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    IC: Falene Trieste
    Trieste residence, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Mandatory team meeting. 11:00 today at the Gardens. –A

    That was the message that Alana woke up to on what was otherwise a regular offseason morning. She sighed. The team had nothing planned for today. They weren’t even getting ready for the trip to Naboo yet with practices. In fact, last she’d heard Valerii and Cundertol were off world doing scouting for the draft. That could mean that this meeting was coming from Alana in her role as captain. A players-only meeting was usually not a good sign. It usually meant that something was wrong and needed to be discussed.

    Falene was worried as she got dressed. The defense had given up 30 points to a GCLA team. The local media had torn the Miners to shreds over losing to the Mets. “What was the upside of the Miners playing the Mets?” one sportscaster asked, “If you win you prove nothing. If you lose you’ve embarrassed yourself in front of the whole galaxy and that definitely happened. If Kerry Trieste wants to bolster her poll numbers with Rurra Eshka’mos’s young demographic she shouldn’t destroy this limmie team’s standing in the process.”

    The heat was now going to be on Falene and the other defenders. T.K. and Abbey were already gone. It was no excuse that they were running at half strength with reserves in their slots. Heck, if they’d had real starters they probably could have destroyed Stewjon in that game. Falene put her head against the mirror in the fresher and sighed. This was going to come back on her in a big way, she knew. She’d had her one season as a rookie. You could suck out of the gate as a rookie, but there wasn’t much tolerance for continued poor performance past that. Heck, you didn’t even get that. Ruunron had proved that. Things had to change this season.

    How? was all Falene thought.

    Maybe today’s meeting would be the start of the answer. Today’s meeting…Falene furrowed her brow. Now that she thought about it, she had a question…

    Home locker room, Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Why are we here?” Falene asked Alana from her locker.

    “Will you let me get two words out first?” Alana asked with arms on her hips.

    “No, I mean why are we here?” Falene said, “In the locker room. Why aren’t we at the practice facility?”

    Alana paused before replying at the front of the locker room where Valerii usually held forth. “It had to be here. It couldn’t be anywhere else.”

    “Yeah, but why?” Nanchecka Stormborn asked.

    “That’s…not for me to say,” Alana said. She looked down the rows of the locker room. “Anton?”

    The whole locker room’s attention swung to the goalkeeper, who slowly stood up. “There’s no real way to say this other than to say this. I’m not coming back next year.”

    “What?” Falene couldn’t help but exclaim. Things had never been easy for the keeper, but to get fired with a year left on his contract? He hadn’t been that bad, had he?

    “I’m retiring,” Jorpik continued, “At least temporarily. I spoke to the Smug Dragon and he understands.”

    “Anton, what are you talking about? You’ve got a ton of years ahead of you in pro limmie,” Aron Rodders said.

    “It’s not about limmie,” Jorpik said, “It’s…I signed my contract yesterday.”

    “Contract? You’re still under contract with us!” Nelly Wizmark exclaimed jumping up.

    “Yeah…but this is a different kind of contract. It’s with the Marines,” Anton Jorpik said, “I’m joining up. To fight the Ssi-Ruuk.”

    The confusion in the room suddenly chilled instantly. It hit Falene in the gut like a hard pass from Rodders in practice or a dirty punch in a game that the refs missed. Wizmark fell back into her seat.

    “When the war declaration came down I knew I couldn’t stay. I can’t abandon my planet when it needs me, when it really needs me,” Jorpik said, “My Dad fought in G’rho. My uncles fought in the Civil War. My grandfather fought in the Neo Sith War. My great-grandfather was in the resistance during the Sith Occupation. There have been Jorpiks in uniform as long as there’s been a uniform to be in. I can’t play limmie with a war going on.”

    The locker room was more silent than after their worst loss in all of 274, than when their playoff hopes had died. The war had been on Falene’s mind before—but that had been as an abstract concept. With Aunt Fiona not being given a command, she hadn’t known anyone who was going to fight…and maybe die. Now someone with whom she’d taken licks last season, someone who had been in the trenches with her was now going to real trenches.

    “Well frak,” Niskat said sullenly.

    “Hey now! This is great! Anton—or should I say Private Jorpik—” Becki Morlan started.

    “Actually, Lieutenant Jorpik,” Anton said with a sheepish smile, “They took me as an office thanks to my university degree.”

    “Oh excuse me, Lieutenant Jorpik,” Morlan corrected herself with mock gravity as she stood up and walked over to the keeper, “Well, I think you’re going to do great and you’re going to come back just fine.” She clapped a hand on his shoulder. “After all, if you’re blocking shots against the Ssi-Ruuk that’s a big no-no. Given how many you stopped for us, you’re coming back without a scratch!”

    The locker room, Falene included, laughed. It was a terrible joke to make, but somehow it was what they needed to break the ice. Emotions inside of Falene swirled. Here was a friend who was putting himself into harm’s way when everyone would understand if he didn’t, if he said he would “serve” Bakura another way on the pitch. And yet he wasn’t taking the easy way out. Falene knew she wasn’t a soldier—she’d seen what that required of a being firsthand with Aunt Fiona. But part of her felt lacking that she couldn’t give herself the way that Jorpik was going to by joining the war effort. Right or wrong, Jorpik was doing something he believed in and there was nobility to that.

    The entire team got to their feet and each of them hugged Anton in turn. “Come back home safe. We’ll get some terrible goalie so Cundertol will beg you to come back after you kick the lizards’ butt,” Alana promised.

    “Yeah, we’ll get Galaxy Defender. That guy sucks,” Morgan Alesh said as she hugged Jorpik, “You be safe.”

    “You kidding? You get him and there won’t be any room in this locker room for the rest of you with his ego. You’ll have to get dressed in the hall outside,” Jorpik said.

    “I’d do it for you,” Aron Rodders said as he embraced the goalkeeper, “You find some handsome dude with brown hair in your unit. He’ll bail you out if you get in trouble.”

    “You mean like you and your insane scoring?” Anton joked.

    “Maybe,” Rodders said with a smile.

    “Make us proud,” Nelly Wizmark said as she hugged Anton and patted him on the back, “Bring me back a tail or something so we can mount it in here.”

    “You’re the vet on D now, Wiz,” Anton said, “You better take care of these kids.”

    Bengi Zire buzzed as he hugged Jorpik. He was without his translator droid at the moment, it seemed. “He said that we’re real proud of you,” Max Grap translated. He’d had to learn Talzzi to be able to communicate in game situations with his line partner. “It goes for both of us.”

    “Thanks Grap. You keep it up this season. I hear from the front that you don’t kill it out there I’m going to end the war singlehandedly so I can come back and whip you into shape,” Jorpik said as he hugged Grap.

    “Then we’re going to suck big time against Naboo so you’re home soon,” Falene said as she hugged Jorpik, “Be careful.”

    “You know me, always am,” Jorpik promised, “Say hi to your Mom for me. Tell her I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye in person.”

    “She’ll understand,” Falene said, “If she knew, she’d be proud of you. You know when you get back, there’ll be a place for you here. No questions asked.”

    “Thanks,” Jorpik said.

    When the goodbyes were over and the team trickled out to resume their offseason lives, Falene remained sitting in the locker room, half the lights off. She was hunched over, her elbows on her knees, looking at Jorpik’s locker stall. No, what used to be Jorpik’s stall. It wasn’t his anymore, even if his nameplate was still on it. Falene knew first hand that beings died in wars, even ones who didn’t wear uniforms. Her father had never held a blaster in his life, but that hadn’t stopped him from taking a stray blaster bolt meant for his wife.

    Falene Trieste knew the cost of war without ever having seen a battlefield. She couldn’t help but think about the one thing that she didn’t want to think about, the one thing that it served no good to think about, the one thing that she could never speak aloud.

    She wondered if she would ever see Anton Jorpik again.

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik (this war is the gift that keeps on giving)

    GM Post

    --Transaction Wire--
    Bakura Miners
    • Anton Jorpik (Human [Bakuran], Male, Goalkeeper) retires
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    Rydonni Prime
    Royal Wedding Reception

    The Galactic Cup festivities had come and gone. All the tourists that had gathered for the match had returned to their respective homeworlds. Not even the players on the Monarchs were present, they were off world on a teamwork building trip. It was the first (of several to come) official Organized Team Activity they had ever embarked on in the offseason. To the casual observes everything on Rydonni Prime would look like a typical evening.

    But for the members of the Royal House of Rydonni it was night like none other, the marriage of Queen Naathe. Only members of the Royal House were invited to the ceremony and by extension the Reception. As was the planetary tradition, the queen and her new prince were the first to leave the Temple of Rythii, where the ceremony was held, and would be the last to arrive at Rythani Place, where the reception would be held. Ironically the reception hall had originally been built as a house for the peoples’ representatives, now it was used for social events.

    Slowly the idle chatter of the guests’ stopped. Outside there were sounds of blaster fire and explosions. Some of the braver noblemen wondered towards the exterior balconies to get a better look. Off in the distance smoke rose on the horizon, “The Palace is on fire!” shouted one of the noblemen. Another noted that there were two different types of droids doing battle out in the courtyard. One was the standard SP-580 that had been acting as security for the Queen. The other droids were of an unknown model, and could easily be confused for humans in battle armor.


    In the midst of the feverous battle that raged outside an astonishing feat was performed. Variise K’ntarr strolled through the fighting as if she was invisible to the opposing forces. Looking equally oblivious to debris and destruction around her, the Baroness walked right up the marble staircase of Rythani Place. She marched right into the grand audience chamber and stood on the dais at the end of the hall. Upon the platform sat two chairs, exact replicas of the thrones in the Royal Palace. They had been placed there for the Queen and her new Prince to preside over that evening’s festivities.

    Upon Variise’s head sat the royal diadem that traditionally sat on the head of the Monarch. With hands raised in the air she called for calm among the assembly, “My Lords and Ladies listen to me. I stand before you as your new sovereign monarch. I have proof that Queen Naathe ordered the assassination of my father and has now fled from her judgment to her husband’s protectorate. In the coming days we will form a new government where the voice of the people will be heard along with ours.” While she was speaking the new model droids walked in and dispersed themselves throughout the chamber.

    One of the lords stood forth, “And what if we don’t recognize your claim to the throne or adopt your vision for the future.” Variise just nodded her head. The droid nearest to the lord raised his blaster rifle and shot the lord in the head.

    “Then I’ll find nobles who will.”

    The courtyard of the Temple of Rythii

    She could see them assembling, the blank faced unidentified battle droids, all around strategic locations in the capital. She could only assume that these were the secret project that Setarcos Rhemes was working on. Rumor had it that he was funneling credits from the various limmie organizations that he headed to fund his new creations. Her source had been specific that there was no physical evidence to support such a claim, but that it was simply a gut feeling.

    Erika told Lade that if there was no evidence than it didn’t really exist in the media. The young robotics technician had somehow gotten himself hired on to work for the K’ntarrs on the top secret project. In reality he was working with Erika, supplying her not only with firsthand information, but he also developed the bugs that she planted. They could be found, if they were detectable, in the offices of all the members of House K’ntarr and of Setarcos Rhemes. She attempted to bug their personal residences but that proved impossible once her first story was published.

