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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Bursya Field at Andromeda Steel Corp. Stadium

    The rain poured down in sheets as the ELL match between the Ylesia Lightning and Coruscant Senators was about to start. It was a rematch of the previous years’ Galactic Cup Final, won by the Lightning 7-3. It had been a heartbreaking loss for the Senators, having run the gauntlet of the Solo Conference and then bashing through two tough playoff games to get there. It had been a major disappointment, not just for the retiring veterans playing their last game, but for everyone else who had to stew over it all offseason. They wanted revenge for last year’s failure, and the only way to do that was to beat the crap out of the Lightning today. Not just win; make them bleed and leave the field broken and in complete disarray.

    From his days of coaching, Gark knew that the rain would disrupt his team’s passing attack. They had relied on that offense for years now, but rain and a spread-out attack didn’t always mix. The weather played right into the Lightning’s hands, as their defense hadn’t allowed more than 11 points in a game all season, and that being an OT game to boot. They had given up 9 to Bakura last week, which was a major feat in itself, and the Senators knew they had their work cut out for them in this one. But they were the Senators; since when had they ever listened to convention? They had made things work for many seasons before, and knew they could do it again. The personnel, perhaps without its major brand-name stars, could still play solid team ball. They had experience, they had guts, they believed in their gameplan, and they had come oh so close to starting out this season 3-0. Adding in Ylesia as the opponent, and at home, and they knew that any advantage the Lightning may be gaining from the weather would be neutralized. After all, Limmie was just a game about two teams going at it for 60 minutes. Everything else didn’t really matter.

    Efforts to work on the air attack had failed miserably during warmups, and thus Pam Korthe had to switch up her priorities for this one. Gark had discussed it with her afterwards, and they had come to a consensus that a balanced attack would be their best bet. However, could they run the ball effectively without Syprul Raches, the built-in screen, playing anymore? The larger forwards, namely Max Qorbus, Kev Flysto, and Riff Persnor, were going to have to do it all in this one, and the smaller forwards, like Cord McKerty, would have to set a prodigious amount of screens to keep everyone open as the air attack was shut down. Things would get tight for this one, and one slip could easily cost the team an opportunity to score. Passing would have to be crisp, hands would need to be dried frequently, and any signs of slippage out there would require adjustments to stay out of the wetter parts of the field. The midfielders would play more of a “traditional” game, as Demetra Silkins, who had seven goals on the year, would be reined in more because of the grounding of the aerial attack. This would give the Senators a better chance to match up well in the middle of the field. On defense, it looked more like a zone or Box and 1 system would be employed here to keep the Lightning guessing, but also not have the defenders stay with their matchups and slip out there. That was the last thing a team needed when facing a tough defense; slipping and allowing a chance to score on the other end.

    When the ball was finally kicked into play, the slopfest began. It wasn’t muddy on the field, but it was wet, and the players knew that they were going to be completely drenched in the first fifteen minutes. There was nothing to do but ride the storm out.

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Fenn Shysa Spaceport, Manda'yaim.

    High above the orbital plane a flash of light announced the arrival of a ship from hyperspace. It was followed a moment later by another, and then another. Menacing in form they hung there, looking down on the planet silhouetted against the cloud covered skies. From their patrol routes a group of fighters angled in, like a shriek-hawk towards their prey they leapt into action, surrounding the foreign capital ships.

    Hanger bays on those vessels now began to disgorge their own fighters. Sleeker and more elegant looking than the native ones, though perhaps not quite as capable, they formed a defensive screen around a series of shuttles that followed them out a moment later. The native fighters, after confirming the identities of the newcomers peeled off and formed their own outer defensive screen, escorting the entire group down to Fenn Shysa Spaceport. The Hapan Queen and her entourage had come to Mandalore.

    [hr] [/hr]

    "They have arrived my Lord." Taab turned and faced the Protector for a moment before nodding shortly. He had of coursed been asked to be informed when their guests had arrived, but his mind was elsewhere at the moment. Trying to to keep the various clan leaders loyal to his leadership was proving more difficult than he had imagined. Of course he hadn't planned on the investigation into his predecessor's assassination to have taken this long either. He started to make his way to the convoy that would bring him to the space port. The Bucs had arrived yesterday, an attempt to acclimate themselves to playing conditions and had not required that Taab meet them. But the Queen, head of state for the entire Hapan Consortium did require his personal attention.

    The Queen may not hold quite the power or sway that the Chancellor of the Republic held, but she was a respected foreign leader, and it would do well for Taab to be seen hosting her. Especially if his investigators were on the right track. So far all indications were that the attack on MandalMotors Hall had come from a foreign source, the Mand'alor and by extension the Mando'ade had to appear strong before them to help deter future attacks. Taab only hoped the Mercs themselves fared better on the field than they had during the last state visit of a foreign dignitary.

    At least on the security front things had gone even more smoothly than they had for the Chancellor's visit. Taab knew that the aruetiise from the Republic saw many of his security measures as unnecessary, perhaps even stemming from paranoia. he got no such sense from the Hapans. Their own security personnel seemed almost on par with what the Mandalorians had put together. There had been a few issues over which security team would do certain tasks, but nothing regarding the level of security itself.

    The Queens entourage itself was a larger one than the Chancellor had as well. Perhaps a sign that the Hapan government took this more seriously than did the Republic, or perhaps just a chance for some in the royal court to visit a world they had never been to before. Indeed many seemed to be from the Queen's extended family. there were cousins and nieces and nephews galore, all who had to be presented to Taab at the greeting ceremony. One, a young lad by the name of Trellam was studying off word, on Bakura of all places and had managed to bring along his own "noble" guest. Sierra Westerna. The Protectors had stiffened at that, and called in even more security, raising the levels from ultra-violet to X-Ray. Only a Gamma level would have been higher, and that could only be invoked if an attack was currently under way. Things on the security team were starting to get...testy. The game couldn't start soon enough.

    [hr] [/hr]

    Meshla Vhetin

    There was of course a strong security presence throughout the game as well. Mandalorian gunships circled the stadium, while higher up fighters patrolled the skies. On the ground Protectors performed random "stop and frisk" searches on the few aruetiise that walked the street. Such searches would be pointless if directed at the walking armory that was a normal Mandalorian citizen. No expense was spared and the Hapan delegation seemed to actually appreciate the additional security, though whether they would have gone so far Taab couldn't say.

    What he could say was that the match on the field was one for the ages. As ther game got under way the Bucs jumped out to an early lead when Lin slung th ball past Katan and into the back of the net. Just minutes later, after the teams had reset "Jinx" took a feed from Lin and did the same thing. The pair of forwards were fantastic, and looked like they might run away with the game. The memory of what had happened against the Miners during the pre-season started to flash through Taab's mind, but Vizsla seemed to then calm things down.

    The coach took out the Hansons, much to the dismay of the fans. The three brothers had become favorites here on Mandalore, the Mercs faithful loved their antics and hard nosed style of play. But Taab could see what Vizsla was doing. The hard hitting brothers just weren't able to keep up with the athletic and nimble forwards of the Hapan squad. Hopefully their replacements for this game would.

    Se'o was a rookie, as was the undrafted rookie Ciegarth. But they, along with Kashvilli were better able to keep up with the Hapan women, and while the Bucs weren't shut down, their offense at least slowed. The Mercs began to claw themselves back into the game.

    At the other end there were problems too. The Mercs ran a version of the spread offense, adopted mostly from the college game where it worked so well. But as had been noted in the ever so thoughtful comments from HSN, it didn't fare as well in the ELL. Defenses were just too fast and were able to cover much more ground than at lower levels. The Bucs were proving no exception to that. But Vizsla had an answer to that as well. Many of the Mercs offensive reserves were good enough to be starters on some other ELL squads. Players like Maggie Adams and "barefoot" Tam were substituted in more frequently in an effort to keep the starers fresh. These players were good enough in their own right to keep the pressure on the Hapan defense and the Mercs began to rack up their own scores. By halftime the score was tied at 16 and the best was yet to come.

    [hr] [/hr]

    The teams came out after the halftime break refreshed and ready to go at each other again. But by now the "feeling out process" was over with and the teams seemed to be offensively and defensively matched. This game would be decided at midfield, and there the Mercs had an advantage. Honey Ryder and Ms. Goodnight were fine players in their own right to be sure. but Mor'kesh was a potential all-star (If Taab's information was correct and the league was indeed going to go forward with such) and Ro'val was a wily old veteran, he always knew which angle to take to cut off an opposing player. Between the two of them the Mercs started to pull away
    A Mor'kesh assist to Daryc put the Mercs up 19-16. This was followed up a few minutes later by Ro'val interception that turned into another point. The crowd went wild and though the Hapan contingent looked concerned with their team's misfortune they still looked as though they were enjoying the game itself. they started to enjoy it even more as The Bucs got close again with their own three pointer following an amazing set of back and forth passing between the Mastersons. Down by only one they scored another three points off of a broken play in the Mercs offensive zone when Fortune was picked off by Case. But the resulting score didn't shut down the Mercs fans who seemed to cheer even louder for their team.

    What followed was a series of scores for each team, the lead swinging between them as the match came to it's conclusion. Down by a single point with 30 seconds left Coach Vizsla called for a time out. "OK, we will have possession coming out, we need to dig deep and push the ball forward. Get the ball deep into the zone and see what sticks. We go for the win, not the tie."

    The teams came out of the time out and the Mercs immediately tried to push the ball forward. Ro'val passed it quickly up to Fi who got it farther forward to Jaro. But Jaro had no shot, as soon as he touched the ball he was covered up completely by the Bucs defense. He passed back to Daryc who was similarly covered up. By this time the Mercs Midfielders had come forward as well, shadowed by their Hapan counterparts. The ball was passed back to Mor'kesh in an attenpt to re-set the offense, but the ball was tipped by Ryder. There was an active scrum for the ball as it bounded away towards the sideline. Everyone converged on it. If the Hapans got possession, it was game over. For the Mercs this was their last chance for victory in front of their home fans.

    The stadium rocked with the sounds of millions of Mandos beating their armoroed chests, this was mshgeroya at it's finest. The stadium became even louder as Mor'kesh came away with the ball. They soon realized, just as he did that in their scramble for the ball the hapan defense was badly out of position. Of course the offense was as well. But one being had hung back, hoping that his team would get the ball and pass it up to him.

    Taab could only watch as the ball sailed forward from Mor'kesh to the waiting (and wide open) Andres Fortune. The clock was still winding down past 10 seconds as the full forward caught the ball and after a head fake at the Hapan goaltender managed to sling the ball through the back of the net. The stadium erupted as the Mercs took the lead with only 4 seconds left. But the game wasn't over yet and the Hapans didn;t give up. They pushed the ball forward as fast as they could and ended up launching their own shot at Katan from midfield. Only when he secured the ball as time expired was the game's outcome no longer in doubt. The Mercs had defended their home turf and managed to win a close game against a previously undefeated Hapan team. It was a win that went a long way towards healing the people's injured pride. And one that Taab was sorely counting on.

    [hr] [/hr]

    The rest of the Hapan state visit went smoothly. Much as the Chancellor's visit had, the Queen's visit helped to bolster Taab's standing and when the Queen's delegation left Taab had another pact of mutual friendship and understanding secured. Of course the news had come through that the Crusaders had lost a lower scorong, but close game at Commenor. Still their star players had done their parts, with Mereel in particular doing well putting in half of the Crusader's points on his own. So long as the players at the developmental level continued to develop Taab wasn't too concerned. He could only hope that Ryi and Kote's investigation continued to develop as well.

    [hr] [/hr]

    IC: Ryi Kor'le
    Demilla City, Ralltiir.

    As usual Ryi and her husband caught the sideways looks thrown their way as they made their way through the streets. There just wans't much "low key" about being a Mandalorian warrior. Being a pair of them just made things worse. Fortunately the intimidation factor meant that fater a quick glance most people would leave them alone. Oh sure there were some that didn't give a rat's shebs about them, but those were few and far between. They also tended to stay out of a Mandalorians way as a sign of respect and professional courtesy. The Mandos would do the same for them.

    Of course the closer they came to their destination the more of these individuals they encountered. Kashogii's import and export business was a good front, one that had thus far kept local law enforcement in the dark, but those in less upstanding lines of work knew what his business really was.

    The Mandalorians entered the small storefront (attached to a huge warehouse) and made their presence known. Kote made sure to keep and eye on the door while Ryi did most of the talking. "We're looking for Kashogii, we have business to discuss," she told the protocol droid minding the front of the store. "Of course you are. Everyone that comes her is looking for Kashogii. What is the nature of the business you seek?"

    Ryi glanced quickly to Kote who was hiding a grin under his buy'ce. This was why Kote hated droids. "Just get him, or he will be exporting you. As scrap metal."

    "How rude" the droid let out before leaving for the back office. A few moments later a blue/green Toydarian fluttered into view from the back.

    "What do want? I'm busy."

    Ryi looked the short being over, he didn't seem at all intimidated or shaken by their appearance. Just another pair of mercenaries to him she was sure. "We're here on the recommendation of a friend of ours. He says whatever we need, you can get. For a price"

    She could almost see the credit signs light up in his eyes. "Oh sure...sure. Anything you want." He paused for a moment, suddenly suspicious "What friend?" he asked through narrowed eyes.

    "Someone who sold you a batch of E-4 explosives some time ago."

    "Oh E-4, yeah we got lotsa o dat. That doesn't narrow it down for me though."

    "It doesn't matter, we just want to know who you've sold it to."

    The being's eyes grew wide now. "Are you some sort of law enforcement? Because if you are I have no idea what you are talking about."

    Now it as Kote's turn to speak from where he was watching over the door. "No, not police. We are the people who will pluck the wings from your stubby little body unless you tell us what we want to know."

    The Toydarian grew a lighter shade of blue at that. He was used to dealing with unsavory individuals, but rarely did they actually threaten him. He was a means to their end, a supplier of what they desired, there never was reason to threaten him before.

    "OK, tell ya what. I look through my records, I tell you what you need to know."

    Ryi raised her own eyebrow at that, an arms dealer that kept records of his illicit transactions. Clearly this was a being who would betray his compatriots at the drop of a buy'ce to save his own skin. She found it disgusting, but at least in this instance it was proving useful.

    "Lets see...E-4, E-4" Kashogii began as he stroked his beard and fluttered back and forth as if pacing. "I don't actually get too much call for it. Last I remember selling it was some time ago." He looked up suddenly as if he remembered. "It was last year, I remember because I closed the deal at a Starkillers game. They have quite the dance team you know..." he trailed off as he could see that Ryi and Kote couldn't care less about the extraneous information. "My buyer was a twi'lek, came to see his hometown team. He was very interested in the dancing though."

    Kote looked over at Ryi now, a twi'lek, at least they were continuing to narrow things down. "This twi'lek have a name?" Kashogii looked to the droid now, the machine cocked it's head to the side as it accessed its database. "The being called himself Bliznetsi, I have no further record of this being in my memory circuits."

    A twi'lek named Bliznetsi, well it was progress. If he was buying explosives then maybe he was known to the Bounty Hunter's or Assassin's guilds. The Mandalorians nodded to each other and then turned to leave, their job here was done. They would have to get in touch with the Protectors and the Guilds in order to investigate further. But before they left Kote gave Kashogii one last warning. "You have a loose tounge aruetii. If you want to keep it, then we were never here." The Toydarian gulped once and nodded and then the Mandalorians were gone.

