerax Skytrayn."


    The duo were broadcasting from fieldlevel at a portable newsdesk, taking full advantage of the benefit they got as the homeplanet news team of a Galactic Cup Finalist.

    "Good afternoon from Lessu, Ryloth," the mustachioed reporter said, "I'm Lun Selayen."

    "And I'm Aerax Skytrayn," his counterpart said, "This is the BBC Sports' presentation of Miners Pregame, Galactic Cup Final edition. We're glad all of you Miner fans have tuned in before catching the game on HSN Sports for the galaxy-wide broadcast. You all know the story--this is the first time in eleven years that the Miners have returned to the Finals and once again they've done it the hard way."

    "After years of highly touted, talented teams, the Miners have finally made it to the Final and they face a team that is not only two years removed from a Galactic Cup championship and just one year removed from a loss to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in the Final as well," Selayen continued, "The Jets have returned every single starter, including the high-flying, intense, and controversial superstar Phil Brooks. By contrast, only two players on the Miners have ever been in the Final, the Hapan duo of Inviere and Andersen."

    "The Jets come in as the Commissioner's Trophy winners. The last time they won that, they took home the Galactic Cup as well. The Miners, by contrast, are the lowest seed in these playoffs. In the Skywalker Conference they would barely have beaten the last place Euceron Storm," Aerax stated, "If there was ever a case of underdogs on the scale of Red Squadron assaulting the Death Star, it's the Miners."

    "If there's anyone who could find that ray shielded exhaust shaft, it's Red 7 herself, captain Alana Glencross," Lun said. He winked at the camera, clearly pleased with extended the metaphor as Alana's jersey number was 7 and the reference to her hair color was too obvious to miss. "Coming into this season, Glencross's leadership had been questioned both on Bakura and abroad. It was said she couldn't win the big games; she's now won two road playoff games. During this season, Glencross has recalibrated her game and the Miners have flourished. If the Miners win today, she has to be the difference maker. A loss today is going to wipe away all of the positive perception that currently surrounds Glencross."

    "In the backfield, the Miners' defense has been a work in progress all season. The heart of the defense has been the half backs with the journeyman Kutel anchoring the veteran Inviere and the rookie Wizmark. Penetration will be the key for the Jets. Inviere will cover Brooks' side of the field, which may mean the Jets will take a chance and attack Wizmark. The Wiz has been alternately smoked this season and absolutely brilliant making a potentially risky move. More often than not the Miners D bends and whether they break is dependent on what they get from the offense."

    "Absolutely. The offensive renaissance of the Miners has been powered by one being and his name is Aron Rodders. The triumverate down low of Andersen, Stormborn, and Rodders has come up big when its counted," Lun said, "The key is Rodders. If the Jets can stop him, they will win the game. It's just that simple."

    "On the Jets side of the field, it begins and ends with Brooks," Aerax said, "He will be paired with rookie Abbey Waters, who has shown unexpected resilience and skill for a third round, low draft pick. The BCC Merchant is going to have to bring her game to the next level to stop Brooks."

    "Just as the Jets are in their third straight Final, the Miners have lost their last three games to Vandelhelm, including a close 8-7 loss in Week 3 this season," Lun said, "And gentlebeings, let's face it: tonight we could see the birth of a limmie dynasty. Very rarely does the galaxy see a team with enough talent to come to the Final three straight years. These Jets are something special. They have earned the right to be considered as one of the elite teams of the galaxy. It will take everything the Miners have for them to be in this game tonight."

    "We've got more coverage of the 116th Galactic Cup Final coming up after these messages," Aerax said.

    Before the feed cut out, Lun said, "We're off the air, right? Can somebody get me a whiskey?"

    IC: Alana Glencross Part II
    Visitor's Locker Room, Kala'uun Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth

    For the third straight playoff game in as many weeks, the Bakura Miners sat in the visitor's locker room in their road whites. There was one difference this time. On the front of each jersey a patch had been stitched on. It depicted the holiest athletic trophy in the entire galaxy and and underneath it the words "116th Galactic Cup Final". On Alana's jersey it was joined on the opposite side with the captain's C. The locker room was quiet. The previous week had been full of practice and interviews, though coach Valerii had tried to screen them from having to deal with the media too much. They'd run the gauntlet and now they were on the brink of the biggest game of Alana's life.

    Speaking of Valerii, Alana was pretty sure that their pregame peptalk was coming. The truth was that Valerii was as good as her word at the beginning of the season. She was an intense head coach when it came to the preparations during the week. She went over plays in intense detail and kept you accountable for knowing your plays. It was impressive to get that level of detail from a head coach. It was astounding that Valerii had no coordinators. She knew their playbook backwards and forwards and expected the same out of her players. If the Miners won today, Valerii might just set off a coaching revolution in the Elite League. The question was whether anyone else could wrap their mind around the game like she could.

    But when it came to gameday, Valerii didn't micromanage. In fact, she was one of the most hands off coaches Alana had ever had. And the message was clear: I trust every one of you on the field. Go get it done.

    In her now familiar game day pant suit, Valerii came into the locker room. The locker room was silent and the sound of the door sliding shut was the only sound. It was just the players and the head coach. Not even Dr. Tunross was in the room. It was just them.

    "I don't need to tell you what's at stake today," Valerii started, "Because you all know it in here." She tapped her chest. "This is the game that you dreamed about as a kid. This is the game that you joined the Elite League to play. This is the game that you will be judged by for the remainder of your lives.

    "We know what we're facing today. We know who we're facing. We are facing 15 starters who all have two Galactic Cup Finals under their belts and every single one of them has their name on the Cup. We're the underdogs. Thanks to the conference system, there has never been such an underdog in the Galactic Cup Final." Valerii paused. "I want you to think about that for a moment. Never has the last seed in the playoffs faced the top seed in the Final. Ever.

    Valerii began to slowly walk back and forth in the front of the locker room, never once looking away from her team. "This moment in time has been given to us. We have been given the privilege of this adversity. And in adversity, there is opportunity. That's what we've been given here tonight. That's what you've earned here tonight.

    "One game." She held up one finger.

    "If we played them ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we play with them. Tonight, we stay with them and we will shut them down because we can. Tonight, we are the greatest limmie team in the galaxy.

    "You were born to be limmie players. Every one of you." Gaeriel looked at Alana. "You were meant to be here tonight.

    "This is your time. Their time? It's done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing what a great team the Jets have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it."

    And with that Valerii walked out of the locker room.

    Silently, Alana picked up the blue and yellow ribbons from the bench next to her and tied them around her ponytail. When she'd finished, she stood up.

    "It's time," she said.


    The Bakura Miners walked down the corridor that towards the field. Alana led them down the permacrete field. To a being they were grim and determined. Valerii hadn't sugarcoated anything. She'd validated what each of them had felt deep down: that this wasn't going to be easy. But Thyferra hadn't been easy. The Monarchs hadn't been easy. Then again, they'd never expected this to be easy. This was the Galactic Cup.

    As Alana rounded the corner into the final stretch before the field. At the end was the brightly lit field of play, the grass as verdant as anything you'd ever see in the galaxy. It was there that Alana would play the biggest game of her career. Of her life. Alana took a deep breath. This was the first championship game of her life. She'd never played in one in high school. She'd never played in a bowl game in college. She'd never played in one in the Premier League. That field represented the greatest unknown in Alana's life. It seemed so far away, and yet it was closer than it had ever been in her entire life.

    So Alana and her fellow Miners walked down the corridor, thick carpet beneath their cleats the sort that they only rolled out for the Galactic Cup Final, for the greatest athletes in the galaxy. As they grew closer to the entrance, photographers snapped their pictures and holocameras recorded them. Some beings started to applaud and shout.

    "Go get 'em Miners!"

    "Let's go Miners!"

    To either side of the team was a rope line patrolled by none other than Bakuran Marshals. Though local police were on hand and doing a fine job of things, the PM had decided that Bakura's pride and joy deserved a federal guard for the game. Even if it was more an honor guard than anything else, they were still very much on duty and on alert. As a result, Alana just gave each of them a nod as she passed by. She would have shaken their hands if she could, but she didn't want any of them to accidentally pull a blaster on her.

    "Hold up a second," the last Marshal said, putting a hand out.

    "Well I'll be," Alana said with a grin of recognition.

    The Marshal in question was Tandy Mannfred, who had been assigned to protective duty back when Ryi Kor'le had put out a hit on her in back in 267 in their rookie season. The blonde marshal had a familiar pair of avaiator sunglasses tucked into the breast pocket of her shirt.

    "How you doing Marshal?" Alana said.

    "Good. You know how many strings I had to pull to get this detail?" Mannfred asked.

    "A billion?"

    "A billion and two kid," Mannfred said.

    "Hey, good to see you and all, but don't know if you know this--I've got a game to play out there," Alana said.

    "No kidding? But Vandelhelm decided they want to go out first. You guys gotta hold here," the Marshal explained.

    "Are you joking?" T.K. asked from behind Alana with a roll of his eyes.

    "Gentlebeings, welcome to Kala'uun Memorial Stadium and the 116th Galactic Cup Final between the Bakura Miners and the Vandelhelm Jets," the public address announcer boomed, "Introducing the starting line up of the Vandelhelm Jets. At goalkeeper, Ordon Sundqvist."

    And so the Miners stood there in the tunnel. And they waited. They waited through Dorell Ravis, Grondwaar, Ailba Sandfroin, through Oran Gious, Cortas Mirten, Kent Waffen, once captain of the Miners. Through Petric Euwinge and Macklan Oleander, the being Alana had replaced on the Miners. Through Quoe Tolispant, Luveerneus Koles, Jo Namyth. They waited through Isabella Montador who'd left the Miners for more money, and Keyn Krebet.

    "And starting at Right Corner Forward, Philllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooksssssssssssss!"

    Out came Brooks, jumping around, shouting pumped up, pumping up the Jets fans in attendance. The Miners stood there and watched and Alana glared at him. She was glad this Final was against him. She wanted to put him in his place, to wipe that smug grin off his face. And now she had the chance to do it on the biggest stage that there was.

    "All right, everybody ready?" Alana turned around and asked.

    She got a chorus of affirmative shouts and nods. Alana turned back and gave the signal to one of the stadium crew. He flicked on his commlink. "Okay, we're a go."

    "Gentlebeings," the public address announcer said, "introducing the Bakura Miners."

    And with that, as one, the Miners ran onto the field as one. By team decision there were no starter introductions. They had gotten here as a team and that was how they were going to enter this Final.

    The roar that greeted them was unlike anything they'd ever experienced on the road. Thanks to Elite League rules governing ticket allotment for both participating teams, there were plenty of Miner fans in the stands. In fact, they were seated as a blue and gold bloc, making their appearance even more impressive. Many were waving Bakuran flags, a circle of 32 gold stars on a dark blue field, the flag that Alana had been born under and that she represented today. As she headed to the Miners side of the field, she gave the fans a salute. The Miners fans had been anxious since Alana had joined the team, but they'd always been there. It was time to reward their loyalty.

    The Miner starters lined up opposite from the Jets' starting line up and the two teams stared at each other across what would shortly be a hotly contested field.

    "Gentlebeings, please rise and remove your hats for the singing of the national anthems. Please join the Vanden Family Singers in the singing of the Bakuran national anthem."

    Alana placed her hand on her heart and kept her eyes up as the father of the Vanden family strummed his mandoviol and began singing.

    "Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Every morning you greet me
    Small and white, clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me
    Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
    Bloom and grow forever
    Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever."

    As the rest of the Vanden Family progressively joined in the second round, so did Alana, her fellow Bakurans on the Miner roster, and every single Miner fan in the stadium.

    "Small and white, clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me
    Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
    Bloom and grow forever
    Edelweiss, edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever."

    When the song finished, the Bakurans cheered in planetary pride and Alana's heart swelled. Today, she realized, she was as important to what it meant to be a Bakuran as their national anthem was.

    The Miners waited through Vandelhelm's national anthem and then they broke off for their pregame huddle. The 15 starters knotted together. Delphy, Bree, Uncia, Abbey, Nelly, T.K., Adanna, Everett, Autumn, Muzzi, Dorf, Corrie, Aron, Nanchecka, and Alana.

    "There's no limmie tomorrow," Alana told them, "I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning and say, 'I wish I'd played a little harder yesterday.' Now's the time to give everything we've got."

    "Yeah," T.K. said, and a few other players chipped in.

    And then, out of nowhere, Alana remembered something she'd once learned when she had been in high school. She'd been forced to memorize it back when playing limmie was just a game for Alana, when she didn't think it was going to mean anything. Back when she'd never thought that she might ever play in a Galactic Cup Final. And whatever lit teacher had made her learn it would probably have a heart attack to hear that she remembered it before the Galactic Cup Final.

    "We are not now that strength which in old days
    Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are;
    One equal temper of heroic hearts,
    Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
    To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

    Alana paused. "Let's do this."

