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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Zoa Vra

    They lost. They lost but still made it into the playoffs. That’s what she reminded her team in the days after losing to Agamar. It wasn't just a loss, either; their defense had been asleep, their offense non-existent, and the only reason it hadn't been more than 33 was because of Kasin.

    Sunlua gave them a day off after they returned to Ylesia to get whatever it was out of their system. She was hoping that a day with friends and family would set them straight, but Zoa doubted it would work. They needed to remember what it felt like at the beginning of the season, when they thought that this could finally be their year, when they thought they could make it, convince their detractors that they weren't just any Limmie team, they were the team. It took hard work and perseverance, not coddling and days off, but Sunlua had her reasons so Zoa, for once, didn't argue.

    Instead she took her frustrations out on the machines in their weight room. Zoa wasn't surprised to see some of the others show up later in the day – the Kuna sisters spotted each other with lifting weights, Nolli and Kasin chatted while cycling, Tung ran endless laps of the area, and Zenro and Veiana pretended not to watch the other work out. Zoa turned away from them and put her music on, needing no one but herself today.

    She went through her routine, occasionally partnering with one of the others when she needed a spotter, but keeping herself distant. They didn't need a moody Zoa today, not when they were flushing their frustrations away into determination and good cheer.

    Her attention was away from the others as she did press-ups when someone crouched and tapped her shoulder. It was Syra, her assistant Captain, watching her with narrowed eyes until Zoa took her headphones off.

    “The others want to talk,” she said, and then stood and left the room. Zoa gathered her thoughts and followed.

    The entire team had assembled, much to her surprise, and they watched her and Syra with an air of expectation. Zoa knew what they wanted, same as every rare time they made the playoffs.

    “Our playoff record isn't good,” she began. “Our season record isn't good either. You know as well as I that we need to forget about last game and move on. Go home, visit family and friends, get rid of any distractions, and say your goodbyes. We’re leaving tomorrow for Genet.” Zoa wasn't one for fiery speeches, she lead by example. That’s why every single one of them had come in on an off-day, because they knew she’d be there, as she always was, and Zoa was flattered and proud. This year, despite the record, still felt like their year; she’d never been on a team that meshed so well on and off the field. It was time to show the others what Ylesia had in them.

    Litan, their young star forward, put her hand out in the middle of their rough circle. The others followed suit silently, and with a shout of “Ylesia!” they all raised their arms to the sky. Hearts and minds focused, most of the team left, leaving Zoa to face their physician, Dr. Kraraal.

    “You have to tell them some time,” the Yuuzhan Vong woman said. “Even if Ylesia makes the final, you won’t.”

    Zoa rolled her bad shoulder. “You can’t stop me from playing. There’s no way I’ll abandon my team in the playoffs.”

    Dr. Kraraal narrowed her eyes. “Promise me you’ll come in and get it looked at as soon as the season is over, and not a day later.”

    She agreed quickly and escaped the woman’s harsh glare.


    Candles were on the table when she finally made it back to her apartment, and all lights out.

    “Lorn,” Zoa sighed to herself, and dropped her bag by the door before approaching, waiting for her boyfriend to appear. It seems he’d cooked up quite a meal – or more likely, bought it and reheated it – so he had to be around here somewhere.

    “Hey gorgeous,” whispered a familiar voice in her ear, and she rolled her eyes.

    “You know I don’t have time for this,” she said, turning around. Lorn's eyes twinkled in the candlelight as he grinned.

    “And I know that it takes you less than half an hour to pack. Indulge a guy, come on,” he pleaded, still grinning. As always, she gave in with a sigh, and he kissed her before leading her to the table.

    Dinner was quick, punctuated by aimlessly chatting about work, about Ylesia’s chances, about Lorn’s chances of making partner in the law firm he worked for. But dinner was just a means to an end, and Zoa knew it, as Lorn winked and took away their dishes.

    He was a distraction, but one that she’d have to put aside in the next few weeks. But they still had tonight, so she allowed herself a smile as he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

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    Introducing Lorn Innis as Zoa's boyfriend.
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    Nov 29, 2008
    OOC: Mercs parts approved by Bardan

    IC: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    Keldabe, Manda’yaim

    Dawn realized that the game was over before it even started, just like their entire season. As they were nearing the end of the game she could see it in eyes of her fellow Monarchs, they were tired. The Mercs, as much as she hated to admit it, were in far better condition than any of the Monarchs were and it showed. In the closing seconds of the game, with the Mercs up 9 points, their reserves were charging towards the goal. Dawn could only assume that they were attempting to solidify themselves as legitimate players in the hopes of getting playing time in the playoffs, but they were acting as if they were down a couple of points looking to toss in the game winner.

    Tsulkalu, the Mercs female Wookiee Forward, cut diagonally across the pitch. Staweh-Tam moved to cut her off, but was late getting to his spot. The running carpet simply dropped her left shoulder, slammed it into his, and sent the sophomore defensive back twirling away from her. Lex was able to cut her off, forcing the Wookiee to lob a pass in the direction of Lycar Naughten, her Shistavanen team mate. Dawn watched as her husband ran at a dead sprint to reach the bolo first. Tev leapt into the air, arms outstretched, he nearly intercepted the pass, but had it just barely pass over his fingertips. Behind him Lycar launched himself into the air and headed the ball over the bar out of the reach of Mara.

    However, when Lycar went up, his legs made contact with Tev, who was also in the air. The contact was enough to cause Tev to lose control of his own body. When the veteran corner back came back down to the pitch he was inverted, landing on the back of his neck instead of his feet. For those players in the Monarchs defensive zone they could hear an audible snap, but the rest of the stadium heard nothing but the end of game horn and the official’s whistle indicating a point over the bar.

    As the celebration moved towards the Mercs’ bench Dawn noticed that both Ford and her husband were still down on the ground. She ran towards the spot where Tev lay, Lex was over top of him waving for Dr. Cyxan’s team of trainers to come off the Monarchs’ bench. Dawn glanced over towards Ford and found Rhona tending to him. She sat him up, taking care not to move his left shoulder too much. Dawn estimated that he must have separated it to match his right one from last season. But he was not her concern, the fact that Tev had not moved from the ground worried her.

    She reached his side just as the doctor and his team did. They circled around him keeping her from actually touching him. The commotion on the field now commanded the attention of everyone in the stadium to where you could almost hear a credcoin drop. Over the deafening silence only one thing was heard – Tev’s voice crying out.

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    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed
    Kala'unn Memorial Stadium

    Jenna was on her way to the Rough Riders stadium to watch Zeke play. She’d promise to support him through these rough times, even though it was still hard for Jenna. She had enough of crying and uses the aggression that she feels on the Limmie field. It is very therapeutic for her. wore a plain black shirt and grey pants. She just wanted something simple and to go unnoticed. She put on a black hat on to hide her face with the brim of the hat. When she got in the stadium after giving her ticket to the person at the ticket booth, she looked at the stub to see where her seat was at. She was in Row 10 Seat 5. She sat down in her seat and looked out on to the field to watch the players do their pre game warm ups. She could see Zeke warming up doing his warm ups. She knew he couldn’t see her. Inwardly she smiled as she thought about them together. Then a pang of pain came upon her as her depression took hold once again.

    It was really a bittersweet feeling. One she was happy to see Zeke another she wished she could be home under her covers and cry her eyes out. She put her head down and just stared in her lap. All of a sudden she heard a name over the loudspeaker that surprised her. "Jenna Leed if you are in the building please turn to the nearest Jumbo screen."

