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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how excited I am when the Miners aren't even competing? Bonus rolls to Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa this week. Banked bonus rolls for the future to Agamar, Bakura, Mando'ade, and Rydonni Prime (though that's probably not going to stop any of these teams from continuing to post :p). Let's get right to it.

    Galactic Cup Playoffs
    Conference Semifinals
    (3) Ylesia Lightning at (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (19-28)
    (3) Coruscant Seantors at (2) Chandrila Patriots (24-27)

    Conference Finals
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Euceron Storm
    (2) Chandrila Patriots at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers

    --Transaction Wire--
    Agamar Packers
    • Gordy Last - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Ziggy Fost - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Kerry Riven - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Frank 'Flash' Mann - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Nova Aimes - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Keira Aimes - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Tad Laite - released to ASF by arrangement
    • Hohass Vesh (Thakwaash, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Saba Raine (Barabel, Female) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Dek (Yuzzem, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Baraduc Fivvic (Barabel, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Glenn Lott (Human, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Allanabuck (Wookiee, Female) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Alice Hrakness (Human, Female) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Cachbarukh Clan Bakh'tor (Nohgri, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Kahr'maim Clan Tlakh'sar (Noghri, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Narsk Ven'nari* (Bothan, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Miles Abrams (Human, Male) - signed to three year contract (278)
    • Borsk Ven'nari (Bothan, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Georg Sturm (Human, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Jiva Taskelor (Thakwaash, Female) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • 'Stont' (Chiss, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Roon (Houk, Male) - signed to four year contract (279)
    • Fynn Hume (Human, Male) - ASF arrangement extended by at least one year
    • 'Scooter' Laine (Human, Female) - ASF arrangement extended by at least one year
    • Riv Lup (Assistant Coach, Shistavanen, Male) - appointed Head Coach of Agamar Academicals
    • Spreedo (Rodian, Male) - appointed Assistant Coach of Agamar Academicals
    • Dorf Landa (Bakuran Human, Male) - appointed Assistant Coach of Agamar Packers with a three year contract
    Bakura Miners
    • Dorf Landa (Bakuran Human, Male) retires
    All-star teams will be released later today. I would have released it now...but somebody gave me late votes that have to be tabulated. You know who you are. :p

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  2. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Gentlebeings, I am pleased to present the 274 Elite League All-Star game rosters.

    Skywalker Conference
    Head Coach: Haron Orus (Euceron Storm)
    Goalkeeper: Chenkabukk (Euceron Storm)
    Defender: Kyr Ram’ser (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Defender: Chalporrin (Euceron Storm)
    Defender: Ike Tullo (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Midfielder: Argo Mor’kesh (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Forward: Zoa Vra (Ylesia Lightning)
    Forward: Asyel Yan’ii (Euceron Storm)
    Forward: Vick Mc Todd (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Goalkeeper: Kasin Urdaaza (Ylesia Lightning)
    Defender: Haybius Korpus (Corellia Rebels)
    Defender: Shakha (Ylesia Lightning)
    Defender: Jeem Daryc (Mando’ade Mercs)
    Midfielder: Clarisse (Euceron Storm)
    Forward: Georg Sturm (Agamar Packers)
    Forward: Narsk Ven’nari (Agamar Packers)
    Forward: Sorcha Styles (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)

    Solo Conference
    Head Coach: Acc’lar’laitha (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Goalkeeper: Galaxy Protector Unanimous (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Defender: Ty Allin (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Defender: Karh’ona’mitera (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Defender: Jerek Deter (Coruscant Senators)
    Midfielder: Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners)
    Forward: Vesper Lynd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Forward: Aron Rodders (Bakura Miners)
    Forward: Maximus Qorbus (Coruscant Senators)
    Goalkeeper: Keline Socken (Chandrila Patriots)
    Defender: Gorrika (Chandrila Patriots)
    Defender: Kara Milovy (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    Defender: Cortina Shakalaka (Chandrila Patriots)
    Midfielder: Ye’ves’toung (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Forward: Corrie Andersen (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Forward: Loren Jul (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    Forward: Wai-Lin (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)

    The game will take place on October 2, 2013.

    274 Elite League Awards Ballot

    Salbukk Award (League MVP)
    • Vesper Lynd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Galaxy Defender Unanimous (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Asyel Yan'ii (Euceron Storm)
    Ingbrand Award (Rookie of the Year)
    • Alyda Hovechar (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Cord McKerty (Coruscant Senators)
    • Melodie Ocean (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Langann Award (Coach of the Year)
    • Acc'lar'laitha (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Haron Orus (Euceron Storm)
    • Tover Micjaa (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Grames Award (GM of the Year)
    • Reina Kether (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Tover Micjaa (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Aebett Zargana (Euceron Storm)
    Duchess Eldin Award (For sportsmanship and athletic excellence)
    • Corrie Andersen (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners)
    • Vesper Lynd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Zumtak Award (For perseverance and dedication to the sport of limmie)
    • Corrie Andersen in recognition of a long and decorated limmie career (Rydonni prime Monarchs)
    • Tim Dodd for encouraging the growth of limmie on Agamar (Agamar Packers)
    • Kaitlyn Vehn for advocating an improved limmie experience on Nar Shaddaa (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    Award ballots are due to me by next Sunday, September 22.And unlike the all star voting, you are allowed to vote for yourself if you desire to do so.

    A reminder: draftees are due TODAY if you are going to participate. I know one team has already declined to do so. That means there are two of you who have until the end of today to send me draftees.

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  3. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cord McKerty
    Stoney End Park, Hana City, Chandrila

    24 all

    That was the score of this Solo Conference Semifinal game between the Coruscant Senators and the Chandrila Patriots. Cord sat on the bench in the final few minutes, the starters for the Senators out there on the field to try and break the deadlock. His day had been rather quiet; no shots on goal, a secondary assist on a bar point, and two hits taken. Not a hell of a lot for the rookie, but then again, the team wasn’t all about him. He was just the third-string corner forward, not a glamour position to be in for the tabloids. But at least he had shown up and taken his shifts. No complaining, no whining, just solid composure. Veteran-like composure. It felt weird to think this way, but perhaps he had grown up a little bit after all. He was taking his due for the team, even though he wanted to start, wanted to be a star, score a goal, make a hit, do some damage. But it wasn’t his turn, so here he was on the sideline, watching the game instead of playing it.

    And there was the breaker. Avano Koobis, the Chandrilan captain, broke free from a Jerek Deter tackle attempt, which didn’t happen often against the assistant captain corner back, and then threw the ball to Loren Ipsum. This human corner forward set his feet, freezing Reid Livingstone, the rookie, and then passed into the soft interior defense of the Senators. El-Enda Shamai, the Patriot Full Forward who hadn’t done much today, had slipped in behind Doon’sun, the Coruscant full back, and was now alone with Jayla Leed. The fourth-year goalie was ready to take a shot here, but the Cerean pump-faked, catching Leed off-balance, and then sent a shot into the back of the net. 27-24 Chandrila late.

    “We’re going to send all offensive players out there,” Pam Korthe said to one of the assistants before relaying the message to the sideline. The defenders, tired out from the wild style of play today from the Patriots, came over to the sideline, and Cord, along with the other reserve forwards, ran out onto the field. Cord’s heart was beating furiously; his team needed three points to tie this one up and send it to OT. He had to do something here. No mistakes, no rookie errors . . . just veteran composure. He could do this.

    The ball came in from a frustrated Leed straight to Demetra Silkins, who had cycled back to take the pass. She stiff-armed the Chandrila defender, who was cheating up into the Senator back zone to try and make a quick play, and then ran it to midfield. A wall of Patriots was waiting, each of them grappling with their matchup. Cord was grabbed and spun around in the mosh-like atmosphere, trying to get free. When he did, he ran smack-dab into a Patriot defender, which pushed him out of the way.

    Demetra passed over the mosh to Gayla Renhorn. Gayla, who had scored the game-winning goal last week to push the Senators into the playoffs, now had a shot to try and tie this thing up with another last-second goal. The Patriots blew their defensive coverage, and Gayla was free to get out. She blew past Ugdulo Borr, and receiving a diving pick from Riff Persnor on Kelman Kint, found some freedom on the left side of the pitch. There wasn’t much time left, and Gayla knew this. Cord ran to help, but was pushed out of the way by a Patriot, and was of no help. Gayla was going to kick the ball, and everyone in the stadium knew it. She had to; there was no way she could toss this thing into the net from such a distance. Keline Socken in goal would have an easy time picking that off and sealing this one up.

    Gayla finally dropped the ball to her foot, coming upwards with it as she followed through on the ball. But then a Patriot, Cord wasn’t sure who, came in and cut Gayla’s planted foot from under her. She tumbled down onto the ground awkwardly, and the ball popped into the air as it hit her toes. The Patriots ran out to recover the ball, and when they did, they played keep-away with it. Cord tried to make a tackle, but he was easily finished by Koobis as she pushed him down.

    Then the horn sounded. The Patriots were going on to the Conference Finals . . . and Cord knew he wasn’t. He planted his face down in the grass for a few moments, knowing that he hadn’t been able to help out on the play. Then he slowly got up out of the grass and walked over to the sideline, head down. The Patriots were celebrating their win, and at least one bumped Cord purposefully as they went wild. Cord wanted to punch the offender for the obvious taunt, but what would that do? No punch thrown could send the Senators into the next round . . . all it would do would be to hurt him. But he wanted to oh so badly.

    After the postgame things have finished, the Senators trudged off the field to their locker room. Cord covered his face in his gray road jersey as he left the field, partially to clean his face off, but also because he didn’t want to see any more green and white than he had already witnessed. What a dreadful color combination it was.

    In the locker room, the players stayed silent. They had played hard, but it hadn’t been enough. And they knew it. They knew that they could have done more. One more play, one made tackle, one loose ball recovery . . . anything to make a difference. Alysha was taking it the hardest; as team captain, she had to step up. And she hadn’t. Dirxx Horstse never would have made those mistakes, and she had let Avano Koobis win another one in the captain duel. The Hapan was sulking over in her locker stall, staring down at the ground with a towel draped over her head.

    Then the coaches entered the room. None of them had very sunny dispositions on their faces, and why would they? They had just lost, especially the positional coaches who had beaten adversity and won games like this so many times in their careers. Dirxx, Moen Heatly, Polis Vayne, Shayt Contar . . . all of them so vital to the Senator identity of the last decade. And now they had to watch as the new breed had failed to follow through in their footsteps. It must have been maddening for the old stalwarts to not be able to put on a uniform and run out there. They would have made the right plays, set the correct defensive alignments, barked out the right audibles to counter Koobis . . . but they couldn’t. Their careers were over . . . and now it was time for the new Senators to do something with it. And they had failed to do so.

    “Before we go into the offseason, I have a few things to say. So listen up,” Pam said to the players. Some of them turned around, others, like Alysha, did not. “First of all, that was a bad defensive game. But I don’t need to tell you all that. We need to tighten that up for next season, and I anticipate that moves will be made. Things will likely change, so your jobs may be on the line for next season. Work hard, and you’ll gain an advantage.

    Offense, nice job out there. We just couldn’t finish, but you kept us in the game. A positive to bring out of this.

    But, what I really wanted to say is . . . we had a solid year. Not the best we could have, but not the worst either. I knew coming into this season that it was going to be a challenge. We lost our veteran core, and even though a lot of you came into this season with quite a bit of experience to your names, both here and back on Thyferra, you had those veterans to lean on. So, now when they were no longer out there to make things run, you had to take the mantle. And there were growing pains. Those losses to Chandrila, both of them, and to Rydonni Prime, those hurt the most because they were major blowouts. The close losses didn’t help either. Helena, I know it wasn’t the way you wanted to go out of the league.” Helena Forsythe, the backup full forward, nodded. It was time for her to finally hang up the spikes.

    “But you also held up to chalk up big wins. We beat Ralltiir handily at their place . . . and shut up their loudmouth goalie for a while. We beat Bakura, we beat the Lightning, which we couldn’t do last year when it counted most, and we beat Nar Shaddaa. They are still alive in these playoffs. We almost beat Euceron . . . one point separated us from tying that one up. We played our best ball against the best teams in this league. Sure it wasn’t enough to get us through today. But it was enough to get us into the postseason.

    And that’s really what matters. We had a lot of moving pieces coming in this year, changes along the lines, and some rookies to break in. It was going to be a challenge. But you stepped it up when it counted most. You gutted out wins that could have easily been defeats. You got to the postseason, extending the streak another year. Sure we lost, but it’s a step in the right direction. Next year, we’re going to take that next step. We can win this game next year. We can go as far as all of you in this room are willing to go next season. This is a good team, and we got defeated by a better team. But that doesn’t mean that we were terrible out there. We stayed in it until the last second. We ran up and down the field with those Patriots, kept in stride, replied with points of our own when they scored, made the right plays when they did. And it wasn’t enough in the end . . . but we at least went down with a fight. We exposed the Patriots today, and surely when they look back on this game next week they will know that it almost slipped from their grasp. They were scared of us coming in, and although we didn’t win, we made them sweat. We made Reina Keither and her team work to beat us. We lasted all ten rounds of the prizefight, and we fought hard. And that’s what we can take from this game. I’m not one for moral victories, because this is a loss any way you slice it . . . but we did what we could to win. And that’s all I could have asked for. We just got a bad break. So let’s take this momentum into next season and crush the Patriots on our own terms. They’ll be so puffed up about winning today that they’ll be naïve, they’ll be egotistical. And we’ll catch them off-guard and win. So think about that over the offseason. We want to win our rematch with the Patriots. Let that be a little extra motivation going into the offseason.”

    Cord filed this away in his mind. He had yet to beat Chandrila as a pro. That first win, whenever it would come, would be vindication for all this. And he would be better next year. Much better.


    The soft buzzing of the comlink caused Cord to wake up. It was several days after the Senators had returned from Chandrila, and he was catching up on sleep as a result. The one good thing about missing out on the next round of the postseason was being able to take some time off for himself. Offseason workouts were still a priority, as he wanted to get better, but it never hurt to sleep in a few days.

    Getting out of bed groggily, he wished that he could just order the device to reveal its message, but since that didn’t seem possible for a regular guy like him . . . he didn’t have the Force to mess with things . . .he had to go and retrieve the device. Then he flipped through to get to the unread message and pressed “play”.

    “Hi there!” came the voice of his wife, Reena Wyley. Cord had been intending to finally move in with her at some point, but the season had gotten in the way, so now that there was time once again he was going to address that. Besides, now he had enough money to purchase a decent place instead of this crappy apartment he lived in currently. “Just heard that the season awards ballot got released last night. And, what do you know, your name was on the shortlist for the Ingbrand. Not bad, I must say.”

    Cord’s mind shot awake. Was Reena joking? Surely he wasn’t on the nominee list for the Rookie of the Year trophy? Him, a backup, getting nominated for such an award? It seemed ludicrous to believe, so he wanted to investigate. Reena was probably pulling his leg on this one.

    “Anyways, hope I’m not disturbing you or anything,” Reena continued. “But you should stop by at some point and we can go out to celebrate. Oh, and because we have some things that need to be hashed out in the next week if possible. See ya later!”

    Cord cut the voicemail message and then got onto the HoloNet. And, as Reena had said, he quickly found that he was on the Ingbrand nominee list. This brought a smile to his face. He, Cord McKerty, Inbrand nominee. Not a bad way to start a career. Not bad at all.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Six Boroughs Stadium, Lightning 19, Smugglers 28

    The Magnificent Seven.

    Beck Thornton.

    Sorcha Styles.

    Vick McTodd.

    Gargova Brousard.

    Arkan Matsoto.

    Julius Winifred.

    Xander Darkrider.

    The stars of the Smuggler offense had put up a whopping 28 points on the Lightning to put away the defending Galactic Cup champions at Six Boroughs. The crowd poured onto the field, overwhelming the security, and lifted their players up on their shoulders, parading each and every one of them as if they had all won the Galactic Cup. Ticker tape rained down from the upper decks of the old girl as the smoky haze from fireworks cleared in the late evening of a playoff game for the ages.

    The Smuggler offense hadn’t missed one beat as they continued their relentless push towards a miracle. Something had changed about this team this year. Everyone could feel the difference. The coaching staff had really helped the team get hot at just the right moment and the new duds might’ve helped a little bit as well. Most telling was the transformation of the front office into a transparent entity that responded positively to the concerns of fans and made changes accordingly. That didn’t mean that the fans had complete control over the team in terms of game planning but Kaitlyn Vehn had brought a hands on approach to the franchise that hadn’t been there before. She’d wanted the fans to buy into the team, to put their butts in seats, to believe once again that
    the Smugglers were the greatest thing since sliced bread. And to some, they were. To their enemies, they were the bane of the galaxy.

    Today, as Kaitlyn clapped and exchanged hugs with Tover Micjaa, Meredith Chambers, John Huntington, Konrad Dvorak, she knew she had done the right thing in bringing these storied people back into their comfortable roles that had made them great not so very long ago. And as she looked over at Konrad, the much beleaguered defensive coordinator, she gave him a knowing smile. Vehn was glad that she hadn’t bought into pressure from the media and a certain minority of the fans in firing the promising coordinator. There had been a time when opposing teams had feared Dvorak’s defenses, not so much because they dominated, but because when the time came for important stops and game-changing plays, they came up with them. The “Bend-Break” defense as the Smuggler back 7 were called by ‘The Crew’ had done their job. They’d stymied Ylesia when it mattered, in the playoffs, when regular season records never mattered.

    “Gather around, gather around,” Tover yelled over the exuberant shouts of his team later that evening in the locker room. “Hell of a game we played out there today. Hell of a game. Don’t think I’ve ever taken a losing team into the playoffs before and won,” he said drawing laughs from the players. They’d all read the media reports who’d claimed the Smugglers would be one and done. A 4-5 team making the playoffs was an embarrassment but a 4-5 winning a playoff game? Impossible.

