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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Tim Battershell

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Tim Dodd - Valorum University Stadium, Coruscant.

    Looking back, the combined visit of the Miners and the Noble House had gone very well indeed, although circumstances had dictated the cancellation of some later parts of the schedule.

    Poached "SeaEmperor" had indeed been a popular choice and the conversation, sparked by a question of how the 'Sentience Front' had managed to obtain seats in the perfect positions to get their message across, had turned into an explanation and discussion of Agamar's system of informal favours. The University, unsurprisingly, had a lot of favours out there!

    The new Anthem had also appeared to have gone down well with the fans and would be used at Home games for at least the rest of the Season, despite the need to have an Orchestra and a Choir on hand to perform it. Everyone not in the know had seemed very surprised when the front of one of the Boxes opened upwards to reveal the musicians and singers. Tim had wanted live performers for the Bakuran Anthem (he'd been very impressed with the Anthems at The Gardens last Season) and it made sense to have a new Anthem for the new Stadium; the opportunity was just too good to pass up! "Star of Agamar" would still be used at Away fixtures, though, or if the old Stadium ever had to be used again.

    The game itself had resulted in a win for the Miners (something Tim wasn't too displeased about, given what the Packers had done to the Miners last time around!) it was a tight, hard-fought contest; and a ten point margin in a sixty-eight point match wasn't anything to be ashamed about. Georg had even flattened Falene Trieste at one point, so Tim had seen. The Miners' new defensive guru had certainly tightened things up at the back, and; notwithstanding Cundertol's tantrum at the Draft, their new goalkeeper looked to be an excellent signing. Had that tantrum been entirely genuine, or something of an act? Looking back on it, Tim had to wonder!

    Halftime brought the news from Mandalore. A public execution on live, primetime, HSN? Whatever next? The Supreme Chancellor had seemed none too happy about it either, if her reaction was anything to go by.

    At least 'Safeguard' and 'Serendipity' were now on their way home. While they hadn't fired a shot in anger, they hadn't suffered any damage or casualties either.

    Still, that was in the past. This was the present, and the Coruscant Senators were a team that the Packers had not faced before. A team that, since the disaster, were currently without a dedicated Home Stadium (hence the temporary use of Valorum University's facilities for this particular fixture) as well as having a 'name' player out with injury.

    On the plus side, they had a Wookiee and a Herglic in their squad (which probably indicated the use of the reorganised 'Charging Bantha' squad - so Morto, Mezgraf, Tesar and Shaka would probably be getting some pitch time in). The Senators had also acquired Abbey Waters, the third of the ex-Bakuran players Tim had tried to sign up in the post-Season. She had seen, and suffered under, "The Bombardment", but had never seen or faced the 'Charging Bantha'!

    Then there was the Senators' GM (also, it seemed, Defensive Coach), one Gark S'rily. Asyr, contrary to her normal silence about her fellow Elite League GMs (all except Cundertol), seemed to have a good deal of regard for this 'straight-shooter', as she described him. One further reason for forsaking the splendid isolation of the Visiting Owner's Box for a boundary-line seat!

    TAG Trieste (for Week 2 and Bakuran references), Jedi Gunny (for Week 3 and Senators' references)
  2. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Power Rankings: Week Two

    1. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – We were wondering whether the C-Bucs could keep up the early-season magic during the offseason. If you said “Yes”, you were right. So far the C-Bucs are at the top of the Solo Conference at 2-0; while this doesn’t mean much yet, as there is still quite a bit of season left to play, we are left to wonder whether this is the year where they can break through after barely missing out on the postseason last year. [​IMG] 5

    2. Bakura Miners – Explosive offense? Check. Horrendous defense? Check. OK, maybe they aren’t that bad, because at least they won this past week in a shootout. Good enough for second in the Solo, which this team can’t complain about. But can they keep up defensively down the stretch? [​IMG] 9

    3. Chandrila Patriots – A statement win over Euceron in a Galactic Cup Final rematch definitely has this team back on track after a season-opening loss. Reina Keither must be happy, even though it probably hurts like hell to smile right now. [​IMG] 1

    4. Euceron Storm – Good offense so far without star Asyel Yan’ii, and a solid defense. Just need to stop losing to Chandrila. [​IMG] 3

    5. Corellia Rebels – Also known as the least exciting 2-0 team in the League right now. The Rebels have two wins, yes, but they still lack a statement victory. Until they can prove they really are winners, we likely will continue to doubt them. [​IMG] 4

    6. Mando’ade Mercs – Good win to get things back on track. Perhaps they need to find someone to execute before every game? Wait, I take that back. There are rules of decency in this galaxy. [​IMG] 3

    7. Agamar Packers – Explosive offense . . . and not much else. Large defense is getting shredded, and unless they fix the gaps, this team will likely have to win shootouts every week. That’s not a recipe for continued success. N/C

    8. Coruscant Senators – Nice win last week on both sides of the ball. Now they need to keep up that momentum against Agamar, who will test this defensive unit all 60 minutes. We will see if Jerek Deter is really the secret MVP of the Senators. N/C

    9. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – Good opening win followed by puzzling home loss. This Smugglers team is still looking for an identity to cling to this season. But they have nice new digs, so that counts for them thus far. And Kaitlyn Vehn giving us a real highlight play. I would totally skip work one night to watch a Vehn vs. Keither ten-round prize fight in the ring. It’d be legen . . . wait for it . . . DARY. [​IMG] 4

    10. Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Conventional wisdom says that at some point, breaks will go your way. Keep that in mind when watching this team. N/C

    11. Ralltiir Starkillers – Few people thought the Starkillers could keep up last year’s torrid run, so two losses is not a completely ludicrous notion. However, they should get back on track soon. This team is too good to be counted out just yet. [​IMG] 7

    12. Ylesia Lightning – No offense + inconsistent defense equals a real mess. The Lightning need to find some answers right now, because when their defense is up to the challenge, their offense falls short. Need to get that fixed, because Kasin Urdaaza needs some help carrying this team. N/C

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  3. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Bonus rolls to Agamar, Bakura, Coruscant, Euceron (yes, this is GM discretion--jc in my opinion went above and beyond the call in his LFL response to Ava and therefore I am counting it as a post for the purposes of bonuses--plus they're playing an NPC so it doesn't hurt any of you directly), Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, and Ralltiir. If I forgot anyone (which I don't think I did), blame the iPad.

    Week 3 Results
    Ylesia Lightning at Chandrila Patriots (19-9)
    Agamar Packers at Coruscant Senators (12-19)
    Mando’ade Mercs at Rydonni Prime Monarchs (40-11)
    Euceron Storm at Hapes Consortium Buccaneers (23-29)
    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Ralltiir Starkillers (39-27)
    Corellia Rebels at Bakura Miners (23-19)

    TAG: jcgoble3 Bardan_Jusik Tim Battershell Vehn CPL_Macja Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Gunny
  4. jcgoble3

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Concordia (32), Tatooine (28), Druckenwell (28), Byblos (30), Kashyyyk (30), Commenor (28), Thyferra (32).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 1
    Concordia Crusaders at Tatooine Sandskimmers (32–24)
    Druckenwell Marksmen at Byblos Red Wings (0–18)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Commenor Gundarks (24–3)
    Kamino Waves at Thyferra Force (12–19)

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Gunny CPL_Macja
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  5. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    Week Three Power Rankings

    1. Hapes Consortium Buccaneers – A solid home win over the defending Skywalker Conference champs solidifies the C-Bucs’ spot at the top of the rankings for another week. Yes it was a home game for them, but given Euceron’s road victory two weeks ago, this is still impressive. N/C

    2. Corellia Rebels – Finally, a signature win to hang their hats on. The Rebels now take their undefeated record into battle against an up-and-down Senator squad at home. A win there would give the Rebels some much-needed praise going into conference play. We still don’t know whether they are for real or not; only time will tell. [​IMG] 3

    3. Mando’ade Mercs – Needless to say, this past week was a real shootout . . . at least for the Mercs. Putting up 40 on Rydonni Prime at the Grand Villa? That’s unheard of. I said two weeks ago that this team was still putting all the pieces together; so far, they have proven that they belong. [​IMG] 3

    4. Bakura Miners – A close loss to Corellia stings, but the Miners still kept it close the entire game. Now they need to prove that they can win the next game where it comes down to the wire to make up for this loss. [​IMG] 2

    5. Coruscant Senators – Shutting down the top offensive unit in the league without your best defender, maybe your top two defenders? Check. Still have a slightly inconsistent offense, though, because their best forward, Maximus Qorbus, is still being shut down each week. If the Senators want to keep winning, they need to get their beast up front the ball and let him make plays to open up things for the rest of the offense. However, all being said, nice game this week. [​IMG] 3

    6. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – Thank you for making Galaxy Protector look like a complete amateur. That’s what happens when you hang up 39 on what should be a good defensive unit. However, they need to keep things locked down on defense, because giving up 25 points won’t always mean you walk away with a win in this league. [​IMG] 3

    7. Euceron Storm – So close, yet so far. It looks like the injury to Asyel Yan’ii is really starting to hurt, since when the other team can score points (i.e. everyone except the Senators) this bunch lacks that breakout superstar who can change the game. Don’t nap on them, though; they won all those games last year for a reason. [​IMG] 3

    8. Agamar Packers – A close loss to Coruscant doesn’t mean this team can’t win; someone finally put together a gameplan to stop this offense, no matter what looks they put out. However, what this means is that the Packers need to change up their looks at times, because their supposedly-seamless offenses got beaten by a guy whose defense is not just missing two top players, but also got blown out of the water two weeks ago. If their defense can hold, they will win. If it doesn’t . . . that doesn’t bode well. [​IMG] 1

    9. Chandrila Patriots – Um . . . losing to a struggling Ylesia squad at home doesn’t look good any way you look at it. They failed to convert on offense, and their defense looked suspect at times. Time will tell if this was just a trap game, or if the Pats really aren’t that good. [​IMG] 6

    10. Ylesia Lightning – A complete game led to this team’s first win. They could easily be 2-1 if not for a terrible offensive outing two weeks ago, so there is still optimism in this club moving forwards. However, if they slip up this week, they will be hard-pressed to climb back into things in conference play. [​IMG] 2

    11. Ralltiir Starkillers – We all felt that a lapse from last season’s miracle run was coming. We just never thought the skid would get this bad. Three straight losses never looks good out of the gate. They can score points at times, but when you give up 39 to the other team, you never win. N/C

    12. Rydonni Prime Monarchs – Ouch. That is all. Losing by 29 at home doesn’t make you very favorable in the eyes of your fans. [​IMG] 2

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  6. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009

    IC: "The bid"

    It had come to the attention of the Mercs front office that their most hated rival, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, were making an attempt to secure the Galactic Cup finals in their pedestrian new stadium. Furthermore according to the Mercs spies, no other team had yet put in their own bid. The Smugglers could not be allowed to just take the prize of hosting the final game unopposed, and so it was that a package was delivered to the commissioner's office. One which contained the following holo.

    Images flashed, a roaring crowd of Mandalorians cheering on the team at the Meshla Vhetin, Mercs players raising their arms high in victory celebration, the bloody bucket displayed at midfield. The narrator began to speak...

    "Limmie, bolo-ball...meshgeroya. It is the beautiful game that brings us all together."

    The images faded away, to new ones. The Galactic Cup being raised by the champions of years past.

    "And the event that binds the ELL, the Galactic Cup. Reserved for champions it embodies the ideals that the league, and its teams stand for..."


    Images now of the Mercs standing along the sidelines, behind them the silent crowd of Mandalorian fans could be seen during a moment of silence.


    An image of Mor'kesh with his hand extended helping Honey Ryder up off the turf after a play.


    Daryc breaking through two Rebel defenders.


    Pictures of bloodied and battered players form the various rivalry games throughout the league.

    "Fan enjoyment"

    Screaming Mandalorian fans, excited before the opening kick of a game, fireworks going off overhead. A red and gold armored man at midfield, his arms upraised egging them on further.

    "...and most of all commitment to excellence"

    The various team logos appeared on holo now, coming together to form a stylized from of the Galactic Cup itself, which faded into an image of the Meshla Vhetin.

    "There is one place, one event that showcases all of this, one host for the 275 ELL Galactic Cup finals.

    "There can be only one champion."

    "One Cup."

    "One Meshla Vhetin. "

    TAG: Trieste.