    And so the Miners broke and took up their positions on the field. Alana, at midfield, lined up with Euwinge. Her heart pounded in her chest. She half wondered if Euwinge could see it. But she was ready.

    It was time.

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    Jun 11, 2002
    IC: Reggie Dun'lop - Nadiem Chiefs
    ELL 271 Awards Ceremony
    "Reggie's Farewell"

    He heard his name called and the spotlights and music started. He was sitting with the rest of the Chiefs organization at the ceremony. He stood up and made his way up to the podium waving to the cameras and the crowd.

    Looking out at all the beings in the audience, he said, "Wow. Heh. I, uh, I never thought I'd win this award. Especially at a time like this." He hesitated for a moment, thinking about his now-defunct team. "I wanna thank everyone, fans, other teams, for all the fun I had these past few years. Also wanna thank you for giving our little farming planet in the Outer Rim a chance. I know it's pretty out-of-the-way for most of you. That's a lot of traveling. Anyway, I was often criticized by many in the League, as well as the Chiefs players, for how I ran the team. Isn't that right, Braden?" He heard a few chuckles. "But I guess some of that old time limmie finally paid off." He smiled. "Thank you Nadiem, and thank you ELL."

    As he made his exit, he could hear his Chiefs players chanting "REG-GIE! REG-GIE! REG-GIE!"

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime
    Solo Conference Championship
    The General Manager hung back in the Locker Room as the Monarchs stormed out with a uproarious War Cry that was laced with nervous excitement. He gave a few of the players high-fives and pats on the back as they ran past him and listened in the doorway as the team charged out on to the pitch to a rousing rendition of ‘Hail to the Victors’. It was the same fight song that the Monarchs had been charging out to for the four seasons they have played since being formed, but today it seemed different. It seemed to hold more meaning. It wasn’t until it ended and the stadium fell silent for a moment of remembrance, not just for the Fallen Fifteen, whose images hung with Roderick “Hot Rod” Reicrof’s now, but for every service member in the Skirmishing Second and the Fighting Fourth who had paid the ultimate price for their freedoms.

    Once he heard the stadium stirring again he started to make his way up to the Monarch’s private suite over looking the field. He knew that at that very moment the starters for the visiting Miners would already have taken up their positions while the PA announcer rattled off their names. It seemed to be almost useless since the starters for the Miners had not changed much since their first time squaring off against each other. Just before he stepped into the turbolift that would carry him to the suite level, he could hear a resounding ‘BOOOO’ sounding from the crowd. Even though it was muffled and drowned out by crowd noise, Setarcos knew that Alana Glencross had just been announced. A small smile started to spread across his face as the doors to the lift closed.

    Inside of the tube all outside noise was canceled out and all that he could hear the mechanical hum of the lift until it slowed to a stop. As the doors opened Setarcos was greeted by an overwhelming wall of sound. Over the PA system [ cheer of the Sixteenth Man Army[/link] was playing loudly and proudly throughout the stadium. As he walked into his suite he was greeted by several sights that he never thought he’d see in his life, his ex-wife, Katlin, talking and laughing with his girlfriend, Nora.

    “Arcos, honey, what took you so long to get up here? You missed the crowd booing Glencross.” Nora said as she walked up to him and gave him a conservative kiss on the cheek.

    “Yeah Coach, what kept you?” It was a familiar voice, one that he had not heard in almost a year. He turned to his left and was greeted by the sly, smug grin of Assistant team Captain, Dawn Solo-Undolo.


    Behind her were the other former Monarchs who had just returned from the front. Setarcos walked up to her and threw his arm around her neck, embracing her in a very uncharacteristic hug. Suddenly there was a hand on the General Manager’s shoulder, “You better watch it buddy, that’s my wife you’re pawing there buddy.” Setarcos turned around only to find Tev Undolo looking back at him with a stoic look. Suddenly a wide smile spread across his face as he wrapped his arms around Rhemes. “It’s good to see you Boss.”

    Once he was released by Tev, he searched around the room for the one person from the Heroes of the Fourth Fleet that he absolutely needed to see, the one person who mattered more to him than any of the others. Then he saw him, standing right where Setarcos knew he would be, right next to his Commanding Officer. “Biedo, son, I’m so glad you are finally home.” He then looked over at both of their boss, “And it is great to see you too Uda.”

    It had taken nearly a year, but things were finally starting to get back to normal. Of course there was one other thing that was as far from normal as one could get, and that was the presence of Dana Roslyn, on the arm of Uda, in the Monarchs box, when they were facing off against the Bakura Miners in the Semifinals. Before he could say anything more the game had started.

    Halftime 14-17 Monarchs
    Things were going good for the Monarchs, they had the lead, their defense was holding, and their offense was finding a few holes that they could exploit in the Miners defense. But then it all started to fall apart. The Miners had obviously made adjustments to their defensive scheme and were forcing turnovers every time the bolo crossed midfield.

    Then, after one particular turnover, Nelly Wizmark threw a feeder pass up field to Alana, who charged towards the heart of the Monarch defense. Rodders moved up to set a pick on Kelsei Seter to free up the Miners Talz Center Half Forward. Muzzi Tah came free and headed the ball up field towards the Full Forward position. Staweh-Tam Ford’s eyes got as big as saucers when he saw the bolo, he thought for sure that he was going to be able to intercept the lazy pass to no one.

    What he did realize was that Rodders had rolled off his pick and was blazing back to his spot. The two athletes collided just as the ball reached them, sending it shooting up into the air towards the corner of the crease. Corrie Andersen saw an opening and went for it. She got under the ball and performed a picture perfect cycle kick. Unfortunately so did Mara Singus, whose foot reached its target first, Corrie’s was slightly slower causing her kick to land right behind the Salbukk nominee’s knee.

    Both Singus and Ford lay on the ground, not getting up. Neither saw the celebration the Miners were having after Nanchecka Stormborn tied up the game. Mara was holding her leg behind her knee, and Staweh-Tam was grasping his shoulder. Rodders and Andersen both shouted for the Monarchs’ trainers to get on the field and for their teammates to get clear. Rodders knelt down between his two opponents and kept telling both of them that they would be ok, that help was on their way.

    Setarcos could not believe his eyes. The two players from his team, who had been nominated for post season awards were both knocked out of the Conference Championship Game, with the score tied, and almost an entire half to be played. He just sat with his head in his hands. He knew at that exact moment that the Monarchs post-season curse had struck again.

    Not once, since the tragic 267 Premiership Final where Roderick passed away, had the Monarchs won a playoff game. After winning three straight, in a convincing manner, they were on their way to dropping their fourth in a row. He turned to Beks, Mia, and Dawn and just said, “You are all,” as he pointed around the room, “coming back next year with one year contract extensions, and we are going to break this curse once and for all.”

    GM After Season Press Conference
    “Well, here we are again. Another great regular season, and another disappointing playoff performance. I am not going to blame anyone for what has happened. We essentially had a completely new team out there and they were able to claw their way back from bad start to get a first round bye. Injuries to Ford and Singus in the second half literally hurt us. I believe with the two of them in there we would not be having this conversation right now. The upside to that is the fact that both of them are healthy and will be returning next season, as Mara has agreed to a 2 year contract extension.

    “Speaking of contracts, all of the brave men and women, who left to defend our freedoms, that have returned have been granted an automatic one year extension on their existing contracts to make up for this past year. Also, Greebus Ion, Langann nominee, has agreed to a 4 year contract extension as the Head Coach. I will remain as GM and operate in an advisory capacity. Melodi Aquis has also signed a 3 year extension.

    “To fill the void at O-Coordinator, we have hired, from the Super 16 collegiate limmie conference, Julla Ehennifer, head coach of the Grand Vulptar System University Pilots. Her offenses will revolutionize the game and give us a distinct advantage over our opponents. I will transmit the rest of the results of our contract negotiations over the Transaction Wire.

    “As for the upcoming draft, once you see our current roster you will see that we have some positions of need, but if we need to shuffle some things around after this draft we will. Just like we did this past year, Just know that we are going to use the same strategy as last year - we will select the best possible player that we need.

    “I would like to thank you all for you time and have a safe journey home.”
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    Nov 29, 2008
    --Transaction Wire--
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Greebus Ion (Human, Male, Head Coach) signed 4 year contract extension
    • Julla Ehennifer (Dathomirian, Female, Offensive Coordinator) signed 3 year contract
    • Melodi Aquis (Human, Female, Midfielder Coach) signed 3 year contract extension
    • Dr. Cole LeBoman (Human, Male, Team Physician) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Mara Singus (Human, Female, Goalkeeper) signed 2 year contract extension
    • Edu Ovando (Human, Male, Corner Back) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Tev Undolo (Human, Male, Corner Back) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Lex Silas (Human, Male, Defensive Back) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Biedo Nazug (Human, Male, Half Back) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Dawn Solo-Undolo (Human, Female, Midfielder) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Laura Cynd-Nazug (Human, Female, Midfielder) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Beks Vidda (Human, Male, Half Forward) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Greenly Zo (Human, Female, Half Forward) signed 2 year contract extension
    • Lairt Preed (Human, Male, Half Forward) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Mia Silas (Human, Female, Half Forward) signed 1 year contract extension
    • Babs Wampa-Ovando (Human, Female, Corner Forward) signed 1 year contract
    • Rayel Edare (Pantoran, Female, Offensive Forward) signed 3 year contract extension
    • Chiron (Codru-Ji, Male, Offensive Forward) RETIRED
    • Anna (Zygerrian, Female, Corner Forward) Optioned to Balmorra Blasters
    • Theb (Zygerrian, Female, Corner Forward) Optioned to Balmorra Blasters
    • Clarisse(Zeltron, Female, Midfielder) re-assigned to Balmorra Blasters per agreement
    • Thalia (Arkanian, Female, Midfielder) re-assigned to Balmorra Blasters per agreement
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Riff Persnor

    Riff was blinded by the flash of cameras as he tried to enter the Galaga Club for the annual Elite League awards ceremony. This wasn’t exactly his kind of stage; the field filled that capacity nicely, so when he was forced to play the suit-and-tie game with the press, which included dousing his head with gel to try and keep his flowing mane under “acceptable” control, he felt out of his element. None of his teammates had been invited to the ceremony, which made him rather depressed. Even girlfriend Wylega Zola, another forward on the Force’s starting line, had been too busy to join him here, so alone he went. It had been awkward to see large contingents from other teams enter; if nothing else, the fan base of the teams certainly made it disproportionate for him. Despite how hard he looked, he couldn’t see another member of the Force anywhere on the red carpet, and when he finally entered the Club, he wearily went to take his seat. There really was no one he knew to talk to, not even any former Senators players he knew. All he could see were film and music stars, along with the occasional Elite League team brass or player he didn’t really know. What a crappy start to the ceremony.

    “Hey, Mop-head!” came a shout. Riff turned around to see Pamila Korthe, his head coach, approach him from the crowd.

    “Finally, a familiar face,” Riff said, relieved. “I haven’t seen anyone else here.”

    “Well, we aren’t exactly Elite League anymore,” Korthe replied. “And besides; we’re the only two up for awards, so I didn’t expect the welcoming committee to send us express invites to bring our entire team along.”

    “True,” Riff said.

    A while later, everyone was ushered into the main auditorium for the award presentation. Riff and Pam sat together in the sea of unfamiliar faces, two people from the small world of Thyferra in the throngs of Coruscant.

    “Is this what playing here is like?” Riff asked. “To just have nameless strangers care so much about a team?”

    “I . . . I really don’t know,” Pam replied. “But it’s my dream to someday get back here and be a head coach. I’ve always wanted to do that, but it sounds like I’m headed back to the Premier League for a while.”

    “Don’t get down on yourself, Coach,” Riff said. “You did a good job this year.”

    “Not as well as we should have,” Pam said, sighing. “3-5 isn’t exactly going to bring the job offers to my doorstep. And two of those wins were over teams that really struggled, so our win in Week 7 was the only one people will look back on in a few years and say ‘Hey, those Thyferra Force really played hard in that game’. No, people will always remember the ‘Snow Bowl’ and the playoff loss to Bakura. I’ll never forget those, because those could have well cost me a job here.”

    Riff just sat in silence after she had finished. Perhaps being a coach wasn’t as easy as he had previously thought. The Premier League was still a good gig, as it was the second-highest rating league in the galaxy. But when compared to the Elite League, it meant little. As a player, Riff could easily make the transition to the Elite League full-time . . . but it meant going under a different system and coaching staff. How would he react to a completely different set of circumstances, when he made the leap from small-planet Thyferra, where Limmie was a so-so event these days, to no Limmie-mad Coruscant? It made him ponder things, and he soon found himself lost in thought, contemplating his career and what it meant going forward.

