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Star Wars Elite League Limmie [A Sports-based RPG, New Players Welcome]

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Trieste, May 31, 2010.

  1. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post
    Oranga Theatre, Coruscant

    "Gentlebeings, we have another trade," the Commissioner said to the fans, who once again went predictably nuts, "The Euceron Storm have traded the seventh overall pick of the 276 Elite League Draft to the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers in exchange for the eighteenth overall pick in the 276 Elite League Draft and the Nar Shaddaa Smuggler's second round pick in 277.

    "Accordingly, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers are now on the clock."

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  2. Vehn

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Kaitlyn Vehn
    Oranga Theatre, Coruscant

    “You’ve got yourself a deal,” Kaitlyn said into a private comm. unit. She hung up the phone.

    “What gives, boss?” Tover Micjaa asked as the Smugglers front office poured over their draft board.

    Kaitlyn smiled and replied, “We’ve got ourselves another pick in the first round.”

    “What?” Shay exclaimed.

    “Euceron bowed out so now I want to hear options,” Kaitlyn said.

    “Un-frakking-believable,” Chambers blurted.

    “Believe it, Meredith. Where do we go, people?”

    “We can pick up another forward later in the draft, right?” Tover asked.

    Kaitlyn nodded. “Yeah. Lots of depth at that position. We still have our second round pick.”

    “That leaves us with one alternative,” Shay Dionne pointed out.

    “We’ve tried this road before,” Huntington said.

    “That was the previous administration,” Meredith replied knowing where this conversation was going.

    “She’s got a lot of upside,” Shay said.

    “You’re right about that. I was impressed when I saw her play at the combine. I’d take her. We may not get another crack at this one,” Tover added.

    "Take the "local" girl," Lilly quipped.

    Kaitlyn was glad that Lilly was having such a good time.

    “Then we’re all on board?” Kaitlyn asked.

    Nods all around, faces were relaxed now, everyone was ready to pull the trigger.

    “With the seventh pick of the 276 Draft, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select,” Kaitlyn said and smiled as ‘The Crew’ yelled back in an even more drunken stupor than before.

    “Erin Windreaver, Midfielder, University of Tatooine!”


    “Reaver! Reaver! Reaver!” The Smuggler fans chanted.

    That just about tore the house apart. The fan base was energized. What a coup. Kaitlyn was all smiles as she shook hands with Erin Windreaver as they posed for the holocameras.

    What a glorious draft indeed.

    An aide announced, “The Bakura Miners are now on the clock.”

  3. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    IC: Falene Trieste
    Falene’s apartment, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    The Draft had continued with its usual drama and pomp. Falene was truly interested to see where players went (after all, by and large the best talent came in through the Draft and the drafting teams would be heavy favorites to contend for this year’s Galactic Cup). She would see a lot of these players this season, maybe one or two down the road. She had no doubt that Lieznam was going to be starting opening day for the Mercs when they came to Bakura Gardens. She wondered if the college hot shot was going to be that cut out for the pro game. Sometimes the best university players didn’t pan out at the pro level (though the Miners had thrown caution to the wind in that case by selecting Zonka).

    Even though Falene was trying to pay attention, her mind still wandered between picks back through the offseason. It had definitely been one to remember…

    Two days after the 120th Galactic Cup Final
    Salis D’aar, Bakura

    (I'd start at 0:47 if you care about such things.)

    The parade through the streets of Salis D’aar had nearly brought the capital to a standstill. Hundreds of thousands of fans, more than could ever fit into Bakura Gardens, lined the streets to cheer the newly returned champions. Each player got their own speeder in which they rode and waved to the fans. Though Bakura had always been passionate about their limmie, nothing brought out their fandom like a championship.

    Every player was hailed as a victor with equal fervor no matter how small their part had been. Even the sideline assistants got their own speeder to be part of the revelry. Falene was truly overjoyed to be at the center of these celebrations, to have brought this level of joy to her homeworld.

    The parade culminated at the steps of the Bakuran Senate where all 80 Senators and the Prime Minister gathered for the victory rally. With an election year rapidly approaching, every one of them wanted to bask in the glory of the Galactic Cup. Though the League forbade the Cup from being used “in a political manner,” its mere presence at the seat of government was not enough to incur Kayl’hen’s ire. If it was, the Noble House had its checkbook ready.

    “Today, Bakura is proud of her team, Galactic Cup champions,” the Prime Minister said during the rally. He paused. “Some of you may realize the historic importance of that statement. For the first time in my political career I think the Chancellor and I agree on something.” The crowd laughed. “However, before you think this will be a complete love fest, let me state unequivocally: I don’t care if I lose votes over it, but Aron Rodders, you deserved the Salbukk.”

    There were several light hearted speeches like that and each player lifted the Galactic Cup once again for their home fans. All told, it was a great day in which one could be proud to be a Miners fan.

    As Falene stood on the stage next to Nanchecka Stormborn, and the rally wound down, the Echani said, to no one in particular it seemed but only loud enough so those near her could hear, “For over a thousand years, ancient Mandalorian conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of a triumph--a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeters and musicians and strange animals from the conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conqueror rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children, robed in white, stood with him in the chariot, or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror, holding a golden crown, and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”

    Somehow Falene thought the Echani was more right than she knew.

    However, that was only the start of the offseason. It was a tradition with the Miners and some other Elite League teams that every being who had their name inscribed on the Galactic Cup got one standard day with the Cup. How they spent that day was entirely up to them and reflected the diversity of beings who won the Cup.

    Alesh and Morlan took it back to the Hapes Consortium to visit with their friends and families and not-so-subtly remind them all that the Buccaneers had been trampled in the Miners’ path to the championship.

    Max Grap brought it back to Coruscant and to the CorTech campus where he’d done his university work, an event that caused quite a buzz amongst the Mean Green. The Devaronian was hailed as the local boy made good.

    Ponie went back to where she’d won it, Nar Shaddaa, and went straight for the Valor Foundation facilities where she hosted a kid’s limmie tournament with the Cup being given to the winner.

    Niskat used the bowl to make a gelatin mold, which was ejected by turning the Cup over once it had cooled and settled. She declared it “not bad, all things considered.”

    The Cup traveled to Mon Calamari with Vubbins, Tatooine with Pic, Commenor with Zire, Cinnagar with Detra, Brentaal with Hulu, and everywhere in between. Curiously, it did not go to Bespin with Lizbit Comstock, who instead chose to take it to Denon, a planet shed always wanted to see. It crisscrossed Bakura as it was handed off between Rodders, Wizmark, Valerii, and Thorn.

    What Quinn Cundertol and Han Tunross did with the Galactic Cup…well no one was ever quite sure, but when they showed up with it again at the Miners’ offices, Tunross said, “Right…nice to see that back where it belongs,” and Cundertol kept his silence on the whole matter, just muttering something about a fall.

    There were publicity appearances too.

    “Gentlebeings, tonight our guest is the captain of the Galactic Cup champion Bakura Miners. Please welcome to the program Alana Glencross,” Rurra Eshka’mos said.

    Alana Glencross (who was legally Alana Kirt), walked out onto the stage to the audience’s cheers carrying the Salbukk Award, which she placed on the desk between her and the Bothan.

    “Well, didn’t expect to see that,” Rurra said with a laugh.

    Alana promptly then walked off the set. Rurra turned to the camera. “And that was our interview. Thanks for watching everyone!”

    As the audience laughed and clapped, Alana returned, now with the Numifolis Award, which she set down next to the Salbukk. “Hold on a second,” Alana said, leaving for a second time.

    “No, you didn’t—!” Rurra said as he realized what was coming next.

    Sure enough, Alana walked out with the Galactic Cup, which she placed front and center between them on the desk before finally sitting down.

    “So I see you brought some friends…” Rurra deadpanned.

    “I thought you might like to meet them,” Alana said, “But I think I should have thought this out a little better. I can only kind of see you between all of these trophies.”

    “Now you’re just bragging,” Rurra said.

    “At this rate it won’t be long before you’re doing some bragging,” Alana said, “The Mets made the conference finals in their first year in the Premier League.”

    “Did you see that Semifinal?” Rurra asked, falling into typical Mets fanboyism, “Because it was glorious. I think Phil Brooks cried during the game.”

    “You know, I think we made Brooks cry in 271,” Alana pointed out.

    “So what I’m going to take away from that is that the Miners and the Mets are basically the same team,” Rurra said.

    “Except you beat us,” Alana said.

    “So by the transitive property, does that mean I get to keep all this?” Rurra said, motioning to all of the trophies.

    “If you can find your name on them, then yes,” Alana said.

    “Okay, we’re going to go to commercial break while my interns distract Alana and I use a rusty spork to carve my name into the Galactic Cup,” Rurra said.

    Just a typical episode of The Nightly Show.

    Falene’s day with the Galactic Cup was much more sedate. She didn’t need to share it with family and friends. They would have their day with it. Falene had much different plans for her day with the Cup.

    It started with breakfast at the neighborhood café that was on her block. She hadn’t announced that she was going to be having breakfast there, but it didn’t take long for the word to get out. As Falene ate her breakfast, she let the diners and staff pose with the Cup and with her for holos. Needless to say, they comped her breakfast.

    “Winning the Galactic Cup is worth it to get a free breakfast out of you guys,” she kidded the owners on her way out.

    From there she went to Thanas Memorial Hospital where she made the rounds of the intensive care unit to bring the Cup to patients, some with terminal diseases. Every patient was surprised and delighted to see the Galactic Cup walk through the door being held by a member of the Miners. So many of them told Falene that during their hospital stays that getting to watch limmie was a highlight of their week, a welcome respite from endless news coverage or bad holo soaps. The fact that the Miners had gone all the way had meant so much because it gave them three extra weeks of watching a team they loved rather than having to sit through a C-Buc or Rebel game instead.

    Falene made sure that she hit the children’s wing, where she received an even warmer reception. These kids, who were battling illnesses that belonged to adults, rarely lost hope and many of them were sports fans with a passion that could only be described, appropriately, as youthful ardor. Going to games at the Gardens, even if they could get tickets in the smaller venue, wasn’t possible for them. Furthermore, things like the Galactic Cup of Limmie, in their minds, was something meant only for grown ups. Falene Trieste disagreed strongly with that statement.

    Every kid she visited not only got a holo with her and the Cup, but also a Miners 275 championship hat and shirt. In return, Falene got a hug, albeit sometimes a light one for lack of physical strength, from every kid.

    It was a fair trade.

    After lunch in the hospital cafeteria (at which point plenty of doctors, nurses, and other staff got their holos with the Cup—and the food wasn’t half bad either), Falene headed to Camp Hastings, the Marine base outside Salis D’aar. She spent the day, bringing the Cup to the enlisted Marines, many of whom had seen action in the Ssi-Ruuk War. Though the War hadn’t been over for very long, Falene already had a feeling that it was not going to be a war fondly remembered. These beings had gone through hell and they did not return home as hailed victors. Instead, they came home to a populace that was increasingly divided as to whether they should have gone to war in the first place.

    Though her brother and sister in-law were publicly and definitively opposed to the war, Falene didn’t care. Today, she wanted these Marines to experience a taste of being champions.

