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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

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    IC: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    Once again it was that time of the year, the Elite League Awards ceremony, which meant that Dawn would have to shimmy herself into a shimmering evening gown just to sit around and listen to other people talk. But this time she was more than happy to get all dolled up for the event. After spending the better part of the past year in either utilities or a flightsuit, an evening gown was a welcome relief. The other nice thing about this year’s awards was that she knew there were no real expectations for her, she could just relax and enjoy the company of some of her teammates.

    It had become tradition in the Monarchs family that the team captains – Beks Vidda, Mia Silas, and Dawn – the General Manager and Head Coach would attend the Awards, regardless if they had been nominated, as a show of support to those who had been. This year was no different, but some of the faces had changed. Setarcos Rhemes, was no longer the Head Coach, but he was the GM and was in the running for the Grames. The new Head Coach, Greebus Ion, continued the three year streak of Langann nominations for the organization. Uda Nazug, the newly elevated President and Chief of Limmie Operations, usually accompanied them, but he had received an invitation to Ryloth for the Galactic Cup. The official story was that as the President of the regular season Solo Conference champions that he automatically had a VIP pass to the match, but Dawn knew better.

    The other regular attendees that were absent were Laura Nazug and Greenly Zo. Laura and her new husband, Biedo, were finally able to go on their long overdue honeymoon to Naboo. They had only been married for 24 standard hours before Biedo left with the rest of the RPDF crew to join the Fourth Fleet. Greenly, on the other hand, usually only came because of Laura. The first two years they were each other’s date to post-season gala. But then last year each of them brought along their respective beaus and now with Laura not coming, Greenly and Tonn decided to take a vacation of their own. Meanwhile, the third youngster, who bumped Dawn from her favorite position, Mara Singus, was once again up for an award, and a Salbukk at that.

    As much as it burned her to admit it, not that she ever would openly, but the young Goalkeeper was quite good. Plus, Dawn enjoyed being able to lay some good, legal, hits on her opponents, something she was not allowed to do in the Goal crease. Mara was of course on the arm of her boyfriend Herc Tathor. Many speculated that she, like Greenly, signed a two year extension so that her contract expired at the same time as her boyfriend’s contract.


    Dawn watched from her limo as the MVP nominee made her way down the red carpet to the entrance to the hall. Her simple, but elegant dress had a long, slim skirt that had an almost equally long slit up the side of it. Every so often, as she walked, Dawn could spot a hint of the black brace that encased her injured knee. The big question on everyone’s mind was whether or not Mara would be back to MVP form, or would the Monarchs have to use one of their two draft picks on a replacement for her. Only time would tell, because the smile on Mara’s face certainly wasn’t giving any hints, one way or the other.


    Further ahead of the young couple was the Monarchs’ rookie sensation, Staweh-Tam Ford, escorting his strikingly beautiful girlfriend, Halle Kyll. The two of them had been together since their first year together at University. Dawn had heard that the Monarchs cheer team approached her about joining them, but she respectfully turned them down so she could just focus on their relationship. The cuteness of them almost made Dawn sick to her stomach, but then she reminds herself that they are young and she was a part of a couple like that once.

    Hidden from Dawn’s current view, behind Halle’s back, was Ford’s injured shoulder. Unlike Mara, he could not easily conceal his bandages. Dr. LeBoman diagnosed the rookie with separated shoulder. Ford had several trips to the bacta tank ahead of him this offseason, but until they were concluded he needed to keep his right shoulder immobilized. Which meant his arm was in a sling that was strapped to his torso. Dawn had suffered some rough injuries in her career, but nothing that a couple of application of bacta bandages couldn’t fix.

    Finally their limo had reached the designated unloading area. Their driver got out and opened Tev’s door for him. As her husband exited, Dawn was alone for the first time since the night started, and knew it would be the last moments of solitude before being mobbed by all the media and on lookers. Before the last year she would just hopped out and basked in the glow of all the holo-cams, but now she needed to center herself. She had gone through the same routine every time she climbed into the cockpit. Between her prelaunch checklist and launching there were a few moments of peace.

    As she finished her routine she reached down and slowly pulled up the skirt of her purple, floor length gown to about the middle of her right thigh. Concealed better than Mara’s knee brace, was black holster. Ever since returning from the front, Dawn had taken to wearing her holdout blaster somewhere on her person. However, tonight, Tev had insisted that she leave the blaster in their hotel room. She reached into the holster and removed instead a small silver flask. She took a quick draw off of it, allowing the Corellian spiced ale to slink down her throat.

    After she reapplied the flask’s cap she wiped her lips dry with the back of her hand, she then put it back in her holster and quickly smoothed her gown out once more. A moment later her door was being opened by Tev, who was offering her a helping hand, she stepped out to shouts of her name and a multitude of holo-flashes. The couple stood together, waving and smiling to the crowd, before Dawn started down the carpet towards the entrance. She stopped, finding herself without an escort, placed her hand on her hip and looked back towards her husband, who was coolly leaning against their limo.

    She just gave him her sly smile and turned back towards the masses so that the myriad of holo-journalists could capture her image. Once she started walking again, Tev pushed off from where he was leaning and caught up to her. Together they stood for a few images as a couple before completing the prolonged trek up to the event.

    Once inside they settled in with the rest of the Monarchs and waited for the festivities to begin. The Commissioner reached the podium and recapped the happenings of the ELL since the last awards. She then kicked things off with announcing the presentation of Ingbrand Award to the rookie of the year. Dawn looked down the row and found Ford who appeared to be as white as a sheet. Unfortunately about the only sports coverage they got in the Fourth was just box scores, and in Dawn’s opinion it take more than numbers to make an award winning athlete, so she didn’t have a clue as to who deserved the awards.

    “And our winner is Max Qorbus, Ryloth.”

    The group of Monarchs politely applauded that the newcomers won something. After Qorbus accepted his award, the Commissioner returned to the podium and announced the nominees for the Langann Award. Dawn remembered the jubilant cheers the Monarchs gave Setarcos for walking off with the award last year, but Dawn knew that Coach Ion was a long shot to repeat for the organization. When they showed him on the vidscreens behind Kayl’hen, the look on his face said that he knew it as well.

    “And the winner is,” Kayl’hen paused to open the envelope. She did so, and then she smiled. “Reggie Dun’lop of the Chiefs.”

    This was followed up with the Duchess Eldin being awarded to Riff Persnor and then the announcement of Grames Award nominees. The Bothan commissioner cracked a joke about owners which got some laughs from the crowd. All of the Monarchs were on the edge of their seats after the last name was read off. This was the first award that any of them thought they had a chance of winning.

    “And our winner is… Setarcos…”

    The rest of what the Commissioner said was completely washed out by Dawn’s exuberant shout of “WOOOOOOOOOO!!!” If everyone didn’t know better they would have thought that it was Dawn who had won the award and not her General Manager. She, along with the rest of the Monarchs remained on their feet, applauding the entire time it took Setarcos to walk up on stage, accept his award, and stand behind the presenter’s podium. They all took their seats once more when they noticed that he was going to speak.

    “Well, I’m not quite sure what to say. If I had known that I would be given an award for firing myself I would have done it a lot sooner. No, seriously though, I want to say thank you to Drab and Uda for recommending me as their replacement and to Mr. K’ntarr and Ms. K’ntarr for having the faith in me to keep me even after I fired myself. And as always, I could not have achieved this without the help and support of my team, our fans, and my family. Thank you all and GO BLUE!”

    As Setarcos returned to his seat he got slaps on the back and handshakes from all the Monarchs in the row. Once everyone had settled down, Kayl’hen continued on with the nominations for the second Zumtak award. Dawn rolled her eyes as the name of Alana Glencross was read. She leaned over to Mara who was seated next to her and whispered, “If she wins I think the award should be given to all of us for having to put up with her.” Mara snickered and covered her face in case the cameras happened to be on them.

    “Ordinarily, we would proceed right to the announcement of the winner, but as has been widely reported, many members of the Monarch family did not come home. They gave all. At this time, the Elite League would like to remember them.”

    As the lights dimmed Dawn stood straight up and ordered, in a voice loud enough for her teammates to hear, “Group, Atten-hun!” Each of her fellow Monarchs who had just come home stood with her. When Ahcas Yzoj’s image appeared she immediately ordered, “Present Arms!” They all saluted in perfect unison and remained still until the final member of the Fallen Fifteen’s, Sasha Tarik, image faded. Dawn then said, “Order Arms!” and as the lights came back up everyone in the hall stood with them in great applause. The five of them remained at attention as Kayl’hen opened the envelope.

    “And the winners are the Rydonni Prime Monarchs.”

    The applause continued as Dawn looked down the row at Setarcos, who mouthed ‘Go on’ and nodded for her and the others to go and accept the award. The five of them solemnly walked up to the podium, they all looked to Dawn who took the small statue into her hands. As she looked it over she could not stop herself from walking up to the podium to speak. While she searched for the words the crowd stopped clapping so they could hear her once they no longer escaped her.

    “This…” she looked up into the crowd, “this is for not only the Fallen Fifteen, the Fourth Fleet, and the Second Fleet. But this is for all my brothers and sisters in every single one of the Armed Services across the Galaxy and their families. If there is one thing that we all take away from this evening, I hope it is this one simple truth.” She paused as she choked back the tears that threatened to come streaming down her face. “Freedom isn’t Free.” With that, she rejoined the four who had accompanied her on stage and they returned to her seat.

    She passed the award down the row to Setarcos, “That one belongs in the memorial with their jerseys, because they earned it, not us.” The tears started to flow down her face. “They paid for it with their lives.” She tried to get a hold of herself, but she couldn’t help it anymore. “I’m sorry, excuse me.” She stood up from her seat and started towards the back when she heard the Commissioner announce the Salbukk Award.

    “And our winner is… Mara Singus of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs.”

    Dawn stopped and turned back towards their row. She watched as the young Keeper stood up and slowly made her way to the aisle. Dawn rushed down to meet Mara at the end of their row. She threw her arms around the MVP and gave her the biggest hug that Dawn had ever delivered. “You did it kiddo. You did it and you deserve every bit of it.” Dawn let go of Mara and let her limp up to the stage. The young woman just took the statue into her hand, simply blew the crowd a kiss, and gave a slight bow.

    Dawn could feel it. The winds of change were starting to blow and the Monarchs needed to take advantage of it.
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    OOC: And now, something new…

    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    The sun had already risen in the capital city of Bakura when Sydney Talon got out of bed. Some mornings he rose earlier and went for a run, but not today. Last night had been a black tie charity event that had ended late so he indulged this morning by skipping the exercise. He sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes before pressing a button on his bedside table. Moments later, the curtains in the room rose, revealing the floor to ceiling windows that looked out on the city. He’d chosen this apartment precisely for this view. Beyond the other residential towers one could see the Bakuran Senate Building rising above the other government buildings in that district.

    This was his city. And he loved it.

    With a stretch, Sydney rose and made his way to the kitchen where his domestic droid was already making breakfast.

    “Good morning Mr. Talon. The usual?” the droid intoned pleasantly.

    “Morning Kitty,” Sydney said, using the affectionate term the droid, “You know what? I’m thinking an omelet today.”

    “Excellent Mr. Talon. You know what they say about making an omelet, don’t you?”

    “Got to break a few eggs,” Sydney said as he accepted a mug of caf from Kitty and looked out at his gorgeous view.

    “Indeed, Mr. Talon,” Kitty replied as she busied herself with the preparations.

    “I think it’s going to be one of those days,” Sydney said with a smile growing on his face. He was looking forward to today.

    Thirty minutes later, Sydney stepped out of his apartment building, turned out in one of his many fine suits, and walked the curb where his speeder was waiting for him. Jordy, his driver, got out and opened the door for him.

    “Good morning Mr. Talon,” Jordy said.

    “Morning. Enjoy the lightball tickets last night?” Sydney asked.

    “Pikk and I had a lot of fun. He’d never been courtside before,” Jordy said, “He asked that I thank you personally for them.”

    “We win?”

    “What do you think?” Jordy asked.

    Sydney rolled his eyes as he got into the speeder. That was all he needed to know. Sydney settled into the nerf leather seats in the back of the hired speeder and settled in for the drive. While he didn’t own a speeder, he could drive one with ease. In fact, he was a member of a speeder club that allowed him to reserve models for his use whenever he wanted. And by models, they meant stunning supermodels of speeders. Like Hapan supermodels. His speeder club had only some of the most beautiful and powerful speeders made in the galaxy. But he only used their services for special occasions (or incredibly boring evenings). For the daily commute, Sydney was more than happy to allow someone else to have to worry about traffic while he reviewed the day’s docket on his datapad. And with Jordy at the controls, Sydney knew there wasn’t anything to worry about at all.

    “Have a nice day, Mr. Talon,” Jordy said once they’d arrived at their destination.

    “See you tonight, Jordy,” Sydney replied, opening his own door this time and stepping out with his attaché case.

    Sydney crossed the small plaza in front of his building with a confident stride that could only be described through the proverbial phrase “like a boss”. If nothing else, Sydney Talon was a supremely confident being. Perhaps he was even a little overconfident. He carried himself like a being who was good at what he did and he knew it. It helped immensely that both were true.