    What? Wait did they just call me. she thought to herself looking surprised. She lifted her head up toward the Jumbo Tron to see what this was all about. On the screen was Zeke walking down stairs. “What is he doing?”

    The row looked familiar like it was the section she was sitting at. She turned around and saw him coming straight toward her. “What’s wrong Zeke?” she said with a concerned tone to her voice. He came up to her and went down on one knee. He held out a small box that he opened up. In the box it revealed a small gold band.

    "Jenna Leed, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

    Jenna stood there looking at him in deep shock. Tears swelled in her eyes before rolling down. Marriage? Her and Zeke, she didn’t know what to say. She loved Zeke and though they have some things to work out Jenna couldn’t see her life without him.

    “You bubble head, of course I will but where is the diamonds?”

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    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Kala'unn Memorial Stadium

    “You bubble head, of course I will but where is the diamonds?”

    The relief that suddenly rushed through Zeke was welcome, since he was nervous beyond compare doing this in front of the entire stadium. He was afraid of looking like a fool if he was rejected, but you know it was worth it. The audience burst into applause when Jenna said yes. "Funny story about that. I had Qorbus get the ring for me because I'm horrible at picking stuff like that out. Why do you think I've never given you a gift?"

    He was babbling, but he didn't care. This was the happiest moment of his life. "I gotta hurry up. Mothker only gave me a certain amount of time to do this."\

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Owner's box, Meshla Vhetin, Keldabe, manda'yaim

    For the first time since his arrest on Kamino, Taab was able to sit back and watch his team play live. With him was his GM, Aayhan Vhett. They had much to discuss, but most of the game passed in silence between the two. He savored the moment as the teams came out on the field, amused by the Monarchs obvious attempts to rile up the fans and possibly the Mercs players and coaching staff as well. It was a moment made even sweeter by the fact that a win in this game would send the Mercs to the playoffs at the very least, and could put them in as the number one seed as well. After last year's dismal finish it was good, perhaps even necessary, for the team to do well this season.

    But it also led to a new problem. Very few could have sliced his buy'ce and copied the holo-recording that was to be used against him. He was sure the Nulls could all do it, they seemed to be fantastic at everything they did. But he knew it wasn't them. There was someone much closer, much more well known, some one he had loved and someone who could always break his codes. His ex-wife, Aayhan Vhett, current GM of the mercs and the mastermind behind their revival as a team.

    Taab was sure she had stolen the information from his buy'ce in an attempt to take the team for herself. What she planned to do with it after that was beyond him. She had never had any political aspirations, so maybe she was in it just for the money. Or maybe she planned to sell off all the decent players, bring in a bunch of scrubs and has beens, and drive down attendence in a bid to move the team to Kessel. He supposed it didn't matter what her motives were, he was sure he was guilty and she would have to be dealt with.

    But his options there were limited, partially by his own circumstances and partially by the success of the team. She was Aayhan Vhett, his ex-wife and as GM of the team something of a celebrity on Manda'yaim now. He couldn't just make her disappear like some low level league official. There would be questions, and endless suspision Taab had barely escaped the Kaminoans, he wouldn't want to have to face Mandalorian justice on such a score.

    But the play of the team wouldn;t allow him to fire her, where she could fall into obscurity before exacting his revenge either. The team had been turned around, they were winning again. And as play on the field continued looked to be assured of that first seed. Taab was certain that Vhett would be a strong candidate for GM of the year. He couldn't fire her. It was a dilemma that he wasn't sure he had a proper solution to.

    The game ended, with the Mercs clinching first place in the conference, a first round bye and an injury on the field that seemed to stun everyone. Everyone but Taab that is, it wasn't a Mercs player so he pushed the injured areutii from his mind. Such happened in the game and was now irrelevant to his interests. Instead he turned to his wife.

    "I know what you did my dear, about all the trouble you went through to take my team." She stiffened at that, but made no moves to draw her weapons. She always was a cool customer, he had always loved that about her. Her cool demeanor, her visciousness and her willingness to do anything it took to get the job done. He wished that she had never made the decission to leave him. Then it struck him. He knew the way out of this. She wanted a part of the team, he would give it to her.

    He continued on. "But you know what my dear, I won't hold it against you." She always got what she wanted, but not this time. And Taab knew the perfect way to prevent her from trying ever again. What was the aruetii saying. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? Well it wouldn't get much closer than where he was about to take them. And it just might be close enough that she would never try anything like this again.

    "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde." Yes, he couldn't keep her much closer than that.

    [hr] [/hr]

    IC: Aayhan Vhett
    Owner's box, Meshla Vhetin, Keldabe, manda'yaim.

    Vhett smiled under her buy'ce as the words left Taab's mouth. She has made sure to wear her helmet throughout the game so she wouldn't have give anything away when he ultimatly did what she knew he would do. So predictable Taab, as always. She had planned for him to rot in some watterlogged Kaminoan cell for the rest of his life, but the "Great Escape" had seen that plan go down in flames.

    Still, she knew that no plan was ever perfect, and as such she had an alternative plan. One that she knew her ex-husband couldn't help but walk into. She knew his hands were tied by the way the Mercs season had gone, she had known that his only way to ensure her loyalty was to bring her even farther into his circle. And now it was happening.

    She had divorced him years before because he was a stubborn, arrogant fool. Who knew he would ever become so wealthy, and adored on Mandalore? It was rumored that the leading clans would even select him as the next mand'alor if it ever came to that. She wouldn't go down in history as the woman who had left a future mand'alor. Had he rotted away in that prison, it wouldn't have been an issue, and now that she had built a winning team it still wasn't.

    "Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde," she repeated back to him. It might not have been the desired outcome, but being the wife of a future mand'alor was sure to have its own rewards as well. In fact, this might turn out to be even better than she had originally planned. She removed her helmet and smiled her cruel little smile at her "new" husband., and suddenly Taab wasn't so sure that she hadn't gotten what she wanted after all.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Lucie left the stadium after the Senators game with a sour taste in her mouth, another loss for the Starkillers and to a team that shouldn’t have been mentally stable enough to be playing in the first place. Even after the embarrassing loss the home team began to cheer on field and celebrate like complete fools. At least in Lucie’s mind they looked like fools. All because their win earlier in the season to the Euceron Storm had allowed them to make the play-offs despite a losing record, she couldn’t believe anyone could celebrate such an unearned honor, especially not in front of a crowd. But the fans had also been excited and she even had to bring the dance team back onto the field for the fanfare. She was so glad to be leaving for the day. She tried to shake off the feelings of distaste growing inside her for the Starkillers organization. As she was making her way towards home she felt a familiar presence approach and wrap a warm arm around her shoulders.

    “Why are you so down?” Bough inquired. “We live on to dance another day.” He said with enthusiasm as he let go of her pranced in front of her and threw himself into a spin.

    “You have to ask?” Lucie inquired. “We already humiliated ourselves on Ryloth once this season. I’m really not looking forward to going back.”

    “Since when do you care about Limmie?” Bough asked as he fell back into step next to her.

    Lucie shrugged. “I don’t care about Limmie; I just want dancing to be fun again. It’s not fun when the team is losing. And Ryloth” Lucie continued. “It just adds extra pressure going to the planet that practically invented dancing. How can I be expected to perform there twice in one season? I feel like all the odds are stacked up against us.”

    “You know what I suggest, I suggest you and I go back to your apartment and start working on a routine for next week right now. You have the talent to create routines that will remind our players how to play winning Limmie again. Not to mention putting those dancing simpleton’s to shame.”