    The Marine units and divisions that Falene visited at Camp Hastings went uniformly nuts to see the Galactic Cup brought to them. Though Falene had coordinated with the Ministry of Defense, she’d asked that the visit be a surprise to all of the Marines—and it certainly was. They absolutely ate it up, though they were far from rowdy in the immediate presence of the Cup. If anything, the warriors treated it with reverence. Though by this point in the day Falene’s face hurt from the constant smiling, she kept it up. When was the last time a pro limmie player had come to a military base (not counting the Merc players who were soldiers, of course)? It was her duty to make this experience special for them.

    As night fell, there was one last group that Falene wanted to bring the Cup to. Unlike her unannounced visits earlier in the day, this one Falene had planned early on with great coordination with the beings to whom she was bringing the Cup. They had all gathered in the large dining room of the Noble House’s Salis D’aar residence.

    The beings in question were the Bakuran Marshals and Senatorial Guards who had protected Falene over the course of her life. A large number of them had gone through the stressful experience of protecting Falene while she’d been on the limmie field. Every single game had been a high risk situation for her and undoubtedly nerve wracking for them. They would have been within their rights to have told her she couldn’t play, that it was too dangerous, but they never had.

    “I literally owe my life to all of you,” Falene told them when she arrived with the Galactic Cup, “In one form or another, you have all been there during my life. You are all as much a part of my family as any uncle, aunt, or cousin. There is no way I can thank you all appropriately for what you’ve done for me. What I can do is let all of you have a moment with the object that objectifies my life’s accomplishment to now.” Falene put her hand on the Galactic Cup. “I’ll be upstairs. You all know this is a secured residence…so don’t worry about me. Go out and have some fun with this thing.”

    Falene stayed long enough for more holos with the Marshals and Guards, including plenty with the Cup. It was still early in the evening when Falene left to head up and read on her datapad for the rest of the evening. Her protectors knew that the Cup had to be returned to the Miners headquarters by midnight that night.

    They’d taken care of her. She knew they’d take care of the Cup too.

    Sure enough, at 23:55 Salis D’aar local time, the Galactic Cup arrived at the Miners’ offices safe, sound, and without a scratch on it. Where it had been since leaving the Noble House building no one knew, but Falene was sure it had had a good time.

    Falene’s apartment, Salis D’aar, Bakura

    Yeah, it had been quite an offseason, Falene decided.

    As Cundertol came to the podium for the last pick of the first round, she figured that this meant it was finally over. The 276 season was now officially beginning and Falene was glad for that. She was looking forward to new challenges, to defending their title. There had been two trades between the Miners’ picks and that had gotten the fans pretty well excited.

    “And now we come to the end of the first round where the Miners’ original pick is,” the announcer on BBC Sports said, “Obviously, getting Zonka was just a huge coup for them, so it’ll be interesting to see who the Miners take here. They’ve got lots of options at a lot of positions.”

    “And while Cundertol ponders his next move, we’ll take a moment to remind you of the BBC-MSN ‘Name the Rivalry’ contest,” the second announcer said, “That’s right, viewers, we’re looking for a new name for the Cross-Galaxy Clash. Submit the winning entry and you’ll have an all-expenses paid trip to the Miners’ home opener to see them raise their 275 Galactic Cup banner. Throw in the usual rivalry game with the Mercs and it should be quite a day.”

    “It looks like Cundertol is ready as he heads up to the lectern,” the first announcer said, “We’ll go live to the draft floor now.”

    “With the eighth overall selection in the 276 Elite League Limmie Draft…” Cundertol started. He paused again. “…the Bakura Miners—”

    Well, at least he learned something from the first time around.

    “—select Thum Wowcin, Half Back, College of Fondordelphia,” the Eriaduan finished.

    “And with that, the Miners select the top-rated Half Back in the draft. One has to wonder if Cundertol’s banking an insurance policy in the event that Wizmark, a two-time champion and former first round draft pick herself, decides to walk at the end of her contact this season,” the first announce said, “I think that’s a pretty strong pick by Cundertol here.”

    “No question about that. You get the Helmsman winner and the top-rated player at his position in the same draft—and they’re different beings?” the second announcer said incredulously, “People thought that Cundertol was going to go defense, but not a second straight year selecting a half back—third if you count getting Trieste as an entry-level free agent the year before that. Clearly he believes in a well-stocked half back line.”

    “When you’ve got an emerging goalkeeper star like Comstock between the pipes, you can afford to skimp a bit on your corner backs,” the first announcer said, “Even so, this will be the second and third season for most of those players, so they’ve still got a lot of potential.”

    For her part, Falene wasn’t sure what Cundertol was doing. He had a solid half back line already. Maybe he knew something she didn’t about Wizmark’s intentions at the end of the season, but Falene hoped he didn’t. Nelly was too good to let go. This could get interesting at training camp.

    “That concludes the first round of the Elite League Limmie Draft,” Kayl’hen said after Cundertol had finished his photo op with Wowcin, “We shall now proceed with the second round. The Agamar Packers are on the clock.”

    Everybody here should know the drill, but in case you don’t, PM me your second round pick(s) (and third round if you’re feeling optimistic). I will post them as I am able to do so and alert you if someone has chosen that player ahead of you. To give jcgoble3 a chance to potentially catch up, I am going to slate the second round as lasting through January 17.

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    Sep 3, 2012
    OOC/OOG: Posted with permission of Trieste

    IC: Tim Dodd - 276 Elite League Draft, Coruscant

    This pick was Asyr's chance to stand in the Galactic Limmie spotlight for once. Tim watched as she took the new player's jersey and made her way to the podium. He had a fair idea that she was going to send a pithy remark or two in the direction of the pundit or pundits who had produced the 'Mock Draft', something she didn't appreciate!

    "Gentlebeings,", she said in her pleasant contralto, "I hope none of you have taken that 'Mock Draft' as a serious guide to our planning! Certainly I hope none of you have decided to place a bet," (the words 'place a bet' being in a horrified tone) "on the player identified as our likely second round pick, because you're just about to loose your Credits!

    For our second pick in the Elite League Draft for 276 ABY, the Agamar Packers select....

    Penny Jinch - Corner Back, from Atalanta University!"

    As with all the other selected players, Penny Jinch posed for the holo-cameras in her new Packers' jersey, then Asyr returned to the microphone and said;

    "Thank you, Gentlebeings - the Rydonni Prime Monarchs are back on the clock!"

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    "With the tenth overall pick, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Bella Starr, Defender, University of Agamar," Kayl'hen announced, stepping in as usual for the draft teams as the second round began coming fast and furious.

    "With the eleventh overall pick, the Mando'ade Mercs select Paul Rooker, Halfback, Coruscant Polytechnic Institute.

    "The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    "With the twelfth overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Robacca, Full Back, The Ord Saboak University," Kayl'hen said, hating that she had to say "The" in that sentence. However, the Starbuck faithful would throw a right fit if she didn't (just like the GVSU partisans would probably be groaning that she did).

    "With the thirteenth overall pick, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Raymondo Gunn, Forward, University of Agamar.

    "The Courscant Senators are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the fourteenth overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select Ynisse Zalt, Half Forward, Prytis College of Natural Sciences," Kayl'hen announced.

    "The Euceron Storm are now on the clock."

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    Apr 10, 2010
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    "Gentlebeings, we have a trade," Kayl'hen announced. Once again the draft hall cheered. "And it is a historic one. The Euceron Storm have traded the fifteenth and twenty-first overall picks in the 276 Elite League Limmie Draft to the Ralltiir Starkillers in exchange for a conditional draft pick.

    "The conditions are thus: should the Starkillers make the Galactic Cup Playoffs in 276, the Euceron Storm will receive their first round draft pick in the 277 Elite League Draft. Should the Starkillers fail to make the Playoffs, the Storm will receive the Starkillers' second round draft pick in 277.

    "The Ralltiir Starkillers are now on the clock."

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    OOC: Combine done with and approved by Trieste

    IC: Vesper Lynd
    University of Evenvale, Bakura
    Prior to the Draft


    Vesper sat on a bench in the tree lined main entrance to the UofE West Campus. She sat looking upon the Captison Library when a lanky shadow fell upon her. "Hello Mr. Cundertol, I see you were able to find your way without incident."

    Cundertol took a seat next to the one that had gotten away from him. "Indeed, though I question your choice of meeting places. I would have preferred some more privacy. If the K'ntarrs hear about this they might just use some of those battle droids on Bakura," Cundertol said, "And from what I've heard, it seems that they are rather insistent upon keeping you. A 'franchise tag'? It would appear to limit options, Ms. Lynd...but the Monarchs aren't exactly public with their contracts. Do you know something about your options that I don't?"

    Vesper chuckled at Quinn's concern over privacy, "Don't worry about the K'ntarrs, they don't tend to venture much past the Mid Rim. And if they were really wanting to keep me they would have already exercised that option, instead they brought in their JV squads to court me... with coaching positions." She paused for a moment to enjoy a sip from her water bottle. "Now, as far as my options go, they are wide open. There is a little clause in my contract that states I can talk to any team so long as the Monarchs have not 'tagged' me in writing. So what do the Miners have to offer to draw me back home to Bakura?"

    "We're not keeping Detra. He's good, but nothing special. That opens up a corner forward spot." Before Vesper could point out she was a full forward, Cundertol said, "You're wasted at full forward. The Monarchs are asking you to carry the load for the entire offense. You're incredibly skilled but unsupported. You know what the front six of the Miners looks like. It's an elite squad. You think teams are going to be able to put double coverage on you when they've got to cover Rodders? Deenever? Even if they do double cover you--as any team with sense will on the Monarchs--they'll get slaughtered by leaving someone else open. Our half forwards can score high. Our corner forwards score low."

    Cundertol looked at Lynd. "I think you know what I'm offering. A legitimate shot at the Galactic Cup."

    “You don’t think that the Monarchs offer the same? Winnie is a solid veteran while Rew, Shae, and the Bakura Brothers each came into their own last season. You would be surprised at what they can do, with and without me.” She turns to look him directly in the eyes, “But we both know we didn’t come here to discuss on field tactics. So I ask again, what do the Miners have to offer me?”

    "Part of what the Miners offering is the chance for on-field success," Cundertol scoffed, "If you don't realize that's part of the package then you don't understand what we have to offer." Quinn looked out at the trees of the Evenvale campus and didn't have his eyes on Vesper as he gave her the information she really wanted. "Four years, 5.5 million. And, obviously, no 'franchise tag' in your contract."

    Vesper responded without hesitation, "Eight million for six years with a No-Trade Clause and no franchise tag."

    Cundertol shook his head. "Glencross makes six and she's been a transformative player at her position. We're not paying anyone more than her," he said, "This was not a negotiation. You've heard our best offer. A legitimate shot at a title and a generous amount of credits."

    "Oh, I'm sorry Quinn, I wasn't giving you a counter-offer, I was giving you my price tag." Vesper stood up and extended her hand to him, "It was a pleasure, as always, Mr. Cundertol. However, I must be going, I have holo-conference calls scheduled with Corellia, Chandrila, and Hapes."