    “We’re 1-0 right now, ladies and gentlemen. We’re 1-0. Think on that. Think real hard. Our road to the Final doesn’t get any easier. We destroyed Ylesia today and now we’ve got to set our sights on Euceron. People are already saying that it can’t be done. Well, they’re wrong. I know it can be done. I know what you can do out there on the pitch. And don’t you ever let anyone tell you want you can and cannot do, got me? We’re taking the next few days off, then we’ll hit the shuttles for Euceron, install our game plan, and play our best game of Limmie. I’m so damn proud of you all. You’ve done a phenomenal job this year, a job worth remembering. Now, it’s only going to get a lot tougher.”

    “Smugglers!” Vick McTodd yelled lifting his furry hands in the air. The team went crazy.

    Meredith Chambers clapped and hollered and then waved her hands to slice through the euphoria in the room. “We’re playing Euceron next week, you all know how hard they fight. That game won’t be easy. You just trust yourself, trust the field, ignore the weather, and play your best kind of limmie, and we may be moving on to something historic, something real special. The defensive unit has been really criticized this year, and that’s unfair. So today the game ball goes to them because you held off Ylesia when it mattered, nice job today guys, get some showers, and rest. You’re gonna need it!”

    The players trudged off to the showers. Kaitlyn headed down the tunnel, away from the locker room, wanted to stroll one last time on the grass of Six Boroughs before the upcoming All-Star game. The stands were being cleaned by work crews, trash littered the pitch, but Vehn didn’t mind. Nothing could bother her now. Nothing could make her feel more vindicated, more supported, more alive, than a playoff win at Six Boroughs. She’d take it. She’d take her laurels wherever she could get them, however she could get them.

    Tonight, Kaitlyn Vehn felt something flow through her that she hadn’t in a really long time. She felt as if she was on top of the galaxy and everything was going her way. That wasn’t a bad thing. As she took in Six Boroughs one last time before she headed to bed she could almost hear the voice of the late great Rhia Grames whispering in her ear.

    “You did well, Kaitlyn. You did real well. But the battle isn’t over year. You’ve still got Euceron and then the Final. Don’t rest on your laurels quite yet. Stay strong, stay focused, and stay patient. The best is yet to come, dear girl, the best is yet to come.

    Kaitlyn smiled and shoved her hands in her pockets. Yes, this was a magical season indeed.

    The Magnificent Seven had made that possible.

    Watch out, Euceron Kaitlyn thought, here we come.

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  5. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Six Boroughs Stadium, Lightning 19, Smugglers 28

    The Magnificent Seven.

    Beck Thornton.

    Sorcha Styles.

    Vick McTodd.

    Gargova Brousard.

    Arkan Matsoto.

    Julius Winifred.

    Xander Darkrider.

    The stars of the Smuggler offense had put up a whopping 28 points on the Lightning to put away the defending Galactic Cup champions at Six Boroughs. The crowd poured onto the field, overwhelming the security, and lifted their players up on their shoulders, parading each and every one of them as if they had all won the Galactic Cup. Ticker tape rained down from the upper decks of the old girl as the smoky haze from fireworks cleared in the late evening of a playoff game for the ages.

    The Smuggler offense hadn’t missed one beat as they continued their relentless push towards a miracle. Something had changed about this team this year. Everyone could feel the difference. The coaching staff had really helped the team get hot at just the right moment and the new duds might’ve helped a little bit as well. Most telling was the transformation of the front office into a transparent entity that responded positively to the concerns of fans and made changes accordingly. That didn’t mean that the fans had complete control over the team in terms of game planning but Kaitlyn Vehn had brought a hands on approach to the franchise that hadn’t been there before. She’d wanted the fans to buy into the team, to put their butts in seats, to believe once again that the Smugglers were the greatest thing since sliced bread. And to some, they were. To their enemies, they were the bane of the galaxy.

    Today, as Kaitlyn clapped and exchanged hugs with Tover Micjaa, Meredith Chambers, John Huntington, Konrad Dvorak, she knew she had done the right thing in bringing these storied people back into their comfortable roles that had made them great not so very long ago. And as she looked over at Konrad, the much beleaguered defensive coordinator, she gave him a knowing smile. Vehn was glad that she hadn’t bought into pressure from the media and a certain minority of the fans in firing the promising coordinator. There had been a time when opposing teams had feared Dvorak’s defenses, not so much because they dominated, but because when the time came for important stops and game-changing plays, they came up with them. The “Bend-Break” defense as the Smuggler back 7 were called by ‘The Crew’ had done their job. They’d stymied Ylesia when it mattered, in the playoffs, when regular season records never mattered.

    “Gather around, gather around,” Tover yelled over the exuberant shouts of his team later that evening in the locker room. “Hell of a game we played out there today. Hell of a game. It's been a long time since I've taken a losing team into the playoffs before and won,” he said drawing laughs from the players. They’d all read the media reports who’d claimed the Smugglers would be one and done. A 4-5 team making the playoffs was an embarrassment but a 4-5 winning a playoff game? Impossible.

    “We’re 1-0 right now, ladies and gentlemen. We’re 1-0. Think on that. Think real hard. Our road to the Final doesn’t get any easier. We destroyed Ylesia today and now we’ve got to set our sights on Euceron. People are already saying that it can’t be done.
    Well, they’re wrong. I know it can be done. I know what you can do out there on the pitch. And don’t you ever let anyone tell you want you can and cannot do, got me? We’re taking the next few days off, then we’ll hit the shuttles for Euceron, install our game plan, and play our best game of Limmie. I’m so damn proud of you all. You’ve done a phenomenal job this year, a job worth remembering. Now, it’s only going to get a lot tougher.”

    “Smugglers!” Vick McTodd yelled lifting his furry hands in the air. The team went crazy.

    Meredith Chambers clapped and hollered and then waved her hands to slice through the euphoria in the room. “We’re playing Euceron next week, you all know how hard they fight. That game won’t be easy. You just trust yourself, trust the field, ignore the weather, and play your best kind of limmie, and we may be moving on to something historic, something real special. The defensive unit has been really criticized this year, and that’s unfair. So today the game ball goes to them because you held off Ylesia when it mattered, nice job today guys, get some showers, and rest. You’re gonna need it!”

    The players trudged off to the showers. Kaitlyn headed down the tunnel, away from the locker room, wanted to stroll one last time on the grass of Six Boroughs before the upcoming All-Star game. The stands were being cleaned by work crews, trash littered the pitch, but Vehn didn’t mind. Nothing could bother her now. Nothing could make her feel more vindicated, more supported, more alive, than a playoff win at Six Boroughs. She’d take it. She’d take her laurels wherever she could get them, however she could get them.

    Tonight, Kaitlyn Vehn felt something flow through her that she hadn’t in a really long time. She felt as if she was on top of the galaxy and everything was going her way. That wasn’t a bad thing. As she took in Six Boroughs one last time before she headed to bed she could almost hear the voice of the late great Rhia Grames whispering in her ear.

    “You did well, Kaitlyn. You did real well. But the battle isn’t over year. You’ve still got Euceron and then the Final. Don’t rest on your laurels quite yet. Stay strong, stay focused, and stay patient. The best is yet to come, dear girl, the best is yet to come.

    Kaitlyn smiled and shoved her hands in her pockets. Yes, this was a magical season indeed.

    The Magnificent Seven had made that possible.

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  6. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Trieste residence, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen…

    Falene counted in her head inside the gym inside the Noble House’s Salis D’aar residence as she did sit ups. She spent more time in there than any of her relatives by far, but then again the other professional athlete in the family wasn’t on Bakura these days so Falene wasn’t going to have much competition.

    Vesper… Falene thought. Her cousin had gotten the better of her by far in their last meeting. The Miners had carried the day, but Vesper’s stellar performance was going to sting for Falene for some time. Next season she was going to see to it that her cousin had that smug grin wiped off her face early and often in the Blue & Gold Bowl.

    Falene had the vidscreens in the gym turned to HSN so she had some white noise to accompany her workout. However, the white noise cut into her mental count of her situps.

    “The Elite League released its finalists for its season awards today. In a surprising twist of events, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs, who had the worst record in the Elite League, led the entire League in nominations with five. Veteran Corrie Andersen, acquired earlier this season from the Bakura Miners, received Duchess Eldin and Zumtak Award nominations. However, Monarchs’ assistant captain Vesper Lynd pulled down Salbukk and Duchess Eldin nominations.”

    “What the frak!” Falene said in the middle of a situp.

    “Euceron and Ralltiir, the two conference champions, received three nominations each. Perennial nomination powerhouses Coruscant and Bakura received one each,” the broadcast continued.

    Falene knew that she was not that lone nomination. She’d hoped she might get an Ingbrand nod, but it had been too rough of a season. In truth, Falene hadn’t expected it. To have been nominated would have been a shock and an unlikely win. But Vesper getting a Salbukk and a Duchess Eldin? The thought burned in her mind.

    That was when Falene realized, much to her chagrin, that this had caused her to lose count of her situps. With a growl, Falene started again.

    One, two, three…

    Damn Vesper.

    Some days later

    Falene was jogging away on the treadmill. She’d been outmuscled and outsized too much this last season. She wasn’t going to get taller and she wasn’t going to get bigger. But she could get fater. That she could do and that was one of her goals for the offseason.

    Once again, she had the vidscreen tuned to HSN.

    “In other news, Miners’ general manager Quinn Cundertol was seen on Coruscant. Though representatives for the Miners say that Cundertol has been off world scouting, Cundertol has been scarce on Bakura since news of the Ssi-Ruuk Imperium’s resurgence came to light. However, his visit to Gark S’rily’s stomping ground had nothing to do with scouting. His presence was, apparently, requested by Miners’ owner Kerry Trieste. Cundertol left the Chancellor’s Coruscant residence after a three hour meeting in the evening. The Miners issued the following statement after meeting’s conclusion:”

    “This development comes after the circulation of petitions on Bakura addressed to the Chancellor urging the firing of Cundertol in light of the return of the Ssi-Ruuk. The Miners nor the Chancellor’s office have made any comment regarding these peititons.”

    Falene huffed and puffed as she kept jogging, listening to the report.

    That’s Mom, she thought, When she believes in her cause, nobody’s going to change her mind.

    Even so, Falene did think it might be a good idea for Cundertol to keep his distance from Bakura for a while.

    Six days later

    Falene took a break from reviewing footage from this past season to turn on BBC Sports and see what was going on out there.

    “In the limmie world, Dorf Landa, recently retired from the Miners, has accepted a three year contract as an assistant coach with the Agamar Packers. The Packers, who are going through a large reorganization as they have some team members return to full duty with the Agamar Security Force, has also lost some of its coaching staff to the planet’s new college limmie team, the Agamar Academicals,” the broadcaster said.

    The footage cut to Landa on Agamar. “I’m very excited to be joining the Packers. They’ve got a really fresh approach to the game and I’m looking forward to contributing to the team’s development and going to some great places here. Agamar has such a great limmie history that I think this is going to be a real destination for talent in the near future.”

    “Dorf,” one reporter asked, “Dana Roslyn part of a strong Bakura-Agamar limmie link. Did you ask her opinion on making this decision?”

    “I did. She unhesitatingly told me that if I wanted to go to Agamar, to build a program into something great, to go.”

    “Did the Miners make you an offer to join their staff? If they didn’t, were you offended?”

    “No, no, not at all. There wasn’t an offer, but I understand and respect that their system doesn’t allow for that right now,” Landa said, “We parted on excellent terms.”

    The sportscaster came back on the screen. “The Miners released a statement today saying, ‘The Miners wish Dorf well as he takes this next step in his career. We wish him all the luck and thank him for the incredibly great career that he had with the Miners over the last twelve years.’

    “In other news, Quinn Cundertol and Gaeriel Valerii went into their third day of surprise marathon meetings at the Miners’ offices today. Cundertol, who came straight back to Bakura after meeting with the Chancellor, made no comment about the purpose of the meetings and Valerii has declined comment.

    “Or they had, until today. Cundertol called a press conference in which he announced shocking moves for the Miners’ franchise. The Miners are letting all of their expiring contracts go, save for Nelly Wizmark who was resigned to a two year contract. This means that Wizmark will now be the veteran leader on what is an otherwise exceptionally young Miner defense. It also means that, shockingly, Alana Glencross will be split from Everett North who has been her long time partner in crime. This raises huge questions as to whether Glencross can be effective with whatever new blood the Miners slot next to her in the midfield.

    “At the same time, Cundertol announced that Niskat Deenever and Nefroq Vubbins, who were drafted last year and sent on loan to the Premier League, will return to the Miners and are widely expected to start for Dorf Landa and Abbey Waters, respectively. As a result, the Miners now have holes at midfield and half back which means that their priorities for the 275 Draft are now clear to the entire league.

    “And the bombshells didn’t stop there,” the broadcaster continued, “In the same breath, Cundertol and Valerii jointly announced and introduced what it turns out was the main topic of conversation during their three day meetings: Bakura’s new assistant coach, former Patriot champion and Empress Teta Pikemen head coach Cuth Hulu. Valerii has been a vocal opponent of coaching staffs that she feels are too large and complicated, making it a huge surprise that she has accepted Hulu as her number two. Cundertol elaborated on the news:”

    “Valerii added:”

    “Though Valerii put a positive spin on the hiring, it is widely speculated that Cundertol, with the backing of Chancellor Trieste, delivered an ultimatum to Valerii: bring in an assistant coach to serve as de facto defensive coordinator or be fired. It seems that Valerii chose the assistant coach.”

    There was so much news in one day that it caused Falene’s head to spin. However, there was one big takeaway for her out of all of that:

    Her best friend was coming back.

    Miner offices, Salis D'aar, Bakura

    "This isn't the meeting where you say you're putting me on waivers, is it?" Falene asked.

    Briar Thorne smiled and shook her head. "No, though I do a lot of work Smug Dragon doesn't feel he can be bothered to do, he has the guts to do the firings to a being's face," Briar said.

    Falene wondered about that. He'd had plenty to do lately. All of a sudden, three Galactic Cup champions were gone in the snap of the fingers. Falene wondered why. Was it underperformance? Was it money? She could always ask Abbey, T.K., and Everett but she wasn't sure they were feeling too much like talking right now.

    "Then why am I here?" Falene asked.

    Briar Thorne was Assistant GM to Cundertol and formally VP of Limmie Operations. Though this title was powerful, the organization chart was very clear: Quinn was running the show here. Way Briar did was handle the day-to-day details. Though Cundertol was definitely detail oriented, there was a lot that Briar handed. She had been Dana Roslyn's hire, getting promoted from an office grunt position into Roslyn's right hand. After that when Roslyn had started the development affiliate craze, which had thoroughly infected the rest of the league, Briar had been dispatched to run the Bison Sabres. She had done a decent job, but hadn't seen the Sabres go to a championship. When Roslyn had been quietly asked to resign by Kerry Trieste and Cundertol hired, the Mighty Quinn immediately recalled Thorne to take up her current duties. It had worked well.

    "Quinn forgets that players are sentient beings. He doesn't understand that it's a good thing to check in with them during the offseason and see how they're doing," Briar said, "That's all this is."

    "I'm okay. I want to get last season behind us and get going again," Falene said.

    "You and all of Bakura. At least everyone else has the war to distract them," Briar said. Tha was very true. The Mandalorian forces were massing near Bakura and their presence had been a huge economic boom. The Prime Minister was in the middle of a huge debate over whether the Bakuran Defense Fleet should join the Mandalorians to fight the Ssi-Ruuk. The threat against Bakura was not well established and the propriety of using the Defense Fleet for a preemptive strike was being hotly debated in the Senate chamber. "Look, we need to face facts Falene. With Abbey and T.K. out, Nelly is now the vet on this defense. Everybody else is going to be younger than or have just as many years with the big club as you. This defense needs leadership and your last name is Trieste. This D is going to look to you for leadership whether you want it or not. We're going to as a lot of you this season, Falene. I need to know if you're going to be ready for that. It might have an impact on our draft strategy."

    Falene nodded before speaking. "I don't know. I was captain my Senior year with the Rangers, but I was a Senior, not a second year player."

    "Cundertol and I both believe in you, but we can't drag you along in this process. It's going to be informal if that matters. Alana isn't losing the C and Aron isn't losing his A," Briar said.

    "If this is what the teams needs of me, then that's what I'm going to do," Falene said.

    "There is one thing," Briar said, "We know you and Niskat are good friends. We're thinking about roommate combinations for this season. We want to pair her with Nanchecka to get her integrated into the front six and we want to keep you with Alana. We think she can teach you a lot. Is this going to be okay?"

    Falene sighed inside. She'd been hoping she could room with Niskat again, but she knew she wouldn't really have a say in that. "I understand," Falene said.

    "Thanks," Briar said, "It was Valerii's idea, but we agreed with her."

    Just then a call came in on Briar's holoprojector, which automatically sprang to life. "Briar, your secretary said you weren't busy," the human male who appeared with graying hair said.

    "Very funny," Briar said with a wry smile, "Declan, you old salt, how are you? Other than pretending like I have a secretary, that is."

    Declan Adama, former Miners captain and Galactic Cup champion smiled. "Life is good here on Nar Shaddaa."

    "First time anyone in recorded history has ever said that," Briar said, "Where are my manners? You know, Falene Trieste, don't you?"

    "We met though I doubt she remembers it. You hadn't been alive very long when we met," Adama said.

    "A pleasure," Falene replied.

    "Briar, she good to talk freely in front of?" Declan asked.

    "She's basically ownership, so yeah."

    "I didn't want to bring this to the Smug Dragon, especially after he jettisoned--forgive the pun--Jet," Declan said, referencing his nephew who had been traded by the Miners to the Senators (which was part of why Declan was understandably not the biggest fan of the Mighty Quinn) and was now on Ryloth courtesy of a trade a few years back, "but I've got a hot tip and I want you to get the credit. I've got a Miner in waiting for you."

    "Valor Foundation kid?" Briar asked. After retiring from the Miners, Declan had moved to Nar Shaddaa specifically to work for the Valor Foundation that worked to get kids into sports and off the streets. It was extremely well regarded in limmie circles, even on Bakura despite its strong ties to the Smugglers organization. The truth was that on a world like Nar Shaddaa there was more need for this program than on a world like Bakura and the Miners knew it. That was why the wished Declan well when he had left to do the work he felt was most important to him.

