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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Elite League Limmie 273: Where The Grass Is Greener Still

    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    Commissioner Kayl'hen stood behind a podium bearing the Elite League Limmie crest in the largest media briefing room in the League's offices. It was standard practice for the first press conference of a new season…but this was not going to be an average start of the season.

    "Well, I trust that the last few months have given us all time to recover from quite a season," Commissioner Kayl'hen said with a smile for the press, "In a couple months, the 273 season will get off to its official start with the 273 Elite League Limmie Draft. This year’s Draft will be held at Klivian Hall on Ralltiir. We are very excited to bring the Draft to the homeworld of the Starkillers and have announced special discount pricing to encourage fans to travel to the Draft this year and meet the stars of tomorrow.

    “Today also marks the start of free agency for Elite League players and the end of the roster freeze. As is typical, player transactions will remain open until the conclusion of Week 3 games. The League has already received several trades that we will be processing and giving formal approval to immediately.

    “The League has also formally opened the bidding process for the 273 Galactic Cup Final. As a reminder to everyone, Nar Shaddaa, Ryloth, and Coruscant have all hosted in the last three years and are not eligible to submit a bid.

    “There is more than the usual routine news to announce today. Last season, at the request of the Board of Governors, I directed the Membership Committee to look at the possibility of League expansion. After performing thorough research, the Membership Committee endorsed this idea and submitted a proposal to the Board of Governors involving a five game conference schedule and two game non-conference schedule. This proposal was approved by the Governors and the Membership Committee was duly instructed to perform a galaxy-wide search for the best teams to join the Elite League.

    “In keeping with the Elite League’s commitment to promoting excellent teams—a strategy that produced 272’s Galactic Cup champion Rough Riders—the Elite League is pleased to announce that the Ylesia Lightning, 272 GCLA champions, have accepted promotion to Elite League Limmie. Their addition marks a major expansion of the Elite League into Hutt Space, building on the presence of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. We feel that Hutt Space is an area ripe for further development and are excited by the Elite League’s increased presence there. The Lightning will join the Skywalker Conference. They have elected to participate in the 273 Draft and will have the first overall draft pick.

    “To fill the opening in the Solo Conference, the Elite League is pleased to announce the promotion of the Chandrila Patriots. Their addition to the Solo Conference will rekindle their historic rivalries with Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa, and Bakura and provide the League with another marquee team that has galactic appeal. Chandrila has declined to participate in the Elite League Draft for 273.

    “Though by all objective standards 272 was an astounding year for the League, I think that 273 is shaping up to be another groundbreaking season for the Elite League,” Kayl’hen said in conclusion, “I hope you’ll all be there to share the ride.”

    Hanna City, Chandrila

    In the capital of Mon Mothma’s homeworld, the news interrupted the deliberations of the Chandrilan House, whose representatives voted by unanimously to cease further business for the day and declare it a day of thanksgiving. Many businesses gave up any pretense of continuing to operate for the day and simply allowed their employees to join the celebrations in the streets. In typical Chandrilan fashion, the celebrations were not riotous, but gatherings of a people who put a high premium on limmie.

    Their beloved Patriots had been ignominiously demoted after the 265 season—their first demotion since the foundation of the Elite League. The entire Board of Governors (not to be confused with the Elite League’s Board of Governors, which represented the ownership of the member teams, the Patriots’ Board of Governors was made up of the elected representatives who oversaw operations of the fan-owned team) had resigned in shame.

    But the Patriots had not given up. At historic Stoney End Park, the Patriots in green and white had battled in the Premier League, including winning their first ever Premiership in 269. They then promptly jumped ship for the GCLA where they had excelled against top notch competition. Despite not pulling down a GCLA title, the Patriots had proved they were still out to play limmie at a high level and the success of teams who had been promoted to the Elite League testified to that.

    The road had not been easy. It had taken a rebuild of the franchise to get there. To accomplish that, the Patriots went down a familiar road. Tan Strensky had broken their championship drought as a player and he’d brought home two more Galactic Cups as a coach when the program was threatening to sag again. He was retired now and unavailable to work his magic again, but there was another hope.

    The Patriots had turned to one of Strensky’s stars: Reina Kether, the full forward who had powered Strensky’s championship teams and had recently been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Kether was, like Strensky, operating as dual GM and head coach in old school style, like Strensky, Dana Roslyn, Aileen Wynn (in her C-Buc and early Patriot days), and Rhia Grames. It was Kether who had assembled and coached this team back to the Elite League and it was in Kether that Chandrila trusted.

    Patriot fans were in the streets and an old familiar song was on their lips:

    Green green, it’s green they say
    On the far side of the hill
    Green green, I’m going away
    To where the grass is greener still

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Coruscant Senators
    • Receive Maximus Qorbus (Nautolan, Male, Corner/Full Forward) from Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Receive Salata (Wookiee, Female, Left Half Back) from Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Receive Maggie Adams (Human, Female, Half Forward) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receive Araa'or (Twi'lek, Female, Half Back) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Ralltiir Starkillers
    • Receive Ryloth Rough Riders’ second round draft pick in 273
    Rydonni PrimeMonarchs
    • Receive Mando’ade Mercs’ second round draft pick in 273
    • Receive Mando’ade Mercs’ third round draft pick in 273
    Ryloth Rough Riders
    • Receive J.T. “Jet” Adama (Human, Male, Left Corner Forward) from Coruscant Senators
    • Receive Boggs Campbell (Human, Male, Left Half Forward) from Coruscant Senators
    • Receive Coruscant Senators’ first round draft pick in 273
    • Receive Lista Mil'kya (Bothan, Female, Full Back) from Ralltiir Starkillers

    Final Draft Order and First Round Pick Dates
    1. Ylesia Lightning (April 3)
    2. Vandelhelm Jets (April 4)
    3. Rydonni Prime Monarchs (April 5)
    4. Mando’ade Mercs [from Nar Shaddaa Smugglers] (April 6)
    5. Euceron Storm (April 7)
    6. Ralltiir Starkillers (April 8)
    7. Bakura Miners (April 9)
    8. Ryloth Rough Riders [from Coruscant Senators] (April 10)
    9. Onderon Crazy Dragons (April 11)
    10. Mando’ade Mercs (April 12)
    11. Ryloth Rough Riders (April 13)
    If your date has the potential to pose a problem for you, contact me immediately.

    And now, a GM rule clarification…

    Hi everyone. Last season was quite exciting indeed! However, we did run into a couple of issues for me as GM when storylines intersected with “large organizations.” Examples would include the Elite League and interstellar governments (which I define as any government that oversees more than one star system) like the Republic. These storylines caused a little bit of trouble for me as a GM, so I’d like to give everyone guidance for your storylines moving forward:
    • As always, you have total control of your player character and team organization. This extends to events occurring on the world that your team plays on. This enables you to use current, local events to give context to what happens with your team. However, please make sure that events don’t result in the inability of your team to play its games or of your opponents’ teams to play you. An example would be if a civil war broke out on your planet. Please don’t construct the battle lines so that your team’s stadium is in the middle of the war zone to ensure that the game can still occur. (And before anybody goes there, no, I am not suggesting this as a plot for any of you. :p) An example of a well executed scenario was when almost the entire Coruscant Senators team was kidnapped. Though the starters were unable to play in almost all of their games, backup players were used so that games could take place as scheduled.
    • I have sole authority for the actions of the Elite League, including its employees, no matter how minor the action or character be. If you would like to have the League respond to anything for the purposes of your storylines, please tag me (you can even add “for League response”) or contact me privately. If you are considering a major story arc that includes the League, I would appreciate a quick heads up in advance.
    • In the event you would like to tell a story that touches another large organization or greater galactic events, please contact me before you begin posting. It will help me manage the process.
    • In some instances I may ask to see a draft of your post before you post. I’m usually a quick reader and will get you feedback as soon as I can. I’ll try for a 24 hour turnaround.
    If in doubt, please contact me. I’m always happy to listen and make things work as best as I can! I try to find a way to say yes rather than revert to no. :) And, if I ever do have to say no, remember, pretendy fun time games. (If you don’t know what that means, please review the RPF’s “Our games and how to play them” and The Most Important Rule of All.)

    All of that being said, I’m looking forward to an excellent season with the most player teams we’ve ever had in this game! It should be fun!

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: No One

    For the second consecutive year, an anonymous, yet respectable, columnist wrote up this Mock Draft for HSN. This is it.

    1. Ylesia Lightning: Prya Tiin, Midfielder, Ord Saboak University
    Typically, the first overall pick in the Draft belongs to the Helmsman winner the previous year. However, Ylesia’s track record of team-building will break this trend. Jalin Mioree is a human, and the Lightning refuse to have any humans on their roster, so Mioree will be the first Helmsman winner to be passed over in the Draft at #1. Look for the Lightning to add Tiin instead, a great midfielder from OSU who will bring a lot to the table for this team coming off a GCLA title.

    2. Vandelhelm Jets: Dev Poletin, Full Back, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute
    To be truthful, Mioree could easily fall here due to his intangibles. However, Vandelhelm’s defense was downright dreadful last season; they lost six straight games after a season-opening victory, and their defense was a big part of that. Their defenders are aging rapidly, especially on the bench, and they need an upgrade more than the offense, led by Phil Brooks, does. Look for them to draft Poletin here to add some youth and power to their Back 6; although his CorTech team sank to the bottom of their Conference this past season, Poletin was the lone bright spot, making plays when needed and being an overall solid presence.

    3. Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Jalin Mioree, Full Forward, Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
    Mioree is not going past #3. The Monarchs will pick him up in a heartbeat here, and he will contribute immediately. ‘Nuff said.

    4. Mando’ade Mercs: Gargova Broussard, Forward, Coruscant Air Fleet Academy
    There is little explanation for the Mercs to have traded up to the #4 pick outside of them grabbing Broussard. Although she missed her last season at the Air Fleet Academy (and subsequently was expelled from the school) due to pregnancy, she is still the complete package at forward. Look for the Mercs to take her and use her to re-stock the Front 6 with Andres Fortune to make another run at the title in 273.

    5. Euceron Storm: Sorcha Styles, Full Forward, UC Bella Vistal
    Euceron posted the third-worst offensive output last season, scoring just over 100 points on their way to barely missing the playoffs. Styles will give them extra offensive punch that should help the Storm get over the hump and into the playoffs for the first time in six seasons.

    6. Ralltiir Starkillers: Marseille Wallace, Full Back, VCU
    Wallace may not be the best option for the Starkillers at Full Back, but he can play most defensive positions and start right away somewhere in the Back 6 next season due to this versatility. The competition he faced last season at VCU is a little sketchy, but Wallace should still be a worthy pick at #6.

    7. Bakura Miners: Bengi Zire, Full Back, University of Garos
    This is a stretch pick at #7 due to Zire’s low HSN ranking. However, if you all remember, Abbey Waters was a low-ranked Full Back two seasons ago coming from BCC, and she was extremely effective outside of her typical position at Full Back when the Miners won the Galactic Cup in 271. Zire’s team made the Galactic final last season, and he is an underrated prospect. Look for the Miners to switch his position and give him a chance to start on defense to plug the holes there.