    “You exaggerate; you’re just trying to cheer me up. I appreciate that and you are right creating dance always lifts my spirits.” Lucie got quiet. She thought about it. Should she go home and wallow in her sorrows? Or begin to prepare for next week so soon? Then she realized the play-offs were coming. This was not the time to veg on her couch. This was the time for action. “But if you want to come over and get started on a routine for next week. I’m game.”

    “Great!” Bough exclaimed. “I’ll go pick up some food and meet you at your apartment.” With that he took off.

    Lucie laughed to herself and shook her head, hoping he would remember to bring back something on the healthy side so she could eat too. When she got back to her apartment Lucie turned on some music and began to work on choreography.

    The week sped by and the routine came together nicely before she knew it the Starkillers were taking the field in Ryloth. She felt exhilarated, and then just as she was trying to find a good place on the crowded sideline to fit the dance team which was always a chore when the team was visiting she heard an announcement, "Jenna Leed if you are in the building please turn to the nearest Jumbo screen." She couldn’t believe what happened next one of the Roughriders was proposing to his girlfriend. How incredibly tacky she thought. Then the moment got even worse when the poor girl asked why there was no diamond in the ring. Lucie was embarrassed for this man; he admitted that he didn’t pick out the ring. There must have been something special about him though, because she said yes. Lucie quickly put the incident out of her head and got back into game day state of mind. Her team was ready to perform no matter what else this day may bring.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Late breaking news: Vandelhelm Jets to participate in Elite League Draft.

    --Draft Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Receive 274 first round draft pick from Mando'ade Mercs
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Receive 273 first round draft pick from Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Receive 273 second round pick of Bakura Miners
    • Receive 273 second round pick from Bakura Miners (originally from Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Receive 273 third round pick of Bakura Miners
    • Receive 273 third round pick from Bakura Miners (originally from Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: The Supporting Cast

    Bucky twirled a small metal bar in his hand as he sat at the briefing table, not saying a word to anyone. Nat’alia sat at the end, hand on her chin as she propped her arm up on the table. Dun Dun was sitting back in his chair, half-staring at the ceiling. They were waiting for confirmation from Duckett about the information that they had stolen weeks before in the raid on Calo Mornd’s gala.

    Finally, the Feeorin entered the room, along with X. X took a seat as Duckett walked forward.

    “Well?” Dun Dun asked.

    “This information seems to suggest that Mornd’s army is massing for a major assault.”

    “Target?” Nat asked.

    “A weapons factory down in the industrial sector. Apparently Mornd wants access to the ordinance they have there, and is willing to send in his crack troops there to blow the place open.”

    “Sounds like something right up his alley,” Dun Dun said. “Always wreaking havoc when possible, and stealing weapons that will pack a punch.”

    “What time is this scheduled?” Nat asked.

    “Next week,” Duckett said. “We need to be prepared for then.”

    “So what do you propose we do?” Bucky asked. “It’s not like we can just contact this place and say ‘Hey, we’re going to come and try to protect you from the attack of a madman’. We’re a secretive organization here; we can’t just go around doing this stuff. Gotta stay out of sight as much as possible.”

    “I don’t think they’ll care who we’re working for if we can save them from this attack,” Nat said. “What do you suggest?” she asked X.

    “I suggest we create a solid defense perimeter around the building prior to the scheduled attack, just in case the time is wrong. Then, we have Dun Dun create a series of defenses using his detonators so that we can prepare ourselves for a wave attack.”

    “And then what? Fall back?” Bucky asked.

    “Then we wait,” X said.

    “You’re crazy,” Nat commented.

    “Look, we don’t have the numbers to take them head-on,” X shot back. “We need to make do with what we have.”

    “Shall we contact CorPD?” Bucky asked. “They can lend us some officers . . .”

    “Too risky,” X said firmly. “They’ll laugh at us if we say Mornd is attacking a factory, especially since they don’t have this information.”

    “Correction. They do,” Duckett said.

    “Let’s see if they can crack the code,” Dun Dun said with a grunt of laughter. “The cops ain’t worth that much when it comes to IT, let me tell ya.”

    “It’s worth a try,” Bucky said. “The worst thing that can happen . . .”

    “Is them sending Lee and that worthless Karter,” Nat spat. “At that point, we’re better off just fighting Mornd by ourselves.”

    “Speaking of contacting, has anyone seen Me’lin recently?” X asked.

    “She shut herself up in her apartment and hasn’t come out all week,” Nat said.

    “She took Neo’s death really hard,” Bucky said.

    “I don’t think you need to use the code-name anymore,” X replied.

    “Fine. But I don’t think she’s recovered from that mentally,” Bucky finished. “I mean, she was his secretary with the Limmie team, and was watching all of us on missions. I just don’t think . . .”

    “You just don’t know a bloody thing about women,” Nat said. “It’s easy to figure that out.”

    “Care to enlighten us?” Dun Dun asked, sarcastically.

    “She really liked him,” Nat concluded. “Maybe loved him, but that might be a stretch for now.”

    Dun Dun choked, sputtering for several seconds as he attempted to clear his air pipe. Bucky dropped his metal bar on the table, the clattering sound reverberating around the room.

    “Didn’t see that coming,” X said after several seconds of silence. Then more silence ensued.

    “Look, she’s no good to coordinate our missions, so we’re going to have to improvise when we get there,” Nat finally said to break the silence that had fallen over the room. “You’re all a bunch of pansies if you can’t do your job without backup. I’m out of here,” she said, walking briskly out of the room and slamming the door behind her.

    The men just looked at each other. Perhaps they had lost more than Gark that day, and now his death was starting to look more debilitating to their cause than ever before.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Sydney Talon
    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    Sydney was absentmindedly swiveling in his chair, deep in thought when Mara entered with some briefs for him to look at.

    "You look bored. Don't you have legal stuff to do, Mr. Workaholic?" she asked.

    "It's the GCAA. It's been over a week and no decision," Sydney said, "What's taking so long..."

    "Because they couldn't possibly be thinking about very nuanced issues that require a great deal of thought," Mara said sarcastically.

    "I'm worried. The longer this goes...the more likely they are to find against the Miners. My closing argument should have sealed it," Sydney said.

    "That's right, I forgot, because every case you try is decided within 30 minutes of your closing argument," Mara continued in her sarcastic vein.

    "You're not helping," Sydney said.

    "You wanted help?" Mara asked with surprise, "I thought you just wanted to sit here and feel sorry for yourself that you're waiting like a sentient being for something that's now beyond your control."

    "Now you're just being mean."

    "Read your briefs. It'll make you feel better," Mara said leaving.

    "I'm pretty sure no being in the entire galaxy has ever said that before," Sydney called after her.

    "That's what you get for hiring an original!" Mara shot back sweetly.

    Section 210, Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    The air was different. The colors were brighter. It was the Galactic Cup Playoffs, here on Bakura for the first time since 268. It was good to be back.

    Section 210 was full early--Sydney included. The additional security from last week's game was still in place. As the team's attorney, Sydney had seen some of the security briefings. Unofficially and off the record, SDPD, the federal government, and the Senatorial Guard were very, very on edge. Everybody knew that Mornd had killed S'rily. S'rily had been the face of the Senators. Nobody was taking anything for granted and that included the possibility of an attack on the Senators on Bakura. It was something that Sydney did not share with his friends. It wouldn't make a difference if they knew. The truth was Sydney didn't believe that anything would happen today. Bakura was a long way from Coruscant and he didn't want anyone leaving or getting concerned over nothing.

