Star Wars Emerald Battalion (New Players Welcome)

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    Emerald Battalion:
    The Story Of The Greatest Clone Battalion Of All Time
    The Republic had been fighting a losing battle against the dark forces of the droid armies and the evil Sith until the year 22 BBY. That was the year the clone troopers were delivered into battle for the first time, millions of them turning the tide of the war once and for all. There were many heroes and many stories, but the greatest story of all was so fantastic it verged on being considered a myth, and that is the legend of the Emerald Battalion. This is their story... This is Your Story!
    1) Follow RPF Rules.
    2) No God modding.
    3) Game Master's word is law.
    4) If characters don't respond, they are given 2 weeks, after which, the character is killed off. If a player comes back after that time frame, you may create a new character, but all progress is lost.
    5) Waiting for Captains orders is not necessary if they haven't posted in over 36 hours in order to keep the game running!
    6) All character sheets must be PMed to the GM (Quinlan Vos) for approval, then posted in the Character Creation thread, found here!
    7) No force users.
    8) Have fun, and may the force be with you.
    Character Sheet:
    Rank: TBD
    Height and Weight:
    Physical Description:
    Background and Training:
    Previous Tours:
    Personal Weapons:
    Preferred Weapons:
    Possible Roles:
    Captain: Gives orders, never first into battle
    Heavy: Uses large guns, not agile or fast, but very dangerous and packs a punch
    Sniper: Deadly from range, little skill in close quarters
    Assassin: Good at sneakily killing enemies, but not skilled in extended battles
    Trooper: Not particularly skilled in anything, but has no real weakness
    Mechanic: Driver when necessary, Less skilled in battle
    Engineer: Good with Tech and Explosives, not particularly skilled in battle
    If you have questions about this, please Contact the GM (Quinlan Vos)!!! Enjoy!
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