    Cundertol took her hand. "The glory of the free market, Ms. Lynd," he said, "By the way, unless you say anything, a high level source with the Miners organization will be leaking to HSN that we met. He'll be stating that you were offered five years at six and a half. It's too bad--I'll be conveniently losing myself on a much-needed vacation starting this afternoon, making it impossible for me to rebut such statements, which no one else in Salis D'aar will know the slightest thing about. Your aunt insisted that I take the time off, actually.

    "Of course, she also said that if such a thing would hinder your negotiations, it could be prevented," Cundertol said with a slight glint in his eye.

    Vesper froze in place and said over her shoulder towards him, "And why would I ever want you to do that?" She then continued on with a slight grin spreading across her face.

    Truly, the morning shall come when the world is mine.

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  10. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "Gentlebeings, we have another trade," Kayl'hen said. The audience roared once more. This draft floor was rivaling that of 276 when trades were being made on the fly.

    "The Ralltiir Starkillers have traded Galaxy Defender Unanimous to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs for Rydonni Prime's second round draft pick in the 277 Elite League Draft," Kayl'hen said. With that Ralltiir, in the course of one draft, gained one of the biggest names in the Elite League and sent another one on his way.

    "With the fifteenth overall draft pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Taykam, Goalkeeper, Ralltiir University," the Bothan said. A hometown pick from the Starkillers, one that would surely please the fans.

    "The Bakura Miners are now on the clock."

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    Sep 3, 2012
    Coruscant: The day of the 276 Elite League Draft.

    A letter, addressed to Gark S'rily, Coruscant Senators' Limmie Team HQ and marked 'private and confidential' was put into the Republic Capital's postal system for next-day delivery. When opened, it would read:-

    Dear Mr. S'rily

    It was very nice to finally meet you in person at the Awards Ceremony, although I fear we were talking slightly at cross-purposes.

    The idea I had involves putting a team of Agamar Security Force Officers, drawn from ASF's Tactical Assault Unit, at the disposal of the Elite League for close protection of any Elite League team that may come under terrorist/extortionist threat in future. They would continue to be paid and supplied by ASF, so would cost the League nothing.

    By doing so, I am hoping that other worlds that host an ELL franchise would follow Agamar's example and also contribute fully-trained personnel, thus making the Protective Detail a multi-world Unit.

    ASF is willing to detach twenty-five TAU Officers, ten 'Shooters', ten 'Supporters' and five technical staff (at least two of whom will be EOD specialists), together with all their equipment, to start up the Detail.

    ASF, the TAU and a semi-official, voluntary, body called the Agamar Watch (who keep a close eye trained on any unusual activities taking place anywhere on Agamar - they would do so anyway, ASF and the Council merely make use of information they report) are the reason why I am not overly concerned that the Packers would look like a temptingly soft target. In any case, the vast majority of Agamarians are of the severe 'Law and Order' persuasion; not that far removed from the original settlers' attitude towards criminals; namely eyeing-up a convenient tree and remembering where they put that handy length of synth-rope! That is particularly the case in parts of "The Camp", our name for the rural interior, where the locals still consider ASF to be 'a new-fangled product of "Big City" thinking' and 'probably too soft on criminals' to be completely trusted!

    Where your advice would be invaluable would be concerning the best way to introduce the proposal to the League's Officers and in navigating the minefield of conflicting interests as and when it is put before the Board of Governors. You know (where it is possible to know them at all) a good many of those beings far better than I due to your much greater experience of the Elite League.

    Although the Senatorial Guard had some nice things to say when our TAU put on a demonstration for the Supreme Chancellor, it is possible they were just being polite; so if you would like to see the TAU for yourself please contact me or Director of ASF Oleg Sturm [comm codes supplied]. Calna Muun has a warm and reasonably dry climate all year round, and the offshore islands have some good bathing beaches. Alternatively, the Packers will, more than likely, be hosting the Senators during the early part of next Season, so the two visits could probably be combined; Force granting that no other group of scumbags crawl out from under a rock to cause trouble in the interim.

    Yours cordially,

    Tim Dodd.

    TAG: Jedi Gunny
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  12. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the sixteenth overall pick in the 276 Elite League Draft, the Bakura Miners select Zonko Lyriss, Corner Forward, Coruscant Polytechnic University," Kayl'hen announced.

    "With the seventeenth overall pick, the Agamar Packers select Kahpule Morkis, Half Back, University of Euceron.

    "The Euceron Storm are now on the clock."

    TAG: jcgoble3 Tim Battershell
  13. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Rayel Edare (Pantoran, Female, Half/Full Forward, Coruscant Senators) signed as a free agent by the Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    TAG: CPL_Macja
  14. jcgoble3

    jcgoble3 Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 7, 2010
    --Player Transaction Wire--
    Euceron Storm
    • Placed Gers Tesam (Male, Advozse, Goalkeeper) with Commenor Gundarks for further development
    • Re-signed Atticcipil (Male, Wookiee, Goalkeeper) to six-year contract
    • Re-signed Reima Quillan (Female, Human, Corner Back) to four-year contract
    • Re-signed Unia Yistral (Female, Zabrak, Left Corner Back) to five-year contract
    • Re-signed Cevse (Male, Rodian, Utility Back) to four-year contract
    • Re-signed Leroy Brown (Male, Human, Right Half Back) to two-year contract
    • Re-signed Clarisse (Female, Zeltron, Midfielder) to three-year contract
    • Re-signed Ryben Cyrrac'lan (Male, Bothan, Half Forward) to six-year contract
    • Re-signed Porrsk Rett'ii (Male, Bothan, Left Corner Forward) to four-year contract
    • Re-signed Calli Webb (Female, Mon Calamari, Right Corner Forward) to three-year contract
    Commenor Gundarks
    • Re-signed Kyuul Tharen (Male, Zabrak, Corner/Full Back) to two-year contract
    • Re-signed Tendge Antant (Female, Human, Corner Back) to two-year contract
    • Re-signed Yurist Spiuar (Male, Human, Midfielder) to two-year contract
    • Re-signed Amira Lansford (Female, Human, Half/Corner Forward) to one-year contract
    • Re-signed Lorill Nay'vel (Female, Bothan, Right Half/Corner Forward) to two-year contract
    TAG: Nobody (but it does mean that I'm getting closer to making my pick :))
  15. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the eighteenth overall selection, the Euceron Storm pick James Westfall, Corner Forward, Atalanta University," Kayl'hen announced.

    "The Rydonni Prime Monarchs are now on the clock."

    TAG: CPL_Macja
  16. Trieste

    Trieste Force Ghost star 5

    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the nineteenth overall selection, the Rydonni Prime Monarchs select Bly Dredsoe, Full Back, Bakura Fleet Academy.

    "With the twentieth overall pick, the Mando'ade Mercs select Lenny Jowa, Full Back, Tiarest University.

    "With the twenty first overall pick, the Ralltiir Starkillers select Kara Sureysh, Corner Forward, Druckenwell Technical University.

    "The Coruscant Senators are now on the clock," Kayl'hen said.

    TAG: Bardan_Jusik CPL_Macja Jedi Gunny Runjedirun
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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the twenty second overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select...Arienne Farfell, Midfielder, Royal College of Hapes," Kayl'hen said, announcing the first off-the-board pick of the day and sending journalists rushing to investigate this new player. They were betting that it was a classically beautiful female Hapan, but since the League did not announce the gender and species of draft picks, that was in question.

    "The Euceron Storm are now on the clock."

    TAG: jcgoble3 Jedi Gunny
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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Oranga Theater, Coruscant

    “Who are we going to take with our next pick?” Me’lin S’rily asked her husband, who was sitting at the table with his hands clasped together and resting his head slightly against them as he had his eyes closed.

    “Someone with talent, I’d think,” Adanna replied.

    “We really need a goalie,” Londy said. “We could take that Toggs guy.”

    “I still don’t think he’s worth it now,” Dirxx said. “He may have been the best goalkeeper, but if no one is touching him with a pole this far through, I don’t know if him falling to us in the next round would be such a bad thing. We could always pick him up as an insurance option later.”

    “Are you crazy? We need to act now!” Londy exclaimed, showing a rare bit of agitation.

    “We need to be calm,” Gark said, his eyes still closed. “Something will come to us.”

    "With the thirteenth overall pick, the Nar Shaddaa Smugglers select Raymondo Gunn, Forward, University of Agamar. Now the Senators were back on the clock. Gark opened his eyes immediately, but didn’t say anything even when everyone began to stare at him.

    “What gives?” Dirxx finally asked.

    “I have an idea. Most of you probably won’t like it, but I think we could do a lot worse,” Gark replied.

    “Trade the pick? Are you nuts?” Polis asked.

    “We tried to trade our picks, but to no avail,” Gark explained. “And I have a player in mind that might suit our needs. If not now, maybe in the future.” He called up the name of that player, who turned out to be Ynisse Zalt, a half forward from the Prytis College of Natural Sciences on Bakura. “Saw her at the combine. Looked impressive.”

    “Half forward?” Adanna asked. “Why do we need a player there?”

    “Defense is running thin at this point for talent,” Gark replied. “Midfielder looks weak, goalie especially so, and defense is thin. That leaves us at offense, which has some talent left on the board. Zalt also won the Lombardee Award this year, which means that she has talent. I’d say stash her for a year or two, and if things break down in the half line, especially Chary, I say bring her up. We have a bunch of scoring forwards, but Zalt might be a good passer if we can get her to work on it before the season. And at this point, why not take the best player available?”

    “Good point,” Adanna replied. “I’m in, if nothing more than this being a crappy draft.”

    “We’re going hot,” Gark said to Pam over the communicator as he walked out of the room to send in the pick.

    “Oh good, I was hoping that you were talking in there about the pick and not about your vacation plans,” the Zeltron replied in a dry tone.

    “Don’t worry,” Gark said. “We’ve got it under control.”

    "With the fourteenth overall pick, the Coruscant Senators select Ynisse Zalt, Half Forward, Prytis College of Natural Sciences," Kayl'hen announced. The Twi’lek went up to the podium in the hall quickly before retreating to the Senator team table.

    “A half? Interesting play there,” Pam commented.

    “Figured it was worth a gamble,” Gark said as he returned to the War Room. “Now we need to figure out what to use our third pick on.”

    “With the drafting going fast like this, we might not have a lot of time to figure that one out,” Me’lin said.

    “We can afford to take another risk,” Dirxx remarked.

    “And a risk we will take,” Gark said. He pulled out a datapad and called something up on it. “I already know what we’re going to do.”

    “Take another forward?” Polis asked.

    “Take a goalie?” Londy inquired.

    “A corner?” Christine added.

    “Nope. A midfielder,” Gark said.

    “What?” Londy, Dirxx, Polis, and Izzi asked together.

    “A midfielder?” Izzi reiterated. “What are you doing?”

    “Taking a chance,” Gark replied. He then called up the number on the datapad. He needed to get this matter settled quickly. When the other party picked up, Gark immediately spoke. “Talk to me. I need to know about this one midfielder you found.”

    He talked for another two minutes with his mysterious contact, and then hung up. “All right, I have a plan.”

    “Who was that?” Polis inquired.

    “Helena Forsythe, your old teammate,” Gark replied. “She’s working in our scouting department, and finally she thinks there’s a player out there who might suit our needs.”

    “What, a midfielder?” Adanna asked snidely.