    He snapped out of his stupor when the Commissioner came up to the podium. "Welcome, one and all, to the Elite League Limmie 271 Season Awards," Niakara Kayl'hen said, "It is my pleasure to welcome all of you here tonight to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the past season. The institution of a draft that has brought the finest young talent in the galaxy to the League, the addition of two teams, and the division of the League into conferences were some of the big developments that we saw this year. I have no doubt that they are only the beginning of great things for the League.

    "This is also a very special ceremony for me, for it marks the tenth season that I have been privileged to be Commissioner of the League. These last ten years have been absolutely awesome for me. Words can barely convey the experience. However, I would like to thank the owners, players, and most importantly the fans for allowing me this great honor. I hope that in the years to come the League will continue to promote the highest levels of competition and athletic excellence in the greatest sport in the galaxy.

    "This year we would like to start with an award that has sometimes been more of an afterthought. That is no longer the case," Kayl'hen said, "The Ingbrand Award recognizes the rookie of the year in the Elite League and thanks to the Draft, this year we had some of the most outstanding rookies we've ever seen in this League. Each of these nominees could have easily won this award, and any other year each of them might have. Therefore, I think it's safe to say that tonight's winner richly deserves the honor.”

    As was expected, Max Qorbus of the Ryloth Rough Riders won the award. Riff frowned; despite the Rough Riders having dealt Thyferra a crippling loss to open the season, he thought that friend Zeke Barbosa should have won the award. Although the Ryloth offense had done a lot, Barbosa had still been the main man for his team, and thus Riff wasn’t sure that Qorbus really deserved it.

    "The Langann Award recognizes the best head coach in the Elite League. This year, we are proud to feature two of the newest coaches in the League and one that we hope we haven't seen the last of," Kayl'hen said, "Our nominees are Reggie Dun'lop of the Nadiem Chiefs, Greebus Ion of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs, and Pamila Korthe of the Thyferra Force.

    “Sounds like you get your chance to make a case for staying here in the League,” Riff said with a whisper.

    “Only if I win,” Pam whispered back. Riff could tell that she was trembling a little bit; she was extremely anxious to hear who had won the award. Across from her were Greebus Ion, an interim coach, and Reggie Dun’lop, whose Nadiem Chiefs had finished the season out of the playoffs despite pasting Thyferra 22-0 at Thyferra Stadium earlier in the year. Compared to previous years, where Pam wouldn’t have even been nominated for such an award, this race seemed remarkably wide-open.

    "And the winner is," Kayl'hen paused to open the envelope. She did so, and then she smiled. "Reggie Dun'lop of the Chiefs."

    Pam looked deflated as Dun’lop’s name was called.

    “Bummer,” was all Riff said. There was really nothing he could say, so he stared off into the distance as Dun’lop delivered his speech.

    But he didn’t have time to reflect on any of that. "Limmie is, by its very nature, a hard and rough sport. Players battle fiercely on the field week in and week out," Kayl'hen said, "As a result, it can be easy to get caught up in the emotion of the game. While every player in the League is a fierce competitor, there are a select few who are able to be passionate but also classy on the field. The Duchess Eldin Award recognizes these players. Our nominees are Med Braden of the Nadiem Chiefs, Riffhard Persnor of the Thyferra Force, and Aron Rodders of the Bakura Miners."

    “Another open race,” Riff muttered to himself. After all Braden had done in the last week of the season, he had potentially put himself out of the race. But with the Chiefs going under, and Dun’lop winning the Langann, perhaps he would get the edge here because of the sympathy vote. And Rodders was no slouch; he was on Ryloth, preparing to win a league title. And here sat Riff, who had worked so hard yet to fall ever so short of his main goal: to win that elusive title. Cameras opened up in his face as the press readied themselves in case he won.

    "And our winner is...Riff Persnor, Thyferra Force."

    Riff leaped out of his seat, which was quite the accomplishment since he almost bowled over a cameraman in the process. He wanted to bounce up there, but better judgment told him not to, so he simply walked up. When he reached the podium, he was handed the Duchess Eldin award. It was remarkably shiny, and it gleamed in the lights trained on the stage. He was then ushered up to the podium.

    “Hi,” he said awkwardly. Wow, that was not the way to start off a victory speech. “Um . . . thanks . . .” he said. Now words were coming to his brain. “Winning this award . . . it means a lot. To know that I came in against two good players and I’m the one standing here holding the award . . . that’s amazing. I apologize for not having an acceptance speech ready ahead of time, so I just want to thank everyone with the Thyferra Force organization. Especially my Coaches, who helped me develop into a premier scorer. And the fan support from Thyferra has been great. But, mostly, I want to dedicate this award to all of the victims of the severe weather on Thyferra. You’ve been through so much in the last few weeks, and I hope this means a little something extra to them. Because they’re the real heroes in all this. Thanks again.” He left the stage to a round of applause.

    When he was up again for the Zumtak Award, Riff knew that this was going to be a real uphill battle. If the Duchess Eldin was a wide-open race, then this was the major uphill climb. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs had the sympathy vote in this one, and for good reason; fifteen of their former players had lost their lives serving in the Armed Forces. Riff had done quite a bit himself, having been documented helping with the cleanup efforts on Thyferra, but he didn’t stand a chance here. So he wasn’t holding his breath as much as he had been in the other award category.

    "And the winners are the Rydonni Prime Monarchs."

    Riff hung his head a little bit. Had this been any other year, he might have won the award, but not this time. Going in, he hadn’t been doing any of the civic work for award recognition, but he was still disappointed when he didn’t win. It was just the nature of a competitor to be sad when their hard work wasn’t completely acknowledged.

    But, on the bright sides, he still was able to take home the Duchess Eldin Award, which was still quite the prize. After the ceremony was over, Riff said goodbye to Pam, and then headed back to his hotel. Now that the awards were in the past, he now had to go into offseason training to keep himself in shape. Only a few months remained until training camp. Whether that would be here on Coruscant or back on Thyferra would be up to the team brass.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Championship day. Enough said.

    Bonus rolls to Bakura and Ralltiir. Banked bonus rolls for the regular season for Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, and Rydonni Prime.

    Elite League Limmie

    The 116th Galactic Cup Final
    Kala’uun Memorial Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth
    (3) Bakura Miners vs. (1) Vandelhelm Jets (40-35)

    Congratulations to the Bakura Miners, the 271 Galactic Cup of Limmie champions!

    Galactic Championship Limmie Association
    GCLA Championship
    Bankers Mansion, Cambrielle, Ralltiir
    (3) Corellia Rebels at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers (8-21)

    Congratulations to the Ralltiir Starkillers, the 271 GCLA champions!

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    Nov 29, 2008

    Character Sheet
    Name: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Birth Year: 240 ABY
    Physical appearance: Athletic build, 1.68 m, blonde hair
    Homeworld: Tralus
    Relation to Team: Midfielder, Assistant Captain
    Brief Biography:
    Dawn Solo, daughter of Amelia and Jonash e Sal-Solo, was descended from one of Thrackan Sal-Solo mistresses, who gave the notorious Sal-Solo name to her son. When her father passed away unexpectedly, her mom dropped the Sal from their last name and relocated them from Tralus to Corellia so that Dawn could have a chance at a normal life.

    Dawn and her mother lived in a small apartment in the heart of Coronet City. In order to make ends meet, Amelia worked as much as humanly possible. That often meant that Dawn would have to stay late after school. In order to fill the time she started play Limmie, first for her school and then in the public youth leagues.

    During her senior year at Kol Hi (Kolene High School) she was voted team Captain by her peers and was rumored to be chosen to head up the all system team. That was until she lost her, now famous, Solo temper and broke the Goalkeepers’ Coach’s nose. The story goes that the coach made an off-color comment about Dawn’s mother. The incident cost Dawn her full ride limmie scholarship to UC-Bela Vistal. In order to keep her dream of playing colligate limmie alive she needed to find a way to pay for school, so she signed a Reserve Officers’ Training Corps commission with the Corellian Defense Force.

    Once she graduated from UC-BV she was recruited by the Gemini, a Junior League squad from her homeworld’s sister planet of Talus. She played two seasons before she joined the Corellia Rebels of the Premier League Limmie helping them in their perfect regular season in 264 ABY. Three years later, when her rookie contract with the Rebels ended, she was picked up by the newly formed Rydonni Prime Monarchs.

    In order to satisfy her 10 year term of obligatory service to the Corellian Defense Force, her contract included a commission in the Rydonni Prime Defense Force as a Captain. When she met her new teammates for the first time she discovered that all but one of them were also part of her new reserve unit. Since then she has been named to two All-Star squads, been nominated for a Salbukk, moved from Goalkeeper, been deployed once, and married Tev Undolo, her fellow pilot and teammate.

    Now she was back where she belonged, on the limmie pitch wreaking havoc on the likes of Alana Glencross and the other slacker midfielders of the ELL.
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    IC: Alana Glencross
    Kala'uun Memorial Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth

    The game had started fast and it hadn't slowed down. Not a microsecond. Unlike last year when the Jets had just been overwhelmed and smoked by the Smugglers, Vandelhelm had come to play and brought their big guns. Or rather, their big gun. It was the Phil Brooks show. Brooks was outplaying Waters at every turn. She was absolutely helpless out there. Everything he did was working. Every adjustment that Waters made was countered. If Brooks wasn't scoring, he was assisting. He had essentially become the entire Jet offense and the Miners were getting burned by it--badly.

    Alana was trying not to concentrate on it. She was focusing on playing her position, which was no easy task when she was faced with Petric Euwinge. Her opponent was skilled, that was for sure, and he was giving Alana a run for her money. She wasn't giving him an inch that she didn't have to. This was hard, tough limmie right here. The truth was that the ball was spending little time at midfield. The most that either team was doing was a quick pass to move it up to the offense. Alana was barely touching the ball, but that was the way that the game was going to have to be played today.

    Unfortunately, that game was not benefiting the Miners.

    They were getting their chances, but the high tempo was proving friendly to the Jets. They were built for this fast game more than the Miners were. Though Rodders was hammering Sundqvist and getting points on the board, the Jets were doing so quicker than the Miners. It was a small lead, all game, but steadily building.

    And at half time, they went to the locker room 20-15 Jets.

    "Okay, we were down by three to the Monarchs a week ago and we came back and we won in a big way. We're going to need to stop the Jets on the backside," Valerii said, turning to her defensive players, "Guys, I need you right now. I need you guys to step it up. We need to contain Brooks."

    "He's reading my mind," Waters said, "I don't know what to do."

    "Abbey, he's faking you out with the ball," Valerii said, "Play the being, not the ball. Watch his torso and tackle. That's all you have to do. Can you do that?"


    "I said can you do that?" Valerii said louder.


    "Good, because you're not coming out. None of you are," Valerii said, "We're going to ram this through. Aron, Nan, Corrie--I need you guys to think shot first. Sundqvist is weak. He's weak. He's a mediocre goaltender who's hid behind his offense all season. We saw it in the first half. When we shoot, we put points on the board. We are putting points on the board everybody. Red." Alana's perked up. "You need to start taking shots when you can. Euwinge will make a mistake and we need you to capitalize on that. It's chaos down front. Go for goals and at the least good rebounds and bounces. We can't have you cheating up because they're going to burn us, but we need your leg."

    Alana nodded.

    "We have come too far. I refuse to give up now," Valerii said, "I refuse to stop believing in you now. Do you believe in you?"

    "Yes!" Alana shouted, joined by her teammates.

    "Then let's do this!" Valerii shouted back.

    The Miners roared out of the gate. Brooks was still scoring, but it wasn't as easy. Waters was starting to bottle him up a bit, but not much. The Jets' score was continuing to mount.

    But so was Bakura's. Down low, Rodders, Stormborn, and Andersen had abandoned the point over the bar. They were shooting for goals and goals alone now. And Rodders was the one who was scoring most of them. He was lasering shots past Sundqvist. He was passing, he was scoring. Rodders was the complete package today. He was getting help from the half forwards who were clearing space for Rodders and giving him room to move. He took hits but he got up and he kept going.

    At midfield, Alana was grinding it out with Euwinge. Funny how less than two hours ago she'd been so worried about her nerves when she'd lined up across from him and now she wasn't thinking about anything but plastering Euwinge at every opportunity. Every time the bolo-ball came near them, one of them wound up on the turf. But easily half the time they both wound up on the grass, one having hauled the other down.

    "Why won't you be a good girl and die?" Euwinge said after Alana tackled him at one point.

    "You first," Alana replied as she got back to her feet.

    The Miners were starting to pull even with the Jets now as Brooks started to get limited to points over the bar one some of his possessions while the Miners began running up the goals. It was 27-29 Jets now.

    And that was when it happened.

    Inviere forced a turnover and swatted the ball towards a running Glencross, who had just one step on Euwinge. But it was all she needed. Alana was off to the races. Landa gave Alana a block as she crossed the field. Tah shoved a Jet defender out of the way as Alana broke into the Vandelhelm end of the field. She looked down low and no one was open. They were all mixing it up down low. It was chaos.