    "Yeah, flying under the radar and I think she could be good for the Miners. Right style of play. She'd add a little oomph to the lineup," Declan said, "But you've got to recruit her on the down low. You send the Mighty Quinn out and the lid gets blown off her and this thing becomes a circus and I guarantee you won't get her."

    "That good?"

    "She could be," Declan said.

    "You know I have to talk to the Dragon about this. He's going to want to see this kid," Briar said.

    "I know. But I think I know how we can make that happen," Declan said with a smile, "and now that I think of it, Falene here might be able to help."

    Falene raised an eyebrow. "Is she as good as you say she is?" Falene asked.

    "Trust me, you guys want her," Declan confirmed.

    "Then what do you need me to do?" Falene asked.

    --Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Nelly Wizmark (Human [Bakuran], Female, Right Half Back) signs two year contract
    • Abbey Waters (Human, Female, Left Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    • Tamon “T.K.” Kutel (Human [Bakuran], Male, Left Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Everett North (Human [Bakuran], Male, Midfielder) becomes a free agent
    • Niskat Deenever (Human [Bakuran], Female, Center Half Forward) recalled from Cloud City Sky Captains
    • Nefroq Vubbins (Mon Calamari, Female, Corner Back) recalled from Mon Calamari Mariners
    • Cuth Hulu (Khil, Male) signs two year contract as an assistant coach
    Coruscant Senators
    • Helena Forsythe (Human, Female, Full Forward) retires
    • Kev Flysto (Nautolan, Male, Left Corner Forward) retires
    • Mychele Lysar (Human, Female, Half Forward) retires
    • Pasla Tesh (Hrakian, Male, Corner Back) becomes a free agent
    • Salata (Wookiee, Female, Left Half Back) becomes a free agent
    • Calmerung D'jukk (Khil, Male, Corner Back, University of Evenvale) signed to entry-level contract
    • Mekmek (Mon Calamari, Female, Midfielder, Dac State University) signed to entry-level contract
    • Chorba Hoosten (Rodian, Female, Midfielder, Orn Free Ta Central Academy) signed to entry-level contract
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers
    • Receive Eve Wupiupi (Zelosian, Female, Half Forward) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receive 2.5 million credits from Hapes Consortium Bucaneers
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik (for Mandalorian references), CPL_Macja (for Vesper references and transactions), Jedi Gunny (for player transactions), Tim Battershell (for Dorf events, enjoy my friend), Vehn (for the usual Nar-Shaddaa-is-as-poor-as-dirt stuff)
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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun, Agamar.

    The first week of the offseason had certainly been hectic!

    Tim had visited Whilhum in his cell and obtained from him the information that had led to ASF first taking interest in Roj Atkin. An hour or so later, the forensics lab had reported finding a solitary partial fingerprint under the label of one of the contaminated Energy Drink bottles. What remained was not conclusive proof (too few points of comparison to be that) but it was entirely consistent with the new suspect. To be certain, a DNA comparison was laid on at 'Rush' priority; and while bearing a familial match to Whilhum Tarkin, it was proven not to be his DNA. Whilhum was promptly moved to much nicer 'guest' accommodation within ASF HQ while surveillance units were sent to the Atkin residence.

    It had been good to talk Limmie with Whilhum. He'd not attended the games in person, but it turned out that he'd watched every one of them on HSN and had liked the discomfiture first 'The Bombardment', then the 'Charging Bantha' had caused (certainly in the Rebels game, when there had been far fewer mistakes among the 'defenders') to the opposition. Tim never did find out if ASF had deliberately delayed arresting him until after the Packers game had fully aired on HSN!

    Whilhum was (while approving of a specialist 'Bantha Squad') slightly concerned about the balance between human and non-human players in the side. In reply, Tim pointed out that there were now three more humans in the squad than there had been and that the 'Bantha Squad' would only be on-pitch in specific circumstances. Intelligent substitutions should enable a reasonably similar on-pitch species ratio to be kept whether the 'Bantha' was operating or not. Also, Spreedo's move to Academicals Coaching meant that 'Bombardment' games would feature one extra human player than previously.

    The next day was the day of the Atkin takedown; the timing dictated, in part, by the peculiar sequence of lifesign/no-lifesign readings from the Atkin house, without any indication of conventional comings and goings to account for them. With a stunned Atkin 'cuffed and stuffed' and on his way to ASF Headquarters, the TAU Officers made a quick search of the house. What they found in the back of a closet caused a great deal of curiosity and a call for forensics droids to go beyond the strange, apparently permeable, barrier. The discovery also prompted a call to Dua Juun, to see if she had any idea what the thing was.

    A forensics crew was also busy with Atkin's Speeder, finding minute DNA traces in the passenger seat along with a cleaned-up bloodstain. Both tied back to the body found down the landbridge hole, now identified as a man well known to, and under active investigation by, ASF for a string of alleged offences.

    The Droids having passed through the barrier both ways without mishap, bringing back a number of interesting holos they'd taken on its far side, it was deemed safe enough for a sentient volunteer to make an attempt. He took with him a near-duplicate of the survey instrument found with the landbridge-hole body to see if the readings (some five kilometres North and seventy metres below Atkin's house) matched. They did, but the operator must have tripped some sort of trigger as the chamber transformed itself into some kind of museum display room and a holoprojection began; all fortunatly caught on the Officer's holocam. Analysis of the images brought all investigative work to a halt pending the arrival of Jedi and Jedi technicians. If that particular being was somehow back among the living, the Jedi needed to know.... and fast!

    The Dorf Landa transfer arrangements were proceeding very smoothly and Dorf, having pioneered something very similar to 'The Bombardment' earlier in his career, was just the man to add a few extra twists and some polish. He also saw eye-to-eye (quite literally, as well as figuratively) with Miles! Dorf would be taking a deserved holiday and returning just in time for the surprise party Tim was throwing for the team, saying goodbye to those leaving and welcoming the newcomers. It should be quite a blast! Tim had also offered Whilhum the use of the Owner's accommodation on "Packers' Island" for as long as he cared to use it. Not everyone had bought into the ASF's official line that his arrest had been no more than a ploy to assist in smoking out the real culprit. Time was needed for everything to settle down.

    It was Whilhum who told Tim that he'd been nominated for this year's Zumtak Award. Well, he hadn't voted for himself, he'd cast his vote for someone he thought really deserved it. If he did actually win, that would be nice; but there'd be one of the shortest acceptance speeches on record! None of the modern fluff, thanking everyone in his life (including hair-stylist and that worthy's pet felinx), it would be entirely to the point and aimed exactly at who had really done the hard work - his team!

    The following day was taken up with a meeting (by appointment this time) with Esther Gondorf, The Elite League Commissioner, Niakara Kayl'hen, and Attorney General Helena Tandy to report on the Atkin issue (he had had to be sedated, was continuing to scream whenever the medication wore off and was thought unlikely ever to be able to stand trial due to his evidently highly abnormal mental condition). Tim was profuse in his thanks for their invaluable assistance when he took his leave.

    Tim ended the week fielding applications from mid-teens who wanted to try out for places in the TenGate demonstration and development sides. The final cut and the first training sessions would start the following week. Then a visit to the 'Agamar Oval' (a final name choice had still not been made) which was going up rapidly, although with the normal Agamarian attention to high craftsbeingship; then a bit of business mixed in with pleasure, the Season's final game for the University Limmie side, the one featuring Mezgraf Goot. Tim, Asyr, Whilhum and Riv all attended, the weather (a light drizzle) making the wearing of hooded cloaks to hide everyone's identities an inconspicuous affair. Mezgraf picked up two goals, two points and an assist. Discussing his performance in private, later, the consensus that he (although not up to Pro Limmie standards yet) was an exciting prospect as a potential Starting Forward in his own right and, meantime, would serve the 'Bantha Squad' well.

    TAG: Trieste (for the conclusion of the 'Drugging' case), No One.
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators Team HQ

    Gark sat in his office at the team HQ, reviewing notes from the past week of Limmie action. Ever since the loss against the Chandrila Patriots had ended the Senators’ season, he had begun to focus on next season. 275 would hopefully end better than this season . . . and to many such an expectation would only be met by winning it all. Gark certainly hoped this team had the fortitude to go that far, but in Limmie one never knew how far a team could go any given week. Good teams had bad years, and bad teams, or at least inexperienced ones, had good seasons. It was an odd law of averages that applied to the League, and could benefit or cost a team almost at whim. Funny how things worked, wasn’t it?

    On the datapad in front of him were the moves that were going to be made. Helena Forsythe, a 3-time Galactic Cup champion, was finally hanging up the spikes. Kev Flysto, who had once been a shy college grad who had thought his Limmie career was over after the CCLL All-Star game, was also retiring, his career coming primarily as a backup corner forward. He had never been a good starter, but he had done well off the bench. Some players were just meant for that role, and Kev had brought experience to the table when the team had reshuffled things for 274. Lastly, Mychele Lysar, the old Thyferra Force captain, was giving up the game after all these years. She had a terrible season, not even scoring a single point, and had been battling nagging injuries all season, so it was obviously in her best interest to give it up. She had been a solid team player, and Pam had felt sad when her former captain, the player who had helmed the Force’s resurgence in the Premier League and had helped lead the charge when the Force had won the Chancellor’s Cup in 270 and in the 271 ELL season, was no longer going to play. Those two had worked well together, but it was obvious that Mychele was done. If she felt pressure to get out before she lost her job, Gark didn’t know, but when one decided it was time to be done playing, it was time to be done playing. Apparently that rule didn’t exist for Frett Barve back in the day, but whatever; he was kinda weird anyways with his retire, return, retire, return cycle to the game back in the day.

    He was also pondering who to re-sign, and who to let go in FA. Although it was still playoff time, as the Conference Finals were to occur the next day, he wanted to get a leg up on this before the postseason ended. What would happen in the days following the Galactic Cup Final typically were nightmarish for General Managers; typically, star players from the Cup winners would ask for ridiculous sums of credits on shiny new contracts. That, of course, would drive the free agent market skywards, and would make things more difficult to nab the best of the FA crop, although there typically wasn’t much out there except for journeymen and two-bit rookies. Bonafide stars usually never were released, and when they were everyone in the league wanted them. Then again, Gark mused, wasn’t the FA method the way the Senators had built themselves from 264 to about 270? They had added key pieces in free agency over those years, like Moen Heatly and Jed Ortmeyer. Both of them had done well for themselves, and were now continuing with the game after retirement.

    He filed these thoughts away when his datapad beeped and the transaction wire popped up. He scanned the list of players being moved around, noting the three retirements he had thought about already showing. Most likely a few names would appear on that list later on as FA casualties from his team . . . but who to cut. Who to cut?

    A knock came on his door, and Gark looked up. “Come on in,” he said. Pam walked in, and then took a seat across the desk. “You wanted to see me for free agency stuff, correct?” the Zeltron asked.

    “Yeah,” Gark replied, putting the datapad down. “Pam, I want to know who you want to see return next season, and who we can cut or trade. We’re already dealing with three holes on the roster, and from the looks of it Thyferra is going to have a rough offseason. I pity Lorrin, having to make so many roster moves.”

    “We’re going to have holes on offense,” Pam commented. “That’s three reserves we lose from this year’s squad. I don’t like losing depth like that.”

    “Neither do I,” Gark replied. “But there’s nothing we can do about that now. We just need to focus on what we do have in the system.”

    “I think we might need to stick to the Draft and look for replacements,” Pam said. “Jed keeps telling me that his players don’t have what it takes to make it at this level. All we can expect from him is someone to replace Helena . . . but then we still have two open spots. And that’s if we keep our team 100 percent intact.”

    “That’s something I don’t think is going to happen,” Gark mused. “I think we need to shuffle our defense a little bit.”

    “I’m with you on that one,” Pam said. “I think, if anything, we need to cut some of our reserves there. They just didn’t cut it this season, especially the last few games.”

    “Like who?” Gark asked.

    “Salata needs to go,” Pam said. “I know we got her as a throw-in with Qorbus, but he’s blossomed, and she . . . hasn’t. I know she’s a reserve, but too often she’s out of position in our defensive system, and can’t come back to the ball. I know she has skill . . . it’s just that she doesn’t fit in well here. And Tesh needs to go as well. Reid was obviously looking over his shoulder all season at a veteran backup who might take his starting corner job, and I want him to feel like he really has a handle on the situation.”

    “So you suggest we let them walk?” Gark asked. “They are free agents as of now, right?” The Zeltron nodded. “All right, then. We’ll let them walk. But that leaves us with five roster spots open, and if Jed only has one player who he thinks can make our team out of camp, then we’re screwed until we can come up with a better solution. And I don’t like drafting for immediate needs.”

    “We won’t be,” Pam said. “We still would have entrenched starters at all positions . . . the holes are for reserves.”

    “Then what about our starters?” Gark asked. “Should we keep this core together another year, or do we need to make a few tweaks?”

    “I think we’re good with what we have, unless an offer comes along that we can’t refuse,” Pam said.

    “Let’s start with offense. What do we need to focus on?”

    “Re-sign Qorbus. I don’t care what it costs, just get that done, please,” Pam said immediately. “He’s our next Polis Vayne. I can feel it.”

    “You do realize that his contract is now up, and that he’ll expect a huge new one, right?” Gark asked.

    “Just get it done,” Pam urged.

    “Fine,” Gark said. He pulled out a piece of flimsy and wrote Qorbus’ name down on it. “What about the rest of the offense. Lots of expiring contracts to deal with there.”

    “Keep everyone, again, unless there is a good trade offer,” the Zeltron put forth. “I think they just had a bum few weeks there, but they can really churn out the points. We have talent there, and I think with the Draft we can find a few reserve forwards who can fill in for those we’ve lost.”

    “Midfield is set, I take it?”

    “If you can re-sign Renhorn, I believe so.”

    “That shouldn’t be too hard,” Gark said. “I think the fans would eviscerate me if I didn’t re-sign the ‘Wild Thing’.”

    “At least it would be you, and not me,” Pam said. “But I like our midfield corps. We have lots of experience and talent. The only thing I want to see is more fire from Alysha as captain, but you can’t sign that in free agency. I need to see if I can get her to sharpen her captaining skills a bit this offseason.”


    “Deter . . . Reid . . . that should be a good one-two punch when Reid gets more experience,” Pam said. “Jerek’s got the skills to hold down the fort, and Reid should get better this offseason. I like having those two working together. At half back, I was impressed by Zoom and what he brought to the table. However, he might not be a great starter; we might want to revert to a different defensive scheme to keep him in the wing and not exposed out in the open, because when he is, he tends to break down. We need to keep him at his strengths, which are harassing opposing forwards and staying in one general zone to control the game there. Ortho and Tormera are virtual locks at this point, given their experience, unless we can come up with someone better. That just leaves full back . . . I like Doon’sun, but he was a better reserve anyways at this level.”

    “We just had Shev do all the work. It’s easy to be a solid backup when you have skills that complement the starters’,” Gark pointed out.

    “And that’s why I want to look for a possible replacement there,” Pam said. “It’s not that Nagriski is bad . . . but he needs more time to develop. And Doon’sun is a backup, plain and simple. He’s like Evis; doesn’t start, but gives quality shifts off the bench. That’s what we need, Gark. We need a starting full back.”

    “And where do you think we can get one?” Gark asked. “It’s not like someone’s just going to walk in here and hand us a full back. We need to plan carefully if that’s the way we want to go.”

    Then his datapad beeped again. More names on the transaction wire. Hm, Monarchs and C-Bucs . . . 2.5 million credits? Not worth it, Gark thought. Then he saw the list of Miners being cut. Mostly defense . . . North? Wow, that wasn’t expected. Glencross must be fuming. A couple of veterans there. Not great seasons the past two years . . . better stay away . . . He would file those thoughts away for now. They wouldn’t do him any good right now anyways, so might as well think about them later.

    “What is it?” Pam asked.

    “Ask me again later,” Gark said. He didn’t want to distract Pam from the task at hand. “What’s the over/under on Leed and Pyston?”

    “I would like to keep Kapp on as a backup, since I’ve known him for a while and have his strengths and weaknesses down pat in my mind. But Leed is a whole different animal . . . what does she want contract-wise?”

    “If I was a player coming out of a rookie contract like her, I would expect her to want a multi-year deal. A lucrative multi-year deal,” Gark commented.

    “Only question is. Do we think she’s worth that much of an investment?”

    “I’m not going to make this secretive, Pam,” Gark said. “I want to lowball her here.”

    “She’s not going to like that,” Pam commented.

    “I know, but since when have we always made friends with contract offers?” Gark said. “Besides, she hasn’t established herself as an elite goalie, which gives us the advantage.”

    “How so?”

    “She can’t really believe she’ll get whatever she wants from a team in free agency,” Gark said. “She’s talented, yes, but inconsistent at best. She’s good in spurts, but then gives you some crappy days after that. She’s the kind of goalie that can excel if we put her in the right system. What I would do to have Tavis back in goal, really,” he said, mentioning Tavis Corizyl, the former Senator netminder who had held the fort for the two championship teams.

    “You want to risk letting her go, though?”

    “It’s a risk I think we need to take,” Gark said. “Ever since Leed came up here, I’ve had my doubts, as I know you have. If Jed is to be believed, it’s either her or we go back to the drawing board. I want to wait and see what comes in the draft before making a move with her. There might be a rookie goalie out there who we can snag.”

    “I can’t believe I’m trying to vouch for Leed,” Pam said. “I’m not sure if she’s ever really liked me.”

    “As long as she doesn’t try to flame you in the media, that can be overcome,” Gark said. “I doubt that all of my players back in the day loved me, per se, but we made it work. And you can make things work with Leed. All you need, all she needs really, is some confidence in herself. And that comes with time . . . although she might need to be coddled less. We’ve let her sit and be a backup; now she needs to prove that she can start, and be good at it. I say a one-year contract is in order if we can swing that. One year should tell us if she’s our long-term solution, or if we need to cut bait and move on. And I take it that Pyston can fill in if necessary?”