    TAG: No one really, Runjedirun gave me permission to use Ralltiir for this post. I also mentioned a few characters of interest to Trieste (with his permission of course). ;)

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    Noble House box, Bakura Gardens, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "You are too kind," Kerry said, "I am rather proud of what we've built on Bakura over the years. It's part of why I entered public service."

    "And by that she means Dad," Fiona said archly.

    "Hush," Kerry said, "but yes."

    "Your well wishes for my daughter are very much appreciated," Oisin added, "I will be sure to convey them to her when next I see her."

    "You should do that," Kerry said, "She'd like that. I think she also would have liked the tactical team." There was a glint in the Chancellor's eye. "Too bad they didn't try to take her to Agamar."

    "That would have been fun indeed," Roslyn commented dryly as she fixed herself a drink.

    A number of tables were set up, along with place settings with good tablewear and dishes--certainly not the usual for stadium food. Then again, the owner's box was anything but usual. Kerry ensured that Oleg and Tim sat with her, Declan, and Ayn. Some of the younger kids sat at the half wall bar that overlooked the seats of the box and looked upon the practice currently going on down on the field. "I've heard a bit about TenGate and I'll be honest, Mr. Dodd," Kerry said as she unfolded her napkin, "I had someone get me the rules. I'll admit that they were a bit challenging for me...and I didn't exactly apply myself to them. The idea of a dual use stadium is quite an intriguing one. There hasn't been significant stadium building in the Elite League for some time. You will be quite the pioneer in that regard. Needless to say, the rest of the Board of Governors will watch with interest to see how things progress."

    "Nerf steak or fish?" a servant droid asked each in turn. Ayn took the fish while the two Triestes at the table took the nerf steak.

    "Now, Mr. Dodd, a little business, if I may," Kerry said confidentially, "Though the duties of ownership came quite suddenly upon you, everything I've seen indicates you've handled them quite well. You've certainly taken to your role quite vigorously. Lesser beings would have been overwhelmed--or worse yet reckless with newfound power and influence. Everything I hear about what you've done on Agamar indicates that you have been very active and industrious. Last week's win against the Monarchs indicates you're getting your space legs. Undoubtedly you only want to act in the best interests of the Elite League and limmie as a sport. I wonder, Mr. Dodd, could I count on you should a time for action arrive? That time may never come, but it is good to know who can be counted upon in such times."

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    IC: Tim Dodd - Noble House Box, Bakura Gardens Stadium, Salis D’aar

    Tim and Oleg both ordered the Nerf steak. Tim privately doubted that Supreme Chancellor Trieste had as much as heard of Mugruebe Stew, much less become accustomed to eating it most of the time (although Ms. Roslyn almost certainly had done both). Nerf Steak would make a nice change, though!

    "Add 'promoting Agamar's Galactic profile', and the Packers, to that list; Madame Supreme Chancellor, and you have my motivations in a nutshell. As for my willingness to take necessary action when required...."

    After a pointed look at Oleg, who gave him a reluctant fractional nod in return; Tim resumed speaking;

    "....there's a 'Hired Gunman' back on Agamar (detained in Carbonite, until his case is ready for trial) who could answer that question for you. He gave every indication of intending to assassinate Director Sturm during the half-time interval of last week's game; in Memorial Stadium's Owner's box too, would you believe; and encountered a Lightsaber blade! Actually when my usual Walking Cane - please don't be alarmed, this particular Cane is exactly what it appears to be - is activated in that configuration, its perhaps better described as a Lightpike. The 'Hired Gunman' is now missing a good deal of both his arms, as well as his hands!

    You probably don't know this, Ma'am, but my family has the occasional habit of producing Forceful members - it's down to our mixture of Tabory and Farlander genes. Anyway, a several-times-great Uncle of mine went off to find Jedi willing to train him, and (I was told) succeeded. Either he, or someone in the Jedi group he joined evidently had a Force Vision or two because an obvious Jedi visited me in hospital on my birthworld (where I was recovering from the last of a long line of attempts to fix the damage to my right knee), handed me the Walking Cane I normally carry about with me, told me my relative had built it specifically for me and showed me how to operate it. That Jedi knew things that only someone very close to my relative could have known about him and his family; so I believe he was the genuine article - especially as he had the trick of making me feel that my innermost thoughts were open to his scrutiny! He told me;
    "It was foreseen that you would have some need of it in your lifetime."

    I wonder, would this possible action you mention have something to do with League Politics? Specifically the rumblings that several noses were put right out of joint by the League's reorganisation, together with hints that some behind-the-scenes arm-twisting had gone on?

    If so, maybe my wild thought that the drug-attack on the Packers (or the C-Bucs, or both, as the case may be) was in furtherance of a power-play within the League isn't so far out-of-the-box, after all. Discredit the League, discredit the League Officials by implication and make them vulnerable to being replaced. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting the Commissioner, but I don't think that Ms. Gondorf could have been any more helpful if she'd tried. Because of her immediate involvement of the Republic's Department of Justice, and Attorney-General Tandy, in the case; a thorn-in-the-side for many Security Force Chiefs (in the form of an arms-market version of Holo-bay) has just been completely shut down. Very nasty stuff advertised on there, so Director Sturm told me, including the 'substance' in question!

    In such a case, Ma'am, I would come down on the side of stability. The way I see Limmie, it acts as a safety-valve for aggressive feelings planet-to-planet and power-bloc to power-bloc, very similar to the role of TenGate on my birthworld. Would you believe that there's never been one instance of armed conflict on that world since the planet was settled? It's true, not one!

    Therefore an unstable League could lead to it either fracturing or, worse still, disintegrating altogether. No Limmie, no safe outlet. Quite probably followed by war not too long thereafter; and that would be really bad for the Galaxy and its inhabitants.

    If that's your stance also, Ma'am; and I believe it to be so, else why would you have spent so many years guiding the Galaxy back towards a full recovery after the ravages of the neo-Sith business; then I'm with you all the way!

    Of course, if I'm wrong about the drug-attack having to do with the League, then it really only leaves one possibility. We have a highly disturbed individual, or small group, on the loose somewhere!

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Noble House box, Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    As Tim spoke, lunch arrived. The three Bakurans listened to Tim’s recounting of last week’s unexpected visitor. They did not dare to interrupt the narrative until Tim had seen it to its conclusion—not just out of politeness but also out of rapt attention.

    “A lightpike…” Declan mused, “Inside a cane no less…there’s an idea.”

    “Speaking of an idea—encasing a suspect in carbonite pretrial?” Ayn said with some surprise, “How—” She stopped suddenly and her eyes flicked towards Declan. “How novel,” she finished. Unseen to Tim and Oleg, underneath the table the young Trieste had stopped what could well have been a slightly importunate comment by quick pressure to Ayn’s foot. Ayn Dormingale, as her boyfriend was well aware, happened to be of liberal convictions and the chances that she was about to make a comment regarding the apparent state of civil liberties on Agamar was good. It was a tendency she might need to curb in her current quest for public office. Now, had the Mand’alor been the guest, it was questionable whether Declan would have bothered. After all, the Bakurans and Mandalorians barely bothered to conceal their feelings about each other on limmie game days, so one comment about individual liberties likely wasn’t going to make much of a stir (though, upon further reflection, perhaps Ayn should hold her tongue with Berskaryc Taab given the omnipresent “Mandalorian contingency plan”). But things were going rather swimmingly with the Agamarians, so rocking the boat was not the best idea at the moment.

    “I am glad to hear your family has strong ties to the Jedi Order, Mr. Dodd,” Kerry said, as she gently, but forcefully, sawed through her steak. “Historically Bakura has not been the friendliest place for Jedi, but things are better here—to the point that we now have an Enclave here on the planet. It was founded by a very dear friend of the Noble House, Jedi Master Lexine Wydra. She was a very good friend of my father’s and my siblings and I all called her Aunt Lexine because she was so close to us. My absent sister in-law, Nessa, is her daughter. It is good to know that other families have similarly close ties, even if we have yet to produce a Jedi.” Kerry’s eyes flicked to another spot in the room for a moment. Declan noticed and tried to find the momentary object of his mother’s attention, but failed.

    All three Bakurans listened to Tim’s thoughts on the recent attack and their potential connection to wider League matters. “I’m glad to hear that Helena has been useful, rather than a nuisance. Sometimes I don’t know which one I find her,” Kerry said wryly with a smile, “But to the point, Mr. Dodd, I’m glad to hear that you take a stand for stability. As you referenced, this was a time of upheaval in the offseason. I stood with the Commissioner on realignment because I saw that it was needed for the overall health of the Elite League. I don’t wonder if more steps will need to be taken…” Kerry said. She paused to chew for a moment. “Time will tell, I suppose.

    “Now, as to your recent issue, I have not stayed updated on the full progress of the investigation. One must pick and choose where one’s time goes as Chancellor. It sounds like the investigation is still ongoing, Director Sturm? Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be of assistance,” Kerry continued, “Though you raise an interesting point regarding the perpetrators…” Kerry set her utensils down for a moment. “If tempers have flared so much on the Board of Governors that it is preferable for some beings to discredit the League…” Kerry shook her head. “We are in very dire straits indeed. Very dire straits.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    What We Learned: Week 3
    From HSN Sports

    Periodically throughout the course of the season, we’ll be giving updates on all 12 ELL teams with all the snark we can muster.

    Agamar Packers: The Packers have got to be happy that they got over the hump and got the first win, but everything isn’t rosy in Calna Munn. They appear to have the offense on track. The question is whether Asyr Kre’fey can now fix the defense.

    Bakura Miners: If the Miners were smart, at this point they would just duct tape Quinn Cundertol’s mouth shut.

    Chandrila Patriots: Reina Kether hates losing to the Smugglers. She was a Patriot when the Burgundy & Green Brawl was the rivalry for the Patriots because of Senator ineptitude. Apparently she had to write a check to cover the damage in the Six Boroughs visitors locker room after losing by two points.

    Corellia Rebels: On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m doing to say that this season for the Rebels is about a -17 right now.

    Coruscant Senators: Maybe it was just me, but I got the distinct feeling that with last year’s veterans, the Sens would have gutted out a win. They may have put the C on Romax, but Coruscant needs their next generation of leaders to start leading or this truly is going to be a rebuilding year.

    Euceron Storm: The Storm clearly have put together a new look this season. Find a frigging amazing Full Forward, score points like crazy, and don’t care about defense. Nothing can go wrong with that plan…what? The Miners tried that last season?...yeah…good luck Euceron.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers: Even when they lose the C-Bucs look good. Yeah, you can cover a lot of defects with a bunch of pretty faces. Unless your fanbase is made of Whipids. Then things get awkward.

    Mando’ade Mercs: The Mercs used a lot of substitutions in their narrow win against the C-Bucs. It looks like Vizsla took notes in Week 1 when the Senators came to town. The Mercs are rising, but they lack a statement win that will cause the league to take notice of them.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: WOO! THEY BEAT THE PATRIOTS! Really, yell that loud enough and Kaitlyn Vehn might get distracted and forget to fire Konrad Dvorak. I still believe this is happening. I mean come on, their APA is 30.33. Those are fireable numbers, even after just three weeks.

    Ralltiir Starkillers: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Galaxy Defender Unanimous has never actually met a Hapan. Mainly because calling the C-Bucs “a bunch of girls” is like calling a gundark on steroids “a great pet for kids.”

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Do you know the saddest part of the Monarchs season? Depending on how you define “the player judged most valuable to his or her team” in the context of the Salbukk Award, Vesper Lynd is probably that player and she’s not even going to get nominated. Let’s face it—without Lynd this would be an absolute gravtrainwreck of a season for Rydonni Prime.

    Ylesia Lightning: They’re starting to compare Kasin Urdaaza to Meredith Chambers. I expect that will be confirmed when Urdaaza wins three Salbukks, one Numifolis, a Duchess Eldin, a Zumtak, and two Galactic Cups at the end of this season.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Noble House Box, Bakura Gardens Stadium, Salis D’aar

    Tim noticed Ayn's rapid change of wording and guessed what had caused it. "Unfortunately, Ms. Dormingale, Agamar does not have an indigenous Medical Supplies Industry, so cybernetic limb replacements for our miscreant need to be ordered in from an outside source; which takes time. While waiting for them to arrive, our miscreant is obviously incapable of feeding himself or seeing to his other bodily needs. We also want him to stand trial, not commit suicide or go insane through brooding over his injuries. We could keep him under full sedation, but that brings its own set of potential problems, and using Stasis Equipment doesn't always suspend thought processes; so Carbonite Suspension in the interim was probably the kindest solution. When he is brought out of the Carbonite, he will be immediately fitted with the replacements, so for him, very little subjective time will have elapsed. I hasten to add that all this was decided by the Judge and both Attorneys at our miscreant's arraignment.

    Possibly related, possibly not, is that a very nasty crime family resurfaced on that very same day, sending an ostensible offer to 'help' with the drugging incident investigation direct to the Comm unit in Director Sturm's home. This family, the Currs, fled Agamar the better part of thirty years ago, after a 'sting' operation brought some of their activities to light. For ten to fifteen years prior to that, they effectively ruled quite a large portion of the back country (what we call 'The Camp') through fear - thinking nothing of burning entire families alive in their homes to enforce their will. It turned out that their victims had been used as virtual slave-labour for years, and kept on a subsistence diet. All profits from their farms, and any of their possessions that took any of the Currs' fancy, were confiscated for the Currs' benefit - most of those funds and items have never been recovered.

    The Currs would be likely candidates for holding a grudge against Oleg, but not (as far as I know) against the Packers or me.

    Whether the would-be assassin was sent by the Currs or by our mystery poisoner, ASF want whoever it was; and keeping the trigger-being on ice, so to speak, increases the likelihood of whoever it was trying to find out what happened to the hireling, and why Director Sturm is still walking around, apparently without a care! That sort of activity might get them noticed and caught!"

    Turning to Declan, Tim elaborated; "Actually, Sir, my Cane's not just a Lightpike - at close quarters that would be too awkward - so it was built to be taken apart below the handle! There's another Lightsaber assembly in there as well, turns the thing into a hook-handled duelling Lightsaber! It fits perfectly with the family calling my several-greats Uncle 'that crazy old swordsman' - a pity they never knew that he'd become a Jedi Knight and seen combat on the side of the Light!"

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie was exhausted after the flight back from Corellia, but she went directly to her family’s home as promised. Richard answered the door when Lucie arrived. “We know where Justyne is” he said before she could even get in the door. Then he turned around and glared at Bat who sitting defiantly in a chair on the other side of the room.

    “Where is she?” Lucie inquired doing her best to ignore the obvious tension between her brothers.

    At that moment her father entered the room. “She’s at a hotel across town.” He answered. “She took one of my cred cards when she left and the bank called to see if I authorized the charge”.

    “How do you know she used the card?” Lucie asked with alarm. “She could have been robbed; anyone could have used your card.”

    “I thought of that too. But I called the hotel; they confirmed that a young girl checked in.”

    Lucie turned to Richard with a puzzled look on her face. “Why are you blaming Bat?” She asked.

    “Before we got the call from the bank and figured out where Justyne is Bat told us that Justyne has been dating a friend of his.”