    He rode the lift all the way to the 52nd floor of the building and stepped out into the polished, modern lobby of Fleetfire Zarmer, one of the city’s most respected law firms.

    “Good morning Mr. Talon,” the receptionist said.

    “Morning Gonni,” Sydney said as he passed the desk.

    He walked by the rows of cubicles and glass walled offices. The 52nd floor was where the heavy hitters were. If you had an office, you were important. If you had a cubicle, you weren’t. Sydney had an office—and a large one at that. After all, Sydney was one of the Senior Partners of Fleetfire Zarmer. Senior Partners got prime offices with great views. Sydney’s had a fantastic view.

    “Mara, next time a charity calls wanting me to come to their fundraiser, remind me just to write a check,” Sydney said as he approached his office.

    Senior Partners also got their pick of paralegals, which is why Mara Kain had her cubicle outside of Sydney’s office (a very nice cubicle and better than some of the offices, truth be told). Mara had been Sydney’s paralegal since he made Junior Partner a decade ago and she was nothing short of the finest paralegal in the entire firm, though Sydney would put down good credits she was probably the finest in the city. She was his gatekeeper, scheduler, researcher, eyes and ears, confidant, and assistant. And she most definitely never got him caf because, “Go get your own damn caf.”


    Sydney was rather fond of Mara.

    “That bad?” Mara asked.

    “And I passed on lightball tickets for it,” Sydney said, leaning on the low partition of her cubicle.

    “They sucked last night. Force almighty Ullan, can you get a shooting percentage above 20% for one game this season?” Mara muttered as she typed away at her terminal.

    “We’ve got the Krannurak deposition today?” Sydney asked, knowing full well they did.

    “Yes, but Lizsen wants you first.”

    “Like now first or after I’ve had my tea and crumpets first?”

    “Like yesterday first,” Mara said sweetly in direct contradiction of the urgency of the request.

    “Wonderful,” Sydney said with a roll of his eyes, “It is going to be one of those days.” He swung his attaché onto Mara’s desk and walked back the way he’d come.

    “I don’t know what that’s doing on my desk,” Mara called after him, pointing at his attaché, “I throw things in the trash that don’t belong on my desk. Sometimes I use the shredder…or the incinterator…or I take it to the firing range…”

    “Boo hoo. It’s throwing the color coded system off,” Sydney called over his shoulder.

    “That was Corrick’s system and it was stupid and I don’t use it anymore! Or ever!” Mara shouted after him.

    Forty five seconds later, the glass door of Lizsen Fleetfire’s office slid open for Sydney. He hadn’t bothered to announce his presence because he never bothered to do so when he went in to see the Managing Partner of Fleetfire Zarmer.


    “Sydney, how nice of you to join us this morning,” Lizsen said from one of the plush chairs in her office. She was having her tea from her favorite tea service. Harvey had shared tea with her many times from that tea service.

    “You know me, Lizsen, I’m everywhere you want to be,” Sydney said.

    “I certainly hope you are,” a new voice said.

    Sydney turned to his left to find Supreme Court Justice Regan Eldred reclining on one of Lizsen’s fine couches. He hadn’t seen her coming in. From what he knew of Justice Eldred, he wouldn’t put it past her to have chosen that location for just such a reason.

    “Justice Eldred,” Sydney said with no small measure of surprise, “To what do we owe the pleasure?”

    “Don’t worry Sydney,” Lizsen said lightly, perhaps teasingly, “The Supreme Court isn’t taking up any of your cases on appeal.”

    “Though it would be a good excuse to get the finest closer in Salis D’aar in my courtroom,” Regan said with a smile.

    “I believe Chief Justice Wollongong might have an objection to the characterization of it as ‘your courtroom’, Justice,” Sydney said.

    “Xavier and I long ago stopped quibbling over such trifling matters, counselor,” Regan said with a wave of her hand, as if such a thing truly were a trifling matter.

    “Justice Eldred is here because she wanted to consult us on a legal matter,” Lizsen said, indicating with a motion of her hand that Sydney should take a seat. It was a trademark of Lizsen’s smooth style the way she subtly brought the conversation around to business. It was why the “whaladons”, the big money clients, got special handling from the managing partner. And it was why her name was on the door.

    Sydney took a seat across from the justice. “I’m happy to assist in any way I can, but forgive me for saying it’s a little odd for a Supreme Court justice to be soliciting the opinion of others on legal matters, especially when she’s married to a well-respected attorney herself.”

    “This regards the handling of a private matter,” Regan elaborated, “and in consultation with my sister, we would prefer to not have it handled by a member of the family. One of the things about the family business: sometime’s it’s best not to have family in your business.”

    “Your sister? Are we talking about your Chancellor sister?” Sydney asked with some surprise, leaning forward a bit.

    “As opposed to my Admiral war hero sister and my former Minister of State sister?” Regan returned, with the slightest hint of amusement, “Yes, we’re talking about my illustrious eldest sister who has the good sense to avail herself of my insightful legal acumen and opinions.”

    “You are too humble,” Sydney remarked wryly.

    Regan smiled and looked at Lizsen. “You’re right, he is cocky.”

    “When you’re good, you get to be cocky,” Sydney replied before his boss could interpose any sort of reply.

    “How I’d love to have you in front of me for oral arguments. Such a shame you don’t practice constitutional law, Mr. Talon,” Regan said, leaning forward, coy for the moment. She quickly resumed a more professional air befitting a Supreme Court justice. “But to the matter at hand. The Noble House is in need of legal services and Kerry—forgive me, the Chancellor. Easy slip of the tongue for those of us in the family. The Chancellor has, with some persuasion on my part, agreed to retain Fleetfire Zarmer. Specifically, we wish for you to handle our account based on your stellar reputation.”

    Sydney furrowed his brow. “The Noble House has been represented by Crane Poole & Schmidt for generations. Why the change?”

    “Oh, CPS still has the Noble House’s private account,” Regan said, “We’d like Fleetfire Zarmer to handle a different entity.

    “The Bakura Miners.”

    Me approved!

    Team: Bakura Miners
    Name: Sydney Talon
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 235 ABY
    Physical appearance: [​IMG]
    Homeworld: Bakura
    Relation to Team: Team attorney
    Brief Biography: Sydney Talon is one of the finest legal minds on Bakura—and he knows it. As a Senior Partner at Fleetfire Zarmer and Managing Partner Lizsen Fleetfire’s right-hand man, Sydney is richly rewarded for his services. A product of Tiarest University School of Law, Bakura’s oldest university, Sydney’s pedigree is impeccable. Some would say that he is the epitome of a slick Salis D’aar attorney, but Sydney says that they’re jealous. Sydney enjoys the luxury that his practice has brought him thus far, but he loves the law even more. It is his calling and his passion. Like any passion, he has made sacrifices to reach where is he today, but they’re not ones he’d ever talk to you about.

    Sydney’s skill in and out of the courtroom has earned him a reputation as a legal eagle and it is this reputation that the Noble House of Trieste noted when it asked Fleetfire Zarmer, and specifically Sydney Talon, to manage the legal affairs of the Bakura Miners professional Limmie team.

    OOC: But if you think for a second you're not all going to get your usual dose of Alananess(TM), then you're out of your mind. :D
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    Meet the guy who will put a kink in Zekes life:

    GM Approved

    Team: Ryloth Rough Riders
    Name: Fravid Deese
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 244 ABY
    Physical appearance: [​IMG]
    Homeworld: Clak'dor VII
    Relation to Team: Goalkeeper
    Brief Biography: Limmie is in Fravid's blood. He grew up in the normal every day life of a modern family. A mom and a dad. He was an only child which gave him plenty of time to hone his Limmie skills, and at age 8 his parents entered him into the junior Limmie League where he became the top player almost instantly. He was looked at at a planetary level and at age 12 became the youngest player on Clak'dor's Junior team and lead his team to 3 straight Junior Limmie titles out of a 24 team tournament involving teams from all around Clak'dor. Then came high school.

    High was where his life got interesting. That's where he met Zeke Barbosa. It was day 1 of practice for the school's Limmie team. Zeke was a Junior, Fravid a Sophomore. Zeke had been the starting Goalkeeper since his Freshman year and Fravid was the new kid. It was a hard fought battle during the summer and Fravid was told he got the job. But when opening day came he was snubbed and Zeke got the job. And then went on to sign with the Rough Riders and play in the ELL All-Star game. He never forgot that. He swore that one day he would ruin Zeke's Limmie career. Now with the recent call from Ryloth's GM to bring him up from Ryloth's PLL team, the Shili Suncrushers, he just might get that chance.

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Ryloth Rough Riders

    Fravid Deese (Human, Male, Goalkeeper) Brought up from the PLL team Shili Suncrushers, Signs a 5 year 4.32 million Credit contract

    Zeke Barbosa (Bith, male, Goalkeeper) Signs a 8 year 10.67 million credit contract extension with an option on the 282 season
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    GM Post

    Friendly Schedule
    Mando'ade Mercs at Kamino Waves
    Bakura Miners at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Balmorra Blasters at Rydonni Prime Monarchs

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    IC: HSN Euceron
    Time: Two weeks before the draft

    "Next up, we have—er, hold up a minute as it appears we have breaking news from the Euceron Storm. Sanzek, you have more?"

    "Yes I do. As was widely expected, the Storm have released defensive coordinator Lisamm Nay'lio, but not for the reason everyone expected. General manager Aebatt Zargana said at a press conference just moments ago that she terminated Nay'lio's employment for, quote, "internal reasons unrelated to on-field performance," end quote. Zargana would not elaborate further, saying only that it is a private matter between the team and Nay'lio. Zargana did say that after discussion with other members of the organization, she has decided not to replace Nay'lio, and her duties will be fulfilled by head coach Haron Orus. We'll have more on this situation as it develops. Also, several player moves were announced at the same time. The Storm have released right corner back Kallarump to free agency, and have re-signed midfielder Nat'vorn and left half forward Gorrrump to two- and five-year contracts, respectively. That's all I have. Cedkin, back to you."

    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: Nalo home, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: First round of 272 Elite League Draft, Smugglers on the clock

    "Storm gotta take Tullo," insisted Tendra. "They need his skill. Especially with the release of Kallarump."

    "But what the Storm don't need are his ego issues," said Marte. "If he—"

    "With the fourth pick of the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Ike Tullo, Corner Back, College of Fondordelphia."

    "Well, there goes that," commented Marte. "Who's next on your list?"

    Tendra mulled it over for a moment. "Well, Andwol looked a little shaky in goal last season. Perhaps take Chenkabukk to challenge him?"

    "Interesting. What about Cali Royd to shore up the midfield?"

    Tendra was already shaking her head. "She's a second-rounder at best."

    "Really? She wasn't put on the cover of ELL 72 for nothing."

    "Really. Good skill, but she's too injury-prone. There wasn't a single season in her college career where she didn't miss at least one game due to injury."

    "What about a defender?"

    "Nobody other than Tullo was worth a first-round pick. Defense just isn't that strong in this year's draft."

    "Sas'quetch, maybe?"

    "They need speed on the defense. Not power."

    "I think that—ah, looks like the pick is in. Let's see who it is."

    A Storm representative handed a piece of flimsi to the master of ceremonies, who moved to the microphone to announce the pick.

    "With the fifth pick of the 272 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Euceron Storm select Chenkabukk, Goalkeeper, University of Kashyyyk. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock."

    "OK, well looks like Andwol will have some competition next season," said Marte.

    "I'm hungry."

    "You just had dinner. Am I going to have to put up with this for the next five years?"

    "Yep!" Tendra said with a grin.

    Marte sighed. His parents had told him that teenagers could be difficult to deal with. Tendra had turned thirteen two weeks ago, and Marte was beginning to see what they were talking about.

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    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Euceron Storm
    --Lisamm Nay’lio (Bothan, Female, Defensive Coordinator) fired
    --Kallarump (Wookiee, Female, Right Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    --Natv'orn (Twi’lek, Male, Midfielder) re-signed to two-year contract
    --Gorrrump (Wookiee, Male, Left Half Forward) re-signed to five-year contract

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    Friendly Schedule
    Mando'ade Mercs at Kamino Waves
    Bakura Miners at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Balmorra Blasters at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers

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    IC: Sydney Talon
    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "Wait. You mean the Galactic Cup champion Bakura Miners?" Sydney asked in disbelief. It was not easy to surprise Sydney Talon. This had.

    "The one and only," Regan Eldred confirmed, "If you're not interested--"

    "Oh I'm very interested," Sydney interrupted.

    Eldred smiled. "That's what we thought." She turned to Lizsen. "What is Fleetfire Zarmer's standard retainer?"

    "For an enterprise of the Miners' scale, we request one million credits, unless you anticipate significant legal expenses," Lizsen replied coolly.

    Regan picked up a datapad in front of her and signed with a stylus. "That falls within the amount I was authorized by my sister." She stood and shook hands with Lizsen and then Sydney. "I look forward to your expert representation."

    "Likewise, Justice," Sydney said.

    "You have my contact, Justice," Lizsen said.