    And Alana Glencross trusted her head coach.

    She knew Euwinge was hot on her heels, but she only had one chance if this was going to happen. She threw the ball onto the ground in front of her and she wound up and kicked. The ball flew off her foot like a rocket straight into the upper right corner of the goal. Sundqvist never saw it with all the players screening him in front.

    30-29 Miners. And they never trailed again.

    The Jets kept pressing, but the Miners kept answering. And they started pulling away bit by bit.

    In the upper reaches of Kala'uun Memorial Stadium, Chancellor Kerry Trieste stood up. The Noble House of Trieste had come out in force for today's game. It was the Galactic Cup Final. Not even the war in the RTO had stopped Oisin Trieste from coming with his daughter May. Unlike his wife and other children, Oisin had been able to instill a healthy love for the Miners in his youngest daughter.

    "Declan, Falene," Kerry said quietly, "Let's go."

    The Chancellor and her children left their box and headed for the lift. When the doors opened, they found Quinn Cundertol inside.

    "Going my way, Chancellor?" he asked with a smirk.

    "Field level?" Kerry said stepping inside.

    "Express service," the GM replied as the lift doors shut.

    37-35 Miners. The Jets had staged a late rally and bar points by Stormborn and Andersen was the difference now.

    Too close, Alana thought, too close.

    It was a one score game. Alana knew she was tired. Her muscles ached and burned. She was telling her body to ignore the fire and the pain, trying to will herself to finish strong, to not let up. Don't fail me now. Now now.

    Brooks had the ball. He was racing for the goal. Delphy was squaring up, but she'd been powerless to stop Brooks all game. Alana held her breath.

    And then Bree Tarth leveled Brooks. From out of nowhere, from clear across the field Tarth had come over to end Brooks. She damn near took his head off as she flew off her feet and all six and a half plus feet of the blonde drove Brooks into the turf, sending the bolo-ball sailing out of his grip. Waters darted in and kicked it out of the defensive zone straight to midfield. Alana saw what was coming.

    Jump ball.

    Already she was jockeying with Euwinge. He saw it too. They both knew that who got this ball could decide the game. This ball was the Galactic Cup, coming straight for Alana. And the question was who wanted it more. Alana and Euwinge went up. Alana was in front and Euwinge stuck an arm right up in between Alana's hands to ruin her catch. But he didn't. Alana snagged it, hauled it in, and then for good measure swing the ball around in a swing to smack Euwinge right in the face. The Jet was staggered and Alana used the moment to hurl and overhand pass down the field. Landa made a spectacular one handed catch and brought it in on the run. He passed across his body and the field to Rodders who caught it firmly, set his feet, turned, and rocketed the bolo-ball into the net for a spectacular seventh goal of the game. The moment the net swished, Rodders did his trademark celebration move.


    And then the buzzer sounded.

    The Bakura Miners were Galactic Cup champions.

    "YES!" Alana shouted as she jumped in the air and pumped her first, "YES!"

    She came back to earth and skidded to her knees, her hands on her head as she shouted over and over again in disbelief. At the other end of the field the offense was mobbing Rodders. There were no words for what Alana experienced in this moment. She was a champion. She was a Galactic Cup champion. A second place girl was a champion for the first time in her life.

    Before she knew it Everett was hugging her. "We did it! We did it!" North was shouting as he picked Alana up. Beings were shouting, cheering, all around her. Media was on the field, taking holos of everyone. Of the Jets, down on one knee, facing the fact that they'd come short for a second straight year. Of the Miners celebrating. Of Valerii, shaking hands with Sepuin. Of Cundertol embracing Han Tunross. Of Rodders with both hands raised in the air in celebration. Of Corrie Andersen lifting Adanna Inviere high into the air. Of Dorf Landa hugging his long time half forward partner, Autumn Graves, the big man crying. Of Uncia, Delphy, and Tah, the first non-Humans to ever win a Galactic Cup as Miners, jumping up and down joined by T.K., a native Bakuran. Of the rookies Wizmark and Waters in shock that one year after being drafted, they had won the greatest prize in the galaxy. Of the Bakura Miners, Galactic Cup champions.

    And then came the handshake. The Miners went down the line and shook the hand of every member of the Jets. "Congratulations," the Jets said, to a being. "Great game," Alana said to one and all.

    When she shook hands with Oleander, Alana paused. "Great game," she said.

    "Way to go," Oleander replied, "Congrats."

    "Congrats," Euwinge grumbled when he and Alana shook hands.

    "Great game," Alana said.

    But their eyes said that Petric wasn't going to forget that jump ball for a long time. Maybe ever.

    At the end of the line was Brooks. A clearly miffed, angry Brooks. "Great game. You gave it everything," Alana said, putting her head close to his so maybe the cameras wouldn't pick up the audio.

    "Congratulations," Brooks told Alana, "We're tied now."

    "We'll just have to take care of that next year, won't we?" Alana said.

    "You better believe it," Brooks promised.

    And then Alana stepped out of the line. Somebody put a wreath of edelweiss on Alana's head. Every Miner champion had been crowned with edelweiss. It was one of the great traditions of Miners limmie. It meant that Alana was now part of history, a history that kids in small towns throughout Bakura would dream of. It meant that everybody who had ever believed in her was right. And though the cameras surrounded her, Alana was looking for two of those people in the crowds. She knew they were there, she'd made sure they were coming.

    So Alana walked along the field in front of the Miner seats looking. She ignored the cameras that surrounded her, the media clamoring for quotes, even her teammates. She was looking for two people, her eyes scanning the crowds. The two people who had believed in her the most, limmie or not.

    And then she found them: her parents. They were waving at her and jumping up and down. They'd come all the way from Ojai, the only road game they'd ever traveled to for her. Alana pointed to her chest, formed a heart with both hands, and then pointed at them and mouthed the words, "I love you."

    "Gentlebeings, please welcome the Commissioner of Elite League Limmie, Niakara Kayl'hen," the public address announcer said.

    Alana was guided back to where the Miners had congregated. Everyone was smiling and hugging each other, regardless of who it was or if they'd done it before. Valerii in particularly pulled Alana into a hug, the edelweiss of their wreaths mingling.

    "I knew you could do it Red," Valerii whispered.

    "Thank you," Alana said back.

    "Gentlebeings, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the Vandelhelm Jets for a spectacularly played season and an amazing Final," Kayl'hen said to the crowd, which cheered, especially the Jets fans. None of them had left. Even though their team had lost, something special was about to happen. Something that they'd want to see no matter how many times they'd seen it, something that you just didn't miss if you had the chance to witness it.

    "The Jipoly Numifolis Award is given to the most valuable player of the Galactic Cup Playoffs. The 271 Numifolis Award goes to Aron Rodders," Kayl'hen said.

    The Miner fans cheered and his teammates yelled for him. Alana in particular wrapped Aron in a huge hug. Of everyone on the Miners, nobody had come so far this season as Aron. No one had done more for their success than him. Even Alana, whose game had improved so much this year, would have said the same.

    "Way to go Aron," she said.

    Rodders smiled as he came forward and accepted the Numifolis Award from the Commissioner, smiling and posing for the cameras. He lifted it high over his head to show it to everyone, especially the Miner fans.

    "Gentlebeings, the Galactic Cup of Limmie," the public address announcer said.

    The crowd, to a being, went nuts. Out came the gleaming silver chalice. The holy grail of sports. Alana grabbed Everett next to her to steady herself as she saw it walked out so reverently by a Herglic and Wookiee in Elite League blazers. It was here. It was real. And it was theirs. Her eyes started to well up with tears.

    The Galactic Cup was set down on a table and Kayl'hen stepped up next to it. "The Bakura Miners have overcome incredible adversity this season. They were the last seed, won three straight road playoff games, and took down a consecutive three-time Galactic Cup Finalist. Bakura, be proud of your Miners tonight. I want to congratulate Chancellor Kerry Trieste and the Noble House for keeping limmie strong on Bakura and never losing faith in them. I also want to congratulate Quinn Cundertol for putting together a championship caliber team, the likes of which many didn't believe in, but they proved them wrong.

    "Now, Alana Glencross, come over here and get the Galactic Cup!"

    The Miner fans roared as Alana ran out from the throng of Miners, getting slaps on the back all the way from her teammates. She came up to the table, the Galactic Cup just inches from her now. Kayl'hen shook hands with Alana.

    "Congratulations, Alana," Kayl'hen said. She picked up the Galactic Cup and Alana took it with a huge smile as they paused in that pose for the cameras, both of their hands on it.

    And then the Bothan said, "Okay," and Alana knew what to do.

    With a yell that was more noise than words, Alana lifted the Galactic Cup over her head. She knew in the back of her mind that it was heavy, but it felt like a feather in her hands. Her body, so tired as the game had wound down, seemed magically rejuvenated now as she ran with the Galactic Cup across the field towards the Miner fans.

    "YES!" she yelled.

    Alana lowered the Cup, still over her head, and kissed it. The cold silver was sweet and tangy. The Miner players and fans went nuts.

    And then the tradition began. Though it was never spoken of or talked about, there was a hierarchy when it came to handing the Cup from one player to another. And Alana knew exactly who it was going to. She lowered the Cup to chest level and started looking for him, the player who had waited long for this moment, who had believed in the Miners when others would have left, when others had left.

    And so she handed the Galactic Cup to Dorf Landa, who raised it with a roar. Alana stepped back with a smile as Landa enjoyed his moment.

    IC: Aileen Wynn
    Wynn residence, Hapes Prime, Hapes Consortium

    "Well I'll be frakked," Aileen Wynn said.

    The one-time coach of the Miners was sitting on her couch with her husband. Last season she'd been with the Senators, but seven years ago she'd been the Miners head coach. She was currently taking some time off. Maybe she'd never coach again. She'd figure it out later. But she'd enjoyed not having to go through the grueling gauntlet of the Elite League season this year.

    "They finally did it," Aileen replied, "What a galaxy this is."

    "You wish you'd been the one to do it with them?" her husband asked.

    "Wouldn't have minded a third championship," Aileen said. It was why she'd gone back to Coruscant. The shot at another Cup. It didn't sound so bad. "But if Valerii could do that in one season...she's a hot hand right now. She's got a long career ahead of her."

    "And now we're going to go to sideline reporter Pier Dummer, who's with Alana Glencross. Pier?" the HSN anchor was saying.

    "I'll have Alana in a second. She's just a bit emotional right now." The feed showed Alana wiping at her eyes. "You good to talk or you need a moment?" Over the crowd noise you couldn't hear what Alana said, but she nodded. "Alana, You've held the Galactic Cup over your head. Was it heavy or light?"

    "I barely noticed," Alana said, still wiping at tears, "It's such an incredible, unbelievable feeling. I can't put it in words. I'm so proud of these guys. Of every one of them."

    "People have questioned your leadership since becoming captain last season. You're now a Galactic Cup champion. What do you have to say to your doubters now?"

    "Shhhhh," Alana said. And with that she walked away.

    "Damn, I can't help but like her," Aileen said.

    IC: Dana Roslyn
    Kala'uun Memorial Stadium, Lessu, Ryloth

    Up in the VIP seats, Dana Roslyn stood and applauded the Miners. It was a little bittersweet. This was the first championship they'd won since she'd been with the team. She was glad they'd done it, but there was part of her that wanted the Miners to have felt her lack of presence in the front office a bit more acutely first. She watched as Aron Rodders lifted the Galactic Cup over his head, the newest Miner superstar.

    "Do you remember doing that?" Uda Nazug asked, standing next to her.

    "All too well," Dana replied, "Seems like yesterday."

    Dana's eyes drifted to Gaeriel Valerii who was being interviewed down on the field. This marked Valerii's third Galactic Cup. It tied her with Roslyn in the history books of Minners limmie for the most all time. And Gaeriel Valerii was a young woman, especially by Bakuran standards.

    It seemed a new era was starting for the Miners, a post-Dana Roslyn era. It was not a particularly pleasant thought.

    "Next year, Uda," she whispered to him, patting his arm, "Next year."

    She just might be rooting for the Monarchs the next time around.

    IC: Kerry Trieste

    Down on the field the Chancellor hugged every single player, every coach, everyone associated with the Miners. As they each in turn paraded around the Galactic Cup, her heart swelled. Winning reelection as Chancellor was one thing. This was something totally different in every sense. Unlike 252 and 259, this championship was hers alone. It was hers. It felt good.

    Once the game had been won and the clock showed zeros, Kerry had taken the liberty of placing an edelweiss in her lapel. It was not for her to be crowned with her homeland's bloom. That was one honor that not even the Chancellor could receive. Even now, with everything she'd accomplished, there was still a small part of her that wondered if she should have chosen a professional limmie career, not a life in politics. These athletes who had won here today had done as much public service for the people of Bakura in their own way as she had done in four terms as PM.