    “He’s not a friend” Bat cut in, Lucie could tell from her brother’s tone that he was more than a little aggravated himself.

    Richard turned to face his brother and crossed his arms “He was with you the night you were arrested. He faced all the same charges you did.”

    “We don’t know that your sister went to see this guy” their father broke in. “I was told she checked in alone.” He gave both of his older son’s a warning look before speaking to Lucie. “Do you think you can try and go talk to her? See if she’ll come home?” He father was pleading, but Lucie had another question.

    “Where’s Mom?” she asked.

    “She went to her sister’s.” Her father answered.

    “Whenever there’s trouble around here the women run off.” Richard stated.

    That stung, but Lucie decided to use it as motivation to help get her sister back. “Can you give me the address so I can go try and help?” She asked her father.

    Lucie settled into the back of an air taxi. The trip was short, yet agonizingly long. She had no idea if her sister would even speak to her, but she had to try. Maybe Lucie could explain to her sister how difficult it was trying to make it on your own out there. Convince her to come back home and enjoy her father’s money a few more years. She often wished she wasn’t struggling to pay bills, working two jobs. She had given up her childhood too soon and she didn’t want her sister to make the same mistake.

    After paying the driver Lucie stepped into the hotel lobby and tried calling her sister. A little warning she was coming might make this easier she decided. Her sister didn’t pick up. Lucie waited about 5 minutes after leaving a message and when her sister did not call back she was left no choice but to go up to the room and knock.

    At this point Lucie was concerned that her sister wouldn’t even answer the door. She wasn’t even sure her sister was in the room. She knocked and waited nervously. The door opened partially, Lucie looked in and saw her sister. She looked, miserable. It was obvious she had been crying she looked barely strong enough to stand up. Immediately Lucie rushed into the room and gave Justyne a hug. For several minutes the sisters embraced. Neither of them said anything. Finally Justyne took a seat on the bed and looked at her feet.

    Lucie found a chair, pulled it up close to where her sister sat and asked simply “What’s going on?”

    Fresh tears sprung to Justyne’s eyes.

    “I’ve done something awful” Justyne said quietly.

    When it was obvious that her sister wasn’t going to say exactly what it was she had done Lucie spoke herself. “Maybe I can help” she offered. “I’m not sure what you are going through, but I left home once too. For a long time I struggled to survive out on my own. Whatever you think you’ve done wrong, I know Dad will forgive you. He’s not going to let you leave as easily as he let me leave.”

    “It’s not that I want to leave” Justyne said trying to dry the tears off her face. “I don’t really think I have a choice. Lucie I’m…” Lucie watched and waited patiently as her sister fidgeted on the bed. Her sister’s voice got quiet and Justyne didn’t look at Lucie when she spoke, but her words were unmistakable “I’m going to have a baby.”

    “Have you seen a doctor? I mean are you sure?” The second question was stupid Lucie realized. Richard had seen or heard her getting sick. He suspected an eating disorder, but now Lucie knew that wasn’t the issue. Lucie changed gears mid thought “You need to let me take you home. You need to see a doctor. Get proper care.” One more thought crossed her mind. “You said you are going to have a baby, does that mean you have decided to keep it?”

    There was no hesitation in Justyne’s answer this time “I can’t kill a baby”.

    “You can’t raise one by yourself either” Lucie stated. “Let me take you home. I can’t speak for mom but Dad will help with whatever you need. I know he will. And I will too.”

    “If I go home everyone will be mad at me.”

    “Maybe a little” Lucie conceited. “They won’t stay mad for long though. Remember how happy we all were when Spencer and Tomas were born?”

    “This is different”

    “It’s not that different” Lucie said trying to be positive for her sister. “It will take some time for everyone to get used to the idea, but you will get a lot more support at home than anywhere else in the Galaxy. I can promise you that.”

    “I suppose you are right. You’ll come inside with me? Be there when I tell mom and dad what’s going on?”

    “Of course, I want to be there for you. But there’s one question I want to ask before we go. Apparently when you went missing Bat mentioned you’ve been seeing an acquaintance of his.” Lucie hoped she wasn’t being too forward with this question, but she wanted to know before they got home. “Is that the father?”

    Justyne nodded. “Now you see the problem?”

    “I can see that this is going to be tricky.” Lucie agreed. “But I also think it’s important we get you home.”

    Lucie helped Justyne collect her things and check out of the hotel. They rode to the house in relative silence. She hadn’t slept since before the game and Lucie nearly nodded off on the taxi. Justyne sat with her father’s cred card in her hand, nervously turning it over between her fingers. When they got to the house the first thing Justyne did was hand the card to her father. He took the card placed it securely in a pocket, he gave Justyne a hug and nodded a thank you to Lucie. “I’m going to call your mother and let her know you’re okay.” He said.

    Once he left the room Justyne inquired as to where exactly their mother was. Lucie told her sister that their mother had gone to visit their aunt, which didn’t seem to surprise Justyne much. Shortly after that their father returned. Richard and Bat were helping Spencer and Tomas get ready for school. Once the boys were out of the house their father was ready to find out any information he could about why Justyne had left and what he could do to convince her to stay.

    While Justyne sat seemingly terrified with her hands over her face Lucie told her father what was going on. Their father called their mother again, this time for information about her doctor so he could get Justyne an appointment as soon as possible. The appointment was set for later that week and their father told them that he expected their mother to be home later that day. Justyne went up to her room to rest and Lucie headed home for some much needed sleep herself.

    The rest of the week passed quickly. Lucie held several practices for the dance squad; she was allowing two of her more senior dancers to make up routines now which took some of the pressure form her own workload. She also worked several shifts at the restaurant, she almost called off her date with Ty, but in the end she decided she really didn’t want to so she arranged to see him the night before the game against the Mercs.

    They met for an early dinner and Lucie apologized for being difficult to reach for most of the week. She explained that she was having some family troubles, but that she didn’t want to discuss it. Ty was understanding and did not press for details much to Lucie’s relief. They talked a little about the upcoming game. Ty was looking forward to the challenge he expected the Mercs to be. Their last two games Ty admitted had been against less difficult teams and this was definitely going to be a tougher match up. Lucie promised to keep the crowd in the game. She hoped there wouldn’t be too many armored guests at Bankers Stadium to diminish her efforts. The evening ended on a good note. Lucie took Ty to the park and showed him where she held her squad’s practices. He told Lucie that she had been innovative to come up with the idea. The complement was simple, but coming from Ty it meant a lot. They had to part early so both of them could rest up for the game the next day. Lucie promised to see Ty again soon and she hoped she could keep her promise.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Setarcos Rhemes
    Memorial Stadium, Agamar

    Half-Time, Packers 20 – Monarchs 16

    “What the frak is going on?” Setarcos sat in the broom closet that was the visiting head coach’s office at Memorial Stadium and looked over the basic statistics for the game.

    4 goals and 4 points

    Their offense was firing on all repulsors once again after the off week they had against Ralltiir. Vesper and Melanie had already matched their scoring totals from that match, 3 goals and 2 points respectively. But this week Windy added a goal to her season total along with Vicki and Ema tacking on a point to each of theirs.

    Differential of -4

    For a first half against a team they had never faced with a freshly recalled Kelsei from Byblos was not too bad. It would have been preferable to have been flipped, but the young Midfielders were still holding their ground on defense. They even were able to create a few fast breaks that ended in scores on the board. Each had 3 assists to their name, but they were caught out of position a couple of times.

    3 goals allowed

    Once again Clair was holding her own despite facing a bombardment of shots on goal. If she had not been flying all over the crease this game would have been way out of hand. There were times where she was caught out of position, falling for a feint to the left when the shot really came from the right, but she somehow covered the space between and knocked the bolo away. Watching her reminded him of watching a perfect mix of Mara’s speed and athleticism with Dawn’s strength and determination.


    There in lay the problem. There was absolutely no reason the nickel-n-dime, Junior Limmie tactic of bounce-/drop-kicking points over the cross-bar should work in Elite League Limmie. Unfortunately it was, because the Half Backs were moving like they had duracrete in their shoes. Without fail, the entire first half, one of the Packers’ Half Forwards would come free and score, or a Monarchs Corner Back, either Aley or Lana, would have to abandon their zone and cause there to be an open Packer Corner Forward.

    The Head Coach stormed into the dressing area of the locker room, slamming his office door so hard that all the side conversations immediately ceased. “I’m embarrassed, absolutely embarrassed, by our lack of defense out there!” he fumed, “I could put three carbonite statues out there at Half Back and they could have done a better job!” He paused for a moment, closing his eyes to get his composure, “Lexi, I want you to flip-flop sides going to the right side. Biedo move to center and Lexi to the left. Maybe a different look will slow them down. Also I want Sugnok in at Full Back to start the half.” He looked up and saw the disappointment in Ford’s eyes. “Staweh-Tam you’ve done an outstanding job, I don’t want to risk sending you back to the doctors too soon,” he added to soften the blow to the defender’s ego.

    “Now, let’s go out there and give our fans back home a reason to cheer in their living rooms!”

    Final, Packers 36 – Monarchs 30

    The shuttle ride from Memorial Stadium up to the Crown Jewel was the quietest ride Setarcos had ever experienced. He could actually hear the slight squeak that had developed in the control yoke which was all the way up in the sealed cockpit, which was on the other side of a bulkhead from him. He re-examined the numbers so that when the team gathered in the holo-theater turned lecture hall they could directly address the issues.

    Of course he would have a few minutes to discuss things with the coaches while the team washes their defeat off. In the interest of security, the team did not return to their locker room after the match, instead their personal belongings had been cleaned out and delivered during the second half and they proceeded directly to the team shuttle. So the flight up to the Jewel was not only quiet, but smelly.

    “Beks, your offense is doing ok. I know the match against the Lightning have thrown things off, but we still need to step things up.” In the second half, the front three each added a goal to their totals, while Melanie and Ema each picked up two more points, and Vicki got another as well. “Vesper can’t keep carrying the offense. Do you realize that she has scored 35 of our 65 points this season? She has 11 goals, 2 points, and 12 assists. She is on pace to score 105 with 36 assists, imagine how many points we would have if the rest averaged even a third of what she had put out this year. We sure has hell wouldn’t be tied with the Pats for 9th frakking place in points scored!”

    He then turned his attention to Solo, “Dawn, whatever you are doing with the Middies pick it up. Kelsei looks like a changed player over last season. You have good young talent there. Mold it into a strong unit. As far as Clair is concerned, leave her to Mara for now, focus on the Midfielders.”

    “Lex,” he said with a sigh, “where do I begin? We are last, dead last, in the entire ELL in defense. We gave up 21 over-the-bar to Agamar, 21! They scored more points over-the-bar than the sum total of what Corellia scored this week. If we don’t do something about this before next week we could make the worst offense in the league look like juggernauts.”

    Lex offered up an immediate opinion, “I do have an idea, but I am not sure you are going to like what I suggest.”

    Setarcos looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “At this point I am open to anything. What do you got?”

    “Bench the Old Man’s son and strip him of his captaincy?”

    There was an audible inhalation from Beks and Dawn. All three coaches were holding their breath awaiting the response from Setarcos. He thought about it for a second. On one hand, it told everyone on the team that there were no sacred bantha’s on the roster. On the other hand, Biedo was his son-in-law and he was already on the outs with his daughter after doing basically the same thing to her. “Who would fill the void? I am not going to pull from Byblos since I don’t think Baga or Oshi will ever play in the ELL again and Marco does not look ready yet.”

    The three coaches started breathing again and Lex answered, “I was thinking about that, and after watching Ford play today I think he is ready to play a full match just not at Full Back.”

    Setarcos raised a confused eyebrow, “Then where?”

    “Center Half Back,” Lex said, half clearing his throat half coughing.

    Setarcos looked at Lex and said two simple words, “Do it.”

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    Ryell Royal Palace, Rydonni Prime

    In a city filled with starscrapers, Vesper Lynd found it interesting that the residence of the most powerful person on the planet was one only fourteen stories tall. Granted it still dwarfed any residence that could be found on Bakura or even on Naboo. What helped it look regal and worthy of the home of a monarch was the fact that it sat on top of a hill that was surrounded by full trees. This location gave the palace the look of floating over top of the forest.

    She had been invited by Arden to a formal dinner being put on by the Queen. She let him know that all of her formal wear was still back on Bakura, that her little black dresses that she preferred to wear were probably not appropriate for dinner with the Queen. So he sent over a variety of gowns to pick from, “All of them are yours to keep. But since I don’t know your exact size, choose the one that fits best for tonight and I will have the rest tailored for future events.” The one she chose was floor length, royal blue, off the shoulder, cut to her mid back, and came with long, white gloves.

    The location seemed so remote from the capital it was hard to believe it was located right in the middle of Ryell. However, once she was standing in the entrance she turned around and could see the edge of the city as clear as day. But once the entrance was closed you were seemingly teleported to a far off land. The architecture rivaled that of the Royal Palace in Theed. Where the Naboo palace was resplendent in rustic earth-tones and sandstone bricks, the Rydonni palace was brilliant in marbles and limestone blocks.

    Inside was just as spectacular. The ceilings in every room were three times higher than any in Vesper’s apartment. Arden explained that there were over 1,000 state rooms, “One of my distant ancestors had nine children, the eight youngest lived in the palace their whole lives. Even after they were married and had families of their own, they just moved into a different section of the palace. The only time they saw each other was during official events and holidays.”

    The first room that Vesper saw was the Hall of Monarchs. It served as the main public entrance to the palace. For some reason she expected to see the same sterling white columns and marble floors that she saw on the exterior. There were columns that lined the entire room and marble floors glistened under her feet, but the room was anything but white. The fluted columns were made out of beautiful red marble and were capped with artistically sculpted gold acanthus leaves and scrolls. The ceiling above the center of the room was made completely out of transplastoid and ran the length of the room.


    Between the columns were statues of every Monarch since the construction of the palace nearly two and a half centuries ago. “So,” she whispered to Arden, “will there be one of you in here someday?” she asked jokingly.

    Arden shook his head, “I doubt it. I am too far down the line of succession to ever sit on the throne. I’m little more than a knight in the grand scheme of things. Besides, if it was up to me I would turn the power of the government over to the people.”

    “Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Vesper turned around to find the Earl of Ryell wagging his finger, “You know little brother that could be considered treason. Cousin Naathe could have your head for talk like that.” Vesper detected a joking tone in Count Kalin’s voice. Her suspicions were confirmed by the little wink he gave her.

    “It’s not like I am suggesting the monarchy be abolished, but why can’t we have a parliament or even a cabinet of elected ministers to advise the throne on matters of state?” Arden questioned.

    “Ministers? What are we, Bakura?” Kalin put his hand on Vespers shoulder, “No offense, but the next thing you know he’s going to be suggesting that we hold elections for the throne as well.”

    Vesper stopped and turned around to face Kalin, who had Lady Thara on his arm as usual, causing the skirt of her royal blue formal gown to flair out slightly. “You realize that my cousin is the current Queen of Naboo right? Besides, what would it hurt to have an elected monarch? It certainly would help prevent the sticky situation your cousin is in, having to somehow find and wed within the next month.”

    Ardan moved right to his date’s side, “Add to that all the responsibilities of running a company and governing our newly formed Commonwealth. If you ask me anyone in that position would be glad to have parliament of elect minister to fall back on.”

