Saga Empty Hearts, Full Teacups. Drabbles. Anakin, Obi-Wan, mourning the lost

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    "I miss Ahsoka.” Anakin leaned against Obi-Wan’s doorframe, cradling a cup of hot tea in his hand. “This doesn’t make up for it, but the gesture is appreciated. Yeah, only you would leave me a cup of tea and the space to come to you when I was ready.”

    “Are you ready?”

    “No.” He lapsed into silence and sat beside his mentor. “Thanks, Obi-Wan, for trying.”

    Obi-Wan cradled his tea and spoke pensively, eyes watching the curling steam rise into the air. “We each have a loss to mourn.”


    And Ahsoka.

    “Yeah. You okay?”

    “No, afraid not.”

    “Me neither.”


    “I’m sorry.”

    “Me, too.”

    “Anakin! I’ve always been taught, always believed ‘do or do not.’ And I’m afraid I - did not.”

    “You tried; Obi-Wan, I know you tried.”

    “Trying doesn’t – doesn’t count.”

    Anakin shook his head rather angrily. This was just another thing wrong with the Order. Obi-Wan, a good man, had done his best and was now slumped in his seat, feeling a failure.

    “It counts with me, Master. You can’t win every battle, you gave the good fight.”

    “And my failure ‘to do’ cost us two good women…”

    To that truth, Anakin had no words of comfort.
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    :) I love the line: “It counts with me, Master. You can’t win every battle...
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    Poignant small scenes. I also like the "it counts with me." Lovely.
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    Awwww :( Appreciate their little gestures of supporting each other, especially
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    So sad. I couldn't blame Ahsoka. The Council pretty much sold out one of their own to appease the Senate.
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