    "Lizsen Fleetfire's direct comm line," Regan said with a smile, "Almost worth the million credits on its own. Now, forgive me. Oral arguments tomorrow and preparation beckons." She withdrew and Sydney and Lizsen waited until she was out of sight.

    "The Bakura frakking Miners, Lizsen," Sydney said with a huge grin spreading across his face.

    "This isn't just a whaladon, Sydney. This is THE whaladon," Lizsen said. In compete and wilfull ignorance of her still hot tea and the time on the chrono, Lizsen poured two drinks from the decanters against the transparisteel window. "This should draw in several other major clients through gravitational pull. The senior partners will be very happy."

    "I know. I am one and I'm absolutely ecstatic right now," Sydney said as he accepted a tumbler, "Cheers."


    They drank. "Next time, we're drinking out of the Galactic Cup." Sydney stopped. "Please day you negotiated that in the retainer agreement. I want to drink out of the Galactic Cup."

    "It's already been returned to the League," Lizsen said, "Though since Justice Eldred seems to be something of a fan, I'm sure if they win it again she can work something out."

    "Win it again? Win it again?" Sydney repeated, "You realize that only two teams in the Modern Era have ever repeated. Ever. That's over a century and it's only happened twice. Strensky never repeated. Grames never repeated."

    "I am well aware of your encyclopedic knowledge of limmie history, Sydney," Lizsen said as she took a seat behind her desk, "But please remember that the Miners are now a client and therefore you are actually required to do work to earn that million dollar retainer. Speaking of which, you're to meet Quinn Cundertol when he returns to Mandalore."

    "The Smug Dragon himself," Sydney said with a roll of his eyes. It was a nickname that was catching on for the Miners' GM. Where it had started Sydney wasn't quite sure, but somehow the idea of Cundertol nested on a mountain of aurodium inside his office seemed to fit.

    "You and he should get along well. You both think you're the Force's gift to the galaxy," Lizsen replied casually.

    Sydney decided not to give Lizsen the pleasure of a response to that. "One more thing: this means that I get to watch HSN Sports at work now, right?"

    "I'm not going to deign to answer that one," Lizsen said without looking at Sydney.

    "I'll take that as a yes then," Sydney said before darting out the door.

    A minute and a half later, Sydney had arrived at Mara's cubicle.

    "Well somebody looks like he had a nice meeting," Mara said as soon as she saw Sydney.

    The attorney leaned on the low partition of Mara's desk. "Get the can opener."

    Mara's head whipped around from her terminal screen. "What." The legal secretary was so shocked she didn't even pose it as a question.

    "The Bakura Miners just signed a retainer with us," Sydney said, his voice low.

    "You're joking," Mara said.

    "No I'm not. Regan Eldred just signed. I witnessed it."

    "Oh my Maker."

    Kain threw open a drawer and began searching for the can opener.

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  9. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    MandalMotors Hall, Mandalore
    It was weird for Dawn to be on Mandalore and not be gearing up for a match against Ryi Kor’le and the Mercs. What was even weirder was the fact that she was here for a rookie draft. She remembered back to when she graduated from UCBV there wasn’t anything like the spectacle of which she was about to be a part. In the past, if you weren’t a limmie phenom, you needed to play your way up the ranks in order to make it onto an Elite League squad.

    But now she, as one of the team captains, she was going to be one of the first people to greet the newest members of the Monarchs. She, along with Beks and Mia, would get a message from the Monarchs’ War Room on a special datapad. The datapad would print out a name on a small piece of filmsi and one of them would walk it up to the podium for the announcement. That was it, as simple as that, a college graduate all of the sudden becomes a professional limmie player on an Elite League team.

    Dawn had wished that Tev could have joined her on the trip, but he was back on Coruscant with Edu Ovando and Melodi Aquis. All of them were dealing with family business. One would not know it by looking at them, but Tev, Edu, and Melodi were cousins, their mothers were sisters. So she was stuck, in hostile territory, without her favorite wingman – her husband. So she sat there, with a secure comlink in her ear, and took in everything going on around her.

    At first nothing came over the earpiece that connected the three team captains on the floor of the hall to the War Room back at their hotel. Then the first pick was announced, the Helmsman trophy winner to the new Elite League team. “Predictable,” was the first thing she heard, and it came from a female voice with which she was not familiar. Dawn assumed that it was their new Offensive Coordinator, but she had not yet had the pleasure of meeting her.

    Dawn looked down at the datapad and watched Ye’ves’toung’s name go from the top of the list of Midfielders to in between the number one and Ralltiir Starkillers. The next team on the list was the newly reformed Senators. Seeing them with the second pick made Dawn’s stomach turn. It was her opinion that they should have been given the slot the Force had earned, they should have been picking after the Smugglers. But because of a technicality, they were going to be getting yet another advantage.

    And with that another Midfielder, Demetra Silkins, came off the board. That is when things started to get buzzing in the War Room.

    “Alright that’s two Midfirlders.” That was Greebus.

    “What do you expect when 65% of the free agents out there are Defensive Backs?” Clair quipped back.

    “Hold on I’ve got an idea.” Setarcos said. Then Dawn could hear what sounded like a comm unit being activated. “Aay’han, Sweetheart, what do you say to swapping first rounders?” He said sarcastically, with a hint of laughter in his voice, “She hung up, I guess the answer was no then.”

    Dawn started laughing, forgetting that everyone else around her, save Beks and Mia, could not hear what Setarcos just said. So she started stifled her laughter as the Mercs choice of Andres Fortune was announced. Not long after the Smugglers picked up Ike Tullo and the Storm took Chenkabukk.

    “Ooh, a run on Defenders, should we keep it going?” Clair said jokingly. Dawn knew, as well as most everyone else in the galaxy, that the Monarchs definitely did not need defense. The bulk of their picks in 271 were defenders, they even traded their one offensive pick to get the defensive oriented Midfielder Seter. So looking at their roster they really only needed two players to round things out.

    Then the pick came in and both of her fellow captains looked to her to deliver it to the podium. She took the comlink out of her ear and strolled up to stage to a wave of BOOOs from the Mandalorian crowd. When she got up to the front she turned to the ‘adoring’ crowd and gave them a playful wave, which only made them show their appreciation for her even louder.

    “With the 6th pick of the draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Cali Royd, Midfielder, Albanin-Baxel Defense Academy. The Bakura Miners are now on the clock.”

    “Welcome to the Monarchs, Nugget.”Dawn greeted her and handed her a jersey with the number one on it so they could take the traditional holos together, “That was the last time I will ever hand anything to you, short of the Galactic Cup.” Once the media moment was over, Cali walked off the stage to be interviewed and Dawn went back to her seat. As she put her ear piece in she could hear Setarcos speaking, “So, Quinn, we have a deal, right?”

    What is that crafty old sports writer up to now?
    TAG: Trieste
  10. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Friendly Schedule
    Mando'ade Mercs at Kamino Waves
    Bakura Miners at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    Balmorra Blasters at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Coruscant Senators at KashyyykRangers
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Ryloth Rough Riders

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  11. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Sydney Talon
    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "They're drafting!" Mara called out as she ran (well as best as she could run in heels) into Sydney's office. She never knocked. Ever. Mainly because she was listening via the intercomm anyways.

    Sydney looked up from his datapad. "You know I'm actually working in here."

    "I don't have a vidscreen at my cubicle and you do," Mara said as she grabbed a remote and turned the vidscreen on.

    Sydney had a very nice office. A very nice office. It was a corner office and the transparisteel windows gave a beautiful view of one of the two rivers that had been the reason the city had sprung unto being. Along one of the shelves against the windows was a line of bolo-balls that sat on individual stands. From a distance one could make out the ink of autographs on each of them. Modern but plush furniture took up the center of the office, clearly designed for entertaining clients in comfort. A glass top table was in one corner, and Sydney's sleek and polished desk took up the rest of the room. Across from the desk was where the vidscreen hung. He really only used it for conference calls when he had to make one, but it still had Holonet connectivity.

    "I just happen to be reviewing the non-league match agreement with the C-Bucs," Sydney said, holding his datapad up.

    "Oh that's nice," Mara said, "It looks like Rydonni Prime just picked."

    "Once again, I am working on something Mara," Sydney replied, clearly annoyed.

    "It's a non-league game. It doesn't matter," Mara said, dismissively.

    "Yes it does because once the C-Bucs sign this the Miners are splitting the gate. Do you know how rare that is to get a team to split the gate for a non-league match? Best you can usually do is 30-70," Sydney said.

    "The Miners are Galactic Cup champions. Of course they'll split the gate. They'll pack the grounds. Queen Mother herself will show," Mara said, "I hope they pick the twins."

    "The who?" Despite himself, Sydney was accepting the inevitable. He'd just have to watch the draft until Mara got out of his office. But he had to admit he was intrigued now.

    "The Trando Twins. Ruunron and Ruunjaa. I mean think about it. The Miners have two straight picks and they're still on the board. It'd be a coup. When would they ever get a chance like this again?" Mara said.

    "Since when did you start caring about limmie?" Sydney asked.

    "Since forever," Mara retorted, shocked he was asking the question, "Oh, and since I heard that we might be getting a box at the Gardens."

    "We're not getting a box. Those things are expensive."

    "Club level tickets then."

    "Okay, maybe," Sydney said. He wouldn't mind some good midfield club level seats now that she mentioned it...

    "And now we're seeing General Manager of the Miners, Quinn Cundertol, enter the draft floor," the HSN Sports broadcaster was saying. The Mandos were booing their heads off.

    "Why the hell would he even go there?" Mara said, "They hate him, clearly, and he could have sent Thorne."

    "Cundertol showed up last year at Euceron and war roomed it there. He doesn't go now the Mandos are going to be on him for being a chicken," Sydney said, "He won't give them the pleasure. Besides, you can take a lot of abuse when you've got your name on the Galactic Cup and the other guys don't and you're happy to take it."

    "Cundertol's two picks last season were not all-star picks, but defense helped get the Miners into the Final, and Waters and Wizmark were big parts of that defense," the broadcaster continued, "What direction Cundertol goes with so many expiring contracts and a whopping five picks in this draft is going to be interesting."

    "The mighty Quinn," Mara said, relishing the words as Cundertol stepped up to the podium. It was another one of his new nicknames in the wake of the Cup, a much more flattering nickname at that.

    "Careful, sounds like somebody's got a crush," Sydney said teasingly.

    "Careful nothing. The things I would do to that man," Mara said, "Rrrrrrar."

    Sydney rolled his eyes as Cundertol finally got enough of a relative quiet to begin speaking. "Before I announce the seventh overall pick in the 272 draft, I have been given permission by Commissioner Kayl'hen to announce that the Bakura Miners have traded the fifteenth overall pick in the 272 draft to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs for their second and third round picks in the 273 Elite League Draft."

    And then MandalMotors Hall erupted. The Miners and Monarchs, two of their least favorite teams trading each other? That didn't go over well at all.

    "Do you think that he did that just to make them all furious?" Mara asked.

    "I wouldn't put it past him," Sydney said, "It's not a bad trade. He can't get any worse of a pick in the second round next year and if he doesn't think he needs it now, that's a deal I'd make."

    "And with the seventh overall pick in the 272 Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners select Anton Jorpik from the University of Bakura, Telaan Valley," Cundertol announced.

    "So he's rolling the dice on Jorpik," Sydney said, "Two time Bak10 champion, Carnation Bowl winner this last year, and gets torched in the galactic championship game."

    "Chenkabukk was off the board," Mara said, "If he wanted to draft a keeper, he could have done worse. Cynour's got good technical skills, but he's not a pro-level player yet."

    "And you think Jorpik is?"

    "Put anybody behind that Miner defense and they're going to do well."

    "Unless they play Phil Brooks and Vandelhelm. Or Nar Shaddaa," Sydney said.

    "Hush, Cundertol's picking again," Mara said.

    Sydney rolled his eyes. Being hushed by his own assistant. This was the life of a Senior Partner?

    "And with the eighth overall pick in the 272 Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners select Will Detra of Citadel University of Anaxes," Cundertol announced.

    "Hmmmm, not bad. Citadel did go 7-0 with Detra. Never scored below 25 points a game. He's a stud," Sydney said.

    "Stud nothing. Look at him. He's gorgeous," Mara gushed.

    "Oh wow, now just look at that handsome young forward there," the female HSN Sports broadcaster was gushing as Detra came up to accept his jersey from Cundertol and take pictures, "Wow I'm telling you forwards. You get all the luck. You're all so handsome. I mean--that's a beautiful man. Whoa! If you're a young kid on Anaxes right now, get the bolo-ball out and start throwing it around the backyard with your dad."

    Syndey turned slowly and looked at Mara. Mara turned slowly and looked at Sydney.

    "Did what I think just happen just happen?" Sydney asked.

    "I don't know. Do you think what just happened is what I think just happened?" Mara replied.

    "That broadcaster just crushed hard on Will Detra on galactic TV. Have you ever seen that before?" Sydney asked.

    "No, but she's got a point. Detra is a fine piece of--"

    "Get out right now," Sydney cut her off, pointing at the door.