    “But no one asked you Cousin.”

    Everyone’s head immediately snapped around to find Queen Naathe standing a few steps away. She was in front of a statue of one of their ancestors and holding onto the arm of a tall, dark, and handsome young man. As if on cue Arden, Kalin, Rex Santhe (who was escorting Loruna), and Setarcos Rhemes slightly bowed, while the ladies, Vesper included, curtsied. All of them said “Your Royal Highness” in unison, with their eyes looking down at the floor, and waited for permission to rise before doing so.

    “My apologies Your Highness, I did not mean any offense.”

    “Perhaps you would like me to just turn everything that our family has built over to the latest winner of Coruscanti Idol, no? Well in that case, I have to agree that it is quite difficult to juggle all these responsibilities,” she paused for a moment, “on an empty stomach that is. Rise, let us adjourn to dining room and enjoy the feast the kitchens have prepared for us.”

    Once they reached their seats Vesper looked over at Arden, “Whose the looker with the Queen?”


    “You don’t recognize him?” Vesper took a closer look at the caramel skinned man, but still shook her head. Arden continued, “That is none other than the Lord Protector of Sacorria, Telandro Calrissian. He owns Tendrando Arms and is looking for Naathe’s support in gaining independence of Corellia and becoming a part of the Commonwealth.”

    “How’s he going to accomplish that?” Vesper wondered as Arden just shrugged his shoulders.

    After drinks had been poured for everyone a high pitch ting was ringing from the head of the table. There Telandro stood up, holding his glass towards everyone, “My dear Lords and Ladies, the Queen and I would like to thank you all for coming to this special dinner on such short notice. However, we have exciting news that we wanted to share with you all.” He held his free hand out to Naathe, who accepted it and stood with him. “We wanted you to be the first to know that I have asked her for her hand in marriage, and she has accepted.”

    All around the table there was a smattering of applause and murmuring of congratulations. Arden leaned in and whispered in to Vespers ear, “That’s how.”
    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
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  10. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cord McKerty

    Cord rolled out of bed, completely exhausted from the day before. Space flight sucked; even though the team had just been out to Euceron, which wasn’t terribly far compared to other possible destinations, there was still a certain amount of lag that you experienced when you played a Limmie game and then went home immediately afterwards. The team had gotten in late last night, and as soon as Cord had reached his apartment, he had fallen asleep without any other commitments to attend to.

    As he groggily moved over to the fridge to find some breakfast, like a crappy toaster pastry or cold cereal, his mind wandered. He wondered what Reena was up to; he hadn’t seen her in a while. With the team moving all over the place, he hadn’t been able to keep in contact with her like he knew he should. Ever since she had torn her hamstring in that friendly game against Empress Teta, she had been here on Coruscant rehabbing. No need to travel with the team when you were injured, the doctors said, and thus she had stayed behind. Cord had missed having her around, but such was life in Limmie.

    Hm, Limmie. The season was going alright; not spectacular, but at least the three games thus far had been close. It was easy to speculate that the Senators could be 3-0 on the year had things gone a little different, but Cord hadn’t been able to do anything about it. He wasn’t a starter, after all, just a reserve, and had little to his credit other than screens and a goal. The pro game was rough, and far more difficult than college. Cord knew that his cuts would need to get even better if he was to make it in this League. At least Reena had given him some decent advice on that back in training camp, so perhaps after this year was over he could either go on vacation to a beach world and run, or buy a home and purchase a personal sandbox and just run around in it for hours. Nah, that would be too much work.

    As he prepared the cardboard surprise that was a toaster pastry, his mind then wandered over to his buddies on the Thyferra Force. He wondered how Ganos, Alex, and Leah were doing down there. No news had come from them regarding how the LFL season was progressing, and he hadn’t caught the scores, so he had no idea what they were up to. Finally, to ease his mind, he scooted over his datapad and began to hammer out a message to Ganos.


    Haven’t been able to talk recently because of the season, and because the coaches are just that difficult when it comes to new players. I’m working my ass off these days, and I hope it makes for good Limmie.

    How are you guys doing down there? I haven’t been able to catch up on your scores, so a recap would be nice.


    He then hit “Send” and retrieved his pastry, which was slightly overdone. Great, Cord thought as he bit into it and tasted its cardboard blandness. He might as well be eating a box for all he cared; same taste, and probably more texture.

    Then his datapad pinged, and he looked down to see a message from Ganos. He flicked the screen and opened the message, taking another bite as he went.

    What is there to recap?” Ganos said.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” Cord asked himself. He then called Ganos on the comlink.

    “Sup, man,” he said. “Long time no see. Why did you say there’s nothing to recap? Of course there is . . .”

    “Look, Cord, it’s that bad down here,” Ganos replied. “We’ve lost our first two games.”

    “Hey, I’ve lost two as well,” Cord said. “I know we have more games, and a win, but . . .”

    “We’ve given up a ton of points. At least 50, and maybe more.”

    “Really?” Cord asked. Hm, that was indeed odd. Ganos was apparently starting at corner back down there, so that would really hit his pride hard.

    “And you’ve probably scored more points yourself than we have,” Ganos replied, a bitter tone to his voice.

    “What the hell are you talking about?” Cord asked, confused.

    “We’ve scored seven points all season, all right?” Ganos said. “Alex has a goal, but that’s basically it.”

    “Seriously?” Cord asked.

    “It’s so bad that if we have another crap game, heads will probably roll,” Ganos said. “We’ve basically scrapped the entire starting lineup and rebuilt it with the bench players. It’s that bad.”

    “Ouch,” Cord replied. He finally finished the pastry. “I’m glad I’m not down there, then.”

    “You better be happy, because otherwise you’d be here in the crapfest with us,” Ganos said sharply. “This is miserable.”

    “That sucks, man,” Cord said. “Nothing I can do for you, though.”

    “Thanks loads,” Ganos said. “I almost hate to ask you how you’re doing.”

    “Look, I didn’t mean that . . .”

    “I know,” Ganos said. “But it’s not like there’s much reason for optimism, though. We suck, and that’s all I can say about it.”

    When the conversation was over, Cord just placed his electronics away and went for a run. There was a light drizzle coming down, but he didn’t care. All he needed to do was raise the hood of his sweatshirt over his head and start running. Here’s to crappy teams, he thought as he started running.

    Bursya Field at Andromeda Steel Corp. Stadium

    Cord finished his warmup in the downpour that was the weather out here. It had been a long time since he had played in the rain, and in such a torrential downpour to boot. Things were going to be messy in this one; he had to worry not just about the Ylesia Lightning across the field from him, but also about staying dry. Or, at least trying to stay dry.

    When the game was ready to begin, Cord joined his reserve teammates in the bench area and draped a rain poncho over himself in the team colors.

    “This sucks,” he commented as he stood next to fellow corner forward Kev Flysto. The Nautolan, coming from a water-logged planet, didn’t even wear a poncho. He loved it out here, as it reminded him of home, or at least what he knew of the Nautolan homeworld. He grew up, like most of the Senator players, on Coruscant, and went to college here, so he had only been back to see family there once or twice.

    “Getting a little wet, rook?” Kev asked, a wry grin on his face.

    “I hate this blasted weather,” Cord said. A raindrop made its acquaintance with his eyeball, and he had to rub it to get the water out so he could see. “You have no idea how difficult this game is going to be.”

    “Could be worse,” Kev said.

    “I hope it won’t be,” Cord replied. Because as Ganos had said, it could be a lot worse.

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  11. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    Yes, this was approved. Because you all knew it was coming. :p

    Name: Cord McKerty
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Birth Year:251
    Physical Appearance: 5'8


    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Relation to Team: Reserve Corner Forward/Player

    Brief Biography: Cord was never the perfect Limmie player by any stretch of the imagination. Throughout school, he was always told that he was "too small" to play with the big kids on the playground. Things didn't look so hot in the early years of the youth game, as he struggled against larger kids who had more muscle and power than he did. Then, after a happenstance meeting with a former pro Limmie player while working out on the playfield late one day, he knew that he could use his size and speed to an advantage.

    In high school, Cord became a fearsome player, amazing his teammates and coaches with his speed and ability to cut in tight spaces. This skill set, combined with average-plus scoring ability, landed Cord a prestigious scholarship at the University of Coruscant. With the Hawk-bats, he played four years on the varsity squad. Although the squad struggled while he was there, Cord worked hard enough to land on the HSN Big Board of Prospects for the 274 Elite League Entry Draft as the #1 ranked forward in the class. There were expectations that he would be a lottery pick, but as teams passed on him, his bitterness towards them grew. Finally, even though the need wasn't really there, the Coruscant Senators decided to take him with the last pick in the first round.

    Cord made the team out of training camp as a reserve corner forward. With Moen Heatly, a former champion in his day, coaching him, along with the other corner and full forwards, Cord hopes to someday be the banner-carrier for his hometown team and be a Limmie star.
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  12. Rebecca_Daniels

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Zoa Vra

    "In your face, Cundertol!" was the first jubilant yell in the locker room. They'd had to put up with a media ban on that subject, other than their GM's response. Zoa said it was because they'd just end up calling him names, which no one could deny; it was pretty much their favourite locker room game since that newsbite came out. The Miners learned the hard way that the best way to ensure a loss was to piss off the Lightning. Nothing like a little anger in the morning to kickstart your day, as their Coach liked to say.

    Their emotions were dampened a bit when their team reporters slipped in and informed them of the protests outside the visitor's entrance. "Serves them right," someone muttered.

    "Raakla's told us not to go one way or another on the issue - we can't risk angering the protesters since we'd be the ones living with it." Lejique grimaced. "Can't publicly support them either, as much as I'd like to. So watch what you say."

    This was going to be great.


    "Anti-human protests continue today across Peace City, increasing in scale and spreading beyond the initial group at the Peace City Gardens. Leaders claim the protests are legal and peaceful, but many humans have begun to leave Ylesia for safer worlds."

    Zoa's fingers dug into the sofa. The team was in no danger and even welcomed at these assemblies, but this didn't seem right.

    The news report continued, showing the main protesters' camp. "What have humans ever done for us?" roared a Nautolan. The crowd cheered; worryingly, Zoa was certain she saw Nolli's tentacles amongst the crowd. "Now they're sending our team, our alien team, to the seat of the human hierarchy without any remorse. How many generations have our people suffered in Invisec?" Another roar from the crowd, this one angry. "See if they like it if we stick all the humans in a hole and let them rot for centuries!"

    The broadcast quickly cut away, this time to the spaceport, where an unusually high number of humans were present. "I need to make sure my family is safe," said one man. "They say they're peaceful, but I'm not staying to find out if they aren't," a woman said over her shoulder.

    "Tensions are high, but Peace City's security forces are unconcerned with-"

    "You should turn that sithspit off." Lorn flopped down next to her and switched to a holodrama before she could respond. "See? Better."

    They stared at each other for a few long moments until he gave in. "You need to focus on kicking some Senator behind all the way to the outer rim, not this nonsense." He leaned his head on her shoulder. "It'll blow over by the time you're back."

    "Will it, though?" Zoa sighed, and wrapped her arm around him. "It just seems to be getting worse."

    "That's media spin for you. Trust me, sweet, I'll be fine." That's what it really came down to; humans weren't safe here, and that meant Lorn wasn't safe, despite what he and anyone said.

    "You could come with us to Coruscant, as moral support?" But she knew he'd say know before she even asked, as his shaking head confirmed.

    "The Lightning really don't need to be seen with humans right now, I'd just get in the way." He kissed her cheek. "I appreciate the thought, though." A wicked grin crossed his face as he sat up. "And, you know, if things get bad I can stick on some fake horns and look grumpy and no one will know the difference." He put his fingers up in front of his forehead as mock horns.

    "You'd look about as much like a Zabrak as an Ithorian looks like a Hutt." She punched him in the arm to accentuate her point, but he just laughed and leaned back in.

    "I'll be fine, I promise."


    They left early for Coruscant, something about it being the highlight trip of the season. Everyone was excited; they hadn't gotten to go to Coruscant last season despite playing them in the finals, as Euceron hosted. Visiting the city-planet turned them into children again.

    Kasin was the only one not pressing her face to the window as they descended, instead looking unhappy, maybe even disgusted at the view.

    "What's up?" Zoa asked, sliding into the seat next to her.

    "I never told you I was born here, did I?" Zoa shook her head and Kasin continued. "Yeah, took a Limmie scholarship to get off this rock and never looked back. I knew we'd have to come here someday but…" she swallowed. "It's not all lights and shopping and happiness, you know? I grew up on the lower levels, always thought that I had to be human to see the stars. My school got invited to a tournament and none of those upper-level dilettantes were ready for gritty, lower-level play." Kasin quirked a smile and looked outside. "First time I saw the stars, too. I knew I'd do anything to see them again, so I jumped at the chance to play for a college team and get out of this cesspit."

    Kasin was normally chatty, but this was a lot of personal stuff she must have been carrying for years; Zoa didn't know what to say.

    "Do you still have family here?" she asked, but Kasin shook her head.

    "Not anymore, I got them all off as soon as I could. None of us ever wanted to come back but I guess the universe conspires sometimes."

    She stared at her Mirialan friend, searching her face for trouble. Their species were surprisingly alike, with facial tattoos representing their deeds; Zoa now wondered what Kasin's might mean, but knew it would be beyond rude to ask.

    "I suppose the protests back home are hitting close to home, I know Nolli's openly supporting them," Zoa remarked, remembering the line about Invisec.

    Kasin raised her eyebrows. "Are you kidding me? They're nuts. Their intentions are on the right track but pissing off humans is about the worst thing we can do; remember learning about the Empire in school? I'd rather not have them walking all over us worse than they already do, thanks."

    An attendant appeared down the aisle. "If you could all take your seats, we'll be docking soon."

    Zoa squeezed her shoulder. "You know where to find me if you need to unload." Kasin waved her off and Zoa returned to her seat for descent.


    She kept an eye on their goalkeeper after that, but if anything she seemed more determined, even better in practices. Down time was another story, as she turned down every invitation to go shopping or to the museum or drinking or anything. They'd be leaving right after the game, Zoa reminded herself. Hopefully they wouldn't blow it in the meantime.

    Then came the rain. Nolli was in her element, twirling out on the field while the rest felt their spirits drop as they got soaked. The Wookiees in particular were unhappy, fur matted and dragging them down. This was going to make a difficult game even harder, considering that a Galactic Cup final rematch was already going to be hard. The Senators' current record didn't reflect their skill, and Zoa just hoped they could grind out a win in this abysmal environment. She glanced back at the goal where Kasin was warming up. Yeah, they needed this win.

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  13. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn

    Apartment 709 B

    Kaitlyn hopped out of the shower dripping from the warm water that ran down her bare skin. Apparently, Nar Shaddaa hadn’t heard about sonic showers yet and was using older models that still sprayed water all over grimy looking throw up colored green tile that had seen better days. Closing the shower door behind her she nearly tripped over the built in hair dryer that came with the place and let out a mournful curse as she stubbed her pinkie toe on the corner of the bathroom counter.