    "Here we go," Brock said rubbing his hands together in anticipation, "Playoffs baby."

    "I wish it wasn't against the Senators," Vanna said anxiously, "I mean, we beat up on them really bad last time. That sort of thing makes a team angry..."

    "Would you rather we had a team that had beaten us?" Tripp asked his wife.

    "Playoffs are already crazy where anything can happen. But these conference playoffs...they're a whole different beast," Vanna said, "The rivalries make it so much hotter."

    "They just need to bring the A game, period," Sydney said, chiming in, "It's the Galactic Cup Playoffs. You don't mess around now." Crysten shimmied down the aisle to take her seat next to Sydney. She'd apparently just been to a concessions stand to get a soda for herself. "There you are. I thought my date was going to stand me up," Sydney said.

    He received a withering teenage glare in reply. "Ha ha," she said without humor.

    "I see you brought your Glencross ribbons with you," Sydney said, pointing to the blue and gold ribbons tying off Cysten's pigtails.

    "Duh," she said, "I've been wearing them all week."

    "I hope you get to wear them for another couple weeks," Sydney said.

    It was only a few minutes later that the booming voice echoed through the stadium: "Gentlebeings, please welcome to the field the defending Galactic Cup champions--your BAKURA MINERS!"

    All of Bakura Gardens was on its feet for the entrance of the Miners. They'd been perfect at home this season, 4-0. It was a marked change from past seasons where home field advantage had been non-existent at the Gardens, but it was a welcome change. The Miners came out full of energy. Sydney hoped they didn't come out with overconfidence too. This Senators team was better than the performance they'd turned in two weeks ago. He knew Valerii was smart enough not to underestimate the Senators even if they'd lost their head coach. The question was whether her team could play in the favorite position instead of being the underdogs. They of all teams should know how easy it was to bring down the mighty.

    Sydney just hoped that they wouldn't fall themselves.

    When both teams were lined up, the public address announcer came on in a much more somber tone. "Two weeks ago, the Bakura Miners had the honor of playing in the last game of limmie that Gark S'rily, long time General Manager and Head Coach of the Senators, ever coached. Mr. S'rily, who has been nominated for the Zumtak Award, passed away in tragic circumstances shortly after the game. We would ask that you join the Miners in a moment of silence for Gark S'rily, one of the limmie greats."

    The stadium collectively bowed its head as the vidscreen showed a holo of the Bothan in headset and worn sweatshirt with the caption, "GARK S'RILY 231-272".

    When the moment ended there was general applause. Not hearty, but still more than simple respect.

    "No reason to be honoring the other guys at a home playoff game," Brock grumbled.

    Sydney's head snapped to his left. "I don't want to hear that again," he said quietly but with vehemence.

    "Sydney, what's gotten into you?" Brock asked with confusion, "You hate the Senators."

    "Gark S'rily might have been a Senator, but you respect a formidable opponent. S'rily changed the League and the sport. Attention must be paid," Sydney said.

    Brock just looked at Sydney with a bit of a squint and turned away. Sydney had known Brock long enough to know that it was as much of a concession as he was going to get out of him. Sydney loved the Miners, but greatness could only be accomplished against great odds. Playing against Gark S'rily had always been long odds.

    The moment passed and Section 210's attention turned towards the impending kickoff as the noise of the Gardens started to swell. Soon they would begin and it wouldn't be long before one of these teams punched their ticket to Mandalore.

    "Come on," Sydney said under his breath, "Let's do it again."

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  10. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    It's playoff time. Bonus rolls to Bakura, Coruscant, Ralltiir Ryloth, and Ylesia. Mando'ade and Onderon bank bonus rolls for next week. Rydonni Prime banks a bonus roll for their first game of 273.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Galactic Cup Quarterfinals
    (3) Ralltiir Starkillers at (2) Ryloth Rough Riders (8-15)
    (3) Coruscant Senators at (2) Bakura Miners (36-30)

    Galactic Cup Semifinals
    (2) Ryloth Rough Riders at (1) Onderon Crazy Dragons
    (3) Coruscant Senators at (1) Mando'ade Mercs

    GCLA Playoffs
    (6) Ylesia Lightning at (3) Genet Vornskrs (34-32)
    (5) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (4) Empress Teta Pikemen (18-14)

    (6) Ylesia Lightning at (1) Chandrila Patriots
    (5) Ord Mantell Scrappers at (2) Corellia Rebels

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  11. JM_1977

    JM_1977 Jedi Master star 6

    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Halftime vs. Ralltiir, score 6-2 Ralltiir

    It was official. This was the most boring Limmie game Zeke had ever been apart of. There hadn't been anything exciting that had happened since Zeke proposed to Jenna in front of everyone before the game started. What made it worse, right off the bat the Starkillers took the opening kick and blazed through the Rough Riders defenses and pushed the ball right past Zeke scoring 3 points within the first minute of the game. On top of everything Ryloth's offense was a little stale for the first part of the 1st half. Its like they had forgotten how to score. For example Goota Swiftflight had stolen the ball from a Starkille Forward and was on a fast break down the side of the field. Qorbus was about 5 yards in front of her calling for the ball. Goota passed the bolo ball to him, and it sailed right past him into the hands of a Starkiller Defender. It was like Goota was distracted or something.

    Now it was halftime. Time to regroup and work out the kinks. The buzz in the locker room from pre game was gone. Everyone was in a somber mood. Then Opmoor the Offensive coach came out and talked about what they were going to do for the adjustments so they could have a better second half. Khaya Vuhsan came out and did the same thing for the Defensive side. Then Mothker came out.

    "So how do you feel about that half? You happy with it? You sure act like you are. All the joking around on the sideline, you'd think we were blowing them 50-0. You guys aren't taking this seriously. At this rate there's no point in playing a second half. The game's already lost and our season over. I'll just walk out there and tell the refs we forfeit. Get your Kriffing heads out of your butts and play some Damn Limmie!!!! I've yet to see that happen today. The team I saw that had an undying spirit and drive to succeed has yet to show up. Question is which Ryloth team is going to show up. The one who took us one win away from the ELL title game last year, or the one who wants to roll over and die? The choice is yours Gentlemen. I don't think you'll do it. Its time for you to prove me wrong."


    Hour and a half later

    00:30 left on the clock. Rough Riders up 12-8. Turned out Mothkers halftime rant at the team had sparked something because they had gone on a 10-2 run since the start of the second half, and were 30 seconds from the ELL semis against Onderon. Zeke had played the half of his life blocking shot after shot, some he thought he'd never be able to make again. Ones like jumping 2 feet in the air snatching the boloball before crossing over the uprights bar.

    You could tell Ryloth was going to win this game. The Starkillers knew it too, but that didn't mean they weren't going quietly because one of their forwards was shredding through Ryloths defenses coming straight for Zeke. The ball shot towards Zeke and he easily pulled it out of the air. He then launched it down field into the hands of Qorbus, who threaded the ball into the Ralltiir net right as the final Gun sounded. Final score Ryloth 15 Ralltiir 8.

    Oh the irony, Zeke thought. How fitting to play his now Fiance in the Semis. It seemed like every year Onderon and Ryloth met with the season on the line. And this year Zeke was determined to lead his team to the Galactic Cup Championship, even if he did have to take down Jenna.

    As his team rushed onto the field to celebrate and shake hands with the other team, Zeke looked up into the stands and found where Jenna was standing and cheering. He gave her his best Poker face sending her one message. GAME ON!!!!!

