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    Hope someone read it and tell me how im doing... ja... all types of comments are welcome... Hoping all good ones. :rolleyes:

    Chapter one.

    He was running as fast as his long legs could, but he knew that it was not going to be enough; he was not on time at the academy, and he was left behind.
    The only thing he could think about, were the last words of his master: "Find a way, you already know the importance of this mission, for you the most.

    - Of course I know the importance of this!!! - He shouted, and the group of people that was gathered around just stared at him.

    - Damn! - He said to himself - How am I going to get transportation with the amount of credits that I have! I already asked 4 pilots, and they even looked at me... seems that I have to put more attention in the ?using the Force? lessons... maybe if I use my lightsaber, I?m really good at it... no.... not a good idea. For the moons of Onderon!!, if I miss this chance, it will be my end as a padawan, as a Jedi. Even my Master said it... the kitchen and the training room incidents were... well... my doom.... -

    Coruscant was a really difficult and crowded place, and anything could happen, for the right price.
    All the streets and hallways of this particular place of the planet were full with people selling and buying all types of items, in countless establishments; all of them, of course, of undetermined source.

    The young padawan had been traveling along the planet, but always sided by his master; cold as always, in all meanings. The feeling of uncertainty that he had at the moment, was something he really didn?t like, and was a promise to himself, to never felt it again. The young padawan made his way through the rough streets of Coruscan, with a lot on his mind. Finally, he found himself at a huge corridor, that was the main to a several smaller ones, that was well known to be a place for pilots that could take all the unwanted passengers, or the ones that were not really good enough in terms of ?piloting? a ship, but it was the only place where he could find some ?help?.

    At the end of one of the corridors, he could saw the figure of someone that could look like a girl. He continued running, and while getting closer, he could completely assure that was a girl. She seemed to be the same age as him, and he thought that if she was there, she had to be a pilot. She was dressed like one, though: black jacket, trousers, and long leather boots. She was next to an old ship, but in that moment he thought that he didn?t have the time to be focusing on little details. Something made him go to the place where that girl was located. ? Must be the Force- he thought to himself.

    He run and tried to talk to the girl, but only some noises came out from his mouth. He had lost all of his energy, running as fast as a kaadu.

    -Hey, slow down!!- She said. - You are going to hyperventilate. I don?t need a dead boy next to me, it will make me look bad ? She spoke and at the same time, she opened her black eyes and gave the young padawan an smile. ? Breathe!! Yes? like that? ok, now, what were you saying?

    When the young padawan regained his breath, he asked: - Can you please take me to Corulag? I don?t have enough credits right now, but I promise I will give you them as soon as we get there!!! I mean it!!!-

    She gave a look at him; he was really tall, but she could tell that he was around her age, just by looking at his face. Not bad looking, short brownish hair, blue eyes and a sharp large nose.

    - Ok! I?ll do it. ? She answered- But if you don?t keep your word, you will not keep your head. And that is my promise. - She gave a gaze around the place, and showed him the way to access the ship. It was a compact one, but it was well-rounded designed. It was all rusty and dirty. Once inside the ship, the girl began to star up the engines.

    - Sit still and do not talk and you better use the belt...- She said.
    - Well, seeing this thing by the inside, it?s worse than the outside, I don?t even want to breathe. ? The young pad
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