    She looked at them all and her heart swelled with pride. There were the home grown kids like Everett North, Aron Rodders, T.K., and Nelly Wizmark who'd grown up dreaming of this day, who would be heroes for kids across Bakura now. There were the offworlders, Adanna Inviere, Corrie Anderson, Nanchecka Stormborn, Dorf Landa, Bree Tarth, and Autumn Graves who had bought into Miners limmie and played their hearts out for the beings of Bakura. Kerry was perhaps proudest of Delphindae Cephala, Uncia, and Muzzi Tah who had come to a planet not known for being friendly to non-Humans. They hadn't been the flashiest players, but they'd been just as important as anyone else and the Chancellor knew that they wouldn't have gotten her without them.

    And then there was Alana Glencross, who Kerry had come to now. "Alana, thank you," she said, shaking her fellow redhead's hand vigorously, "I can't say thank you enough."

    "No, thank you Chancellor. Thank you for giving me the chance to do something incredible with the team I grew up watching," Alana said.

    "I only gave you an opportunity. You're the one who did something with it," Kerry said. And with that she hugged Alana. "Force bless you."

    The captain was clearly not sure what to say. So all she said was, "Thank you. Thank you."

    Kerry stepped back. The rest of the Noble House had made it down to the field now. The family would all take a holo together with the Cup, but not until after the players and the coaches had been given their moment. Right now, Kerry hugged them all and shook their hands. It was a good day to be a Trieste. She stood and she watched as the last Miner player to hold the Cup handed it over to Gaeriel Valerii. For the third time in her life she took that holy chalice in her hands, and lifted it high above her head with a scream of delight. Every Miner fan, Triestes included, applauded and whistled. Gaeriel Valerii was one of the greats and now her greatness extended into the realm of coaching. She would likely find herself in the Hall of Fame after this.

    "Dana Roslyn better watch her back or we're going to put up a statue of Gaeriel before we put one up of her," Regan Trieste commented wryly.

    That caused Kerry to pause. An idea was forming in her head. Perhaps something for the offseason...

    Valerii handed the Cup to the man who had hired her, who had chosen her before better qualified candidates and "smarter hires", the man who was now looking like the most intelligent being in limmie, Quinn Cundertol. With a rare display of emotion, the tall and thin man held the Galactic Cup over his head and even kissed it there in the middle of the field in the sight of the galaxy.

    "Yes!" he shouted before passing it to Han Tunross, quite appropriately in Kerry's opinion. She knew when she'd hired Quinn he was not a man who made friends easily, but this was why she'd hired him. This moment was what she'd wanted and what she believed Cundertol capable of. And she'd gotten it. And when he'd brought Han Tunross as him as team physician, she quickly found that there was a special friendship between those two men. They deserved this moment of sharing the glory of lifting the Galactic Cup of Limmie together. Tunross was a humble man, but he was clearly tickled pink to be holding the Galactic Cup. Kerry nearly laughed because she could tell he hadn't expected it to be as heavy as it was.

    Han in turn handed it to the woman that nobody had thought would ever come back to the Miners after Roslyn had resigned (or rather, Kerry had asked her to resign in not so many words), Briar Thorne. But when Kerry and Quinn had signed the deal, his second request, after permission to hire Tunross, was to bring Thorne back to Bakura as the Noble House sold the Bison Sabres. The truth was that keeping Thorne in house had been a major get for the Miners. She was a good executive and the fact that she'd had the humility to come back spoke leagues about her character.

    And then Kerry knew it was time. Thorne turned and walked across the field towards Kerry, the Cup held in front of her. The Chancellor crossed to meet her.

    "Chancellor, it's my pleasure," Briar said with a smile.

    "Thank you," Kerry said with a grin.

    And with that, Supreme Chancellor Kerry Wyvern Trieste, ninth Taoiseach of the Noble House of Trieste, hoisted the Galactic Cup of Limmie above her head for the third time in her life and for the first time that she could call her own.

    The Miner players, team personnel, and fans cheered and Kerry Trieste smiled as her vision began to blur with tears.

    IC: Alana Glencross

    "One two three!" and the camera flashes started going off. They were all jammed together as tight as they could get, edelweiss upon their heads. They were the Bakura Miners. They were champions. This picture would hang in the halls of Bakura Gardens until there limmie ceased to exist in the galaxy. Every one of them would hang it on their wall at home and look at it and remember. And Alana was there in the center, one hand on the bowl of the Galactic Cup, the captain's C visible on her jersey, smiling broadly.

    When the holos were taken they hugged each other for the umpteenth time. This joy would go on for a long time, perhaps all the way to next season. But right now Alana needed to spread it. She ran across the field to where her parents had finally gotten access and she hugged them both at once.

    "We're so proud of you Alana," her father said.

    "Mom, Dad, I love you," Alana said, "So much. So so much."

    "We always knew you could do it honey," her mother said.

    "Even when I didn't?" Alana asked.

    "Even then," her mother reassured her.

    "Oh, by the way, guess who we ran into," her father said.

    And there was Niall Kirt. Alana literally jumped on him and the pair toppled to the turf together in a kiss. Cameras flashed around them as the media caught every moment.

    "Hey champ," Niall said when he could finally get some air.

    "Hey you," Alana said, "Glad you could make it."

    "Glad I came," Niall said, "Though maybe we should get up before we make a scene?"

    "Too late," Alana said and she kissed him again.

    There was only one person left to thank after that. Alana hugged Dr. Etie Calay. "You've done more for me than you'll ever know," Alana told her in the tight embrace.

    "Congratulations, Alana. You earned it," Calay said.

    "Can I still keep my appointment with you next week?" Alana asked.

    "You bet," Calay said.

    And so the Mines began to filter off the field for all the interviews and the celebration. It had been a long time in coming and they were going to enjoy it, every one of them. Champagne would be sprayed on everyone and everything. Cigarras would be lit. On the shuttle ride back to Bakura, the Triestes would sing "The Battle Cry of Freedom". And there was going to be plenty of booze. They were Bakurans after all.

    As they left, T.K. ambled up to Dr. Calay. "Yo, Dr. C. You got a second?"

    "Sure T.K."

    "Hey, you think I could get some of that therapy stuff? You know...seeing as it made Alana all good and stuff," T.K. said awkwardly.

    The Omwati smiled. "Why of course. Whenever you want."

    That night a Verpine engraver etched names into the silver of the Galactic Cup of Limmie and made ordinary beings immortal.

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    May 20, 2008
    OOC: You all knew this was coming. And, yes, it was GM Approved.

    Name: Gark S'rily
    Species: Bothan
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 231
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Relation to Team: Head Coach

    Image: (Sort of. With my limited skills with photo editing, this will do for now)


    Brief Biography: Gark was born in 231 to parents who usually were out working in the factories in the Industrial sector of the planet. Being brought up in a house where hard work and patience was the mantra, Gark started to live his life as a diligent student, gaining high marks in school. Graduating from the Coruscant Trade University, he went on to work in the business office for a large transparisteel corporation, Andromeda Steel and Droid Corp. For several years, he served as a simple clerk, keeping track of business records and other important company information. However, his hard work was noticed by his superiors, and thus he began a series of promotions that eventually landed him in an Executive position in the company.

    His interest in Limmie was not around at the time of his childhood, but he became aware of the sport while on vacation on a distant planet. He liked what he saw, and brought back stories of great players and their skills playing with the bolo-ball. In an executive staff meeting, Gark brought up an idea he had; the company could get its name out to new markets on the planet if it could take over the local Limmie squad, the Coruscant Senators. Lampooned for years by Elite League opposition, it was going to be a risk. Other executives liked the idea, and the owner, a human male named "Bill" Sazarecki, decided that it was a good idea, as business was hurting a little at the time due to a economic recession. Although not placed on the committee to plan out the logisitcs for gaining and operating such a team, Gark was named General Manager after the switch of hands of the Franchise to the company. "Bill" became the owner, and decided to keep the same name; the Senators, billing back to the days of the Old Republic and the Republic Senate, and as far as the newer governments staged on Coruscant over the years. Gark, having put his hard-work ethics into practice at a young age, realized that his team should have rugged players who don't stand out too much.

    After winning a Galactic Cup title in 268, plus two Langann Awards and a pair of Grames Awards as Coach and GM of the Senators, S'rily's stock dropped in 269 following a painful loss to the Vandelhelm Jets in the Galactic Cup Final, followed by a disgraceful exit from the scene in 270 after being accused of crimes he did not commit. At the end of the Limmie season, he was able to clear his name and return to the galaxy on the right foot, earning the inaugural Zumtak Award for his deeds. 271 saw him return to coaching at the helm of the Wroona Islanders, whom he led to an undefeated season and Inner Rim Limmie League title in their inaugural season.

    Now he returns to the Senators for the 272 season, with a team rich in experience and talent. Expectations will be high, as now-Limmie-mad Coruscant readies itself once more for its beloved team's return to the field.
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    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Everyday after the Starkillers defeat of the Triforce Lucie visited Gwynn in the medcenter. Gwynn had broken bones in numerous locations and a nasty looking lump over her right eye, but she was in good spirits. Gwynn was at an age when many Limmie players thought about retirement. She believed this incident was a warning. A warning to quit while she was still ahead, while she could still make a full recovery. Before she was injured beyond repair, so she could enjoy life after Limmie. In fact Gwynn was already looking into jobs with the local Ralltiir sport stations for a job in reporting.

    By game day Gwynn had been released from the medcenter and was sitting safely in a suite with the coaches wife and other members of his family. Lucie was not the only one to look up into the box when she stepped out onto the field. The smile Gwynn sent down to her and every member of the Starkillers roster lifted the entire team's spirits. Gwynn's supportive demeanor was not the only thing the Starkillers had going for them. Last week the star forward of the Corellian Rebels had been arrested for piloting a speeder under the influence and suspended by the GCLA.

    On days like today Lucie was thankful she and her squad didn't wear much clothing. The heat index was unbearable and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Coach Foress had warned all starters they would be pulled at first sign of dehydration. Lucie wasn't sure she believed that though. Coach Foress wanted this title and he wanted it bad. Not only for the bonus and salary negotiation purposes, but also to prove his team deserved their promotion to the ELL.

    The Starkillers came out hungry and satisfied their appetite early on in the game. Frokabukk was the first to score, maybe Lucie thought to herself, because no defensive player dare get near the stench of the wookie in this heat. Jiims stepped up and scored next, he wasn't even at midfield when he gave the ball a mighty kick and put it through the uprights. Lucie soon lost track of the scoring, she was too busy making sure her team stayed hydrated. The players were well supplied with water and ice packs to keep them cool, but Lucie had to assign two of her own team members, Tayson and Bough, to retrieve ice from coolers at refreshment stands. The Starkillers were up 14- 1 at the half. It was dissapointing but Lucie had to tone down the halftime act a bit to keep anyone from passing out in the heat.

    Despite the temperature outside players, fans, and dancers were cheerful. Coach Foress did pull most of the starters partway through the second half. Everything seemed in order, but Lucie noticed a panic amongst the resting starters with just a few minutes left on the clock. She rushed over to the sideline and asked Galen what the trouble was.

    Before Galen could answer Loren stepped between them face towards Lucie. "I think you're lost that eye make up is probably running in this heat and messing with your vision. This is the Limmie players bench, no pom poms are permitted in this area."

    Lucie gritted her teeth, she wasn't the type to scare easy, besides she had a feeling the team needed her. "I noticed the commotion", she stated. "Perhaps I can help".

    "You?" Lista mocked, stepping in next to Loren. "Sweetheart your job consists of showing skin, flirting and tossing your hair. There is nothing you can do to help."

    "So there is a problem" Lucie said hopefully. Maybe, just maybe, she could prove to these stuck up athletes that her dance squad was more than they were given credit for.

    "We said get lost." Keli hollered over from the end of the bench.

    Luckily Galen had had enough of his teammates treatment of Lucie. He pushed Lista and Loren to the side. "The problem is our trainers have used up all the ice. We only have warm water and we are unable to give Coach Foress his traditional celebratory ice bath. Doubt you can help, but thanks for asking."

    "I can help" Lucie blurted. "I've had two of my dancers retrieving water and ice from refreshment stands since this game started, to keep my squad cool. If anyone knows where to find ice in this stadium it's Tayson and Bough." Lucie took off down the sideline carrying an empty water cooler without waiting for a reply. She quickly handed it over to Bough and gave him the instructions to fill it with ice water as quickly as possible.