  7. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM…ish Post
    Elite League offices, Coruscant

    “Niakara, nice to see you again,” Kerry Trieste said as she stepped into the Commissioner’s office.

    The Bothan had to keep from rolling her eyes. The 275 season had already presented a large number of unusual issues. There had been the Week 1 spate of fines and suspensions. Then there had been the Week 2 Taab issue, which was still being talked about in the media. Then the Senators had nearly caused a kerfuffle with the players’ union. Just today the Final Site Selection Committee had gotten Mandalore’s bid to host the Final. It was actually a very well-put together bid, but Kayl’hen had immediately intimated to the Selection Committee that they would do well to ignore it. The Committee should know that without being told, but the Bothan wasn’t leaving anything to chance.

    Somehow Niakara Kayl’hen already wanted the 275 season to be over already.

    “Chancellor, a pleasure as always,” Kayl’hen said, rising from her seat. At least the Miners hadn’t been too much of a problem this season, though that Ternardiel was skirting the edges of penalties with her play. However, the Bothan’s instincts told her that the Chancellor was about to create another problem for her right now. “Please take a seat.”

    “Thank you,” Trieste said as the Commissioner resumed her seat as well, “I’ll come to the point as we both have much to do, I’m sure. As you know, the Miners visit Mandalore this week. The Manda’lor has planned extensive festivities for a state visit. This is important to the Republic, to me, and to the Mandalorian nation. Taab’s inability to attend the match is inconvenient to say the least.”

    “Chancellor, you of all people know I cannot just let Taab’s actions pass,” Kayl’hen sighed.

    “Of course not,” Kerry said before the Commissioner could resume, “What he did was deplorable. If Mandalore was a Republican world, I’d already have him brought up on charges of violating interstellar conventions for the treatment of prisoners of war. I’m not asking you to excuse his behavior. Contrary, I think that this suspension was the only way to send a message to him that was going to register. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t larger political considerations at stake here.”

    “Political considerations got us to this point, Chancellor,” Kayl’hen said testily, “I’m not going to bow to them now just because they’re yours. This is limmie, not the Senate.”

    “Actually, considering how little it seems anyone listens to me in the Senate, the Elite League isn’t much different,” Kerry said with the hint of a smirk, “Even so I would like to make a proposal.”

    Kayl’hen raised an eyebrow. Well, it can’t hurt to listen.

    She did.

    “You’re asking a lot,” the Bothan stated.

    “Commissioner, I respect your authority, but I am very afraid we are going to discover Taab does not,” the Chancellor said, “Now is the time to negotiate. You’re dealing with a Mandalorian. You’re waving a red flag in their face.”

    “I refuse to wave a white one,” Kayl’hen shot back.

    Kerry Trieste was quiet for a moment. “There may be another way,” she said, “but it requires you agreeing to my proposal.”

    The following message was received later that day at Mercs headquarters.

    Dear Manda’lor Taab,

    The League has become aware of the fact that you wish to attend Game 22 between the Bakura Miners and Mando’ade Mercs, to be played at Mesh’la Vhetin in Keldabe, Mandalore. Your attendance at this game, or any other game until further notice, has been prohibited by Elite League Limmie. All member teams have been advised to ensure that your attendance is not permitted, including the Mercs organization and the staff at Mesh’la Vhetin. Violating this prohibition puts you and the Mercs organization at risk of grave penalties.

    However, Supreme Chancellor Trieste has petitioned the Elite League on your behalf to allow your attendance at Game 22 for outstanding reasons relating to her state visit to Mandalore and celebrations associated with Game 22 in commemoration of recent accomplishments on the part of Bakura and Mandalore. The Chancellor indicated in her petition that she would assume responsibility for you and your actions during the game. The League has granted this request, provided that you fulfill the following conditions:
    1. Confine yourself to the home team owner’s box during your visit, excepting transit to and from the box in the process of entering or leaving Mesh’la Vhetin.
    2. Refrain from aerial transport of any kind in the traditionally controlled airspace of Mesh’la Vhetin.
    3. Make no public comments during the match or on the grounds of Mesh’la Vhetin.
    4. Refrain from carrying weapons of any sort at all times while at Mesh’la Vhetin.
    Acceptance of all of these terms is required to attend Game 22. Should you attend the game and break any of these guidelines, the Elite League reserves the right to assess additional punishments on you and the Mercs organization.


    Niakara Kayl’hen
    ELL Commissioner

    A second message arrived later that day at Mercs headquarters.


    I strongly urge you to agree to the terms set forth by Elite League Limmie for the upcoming meeting between our two teams. It would provide a convenient way to discuss issues of mutual interest between us.

    Most sincerely,

    Kerry Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    The game had barely gotten underway when it happened.

    Aron Rodders received a normal pass from Morgan. Falene saw it coming all the way. Not the pass—but the huge rumbling bulk of Or-cannus, the Rebel Full Back. The big black Herglic tackled Rodders a second after her got the pass and took him into the turf. For a moment Falene thought Rodder was going to shrug off the big, but slow, Herglic, but no such luck. The massive defender took Rodders down to the grass beneath him. With the ball trapped somewhere between them, the referee blew the whistle to get everyone unmixed.

    When Or-cannus came up, Rodders did not. He was moving, but he wasn’t getting off the turf. Falene immediately sensed something was wrong and since there was a stop in play she started jogging up field to check on the assistant captain. Glencross had the same idea and was just ahead of Falene. Trietse had a sinking feeling that they were both party to an intuition that neither wanted to be right.

    By the time they arrived Rodders had sat up and was grimacing on the grass in a quiet Bakura Gardens. Nancheka was kneeling next to her linemate. The rest of the offense had already gathered.

    “Don’t move,” Stormborn was saying, “Tunross is coming.”

    “Hurts like a mother—” Rodders was saying.

    “What is it Aron?” Alana asked, crouching down.

    “My shoulder,” Aron said, “Left one.”

    Frak, Alana thought. It wasn’t Aron’s passing shoulder, but that wasn’t good.

    “Get me up,” Aron asked.

    “No, stay down,” Tunross said sternly, muscling his way through the players, “Lay down and don’t aggravate it, whatever it is.”

    “Hey! Timeout!” Valerii shouted at the refs, “Miners huddle up!”

    “Come on, let’s let the Doc do his thing,” Alana said, standing up and trying to move the Miners back to the sideline. Everyone jogged to where the head coach was standing, motioning for everyone to come in close.

    “Okay, look, I’m taking Aron out until Tunross knows what’s what,” Valerii said, “That means we’re bringing in a reserve full forward until further notice. This messes us up up front. Kat—” Valerii said, finding Deenever in the huddle, “—I need you to direct this offense from the half forward line.”

    “What?” Deenever said in surprise, “We haven’t practiced that.”

    “I know, but this offense revolves around the attack up the middle. I can’t ask a reserve to run this offense. You’re it Kat,” Valerii said.

    Falene looked at Deenever. Her eyes had gotten big and they were moving fast. She was pretty sure that Niskat was panicking—but Falene didn’t know what to do. Luckily, she didn’t have to.

    Gaeriel reached out and snapped her fingers twice in front of Niskat’s face, which got her to blink and focus up again. “Kat, Kat, I need you right now, I need you, the team needs you,” Valerii said. She wasn’t pleading with Deenever. She was stating facts calmly. “I know you can do this. You did it in college ball, Kat. Right Kat?”

    “Yeah, but Almert—” Niskat started.

    “I don’t want to hear about your boyfriend on the Senators,” Valerii cut her off, “You need to take charge of the offense and do your thing.” Gaeriel reached out and took Deenever by the shoulders. “Kat, listen to me. You’re going to do this. Okay?”

    “Okay,” Niskat said.

    “Okay,” Valerii said, “Alana, we need you taking chances up the middle to bolster the attack. Jolla, stay home and shut it down up the middle. Okay?”

    “Got it,” Alana said without hesitation.

    “Yeah,” Pic replied.

    “Okay, it’s still early. We’ve got this,” Valerii said.

    As the team took up its places again, Falene found herself jogging next to Ponie. “Frakking dirty hit,” the Nar Shaddaan muttered, “Not even a free kick for us.”

    “Hey, head in the game. Refs are gonna be refs,” Falene said, “Focus up now.”

    “Right, focused,” Ponie said, “Focused…”

    The score was 20-19, Rebels. The Miners had stayed in there with the Rebels. In fact, they’d done a commendable job without Rodders—who was ruled out for the remainder of the game—chipping away at a stout defensive unit and a very solid goalkeeper in Corvo Antilles. Niskat had gotten over her initial shock at being thrust into the leadership role up front and had performed well. She had a pair of goals on the day and in general it had been a good outing for the half back line. Up front, only Stormborn was able to get anything going.

    Back where Falene was, they’d played an all right game against the Rebels and she’d largely neutralized Drex Mumu, but Gemma Sal-Solo was repeatedly victimizing Comstock. Max Grap was just not the answer to the Corellian homegrown girl. Even so, it was better than they’d played Agamar with their wild power offenses and they were hanging in there.

    Only down by one, Falene thought, We’ve got this.

    Morlan had the ball stripped out of her hands and the Rebels took advantage of Glencross playing up to move through the neutral zone into the Miners’ end. Falene had Mumu covered and took away that passing option from Treena Horn. The next best option was Swiftfoot, who had position on Ternardiel. The Drall received the ball—and immediately tumbled to the turf.

    A referee whistle blew. “Free kick!” was the call.

    “Are you kidding me?” Ponie protested to the ref, “I didn’t touch him!”

    “That’s tripping,” the ref said, “Free kick.”

    “Are you Sithspitting me?” Ternardiel continued to protest, “You’re going to let them mug our players in their end and call that ticky-tack penalty?”

    Uh oh… Falene thought. She started jogging to where the ref and her teammate were talking.

    “It was tripping,” the ref insisted.

    “The frak it was!” Tenardiel shouted.

    “You know what?” the ref said and proceeded to blow the whistle, “You’re done. Get out of here.”

    Frak, Falene thought. That’s precisely what she had hoped she could prevent.

    “What!” Ponie yelled. The crowd was now booing as they saw the ref make the ejection signal. “You can’t just throw me out of the game!”

    “Just did,” the ref said, “Get going before a suspension gets attached.”

    Ternardiel was about to say something else when Falene grabbed Ponie from behind and pulled her to the sideline. “What the hell Falene?” Ponie said.

    “Get off,” Falene said sternly, “You don’t win this argument. Ever. Get off the field now.”

    Ponie looked like she wanted to say something, but instead she just headed to the Miners’ locker room. The fans applauded, but Tenardiel didn’t acknowledge them as she came off the field. Falene didn’t watch her line mate as she left. She watched as Elbraham Swiftfoot put his free kick left and Comstock went right for a 23-19 lead.

    Falene looked up to the sky. We should have taken this one. We had it…

    Miners locker room, Bakura Gardens, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    “I’m sorry everyone. I shouldn’t have let my temper get the better of me,” Ponie said as the team came back in after the loss, “Sithspit, this one’s on me.”

    Yeah, this one was on her and Falene didn’t want to talk to her right now—or for quite a while. What she’d done had been boneheaded and stupid.

    The captain had no such qualms though. She went over to Eponette and crouched down in front of the seated and dejected looking defender. “Ponie, you can be that way in alley ball in the Vertical City, but you’ve got to control your emotions here or you’re going to find yourself on the bench real quick.”

    “I know, I know,” Ponie said.

    “I know you do, but you let all of us down out there. We were in that game. We had a shot and we lost it,” Alana said, “You can’t change the fact that we’re never going to get that opportunity back. All you can do is make sure that we never beat ourselves again. You got that?”

    “Yeah,” Ponie said.

    “Good,” Alana said standing up, “Play with passion, but play smart. And next time when you do that, make sure the other being isn’t going to forget what happens when you mess with the Miners.”

    Falene arched an eyebrow. She wasn’t sure if Alana had just condoned what Ponie had done or not. All Falene knew was that it wasn’t her place to say anything. Instead she just leaned over to Niskat. “You played a hell of a game on short notice,” Falene said.

    “Thanks, but Aron better be ready next week,” Niskat said, “We’re gonna need him for the bucketheads.”

    Falene looked at Rodder’s empty locker stall. Tunross must still be testing him. “Yeah, let’s hope.”

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Jacen Hunter
    Hunter family home, outskirts of Keldabe, Mandalore.