    "What? I'm just saying," Mara said.

    GM Post

    The first round has now concluded, so we go into the silent auction stage for the next two rounds. PM me your picks. I will announce them as I can (for instance, when I receive Ralltiir's second round pick, I will announce it immediately) so you all know who's being picked. I will update you as I can on if your picks have been taken with a higher pick by someone else. I am tentatively setting January 20 as the last day for draft picks. We'll see if we need to extend as we get closer.

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  12. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    MandalMotors Hall, Mandalore

    And with the first round done, the Draft continued on. Kayl'hen took the reins here as the ceremony of the first round picks finished.

    "With the ninth overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Marmu Ishana, Full Forward, of GVSU.

    "With the tenth overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select Dauza Chary, Right Corner Forward, GVSU."

    A sudden run on forwards and GVSU players had the hall buzzing. Last year offensive players had been at a premium and it seemed that now the teams having satisfied their midfield and goalkeeper needs were stocking up with three straight forward picks. How their beloved Mercs would respond would be interesting.

    "With the eleventh overall pick, the Mando'ade Mercs--" "Oya oya oya!" "--select Sas'quetch, Full Back, The Ord Sabaok University."

    The hometown crowd applauded and cheered for the Wookiee defender. OSU was, despite KMI's overwhelming popularity, well respected on Mandalore and despite the non-Mando pick the Merc fans seemed to like it.

    "With the twelfth overall pick, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Quillan Sands, Goalkeeper, BCC."

    A surprise selection from deep in the rankings for the Smugglers, but Cutter must have seen something he liked out of the BCC keeper whose team had caught fire this past season after a disappointing 270 campaign.

    "The Euceron Storm are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the thirteenth overall pick, the Euceron Storm select Sanyr Ralders, Midfielder, Vertical City University," Kayl'hen announced.

    "With the fourteenth overall pick, the Bakura Miners--" "Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." "--select Ruunron, Center Half Back, University of Kashyyyk."

    "With the fifteenth overall pick, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Maggie Adams, Left Half Forward, The Ord Sabaok University."

    "With the sixteenth overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Abe Cynour, Goalkeeper, GVSU."

    "The Coruscant Senators are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Garf Tamarack (Human, Male, Right Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    • Griff Hakuna (Twilek, Male, Left Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    • Cavylo Tylipsi (Human, Male, Right Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Vishar Morndu (Fondorian, Female, Center Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Syrah Mothlan (Human, Female, Left Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Tenah Del'shar (Bothan, Female, Midfielder) becomes a free agent
    • Krevjaa (Trandosha, Male, Center Half Forward) becomes a free agent
    • Cameron Veryiste (Human, Male, Left Half Forward) becomes a free agent
    If any of you are interested in making a play for Chiefs players now in free agency, we have entered into the 48 hour window before we go straight into first-come, first-served assignments.

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  15. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    MandalMotors Hall

    "With the seventeenth overall pick, the Coruscant Senators," Kayl'hen announced, "select Reid Livingstone Left Corner Back, BCC.

    "With the eigteenth pick overall, the Mando'ade Mercs--" "Oya oya oya!" "--select Gunman Forp Left Corner Back, Chandrila A&M.

    "With the nineteenth pick overall, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Ruunjaa Midfielder, University of Kashyyyk.

    "With the twentieth overall pick, the Euceron Storm select Bailey Walker Corner Back, University of Garos.

    "The Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    MandalMotors Hall, Mandalore

    "With the twenty first overall pick, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Vic McTodd, Center Half Forward, GVSU."

    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    MandalMotors Hall, Mandalore

    "With the twenty second overall pick, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Vesper Lynd, Full Forward, UB Cape Suzette."

    The Mando meeting hall buzzed. Lynd had been on nobody's scanners. Not a single mock draft had her going to any team in the Elite League. In fact, they didn't even know who this Lynd girl was. Immediately, searches on the HoloNet for "Vesper Lynd UBCS" spiked 1,325%...which was really quite arbitrary since any improvement over zero was closer to infinity. This move by the Monarchs would be quite surprising, especially when better rated forwards like Webb of Chandrila A&M were still on the board.

    "And with the twenty third and final pick in the 272 Elite League Draft," Commissioner Kayl'hen announced, "The Bakura Miners select Honey Ryder, Midfielder, Royal College of Hapes."

    And with that, Honey Ryder became what had been dubbed "Ms. Irrelevant" by the galactic media, a new trivia question answer for limmie junkies everywhere.

    "Gentlebeings, thank you all for joining us for this year's draft. I'd especially like to thank Mandalore for hosting this draft--" "Oya oya oya!"

    Maker will they ever stop doing that? Kayl'hen thought.

    "--and congratulate all of the young players who will be joining our teams this season. I hope to see you all at Opening Day."

    OOC: The draft has now concluded. All remaining draftees on the boards are now in the free agent pool and may be signed as free agents by any team. They are:

    • Calli Webb (Mon Calamari, Female, Right Corner Forward, Chandrila A&M)
    • Dyslo "Dizzy" Rol'per (Twi'lek, Male, Corner Forward, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute)
    • Unia Yistral (Zabrak, Female, Left Corner Back, University of Ord Mantell)
    • Sugnok Umanh (Human, Male, Center Half Back, U. of Be'Nal)
    • Ciegarth (Kaleesh, Male, Left Half Back, The Ord Sabaok University)
    • Struss Sillensun, (Rodian, Male, Midfielder, University of Coruscant)
    • Sali Meets (Human, Female, Goalkeeper, UB Gesco City)
    • Kurta Thaar (Zabra, Male, Goalkeeper, Verpine Tech)

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Jett Hanson (Human, Male, Right Half Back, Nadiem Chiefs) signed as a free agent
    • Jase Hanson (Human, Male, Center Half Back, Nadiem Chiefs) signed as a free agent
    • Steen Hanson (Human, Male, Left Half Back, Nadiem Chiefs) signed as a free agent
    • "Killer" K'Karlson (Whipid, Male, Right Corner Back, Nadiem Chiefs) signed as a free agent
    • Ogeeogilthorp (Wookiee, Male, Midfielder, Nadiem Chiefs) signed as a free agent
    Coruscant Senators
    • Cameron Veryiste (Human, Male, Left Half Forward, Mando'ade Mercs)
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  19. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Meshla Vhetin, Keldabe, Manda'yaim

    Taab stood behind his desk looking out of his office window towards the field below. Groundskeeping droids were hard at work preparing it for the season. No schedule had yet been announced, and the Mercs would play their only friendly offworld, on wet and sterile Kamino, but the field needed to be readied nonetheless. He was pleased thus far with this past off-season, they had gone out and hired the coach they had wanted. The players they had targeted in the draft had fallen to them and most of their free agents had been signed. Those that were not wanted had been released, though they might get further attention from the Mercs later on.

    But there was still work to be done. Their second round of free agents still had to be brought into the fold. These were players whose fates had hung in the balance through the draft. But now that the Mercs knew who they had, and what they needed, those players agents had been contacted and contracts with them would soon be finalized. There were also other free agents that the team sought after. The folding of the Chiefs franchise had left a large number of excellent players on the market. Many of those were perfect for the Mercs system and could adapt to playing mando'ade style mershgeroya. These were the first players that Taab had sent his ex-wife to negotiate with and Taab was sure the Mercs would get them. After all Vhett's skills as a negotiator had already brought the Mercs their greatest off season prize.

    Jeem Daryc, the Junior Center Half forward for the KMI warriors had been the cog that their vauted offense had been built upon. He would have been a legitimate first round pick, but when he didn't announce for the draft most college meshgeroya analysts reported that he must be staying to avenge the Warriors loss in the SEC Title game and was gunning for another collegiate title. They couldn't have been more wrong. Vhett's well publisized trips to the KMI campus, trips that were assumed as attempts to recruit coach Ur'ban Me'yer, were in fact efforts to keep Daryc out of the draft and signed with the Mercs. And they were successful. The cost was steep, but in Taab's mind it was worth it. Daryc played Ryi Kor'le's position and she had made no secret of the fact that this was her last contract in professional meshgeroya. In three years she would be gone, retired and probably enjoying a lucrative bounty hunting career. The time was now to find her future replacement, and found him they had. Three years serving as her backup should be the perfect amount of seasoning, and should make him the next up and coming star of the Mando'ade Mercs, and the Elite Limmie League.

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  20. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    Mando'ade Mercs sign:

    Jeem Daryc (Human mandalorian male) Center half forward to six year deal (financial terms not disclosed)


    Mando'ade Mercs resign:

    Beck Thornton (Human male) Right half forward to 2 year contract extension
    Tsulkalu (Wookiee female) Right corner forward to 2 year contract extension
    Lycar Naughten (Shistavanen male) Full forward to 2 year contract extension
    Flarn (Yuzzem male) Left Corner forward to 2 year contract extension.

    Mando'ade Mercs announce retirement of:

    Ryric Nertrayn (Human Male) defensive back

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  21. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Sydney Talon
    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Sydney!” Mara called out the moment she spied him coming down the hallway, caf in hand.

    He waited until he reached her workstation before replying. “Mara, what do I have to tell you about using your inside voice?” Sydney playfully chided.

    “Did you hear the news? About the Miners?” she asked, totally ignoring his question, as she often did. Some assistant she was. And yet Sydney knew he could never live without her. And he knew she knew it too.

    Ever since we got this account she’s acted like she’s got the autographed bolo-balls in her office, Sydney thought. But the truth was that his curiosity got the better of him. “What?”

    Mara got up from her desk and hurried into Sydney’s office where she turned his vidscreen on. “It broke in the middle of the night. Rotational difference from here to Chandrila,” Mara said.

    “Chandrila? What does Chandrila have to do with the Miners?” Sydney asked.

    “Apparently, the future of the franchise,” Mara replied as she called up a clip on demand. It was a Chandrila A&M press conference and Quinn Cundertol was standing in the background. That was nearly important as who was at the podium.

    “Limmie is a team sport and the Elite League Draft privileges individual achievements, not team chemistry. That never sat well with us. We thought long and hard about it and our decision not to enter the draft was based on a belief that we play better together than apart. If we’d entered the Draft, there’s no way that we would be able to play together in the Elite League. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve both signed entry-level contracts with the Bakura Miners.”

    Those words were spoken by Morgan Alesh, standout Right Half Forward. Next to her was Becki Morlan, Left Half Forward.

    The Towers of Powers, the Hapan Halves, the Firing Line, the Hapan Hotness was coming to Bakura.

    “Force, looks like Cundertol’s made some decisions about those contracts in the half forward line,” Sydney said.

    “You’ll get to ask him about it in two days. His office scheduled a meeting with you after Cundertol gets back from Chandrila,” Mara said.

    “Is he bringing them with him?” Sydney said, pointing to the screen where Morlan and Alesh were holding their new Miner jerseys and having pictures taken with Cundertol.

    “You wish.”

    Bakura Miner offices, Salis D’aar, Bakura
    Two days later

    Quinn Cundertol had the most interesting decorating style. It was better than organized chaos, Sydney decided. Organized eccentricity, perhaps. Organized, eclectic eccentricity. Very retro, though not without its touches of modern. Sydney was pretty sure that Dana Roslyn had gone for a much cleaner space.

    The GM did not bother to get up from his desk where he was sitting with hands intertwined and reading. The way he glanced up, barely moving his head, was almost as if he barely registered the barrister’s arrival.

    “Mr. Talon,” Cundertol said. Apparently that classified as hello for the Eriaduan. And this man had charmed Alesh and Morlan to signing with the Miners…

    “I see introductions aren’t necessary,” Sydney replied.

    “Justice Eldred briefed me on hiring new representation. She failed to indicate what was unsatisfactory about our former counsel,” Cundertol continued, not looking at Sydney but rather at his datapad.

    “It wasn’t me,” Sydney said without hesitation. It was natural confidence, but he enjoyed giving it back to Cundertol.

    Quinn raised his eyes now with a hint of a smile. “Indeed. Your skills are highly regarded, Mr. Talon. I trust they will meet expectations.”

    “I don’t make it a habit to disappoint.”

    “Good,” Cundertol said. He pushed his datapad aside and sat back in his chair. He indicated for Sydney to take a seat. “Our largest priority is contract review, starting with our draft contracts. I’ll have our draftees sign if everything’s in order.”

    “It’ll be taken care of,” Sydney said.

    “You understand that there is a clock on all our contract proceedings with players?”

    “Absolutely. It’ll be given the highest priority.”

    “Previous counsel also handled some League relations, including preparation of paperwork for free agents and the like,” Cundertol said.

    “We’ll be happy to take care of it. What kind of volume are we looking at?” Sydney asked.

    “Cephala, Graves, and Tah,” Cundertol said. Well, that explained the Alesh and Morlan signings. Tah and Graves were half forwards…but Landa usually played Left Half Forward. And his contract was expiring too. “You have a reputation as one of Salis D’aar’s finest closers. I require your services for some of our more knotty negotiations.”

    “Who specifically?” Talon asked.

    “T.K. and Andersen. North will sign now that I’ve got Ryder in the fold to pressure him. Coupled with the fact that without Glencross he’s no good, he’ll return,” Cundertol said.