    8. Ryloth Rough Riders: Zak Pers, Midfielder, UCBV
    This season is unique because three of the four Helmsman finalists are ranked low at their respective positions. However, the defending champions will have a chance here to take Pers, who should provide a good option starting in the middle of the field or coming off the bench.

    9. Onderon Crazy Dragons: Cora Xux, Center Half Back, College of Deredith and Millicent
    As shown in the 272 playoffs, the Crazy Dragons lack a backup for Salbukk winner Jenna Leed. When Onderon faces off against defending champs Ryloth in 273, Leed will have to sit out because fiancé Zeke Barbosa did during the playoff run last year. This will leave the Crazy Dragons in a sticky situation . . . unless they draft Xux. Coming out of Deredith and Millicent, Xux will provide solid minutes off the bench behind Leed, and can start if necessary at another position. Look for the Crazy Dragons to draft for a position need here, since they exceled at everything in the regular season.

    10. Mando’ade Mercs: Jace Sunrider, Left Corner Back, Orn Free Taa Central Academy
    The Mercs’ defense was exposed many times this last season, despite making the Galactic Cup Finals (where they were burned time and again on the defensive end). With their defenders aging and looking to retire in the next few years, the Mercs will look to draft replacements as soon as possible. Sunrider gives them a good player to fill a gap on their bench. He was a loose ball Machine at the Academy, recording a lot of small statistics and smart plays that kept his team in the game. He will definitely help the Mercs Back 6 off the bench or as a starter, whatever happens next season.

    11. Ryloth Rough Riders: Re Kuun, Corner Back, Tipoca City College
    With the addition of two solid forwards in a trade with the Coruscant Senators recently, the Rough Riders have taken care of their offensive needs for this offseason. However, defense is always a priority in the Draft, and look for Ryloth to play smart and take Kuun. Although not the most flashy player on his TCC team, he still put up solid numbers despite several minor injuries last season that limited his effectiveness. He is healthy now and ready to contribute for the defending champs.

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    And, I now present the REST of the Draft.

    Second Round:

    Ylesia Lightning: Lana Ping (Female, Left Corner Back, UCBV)

    Vandelhelm Jets: Tvani Zookin (Male, Goalkeeper, Orn Free Ta Central Academy)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [from Rydonni Prime Monarchs via Bakura Miners]: Miith'tor'ado "Tory" (Chiss, Male, The Ord Sabaok University, Right Half Forward)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Raia Sanin (Human, Female, Midfielder, Aeos Rangers semi-pro team [age 25])

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs [from Euceron Storm]: Ema Zostin (Chiss, Female, GVSU, Right Half Forward)

    Ralltiir Starkillers: Arkan Matsoto (Twi'lek, Male, University of Evenvale, Left Corner Forward)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [from Bakura Miners]: Paul Tullo (Human, Male, College of Fondordelphia, Left Half Back)

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs [from Coruscant Senators]: Sezerard Fuunke (Iktochi, Male, Chandrila A&M University, Left Half Back)

    Onderon Crazy Dragons: Jolis Horonel (Human, Male, Midfielder, Euceron Storm youth program [age 19])

    Rydonni Prime [from Mando'ade Mercs]: Moval (Duros, Male, Duro State University, Center Half Forward)

    Raltiir Starkillers [from Ryloth Rough Riders]: Jaya "Barefoot" Tam (Togruta, Female, University of Shili, Center Half Forward)

    Third Round

    Ylesia Lightning: Trisa Hekla (Hapan, Female, GVSU, Left Corner Back)

    Vandelhelm Jets: Bry Dougant (Human, Male, GVSU, Midfielder)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [from Rydonni Prime Monarchs via Bakura Miners]: Haly Teska (Twi'lek, Male, Cinnagar Imperial College, Right Corner Forward)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Kerriryyhn (Wookiee, Female, Citadel University of Anaxes, Left Corner Back)

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs [from Euceron Storm]: Chew Fej (Rodian, Male, GVSU, Left Corner Forward)

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs [from Ralltiir Starkillers]: Roz Cartel (Human, Male, Goalkeeper, UCBV)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers [from Bakura Miners]: Julius Winifred (Human, Male, Druckenwell Technical University (DTU), Right Corner Forward)

    Coruscant Senators: Michelle Doss (Human, Female, The Ord Sabaok University, Right Corner Back)

    Onderon Crazy Dragons: Zakvar'una (aka Zak Varuna) (Twi'lek, Male, Goalkeeper, University of Sanbra [age 22])

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs [from Mando'ade Mercs]: Will not pick someone on the top prospects board.

    Ryloth Rough Riders: Jeremid Taskark (Human, Male, Atalanta University, Midfielder)
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    May 20, 2008
    OOC: Double post, but I'm sure you're all dying to have another Gark post. Because I can.

    IC: Gark S’rily
    Out and About

    “The kitchen is filled with the standard luxury features,” the realtor, a snappily-dressed Chiss, said. “The granite countertops are made from only the finest granite in the galaxy, and are a real marvel to touch because of its legendary smoothness.” She reached out her hand and demonstrated this characteristic. “Other than that, there is the standard two-door oven, stove top, microwave oven . . .”

    Gark just yawned, but not too loud to be rude to the realtor. He was getting tired of being shown around real estate all day, especially when the weather outside was beautiful and he could be spending his time out in it. But he had promised Me’lin that he would stick it out today; this had been her idea in the first place, and although he would have rather spent weeks on this kind of search instead of a few days, deep down inside Gark wanted to also find a new home for himself. Ever since his condo had been blown to pieces by Calo Mornd, he had felt homeless, a drifter wandering aimlessly without a real home to return to each night. The couch in the lounge at Team HQ definitely didn’t fit the bill for a proper bed, and it felt like he was at work constantly, even when he was the only one left in the building during the night. That had to change; despite his boredom with all of the realtors and their sickly-sweet sales pitches, he knew that at some point he’d find that elusive new home.

    “You awake?” Me’lin whispered to him after giving him a playful elbow in the ribs.

    “Slightly,” Gark said, shrugging.

    “I know you don’t like all of this,” the Twi’lek said, “but I’d like to find a new home before our wedding next week.”

    “I’m sure we will,” Gark said in as reassuring voice as he could in his otherwise-bored mental state.

    “I’m sorry, but am I being boring?” the realtor asked.

    “No,” Gark said immediately. “I just haven’t had a decent place to sleep in a while, so . . .” he yawned again. “I’m just feeling sleepy. Must be the nice weather outside that’s doing it to me.”

    “Understood,” the Chiss said, a smile on her face. “After I’m done showing you two this house, I’m headed out on a picnic with the family. My parents love going out to the park this time of year, and my boyfriend always gets dragged along. But, as much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he loves my potato salad, so he wouldn’t miss this for anything. Anyways, I’m sure you’ll find the rest of this house interesting. Got some things I think you two will like.” She headed out the door to the kitchen, and the other two followed.

    “Now, here is the living room,” the Chiss said, after all three people had entered the room. “Plenty of window space over on the side there, plus an entertainment center on the opposite wall which should hold quite a bit of holos and other media. The flooring is rather soft, so if you feel like inviting some of your players over to have Limmie practice, they won’t get hurt,” she said, winking.

    “Not if I have anything to say about it,” Me’lin said, frowning. “If you invite the team over, you can hold practice outside.”

    “I have a feeling that they’ll be asking me to install a small Limmie field in the backyard,” Gark said with a chuckle.

    “Allow me to take you two outside and show you around the backyard,” the realtor said. She opened the sliding glass door in the living room that led outside. “It’s a spacious area, if you don’t mind me saying.”

    “It’s beautiful!” Me’lin commented.

    The yard, compared to those of many of the other houses that had been viewed today, was huge. The back fence seemed to be roughly 150 feet away from the sliding glass door, so there was plenty of room to stretch out. Several trees were planted near the fence, providing shade and a taste of nature on a metropolitan planet such as Coruscant. There was a deck jutting up next to the house, with a door to enter the kitchen. A grill was placed firmly on the deck, and several benches had been placed into the wood framing of the deck to provide extra seating.

    “Looks like it could use a set of goalposts,” Gark commented.

    “Don’t go there,” Me’lin said.

    “What, I was just saying,” Gark said, sheepishly.

    “All right, maybe just one,” the Twi’lek said. “Because I know you’re going to invite the team over at some point for a pickup game.”

    “I’m so glad we agree on this,” Gark said, giving a wry smile.

    “There is plenty of space out here to do pretty much whatever you can think of,” the realtor said. “If this was my house, I would definitely spend a picnic day out here without needing to leave the yard.”

    Then, Gark felt his comlink buzz. He was confused; hadn’t he turned it off earlier? Pulling it out of his pocket, he looked at the caller ID and then rolled his eyes. It was Team HQ; they were obviously interested in talking to him.

    “I have to take this,” he said to the realtor. He then walked past her out into the yard, switching the communicator on. “Gark here. What is it?”

    “Sorry to bother you, sir” said the voice of one of his assistants, a nervous Wroonian who had just been hired earlier in the week as a temp for one of Gark’s typical assistants, who had just been in a speeder wreck and was recovering from his injuries at home. “But I’ve received a call from the Ryloth organization, and they’re interested in talking to you.”

    Gark furrowed his brow. What did the Rough Riders front office want from him? “Can you tell them that I’m not in the office now, and that I’ll call them back later?”

    “Sure thing,” the Wroonian said, cutting the connection.

    Gark looked over at Me’lin, who had an annoyed look on her face. “I thought I had turned it off,” he said.

    After being shown the other rooms, Gark finally got to see what he had been most intrigued about in the house listing. It was a small room in the basement that would act as a trophy room mostly, with some glass cases on the wall. It seemed like the perfect place to stash some of the items that had accrued in his office back at HQ, not to mention his Superbothan suit that would eventually be retired in one of the large glass cases on the wall . . . at least if this was the house they ended up choosing.

    Once the tour was over, Gark and Me’lin confided with each other what they thought of the house. The realtor stood next to her speeder, waiting to see if the couple had come to a decision.

    “I like the backyard,” Gark said. “Not cramped, and it has a good-sized deck.”

    “I know you do, but what about the rest of the house?” Me’lin asked.

    “It’s nice,” Gark said. “The kitchen looks nice, the living room was spacious, the bathrooms were neat and tidy . . . I don’t know what you are looking for in a house, really.”

    “I really like this one,” the Twi’lek said. “It has everything I wanted in one home; large and useable kitchen area, large backyard, easily navigable hallways, no steps up to the front door, nice neighborhood, large master bedroom, guest rooms . . . it’s all here. Oh, and the price is very agreeable.”

    “If you can call forking over half a million credits ‘affordable’,” Gark said, smirking.