    “Exactly,” Gark said, not flinching. “I’m going to look for the future of the franchise, and if I can find a diamond in the rough, so be it. The middies on the board now look weak, so I’m going to strike while the iron is hot. This prospect is too good to let pass by.”

    “Who?” Londy asked.

    “Oh, you’ll find out soon enough,” Gark said. He waited for the other teams to make their picks, and soon they were on once again. “Easy decision.”

    “Don’t I get to at least confer with you?” Adanna asked.

    “Not really,” Gark said as he stood up. “You would probably disagree with me.”

    “Of course I would. That’s why you hired me,” Adanna said, frowning.

    “Eh, it’ll pass,” Gark commented as he left the room to turn in the pick. It was going to be an interesting one, that was for sure.

    With the twenty-second pick in the 276 Elite League Draft, the Coruscant Senators select . . . Arienne Farfell, Midfielder from the Royal College of Hapes.” As expected, the crowd was stunned; the Senators had selected a player from right under the clutches of the C-Bucs? Impossible! This had also forced the journalists in the room to scramble to find out about this Farfell girl.

    “How . . .?” Adanna asked as soon as the college was named out. “The C-Bucs would never let you get into their stomping grounds!”

    “Let’s just say that Helena had to work extremely hard not to be seen,” Gark said. “I won’t ask how she did it, but when she saw this girl play, she knew that there was something special there. The C-Bucs hadn’t offered, and she was looking at the Juniors League. The LFL is better for development, anyways. However, the biggest reason to pull that was to stick a thorn in the side of the C-Bucs, after they unceremoniously dismantled us in the playoff game.”

    “What gives?” Izzi asked. “Trying to replace us?”

    “A little competition never hurt anyone,” Gark said. “Besides, you’re captain now, so why worry about your spot?”

    “We’ve worked so hard,” Izzi said. “Don’t blow it up now.”

    “And I want to keep pushing you in the back, whatever it takes,” Gark replied. “That’s how I run this team. I’m going to use the best players I have, regardless of experience.” That shut Izzi up. Gark didn’t like to have to do this, but Farfell had some skills that he wanted to put to the test on Thyferra for a while. It was a risk, yes, but since when was running a team not risky?

    “Isn’t there a decent duo of midfielders down there already?” Adanna asked.

    “Yes, and apparently they were dominant last year. I want to add a bit of depth in case those two starters don’t repeat their breakout season. Besides, if a trade possibility comes along, we might have to move them,” Gark said.

    “Aren’t you full of energy today,” Adanna commented.

    Then the comlink rang, and Me’lin picked it up. “Hello?” she asked. A few seconds passed as she listened, then she turned to Gark. “Trade possibility on the line,” she said.

    “Wow, that was fast,” Gark commented. He took the communicator and then stood up. “Yes, this is Gark. Who is this?” It was a representative from a Premier League team, and they were interested in talking trade. “OK, give me a second.” He looked at his draft crew. “That’s a wrap, everyone, so you can head home if you want. Lin and Adanna, though, I want you two to stay for a few minutes. I might need to ask for advice.”

    “As if you listen to me anyways,” Adanna grumbled as everyone else readied themselves to leave.

    “Good luck with the vacation,” Me’lin said to Dirxx.

    “Oh yeah, it should be a nice one,” the Besalisk said. He was referring to his impending honeymoon trip. “We’re going a few places that we’ve always wanted to see, so that should be fun.”

    When everyone had cleared out, Gark was still on the communicator, looking over things on a datapad as he went. Finally, he spoke again. “OK, so what do I get in return?” More silence on his end as the GM from the other team spoke. A minute passed before Gark said something. “We can do that. I’m more than willing to move a few pieces around. Consider the deal done.”

    “What did you do?” Adanna asked as Gark cut off the communicator.

    “I’ve agreed to a trade with Ord Mantell, of all places,” Gark said with a shrug. “They have this Full Forward who they were willing to ship to us.”

    “Who did you give up in exchange?” Adanna asked.

    “Just a Thyferra player,” Gark replied. “Golan Looped, a backup corner back.”

    “A corner? Aren’t you worried that might hurt us later on?” Me’lin asked.

    “We have plenty of depth right now with Tenegat now in the fold,” Gark said. “If our new corners fail, we have Roggers and another player down with Jed. It’s a risk I am willing to take. Plus, I think it might be interesting to have this new player in the system.”

    “Who’d you get?”

    “H’ten Stutt,” Gark said. “He’s a Filvian.”

    “Hm, hardy creatures, the Filvians,” Adanna said. “Might be nice to have a bit of size up front, plus some speed. They’re still a little slow, though.”

    “In the right system, sometimes size can be advantageous,” Gark said.

    “Sneaky,” Me’lin commented.

    “You’re definitely mixing it up,” Adanna said.

    “Exactly,” Gark replied. “The Draft has wrapped up, so I think we can leave.” Adanna picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder. “Good to see you again, Adanna. I’ll see you at work next week.”

    “Let’s hope you made the right moves,” the Hapan said before leaving the room.

    Gark certainly hoped he had.

    TAG: No One

    Transaction Wire

    Coruscant Senators Receive:

    H’ten Stutt (Filvian, Male, Full Forward)

    Ord Mantell Scrappers Receive:

    Golan Looped (Human, Male, Corner Back)
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  19. Trieste

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    Apr 10, 2010
    GM Post

    "With the twenty third overall pick, the Euceron Storm select Gorla Needis, Corner Back, University of Agamar," Kayl'hen said. A second straight off-the-board pick. It had been a good year for the University of Agamar. This was their fourth selection of the day, a high for all universities in the draft. They had two other players ranked, but they remained on the boards. Who knew if they would find entry level contracts outside of the draft? Of course, there was still one pick to be made.

    "With the twenty fourth and final pick in the 276 Elite League Limmie Draft, the Bakura Miners select Dalton Ward, Corner Back, University of Bakura, Salis D'aar," Kayl'hen said. And there it was, the third straight off the board pick. Little surprise, though--the Miners had strong ties to the Golden Bears.

    "This concludes the 276 ELL Draft. Thank you all for coming and we look forward to another exciting season."

    TAG: jcgoble3 (for his pick) Tim Battershell (for U of A's big day) CPL_Macja (for the fact that my pick should make him :) or :oops:)
  20. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Vesper Lynd
    Gesco City, Bakura
    Lynd Residence During the Draft

    The leaked stories of Vesper's offers by Bakura, Hapes, Corellia, and Chandrila had been countered by stories of Rydonni Prime shopping some of their current players. Setarcos was no stranger to the transaction wire and would not hesitate to ship off his own flesh and blood to get a team's next two third round picks. But this year had been relatively quiet.

    Watching the coverage of the Draft was driving her stir crazy. It was obvious that the Monarchs’ focus was upon defense, taking a corner and an all-around defensive threat. What she couldn’t tell was if Drista and Bella were ready to play in the ELL or not. She knew that the organization had released three defensive backs from the Red Wings out into free agency.

    Since she was technically still a member of the Monarchs, her draft day coverage on the ELL Network included an exclusive feed into the team’s War Room. When the Packers took the Corner Back out of Atalanta U, Penny Jinch, just one pick ahead of them, she knew that they were kicking themselves. It was more than evident as she watched Jared Remington chuck his datapad across the room. Even though the feed did not supply audio, she knew he was barking mad.

    As things progressed through the second round the commissioner made several trips to the podium. Not to announce picks, but to announce trades. This had become standard for the past few drafts. Teams constantly shuffled draft positions to better their odds of getting the exact players they wanted. Typically Setarcos would make at least four or five different moves, so it was no surprise when Kayl’hen mentioned the Monarchs were involved in the most recent shuffle. What was surprising was what the trade involved.
    "Gentlebeings, we have another trade," Kayl'hen said. The audience roared once more. "The Ralltiir Starkillers have traded Galaxy Defender Unanimous to the Rydonni Prime Monarchs for Rydonni Prime's second round draft pick in the 277 Elite League Draft," Kayl'hen said.
    Vesper's jaw hit the floor. Her eyes immediately went to the War Room feed and she thought the connection had been lost. Not one person was moving in the room. They just sat there staring at their own holo-feed from the Draft Floor. When Mara, the Goalkeepers coach, brought her hand up to her mouth, Vesper knew that this trade was just as much news to them as it was to the rest of the galaxy

    IC: Romo Benedict Crowley III
    Oranga Theatre, Coruscant
    Monarchs’ Draft Day War Room

    “Oh my gods... What the Force is he doing?” rang Greenly Zo’s voice over their comlink.

    “Let me get back to you on that Greenly,” answered Romo, “In the meantime, I’ve sent you the names, in order of preference, for our final pick. Just remain calm and stone-faced, make the rest of the room think you knew that move was coming from a parsec away.”

    “Alright,” Greenly responded, “But I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m going to call him anything but Abe. That Galactic Uniform Anomaly garbage was for the shriek-bats.” With that Zo terminated the transmission.

    Romo looked around the room and saw everyone was just as shocked by the news as he. Mara just stood there, hands over her mouth, shaking her head in disbelief, “I don’t know if I can work with him…”

    “Ok people let’s stop right there, we’ve all had players on our teams that have had overbearing personalities. But I will not allow this move to cause problems for us. For all we know Setarcos could be planning on shopping him or sending him to Byblos to back up Ozzie.” Even Romo didn’t believe his own words, but it was his job to keep the team on track. “Now, let’s sit down and start discussing potential rosters. Remember, anyone who was with us or on the Red Wings is up for grabs, so let get cracking.”

    IC: Greenly Zo
    Oranga Theatre, Coruscant
    Monarchs’ Draft Day Table

    Greenly did as she was instructed and remained calm. She took the time to mull over the past season. After the Monarchs season finished up, she returned to the Red Wings for their LFL Post-season. In the crazy LFL playoff system, the Red Wings would have to win two matches to retain their fifth place rank. It was nice that the developing players had the opportunity to get the feel of post season action, but at the same time it didn’t prepare them for what most teams go through. The disappointment of having to watch other teams play in the playoffs from the comfort of your own living room.

    It was harsh, but it was reality, and for some it was a reoccurring nightmare. Since losing, at home, to the Miners in the inaugural 271 Solo Conference Championship match, the Monarchs have yet to qualify again for the playoffs. Meanwhile 13 different squads have gone, three of which are now in the PLL. The only other current member team that had yet to reach the Galactic Cup Playoffs were the Agamar Packers, and they were barely edged out in 274, the year they joined the ELL. On top of all of that, the Monarchs had a combined record of 15-25, between regular season and friendlies, and only one winning season.

    Some of the Limmie pundits said that the Monarchs were due and that this year was their year. But fans and some of the long standing Monarchs believed that they were cursed. Greenly wasn’t sure how she felt about it all, but it did cause her to re-evaluate some of her career choices. Now it was time to make another one. She picked up her comlink and calmly excused herself from the Draft Floor. Standing out in one of the private corridors she placed a holonet call to the Monarchs front offices. Reaching the GM’s personal assistant she requested to speak with Setarcos only to get a surprising response.

    “Not available? What do you mean he’s in the middle of a major press conference?”