    The original plan had been for her to meet with Lade in the courtyard that day. But around the time of the Monarchs final match of the season she received a garbled and frantic message from him stating that they had found him. Erika had not heard from him since. She knew that the plot they had uncovered was going forward and that the Queen of Rydonni Prime was in danger. She hatched a plan of her own, contacting the only other person on the planet that she could trust and arranged for them to meet instead.


    “Erika, what the frak are you doing carrying a blaster?” Laura inquired frightfully.

    Erika shook her head, “There’s coup about to happen. What the frak are you doing carrying a bolo?”

    “I don’t know, it just feels right.”

    “Anyways, is everything in place?” Erika inquired.

    “Yes, Biedo should be smuggling the happy couple off planet as we speak. I sure hope you know what you’re doing. I would hate to lose you after finally finding you.”

    A smile came across Erika’s face, “I know I’m glad you found me too.” The two of them embraced, “You keep yourself safe as well.”

    “I will.” A tear starts to trickle down Laura’s cheek, “I love you sis.”

    “I love you too.”

    IC: Vesper Lynd
    275 ELL Draft, Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Things had finally started to settle down on Rydonni Prime, in the political arena and the sports arena. Much to Vesper’s and Arden’s delight, Queen Variise was able to establish a bicameral parliament. The Royal Houses acted as the upper house while Peoples House composed the lower house. The Peoples House is democratically elected by the people finally giving them a voice.

    For the Monarchs, the limmie team that is, a new system had been installed as well. Romo had a proven method of developing players which included division of powers. He had an Assistant Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator, and an Offensive Coordinator. Under each of them were two position coaches who were in charge of their specific players. It was an adjustment for all the members involved, so far it was working well. Now their first test was upon them.

    Vesper sat on the floor of the Hall as the official face of the Monarchs. She patiently waited by a datapad that would tell her who Romo had selected. For the first time in Monarchs history Setarcos was not involved in selecting the future members of the Monarchs. As far as Vesper knew he was sitting comfortably in his office on Rydonni Prime watching everything unfold.

    Moments after the Draft was declared opened Vesper rose from her seat and approached the podium with a shrink-wrapped folded jersey in her hands. Unlike the rest of the draft, Romo knew exactly who he wanted so he had a custom jersey made just for the occasion.

    “With the first pick of the 275 Elite League Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Rew Ileo, Left Corner Forward, University of Myrkyr Vornskrs.”

    As Rew stepped up on to the platform a chorus of ‘THIS IS MYRKYR!’ went up from the crowd along with cheers. The UofM Head Coach, Rady Oke, press conference sound bite about his Limmie programs tradition was made famous by Rim Ten Conference pundits, who played it whenever they could. Vesper unwrapped Rew’s new jersey and presented it to him. It was the same design as the ones the Monarchs wore in the Blue and Gold Bowl with his last name and the number one emblazoned on the back. The Monarchs were re-introducing Gold into their color scheme.

    As the Captain and the Rookie stood smiling for the holocams Vesper spoke through her clenched teeth, “Welcome to the Monarchs nugget. Now you have to prove you deserve that number.” She slapped him on the back, practically shoving him off the stage, as she walked back over to the podium. “The Mando’ade Mercs are now on the clock.”

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    IC: Aay'han Vhett
    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    "Gentlebeings, welcome to Hapes for the 275 Elite League Limmie Draft. Without further ado, let's get things started."

    With those words from the Bothan the 275 draft was underway. Vhett leaned back in her chair in the Mercs Draft room, the term war room had been retired for this draft given current events, and looked over the Merc's draft board. She and her over worked staff and downsized staff had done their homework, and with their own draft ranking didn't have much to do at the moment. With the second pick in the draft they had Plan A and Plan B, determining which one to follow was up to the only team picking in front of them, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs who seemed to have had their own political upheaval to deal with. There were no trade talks going on, not involving the Mercs anyway. This was a good draft in their minds, a deep draft, and they had made it clear to inquiring teams that they wished to hold onto their picks, at least for now. The quiet before the storm allowed Vhett the chance to ponder over what had already been a very busy off season.

    Upon her return from the Crusader's Futures Cup championship she had gone straight to work, quickly negotiating a two year deal with the Hanson brothers. They all shared the same agent, and given their closeness, once terms were hashed out for one of them, the others received much the same compensation. It was not unlike the situation that the front office had once had with the Nulls, who were now fighting worlds away on some manda forsaken world called Bora Tora deep within Ssi-Ruuk space. At least those negotiations had gone more smoothly.

    The same could not be said for "Killer" K'Karlson, the Whipid Cornerback who had also been snatched out of free agency when the Chiefs had folded operations. His initial contract had brought him in as a backup, but with so many holes in the lineup caused by the war, he now expected to be in the starting lineup. That wasn't of much concern to Vhett, the enforcer had certainly earned his way to such a role with the team, and his hard nosed defense was loved by fans and coaching staff alike. What was at issue was his demand for an extra guaranteed year over the two year contract that Vhett was putting forward to his agent. The pair had gone back and forth for the better part of a week before Vhett had finally relented. They just couldn't afford to create yet another hole on the roster by letting him depart. The Whipid got his third year.

    The negotiations with reserve midfielder Arick Vau had gone...strangely. Frankly she had expected the young Mandalorian to march off to war with the others. The only Mandalorians still on the roster were ones who were under contract. They had expressed a desire to follow Taab after the Lizards, but had remained loyal to their current obligations. But Vau wasn't like them, he wanted glory on a different field of battle. He saw an opportunity to become a starting Midfielder now and so he signed on for another three years with the team. It would be up to Coach Vizsla to determine if he warranted a starting position though. Vhett certainly hoped the young man would finally live up to his potential though.

    Following that the off season had gone more normally. The reserve trio of forwards, Tsulkalu, Naughten and Rollko had been inked to two year deals, with compensation commensurate with their skills. They were retained mostly for roster depth, but depending on how the draft went, they too might compete for a starting job.

    That brought her to Flarn and Dupont, also reserve forwards, but ones that had been lost for most of last season due to injury. Vhett had once been very high on Flarn as a dependable backup Corner Forward, while Dupont had been brought in last off season to provide more coverage at the forward position. They had both been cleared by medical for meshgeroya related activities, but Vhett was cautious. Their contracts were renewed (with incentive laced bonuses), but for one season only. If they did well and came back they would be able to cash in next off season, either with the Mercs or another team. If not, then their contracts would not be a mynock hanging around the Mercs necks.

    Ogeeogilthorp, the Wookiee midfielder had been let go. Vhett had been actively trying to trade the Wookie for the past few seasons, but had gotten no takers. He was just too slow for Vizsla's spread attack, and though he could be a force on defense. In the coach's system, midfield was to be more of an offensive position. Perhaps he could be of some use on another team, but his time with the Mercs was at an end.

    Vhett looked to the draft board again, still thinking to herself. The All-Star game had been quite a success. Al'kesh had scored 5 points and caused several turnovers from his spot at midfield in the game. He was quickly coming into his own as a star player for the Mercs and according to Vizsla, was in a prime spot to be named team captain with the departure of the Nulls.

    The Nulls. Again her thoughts drifted to them. The war of course had dominated the headlines on manda'yaim, and elsewhere in the galaxy as well. She was sure it was all front page holo-news on Bakura, where the Bakuran defense fleet had also been pledged to support the Mandalorian war effort against their hated enemies. In communiques from Taab she knew that the influx of manpower and warships was met with great satisfaction from the Mandalorians at the front. Yes the Bakuran Marines were generally looked down upon by Mandalorian forces, but for aruetiise they were quite good at what they did, and what they lacked in training and ability from a Mandalorian point of view, they more than made up for in their willingness to fight the Sii-Ruuk. They were a welcome addition to the campaign.

    They had other contributions to make as well. There was an old saying at the Keldabe Military Intstitute, amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics. It was of great concern in the war planning that the Mandalorian Protectors were at the end of a very long logistical tail. That tail was protected for as long as it went through Republic space, but was vulnerable in the Unknown Regions. The Bakuran Defense Fleet would now prove instrumental in protecting that vital lifeline in hostile territory. With her husband at the forefront of the fighting, Vhett was personally very thankful that the Bakurans had shown the courage to join them in their efforts.

    There was a stirring at the podium. The Monarchs pick was in, excellent, they had gone against what some mock drafts had predicted them to do and gone with Ileo, the forward from Myrkyr. She gave a nod to one of her staff who commed out to the Mercs Draft table in the draft room. They would go with Plan A. The Mercs needed help across the board, and Vhett knew that their offense in particular was in terrible need of new blood, but this pick was for the man they wanted. His character, and his ability. The fact that he was coming from a military college also helped, he would better understand the Mandalorian mindset and would know the value of discipline and hard work over those who came from other, less polished, schools.

    The message passed to the draft room, Jeem Daryc took to the stage in his peculiar orange and brown armor. His deep voice rumbled out through the Hall. "With the 2nd pick in the 275 ELL Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select... Jiri "Slappy" Patton. Defensive back from the Citadel University of Anaxes."

    Patton took to the stage swiftly and confidently, his smile beaming at the holo-cameras. Throughout the Hall the few Mandalorians who had made the trip to Hapes cheered wildly. Oddly enough more cheers came from the Mandalorians as the next team was announced. They may have been rivals on the field, but now the two worlds were comrades in arms.

    "The Bakura Miners, are now on the clock."

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    (Since I'm playing with the timeline a bit, I will go third person omniscient for my draft post. Also, it would be insanely hard to write first person as Cundertol. :p)

    IC Post
    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Applause. From Mandalorian fans. Well, that had never happened before when anything remotely connected with the Bakura Miners had occurred--at least not since the Mercs had joined the Elite League. Considering that on the draft floor the Miners were represented by none other than "the Mighty" Quinn Cundertol, this was nothing short of a miracle. And by miracle, this was making the conception of Anakin Skywalker look like page 10 news.

    Cundertol was sitting at the draft table with his Assistant General Manager, Briar Thorne. Unlike last year, when Cundertol had resorted to his "mind palace"--did everyone remember the mind palace?


    Anyways, with the third overall pick, Cundertol apparently didn't need his mind palace this year. With less variables in who would be taken ahead of them, it appeared to be a pretty simple decision for the Miners.

    Cundertol stood up from the table, buttoned the top button of his suit jacket in typical tasteful fashion, and strode towards the stage down the rows of draft tables. He trotted up the stairs to the stage and he came around to the podium.

    "Good afternoon," Cundertol said, speaking into the microphone, "With the third overall pick in the 275 Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners select Jolla Pic, Midfielder from the University of Mos Eisley."