    “Oh hush,” the Twi’lek said, playfully punching the Bothan in the arm. “You spent many millions on a silly Limmie team, remember?”

    “Thyferra was a business expense,” Gark said, stiffening his back a little. “I figured . . .”

    “Still a team,” Me’lin said, winking.

    “All right, you win,” Gark finally said. He figured that there was no way he could change the Twi’lek’s mind about this.

    “I think this is the one right here,” Me’lin said, motioning to the house. “What do you say?”

    “It’ll work nicely,” Gark finally said after several moments of deliberating. “As long as you’re happy with it, I am.”

    “This better not be about that call a while back, and you trying to get out of house shopping. We have a deal, remember?”

    “No, I think this house will work rather nicely,” Gark commented. “That other stuff can wait. I can get that done when we’ve finished here.”

    “You make a decision?” the realtor asked.

    “We’ll take it,” Gark said simply.

    About an hour later, the paperwork had been completed, and was sent in to be processed. In the meantime, Gark headed over to Team HQ to check in on that call he had received. Me’lin had come with him just in case her skills were needed, but it was mostly Gark feeling the need to get into the office ASAP to call Ryloth back.

    “Can you put me through with Lyle Kewman at Ryloth’s front office?” Gark asked his assistant.

    “Sure thing,” the Wroonian said. After about a minute, Gark had a comlink in hand.

    “Yes, this is Gark S’rily,” he said. “Trade? Yes, I can talk to you about that right now. Let me get out a roster here real fast . . .” His assistant handed him a datapad, and Gark walked into his office and shut the door behind him.

    “What exactly are you interested in?” Gark asked. The answer was the Senators’ first-round pick. “I don’t know . . . what would you offer in return?”

    After about fifteen minutes, with some major haggling going on, Gark left his office.

    “Well?” Me’lin asked.

    “Just finalized a deal with Ryloth,” Gark said. “And I think the fans will like it.” He then turned to his assistant. “Call in the following players to my office. I need to break the news to them . . .

    J.T. Adama and Boggs Campbell sat in Gark’s office, looking at the Bothan from across the table.

    “I’m going to put it short to you guys,” Gark said. “You’ve been traded.”

    “Where?” Boggs asked quickly.

    “Ryloth,” Gark said. “Look, I know that both of you wanted to play here next year, so I won’t give you the ‘this was a business decision’ spiel. It hurts to know that you’ve been traded; trust me, Cam gave me hell for trading him a while back. But I wanted you guys to know that it’s been great having you on the team. Jet, you’ll get to be the main option in the offense on Ryloth, I’ve been told, so you won’t have to play second-fiddle to Polis and Moen all the time. I’m sure you’re agreeable to more playing time, are you not?” Jet nodded.

    “And Boggs, you will get to play more there as well,” Gark continued. “We weren’t able to find a starting spot for you here, so by moving on you’ll find a better opportunity to play.”

    It was never easy to tell a player that they had been traded, but at least these two seemed to take it better than Gark had imagined. Ryloth had just been in the Galactic Cup Final, so they were now considered a contender. Also, Gark had been deadly serious about playing time; Boggs had been stuck down on the depth chart at forward, and a change in scenery would do him some good to continue to develop as a player. Jet hadn’t quite meshed well with the Senators’ offensive attack, so moving on would also do him some good as he tried to find his stride in the Elite League once again.

    After the players had left the room, Gark was alone to muse about what he had just done. In this trade, he was giving up not just the Senators’ first round draft pick (currently slated at #8), but Jet Adama and Boggs Campbell. Two good, experienced forwards was not something that most teams would willingly trade, but the Senators were not a normal team in this regard. They had quite a few solid forwards on the first line, and the second line was filled with younger, yet still experienced, players such as Zadd, a former Ingbrand nominee, and Wylega Zola. Boggs had been with these others on Thyferra, but Gark knew that he couldn’t find enough PT for Boggs at any position this next season, so he had been expendable from Day One of the offseason.

    In return, the Senators would receive Salata, an experienced Left Half Back. The Wookiee would fill in nicely when team captain Dirxx Horstse needed rest, and would hopefully provide a solid replacement when Dirxx finally decided to hang up the spikes. Gark knew that he had some interesting Half Back prospects on Thyferra, not to mention on Coruscant with Myles Tormera and Ortho Dyhon. Eldis Dumerville had been talking about retiring for personal reasons, so a roster spot at Half Back was open for the next season’s roster, and Salata would fill in nicely. But the real gem of the trade was the other player, a certain Maximus Qorbus. The former Helmsman winner and subsequent first overall draft pick in the inaugural Elite League Draft, was going to take over Jet’s old spot at Corner Forward this next season. Not only was Qorbus’ contract cheaper than Jet’s, but he was younger and had more upside than Jet did at this stage in his career. Also, Qorbus had just won the Numifolis Award for helping the Rough Riders win the Galactic Cup, so he was a real hot commodity at the moment. Gark knew that this move would spark a youth movement in the forward corps for the Senators; when the time came for Polis, Moen, Lokesh and Syprul to retire, there were young yet experienced players ready to step in and pick up the slack. Riff Persnor had looked good all season as a starter, plus Zola and Zadd both had potential to be effective ELL players. Bel Erein and Kev Flysto would remain as the elder sages of the forward team, providing solid minutes in whatever role they would find themselves in down the road. At Thyferra, Dauza Chary had looked solid all season long at Full Forward, and the scouts said that she was improving her offensive game. Also on Thyferra were Maff Biskis, whom Gark would have brought up had it not been for signing Cam Veryist at the last second in free agency this last season, and Mychele Lysar, the long-time Thyferra captain who, despite being older than most of her teammates there, still left an impression in 272. This list didn’t include Rayel Edare, whom the Senators had picked up via trade weeks earlier from the Rydonni Prime Monarchs; she would be a capable backup at whatever position she was needed in, having started in 272 for the Monarchs at Full Forward.

    Gark then penciled in his ideal starting lineup for 273 with these names in mind. Polis, Moen, Lokesh, Syprul, Riff, and Qorbus looked to have their spots locked up. This left Edare, Bel, Kev, Zadd, and Wylega on the bench, which looked rather strong so far. But the bench still needed one more player, and Gark knew that he would have to address that in training camp.

    Me’lin opened the door to Gark’s office, snapping the Bothan out of his thought process. “You going to be here a while?” she asked, her head poking into the office.

    “I’m going to stick around, yes,” Gark said. “This trade I just finalized reminded me that I need to keep looking for possible trade opportunities elsewhere. Thus, I’ll be here for at least another hour. You headed out?”

    “Yeah,” the Twi’lek replied. “I’ll see you later, then.”

    “Bye,” Gark said, smiling. Me’lin gave him a smile back, and then closed the office door behind her. For five minutes, Gark just sat in his chair, content. He had just pulled off a good Galactic Cup Final on short notice, had made a major trade to add talent and youth to his team, but most importantly he had taken another step forwards in his new life. As the hour passed, Gark found himself thinking more about his future with Me’lin than scouting for players, so much that when he saw that the paperwork had been processed and the house had been sold through a message sent to his inbox, he had felt giddier about that than he would have been to trade for any star player in the Elite League. Things were looking up.

    TAG: JM_1977 (for trade stuff), No One otherwise (unless you want to marvel at Gark's new abode :p).

    Team Transactions:

    Cameron "Cam" Veryiste (Human, Male, Right Half Forward) retires
    Dilfy Pogrid (Duros, Female, Left Corner Back) retires
    Eldis Dumerville (Human, Male, Center/Right Half Back) retires
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    After the Starkillers loss to the Rough Riders Lucie found herself with too much free time on her hands and decided to do two things to keep her busy during the offseason. The first thing she did was to join a class at a local college. It was just a dance class, but she was beginning to think about her future. She didn’t know how many years she had left as an ELL dancer and she didn’t want to ever do anything else with her life. So she was hoping to pursue a career in teaching dance. She felt she was qualified for the job with her experience and talent alone, but knew she could attract more students and charge higher rates if she had an education.

    The second thing Lucie did was get another waitressing job, mainly to help pay for her newfound interest in going back to school, but also because extra income was always nice. She found a position at a new restaurant just days before their Grand Opening. It was a family restaurant, specifically aimed at tourists and Lucie soon discovered they tipped very well. Since the customers were mostly on vacation they were very laid back and less demanding than they had been at the Diner. Lucie thought that for a waitressing job she had landed one of the best available.

    The first day of class had been a real awakening for Lucie. Many students recognized her as a member of the Starkillers dance squad and mocked her for her role. Even the instructor did not take her interest in dance seriously. He singled Lucie out by explaining they would be learning more classical than contemporary movements and then by asking Lucie directly if she felt she was in the correct class. Lucie wasn’t going to let anyone get to her though. She took the class very seriously and within a few sessions everyone seemed to drop her role with the Starkillers for good.

    One particularly busy day Lucie wanted nothing more than to put her feet up after a busy lunch shift when she reached for her datapad and found a message from Starkillers owner Ira Clarke. Mr. Clarke was explaining that Ralltiir had been elected for the site of the 273 Elite Limmie Draft. The Draft would be held at Klivian Hall and he was summoning Lucie to help out with the proceedings. Lucie had always wanted to perform at Klivian Hall. All of the best known dancers and performing groups stopped there sometime during their careers.

    She made plans to meet with Mr. Clarke the very next day in his office at the stadium. To find out what his expectations of her were. Lucie wasn’t sure what she would be asked to do. Hopefully she could be more than just a pretty object on stage for everyone to look at. Then she thought about her career and if she did lead a dance in short skirt with belly showing at an ELL draft in Klivian Hall. Would anyone ever take her seriously after such a performance?

    Lucie made her way to Mr. Clarke’s office dressed professionally and ready to hear whatever he may have to say. “My darling Lucie” he greeted as she was buzzed in by his secretary.

    “Good morning, Mr. Clarke” Lucie stated as she held out her hand and he shook it.

    “Help yourself to breakfast”, he said pointing towards a table filled with pastries, fruits, water, caf and juice. Lucie poured herself a large glass of water and collected some fruits on a plate before having a seat. Mr. Clarke drank caf and piled his own plate with pastries. “So I was hoping you and your best dancers could perform at the draft.”

    “What type of performance did you have in mind?” Lucie asked cautiously.

    “For starters I’d like to have you welcome all the new Starkiller draftees to the team by presenting them with their jerseys.” He paused to take three large bites out of an obscenely large pastry that Lucie could swear was adding inches to her own hips just by looking at it. “Then there’s the performance. Many audience members of past drafts have complained of boredom after the first round. I’d like you and a small group of the best Starkiller dancers to put on some performances between every 3rd or 4th pick to keep everyone attentive.”

    Despite her own personal digressions Lucie knew she couldn’t turn down the proposition. However she could ask if there would be additional pay for the appearance, both for her and the dancers she chose to join her. “Will we be compensated outside of our normal salaries for the performance?” she inquired.