    It wasn't long before Bough returned, his biceps glistening in the sun as he elegantly carried the ice cold cooler of water propped up on one arm down the sideline. Lucie purposely placed two of her most beautiful girls directly in the coaches line of site to distract him while his players argued over who got to pour the cooler over the coaches head. With 22 seconds on the clock Jooms finally snatched the cooler from Bough while the others continued to argue and doused the unsuspecting coach. His body shook with shock from the cold water, the look on his face at that moment was priceless. It didn't take long for the shock to wear off. Coach Foress turned around almost instantly and gave his goalkeeper a bear hug. As the clock ticked down to zero the rest of the players piled in and the celebration was in full swing as confetti began to pour out of the stadiums upper levels.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Alana Glencross

    It was a long standing tradition among the Miners that every person who got their name on the Galactic Cup got one day with it. One day to do with as the individual pleased.

    This is Alana Glencross's day.

    She woke up in a hotel room in Cape Suzette with a spectacular view of the bay. In bed next to her was the Galactic Cup. "You might be lucky, but oh man do you ring," Alana said as she snuggled next to the giant silver chalice.

    Breakfast was had in bed. "Don't you want some? These are great eggs," Alana said, offering the Cup a fork, "Speak up now or forever hold your peace." She waited. "Okay fine. Your loss."

    From there, Alana took the Cup to the UBCS Medical Center where she spent a little over two hours making the rounds in the children's ward. "I found this lying around outside," she told them, "I thought maybe you'd like to see it." Holos galore were taken with Alana, the kids, and the Cup and dark blue Miner jerseys left as further mementos of the experience.

    After that Alana buckled the Cup into the passenger's seat of an open air speeder, put on her sunglasses, and took off down the highway for a little town an hour outside the metropolis. It was a drive she'd made many times and one that she knew quite well. In fact, all the speeders that pulled up along side her to wave and snap pictures of her and the Cup couldn't distract her. She knew the drive by heart.

    When Alana arrived in her hometown of Ojai, people were waiting for her. People she'd grown up with, people she'd known since birth. The people she came from.

    "Fancy seeing you all here," Alana said with a smile as she climbed out of the speeder.

    She brought the Galactic Cup to the house she'd grown up in that her parents still lived in.

    "Can we use the bowl as a gelatin mold?" her mother asked.

    "Oh Maker! I should have thought of that last night and put it in the fridge," Alana said in frustration, "Arggggh! That would have been awesome!"

    Alana took it to her high school, Ojai North where the entire school turned out for a rally. "Let it be known that I won the Galactic Cup solely so everybody here could skip an hour of class," she told the assembly, "I will accept your thank you cards and displays of devotion at the conclusion of today's festivities." She let her old high school coaches touch the Galactic Cup and hold it with tears in their eyes. And if Chaz had been there, she would have kissed his broken, malformed nose that had led to this moment.

    Alana brought the Galactic Cup to Yeorg's Family Restaurant where she'd had so many family dinners, to Fast N Fresh Supermarket that she'd been dragged through countless times by her mother, to the local library that she'd read half of by the time she'd graduated high school and left. She let the people of Ojai share in this amazing experience.

    As the hours grew long, Alana buckled up again and she made another drive she knew well. It was a drive she'd taken plenty once she'd gotten her speeder license. She'd taken it on weekends and in summer. When she came to the end of it, she was alone with the Galactic Cup on a small beach that somebody had to show you if you were ever going to have a hope of finding it. A swimsuit-clad Alana sat on the beach with her sunglasses on a beach towel with the Galactic Cup in the sand next to her as the sun started to sink towards the ocean.

    "Not a bad day," Alana said.

    "I think we can do better than 'not bad' for your day with the Galactic Cup," Niall said on her other side. He'd come out from Salis D'aar for these final moments.

    "Oh yeah?" Alana asked with a cocked eyebrow and a challenge.

    "Yeah," Niall said as he rolled Alana onto her back.

    "Oh yeah!" Alana agreed enthusiastically.

    By the time the sun had set, Niall and Alana separated.

    "Oh yeah," Niall sighed with heaving chest.

    "Okay, I think we'll class that one as a pretty good day now," Alana said with satisfaction.

    She just might have to win the Cup again after that.

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    IC: Meredith Chambers
    New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Training Facility

    The indoor track was before her, the first curve just visible against the white walls of the domed training facility. She set her feet, prepared to fly, prepared to put her surgically repaired knee back into proper form. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and centered herself. Now was the time to take off. Now was the time to ignore the sudden swell of nerves that taunted her mind, made her doubt her recovery, and made her question her desire to return to the pitch.

    Gunba Pemiti, her good friend, was right beside her. The aging veteran had done the best she could to hold down the goalkeeper spot during the 271 season but had come to the sad realization that her best days were behind her. Following the rough season, Pemiti had devoted herself to training Meredith Chambers back into shape, honing her killer instincts once more so that she could show the galaxy that a year off hadn’t slowed her down any.

    “What are your legs?” Pemiti asked.

    “Springs. Steel springs,” Meredith replied.

    “What are they going to do?”

    “Hurl me down the track.”

    “How fast can you run?”

    “As fast as a Taun Taun.”

    “How fast are you going to run?”

    “As fast as a Taun Taun!”

    “Then let’s see you do it!”*

    Chambers pushed off from the track, pumping her legs faster and faster, matching her breathing at a steady, even clip. Her nostrils flared as they took in more air and released it. Her body reminding her mind of the rigorous training required of an Elite League Limmie athlete. Meredith felt her thoughts drift down to her knee. She waited for the pain, waited for the crumpling agony of another season on the couch.

    The pain did not come.

    She rounded the first corner, pumping harder and harder, pushing, forcing, fighting her way through a season’s worth of inactivity. Her lungs were burning, heart beating so rapidly it was threatening to burst out of her chest, but still she powered forward.
    Nothing could stop her today, nothing at all. She could almost pretend that she was back on the pitch at Six Boroughs. Hear the thunderous roar of the crowd, feel the way the bolo-ball molded into her hands like a wet piece of clay.

    Chambers was on the final stretch now. Three weeks ago she had been unable to get up off her couch. Then Gunba had visited, inspired her, re-ignited the fire of a champion, of a contender. Meredith hadn’t looked back. The finish line was there, just a few meters ahead, and Gunba was waiting. But, Chambers realized, it wasn’t just Gunba that was waiting for the ridiculously successful goalie to find her spark, it was the Smuggler faithful, it was Six Boroughs, herself. That old venerable lady was calling her back.

    Meredith shot beyond the finish line and slowly came to a stop. Turning back to Gunba she began a cool down exercise. Gunba rushed up to Chambers and exclaimed, “You looked great out there!”

    “I feel good.”

    “Good enough to take on defending Galactic Cup champions?”

    “Good enough to take on Red,”

    “Think so?”

    Chambers knew what Pemiti was doing and damn it all it worked. “I know so.”

    Pemiti had picked up a pair of boxing pads, useful training items to hone a goalie’s reflexes. “You ready?” Pemiti asked as she slipped into a defensive stance.

    Chambers curled her lip up into a smile and ripped off a series of rapid fire punches to the left and right, “Always.”

    Fifteen minutes later, they were done.

    “Way to go the distance, Chambers,” Pemiti said.

    “You have no idea how far I am willing to go,” Meredith replied.

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    *OOC: Many thanks to the superb movie, Gallipoli, for a great piece of motivational dialogue.
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    GM Post

    Elite League Limmie 272: Find Your Grail

    The Galactic Cup of Limmie: the holy grail of galactic sports.

    In 272, ten teams shall take the field in pursuit of the chalice. But like all grail quests, as the seekers pursue their goal, the road they travel will be long and there is no telling what they will learn of themselves on the journey. Though they look to the heavens in the pursuit of engraved immortality, some will find their grail in places they never expected.

    Grail quests have begun all over the galaxy and no two are the same.

    On Coruscant, Gark S’rily returns to the Elite League, the Senators intact and under his control after exile in the wilderness. Building champions has been S’rily’s calling card everywhere he’s gone. As Elite League Limmie returns to Coruscant, Force knows what challenges the Senators will face as they seek their grail. After all, things never come easy for them.

    Marte Nalo has stepped even further away from the game he’s devoted his life to, having ended his tenure with HSN Euceron. In supreme selflessness, he has given a son to the Jedi Order. Marte’s life lies before him, wide open. His path to the grail is the most open as he makes choices about where to tread now.

    A second straight-last place finish is unacceptable anywhere. On Mandalore, it’s cause for riots. Beskaryc Taab is not a man to suffer failure lightly and his brothers and sisters in arms are of similar attitude. His quest for the grail may well have grave implications if he follows it to the end.

    The loss of a superstar brought Nar Shaddaa’s season to a painful end fast. Meredith Chambers is on a quest to prove to herself and the galaxy that she hasn’t lost a step. Even the security of having found the grail before cannot dispel the shadows as Chambers wonders if she will ever find it again.

    Onderon’s breakout year fell apart quickly in the postseason in the ultra-competitive Skywalker Conference. It’s a setback for the Crazy Dragons, but will Sam Poland learn the lessons needed to travel the road to the grail to the end or get bogged down by sophomore slump?

    Ralltiir joins the Elite League fresh off a GCLA championship and riding a hot hand. Lucie Vigo will be there to cheer them on as the Starkillers return to the big time. But how will the quest for this starving dancer turn out as she brings her routines to a league unused to such things?

    The road of the Monarchs’ quest has already been long, hard, and fraught with disappointment. With rookies now seasoned by hard experience and warriors returned from the ravages of battle, Setarcos Rhemes must gently meld his two lineups together or risk undoing the strides they’ve taken. On Rydonni Prime, they have come so far on the quest, but the path before them is steep and harsh.

    Heavy is the weight of history, and the shadow of Cisceran Barbosa looms large on Ryloth. A stellar rookie season in the Premier League for Zeke Barbosa in tandem with Maximus Qorbus legitimized the Rough Riders as contenders. Yet Zeke’s quest for his grail may only get harder now that the Elite League knows what this Bith phenomenon is about.

    If disappointment has been great on Rydonni Prime, so much more so has it been after two straight Final losses on Vandelhelm. Phil Brooks has proclaimed his greatness from the mountaintop and the grail quest is the only way for him to prove a galaxy that begins to doubt. So great is the lure of the grail that Brooks will stop at nothing to succeed.

    For Bakura, 271 brought the fulfillment of several grail quests. Kerry Trieste captured the Holy Grail of politics with a General Election Chancellery victory and the Holy Grail of sports was hers for a third time. Alana Glencross found her personal grail as she got her life on track and showed the galaxy she was a champion by lifting the grail she’d sought for five years. But the hardest grail quest of all is to capture it again and their road does not look easy. Massive contract expirations threaten the core of the championship team, not to mention nine teams who are sharpening their vibroblades for the defending champions.

    One team will find The Grail, but many may find their grails.

    MandalMotors Hall, Keldabe, Mandalore

    “Remind me again why we’re here,” Esther Gondorf asked her boss with no small amount of unhappiness.

    “Because their Meshgeroya here and Mandalorians are a major part of our market share,” Niakara Kayl’hen said, “It’s good PR.”

    “You’ve seen the reports about the disappearance of the scheduling committee chair,” Gondorf hissed.

    “The unofficial reports,” Kayl’hen corrected.

    “We’re rewarding bad behavior,” Gondorf insisted.

    “Alleged bad behavior, counselor.”

    “I don’t know why you made me come here.”

    “Live a little, Esther,” Kayl’hen said.

    And they were living. This year’s Elite League Draft was taking place in what was essentially the seat of government for the Mandalorian people, MandalMotors Hall. Not that the Mandalorians were especially centralized, but they had eventually decided that holding meetings of their leading public figures in pubs might not always be the best idea. So MandalMotors Hall had been built. The League had approached the Mandalorians to host the Draft there and they had graciously made the arrangements—and even promised a raucous crowd. Kayl’hen was not entirely sure what to make of that last bit.

    The hall had been laid out with two columns of tables. The earlier draft picks were in front, the later draft picks were in the back. To all sides of the tables were spectator seats as the venue could accommodate. In the front of the hall was a stage with large vidscreens that would project information including who was on the clock, who had been picked, and information on players selected. Banners for each member team hung from the rafters, regardless of whether they were drafting. This was the scene that the Bothan gazed out upon as she walked onto the stage. There was some applause…but also some boos. Kayl’hen had been told to expect this. Apparently the four game road trip to start the season for the Mercs had not been very popular on Mandalore. As Commissioner, she was the natural target for that displeasure.

    “Gentlebeings, welcome to the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft,” Kayl’hen said, “Last season we saw an unprecedented amount of rookie talent in the Elite League. It is clear that was due to the institution of the Elite League Draft. After seeing the success of last season’s players, including key contributions by both Miner draftees—” there was a cheer from the very, very small section of Miner fans who had traveled all the way across the galaxy for the draft, and it was quickly drowned out by loud booing by the many Mandalorians, “—to their Galactic Cup championship—” more boos, even louder, “—it is clear that today’s draftees will have an immediate impact in 272.

    “Before we begin, I would like to thank Mandalore for hosting this year’s draft—” that got the hometown crowd back on her side for a moment as they all chanted “Oya oya oya!” “—and welcome everyone watching throughout the galaxy, whether it’s around the corner in the Oyu’baat or at home.