    Gesco City, Bakura

    And the hits just kept on coming. Vesper sat there, gob-smacked by everything that was happening. Almost as soon as the trade announcement was made, her holocomms blew up with calls and messages from her fellow Bakuran Monarchs. Of course all of them knew that she was still not under contract but none of them even breached that subject.

    She spent the most time talking to Winnie, who had quickly become the one person on the team that Vesper considered her best friend. “Can you believe that they are going to bring that egomaniac into our dressing room?” Winnie pondered aloud.

    “I know, his whole ‘I am the gods’ gift to limmie’ crap had better be put in its place before he reaches Monarchs Stadium, or I’m going to put it there for him.”

    Winnie’s eyebrow raised, “You will?”

    “Stop it… wait a minute…” Vesper reached for her remote, “Flip over to HSN2, the crawl on HSN said that the Monarchs are holding a presser.” After hitting a few buttons, a fourth image box appeared opposite the Draft coverage on HSN, with Winnie’s feed and the War Room feed in between the two. The all too familiar Monarchs Press Room loomed…
    “Setarcos Rheme is now walking in with Galaxy Defender Unanimous,” pronounced the onsite HSN reporter, “It looks like the General Manager is going to speak first.”

    “Thank you for joining us today. Before I get to the major reason for today’s press conference, I would like to take care of a couple of housekeeping issues. First I am happy to announce the return of one of the Monarchs earliest young prospects, Rayel Edure. We have come to terms with her in a free agent deal that will bring her back to the organization for the next five seasons. Secondly, we have yet to come to equitable terms with current team captain, Vesper Lynd, but I am certain we will have a favorable outcome on that front shortly. Lastly, the Monarchs have optioned the contracts of Half Forward Melanie Ocean and Goalkeeper Clair Oswin to the Loronar Colonials of the GCLA. We wish both of them the best and know that they will bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skill.

    “Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce the newest member of the Monarchs organization.”

    There was a smattering of applause as GDU moved behind the microphone.


    “Thank you Mr. Rhemes, I am more than excited to have the opportunity to play for the Monarchs and to be reunited with my fellow GVSU Pilots. Before I take any questions, I have a statement that I prepared and would like to share with you.

    “In the years past, I have gone by the name of Galaxy Defender Unanimous. In the tumultuous times that our galaxy saw at the time of my arrival in Elite League, I decided, in order to create awareness, to change my name. Now, having matured some, realize that doing so was motivated by my own self-interest and not the galactic awareness I pretended it was for. In this light, I would like to make a clean start with my new team. So from this day forward I will be using the name my beautiful mother gave to me, Abe Cynour.

    “I will now take any questions.”

    Vesper and Winnie stared at each other over their mutual video feed. They both muted the press conference and moved their main focus back to the draft, where the Monarch had just selected their final pick, Bly Dredsoe from the Fleet Academy. Both were happy with that and chatted back and forth about how they were just a Keeper short of fielding an all Bakura Limmie Eights squad. After the final pick, another local, Vesper thought Winnie had melted.

    “Dalton Ward…” Winnie salivated.

    Vesper watched as the ruggedly handsome Bakuran strutted up to receive his ceremonial Miners jersey. “Someone you want to introduce me too?” Vesper joked.

    “NO! I called dibs!” Winnie practically sprung through the screen and the two girls had a good laugh. As they each turned off the post draft coverage, Winnie sighed, “So what are your plans for the rest of the offseason?”

    “I’m going to take a trip with Nicholas.”

    “REALLY?!?” Winnie’s eyes got as big as saucers, “Where to?”

    “Rydonni Prime. Care to join us?”

    TAG: To Be Concluded…

    --Transaction Wire--
    Rydonni Prime Monarchs
    • Clair Oswin (Hapan, Female, Goalkeeper) Optioned to the Loronar Colonials
    • Rayel Edure (Pantoran, Female, Half/Full Forward) Signed to a five year contract from Free Agency
    • Abe Cynour (Corellian, Male, Goalkeeper) Received in trade with Ralltiir Starkillers, renegotiated five year contract

    Byblos Red Wings
    • Melanie Ocean (Lorrdian, Female, Half Forward) Optioned to the Loronar Colonials
  21. Runjedirun

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    Sep 3, 2012

    IC: Martin Vigo

    After a brief moment of satisfaction in hearing the crowd’s reaction to our acquisition of Fortune we immediately began to determine how to make the best use of our only remaining pick. Till made it known our next pick should be a corner back. We watched the two remaining corner backs on the board disappear several picks ahead of us. When our pick did come up Till and Reeser were in the midst of a heated argument.

    “We should take a goal tender or a midfielder the board is full of top notch recruits in those positions.” Gwynn stated.

    “With all those players on the board I’m sure we can grab them in free agency” Till responded back. “We need a solid defender and those are going fast. I played full back, but when needed I could cover a corner, we should take Roby. I’m sure she can adapt.”

    “We are on the clock” I said a bit loudly to break up their banter. “I hear Euceron may be willing to give up another pick. I’ll do my best to get us that pick. Right now I need a name. Till this is your team, who do you want me to pick?”


    The female Wookie was added to our squad while I was on the line with Euceron. They didn’t just have one pick to offer, they had two. In return they wanted a pick from us, a pick from 277. It was a huge risk, we may need that pick next season. We negotiated a conditional pick. So that if we made the play offs and were less likely to need it then Euceron would receive our first rounder and if we didn’t make the play-offs they’d get our second round pick.

    I returned to the war room with a grin, “Deal is done” I reported. “We have two more picks, one just minutes away in this round and another in the 3rd round. In exchange I gave up one of our picks next year.”

    No one of them even asked about next year’s pick. They began to furiously look over the draft board for our next pick. They didn’t get far though before I got a call from Rydonni Prime. Who was interested in Galaxy Defender. He had been on our trading block since the end of last season, so when they offered a second round pick from next year’s draft I took it. I couldn’t believe my luck. One minute I trade a pick away and the very next I get it back.

    Now that we knew our keeper was off our hands we concentrated on replacing him. Gwynn had been covering Ralltiir University as a sportscaster for the past several seasons and she believed Teaspoon would be a good selection.

    “Why do they call her Teaspoon?” Jul wanted to know.

    “No one knows. Apparently it’s a nickname she’s had since childhood.” Gwynn answered. “Has nothing to do with her skills as a Limmie player as far as I know. When she gets to training camp you can ask her.”

    So we picked Teaspoon. Then we waited for our fourth and final pick. There were lots of forwards on the board and Till had a suggestion. “Jul you wanted to mentor someone, pick a forward.” He said.

    It didn’t take her any time to choose one “Kara Sureysh” she said confidently.

    “We already got a forward out of this draft. What about the midfielder I wanted?” Reeser put in.

    “Still two good possibilities left on the board and only a few picks left to be made.” Till said calmly. “We will get one in free agency.”

    “You better be right.” Resser said crossing her arms.

    With our final pick in we packed up and headed back to the hotel. The last several picks were all off the board picks. Leaving both mid fielders of interest to us as free agents. I put it on top of my agenda to reach out to both of them.
    When I got back to my room my personal in box was bursting with messages.

    Way to go Dad! Tomas called dibs on a Fortune Jersey. I’ll take Sureysh, she’s hot!–Spencer

    Ty says this is the best draft in Starkillers history. -Lucie

    You really kicked butt tonight! –Richard

    Had a really good time watching the draft with the boys tonight. They were so excited for you. Hope to see soon, I know just how to congratulate you on a job well done. –Maddie

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  22. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    IC: Gark S’rily
    Senators Team HQ

    The ELL Draft was over, and now Gark needed to figure out how to fill out the rest of his roster. The pundits had all thought he was crazy for not taking a goaltender, although they had earlier stated that this had been a weak draft class for the position, and perhaps there was value in signing one of the players in the pool as an undrafted free agent to add to the competition that was shaping up there. These same pundits were questioning why the Senators were still talking about trading Jerek Deter, or at least thinking it, but to Gark, the answer was simple. Jerek needed to go. He had been a good player for so many years, had been a stalwart in times of trouble, had made two All-Star teams in his time with the team. But he was coming off a serious injury, and in what playing time he had, he looked pedestrian at best. Gark heard rumors that Jerek wasn’t even working out as much as he used to over the offseason, instead just living it up. And, even more troubling, Jerek had been blackmailing the organization with his words in the media. Apparently his issues went beyond his spat with Myles Tormera in the playoff loss. Something had finally snapped in Jerek’s mind, and he wanted out.

    Unlike Alysha Romax, who had also demanded a trade after that loss, Gark wasn’t about to let Jerek get away with this slander and stay on the team. Jerek had always been a bit of a wild card with his ego and attitude, but now he had taken it too far. Yes the thought of having two All-Stars line up at corner back for seasons to come had Senator fans salivating, but Gark wasn’t willing to put up with Jerek’s crap anymore. He had worn out his welcome after all these years.

    And then there was the problem of still needing a goalie. Galaxy Protector Unanimous had been on Ralltiir’s trading block until the second round of the Draft, but Gark didn’t even give that a second look. He was just as bad as Jerek attitude-wise, and the Senators didn’t need that kind of ego on the roster. So he had to look elsewhere. No other teams were willing to give up their goaltenders, even in trade, so Gark knew he had to expand his scope. Why did he ever consent to trade Jayla Leed to Nar Shaddaa? She was the only experienced goalie he had to lean on, because he had to face the fact that Kapp Pyston and Jam Tarpals weren’t exactly the kinds of goalies who would strike fear in the opposing offense.

    Then a pile of items slid on his desk, and he instinctively moved to catch the pile as it tipped over. Several items hit the floor, and Gark tried to do damage control as he grabbed as much material as he could. When the slide was over, Gark sighed and moved the handful of items aside to a safer location. However, this slide uncovered a note he had received several weeks earlier from Mac Johnson, the head of scouting for the team. Gark had told himself he would look into this when he had received the note, but being GM meant that sometimes things went by the wayside. He was focused on the Draft at that point, and the note had remained unread. The Bothan shrugged and began to read the note. Interesting he thought to himself as he read its contents. This might work.

    He immediately pulled out a current version of the Senator and Thyferra rosters on his nearby datapad. As he scanned the names, he took a peek at the contract lengths for each player he deemed could go. Jerek had a year left on his contract. Perhaps a team would take him on for a season, then sign him long-term if he deemed it worthwhile? Hm, an extension seemed unlikely at this point. But that contract length might be attractive to a team in desperate need of help in the defensive secondary and the thirst to add a big name.

    Gark tapped the communicator on his desk. “Hey Lin, can you retrieve the Premier League standings from this season for me?” A few minutes went by before the Twi’lek entered the room.

    “I don’t know what you need these for, but here you go,” she said as she slid some flimsy to Gark.

    “If all goes well, you’ll find out soon enough,” Gark replied. He poured over the statistics from the Premier League season, checking out each team. Then he found the team he was looking for, and opened up their roster on the datapad. Yes, this might actually work, he thought to himself. The player in question, when Gark watched a few minutes of Holo, looked to be the real deal. But how could he swing a deal with their team? Sabilon had done well, but how could he pry this commodity loose from them? Would they take Jerek in a straight-up trade? Or would he need to get creative? Oh well, he thought, might as well give it a go. Dialing up the Skookumchuck front office, Gark then was transferred on the line to their GM.