    Mr. Clarke looked a little surprised, but quickly recovered. “Of course, you will each be paid the same amount you receive for a game day performance.”

    Lucie had mixed feelings about the opportunity, but she could always use extra funds and could not imagine what would happen if she turned the offer down. “How many dancers total would you like me to select?”

    “Eight to Ten” Mr. Clarke instructed. He was now finishing his second pastry and reaching for a third. Lucie fought back expressions of distaste as she watched him take another huge bite into the fatty fried cake. “Any other questions?”

    Lucie could tell Mr. Clarke wanted to be left alone, or get onto other business so she took the hint and began to stand up. “No Sir. Thank you for your time and I will see you at the draft”.

    “Always a pleasure Miss Vigo” Mr. Clarke stated as he got up to see her to the door.

    Lucie was very glad to leave Mr. Clarke’s office. She had so much to do, call her best dancers and create routines. She already had ideas and couldn’t wait to put them down on flimsi so they would not be forgotten. She wanted to incorporate some of the more classical style she was learning in her class. Perhaps choose some less harsh music than that used during game performances. Of course the audience she was performing for would be expecting booty shaking and flirting so she would have to add that as well. Just maybe not as much as usual, she hoped that would be acceptable.

    The next several weeks leading up to the draft were very busy. Lucie barely found time to scarf down meals between rehearsals, work and class. She was finding it difficult to teach the other dancers to slow down and allow their moves to flow more professionally. Many of her dancers relied mostly on the shapes of their bodies, but she discovered she could teach and she was building confidence in herself and the team every day.

    One week before the draft Lucie was able to secure the stage of Klivian Hall for a rehearsal. She showed up as early as she could to wander the venue and just admire everything it had to offer. She sat in a few different sections of the seats to imagine what the different views would be from the perspective of an audience member. After that she checked out some of the dressing rooms in the back and admired the portraits of performers from past and present who had performed on this stage. Just taking the stage for rehearsal made Lucie nervous, she realized that this opportunity was the most amazing thing ever given to her and she wanted to be remembered well for it.

    When the night of the draft arrived Lucie fussed over everyone. She made sure each dancer’s hair was professional; no one wore juvenile ribbons this evening. Make up was not too heavy, and uniforms were worn properly. At games girls were known to hike up their already short skirts or wear heels above regulation height, but Lucie was on top of everything this evening and ignored the sneers she received for her pickiness. One day she thought, they would all thank her.

    Lucie felt her heart pound as the lights dimmed and the commissioner was announced.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Marte Nalo
    Location: Limmie Hall of Fame, Empress Teta
    Time: Two weeks after the Galactic Cup Final

    It was the Limmie Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and the media had turned out in full force. Marte hadn't been on the receiving end of so many questions at once since... well, since he was the Storm head coach. As he and his family made their way into the building, Marte found a way to politely ignore most of the reporters—there would be a press conference after the ceremony where he could take questions in a more orderly manner—until a reporter stuck a microphone in the face of his thirteen-year-old daughter, Tendra, to ask her what she thought of his induction.

    At that point, Marte took exception—as well as the microphone out of the reporter's hand. "Leave. My. Family. Alone," he said, enunciating every word as clearly as possible. "Understood?"

    "Y...yessir," stammered the reporter.

    Marte tossed the microphone back and continued into the great hall where the ceremony was to be held, where the Nalos found their assigned table. Finally separated from the press, Marte visibly relaxed. "I was beginning to think I was going to need a Jedi to get me... through..." Marte's voice drifted off as memories from a year ago, of Jado leaving to join the Jedi Order, surfaced in his mind.

    "You okay?" asked Jaria.

    "Yeah, I was just thinking about Jado. We started with three kids and now we're down to one," he said, turning toward Tendra. "You going to die on us or run away and join the circus or anything like that?"

    Tendra dismissed the thought with a wave of her hand. "Wouldn't dream of it," she said.

    "Good, because I'm not ready for an empty nest yet."

    "Ladies and gentlemen," said the host, "we now present out final inductee for the 272 season. His story is a roller coaster ride through some of the highest highs and lowest lows. He went from being one of the top high school players in the galaxy to complete obscurity in college, but that didn't deter one Tan Strensky from signing him to the Patriots. One year later, a fateful speeder accident would end his playing career, but as they say, 'when one door closes, another one opens.' Chandrila had an opening at offensive coordinator, and Strensky offered it to him. He would then go on to mold the Patriots offense into a Galactic Cup–winning team, one of the best this game has ever seen. He had higher ambitions, though, and soon moved on to a head coaching position with the Euceron Storm of the Premier League, where he quickly worked his magic again, ending the Storm's six-year playoff drought and all but dominating the Premier League throughout the 250s. Five Premierships later, he took the Storm into the Elite League and immediately led them into the Galactic Cup Semifinal in their very first season. By now you probably know who this is, so without further ado, please welcome 272 Hall of Fame inductee Marte Nalo!"

    Marte smiled for the holocams and made his way to the stage. "Thank you, thank you," he began. "This is an incredible honor. Honestly, when this year's inductees were announced, I was shocked to find my name on the list. I didn't even know I was being considered. I had a speech ready, but something our wonderful host here said while introducing me rung a bell in my mind, and so I'm going to wing it instead. Specifically, he mentioned the old saying, 'when one door closes, another one opens.' When I was in high school, I thought I saw my life laid out before me. I dreamed of winning Galactic Cups, Salbukk Awards, and the like, and for a kid that was one of the top ten high school prospects in the galaxy, those were not unrealistic dreams. Frankly, I'm not sure what happened in college, but those dreams came crashing down.

    "But then two doors opened, one after the other. First, Tan Strensky saw something in me—I'm still not sure what—and offered me a pro contract. My first thought was to say no, that I no longer had the skills for it. But the door was open, and I took it. It was only because I took that opportunity that the second door was presented to me: the opportunity to move into coaching. This time I knew better than to even think about saying no, and the very next year it led me to a Galactic Cup, fulfilling one of my original dreams from high school.

    "So the important thing to learn here is that when you think your dreams have been shattered, think again and find the open door. There are always open doors; depending on which one you take, they may lead you around the block and back to your original dreams, as they did with me. Or they may lead you somewhere you never imagined, as they did with my son Jado, who had dreams like dear old Dad's until we found out he was sensitive to the Force, and now he's training to be a Jedi. Either way, the only thing to do is seize the opportunity, and I'm very thankful to Tan Strensky for opening my doors, without which I would not be standing here today."

    Marte stepped back from the podium, and the crowd gave him a standing ovation. Waving to the crowd, he made his way back to his seat.

    "That was a nice speech," said Jaria.


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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM...ish Post
    College Championship Final

    "Go go go!" Kerry Trieste shouted, pumping her fist each time. She was standing and leaning forward from her box at the Final. She knew how to put on a politician's face and be neutral when times demanded it. Garos was not in the Republic and her daughter was playing. There was no way on Korriban she was going to be impartial about this one.

    Kerry's siblings had come out to the game, making for a large Noble House presence today. While security considerations had warranted placing the Chancellor in a box, it helped from the organizers to not have to find seats for all of the Triestes and simply shove them into a box. It was actually one of the largest gatherings of the Noble House in some time. Verity Vehn, wife of Oisin Trieste and Chair of the Smugglers, had been absent during the recent conflict in the RTO. Nessarose Trieste, wife of the late Conn, had skipped several Miner games to attend games at Stoney End with her daughter Elphaba. Not even the Carnation Bowl had pulled them all together like this. Then again, it was not every day that a Trieste competed for a galactic championship in anything. In fact, other than Kerry's elections to Chancellor, it had never happened. This was an event not to be missed.

    Nearly the entire Bak10 was represented in the Noble House's box. Kerry, Declan, and Siona were UBSD Bears. Ginnifer Lynd, the youngest of the college age kids, was a UBGC Cub. Fiona was a Fleet Academy Ensign--and Superintendent of that institution now. Conn Trieste had been a Deredith & Millicent Colonial (and partied his way through undergrad studies like half their student body). Regan was Tiarest Burgundy down to the bone. Ronan was an Evenvale Archer. Oisin was watching his alma mater today, having taken his degree in literature at PCNS. Only UBCS, UBTV, and Atalanta were unrepresented. They'd probably get picked up soon enough by the bevy of kids who were in high school now.

    Garos was giving the Rangers everything that they could handle. It was a tight game and the lead changed seemingly with every score. HSN had to be going bonkers--the ratings for this game were probably through the roof and still climbing. The storyline of the scrappy underdogs was too good to pass up. The daughter of the Supreme Chancellor added even further interest to the story.

    PCNS was built to bend without breaking and they'd just barely done that. It was their luck that their forwards were picking things off in the offensive zone too. The Noble House box was constantly humming with opinions on the progress of the game.

    "The half forwards are wide open," Siona complained, "They need to ditch the front three and kick for points!"

    "Garos is playing zone. That's idiotic!" Regan charged.

    "This is the classic Cinnagar Six defensive scheme," Nessa insisted, "They need to cycle!"

    "Falene has to play being-to-being here. She's going to get burned badly if she stays in zone," Fiona, a former defender herself, said.

    "Quiet," Kerry silenced the Admiral harshly, "Garos is going into one minute drill here."

    "Their corner forward is completely uncovered!" Ronan's wife Mandy shouted.

    "Frak! How do you let that happen?" Declan groaned as Garos made a long pass.

    "Flatten him!" Oisin, not the most violent by far of everyone in the box, yelled.

    "Yeah!" Siona burst out as the Ranger full back tackled the Garos corner forward.

    "Get it, get it!" Kerry shouted as both teams madly scrambled for it.

    "Falene's got it!" Ginnifer said, jumping up and down.

    "Up the field! Up the field!" Sierra Westenra shouted pointing her hand towards the Garos goal.

    "Her left foot!" Ronan exclaimed as Falene punted the ball to midfield using her weak side foot to do so.

    "He's got it!" Declan yelled.

    "Shoot! Shoot!" they all yelled, along with every Ranger fan in the stadium.

    Then they went silent as they watched the ball sail through the air. Kerry leaned forward against the rail of the box involuntarily and held her breath.


    The Triestes screamed and grabbed each other as they jumped up and down. As the Ranger fans rushed the field, the Trieste rushed for the door and the lift to field level.

    When the ball passed through the uprights, Falene Trieste, who had watched the ball ever since she'd kicked it up the field, fell over in disbelief and screamed in joy. Everything was a blur of emotion. She never actually remembered everything that happened in those moments after that. It was only watching the holo footage later that she knew she'd hugged her half back linemates, been mobbed by her fellow students who had lifted her on their shoulders, and received the wreath of edelweiss reserved for galactic champions from Bakura.

    Two things she did remember. Hugging her family was one of them. "I love you," was all her mother had to say now. The truth was that everything else had been said so many times, at the Bak10 championship, after the Carnation Bowl. It would be redundant for Kerry Trieste to tell her daughter how proud of her she was again.