    Standing at just a shade over two meters tall, the midfielder from Tatooine had been a clear choice as the top midfielder in the predraft rankings thanks to not only her size, but also her incredible strength. Just looking at her physique (which, for a human female, was pretty ripped) proved that. She'd even been ranked higher than Fuva Mu'tish, who was a Helmsman nominee. As a highly ranked candidate many beings thought she could go in the first round, despite Mos Eisley not winning their conference in 274 (University of Anchorhead had been given that pleasure en route to the Galactic College Final). When Everett North wasn't resigned by the Miners, there was rampant speculation that the Miners would invest in an elite forward to play with their captain. Though some thought the Miners would take Mu'tish, Quinn Cundertol had a proven record of surprising draft observers with his picks and taking players he felt would work in the system that he was trying to create. It looked like that system was going to get an injection of raw physical talent.

    Of course, not everyone respected Pic's talent. In fact, despite being the top ranked midfielder one prominent mock draft had suggested that Pic wouldn't even be drafted. Turned out they were wrong.

    Pic came up to stage with a huge smile on her face as she took her Miners 1 jersey from Cundertol. What might have amused the fans on Hapes was that as Pic and Cundertol stood next to each other for the holo opportunity, Pic was--even in flats--taller by just an inch than the general manager who had just drafted her. No doubt this would be used to Cundertol's derision by others later, but that obscured the truth that the Miners were getting a literally big player in their arsenal for 275.

    Alana Glencross had a new midfield partner. A new era was beginning for the Miners.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are on the clock."

    GM Stuff

    Sunday, October 6
    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks

    Sunday, October 13
    Bakura Miners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (first game at the new Six Boroughs)
    Kuat Triforce at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Chandrila Patriots at Mando'ade Mercs

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    GM Post

    --Transaction Wire--
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Receives Foyr Ralote (Human, Male, Corner Back) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receives Woosel Rahcson (Human, Male, Corner Back) from Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receives Rydonni Prime's third round pick in 276 Elite League Draft
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Receives Nar Shaddaa's second round pick in the 275 Elite League Draft
    TAG: @CPL_Macja @Vehn
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    --Transaction Wire--
    Euceron Storm
    • Shanica Terrvold (Human, Female, Left Corner Back) re-signed to four-year contract
    • Niast Nan'lie (Bothan, Female, Center Half Forward) re-signed to six-year contract
    • Asyel Yan'ii (Bothan, Male, Full Forward) re-signed to four-year contract
    • Karron Naykin (Human, Male, Utility Back) re-signed to three-year contract
    • Charlotte Storm (Human, Female, Midfielder) re-signed to two-year contract
    • Aebatt Zargana (Human, Female, General Manager) re-signed to five-year contract
    • Haron Orus (Human, Male, Head Coach) re-signed to three-year contract beginning 275 (clerical error caused all involved to fail to notice that previous contract expired in 273)
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    GM Post

    --Transaction Wire--
    Mando'ade Mercs
    • Receive Nar Shaddaa Smugglers' first round pick in 275 Elite League Draft
    • Receive George Edwards (Human, Male, Center Half Back) from Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Receive Xander Darkrider (Human, Male, Midfielder) from Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
    • Receive Mando'ade Mercs' second round pick in 275 Elite League Draft
    • Receive Mando'ade Mercs' third round pick in 275 Elite League Draft
    • Receive Mira Kashvili (Human, Female, Half Back) from Mando'ade Mercs
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    (I’m going to be totally honest—this does not advance any of my plots in any way. But you have no idea how much I enjoyed writing this. Some of you who have been party to non-limmie conversations with me in the last few weeks...*cough* @Jedi Gunny @Bardan_Jusik *cough* will figure out why around the middle of the post. :D)

    IC: Falene Trieste
    Trieste residence, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “Oh good, you haven’t moved out yet,” Regan said to her eldest niece at the breakfast table. The Associate Justice wasn’t actually stopping to eat herself—she was in danger of being late for court.

    “Why, going to miss me?” Falene asked.

    “No, I need you to go see the Miners’ attorneys. Thanks to your cousin Sierra we need to be proactive with the League. Somebody has to talk to them to make sure that they’re taking care of it,” Regan said as she grabbed a nutrition bar from a cupboard.

    “I don’t know anything about legal stuff. Why can’t you do it?” Falene asked.

    “Oral arguments in 25—excuse me, 24 minutes,” Regan said, “And your Uncle Eldred is in court today too. And I’m not sending Trixie or Quentin to do it.”

    “I don’t want to go to some stupid lawyers anyways!” the voice of Trixie yelled from elsewhere in the building.

    “Charming daughter you have, Aunt Regan,” Falene said.

    “Quiet you freeloader or I’ll start charging you rent,” Regan threatened as she hustled out the door, “Instructions for the attorneys are on the counter. Have fun and give my best to Sydney He’s a real prince.”

    Fleetfire Zarmer offices, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “This is the worst legal work I have ever seen in my life!” Sydney Talon yelled, slamming the folder of flimsi down onto his desk.

    The first year associate standing in front of Sydney’s desk was wide eyed and clearly terrified of this recent turn of events.

    “But I double checked it—” she stammered.

    “I don’t want to see what it looked like before that!” Sydney said, “Do you even own a calculator? Do you know what settlement number is in here?”

    “10 million credits, like we agreed upon in the settlement conference,” the young attorney said.

    “So then why does this offer them 100 million credits?” Sydney demanded, stabbing a finger into the file.

    The first year’s face fell into a look of shock. “What.” Talon flipped the folder open and then tossed it into the clearly unexpected—and unready—hands of the newly minted attorney, who fumbled with it. She quickly flapped through the flimsi pages to find the page Talon had called out. When she did, she looked up aghast. “Oh my…I’m so sorry Sydney.”

    Sydney’s head snapped up. “I’m sorry, do you think we’re on a first name basis?”

    “Mr. Talon—I’m so—”

    “So precisely what were you going to tell our clients about why you’d just cost them 90 million credits,” Sydney interrupted, “Right before they fired us, that is, and millions in billables disappeared instantly.” Sydney snapped his fingers to punctuate his point.


    “For Force sake,” Sydney said with a roll of his eyes, “Not only do they apparently not teach you how to practice law at the College of Fondordelphia, but apparently they don’t teach public speaking anymore.”

    “Actually, I went to undergrad at Fondordelphia. I went to Deredith & Millicent Law,” the first year said.

    “You went to that Sithspitty law school?” Sydney said in disbelief, “How the hell did we even hire you here?”

    “You’d have to ask—”

    “I know who I’d have to ask,” Sydney interrupted again, “and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter because once Lizsen Fleetfire finds out what a terrible decision he’s made he’s going to get fired, which is what’s going to happen to you pretty soon if you keep this up!”

    “Mr. Talon—!”

    “Did I ask you a question? Or tell you that I still want you to be standing in my office? Fix that settlement, get one of your competent peers who went to Tiarest like the rest of us to look it over. If none of them will talk to you—which frankly I wouldn’t blame them for given the state of your work—then find a UBSD Law grad because at least they produced a Chancellor while I think the greatest contribution to society at any level Deredith & Millicent has ever given the galaxy is a bunch of drunk frat brothers,” Sydney said.

    The first year scurried out of her office with her tail between her legs. Three seconds later, Sydney’s legal secretary Mara came into the office.

    “A little hard on her, weren’t you?” Mara said. She listened to just about everything that happened in Sydney’s office through his desk comm.

    “Are you really going to tell me you didn’t enjoy that?” Sydney asked with a sly smile.

    “Oh my Maker I loved that,” Mara gushed, “That was so amazing. Please tell me we’re never going to fire her.”

    “We are never going to fire her,” Sydney said without hesitation, “Having a whipping girl of that level of incompetence around is a godsend. Make sure she gets nothing of importance. And for Force sake, keep her away from my cases. I don’t even want her making copies of flimsi when it comes to my cases.”

    “She’s not even going to come within two floors of one of your briefs,” Mara promised, “I’ll see to it that she’s assigned to all of Larry’s cases.”

    “That’s going to drive Larry insane,” Sydney said, “I love it.”

    “But Sydney, won’t she realize that she’s not getting anything important pretty soon? What happens if she quits? We can’t allow her to do quit. Then we’d have to find another whipping boy,” Mara said with very real concern.

    “She won’t quit. She’s buried into her eyeballs with student debt. You heard her—College of Fondordelphia and College of Deredith & Millicent. Overpriced private universities that probably gouged her for at least half a million credits. The interest on her student loans is probably compounding every second. It’ll take her years to pay them off,” Sydney said.

    “And if she quits…no one here will write her a recommendation so she couldn’t get a job anywhere else,” Mara said, a sudden realization dawning on her.


    “Beings are right about you, Sydney. You’re devious,” Mara said appreciatively.

    “You’re just now realizing that?” Sydney asked with a cocky smirk.

    “No, but I love being reminded of it on a continual basis,” Mara said, “By the way, Falene Trieste is waiting for you.”

    “She is? Why?” Sydney said.

    “Don’t know. Said it was about the Miners. Regan Eldred sent her,” Mara reported.

    “Bring her in,” Sydney instructed.

    Falene was ushered into Sydney’s office, which she looked around appreciatively. “Mr. Talon—I think we met once before in the Noble House box.”

    “Of course. I think you won the College Galactic Championship that year. Didn’t have an opportunity to congratulate you on it then,” Sydney said, shaking Falene’s hand, “You did all of us very proud showing how the Bak10 can stack up against the rest of the galaxy.”

    “I think you’re one of the few who remembers those days,” Falene said, “Most beings are more concerned with my pro game.”

    “Trust me, people haven’t forgotten that, even if the Miners barely missed the playoffs,” Sydney said, “Swing the Senatorial Showdown and you guys would have been in.”

    “Well that’s easier said than done,” Falene said. Her eyes landed on boloballs hovering above repulsor displays. She walked over to them. “Who do you have here? Glencross…Roslyn…Kether…Tover Micjaa? Nar Shaddaa.”

    “Human man’s hero,” Sydney said nonchalantly, “I did a favor for Tover back in the day. It wasn’t much, but he thought a small token of appreciation was in order.”

    “Nice to see you can appreciate a good player no matter the jersey,” Falene said.

    “The moment you stop respecting your enemy is the moment they have you beaten,” Sydney said, “It’s true in the courtroom and it’s true on the pitch. Now, how can I help the Miners today?”

    “Oh! Right,” Falene said. She pulled the file Regan had told her to bring out of her purse. “Aunt Regan said to give this to you. I don’t know if you heard about my cousin Sierra Westenra—”

    “Just that she’s now Hapan royalty,” Sydney preempted Falene, “You Triestes get around.” He reviewed the files from Regan. “In case you’re curious, your aunt, Justice Eldred, is a very forward thinking woman. She wants to get ahead of potential ownership problems right now.”

    “How so?”

    “Your cousin Sierra as a member of the Noble House and enjoys resulting pecuniary benefits. The Noble House obviously owns the Miners and hypothetically Sierra could receive monies coming out of profits made by the Miners. The Queen Mother owns the C-Bucs, though under a much less rigid ownership structure. Furthermore, Sierra could in theory inherit both teams.”