    It had been that kind of a morning. She’d lost a bunch of sleep thinking about the stadium last night and had decided to use her newfound insomnia to do something productive. She’d called a few architect friends of hers on Druckenwell using a modulating comm. line so that any bounty hunters couldn’t track her exact location and brainstormed for several hours. When she was done speaking with them, she had four prototype designs of the new stadium she intended to build upon the existing Six Boroughs site.

    Now all she needed to do was sell it to the city council and fans.

    After all, she wasn’t going to be putting up the millions of credits it would take to build the thing, right?


    Vertical City Council Meeting, Later that morning

    “Therefore, I believe that Nar Shaddaa would benefit from having a new stadium. Not only would the Vertical City host more Finals and reap the economic benefits that such an endeavor would entail but the construction of the stadium would provide much needed jobs for our beleaguered local economy. When you vote to approve the funding of a new stadium, vote with your hearts, vote for the kids down the street who need positive role models to look up to and think of the great work that the Valor Foundation does in the lower levels of the city.

    “Ladies and gentlemen of the council,” Kaitlyn said wrapping up her pitch, “Nar Shaddaa needs this stadium. Our lease is up at the end of 274 and I hate to say this but unless we have a modern stadium that will endure for the next two hundred years, well, I’m afraid we may need to consider relocating the franchise.”

    There, she’d lowered the boom. She had the council by their collective reproductive parts. Now all she had to do was grind those parts into the durracrete with her heel. One, little, insignificant, twist.


    Press Conference, Nar Shaddaa Smugglers Practice Facility, New Vertica, Nar Shaddaa, One Week Before Burgundy and Green Brawl

    “Mrs. Vehn, let me get this straight, you want to tear down a galactic sporting icon and replace it with one of those designs?” A reporter asked.

    “Well, actually, what I’d like to do is use the existing structure to create something that blends the past with the present while keeping an eye on the future,” Vehn responded.

    “First you change the coaching staff and then you change the uniforms. Now, you’re proposing one of the most radical changes in Nar Shaddaa Smugglers history. What do you say to those who would argue that you are hell bent on destroying this team and
    that you have no idea how to run a sporting franchise?” Another reporter inquired.

    “I’d say that that person needs to get used to change or else they’re going to be very disappointed,” Kaitlyn replied.

    “How do you propose to fund this new stadium?”

    “Public money,” Kaitlyn said. The room went deathly quiet.

    “You can’t be serious! Nar Shaddaa is one of the most economically poor planets in the Outer Rim and you want to ask the people for more money to help fund your pet project? Are you out of your mind?” A fan screamed from way back in the room.

    Reporters tried to override the fan but Kaitlyn sliced a hand through the air. “I seem to remember Six Boroughs being sold out every week when I was growing up. Unless I’m mistaken, nothing has changed. You can’t expect me to foot the entire bill for this project.”

    “How do you respond to the ignominious distinction of being the most hated owner in all of sportsdom?”

    Kaitlyn took a sip of water, smiled, and responded, “This isn’t a popularity contest. You guys don’t like me? Grow a pair.”

    “How can you say that to us? How can you say that? You don’t even give two poodoo’s about this team! For crying out loud, my wife had our first child at Six Boroughs stadium during the 270 Final against Vandelhelm, that place is more than history for me, it is like my own home. You tear down that stadium, you’re going to rip out the very heart of Nar Shaddaa,” argued an impassioned older fan, “I used to love this team, damn it all, despite your screw-ups, I still do.”

    “Let me make one thing clear to you Miss Vehn, Nar Shaddaa is more than the galactic refuse pile. It’s a place of real suffering, of real people trying to survive. Limmie is all we have! Why can’t you understand that? Why can’t you understand how much we love Six Boroughs, how much we love the Smugglers, how much we look forward to seeing our team on the field no matter what? I’ll tell you why you don’t understand. You’ve never had to hold someone you dearly love who is addicted to spice in their final hours as they die all alone in some scummy side street, have you? That’s real pain. That’s real life. And now you’re going to ruin more lives. Well, frak you, Miss Vehn, frak you!”

    Kaitlyn gulped and looked to the chrono on the wall. They were only a few minutes into a 45 minute presser.


    The Jog, Lower Levels, Nar Shaddaa

    She had to see the sufferings of the Vertical City first hand. She had to see what was it about Nar Shaddaa that made it so damn special, so unique, and so frustrating.

    Kaitlyn’s security detachment ambled along behind the troubled Smugglers owner as she cut a dangerous path through the dark and dangerous underbelly of the Vertical City. Down here, people shot first and asked questions later. Down here, pushers worked their corners selling their legal, mind-altering wares, and ladies of the night prowled up and down hoping to score some money for their next fix. It was not a good neighborhood. But still, as she jogged through it, something lured her deeper and deeper into this world of dark and mysterious shadows.

    She rounded a corner and came across one of the Valor Foundation’s many medical centers. She wanted to run past but something drew her inside the rather nondescript looking building. Kaitlyn stole down one of the many corridors, avoiding eye contact with people recovering from detox, ignoring the over-worked and stressed out medical staff, and stopped at one of the doorways, her security detachment huffing and puffing behind her

    Peering inside the room, Kaitlyn could see a young man consoling his father who looked terribly sick, near death, a machine nearby regulating his breathing and heart rate which ponderously chimed as the seconds ticked by, the last seconds of his life.

    “Hey Dad,” the son said.

    “Ummmmph,” the father replied, eyes closed, unable to come out of his haze.

    “Smugglers beat the Patriots at home last night. Great game. Cartel made a brilliant save in the final minutes, should’ve seen it, the entire place was in an uproar. And you know what the best part was?”

    “What?” Came a weak voice from the father.

    “Reina Kether walking out of Six Boroughs with her head hung low. She didn’t even congratulate Tover for the win. She just walked right out,” the son said enthusiastically. “Can you believe that? Oh, I bet Chambers was thrilled. Heard she’s taken the young
    goalie under her wing.”

    The father tried to laugh but the sound came out as some terrible ear-shattering, window breaking, cough. The father rested a shaky and unsteady hand on his son’s shoulder. “249.”

    “Yeah, Dad, tell me about 249. You were there at the Final, right?”

    His father slowly nodded as if the gesture was painful. “Grames.”

    “Yeah, Rhia Grames. You always said she was the best player you ever saw.”

    The father smiled a bit. “She was. She was. I would love to…” His voice trailed off as if all the years of his life were now catching up with him and pressing heavily on his throat.

    “What, Dad?” The son pressed placing a hand on his father’s resting arm.

    “Six Boroughs,” the father croaked.

    The son lowered his head and his shoulders shook. He was crying.

    “You will see Six Boroughs again one day, Dad, I promise,” the son choked out through his tears.

    The father didn’t respond as his eyes closed and then opened once more as he fought off the end. “I love…” he struggled to say.

    “I love you too, Dad, I love you so much. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. Go on, close your eyes.”

    The father relaxed and slipped away. The machines beeped, the medical staff available rushed into the room, but there was nothing that could be done. Kaitlyn pulled one of the nurses hurrying out of the room aside and asked, “What happened?”

    “Typical case. Old spice addict overdoses, found by family, put in here by his family for rehab. Unfortunately, at this age, with the damage done to his body, well, there’s nothing that can be done,” a nurse replied in a matter of fact manner as if such death
    happened every day. “Same story, different day.”

    “This happens that often?”

    The nurse just stared at Kaitlyn and shook her head. “You’re not from around here, are you?”

    “Just moved not too long ago,” Kaitlyn replied. “I live in New Vertica.”

    “New Vertica? Hmmmph, rich, huh? Well, whoever you are, welcome to the real Nar Shaddaa.”

    The nurse moved on as Kaitlyn fell back against the dirty wall of the Valor Foundation center. She wanted to rip her hair out, cry, punch the walls in frustration but all she could do was replay what she had just seen in her mind. There had been real love, real understanding, real music being played between father and son in that room. Between two people who cared so much for one another, shared a passion for the sport that united Nar Shaddaa, for the sport that had changed lives.

    Kaitlyn only heard the weeping of the young man in the next room.

    She closed her eyes.

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  14. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: '????' - Somewhere on Agamar

    Himself was troubled. Himself needed solace. Himself needed time in The Shrine.

    Himself had been putting off visiting The Shrine because The Machine was there too, part of The Shrine and standing in mute accusation that himself had not used The Machine, nor maintained it, like himself was supposed to have done. Himself would have been furious with both lapses; he vividly remembered the violent arguments with Himself when younger, and the punishments, oh yes, the brutal punishments, inflicted on himself by Himself for each and every failure to properly carry out any aspect of The Plan, even the smallest.

    In truth, himself had seen, and was seeing even more now, indications that the conditions for The Plan's success were developing apace; and all without himself having had to take any part in bringing them about! The Holo-casts out of Ylesia were just one indicator; tough luck on any Humans caught on-planet when (hopefully) the Animals' tempers boiled over, but they would be a necessary sacrifice. Great Crusades required martyrs, after all; and martyrs all had something in common - they were dead!

    Another reason for laxity was that, despite the stern lectures by Himself about attachment, himself had nevertheless fallen deep into Limmie fandom; distracting himself and causing himself to procrastinate about carrying out certain aspects of The Plan. Still, that was over now, himself had now cut all ties to Limmie; even going so far as to spike the Stadium's supply of Energy Drinks in the hope of putting down some of the Animals on the local team. That may have been a mistake, as was the dosage (or the strength of the drug, had it been adulterated?) used, since the new owner seemingly had close ties to the Agamar Security Force's hierarchy and had immediately taken the matter to the League. However, neither that nor the involvement of Republic Agencies should pose a danger, the local status built up over time and current total disassociation from Limmie should cause the finger of suspicion to pass by without pointing at himself.

    The, unlooked for, but not entirely unwelcome, reappearance of the Curr family could only help muddy the waters and posed no threat to himself, despite himself having blackmailed them out of something like a tenth of their ill-gotten gains under threat of passing on to ASF exactly what was known by himself (a lot) about their 'little operation' in the Camp. There'd never been any direct contact, or even contact by Holo-comm, between the Currs and himself; voice contact only, via an untraceable (and long since destroyed) Comlink equipped with a voice-changer. So, if looking to revenge themselves on any being, they'd be looking for a Rodian!

    Though complicated and tedious (it certainly would not do for The Machine or The Shrine to be discovered, it would ruin the image of the affable, middle-of-the-Hyperlane, public persona so carefully cultivated and maintained by himself) the ritual for accessing The Shrine was comforting and calming. So much so that the sight of The Machine did not even arouse the slightest negative feeling in himself; a far cry from the utter disgust and revulsion that it normally triggered. Shrine first, then see what it needs in the way of maintenance, then perhaps.... the thought tailed off.

    An advance past The Machine into The Shrine proper (in the guise of a bare rock-walled room at present) to its centre and lowering himself to one knee (with head respectfully bowed), started the transformation. Stone panels moved out of previously invisible niches, rotated, and retracted into position again; displaying various ancient artefacts; including an old-style uniform, complete with a two-row rank insignia plaque featuring twelve blue, red and yellowish squares and a pair of rank-cylinders just inset from each shoulder; mounted on their newly exposed faces. The uniform had certainly been owned, perhaps even worn by Him, before He had perished in battle, victim (it was said) of an easily detected and remedied design-error.

    As the transformation of the bare room into The Shrine came to an end, the deep hum of the actuation mechanisms was replaced by the much softer one of a Holo-projector. Then came the well-remembered voice; "Rise and look upon me, my servant, my friend; tell me, how goes the plan?"!

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  15. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Noble House box, Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    When Tim took up the topic of the assailant’s treatment, Ayn’s eyes flickered with interest. Her mouth had a distinctive twist to it when she was particularly interested in something and that twist was starting to curl. Since Dodd had brought the topic up, she appeared to consider herself liberated from the under the table admonishment. “Those are indeed inconveniences, Mr. Dodd, but should every inconvenience of the state be awarded primacy over individual rights of an accused man who has not yet been prosecuted according to due process?” Ayn asked, clearly enjoying the opportunity, “Never mind the carbonite sickness, of course.”

    The Chancellor cleared her throat and signaled for a droid. “Another drink for me. I believe the teams will be entering the pitch shortly,” she said. It was very clear that she had no desire to allow her son’s girlfriend the opportunity to debate points of civil liberties versus security in her box. Dormingale took the less-than-oblique hint and dropped the subject.

    “I hope we can put on a good show for you today, Mr. Dodd,” Ayn said. She took Tim’s arm in a gesture of conciliation and walked him to the seats in the front of the box. The rest of the Noble House knew that it was now appropriate to take their seats. “After all, we do take our limmie rather seriously. It’s what comes of being on the edge of the galaxy you know. Well that and a propensity to drink.” She smiled. “May I freshen one for you?”

    IC: Falene Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Falene ran onto the field, once again last in line. She was not riding quite so high as the last time she’d come onto the field at the Gardens. She’d won four straight then. Now she’d lost two straight. The fans were itching to get another win in before conference play started. With the way the Solo Conference was shaping up, 1-3 was going to be a very long walk to the playoffs for any team. However, if things broke the right way today, the Miners could find themselves in a nifty 2-2 logjam that a strong conference showing could rescue them from.

    Everyone in the locker room knew that this was a game that they needed to take to be in the conversation. It was just that simple. Falene most of all. She still remembered snippets of Niskat’s reply message to her. She’d read it again while she’d been getting dressed.

    Cloud City is gorgeous, especially when the sun sets. I mean, it’s just all pink and blue and orange and purple. There’s nothing like it. The Premier League is tough. There are tons of ex-Elite Leaguers down here so I understand why Cundertol doesn’t like having an LFL team. The level of competition is pretty high.

    Speaking of which, I know that Valerii’s going to give you the old, “don’t underestimate these guys” bit, but don’t worry about them. Get back to your game, like we played together. Except for that time when you were super mad at me. Actually, you played really well when you were mad at me, so go out there and play your game ugly face. I never liked you anyways.

    Also, you have to come to Cloud City. They have this barbeque place. Oh my Maker. I think I eat there three days a week. Seriously, it’s so good. You have to try it.

    Your friend,


    Falene was matching today against a human, a Sturm. She’d heard something about the Packers using some ASF people on their team and the name Sturm had been thrown about with them. With her luck she was going to be going up against a riot squad officer out there who subdued people for a living. Luckily, he wasn’t going to have his stun baton with him. It was going to be another physical test, but at least she’d be on roughly equal footing with the other human.

    “Gentlebeings, please rise and remove your caps for the signing of the national anthems.”

    Agamar was heralded with its instrumental anthem filled with its stately awe and majesty. With it being such a long trip from Agamar, there were few Packer fans in the stands, which were awash with their usual blue and gold. The Gardens had not gone to the trouble of getting a full orchestra to perform the anthem, but they had gotten a few lead horns to perform live in accompaniment with the recorded music. Falene had to admit that there was something in it that she knew could inspire beings. She had to admit she liked an anthem with words, but for one without this wasn’t that bad.

    Then came the Bakuran national anthem. Falene was well familiar with it. She remembered a time when two anthems had competed for primacy on Bakura during the Civil War. This one would always be close to her heart. She had been raised for the Federal Union and so she would always be. Bakura’s mountains had been the home of many of its early settlers who had taken up a life of mining before the planet had developed its own high tech capabilities in manufacturing and medical care to power its economy. Those miners were remembered in the nickname of the limmie team that Falene played for and the small flowers that they found in the hills before they began digging was memorialized in the planet’s national anthem.