    “Yes, I would like to discuss some trade options,” Gark replied as he looked at his notes. But the Skookumchucks weren’t buying a straight-up trade for Jerek. They said he was too unpredictable now, and didn’t want anything to do with him. So Gark had to get creative once again. “OK, I’ll call you back if I have a deal in place,” Gark said before hanging up. That hadn’t gone as expected. Where could he find a team that was willing to take on Jerek and his contract? At least he had given it a try; many GMs would have just packed it in at this point. Gark opened his mail on the datapad and yawned. Well, it looked like Jerek was going to be a Senator next season after all. Or, maybe he could be cut . . .

    And then he found a message that he had forgotten about. The Cloud City Sky Captains had sent him a message from out of the blue inquiring about Jerek’s availability some time earlier. The gears began to turn to Gark’s mind as soon as he read the contents of the message. Perhaps he could get Sabilon to accept his trade proposal after all. It was going to be tricky, but Cloud City was willing to take on Jerek. A quick look at the standings showed why they were so inclined; they had been terrible in the last campaign, and needed help on defense. So Gark called up their front office, and the GM there seemed a lot more willing to cooperate with Gark’s trade request. When Jerek’s name was brought up as a bargaining chip, the Cloud City GM seemed to liven up even more, and he offered to throw all kinds of pieces at the Senators in exchange for Jerek and a prospect. But Gark wasn’t finished. He explained that he wanted to speak to Sabilon about some pieces, and the Cloud City GM still seemed interested despite the trade going a little more in a different direction than he would have liked.

    So Gark once again called up Sabilon and offered to bring the Sky Captains into the trade. The Sabilon GM seemed intrigued now, but asked what she would be getting in return in case her star goalie was to be traded to Coruscant. Gark brought the Cloud City GM onto the line, and the three of them began to hash out a plan. There was quite a bit of haggling involved, as Gark didn’t want to give up too much to get these players. But the Sabilon GM was proving to be a hard sell; it was no wonder the Skookumchucks were a renowned franchise that were back on the rise. Gark finally had to offer up some enticing prospects before she relented and agreed to make the deal. He hated to lose them, but all three of them were blocked right now on Coruscant, and would likely seek employment elsewhere anyways after the next season. If the deal went through, Jerek would be shipped off to Cloud City, and the Senators would have a new goaltender. All in all, a real win for the Senators franchise. Gark thanked the others for their business before cutting the connection. He took the report of the trade to Me’lin, who gave Gark an odd look before asking him what all this was about.

    “I had to go outside the box,” he replied simply.

    “I can tell,” Me’lin replied. “So this was why you seemed so interested in the Premier League.”

    “Exactly. Now, I want to get that processed as soon as possible,” Gark said. “Top priority.”

    “Fine, but you’re doing the dishes for the next three nights in exchange,” Me’lin said, winking. “Because I have some other important things I need to get on for League business that have approaching deadlines.”

    “Just get this filed. I’ll wash those dishes if it means I get this trade finalized,” Gark replied. Me’lin nodded and sent in the trade to the League.

    Jerek was none too happy that he was being traded to the Premier League. He went to the media and complained, obviously, but Gark had a sense of satisfaction in knowing that he was rid of Jerek and his ego issues. He had a new player to welcome at some point, or multiple new players, that was. But the brightest bit of all was that he had found a way to steal a copy of the Deter family chili recipe, so now he didn’t need Jerek anymore to bring it to team functions. Now he could make some of his own. Take that, Jerek!

    Several days later, the Cloud City players arrived. They had been considered “throw-ins” in Gark’s mind for the trade, but hopefully they could be serviceable. One of them was a Rodian named Voontoo, who Gark had watched some footage of and saw had excellent footwork skills. Perhaps this player would make a halfway decent wing? The other, a Zeltron male corner back, was named Carder Blylock. Hopefully he could be a solid corner on Thyferra for a while to fill in for the now-departed Ganos Fama, who was on his way to Sabilon. Blylock had been a starter for the Sky Captains this past season, and had posted OK numbers as such despite the team collapsing early on in the year. Gark had shown these two new acquisitions around, although it was highly likely neither of them would be playing for Coruscant anytime soon. These were talented players, but both had struggled mightily this last season and were deemed projects by the Cloud City front office.

    The next day was when the real prize arrived. Gark was talking to Almert Song, a Thyferra forward who had come in to get some offseason weightlifting in at the team facilities. Song was a good prospect, and Gark was glad that he had other good names that he had been able to trade instead of this one. However, his path to the big leagues was blocked at corner forward currently, so he had a lot of work to do, or he had to change positions on the field. When they heard the door open, both turned their heads to see who it was. A green-skinned Nautolan woman entered wearing a tank top and jeans, a duffel bag slung over her shoulder and another bag in her off hand.


    She had an air of wonder on her face, a grin that reminded Gark of when Galin was in his happy place.

    “Whoa, she’s one hot woman,” Almert commented, obviously impressed by this new arrival. She certainly was attractive.

    “Hello there,” Gark said. “I take it . . .”

    But the Nautolan cut him off. “Yeah, I’m the new arrival. Name’s Ziva Kender. I’m your new goalkeeper.”

    “Where’s the other player we’re supposed to get?” Gark inquired.

    Ziva just shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m willing to bet she got lost, though. Girola always gets lost when she goes somewhere new. It’s why I never took her up an offer to drive anywhere when we were on the road. Different world, this one, from my home planet. Lots of buildings, and not a lot of standing water.”

    “By ‘little’ you mean ‘none’,” Almert commented.

    “But I think it’s rather exciting to be here, to get a chance to play in the Elite League,” Ziva continued.

    “You still need to earn it,” Gark said. “It’s not like the Premier League. You’ll have to work extra hard to cut it here.”

    “Then I should get started right away,” the Nautolan said. “Where’s your weight room?”

    “This way,” Almert said, motioning his hand. “I can . . . lead you there. You know, because you could get lost here, since it’s your first time . . .”

    “Nah, I think I can find my way around,” Ziva replied, a smirk on her face. She picked up her bag again and walked past the two on her way into the complex.

    “Well, it was worth a try, wasn’t it?” Gark asked, amused by Almert’s failed wooing attempt.

    “Dammit, so close,” Almert said. “But now I need to go over there and lift a few weights.”

    “Stick to the program. Dr. Wor said that you need to work on your hamstrings a little more, since they seem susceptible to damage if you cut the wrong direction. And just overall conditioning outside of that for now, since you still have time to work on things before training camp.”

    Eventually Almert made his way to the weight room. He found the new goalie taking a look at the bench press machines, observing its shape and the weights that came with it. She turned around to see Almert enter before returning her attention back to the weights. Almert loaded up a bar and began to bench press, the up and down motion of the bar echoing through the otherwise-quiet room. When he was done, he placed the bar back on its supports and sat up, sweat evident on his shirt and running down his face. “That wasn’t so hard.”

    “I can tell,” Ziva said. Now she was inspecting one of the circular weights.

    “What are you looking at? It’s a standardized weight,” Almert said. “Trust me, I went to school for engineering. I know my way around mechanical objects.”

    “Trying to figure out if I should use this weight or not,” Ziva replied. She looked over to the bench press machine that she was going to use. It had a few weights on it already.

    “If this is your first time on our equipment, you should take it easy first,” Almert said. “I’ll spot you.”

    “I appreciate it,” Ziva said as she slid the weight onto the bar.

    “You might just want to stop at that weight,” Almert said, but to no avail. Ziva loaded up the bar to just over what Almert had just been lifting. “Um, are you sure you can lift that?” he asked.

    Ziva just shook her head in disbelief and got down into her bench press stance. Grunting, she pulled the bar off its moorings and began to lift. The bar went up and down in a very graceful manner, and Almert’s jaw dropped. This woman was completely embarrassing him! He couldn’t say anything when she finished and then added more weight. “Kinda light,” she commented as she added on another thirty-pound weight.

    After a few rounds of this, Ziva was now lifting a solid seventy-five more pounds than Almert could comfortably. And the weird thing was that she didn’t look too out of place. Finally, in between sets, Almert had to say something. “Who are you?” he asked. “I can’t lift those things!”

    “Let’s just say that while you were sticking your nose in school books, I was always in the weight room. Now, I’ve got another set, so make sure to spot me, OK?” the Nautolan said before getting back into her stance.

    “You never went to college?”

    “One year of community college before hitting the pros, but that was a waste of time, unfortunately. I’ve never been the student type,” Ziva said as she lifted the bar. When she finished her set, she stayed down for a few moments. “I have a very magnetic personality, but it’s not an equivalent to your brains to make a living, Mr. I’ve Got a Degree in Engineering. So I have Limmie to keep me going, and weights. Which reminds me, what other weights are there? I bet there are tons more here than back on Sabilon. We had a decent weight room, but this . . . this is the largest weight room I’ve ever seen. It’s great!”

    Almert wasn’t sure if this new girl was just strong, crazy, or a bit of both. So he just started in on his own routine, trying to ignore it as Ziva continued to run rings around him in the weight room. Everything she did seemed to go past his best efforts, and this was her first time using the equipment! It just wasn’t fair.

    Press Conference

    “I would like to introduce Ms. Ziva Kender,” Gark said to the press. As usual, the room was packed for Senator conferences to the brim. The Nautolan stepped up on stage, shook Gark’s hand, and then sat down at the table. Also sitting there were the other new players, Blylock, Voontoo, and Girola Gundor, the other player the Senators received from the trade with Sabilon. The half back was Kender’s best friend from their playing days with the Skookumchucks, and when word had gotten out to Gundor that Ziva was to be traded, she insisted that she go along as well. This had momentarily complicated things in the trade, because Gark had to part with another prospect just to nab the strong half back. He was going to send a couple of talented, yet raw, players to Sabilon, but adding Gundor made Gark jump higher on the prospect value list that Lorrin, Mac Johnson, and he had created some time back. He went from a bench player in Caleeny Worgo straight to Thyferra starter, and reserve with the Senators last season, Leah Nergbolt. Leah was a solid prospect, and Gark hated to see her go, but if it meant getting Kender, it had to be done. At least he hadn’t been forced into giving up Song or Calmerung D’jukk, both of whom were the top prospects on the list.

    “Ms. Kender, how do you feel about this opportunity to play in the Elite League?”

    “It’s awesome,” Ziva replied. “It’s something I’ve always wanted, to play for an Elite League club. I’ll do my best to represent the Senators in the future.”

    “Do you feel pressure to perform immediately?” came another question.

    “Of course,” Ziva said. “I think I’d be crazy if I didn’t say I was under pressure. It’s going to be an uphill climb for me. But I think I can do well. I have a lot of time to work on things between now and the season opener.”

    “We’ve heard that you have a very free personality. How will that transfer over to your game?”

    “I can be very happy and excitable, I guess you could say, off the pitch, but when I get on that turf, I buckle down. Simple as that,” Ziva said.

    Gark wrapped it up after a few more questions. He didn’t want to saturate his new goalie with all of this media hype, at least not yet. She still had some things to get done before the season. But from what he was hearing from her so far, at least she was going to keep working.