    “Yeah, but Glencross is no good without him either,” Talon pointed out. Cundertol glared at him. “Devil’s advocate,” Sydney explained.

    “North will sign,” Cundertol simply replied, “And so will Landa.”

    “Uncia is the only other starter you haven’t accounted for,” Sydney said.

    “We’re in final stages of negotiation with him,” Cundertol said, “Just bring T.K. and Andersen in.”

    “How much room do I have to negotiate?”

    “I’m sorry, I was told you were a closer. Not a negotiator. I expect you to get them to sign the deals I’ve presented to them,” Quinn snapped.

    “It’ll be easier if I have negotiating room,” Sydney said.

    “We’ll discuss that if we won’t sign,” Cundertol said, “I’m sending details of the deal to your office with the contracts. I want to set a starting line up before training camp.”

    “I’ll take care of it,” Talon replied.

    “Thank you,” Cundertol said, picking up his datapad again and returning to his reading, “I look forward to getting those signed deals.” It was a curt dismissal.

    “Naturally,” Sydney said, rising. He didn’t bother to offer his hand. It would be an empty gesture to Cundertol.

    “Mara,” Sydney said into his comm when he was outside the offices, “I need you to schedule an appointment for me with Tamon Kutel. Tell him it’s important. He’ll make room in his schedule.”

    This was going to be an interesting meeting.

    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Morgan Alesh (Hapan, Female, Right Half Forward, Chandrila A&M) signed to entry-level contract
    • Becki Morlan (Hapan, Female, Left Half Forward, Chandrila A&M) signed to entry-level contract
    • Anton Jorpik (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, UB Telaan Valley) signed to entry-level contract
    • Will Detra (Human, Male, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes) signed to entry-level contract
    • Ruunron (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Back, University of Kashyyyk) signed to entry-level contract
    • Honey Ryder (Hapan, Female, Midfielder, Royal College of Hapes) signed to entry-level contract
    • Everett North (Human, Male, Midfielder) signs 3 year contract extension
    • Dorf Landa (Human, Male, Left Half Forward) signs 3 year contract extension
    • Uncia (Cathar, Male, Full Back) signs 2 year contract extension
    • Muzzi Tah (Talz, Male, Center Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Delphinidae Cephala (Herglic, Female, Goalkeeper) becomes a free agent
    • Autumn Graves (Human, Female, Right Half Back) becomes a free agent
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    May 20, 2008
    OOC: Trieste, you set down the gauntlet a few weeks ago. Prepare for more Senators epicness.

    And how this happens to be the longest post I've ever written (this is an 11 on the Gunny scale). I hope I won't bore you. :p

    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators Team HQ

    Gark stepped foot off the shuttle, which had landed in the middle of the parking lot, and paused to stretch. It had been a long ride out to Mandalore and back for the ELL Draft, and sitting in such a cramped shuttle for that long certainly didn’t agree with him. Had it been the Senators’ team shuttle, things would have been a lot better, but there had been no reason to take it all that way without the team. Although training camp was still a while away, Gark had wanted to get back to Coruscant as soon as possible so that he could take some time off. Things got hectic once the preseason chain of events started to occur, so he wanted to take things easy when he had time to. Most likely he would sit in front of the HoloNet screen in his condo and just watch stupid programming for several days without giving it a second thought. Or he could take a short vacation, something he hadn’t had in a while. Some would say that coaching on Wroona last season would count as a vacation, given the planet’s tourist industry, as well as Telerath, which the Islanders had visited earlier that season on their way to a league title. But that had been a business trip, plain and simple, and Gark wanted some time to just relax and not have to worry about anything.

    As he entered the Team HQ building, he was immediately intercepted by an aide. “A message came in for you yesterday,” she said. “It’s been placed on your desk.”

    “Thank you,” Gark replied. Sounded like his vacation plans would have to wait a few minutes longer. That was just spectacular. He turned to look at everyone who had been a part of the Draft cadre: Palla Tyroti, Polis Vayne, Andrew Mundle, and Izzi Polakaya. The draftees, Demetra Silkins, Dauza Chary, and Reid Livingstone, had also accompanied the Senators shuttle back to Coruscant, since they had taken advantage of League-provided transportation to get to Mandalore in the first place. All three of the rookies were clearly impressed by the grandeur of the HQ building, looking around with an air of wonder.

    “Look at that,” Silkins said, her eyes wide open. It was obvious that the girl from the small college of Denon-Eastlake was still lost in the moment. “This is so much better than college.”

    “Wow,” was all Livingstone said. Even though he had played Super 16 ball and had seen some nice facilities, those paled in comparison to what he was now witnessing. Chary, instead of saying anything, just walked over to the soda machine that was placed in the back of the reception area, inspecting it closely. She was apparently impressed that players could buy sodas a lot cheaper from that machine that they could at any other machine on the planet. It was not really intended to be a perk for the Senators organization to have such a hot-ticket item just sitting there, but nevertheless it was there in case someone wanted a cold drink and didn’t have a lot of cash on hand.

    The rookies were star-struck, but the veterans of the organization just paid attention to business. After all, they had been through these halls many times, and the initial awe of its splendor had long-since worn off. “I have a few things to get done in my office. Show the rooks around a little bit if you can. But, if there’s really nothing pressing, I’ll see all of you later.” With that, Gark walked down the hall towards the coach offices.

    As he entered the lobby for the coaches’ offices, Gark realized that he was alone. Me’lin, the trustworthy Twi’lek secretary, was not in, meaning that no one else was around to answer his inquiries if he had any. Given how many questions Gark knew he could potentially have, this was not a good thing. Opening the door to the head coach’s office, Gark entered the room and closed the door behind him. On his desk he had placed a single cardboard box, which was filled with all of the items that he had brought to redecorate the office space. It was the exact same box that he had stashed all of those items in years earlier in that disgraceful exit from the scene in 270. Out of the top of the box peeked one of his Langann Awards, once stolen from him on Thyferra. He had thought that he would never see the trophies again after some thugs had beaten him up on Thyferra right after arriving, but thanks to Pamila Korthe’s generosity, he was able to reacquire them. Now they stood for something once more, and Gark was sure that he was going to use them as motivation going forwards into the 272 Limmie season.

    Sitting down in the office chair, Gark brushed the box aside, revealing a small envelope. Written on it was: “Read Immediately”. Gark slashed the seal open and pulled out a piece of flimsy. It certainly wasn’t much to look at, and Gark began to read:

    Dear Sir,

    It has come to my attention that you are in considerable peril. I presume that you might scoff at this statement, but I am insistent that this is no prank of any kind. You have certainly seen the back hand of foul deeds before, and now is the time that you must trust me to help you along in your path to safety not just for yourself, but for those you know and trust.

    If you are wise, meet me at 1600 tomorrow at Café Domme, down on 43rd Avenue across from Korupp Manufacturing Plaza. Be there on the dot, and be patient; I will come at due time and make my presence known to you and only you. Bring no one along with you; this meeting is of utter secrecy, and must not be overheard by anyone other than yourself. That being said, I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

    P.S. For secrecy, I have the following code for you to say when I repeat the following line:
    You mind if I take a seat in this lovely crafted item of my affection?

    You will reply, promptly, so that I may know it is you:

    Careful, or you’ll fall through.

    Remember, use these code terms wisely. It is not wise to let some unscrupulous person glom on to them and figure out what it is all about.

    Gark got to the end of the letter to find that there was no name attached. Well, that was just great; there went his vacation plans for another day. In most cases, he would be skeptical about such a note. But when someone had as many attempts taken on their life and well-being in the past as Gark had, he had an innate sense of knowing if something was up. This letter, although crude and rather evasive on who had sent it, seemed rather on-the-dot. Frankly, to Gark’s way of thinking, who wasn’t gunning for him these days? It was the price that came along with success, and was something that Gark always had to think about.

    For the next ten minutes, he debated whether he should go to the meeting or not. If he didn’t, he reasoned, he would be able to pursue his vacation plans. But this would also leave him vulnerable in case an attack on his person was imminent. On the other hand, if he went to the meeting, and nothing happened, then he would have just wasted an entire day thinking about it. But he would have peace of mind as a result, which he guessed could be advantageous. So he resolved to make the meeting the next day. Placing the flimsy back into its envelope, he picked up his jacket and left the office with the envelope firmly in hand. As soon as he got home, he decided to watch some HoloNet programming before turning in for the night early. After all that space travel, he certainly could use some rest.


    Gark entered the front door of the café. He looked at his watch; 1458, it said. No one paid him any mind as he walked past the counter and over to a table in the far corner, one that was secluded enough to be fit for a secret meeting. He pulled out the chair and sat down, tapping lightly on the table as he waited. He wasn’t sure who was going to show up, because the author of the note hadn’t left any identification behind. That was not a good sign, and Gark had a sneaking suspicion that he’d rather not know why he was here.

    Finally, after a few minutes had passed, Gark spied someone in a black hat and leather jacket come in and order a drink at the counter. The man was handed his drink and then looked for a table, just like any other customer. But, he seemed to be on a mission, and made a bee-line for the back where Gark was sitting. “You mind if I take a seat in this lovely crafted item of my affection?” he asked in a gruff voice as he pointed to the chair across from Gark.

    “Careful, or you’ll fall through,” Gark said, repeating the code line specified in the note. The man sat down and took off his hat. He looked . . . familiar, somehow, but Gark couldn’t quite place the face he saw.

    “Greetings,” the man said, changing his tone of voice. He was keeping it low for a reason. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

    “Who are you?” Gark asked. He just couldn’t place that face!

    The man looked at Gark, a look of determination gleaming in his eyes. Gark blinked, and realized that he had seen this man before, but it had been quite a while since their last encounter. “X,” he finally said. “It’s been a while.”

    “Tell me about it,” X said, sighing as he swirled the caf in his cup around.

    “I thought you were dead,” Gark said. “You were tops on Mornd’s hit list the last I heard.”

    “Do you know how hard it is to fake your own death?” X asked inquisitively. “If you think it’s a walk in the park, think again. Mornd was relentless; I had to walk on eggshells the entire time, having to keep myself low at all times just to stay alive. I even had to attend my own funeral; Maker knows that I can’t go back to my relatives without giving them a heart attack. Oh yes, Phil Schifely attended my funeral, that was my name; an old buddy from high school. Yeah, that was really fun, getting to talk to everyone like I had really died. The looks on their faces killed me inside. A small piece of me died that day, because I knew then and there that I could never go back.”

    “Why are you telling me this?” Gark asked, narrowing his eyes as he spoke.

    “Isn’t it obvious?” X hissed. “Whenever I show up to give you any information, it means that poodoo is about to go down. I’m just giving you fair warning, that’s all.”

    “Warning of what?” Gark asked. Frankly, after all he had been through, what more could the galaxy throw at him?

    “They know where you live,” X said quietly, looking around to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

    “Who?” Gark asked back.

    “Look casual,” X hissed. He then proceeded to take a long drink of his caf. Gark looked up at a Duro. The individual was looking for a table, and then when he saw the two men sitting at the only one in the area, he moved on. “Can’t let anyone figure out what I’m saying to you,” X said after he put down his beverage. “Too many spies around.”

    “What are you talking about?” Gark asked. He was still confused. “What’s going on that I don’t know?”

    “A lot, quite frankly,” X replied. He then leaned in close, and Gark followed suit. “Calo Mornd escaped from prison last week. Maximum security penitentiary, really thick walls, one comlink call a week. You know, the really tough places where they put away the really messed-up convicts. They have all kinds of security features, such as heat and light sensors. Even have a bed check droid to make sure the prisoners don’t get out. And you’re always on tape, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. You can’t even take a piss without the guards knowing what you’re up to. Yet he somehow is able to escape without the cameras or droids being able to detect his presence. The trail went cold immediately; someone inside definitely sprung him loose, but no one knows how or why.”

    “He’s coming for me, isn’t he?” Gark asked.

    “Duh,” X said back. “You ruined his perfect little plans, and now he wants revenge. But that’s not the only thing. Word on the street says that he’s dead serious about this revenge business. I trust my sources as much as the next guy, but I’m not sure if they’re pulling my leg on this one or not.”

    “Just tell me,” Gark insisted.

    “Word is that Mornd is on the move in the underground,” X said, taking a look around just to make sure that there was no one listening in once again. He then turned back to face Gark. “Sounds like the crackpot was doing a little bit of studying while he was locked up. Excelled in every form of martial arts they taught at the damn place, and as you know he was a real weakling physically. They mean for those classes to be to teach the criminals some respect for others, but all they’re really doing is arming them with the weapons necessary for more crimes. A dumb criminal with a blaster may be able to scare a load of people, but they’re scaring themselves just as much as they are the people. But a criminal with a gun and martial arts skills is a really dangerous one; they can get in and out of a job without having to fire a single shot. Yet they always leave bodies behind. They’re not afraid to take on people with blasters because they already know defense and disarming techniques, and then they can either gun ‘em down or finish them off in other fashions.”

    “So you’re telling me that he’s a little bit more proficient in martial arts than I gave him credit for?” Gark asked.