    Edelweiss, Edelweiss
    Every morning you greet me
    Small and white clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me
    Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
    Bloom and grow forever
    Edelweiss, Edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever.

    What happened next was a tradition going back to the first inauguration of Falene’s grandfather, Prime Minister Fionn Dunross Trieste, on the reconstructed Bakura. The singer of the national anthem’s voice had faltered and failed with emotion at the inauguration on the repeat verse and it had been Falene’s grandmother, Jane Wyvern Trieste, who had begun singing in her place from steps away on the steps of the Bakuran Senate building. That had sparked all of those elected officials on the steps to join in and then the crowd of people who had arrived at the inauguration. Ever since then, at most sporting events on Bakura the singer would usually lift his microphone towards the crowd after the first verse and motion for them to join in. So Falene, her Bakuran teammates, and the myriad of her countrymen in the crowd joined in too.

    Small and white clean and bright
    You look happy to meet me
    Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
    Bloom and grow forever
    Edelweiss, Edelweiss
    Bless my homeland forever

    The stadium cheered for the anthem and Valerii gathered her team together one last time before the kick off. “They’re in the same straits as us and they’re going to come hard. These rooks don’t know better than to be afraid of the Bakura Miners because they’ve never played us,” Valerii said, “So they’re coming hard. We keep it up in the first ten minutes and we’re going to do fine. So let’s get out there and whomp them, all right?”

    Falene trotted to her starting position across from Sturm and readied for the start of the game. “Let’s do this,” she told her opposite number.

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  16. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Shuttle Ride to Hapes

    Kaitlyn made her way down the darkened, dimly lit aisle of the Smugglers team shuttle. On either side of her were her players. Players she’d signed for the team, players she’d helped draft, players she believed would lead the Smugglers to that hallowed ground of ten championships. She wanted to be the first team to achieve that feat. She wanted the glory. But after her experience at the Valor Foundation the other day she knew that she wanted the team to win it all for all those people who couldn’t make it to Six Boroughs to watch their team play hard and had to struggle day in and day out for a little more time to live, a little more time to find some meaning in their lives.

    She’d done a lot of reflecting on family lately. Reflected on how much she missed her own family. Reflected on how important family could be no matter the hurtful things that were said in the heat of the moment. After all, friends came and went, but family, family was with you through it all, for better or worse, through thick and thin, and if you couldn’t have them around you to see you through the storms of life, to cheer you on when you succeeded, to help you when you stumbled, then life just couldn’t be the same, wouldn’t be the same, and more often than not felt incredibly lonely.

    Her heart gave a reflexive twinge as she passed Meredith Chambers-Vayne, asleep with her twins cradled in her arms. Kaitlyn smiled as she watched the new mother with her babies. Meredith had taken the kids from Polis this week to give her husband a bit of a break while the Senators played the Lightning. She had been thrilled to show the kids her home world of Hapes although Kaitlyn knew they wouldn’t remember a bit about it but at least they’d have some nice moments on film for posterity’s sake.

    She passed Ken Zetter and Ike Tullo exchanging defensive strategies with their hands. She laughed at the pair as she slipped by as they’d formed a quick friendship in the early weeks of the season. There was Vick McTodd sleeping with a game ball in his furry hands. The Amaran had quickly become one of the primary assassins on offense for the high flying Smugglers attack and supposedly the ball had made him a better player. Vehn didn’t know if that was just player superstition but she liked the idea. One by one she passed the squad engaged in the low key, down-time activities you’d expect of people on a long trip.

    Collapsing into her seat near the back of the shuttle, Nar Shaddaa hadn’t upgraded to the flying monstrosity that was the Bakura Miners transportation extraordinaire with all the luxuries therein, Kaitlyn thumbed through her messages on her datapad. Being the owner of a sporting franchise was more than a full time job. It was a life commitment. Flipping through more complaints about her plans for Six Boroughs, Vehn discovered a message that had been lost in the day to day events of her life.

    It was a message from her husband. The subject was titled, “Jack’s Fourth Birthday.”

    The holographic message fired up and Kaitlyn brought a shaking hand to her mouth as she tried to hold back her pain. There was her boy Jack, head full of blonde hair, laughing and playing with his friends at a city park on Druckenwell. She shook as tears came down her cheeks as everyone started to sing happy birthday. She watched as Jack absolutely glowed with all the attention of family and friends. The video jumped and Jack had cake all over his face and looked every bit the part of a birthday boy.

    There was Verity giving Jack a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. There was her husband Liam romping around with Jack both of them had big smiles on their faces. Kaitlyn wiped away her tears as she experienced her son’s fourth birthday through the lens of a holoimage. She felt so distant from them. Felt as if her life on Druckenwell had been thousands of years ago. The days of coming home to her family were long in the past and no matter what she thought of, no matter how hard she tried, she could not find a way to go back to those happy times and that happy place. She longed to hold her boy again and longed to spend time with her husband. She longed for so many things, so very many special things.

    “Something wrong, Mrs. Vehn?” Tover Micjaa asked as he was about to make his way into the rear lavatory.

    Kaitlyn killed the image with an aggressive punch of her finger. She cleared away the last vestiges of tears and looked up at Tover with a weakened smile. “Just family stuff.”

    “I didn’t know you had a family,” Tover replied.

    “Really? I thought everyone knew that,” Kaitlyn said.

    “Not everyone knows who you are,” Tover said.

    “That’s probably a good thing.”

    Tover grunted and asked, “Mind if I sit down?”

    Kaitlyn shrugged her shoulders.

    “Tell me about your family,” Tover said.

    “Son that just turned four, husband that I’ve been married to for five years.”

    “And they live on Druckenwell?”

    Kaitlyn nodded.

    “When was the last time you’ve seen them?”

    “Nine months, 24 days,” Kaitlyn said. She’d been keeping a count.

    Tover whistled and ran a hand through his hair. “Long time. That must be pretty hard for you.”

    “Yeah, can be. You don’t realize how good you’ve got it until you’ve been knocked down a few pegs,” Kaitlyn replied.

    “Times like those make us stronger,” Tover said. “Help us grow, become better people.”

    “Think so?”

    “Know so.”

    “I’m so worried that if I ever see my son again he won’t even know who I am. I keep having these dreams that I get to go home to Druckenwell and my boy,” Kaitlyn’s lip quivered, “he’ll ask, ‘Whose that?”

    “Kaitlyn, your son will love you no matter where you are or what you are doing. You’re doing the best you can. You’re steering this team in the right direction, I hope you know that. I’m one hundred percent behind you and I don’t care what the critics say I think you know how to build a successful franchise. Sometimes stepping on a few toes is a good thing,” Tover said.

    “Get some sleep, Mrs. Vehn. Those pretty ladies on Hapes won’t make it easy for us,” Tover said as he stood and rested a gentle hand on Kaitlyn’s shoulder.

    “Thanks, Tover,” Kaitlyn said.


    Tover left and Kaitlyn played more of the message. The camera was turned to her husband who blew a kiss and said, “Kaitlyn, I know you can’t be here but Jack and I love you all the same. We miss you and we’re working hard to try and help you get back
    home. I think about you all the time, baby. Just stay strong and keep the Smugglers winning. I hear you’re doing a good job with everything out there. Know that I love you and that I’m forever yours.”

    The message fizzled out. She put the datapad away and looked out the shuttle as it traveled through the vortex of hyperspace.

    Love you, Jack.

    Love you, Liam.

    Wish me luck.

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  17. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Noble House Box, Bakura Gardens Stadium, Salis D’aar

    Tim listened to Ayn Dormingale begin to present her counter arguments to his explanation before being quieted again by the Supreme Chancellor's reference to how close the match was to starting. "A true liberal"; he thought; "I'd love to debate with her, or better still, invite her to Agamar to demonstrate that we are actually a full democracy, with any citizen able to propose measures to be voted on by the populace at large; and the reason we have those, admittedly somewhat draconian, laws is because the people won't accept anything less! An interesting conflict between the rights of the individual and the will, not of the State but of the public." Even in this day and age, the 'new-fangled' ASF was still considered to be 'on probation' in the opinion of certain sections within the community; sections whose traditional answer to alleged wrongdoing was a rope and a convenient tree!

    As Ayn very kindly escorted him to his seat in the front of the Box, he hoped that she would never lose her idealism, particularly not via the agency of a Blaster held to her head or a vibro-blade held to her throat or face! He politely declined her offer of more to drink, realising that passing out cold would be a major faux-pas in such company, particularly in such friendly and welcoming company!

    As 'Star of Agamar' was played, he noticed that the Bakurans had gone to the trouble of adding some live musicians to bolster the purely recorded music. A very nice and respectful touch, he thought; normally, even at Home games, only recordings were ever played.

    The Bakuran Anthem turned out to have lyrics set to it; a very beautiful and memory-catching song about (what he presumed was) some variety of flower; sung by a live performer. In addition, the spectators were invited to add their own voices to that of the vocalist for the final refrain, if not to replace the trained vocalist entirely.

    He noticed the mistake when the Starters were introduced via the main screen; evidently Georg Sturm's 'injured' status, and his consequent replacement as a Starter by Miles Abrams, had evaded the Bakurans' otherwise excellent attention to detail. Turning to Ayn, but keeping his voice at low volume, he said; "Oops! If the Miners Coach has assembled her player-profiles from that listing, then your possible future sister-in-law may be in for a surprise! Georg Sturm isn't playing today, he's out with a calf-strain - our Starting Center-Half-Forward is a man named Miles Abrams; a Physical Training Instructor and a man who runs ten klicks against the chrono every morning before early-meal, just for fun! Question is, can that information be got down to your Coach?"

    Looking down there, he saw that it was probably already too late, the players were in process of squaring off against each other according to position, although Miles was currently down on one knee, probably carrying out a final adjustment to one of his cleats. He saw Falene Trieste go up to him and say something, causing Miles to smile and reply - knowing Miles was a man who thoroughly respected females of all species, it would certainly be friendly and polite.... then he stood upright - to his full 2.01 metre (6ft 7in) height! Tim wondered what Miss Falene thought about that!

    What she wouldn't know from looking at him was that, in addition to being big, he was also fast - something, along with his stamina, that he'd ascribed to Circuit Training - which was why the team had now added that exercise to its training regimen. They were up to two Circuits now and, while still detested, the team recognised that they were having a beneficial effect.

    Miles (so he'd told Tim) saw a Physical Training Instructor's role as that of ruthlessly stripping away Cadets' false pride in whatever degree of fitness they'd managed to achieve prior to them coming under his care (which they invariably thought was their highest potential); before he showed them how to condition their bodies to become stronger, faster and possessed of more stamina than they'd ever dreamed possible, even in their wildest dreams. On completing the program; the Cadets truly had something to feel proud about. That had been a fascinating insight into a PTIs mindset.
  18. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    As expected, later than usual, but at least we didn't have to resort to Monday Night Mesh'geroya. ;)

    Bonus rolls to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Mando'ade, Nar Shadda, Rydonni Prime, Ralltiir, and Ylesia.

    Week 4 Results

    Ylesia Lightning at Coruscant Senators (16-20)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers (16-33)
    Corellia Rebels at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (11-7)
    Agamar Packers at Bakura Miners (36-0)
    Euceron Storm at Chandrila Patriots (9-32)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Ralltiir Starkillers (0-34)

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  19. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Concordia (28), Thyferra (32), Byblos (30), Kashyyyk (28), Tatooine (28). Banked for next week: Druckenwell (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 3
    Concordia Crusaders at Thyferra Force (18–11)
    Byblos Red Wings at Kashyyyk Rangers (30–20)
    Commenor Gundarks at Tatooine Sandskimmers (25–8)

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  20. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Noble House Box, Bakura Gardens Stadium, Salis D’aar

    Tim felt the anticipation build round him in the Noble House Box as the match got under way; then progressively became first concerned, then horrified and (finally) so embarrassed that he wished he could vanish without a trace!

    The reason was that the Miners seemed thoroughly unsettled, so much so that his Packers were scoring freely (seemingly at will) and not conceding anything in return!

    Perhaps it was the fact that, this week (as a refinement to last match's gameplay) two 'Packer-free-zones' had formed on the pitch. One occupied the area from Midfield to nearly the Packers' Full-Back line (the Half-Backs stationing themselves just in front of where the Full-Backs would normally play, while the Full-Backs had stationed themselves to present an intimidating wall of fur and scales in a triangular formation in front, and to the sides, of the Goal). The other zone lay from (a loosely defined) Forward edge of Midfield to the Miners' Goal; with Miles, as per gameplan, reinforcing the Forwards (also in a rough triangle in front of the Miners' Goal) and acting as their 'Sweeper' while his fellow Half-Forwards (again as planned) had retired to the Midfield area to support the Noghri.

    Perhaps it was also due to the fact that the Packers, far from staying more-or-less in one spot, were switching off positions and weaving all around their areas when otherwise unoccupied with the ball; which, of course, pulled their markers with them, seemed to bewilder the markers and started tiring them out - as it was supposed to do.

    Or perhaps the Packers' use of 'one-touch-Limmie' was partly responsible (not that the ball was on the ground all that much), but the system applied to the in-the-air game as well. One-touch-Limmie involved keeping the ball on the move from player to player at a rapid rate - kicking or heading the ball just once - in an attempt to encourage the opposition to chase after the ball, rather than marking their opposite numbers. Quite often, Packers were left entirely unmarked in the heat of play, then to receive a long pass and dispose of the ball in an appropriate manner.

    Or perhaps it was a legacy of the aftermath of the Miners' last game, having been confronted by a large mob of orderly but rather angry and resentful non-Human demonstrators outside the Stadium on Ylesia; coupled with the fact that the Packers lineup included several obvious non-Humans, some of then large and some of them descended from fierce predators, at least two Packers fitting both of those descriptions!

    To start with, Miners players had occupied the otherwise empty zones, until it became apparent that they were ball-free-zones as well - at least for beings that were both flightless and under ten metres tall! By that time 'The Bombardment' had started the scoreboard ticking with Over-Bar Points! The only bright spot for the Miners' fans in this first passage of play (which terminated in the scoring of a Full Goal via Jiva's head) was that Miles' marker (Falene Trieste) managed to nimbly rob him of the ball and get it back up-pitch to her Midfielders; where, unfortunately for the Miners, it was just as elegantly stolen back by one of the Noghri, passed to the other, and sent arcing back between the uprights for a Point.

    Miles' marker, Falene, pulled off another miraculous tackle a few minutes later (Miles told Tim later that he hadn't simply let her have the ball either time, it was good and cunning play on her part) and on this occasion the ball got almost to the Packers' Goal. The Miners' Full-Forward fired a shot in just under the crossbar (blocked, but not held onto. by Hohass Vesh) and the rebound fell for the Right-Corner-Forward who tried a ground-level shot. That one was intercepted by Baraduc Fivvic's tail (deployed much like the 'flipper' in a pin-table game) which cleared it to Alice Hrakness, and so back to Midfield; where a Noghri gleefully pounced on it and dispatched it for another Point. Two Points and two Goals later, the Miners' Coach called a Time-Out with the score at 18-0 to the Packers.