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  12. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    There was a gentle ding on the Commissioner’s door.

    “Come in,” Kayl’hen said, motioning as she looked down at her datapad, absentmindedly not realizing that whoever was waiting did not have x-ray vision.

    The door slid open and Esther Gondorf, General Counsel, entered.

    “Niakara, they’re ready,” Esther said.

    “Thank you,” the Bothan said, setting her datapad aside and standing. She walked around her desk to stand before her holoprojector. The images of Jenna Leed and Zeke Barbosa flickered to life in front of her. “Good morning, Mr. Barbosa, Ms. Leed. Thank you for joining me this morning. I’m sure that you have much to do in preparation for the Semifinal that is approaching so let’s proceed, shall we?

    “First of all, congratulations and best wishes to you, Ms. Leed and Mr. Barbosa, respectively. I wish you happiness in your future joint life,” Kayl’hen said, “Professionally, however, this presents certain…challenges to the League. While there have been engaged and even married couples in the League in years prior, they were on the same team, which you are not.

    “Because you are now slated to face each other in the Semifinal, the issue must be confronted immediately. Though I have no doubt that there would be no impropriety involved in you two facing each other, there would be the unfortunate appearance of such if you two were to play each other. The speculation that one of you had thrown the game would run rampant. It would even leave entities open to potential criminal investigation into fixing.

    “Ms. Gondorf and I are unaware of precedent set by the League in this matter. At the moment, the only remedy would be for one of you to not play the Semifinal, a situation that would have to be replicated every time your teams met—though not necessarily the same player would have to miss every game. Alternating would be an option as well.”

    The words hung heavily in the air for a long moment.

    “We are open to other ideas,” Niakara offered, “but we would need to be fully convinced that they would not have any potential to damage the integrity of the game.”

    And there it was: the League asking one of them to give up the game that would determine the Skywalker Conference championship.

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  13. JM_1977

    JM_1977 Jedi Master star 6

    May 23, 2011
    IC: Zeke Barbosa
    Rough Rider front office, 6 days before Semis vs. Onderon

    "No, no, no, a thousand times No!!!!"

    Zeke was shocked with the reaction Coach Mothker gave him. To be honest Zeke was a little reluctant with his own plan, but he knew it was the only way. "With the proposal the Commissioner has put on our game, it's the only logical way out. Fravid is our only chance out of this. They captured him the other night at a local bar, and the officer that's assigned to his cell has talked to and agreed with me to arrange extra security to escort him with us to the game this week. I've also arranged for the local police here in Lessu to coordinate things on Onderon to up security and have eyes on Fravid at all times in and out of the locker room. Look without him we have no extra goal keeper, and either me or Jenna are going to have to sit out of this game. Its either let Fravid play in my place or have our team be accused of throwing the game on purpose just so I can make my Fiance happy. Your choice."

    Zeke could tell there was still some skepticism on Mothker's face. "Alright I'll allow it. I still don't like it though. If one thing is out of place your done on this team. I want reports on Fravid every 30 minutes while we are away to Onderon. If I don't get one then your head's mine Barbosa. Understood?!?"

    "Understood sir." Zeke left hoping he wasn't going to regret this in the near future.

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    (OOC: This was kind of rushed. I'll have a follow up post in the next few days that clears everything up.)
  14. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed
    Onderon Main Headquarters

    Jenna’s head was spinning. She couldn’t believe that she was engaged. Everything was happening so fast. Just the past week she was in a deep depression and looked like there was no way out of it. Today she is happy as can be and nothing could take that smile off her face. Knowing that Zeke loves her is enough to reassure her of their relationship. Jenna was so happy that she almost forgot to go in to the Crazy Dragon’s office to speak to the general manager Sam Poland, who ask her to come by. It was Jenna’s day off and since she didn’t have much to do she obliged and went to the headquarters.

    Jenna went up the repulserlift humming a love tune as she headed up to the ninety eighth floor where Sam’s office was.

    “Miss Leed, you may head in to the office, Ms. Poland is ready to see you now.”

    Jenna took direction from the receptionist and went in to Sam Poland’s office. She opened the door and a saw tall lady with short blonde hair and striking blue eyes that looked like they could throw vibroblades at her. That was Sam Poland and she always looked like that.

    “Ms. Poland how can I help you today.?”

    Jenna said with a wide smile on her face. She was even happy to see Sam and that’s saying something. “Sit down Ms. Leed I have someone that want’s to speak to you via hologram. Jenna sat down and waited to see the hologram appear. Instead of one there was two holo’s one was the Commissioner of the Elite Limmie League, the other was more surprising to see was her fiance Zeke.

    “Good morning, Mr. Barbosa, Ms. Leed. Thank you for joining me this morning. I’m sure that you have much to do in preparation for the Semifinal that is approaching so let’s proceed, shall we?

    “First of all, congratulations and best wishes to you, Ms. Leed and Mr. Barbosa, respectively. I wish you happiness in your future joint life,” Kayl’hen said, “Professionally, however, this presents certain…challenges to the League. While there have been engaged and even married couples in the League in years prior, they were on the same team, which you are not.

    Jenna didn’t understand what he was trying to say. She was getting a bit ticked off not knowing why she was called here.

    “Because you are now slated to face each other in the Semifinal, the issue must be confronted immediately. Though I have no doubt that there would be no impropriety involved in you two facing each other, there would be the unfortunate appearance of such if you two were to play each other. The speculation that one of you had thrown the game would run rampant. It would even leave entities open to potential criminal investigation into fixing.

    “Ms. Gondorf and I are unaware of precedent set by the League in this matter. At the moment, the only remedy would be for one of you to not play the Semifinal, a situation that would have to be replicated every time your teams met—though not necessarily the same player would have to miss every game. Alternating would be an option as well.”

    Jenna who was happy as can be when she walked in, now was plain mad and wanted to throw something at the Commissioner. If only it was not an image but the real thing. Before she said anything Sam Poland spoke first.

    “Jenna, we could probably get another player to play that position since we have no one to back you up.

    “I refuse to do that as well. We worked hard to get where we are and nothing and nobody is gonna take that away. How dare you suggest that one of us would over throw the game. That is completely baseless and out of order.”

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  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Sydney Talon
    Section 210, Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    It had been a back-and-forth affair all day. The Senators would lead, then the tide would shift and the Miners would take over. It was the sort of game that kept you on the edge of your seat and not unlike the one that had taken place a week before. The Miner fans were in a frenzy cheering their team on. Like last week, they knew that the Miners needed them. They needed the home field advantage that had gotten them 4-0 on the season at the Gardens. They might have manhandled the Senators once, but they weren't going to do it again. This one wasn't in the bag, not in the slightest.

    When the Senators went up 31-30 on an over the bar point, the Miner fans got even louder.

    When the Senators made it 32-30, the Miner fans kept it up.

    When it was 33-30, they started to get worried. And that was when Gaeriel Valerii used her last time out. And that was when Sydney knew what was coming.

    "They're going stack the box!" he announced to Section 210, "She's going do it again!" He watched the Miners' huddle through his macrobinoculars. Valerii was in the middle of her 15 players, down on one knee with her datapad, drawing a play up in holographic form. She pointed at Glencross and then she pointed at Rodders. Then she pointed back and forth between Alesh and Morlan.

    "She's going to draw them in with a deep pass to Rodders. Then it's going to go point to point with the half forwards," Sydney said, "I think she's telling the Hapans that whoever gets it kicks it over to the other for a quick shot."

    "All right, let's go Miners!" Brock hollered.