    40 points! The Mercs had scored 40 points! Jacen couldn't believe it, he had never seen an offensive display like he had in that game. It was amazing. Arock, the Mercs rookie corner forward had put in 10 points all by himself. Daryc had put in 8, and Fortune had contributed 6 of his own. Even Mor'kesh had dropped in points from midfield, putting a goal in the back of the net for 3. Oh the holo was commenting how the circumstances had ended up favoring the Mercs, and that it was against the winless Monarchs anyway, but Jacen didn't care. 40 points was 40 points and it was not an easy mark to achieve.

    Of course his enthusiasm was tempered somewhat by the commissioner's statements regarding the Mand'alor, a word he had learned after the first home game. He had been the gold and red armored man who had made the dramatic entrance. Jacen didn't really know what the word sanctions meant, but he knew what a fine was, and that 1 million credits was a lot of money. His father couldn't help but rub that in a little bit. Though his father had confided in him that he thought the suspension was a little over the top. "I bet the other owners won't be happy with that idea, Kayl'hen may have bit off more than she could chew on that one." Jacen hoped his Dad was right and that the Mand'alor would be allowed back at the games again. It was his team, it wasn't fair to not let him watch their games. Besides, he did put on one heck of a show.

    TAG: CPL_Macja

    [hr] [/hr]

    [hl=goldenrod] IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Keldabe spaceport [/hl]

    Taab smiled behind his gold and crimson faceplate as the Chancellor's shuttle touched down. Soon she was making her way towards him (along with her entourage) and when she was close enough, he stepped forward to greet her. [hl=goldenrod] Welcome to Manda'yaim," [/hl] he said cheerfully. He gestured to the armored speeders that awaited them. Security was tight, but not as...oppressive as her last visit to the mercenary world. [hl=goldenrod] "I would like to tell you that I...appreciated your note," [/hl] he glanced to the black clad Mandalorian next to him, [hl=goldenrod] "and that my handlers here have advised that I do my best to accommodate at least some of your suggestions." [/hl] There was a slight, distinctly feminine, cough from the black clad Mandalorian again.

    [hl=goldenrod]"Speaking of which, Have you met my liaison to the team..." [/hl]

    [hr] [/hr]

    A few weeks earlier.....

    Team offices, Meshla Vhetin, a few weeks earlier.

    Slight echoes could be heard through the halls of the Meshla Vhetin with each footfall of his beskar clad boots. Such was the norm of course for the hallways around the team offices, but the reactions of those to the creator of these slight tremors was not. Some bowed their heads deeply, other simply saluted with a grin on their face. Fore the man they greeted was the Mand'alor, and though he rarely took the time to check up on his team's progress anymore, he was making the time now.

    Taab approached the main conference room, the door was open, and by turning up the audio gain on his buy'ce, voices could be heard from within.

    "... I'm just saying this might be the only way to get us back into the first round this year."

    "Most teams are set at forward now anyway, they won't give up a first rounder, not mid-season for what would amount to spare parts for them."

    "Spare parts? He is a potential All-Star!"

    Now Taab could hear his wife chime in. "Injuries happen all the time. If anything we all know that the unforeseen can happen at any time in this game. I say we keep our T-Visors open, if the opportunity presents itself, we take it." There were murmurs of agreement (and some dissent) around the conference table. That was when Taab made his appearance.

    [hl=goldenrod]"So, who are we talking about?" [/hl]

    Most everyone around the table turned and looked to him with smiles on their faces, with the notable exception of his own wife. [hl=goldenrod]"Did you all miss me?" [/hl] The smiles turned to laughter, but Vhett's eyes were still ice cold. Taab removed his bucket now and placed it on the table. "What are you doing here?" she asked, her lips barely moving.

    [hl=goldenrod]"Checking up on my investment, I still own the team you know." [/hl]

    "Everyone out." Vhett commanded, and though they all looked to Taab first, his simple nod caused them to grab their own buckets and start to leave the room.

    "You are never here anymore, you have left the team for me to deal with. What if the commissioner were to find out?"

    [hl=goldenrod]"My stadium, my planet, my rules." [/hl] Taab shrugged back, Vhett's eyes went from ice cold to flame.

    "Actually, he has a point" interrupted a young female Mandalorian, her red hair offered a stark contrast to her jet black beskar'gam.

    Taab took one look at her and spoke smugly. [hl=goldenrod] "OK, you can stay." [/hl] Vhett rolled her eyes as the woman spun around and once again her seat at the table.


    [hl=goldenrod]"And you are?" [/hl] But Vheet answered before she could. "She is a lawyer with the team, she reviews contracts and the like. We were going over options for next season..." but she trailed off as soon as she saw that Taab wasn't listening anymore. [hl=goldenrod] "A Mandalorian lawyer? That has to be the absolute scariest thing in the known universe. Well as a lawyer it sounds like you may know what you are talking about so please continue...." [/hl]

    "Kyramud, her name is Ne'tra Kyramud."

    Taab nodded and Kyramud continued on. "The Mand'alor owns the stadium. The commissioner may be able to bar him from ELL events but the commissioner can't ban him from his own possessions. It would be an illegal taking, if we filed a case in..."

    Taab started to laugh. [hl=goldenrod] "There will be no lawsuits, no injunctions. This is a fight that is beneath us as Mandalorians. I will simply show up at our home games and ignore the little bothan as I always have." [/hl]

    "And when she fines you further, or gets us kicked out of the league?"

    [hl=goldenrod]"It's only money my dear. We are Mandalorians, we can always steal more." [/hl]

    They dismissed Kyramud from the room as Taab spoke with Vhett regarding his true purpose for coming down here, the upcoming state visit of the Republic's Chancellor, Kerry Trieste. As their brief reunion wound down Taab congratulated her.

    [hl=goldenrod]"You are doing a great job here, by the way. Ever since your draft day success they are calling you the War Machine." [/hl] He chuckled at that, though Vhett didn't seem to be amused. "Yes, and the aruetiise press is calling you Iron Mand'alor." Taab thought that bit over for a moment. [hl=goldenrod] "Iron Mand'alor," [/hl] he stroked his chin. [hl=goldenrod] "I like that, kind of catchy." [/hl] he turned to leave now before mentioning one last item. [hl=goldenrod] "Have miss Kyramud reassigned. She is now my personal liaison to the team." [/hl] Vhett gritted her teeth but followed the order. "As you wish Lord Mand'alor."

    [hr] [/hr]

    Keldabe spaceport, present time.

    [hl=goldenrod]" ...this is Ne'tra Kyramud. As head of state my time can be rather limited, I am sure you understand, and so Kyramud acts as my eyes, ears and voice regarding team matters." [/hl]

    Kyramud spoek up now. "A pleasure to meet you madam Chancellor. Now, this visit is of great importance to our people and yours. We will be presenting a check to the..." she paused as she brought up her notes on her HUD. "Home Front Helpers, which I am sure you are aware is a Bakuran charity dedicated to supporting and serving wounded Defense Fleet and Marine service members who have been wounded in the course of duty." She clicked off her notes but continued on. "We also have members of the Bakuran Marines, as well as SEAL Team Six here and we will be honoring the sacrifices of them and their vode before the game."

    "The mand'alor will be present at midfield for that presentation but he will" she shot the mand'alor a look, "remain silent." Taab could be heard chuckling under his buy'ce but Kyramud pretended not to notice. "The donations, a matching one will be made to the Mandalorian Honorable Way Foundation, will be in the amount of One Million credits...each." It was a sizable amount, and there was no doubt that Kerry Trieste, Chancellor of the Republic and astute politician would see that the amounts equaled that of the fines recently levied against the Mercs owner.

    But now Taab interrupted. [hl=goldenrod] "Enough with such pedestrian issues my dear. The Chancellor and I have larger issues to discuss. Yes issues greater even than our beautiful game. We need to discuss putting pressure on the Bakuran Defense fleet on how to bring about a final end to the war." [/hl]

    TAG: Trieste.

  10. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    OOC: If you're a Goonies fan like I am, you're going to like this one.

    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Bankers Mansion, Ralltiir

    Kaitlyn was banned from the sidelines of Elite League Limmie games. Three of them. One, two, three.

    That didn’t mean, however, that she was banned from enjoying some of the delicious concessions to be found in the stadium.

    Truth be told, after a grueling week of handling family problems and running a professional sporting franchise, Kaitlyn wanted some comfort food. What better place than to indulge in the famous greasy, cheesy nachos of Bankers Mansion on Ralltiir. She’d heard from a few friends that the nachos were to die for and sadly some people had died when their arteries could no longer take in all that cholesterol. Vehn wasn’t worried about cholesterol or the extra calories today. As she told the players after a team meeting following their defeat by the Hapes C-Bucs, “Let’s go eat a frakking snack!”

    She was serious. She didn’t mean for that comment to go viral. But it had. She’d been pretty hungry after that loss. She hadn’t been sleeping much, her mind focused on her pending divorce, her custody battle, her son’s welfare, and a cheating husband to frame for it. She was swamped. But the comment had been taken out of context and was now one of the most watched clips on some Holonet site called YouTunnel.


    So here she was, the owner of the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers, standing in front of a very popular nacho stand on Ralltiir, contemplating the deeper meanings of life, while the greasy, intoxicating smell of nachos wafted up into her nostrils and straight to her fat cells. For a brief moment, she allowed herself to enjoy that smell, to slip into the dangerous food of the minimum wage world and to allow herself a break from the high-pressure stresses of her position.

    Now she was at the counter. She stared up at the confusing menu. All she wanted were some damn nachos. Was that so hard? But no, the menu had to give her choices. Did she want nachos with regular cheese, extra spicy cheese, or cheese so explosive you better hit the bathrooms as soon as you eat here kind of thing. And the questions and confusion didn’t stop there. She had to chose what size she wanted her nachos, if she wanted something to drink, and maybe what color she wanted the toilet paper in the bathroom to be, she didn’t really know, but this was just ridiculous. Between the smell of the customers near her, the smell of the nachos, the smell of the sweaty fat kid in front of her, it was a miracle she could even make up her mind about anything.

    Brow furrowing in concentration while the seemingly nice but overweight counter boy across from her stared off at something more interesting, probably some hot cheerleader from the Starkillers, Kaitlyn finally made up her mind. The staff that waited on her
    seemed focused on something else. Kaitlyn snapped her fingers to get the young man’s attention.

    “You ready for my order?” Kaitlyn asked.

    “I’ll have the medium nachos with extra spicy cheese. Hold the hot sauce and extra chips please,” Kaitlyn said.

    Another complicated order Fenton didn't even bother to look up before replying. "That will be 30 credits swipe your card before you get cheese on it, please?"

    "30 credits for nachos? You've got to be kidding me!" Kaitlyn grumbled as she reluctantly paid. Then it hit her. Ralltiir had a higher standard of living than on Nar Shaddaa where lower wages helped keep the prices down on the consumers. She'd gotten spoiled by the Vertical City. Welcome to the Republic, Kaitlyn.

    Fenton stopped cold mid pour. He recognized that voice. But there was no way Kaitlyn Vehn could be standing in line for nachos without be hounded by Limmie fans. Still he decided to risk a peak. Oh, Kriff! It was Kaitlyn, she had a hat on and sunglasses, but he could tell. "I apologize for my unkind choice of words ma'am. As for the prices I have no control of that."

    Kaitlyn calmed down a little. She knew this guy wasn't the one controlling the prices. Chances are the stadium took a mean cut of anything this nacho stand made during the day. Ouch. That was something she'd have to remember about Six Boroughs when she returned to the Smugglers Moon.

    "No need to apologize. You're not the one who fixes the rates around here," Kaitlyn said.

    After a moment's pause while her eyes feasted on her greasy lunch, Vehn said, "First job? You're doing some good work here. I remember my first time in service. Spilled a drink all over a customer's blouse. Come to think of it," she paused, "that was my last time in service. It's hard, thankless work. People give you all sorts of crap and others wonder if you'll ever amount to anything. Well, I did amount to something and I want you to know," she read Fenton's nametag, "Fenton, that you can be anything you want to be if you work hard for it."

    Eat Nachos. Check.

    Visit Ralltiir as one of the plebs. Check.

    Help a minimum wage worker find their self-confidence and make a difference? Check.

    Zumtak Award, 275 ABY, here I come, Kaitlyn thought as she licked her fingers dripping with cheese, grease, and all the fixins' in-between.