    “She could?” Falene asked in surprise.

    “Your mother is a very careful woman,” Sydney said, “There is a contingency plan in place in the event she cannot name a successor. Don’t bother asking what it is—that’s handled by the Noble House lawyers in Crane Poole & Schmidt and they’re not telling me. But in theory if the right Triestes all died in one tragic event, Sierra could inherit the Miners. As the wife of a Hapan royal, Sierra could in theory become Queen Mother. That would take a very specific series of events. Essentially if the Queen Mother and her daughters were to die, the Queen Mother’s sister, Trellam’s mother, would become Queen Mother. Upon her death, Sierra would then become Queen Mother.”

    “That can happen?” Falene asked, “She’s not even Hapan.”

    “She’s one eighth, just like you,” Sydney said, “Thanks to your great-grandmother Maeve. But that’s still one eighth more than you need to be. Teneniel Djo was full Dathomiri when she became Queen Mother.”

    “And the Elite League wouldn’t allow one person to control two teams in such a situation,” Falene said, “So that would create huge problems.”

    “Indeed. Gark S’rily’s interests in the Coruscant Senators and Thyferra Force caused just such a conflict in 270,” Sydney said, “Justice Eldred wants to make sure that never happens. Right now there’s enough separation between the ownership interests to satisfy the League—much like when Verity Vehn owned the Smugglers—but this is not a situation that should be unplanned.” Sydney stood. “Thank your aunt for her diligence and let her know she’s welcome to stop by any time. I very much enjoy the pleasure of her company.”

    “You don’t have any Supreme Court cases coming up any time soon, now would you Mr. Talon?” Falene said, shaking Sydney’s hand.

    “No, but if she needs an attorney it’s be a pleasure,” Sydney said slyly.

    “I’ll be sure to let her know. See you at the Gardens, Mr. Talon,” Falene said.

    “Same. Should I put a hundred down with my bookie for a Miners championship?” Sydney asked as Falene headed out.

    “You feeling lucky?” Falene inquired back.

    “I’m always feeling lucky,” Sydney quipped.

    “Make it a thousand,” Falene replied, “Go big or go home.”

    “You do the same, Falene,” Sydney laughed.

    TAG: @Vehn since I mentioned the Vehn clan
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    IC: Raakla To

    The Ylesia Lightning had come a long way since the beginning of the season - a long way since they'd made it to the Elite League. The playoff loss had been disappointing, certainly, but with so much to do Raakla appreciated the extra time. Most of the team stuck around this year instead of returning to their various homeworlds for the offseason; some for personal reasons such as the ongoing rebuilding of the city, but most for the same reason Raakla and her thankfully incredibly adept assistant GM were buried in paperwork.

    When they'd accepted promotion to the Elite League, contracts had to be revised. Some, like their Captain and goalkeeper and a handful of other key players, were signed to longer contracts but most accepted a base two-year contract at a set value, just to tide them over until they settled into the league. Now, those contracts were up.

    A hydrospanner was thrown into the works when two of their defenders, Ralkyysh and Mallarhynn, quietly announced their retirement to Kashyyyk. Though they accepted coaching positions with their development team, Ylesia had a hole in the back end she now had to plug. Having already discussed releasing a few of their defenders that left them with only three options: draft those players, call them up from their none-too-successful development team, or find them somewhere in free agency.

    They'd done what they could, parting ways with just three players in addition to the two retirees and offering tryouts to some on the Rangers who looked like they might have a chance at handling Elite League play. Free agency was a bust, which just left...

    "The Ylesia Lightning are on the clock."

    Being fourth on the board had its advantages: the player they'd targeted was still available, so Raakla wasted no time in stepping up to announce their pick.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are pleased to select with our fourth overall pick from Cinnagar Imperial College, Half Back Mulhollan."

    The Gran headed onstage for the jersey presentation, the holos, the moment of success before he discovered his new team's defensive situation. Hopefully he was as good as the scouts said, because they needed it.

    "The Coruscant Senators are on the clock."

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny


    Ylesia Lightning transactions:

    Ralkyysh (Male Wookiee, Half Back) retires, signed as Kashyyyk Rangers defensive coach
    Mallarhynn (Female Wookiee, Half Back) retires, signed as Kashyyyk Rangers defensive coach

    Arren Cosh (Male Mirialan, Midfielder) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    Sezerard Fuunke (Male Iktotchi, Half Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning
    Fanal Ollai (Female Mon Calamari, Half Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    Sekmarrin (Male Wookiee, Half Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    Akhirria (Female Cathar, Full Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    Battacca (Female Wookiee, Full Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    Chokazza (Male Wookiee, Full Back) promoted to Ylesia Lightning*
    *on tryout basis from Kashyyyk Rangers
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    IC: Gark S’rily
    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    The 275 Elite League Draft. It was something that Gark knew he could cherish, at least for a few minutes, as he entered the Hall with the Senators contingent. Last year, he had missed the Draft completely, due to “extenuating circumstances”. Polis had been admittedly angry with him as to why he hadn’t bothered to show up, but the former Limmie player hadn’t exactly been sticking his neck on the chopping block at the time, either. No, this time around Gark was glad to be here at the Draft instead of trying to stay under the sensors and have everyone else do his job for him. Now, whether this would be stress-free, he highly doubted. The Draft never was a carefree event. The fans wanted a solid player in the first round, someone who would push the Senators out of the .500 season they had last season and back to the promised land, the Galactic Cup Final.

    With him was the Senator draft team: Londy Whiste, dressed as usual in a suit and tie for no real reason, Me’lin S’rily, as she was the one who had to run through logistics not just on the Draft, but also on other teams and to play the percentages, Adanna Inviere, the Hapan Assistant GM who had already made it clear to Gark that she had her own set of ideas on who they could take in the Draft and thus speak her mind on them when the time came, Pam Korthe, the Zeltron head coach who was once again (much to her chagrin) going to be relegated to the team table in the Draft Hall instead of in the “War Room”, Allie Orchetrada, the offensive coordinator and 262 champion head coach with the team, Alysha Romax, the Hapan midfielder and team captain, and finally Dirxx Horstse, because the Senator great and Hall-of-Famer always had some ideas. Palla Tyroti-Mundle, the defensive coordinator, had declined the invite because she said there were other things that needed to be addressed. What those items were she didn’t elaborate, though.

    As the contingent got settled in their War Room, Gark turned to his assistant. “So, how does it feel, Adanna? Your first draft as a manager, on your home planet?”

    “It’s kinda nice, actually,” the Hapan replied. “I like being home whenever I can. But, if this has something to do with the C-Bucs . . .”

    “Nope. Just wondering if you’re feeling any pressure,” Gark said with a shrug.

    “Pressure? That’s all I’ve had on me since you hired me on for this job,” Adanna said as she took a seat around the center table.

    “Welcome to team-building,” Gark commented wryly as everyone else got seated. Then he changed directions. “All right, everyone, welcome to the Draft. Let’s see what we can get out of this and how we can continue to build for next season.”

    “Not to be rude or anything, but did anyone bring any chips?” Dirxx asked.

    “Always worried about your stomach,” Alysha said. She, like Adanna, was returning to her homeworld, but again as a member of another team.

    “It’s hard to do drafting stuff on an empty stomach,” the Besalisk commented. “Am I the only one having this problem?”

    “It’s just you,” Alysha said.

    “Aw shucks,” Dirxx said with a grin and half-hearted sigh. “I was hoping I could find a good ol’ concession stand and get some nachos or something.”

    “You’d have to share,” Allie replied.

    “Share? I don’t know the meaning of the word,” Dirxx said with a toothy grin.

    “That explains why you never shared the ball, or the spotlight, on defense back in the day,” Adanna said.

    “I’m hurt,” Dirxx replied, but it was obvious that he wasn’t. He was just soaking all of this in.

    “Of course you are,” Adanna said.

    “Now, not like I don’t like the bickering and all, but what exactly are we looking for today?” Gark asked, trying to rein in all of the conversations going on across the table. He loaded the current roster on his datapad and set it on the table for quick reference. “I want to go position by position.” He then commed in to Pam, who was at the team table. “You awake out there?” the Bothan asked.

    “Awake? You’re asking too much,” Pam replied over her headset.

    “I want to know what you think about our options at Goalie. Shoot.”

    “I think we should see who’s on the board at Five, first, and then make a decision. We’ve got Leed, and we have Kapp. That’s all I’m going to say now, because a lot can change.”

    “Alright, then,” Gark said. “Fire away,” he said, pointing to Adanna. “Goalie. Upgrade time?”

    “Perhaps,” the Hapan said. “I agree with her, though. We should wait and see what develops.”

    “Any objections?” Gark asked. No one said anything, so he assumed that the rest of the Draft team was on board with this. “On to offense. Tell me what we’ve got,” he asked Allie.

    “We seem OK, at least for now,” Allie replied. “We’ve brought in a few new faces.” She punched up the names of the new Senator bodies on the front screen. Up popped the names, stats, and faces of the two new signings: Malida Worody, the rookie Togruta Full Forward who likely would start the season with the Senators, and Ava Killenger, the straight-from-college girl who didn’t really have a set position but would likely play forward some of the time. “Now, we have three holes to fill. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

    “You’re correct,” Me’lin said.

    “All right, three spots to fill,” Allie continued. “One at each position. Helena at Full, Kev at Corner, Mychele at Half, now all retired. If these positional charts are to be believed, we would have a Half, and a Full, forward coming up. However, I say that as a big ‘if’. I want to see if we can’t just get a better player at any of the three positions at some point in this Draft.”

    “Why do you think we could find someone better?” Alysha asked. “Perhaps they’re the best we have at those positions. Besides, I don’t think at #5 we’ll be getting the best player unless we get lucky or trade up. And who’s to say that we can find a rookie here who will pan out, or at least be more effective, than these two?” she asked, motioning to the screen. “I don’t know anything about them, but I’d like to have the best players here and the rest working down below to get up here eventually.”

    “I’m mostly worried about Worody and what she had last season on Thyferra,” Gark commented. “That offense was nonexistent, and she had to do what she could with little to no help on offense. If they had been better last season, I think there are a few prospects down there that could have been brought up to help us out now. Instead, we’re looking at a bare cupboard scenario, one where we have a few prospects in name only down there and are trying to restock the farm system. I think we’re drafting for need here unless something comes along that can help us build this team in the short and long-terms.”

    “So you’re saying that there is a need at forward?” Me’lin asked.

    “Perhaps,” Gark said. “I’ll table that for now. “Moving on the midfield. You four gals all set there, Alysha?”

    “Pretty much,” Alysha replied. “I don’t think we’ve got any issues, or pressing needs, yet. I’ll get back to you if there are, though.”

    “Always easier to start off the season with a solid group,” Gark said. “Defense,” he said, pointing to Dirxx.

    “Where to begin,” the Besalisk said. “Where to begin . . .”

    “Surely it’s not that bad?” Gark prodded.

    “It’s not bad, but . . . it’s not good, either,” Dirxx commented. “We could use some new blood back there to stop the leaks.”