    “A little bit? From what I’ve heard, this guy could break your neck. Anyways, he’s building up a little army of henchmen. You know, typical brute types who don’t have enough brains to fill a jar. But that’s not the point. He wants your job . . . and he’s willing to kill you to get it.”

    “No surprise there,” Gark said. He wasn’t shocked to hear that Mornd wanted to kill him. Ever since the latter had been put away in prison on a life sentence, Gark had always wondered what Mornd was thinking about. But Mornd wasn’t ever supposed to be able to escape, let alone magically becoming a martial arts expert in the process. And now he was on the loose; that was going to complicate things. “So what are you proposing that I do? I can’t just walk up to him and challenge him to a fight.”

    “Luckily for you, you won’t have to. Or, at least not without leveling the playing field first,” X said. He broke out a grin, one that made Gark slightly uncomfortable. “Follow me. But act casual. You never know who’s in here and what they’ve heard.” He then stood up and walked out of the café. Gark stood up and followed out, trying to be as casual as possible.

    Once both men were outside, Gark followed X as he made his way through the streets. “Where are we going?” Gark asked. X didn’t reply. Minutes passed as the two kept walking, X every now and then turning his head around to see if anyone was following them. When he determined that the coast was clear, he kept walking. It seemed to Gark like X was ducking behind every alley to try and throw off any pursuers, which he had to admit was the only feasible way to do so in such a tight space like a city street.

    Finally, after what seemed like thirty minutes, X stopped in front of a derelict building. Gark figured that it had once been a restaurant, but from the looks of it, it had been out of business for quite a while. X checked his back one more time and then looked back at Gark. “Here we are,” he said nonchalantly.

    “Where exactly is here?” Gark asked, raising an eyebrow. “Looks like an abandoned restaurant to me.”

    “Tsk tsk. Always being analytical,” X said, shaking his head. He then went up to the front door and pushed it open as easily as possible. He then motioned for Gark to join him.

    When the Bothan entered the restaurant, he could see that the place was indeed in terrible shape. Several tables were stacked against the wall in a haphazard arrangement, the chairs that belonged to them strewn around the place in many various pieces. An old signboard that had probably served as the menu hung limply from its moorings, the lights long-since removed from their sockets. A thick layer of dust covered everything; Gark picked up quite a bit when he touched the front counter with a paw. He then blew it off his hands, but the dust lodged itself in his throat and he began to hack it out. X turned around and gave him a dirty look.

    “Keep it down,” X hissed.

    “Aren’t you a little paranoid,” Gark commented.

    “Look, this isn’t some Limmie game,” X said, a frown on his face. “This is real life, one where people with guns can come get you without fear of retribution.”

    “Trust me, I’ve dealt with that enough in my life,” Gark replied.

    “Fine. But we need to keep this on the hush-hush, because if any of Mornd’s men finds this place here, then the entire operation can be doomed.”

    “What operation?” Gark asked. He was getting rather annoyed with X’s secrecy; what was he getting at?

    X tapped one of the bar levers. Then he hit the one next to it, and finally a third one. “I never remember which one it is,” he said, shaking his head. “And I helped install it. That’s a real travesty in my opinion. Frankly, it’s a waste of a real fine tap. I’d rather use it to hook up the kegs in the back of this place and drink myself silly. But since it’s the last place anyone would think of hitting, we installed it in one of the levers.”

    “This all seems rather involved,” Gark said. He was fed up; he needed to know what was going on right now. “What have you gotten me into now?”

    “Nothing. Just this,” X said. He hit a button that had popped up on the lever console. Then he said a few words in a language that Gark didn’t understand, and he heard a small hissing sound. “Now, tell me this was a good idea. I thought of it myself.”

    Gark went over to where X was standing and looked. The back panel of the tap register had opened, revealing a long tunnel into pitch darkness. Gark stuck his head into the void and looked down; he couldn’t see a thing.

    “Where does this go?” he asked.

    “Down,” X said, obviously amused.

    “How far?” Gark asked.

    “Well, you’ll get to find out real fast,” X replied. He then kicked Gark into the void, proceeding to then grab the console and flip it shut as he dove in behind the Bothan.

    Gark felt air rush past his face at a high rate of speed. He couldn’t see a thing, but it seemed like he was on some sort of track through the utter blackness. What was X getting him into? Finally a light came into view, and it got much larger as Gark continued to descend. Gark closed his eyes so that he wouldn’t be blinded too badly by the light, and when it hit he had to squint his eyes in order to see anything. But when he opened his eyes fully, that was when he was really taken aback. This place was certainly large enough.

    As he descended in a tube, Gark could see a large cavernous space, which looked like it had been cut out of soil and dirt that was extremely rare on Coruscant. More likely it was the old basement space of derelict buildings that had previously been taken down. It was filled with HoloNet screens and consoles, and in the distance he could see a small command module. He couldn’t tell what was inside, as it was blacked out with a curtain, but he guessed that it had some importance. As he hit a bend in the tube, Gark could feel his momentum being carried in another direction. Now rows of durasteel tables were lined up in front of him, as well as dozens of small metallic instruments that were placed randomly on the surfaces. Several targets were lined up on one of the walls, each of them sporting several scorch marks in them like someone had been taking target practice.

    Finally, Gark hit the end of the tube, and he was dumped unceremoniously on his face on the floor. He hadn’t been expecting such an entrance to the place, and he picked himself up and dusted himself off.

    “Look out below!” X yelled from the tube. Gark got out of the way just in time as X came out of the tube and landed squarely on his feet. He looked over at the Bothan and chuckled. “I bet you landed face-first, didn’t you,” he said with a smirk. Gark’s silence gave him enough of an answer. “I probably should have mentioned to go in feet first at the top, not headfirst like you did. That was my fault. It’s a little nicer to land on your feet than on your face.”

    “Thanks for the heads-up,” Gark scoffed. He dusted himself off some more, and then looked around. “What is this place? It looks like some crazy laboratory.”

    “Hold that thought,” X said.

    “What?” Gark asked. He was tired of these sudden surprises. Then he turned and saw a droid float towards him. Two blaster cannons came out of sockets in the wall and aimed at him almost instantly. Gark wanted to shrink down in size, but X just chuckled again.

    “Easy,” he said. “Just follow their instructions. Don’t worry about it too much.” The droid came up to him, and then it completed a retinal scan. “Code 1432,” he then said.

    “Person identified,” the droid voice said in its mechanical drawl. “Welcome back, Master X.”

    “Thank you,” X said with a slight nod to the droid. “Now, it’s time for you.” The droid came over and turned on a bright light right in Gark’s eye. He squinted to see, but then X grabbed his eyelid and forced it open all the way. The scan commenced, and then the light turned off.

    “Code?” the droid asked.

    “Uh . . .” Gark said.

    “That will suffice,” the droid said. “Welcome, Mr. S’rily.”

    “Welcome to what?” Gark asked.

    “Oh, you probably should know the Authorization Code,” X said hastily. He turned back to the droid. “Code 7623. Authorization Attack Pattern Delta, Thyferran Sun and Naboo Waves.”

    “Authorization code accepted. You may proceed,” the droid said. The blaster cannons turned back into the sockets, and the code droid started to float away.

    “What in the hell was all that about?” Gark asked, exasperated.

    “Have to make sure it’s really you, don’t we?” X said. A door opened, and a blue-colored protocol droid came walking in. It looked newly-painted, with no visible chips in the paint from this distance. “Ah, right on time, Four-Kay.”

    “Hello, Master X,” the droid said, bowing a little. It then turned to Gark. “Greetings to you, Master S’rily. We have been expecting your presence for quite some time.” Gark looked quizzically shocked.


    Apparently he now had a protocol droid. Just what he had always (not) wanted.

    “This is Tee-Five Four-Kay,” X said. “Not sure why it was given an astromech operating number, really, but we don’t really mind down here.”

    “How may I be of service?” T5-4K asked.

    “Just showing him around,” X said, gesturing to Gark.

    “Very well,” the droid said in its cheery tone. “Follow me.” It turned around and walked towards the door, which opened up with the droid’s presence.

    “Really, what have you gotten me into this time?” Gark asked, groaning.

    The two went through the door, which closed behind them. In front of them was a monstrous HoloNet screen, with several gravcouches situated around it. A single control panel was in front of the couch facing the screen dead-on. It looked like a small theater.

    “Welcome to the Bothancave,” X finally said.

    “The what?” Gark asked, giving X an odd look.

    “The Bothancave,” X repeated. “It’s quite an interesting name, to be sure. It wasn’t my first choice; I wanted the Blindingly Obvious Terrestrial Holding At Near-Ground, or B.O.T.H.A.N. But no one listened to my idea, and it was given its other name. Now that I think about it, it’s really not that bad a name. It’s pretty catchy, don’t ya think? Bothancave, the cave and base of operations for a Bothan. Not bad.”

    “Wait, who else is in on this?” Gark asked. “You keep saying ‘we’, and I assume . . .”

    Another door on the side opened, and a figure walked out. Actually, a rather attractive figure. A female Twi’lek, wearing a t-shirt, tennis shoes and black slacks, came out as the door closed behind her. “Hi,” she said cheerily.

    Gark looked at X, who gave him a grin back. The Twi’lek was none other than Me’lin, the Senators HQ secretary. She had been a member of the Senators organization since Gark had taken over as GM, and was well-liked by everyone. All those who came through the team offices at one point or another had to go by her wide smile and cheery disposition. Hell, Gark had even invited her to an Elite League Awards ceremony three years earlier, so she was no stranger.

    “Surprised to see me?” Me’lin asked.

    “Obviously,” Gark replied. He didn’t want to be rude, but how had she gotten all this done behind his back? Of course, he then thought, he had been out of things for a while during his exile on Thyferra, and then the last season he was preoccupied with the Wroona Islanders and didn’t make many trips back to Coruscant to check up on things. Obviously construction on this facility had even gone under his radar, and he was the guy who he guessed it was built for. “Now I’m really confused, and after all I’ve been through the last few years, that takes quite a bit.”

    “Long story short, X approached me about a year ago and asked if I wanted in on this little project,” Me’lin said. “I figured that I’d probably be the best person to be running the behind-the-scenes things, since I basically ran everything over at Team HQ for several years.”

    “But mostly because you trust her,” X said. “Don’t forget that.”

    “Well, I guess . . . yes . . .” Gark stammered.

    “Anyways,” X interjected, cutting Gark off. “We need to show him around. Me’lin, can you do that? I have to get back to the surface. Sounds like one of my trusted associates has some more dirt on Mornd’s movements. We’ll need every scrap of info that we can get if we’re going to beat him.”

    “All right,” Me’lin said, nodding. X looked at Gark.

    “Well, this is goodbye for now,” he said. “But rest assured I’ll be back as soon as possible. I have a lot of safehouses around here, but I figure that this is the safest place for me to come if things get rough. Remember, when you leave, make sure no one is following you. Just FYI, in case some of Mornd’s spies try finding you and stumble across this little operation.” He then walked away.

    “How do you get out of this place, anyways?” Gark asked.

    “It’s called a door, my friend,” X said. He opened one on the side with a flick of his wrist. “Not too complicated. Actually, probably the least technologically-innovative thing we have here. Maybe someday I’ll put some buttons and flashing lights on here. You know, to spruce it up a little. Even doors need some decoration.”

    “Get going,” Me’lin chided.

    “All right,” X said, shaking his head. “Be back soon.” He then disappeared behind the door, shutting it behind him.

    “I bet you’re confused about all this,” Me’lin said when Gark turned back around to face her.

    “You think?” Gark asked, a tint of sarcasm in his voice. “To be given a cryptic note to come meet at a small-time café, to be taken in complete silence to a derelict old building, being shot down a tube head-first, and then finding out that my team’s secretary is secretly in on all of this. I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.”

    “Well, let me fill you in on a few things,” Me’lin said. “Come on, Four-Kay. I might need your information bank to remind me about all of this stuff.”

    “You mean that you don’t even know what all this does?” Gark asked, taken aback.

    “X didn’t tell me everything, obviously,” Me’linn replied, shrugging her shoulders. “Otherwise, I might know too much.”

    “Why do I get the feeling that I don’t want to know what you’re going to say next?” Gark asked.

    “Yeah, the feeling is mutual,” Me’lin said. “When X recruited me for this job, I had to promise that I wouldn’t betray the operation at all. You know, typical agent stuff.”

    “Operation?” Gark asked.

    “Operation Caped Crusader,” Me’lin said. “Four-Kay, could you please explain a little more? I could probably cover the major points, but there are a few things I’m a little fuzzy on. X made sure of that.”

    “Certainly, Miss Me’lin,” the droid said. “Operation Caped Crusader was started a year and a half ago . . .”

    “A time I’d rather not remember,” Gark said.

    “I’m sorry, sir,” the droid said, shocked by this response. “The original idea was to create a superhero that would keep the streets of Coruscant safe. A caped crusader, to be exact. The idea was originally to recruit a force of people to aid the planetary police force . . .”

    “Basically the people to get the dirty work done, the stuff that the Air Fleet and police really don’t want to mess with,” Me’lin cut in.