    OOC: Done in cooperation with RJR!
  11. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Valorum University, Coruscant

    Gark paced back and forth on the sidelines as the game was about to begin. If it was a case of the jitters, he wasn’t quite sure. Today’s game was going to be an interesting, and extremely important, test of his defense. The red-hot Agamar Packers were coming in for the first time, and with the way they changed up their offensive look depending on what personnel the defense had, it was going to be a little different than normal. Gark knew that his defense could hold, as they had last week against Ylesia. But the Lightning so far weren’t scoring in bunches, and Agamar was . . . how would the players do when a team who seemed to have their offense figured out came in to play? He was going to ask a lot of his younger players, and rely on Ortho Dyhon for more veteran leadership. Last week had been a solid game all-around, but could they repeat that success? Or were the Packers going to walk all over them?

    The defense strategy to try and make sure that wouldn’t happen today was going to be extremely complex. From Holo footage of the Packers, the coaching staff had pieced together an interesting tidbit of information about their opponents; they seemed to like using size whenever possible on defense, which reminded Gark of ‘The Wall’ for his own squad back in the glory days of the era. But the offensive attack . . . that was the real sticky issue at play here. He was able to see how larger forwards, usually not playing, were substituted into the game to deal with larger defenders on the opposing side. From what Gark had seen this season, it hadn’t been used, but he knew it would be today just from looking at his roster. He had the size that the Packers’ other two opponents had lacked going for his defense, which meant that the Packers were likely going to switch up their attack. And it was not just a slight change, it was a complete philosophical overhaul.

    However, there seemed to be an interesting paradigm that Gark was going to try and exploit. Using “Zoom”, as the Wookiee was now known to the Senator faithful, and Tank Bratter, the Herglic defensive back, at different times, Gark was going to toy with the Packer offense by playing a little bit of mish-mash coverage as well. Using Doon’sun, the Weequay full back as a “scout” of sorts, he was going to institute a system of fast-paced substitutions to get his larger defenders in and out as fast as possible. If they could make the Packers switch offenses every few minutes, they would likely get caught up in the crossfire and eventually make a mistake. That mistake would be the key to seeing if the Senators could hold up on defense, because there was no way his smaller defenders could take on the sheer bulk of these normally bench-riding forwards for the Packers. Limiting their use during the game would allow his defenders to maintain a slight advantage, and would still let him use his larger players. Of course, the availability of subbing mid-game might be sketchy at best in some spots, and by doing this those two large defenders were going to get gassed running on and off the field every few minutes, sometimes shifting, sometimes playing in tandem, and other times resting on the sidelines.

    When the game began, Gark made sure to start Zoom to get a look at the Packer offense. Sure enough, they sent in their large forwards. The initial rush was enough to tell Gark that this was going to be a rough one. This initial foray was stopped by a nice Jayla Leed save, but the Bothan was already making mental notes on what he was seeing. Reid was completely outmatched, and had come close to being railroaded already. That couldn’t stand.

    Throughout the first half, Gark kept rotating his players. It certainly wasn’t an orthodox defensive scheme, but the Packers weren’t exactly following the rules of convention either. To beat an exotic offensive attack, you needed to get creative yourself. When the smaller Packer forwards were in, the Senators were able to manhandle them. Christine Gamble, the first-round pick now in her third career game, looked like a five-year pro out on the field, making tackles, ripping the ball free, and generally wreaking havoc from her corner spot. She was a complete monster when she got going; it was that kind of energy that Gark and the others in the Draft room had liked. She may not have been the best-rated, but that was OK. Ratings were arbitrary, and if she was playing like this, she might have an All-Star nod in her future. Maybe not now, but someday. Reid, on the other side of the field, did pretty much the same, making up for the lack of Jerek Deter coming off the edge. It was almost as if Jerek was out there, because his replacements certainly were doing as well as he normally would.

    On the other end of the field, the offense was trying to gain traction. The scheme was simple for this game; get the ball in the hands of the smaller, faster forwards, who would better navigate the maze of large Packer defenders. Cord McKerty was getting his second career start as such, and Zadd, the Defel, was being heavily involved in the offense. On one such play, McKerty took a pass from Dauza Chary, the Nemoidian half forward, sidestepped a defender, got a block from Maximus Qorbus, and then went to town on the Packer defense. He made a swift cut that froze one defender, then blasted around the end to beat another. This put him against the Packer goalie, whose size definitely made this an issue. But Cord was not to be denied, and soon enough he rocketed a shot into the back of the net for three points. Speed was proving to be a boon today.

    It was a tightly-contested game in the second half, with neither team able to pull away definitively. Then Gayla Renhorn, the midfielder, blasted through and put in her second goal of the game, pushing the Senators ahead once more. Gark called out his defensive scheme and set to work. The Packers were coming with heat this time, and the Senator defense needed to be ready for the onslaught. Ortho picked up his matchup, but then got pulled off the chase by a good Packer block. However, up came Evis Kunat to stall the advance momentarily until Reena Wyley could finish the play. The Packers still had the ball, but when one of their forwards tried to throw it, Gamble was right there to pick it off. She launched it forward to Gayla, who then sidestepped her Noghri counterpart and got into the open field. She surveyed her options before finding McKerty on a drag pattern near the sideline. The second-year forward then took it the rest of the way, hugging the line as he made his way down the field. Getting a nice block from Riff Persnor, he cut back into the middle of the field, acting like he was going to score. Having pushed in two already today, he was certainly a threat to make it three. Taskalor in goal for Agamar was ready for this shot, but she wasn’t ready for Gayla’s attempt. The midfielder caught McKerty’s pass, which faked out the last remaining Packer defender, and then scored a nice goal off her foot that slammed into the back corner of the net. Two goals for Gayla, and a bigger lead for the Senators.

    As time wound down, Gark was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of fight that his defense had left in it. Yes his larger players were tired, and the rest of them even more so, but they kept fighting onwards. Christine and Reid teamed up to sandwich a Packer and cause a fumble, which Ortho kicked out of danger. It was plays like that which highlighted the defensive effort today; perseverance in the face of a larger opponent.

    When the game was over, the Senators walked away with a 19-12 win. It certainly wasn’t the best effort the team could have given, but they had done all that was asked of them and more. The offense struggled at times trying to move the ball, because Zadd was more of a scorer than a playmaker, and Cord was still tweaking his game. However, when the ball movement was nailed down, the Senator attack was hard to stop. Zadd made plays in space, drawing defenders, Dauza made the right passes, and Cord finished the play or made something else happen in space. It was that kind of offense that would win games; when the star scorers, Max Qorbus and Riff Persnor, were shut down, the other players needed to step up their game. And in this one, they did.

    On defense, Gark could not have asked for more. His players put everything on the line in this one, willfully taking on larger forwards to try and make stops. Jayla made save after save in goal, showcasing why she was a first-round pick in 271. But it was the corner duo, along with Rhyric Loayen, that drove things along today. Reid showed his workhorse attitude by making smart plays, but Christine was the real star on defense today. At least one time Gark made a double-take because the corner line was so well covered that he almost mistook his rookie defender for Jerek out there. She clearly understood what was needed of her, and was willing to help out her fellow defenders. It had been a drive that Gark wasn’t sure he was going to get from her in this one. Her roommate, Ava Killenger, had been the focal point of a real logistical mess this past week, and Christine hadn’t exactly taken that too well. She was disappointed in her friend’s drug addiction, and clearly had looked shaken in practice all week. Gark had asked her if she didn’t want to start, but she had affirmed that she would play. And play she did. At this rate, Gark figured, he had his corners of the distant future all set up. Even more astonishing was a stark realization that there would be rumors floating around that the Senators wouldn’t even need Jerek when he returned from injury. That was a ludicrous notion in Gark’s opinion; Jerek was a sound Limmie player, an All-Star, and that wasn’t something you could just replace. But when Jerek returned, the depth he would provide at the position would certainly make opposing teams think twice about attacking from the edges.

    When the team returned to the locker room, Pam made sure to break the game down as she always did. However, this job was always easier when you won. She made sure to commend the defense; the Packers had been a juggernaut in their first two games on offense, so to hold them to only 12 points, especially without Jerek and Myles Tormera . . . that was quite the achievement. The game ball went to the defense as it had last week, and Gark made sure it was equally shared amongst all parties. This had been their game, and they had done their job. Now the Senators were 2-1 heading into a showdown at Solo Stadium with the undefeated Corellia Rebels. It was going to be a huge game going into conference play, and everyone knew it. But for now they could relax for a day or two.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Fenton

    Fenton got on the public transport tube after the Starkillers loss to the Smugglers in better spirits than he should have been after a loss. Kaitlyn Vehn had purchased nachos at his stand today. It wouldn’t have mattered if Ms. Vehn had been silent, rude, or cordial as she picked up her nachos, Fenton would have been just as elated to have been in her presence. His confrontation with her began like it did with many customers. She complained about the prices. Admittedly he had been nicer to her than he was to most of the griping customers who came his way. She was Kaitlyn Vehn after all; he certainly didn’t want to get punched. Still he had been surprised by her attempt to empathize with his position.

    If he was honest with himself he wasn’t sure if he believed Ms. Vehn had ever been in the service industry. However it had been friendly of her to try and encourage him in his situation. Friendly, that certainly wasn’t how he would have expected a confrontation with an ELL GM to be. He certainly wouldn’t expect Starkillers GM Ira Clarke to be personable. Mr. Clarke had the reputation of a ruthless businessman who had victimized many on his way to the top, even close friends and family in some cases. Now even his back-stabbing ways had seemed to have failed him and his fortune was gone. Fenton surely hoped he wouldn’t come in to passing with Ira Clarke he thought with a shudder.

    Later that week Fenton arrived early at BankersMansion to work a rock concert. He usually wasn’t early for anything, but he had come strait from his dishwashing job and didn’t have enough time to make it home or have anywhere else to go so he was early. It was just him and Bat. “Did you see Kaitlyn Vehn stop by our stand during the game last week?” He asked.


    “Kaitlyn Vehn, you know the owner of the Nar Shadda Smugglers.” Fenton said in disbelief. Surely everyone knew who Kaitlyn Vehn was.

    “Oh, to be honest I’m not really a Limmie fan.”

    “Why do you work here if you’re not even a Limmie fan?” Fenton burst out.

    “It’s a job.” Bat stated flatly.

    Just then that door next to the stand opened and the beautiful display of women that was the dance team poured out. As usual Bat made eye contact and waved at several of them. “You are so lucky!” Fenton stated once they were out of sight.


    “Yea, I couldn’t get any girl to give me the time of day, much less one of the Starkiller dance girls and you get their attention every time they pass by here.”

    Bat’s face contorted and then he laughed. “They only waive at me because they have to. Two of those girls are my sisters.”

    “Really?” Fenton said in shock. “Which ones?” he asked curiously.

    “Well my sister Lucie has been the captain for several years now, and Justyne just made the squad this season.”

    “Wait a minute.” Fenton said making the connection. “You’re a Vigo? Your Dad is one of the richest most successful men on Ralltiir and your sister is married to Ty Allin the star defensive back and you are working here, at the nacho stand?” Fenton didn’t think to hide his disbelief that came through in his tone.

    As soon as he looked up and saw Bat’s face Fenton knew he had made a mistake. Bat had an angry scowl on his face. “Mind your own business.” He barked. That was the last thing his supervisor said to him for the evening.

    Fenton felt miserable when he got home he couldn’t sleep. He tuned into a local sports program he sometimes listened to when he had nothing else to do. The local personalities were usually too pro Starkiller, even for Fenton. The team could be 0 and 8 and these guys would still be talking about the bright side. This evening however they had breaking news. Galaxy Defender was getting benched. Dev Poletin was moving back into the goal and the first round draft pick Sosar Drif was starting as Full Back this week against the Storm.

    Of course the local guys thought this was the answer to all the Starkillers problems. Fenton couldn’t stand their optimism but so much, so he flipped over to HSN for a little less bias opinion. They were asking the important questions, such as had Poletin ever played goal? And how could this be a good idea when playing the team that won the Skywalker conference just last year? Fenton was just glad the game wasn’t at home. He wasn’t ready to face his supervisor again or a bunch of angry fans.

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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Euceron Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Morning, three days before Week 4 game against Ralltiir

    Zay had just parked his rental speeder in the staff parking lot and was only halfway out when general manager Aebatt Zargana, all 1.6 meters and 95 pounds of her, came running out of the stadium with two security guards hot on her high heels. For a split second, Zay wanted to laugh at the odd sight. Then that split second ended, and his Jedi training took over as he grabbed his lightsaber and scanned his surroundings for any threats; he didn't see any, but that didn't mean there weren't any.