    “That’s what I’m not sure about. I haven’t seen him do a lot at this level,” Pam said. “He got injured in 271 after just two plus games, and has come off the bench ever since. And who knows what that would entail, although he had shown up pretty well in relief.”

    “That can mean anything,” Gark said. “But if we don’t have any better options, I say we stick with him, see what we can get in the Draft or free agency, and then made a decision on Leed. I just hope she doesn’t ask for a raise, because I’m not really willing to give her one unless she proves she’s the next best thing at the position.”

    “Doubt that’s going to happen.”

    “I have my doubts as well. But we have to try, right?” Gark asked. Pam still didn’t look convinced. “All right, we’ll table that for now. Anything else you want to bring up?”

    “Not really,” the Zeltron said. “I think we’ve covered everything that needs to be said, at least for now. I would like to ask you for diligence on the trail of new players, though. Always need some new blood, especially down on Thyferra.”

    “Speaking of them . . . do we keep Jed on as coach?” Gark asked.

    Several minutes later, Pam left Gark’s office. They had come to a preliminary consensus on Jed’s future with the Force. They still had two games left to play, but those were complete crap. They meant next to nothing for the team, and a few decent games wouldn’t make much change in the Bothan GM’s mind about the usefulness of the players down there. No, he had made a decision . . . now he just had to wait to inform Jed. But that would wait until after the season. For now, he had more important things to get to.

    Then a thought came to him. He needed front office help for all this. The Force were going to take a ton of attention, and Lorrin was going to be swamped trying to keep all of that together. Perhaps it was time to take on some extra help in the administrative aspect of the operation? Hm, he would have to think on that.

    Gark left his office at this point to not just get out of his chair, but also because he had a few players to release. He then walked up to the secretary desk, and then twiddled his fingers on the wood. Me’lin S’rily, who was on the com at the time, gave her husband a quick smile before turning her attention back to the caller. She was one fine secretary, Gark thought to himself. How could he ever run this team without her?

    When she was done, she put down the comlink. “Got something?” she asked.

    “A few moves to be run by the league,” Gark said, handing over a datapad with the notes to his wife. “Three retirements, two players released to free agency. Nothing too difficult today.”

    “Good. I’d hate to see you try to make things too complicated for me,” Me’lin replied as she took the notes. She transferred the notes and then sent them off to the league with the official team stamp, proving that the transactions had come from an authorized team source. “And you’re all set,” she said, handing Gark back his datapad. “Oh, and I was thinking that we could go out for dinner tonight. There’s this new place not too far from here that I’d like to try.”

    “I just have a few things I need to get to, and then I’ll be done for the day,” Gark said. Me’lin nodded and returned to her work. Gark returned to his office.

    Out came his comlink, and he punched up an old number. One he hadn’t called in a while. Maybe it wouldn’t work, but it wouldn’t hurt to try, would it? It was true that he needed help in the front office; with Lorrin busy on Thyferra, he would be stuck with the issues all by himself here on Coruscant. He needed an assistant, someone to help take some of the pressure off his shoulders so that he could focus on running the team the way he needed to. Londy didn’t know anything about running a Limmie team; he could do public speaking well, and dressed the part, but he would be too new to the game to lean on like that. Me’lin would be a good idea, but then that was chased away. She was busy enough with her secretary duties and with Galin at home. Besides, the league would think he was silly for bringing in, again, another new face, to help him run things. That wouldn’t work. He needed someone with Limmie experience, someone whom he knew he could trust. A former player, perhaps?



    The comlink rang in its usual annoying vibration, and Adanna Inviere cursed at it loudly over the sound of the running water. Why did beings always have to call her when she was in the shower? Probably an annoying telemarketer again, she assumed. Shutting off the water and wrapping herself in a towel, she grabbed the comlink and, disgustedly, turned it on.

    “What?” she asked, semi-annoyed.

    “Adanna?” came a voice from the other end of the line. A voice she recognized. “This is Gark S’rily from the Coruscant Senators.”

    “Yeah, I recognized your voice instantly. Kinda hard not to,” the Hapan said. “What do you want?”

    Hope I’m not bothering you,” Gark said.

    “No, not at all,” Adanna said. But she knew this was a lie. Why did the Bothan have to call her when she was showering, anyways? Besides, she hadn’t been a Senator since 269; why call now? She had hung up her cleats two years ago.

    “Obviously you’re agitated, so I’ll keep it short,” Gark said. “Adanna, it’s becoming apparent to me that the team needs some new blood.”

    “It’s not like I disrespect the organization, but I’m done playing,” Adanna said.

    “I know. That’s why I wasn’t going to ask you to play.”

    “Then why are you calling?”

    “I have a job offer I think you might want to at least consider.”

    “I don’t know. Retirement’s pretty nice,” Adanna said.

    “You miss the game, don’t you? It’s still a part of you, Inviere. I know it is.”

    “All right, fine. What’s the offer?”

    “I need someone to help me scout the Consortium . . .”

    “You do realize how hard that is now, with the C-Bucs in the league,” Adanna reminded the Bothan. “Normally I wouldn’t think you were crazy for asking that, but it’s too much. I’m still seen as an icon around here . . . OK, not as much as I would have been had I stayed home and played for the C-Bucs . . . fine, you got me. Your point is?”

    “I would like someone to help me out in the scouting department out there. I seem to have lost my last recruiter out there, and since Aileen Wynn isn’t available . . .”

    “Did you seriously just say that?” Adanna asked. She knew that the Senators, especially Gark, hated Wynn’s guts, not just for the teams she had coached, but also for being in tandem with Calo Mornd during the destructive 270 campaign that had seen the Senators on their last legs. Gark had of course saved them, but that season still stung the fanbase, and rightfully so. Adanna had been happy to get out of there before the walls came crumbling down.

    “I hear she’s enjoying retirement as much as you are. But I don’t think she’d want to work for us anyways, so I put that on the back burner. I assumed you might be interested . . .”

    “You’re asking a lot,” Adanna said.

    “But if you don’t want to accept, I understand,” Gark replied. “That’s why I can offer you a different job, one you might actually accept.”

    “What, two job offers in one call? That must be a record,” Adanna said.

    “Adanna, I need someone who knows their Limmie,” Gark said.

    “How so?”

    “Someone who didn’t just play, but also really understands their management of a team.”

    “A management position? You need someone to get the coffee?” Adanna quipped. She took a quick drink from the bottle of wine on the table to cleanse her palette.

    “I need an assistant general manager,” Gark said.

    Adanna spit out the wine in her mouth immediately. The Bothan hadn’t just said assistant GM, had he? What did he take her for? “That’s a lot to offer.”

    “I know. But I think you’d be cut out for it,” Gark said.

    “I don’t know . . .” Adanna said. “I was never really the front office type.”

    “And that’s part of the reason why I want to hire you on,” Gark replied. “I never played the game, so I see things one way. But you played, had a distinguished career, won two Cup titles. I want someone who can contrast me in the front office, and can see things that I can’t. What do you say?”

    Adanna thought it over in her mind for several seconds. She missed the game, but the C-Bucs hadn’t exactly come calling her door when she retired asking if she wanted to help them out. The Miners had moved on from her . . . and even though she had been a Senator for less time, here they were offering her a chance to stay in the sport she loved.

    “What’s the catch?” she asked.

    “No catch. I just need you to sign over your first-born child to me,” Gark said jokingly.

    “Ha ha, very funny,” Adanna said in a deadpan tone. “There must be a catch.”

    “Is it wrong for a GM to want to help out his former players by getting them jobs with the club?” Gark asked.

    “Of course not. It’s just . . .”

    “Think it over, Adanna, and get back to me. I’ll be waiting.” Then Gark cut the connection, leaving Adanna standing out in her living room. This was an intriguing offer indeed; she would need some time to think on it.

    After her shower, she dressed and then sat down to watch the HoloNet. Flipping channels, she went through station after station, nothing interesting to see. And then it came. She turned on a Limmie channel, one of those “Classic” channels. And they were showing the 269 regular season finale, the one against Vandelhelm . . . the game that got away in overtime. And there she was, her black and orange uniform contrasting sharply against the visiting Jets uniforms. She watched the last few minutes of the game, knowing full well what would happen in the end. The Senators would lose, and the Jets would go on to win the Cup title at the end of the season. When the final horn blew, there she was, face to the sky as she lay on her back. That loss had stung for some time afterwards . .. actually, that game still stung. That loss had taken the air out of the team, and although the Finals rematch wasn’t even close, with a twelve point margin of victory for Vandelhelm, she still blamed this game as the reason why the Senators, why she, didn’t win back-to-back titles.

    She still loved the game, and wanted to be a part of it. This game had made up her mind. She wanted in.


    Gark, Me’lin, and Galin sat at a table at the new restaurant, Galin fiddling with his children’s menu, and Gark trying to figure out what he wanted to eat. When it came time to order, Gark had to pick one item out of three possible by pointing his finger to it. The server then left the family in peace once more.

    And then Gark’s comlink rang. “Hello?” he asked.

    “I’ll take your offer,” Adanna said on the other end of the line in a simple tone.

    “I didn’t expect to hear back from you this fast,” Gark said as he excused himself from the table. Me’lin didn’t appreciate this, but Gark knew he had to take this call.

    “Well, let’s just say that the game speaks loudly. I’m in.”

    “Good to know. How soon can you catch a shuttle out this way? We have some things to discuss,” Gark replied.

    “I’ll head out tomorrow. Still hanging around in that old HQ building?”

    “Yep,” Gark said.

    “Alright, I think I can navigate my way back there from the Starport,” Adanna replied.

    “Then I will see you when you get here,” Gark replied.

    “Likewise,” the Hapan said before cutting the connection. Gark returned to the table.

    “What was that about?” his wife asked him.

    “Team stuff,” Gark said simply. He didn’t want to go into specifics right now.

    “All right,” Me’lin said. “I just hope you know what you’re doing.”

    “I hope so too,” Gark said. “I hope so too.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    We've already had some interest in picking up free agents this season. Because teams that are still playing cannot modify their rosters per Elite League rules, all claims for free agents are on hold until the Galactic Cup has been awarded--and then I will adhere to the 48 hour rule in place for free agents normally becoming available. All teams, including those who are currently playing, may claim free agents as they come in. Please note that there will be no transactions until after season has completed.

    A friendly reminder--the end of day Saturday is the deadline to send in season award votes! Next Wednesday the awards will be announced and awarded on Rydonni Prime. All nominees are welcome and pretty much any Elite League player, coach, administrator, or owner can get a ticket if they want.

    On another note, here are your final player rankings for draftees:


    1. Mitth'or'noris "Thorn" (Chiss, Male, Goaltender. University of Csilla)
    2. Oss’irh’cgood "Ozzie" (Chiss, Male, Goalkeeper, University of Ool)
    3. Gers Tesam (Advozse, Male, Goalkeeper, Chandrila A&M University)
    4. Tsoor Dutest (Devaronian, Male, Goalkeeper, Coruscant School of Fine Arts)
    1. Mulhollan (Gran, Male, Half Back, Cinnagar Imperial College)
    2. Beau Jaaxon (Human, Male, Corner Back, Vertical City University)
    3. Jiri "Slappy" Patton (Human, Male, Defensive Back, Citadel University of Anaxes)
    4. Christine Gamble (Human, Female, Corner Back, The Ord Sabaok University)
    5. Zen Kiesel (Human, Male, Corner Back, Druckenwell Technical University)
    6. Sosar Drif (Arcona, Male, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent)
    7. Quark Tyndale (Human, Male, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent)
    8. Nomm Arote (Myke, Male, Full Back, Republican University)
    9. Harc Sichi (Ishi Tib, Male, Half Back, Kothlis National University)
    10. Lisbeth Tobin (Quarren, Female, Center Half Back, College of Fondorelphia)
    11. Britranny Gryner (Human, Female, Half Back, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute)
    12. Nada Baldvid (Sullustan, Female, Corner Back, Valorum University)
    13. Jamee Meels (Talz, Male, Left Half Back, Orn Free Ta Central Academy)
    1. Jolla Pic (Human, Female, Midfielder, Mos Eisley University)
    2. Fuva Mu'tish (Bothan, Female, Midfielder, Bonadan School of Business)
    3. Gozer "The Destructor" (Devaronian, Male, Midfielder, The Ord Sabaok University)
    4. Nak Keng (Gran, Female, Midfielder, University of Coruscant)
    5. Rikket Unhirst (Human, Male, Midfielder, Zehava College)
    6. Collie Austen (Human, Female, Midfielder, Atalanta University)
    1. Rew Ileo (Human, Male, Left Corner Forward, University of Mykyr)
    2. Fahpe Sojuria (Human [Bakuran], Male, Left Half Forward, University of Bakura, Gesco City)
    3. Vail Pin (Shistavanen, Female, Corner Forward, University of Bakura, Gesco City)
    4. Ariva Kendal (Etti, Female, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes)
    5. Shady Lerouex (Human, Female, Full Forward, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar)
    6. Mala Bonero (Selonian, Female, Full Forward, Tralus University)
    7. Jennacca (Wookiee, Female, Half Forward, University of Kashyyyk)
    8. Eli Rooth (Human, Male, Right Corner Forward, Cinnagar Imperial College)
    9. Buggie Resh (Human [Bakuran], Male, Center Half Forward, College of Deredith & Millicent)
    10. Vash Passik (Kaleesh, Male, Corner Forward, Dac State University)
    Gentlebeings, begin your draft day war room preparations. :D
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    IC: Lucie Vigo

    Lucie had never been more ready for a shift to end. The score was 24 all with 5 minutes left in regulation. Lucie tried her best to refill drinks and clear empty plates ahead of demand. The entire restaurant was tense. The Starkillers fans were pulling for a Patriots win. They believed it was the easiest route to a Galactic Cup. The tight back and forth game had made the customers edgy, argumentative and downright rude. At this point Lucie just wanted the game to be over. The clock slowly counted down to zero, but the score was still tied. Someone yelled for her to refill their basket of hubba chips, another table simultaneously demanded a fresh pitcher of ale.

    Relief hit Lucie first, and then joy as the Patriots scored the winning goal. Her only thoughts were on leaving work behind, but soon she had two other reasons to be happy. First she discovered that fans left rather generous tips, most likely they were in a good mood since the game ended in their favor she decided. Second she found a message on her data pad from Ty asking her to come over that evening. Time spent with Ty always made Lucie happy. She rushed home to get ready her rough day on the job quickly forgotten.

    Ty seemed nervous when he let Lucie into the condo. A local restaurant had already delivered dinner. He had it set out and places ready for them at the table. “Dinner smells wonderful,” Lucy commented as she entered.

    Lucie was starving. She dove into her dinner, but noticed that Ty was barely touching his own plate. “What’s wrong?” She asked putting her fork down for a moment.

    “I was going to hold off until dessert” Ty started. “But I guess I just need to ask you now.”

    Suddenly Lucie lost her appetite as well, what could make a professional Limmie player so nervous?

    Ty reached into his pocket and retrieved a small box. Lucie could feel her heart beat faster as she suddenly realized what it was Ty was going to ask. He put the box on his left palm and opened it with is right hand, inside was a ring.


    It was elegant and simple. Nothing bulky that would get in the way during a dance performance. Exactly like something she would have picked out herself. Lucie couldn’t take her eyes off the ring, but she heard Ty ask “Will you marry me?”

    For a moment Lucie was too stunned to answer. She was the happiest woman in the galaxy. It was the best moment of her life; she didn’t want it to end. She looked up from the ring and saw that Ty was sweating. Still unable to speak she began to nod, than she found her voice, “Yes” she said, quietly at first, then she said it a second time “Yes”, a little louder this time and she noticed her whole body was shaking.

    Ty took the ring out of the box and put it on Lucie’s finger. He reached across the table and their lips met.


    The following evening Lucie sat alone in her apartment. Twenty-four hours ago she had been so happy, but now things were beginning to feel unsettled. She knew she loved Ty and that marrying him was the right thing to do. But there would be so many changes in her life. How many nights did she have left in this apartment? It had been her home for several years. It was her biggest accomplishment since she left home, affording a place of her own. Leaving was going to be difficult. She wouldn’t need to serve tables anymore either. Most of the time her job was a chore, but it also symbolized her independence.

    There was also the matter of telling her family. Even though Lucie had reconnected with them recently, she still wasn’t close with them. She had no idea how they would react or if she was even comfortable sharing the news. It was wonderful news; she wished she had someone close to share it with. She had gotten lots of congratulations from co-workers at the restaurant and the dance team when they saw her ring. Suddenly though she was missing a best friend she never had.

    For the rest of the week Lucie kept herself occupied by pouring all her attention into choreographing new routines for the upcoming conference final game. Ty was busy with the Starkillers aside for a brief meeting at a caf house one morning their only contact with each other was messaging to each other on their data pads.

    The night before the game Lucie got an unexpected call from her father. He had purchased tickets for the entire family to be at the game and he was hoping Lucie would meet them after the game. Lucie almost agreed, then she remembered she had promised to meet Ty’s parents after the game. She decided it was time to break the news.

    “Dad,” she began. “I have something to share with you.”

    “What is it?” Her father asked. “Nothing concerning I hope.”

    He must have heard the hesitance in her voice. “It’s good news.” Lucie reassured. “I’m getting married.”

    There was a pause. “Married? You never even mentioned you were seeing anyone.”

    “Only to Justine” Lucie confessed. “I didn’t know how long the relationship would last, or how you would react. Besides you may already have a pre judged opinion about him.”

    “How could I have an opinion about someone I don’t even know?” Her father asked a little puzzled.

    “I’ve been dating Ty Allin, Dad, I’m going to marry a defensive back for the Starkillers”. Lucie spit the words out and waited for a reaction.

    “Why do you think I’d have a problem with that?” her father asked almost carefully.

    “He’s a professional Limmie player. There are all types of opinions and perceptions of professional Limmie players. But Ty is different than most of them. Hopefully you can meet him soon. It’s just that I already have plans after the game this week.” Lucie was not about to tell her dad that those plans were to meet Ty’s parents.