    "Come on Miners!" Vanna yelled.

    "Let's go!" Crysten shouted.

    Sure enough, one Jorpik kicked the bolo-ball into play, the wave of defenders sprinted forward to join the attack. Fifteen Miners crowded the offensive zone as they looked for the tying goal. The stadium was loud and the play frenetic. Glencross put it deep to a sure handed Rodders fought off Fil'yer to haul it in and he took one step towards the goal and then passed back to Morlan. Becki caught it and threw--and was picked by Horste who had Alesh well covered. The Senators captain booted the ball out of the zone. Polis Vayne broke out of his defensive coverage and chased down the bouncing ball and gave it a good, hard kick all the way down the field--into the back of the Miners' net.

    And that was when Sydney knew the game was lost. The Miners had given it everything they'd had in their last play, but they'd gotten burned being risky and taking a chance. The Senators were going to the Semifinal and the Miners would defend the Galactic Cup no longer.

    The end of the game was quick in coming after that. There hadn't been much time left when the goal was scored. The Senators celebrated and the Miners lined up for the postgame handshake, the one inviolable tradition of the Galactic Cup Playoffs. As the handshakes between the teams began, the Miner fans rose their voices in one final ovation of 272. No matter what you thought about the Senators you applauded now. You clapped and whistled for the Miners, for the season that they had given everyone in the stadium, everyone on Bakura, everyone who called themselves a fan of the Miners. It didn't end in a Cup, but it was a season to be proud of.

    When the handshakes were over--and they were capped by the two head coaches shaking hands at the end of each of their lines--the Miners gathered at midfield and they raised their own hands in applause for their fans, to thank them for everything they'd done this season. And with that, they headed for their locker room to face the offseason, one that would feel much longer than the one they'd entered a year ago.

    But there was one Miner who had one thing left to do. Alana Glencross took a detour on her way to the locker room. Sydney raised his macrobinoculars. She'd gone over to the front row of the stands where there was a young girl with her parents who was crying. Glencross reached up and smoothed the girl's hair and said something. Sydney wasn't a very good lip reader, but he was pretty sure he said, "Hey, nothing to cry about here. It's all good, honey." Sydney put the macrobinoculars down. It had to hurt for Glencross, even with her name on the Cup, falling just short. And yet she'd been more concerned with a kid in the stands than getting the hell off the field, the last place she wanted to be now.

    And with that, the 272 season was over. Goodbyes were said among the friends of Section 210. Promises were made that they would keep in touch and see each other next season. It was bittersweet, but it was the way things ended more often than not. Even the limmie season had to end at some point. But they'd be back in 273. It would be another season, full of just as much hope. They'd be back again, just watch, they said. Alesh and Morlan were going to get even better. Jorpik would work on his fundamentals this offseason, they said. Next season they would be even better.

    "Gentlebeings, thank you for supporting the Miners tonight and all season long," the public address announcer said as Sydney and the others filed out of the stands, "From all of us at Bakura Gardens, good night and joy be to you all."

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  16. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Dawn Solo-Undolo
    Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    The journey back from Mandalor was a long and tenuous one for Dawn. The Monarchs medical staff gave her and Tev the news they had suspected all along, he had sustained a traumatic injury to his spinal cord at the base of his neck. Because of the severity of the injury, bacta would be able to repair the damage to the tissue around his neck allowing him to still be able to hold up his head without the need of a prosthetic, but it could not repair the damage to his spinal cord. Basically he would no longer have the use of his limbs from the neck down, he was a quadriplegic, confined to a hoverchair.

    Dawn could not get the thought out of her head, they spent a year butting heads against rebel-rousing pirates on the border to the Unknown Regions and they both came home unscathed. But then Tev goes up to intercept a meaningless pass, during garbage seconds, in a lost limmie match, and comes down practically a vegetable. It wasn’t fair. This was supposed to be their time to grow as a couple and a family. Now all of those dreams were all but lost. The doctors said that there was an extremely slim chance that his prognosis could improve, but not to hang any hopes on it, for the chances were microscopic.

    So it only made sense that when Beks called a meeting of all the veterans whose contracts were coming due they all came to the same agreement. So there they all sat, in a conference room provided by the hospital that Tev was being released from, with Beks their designated spokesman in the center. He was flanked on the left by Dawn, Tev, Edu, and Babs. While on his right he had Mia, Lex, and Lairt. Once everyone, including the members of the various media outlets, had settled down Beks took one last sip of water from his glass and began to speak.

    “Thank you all for coming on such short notice. We all have come to a difficult, but necessary decision.”

    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    The offseason, it was the one time during the year a General Manager truly earned their paycheck. Unfortunately the offseason started much too early for Setarcos’s liking. He felt that he had set things up nicely for himself last season. He had wagered that he would only need one pick to get a fresh new talent that could jockey a datapad for a season or two, leaving him with the simple task of renegotiating contracts. But with the unfortunate turn of events that happened on Mandalore, his focus would be on a Corner Back to replace Tev Undolo or potentially a Center Back to effectively backup Ford to lower his risk for injury.

    As he combed through the list of those who had declared themselves eligible for the draft he was drawing no clear conclusions. He was about to call up Julla Ehennifer, their Offensive Coordinator to get her thoughts when she suddenly burst through the door. “Ah, Juls, just the person I was going to call…”

    “Hold that thought, Arco,” she interrupted, “You should take a look at this.” She grabbed the small remote off his desk and pointed it at the wall opposite the large picture window that over looked 4th Fleet Memorial Field. Instantly the panel design that matched the rest of the wall disappeared and was replaced by the image of the Monarchs’ field captain flanked by the very players whose contracts he had left to negotiate.

    “Thank you all for coming on such short notice. We all have come to a difficult, but necessary decision. All of us realized that things change and with those changes it sometimes means for the best of us to move on into new phases of our lives. For those of us at this table that new phase no longer includes the sport of Limmie. So it is with a heavy, yet fully convinced, heart that my last act as Captain of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs is to announce our retirements. Thank you.”

    Setarcos’s jaw dropped to the ground as his stylus clattered to his desk. He looked over at the Dathomirian female that sat on the opposite edge of his desk. “Did you know anything about this? What about Greebus or Clair or Melodi? Did anyone know that this was going to happen?” Julla just stared at him with a blank expression shaking her head. “Get Greebus and the rest of the coaches up here right now.”

    Julla just looked at him dumbfounded, “Arco, don’t you know? Haven’t you read your messages lately?” She reached across his desk, grabbed his datapad, and brought up his inbox of written messages. As he looked over each of them she summarized the whole situation for him, “Greebus was offered the job of General Manager of the Dathomir Rancor Riders and hired Clair and Melodi to be the Head and Assistant Coach respectively. All three of them resigned effective immediately. Tell me you read the memo to you and me about the Salary Cap the twins slapped on us this year?”

    Reality settled in on Setarcos when he looked down at his roster and started scratching names off of it. As he did a plan started formulating in his mind. “Yes I know about the 20 million credit cap with the max being 1 million (5% of the team’s cap) and the minimum being 500,000 (2.5% of the team’s cap). I just renegotiated the contracts of Laura and Biedo, while restructuring Greenly’s, Herc’s, and Mara’s all to 5 year deals. The first four signed for 700,000 a year and Mara got an extra 50,000 just for being an award winning player. I also struck a deal with Clarisse and Thalia’s agent to bring them back at 2.8 million over 4 years each.”