    “What kind of leaks?” Gark asked.

    “Not enough ball stoppage,” Dirxx said. “We’re making tackles, but the ball keeps making its way through the zone. Our defense needs to stop the ball so that our tackles actually count for something.”

    “Then what do you think we need?” Gark asked.

    “Defense,” Adanna said in a simple, yet ironic, tone.

    “Thank you,” Gark said, but he didn’t like the Hapan’s joke. At least, it wasn’t funny at the moment. He was trying to be serious, and she was, again, being snarky. But that was why he had brought her in, was it not?

    “Corner back,” Dirxx said. “I know Shayt’s got them under her wing, but I can’t help but notice that they need some help back there. Who’s available at corner back?”

    “Four of the top five defenders in the rankings are, or at least can be,” Me’lin said as she scanned the list. “There should be plenty to choose from.”

    “And later?”

    “Only one more, but that would be more second or third round,” the Twi’lek replied.

    “Then it sounds like we could snag a corner back with this pick,” Gark said. “I don’t think Jerek’s going to like it, but I think we need the depth.”

    “So we’re bailing on Livingstone?” Adanna asked.

    “No . . . I just think that we need a corner back who can grow into the system. Someone to push Reid in the back a little bit to keep his development on track. And, if that doesn’t happen, we have a rookie there across from Jerek and a suitable young backup.”

    “I have to disagree with you on that one,” Adanna said. “I think our problem is half back. No offense,” she said to Dirxx, “but I couldn’t help but notice that they weren’t pulling their weight at the end of last season. That would put pressure on the corners to make up for lost ball control and traps.”

    “Half back?” Gark asked. He wasn’t so sure about this . . . Adanna was obviously seeing this differently than he was. He wanted corner, she wanted half.

    “This Mulhollan fellow might fit our needs,” Adanna said. Me’lin pulled up the Gran’s profile on the screen. “He’s probably a bit slow, but he has skills. I’ve seen some footage on him, and he looks to be the real deal.”

    “Problem is, we have a glut of half backs, and not enough of the rest,” Gark said. “We need a corner to fill a need, not to add talent at a position where a rookie would be buried on the depth chart and not see the field.”

    “Are we already arguing?” Adanna asked, obviously amused. “I take it that this is all part of your plan?”

    “Pretty much,” Gark said. He had wanted this, someone to act as his foil when it came to team stuff. If Adanna wanted someone that he didn’t think of, he wanted to consider it in case she had better judgment on the situation than he did. Former Limmie players had that knack that someone who had never played before simply didn’t have, and vice versa.

    “Long drop-off at half back after that,” Dirxx said. “We might use a stash pick later to get someone in the system. What about Full?”

    “I’ve already taken care of that,” Gark said.

    “Care to elaborate?” Londy asked.

    “The League recently approved our signing of Abbey Waters from the free agent pool, formerly a member of the Miners,” Gark said. “Now, as you all might remember, Ms. Waters was a full back in college. Partially the reason why she dropped to the third round. She’s played corner the last few years, and admittedly was terrible there. But, as it turned out, no one on that Bakura defense was very good the past two seasons, so I was willing to take the risk and bring her in since she was available and has four years of experience. If nothing else, she was a low-cost signing that gives us a corner back in a pinch. But I think she could start, or at least platoon, at full back. We’re pretty much aware that Doon’sun just isn’t a starter, so I think we might just ride the hot hand at that spot all season. We now have the depth to do that, unless we want to give Brancko Nagriski another look.”

    “Kid needs seasoning,” Dirxx replied. “I think we made the right move in sending him down to Thyferra.”

    “Not like I don’t think Waters is a good signing, but it still doesn’t fill a hole,” Adanna said.

    “Think of it this way. I’m rolling the proverbial dice that she will turn out like the last defensive back we plucked out of free agency from the Miners,” Gark commented.

    “I’m flattered,” Adanna said. That defensive back, as was common knowledge, had been her. All she had done was help lead the Senators to back-to-back Finals appearances in 268 and 269, so perhaps a change in scenery for Waters would help produce similar results? “But it still doesn’t completely solve our problem.”

    “One piece at a time,” Gark replied. “We’re building around the pieces we have right now; everyone else is window dressing at the moment. Jerek’s pretty much the only one guaranteed a spot this next season, so I want to see how any new players we get do in camp. Then we build the best unit and rotation that we can with who we have. That’s Palla’s job to sort out.”

    At this time, the video board in the room flipped to the beginning of the Draft. "Gentlebeings, welcome to Hapes," Niakara Kayl'hen proclaimed, "for the 275 Elite League Limmie Draft. Without further ado, let's get things started. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock."

    “Here we go,” Dirxx commented as the Monarchs’ lion logo appeared on the vidscreens around the Hall.

    “Hey, we have any consensus in there?” Pam chipped in from the Hall.

    “We’re going to wait and see who’s available,” Gark replied. “Stand by, because there may be some moves in the immediate future in case we find a good deal.”

    “You know I didn’t like the drama that I got out of this thing four years ago, with the trades and all,” the Zeltron commented.

    “I hope it doesn’t come to that,” Gark said. “But it’s always a possibility.”

    “Great,” Pam said, but she obviously didn’t like the thought of having the Senators’ draft position or roster thrown out of whack with some bad personnel decisions, or at least ones that involved a lot of moving pieces. She wanted something standard, not a reshuffling project.

    When the pick finally came in, the entire War Room turned to listen. “With the first pick of the 275 Elite League Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Rew Ileo, Left Corner Forward, University of Myrkyr Vornskrs.”

    “Hm, top-ranked forward off the board,” Gark mused.

    “There won’t be getting a high-ranking player like that at the end of the round, then,” Londy said.

    “No McKerty, version 2, falling to us late despite being tops on the rankings” Dirxx said.

    “Luckily, he wasn’t on our board anyways,” Adanna said.

    “True,” Gark replied. “OK, he was on our board at corner, but . . . well, that’s the nature of the Draft. We move on. Three more picks before us.”

    “Come to think of it, did anyone bring the jersey with them?” Alysha asked.

    Silence followed her statement. No one had brought the jersey in with them from the speeder outside in the parking lot. “Well, someone has three picks to get back here with the uniform,” Gark said. “How should we do this? Nose goes, or something a little more democratic?”

    “Nose goes!” Londy said. Everyone, in a childish manner that harkened back to their school days, touched their nose as fast as they could, the last person to do so obviously being the one to leave the room and retrieve the jersey. Dirxx was the last one, and he sighed in his normal hearty way.

    “Looks like I’m going to have to go out and get it,” he said. He then stood up, acting the whole way like he didn’t want to.

    “If it makes you feel any better, you get to mingle with some of your fans,” Gark commented.

    “Exactly,” Dirxx said. “Be back in a few.” He opened the door and left the War Room.

    Now the Mercs were on the clock. Everyone knew that they had major holes to fill up and down the roster, and this pick would be a need, obviously. But who would they take? Forward? Midfielder? Defender? Goalie, even? Katan wasn’t exactly inspiring confidence in anyone right now. He was like Jayla Leed, who he oddly enough was taken a pick ahead of due to a trade between the Mercs and the Thyferra Force. Pam didn’t like that Draft, obviously.

    “So many angles to play,” Adanna said. “I can see them taking one of about six or seven players right here. They need defense, offense . . . help all over. Maybe more offense, though. Depends on if they can re-sign any of their free agents.”

    “They did,” Me’lin said, scouring the transaction wire.

    “Well never mind then,” Adanna said. “Defense.”

    "With the 2nd pick in the 275 ELL Draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select... Jiri "Slappy" Patton. Defensive back from the Citadel University of Anaxes."

    “Now, was I right, or was I right?” Adanna asked.

    “It’s just . . .” Gark started.

    “Was I right?” Adanna cut him off.

    “Fine, you win,” Gark said, not amused.

    “Now that we have that established . . .” Adanna said with a wry grin. “Bakura’s on the clock now. Knowing Cundertol, he’s going to be outside the box on this one. Last season he made some very odd choices with his picks. I mean, going to the bottom of the rankings for a first-rounder? Unconventional doesn’t begin to describe him. Kinda why I wanted to return to Bakura so badly in 270.”

    “But he could also be conventional,” Gark said. “Lot of pressure on the Miners to produce, after the last two seasons have been disasters for the most part on defense.”

    “I want to say that they go defense here, but knowing some of them from my playing days, I think they’ll go offense here,” Adanna said, rubbing her chin.

    “Offense?” Alysha asked.

    “Being unconventional means . . . being unconventional . . .” Adanna said plainly. “I fully expect them to pick someone who isn’t even on our radar for them. Midfielder, too, but I think that might be the next round. Not a lot at that position as far as runaway talent, unless . . . nah, I still think offense. Probably Sojuria, given that he’s a local kid. Always helps the PR machine when you pick a hometown player.”

    “What about Lerouex?” Allie asked. “Full forward . . . wait, no, Rodders is there . . .”

    “Now, she’s a player we might want to look at a second time,” Gark said. “Helmsman nominee . . . Bakuran players never win that thing . . . but still pretty good, I would assume. We need a Full, although Worody . . . maybe more seasoning . . .?”

    “Make sense, would ya?” Adanna asked.

    “Just musing,” Gark explained. “It’s how I operate. Watch and learn, my young apprentice.”

    “Learn how to talk to myself? Pretty sure I can do that just fine already,” the Hapan replied.

    Then Quinn Cundertol was at the podium, and it was obvious that something big was going down here. No one in the room knew how big until the pick was officially announced.

    "Good afternoon," Cundertol said, speaking into the microphone, "With the third overall pick in the 275 Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners select Jolla Pic, Midfielder from the University of Mos Eisley."

    “Had a suspicion there,” Adanna said as the tall midfielder from Tatooine got her jersey.

    “You said offense,” Alysha reminded her fellow Hapan. “Midfield wasn’t something you were looking at.”

    “I said ‘might’ for a reason,” Adanna said. “Besides, Alysha, don’t make me beat you to the punch line again.” She was obviously referencing the time that both of them had attended a party at Gark’s condo many years prior in which Adanna beat out the younger Hapan midfielder for a seat at the table.

    “A lot’s changed since then,” Alysha growled.

    “Sure it has. But Quinn hasn’t,” Adanna commented. “Guy certainly knows how to throw off all guesses about the Miners and what they will do. But not a bad pick. Lots of size on that one.”

    “Now there’s one more pick to go before ours,” Gark said, trying to change the subject. “What will Ylesia do?”

    “Pick a non-human,” Adanna said quickly. “I think that if we have our sights set on a human, then we’re safe, because there is no way the Lightning choose one. Not after this past season.”

    “So what exactly are we looking for?” Londy asked. “Offense? Defense?”

    “Likely offense,” Gark said.

    “I still think we need some defense,” Adanna said, countering the Bothan’s statement. “Either Jaxxon or Gamble would fit the bill at Corner. We want someone to push Livingstone, and there may not be a better chance to grab a top-tier corner prospect in the other two rounds of this Draft. The others might not last until our next pick.”