    “Lucie, I want you to know that I trust your judgment. When you are ready I know the whole family would like to meet Ty. We will be there at the game to support you tomorrow. Whenever you need me I am here for you.”

    “Thanks, Dad.” Lucie felt a stray tear run down her cheek. She suddenly felt bad for not calling to tell her father the news a week ago. “As soon as we have some free time I’ll bring Ty to the house. Hopefully it will be a little later than sooner though, the Starkillers have a cup to play for.”

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Spaceport, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Hey loser!” someone shouted at Falene.

    Ordinarily, Falene wouldn’t have paid a random derogatory catcall much attention. After all, pretty much on Bakura had an opinion about the Miners’ performance last season—and it was a unanimously bad verdict on the defense. Falene would like to see them try to defend an Elite League offense.

    But this voice was different. Falene knew it in an instant. When she turned around she was already prepared to be crushed in an embrace by Niskat Deenever.

    “Hey there sky girl!” Falene said as she hugged Niskat back, using the nickname for female Sky Captain players, “Welcome back to the clan.”

    “You have no idea how badly I missed you,” Niskat said, “I had zero support on the Sky Captains. I mean it was terrible. We were the second worst offense in the Premier League.”

    “Great, just what we need: you stinking up the Miners offense. It was backsliding as it was. Now it’s just going to go down the tubes,” Falene said.

    “I think you’ve done just fine mucking this team up on your own without me,” Niskat said, “if your D stats are any indication.”

    “That one’s below the belt, Kat,” Falene said.

    “Okay, fine, too much too soon,” Niskat admitted, “But you better get ready for the smacktalk again because now that I’m back it’s not gonna stop.”

    “Hey! Are you two coming to Stewjon or are you going to stay here and braid each other’s hair?” Alana shouted from the door of the Miners’ shuttle.

    “If I come can I braid your hair? It’s sooooooo pretty,” Niskat yelled back.

    “No! My hair!” Alana said, grabbing her red orange locks with both hands, “Let’s go!”

    Niskat and Falene grabbed their bags and ran for the shuttle. They had a friendly to get to.

    Central Comedy studios, Stewjon

    “Welcome back to The Nightly Show,” Rurra Eshka’mos said, “Please welcome tonight’s guests, from the Bakura Miners limmie team, captain Alana Glencross.”

    “Shhhhhhh!” Niskat shushed Falene, who was crashing in Niskat's hotel room while Nanchecka was off doing whatever it was Echani did with their spare time. She had a bag of cheese puffs. “They should have let us come.”

    “I could go tomorrow,” Falene said, “Want me to bring you?” The audience was applauding as Alana came out onto the stage.

    “No. It’s going to be boring. Your Mom’s just going to talk about the buckeheats and the Ssi-Ruuk and snore,” Niskat said.

    “You’d still get to meet Eshka’mos,” Falene said.

    “You know he’s super short? I’ve got like five inches on him,” Niskat said, “Oh wait they’re starting!”

    “So before we go any further,” the graying Bothan said, “I have just one question.”

    “I have just one answer,” Alana said, picking up the Nightly Show mug on the desk in front of her to take a sip, “Let’s see if they match.”

    Eshka’mos paused. “Okay, you first.”

    “Aluminum siding,” Alana deadpanned.

    The audience laughed and Eshka’mos waited for quiet before saying, “Funny, I was going to ask you what kissing the Galactic Cup is like.”

    “Actually, I can’t answer that,” Alana said, “I’ve only licked the Galactic Cup.”

    “What?! You licked the Galactic Cup?” Rurra giggled.

    “Absolutely. I would say, Galactic Cup…top three males that I’ve gotten to second base with,” Alana said, shooting straight, but the corners of her mouth were twitching up.

    “So the Galactic Cup is male?”

    “If it wasn’t, then my memories of that night are suddenly going to turn out to be super awkward…” Alana said to the uproarious laughter of the studio audience. Even Rurra was laughing.

    “Has anyone told you that you are adorable?” Rurra asked, putting his head on both his hands in a mock love struck pose.

    “Awww…” Alana said feigning embarrassment.

    “But seriously, the Miners are in town to play the Mets—”

    The studio audience burst into huge applause and Rurra waited.

    “…and apparently they are all here tonight,” Rurra said and the audience laughed, “So my question for you is this: are you guys going to win by 30 points or 40 points because in case you haven’t heard—” Rurra dropped his voice to a stage whisper, “—the Mets aren’t that good.”

    The audience laughed and Alana lowered her voice, “Neither are we,” and everyone had a good laugh at that. “No, seriously, I can tell you that everyone on the Miners are really excited to be here on Stewjon and we’re looking forward to a really great game, a friendly in every sense of the word.”

    “I don’t know if you know this, but Shale Stadium was actually voted the friendliest stadium in all of limmie,” Rurra said. The audience laughed. “It’s true. I think that it’s because after we say, ‘Go—” the broadcast bleeped out the next word, “—yourself,’ we pour a beer on your head. So you get a free beer out of the deal.” The audience laughed again.

    “This will be new. No one has ever said that to me,” Alana said.


    “Never. I go to Nar Shaddaa and school children run down to the visitor’s tunnel to hand me lollipops and flowers. It’s really very sweet,” Alana said.

    Rurra chuckled. “Then clearly you are in for a much different limmie experience here,” Rurra said, “Speaking of which, let’s get back to the Cup. You like the Miners’ chances in 275?”

    “Well, we’re a work in progress. We’ve got some positions to fill and we haven’t gone through the draft yet, but I think that we showed some real resiliency last season at the end there. If we get a better middle out of this season then I think we’re going to do all right,” Alana said.

    “Everett North, your longtime partner. Gone, kicked to the curb, one might say,” Rurra said, “So let me ask you this: Quinn Cundertol: terrible GM or terrible-ist GM?”

    The audience laughed. “None of the above,” Alana said.

    “I’m sorry, on my card here I just have those two options,” Rurra said, holding out his card, “You have to pick one.”

    “Not going to get me to say it, Rurra,” Alana insisted.

    “I’m just going to put you down for ‘terrible,’ is that okay? I think that’s what Reina Kether put down when she was here. Chuck, do we have a clip of that? Roll 2:12.”

    The show cut to Reina Kether on the Nightly Show. “Okay, let’s go through some of your Elite League peers and do some word association. Quinn Cundertol.”

    “Can burn in Korriban for all I care,” Kether finished.

    “‘Burn in Korriban…’ sounds like ‘terrible’ to me,” Rurra said, pretending to write on his cue card.

    They cut back to Alana and Rurra. “Come on Rurra. You know you can’t trust another ginger,” Alana said.

    “Right, I would never trust any of them,” Rurra said without hesitation, “Speaking of which, I’m color blind. What color is your hair again?”

    “I’m a very distinct blonde,” Alana said.

    “Blonde, right, I always forget. Because your hair and a Sith Lord’s lightsaber are the same color,” Rurra said, as if suddenly remembering.

    “Yeah, I’m pretty sure Exar Kun had a yellow lightsaber,” Alana said.

    “I was actually thinking of Darth Vader and his red lightsaber,” Rurra pointed out.

    “He had a blue lightsaber,” Alana said, “Everybody knows his first lightsaber was blue.”

    “Alana Glencross, are you going toe-to-toe with me on obscure facts of galactic history?” Rurra asked.

    “Bring it, fuzzball!” Alana said, standing up to the hollers of the crowd.

    Rurra stood up. “That’s it—after the commercial break Alana Glencross and I are having a nerd off. We’ll be right back!”

    Falene and Niskat looked at each other.

    “You have to room with her?” Niskat asked.

    “Yeah,” Falene said.

    “I think you’re rooming with an insane asylum escapee,” Niskat said.

    “Give me a cheese puff,” was all Falene said.

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  12. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    What We Learned

    Yes, we know. We missed two weeks. But the interns went to Cloud City, blew their tuition money, and we had to run a shipment of spice for a bunch of Hutts so we can get rid of them at the end of the season and send them back to college. Seriously, this is the story we told our bosses, so we have to tell it to you. With the regular season completed, we’ve decided to lay off the snark (and the interns are way too hung over to do snark right now) so we’re going to try something even more shocking—sincerity.

    Agamar Packers: They didn’t finish at the bottom of the conference, which is what most of us expected, so this wasn’t a terrible opening season for the Packers. Sure, Ylesia’s freshman effort resulted in the Galactic Cup, but not everyone can have Kasin Urdaaza. One thing is for sure: Tim Dodd is not a sit-back owner who goes “la la la la I own a limmie team la la la.” Given what he’s already done before the playoffs are over, he’s clearly playing for keeps. He’s also said the Packers will not participate in the ELL Draft, so he’s also blazing his own trail. The Packers could be 275’s most interesting franchise to watch.

    Bakura Miners: Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the retirement of a Kayl’hen Era great, Dorf Landa. His career began in 263 and ended with a dominating performance against Rydonni Prime. In his time, Landa revolutionized the way that the half forward line was used, taking it from a way station on the way to the Front Three to a legitimate scoring threat. Though his memory has been eclipsed by the arrival of Alana Glencross on the Miners, he is literally a giant of the Era. Good luck on Agamar, Dorf.

    Chandrila Patriots: The Patriots were shut out of all but one Elite League award and that was a Grames nomination for Reina Kether. Something tells me that doesn’t matter to Kether, who was the bane of the existence of the Smugglers for over a decade in the Crendan Era. If she gets to hoist the trophy named for the franchise player of the Smugglers, expect Quinn Cundertol to look like a humble Ewok after she’s done with her speech.

    Corellia Rebels: The best that can be said of the Rebels season is that they demonstrated fits of brilliance. Sometimes they would look like champions, but more often than not they floundered against teams that were clearly more experienced. Righting the ship in Coronet City is going to occupy the attention of the Five Worlds all offseason—assuming Kayl’hen doesn’t bounce the Rebels outright.

    Coruscant Senators: When you have a “retooling year”—or whatever Gark S’rily rebranded this season—and you still make the playoffs, you chalk that up as a win, even if your historic rival took you down twice in one year. At times this new Senators team looked like the Dirxx Horstse Senators and in particular Cord McKerty had spurts of excellence in what playing time he got. However, the cupboard is bare on Thyferra, which means S’rily and Pam Korthe may have no chance but to make things work with their current crew.

    Euceron Storm: No team has toiled in the muck as long as the Storm and that’s what makes their Commissioner’s Trophy victory that much more impressive. The credit rests solely with Asyel Yan’ii who took time to mature since making the high school-pro transition, but he’s clearly a superstar of the future. Even if no one can spell his name correctly.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers: From early season favorite for the Cup to also-rans, the C-Bucs imploded on themselves in conference play (hey, someone had to do it since Euceron got their act together). Seeing as Moira Mallory is about as soft and kind as the rock inside a spice mine on Kessel (and trust me, we’d know about those), this is going to be just a wonderful offseason in the Consortium.

    Mando’ade Mercs: We don’t like to blame a season’s failures on off-field distractions—and we’re not going to. But let’s just say that Manda’lor Taab marching his nation off to war on the opposite side of the galaxy is probably the best thing he could have done right now so everyone forgets this season. Bad news: if the Galactic Senate with a resolution strands Taab’s war force on the opposite side of the galaxy or there are going to be a lot empty seats at Mesh’la Vhetin this year.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: Konrad Dvorak still turned in the worst defense in the League this year. That makes their second place Skywalker Conference finish all the more impressive. Full credit to Tover Micjaa and John Huntington for hitting it out of the park offensively this season to literally save the season. The fact that they won a playoff game with their system means that they might not be doomed to follow in the footsteps of the 274 Miners who similarly dominated on offense and sucked on defense.

    Ralltiir Starkillers: We hate saying this, but Galaxy Defender Unanimous played up to his bluster this season. Though he had a talented defense in front of him, a lot of the Starkiller’s success is thanks to GDU. Of course, it’s precisely this sort of situation that comes back to bite a team in the playoffs so have fun with Reina Kether’s Patriots Ralltiir!

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: We have kidded Setarcos all season long for the terrible performance of the Monarchs. Sure enough, they finished last. Yet they finished first in season awards. Clearly, the Monarchs have gained huge respect for how they played this season. Though Setarcos wasn’t nominated for any awards himself, we lay the credit for this at his feet—mainly for having the good sense to snatch Vesper Lynd out from under the nose of the Miners. Seriously you two, just get a room at this point…what? She’s seeing a K’ntarr? Setarcos do not get a room with Vesper. I think your bosses will take out a contract on you if you do and trust me—this is one contract you don’t want to get into with the K’ntarrs.

    Ylesia Lighting: Lightning may not strike in the same place twice, but making the playoffs out of that 4-5 tiebreak was darn close to doing it again. Though Zoa Vra couldn’t get the offense going consistently, you have to hand it to Urdaaza who kept the Lightning in games all season long. Even when the interns leave, we’re going to leave our posters of Kasin hanging because we’ve just grown so accustomed to her.

    We’ll see you all on Rydonni Prime with Semifinal and season award thoughts!

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  13. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators Team HQ

    It didn’t take long at all to recognize the tall blonde woman who entered the team HQ building. Gark was leaning against the front desk as he waited, and when Adanna Inviere entered the room, he didn’t move from this posture. Perhaps it was just a “Joe Cool” type of action, but Gark wanted to make it look like he had been waiting here a while. Instead, he had barely gotten out of his office in time to catch Adanna as she entered. “Nice to see you again, Adanna,” Gark commented.

    “Waiting here long?” the Hapan asked as she removed her sunglasses from her face.


    “Not at all,” Gark admitted.

    “Good. I would feel flattered if you had waited here a long time for me to arrive,” Adanna quipped. “Although I still think I’m out of your league.”

    Gark snorted. “Very funny,” he said.

    “Now we’re even,” Adanna replied. “So, what’s the plan for my first day on the job? I take it that administrative personnel don’t get harassed on their first day?”

    “I thought I could rig a trap up, but then I realized that I don’t need to have you running out the door screaming bloody murder at me, so I figured leaving you alone would suffice,” Gark said in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

    “Indeed,” Adanna replied. She obviously didn’t buy the joke, but Gark hadn’t intended for that anyways. “It’s been a while since I was around these parts.”

    “You need the grand tour?” Gark joked.

    “I think I can find my way around,” Adanna said.

    “Then follow me. I’ve got some things I think you’ll need to know for this job,” Gark said. The Hapan followed him down the hall to the coaches’ office pod. Gark opened the door, let Adanna go through, and then shut the door behind him. They were now in the pod, with the offices surrounding the central desk and small waiting room.

    “First we need to get you properly attired,” Gark commented.

    “What, my Bakura Miners t-shirts won’t cut it for this job?” Adanna asked.

    “If you want to stay alive, it’s best not to,” Gark said with a smirk.

    “Figures as much,” Adanna said. “So, when do I get my extremely revealing outfit?” Gark raised an eyebrow. “What?” the Hapan asked. “It’s just a manifestation of my beautiful body. Most men can’t resist. It’s what I find funny about dealing with members of the opposite gender.”

    “Um . . . yeah, about that,” Gark said. “We’re not going to issue something like that . . . but if you want to come to work looking like a server at a sleazy restaurant, it’s your image, not mine.” He was definitely joking here, and he knew Adanna was bluffing as well. “Although I can’t guarantee the single men in this organization won’t be clamoring all over if you if you did so.”

    “I’m not too worried about them,” Adanna said. “I’ve dealt with that before. Goes with the territory.”

    A few minutes later, Adanna was outfitted in her gray Senators polo shirt and black slacks, definitely looking the part. “Not bad,” Gark commented.

    “Now I look official,” Adanna said. “So, what’s first on the agenda?”

    “I think you need to meet everyone,” Gark said. “Let’s have a whirlwind introduction session.”

    Gark let Adanna meet most of the people in the office, finally coming back to the coaching pod. “Our coaches aren’t here right now,” Gark said. “They’re taking a break, obviously. But a few people you need to know here . . .” He opened the door and stepped inside again. Me’lin had now appeared at the desk; she was absent earlier. The Twi’lek looked up. “Lin, you remember Adanna, right? Played for me a few years back,” Gark said.

    “Yeah, I do remember you,” Me’lin said. “Is she your new hire?” Gark nodded. “Well, welcome aboard, then,” his wife said. She had a plain look on her face.

    “She’s our secretary,” Gark reminded Adanna. “Makes everything run smoothly around here. Also makes our jobs easier.”

    “I’m all for easy,” Adanna said.

    “And then you need to meet the ‘owner’, or at least our figurehead,” Gark said. He took Adanna to another office and knocked.

    “Come in,” the voice said from inside. Gark opened the door and went inside. Londy Whiste turned around in his chair. “Well hey, boss. What’s up?”

    “Londy, I’d like you to meet our new assistant General Manager,” Gark said. “Adanna, meet Londy Whiste.” Adanna came forward and shook Londy’s hand. Londy looked stiff when he shook Adanna’s hand, like he was nervous about the whole thing. Gark knew he would have to ask him about it later, but now was not the time for such talk.

    The two of them then left the office. “I think it’s time for you to get started with the GM duties,” Gark said. “I need to talk to you in my office about the state of the roster.”
    “Ooh, first day on the job, and I’ve already earned a trip to the GM’s office,” Adanna said with a smirk. “It feels like school all over again. What rule did I break this time?” The two of them entered Gark’s office, and Adanna shut it behind her. Gark sat down at his desk. “Nifty digs,” the Hapan commented. “Do I get a nice one like this?”

    “I’ll have to kick someone out to the supply closet,” Gark joked.

    “Well worth it,” Adanna replied. “So, what do you want me to go over?”

    “I want you to look at our roster and tell me what you think we need to do,” Gark said, handing a roster over to Adanna. She began to skim the names on there. “I trust you’ve been watching at least some of our games?”

    “Obviously,” Adanna said. “Hard not to when you’re in the playoff hunt.” She finished scanning the roster and looked up. “What exactly do you want me to say?”

    “Just your thoughts on things,” Gark said. “This is the reason I brought you on as my assistant. I need you to give me a second opinion on how the roster is built right now.”