    The other thing that Falene remembered was when it was her turn to hold the championship trophy, knowing that she had reached the top, that she, a Freshman walk on, had become a galactic champion. Her broad smile with the trophy was the image that graced every newspaper on Bakura (except the college paper from UBTV, who were a bunch of sore losers) and the sports page of so many galactic publications.

    Falene Trieste was no longer the youngest child of the Supreme Chancellor. Falene Trieste was now Falene Trieste, college limmie star. Life was never going to be the same.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Meredith Chambers
    Press-Conference, 273 Season

    Meredith Chambers sat before a throng of reporters prior to the start of the 273 season and smiled. Last year had been a success, despite not making the playoffs, as her physical rehabilitation from a crippling knee injury was fully complete. She was stronger and more focused than ever before. But she had lost a step. She had slowed down a little bit. Her vertical jump, so blatantly exploited by the Senators and Miners in the 272 season was not up to her blistering standards. That hurt, that stung, but life went on.

    “Well, let’s get this thing started,” Meredith whispered as a few reporters asked her to speak up.

    “Sorry, can you hear me now?”

    They nodded.

    “I’ve called this press conference to announce that after 12 years in the Elite League I have decided that this season shall be my last as a Nar Shaddaa Smuggler. I want to retire while I can still stand, while I can still play the game. This decision was not an easy one to make but I have the full support of the Vehn family, Vincent Cutter, Luc Everoux, and the rest of the staff. I love this game and I always will but,” Meredith was nearly overcome with sadness, “there is a season and a time to walk away from what you love the most. My heart will always be with Nar Shaddaa but I can now see the end of my wonderful journey as an athlete.

    I have won three Galactic Cup championships, played in the one and only Limmie All Star Game, seen my fair share of victories and defeats, and I am eternally grateful that I can sit before you now and tell you what an incredible run this has been. Thank you, the fans, the media, my rivals, for everything. Every day you helped me to push myself hard, faster, farther, than anyone who has played the position of goalkeeper has ever done. Such a blessing to play in this league, what a blessing,” Chambers said, finishing her speech.

    “You want to retire a champion?”

    “I wouldn’t mind another ring on my finger if that’s what you mean,” Chambers replied.

    “How do you envision the Smugglers performing this year? Last year’s effort seemed a little lackluster,” another reporter asked.

    “Same way I’ve envisioned them playing every year, as Galactic Cup contenders,” Chambers said.

    “You’ve played one season on your newly reconstructed knee and looked slower, less sure of yourself out there. Has this played any role in your decision to make 273 your last season in the league?”

    “No, not at all. I mean, you know, you just get to a point where you stare at yourself in the mirror and realize you’ve accomplished everything you’ve set out to do in your professional life. How many people can say that?”

    “Rhia Grames, Tover Micjaa, Selene Minn, Mithus Sekel, John Huntington, where do you rank amongst those Smuggler greats?”

    “Right up there with them,” Chambers replied with a wink.

    “You’re a first ballot Hall of Famer when you are eligible. I think everyone in the galaxy has that figured out. When you started playing this game all those years ago did you know you would bring three more Galactic Cups to Nar Shaddaa?”

    “Well, I sure hope I get into the Hall of Fame one day, we’ll see about that. I do think that I came in with the mindset that I could carry on the legacy of some of the franchises greatest players and hopefully my name is right up there with them. The Galactic Cup victories are team victories. I never could have won them by myself,” Chambers said.

    The press conference came to an end, Meredith stood to leave and was stopped by one final question. She waved her aide away, nodded at the reporter, gave him the go ahead.

    “Which rivalry will you miss the most? Black and Blue? Rim War? Burgundy and Green Brawl?”

    “Whichever one leaves my opponent more broken and beaten than I found them,” Chambers said with a smile.

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    OOC: As Meredith Chambers leaves Elite League Limmie, so will I. These many years writing for the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, writing for you guys, has been a real pleasure. I have appreciated how much this league has grown, the leadership of Trieste is the key catalyst for the great game that we have today. This decision was not an easy one to make. When you've poured as much time and energy into Smugglers/Star Wars as I have it is a bitter pill to say goodbye. But what a journey I have taken. I would not trade any of my experiences, real or imagined, in ELL for anything. I've had fun with all of you guys. So, 273 will be my final ride. Will the Limmie Gods award me with one final Galactic Cup victory? We shall see.Thank you, everyone, for making this possible, fun, and a thrilling chapter in my life.

    P.S. Please tune in to the fan fiction, Bluebells and Edelweiss to learn more about the powerful elements of Star Wars society in the age of ELL.
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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    Frak it all!” That was all Setarcos could say as he watched Commissioner Kayl’hen announce the expansion of the League. Now the fact that the ELL was expanding to twelve teams did not upset Setarcos. What did upset him was the fact that the 272 GCLA Champions were going to participate in the 273 Draft, thus bumping the Monarch down yet another spot. Of course the new additions caused a slight change in the alignment of the conferences, but that news brought a smile to Setarcos’s face. The Chandrila Patriots were now in the Solo Conference and would be playing the Monarchs every season.

    This turn of events was a dream come true for the Limmie enthusiast in him. Even though he had grown up on Coruscant and attended university on Coruscant, Setarcos had always been a Patriots fan. So for him to see Chandrila return to the ELL and his Monarchs to play them on a consistent basis lightened the blow that his team had just sustained in the draft order. But it did not soften what was about to happen.

    Without warning a bolo-ball came flying into his office with such force and velocity that it embedded itself into the wall just behind his head. “YOU SON-Of-A-MURGLAK!” Shouted the thrower.

    Greenly, so nice to see you. What seems to be the issue?” Setarcos asked, completely ignoring the fact that one of his starters had just attempted to assault him with a game ball. The female Half-Forward continued to storm into the office and stopped her stampede at the front of his desk. She planted both of her hands on top of it and leaned as far across it as she could to get into his face.

    HOW COULD YOU? Why him? Why Tonn? Why Ralltiir? Of all the players on our roster you could have traded why did you have to pick my boyfriend to trade out of our conference?

    Setarcos simply backed his chair up and rose to his feet, “For starters, I was informed that he was your ex-boyfriend."

    We were on a break,” she interrupted.

    Setarcos continued without hesitating, “Secondly the Starkillers were willing to part with a draft pick in return for his experience.” He started gathering up the flimsi’s that were scattered across his desk.

    Fine I quit!

    Ok, but just remember, according to your contract’s no-compete clause you can’t play for another professional squad, ELL or otherwise, until 278. Plus you won’t be paid.” He said as he handed her a copy of the contract she had just signed a few days earlier.

    You backstabbing nerfherder. You intentionally had me sign that before you traded him away so that I wouldn’t try to leave with him. Since you want to play it that way, I’ll just refuse to play then. You’ll have to pay me and you won’t be able to replace me due to the salary cap.

    In that case I’ll just assign you to the PUP list or even the IR until you come to your senses. That way it doesn’t affect my regular cap, just my Reserve Cap of 5 million a year. And even when you come to your senses, I still might just keep you benched for the principle of the matter.” He could tell by the look on her face that she knew he had her over a barrel with it the whole matter. Setarcos might have been old, but he was no fool.

    He walked around the desk, placed his hand on her back, and turned her towards the door. “Now if you will excuse me I have a press conference to attend so I can announce who our new Head Coach is going to be.” She complied and walked out of the office before him, but instead of sharing a lift with him, she opted to take the stairs back down to the clubhouse. Prior to climbing into the lift he stopped at his secretary’s desk, “Make sure the maintenance droids don’t touch the bolo in my wall, it adds a certain flair to the room,” he said with a wink to the young female Twi’lek.

    As he rode the lift down to the authorized personnel only entrance to the conference room, Setarcos gathered his thoughts. After weeks of holoconferences and negotiations he had finally came to a decision that had been staring him in the face all along. When the doors opened he was greeted by several media cams, reporters, and three familiar faces sitting on the platform next to his podium. They were Julla Ehennifer, Lex Silas, and Dawn Solo-Undolo, each looking to him in anticipation as he stepped up to the microphone.

    Thank you for coming today. As you all know, with the sudden departures of Greebus Ion, Clair Illo, and Melodi Aquis, I have been searching for suitable replacements for them. It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that the search is over. The change in coaching staff fits perfectly with the overall changes with the organizations new practices and philosophies. In the past we were known to recruit or draft young talent and we would either place them on to the Reserve roster or to be further developed with the Balmorra Blasters. Unfortunately we can no longer afford to do either of these.

    Effective immediately, the Balmorra Blasters are once more no longer affiliated with the Rydonni Prime Monarchs. Furthermore, we will not be forming any developmental contracts with any other professional limmie squad in the foreseeable future. Basically folks this is the way things are going to go, we go into each and every draft to get the best players available that fit our system and can contribute immediately. So keeping with that philosophy I went out and found the coaches that were the best available that fit our system and style of play.

    Bring with her 11 years of on field All-Star experience at both Midfield and in Goal, Dawn Solo-Undolo will be passing that knowledge along to the next generation of stars at both of those positions. She will be rejoining the Monarchs as our new Assistant Coach in charge of Midfielders and Goalkeepers. Along side of her will be her fellow All Star Defensive back, Lex Silas has agreed to come back as the new Assistant Coach in charge of all Defensive Backs.

    Now when it came to the candidate for Head Coach I made several calls and interviewed an extensive list of candidates. I even revisited some of the same people that I talked with last season when we found ourselves in a similar predicament. But after countless hours this offseason consulting our current Offensive Forwards Coach, Julla Ehennifer, on who would fit best I knew that there truly was only one person with the knowledge of our system, the rapport with our current players, and the unquestionable ability to mold young player into the future All-Stars of Elite League Limmie…


    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Name: Setarcos Rhemes
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year: 222
    Physical appearance:
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Relation to Team: General Manager/Head Coach
    Brief Biography:
    267 ABY – Assigned as the HSN beat reporter for the newly created PLL squad, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs. He is credited with coming up with the nickname “Hotrod” for the Monarchs’ rookie phenom Rodrick Reicrof.
    268 – Started investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Reicrof. Midway through the season he was hired as the new Offensive Coordinator for the Monarchs. Continued to write HSN articles under the pseudonym of Tu’Py’Lo Cerrum.
    269 – Promoted to Head Coach and nominated for the Langann Award.
    270 – Coached the Monarchs to their first Commissioner’s Cup and won the Langann Award.
    271 – Promoted to General Manager, quit as Head Coach after being knocked out of their first round in the Galactic Cup two years running and the first two matches of the 271 season, promoted Greebus Ion to Head Coach. Nominated and won the Grames Award.
    272 – Implicated in a scandalous relationship with first year Offensive Coordinator Julla Ehennifer. He then took over as Head Coach when Greebus Ion resigned after the Monarchs failed to qualify for the post season.
    273 – Now has the stressful job of rebuilding the Monarchs after losing the majority of their veteran players to retirement.