    “Underground affairs, eh?” Gark asked.

    “Precisely,” Four-Kay said.

    “And why would this be of such priority?” Gark asked, prodding the droid verbally to get to the point.

    “The project was just a concept until recently,” Me’lin said. “All of the technology in here was already built and placed in here, but we lacked the people to pull off the operation. And then I came in when X asked me to. He knew that I was your closest contact, that I was the best person to trust on this kind of campaign. You see, when Mornd escaped from prison, we finally had our objective. Take him down so that he can’t do any more harm.”

    “What’s he been up to?” Gark asked.

    “Lots of things. He was coordinating things in prison, apparently,” Me’lin replied darkly. “X wouldn’t share the details with me specifically, but there have been rumblings in the underground as of late. He’s been assembling an army of sorts. Pretty much whatever malcontents he can find at the bars and convince to join his cause. Not sure what he’s after, but I’m sure he’s up to no good as usual.”

    “So what am I here for?” Gark asked. He just wanted some straight answers, not these evasion tactics.

    “You’re the Caped Crusader,” Me’lin said.

    “So you want me in the monkey suit going out and fighting crime?” Gark asked quizzically. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think someone would ask him to be the right hand of the law. “I’m a Limmie coach; I can’t get involved . . .”

    “Well, there’s the problem,” Me’lin said. “You may not like it, and neither do I, for that matter, but you already know too much to just walk away. You’re obligated to be the part, just as I am to make sure you get home alive and in one piece.”

    “What’s to stop me from walking out that door and never coming back?” Gark said, motioning to the door that X had used.

    “Because I . . . I mean, we all need you here,” Me’lin said.

    You need me?” Gark asked. “Are you hitting on me?”

    “Of course not,” Me’lin said, affronted by this remark.

    “I . . . I’m sorry,” Gark apologized, trying to cover up his mistake. “I didn’t mean to say that.”

    “Good,” Me’lin said back in a snappish manner. “This area right here is our main viewing room, where we can watch anything on the HoloNet whose signal we can receive. Basically, this will be used as a theater and lounge, except that the theater will pretty much be for work-related business. Come along.” The three walked through another door and into the main part of the compound. Gark’s jaw almost dropped; the view in here was beautiful. He had seen some of these things from the tube, but not everything. HoloNet screens were all over the place, consoles littering the space in front of each one.

    “This is our main operations center,” Me’lin commented. “Probably more than we really need, but hey, it looks really cool.”

    “Wait . . . I have a question.” Gark said. Me’lin looked at the Bothan. “You said a moment ago that you were an ‘agent’. What are your criteria for that, exactly, because I can think of a lot of things that might go under that category . . .”

    “Agents are the lifeblood of this operation,” the Twi’lek replied coolly. “Although I’ll be one to stay around here and make sure things work correctly, what I know is the most important part. You see, this is top-secret stuff. If Mornd’s spies find us out here, we’re toast. So we need to keep you safe so that you won’t be captured on missions or here in the Bothancave. Doing this means staying quiet and not divulging any information about our operation, because even the smallest scrap can ruin everything we’ve worked towards. All of our agents all have a backup plan in place; if they are captured, they have a way to remove themselves from the equation so that no information will be given to the enemy.”

    “Sounds pretty high-tech, but also very risky,” Gark said. “I take it that these aren’t your ordinary bums on the street?”

    “Nope,” Me’lin said. “We found quite a high-tech team to help you out. Your support squad, you might call them.”

    “I would very much like to meet them,” Gark said. He had no idea what he was getting into, but the more Me’lin spoke of all this technology, the kid in Gark seemingly was drinking it all in. He was like a kid in a candy store; caught wide-eyed, looking at everything.

    “All right,” Me’lin said. “Follow me. Four-Kay, you can stay here. We won’t be needing you for a while.”

    “Understood,” the droid said, walking off.

    After walking for several seconds, Me’lin came to another door. She slid a key card through the slot, and then had a retinal scan to certify her identity.

    “Certainly enough doors in this place to give me a headache,” Gark commented.

    “You get used to it,” the Twi’lek said. “It took me a while to figure out where each one led to, and which ones have locks and those that don’t.”

    The door slid open, and the two entered. A small board room was in there, complete with holoprojector. An oval-shaped table stretched about fifteen feet from one end of the room to the other, with four chairs on each side and two on the ends. There were four beings in the room, each one of them looking up when the two others entered.

    “I bring your Caped Crusader in the flesh,” Me’lin said.

    “About time,” said the closest one, a rough-looking human wearing a bowler hat. Gark did a double take; he never saw those kinds of hats around these days. They were a fad of forty years earlier, and had since died out in mainstream culture. The man’s blonde mutton-chop beard gave him the look of someone who had been through a lot of fights.


    “This is Dun-Dun Duman,” Me’lin said.

    “Pleasure to meet you,” Dun-Dun said, extending his hand. Gark put his hand in the meaty embrace, and then proceeded to regret it as the older human shook his hand vigorously. “Never thought I’d get to meet you in person. Big fan of the Limmie team and all.”

    “Great,” Gark said. He looked at Me’lin, a look on his face that said “where did you find this guy?” The Twi’lek shrugged.

    “Anyways, I’m a big demolitions expert. If you need something blown up, you know who to call,” Dun-Dun said, tipping his cap.

    “And that over there is . . .” Me’lin said, but the woman cut her off.


    “Call me Black Gundark,” the Hapan said. “My name isn’t important unless absolutely necessary.”

    “Fine,” Gark said. He didn’t like this whole operation and where it was going, but whoever had gotten this whole ball rolling had certainly found some . . . interesting agents.

    “Special Ops is my trade,” Gundark said. “I can go and take out enough guards to get you safely where you need to go. I studied martial arts under the best teachers on this planet; I can hold my own in a fight.”

    “Well taken,” Gark replied.


    A tough-looking Feeorin then detached himself from the wall and tossed a small ball into the air.

    “That’s Duckett,” Me’lin said. “He’s our computer whiz. If you need something technical done, he’s your man.”

    “Well said,” Duckett replied in a gravelly tone.

    “And lastly . . .”


    “Bucky,” said a slender man. He wasn’t nearly as tall as Duckett was, but he still looked like someone that Gark didn’t want to mess with. “Bucky Darnes. Sniper extraordinaire. I’m the one who keeps the creeps of your back from a distance.” He then made a finger gesture like he had a sniper rifle, and then went “Bang” with a whisper. “They won’t know what hit ‘em.”

    “Agents, this is Gark S’rily. He is going to be our Caped Crusader for Operation Bothan,” Me’lin stated.

    “We know who he is, for Maker’s sake,” Dun-Dun said rudely. “We want to know if this means that we’re getting something going soon.”

    “Come again?” Me’lin asked.

    “Action,” Dun-Dun finally said. “Does X have any work for us yet?”

    “Not that I know of,” Me’lin replied. “I’ve just been showing him around.” She gestured to Gark.

    “Has he seen the suit yet?” Dun-Dun asked.

    “The super suit?” Me’lin said. “No, he hasn’t.”

    “Then show it to him,” Black Gundark said in a rather cold tone. Man, Gark thought, she certainly was one tough woman. He’d hate to run into her in a dark alley. “We don’t have all day, you know. Have to get him trained and ready to hit the streets as soon as possible.”

    “Wait, I thought that this was an operation in the process of finding out where it was headed!” Gark exclaimed. “You didn’t say anything about actually going out and doing things yet. I’m still not even sure what you all expect of me.”

    “Mornd’s escape has sped up our plans,” Duckett said. “We need to take him down before he causes too much trouble.”

    “And you’re supposed to be the one calling the shots,” Bucky said to Gark, putting his arm on the table. “We’re just the support crew.”

    Gark hesitated for several seconds. It seemed like the stares of all four agents were burning into him, each one adding its own searing ray to the burning of his flesh. A feeling of intense uncertainty washed over the Bothan; what was he supposed to do now? Me’lin had said that he couldn’t walk away now; he knew too much about the whole operation. Leave now, and jeopardize everything that these people had worked towards. Even if Mornd had escaped, he wasn’t that smart, Gark remembered; how hard could it be to just call the police on him? But then more uncertainty came rushing into his mind. What if Mornd really was a danger, and this was the only way to put him down once and for all? And, besides, he had always liked the comics of a masked avenger who brought justice to the wicked and saved the innocent from certain peril as a kid. Why would he turn down an offer to get a super suit and have access to this awesome technology-filled cave? Amenities, personal risk and the threat of Mornd’s actions all swam around in his mind, and what it gave him was a headache.

    “Well . . .?” Black Gundark prodded.

    Gark sighed. He hated to say this. “Show me the suit. Sounds like I have no choice now,” he commented.

    “All right. Let’s get started!” Dun-Dun stated boldly, clapping his meaty hands together and rubbing them gleefully.

    “Welcome aboard, mate,” Bucky said.

    “Might as well get started with the tour,” Me’lin said. “And remember; now that you’ve agreed to see the suit, there is definitely no going back now. Understood?”

    “Probably a little too much,” Gark commented. The two left the board room and were back in the main area. “But how does this affect my being coach of the team? I can’t exactly be here at all hours, you know.”

    “That’s the hole in the strategy, unfortunately,” Me’lin said. “When you’re gone with the team on the road, we’ll have to scrape something together around here. Gather intel, do some digging; you know, try to track movements so that when you return you can get to work immediately. Hopefully the schedule will work out enough so that you can keep this whole thing hidden, but we can never trust the league anymore on that end. We need to prepare for a three or four-game road trip in the middle of the schedule where you might not be able to be here in the Cave at all.”

    “We had a four-game road trip two seasons ago . . . when I’d rather not remember it,” Gark added. “I don’t think we’ll be stuck with that again for quite some time.”

    “That’s right, isn’t it,” Me’lin said, slapping a hand to her face. “Guess I forgot. Oh, how are things going with the team? I haven’t been keeping track as much as I should have lately. Been too busy working down here to really pay much attention to my secretary duties.

    “Well, uh . . .” Gark said. After all he had just been through, the Draft was the last thing on his mind. “We got a new midfielder . . . pretty highly-rated one, too . . . and the top-rated forward in Chary from GVSU . . . should be a good passer . . . and a solid corner back in the third round. I think we got a lot out of the draft, to be honest.”

    “OK,” the Twi’lek secretary said, nodding as she went. “Well, we might be able to have a spectacular return to the League this year after all. Got everyone back from two years ago, plus some new hotshots, and a few rookies to plug in the gaps. Could be a lot worse, frankly.”

    “The only problem is to get them all back on the same page. Some of them really haven’t played much together in two years, so synchrony might be a problem at the outset. Sounds like training camp will be a real grind.”

    “I’m sure you’ll whip them back into shape,” Me’lin commented. “You always seem to.”

    “That was a different me, then,” Gark sighed. “Let’s see how I can make up for lost time.”

    The two came upon a blank wall. Besides the light coat of paint decorating it, the wall was otherwise void of any garnishing. Gark stared at it blankly; this wasn’t exactly something he had expected to see in this place. The Me’lin rapped a piece of the wall with her knuckle, and to Gark’s amazement, a portion of the wall backed out of its resting place, leaving a door frame in its wake. The two entered the small room that had just been revealed.

    Gark’s jaw literally dropped. Cabinets stuffed with little knick-knacks were strewn around the room. A single comlink, painted jet black, was laying in its own small case, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. However, that wasn’t the biggest surprise that lay inside the room. Inside a tall glass case fixed to the wall at the back of the room was a super suit. Gark stared at it intently; it certainly was . . . different than what he had expected. All of the superheroes in the comics he had read always wore red or blue or black . . . not orange. The body suit was orange, with black accents like a backwards Senators jersey outlay. The boots were solid black, and the cape hiding behind the suit was a darker orange. The orange-colored mask, which was placed on top of the suit expectantly, looked more like a face mask than anything else. He guessed that it was supposed to go around his entire head, keeping his identity hidden, instead of just covering his eyes or the front of his face. However, his jaw region looked to be left out in the open in the mask, which at least would give him ease of use for it in case he needed to say a lot during a mission.

    “Well, what do you think?” Me’lin asked.

    “It’s . . . oddly orange . . .” Gark said.

    “We thought you’d like the color scheme,” Me’lin said with a frown on her face.

    “No, it’s not that . . .” Gark said. “I just never thought I’d get a super suit, even in my wildest dreams. And the colors really fit my personality.”

    “Want to try it on?” the Twi’lek asked him.

    Gark paused for a moment. “Why not?” he said with a shrug. Me’lin went and punched a button next to the glass case and then stood back. There was a loud hiss, and the case detached itself from the wall and landed gently on the ground. Then the front panel slid into its base, revealing the suit.

    Five minutes later, Gark had somehow gotten himself in the suit. It had taken him a lot longer than he originally thought, partially because he didn’t know how to get it on in the first place, but also because it was awkward to get dressed like that in front of someone he knew. However, once it was on, he felt rather content about the suit. It was remarkably comfortable to the touch, and when he tried to flex his muscles in it, the fabric went with him instead of attempting to keep its rigid form. “What did you make this stuff out of?” he asked. “It’s remarkably flexible.”