    As he looked at his holey roster he knew it would take more than the second overall pick and free agent scraps to make it to the Cup next year. “Alright Sweetheart, it’s time for you to watch a master at work.” He picked up a piece of filmsi and scribbled a quick note onto it and then handed it to Julla. “Do me a favor, take that out to my assistant and have her call my contact over at the local HSN sports desk. He’ll know what to do with it from there.”

    While she was delivering the message, Setarcos brought up his multiline comms system punched up the numbers for Quinn Cundertol, Aay’han Vhett, Aebatt Zargana, Ira Clark, and the Senators’ front office. Masterfully he bounced from one team GM to another, offering them various combinations of players and future picks. There was even a time that Vincent Cutter inquired about making a deal. Slowly things came together all he needed now was for the League to sign off on the various deals he had just finalized.

    Yup, the offseason, it was definitely where a GM made his money.
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  17. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    --Transaction Wire--
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Greebus Ion (Human, Male, Head Coach) Resigned. Hired as General Manager of Dathomir Rancor Riders
    • Clair Illo (Human, Female, Defensive Coordinator) Resigned. Hired as Head Coach of Dathomir Rancor Riders
    • Melodi Aquis (Human, Female, Midfielder Coach) Resigned. Hired as Assistant Coach of Dathomir Rancor Riders
    • Dr. Cole LeBoman (Human, Male, Team Physician) Retired
    • Edu Ovando (Human, Male, Corner Back) Retired
    • Tev Undolo (Human, Male, Corner Back) Retired
    • Beks Vidda (Human, Male, Half Forward) Retired
    • Lairt Preed (Human, Male, Half Forward) Retired
    • Mia Silas (Human, Female, Half Forward) Retired
    • Babs Wampa-Ovando (Human, Female, Corner Forward) Retired
    • Lex Silas (Human, Male, Defensive Back) Retired
    • Dawn Solo-Undolo (Human, Female, Midfielder) Retired
    • Laura Cynd-Nazug (Human, Female, Half Forward) signed 5 year contract
    • Biedo Nazug (Human, Male, Half Back) signed 5 year contract
    • Clarisse(Zeltron, Female, Midfielder) signed 4 year contract from the Balmorra Blasters
    • Thalia (Arkanian, Female, Midfielder) signed 4 year contract from the Balmorra Blasters
    • Greenly Zo (Human, Female, Half Forward) restructured 5 year contract
    • Herc Tathor (Human, Male, Half Forward) restructured 5 year contract
    • Mara Singus (Human, Female, Half Forward) restructured 5 year contract
  18. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Aron Rodders (Human, Male, Full Forward) signed to 5 year contract extension
    • Nanchecka Stormborn (Echani, Female, Left Corner Forward) signed to 4 year contract extension
    • Adanna Inviere (Hapan, Female, Left Half Back) retires
    • Ruunron (Trandoshan, Male, Center Half Back) recalled from Ord Mantell Scrappers
    Euceron Storm
    • Receives Rydonni Prime Monarchs' second round draft pick in 274
    • Receives Rydonni Prime Monarchs' third round draft pick in 274
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receives Euceron Storm's second round draft pick in 273
    • Receives Euceron Storm's third round draft pick in 273
    • Receives Ralltiir Starkillers' third round draft pick in 273
    • Receives Ralltiir Starkillers' third round draft pick in 274
    Ralltiir Starkillers
    • Receives Karh'ona'mitera "Rhona" (Chiss, Female, Half Back) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receives Tonn Manark (Human, Male, Corner Forward) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
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  19. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    "The suggestion was not made that either of you would throw the game. However, I think that it is very reasonable that others, especially in the press, would raise the specter of such a thing being possible. The League is not going to allow the integrity of this game to be called into question under any circumstances, especially when it is a reasonably foreseeable outcome of a situation," the Bothan said firmly.

    She paused. "Ms. Leed, I would like to take you forward into a hypothetical future. Let us say that you and Mr. Barbosa both play this game and the Crazy Dragons win. Then you defeat the Solo Conference champions for the Galactic Cup. How will you feel if the galactic media says, 'Zeke Barbosa let his fiancee win to give her the biggest wedding present in the history of sports'? How will it feel to know that your first championship, maybe your only one, will come at the cost of an asterisk in everyone's mind? If everyone thinks that Mr. Barbosa let you win. And should Mr. Barbosa let in a late go-ahead goal, maybe even a routine save that he misses, won't the whispers be louder? Do you want that?

    "Do you want that?" she asked Zeke, "If it went the other way, would you want that to hang over you for the remainder of your career?

    "Do you want that, Ms. Poland?" the Commissioner asked, appealing to the Crazy Dragons' GM who held considerable power over her team's personnel decisions.

    "The League can give you both time to deliberate, but we need a decision soon. I fear that this issue will not remain dormant in the media for long and it is in everyone's best interests to have it resolved quickly," Kayl'hen said, "We had considered requiring a double blind, where each team was asked individually to make their decision so that there would be no collusion between the teams. However, after deep thought on my part, since Mr. Barbosa was nominated for the Salbukk last season and Ms. Leed nominated for it this season, I believe that we can consider both players to be of equal importance to the overall efforts of their team and therefore the decision can be made transparently between the two.

    "Unless there are any other ideas?" Niakara suggested once more.

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  20. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Sydney Talon
    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "SYDNEY!" came the unexpected cry from Mara's workstation.

    The attorney's head snapped up. This was new. Mara rushed to the door of his office. "The GCAA has issued their ruling."

    "What?" Sydney said, jumping to his feet, "Is it on the Holonet?"

    "No, Lizsen has it," Mara said.

    Talon wasted no time. Mara deftly moved out of the door so she wasn't bowled over by the exit of her employer, who just about ran down the halls of the law office. It was a very definite fast walk, that was for sure. Beings made way for him as he came down the hallways. Sydney Talon had the look of a man who was headed somewhere specific and woe to those who obstructed his way.

    As usual, Sydney blew into Lizsen's office without so much as a knock. "What's the word?" Sydney demanded.

    "I was waiting for you," Lizsen said. Sydney noted that the managing partner wasted no time in opening the file on her terminal. It was clear she was just as anxious as he was. After all, if they blew this, they could kiss their new clients good by. Millions in billables would be vaporized in an instant. Fleetfire Zarmer would suddenly find itself in a precarious position in the competitive legal world of Salis D'aar. Other firms would probably even try to outright poach their old clients too.

    Lizsen read:

    After a full and complete investigation by the Committee on Infractions into the matter of the Bakura Miners' recruitment of Morgan Alesh and Becki Morlan, the GCAA has determined that the Miners acted in good faith and are accordingly innocent in the matter.

    Sydney gave a whoop and uppercutted the air in a manner most unbecoming of one of Salis D'aar's best attorneys. Lizsen smiled and continued.

    While the Miners did initiate contact with Ms. Alesh and Ms. Morlan, at no time did they extend a formal offer of employment to either player during their career as student athletes. The GCAA will be issuing clarified guidance regarding professional recruitment of student athletes in the near future to prevent further incidents.

    "We won Lizsen, we won!" Sydney said with a smile ten parsecs wide.

    "You did, Sydney. 'Innocent,' that's a very big win for us, a very big win," Lizsen said. She pressed the button for the comm on her desk. "Get me the Times...hello, this is Lizsen Fleetfire. I have just received the GCAA's decision regarding their investigation into the Miners..."

    By that time Sydney was already on his way out of Lizsen's office. One of the paralegals saw his grin.

    "What's the good news, Mr. Talon?"

    "Miners--innocent," he said, condensing it down to two words.