    TAG: Trieste for the character change

    OOC: That's right folks, the King of the Press Conference has returned!!
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  9. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Petra Givens
    Hall of Fame, Empress Teta

    Petra knew that she was getting too old for this. The aging former defender for the Coruscant Senators had to use a walker to reach the podium to give her speech after being inducted into the Limmie Hall of Fame. “The Hammer”, as she was known, had been a legendary full back for the rough, mean Senators teams back then. The only problem was that almost no one remembered seeing her play; that was reserved for holos now. Most of her teammates were long since dead by now, and she was no spring chicken either.

    “I want to thank you all for inducting me into the Hall,” she began. “It means a lot to know that my career got me this far, to be enshrined forever in these great halls. Even when I’m gone, I want new generations to see my name and know what I did on and off the field to make a name for myself. And, trust me, playing Full Back is never easy, especially with how we used to play back in the day. There were no spread offenses or passing attacks; you ground out everything, and it was a struggle. But I wouldn’t take any of it back if given the chance; I lived out my career, and I’m happy with that. So, thank you again for this honor. It means a lot.”

    At the end of the ceremony, Petra ran into old friend and teammate Anki Rysowt, who was also at a very advanced age. He looked like he was on his last legs, but the two old teammates embraced each other warmly. It had been many years since they had last talked, back when they were more mobile and willing to leave their assisted living homes. But neither was going to miss today’s proceedings, because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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  10. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    GM Approved

    Character Sheet
    Team: Euceron Storm
    Name: Zay Antilles
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth year: 253
    Physical appearance: 6'2", light skin, lightly built athletic body. Depending on the mission, may be seen in his standard black Jedi robes, or anything needed to blend in. Owns a couple of Storm souvenir jerseys that he likes to wear on game day when a current mission doesn't prevent him from doing so.
    Homeworld: Corellia
    Relation to Team: Fan and friend of former head coach Marte Nalo

    Biography: No one is quite sure when, where, or how the Force found its way into the Antilles line, but when five-year-old Zay was discovered to be Force-sensitive, his parents contacted their friend, Jedi Master Kash Skywalker, and sent Zay off for Jedi training. He was a quick learner in his studies of the Force, but not forgetting his ancestry, he took piloting lessons as well, and the tenth-generation descendant of Wedge Antilles proved to be just as skilled in the cockpit.

    Limmie, however, was not on his sensor board until 265, when at age twelve, Knight Palla Quelkin selected him as her Padawan learner. Four years earlier, during a peacekeeping mission to Euceron, Palla had befriended Marte Nalo, head coach of the Euceron Storm limmie team, after Marte had helped mediate the negotiations as a local but neutral third party. It was Palla, who had maintained contact with Marte since then and followed the Storm as they were promoted into the Elite League, who introduced Zay to "the beautiful game".

    Zay quickly became a fan of the game, soaking up information and statistics and often having to be reminded to not let this new passion—some would say obsession—interfere with his training. Becoming a typical teenager, Zay rebelled, ditching his Master's preference for the Storm and taking the Nadiem Chiefs as his favorite team. Despite this, he formed his own friendship with Marte after the 268 season when the recently-retired coach and his daughter accompanied him and his Master on a training mission to Ragoon VI.

    Three years later, Zay was saddened to see the Chiefs fold, and took almost a standard year to decide on a new team to follow. Palla eventually persuaded him to follow the Storm again midway through the 272 season as the Storm appeared to make a run toward the playoffs. Their collapse in the last two weeks of the season didn't deter him, and now he is determined to see them through to a Galactic Cup championship.

    Zay, drawing close to his twentieth birthday, is skilled with his lightsaber, smart, an ace in the cockpit, and an expert negotiator, better than even many Masters and career diplomats. He would be the model Padawan if not for limmie. Kash Skywalker, now the Jedi Grand Master, has reprimanded him several times for what Kash sees as an attachment, and there are rumors that the Council has been delaying his Trials because of this. Zay is capable of pushing limmie aside when a mission calls for his undivided attention, but back at the Temple, he often uses time that should be spent training to catch up on the world of limmie.

    As the 273 season draws near, Zay is beginning to recognize how much of a problem limmie is for him and is attempting to tone down his passion. He knows that it will be difficult to do so, but he must, for his career as a Jedi may be on the line....

    --Player Transaction Wire--

    Euceron Storm
    • Kohmub'bec (Twi'lek, Male, Offensive Coordinator) released
    • Daven Morray (Human, Male, Full Back) re-signed to four-year contract
    • Chalporrin (Wookiee, Male, Center Half Back) re-signed to six-year contract
    • Tria Tryvold (Human, Female, Left Half Back) re-signed to five-year contract
    • Unia Yistral (Zabrak, Female, reserve Left Corner Back) re-signed to one-year contract
    • Gorrkabukk (Wookiee, Male, Left Corner Back) retires with career-ending injuries
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    April 7 Friendlies
    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks

    Bison Sabres at Rydonni Prime Monarchs

    April 14 Friendlies
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Balmorra Blasters

    Klivian Hall, Ralltiir

    "Gentlebeings, welcome to the 273 Elite League Draft," Commissioner Kayl'hen declared.

    The crowd, which had packed the famous hall, cheered. This was the League's third draft. They had previously been held on Euceron and Mandalore, so this marked the first time that the Draft had been held in the Core. Each team had a table in the front of the hall with a team representative or two. War rooms were provided off stage for teams who wanted to be present on Ralltiir for the Draft. Some teams elected to set up their war room at their team headquarters and comm in their picks to their representative. One general manager was eschewing both approaches--Quinn Cundertol of the Miners. Though some of the furor over his Grames acceptance speech had died down, he had already received some taunting from opposing fans that he had passed over. With only one pick to his name at this time in the Draft (which was saying something since he'd started out with five) and that one in the first round, Cundertol was looking like he would have a short and simple draft today, explaining why he wasn't ensconced in his usual war room.

    Then again, things changed fast at the Draft. Trades had been known to happen for a pick that was on the clock, radically altering everything. This was the Draft. You just didn't know what was going to happen.

    "Over the course of today, you will get your first look at the players who will be tomorrow's stars," Kayl'hen said, "The future of teams could be decided before your very eyes. So let's not waste any time.

    "The first overall pick in the 273 Elite League Limmie Draft belongs to the Ylesia Lightning. Ylesia is now on the clock."

    Tag: Rebecca_Daniels

    Once you post with your team's pick (remember, a team can designate pretty much anyone to make their pick, so even if your player is not a general manager there are ways they can be there to announce their draft pick--alternatively your character can be watching the live Holonet broadcast of the Draft from elsewhere), please announce the next team on the clock and tag that player. The first round's order can be found in the 273 Draft post in the Library thread or in the opening post for 273. I will do my best to keep the library thread post updated with draft picks.
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    April 7 Friendlies
    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks
    Bison Sabres at Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Concordia Crusaders at Mando'ade Mercs

    April 14 Friendlies
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Balmorra Blasters

    Tag: Bardan_Jusik
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ayn Dormingale
    Lost Abbey Restaurant, Cape Suzette, Bakura

    "Good evening, Grandma," Ayn said, bending to give her grandmother a kiss on the cheek before taking her seat across from her.

    "Hello Ayn," Sabé said, "Have a nice day?"

    "Sold a nice space at Hagar Square," Ayn said, "Financial consultants."

    "Mmmmm," Sabé said, motioning for a waiter droid to pour Ayn a glass of red wine, "Glad to hear it."

    "I was glad you commed me for dinner," Ayn said, "There's something I wanted to talk to you about?"

    "And what's that?"

    "It's time I did something to get Declan to take notice of me."

    "You've had three years," Sabé said, "and we both know you are not the sort of being who is easily ignored--especially by men. Ayn, I hate to say it but you've been chasing him for a good two years now, more than that I think. The odds are rather long."

    "I got my season tickets for the Miners today. The Noble House box," Ayn stated.

    "And how are the Bakura Miners going to help you get Declan?"

    "It's a fantastic opportunity--"

    "That wasn't the question I asked," Sabé said curtly. The former Senator knew how to cut off a nonanswer. She'd gotten plenty during Prime Minister's Questions over the years. "How are the Miners going to do a thing to change how Declan feels about you? You were there all last season."

    Ayn sighed. "Grandma. That team is everything to them."

    "I know that. But you're an outsider."

    "I'm in the box."

    "You're in the box, but you're an outsider. You're not one of them."

    "I know," Ayn admitted. She swirled the wine in her glass, watching the residue stick to the sides of the glass once the liquid swirled back down. "But I'll be there in the most important moments to the Noble House, to the Chancellor. You're the one who told me that the important thing in life is being in the right place at the right time."

    "I will admit that you have a point," Sabé a"but just being there is not enough."

    "You'd be surprised sometimes, Grandma," Ayn remarked casually. The waiter returned and they ordered dinner. "There is one other thing," Ayn continued once they were alone again.

    "What's that?" Sabé asked casually.

    "The Miners have scheduled a friendly game on Naboo during the offseason," Ayn said, "I'll be attending."

    Sabé stopped in midmovement for her glass. "You are," she said, a statement, not a question.

    "Yes," Ayn said, "I thought I should let you know. I've been invited to join the Noble House. Queen Eleanor will likely be there."

    "I see," Sabé said, "I appreciate you letting me know." It was in a less than friendly tone of voice.

    "Grandma, you seriously don't hold a grudge after all this time, do you?" Ayn asked, "You've gone back to Naboo yourself since...then. And you've been Prime Minister. You showed them all."

    "When I went back to my homeworld I found nothing for me," Sabé said, "I came here and made a new life for myself, for us. We don't need Naboo anymore."

    "If you'd only tell me about what happened maybe I'd agree," Ayn said, "but you never talk about it."

    "Forgive me if I don't want to relive being forced into exile as a teenager with no family because my friend and closest politica ally was imprisoned and killed by the Quorros!" Sabé hissed.

    "Eleanor isn't even a Quorro. Liam Vehn married into that family and their line is dead now. Eleanor's a Trieste and the closest thing that they had to an heir at that time. She's half Bakuran. Don't you take some small measure of satisfaction of knowing that the tables got turned?" Ayn asked.

    "I choose not to think about Naboo and its affairs anymore. Enjoy your time there if you must go," Sabé said, "And that's all I care to say about that tonight if you'd like to continue this dinner."

    "Of course," Ayn said, acquiescing, "Of course."

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Raakla To, Ylesia GM

    A reporter had asked if she was nervous, this being her first Elite League draft, if she had something to prove as a GM, if Ylesia would draft its first human onto the team since she took over. The only comment she gave was to bare a carnivore's smile and tell them to wait and see.

    No, she wasn't nervous. This is the sort of thing she'd been born for.

    Raakla stepped up to the podium and, without hesitation or a glance to check the name, announced her team's choice.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are pleased to choose with the first overall draft spot, from Ord Saboak University, Prya Tiin."