    “Well, I can see some issues on defense with depth,” Adanna said. “Jerek is still good . . . captain? . . . serviceable defensive unit. Not great, though. Could use some work.”

    “How so?” Gark asked.

    “Needs some more oomph,” the former half back commented. “I’m looking at a bunch of skinny guys on this roster who just don’t have that shock value. Not saying we need to add size, but it would be interesting to see if we can get some decent bump-and-run players. From what I learned playing with Jerek and against a few of these guys, they’re better in zone and one-on-one coverage. You need to add in some players who like to set picks and bump forwards at the line.”

    “And how would you suggest we do that?” Gark asked. He was genuinely interested in what the Hapan had to say.

    “I think we need to scout the draft on defense,” Adanna said. “We might need to find a solid d-back to fill in here when the starters need rest. Because you’re still running the substitution-heavy game, right?” Gark nodded. “Then we need someone who can fill in and keep the defensive pressure going. How is this Reid Livingstone? Is he good?”

    “He was a rookie this past year, so I’m not quite sure what we have in him yet,” Gark said. “Had two development season on Thyferra, though, so he has some seasons in him. I’m thinking he’ll be a starter in camp, and then we’ll see if he deserves the gig this season.”

    “Knowing Jerek, it helps to have someone to compliment his skills out there,” Adanna said. “Does Livingstone have that value?”

    Gark pondered the thought for several seconds. “That’s a good point,” he finally said. “I’ll look into that.”

    “I think he’s worth a look,” Adanna said. “But I just want to make sure that he’s the perfect complement to a franchise corner in Jerek.”

    “That’s what we had when Shayt was still playing,” Gark said. “She had the size and the nasty streak, and Jerek was the shifty option who could be a ballhawk. Great tandem, if you remember.”

    “But is size what we really want?” Adanna asked. “I don’t know right now. But I think we need to look for someone who has the skills to work with Jerek, because from what I’ve seen, your defense was poor at the end of last season. And that won’t work.”

    “Good point,” Gark said. “What about the rest of the team?”

    “It looks solid all around,” Adanna commented. “I’ll need some time to deliberate on a few things, but I’ll have time to think about that in the next few months.”

    “At that time, you should have your own office,” Gark said.

    “Company vehicle? Bank account? Bar tab?” Adanna asked.

    “As long as you’re buying,” Gark said.

    “I’d only buy a drink for you if I knew I owed you one. And right now, I don’t, so you buy,” Adanna replied.

    “We’ll talk about this later,” Gark said. “I have a list of things I’d like for you to go over today if possible. Also, you might need to move back here to Coruscant, since you have a new job and all.”

    “If I last in this job. Last I checked, you can be a demanding GM,” Adanna said.

    “I think you’ll work out just fine,” Gark said. “And if it doesn’t . . . well . . . then you’re just another pretty face in the office.”

    “Just the way I like it,” Adanna said. “I would have made a good model if I hadn’t been into Limmie.”

    “Come to think of it, we could always use a pretty face to model some of our team-licensed gear,” Gark said smugly. “Especially the rain slick collection, the caf mugs, and the earmuffs . . .”

    “Go to hell,” Adanna said.

    “I think our work relationship will work out just fine,” Gark said with a sly grin. Adanna just sighed.

    “I’ll just get started on my work, then,” she said, standing up.

    “Yep,” Gark said. “Come ask me if you have any questions.” The Hapan left. Gark knew that Adanna would work out just fine in this role, at least for now. Her lasting value to the organization was still uncertain, but he wasn’t worried about that for now.

    Then Gark wandered back into Londy’s office. The man turned around. “Hey boss,” he said.

    “So, Londy, what did you think of Adanna?” Gark asked. He was going to have a little fun at Londy’s expense if he could.

    “She’s . . . different,” Londy said, his expression getting a little nervous.

    “Different?” Gark pressed. “I would think a handsome guy like you would have been all over her.”

    “It’s not my thing, boss,” Londy said. “I . . . freeze . . . when I meet women.”

    “Join the club,” Gark said. “But I think you two looked so good together.” Londy blushed to the point where his cheeks were beet red. “All right, I’ll stop bothering you. But keep that in mind. I do think you’d look good with a gorgeous woman like her on your shoulder. You never know.”

    “Um . . .”

    “Just think of it. The interesting office dynamics . . . the romantic candlelight dinners . . . the long walks on the beach . . . I think you could get a lot out of that,” Gark said.

    “I’ll think about it,” Londy said.

    “Eh, I’ll leave you alone,” Gark said, closing the door behind him. That had been a good ribbing after all. If he wasn’t married, he knew he would be having a major crush on Adanna already. However, any thoughts of that vanished when he got back to the front desk and saw his wife sitting there. She was gorgeous . . . wait, was he really thinking this? He needed to be worrying about the team, not women. Smacking himself in the face with a solid palm for getting off-topic, he walked back to his office and closed the door. The rest of the day was spent looking at his notes, and making some comments on them.

    Then Adanna poked her head in. “I think you owe me a beer for all this work you’ve given me,” she said.

    “What, you’re already complaining about the workload?” Gark asked. “It’s just your first day.”

    “Exactly. That’s why I need a beer. Or two. Or four,” Adanna said. “And you’re buying.”

    “You’re just wanting to skate by on my tab,” Gark commented.

    “Exactly. It’s what an employer does for the employee,” Adanna said with a wink. “Besides, you still owe me one from back in my playing days.” Gark just sighed. This whole assistant GM thing was going to be a give-and-take process, as Adanna was certainly going to be his foil at times. But he hoped it would work for the betterment of not just him, as he was usually overworked, but also for the team.

    TAG: No One, although I think Trieste will get a kick out of the snark in this post. And yes, before anyone asks; yes, he did this first. ;)
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  14. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Jedi Temple, Ossus
    Time: Day before Conference Semifinals

    The door opened, and Zay limped into the Council Chambers after his Master. The fact that he could even limp on his own legs at all was a win for him. His leg wound had become infected shortly after arriving back at the Temple, and the infection had nearly forced the healers to amputate his leg. Only the intervention of the master healer, three other healers, all the Force healing they could summon, and a metric crapload of medication had saved his leg, and it was only now, nearly a month later, that Zay had been deemed healthy enough to leave the Hall of Healing.

    Grand Master Kash Skywalker looked up from his datapad as Palla and Zay took their positions in the middle of the room. "Greetings. I understand there were some issues with your leg, Zay?"

    "That would be an understatement," replied Zay.

    "How is it healing?"

    "Getting there. The healers told me it should be fully healed in about a week or two."

    "Good, because we have a job for you, and it involves Rondy Bassell."

    Kash and Palla both studied Zay for any reaction to the name, but Zay showed no outward emotion. He was, however, unable to prevent the Grand Master from reading his internal emotions with the Force.

    "Be careful, young Padawan," said Kash. "You should not be thinking of revenge here."

    "I know. The Jedi seek justice, not revenge. But it's hard to not think about revenge."

    "Not thinking about it is hard, but it is the Jedi way."

    Zay nodded his head, and Kash leaned back in his chair and moved on to the topic of the meeting.

    "As you are aware, the EBI had previously asked that we let them handle the manhunt of Bassell. Since he showed up on Tavell, it is now clear that the matter is not entirely within the EBI's jurisdiction, and thus they have requested Jedi assistance. Additionally, the manner in which Bassell and his army attacked you indicates that he was targeting you, the Jedi, specifically, and thus the Council here considers this a Jedi matter as well.

    "I am assigning the two of you to hunt down Bassell and his organization and capture him. You will have the entire resources of the Order at your disposal, including priority access to the Archives and the ability to request additional Jedi to assist you at any time. I want you to begin on this as soon as you are ready, but I don't want you, Zay, to push your leg too much before it's healed. Am I clear?"

    Palla responded first. "Yes, we understand."

    Zay simply said, "Yes."

    "Then good luck, and may the Force be with you," said Kash.

    Time: One day later

    Zay decided he needed a break. He and Palla had spent all day thus far researching Bassell and his organization and had come up almost empty-handed which was frustrating. He looked up at his Master, and she nodded her head. Leaving their research sit on the table, they went their separate ways: Palla to the cafeteria, and Zay to his quarters.

    Upon arrival at his quarters, Zay laid down on his bed, being careful not to bend his knee the wrong way and cause it to hurt again. He flipped on the holoscreen and found a news channel reporting on the civil war on Tavell. The rebels had apparently captured the capital and the president, and in a shocking turn of events, had summarily and publicly executed him for the alleged crime of ordering the attack on the peace conference.

    Zay muttered something that wasn't very nice under his breath and mashed the channel up button repeatedly. Shopping, "reality" shows, game shows, limmie, more reality shows... wait, what was that last one? Zay went back one and found a live limmie game between the Lightning and Smugglers.

    Having not been able to watch limmie in the healing hall, Zay had nearly forgotten about it. Now he wondered how the Storm had fared. He assumed that they had collapsed over the last three weeks of the season, like they always did. So when HSN showed the playoff bracket on the screen, he was pleasantly surprised to find that they had secured the Commissioner's Trophy.

    Zay idly watched the rest of the game, noting that Smugglers beat the Lightning 28–19 and that therefore the Smugglers would be traveling to Euceron next week, which gave him an idea....

    Zay wandered back to the Archives and found Palla back at work. "I don't know what to do here, Zay," she said. "I can't find any information on these guys at all."

    "I had an idea. Perhaps we need to talk to some people that have dealt with them and are professional investigators as well."

    "You mean..."

    "Go to Euceron and talk to the EBI guys and the prison officials. They might have information that we don't."

    "What gave you this idea? The Storm's playoff game next week?"

    "Well, yes, that's what made me think about it, but the mission is of course the first priority."

    "Sure it is. But we'll do it anyway since it's a good idea."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    I'll have to keep this short and sweet, but these games are usually my favorites. The games to get to the Final are pretty exciting in real life, so I assume that applies here. ;)

    Bonus rolls to Euceron, Nar Shaddaa, and Ralltiir. Banked bonus rolls for the future to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Mando'ade, and Rydonni Prime. Here we go!

    Conference Finals
    (2) Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at (1) Euceron Storm (17-20)
    (2) Chandrila Patriots at (1) Ralltiir Starkillers (21-6)

    Galactic Cup Final
    The Grande Villa, Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    (2) Chandrila Patriots vs. (1) Euceron Storm

    TAG: jcgoble3 Runjedirun Vehn
  16. Vehn

    Vehn Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: The music will have to be opened in a new window. The video isn't allowed to be embedded. Please listen to it, great movie, and even greater soundtrack by the wonderful Basil Paleodouris (Robocop composer).

    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Eusebus, Euceron, Smugglers 17-Storm 20

    The season was over.

    The Smugglers were going home in defeat.

    Kaitlyn, who had patrolled the sidelines during the entire struggle against the Euceron Storm, glanced up at the blue and white ticker tape that snowed from the upper decks of the stadium in disbelief, in muted disappointment. The Smugglers had pushed so hard this year but it wasn’t enough. Their luck had run out and the Storm had figured out a way to halt the league’s highest scoring offense in a battle that said so much and left so much more unsaid on the pitch about both franchises. One franchise was a rising star and the other was an aging legacy that had seen so much in its time, maybe a dying dream, maybe just a fantasy in the mind of a child.

    Kaitlyn looked across the field at the Storm players who were celebrating as if they’d won the Final. They had every reason to be happy, every reason to celebrate, to revel in their victory against one of the greatest franchises the galaxy had ever seen. That was fitting, somehow, somewhere, that seemed right. The sting of defeat and the misery of watching another team go to the Final for a chance to win it all would linger with her for a few more hours. That was all right. That was natural. That was the way it had to be.

    Euceron had earned their victory today. After years of disappointment, of expecting the worst, the team had clawed their way to the top and faced adversity and triumphed. That spoke volumes to their coaching staff, to their players, to their faith in the parity of the sporting world. But the Smugglers hadn’t made it easy. And that was just fine with Kaitlyn. She wanted the Storm to have to earn their stripes. Heads had been turned by their victory. Winning against the Smugglers was a statement. Beating Chandrila would further cement this team in the gloried halls of Eusebus for all eternity and Kaitlyn hoped they would. She hoped that Euceron would stick it to the Patriots in all the ways that hurt. She wanted to see Reina Kether dragged through the mud and humiliated. Maybe she would. Maybe there would be some celebration in that for her. Maybe.

    She returned her attention to the Smugglers sideline where her young team began the long walk home into the visiting tunnel and the team shuttle. There was Meredith Chambers consoling a shaken Roz Cartel who had missed a key deflection and allowed the Storm to take the lead in the final moments of the game. There was Konrad Dvorak speaking to Ike Tullo and Ken Zetter about shaking off the loss and focusing on next season. There was John Huntington who gave Vick McTodd, the All-Star, an embrace that communicated so much about taking defeat on the chin, learning from mistakes, and putting the bad parts of life behind him. This was the end of the road for the 274 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. And what a year it had been.

    Kaitlyn reflected on her earliest days with the franchise. How she’d privately spurned Verity Vehn after taking ownership of the team. How she’d steered a relentless course through the draft and her modifications of the team uniform. How she’d changed after her visit to the Valor Foundation and other eye opening experiences of the lower classes on Nar Shaddaa. How she’d forged a path towards a new stadium, first pursuing public funding, and then choosing to finance the project with her own money. All of this, her journey, had slowly begun steering her towards returning to Druckenwell. Well, she’d been able to do that too. Now that the Smugglers season was over, Kaitlyn could return home, see her son, see her husband, and maybe restore her life. Maybe start fresh. Try to make things right with her family with herself.

    Kaitlyn paused before looking down the black abyss of the tunnel that would take her home. She looked back at the field. At the Storm fans, the players, the smiles, the thrill of the win, and a quiet smile formed on her otherwise impassive face. This was right. This was their time. Wasn’t this what Niakara Kayl’hen was always harping about to the owners? Letting smaller markets have a shot at the glory that was Elite League Limmie? Well, this was their chance and Vehn knew that the Storm wouldn’t ruin it for all the busts on Empress Teta.

    “Good game,” Kaitlyn whispered before disappearing into the darkness.

    She had made her decision.

    It was time to go home.

  17. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Thyferra (30), Tatooine (28), Concordia (28), Commenor (28), Druckenwell (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Consolation Semifinals
    (8) Thyferra Force at (5) Kashyyyk Rangers (11–13)
    (7) Tatooine Sandskimmers at (6) Kamino Waves (26–3)
    Futures Cup Semifinals
    (4) Concordia Crusaders at (1) Byblos Red Wings (2–0)
    (3) Commenor Gundarks at (2) Druckenwell Marksmen (13–17)

    Championship Week
    Seventh Place Game
    (8) Thyferra Force at (6) Kamino Waves
    Fifth Place Game
    (7) Tatooine Sandskimmers at (5) Kashyyyk Rangers
    Third Place Game
    (3) Commenor Gundarks at (1) Byblos Red Wings
    Futures Cup Final, presented by Gundarkade
    The Grande Villa, Ryell, Rydonni Prime
    (4) Concordia Crusaders vs. (2) Druckenwell Marksmen

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Gunny CPL_Macja
  18. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    So in the excitement of yesterday (which was legitimately crazy for me without it being Conference Finals), I totally forgot that the Miners had a friendly:

    Bakura Miners at Stewjon Metropolitans (28-33)

    And apparently I should have kept forgetting. :p

    More importantly, yesterday's game have definitively decided the 275 Elite League Draft Order:
    1. Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    2. Mando'ade Mercs
    3. Bakura Miners
    4. Ylesia Lightning
    5. Coruscant Senators
    6. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    7. Ralltiir Starkillers
    8. Euceron Storm
    Let the mock drafts and war rooming begin!
    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun Vehn
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  19. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Cruth Kantor
    Coruscant Athletic Club

    Cruth stepped out onto the stage and up to the podium to the applause from the crowd. Tonight was a special night. Tonight was when the four best players in the galaxy would have their chance at the greatest award of them all in college Limmie; the Helmsman Memorial Trophy, handed out to only the best player in the galaxy that season. With the ELL Draft now staunchly in place, the sample size of Helmsman winners and their draft stock was wide-reaching. There had been first-overall picks from the winners. Maximus Qorbus, the 272 Numifolis Award winner and current Coruscant Senator, and Ye’ves’toung, the All-Star midfielder from the Ralltiir Starkillers, had been the first players chosen after winning the Helmsman. 273 winner Jalin Mioree went several spots lower to the Euceron Storm, and 274 winner Mo Klaret had gone second also to Euceron, so winning didn’t mean being the first pick. But it certainly helped. Given what Qorbus and Ye’ves’toung had done in the Elite League, this award was still prestigious, although Mioree and Klaret had yet to make their mark on the league.

    And now another name would be added to the long list of winners. All four nominees were in attendance, surrounded by family and friends. This was their chance to try and cash in on the Helmsman nomination, but the award virtually guaranteed a first-round selection, while nominations didn’t mean as much. Zak Pers had been one such selection, falling to the middle of the third round in 273 to Coruscant.

    “Thank you all for coming out tonight to honor the Helmsman Memorial Trophy nominees. They are as follows,” Cruth said.

    Fuva Mu'tish, Midfielder, Bonadan School of Business. (How she had made it on this list Cruth didn’t know. Bonadan was a school for business, not Limmie.)

    Shady Lerouex, Full Forward, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar. (A power school from the Bak10, Cruth mused. She had been a solid FF this season, and some teams might be interested in her, especially if she won.)

    Jiri "Slappy" Patton, Defensive Back, Citadel University of Anaxes. (Good pedigree from a solid defense that led the Defenders to a S16 title and near win in the Carnation Bowl.)

    Ariva Kendal, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes. (Yes, two Defenders, but they had a special season.)

    There was applause for each of the nominees as their names were read. Now all eyes turned back to Cruth.

    “The 275 Helmsman Memorial Trophy winner is . . .” he slit open the envelope and pulled out the name. It was show time.

    Ariva Kendal.

    The Etti, who was completed shocked by this, came up and received her award. Citadel usually wasn’t known for churning out the best Limmie players, but they had obviously done something right here with Kendal.