    “What are we discussing in there now?” Pam asked.

    “Do we take offense or defense here?” Me’lin replied.

    “Hm . . . I think defense might be a solid option . . . Jed keeps babbling on about these two forwards he has on his team who were OK last season . . . Renhorn . . . Song . . . half and a corner. They would fill our weaknesses position-wise, but I don’t know if they would cut it in camp. We need some experience there, and besides . . . I thought you had Worody and this new signing coming into those spots, at least for camp.”

    Then the Hall went silent as the GM for the Lightning went to the podium.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are pleased to select with our fourth overall pick from Cinnagar Imperial College, Half Back, Mulhollan."

    “There he goes,” Gark commented as the Gran went up to the stage.

    "The Coruscant Senators are on the clock."

    At this time, the door to the room opened, and Dirxx ambled inside, holding the black and orange uniform in his meaty hand. “I miss anything?” he asked.

    “What the hell took you so long?” Alysha asked, perturbed.

    “Had to sign a few autographs, have some Holos of me taken, talked with my adoring fans . . .”


    “Nope. I just forgot where the speeder was parked.”

    “How typical,” Adanna commented.

    “So, we’re on the clock, eh?” Dirxx asked as he took a seat.

    “Pretty much,” Gark said. “All right, offense or defense?”

    “I still think defense,” Adanna replied. “Take a corner. Now.”

    “All right, all right,” Gark said, holding his hands up. “I still think you’re wrong, though.”

    “Try me,” Adanna said with a sly smile.

    “And to get back at you, you’re going to be the one announcing our pick,” Gark said, grinning.

    “Why me?” Adanna asked.

    “Because one, you’re the new GM, so people want to see you. Two, because this is your world, so you should be up there, not me. That’s what you get, Ms. Hapan Heroine. Third, because I told you to.”

    “You suck,” Adanna replied, getting out of the chair and snatching the uniform away from Dirxx. “I take it we’re going with our pick?”

    “Yep,” Gark said, nodding.

    “All right,” Adanna said before she left the room.

    A minute later, she showed up on the screen at the podium. “With the fifth pick in the 275 ELL Draft,” she began, “the Coruscant Senators select Christine Gamble, corner back from The Ord Sabaok University.

    This set off cheers amongst the OSU fans in attendance for their star corner back.


    Gamble looked somewhat surprised by her selection, but her mood brightened quite a bit as she got up to the podium and shook hands with the Commissioner and Adanna. Then she got her jersey and had her holo taken.

    “Welcome aboard,” Adanna said.

    “Thanks. Glad to be here,” Christine replied.

    “This is the easy part, so good luck in camp,” Adanna commented as the two of them parted. She returned to the podium.

    “The Mando’ade Mercs are on the clock.”

    Back in the War Room, the entire staff looked at each other. “I hope we made the right pick,” Alysha said.

    “Too late to go back now,” Londy said.

    “We’ll make it work,” Gark said. “We usually do.”

    “Now, about our second pick . . .” Dirxx said, starting the new conversation about the Senators’ next pick.

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    IC: Aay'han Vhett
    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Through the first three picks of the draft everything was going according to plan. The Mercs had picked up the best player on their pre-draft board with their first pick, and most of the other players they had targeted were all still available. Pic had been taken at #3. She had been heavily scouted by the Mercs who had a rather large hole at Midfielder now with the retirement of Ro'val. It was hoped that Vau could fill that hole, but then someone would have to come in and take his place on the bench. Pic could have been such a player, though the Mercs had other Midfielders rated higher than the stand out from Mos Eisly University. Still, nothing so far had upset Plan A, not until Vhett received the call anyway.

    The call was from the Smuggler's organization. They too had come over to the Skywalker Conference from the Solo, but where the Mercs had faltered, the team from Nar Shaddaa had thrived. So Vhett was surprised when they offered what amounted to a fairly lopsided deal in the Mercs favor, a chance to move back into the first round while also filling a position of need for the Mercs, that empty slot at Midfield. Vau would probably take the news hard, and Vhett was sure that Vizsla would force he and Darkrider to compete for that starting slot, but a little competition never hurt anyone. The exchange of half backs was almost inconsequential to the deal, but Edwards was a player that the Mercs front office had always been intrigued by. Se'o could be moved over to the reserve right half back position and allow the veteran Edwards to take over the backup center half back slot.

    Of course with that first trade it sent the Mercs draft room into a frenzy of activity, as they tried to move back into the 2nd or 3rd rounds of this years draft. It was a deep draft by their standards, and they wanted to use the opportunity to stock up on talent. However, the trade's biggest impact was to allow for Vhett the option of taking yet another potentially great player. But who would that be?

    Midfield was right out. There were a number of highly talented midfielders still on the board, but the Mercs had other holes to fill at the moment, picking up another midfielder was a luxury they just couldn't afford, at least not yet. Goaltender was a strong possibility. Kii Skirata's departure had left the backup goaltender's spot vacant. There was also the fact that Katan was very hot or cold between the pipes. He was an aggressive goalkeeper, and sometimes that aggressiveness bit him in the shebs. No goaltender had gone yet in this draft, so the Mercs would have their pick of the bunch if they chose to go that route. Even if the Mercs still got back into the 2nd or 3rd rounds somehow, there was no guarantee that would be the case later on. Vhett knew the Miners needed a goaltender too.

    Still, there was also a spot open at cornerback to consider. Patton was already slotted for one starting spot, and Vhett had penciled K'Karlson in for the other, but another backup would be needed. The original plan was to simply fill the spot via free agency, but the original plan didn't have the Mercs trading into a 2nd first round draft choice. Gamble from The Ord Sabaok University was still on the board. She had been one of the backup options in Plan B had the Monarchs taken Patton with their first pick. She would make an interesting pick, and an excellent cornerback pairing with Patton for years to come. But taking two defensive backs int he first round? Vhett wasn't sure that was a good idea, especially with the state the offense was in.

    The forward position for the Mercs had been hit hard by the war. The Nulls were gone, and with them nearly every starting forward on the roster. Fortune would be coming back from injury, and Daryc was an all star forward, so the news wasn't entirely grim. But the rest of their starting forwards for the upcoming season were career backups or rookies. There was no way to tell how they would respond to the pressure of starting in the ELL. She was sure at least some of them would be fine, but even if all of them were, having a first round talent on the bench would be a wonderful asset going forward. What to do, what to do....

    “With the fifth pick in the 275 ELL Draft the Coruscant Senators select Christine Gamble, corner back from The Ord Sabaok University.”

    Well that eliminated that option. Probably for the best though. Vhett looked at the list of forwards and then back to the goaltenders. There was only one player on the offensive side of the ball that had caught her T-Visor, and to be honest even that player hand't blown her away. But at Goaltender there was a player whose cold, calculating, mistake free play would work as the perfect foil to Katan's fiery style. This Chiss may not be quite as athletic as the Mandalorian already on the roster, but the holo-tape had shown a man with ice in his veins. She commed to the Daryc at the draft table and he again took to the podium. "With the 6th pick in the 275 ELL draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mitth... Mitthor.... We take Thorn, Goaltender from the University of Csilla."

    There was some laughter and embarrassment from the crowd at Daryc's mangling of the blue skinned man's name, but Mitth'or'noris, Thorn to those who could not pronounce it, ignored it all. He wordlessly took to the stage and accepted his Mercs jersey without emotion. The necessary holo-images were taken and he moved off, still silent. Yes, Vhett thought to herself, their new "ice man" was the perfect choice.

    "The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock."

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    GM Post
    --Transaction Wire--
    Coruscant Senators
    • Rhyric Loayen (Human, Male, Right Corner Back) signed as a free agent
    Ylesia Lightning
    • Nolli Uto (Nautolan, Female, Left Corner Back) released to free agency
    • Lak Lomo (Houk, Male, Right Corner Back) released to free agency
    • Thudak Andro (Rodian, Male, Midfielder) released to free agency
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    It was draft day. Problem was the draft was many, many hours from now. It was also Fenton’s first full day at his new job. He really wanted nothing to do with this new job. But if he didn’t go he wouldn’t be able to buy the new copy of ELL ’75 when it came out. It would be so embarrassing to tell his holonet friends he wasn’t able to upgrade. So he rolled out of bed and put on the striped shirt and solid blue pants he had been issued.

    Before heading to the public transport station; Fenton grabbed several pastries from the kitchen. He also found a thermos with a matching top after several minutes of searching. He filled half of it with caf and the other half with heavy creamer; leaving just enough room for two heaping spoonfuls of sugar. The taste of caf had never appealed to him, getting up this early appealed to him even less.

    There was a Hovercraft show at BankersMansion today and Fenton would be working a concession stand. There was already a line of beings congregated outside by the time Fenton swiped his newly issued security pass to get into the stadium. He made his way to the station he had been assigned in orientation and found his supervisor waiting for him.

    “You’re late.” The kid stated rudely. “Since you are the last to arrive, there’s only one job left. Scrape the old cheese off the bottom off the bottom of these barrels and scrub them. That way when today’s batch is ready you can fill them.”

    Fenton was lucky to finish cleaning the barrels by the time an elderly Twi’lek appeared with today’s fresh batch of Nacho Cheese. Two other employees began loading hot chips into display cases and soon everyone was scurrying to unwrap paper containers and cups before the lunch rush began.

    Soon a line formed. Fenton was assigned to scoop the cheese into cups for some customers and directly onto the nachos for others. Most costumers were nice, but others were overbearing. How was he supposed to pick out the red peppers so the sauce was less hot while keeping the line moving? The chrono ticked slower than it ever had in Fenton’s life. Every time he looked up in hopes of seeing an end to the line, a chance for him to rest for just a minute, he was disappointed.

    First his feet began to hurt from standing. Then his arm from pouring the cheese and soon his mouth was no longer able to hold the fake smile he had been instructed to serve everyone with. To make matters worse he was covered in cheese from head to toe. The gooey yellow substance had spilled everywhere.

    The line finally started to get shorter, than there was no line at all and eventually Fenton heard an announcement that the Hovercar show would be closing for the day in 30 minutes. It was a wonderful sound, that announcement. Until Fenton remembered he had to come back and do the same thing again tomorrow for day 2 of the Hovercar show. Still Fenton’s spirit brightened as he helped pack up the stand, it was time to go home and almost time to watch the draft.

    On the way home Fenton had just enough time to stop at a market for snacks. He quickly grabbed a large bag of barbequed hubba chips, a 2 gallon bottle of his favorite fruity Fizz, a box of marshmallow sandwich cookies and frozen custard. It was a good thing Fenton rushed home, the Monarchs wasted no time in welcoming Rew Ileo to their team. Fenton hadn’t even gotten his snacks opened yet. He grabbed a fistful of chips out of the bag and began to munch while he waited to hear who the Mercs would pick up.