    “Now, without further ado, I hereby open the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft. The first overall pick belongs to the Ralltiir Starkillers, who are now on the clock,” Kayl’hen said.

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    IC:Zeke Barbosa
    Residence in the outskirts of Lessu, Ryloth

    Finally peace, though Zeke.

    After one of, if not the, most hectic and busy season that he had ever been a part of in Limmie Zeke finally had a chance to sit down and watch the annual season recap on the HSN. The constant drone of the announcers discussing, analyzing, and whatever else you could do that hadn't been done already to the 271 Galactic Cup Championship game was starting to get on Zeke's nerves.

    He had come so close to being in that game. It almost stung how he had come so close to being in the title game the very first year of being in the ELL. It was those kriffing Jets from Vandhelm. They not only knocked the Rough Riders out of first seed, but also the chance of receiving the Commissioners trophy. 7 blasted points short. Zeke partially blamed himself for giving up all those points in the semi-final game. He'd never admit that his mind was kind of elsewhere. He had gotten a message that his mother was in the hospital with pneumonia literally right before heading out onto the field. Coach offered to let him sit the game out but Zeke had refused knowing that this was the biggest game Ryloth had played in recent years.

    But that was all behind him. His mother had recently gotten better, still having problems and Zeke went over on occasion to help her out around the house like run errands and stuff like that, but better.

    He had yet to call up Allana Glencross and congratulate her on winning the Galactic cup trophy. Zeke had played one of the representatives that put together all the pregame and postgame stuff and hadn't gotten the chance to talk to Glencross after wards.

    The announcers on the HSN recap show had finally gotten to the Rough Riders season.

    "Now we move to the first team on our list that was a rookie to the ELL, but boy they sure didn't play like it. Getting off to the best start in team history going 5-0 in the first 5 games and holding the #1 spot in the Scoring race. At that point it seemed like Rough Rider Captain Zeke Barbosa was a shoe in to win the MVP award and that Rookie Sensation Maximus Qorbus would get the Rookie award. Then things crumbled drastically when they lost the last 2 games of the year and barely got into the playoffs as the 3rd seed from the Skywalker Conference. They won their Quarterfinal match, but lost to the very team that knocked down their season, the Vandhelm Jets. Now with the season ended and Zeke heading into the final year of his contract I'm sure the desire and motivation for the team from Ryloth to be tougher then ever."

    The fact that he hadn't had any contract talks with his agent or the GM of the team shocked Zeke out of his relaxed state. That got him wondering whether or not the front office even wanted him to come back. He'd been the start of the team since his career started. So what was keeping them? Surely they didn't think that since they now had the sensation of Rookie of the Year Qorbus on the squad that his spot and time of glory on the team was over. Or did they?

    This sudden change in thought made him uneasy as he got up and walked over to his fridge to pour himself a cup of blue milk. He noticed that the ELL draft was on the holoscreen. The rough riders thought that with how the season went and the talent from Qorbus that they had all they needed at the moment and hadn't entered the draft. Personally Zeke thought that was a bad idea but he kept to himself.

    Once he sat down his comm went off. "Honey can you come over I'm feeling lonely."

    It was his mom. "Sure mother I'll be right over." Zeke got up, put on his Rough Rider Warmup, and headed over to his mothers uncertain about what his Limmie future would hold.

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  22. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo
    It was very late at night. Lucie liked to be in bed sound asleep dreaming of dance routines at this hour. Not to mention she had an early shift at the diner in the morning. Tonight Lucie was curled up on a sofa in her small apartment drinking stale caf because she couldn’t be bothered to make any fresh. Whose idea was it to air the ELL draft on a weeknight anyway? She was sure to be serving a bunch of overtired grumpy businessmen in the morning.

    She flipped away from the pre-draft analysis on HSN to a special on the best restaurants hidden in Coruscant’s mid-levels on the Dining Network. Enough with all these former athletes and coaches opinions already Lucie thought glancing at her chrono. There was still another hour until the first pick. Lucie was sick to her stomach with the suspense. Would the Starkillers stick to their original plans and draft Fortune? Or had the untimely injury of Gwynn coupled with Ye’ves’tong’s surprise win of the Helmsman swayed their decision?

    Fifty-five minutes later Lucie was staring at the dessert selection at some place called “The Mid-Level Crisis” trying to convince herself not to go into the kitchen and fix a snack. An alarm she set in case she had actually managed to fall asleep sounded and Lucie quickly switched back to HSN. The young draft picks were sitting at tables with their agents eagerly awaiting the commissioner’s announcement as he took the stage. As Kayl’hen rambled on about last season Lucie studied the mostly Mando audience. It was unsettling that you could not see their faces, had no idea what their expressions were under those helmets. She had been excited about traveling with the team next year, but hoped when the schedule was announced there would not be an away game with the Mercs included.

    Finally Lucy heard the words she had been waiting for “With the first overall pick of the Elite League Limmie Draft the Ralltiir Starkillers pick Ye’ves’toung, Midfielder from Brask Yashuvhi University”.

    It took a moment for the young Chiss woman to stand and make her way to the stage. Lucie could not decide if her lack of enthusiasm was shock or disappointment. The audience was also having a hard time reacting to the calm demeanor of the young woman. There was some booing, but not nearly as much as Lucie had expected. Ye’ves’toung didn’t show any emotion as she held up the blue jersey and placed the orange ball cap on her head. The uniform Lucie decided definitely clashed with the tone of her blue skin.
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators ”War Room”, MandalMotors Hall, Mandalore

    Gark flipped through names on a datapad nervously. The 2nd annual Elite League draft was about fifteen minutes away from starting, and his Coruscant Senators, given their re-entrance into the league for this season, had the 2nd overall pick. But the big question was this: who to take with that pick?

    “Find anyone of interest?” asked Andrew Mundle, the offensive coordinator sitting his seat at the table they had been provided. Gark looked up.

    “You mean anyone who’s not really on our board already? No,” Gark replied.

    “I’m pretty sure we know who’s not going to be on our board when we get to select,” Andrew continued.

    “Not hard to figure that out, blockhead,” Palla Tyroti, the defensive coordinator known for her fiery attitude, shot back from the other side of the table. “If Raltiir does the typical rookie thing in these drafts, they’ll take the latest Helmsman winner. So we might as well take her name off the list right now and go from there.”

    “This bickering is pointless,” Gark said, holding up a hand to stop Andrew from shooting something back. On the sidelines, the two coordinators tried to stay out of each others’ way, but sometimes they just rubbed each other the wrong way, and with Palla’s intensity at times, it could get heated. “The biggest question now is: what do we need position-wise?”

    “We could get a goalie,” Polis Vayne, the 262 Numifolis Award winner, career-long Senator player and assistant captain, said. “That Leed chick got rocked last season. I watched a few of her games last season, and she did not look composed at all.”

    “It was her first season, Polis,” Gark replied. “Cut her some slack here. Goalie is definitely the hardest position to come in and excel right away on the field. Did Tavis do the best work of his career in his rookie season? Of course not. He took his lumps before finally getting into the groove,” he said, referring to now-retired Senators goalie Tavis Corizyl. “I’d like to give her another season. If nothing else, if she plays decently well, her trade value will go up, and we can ship her off for some other parts. Besides, she’s locked into a four-year draft contract, something that we can’t take lightly. She was a Helmsman finalist for a reason; I know she can do better.”

    “But what if she can’t?” Palla asked. “Tavis kept things simple for me by being steady in goal all those years. If this new girl can’t mind the net very well, then we might as well throw the towel in now. Having a bad goalie means throwing away games. I say we draft that Wookiee netminding stud, ditch Leed, and be done with it.”

    “Speaking of defense, Palla,” Gark said, trying to cut his defensive coordinator off. “Any pressing needs?”

    “Not that I can think of,” Palla replied. “It would be a talent pick, really. We’re all set up with the starters, and we should have some of those new Thyferran hotshots make the team in camp.”

    “What about this Ike Tullo?” Polis asked, taking a look at the draft board.

    “Don’t even think about taking him,” came a voice. Everyone looked around to see Izzi Polakaya, Senators midfielder and former college coach, come into the room dressed in her old CorTech coaching duds. “Tullo’s a handful.”

    “And I suppose Jerek’s an easy person to have to work with,” Palla said with a sneer. Jerek Deter, the springy young Corner Back, was known for having an ego.

    “This guy’s worse, trust me,” Izzi said, taking a seat at the table.

    “How so?” Gark asked. “His intangibles are incredible.”

    “You think Jerek’s got an ego?” Izzi asked Palla. “Well, Tullo’s got an even larger one. Knocked one of Pryce’s offensive players clean out of a game and the rest of the season a few years back with a cheap shot to the head. And then he taunted her on the field when she was down. But that’s not the worst bit. He’s got major attitude issues, and I heard some reports last year that he really stepped over the boundaries of acceptable behavior on his team several times. The only reason he was able to play was because he’s so damn good. If you drafted him, I would kill him before he could play a single game because of what he did.”

    “This is not the time to settle old scores,” Gark said sharply. “But, come to think of it, I heard of his issues as well. I guess we won’t be drafting him, then. And we don’t need a Full Back, so I take it that we won’t draft a defender with this pick.”

    “Then get on with it!” Palla said out loud. We only have a few minutes left before this whole thing starts, and we don’t even know who or what we want to select!”

    “How about a washing machine?” Polis said, cracking a grin. “The old one’s getting a little . . . well . . . OLD, and I think it could be a real dark horse pick . . .”

    “Shut up, Vayne,” Palla snapped. Polis just sat back in his chair and chuckled at his ingenious quip.

    “Andrew, what about our offense?” Gark asked, trying to keep Palla from bubbling over.

    “That’s a stickler right there,” Andrew said, pointing a pencil out in space. “Dauza Chary might be a solid pick, since we need a good point forward behind Lokesh in our offense. But, she had a Helmsman finalist teammate making her look good, not to mention that McTodd fellow further down the board . . .”

    “Then what about Ishana?” Gark prodded. “Helmsman finalist, and as we saw with Qorbus last season . . .”

    “No,” Andrew said, shaking his head. “She’s not the kind of player we can use in my offensive system. It just won’t work.”

    “All of you are making this really difficult, aren’t you?” Gark asked, sighing. “We need to quit bickering and get something done.”

    “Then trade the damn pick already!” Palla burst out. “We’re running out of time here!”

    “That’s very true,” Gark said. “I want an opinion, everyone, and please be honest. Who here thinks we should trade the pick? Or at least make me shop it around a little bit.” No one raised their hand. Palla even didn’t raise her hand; that was odd. “All right, so it’s clear to me that we have consensus here. No one wants to trade the pick. Then who can we get?”

    “Midfield,” Polis muttered.

    “What do we have on the board?” Gark asked.

    “Ye’ves’toung,” Andrew said. “And although Raltiir seems to have interest in Fortune, I don’t buy it. They’re taking this young woman, and if we don’t come up with something soon, we might miss out.”

    “But the question is: do we really need a midfielder?” Gark asked, staring straight at Izzi as he spoke. “I need an answer from you, Iz. This player would be challenging you for your starting job.”

    “Perhaps,” Izzi replied. “Depends on who you had in mind.”

    “Say Toung gets picked here. What does that leave us? What about this Silkins? She seems good. Nice scouting report . . . played for Denon-Eastlake . . .”

    “I know that place,” Izzi said, pointing a finger at Gark. “Byla went there.”

    All of a sudden, the Commissioner stepped up to the podium to a chorus of boos, and everyone whipped around to watch. Those bucket heads were never happy, were they? If they were mad about having a four-game road trip in the 272 season, Gark thought, they should have played better on the road. Simple as that; the schedule was just an obstacle, not an excuse for poor team performance. The Senators had that trip the season before, and no one complained; all of their fans knew that someone had to have it, but the Mandalorians certainly thought that they deserved special treatment because they could threaten to kill anyone and get away with it. Anyways, it just sounded like a real mess out there, and Gark wanted nothing to do with it.

    “Now, without further ado, I hereby open the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft. The first overall pick belongs to the Ralltiir Starkillers, who are now on the clock.”

    “And now we wait,” Andrew said nervously. No one said anything, but Gark could feel the vibration of his datapad in his hand. He looked down and saw that there was a message on it. He opened it; an offer for the pick had come in. But the terms were terrible, and thus he deleted it with no extra thought. If that’s all that other teams had to offer, then they were keeping the pick.

    Finally, the Commissioner came back up to the podium. With the first overall pick of the Elite League Limmie Draft the Ralltiir Starkillers pick Ye’ves’toung, Midfielder from Brask Yashuvhi University”.

    As the Chiss came forward, everyone in the Senators’ War Room looked at each other. “There she goes,” Andrew said. “Right as I had predicted.”