    TAG: CPL_Macja, Bardan_Jusik, Trieste, Rebecca_Daniels, Vehn, Runjedirun, jcgoble3

    NOTE: I will now commence on the Mock Draft.
  20. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun, Agamar.

    "And that is the status of the Galaxy tonight!"; the News Anchor concluded, prompting Tim to switch the system off before the venerable strains of 'Coasting By (in Realspace)' heralded the planetary weather forecast by region. Important though it might be to some farmers and those taking pleasure trips by watercraft, he had no real interest in such detail. Neither, apparently, did the Manager of the Dodd's Ancestral Farm - he swore by the old, traditional, arcane, methods - and was more accurate than the weather scientists a good deal of the time!

    A pity that that worthy had had to be abruptly displaced into the 'Evlyn Annex' by the arrival of the Jedi Research and Technical team, no less than eight of them! At least the Annex (a small extension to the main house prepared way-back-when for the paternal grandmother of the 'Mad Swordsman' - and never used; because she was just too Agamarian-stubborn to abandon her own house and move in with her son's family!) had its own entryway, so there shouldn't be too much disturbance to either part of the new, combined, household. Tim hadn't actually met any of the Jedi yet; truth to tell he was keeping them as much at arm's length as possible - for fear of hearing the dread words 'Do you know you're Force Sensitive?'; the same remark that had sent his several-greats Uncle off on his travels! Tim was having far too much fun at the moment just being a Limmie team's owner; he did not want that sort of distraction!

    Indeed, 'Out of the Black' (as spacers termed it) a formal proposal had been received by the University from its fellow institution on Garqi inquiring about a possible affiliation between their local Limmie team (the 'Garqi Gunners') and the Packers. According to the info-packet, the 'Gunners' had been bouncing around the middle-to-top of their own small League (composed almost entirely of teams from worlds within the former Imperial Remnant) for several seasons, but had neither the surplus Credits, the Star Players nor the Profile to break into the mainstream of Galactic Limmie. An alliance with the Packers would go a long way towards solving those problems.

    As a place to transition incoming players from College-level into Elite-League-Level (conversely as a place to 'rest' Elite League players that needed to regain their confidence and form away from the stress and Media attention) such an arrangement was certainly tempting. Garqi wasn't that far away, as the spacecraft flew, so both worlds shared quite a bit of history. They were also both agriworlds; the only real differences being that the Garqi Agricultural University had a slightly narrower curriculum, was less cosmopolitan and focussed more closely on its name subject than the University of Agamar. Well, there was no rush on a decision, nor were the GAU asking for one, so that could be a nice job for Dorf, once he'd settled in as Assistant Coach. He'd be able to assess the Gunners' calibre and potential very quickly and easily.

    The TenGate trials were proceeding. Tim had the candidates (supervised by some rather perplexed Protocol Droids) at Hurling practice - nothing fancy at this stage, just seeing which of them looked to have a good, natural, delivery action and which of them were the most accurate. He'd even found a couple of potential Arbiters - ASF's last two YVH Droids! Repainted with russet-red torsos and arms and black below the waist, they were programming themselves with the rules of TenGate and calibrating their targeting sensors to register the actual and predicted trajectories of the ball. As no one in their right mind would be likely to dispute their decisions (neither ASF nor Tim would ever say if all - or even any - of the Droids' built-in weapons systems had been decommissioned), it seemed a perfect choice!

    'The Galaxy Tonight' programme that Tim had been watching hadn't included anything of real interest on the Mandalorian/Ssi-Ruuk/Bakuran situation. It seemed that Bakura was still making its collective mind up about whether or not to take part in the prospective hostilities themselves. Even Ayn Dormingale had had to become involved in that debate; but had come firmly down on the side of non-intervention. Tim hoped it didn't cost her, that enough of the voters would recognise and rally to a politician who had principles - they were somewhat rare! Even one of the regulars of Agamar's stand-up comedy shows had commented, comparing Ayn's speech with the (probably apocryphal) final campaign speech of a long-ago politician "You want to vote for my opponent? Do so! You can go straight to hell and I'll go to Taris!". They did, and he did - arriving just in time to become part of the firestorm from Malak's bombardment! Still, Tim had done what he could and might hear more when the Miners visited Agamar for the return match; where (if things went as hoped) they'd all get a nice little surprise!

    Tim had no qualms about the Mandalorians responding forcefully to aggression - but he did hope they'd got the right culprit; furthermore that the actual culprit wasn't some crazy splinter-group, operating without the knowledge or the permission of the Ssi-Ruuk leadership. Mandalorians, once attacked, weren't known for patiently sifting the evidence - just for killing everything in sight!

    TAG: No One.
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  21. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Preliminary 275 Mock Draft. Also known as "giving y'all something to chew on over the next week". Happy war-rooming!

    1. Rydonni Prime Monarchs - Jiri "Slappy" Patton (Human, Male, Defensive Back, Citadel University of Anaxes)

    Ariva Kendal would be the first choice of most of you readers to take here since she won the Helmsman. However, since I’m skeptical of rumors, I think that would be a bad idea. You see, Kendal would just detract from the ongoing circus that is the Vesper Lynd show. And when the Bakura royal complains about you making her look bad and not giving her the ball every time down the field, you don’t survive. Seriously, how else does she get a Salbukk nom when her team finished dead last unless she is the only scoring option in the playbook? Look for the Monarchs to play defense here, because it’s a major need. And because “Slappy” is an awesome nickname.

    2. Mando’ade Mercs - Ariva Kendal (Etti, Female, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes)

    Kendal won’t fall far. The Mercs are talent-starved now with most of their old players gone to retirement, and she will likely stick here if the Monarchs pass on the Helmsman winner.

    3. Bakura Miners – Fuva Mu'tish (Bothan, Female, Midfielder, Bonadan School of Business)

    Who will play with Alana Glencross is the big-ticket question on Bakura (or, at least next to the Fire Cundertol complaints that have even prompted a Holo site and a patented line of Cundertol-face dart boards at Bakuran pubs). Mu’tish is a tiny-school player, but she’s a Helmsman nominee. And the committee usually knows what it’s doing, right?

    4. Ylesia Lightning – Mulhollan (Gran, Male, Half Back, Cinnagar Imperial College)

    Defense, defense, defense! With the Lightning certainly not taking any human players, they need to stick with the safest pick on the board at a position of need. Mulhollan should be enough to help stop, or at least bandage, the bleeding in the Back 6 that cost the Lightning a chance to defend their Galactic Cup title last season.

    5. Coruscant Senators - Shady Lerouex (Human, Female, Full Forward, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar)

    If you hadn’t noticed, the Senators got 3 points all last season from this position. 3 points from Full Forward, which is where many superstar players in this league, play! That needs to change, and Shady is a solid pick who should fly under-the-radar and go here to shore up that poor front-line production.

    6. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - Beau Jaaxon (Human, Male, Corner Back, Vertical City University)

    Dear Kaitlyn Vehn,

    The Vertical City is lauding you for the rebranding of the Smugglers, the new uniforms, the new stadium that’s supposed to be awesome. But please, for the love of the Maker, take the local kid! Besides, you need a corner anyways because your defense last year was atrocious.

    P.S. Kaitlyn, please marry me!

    7. Ralltiir Starkillers - Rew Ileo (Human, Male, Left Corner Forward, University of Mykyr)

    No real pick of need right now for the Starkillers, so might as well take the best remaining player on the board. That is, unless they want to take a goalie, which I highly doubt.

    8. Euceron Storm - Christine Gamble (Human, Female, Corner Back, The Ord Sabaok University)

    The defense with the Storm is falling behind their offense at the moment, which isn’t to say that they aren’t both some of the best units in the league. But with depth at the LFL level at forward, the Storm need to play the long game if they want to compete long-term. This is a safe pick to keep tinkering with the defense until its perfect, although there is no immediate need here.

    Second Round:

    Bakura Miners - Fahpe Sojuria (Human [Bakuran], Male, Left Half Forward, University of Bakura, Gesco City)

    Mando’ade Mercs - Zen Kiesel (Human, Male, Corner Back, Druckenwell Technical University)

    Bakura Miners - Mitth'or'noris "Thorn" (Chiss, Male, Goaltender. University of Csilla)

    Ylesia Lightning - Vail Pin (Shistavanen, Female, Corner Forward, University of Bakura, Gesco City)

    Coruscant Senators - Sosar Drif (Arcona, Male, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - Harc Sichi (Ishi Tib, Male, Half Back, Kothlis National University)

    Ralltiir Starkillers - Jennacca (Wookiee, Female, Half Forward, University of Kashyyyk)

    Euceron Storm - Quark Tyndale (Human, Male, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent)

    Third Round

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Nada Baldvid (Sullustan, Female, Corner Back, Valorum University)

    Mando’ade Mercs - Buggie Resh (Human [Bakuran], Male, Center Half Forward, College of Deredith & Millicent)

    Bakura Miners - Mala Bonero (Selonian, Female, Full Forward, Tralus University)

    Ylesia Lightning - Gozer "The Destructor" (Devaronian, Male, Midfielder, The Ord Sabaok University)

    Coruscant Senators - Oss’irh’cgood "Ozzie" (Chiss, Male, Goalkeeper, University of Ool)

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers - Lisbeth Tobin (Quarren, Female, Center Half Back, College of Fondorelphia)

    Ralltiir Starkillers - Vash Passik (Kaleesh, Male, Corner Forward, Dac State University)

    Euceron Storm - Britranny Gryner (Human, Female, Half Back, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute)

    TAG (in draft order, even!): CPL_Macja, Bardan_Jusik, Trieste, Rebecca_Daniels, Vehn, Runjedirun, jcgoble3
  22. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    (Because, in theory, this game takes place after the Galactic Cup Final and the 274 All-Star Game, I’m going to have a little bit of fun a little later on. Because, in the words of Arthur, "Isn't fun the best thing to have?")

    IC: Falene Trieste
    Shale Stadium, Stewjon

    The Miners had given Stewjon a true blue Miners game. The defense had been atrocious, per usual, but the offense had hummed along. And, as usual, the offense hadn’t been able to cover up their defensive shortcomings. When the game had ended, the Mets fans had just about stormed the field in celebration. Yes, the game was a friendly, but their lowly GCLA team had totally upended an Elite League Limmie club.

    We are not going to hear the end of this for months, Falene thought to herself as she trudged off the field. She definitely wanted to go nowhere near her cousin Vesper until this had blown over. With luck the Monarchs would lose to an Alliance Boloball Conference team or something like that so at least it would be the pot calling the kettle black.

    Up in one of the prime boxes her mother had hosted Rurra Eshka’mos, who had been wearing his old Mets jersey with great pride throughout the entire game. No doubt her mother had enjoyed tickling the political satirist pink with the fact that his Mets had beaten her Miners in a real shootout. It was much better than the Mets thrashing the Miners because that would have meant that everyone would have assume the Miners hadn’t tried.

    And did we ever try, Falene thought as she finally got to the tunnel to the visitors’ locker room.

    “Go out there and have some fun,” Valerii said before the game started, “I mean it. This is a true friendly. Enjoy yourself. Do stuff you’d never dream of doing in a game. No look passes, crazy trick plays that don’t even work in practice. Do it all. Have a good time everyone.”

    And sure enough, Valerii, who was already a remarkably laid back coach in that she just stalked the sidelines and didn’t try to yell out plays to the team in her “if you don’t know what you should be doing right now then you didn’t practice hard enough” way, was even more chill than usual. In fact, she spent most of the game smiling and even some of it smack talking with the Mets fans in the front rows on the Miner sideline, which must have amused them to no end. Falene played the entire game so she never heard what the content of this banter was. Part of her was infinitely curious.

    For their part, the Miners had taken Valerii seriously. Alana Glencross tried her first bicycle kick for a score in about three or four years (she missed by about half the width of the goal). Niskat, in her first game back as a Miner, organized a “flying V”—which looked awesome but actually turned out to be pretty useless. Falene for her part decided if she was going to have fun then she was going to play for the interception all day long. And all day long she let Met half forwards get behind her, make their receptions and get nice open space inside their offensive zone. Anton Jorpik was not enjoying the “let’s have some fun” philosophy because that meant that he was not getting any defensive coverage on the weak side of the net. Accordingly, after yet another Stewjon goal, instead of kicking downfield he picked up the ball and just ran with it towards the opposite goal. When Falene realized he was actually going to try going coast-to-coast with the ball, she immediately started running to give him a block. However, that didn’t turn out too well when the Trandoshan basically flipped Falene over top of him. In a moment of panic, Falene thought she was going to land on her head. Before she knew what she was doing, Falene put her hands out ahead of her—which was really below her when one thought about her relative position to the ground—and sprang off them into a flip to land on her feet. There was some, what Falene imagined to be sarcastic, applause from the nearby fans. Falene just shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “What are you going to do?” Returning to the flow of the game, she found a five person dogpile that she imagined had the Miner goalkeeper at the bottom of it.

    So in other words, the game went swimmingly, except for the fact that they’d been beaten by a GCLA team.

    “Straight to the bottom of the power rankings for 275!” Alana exclaimed happily inside the locker room, “Woo hoo!”

    “I’ll take it,” Neffroq Vubbins said, “Low expectations, they’ll never see us coming.”

    “Yeah. We win three games and that’ll be three more games than they expect us to win. We can chalk the season up as a victory,” Nelly Wizmark said sarcastically.

    “Hey, I don’t know what you all saw out there, but that looked a lot like the Galactic Cup Final. When we did that thing in the first half? Chandrila did exactly the same thing,” Morgan Alesh.

    “Oh yeah!” Becki Morlan said, “But I loved that play where Euceron—”

    “Hey, all I want to know is why Alana didn’t pull out that bicycle kick in the All Star Game,” Max Grap said, “Man, if she’d done that then the Solo Conference—”

    “I don’t want to hear any lip from you. You’re still a second year over there so I’m going to call you a rook if I want to,” Alana cut the Devaronian off, “I didn’t see your butt at the All Star Game.”

    Before things went any further, the door to the locker room opened and—to everyone’s surprise—Gaeriel Valerii came in. That never happened. The head coach had a strict policy of not talking to her team after a loss. The appearance of Valerii got everyone’s attention.

    “Fantastic game, everyone. Really well done,” Valerii said, clapping.

    The entire Miners team collectively tilted their head in confusion. “Coach…you did see the scoreboard, right?” Aron Rodders asked.

    “Scoreboard? This was a friendly. I’ll care about the scoreboard when we go to The Pond and Six Boroughs. No, this game was fun. If the Chancellor’s going to drag us all the way out here for a nothing game then we’re going to have a fun game. You put on a show for Stewjon today and that was all I wanted of you. Win, lose, it’s nice just to play the game, isn’t it? Nice job again. Get yourselves cleaned up and local media will be coming in soon. I think Rurra’s going to come over to make you all look like idiots after he finishes celebrating with the Mets. Truth be told, shouldn’t be too hard. Just don’t let Red get near a mic or she’s going to hog all your holo time.”

    “Hey coach,” Falene called out, “We’ve got a new assistant coach, right?”

    “Yeah,” Valerii said.

    “When’s he coming?”

    “We’ve agreed to let him finish the season with Empress Teta,” Gaeriel said, “He’ll be here as soon as that’s done.”

    “So before the Naboo game?” Falene said, “I mean, if he’s going to start changing the defense up, we need to get on that as soon as possible.”

    “Probably. We’ll be doing a mini-camp before Naboo and Nar Shaddaa,” Valerii said, “I don’t think we’re going to do too much different, but we may start progressing into a new system then. Cuth and I will be sitting down as soon as his duties with the Pikemen allow.”

    “Wait, what do you mean ‘progressing’ and ‘mini-camp’?” Wizmark asked, “Shouldn’t we have plenty of time in camp to do this?”

    “We won’t do full camp until after the draft, get the new blood in,” Valerii said.

    “Of course we won’t,” Bengi Zire said through his translator, “but when are we going to Naboo?”

    “Before the draft,” Valerii said.

    The locker room exploded into noise as beings jumped to their feet. Words and phrases like “crazy,” “stupid,” “are you kidding me?” “I am going to kill you,” and “that’s it I quit,” might have been thrown around. Falene, however, quietly kept her seat and continued getting out of her gear and uniform. As everyone was still crowding around Valerii, who was now shouting back at all of them (and actually handling the whole thing rather well), Niskat noticed that her friend was not generally outraged like everyone else and that quieted her own sudden protestations. She slipped onto the bench next to Falene.

    “You know something, don’t you?” Niskat asked. Though she spoke in a normal voice the shouting in the room made it so the rest of the team probably couldn’t hear her.

    “No,” Falene said.

    “Yes you do,” Niskat insisted, “There’s a reason we’re doing our friendlies before the Draft.”

    “I guess that’s the way the Mighty Quinn wanted it. And when he wants his way…”

    Niskat looked out the corners of her eyes at Falene. “You know something and I’m going to get it out of you.”

    “Just try,” Falene said with a sly smile.

    “Oh, I have my ways. I’ll be back. I need to plot,” Niskat said, sliding down the bench back to her spot, “Just you wait.”

    “Bring it, Bear,” Falene said.

    “I am going to bring it so hard that when it’s been brought you’re going to be wishing you never tangled with me, Ranger,” Niskat replied.

    “Uh huh. Don’t worry. Once we draft Shady from your alma mater we’ll kick you off the team and then it’ll have been brought,” Falene shot back.

    “I am seven and three quarters times the player Shady is! You watch yourself!” Niskat said pointing a finger at Falene.

    “You know, Senatorial Guards don’t appreciate the nuances of trash talk. I think you’ve just committed a Republican crime,” Falene said.

    “A crime? A crime? You know what’s going to be a crime? The look on your face when I bring it,” Niskat said.

    And that continued for the next five minutes as the rest of the Bakura Miners verbally assaulted their head coach over what was looking like the offseason of doom.