    The news spread through the offices so fast that by the time he was back to his office Mara was already standing and waiting for him with a knowing smile.

    "We did it," he said.

    "I knew you'd whip them," Mara said as she hugged Sydney. And then, softly into his ear, "Your father would be so proud."

    Yes, he would, Sydney knew. His father had loved him and he'd loved his team. He'd been proud of Sydney when he became an attorney, so very proud of him. Sydney wondered what his dad would have thought if he'd known one day he'd use his gifts to help his Bakura Miners.

    "I know," was all Sydney said as he hugged Mara back.

    She pulled apart. "If there was ever a time for the can opener..." she said.

    "Oh it's right now," Sydney said with all seriousness.

    Mara yanked open a drawer at her desk, grabbed in and scurried inside Sydney's office.

    "To the Miners," she said as she shut the door.

    "To the Miners," Sydney said right before the door shut and the glass wall frosted over.

    Chancellor's office, Coruscant

    "'...innocent in the matter,'" Kerry Trieste read happily, "Now isn't that something. Such glowing language from the GCAA, a body not known for being verbose. I don't suppose you would have anything to do with that, would you, Senator?"

    Senator Urkk of Abregado-Rae blinked his eyes in surprise. "Chancellor, are you insinuating that I influenced the Committee's investigation? Just because I come from Abregado-Rai does not mean I control everything that goes on there."

    "Of course not. But once the Committee had made its decision, which I'm sure you were informed of, perhaps suggestions were made as to the final language of the report, hmmm?" Kerry speculated. She decided to spare the Senator from answering the question. "In any event, I am glad to have an end to this matter in such a satisfactory way." Indeed, this was highly convenient for Trieste. "Enough about sports. Let's get down to the business of governing the Republic, Senator. I believe that you've had some trouble getting an agricultural assistance bill for Abregado-Rae through the Senator? It just so happens I've been thinking about doing something about that these days."

    Senator Urkk picked up. "Really Chancellor?"

    "Really, Senator," she said with a smile.

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  21. JediMaster1511

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    Jul 15, 2010
    IC: Phil Brook - Vandelhelm Jets

    The Jets were on the sidelines this postseason, but Brooks was not concerned with that right now. He was on his way to get a new tattoo. The whispers ofplayers and coaching staff being cleaned out did not affect him. He was the best, and he would not worry about anything else. The jeering he experience was nothing more than energy to feed from, and anyone who left or came into the organization would be put around him, and not the other way around......

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  22. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed
    Onderon Main Headquarters

    Jenna listened furiously asthe commissioner talked what she felt was nonsense. He was stating that they should be aware of whispers stating that Zeke or herself would over throw the match because of their relationship.

    "Ms. Leed, I would like to take you forward into a hypothetical future. Let us say that you and Mr. Barbosa both play this game and the Crazy Dragons win. Then you defeat the Solo Conference champions for the Galactic Cup. How will you feel if the galactic media says, 'Zeke Barbosa let his fiancee win to give her the biggest wedding present in the history of sports'? How will it feel to know that your first championship, maybe your only one, will come at the cost of an asterisk in everyone's mind? If everyone thinks that Mr. Barbosa let you win. And should Mr. Barbosa let in a late go-ahead goal, maybe even a routine save that he misses, won't the whispers be louder? Do you want that?

    Sam Poland was quiet but the look she was giving Jenna showed that she agreed with the commissioner. Sam looked at the Bothan and said.

    “Right now the Crazy Dragons do not have a back up for Ms. Leed’s position since that is the case then I propose that Mr. Barbosa drop out for that match.”

    Jenna couldn’t believe this Sam was siding with them. Well she could believe it cause it is just like her to act sympathetic. Still she didn’t have any ideas on what to do. All she knows is that she just has to play.

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  23. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Gaeriel Valerii (Human, Female, Head Coach) signs three year contract
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  24. Teegirloo

    Teegirloo Jedi Master star 6

    May 26, 2005
    Jenna Leed

    It was the day of the game and Jenna wondered if Zeke was going to play. She was of course but that’s because she had no back up for her position. Sam told Jenna to suit up and she did. She was a bit nervous for today. Not that she cared one way or another about people talking trash about how she played if Zeke played as well. She was nervous because she didn’t truly want to hurt the Crazy Dragon’s chances by playing. It would be worse if she didn’t and they were one man down for the game.

    Jenna knew that it would be a colossal mistake to go and talk to Zeke right now before the game. It would lead to rumors that she didn’t want. It would only make her mad and would affect her play. No she would just concentrate on the game, hopefully things will work out and rumors could be avoided. She went out for the pregame warm ups but tried not to look for Zeke. She had no idea what he was going to do. Knowing Zeke he would still play and then they would just have to face the consequences

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  25. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Polis Vayne
    Bakura Gardens

    Alysha punched the ball over the bar to extend the Senator lead to 32-30 late in game. Polis watched as the Miner’s rookie Jorpik kicked the ball back into play. He didn’t feel comfortable with a two-point lead, not in the slightest. Considering how badly the Miners had beaten the Senators weeks earlier, no lead seemed safe. And in this back-and-forth game, anything could happen. Forget convention, this was Miners-Senators in the playoffs, and that only meant that it would be a good game. Two times ago when these teams had met in the playoffs, Izzi Polakaya had sunk the Miners on a last-second miracle goal. That win had led the Senators to the Galactic Cup title in 268 a week later. Likewise, the last time out, the Miners had shut the Senators down, and by extension had easily defeated the Force in 271 in the playoffs in resounding fashion. This felt like it could be a revenge game, but for Polis it was just a typical game between these two teams.

    The ball squired out of the hands of Aron Rodders, and Dirxx picked it up off the turf. He slung it over to Alysha, who fed Syprul with a nice pass. The Shistavanen, realizing that he was out of position, immediately chucked it out to Demetra on the wing. The rookie midfielder threw the ball with a high arc, and it sailed over the bar for another point. 33-30 Senators. The Miners called timeout; everyone in the stadium seemed to know what was coming, but Polis wasn’t quite sure. Although he could speculate on what was about to occur, he was playing offense, and thus he hadn’t been in on all the defense discussions. However, Coach Mundle called for some substitutions, pulling Demetra, Moen, Jet, and Lokesh for defensive replacements, namely Evis, Izzi, Saram, and Doon’sun. Polis knew that these were defensive changes; the Miners were coming out full force.

    And that they did. They emptied Jorpik from the goal box and sent all fifteen players in a suicide rush towards the Senators goal. Venn knuckled down in goal, surrounded by his defensive screen. Glencross passed to Rodders, who had fought off Shev, a difficult task in itself, to catch the pass. Another pass made its way to Morlan. The rookie then tossed it to her teammate . . . until Dirxx stepped into the passing lane and intercepted the pass. The Besalisk then kicked the ball free from the zone, right in the direction of Polis. When the ball landed, Polis gave the ball as hard a kick as he could. Then all eyes in the stadium watched as the ball sailed right into the back of the Miner net for an open-net goal. 36-30 Senators, a lead they would not relinquish.

    When the game was over, the Senators celebrated. They had out-gutted the Miners and picked up a solid road win. Now it was on to Mandalore, where things never came easy. But for a day or two, the Senators were going to enjoy this win, because it certainly meant a lot. A win over the Mercs meant a berth in the Galactic Cup Final, held on Coruscant this season. What it would mean for the fanbase to see their team play in the Final, and imagine if they won it in front of the home crowd. Two games stood between the team and immortality, and they were ready.

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