    Fenton wished the Starkillers would draft a new goalie. Maybe without Galaxy Defender’s distractions last year the Starkillers could have won in the post season. That was unlikely though. Whoever the Starkillers drafted they were likely to start sooner than later. Over a 3rd of the current team’s starters last year had been drafted since ’72.

    As he finished off the bag of hubba chips and poured himself some more Fizz he continued to consider the Starkillers options. It wouldn’t be long now the Mercs had traded with the Smugglers and were about to make their second pick in this round. He dipped a marshmallow cookie in custard as the Merc’s took the podium and announced their pick: "With the 6th pick in the 275 ELL draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Mitth... Mitthor.... We take Thorn, Goaltender from the University of Csilla."

    Finally it was time to hear who the Starkillers were going to pick. Fenton turned the volume up and mindlessly grabbed another cookie. Owner Ira Clarke approached the podium “With the 7th pick in the 275 ELL draft, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Sosar Drif Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent.”

    It was an interesting selection; Fenton hoped the Starkillers knew what they were doing.

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    IC: Vesper Lynd
    275 ELL Draft, Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Knowing that she had some time before the Monarchs’ next pick, Vesper opted to walk the draft hall floor and visit some of the other teams’ representatives. She first looked over to her home system’s table and quickly ruled them out. Quinn Cundertol was the last Bakuran in the galaxy that she would ever socialize with, and even then she might not.

    It was then that she realized that she really had nothing in common with any of the other reps. Jeem Daryc of the Mercs would be a difficult nut to crack in his armor. Raakla To was the Lightning’s General Manager so that was right out. The tables for the Senators, the Storm, and the Smugglers were all empty. She could only assume they were all up in their war rooms or doing the same as her. At the Starkillers’ table sat their Owner Ira Clarke.

    So with no one left she decided to go talk with the newest member of the Monarchs. Walking back to the interview area she remembered the buzzing reports all clamoring to get minute with her. She was later told that she had received as much attention as most of the first round picks. So she was shocked when she discovered all the reporters were sitting in the seats and Ileo was nowhere to be found. She kept walking and found a door to the outside. When she opened it she found Rew, he was across the street playing a pickup game of limmie with a bunch of kids.


    She noticed that he had taken off his dress shirt and was wearing one of his old University of Myrkyr jerseys. “Hey Rookie!” she called out, “What do you think you’re doing?” Rew handed one of the kids their boloball and sent them back to the field to play.

    “Hey Cap, I’m just tossing the ball around with some kids,” he said nonchalantly, “I didn’t feel like being distracted by all the reporters. Besides these kids are what the game is all about right?”

    Vesper couldn’t believe what she was hearing, “Shouldn’t you at least be on the holo with Setarcos Rhemes quarreling over credits and terms of your contract?”

    “Naw, I left that up to my agent, but I don’t think Mr. Rhemes will leave me wanting,” the bolo rolled over to his feet, he scooped it up and tossed it over to her. “Care to join us Cap, we can play on opposite sides?”

    Suddenly the comlink in her ear screamed to life, “Vesper where in the nine hells are you?” It was Romo’s voice, “The Mercs are back on the clock again.”

    “On my Coach,” she turned off her comlink and tossed the ball out to the kids, “Duty calls, perhaps next time.” He gave her smile and then ran back out to the kids. There was something about the Rookie that she like, she just wasn’t sure if liked that.

    Monarchs’ War Room

    The entire coaching staff sat around an elongated table with the defensive coaches on oneside, the offensive coaches on the other, Michelle Winters sat on the far end with the position coaches, and Romo sat at the head. He was wearing his signature sunglasses even though there was no sun coming into the room. On the wall behind Romo were two holoscreens. One had the draft order with the names of the already selected players and the other had the live HSN draft day feed.


    As the Senators picked up Gamble, the Corner Back out of OSU, the buzz in the room became palatable. “See,” Jared Remington shouted, “there goes another Back. We should have used the eighth pick and the second rounder from Nar Shaddaa to move up a couple of slots. At this rate all the good backs are going to be gone.”


    “Are you mad?” fired back his older brother Jensen, “Give up another pick just so that we can take a defensive player in a defense heavy draft? And mom said that you are the smart one.”


    “You’re both idiots,” Michelle Winters scoffed at them, “Now shut it, the bucketheads are about to make their next pick.”

    “With the 6th pick in the 275 ELL draft, the Mando’ade Mercs select Mitth… Mitthor… We take Thorn, Goaltender from the University of Csilla.”

    “Now that pick hurt us,” Winters said scratching a name off her datapad, “We really could have used him.”

    Mara Singus looked over at her new boss, “You think Clair isn’t good enough to start next season, don’t you.”

    “Of course I don’t. Were you not on the team last season? Did you not witness her terrible play?”

    Mara’s jaw nearly hit the table, “Are you kidding me? It was the defense that was in front of her. It was a revolving door of defensive backs. Not one of them could stop even the simpleton offense of the Packers. No offense Lex, but we need to shore up the defense, get some fresh young legs in there.”

    “She understands,” Jared shouts across the table, “That’s what I’m talking about. We need to pick a D-Back at eight.”

    Lex Silas stood up from the table and turned his back on the group, “I can’t believe I’m hearing this. The age of our players is not the problem, all of them, save one, are under the age of thirty. Windy is the only person on our squad that was playing professional Limmie during the Great Quiet. The rest have all been drafted or free agents that had been in the draft. No, what we need is someone to bring about team cohesion.”


    Behind Romo the broadcaster on HSN announced that Starkiller owner Ira Clarke was approaching the podium.

    “With the 7th pick in the 275 ELL draft, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Sosar Drif, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent.”

    “And another one bites the dust,” Jared proclaimed as the debating continued on. Throughout the whole process Romo just sat, quietly watching them all behind his smoked lenses. He silently started tapping away on his datapad.

    Draft Hall Floor

    Vesper sat there, listening the coaches arguing with each other over the next draft pick. One side said defense, the other offense, and one even said to take a keeper. The last one she did not agree with one bit. Clair was doing the best she could in a bad situation. She had not had the opportunity to sit a season and learn the system, like Vesper had, before being thrown to the dragons.

    In Vespers opinion they had all the pieces to be champions. They just needed to start playing like champs. It was then she saw her data pad flashing with an incoming message. It had the name of their next pick, but the debate between the coaches continued to rage in her ear. A second message came over and Vesper was shocked by what it said.

    Get up and make the announcement or I’ll bench you for the entire season.

    She slowly rose to her feet and approached the podium once more. “With the eighth pick of the 275 Elite League Draft, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Oss’irh’cgood, Goalkeeper, University of Ool Reekcats.”


    As she handed a jersey to the second Chiss goalkeeper to drafted chants of ‘OZZIE! OZZIE!’ rang out throughout the hall. She then turned back to the microphone and said, “The Bakura Miners are now on the clock.”

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    IC: Tim Dodd - Dodd Apartment, Calna Muun, Agamar.

    The 275 Season looked to be shaping up to be the 'Season of Fire'! Not only was the Ssi-Ruuk situation red-hot (fortunately without involving Bakura - the planet itself - at this stage; although Komad'avao still thought that it probably would have at least one strike directed against it before hostilities ceased; 'Deep Strike' against an enemy's Logistics was a scenario that had made an appearance too many times to count, and it was undeniably effective); but there had been a coup, an actual coup, on Rydonni Prime - the Packers' first fixture of the Season, and an 'Away' game too!
    That should make for an interesting visit, but whether it had upset the Monarchs at all remained to be seen. As for the Packers, coups quite often gave rise to counter-coups and being on the scene during any form of coup was likely to be dangerous. So, improved shields for the Shuttle, a security team from the TAU, orders to the pilot to come and get the team immediately (landing inside the Stadium, if necessary) should trouble break out and possibly the 'Serendipity' on standby a couple of Lightspeed minutes out from the Namaryne system to cover the Shuttle's exit vector, would all have to be arranged with Oleg.

    The following week (provided their conflict didn't interfere) was the return match with the Bakura Miners; coincidentally the 'Memorial Oval' (at long last it had finally been named!) Stadium's inaugural match. The Miners seemed to be making a habit of playing the 'christening match' at new Stadiums this year; they were due to play the first-ever game, a friendly(!) if that as the right word, at the replacement 'Six Boroughs' as well! Asyr and Dorf had agreed that the result of the Miners encounter with the Stewjon Metropolitans wasn't to be taken seriously, it had the flavour of someone playing 'head games' with the Media! The Miners' other pre-season games might give a better clue as to how well they'd bounced back from losing four experienced players in a short space of time, or then again, it might not!

    At any rate, Agamarians of all descriptions would be dealing with a virtual mountain of work in preparation for what would effectively be a 'State Visit'; one which would go into the history books alongside the visits of Mon Mothma and Leia Organa Solo! A very good year for Eli Desh (current Leader of the Council), particularly if anything substantive came of it! Holodocumentaries, to be screened by the Agamar Holocasting Company nearer the time (and to be repeated in the week leading up to the match) had already been commissioned and filmed. They'd hardly needed to be 'spun' at all to give out the desired message; 'Bakurans are Agamarians whose world happens to orbit a different Star'! This understanding would be necessary if the situation at Bakura required 'Task Force Amity' to go into action.

    'Task Force Amity', under the command of Erich Sturm (Georg's father and Assistant Deputy Director of ASF) comprised 'Serendipity' (the salvaged Nebula Star Destroyer), 'Safeguard' (the official name for the Acclamator 1-class Troop Transport commonly called the 'ARK'), twelve System Patrol Ships (fitted with enhanced weaponry packages) and three squadrons of ASF's most modern Snubfighters. A complicating factor was the likely attitude of the Bakuran Civil Authorities if they became aware that this flotilla had been assembled, and why. TF Amity's orders forbade its use outside the Bakura System, but that would not, could not, stop the Bakuran War Council from making a further levy on Bakuran vessels currently assigned to local defence. Amity's existence, therefore, had to be kept within a very close circle of beings on the Bakuran front; the only group that Tim, Oleg, Erich and the Council thought trustworthy enough were the Noble House!

    Yes, there was a great deal to talk about with the Supreme Chancellor - and hopefully, with Admiral Westenra. The calculated snub of denying a Combat command to that highly experienced Officer might turn out to be a blessing in disguise, especially to the Agamarian personnel. While Capital Ships were fairly ponderous and the tactics employed fairly formulaic, the fact remained that no Agamarian had participated in a Fleet Action for over half a century, if not longer!

    Tim had just managed to take time out of the plethora of meetings and planning sessions to attend the 'All-Stars' match on Nar Shaddaa along with Erich Sturm. Georg and Narsk had not looked at all out of place in the lineup, despite it being their first Season. Neither had scored, but they had definitely made a contribution to the 30-25 Skywalker Conference team victory during their time on the pitch; and to Tim's and Erich's eyes had looked the fittest players on either side.

    The Jedi Team were, understandably, far more concerned with the Holo-Comm appearances of Palpatine (despite those almost certainly being automated) in what it appeared the Atkin clones had called 'the Shrine' than in untangling the workings of the 'instant-elsewhere' device ('the Portal'). Whoever had set up that communication system had routed the signal through multiple Holo-Comm hubs, and not always the same ones each time. Tracking the signals to their destination would, therefore, be a very time-consuming process.