    TAG: CPL_Macja (for a brief Vesper mention) jcgoble3 (for an almost Euceron mention) Jedi Gunny (to alert him to the fact that the Miners should now undoubtedly be at the very bottom of the 275 power rankings) Vehn (for a future friendly game mention)
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  23. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jed Ortmeyer

    One more game to go. That’s all that was on Jed’s mind as his defeated Thyferra Force team trudged back to their locker room after the Consolation Semifinals game, or what should have been dubbed the “Shameless League Money Grab” Bracket. The team had shown a little more fight today against the Rangers, buts had fallen short 13-11 on the road. This Rangers squad was the only team that the Force had beaten during the regular season, and obviously didn’t want to lose out today to make that 0-2 on the year. That would have been unforgivable for them . . . and Jed knew it wouldn’t save his bacon anyways.

    Why would a win do anything for him at this point? Ever since that speed bump that the team had hit late on last season, things had spiraled downwards. That win over Kashyyyk had only been possible because the atrocious Force defense had been good enough to mask another pathetic performance by the offense. Too bad the offense never returned the favor all season, their season high being only 15 points scored. Byblos, in their first game of the year, had hung up twice that number on the Force, later followed by several other teams. It was the worst season a team could imagine having, but at least it wasn’t winless. But it had come so damn close that it felt like that win was almost meaningless, a blip on the radar of failure.

    Jed knew that there was no hope of keeping his job after this next game. Pam wasn’t coming back to the team anytime soon; she was entrenched with the Senators, and if they ever let her go, word was it that someone else would be all too willing to pounce on her immediately. She had what it took . . . and he didn’t. His coaching deficiencies had been masked by her excellence with a team, and now that she was no longer running the show his work was dropping like a rock. He had returned to drinking again . . . it was a hard habit to kick. He was blowing his opportunities fast, and had no idea where he would end up next season. Probably unemployed. Probably wishing he had done better. Probably washing dishes or something. Who would hire him for a decent job with no real work experience? Limmie was his only chance . . . and right now his work there didn’t make the grade.

    The team had showed some fight today. Malida Worody, the obviously-Coruscant bound forward, had scored two goals today, and Almert Song had punched in one of his own. But the rest of the offense just looked tired out there today. Jed could see the verdict coming down after the game next week on his team. The Force were going to be ripped apart, he just knew it. Maybe two or three players would stick on, but otherwise it would be a complete organizational rebuild. And he wasn’t going to be a part of it.

    In the locker room, there was really nothing to say. Everyone seemed to see the writing on the wall like Jed; they knew that this situation was hopeless. Even Malida looked downcast, even though Jed knew she had the best shot of making the Senators next season and getting the hell out of this mire. What would happen to Song or Alex Renhorn was subject of conjecture, but Jed had a feeling that there were no sacred nerfs here on this team, including himself. He may have won a Cup title with the Senators, maybe helped keep the Thyferran offense rolling from 269-272, but when it came down to his recent performance, he had nothing to hang his proverbial hat upon. As for his promising young forwards, well, other Elite League teams might be willing to trade for them, teams with excess players to swap who could lead a rebuilding effort. Would anyone on this team now be here next season, players and coaches? All these thoughts made Jed want to drink, so when he got home, he took a long swig of whiskey before spending the rest of the night stewing and trying to figure out his future.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    OOC: Approved by both Trieste and Vehn. Enjoy! :D

    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Restaurant, Euceron Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Two hours before Conference Semifinal against Nar Shaddaa

    Zay stared at his datapad. "Well, we've got plenty of data from the EBI folks. I'm just not sure where to start."

    Palla looked up from her own datapad. "I'd focus on that unknown ship leaving the system shortly after the escape. I seem to recall seeing a similar ship on our way out of Tavell, and that was a very distinctive design."

    "Hmm, OK. I could calculate vectors, figure out where it might have been headed, but I'd need to go back to the ship for that so I could access the navicomputer."

    "Speaking of which, we're using the same ship we took to Tavell. Its systems might still have the data from that trip, which might include sensor data from our exit, which might include that unknown ship's exit vector."

    Zay looked up. "You used the word 'might' a lot of times in that sentence."

    "Yeah," said Palla with a small sigh. "It's a longshot, but worth checking."

    "Alright. So in order to get started, we need to go back to the ship, and we're already inside the stadium, and there's no re-entry allowed here, and it would be wrong to use a mind trick to get them to let us back in—"

    Palla rolled her eyes. "Did you really have to say that?"

    "Just covering everything," said Zay with a snicker. "Anyway, the point is that if we go back to the ship now, we miss the game, and it's not really that urgent. So let's just find our seats and enjoy the game."

    "Might as well."

    Time: 15 minutes before kickoff

    Zay rose to his feet with the crowd as Esther Gondorf entered the field, followed an assistant carrying a beautiful trophy. This was the Commissioner's Trophy, the prize for having the best regular-season record in the league. Why the Commissioner herself didn't present the Commissioner's Trophy (as a certain redhead had asked last year), Zay did not know, but ultimately it did not matter who presented it. It was the Storm's first Commissioner's Trophy after ten years in the Elite League and the team would cherish it regardless of whether it was presented by Gondorf or the guy who put the cheese on the nachos at the concession stand ten meters from Zay's seat.

    Or at least Zay hoped that the team would cherish it. Last year, that redhead had refused it on the basis that she wanted nothing but the Galactic Cup. She hadn't gotten it, which served her right in Zay's opinion.

    Gondorf took the microphone as she stood next to Storm captain Porrsk Rett'ii. "Congratulations, Porrsk, on a job well done this season," she said. The two smiled for the holos, and then Gondorf handed the trophy over to the captain, who took it with a big grin on his face and lifted it over his head as the crowd went wild.

    Porrsk passed the trophy down to the rest of the team, and it went from player to player until the referee gently asked them to clear the field so the game could begin. The reserves continued celebrating on the sidelines as the starting lineup took their places on the field, and three minutes later, the Skywalker Conference Championship Game was underway.

    Storm 15, Smugglers 17, 4:15 remaining in second half

    The Storm may have been down by 2, but the crowd was going wild. Down 14–5 at halftime, the team had gone into the locker room with heads low and the crowd nearly silent. But in that locker room, something had changed. Nobody in the stands knew what, but the players had come out of the tunnel for the second half excited and fired up. And it wasn't just their demeanor that had changed; in the first three minutes of the second half, the Storm put two points and a Yan'ii goal on the scoreboard, equaling their first-half point total in one-tenth of the time. When the Smugglers tried to fight back with their own high-powered attack, they found themselves confused by defensive schemes that they had never seen before, forcing low-percentage shots easily saved by Chenkabukk and even a couple of turnovers.

    Defense settled in on both sides until ten minutes to go, when Clarisse had showed off her All-Star leg by putting the ball through the uprights from her own side of the midfield line, bringing the Storm within three. Two minutes later, Vick McTodd answered with a goal for the Smugglers, which fired up the home crowd who wanted a goalkeeper interference foul called on Sorcha Styles. No call was made, but the Storm answered back with a fast break of their own, half back Chalporrin burying the ball in the back of the net less than 30 seconds later for his first career goal and sending the crowd into a frenzy. A foul on Yan'ii a minute and a half later that drew a penalty shot only intensified the noise. Captain Porrsk Rett'ii punted the ball hard to the upper corner, and Cartel managed to deflect it over the crossbar for just one point, producing the current score.

    So it was that the Storm were feeding off the home crowd as they passed the ball back and forth, looking for a hole in the Smugglers defense. Clarice Su, who was in the game temporarily while Yan'ii was checked for a minor injury suffered on the foul, took a pass from Gorrrump and dodged Sasha Luy'kin. Looking around, Su found nothing open—except the net, because Roz Cartel had come too far out. Su drop-kicked the ball past a charging Ike Tullo, who drilled her into the ground a split second later.

    The ball floated over the head of Cartel, who sprinted back to the goal to try to stop it. As the ball came down, Su was unsure whether it would go over or under the bar. At the last moment, Cartel leaped and deflected the ball, but not over the bar or back into the field of play. No, Cartel had slightly misjudged his leap. The ball glanced off the side of his glove near his wrist and deflected down and to his left—but continuing forward. After striking the ground once at the goal line, the ball hit the side of the net.

    Although seemingly impossible, so loud were they already, Zay could have sworn that the crowd's screaming doubled in volume, and he could feel the stadium shaking beneath his feet. The Storm had the lead for the first time tonight, and they had the momentum to go with it. Ten years in the Elite League, and despite hosting it twice, the Storm players and fans alike could smell the very real chance of playing in the Galactic Cup Final for the first time.

    The insane noise of 220,000 screaming fans seemed to finally get to the Smugglers; at last, the Elite League was finding out why Euceron Stadium was nicknamed the Thunder Bowl. Cartel, the most shaken player of the visiting team, finally put the ball back in play. The Smugglers passed the ball from player to player, but the Storm did not give them a millimeter of room. Ruunjaa punted the ball downfield, attempting to score the tying point, but he did not have the leg power of Clarisse and the ball fell neatly into Chenkabukk's hands.

    The ball found its way into the hands of Jonica Sarturus, who dodged a couple of hits and put up a short kick that doubled the Storm's lead to two with less than two minutes left. On the ensuing Smuggler play, Calli Webb intercepted a desperate pass from Ken Zetter, took three steps, and lightly tossed the ball over the bar out of Cartel's reach for another point, bringing the lead to three. Now needing a goal to tie instead of just a point, the Smugglers launched an all-out attack in the final minute, but it was all for naught. A final shot by Styles was caught by Chenkabukk with six seconds left, and the Wookiee punted the ball as high into the air as he could.

    By the time the ball came down, the buzzer had sounded. Blue and white ticker tape rained down from the rafters as the players piled on top of each other. In the stands, fans celebrated like crazy. Two Bothans behind Zay grabbed him in a celebratory hug, and Zay returned the gesture. It was a good time to be a Euceron Storm fan.

    After the players unpiled themselves, they lined up for the traditional handshakes. Once that was over, Gondorf came back out onto the field, followed by an assistant carrying another trophy. This was the Skywalker Conference Championship Trophy. The makeshift stage that had been used pregame for the presentation of the Commissioner's Trophy was set back up, and Porrsk climbed up on top, now wearing, like the rest of his teammates, a shirt and hat designating them as conference champions.

    Gondorf took the microphone and spoke into it. "Porrsk, congratulations to you and your teammates on making it to your first Galactic Cup Final. I would like to present to you the Skywalker Conference Championship Trophy."

    The trophy was handed to Porrsk who cradled it in his arms as he requested the microphone. The crowd quieted somewhat to hear what the team captain had to say. "Thank you, Ms. Gondorf. We seem to have two trophies now, but I don't really want either of them. They are just temporary substitutes," he said, stressing the word temporary. "The one that I want is the one that the commissioner will be presenting next week." At that the crowd, Zay included, exploded into the loudest cheers yet.

    Eventually, the players went back to the locker room to get ready for the Galactic Cup Final. The fans celebrated long into the night.

    Location: Jedi starship, Euceron Spaceport, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Three hours after end of game

    Palla and Zay, however, were not among those fans. While they were happy to see the Storm win, and indeed happy that they could even see the game in the first place, they were Jedi first and limmie fans second, and a mission needed to be attended to.

    Palla relaxed with a cup of caf while Zay worked with the navicomputer. The Padawan ran every calculation three times to see where the vectors led. By luck, he had found the data from Tavell in the sensors, and ran calculations on that as well. He rubbed his eyes as he stared at the results. The two vectors intersected at... no, that couldn't be right. He was trying to break his attachment to limmie, not feed it.

    "Master! Can you come here for a moment?" he called.

    Palla came in to the cockpit. "What?"

    "Can you double check these numbers? The calculations seem right to me, but the result... it's like the universe is playing a joke on me."

    Palla gave Zay a quizzical look as she sat down next to Zay and perused the data. Manipulating the numbers herself, she stared at the result.

    "Yeah, that's correct, alright," she said. "Looks like our next stop is Rydonni Prime."

    TAG: Vehn (for game action), Trieste (for the usage of Gondorf and mentions of Alana), CPL_Macja (to set the mood for the Final)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Rythani Place, Ryell, Rydonni Prime

    It was now a firmly established tradition that the Elite League Awards were held in advance of the Galactic Cup Final on the same world. This meant that none of the nominees had to be absent if they were playing in the Final. Furthermore, holding the event in advance of the Final helped to create more buzz for both events. The fact it boosted tourism on the host world any further might have helped too.

    Though all of the nominees were invited to attend, owners, team officials, coaches, and players had a pretty easy time of getting tickets if they wanted them. Some chose not to attend unless they had to do so because they were nominated (like a certain Bothan), others reveled in the spotlight and took any opportunity to hobnob possible (which might have included a certain redhead if she hadn’t already been nominated). The event even attracted other celebrities. Though the Chancellor had chosen to stay away with the current state of affairs on Coruscant this year, several holo stars were on hand to add even more glamor to the event (and truth be told most of them probably just wanted their holo with their favorite players). The Elite League’s top brass also attended and that included the master of ceremonies for the evening, Commissioner Niakara Kayl’hen.

    “Good evening to everyone here in Ryell and all the beings watching from around the galaxy,” Kayl’hen said, “We had a fantastic season of limmie this year. Two 7-2 teams, one in each conference, what incredible parity we saw. We had playoff spots come down to the last week and we had some amazing games. I think we can agree that the nine game schedule worked out pretty well, wouldn’t you say?”

    The audience applauded.

    “So let’s get down to it. Our first award tonight is, appropriately, the Ingbrand Award, which recognizes the best Elite League player with three or fewer games played at the Elite League level in their career. The nominees are Cord McKerty of the Coruscant Senators, Alyda Hovechar of the Ralltiir Starkillers, and Melodie Ocean of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs.”

    As was traditional, each was shown on the large vidscreens in the front of the hall when their name was read and received applause.

    “Our winner is…Alyda Hovechar of the Ralltiir Starkillers.”

    “The Langann Award recognizes the being who takes a group of players and molds them into a team: the head coach. Our nominees are Acc’lar’laitha of the Ralltiir Starkillers, Haron Orus of the Euceron Storm, and Tover Micjaa of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers.

    “The winner is,” Kayl’hen said with a pregnant pause, “Haron Orus.”

    “One of my favorite awards is the Duchess Eldin Award, which recognizes athletic excellence combined with sportsmanship conduct on the limmie field. The League is pleased to recognize three exemplars of limmie excellence in 274. They are Corrie Andersen, Rydonni Prime Monarchs; Alana Glencross, Bakura Miners; and Vesper Lynd, Rydonni Prime Monarchs.

    “The winner is…Alana Glencross of the Bakura Miners.”

    The audience applauded as Alana rose from her seat. She embraced Niall Kirt, her boyfriend of the last few years who had accompanied her to this year’s awards, and gave him a kiss that he returned with obvious warmth. Picking up the hem of her dress, Alana trotted down aisle hurriedly and up the steps to the stage where she accepted the second Duchess Eldin Award of her career, making her the only player to win it twice in its five year history.

    “Wow, thank you so much,” she said into the microphone.

    She took a deep breath and looked out on the hall. She found the Rydonni Prime contingent and Vesper Lynd, her fellow nominee. There too was Corrie Andersen, the veteran player who had been an enemy and a friend both in their time who had also been nominated. Now she was more the former than the latter. Alana looked at the statuette again and then up at the hall. Suddenly she couldn’t quite see so clearly. Something was fuzzing the edges of her vision. Alana blinked and she realized that her eyes were stringing. That was when she figured out that she was about to cry.

    “I gotta go. Bye,” she said and she walked off stage to some light, amused laughter.

    It seemed for once Alana Glencross was at a loss for words.

    Kayl’hen returned to the podium a few seconds later. “Alana Glencross. Best speech ever.

    “Onto our next award, the Grames Award which recognizes one of the hardest working and least seen beings that contributes to the success of a limmie team: the general manager. This year we have three general managers, all of whom took their teams from being on the outside looking in to being Conference Finalists. They are Reina Kether of the Chandrila Patriots, Tover Micjaa of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, and Aebett Zargana of the Euceron Storm.

    “The winner of the Grames Award is…Aebett Zargana, Euceron Storm.”

    “The pressures of a limmie season are intense. No matter what game you watch, you can see it. Some beings, however, go above and beyond in their dedication to limmie. They are committed to making the game better and these beings are honored with the Zumtak Award. This year we have three outstanding nominees. They are, Corrie Andersen of the Rydonni Prime Monarchs in recognition of a long and decorate limmie career, Tim Dodd of the Agamar Packers for encouraging the growth of limmie on Agamar, and Kaitlyn Vehn of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers for advocating an improved limmie experience on Nar Shaddaa.

    “And the winner is, Kaitlyn Vehn.”

    “Our final, and perhaps most prestigious award, is the Salbukk Award, which recognizes the most valuable player in Elite League Limmie. We have three outstanding nominees for this award and they are: Vesper Lynd, Rydonni Prime Monarchs…” Kayl’hen had to gather herself before she could utter the next phrase, “Galaxy Defender Unanimous, Ralltiir Starkillers; and Aysel Yan’ii, Euceron Storm.

    “The winner of the 274 ABY Salbukk Award is…Aysel Yan’ii of the Euceron Storm.”

    “That concludes the 274 ABY Elite League Limmie season awards. Thank you and goodnight,” Kayl’hen said to close the broadcast.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny Rebecca_Daniels Runjedirun Tim Battershell Vehn


    Almost forgot! Vote totals!

    Salbukk Award
    • Vesper Lynd: 2
    • Galaxy Defender Unanimous: 1
    • Asyel Yan'ii: 5
    Ingbrand Award
    • Alyda Hovechar: 5
    • Cord McKerty: 2
    • Melodie Ocean: 1
    Langann Award
    • Acc'lar'laitha: 2
    • Haron Orus: 4
    • Tover Micjaa: 2
    Grames Award
    • Reina Kether: 0
    • Tover Micjaa: 4
    • Aebett Zargana: 4
    Duchess Eldin Award
    • Corrie Andersen: 2
    • Alana Glencross: 3
    • Vesper Lynd: 3
    Zumtak Award
    • Corrie Andersen: 2
    • Tim Dodd: 0
    • Kaitlyn Vehn: 6