    TAG: Trieste because I kinda used his pseudo-LFL team :p

    Coruscant Senators Receive:

    Carder Blylock (Zeltron, Male, Corner Back) from Cloud City Sky Captains
    Voontoo (Rodian, Male, Forward) from Cloud City Sky Captains
    Ziva Kender (Nautolan, Female, Goalkeeper) from Sabilon Skookumchucks
    Girola Gundor (Nautolan, Female, Half Back) from Sabilon Skookumchucks

    Cloud City Sky Captains Receive:

    Jerek Deter (Human, Male, Corner Back) from Coruscant Senators
    Vooga (Ishi Tib, Male, Corner Forward) from Coruscant Senators
    2 Prospects from Sabilon Skookumchucks

    Sabilon Skookumchuks Receive:

    4 Prospects from Cloud City Sky Captains
    Meyton Panning (Human, Male, Half Forward) from Coruscant Senators
    Ganos Fama (Human, Male, Corner Back) from Coruscant Senators
    Leah Nergbolt (Human, Female, Half Back) from Coruscant Senators
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  23. Jedi Gunny

    Jedi Gunny Yahtzee Host star 9 VIP - Game Host

    May 20, 2008
    Draft Rankings:

    Agamar Packers – A-

    Tim Dodd wanted to leave an impression on his team’s first Draft. I think he certainly did, given that he made only three picks and no trades. Neaga should be a good contributor right away on defense or in goal, and Penny Jinch could also chip in some help this upcoming season. Not a bad way to join the drafting party.

    Bakura Miners - A

    Quinn Cundertol does it again, but this time he takes known commodities instead of nobodies come Draft Day. He not only got Gary Zonka, a hot prospect at this point, but shored up future needs with Zonko Lyriss and Thum Wowcin. We don’t know much about this Ward guy, but if he’s anything like the rookies from last year, other teams will likely be kicking themselves that they didn’t find out about him sooner.

    Coruscant Senators – C

    Good start to the Draft with Tenegat, who should make an excellent combination with Christine Gamble for years to come at the corners. Zalt was a decent addition, although it may be a while until she sees playing time on Coruscant, if at all. However, choosing Farfell was a real stretch pick, because there were better commodities left on the Draft board. Had the Senators picked one of them, they probably would have gotten a B. Plus, not taking a goalkeeper when they need new blood there really hurts them, even if the crop was weak.

    Euceron Storm – C+

    Trading away your top picks isn’t a smart idea for a current draft, but the Storm made sure to cash in on the other side, the 277 Draft. That instantly makes their moves look brilliant. As for the players they took, neither is really impressive at this point in time. Quiet drafting was overshadowed by trading, which is not all bad. We will re-evaluate this grade next season with their bevy of picks.

    Mando’ade Mercs – B-

    We did not see Lieznam going this early in the Draft, and he is a real boom-or-bust prospect. He has good upside, but we’re not convinced just yet. Otherwise, two solid picks from the Mercs that should fill out roster holes on defense. Not a huge splash, but doing what they need to.

    Nar Shaddaa Smugglers – A-

    Got a nice pair of first-round picks in McCloud and Windreaver, who should make their presence felt from Day One. Also got a Helmsman nominee in Gunn in the second round, which was a real steal, given how hot commodities U of Agamar players were in this draft. Only issue here was not taking any defensive players, which given last season’s defensive debacle needs to be fixed.

    Ralltiir Starkillers – B

    Got two Wookiees in the second round to add more meat to what is shaping up to be a solid defensive unit. Also was able to pick up Andres Fortune, which was a major move on Draft Day, and move Galaxy Defender Unanimous, which was even more important. However, they could still use a little more help on offense in case Fortune doesn’t make everything ten times better immediately.

    Rydonni Prime Monarchs – B-

    And the Monarchs’ Bakura crush keeps on a’rollin’ with two more Bakurans taken with their three picks. Seriously, someone needs to check and see if they have Bakuritis; I don’t think you’ll find it in any medical journals, but it certainly needs to be diagnosed here. Anyways, Konnenwirth should be a good find, and Starr can contribute immediately on a very leaky defense.

    TAG: Tim Battershell, Trieste, jcgoble3, Bardan_Jusik, Vehn, Runjedirun, CPL_Macja
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  24. Runjedirun

    Runjedirun Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 3, 2012
    IC: Martin Vigo

    The game was ugly. I tried to remind myself it wasn’t really a game. Still I sat and second guessed every move I’d made since buying the team. My riskiest move of course had been hiring Trey Till as the head coach. I met Trey a few days after his release from prison. When he first got out he actually went to live with Ty and Lucie. They brought him to a family dinner. He made the same observation that Ty had the first time he met my family. “How many of these kids play Limmie?” he asked looking around the table. My kids had inherited my height, they played sports, they danced, and the girls insisted we all eat healthy. So I understood why they looked like Limmie players, but my wife was dead set against any of her children partaking in such a dangerous game.

    When I got serious about buying the team I hired Till as an adviser. It wasn’t meant to go beyond that, but he had such a drive and he’d been given such a bad break. I couldn’t help myself when he applied for the head coach position, I hired him. And here I was watching the team lose a scrimmage before the season began and I was already rehearsing my “I have to let you go” speech. I reminded myself that there were lots of reasons we could be losing. Very few of our defensive starters were in the game at all. Several of our offensive starters were playing positions they were not familiar with. The coaches were most likely not running out of the ordinary plays they wanted to keep secret until the season started.

    No matter how I spun it, I was not pleased with a 31 point loss. I spent my time in the shuttle on the way home studying the facial expressions of key players and coaches. Fortune had played the entire first half and he seemed much too calm about the loss. A game, even a scrimmage without a single point scored by his hand and he wasn’t even upset. That didn’t sit right with me. Jul on the other hand looked extremely agitated as did Marmu. Ty hadn’t played but a few minutes, but he also rarely lifted his head for the entire ride home. Coach Till spent the entire trip furiously typing into his data pad. I hoped he was re-writing his game plan for next week.

    We got back to Ralltiir earlier than I expected. I checked with Justyne to see if she had a ride. She assured me she did so I made my way into the stadium to check up on a few renovation projects that I was concerned about. Before I headed inside though I lingered in the shadows to satisfy a suspicion, and sure enough Justyne got in a speeder with none other than Andres Fortune. Leave it to Justyne to hook up with the biggest star on the team before the season even started. I wondered if she told him she had a daughter, I wondered if he knew she was my daughter. It was none of my business really, but I’d be keeping an eye on them anyway.

    As usual I got caught up in finding issues that needed to be addressed before next week and lost track of time. Lack of sleep caught up with me though, so I wrapped up what I could and arrived at the house long after everyone had gone to bed. Everyone except Bat, that was. When I walked in he was making his way out. My arrival seemed to startle him. “Dad” he said trying to hide his surprise, but it was too late for that I’d seen him jump a little when I walked in the door. “You’re home earlier than I expected.”

    “Bat” I said with little emotion as I was very tired and wanted nothing more than to go put my head on my pillow. “I don’t know where you think you are headed at this hour, but please go to bed.”

    “Can’t do that,” he replied almost cheerfully. “I’m on my way into work.”

    “Work?” I asked realizing this was going to be a longer conversation than I wanted. “Last I checked you already had three jobs; please don’t tell me you got another one.”

    “No not another job; just a different job. A position driving cabs finally opened up,” He said proudly.

    “That’s dangerous work.” I stated. “I meant what I said at your graduation. I’d be more than happy to pay for you to further your education.”

    “That’s not what you said two years ago.” He replied defensively. “You don’t need to worry. I can take care of myself.” He began to move towards the door. I stepped in front of it blocking his way.

    “I am worried.” I said grabbing his arm. “If this is what you want to do I can’t stop you, but if you’re interested I know an equipment manager that needs an assistant. It’s a full time day job that pays rather well.”

    “I don’t need your charity” he said pulling away. Then he turned, looked at me once more before leaving and said, “You shouldn’t be so hard on Tomas.”

    Once he was gone I dropped my travel bag on the floor and kicked it clear across the room in frustration. I headed to my second bedroom, a guest room I frequented when having troubles with my marriage or on nights like this when I just wanted to be alone. I didn’t think I was going to get much sleep, but I was wrong, the next thing I knew Spencer was in the doorway calling me. “Dad, Tomas wants to know if he can come out of our room now.”

    I sat up quickly becoming fully alert. “I’ll go talk to him.” I said. He didn’t leave; clearly he had something else he wanted to discuss. “What is it?” I asked.

    “I don’t want to share my room anymore.” He said.

    “We’ll discuss that later.” I said. I headed upstairs to retrieve Tomas. Thankfully Spencer didn’t press the matter further and retreated towards the kitchen. I found Tomas lying fully dressed on his stomach with his chin propped up on his hands on top of his bed. “Morning,” I greeted.

    “Am I allowed to leave my room now?” He asked.

    “Of course” I said. “Go grab some breakfast, you’re free until it’s time to set up for dinner. Check with your mother to see what time she needs you, family dinner.” I reminded him, “There will be extra places to set.” He quickly got off the bed, sped by me and ran towards the kitchen. I followed, stopped in the kitchen doorway and admired my wife from a distance. She was carrying Zoey on her hip and serving plates to Tomas and Spencer with her free hand. After taking a moment to be thankful for what I had, I walked in gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked if Justyne was sleeping in.

    “You know it.” She replied. Then her face turned. “I’m worried about Bat” she said. “He must have gone out last night and he didn’t return home.”

    “I’m worried too.” I conceded. “But he didn’t go out, he was working. Brace yourself,” I said “because you’re not going to like this. He has a night shift driving a taxi cab.”

    She put Zoey in a chair and walked closer to me. “And you’re allowing this.” She stated flatly. “He’s going to get himself killed.” She gave me an accusing look; then turned around to address Spencer and Tomas. “Hurry up and eat.” She prodded “rehearsal is in less than an hour.”

    “Rehearsal?” I asked.

    “For the fall production, both boys have lead dance roles.” She said cheerfully.

    “Did you boys agree to this?” I asked. They nodded, but a part of me couldn’t help but wonder. The boys were getting a little old for dance. Even Richard quit dance at 7 and he always went out of his way to please his mother. I gave Spencer my most serious look “Spencer?” I asked.

    “Yes sir.”


    “Yes sir.”

    “Have a good time then.” I said giving up on why the boys were suddenly interested in dance again. “Spencer if you want to talk I’ll be in my office this afternoon. Stop by anytime.”

    “Yes sir.”

    I walked to the front of the house and gazed out the window, hoping to see Bat pull into the driveway. I should have asked what time to expect him home. After only a few minutes I pulled out my data pad and sent him a text. Let me know you’re okay.

    Fine Dad, came the quick response. I relaxed a bit and wrote back. Glad to hear it. When will you be home?

    2 more hours, I’m washing dishes. I made note of the time and decided to take advantage of some rare downtime and go for a swim. As I made my way up and down the lane of our lonely pool I went over all the things that needed to be done this week in order to have Bankers Mansion ready for a sold out crowd this coming week for the scrimmage against Kuat. I processed my feelings on the humiliating loss against the Crusaders. I tried to think of some way to convince Bat not to continue driving cabs at night and contemplated my reaction to Tomas’ behavior.