    The Time-Out was to make multiple substitutions - as far as Tim could see, only Falene Trieste was left on the pitch from the Miners' Starting lineup. Not that the changes made much difference, the reserves hadn't properly settled into their game before the Miners conceded another Over-the-Bar and three full Goals, leaving the score 28-0 at the Half-Time interval. Up in the Noble House Box, Tim could only sit staring at the floor; not wanting to break (what seemed to be) a stunned silence, for fear it was the fragile calm before a Force Storm of Palpatinian magnitude!

    With such a cushion, Asyr seized the chance to give all her reserves some match-time. Miles volunteered to be taken off; not wanting, so he said, to embarrass Miss Trieste any further in her second Home game in a row. His Centre-Half-Forward slot being assigned to 'Scooter' Laine.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly the second half was an anticlimax, with only eight Over-Bar Points resulting, although Falene Trieste and 'Scooter' Laine had several (good natured) tussles over 'ownership' of the ball; 'Scooter' later opining that it was only the Circuit Training conditioning and the fact that Miss Trieste had been kept on-the-go since the start of play that allowed her to win all but one of them.

    The Full Time whistle must have seemed like the sweetest of all sounds to the Miners, their fans and the occupants of the Noble House Box. It certainly sounded like that to Tim, a 36-0 whitewash (unfamiliar with the exact Limmie terminology, he used the TenGate expression) of the Miners not being what he had expected, or even wanted. Then he saw Georg (in a suit, not Packers' uniform) making his way towards the Miners' bench as quickly as his calf-strain would permit. Bypassing the Miners' Coach, he zeroed-in on the Miner's Captain and spoke to her briefly, lifting his (Tim's) Cane in a signal to Asyr when the Captain nodded agreement.

    Immediately both the Noghri returned to the pitch, and stood a little ways apart from each other. They were followed by ten Human Packers (almost all of them ex-ASF, but not including Miles) who split into two groups of five. One (perhaps both) Noghri emitted a loud, warbling, attention-grabbing noise (it was one of the traditional Noghri hunting-calls) and each group of Humans charged their respective opponents, who were shorter and less bulky than any of the Humans 'attacking' them. As they came up to the Noghri; and to the utter amazement of everyone watching - including the Miners' team and some of those in the Noble House Box - each of the 'attackers' was expertly dodged then sent flying onto the turf by a blur of Noghri arms and legs. None of the Packers was hurt, all had long learned how to take a Noghri throw without injury or risk of same; but it did look highly spectacular! It also showed the watching Bakurans exactly why the Miners' Midfield had been unable to make any impact on the game.

    Those on the ground having got to their feet, the 'attackers' and the Noghri exchanged bows with one another, then aligned themselves toward the Noble House Box for a deep and respectful bow, then bowed, in turn, to every section of the Stadium; after which the Humans and one of the Noghri left the pitch, to be replaced by Miles and the Packers' Wookiee Centre-Half-Back, Allanabuck. Not a sound could be heard from the watchers as the pair bore down on the lone Noghri (who Tim had just identified as Kahr'maim). Again there was a blur of Noghri arms and legs and Miles was sent flying, while Allanabuck was dropped to the ground in what looked to be an excruciatingly painful arm-lock (it could be, but Kahr'maim hadn't applied anywhere near maximum pressure - only enough to ensure that Allanabuck remained face-down until he released the hold). Again the 'combatants' exchanged bows and bowed around the Stadium, before all three returned to the Packers' bench, joined the line that had formed there and walked (Captain and Vice-Captain leading and Asyr bringing up the rear) over to a similar line of Miners; where every Packer asked to shake every Miner's hand in turn - often accompanied by a sympathetic touch on a Miners' arm or shoulder.

    The lines having indexed along each other, the Packers applauded the Miners from the pitch - with Barabel tail-thumps a counterpoint to the clapping. After that, the Packers filed down their tunnel to the Visitors' Locker Room and out of sight.

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  21. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Here are your Week Five Power Rankings:

    1. Ralltiir Starkillers – This season is reminding me of the Starkillers when they were last in the League, circa around 264, when they took the League by storm the first few weeks (Euceron pun not intended). To beat the Mercs is a feat in itself; to shut them out is another feat; but to blow them out by 34 and shut them out in the process? And go 4-0 in non-conference play? Perhaps it was a bad thing for Ralltiir to join the Solo, because they seem to be doing so well against the Skywalker this season. But this team seems to be for real; they have offense, they have defense, and they have good goaltending (although I think someone needs to smack Mr. Protector around to make him shut his big mouth. I’d totally pay for a ten-round cage fight where he got the crap kicked out of him for that). [​IMG] 2

    2. Chandrila Patriots – Whatever Reina Keither did this last offseason, it seems to be working. The White and Green Warriors from Chandrila rolled this past week over the previously-undefeated Euceron Storm at Stoney End, signaling that they might be on a bounce-back tour this year. However, the Solo is not to be traversed lightly, so the Patriots will need to channel this momentum into conference play if they want to make noise. [​IMG] 5

    3. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – The C-Bucs are fresh off a nice win over Nar Shaddaa at home to finish nonconference play, and currently are sitting in a tie for second in the Solo. Not a bad place to be when we all know that the Solo is a bloodbath in conference play. [​IMG] 1

    4. Euceron Storm – A blowout loss to Chandrila is not what the Storm was hoping for as they look to end their playoff drought. Their defense is leaky, and when their offense gets shut down, not even star goalie Chenkabukk can do anything about it. Euceron still looks to be the cream of the crop in the Skywalker, but one has to look critically at their defensive unit and wonder if their offense is up to the task of keeping the team in the game week in and week out, especially given their one-point shootout win two weeks ago that almost got away. [​IMG] 3

    5. Ylesia Lightning – The defending champions got edged out on Coruscant and dropped to .500, but they still have the best defense in the league (tied with Ralltiir). Now the true test begins with conference play; can these wonder kids make another playoff push, or will the pressure be too much for them? They’ve kept it close in their losses, but can they turn those close games into wins? [​IMG] 3

    6. Coruscant Senators – A solid win over Ylesia has the Senators looking for more when conference play starts. They showed that even when their prototype spread offense is shut down due to adverse weather, they still have the muscle to score when they need to, and their defense can be good at the right time. But with a hurting Bakura team hosting them next week, can Coruscant push through and start off nonconference play with a solid win, or is this just a smokescreen for a rebuilding effort? N/C

    7. Agamar Packers – Yes the Packers put up 34 points on Bakura this week, which sometimes feels like it’s not that hard given the Miners and the nightmarish defensive unit they employ, but to shut them out completely? At Bakura Gardens, no less? Perhaps this Packers team is for real after all. We will find out if they resort to being a bad rookie team, or push ahead in the style of recent expansion franchises to make the playoffs and maybe win the Cup, when conference play starts. [​IMG] 3

    8. Mando’ade Mercs – A 34-0 loss on the road never feels good, and the Mercs are definitely staring down a fork in the road. Can they find their magic again, or is this the beginning of the end for their season? At least they still have time to figure it out, because it’s not too late to get back on track. [​IMG] 3

    9. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – A scuffling loss to Hapes doesn’t bode well for Konrad Dvorak’s tenure as Defensive Coordinator. Given that he seemingly had a target on his back after his exit as Smugglers coach many years ago, and was under the gun to start the season, this performance only seems to make his firing even more likely. The Smugglers have talent and youth in the Back 6, but they can’t find their groove. This looks to be a rebuilding year for the Smugglers unless Meredith Chambers-Vayne realizes that she hasn’t filed her retirement paperwork correctly and can find a loophole to return to uniform in goal. [​IMG] 1

    10. Bakura Miners – How the mighty have fallen. The Miners weren’t thinking that a 1-3 nonconference record was possible coming into the season, and a 34-point loss at home to ELL newbie Agamar isn’t helping matters any. There is still plenty of time for the Miners to bounce back, starting next week at home against Coruscant, but doubt is starting to creep in. [​IMG] 1

    11. Corellia Rebels – Winning a “fresher bowl” game is nothing to write home about, but at least the Rebels have a win. Nothing else to say about them, as they are still struggling. [​IMG] 1

    12. Rydonni Prime Monarchs – The only way for Rydonni Prime to make the playoffs is to push a conference sweep. Given the strength of the Solo, this is about as likely as surviving an asteroid field. [​IMG] 1

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  22. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cord McKerty
    Bursya Field at Andromeda Steel Corp. Stadium

    Cord knew that this game was going to be wet, but perhaps not this bad. Even on the sidelines, in well-manicured grass, he thought he could still feel a small puddle forming around his cleats. It was a miserable weather situation, and from the sound of it, the rain clouds weren’t going away anytime soon. It probably hadn’t rained this hard on Coruscant for a couple of years . . . yet when it did rain, it was typically on game day here at Andromeda. And, going by the result of the last major rain game, which had been a huge Senators blowout loss, hopefully this wouldn’t go down the same way.

    The Ylesia Lightning started off with a goal and bar point to jump out to an early 4-0 lead, but a Max Qorbus goal cut the deficit to 1 with a nice shot that got around Urdaaza in goal. Back and forth the teams went, trying not to slip on the wet grass as they ran. Cord, about twenty minutes in, finally got the call to get out onto the field. He ditched his poncho on the bench and ran out, his hair immediately matted against his face as he ran. Play had been stopped for a dead ball, and as soon as he made his way out there, play resumed. The ball came in to Kev Flysto, his fellow reserve corner forward, and Cord tried to make a cut. It was difficult to get traction, however, and he slipped. Luckily he didn’t fall down, but that forced him to get his bearings back, and that cost him a precious second in which he could have otherwise been running with the offense. Luckily, Kev hadn’t passed the ball, instead making defenders miss as he weaved his way through the zone. The Nautolan seemed to thrive in this waterlogged field, and was willing to make people miss when the advantage was on his side.

    Finally Cord broke free from his defender and was passed the ball. He then stared down a Lightning defender before throwing it over to Max, who had come in to make a play if necessary. The 272 Numifolis Award winner then cruised through the defense, bowling over a defender in the process as they came up short on the play. Urdaaza seemed ready, but the forward pump faked to get the goalie off-balance before sending a rocket into the back of the net.

    On the next possession, Cord made a screen while slipping, which hadn’t been intentional but worked regardless. The play was made, and the ball ended up in the hands of Helena Forsythe. She was struggling this season, and did no better when a tackle caught her off-guard and made her fumble the ball. Cord tried to stay in pursuit, but slipped once again and ate wet grass. How much longer was it until halftime?

    At the half, the score was knotted up at 12 apiece. It was looking like yet another close game; the Senator fans knew that they could win this, but also knew that the team could fall apart and lose in the last minutes like they had last week against Euceron. They needed a win badly here to stay viable in the Solo Conference. Cord entered the locker room with the team and immediately looked for some all-weather cleats. He checked his locker, but didn’t find any. He eventually had to ask the equipment manager for a new pair, and finally received them. The cleats were not a great fit, but at one touch Cord understood that this footwear would serve him better than his usual cleats would under this monsoon-like storm.

    When the second half started, Cord wriggled back into his poncho on the sidelines. It wasn’t long, however, before he was back out on the field. The cleats weren’t very comfortable, and it was odd to run in them, but at least he had traction. To test them out, he made a sweet-looking cut that forced Prya Tiin to lose track of him for a moment and went off to his own section of the offensive zone. The Senator attack today had been for the most part grounded due to the weather, so instead they were trying to punch it in with bull rushes and ball control tactics. If one charge was rebuffed, the next player over would try to see if they could break the zone. Cord then ran towards the middle of the zone, and was passed the ball. He got caught in a trap here, as he had come too close to Bel Erein and her defender to have much room. The Mon Calamari stepped back, and Cord pitched the ball quickly to her in order to escape the trap. The possession ended with a Demetra Silkins bar point, where the “rover” midfielder found a soft spot in the Lightning defense and let fly a long arcing kick that sailed through the uprights. Urdaaza had been helpless to do anything about it, and the Senators were back on top.

    As the minutes ticked down, Cord found himself constantly looking at the game clock. Ten minutes. Eight minutes. Five minutes. A Max Qorbus goal, his fourth of the game, pushed the lead to 19-16 with only a few minutes left in this contest. Cord was switched out, but only for a moment as the Senator defense forced a turnover. Jerek Deter came in and hammered the ball away with a textbook punch-out move, and Tank Bratter got the ball. Up the ball went into the offensive zone, where Cord then ran out to replace the extra defender in Brancko Nagriski. This started a game of keep-away, where the Senators started to put a little bit of air under the ball to keep it going. A near-miss by Cord almost cost the Senators a possession, but he caught it and dodged a defender as he tried to circle around.

    One minute left.

    Cord finally ran into a roadblock and passed off to Qorbus. The Nautolan tried to run the ball, but was stopped in his tracks and had to retreat. Finally, he found an opening, and sent a long toss towards the Lightning goal. The ball bounced off the crossbar, but had enough momentum to sail over and score a point.

    That would be enough to give the Senators the victory, sending them to 2-2 on the year entering conference play. Cord knew that he could have done better, but at least he hadn’t sucked terribly. Next up was Bakura, which was always a tough game. Cord finally was able to get a dry towel as the team entered the locker room and wiped off his face and hair with it. Never before had a dry towel felt so wonderful in his playing career.


    IC: Gark S’rily

    Gark watched as the game ended in favor of the Senators, 20-16. He did a fist pump as the final horn sounded, as he knew that this win would mean a lot to the Senator team and fans. But, as usual for the former coach, he knew that they wouldn’t have much time to celebrate. Now it was off to Bakura for the Senatorial Showdown against the Miners. Last season had been a split between the two, the Miners winning the regular season tilt and the Senators walking away with the playoff win. Either way, things were going to get hectic this week.

    “Bakura next, hm?” Londy Whiste asked as he and the rest of the team brass got ready to leave the box.

    “Yep,” Gark replied. “Never an easy game to be had out there.”

    “I take it that we’re leaving right away?” Londy asked. Gark liked that the man was willing to go along to all team games, even though he really didn’t do much of the day-to-day team stuff. Being an owner was a different animal than a coach or GM, and Gark knew this because he had at one point been all three simultaneously. That had been difficult.

    “Nope,” Gark said. “We’re leaving tomorrow, though. Gotta take our time here in town since we’re here, and we won’t have another home game for three weeks.”

    “Got it,” Londy said. He looked slightly deflated by this, but it probably wasn’t of any concern.

    Now Gark turned to his family. Me’lin had put on her rain jacket, and was now in the midst of trying to cover Galin’s head with a small beanie hat. The young Bothan found this rather amusing, and was trying to reach for the hat with his own small paws to pull it down.

    “You think we have him covered up enough?” Gark asked, almost in a comedic fashion.

    “You never know,” his wife replied. Finally the hat was over Galin’s head, and now he was ready to be out in the elements.

    “So, are you coming out to Bakura next week?” Gark asked. He knew that Me’lin had some things to do at Team HQ, but wasn’t sure if that would keep her from accompanying him and the team on their road trip.

    “It’s two weeks out, correct?”

    “I think so. Bakura, and then Ralltiir, before we’re back here again,” Gark said, trying to get things straightened out in his mind. “Yeah, two weeks.”

    “I think I can swing it,” Me’lin replied. “Shouldn’t be too difficult to take my work along with me. Besides, I think Galin’s having fun going to all these new places, even though I don’t think he’ll remember any of it.”