    “It’s a special polymer that our main technician devised. It should allow for a greater range of motion than more rigid designs would have offered. Now, it does lack some of the impact padding that the other test designs did, but I don’t think you’ll intend to bust through walls or be slammed into too many dumpsters . . .”

    “So you mean I can’t run through walls? That’s disappointing,” Gark said. He still didn’t have the mask on, so Me’lin could still see his facial expressions.

    “You could always put your head down, but I don’t recommend it,” she replied.

    “Don’t worry. I don’t intend to smash through a wall anytime soon.”

    “Now, this suit has quite a few interesting features,” Me’lin said. She reached down to Gark’s boots and flipped open a small compartment. “Hidden torpedoes in the side of the boot. We were able to fit one small torpedo on each side of both boots, so you can blow things up with a flick of your feet when the launcher is activated. Also, do you feel that bulge at the top of the boot? That’s for this little device right here . . .” he activated something else, and a small knife blade shot out of the end. Gark looked down at the blade, and then back at Me’lin, who continued: “Just in case you need to dispatch someone with your feet.”

    “Well, this is certainly an . . . interesting . . . suit,” Gark surmised.

    “And we’re just getting started,” Me’lin replied. “Extra padding on the legs portion of the suit, since you might need it if you get in major fistfights. Always helps to protect the knee and ligaments. Now, moving on to the top of the suit. You feel how stretchy this portion is? That’s to literally allow you to fly . . .”

    “Really?” Gark asked. That really piqued his interest.

    “Well, not really fly, but you can certainly glide down. It’s like a built-in parachute, really . . . but don’t work with it too hard or ram it into many objects on the way down. It’s meant for shorter leaps, not thousand-foot descents.”

    “Hm, a flying Bothan . . .” Gark mused. “I like the sound of that.”

    “And on your utility belt here,” Me’lin said, poking Gark in the waist with a finger. “Are quite a few items. You first have this extendable fighting stick . . .” she said, grabbing a short stick off the belt and holding it away from Gark. “You shake it like this . . .” she said, trying to jolt the stick open with repeated flicks of her wrist. After several attempts, the thing finally extended all the way. “Haven’t quite figured out how to get it all the way open on the first try,” the Twi’lek commented. “Although it’s not exactly a lightsaber, it should be enough to help you fend off enemies in close quarters. It won’t break easily, even if you bash it around quite a bit, and comes with this nice little grip . . .” she said, flipping the stick over to reveal a small section of the stick that had a rubber-like grip on it. “Try it out.”

    Gark took the stick from her and gave it a few waves around. It certainly was lightweight, but he really didn’t know how to use such an item. His area of expertise, if you could call it that, was in hand combat, not with melee weapons. “It’ll take some getting used to,” he commented as he handed the stick back. “Does it cause a lot of damage on impact?”

    “Some,” Me’lin replied. “Probably not enough to knock someone silly, but it should have enough of a sting to be effective in breaking up someone’s concentration. Or to open up a window to exploit in a defensive posture. Now, moving on . . . a couple of thermal detonators are right here . . . just remember not to pull the pin until you want to throw it . . . a tiny med kit for small emergencies . . . tow cable wire and hook for use if you do find yourself falling faster than you can feasibly go with this suit’s gliding capabilities . . . and . . . a HoloNet remote?”

    “Well, even if I’m not the best superhero fighting crime, at least I can the best one at watching vids,” Gark said with a shrug.

    “I’m not even sure why that’s there,” Me’lin commented. “Sounds more like a joke gadget to me. Technicians and their little inside jokes.”

    “So, what does this mask do for me?” Gark asked, putting it on. It certainly was springy, and fit his face comfortably.

    “Well, besides his your identity . . . not much . . .” Me’lin said. “We’re not hooking you up with a life suit that has flashing lights and a voice box. No, you’re going to be using this lightweight suit that will give you the best range of motion while also providing plenty of cargo capacity for gadgets. You may not feel like it will protect you from much, but trust me, you’ll be better off in this than with the bulkier suits. And you’ll look good in this, too.”

    “People don’t like chunky superhero suits, do they?” Gark asked. Me’lin shook her head. “Well, this is all great. Now, what other gadgets do you have for me to use?”


    Gark was being lead around all of the tables in the main area of the cave. The lead technician, a Whipid named Plyer, was showing him around. “This right here is your main weapon,” Plyer said, pointing on the table to what looked like a standard DC-15 blaster rifle. “If it looks a little . . . well, mainstream, I can assure you that it isn’t. This little number right here will cause a lot of damage. See this switch on the side? It gives you the ‘Stun’ and ‘Kill’ settings that you have in a standard blaster . . . but in case you ever are in a jam, there is this little setting right here . . . he pointed to a small diagram on the side of the switch track. “This will allow you to overload the system and blow up the entire weapon. Don’t use in case you absolutely need to. But it packs quite the punch, so make sure to stay far away from it when you overload the system. It’s also got a setting for a grappling gun, which is obviously standard for any blaster like this. But it’s also got some other interesting features, ones that aren’t legal but are rather interesting none the less. I’ve installed an ejection system for expended cartridges and power packs so that when one is shot, it is popped out of the blaster immediately so that you may plug in a new one and keep going. Also, this blaster has an advanced cooling system, so it won’t overheat nearly as often as standard blasters would. But, the real jewel of this system is right here . . .” he said as he tapped a small ring of lights on the outside of the carbine. “When all of these lights are on, it means that the excavating ray is active.”

    “Excavating ray?” Gark asked.

    “It sends out a beam of pure energy that can topple any small standing structure with ease,” Plyer said. “Make sure your hand is out of the way before it goes off, or you risk losing your hand in the process. Also, it severely depletes your power pack, since it’s a mini-overload of the system. Only use it when you absolutely have to. But it will definitely provide you a solid explosive should you need one, but will also allow you to keep your weapon without incurring the full overload. Moving on once again . . .”

    The next stop was where Gark ran into something familiar. “A remote?” he asked. It was the one that hung on his utility belt on the suit.

    “Oh, this isn’t any ordinary remote,” Plyer said. “It has a small power station that not only allows you to recharge spent blaster power packs, but it also jams comlink and communication signals for a fairly wide radius. Additionally, it allows you to use any HoloNet channel or subfrequency on a standard set by hacking into the mainframe and revealing some interesting information that might otherwise be inaccessible. Lastly, it provides a small bit of Duckett’s hacking tools, so that you can hack into basic systems in case he can’t assist you from the outside. This information can be stored on a hard drive inside the remote. And, as such, it also has a self-destruct mechanism, which can be controlled with a small transceiver on your utility belt or just by hitting a certain combination of buttons.”

    “Is that everything?” Gark asked.

    “Nope, we’ve only just begun,” Plyer said with a toothy grin. Gark sighed; this was going to take a while.


    Gark walked home from the Bothancave, making sure that no one was following him. It was pitch dark outside, and the only light came from the occasional street lamp. When X had been so cautious in taking him to the Cave in the first place, Gark had thought that it had been rather pointless. But now that he knew what lay in the cave, and also what he might soon be up against, he just wanted to be extra careful in what he said or did.

    (Start at: 0:14)

    As he approached the building where his condo was, Gark realized that he could use a nap. The oddity of the whole Bothancave thing had made him extremely tired, and he needed some rest for the week ahead. Not only was he now stuck in being the Caped Crusader, but he also had a Limmie team to assemble and get ready for training camp. He looked up into the night sky; speeders whizzed by endlessly as usual. But, something just felt . . . wrong . . . somehow. There was a sudden explosion, and Gark flung himself on the ground and covered his head with his hands. After a few seconds he looked up to see a fireball erupt many floors up . . . about where his home was.

    A flood of people, most likely residents of the building, came out, screaming and making a huge scene. But Gark charged inside; he had to know what was going on. As he came to the lift, he punched the button, but it wouldn’t come. Frustrated, he hit the thing several times and waited. It took several minutes for the lift to finally come down, and when it did, about two dozen people rushed off in a panicked hurry for the exit. Gark climbed inside and then dialed in his floor number. When he got to the correct floor, he rushed down the hall. When he came to his door, he almost slipped over a ledge. Looking down, his eyes shot open. Had he taken one more step, he would have plunged down to the street below with no chance of survival. His entire home, his favorite chair, his HoloNet screen, his bed, everything he kept at home, was gone. Taking a step back, Gark collected himself as best he could. He saw a small piece of flimsy stuck in what remained of his door; reaching down, he picked it up and proceeded to read.

    “Game on,” was all it said. At the bottom of the note was “CM” in flowery script. Gark had seen that before.

    “Mornd!” he bellowed out to no one in particular as he crumpled the note up in a fist. So that snake had now blown up his home. If Mornd wanted a fight, Gark was now more willing than ever to give him one.

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    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Rhyric Loayen (Human, Male, Right Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    • Rean Facin (Human, Male, Full Back) becomes a free agent
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    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie’s was jogging faster this morning. The cool air always made running easier again after a long summer. Lost in thought she was startled when a familiar voice called out to her “Lucie? Is that you?” A familiar voice asked. She turned her head and was even more surprised to see coach Foress jogging up beside her. She had read about his running habits in a Healthy Lifestyle Holozine once. Ever since she had read the article Lucie had respected the coach. Many Limmie coaches had let their own bodies go; she didn’t understand how they expected their players to keep in good shape when they didn’t set a good example themselves.

    “Coach” Lucie greeted. “I’ve never seen you running in the park before.”

    “Perk of the off-season” he replied. “Usually I’m stuck running around the training complex before morning meetings. But I’ve given the players a few days off to get back in touch with their families and rest up, so I also get a chance to switch up my own routine. Have you been enjoying your own time off?” he asked.

    “To tell the truth” Lucie offered “I’ve been pretty stressed. When I accepted the position as Dance Team Captain I totally forgot I’d be the one holding try–outs this season. I thought I was nervous back when I first tried out for the team myself, but now knowing I’m going to have to break hearts and cut hopefuls, it’s much worse.”

    “You don’t have to tell me” Foress replied. “I’ve got three young Rookies expecting to start this season, one of them a Helmsman winner, one is a Helmsman finalist and the other is a stereotypical egotistical Corellian. What’s worse, I begged the front office to bring in a few free agents in the off season, bring some talent in here with ELL experience, but they wanted to save on payroll. I’m expected to start an entire team on the biggest stage in sports without a single experienced player. And you know whose head is going to roll when the team starts losing. My head.”

    “Sounds rough” Lucie consoled, “What are you going to do?”

    The coach chuckled “Whatever I have to do that gives us a chance to win this season. I’ll be making those Rookies compete with the players I have for starting positions. Going to keep it a secret as long as possible who I’m going to start so everyone works as hard as possible. This job is important to me; I can’t let feelings get in the way. It’s a tough league and a tough galaxy. Young people, even Helmsman winners have to learn that eventually.”

    “Good advice” Lucie commented. “This is my turn around spot. I suppose I’ll see you around the stadium.”

    “You run here every morning?” Coach asked.

    “Just about.”

    “Then I’ll catch you tomorrow” he offered as he jogged off.

    Lucie’s next chore for the day was her morning shift at the Diner she hadn’t brought herself to quitting yet. Her salary as Captain did make it possible but she liked the security and fall back, knowing she had the extra source of income was comforting. It did make it awfully difficult to get to the first round of try-outs on time.

    All 100 hopefuls were standing in a line outside the make-shift studio by the time she got there. She was so glad she had decided against open try-outs. She had 4 slots to fill and narrowing it down was going to be nearly impossible. She had received over 1,000 full body photos and resumes. Sorting through them would have been a nightmare if it hadn’t been for Bough. He assured Lucie he could weed out the unattractive females and she had trusted his instincts. In fact Lucie herself was feeling a little self conscious next to some of the younger, amazingly fit young girls she passed. She didn’t dare let on though; she carried herself with pride as she invited the hopefuls into the studio.

    Lucie quickly learned that no matter how attractive and fit some of these candidates were it appeared that some of them had never danced a step in their lives. She showed some of the hopefuls the door before warm-ups were completed. By the end of the day she was down to 20 prospects. Tomorrow she would invite them back, bring in her current team and see how they held up with experienced talent.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--

    Coruscant Senators
    • Dyslo "Dizzy" Rol'per (Twi'lek, Male, Corner Forward, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute, undrafted rookie) signed to entry-level contract
    • Kurta Thaar (Zabra, Male, Goalkeeper, Verpine Tech, undrafted rookie) signed to entry-level contract
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Autumn Graves (Human, Female, Right Half Forward) signed as a free agent
    Bakura Miners
    • Calli Webb (Mon Calamari, Female, Right Corner Forward, Chandrila A&M, undrafted rookie)
    Bonus rolls today to Bakura, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Rydonni Prime, and Ryloth.

    Friendly Scores
    Mando'ade Mercs at Kamino Waves (17-20)
    Bakura Miners at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers (6-11)
    Balmorra Blasters at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (2-6)
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (34-14)
    Coruscant Senators at Kashyyyk Rangers (23-10)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Ryloth Rough Riders (1-23)

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