    Staying alert, he caught Aebatt before she collided with him. "What's wrong?" he asked.

    "The bomber hit the parking lot!" screamed Aebatt.

    Zay frowned. First, this behavior was not typical of Aebatt. Something had severely frightened her, and he needed to calm her down. Second, Zay and his Master were staying in a hotel less than a block away, so if there had been an explosion, they would already know. From this, he surmised two things in no particular order: one, that he was likely dealing with a new threat rather than an actual attack, and two, that he would probably be better able to get useful information from the security guards standing behind Aebatt than from Aebatt herself.

    All of this went through his mind in half a second. He reassured Aebatt that he was here to help and that Palla would be there any minute, then turned to one of the security guards. "What happened?"

    "Well, for one, I think she's overreacting. When my partner here," he said, indicating the younger guard standing next to him, "and I showed up this morning, we went out to check the fan parking lots for anything out of the ordinary, as is my usual practice. In lot G-5, we found that someone had painted a large logo over the whole lot with red paint. When we took her," indicating Aebatt, "out to see it about fifteen minutes ago, she started screaming about the bomber and has been panicking ever since."

    Zay considered this. "Can you take us over there?"

    "I can, though I'm not sure it's a good idea for her to see that again."

    "I think she'll feel safer with me, but it's up to her."

    Aebatt had calmed down somewhat now. "I want to stay with you," she said to Zay.

    "Alright, then," said the senior guard. "There's a speeder truck over here that we can use."

    As the group got in, Zay saw his Master pulling and signaled her to come over. He told her what was going on.

    "Let's see it," she said

    Location: Euceron Stadium parking lot G-5, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Ten minutes later

    "Yeah, that's Bassell alright," said Palla.

    Zay stood and surveyed the parking lot. The same logo that Bassell's men had worn on Tavell, the same one that had been found in the bombing evidence a few months ago, had been painted on the lot in red. The logo covered almost the entire parking lot. To the left of the logo, words proclaimed that "WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE", while to the right, more words said that "WE CANNOT BE STOPPED" and "TRY OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO DO"; the latter were the same words Bassell had flung at the Jedi the night before the 273 Galactic Cup Final as he was being hauled away by the police. Both the logo and the words to either side featured numerous strips of red running straight down from the logo, ending in teardrop shapes. The implication was obvious: Bassell wanted blood, and lots of it.

    Another security speeder pulled in, and the stadium's head of security stepped out. "I heard that we had a... situation here," he said. Zay explained to him the significance of the logo. "Well, it seems obvious that you read the last clue correctly," he replied. "He's going to attack here, and I'd guess this week at the Ralltiir game. Do we know when the Starkillers are scheduled to arrive?" Palla told him. "Okay, then I'll talk to law enforcement and make sure that they have a security escort meet them at the spaceport and accompany them everywhere they go. And we'll step up security on game day as well. Extra bag checks, extra searches. And I'll see if I can get some off-duty Eusebus police officers to serve as extra security."

    "We'll be there as well," said Palla. "Keep in mind that he's more likely to shoot his way into the stadium than he is to sneak through security. And he has an army to back him up. And he's known to work with bombs, large bombs—oh Force, I'm starting to sound like a pessimist."

    "Realist," Zay corrected.

    "Yeah, you have a point. Anyway all we can do is be alert and deal with it when it happens."

    TAG: Runjedirun (please check your PMs for some additional information)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    What We Learned: Week 3

    We are fast approaching the release of the ELL All-Star Ballot, so this week we decided to take a look at the players who are making a difference for their teams.

    Agamar Packers: How do you choose between the Bothan Brothers? Can they both be voted to be All-Stars? Like can you just check one box to put them both on the team? Look into it Kayl’hen.

    Bakura Miners: After highlight reel games from Comstock and Deenever, we kind of expected another Miner rookie to play a big part in the Corellia game. Sure enough, Ponie Ternardiel did with a boneheaded ejection and a free kick that cost the Miners the game. But hey, at least the Mighty Quinn can say those draft picks are making an impact! He just can’t say it’s a good impact.

    Chandrila Patriots: From Numifolis Winner to game footnote, this is not exactly what the Patriots want to see out of their captain in non-conference. Then again, is this part of Kether’s evil plan to lull the Solo Conference into a false sense of security and then blow them away? Absolutely. Everyone knows that Reina Kether loves losing. This is all going according to plan.

    Corellia Rebels: Though everyone is talking about Corvo Antilles, Rana Lel Dey has stepped up her game big time this season. She's got to be on the short list for Skywalker Conference defenders at the All-Star Game. Oh wait—she won't be because she plays for Corellia, the best team nobody cares about.

    Coruscant Senators: One stinker in the opener aside, the Senators have been a fantastic defensive team this season. Gark S’rily is mentoring up another key group, and none bigger than Christine Gamble who has stepped up big time to fill a huge hole in that backfield. Put her in the Ingbrand race now already.

    Euceron Storm: Can Aysel Yan'ii be voted to the All-Star team by not playing? Given how Euceron is playing without him compared to last season, he's clearly where their all-star conversation begins and ends.

    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers: Miss Irrelevant 272, Honey Ryder, is playing out of her mind to start this season. No one has taken to Mallory's schemes as well as Ryder and that is why the C-Bucs are rocking it right now.

    Mando'ade Mercs: Andres Fortune is the kind of kid you build a franchise around. If he's not an All-Star for the Mercs, then there is zero justice in the galaxy. Oh wait…this is Mandalore where interstellar treaties don’t apply. So there literally might not be justice on Mandalore.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers: All-Star teams don't have general managers, but they should, if only so we could see Kether and Vehn on the sidelines at Solo Stadium together. In all seriousness, Shady Lereoux is quietly humming along as an Ingbrand candidate in what's looking like a star-studded year for rookies. The 275 draft might be one of the best in recent memories.

    Ralltiir Starkillers: So Poletin is going to play goalkeeper and GDU is going what exactly? Join the cheerleading squad? Because, seriously, we would pay very good credits for that. Idea time, Kayl’hen: all-star game cheerleading squad with GDU. Do it. Do it right now.

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs: Positive Observation About the Monarchs #2: They’ve still got that Chiss kid Ozzie hanging around if Oswin keeps this up. Clair, if you were planning on a midseason vacation on Corellia…well, you can probably keep those reservations. It just won’t be to attend the All-Star Game.

    Ylesia Lightning: The Lightning might only be 1-2, but that’s no fault of Urdaaza, who’s posted the fourth best points against in the League. And seriously did you expect us to say anyone else on Ylesia was playing awesome limmie these days? INTERNS! GO LIGHT THE VOTIVE CANDLES AT THE ALTAR TO KASIN!

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Jed Ortmeyer


    What a sweet word that was to Jed’s ears as he strode back to the locker room with his team. It was something he had been so hopeful for last season, a veritable train wreck that had left him on the verge of self-destructing as an alcoholic. Limmie was just a game, true, but when this was your livelihood . . . it was harder to swallow. But at least for now he could put those disappointments aside. They were now being replaced with hope, something he thought he didn’t have last season.

    His team had just finished a 19-12 season-opening win, a complete game, a victory. The offense, being spearheaded by new offensive coordinator Sulena Gure, had been as good as advertised. The Force forwards had kept the ball moving the entire contest, the new “Pistol” attack looking good. Thulius Jomas, the 6’5 half forward, had bowled over defenders time and again as he tried to strike paydirt. In the game, the new forward had scored 10 of the team’s points, quite a nice debut for a player most high-level teams hadn’t been willing to take on because of his lack of college experience in Limmie. He had played another sport in college, and had only walked on for Limmie because of a dare. That had worked out well for him, as he ended up here in the LFL and was now starting. Not a bad way to open a career.

    The defense, led by Travers Mercator, the fast-talking Calibop, had yielded only 12 points on the contest, a number the Force defense of last season had failed to hold opponents to most weeks. It was an achievement, given that this was the first real game the new defense had been used in. Captain half back Rainy Frantsen finally looked like a team captain out on the pitch, and third-round draft pick Jamee Meels had made his presence felt in his first pro game. That kind of energy hadn’t been present last season, when the Thyferra defense had rolled over in the first half and couldn’t recover. In this one, they played hard the entire game, showing that maybe what the franchise needed was new blood.

    Now 1-0, Jed was determined to keep it that way for his club. However, he still had something hanging over his head that he needed to attend to; the Ava Killenger situation. She had been suspended for this game by the big club for a “violation of team rules”. It was a gross oversimplification of the real issue, as the LFL had also responded in kind on the problem. Now the ball was in Jed’s court regarding whether the young forward was going to join practice or if he would suspend her from all team activities for the upcoming game (therefore preventing her from earning any pay, as Gark had requested). His offense had looked good without her so far, but he knew that she had some skill, or she wouldn’t have been signed out of college in the first place. At some point she had to get involved in the team activities, but at what point would that be done? This week? Next week? Two or three weeks down the road? He could only wait and see, and with time knew he would have to make a decision on her fate. But now was not the time for that; now was the time for grabbing a drink. Just this time, it would be in celebration, not in frustration.

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    Apr 10, 2010
    (Approved in advance with Bardan_Jusik )

    IC: Falene Trieste
    Mesh'la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore

    Falene sighed. During the warm up her cleats hadn't felt right. Shorter cleats would fix the problem on the Mandalorian turf, but it was still a pain to have to switch them out. Trieste had taken her cleats off and gotten down to her dark blue knee high socks before walking out of the locker room with her cleats in hand. The vistor's equipment room was next door the locker room and required her to go out into the corridor outside the locker room. As she came out, Falene came upon Gaeriel Valerii and Quinn Cundertol standing close together.

    “Oh my Maker,” Valerii said, putting her hand to her forehead.

    A sudden tightness gripped Falene's chest. Whatever this was, it didn't sound good. Rodders had traveled with the team and seemed good in the warm up. Had there been a setback?

    “What's wrong?” Falene asked.

    The pair looked over at Falene. There was a look in Gaeriel's eye that Falene hadn't seen before. It was a look of “what do I do?” Cundertol's face was much more inscrutable.

    “It's nothing,” Gaeriel said, unconvincingly.

    Falene had walked in on enough of her mother's professional conversations to know when nothing meant something—and when not to question it. “Just getting some cleats,” Falene said awkwardly, heading past the pair for the equipment room.

    The truth was, Falene didn't really want to know what the head coach and general manager had been talking about. She would much rather focus on the game.


    “Gentlebeings, to commemorate the recent bravery and heroism of the Mando'ade and Bakuran Coalition forces, please welcome to centerfield, from Bakura, Haylee Kelt,” the public address announcer boomed.

    Falene was, as usual, second to last at the end of the line waiting to go out on the field. The fact that the war had ended just two weeks ago meant that the Mercs were pulling out the stops for their ally's visit. Even with the discipline handed down by the League after Taab's actions at their last home game, they were still going all out. The music that started to echo down the corridor was grand and majestic. Clearly the Bakuran penchant for pregame pageantry was being indulged by the host team...except it wasn't in Basic. Falene didn't know Mando'a, but an educated guess said that was probably the language that

    “Sithspit, this is gonna be a doozy,” Niskat said from behind Falene.

    “You going to go all nuts on the Merc backfield again?” Falene asked wryly. Last year it had been a good day for Nisakt during the Bakura-Mando'ade friendly.

    “Four million beings, celebrating the end of a's going to be insane out there,” Niskat said.

    Falene heard an edge in her friend's voice. She turned around and saw Niskat was fidgeting nervously. “Hey, hey,” Falene said, “You owned here last year. You're going to be fine.”

    “Different season,” Niskat said, “They're on a hot streak.”

    Falene took Niskat by the arm. “Stop it. You're Niskat Deenever. You've got this.”

    Deenever shook her head quick and exhaled. “I've got this. Okay. Thanks Fae.”

    “Let's go light the bucket heads up,” Falene said.

    Out on the field there came the sound of Mando'a chanting mingling with the music. Clearly this was still a Mandalorian pregame. Yep, they were definitely on Mandalore, as if there had been any doubt before. Hopefully it would be a markedly different one from the “ceremonies” that had taken place two weeks earlier.

    Falene turned back around and found a line of young beings, elementary school-aged, coming towards the Miners, all wearing Merc jerseys. Valerii had mentioned this on the flight out.