    Their head coach, Sunlua Zan, stood back and to the side, holding a jersey to present to their newest player. Now she stepped forward as the young Togruta came up and shook first Sunlua's hand, and then exchanged a bow with Raakla in the tradition of their people, before accepting the jersey.

    And that was it. A few holos would be taken for reporters and Raakla would still have to wait for the later rounds, but the focus would be off her and onto their newly acquired player. Exactly as she wanted.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Klivian Hall, Ralltiir

    Once the holos were taken of Tiin accepting her jersey, the Commissioner stepped up to the podium once more.

    "The Vandelhelm Jets are now on the clock," she said simply before stepping away once more.

    Tag: JediMaster1511

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators Team HQ, Weeks earlier

    Gark stood at the podium in the media room at Team HQ, ready to make an importance announcement to the assembled media there. “I thank you all for coming out here today,” he began. “Ever since I stepped down as Head Coach of the Senators, I’ve been having my staff look for a good replacement. We searched high and low for good coaching candidates, and it was by no means a short process. We want to keep the culture of Senators Limmie alive, and thus our efforts were painstaking.

    However, we have finally come to a decision on who will be roaming the sidelines next season for the Senators. It will not come as a shock to your systems, though. I formally introduce Pamila Korthe as the new Head Coach.” He stepped aside as the Zeltron made her way to the podium.

    “Hello,” she said. “It’s a real honor to gain an Elite League coaching job, let alone a head coaching position. I’ve had one season under my belt at this level, but I will not take anything for granted this season because this game changes frequently. What worked for us two years ago will not necessarily hold true this upcoming year. And I look forward to the challenge of keeping the Senators brand of Limmie alive this next year and into the future. Thank you.”

    After the press conference was over, Gark approached his new head coach. “I trust that this was a no-brainer decision for you, correct?”

    “Of course,” Pam said. “It’s been a while since we last worked together.”

    “It has,” Gark said. He didn’t like to be reminded of those dark days in his life, but at least the Zeltron had gotten him through them, When he needed a coach fast, he knew that she was worthy of filling the position.

    “Looks like I need to start getting my game plans together,” Pam said. She turned to leave, but Gark stopped her.

    “I almost forgot to ask,” he said. “You interested in going to Ralltiir for the Draft?”

    “We only have one pick,” Pam said. “I hardly think that requires my presence. Most of the team I’m going to have at the beginning of this next season is already in place, and a third-rounder is most likely going to start their career back on Thyferra. Don’t see why I need to go.”

    “A date with Jed, perhaps?” Gark said, winking. Jed Ortmeyer, a Galactic-Cup winning former player with the Senators, was going to be the Head Coach of the Thyferra Force now that Pam had moved up to the Elite League.

    “You just had to go there, didn’t you?”

    “Couldn’t resist,” Gark replied.

    “Isn’t this supposed to be your honeymoon trip?” Pam asked.

    “Regrettably, yes,” Gark said, shrugging. “Haven’t been able to get away until now.”

    “I’d better not catch you two making out in the shuttle, or I’m going to flip,” the Zeltron said.

    “Don’t worry,” Gark said. “We’ve actually got a few vacation places we want to go in the next few weeks, so Ralltiir will only be a temporary stop to attend the Draft. We’ll be taking our own shuttle to this, so you won’t have to ride with us.”

    “Your sense of humor is as sharp as ever,” Pam said, sighing.

    “You wanted the truth, so there it is,” Gark said.

    “I guess I’ll be at the Draft, then,” Pam said. “I need to get away for a few days anyways; have to start figuring out my plans for this season.”

    “See you there, then,” Gark said. The two coaches, one the former Senators coach and the other the current one, shook hands before parting.

    Klivian Hall, Ralltiir

    Gark settled into his seat in the War Room that had been provided for the Senators. Me’lin and Londy Whiste, the pseudo-owner of the Senators, were with him. Pamila Korthe was out at the Senators table in the main hall, probably bored out of her mind due to the lack of draft picks that the Senators had at their disposal. “So, Lon, what do you think?” Gark asked his associate.

    “It’s great, boss,” Londy replied. He was a wide-eyed human whom Gark trusted the most at Andromeda. Out of all the people there, he knew that Londy would get the job done. Gark had become tired of playing “owner” last season, and had trusted Londy to head the group of associates who would control the ownership of the team. Their instructions were simple; fill out all owner’s duties so that Gark could focus on being a GM. So far so good, as Londy had done everything asked of him (although the pay for this job was increased over what he normally made, so this gave him extra incentive to participate). “Never thought I’d get to be here at the Draft.”

    “It’s just too bad we don’t have more than a late third-rounder,” Me’lin said, smirking. “Thanks to your trading habits.”

    Then, the vidscreen popped on, and the Commissioner said that Ylesia was on the clock. As expected, they took Prya Tiin first overall, putting the Vandelhelm Jets on the clock.

    “Here we go,” Gark muttered to himself as the Jets were now, in their own room, choosing whom to pick.

    TAG: No One

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Recalls Will Detra (Human, Male, Half Forward) from Chandrila Patriots
    • Will Detra (Human, Male, Half Forward) assigned to Fondor Freedom
    Tag: None
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Klivian Hall, Ralltiir

    An uncomfortable silence fell on Klivian Hall. The clock was coming close to zero and the Vandelhelm Jets hadn't made their pick yet. What was going to happen?

    When the clock hit zero, Commissioner Kayl'hen calmly returned to the podium. "Gentlebeings," she said, "According to the rules of the draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock. The Vandelhelm Jets retain their draft pick and may make it when they are ready at any point hereafter."

    Tag: CPL_Macja JediMaster1511
  19. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Enroute to Ralltiir

    The fireworks from the announcement of the Monarchs new Head Coach did not truly start exploding until later that day when Setarcos boarded the team’s private shuttle to head to the Draft on Ralltiir. Normally he would have been bringing a larger contingent with him to help welcome the newest Monarchs, this year it was just him and Julla. With Tev’s health issues, Dawn did not want travel until the season started in earnest, Lex wanted to spend as much time as he could with Mia and their new daughter, and Setarcos was the entire upper management for the team.

    A lot had changed since the Monarchs joined the Elite League and a lot more needed to change for them to make it to the next level. Julla just thought that she would be that change. “You lying, sly, mother-frakker!” she hissed as the two of them settled into the passenger bay alone. “You led me on this entire past year making me believe that I was being groomed to become the new head coach and you go right ahead and pull the rug out under my feet. Do you think that I am just going to stand idly by like a doe-eyed school girl and let you do this to me?

    Setarcos just allowed her to keep blowing off steam for the majority of the journey from Rydonni Prime to Ralltiir. His experience told him to keep his mouth shut and to just let her get it all out before giving his side of things. “First off, I never once lied to you. I never told you that you were going to become the head coach this season, heck I didn’t even think I would have to be looking for a new head coach for a while. Secondly, I am grooming you to be the next head coach for the Monarchs, but one season of teaching does not a Langann Award winner make. And finally I have never looked on you as a school girl, now if you have something in mind for later tonight, that is another story.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Klivian Hall, Ralltiir

    Sitting at the table designated for the Monarchs he looked around the room. He noticed that Quinn Cundertol had opted to go it alone for their single first round pick. At the table across the aisle from them was Pamila Korthe, the newly announced Senators Head Coach. He watched as the Lightning made their first Draft pick of Prya Tiin. While time started ticking away for the Jets pick, Setarcos leaned over and whispered into Julla’s ear, “Watch this.

    The Monarchs GM pulled out his datapad and started composing a message to Gark S’rily about a potential trade for their sole third round pick. As he finished up and about to hit send, Commissioner Kayl’hen approached the podium as the clock hit zero. The Jets had not made a pick, clearly putting the Monarchs on the clock. Setarcos was taken aback, not completely sure what how this was going to impact the rest of his draft plans, but then he looked over to Julla and gave her a nod.

    She then walked up to the podium and announced, “With, what now seems to be, the Second Pick of the 273 Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select from the College of Deredith & Millicent, Cora Xux, Center Half Back. The Mando’ade Mercs are now on the clock.

    TAG: JediMaster1511 Bardan_Jusik
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  20. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    [hl=darkblue]IC: Aay'han Vhett
    Mercs "War room" Klivian Hall, Ralltiir [/hl]

    Vhett sat back in her chair and rubber her hand over her buzzed down head. How interesting, the Jets were on the verge of missing out on their assigned draft slot. Her eyes darted to the Mercs "big board" where the potential draftees were organized by position, skill set and value to the Merc's organization. The Mercs had traded up in this year's draft hoping to get their hands on a particular player, and with the Jets time almost up on the clock they would be that much closer to drafting him. She wondered briefly what Taab would think of all this. But she couldn't ask him, he hadn't made the trip out to Ralltiir. Instead he was attending to "clan business" back on manda'yaim.

    But what were the Jets up to? Were they working up to the last minute on a trade of their own? If so it wasn't with the Mercs, and with two first round draft choices she figured any attempt by a team to move down for draft picks would involve at least a call to her. They were either asleep at the wheel or worikng on a trade for an established player from another organization.

    Time ran out and the Monarchs took the stage, selecting Cora Xux. A good pick, and a player the Mercs had looked at as well, though they hadn't thought of him as highly as the Monarchs obviously did. With that pick and the Vandelhelm still cooling their jets, the Mercs were now on the clock. She commed down to the Mercs draft table and last year's first round pick Andres Fortune picked up the line. "Go ahead and take her, just as we planned."

    "Yes ma'am" the young forward replied. He nearly vaulted up to the stage, the first ever non Mandalorian to take the stage for the Mercs organization, and quickly announced. "With the fou...erm, third pick of the 273 Limmie First year player Draft the Mando'ade Mercs select..." he paused for dramatic effect. "Jaya Tam, Center Half Forward, University of Shilli."

    There was an awkward silence. Tam wasn't in the building. Either she hadn't thought she would be drafted so high or else she was off doing something else more important to her. Fortune wasn't quite sure what to do and stood there for a moment grinning stupidly at the holo-cams. "The umm Euceron Storm are now on the clock?" he exclaimed rapidly before retreating from the stage.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Zay's quarters, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Time: Late evening

    Zay lay on his bed as he flipped another page in the book he was reading. It was a book, borrowed from the Jedi Archives, about advanced lightsaber techniques, and as such, one he should be paying full attention to. But the 273 Elite League Limmie entry draft was on HSN, and so only half his mind was on the book, while the other half was trying to figure out why the Jets were taking so long with their pick.

    Eventually, the Jets' time expired, and the commissioner moved on to the Monarchs, whom Zay knew were projected to take Helmsman winner Jalin Mioree. Unable to concentrate on the book, Zay finally gave up, put it down, and turned his full attention to the draft. After a few minutes, the Monarchs announced their pick: center half back Cora Xux. Xux was not highly rated, so Zay picked up his datapad to get more information on her. After a few minutes of going through draft entrants, Zay realized that she was the only center half back in the draft. Apparently they simply decided they needed a player at that position, he thought.