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    GM-ish Post

    With the first round now concluded, we move to the PM stage of the draft. I am going to designate from now until Thursday for the second round. Usually things go quicker than that. And since I'm first up...

    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes


    Quinn Cundertol grabbed his datapad and started slamming it into the table repeatedly. Two years ago he'd pounded the table when Ralltiir had taken Dev Poletin before he could get to the Whipid defender. Apparently he was even more upset about what had happened in the last five draft picks.

    "No no no no no!" he shouted as he destroyed the datapad.

    "You know we actually needed that, right?" Briar Thorne said as calmly as possible.

    "What we need is a damn goalkeeper!" Cundertol shouted. Yelling your draft plans to the entire draft floor was usually not a good idea. However, seeing as the Miners were up with their next pick it probably didn't matter. However, somewhere Setarcos Rhemes was probably laughing his butt off at having driven the Mighty Quinn into a furor.

    "Gentlebeings, before we start the second round," Commissioner Kayl'hen said--apparently doing her best to ignore the Eriaduan's rage, "I have a trade to announce. The Rydonni Prime Monarchs have traded the fourteenth pick overall in the 275 draft to the Mando'ade Mercs in exchange for the Mercs' third round pick in 276."

    A curious move to say the least. If Cundertol hadn't been in such a blind rage he would have tried to figure out what Rhemes was up to. However, he had more pressing needs at the moment. If only Rhemes was here right now instead of that thorn-in-the-Miners'-side Lynd. He'd give him a piece of his mind. He had an Ingbrand nominee goalkeeper and he was stockpiling talent? Ridiculous. Non-sensical. How was anyone else supposed to draft if Rhemes was going to do something idiotic like that?

    A beskar glove with a flamethrower attached slammed onto the table in front of Cundertol, who looked up slowly to discover Aay'han Vhett, the other source of his goalkeeping problems. Well, she was here. He could get some good yelling in at her.

    "Before you say a word, aruetii, I have a proposition for you," Vhett said from behind her helmet.

    Seeing as Vhett had taken the top goalkeeper in the draft, someone that Cundertol had realistically expected to get with the first pick of the second round, he was not in the mood to hear the Mandalorian out. However, despite his roiling anger, he was able to say, "Go on."

    The Mercs' GM leaned in with her helmet and whispered so that Cundertol and Thorne could hear.

    "That's preposterous!" Cundertol blurted out when Vhett had finished, "Absolutely--"

    "Wait," Thorne said firmly, "It's not such a bad idea. Listen..." she confidentially explained her reasoning to Cundertol. He had to admit that she made some sense.

    Cundertol considered the matter for a few seconds. "I have a counter proposal," Cundertol said to Vhett.

    Updated friendly schedule

    Sunday, October 6
    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks
    Byblos Red Wings at Rydonni Prime Monarchs

    Sunday, October 13
    Bakura Miners at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (first game at the new Six Boroughs)
    Kuat Triforce at Ralltiir Starkillers
    Chandrila Patriots at Mando'ade Mercs
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Balmorra Blasters

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @CPL_Macja
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    Friendlies today with bonus rolls for Bakura and Rydonni Prime.

    Bakura Miners at Naboo Ducks (27-23)
    Byblos Red Wings at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (28-14)

    TAG: @CPL_Macja
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    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers War Room, 275 ABY, First Day of the Draft

    “Vehn,” Tover Micjaa said standing up and nodding his head towards his friend and employer.

    “Vehn,” Meredith Chambers, goalkeepers coach, added.

    “Vehn,” John Huntington, offensive coordinator, said as he looked up from one final review of the draft pool.

    “Vehn,” Konrad Dvorak, defensive coordinator, finished with a smile as he gazed up at the wall-mounted monitor and eyed the deep defensive draft.

    Kaitlyn returned their nods with a smile. Today was her day to shine. Today was her day to show the galaxy that no amount of personal problems could derail her from a singular vision of seeing the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers as the champions of Limmie at the end of this season. She was ready to set the tone for the 275 Draft, come hell or high water.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, give me your thoughts. Offense or defense?”

    “Defense,” Dvorak voted.

    “Defense,” Huntington added.

    “Defense,” Chambers repeated.

    “Defense,” Micjaa suggested.

    “Agreed,” Kaitlyn said. “So we’re going to pick Beau Jaaxon today. I like his size, his speed, his intelligence, and I think he’ll anchor the defensive unit for years to come. Besides, he’s somewhat local and you know how successful that approach was for us in the past.”

    “Think he’ll be there when we pick at number six?” Tover said, twirling a pen in his fingers.

    “We’re not picking at six,” Kaitlyn said.

    “You’re not?” Meredith asked.

    Kaitlyn shook her head and picked up her comm.. The following transactions were clean, smooth, and totally businesslike. There was no emotion here. There could be no emotion in the draft, despite Quinn Cundertol’s odd outbursts. No, draft day decisions were best made with a level head.

    “I’ve just negotiated a series of trades that ought to set us up nicely. First off, we’ve traded our second round pick in this year’s draft to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs in exchange for Foyr Ralote and Woosel Rahcson.”

    “We need some depth, Kaitlyn,” Tover warned.

    “The fun is just beginning. All of us can agree that our defensive unit was not up to the test last season. We finished dead last. Nobody needs a reminder about that. I believe it wasn’t so much our schemes as the players that we used to work that scheme. I’ve decided to trade down from number six with the Mando’ade Mercs,” Kaitlyn explained. “I think Konrad would agree with me here that George Edwards and Xander Darkrider are not schematic fits for our Vertical 2 Defense.”

    “I’d agree with that assessment. What did you work out?” Dvorak asked.

    “They’re going with our first round pick to the Mercs. In exchange we get their second round pick and an extra third rounder plus Mira Kashvili,” Kaitlyn said.

    “Kashvili isn’t a bad player. Liked what I saw from her on tape,” Dvorak said.

    “You just gave them another crack at the first round? What if they take the guy we want?” Tover asked.

    Kaitlyn folded her arms across her chest and squared her stance. “They won’t.”

    “You can’t guarantee that,” Huntington warned.

    “Yes I can, watch,” Kaitlyn said and motioned towards the holoscreen.

    The draft played out exactly as Kaitlyn predicted. The Smugglers top player on their draft board hadn’t budged by the time the first round drew to a close. Her entire staff looked at her incredulously.

    “How did you—“ Tover said, shocked.

    “First rule of business, ladies and gentlemen. Business is war. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. The other teams didn’t need a corner back. We did. Now, we can fill some other holes. I hope you guys will learn to trust me before leaping to
    wild conclusions. I buy the groceries, you guys use them to make some damn fine meals, understand?”

    “Yes, boss,” the room said in unison.

    “Good, let’s continue,” Kaitlyn said as her eyes burned a hole in the vid-screen in front of her.

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    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    Vhett shook her head. "No, but I can do this..." Vhett explained her counter-counterproposal.

    Cundertol raised an eyebrow. "Now that's curious..." he thought. "Let me think on it."

    "You have five minutes, aruetii," Vhett said, "You're on the clock, after all."

    Vhett wandered away while Cundertol thought deeply, eyes closed. It was quite a trade he'd just been presented with. As Vhett gave him space, she wandered by the Starkillers' table where Ira Clarke was sitting. The pair entered into conversation and a few minutes later the Miners' GM's concentration was cut by the following words.

    "Gentlebeings, we have a trade to announce," Kayl'hen announced, "The Mando'ade Mercs trade Flarn, Corner Forward, to the Ralltiir Starkillers in exchange for the 23rd pick in the 275 draft."

    Quinn's eyes shot open. "Vhett!" he called out, "I have a counter-counter-counterproposal!"

    The Mandalorian was intrigued and returned to the Miners' table. The two Miner executives huddled with Vhett and Cundertol explained.

    "Mar'e!" Vhett said, extending her hand to Cundertol, "We have a deal."

    Cundertol clasped Vhett's forearm to seal it. "Let's alert the Commissioner."

    Not two minutes later, Kayl'hen stepped up to the podium said, "Gentlebeings, we have another trade to announce." Further cheers. "The Bakura Miners send the ninth and eleventh overall picks in the 275 Draft to the Mando'ade Mercs in exchange for the 23rd pick in the 275 Draft and Mando'ade's first round pick in the 276 draft.

    "Accordingly, the Mando'ade Mercs are now on the clock."

    TAG: @Bardan_Jusik @Runjedirun (Consider this in lieu of the regular transaction wire post)
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    "With the ninth pick in the draft the Mando'ade Mercs take Beau Jaaxon, Corner Back, Vertical City University," Kayl'hen announced.

    "With the tenth pick in the draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers take Ken Zeisel, Corner Back, Druckenwell Technical University.

    "With the eleventh pick in the draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Ariva Kendal, Half Forward, Citadel University of Anaxes.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are now on the clock."

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    Teneniel Chume Hall, Hapes

    "We have another trade to announce," Kayl'hen said. The crowd loved it. "The Euceron Storm send the sixteenth overall pick in the 275 draft to Nar Shaddaa in exchange for the twenty-second overall pick in the 275 draft and the Smugglers' third round pick in the 276 draft.

    "Ylesia remains on the clock."

    TAG: @jcgoble3 @Rebecca_Daniels @Vehn
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    "With the twelfth pick in the draft, the Ylesia Lightning select Fuva Mu'tish, Midfielder, Bonadan School of Business," Kayl'hen said.

    "The Coruscant Senators are on the clock."

    TAG: @Jedi Gunny
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    "With the thirteenth pick in the draft, the Coruscant Senators select Vail Pin, Corner Forward, University of Bakura, Gesco City," Kayl'hen announced.

    "With the fourteenth pick in the 275 draft, the Mando'ade Mercs select Gozer, Midfielder, The Ord Sabaok University," she continued.

    "The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock."

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    "With the fifteenth pick in the draft, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Harc Sichi, Half Back, Kothlis National University," Kayl'hen said.

    "With the sixteenth pick in the draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Shady Lerouex, Full Forward, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar," the Bothan continued.

    "This concludes the second round. The Euceron Storm are now on the clock to start the third round."

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    "With the seventeenth pick in the draft, the Euceron Storm select Quark Tyndale, Full Back, College of Deredith & Millicent," Kayl'hen said.

    "With the eighteenth pick in the 275 draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Collie Austen, Midfielder, Atalanta University.

    "With the nineteenth pick, the Bakura Miners select..." Kayl'hen squinted at her datapad and looked up at the Miners table. Quinn Cundertol nodded to confirm. "...the Miners select Lizbit Comstock, Goalkeeper, Columbia College of Cloud City." And the first off-the-rankings pick of the day was in. Sports writers immediately started searching the Holonet for something, anything about this Comstock girl and the no-name college she was coming out of.

    "The Ylesia Lightning are now on the clock," Kayl'hen announced.

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