    A Twi'lek child stopped in front of Falene. “Are you going to lead me out?” Falene asked, bending down to be closer to his level.

    “Yes,” the Twi'lek said, matter-of-factly.

    “Well it's an honor,” Falene said, “I'm Falene.”

    “Oh good. Then you're in the right place,” the Twi'lek said.

    “Good to know,” Falene said. How cute. If she'd been the kid she would have been worried about being in the wrong place, not the limmie player.

    “Hey kid!” Niskat said behind them. Falene and the Twi'lek turned around to see Niskat standing with a Togorian. “Falene and I have a tradition before every game. Before we go out, we do a high five like this.” Falene and Niskat demonstrated. “If you two are going to take us out, you're going to have to do the same.”

    The Twi'lek and Togorian high fived each other.

    “Okay, we're ready now,” Niskat said.

    “We're supposed to hold hands now,” the Twi'lek informed Falene.

    “Okay, let's do that then,” Falene said, sticking her hand out. The Twi'lek took it and it was only a few seconds later that the line of Miners started walking out onto the field. They did not run, like they did almost every other time they hit the field. This was different. Today they honored those who had fought, bled, and died on a planet an entire galaxy away. This was still a game of limmie, yet for these brief minutes everyone on the field and in the stands transcended the petty competition that made up the Elite League. In these moments, they were two worlds in union.

    As Falene came onto the field at the penultimate place in the line of Miners she saw the source of the beautiful song that filled the immense space that was Mesh'la Vhetin. It was a woman in dark blue beskar'gam, accented in gold, her buy'ce clipped to her belt Falene understood immediately. A Bakuran Mando. Falene couldn't help but smile. It was an odd bridge between the two cultures, but an oddly fitting one.

    Across the field, the Mercs were being brought onto the pitch by kids in Miners jerseys. It was a show of sportsmanship on the part of both teams, a reminder that no one out here was good or bad. They were just two teams who were here to compete honorably and well.

    The Miners' starting lineup was led to their positions and parted ways with their little escorts. Down the line, Alana bent over to kiss hers on the cheek. No doubt the young human boy would talk about the fireheaded aruetii for months to come.

    As the ceremonies concluded, Falene looked down at the turf. She wondered as she looked at the grass if it was here that Shreetuft had been killed. Had his blood mixed in the earth below her feet? Did standing here make her complicit in what Taab had done?

    Falene looked up and over at the sideline. There her mother stood next to Taab (who was surely going to get the attention of the League for being on the field). Her white hair stood out in the sea of shining armor. How could she stand next to him, this man who had murdered a defenseless being?

    “Serves him right?” Ponie said, next to Falene.

    “Taab?” Falene asked.

    “No, the lizard,” Ponie said, “I don't care what the League says. He had it coming. He was going to start a war to aid his invasion. We're better off with him dead.”

    “Here here,” Morlan said, two beings down.

    Their sentiment was not so foreign to Falene's ears, despite the galactic outrage that had come as a result of those events. On Bakura, Shreetuft's execution had been greeted with celebration more often than not. The normally reserved society seemed to glory in any defeat that landed on the heads of the Ssi-Ruuk. Falene knew that this all made Bakura safer...but it just didn't sit well in her stomach. It wasn't right...maybe she shouldn't even be here.

    Falene looked up at the line of Mercs across the field from her. There they were in silver and blue majesty. Soon they would begin that great tradition, the dha werda verda. It was something incredible. Falene had experienced it last year and it was terrifying and awe-inspiring all at once.

    All of a sudden, Falene's doubts disappeared. She was ready. Falene bounced up and down in place. She would give this game everything she had. She would do it for the Noble House. She would do it for her cousin Cillian on some miserable rock, Maker-knew-where. She would do it for Anton, who had given up fame and fortune in order to serve his homeworld. She would do it for Marines whose name she would never know. She would do it for Mandalorians she would never meet. She would do it for Bakura. She would do it for Mandalore. She would do it because it was all she had to give, all she could give.

    This was the Cross Galaxy Clash and the Beskar Axe was on the line. Nothing less but everything would do.

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    Post-Week 1 ELL

    The entire week was nothing but practice, practice, practice. But there was one bright side that Vesper was looking on - she wasn’t part of the defense. All week long they got pounded into the ground running drill after drill after drill. From where she sat it looked like Umanh was getting the worst of it. His minor fine did not prevent the coaches from taking addition funds out of in the form of sweat.

    The offensive unit didn’t not get off any easier than the defensive unit. Every night Vesper spent about two hours after practice hopping back and forth from the cold-water immersion tank and the warm-water bath. She spent about twenty minutes in each to help stave off muscle stiffness. On the last day of practice, fellow draft class 272 member, Cali Royd, joined her in the contrast bath therapy. “So what do you think our chances are this year, Lynd?”

    “I don’t know, Cali. If we can’t find a defensive solution and soon we’ll have a long road ahead of us.”

    “All I know is that if I hear Solo scream, ‘Royd! Seter! Get in there and put a body on someone!’ one more time I’m going to lose my mind. I mean I’m not a defensive back, I’m a midfielder.”

    “Perhaps if you did provide some back-check help, I won’t have to hear about what happens when the bolo doesn’t get out the zone by the third attempt.” Half Back Cora Xux chimed in from one of the sani-steam stalls.

    “The bolo often won’t get out of the zone and the end result will be a goal,” the three of them recited together and chuckled lightly.

    “Well, let’s just take it one game at a time,” Vesper said diplomatically as she exited the therapy tub for the last time, “We’ll head back to the dorms, get a good night sleep, and then head out for Corellia in the morning.” This was Vesper’s subtle way of indicating that she was done with the game talk.

    As the three of them got changed in front of their adjoining lockers Cora shifted the subject to more personal matters. “So, Vesper, how are things going with you and the new Baron of Balmorra? Is he going to make an honest woman out of you anytime soon?”

    Vesper gave a nervous little chuckle. Ever since Thara and Kalin announced their pending nuptials to cement the K’ntarr’s claims on Byblos, she had been asked at least once a day if Arden and she were next. “No, we have no plans on getting married. Heck I haven’t even talked to him since before training camp.”

    “Is that why you were dancing with the Rookie or flirting with Lord Arden back home?” Cora goaded her jokingly.

    Vesper’s head snapped around with a look of disbelief, “What did you just say, Party Girl?”

    “I was only joking. I know Rew was only trying to cheer you up…”

    “No, that’s not what I was talking about,” Vesper interrupted, shaking her head, “What made you say something about Lord Nicholas?”

    “Ooh, Lord Nicholas,” Cali chimed in, “His name sounds hot. Do his looks match?”

    “My god, do they ever,” Winnifred Aptos sang from her locker, “He went to UB Salis D’aar at the same time I did. One time I caught him skinny-dipping in the pool and let me tell you his backside is…”

    “Winnie!” Vesper’s cheeks turned a slight shade of red.

    “I’m sorry Ves, but it’s the truth.”

    Vesper couldn’t believe her ears, “Cora, what made you bring up Nicholas?”

    “It’s Nicholas now,” Cora continued to tease. Vesper shot her a nasty look, prompting the half back to answer, “There was an article by…”

    “Let me guess,” Vesper stopped her, “Erika O’Shane. Am I ever going to be rid of her?”

    Winnifred and Cora said in chorus, “Nope.”

    Solo Stadium, Cornet City, Corellia
    Monarchs at Corellia Rebels, Week 2 ELL, 7-14

    One goal, one lousy goal, for the second season in a row the Monarchs were held to just 7 points against the Rebels. The Monarchs had successfully made Corvo Antilles look like the second coming of Meredith Chambers. Vesper’s level for frustration was reaching a fever pitch. At least this time the defense was much improved compared to the match against the Packers.

    Vesper was not the only frustrated one in the lockerroom. Sugnok, having controlled his rage on the field, took it out on his locker. Later he would receive a bill from the Rebels for the cost of the replacement. But that wasn’t the worst of it, Romo calmly stood before them all and simply said to them all. “I knew your fathers before any of you did, and I don't think they'd be too proud of what you're all doing right now.”

    That was all he said and then he walked into his office to speak with the media. Meanwhile the team just packed up their things and headed for the spaceport. Arriving there they were all confused. “Where’s the Crown Jewel?” Vesper asked. They were in the right landing bay, but instead of their usual ride there was an old Nu-class shuttle.

    Michelle Winters walked out of the passenger compartment, “Come on, let’s get this over with.”

    Vesper led the players up to the shuttle, “What’s going on coach?”

    “The Jewel is down for maintenance.”

    “And how long is that going to take?”

    “About as long as team keeps losing.”

    The Grande Villa, Rydonni Prime
    Monarchs vs. Mercs, Week 3 ELL, 11-40

    The great thing about coming home was exactly that, coming home. But for the Monarchs it wasn’t always the best thing. But this time the team arrived home to find that Queen Variise had set up a Galactic Weapon’s Expo. Everyone knew that the Mandalorians were going to be in system, so what better way to peak their interest than with open weapon demonstrations. The highlight of the Expo was featured at the opening of the match against the Mercs.

    With the edict from the Commissioner about the Mercs owner being banned from matches, the K’ntarr’s beefed up the security. Surrounding the field stood an entire company of the new model SP-600 battledroids at the center of them stood a slightly different looking individual.


    As the team finished up their warm-ups the Public Address announcer came over the loadspeaker to introduce the new K’ntarr Defense Industries product. “Ladies and gentlemen, today I am proud to present to you the very first prototype in the Variable Threat Response Battle Suit, The Sentinel. Combining the benefits of both a droid and trooper, the Sentinel stands ready to defend against every advisary.”

    The introduction of Sentinel was not the only fireworks of the game. Three minutes into the first half Sugnok found himself ejected from the game. That left the Monarchs with only 5 defensive backs, and there was no way that they were going to be able to stop the Merc onslaught with a huge hole in their backfield.

    The next morning the team arrived at their weekly holo review session to discover two things. The first was that the Red Wings had been able to completely shut out their opponent in their opening match. The other was that Lexi Anna, Vicki Divine, and Kelsei Seter were being sent to Byblos. Sitting at the back of the room Vesper found three faces that she hadn’t seen since pre-season. Marco DiJohn, Bry Dougant, and rookie Fahpe Sojuria all waited for the rest of the team to settle in.

    Vesper knew that things had to change, they had to change and soon.

    TAG: Trieste (League Business & Bakura references) Bardan_Jusik (Game Action)
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    Before we get to today's scores, a reminder that nominees for the all-star ballot are due today. I only want your team's nominees. Tomorrow I will release the ballot and instructions on properly filling it out. If I don't get nominees by the end of today, I reserve the right to nominate whatever players from your team I feel like doing. ;)

    Now, onto the scores that might help you determine who you nominate. Bonus rolls to Bakura, Coruscant, Euceron, Mando'ade, Nar Shaddaa, Ralltiir, and Rydonni Prime.

    Week 4 Results

    Ralltiir Starkillers at Euceron Storm (36-15)
    Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Ylesia Lightning (5-17)
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Nar Shaddaa Smugglers (3-10)
    Bakura Miners at Mando’ade Mercs (23-5)
    Chandrila Patriots at Agamar Packers (25-4)
    Coruscant Senators at Corellia Rebels (18-6)

    And that concludes a very, very interesting non-conference schedule, ladies and gentlemen. :D

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    Nov 7, 2010
    Sub-GM Post

    Bonus rolls this week to (points in parentheses): Byblos (30), Tatooine (28), Commenor (28), Thyferra (32), Concordia (28), Druckenwell (28).

    Limmie Futures League
    Week 2
    Byblos Red Wings at Kamino Waves (23–21)
    Tatooine Sandskimmers at Commenor Gundarks (2–7)
    Thyferra Force at Concordia Crusaders (25–9)
    Kashyyyk Rangers at Druckenwell Marksmen (14–2)

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik Vehn Runjedirun Rebecca_Daniels Jedi Gunny CPL_Macja
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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Mesh'la Vhetin, Keldabe, Mandalore

    275 had been good to Jeem Daryc. The powerhouse Merc offense had featured Daryc heavily and his stats reflected it.

    Falene Trieste was not good to Daryc.