    After a team dinner at Dex’s Diner, and finding out that the Miners had been stonewalled by Agamar and were probably out for blood the next week, the S’rilys returned home and immediately went to sleep, the sound of pouring rain hitting the windows and providing an interesting soundtrack to fall asleep to. It was always wise to start a road trip off with a good night’s sleep, because once you got on the shuttle, you might not catch up on it fully.

    TAG: Rebecca_Daniels (for the game), Trieste (for next week's game)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    Non-IC, Game-related Post
    --Trading Block--

    In a rare use of the Trading Block, I am publicizing that with the upcoming trade deadline (which is before the start of games Sunday), Quinn Cundertol is shopping three-time Galactic Cup champion (261, 267, and 270-- Vehn I'm pretty sure that she was on the 261 championship team but correct me if I'm wrong) and Right Corner Forward Corrie Andersen. Her contract expires at the end of this season and probably will not play beyond the end of this season (it's already been a rather long career for her). Admittedly, she has a questionable shoulder after the 273 season--but it was a questionable shoulder that she battled through in 273 to put up some ridiculously good numbers. She has split time with Will Detra at Right Corner Forward this season. Cundertol is not sold on moving her, but he's strongly considering it. Her remaining salary for the year is indeterminate, but she signed a very healthy contract after the 271 Galactic Cup for the Miners that probably paid her well. I'd estimate that she probably is making in the neighborhood of 5 million a year (thanks to the expansion to the 9 game season) and has 2.85 million of guaranteed credits or so left on it--plus potential postseason bonuses. After all, at 1-3 at the trade deadline, the Miners would be in seller's territory, rather than buyer's.

    Just a note to teams looking for help up front (oh wait...that's the Miners after this last game...) Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny Rebecca_Daniels (oh who am I kidding? She's not picking up a Hapan :D) Runjedirun Tim Battershell Vehn
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Lucie Vigo

    At first Lucie thought that Galaxy Defender was off to a lucky start, but soon she realized he was on a role. Galaxy Defender was not the only Starkiller playing well though. The offense was scoring on nearly every drive. Marmu and Jul showed no signs of easing up and Coach Clara kept all starters in for the entire game. By halftime Lucie and the rest of the dance squad were getting tired of victory cheers. The challenge of the second half was trying to keep the crowd interested in a game they knew the home team already had in the bag.

    At the end of the game the scoreboard told the story better than any spectator could. Starkillers 34, Mercs 0. Reporters swarmed around Galaxy Defender. “No need to congratulate me.” He stated before the first reporter could even manage to get a comment in. He continued to make his way towards the nearest exit.

    “After a game like that what will the Starkillers be doing to prepare for the upcoming divisional game against the Monarchs?” The quickest reporter was able to ask.

    “Yes, the upcoming scrimmage against Rydonni Prime.” Galaxy Defender paused for a moment, seemingly to answer the question. “There is something I want to say about that. I want to thank the commissioner for giving us a midseason break.” And with that Galaxy Defender made his way off the field.

    Lucie arranged to meet with her father and Richard for dinner after the Starkillers game. Lucie thought it was going to be a pleasant dinner. Especially after the Starkillers major victory earlier that day, but her upbeat mood came to a quick end when her father made a request early on during dinner. He wanted Lucie to reach out to her mother.

    “What? Me?” Lucie had exclaimed. It took all the restraint she had not to storm out of the restaurant and hear her father out.

    “I know Justyne is legally an adult, but she has always been close to your mother and she needs her right now more than ever. Unfortunately they are both too stubborn to open the first line of communication.”

    “Dad” Lucie cut her father off before he could go any further. “I’ll think about it. Don’t pressure me on this.” She replied in a warning tone. It was the nicest possible way she could address her father on this subject and if he continued to press her on it she didn’t know what she may do.

    Luckily her father was understanding or at least smart enough to drop the conversation for the time being. After a short silence Lucie asked how Justyne was doing.

    “She’s a little better actually” Richard broke in. “She’s not as quiet around the house anymore. I think she’s a bit relieved the cat is out of the bag. And she’s gone back to school. You know she’s taking several post grad classes at the academy this term.”

    The news was comforting to Lucie. The rest of dinner went smoothly and she was able to get home just in time to take a call from Ty. “How’s the prettiest dancer on Ralltiir this evening?”

    “I’m well” she said blushing despite herself. “Surprised you aren’t out celebrating today’s big win.”

    “To be honest I’m not much the partying type, besides coach Clara has us all scheduled to be analyzing game footage early tomorrow morning and she doesn’t take kindly to anyone nodding off.”

    “You don’t even get a day off after a win?” Lucie asked.

    “We haven’t had one since the start of the season, and it seems to be working so I’m not about to complain. Of course the player you can tell has been working the hardest is Abe Cynour. Did you see him defending our goal today?”

    “You mean Galaxy Defender?” Lucie said in disbelief. “I was trying not to notice.”

    Ty laughed. “I can’t call him that. He may allude to the media that he doesn’t have to work hard or need the help of his teammates, but you know if he didn’t spend hours a day letting Loren Jul and Marmu Ishana take shots at him he wouldn’t have blocked half those shots today.”

    “How do you and the rest of the team put up with him?” Lucie asked curiously.

    “We like to win as much as he does. We also know that no one’s taking him seriously. He’s a great distraction from the way the rest of us are playing to be honest. I know the other teams are trying to block him out but it’s probably distracting them at least a little.” Ty paused. “But I didn’t call just to talk about Limmie, is everything okay with you? Any more troubles with your family?”

    Lucie was caught off guard, she hadn’t even told Ty any of the specifics of what was going on back home and she wasn’t sure she was ready for that. “No new developments.” She answered.

    “I truly hope everything works out. I know what it’s like to be the successful one in the family. Everyone expects you to solve all their problems. I nearly cut ties with my family several times since I started playing professional Limmie”.

    “Successful? Me?” Lucie laughed. “If anyone in my family is going to be successful it’s my brother Richard.”

    “You’re the captain of the only dance squad in the entire ELL. If that’s not success I don’t know what is.”

    “I never thought of it that way.” Lucie conceded. “To be honest I didn’t leave home under the best of circumstances and I hadn’t spoken to anyone in my family for years until just recently.” It was a huge risk to confide in Ty this way. Lucie didn’t know Ty very well and anything she said could potentially turn him away, but suddenly she decided it would be better, easier perhaps if he turned her away sooner rather than later.

    “So your parents weren’t exactly behind you when you first accepted your placement as a Starkillers dancer.” Ty stated. “I think I can understand that. I have a little sister at home, not sure how I would react to her joining the dance team either.”

    “My parents, especially my mother, didn’t want me to pursue dance at all.” Lucie said a little more defensively than she meant to. “I left home without a job at all. I thought I could land a part in a show on Vast Street. My gig with the Starkillers was never meant to be permanent.” Lucie sighed. “It doesn’t even pay enough to cover my rent. I wait tables on the side.”

    “That’s a shame” Ty said. “About the pay, I mean. You deserve more.”

    “It’s alright,” Lucie conceded. “At the end of the day I am doing what I love. I have the opportunity to dance, earn money for my talent and share it with others. Something very few people have the opportunity to do.”

    Ty was quiet for a moment. “I’m glad to hear you and your family are patching things up. Though I realize it must be difficult for you. If you ever need someone to talk, to I want you to know I’m here.”

    Lucie was really touched by Ty’s concern. It had been a really long time since Lucie remembered anyone caring for her.

    After the call ended Lucie made her way to bed as to prepare for another busy week. She got up early for a jog through the park before a breakfast shift at the restaurant. The cool morning air and dark starry skies always made for a pleasant morning. But nothing could prepare her for what she found when she got back to her apartment. She had just enough time for a shower before work and there in front of her door on a pile of luggage sat Justyne.

    “You are a mess” her sister commented with a laugh, upon seeing her approach the door body dripping with sweat from the run. “I thought you were sleeping”. She explained.

    “Justyne?” Lucie said trying to comprehend what was going on. “What are you doing here?” All Lucie could think about was getting to work on time. She didn’t have time to put the obvious puzzle pieces together.

    Justyne shrugged. “I need a place to stay.” She said casually.

    “What?” Lucie looked at her sister again and as if for the first time saw the pile of luggage she had with her. “Here?” She asked dumbfounded.

    Justyne laughed again. “Perhaps early mornings aren’t really your thing” she commented.

    With work still on her mind Lucie opened the door to her apartment and let Justyne in. “This isn’t going to work, nor is it a good idea. But I don’t have time to deal with this now. I have to be at work. You can stay, at least until I get back.”

    “It’s nice to see you too” Justyne said with a roll of her eyes. She placed her luggage up against a wall and took a seat on the sofa as Lucie rushed off to shower.

    When Lucie returned to the living area she was dressed for work and carried a duffle with a change of clothes for practice with the dance team that afternoon. “Are you going to be okay by yourself all day?” She asked. “I have a shift at the restaurant this morning and rehearsal with the dance team that might run into the evening. I wasn’t expecting visitors today.” She said apologetically.

    Justyne nodded. A glimpse of disappointment in her expression, “I can take care of myself”. She stated.

    “We’ll discuss that and a few other things when I get home tonight. Does anyone else in the family know where you are?”

    Justyne shrugged, she was no longer looking at Lucie.

    “I’ll call dad as soon as possible.” Lucie said. She didn’t give Justyne a chance to reply she re-gripped her bag and headed out the door.

    It was odd for such a busy day to drag the way this one did. Lucie wanted nothing more than to go home and find out why her sister had walked out on her family, again. It was not like her to confuse orders at the restaurant, this morning she did that twice. Lucie ended up calling dance practice at the regular hour despite feeling like there was much more the squad needed to work on. She hoped they could go over later in the week if necessary. Right now she just wanted to get home and settle things so she could concentrate on her duties as team captain again.

    Justyne was still at the apartment when Lucie returned, much to Lucie’s relief. Lucie found her asleep on the sofa. She woke her and made them dinner. “So why did you leave?” Lucie asked cutting right to the chase as they sat down to eat.

    “Why did you leave?” Justyne asked back, taking Lucie by surprise.

    “This isn’t about me.”

    “Why not?”

    Lucie dropped her fork and put her face in her hands. “How old are you?” she asked rhetorically.

    “I’m 19” Justyne said smiling.

    “You are 19, you have never had a job, you are carrying a baby and you have absolutely no plans!” Lucie said suddenly frustrated.

    “Well” Justyne started cautiously “Maybe you could help with that. You were out on your own when you were younger than me and you survived.”

    “You see this apartment?” Lucie asked her sister. “I used to share an even smaller apartment with three roommates! Do you honestly think you are ready for that? And where do you think you would keep the baby after he or she is born?”

    “So you want me to go home?”

    “I think you and most importantly the baby will be better off with mom and dad.”

    “Well, I can’t go home. Mom is upset that she re-opened a bunch of old doors to get me auditions and a possible dancing career only to find out that I screwed it all up. And I don’t blame her for being upset. But there’s nothing I can do to change that now. She’s being completely unreasonable Lucie.” Justyne’s eyes began to become wet with tears. “She of all people should understand, but she doesn’t.”

    Lucie sat back in her chair. “Look, you are welcome to sleep on the couch for a few nights.” Lucie couldn’t believe what she was about to say. “I’ll talk to mom. Or at least I’ll try.” She corrected.

    TAGS:Bardan_Jusik and CPL_Macja (for brief team mentions in the first part of the post)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    Commissioner Kayl’hen stood in the League’s press conference room. Journalists from all the major media sources had been called today by the League to appear. The fact that the Bothan herself was handling this press conference indicated it was more than run-of-the-mill for the League...or at least something that Niakara Kayl’hen didn’t want to entrust to Esther Gondorf.

    “Gentlebeings, good morning,” Kayl’hen said to the media, ‘Every year one of the most exciting parts of being Elite League Commissioner is reviewing the bids of many different planets to host the most prestigious annual sporting event in the galaxy. I speak, of course, about the Zoomball Invitational.” The media laughed and Kayl’hen smiled as well. ‘No, of course I refer to the Galactic Cup Final. This year the Final Site Selection Committee has concluded its work and made its recommendation to me for the host of the 119th Galactic Cup Final. It is a recommendation that I agree with and have wholeheartedly approved.

    “In 274, the Galactic Cup of Limmie will be awarded at the Grande Villa on Rydonni Prime. This will be Rydonni Prime’s second time hosting the Galactic Cup Final with their first turn hosting coming in 269. Rydonni Prime put on quite a show for the galaxy five years ago and I have every expectation that they will do so again,” Kayl’hen said.

    “Additionally, as you are all aware, the League is rapidly approaching the annual transaction freeze, which is coming one week later this year to coincide with the start of the conference play. Teams are reminded that all trades of players must be concluded before the start of the first game of conference play. As always, transfers of players between development affiliates or the recall of loaned players continue to be allowed after the transaction freeze.

    “And finally, there is one very big announcement I'm very excited to make. Yes, announcing the site of the Galactic Cup Final is a big deal, but this next announcement is the culmination of a lot of effort here in the League offices. This year, shortly after the conclusion of the Galactic Cup Final, the best players in the Elite League will gather at Six Boroughs Stadium on Nar Shaddaa for the first annual Elite League All-Star Game,” Kayl’hen announced. To her right, a vidscreen lit up with the logo for the event.

    “The League was very intrigued after the 270 All-Star game hosted by HSN during the Great Quiet and ever since then we’ve been working on ways to import the event to be an Elite League-specific event,” Kayl’hen continued, “After quite a bit of work, we’ve been able to make it happen. The game will be Skywalker Conference versus Solo Conference and the starting line ups and head coaches will be voted on by fans. For the purposes of this All-Star Game, we will play Limmie 7s with a full line up of reserves. Reserve players will be selected by the League with fan input being an important factor in our decision. Every team in the League will be represented by at least one player.

    “Beyond the incentive of being proud to represent their teams in the All-Star Game, every player will receive 25,000 credits for the charity of their choice. Members of the winning team, however, will receive a total of 50,000 credits for their charity to give a little added incentive in this cordial matchup.

    So, some actual details:
    • 8 on 8 limmie with full set of reserves
    • At the end of the season you will get to fill out an All-Star ballot in which you cannot vote for your own players. You will vote for a head coach, goalkeeper, three defenders (you may mix and match between the corner and half lines), one midfielder, and three forwards (mix and match as well)
    • Every team is guaranteed one all-star, even if they are an NPC team or go 0-7 with a point differential of -251 (which is mathematically possible for the Miners should they lose all of their remaining games by 40-0 scores)
    • Highest vote getters will be starters. I may use GM discretion to balance the starters between teams (this would be to prevent one team from dominating all three starting positions, for example).
    • Every team is NOT guaranteed a starter.
    • Once I get into very close tallies and positions fill up, I may take players who received less votes than another one.
    • The game will be played the Sunday after the Galactic Cup Final, allowing you all to RP this event as much as you want. Be warned: the 275 ELL Draft will also be going on at the same time so this could be a busy time of year. I may or may not roll friendly scores that day as well.
    • I am inclined towards a Wednesday, midseason all-star game in 275. However, there just wasn’t enough lead time for that to happen this season. We will revisit 275 during the offseason, pretty much as soon as we finish with the 274 All-Star game. ;)
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun Tim Battershell Vehn