    The Jets were still dilly-dallying around, and the Mercs jumped in front as well. Zay watched as Fortune announced the selection of center half forward Jaya Tam. He snickered at that silence that followed, as Tam was obviously not present. The Storm were then put on the clock; Zay knew that the Storm needed an offensive upgrade, and the Helmsman winner would be perfect. Most mock draft had the Storm taking a full forward anyway, but none had considered the possibility that Mioree would fall this far. Even the announcers on HSN were talking about it as the obvious pick. If only Zay could be a fly on the wall in the Storm's war room, he would—

    A knock on the door got Zay's attention, and he recognized the familiar presence of his Master, Palla Quelkin, outside. Of all the times to show up, why now? Zay kept one eye on the holoscreen as he got up and opened the door. "Yes, Master?"

    Palla peered into the room. "Limmie again," she stated and shook her head. "The Coruscant Council has asked for our presence immediately."

    "Give me a second to grab my stuff."

    "How's the draft going, by the way? Have the Storm picked yet?"
    "They're on the clock now, but the Jets haven't made their pick yet. They let the clock expire."

    "Where did May—, er, the Helmsman winner go? Monarchs?"

    "He's still on the board, and the obvious pick for the Storm." Zay stopped, thought for a moment, sighed, and turned off the holoscreen. The Council likely was sending them on a mission, and so he was unlikely to come back here tonight. He'd have to follow on his datapad.

    IC: Aebatt Zargana
    Location: Storm war room, Klivian Hall, Ralltiir
    Time: 5:42 remaining on Mercs clock

    "Enough chit-chat. What do we really need?" asked Aebatt.

    "Offense," stated head coach Haron Orus, "but we don't really have any major holes. We just need general improvement."

    "We could go with Jalin Mioree, the Helmsman winner."

    "Nonsense. He won't fall past the Mercs. We need another plan. Besides, we've got Asyel Yan'ii now. He's improving every year."

    "Improving every year," mocked Aebatt. "Mioree can play top level right now. For that matter, so can Sorcha Styles."

    "FIne, then we look at Styles. What's her numbers?"

    "Well, she—let me take this call... yes... you're kidding? No? Well, I'll let them know." She hung up. "The Mercs are taking Jaya Tam."

    "What?!?" was the general reaction from around the table.

    "Yes. So Mioree is available to us if the Jets don't jump in and take her. I personally think we'd be stupid to pass on him."

    "Well, when you put it that way..." Haron's voice trailed off. "Fine, take him. At least it will give Asyel some competition in training camp."

    "I'll take it in there."

    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Inside a turbolift en route to the Council Chambers, Jedi Temple, Coruscant
    Time: Two minutes after leaving his quarters

    Zay's datapad buzzed, and he pulled it out to a disapproving look from his Master. He peered at the small screen and listened as the announcement was made by Aebatt Zargana herself.

    "With the now-fourth selection in the 273 Elite League draft, the Euceron Storm select Jalin Mioree, full forward, Coruscant Air Fleet Academy. The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock, and the Vandelhelm Jets are politely asked to stop delaying and make a selection already—if they even have anyone in the building, that is."

    Zay giggled at the last part of the comment, while Palla just rolled her eyes. "Put it away," Palla told him as the turbolift doors opened. "Don't let the Council see that."

    Zay complied and composed himself as he waited on the Council to summon them in.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie sat comfortably at a table with Starkillers Manager Ira Clarke, last year's team captain Loren Jul and assistant coach Gui Phenton. Coach Foress had suddenly left the organization just a few days before. HSN gave his reason as personal. Lucie was just happy he was gone. She was much more comfortable with him out of the picture. Lucie had been pleasantly surprised so far with the draft. She had expected to be bored out of her mind, the way she was when she tried to watch the draft last year in her apartment. However to be here was entirely different. Watching the camera crews scurry for shots of the new draftees being announced and the stunning absence of the Vandelhelm Jets had proved to make the draft a lot more interesting than she had anticipated. Lucie watched with great interest as the commissioner approached the podium "With the now-fourth selection in the 273 Elite League draft, the Euceron Storm select Jalin Mioree, full forward, Coruscant Air Fleet Academy. The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock, and the Vandelhelm Jets are politely asked to stop delaying and make a selection already—if they even have anyone in the building, that is."

    Mr. Clarke wasted no time. He switched on his datapad and quickly communicated with the war room. A moment later he showed the screen to assistant coach Phenton, they both nodded in agreement and motioned for Lucie to join them in approaching the stage. Lucie noticed her hands were just a bit sweaty as she clasped the Starkillers Jersey with the #1 printed on it that she would be presenting to the next draft pick. Once she had reached her spot next to the podium Mr. Clarke handed the commissioner an envelope he opened it and stated "With the now-fifth selection in the 273 Elite League draft, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Dev Poletin, Full Back, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute. The Jets remain silent and so the Bakura Miners are now on the clock."

    The Whipid smiled as he stood up and walked to the stage to accept his new jersey. He seemed very polite and well mannered Lucie thought as he accepted the Jersey from her with a warm look in his eyes. It was all over so quickly, the group made their way back to the table and awaited the announcement of the next pick.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Ayn Dormingale
    Ayn's apartment, Cape Suzette, Bakura

    Ayn shared a well-furnished apartment with a college friend who had also moved to Cape Suzette, Morine Tardres. Morine was a brown skinned woman with dark brown hair and good looks. She and Ayn had known each other well in the party scene at UBSD, a scene that Morine was still a member of. It was not uncommon for Ayn to discover a third and temporary occupant of their two bedroom apartment in a given morning.

    "Ayn, the Miners are up," Morine called from their shared living room.

    It was early in the morning in Cape Suzette. Why couldn't the draft had been in the evening? Or at least on a weekend? Ayn thought sourly. She had decided it would be a good day to get into the office early if she was going to be up to pay attention to the one and only draft pick of the Miners this season. She slipped on a robe and walked into the living room where the holoprojector was on.

    "If this is what limmie is like, thank the Force you're going to force me to pay attention to it," Morine said as she chuckled.

    "Why's that?" Ayn asked.

    She rewound the live broadcast a couple seconds. "Look."

    "Oh and Cundertol is not happy," one of the announcers was saying, "I think he wanted Poletin. Let's go to our instant replay. You clearly see Cundertol set his jaw, clench his fist, and pound the table just a little bit right there when Ralltiir announces their pick." The replay even circled the actions they were describing to call the home audience's attention to it. "With the Jets' non-pick, I think that Quinn Cundertol was hoping for a first round draft steal."

    "It looks like it. He's got to be peeved that Poletin should be picked right before him," the other announcer said, "but let's face it--blue chip talent like that probably wasn't going as low as sixth so Cundertol was really hoping for a miracle if he thought he could get Poletin that low."

    "This pick is going to be huge for the Miners," the first announcer said as Ayn settled onto the couch, "It's currently the Miners' only pick and they traded away some very high second and third rounders in their risky deal to get the 274 first rounder of the Mercs. While the Miners have their roster in order right now, it's still a big deal to throw away a draft like this. Cundertol's sole pick is going to be looked at very closely by the Miners fanbase."

    "Offensively, the Miners appear to be set for the near future with Detra and Webb in the pipeline. At midfield if anything goes wrong with the expiration of Glencross's contract after this season Ryder is in the wings as a short term solution. Jorpik appears to be the solution at goalkeeper, so that means that the Miners are probably looking defense, as evidenced by Cundertol's reaction to the Poletin pick."

    "Yeah, but former Helmsman winner Broussard is still on the board."

    "Broussard is such a big gamble! Coming off a pregnancy, even if her head's in the game, who knows if she's going to be physically able to perform to her former level. She's a high risk, high reward player."

    "Cundertol has stood and is going to the podium now. He almost certainly wants to make sure he beats the Jets there while he can," the first announcer said, "I'm not seeing him get much love from the other teams, but then again I don't think he's expecting much. We'll go to the audio from Klivian Hall now for the Miners' first round selection."

    "You think that these guys are blow hards or do they actually know what they're talking about?" Morine asked Ayn.

    "I don't know. I don't really care," Ayn said, "I just need to be informed."

    "This for your DT project?" Morine inquired mischievous. She was well aware of where Ayn's affections lay.

    "I happen to deal with a lot of males at work and they care about this sort of thing," Dormingale replied, evading the question.

    Further conversation was cut short by Cundertol at the podium. "With our first round selection in the 273 Elite League Limmie Draft," Cundertol said, "the Bakura Miners select Begni Zire, University of Garos, Full Back."

    "And that's going to really cause questions to fly on Bakura," the second announcer said, "Zire played a fine season at University of Garos, but was ranked low on a lot of defensive rankings. Though some thought the Miners might make this move in the absence of an available Poletin, there's a good chance that Cundertol could have gotten Zire with that second round pick they owned from the Monarchs. This is going to respark a debate over Cundertol that had just started to die down after the 272 awards ceremony."

    "I disagree--it's clear that Cundertol wanted a full back and he got the best one possible here. Sure he used a high pick to get it, but he got who he wanted and that's what matters," the first announcer rebutted.

    Cundertol presented Zire, who had come from the green room onto the stage, with his blue and gold Miners #1 jersey and posed for the photographers. When that was finished, Cundertol went back to the podium.

    "The Ryloth Rough Riders are now on the clock," Quinn said. He paused and smirked. "And, I suppose, so are the Vandelhelm Jets."

    "I'd say that's typical Cundertol cheek right there, but with everyone getting involved in the ribbing he's just having some good fun. After all, the Jets haven't made many friends themselves over the last few seasons, have they?"

    Ayn stood from the couch. "Well that's that," she said, heading back to her bedroom to finish getting dressed.

    "Was the draft everything you'd hoped it would be?" Morine called out after her.

    "Everything and more," Ayn replied in mock ecstasy.

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    GM Post

    Bonus rolls for Bakura, Mando'ade, and Rydonni Prime that do not use up their banked bonus rolls. After all, these are friendlies, right? ;) Banked bonus rolls for Bakura, Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, Rydonni Prime, Vandelhelm, and Ylesia.

    Today's Friendly Games
    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks (17-35)
    Bison Sabres at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (6-12)
    Concordia Crusaders at Mando'ade Mercs (16-2)

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    IC: Zeke Barbosa

    Zeke was here again representing Ryloth for the draft. They were now on the clock. Zeke secretly hoped they werent going to draft Gargova considering she was still on the board.

    Zeke walked up to the podium, undid the envelope, and read aloud. "With the 8th pick in the 273 ELL Draft, the Ryloth Rough Riders select Re Kuun, Male Kaminoan Corner Back, Tipoca City College."

    Zeke let out a sigh of relief as he also said, "The Onderon Crazy Dragons are on the clock."

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