    She harrassed and harried him all day long. Jeem barely touched the boloball over the course of the game. The moment he did, Trieste was on him, absolutely mobbing the Mandalorian man. More often than not, Falene just plain had Daryc covered. He wasn't there for the upfield passes and the Mercs were forced to go outside to Soker and Adams, neither of whom was any replacement for the skill of Daryc. Ternardiel wasn't making life easy for her fellow rookie Soker and Wizmark was aptly paired off with Adams, who was pressured every time she tried to work the ball to the Merc front three.

    When the Mercs were able to penetrate down low, they had little success. Comstock was once again playing amazingly. She'd let in one goal on the day, but that had been everything that she was giving the Mandalorians today. Once again she was reading the play beautifully and the few Miner fans who had come all the way out to for the game went nuts. Falene noticed that one of them had a sign that caught her eye.


    At a timeout, Falene pointed it out to Wizmark. “What do you think that's about?” she asked.

    “Beats me. Some religious stuff. You know how people get with that and sports,” Wizmark said with a shrug, “You know, like when people put Whills 3:127 on a sign.”

    Falene let it go. After all, she had a limmie game to play. And boy did she play.

    The Miners all played. They were a team possessed today. Up front, Rodders looked no worse for the wear from last week's injury against the Rebels. His presence forced the Merc defense to respect all aspects of the Miner attack and allowed Deenever to keep up her torrent of scoring.

    All of the Miner rookies were having a good day as they romped over the beautiful fields of Keldabe, but none bigger than Jolla Pic. The tall Tatooine girl had demonstrated chemistry with Glencross from their very first game but this was the game where she achieved her full potential. Pic and Glencross were now comfortable enough with each other to start running complicated patterns and coverages on Darkrider and Mor'kesh. As was usual, Glencross drew the senior midfielder in Mor'kesh, which left Xander for Jolla. Darkrider was no match for Pic, who was living up to her name. Every time that the Merc defense tried to get out of trouble by going to the midfield they were faced with a quandry. They could either try to get the ball to Mor'kesh and risk playing into the hands of Alana, their old nemesis, or they could pick on the rookie. More often than not they chose the latter and Pic made them pay by jumping routes and picking off their passes, which—before the Merc defense knew it—was coming right back up the field at them.

    When all was said and done, the Miners had romped all over the Merc offense for a quality win in which the whole team had performed admirably—and for a change Falene Trieste came off the field feeling like she had played the game she wanted to play.

    It was the kind of feeling that Falene wanted to feel every week.

    [Stop playing music here, if you would please--but far be it from me to tell you how to read my posts. :p]

    Inside the locker room the team was pumped. Everyone was high fiving each other and celebrating. They had retained the Beskar Axe and had displayed it to their fans who had made the trek proudly. Right now it was being held by Pic and Glencross, who were posing with the Axe for a picture. Falene embraced Deenever, who had put in another excellent day.

    “I told you that you were going to rock it today,” Falene said.

    “Not like you did. You were lights out on Daryc today. Absolutely shut that sucker down,” Niskat said, clapping Falene on the back.

    “Now that's a win,” Valerii said, coming into the locker room for her usual post victory pep talk. Everyone paused their celebration to listen to what their head coach had to say. “I just want you to know that no matter what, nothing changes that today. Absolutely nothing.”

    Falene's ears pricked up. Suddenly she remembered the conversation she'd walked in on between Cundertol and Valerii. “What would change that?” Stormborn asked, concern sneaking into her voice.

    Gaeriel didn't say anything for a second. She looked down and tapped a fist against her mouth a couple of times. The head coach looked up at the team.

    “A few hours ago, before the game started...Anton Jorpik was killed in an explosion in the line of duty,” Valerii said.

    It was like the explosion had taken place inside the visitor's locker room at Mesh'la Vhetin. No one said anything, but their faces said it all. Shock and disbelief swept through the Miners. Falene felt like she had been hit in the gut by a Wookiee.

    “What do you mean killed?” Max Grap said, breaking the silence, “The war is over.”

    “We don't have the details right now. The Defense Fleet has informed his family and let us know as a courtesy. Right now Cundertol is briefing the media. He is going to ask them to refrain from locker room interviews for today. Anyone who wants to speak to the media can do so, but don't feel obligated.” Gaeriel paused. “Tunross is trying to get in touch with Dr. Calay if anyone needs to talk to someone about this. You're not alone. We're a team, on the field and off.”

    Valerii took the game ball from Cuth Hulu and walked it over to an empty stall in the locker room and placed it on the bench. This game ball was for someone that Falene would give literally anything for him to be able to accept. But he never would.

    Nelly Wizmark couldn't take it anymore. She started softly sobbing. Vubbins came over and gently folded her teammate into a hug. Morgan Alesh sat down next to her pal Becki Morlan, who took her hand. Alana and Jolla walked the Beskar Axe over to the stall and gently set it down. Aron Rodders sat down and just looked at the carpet.

    For her part, Falene just hugged Niskat and tried to cope with a pain that had a depth Falene prayed she would not fully plumb. She was all too afraid that she would before long.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik
  21. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Fenton Tobles

    Fenton did not want to see the Starkillers lose again. Before the game he flipped through the channels and found a few other possible programs to watch in case the game went south early. But Fenton soon forgot about those other programs. His team looked good from the start. First the offense proved themselves with a goal from Leann Lightcin that made Fenton actually want to wear that jersey he bought at the beginning of the season, followed shortly thereafter with Jul’s first of 17 total points. The defense struggled a bit in the beginning. Until midfielder Alyda Hovechar adjusted her play, she fell back and intercepted several passes. As if to prove that last seasons Rookie of the Year wasn’t going to be a victim of the sophomore slump for any longer.

    Poletin looked a bit shaky at first. However, he did not let a few early missed opportunities deter him from sticking with the new position and even making a fantastic block just before halftime that may have extinguished the spirits of the Storm for good. First round draft pick Sosar Driff was the exception. His play was sloppy. The Rookie was lucky he didn’t trip over his own feet he changed directions so many times when Storm vets faked him out with pump fakes and by turning their bodies in the opposite direction of their planned kicks. Thankfully one clumsy player was not able to take the momentum from the Starkillers, they took the game easily 36-15.

    Fenton was so excited by the great play that he was doing jumping jacks during commercials, for cardio. It was a weight loss strategy he had read about a while ago, but up until now his spirit had been too low to give it a try. This afternoon he was in such good spirits he didn’t even feel silly bouncing around the living room, like he often did when he attempted that work out holo he had purchased. That evening when Fenton climbed in bed even knowing he had an early shift washing dishes in the morning couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

    Around midnight Fenton was woken by an unfamiliar sound. It was coming from the kitchen; he got up, grabbed a shoe in case it was an intruder and he needed a weapon and made his way down the hall. When he got to the door frame he peaked in, what he saw was worse than an intruder. His mother was sitting at the table distraught, sobbing uncontrollably. Part of Fenton wanted to creep back to bed and hope his mother never knew he had seen her. Another part of him knew he should try to comfort her. “Mom?” he ventured cautiously, “What’s wrong?”

    His mother looked up quickly trying to dry her eyes. “Fenton, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. Go back to bed.”

    “But mom, something is bothering you.” Fenton said concerned. “Can you tell me what it is?”

    “It’s really not important, besides you need your sleep.”

    “Mom, you are up in the middle of the night crying. Something is wrong and I think you should tell me.” Fenton said putting a little assertion into his voice.

    “I didn’t want you to find out.” His mother said after a several minute pause, in which time Fenton had made his mother and himself a cup of tea. She took a long slow sip and continued. “Two weeks ago I lost my job. I’ve been putting resumes out everywhere, but nothings come up yet. I was hoping the rent I asked you for would help until I found something, but now I’m having my doubts. And to make matters worse Gene broke up with me this evening.”

    The confession had tumbled out of his mother’s mouth. She didn’t look up from her tea to face Fenton, until after she was done speaking. Fenton was speechless. “I’m so sorry Fenton.” She told him, looking him in the eye this time. “I didn’t want you to find out, especially not like this.”

    “Don’t worry Mom” Fenton began clearing his throat. “We can work this out, I know we can.” Fenton had never worked out anything in his life. But he knew now that had to change. His mother needed him; he had spent enough time feeling sorry for himself because his father left. Obviously his father hadn’t been much of a parent to him. His mother had taken care of him solely for the last 5 years and Fenton needed to repay her. He may not be able to figure out exactly how he would do that in the middle of the night, but he vowed he would.

    The following day all of Ralltiir was speculating whether the Starkillers would put Galaxy Defender on the trading block. Or if they did, would another team even want him? Fenton was busy trying to get his nerve up to ask his boss at the restaurant if a server job was available. He could make a lot more money serving tables than washing dishes and his experience with customers at BankersMansion should give him the background he needed. Unfortunately Fenton was shy, and had never asked for anything in his life. So when he saw the manager on his way to the kitchen all he could do was say good morning.

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  22. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    I present to you the...

    275 Elite League All-Star Game Ballot

    Skywalker Conference
    Goalkeeper (pick one)
    • Chenkabukk (Euceron Storm)
    • Corvo Antilles (Corellia Rebels)
    • Roz Cartel (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Mij Katan (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Kasin Urdaaza (Ylesia Lightning)
    • Hohass Vesh (Agamar Packers)
    Defense(pick two)
    • Chalporrin (Euceron Storm)
    • Baraduc Fivvic (Agamar Packers)
    • Steen Hanson (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Zen Keisel (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Haybius Korpus (Corellia Rebels)
    • Rana Lel Dey (Corellia Rebels)
    • Daven Morray (Euceron Storm)
    • Kyr Ram'ser (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Shahka (Ylesia Lightning)
    • Seeza Tey (Ylesia Lightning)
    • Ken Zetter (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Saba Raine (Agamar Packers)
    Midfielder(pick one)
    • Cachbarukh (Agamar Packers)
    • Clarisse (Euceron Storm)
    • Trina Horn (Corellia Rebels)
    • Argo Mor'kesh (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Ruunjaa (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Prya Tiin (Ylesia Lightning)
    Forward(pick two)
    • Gargova Brousard (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Jeem Daryc (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Andres Fortune (Mando'ade Mercs)
    • Mezgraf Goot (Agamar Packers)
    • Morto Goot (Agamar Packers)
    • Gorrrump (Euceron Storm)
    • Litan Kuna (Ylesia Lightning)
    • Shady Leroux (Nar Shaddaa Smugglers)
    • Gemma Sal-Solo (Corellia Rebels)
    • Elbraham Swiftfoot (Corellia Rebels)
    • Zoa Vra (Ylesia Lightning)
    • Calli Webb (Euceron Storm)
    Solo Conference

    Goalkeeper (pick one)
    • Lizbit Comstock (Bakura Miners)
    • Jayla Leed (Coruscant Senators)
    • Camille Montes (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Clair Oswin (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Dev Poletin (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Keline Socken (Chandrila Patriots)
    Defense(pick two)
    • Ty Allin (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Ugdulo Borr (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Domino Derval (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Ortho Dyhon (Coruscant Senators)
    • Christine Gamble (Coruscant Senators)
    • Melina Havelock (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Aley Helios (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Loma Ikell (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Cortina Shakalaka (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Falene Trieste (Bakura Miners)
    • Nelly Wizmark (Bakura Miners)
    • Cora Xux (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    Midfielder(pick one)
    • Norran Findal (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Alana Glencross (Bakura Miners)
    • Gayla Renhorn (Coruscant Senators)
    • Cali Royd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Honey Ryder (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Ye'ves'toung (Ralltir Starkillers)
    Forward(pick two)
    • Anya Amasova (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Niskat Deenever (Bakura Miners)
    • Lorem Ipsum (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Loren Jul (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Avano Koobis (Chandrila Patriots)
    • Leann Lightcin (Ralltiir Starkillers)
    • Wai Lin (Hapes Consortium Buccaneers)
    • Vesper Lynd (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Cord McKerty (Coruscant Senators)
    • Melanie Ocean (Rydonni Prime Monarchs)
    • Riff Persnor (Coruscant Senators)
    • Aron Rodders (Bakura Miners)
    Your ballot is due by the end of the day on November 17 and no later. I will do my best to get scores up early on that day if you wish to take Week 5 scoring into account in your voting (I know that I will). As a reminder, you are not allowed to vote for your own players in this round of voting. Yes, you vote for both conferences. If nothing else, this will give everybody else a sense of who they should be watching out for during conference play. ;)

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    Apr 10, 2010
  24. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Solo Stadium, Coronet City, Corellia

    “Break it! Break it!” Gark yelled at the Senators offense as they ran the ball up the field. It was only a few minutes into the game, but already Gark knew that points might be at a premium in this game. His Senators squad, or at least the one he coached for, was up against the undefeated Corellia Rebels here at Solo Stadium. Gark didn’t know when the Senators had last visited Corellia; it certainly hadn’t been in the time he had been GM. The Rebels were a classic team from back in the day, but had struggled in their first season in the Elite League in a while in 274. Now they were undefeated, and looking to stay that way through four weeks.