    “And half the galaxy was right on that one,” Palla added in. “You apparently didn’t read the mock drafts. All the pundits thought she was going there.”

    “We could hope, but I guess now she’s off the board,” Gark said. He moved the Chiss’ name on his datapad over to the trash icon, where it was thus removed from his board.

    “Now it’s our turn,” Polis said.

    “Anyways, Iz, about Silkins,” Gark said. “You were saying?”

    “Well, I didn’t see her play in person, but I know her midfield coach at Eastlake,” Izzi replied. “Byla Dos taught her this past season, but before that I was a fellow coach over at CorTech, her with the midfielders and I with the defense. Eastlake offered her a hefty contract to help out with their midfielders, especially Silkins, and thus Byla left CorTech.”

    “And that means . . .” Gark prodded.

    “Byla was a good coach. If any of you care, she helped mold Gayla Renhorn, last year’s #2 pick, into an outstanding college player. You don’t do that overnight, and from what I hear it was quite the project. But I have full confidence in Byla’s coaching to say that Silkins should be a good target. Maybe not for us, but for someone else looking for a rock-solid midfielder.”

    “Andrew, didn’t we have her in one of our private workout sessions?” Gark asked.

    “Yeah . . . why?” Andrew asked.

    “We would have interviewed her, and seen her intangibles. What do you have on file?”

    Andrew did some digging on his datapad, and finally came up with the data he was looking for. “Found it. Hm . . .”

    “Well?” Palla asked.

    “It says here that she’s an athletic freak,” Andrew said. “A real gym rat. First to get to the gym in the morning, and last to leave. Also studies game film religiously. But here is what I really like. She’s a natural leader. She was captain three of her four years in high school, and then was voted team captain . . . as a freshman, mind you . . . at Eastlake. Girl’s got serious leadership skills, and paired with Alysha . . . maybe we have something there . . .”

    “Intangibles?” Gark asked.

    “Needs a lot of work defensively, but her offensive skills are astounding. She’s a natural offensive player; all of the scouting reports here say the same thing. From this, she sounds like she could be better than Ye’ves’toung . . .”

    “Then why didn’t she win the Helmsman, then?” Palla asked snidely.

    “Sticker value?” Polis ventured with a guess. “I mean, BYU players are given precedence over others because of the brand name . . . doesn’t mean she was any better, but the voters certainly like BYU. Lots of so-so players who use the school’s reputation to mooch off better contracts. I don’t like those private schools and their fancy-shmancy graduates. Sounds like a load of crap to me . . .”

    “So, what do we do?” Gark asked. He was getting nervous; the Senators had been on the clock for several minutes, and he wanted to get this pick in as soon as possible.

    “I may not like it . . . but it sounds like she can help us,” Izzi finally spoke up. “We could use a good offensive midfielder. If Coach Gynordis lets us swap in and out, she might be able to compliment my defense . . .”

    “Of course!” Andrew said. “We’ve been missing an offensive-minded middie for quite some time! Romax is solid on both, you,” he pointed to Izzi, “are a good defender, and Oneida is a better offensive midfielder but still adequate defensively. If we play our cards right, we might be able to get in some solid midfielder play. I would certainly take her, because we need that kind of attitude. And because the Den10 conference is a good one for college Limmie.”

    “All right, then,” Gark said. “Any objections?” No one said anything. “We’re going live, people. Let me send this in . . .”

    The Commissioner came up to the podium, again to more boos. “With the second overall pick in the 272 ELL Draft, the Coruscant Senators select Demetra Silkins, midfielder from the University of Denon at Eastlake.” Gark watched the screen as Silkins, who had been sitting firmly in her seat, rise with an air of apprehension. She was obviously surprised to hear that she had been taken with the #2 pick; taken over other Helmsman finalists, to be exact! So she finally staggered forwards, up to the podium where she was able to hold aloft her new black and orange Senators jersey with the number “1” on it.


    “I certainly hope we did the right thing,” Polis said. “There’s no going back now.”

    “I’ll make it work,” Gark said. “Something tells me she has a lot to prove in this league. If people believe that you aren’t worth this high pick, then you would work harder to prove them wrong. And I know exactly what to do to motivate her. Just the thing to get the best player we can out of her . . .”

    ”The Mando’ade Mercs are now on the clock,” the Commissioner said. This brought along with it a chorus of cheers from the pro-Mandalorian crowd. But Gark didn’t care; Silkins was now in the fold, and he was already thinking of how he was going to pull off his plan.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Mando'ade Mercs "War room" Keldabe, manda'yaim.

    The Draft, like the Galactic Cup finals of several years ago had come to manda'yaim. To Taab it was a point of pride that the league had chosen his world (and the Mercs market) for such an event, but at the same time he felt the insulted by it. MandalMotors Hall was the meeting place for the leading clans on Mandalore (of which Taab was of course a part) it was not something to be showcased to the aruetiise. His own suggestion that the oyu'baat host the event was unceremoniously denied by the league. They didn't want the draft taking place in something so provincial as a pub. For his part Taab was sure the the league office was simply rubbing it in his face that he hadn't been elevated to mand'alor yet, hence their insistance that the draft be held here.

    At least the crowd appreciated the locale, cheering and roaring loudly at the mention of their people and homeworld. Even Taab was swept up by the chants of "oya, oya!" Though the other two ranking members of the organization who shared the small room with him seemed less enthusiastic. "You two need to live a little." he said to them. But Viszla and Vhett shared a knowing look through their T-Visors. "Nothing to be excited about, our positions, and your future career in politics, are connected to the team's success. Something you have had little of the past few years. Else we would not be here." As always his ex-wife had managed to suck the joy out of the room in the same manner as a decompressing shuttle bay venting atmospehere into space. So cold and calculating, it reminded him of why he had loved her so much. Vizsla for his part remained quiet, though Taab knew he shared Vhett's sentiments.

    The first pick went much as they thought it would. Ye'ves'toung, the Chiss was off the board. It fell in line with last year's Helmsman trophy winner also going first. The woman was a tremendous athlete and would be an asset to any team. Taab could see many years of her going toe to tow with the other elites midfielder sof the leage (like the accursed Glencross) for years to come. It was expected by the Mercs that she would be gone by the time the draft got to them, and that she was also not worth trying to trade up for.

    Now the Senators were on the clock. Last year the Mercs had traded up with their puppet organization in order to grab Katan. Given Kii Skirata's inconsistancy in the net it seemed like a good move, though young Katan still needed more seasoning. The Mercs weren't sure which direction the Senators would go with their draft pick. Being led by a Bothan. they were able to closely guard their secrets. Various mock drafts had them taking the likes of RCF Dauza Chary through Full Forward Andres Fortune to even taking the Zabrak goaltender Kurta Thaar from Verp Tech. Taab didn't give much stock to such mock drafts, but they did confirm what he also felt about the Senators. No one had any idea of what they would do next.

    Finally their pick was in, and as he expected he was surprised by it. Silkins was a good talent to be sure, but she probably could have been had later in the first round. The Senators had done themselves a dis-service by not trying to trade down and accumlate more draft picks to fill other needs as well. Then again, if she was truly who they had targeted all along he couldn't blame them for taking her off the board when they could. The Mercs had traded up last season to do much the same thing.

    Of course, now the Mercs were on the clock, and the player they had targeted to take with their own first pick was still there. But there was a problem. Vhett still wanted to entertain offers for the pick, while Vizsla wanted to grab what he saw as the best talent. Technically Vhett outranked him and her word would have won the day, but Taab agreed with his new head coach. Take the best talent and fill any other holes through free agency. Still he allowed Vhett to look into potential trades.

    The comm line chirped. It was a trade offer from the Monarchs. Taab watched Vhett's body language as she spoke with Setcaros. He could tell she felt their offer was far too low and a waste of her time. Thinking on that Taab felt that was probably their motive, take up the Mercs time so as to not complete a trade elsewhere. He spoke up. "This is a weak draft, not nearly as deep as last seasons. Let's shoot for Concordia and talk to the Miners. They are in the best position to give us the best deal. If we can't get a deal done there, we move forward with the pick."

    Vhett made the call and was off the comm within a few minutes. "Cundertol said no. Too weak a draft to even bother trying to move up in." Taab laughed, he knew there had been more said than just that. "Smug little chakaar isn't he?" Vizsla laughed at Taab's statement before speaking up. "So now we go with my pick, yes?" Taab looked to Vhett who nodded reluctantly. "It really is for the best my dear. Can you imagine the reaction of all those mando'ade out there filling the Hall and out in the street if we had traded down. With the Miners?"

    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Mando'ade Mercs Table, MandalMotors hall, Keldabe, manda'yaim

    Kor'le waited after the first two picks were made in relativly quick succession. What were Taab and Vhett waiting for? She hoped they weren't thinking about trading down. From the looks of her fellow mando'ade here in the Hall they might burn the place down if the Mercs traded out of the #3 pick. She had met their new head coach only in passing this far and hadn't formed any real impressions of him, other than that he would be a hard task master. She doubted he would be the sort of "player's coach" that Coach Kal had been. And maybe that was for the best, things couldn't possibly get any worse than they had last season anyway.

    A comm signal came through to her buy'ce from the Mercs "war room". "Ke narir haar'ke'gyce rol'eta resol." She laughed at Taab's words in her earpiece. It was so obvious to anyone that the man craved power. This time he even went so far as to quote one of the most power hungry men to ever exist. Such ego, and to say those words given the cloned nature of her team mates added to her mirth.

    Still his message was easy to understand. Each player in the draft had been assigned a random number, that way talks could take place amongst the Mercs organization without using anyone's names. An extra security precaution in addition to their only using mando'a and the encrypted comm frequencies they were using. She personaly thought it was all a bit of overkill, but again Taab liked to maintain absolute control. The number she had been given was for "player 66". She of course knew just who that was, she had memorized the player/number list as she had been instructed.

    She tried to compose herself. She knew that player 66 was being looked at heavily by the Mercs and he certainly had skill. But he was raw, he had alot to learn before he could ever be a starter in this league. Maybe that was the plan then. She and the Nulls had made it clear that this would be their last contract in the ELL. Three more years and they were gone. Were the Mercs looking ahead at their replacements already? She sighed. That meant they were looking more to the long term future of the team rather than next season. She hoped her thoughts about this year not possibly being any worse than last weren't a mistake, nor her decision to stay with the team.

    She removed her buy'ce and walked up to the podium handing a slip of flimsi to the announcer. Her arrival onstage was met with roaring approval from the crowd of mando'ade in the Hall. The very walls shook with their chants of "oya!" and the thunderous noise of them clapping their armored gauntlets to their breatplates. She took a step back before raising her hands and acknowledging the fans. Maybe she hadn't made a mistake after all.

    The announcer looked at the flimsi and spoke. "With the third pick in the 272 First Year Player Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select: Andres Fortune, Full Forward, UC Bella Vistal!"

    The crowd went even more crazy as Fortune stepped forward and onto the stage, a bewildered grin on his face. He accepted the Silver and Blue Mercs jersey from Kor'le and posed for a quick holo-pic for the news outlets. Then Ryi hugged him and whispered into his ear as the holo-cams clicked once more. "I hope you know what you are getting yourself in to."

    "The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are now on the clock."

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  25. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Meredith Chambers

    272 Elite League Limmie Draft, MandalMotors Hall, manda’yaim

    “With the fourth pick of the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Ike Tullo, Corner Back, College of Fondordelphia.”

    Meredith Chambers strode out from backstage to the raucous roar of the Smuggler faithful who journeyed to Mandoa’ade simply to see her brief appearance on stage. Apparently her fans had not forgotten about her. Their noisy cheering indicated that they wanted all of the available talent this draft to go toward the Smugglers defense. Nobody wanted a repeat of last year’s devastating injury.

    Chambers extended her hand to Tullo and posed for the holocameras with the burgundy jersey of the Smugglers outstretched between them. When the required media session was done, Meredith guided the dumbstruck Tullo offstage where he was thrust against a wall by the smaller, but quite powerful, goalie.

    “You better protect my rear this season, kid, or I’ll make sure you never see the starting lineup again,” Chambers threatened.

    Tullo, tall, muscular, and very excitable around women, gulped and nodded his head.

    “The brass thinks you’re special. For now, that’s good enough for me. Make sure you push yourself hard in training camp. Nobody is going to give you any breaks. You’re in the big leagues now and the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are one of the best organizations you could possibly join. You’ll have a good shot at potentially winning a Cup if you keep me upright, got that?” Chambers explained.

    “Got it,” Tullo said.

    “Good. Now that we’ve got that straightened out, welcome to the team, go thank Vincent Cutter for taking you away from that miserable college you came from and making you into a future star,” Chambers said.

    Tullo walked away.

    Chambers felt a sharp stab of pain shoot up her leg. Instinctively she reached for a chair. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. The pain would fade, it always did. There was no time to reflect on what could’ve been last year. The future was now.

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