    After a long swim and an almost equally long hot shower I made my way to the kitchen to make myself a small meal. Not long after I sat down to eat Bat came in the door and joined me with his own take out from the restaurant where he washed dishes. I watched him pull out a large nerf burger and serving of hubba fries. A meal his mother certainly wouldn’t approve of. The fries looked particularly good so I asked if I could have some.

    “Yes sir” he mocked.

    “You have a problem with how I handled your brother?” I asked. “Let me hear it.”

    "Bullying him is not going to get you anywhere. I got in trouble because you were busy, a lot, often times you had no idea what I was up to and I knew I could get away with almost anything. Other times I was just trying to get your attention. You just need to be around more. Be a father to him.” He said.

    “A few months ago you wanted me to buy a professional sports team and now you want me to spend more time with the family.”

    He ate the rest of his food in silence; shrugged his shoulders “Fair enough” he commented as he gathered his trash before heading up to his room.

    I retreated to my home office to draw up rookie contracts that still needed completing. Spencer stopped by briefly to tell me he changed his mind about wanting his room back. I wanted to ask him why he was taking up dance again, but Lucie and Ty had arrived and when Ty was around he got all the attention from my sons. I heard them running for the gym and hollered out for them to be careful. The last thing I needed was one of my best defensive players injured before the season started. Ty is several years older than Lucie, but when he’s at my house I have to constantly remind myself not to correct him like one of my own children. He seems to be a nice guy, takes good care of Lucie from what I can tell, but he has a distinct childlike mentality always goofing off, I was lucky that he wasn’t leading the boys to the pool for one his infamous cannonball contests.

    Dinner was uneventful, to my relief Trey showed up. I knew his family had turned their backs on him when he was accused of being involved in a double murder. He had yet to forgive them and aside from Ty he didn’t have any friends. Now that he was the coach I’m sure he was forming relationships with his players. Still I had allowed myself to become attached to his presence and I really wanted him to look at the contracts I’d drawn up.

    I nearly forgot to look at Tomas’ schoolwork. None of my children had trouble with school in the past so when I finally did take a look at the test I was in shock. Several of the questions were left blank. It was too late by that time to try and go over the material with him so I had to put it off until the next evening. The next evening I came home early specifically to sit down with him, but he seemed to know all the information. I almost accused him of failing on purpose, but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. It was a busy week, I soon realized I had made a mistake in saying I’d be helping him every night. Luckily I was able to enlist Spencer as my back up. He reported the same findings I had made. Tomas was not having any trouble understanding his schoolwork. I probably should have driven a little deeper into the issue. Unfortunately I got caught up in contract negotiations, last minute hires, renovation emergencies and a number of other things that needed my attention with the team.

    Tomas had been good all week. I hated making him dress up and sit in the owner’s box with me and his mother. He was a good sport about it though; he took a seat up front and sat quietly waiting for the game to begin. Zoey was anything but quiet. She ran around the box spilling drinks and banging on the glass when her mother took the field to dance for a little pre-game entertainment. I had arranged for a special child sized luxury chair to be installed for her to sit in, but it was obvious she wasn’t going to be doing much sitting.

    I tried to keep my own pacing down to a minimum. I worried about the possibility of another big loss. Starkiller fans were faithful. They wouldn’t be going anywhere, but they would demand changes if we looked as bad as we did the week before. Even if it wasn’t a regular season game; I sincerely hoped Till and his players were going to step up their game today.

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  25. Jedi Gunny

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    May 20, 2008
    IC: Ava Killenger

    Here was the place she always wanted to be. She wanted to be home, wanted to be a member of the hometown Elite League team. She wanted to be able to play in front of family and friends every week. But that hope had been extinguished, at least for now, on this planet. Now she was making her first trip back to her home planet after that . . . little incident. She wasn’t happy about that, but it was firmly in her past now.

    She had gone to Team HQ on a summons from the front office. They were asking her if she still regretted her decision to become a drug addict, which she very remorsefully said she had. She tried to persuade them that the problems were behind her, and that she was going to keep working to make the team as soon as possible. Then the team doctors brought out the mandatory team drug tests, which turned out negative in the end. This certainly brightened Gark S’rily’s mood a bit, and he made sure to let her go with no incident this time. It was nice to not see the Bothan so angry at her for once; maybe she had left a good impression on him this time around. It looked very unlikely that she would make it to the Elite League next season, though. A re-evaluation of her situation with the LFL turned up that she would need overwhelming evidence to prove that she had done penance for her actions in order to be reinstated for Elite League eligibility next year. Given that the League commissioner seemed to be against her in that regard, not to mention that the big club also doubted that she was still fully ready, it was very likely that she was stuck with the Force for all of next year.

    As she weaved her way through the streets on her way to eat at one of the diners near her home in Forrest Heights, she could hear footsteps coming up behind her. She stopped, and so did the sound of the echoing footsteps. Turning around, she could see a being whom she did not want anything to do with. It was her old dealer, and he looked angry. “I want my money,” he demanded.

    “I paid you every last credit,” Ava said firmly. “Besides, I don’t need you anymore. I quit a long time ago.”

    “You still owe me two hundred credits,” the dealer said angrily.

    “I don’t owe you a damn thing except a broken jaw for ruining my life,” Ava retorted. “You and your product took everything away from me.”

    “I don’t give a damn about what it does to you. I want the money you owe me.”

    “This is blackmail,” Ava said. “I’m not going to give you anything. Now piss off.”

    The man sprung out and drove Ava to the ground. She soon found herself face up on the pavement as the man stood over her, foot on her throat. “Pay up, or I’m going to send your regards to the Maker as I squash out your life,” he said in a very threatening tone.

    Ava struggled to try and free herself, but the boot on her throat was too tight to say anything or breathe. She had to act fast. There was no way she was going to pay this goon anything.

    “Pay up!” the dealer yelled at her as he tightened his boot’s hold on Ava’s throat. She began to panic, as she could feel her windpipe being severely constricted. Too much more of this, and she might black out. Who knew what might happen to her if that occurred, given that drug dealers were shady and never to be trusted. She had to act now or regret not doing anything. Taking one last small gasp, she reached out and swung her leg up to hit the dealer in the back of the leg. The man yelled out in surprise and his boot lifted just enough. Ava sprang to her feet and then smacked the dealer across the jaw with a vicious punch. The man growled and pulled out a knife from his pocket, stopping Ava in her tracks.

    “You’re going to wish you never did anything to me,” he said, a cruel grin on his face. “If I can’t get any money out of you, I’m going to bleed you dry in a slow and painful manner.”

    “Then what are you waiting for?” Ava asked. She didn’t mean to ask this, but it came out anyways. She wasn’t going to submit to this blackmail. The dealer charged forwards, knife in hand and ready to strike. Ava knew that this wasn’t going to end well for her, so she struck out with her leg as her eyes closed.

    The next moment, she could feel contact being made, and then she opened her eyes. The dealer had dropped his knife, and it had skittered in between the two of them on the pavement. Both of them looked down, and then at each other. She had to grab the knife, had to threaten to stab him to get him to leave.

    The dealer dove for the object, but Ava was too fast. She reached down with her foot and kicked the knife aside. Then, as the dealer tried to pull up, Ava lowered the boom on him with a vicious hook to the nose. The man then recoiled, blood starting to spurt from his nose. She had obviously inflicted some damage to his face. But that wasn’t the end of it. The man charged her by putting his head down, but she dodged him easily like a very slow-footed defender on the pitch and then tossed him down with a full-body pin. He screamed out in pain as she pinned him to the ground and wrestled his arms on his back.

    “Geroff me!” the man pleaded.

    “Not until you promise to leave me alone forever,” Ava said. “You’re lucky I don’t kill you right here.”

    “You wouldn’t dare,” the man said.

    “Try me,” Ava said.

    “Fine, I’ll go,” the man said. Ava let him up, and he turned to leave. However, then he spun around, wielding a holdout blaster in his hand. But Ava was ready, and she chopped down on his arm to send the blaster flying out of his grasp. Then she kicked him in the groin, sending him to his knees, and then finished him off with a vicious blow to the head from her elbow. The dealer crumpled to the ground, leaving Ava alone as the victor.

    “Now go, and never come back. Ever. Understand?” Ava hissed at the man, who nodded in a frightened manner and ran off into the darkness. Ava took a deep breath; she had done it. Where those moves had come from, she had no idea, but that didn’t matter. She had finally put the last nail in the coffin of her addiction by defeating the source of her misery.

    The meal she ate at the diner tasted even sweeter than it would have before, every bite of the food tasting so much better. It was a victory meal for her.

    When she drove home, she passed by the community graveyard. It was like something mysterious was compelling her to take this route, even though she rarely ever used it when she was in college to get home. So she killed the engine on the side of the road and walked through the gate into the yard. It was deathly quiet here, with only the sound of the occasional speeder passing by echoing through the field of graves. Ava walked over the trodden grass until she reached the grave she had come here to see. BARNEY KILLENGER, the marker read. 256-274. A GOOD SON AND BROTHER. MAKER REST YOUR SOUL. Ava knelt down beside the grave for her brother, and then reached out to touch the gravestone with her hand. She could feel the texture of the marker in her grasp, the smoothness of the stone and its cold presence contrasting her warm skin. “I did it, Barney. I did it,” she whispered to the stone. She had indeed done it; she was well back on her path to glory on the Limmie pitch. And with the victory over the dealer, she had finally excised that demon from her past.

    When her speeder rolled up in front of her childhood house, she took a deep breath before leaving her vehicle. What kind of response was she going to get? She was afraid her parents would hate her, maybe disown her, for doing drugs. But she had to find out all the same; it was like an invisible force was pushing her onwards, regardless of if she wanted to be here or not. She rapped on the door with her knuckles, making it loud enough to be audible in the silence of the street.

    Many moments went by, and Ava wondered if anyone was going to get the door. She knocked again, and this time the door was opened. It was her father, who gave his daughter a long glance. Then he reached out his arms, and Ava was brought into his embrace. “We heard about your transgressions, and feared the worst,” he said.

    “I’m sorry, dad. Really sorry,” Ava said, almost crying now. “I didn’t mean to, honest.”

    “Who’s there?” came the voice of her mother. Then she was able to see who was at the door. “Ava! You’re home!” she exclaimed before rushing over to see her daughter, her only remaining child. “We were worried sick about you! We thought you were carousing with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, getting into trouble.”

    “I did for a little while,” Ava said, ashamed. “But I’ve stopped now. I came by to . . . I don’t know . . . since I was here . . .”

    “To return to normalcy?” her father asked. Ava nodded sheepishly.

    “I couldn’t stay away,” she finally said after a slight pause. “I went by the cemetery on my way here. Got to see Barney again.”

    “Are you still beating yourself up about that?” her father asked, concerned.

    “Here and there,” Ava replied. “But I realized that I took it too far. I was so lost after he died . . . I needed direction. And it put me on a path I didn’t want to go down. I don’t want you to disown me . . . I understand now that . . . that I went too far.”

    “It’s all right,” her mother said calmly. “As long as you understand where you erred, there is nothing we need to do.

    Welcome home.”

    Those two words were the best ones that Ava had heard in a long time.

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