    The offense began to set itself up in the zone, with Dauza Chary once again directing the attack. The second-year forward was really getting into the thick of things as of late, and certainly was the one aspect of the Senator offense that no was talking about. It was also that kind of anonymity that helped make her a seamless part of the offense. She whipped it around to Cord McKerty, who made a step on Edvard Snart and crashed in from the corner. He barely slipped out of a tackle attempt at the goal box, but still fell down when his shoelaces were used to bring him down. The ball hit the turf, but right there was Max Qorbus. The Nautolan, notably frustrated the last three weeks at being shut down every game, nailed the ball firmly with his foot, sending a rocket into the goal for the game’s first score, and his first goal of the season.

    On defense, Gark had kept up his usual playcalling, but knew that without Jerek and Myles Tormera for yet another week, he was going to have to rely on Ortho Dyhon to make the line calls that Jerek sometimes could make. The Twi’lek was doing well the last few weeks in practice, but Gark still wasn’t quite sure if he was good enough to take the Rebels out of their rhythm. His defense was still a patchwork, so they had to keep working off the momentum of the last two weeks if they wanted to pick up the win here.

    Zoom smashed into Marit Telleride, the Rebel captain, and her pass fluttered into the air. Reid Livingstone, slyly using his hand to crawl up the back of Gemma Sal-Solo, jumped into the air to pick it off. Sal-Solo then finished Reid off by wrestling him to the turf, but Reid was able to get off a bounce pass to Ortho to clear the ball. It was defense like that which Gark liked; nothing too flashy, just workmanlike and smart Limmie. His defensive position coaches knew a few things about playing tough and smart, so that had rubbed off on the defenders.

    As Gark had predicted, the game had become a real grind. The Rebels weren’t allowing much to go on in their defensive zone, keeping the Senator forwards quiet. Snart laid out Zadd on a vicious hit, making the Defel have to hobble over to the sideline on an injury timeout. It was something the Senators had seen too much of already, injuries. Rayel Edare came off the bench to relieve the Defel, who as a matter of fact never returned to the game after it was discovered he had a bruised shoulder. On the other end, the Senators were pitching another amazing defensive performance. The corner duo of Reid and Christine Gamble were locking down the edges, forcing the Rebels to go up the middle time and again. Each time they went that way, they were met up front with then meaty trio of Zoom, Tank Bratter, and Doon’sun, who made the Rebels hurt each time up. Down went Telleride, Sal-Solo, and Mumu. The two Wookiee forwards were evenly matched by the muscle of the Senator defenders, who freed up the smaller players to finish off the Rebels. On one such play, Tank caught Telleride by the torso and held on to her as he tried to wrestle her to the ground. The Rodian got some help from Swiftfoot, who tried to push the pile a little bit. However, true to form, Christine converged in and sent out a vicious right hook to punch the ball free. None of the three players in the scrum realized what had happened until it was too late, and Reid kicked the ball out of the zone.

    “That’s how you do it!” Gark yelled at his players.

    Finally the Senators broke through in the second half. An errant pass from the Rebels defensive zone was tipped by Max and fluttered through the air. Demetra Silkins, who like the Nautolan was also shut down each week, jumped into the air and headed the ball over the bar for a point. 9-4 Senators. After another stop on defense, where Telleride once again coughed up the ball from a nice hit by Reena Wyley, the Senators spread out their attack. Cord got the ball and, taking a nice pick from Maff Biskis, burst around the seam. He ducked under a diving attempt by Snart to get him in the pile, and emerged from the pack unguarded. Corvo Antilles had no chance to deny Cord of another goal, and the ball burned the back of the net. 12-4 Senators.

    The stout Senator defense kept up the pressure, squeezing the Rebels in a tight zone that made them take errant shots on goal in a vain attempt to core. Jayla Leed calmly made save after save, blocking some shots and catching others. The offensive coordinator for the Rebels was throwing a fit on the opposite sideline, their unit completely negated in this one. On the other hand, their league-leading defense, coming into the day allowing around 11 points a game, was being figured out despite their best efforts to cap the scoring. The Senators routinely penetrated the offensive zone, making plays and wreaking havoc. Max sent Rana Lel Dey down to the turf hard on a nice screen to free up Riff Persnor, who responded by scoring a goal to push the lead to 11 late. This score caused the Rebels fans to start leaving the stadium; they weren’t going to stick around to see the ending minutes of this one.

    When all was said and done, the Senators walked out of Solo Stadium with an 18-6 victory. Max had scored his first two goals of the season to lead the team, who struggled at times to get points up on the board on what otherwise had been a fine offensive outing. It looked like they would need to practice finishing scoring opportunities this next week heading into Hanna City to face off against the Chandrila Patriots in the Revolutionary War. On defense, it had once again been a team effort, allowing only 6 points to a decent offense. The Senators had now allowed just 30 points in their last three games combined, one more than they had allowed in the season opener alone. Gark knew that he couldn’t guarantee any further success from this defense, but it was a nice point of emphasis to harp on this next week.

    In the locker room, the Bothan addressed his defense. They seemed to be gelling at the right time. “I want to congratulate you on the excellent work today,” he said to his huddle of players. “We sealed the corners, made ‘em grind it up the middle, and kept punching the lights out of them when they got too close. I liked our physicality today, because we forced turnovers and bad shots that we were able to recover with no penalty. Coming in here today and beating the last undefeated team in the league means something.

    However, I must also remind you that our work is not over. Last season, we defeated Ralltiir under the same circumstances, but then we fell flat the next week. Real flat. We need to prevent a letdown from occurring, because I don’t know if our offense quite has everything figured out yet. We have to keep up that intensity and make the opposing team fear us. Yes we have three wins, and we can win out this season to go 8-1. That would be a nice way to get back into this thing. However, we can also lose every game and go 3-6, which would prevent us from competing in the postseason. I don’t want to squander this good nonconference slate by failing to keep things up in conference play. Chandrila won’t let us go into Stoney End and push them around. We need to bring the game to them and beat them at every turn. There’s no rest for a defense, especially not one who has been so good the last three weeks.

    The critics are going to say that we’ve only played one decent team well. They’re going to say that Corellia’s not that good, and that Agamar doesn’t really have a powerful offense. But you know what? I think that we were just that good in both instances. We shut them both down, and now we need to do the same to the Patriots to prove that this unit is for real. Let the other teams be flashy; we just need to get the job done. Dismissed.”

    The players returned to their post-game routines, and Gark was going to head back to the office to discuss a few things with the other coaches. He wanted to make a few suggestions to Allie for how to tighten the screws on offense, but before he could get too far he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up at Christine, who had a blank expression on her face.

    “What is it?” Gark asked.

    “I just wanted to . . . I don’t know . . . it’s hard to say, really . . .”

    “Does this have something to do with your friend?” Gark asked.

    “Yeah,” Christine replied. “I . . . I think you should know that I agreed with you sending Ava packing from the team.” Gark raised an eyebrow. He hadn’t seen this coming. “I wanted to think that you were just being rude, but the more I think about it, the more I know you did what you had to. She needs to get her life back on track.”

    “Does this give you a measure of closure?” Gark asked. Christine nodded.

    “I guess it does,” she said. “I think that’s why I played so hard today. It’s been gnawing at me the past two weeks, and I just had to say it. But . . . if she does clean up . . . is she coming back?”

    “I don’t know,” Gark said. “I got a message from the Futures League commish mandating that she won’t be eligible to return this season, even if she gets her act back together. I know you two were close . . .”

    “Not that close, really. Just roommates. Not really best friends by any means . . .”

    “Yet you were evidently shaken by it enough last week,” Gark commented. “Look, Christine, I did what I had to. She was poisoning herself, and you can only hope that Jed’s getting her back on her feet. With any luck, she’ll be back here at the start of next season.”

    “You really think that’ll happen?” the rookie asked.

    “Who knows,” Gark replied. “If I could predict the future, I’d probably be banned from this game for cheating. All I know is that she controls her own destiny from here on out, and there is nothing you or I can do to get her there.”

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    OOC: Hopefully this means I'll be able to get to another Ava post. Depends on whether my school professors decide to keep dumping assignments on me or not.
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    Nov 7, 2010
    IC: Zay Antilles
    Location: Euceron Stadium, Eusebus, Euceron
    Time: Midway through the second half of Week 4 game against Ralltiir

    Zay adjusted his jersey, then glanced at a holoscreen as he passed a concession stand. The Storm were losing 31 to 9 and the Padawan mentally stewed over the Storm's recent string of bad luck. Tempering Zay's frustration was the knowledge that Asyel Yan'ii was back at practice and would likely be ready to return when eligible after the All-Star Game.

    Zay realized that he was stewing over the Storm's poor performance and pushed that out of his mind. If this was supposed to be a test of his ability to detach from limmie, he wasn't doing a very good job of it. He continued wandering the concourse, patrolling for anything suspicious. So far, nothing had happened. Could they have misinterpreted the clues? The Storm had three homes games left after this one. He highly doubted that the Mercs game in three weeks, right after the All-Star game, would be attacked; after all, who would attack with all the bucketheads present? And there would be plenty of bucketheads, as the Storm had struggled to sell this game out and Mandalore was close to Euceron, making the trip easy. Zay knew that the security guards hated hosting the Mercs; stadium rules prohibited any kind of weapon from being brought into the stadium, but they knew better than to try to argue with the visiting Mandos. Weapons were everywhere at any Mercs game, and security was always on edge until the last Mando had left.

    Anyway, that left two likely targets if there was no attack today: the Lightning in Week 8 and the Rebels in the last game of the regular season. Zay knew that there was nothing they could do, though, and that it was still possible that Bassell would attack an away game. Checking the schedule on his datapad, he saw that the Storm were to play at Agamar next week. He knew that Agamar had a good security force that was friendly to the Jedi; that would be a plus next week.

    As the game came to an end and the last stragglers left, Zay met up with his Master and compared notes. Palla had assisted security in removing a belligerent fan who had imbibed a little too much, but otherwise, nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Palla was puzzled at that. "I don't know what to think," she said. "Maybe the next home game?"

    "That's the bucketheads," said Zay.

    "Right. Honestly, I think we just need to be prepared at all times."

    "You want to contact Tim Dodd, or do you want me?"

    "You do it. If you're going to become a Knight, you need to learn to do stuff like this yourself."


    To: Tim Dodd and ASF Chief
    From: Jedi Padawan Zay Antilles
    Subject: Storm–Packers game next week


    Over the past few months, my Master, Palla Quelkin, and I have received clues pointing to an attack on the Euceron Storm by an escaped criminal who has previously pulled off a few bombings on Euceron, including one at the Galactic Games two years ago and one at a smashball game a few months ago. We do not know when this attack will occur, although we believe it is more likely to occur on Euceron than on the road. Nevertheless, Palla and I have been traveling with the Storm all season, at their general manager's request, to defend the team if and when this attack does occur.

    The Storm will be arriving on Agamar two days before the game, and we will be with them. We would like to request that the ASF provide a security escort between the spaceport and their hotel and between the hotel and the stadium throughout the weekend. We would also like to request that your normal security procedures be stepped up on game day, and that security officers be extra alert. Palla and I will be undercover in the stadium on game day, dressed in Storm jerseys and shorts. We will need two all-access passes, one for each of us, to properly monitor the situation and would be grateful if you could grant us those passes.

    The wanted attacker is Rondy Bassell (police holo attached), a human male known for use of large and powerful bombs, so the ASF should keep an extra eye out for anything that looks like an explosive device. If Bassell is spotted on Agamar, please contact us immediately.

    Again, we believe the attack is unlikely to occur on the road, but anything is possible with Bassell, and so we appreciate any and all assistance you are able to provide us in this matter. Thank you for your time, and we hope for a peaceful game next Sunday.

    Zay Antilles, Jedi Padawan

    TAG: Runjedirun (for game action) Bardan_Jusik (for the buckethead comments) Tim Battershell (for Tim's and the ASF's response)