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    Two questions -

    1) Why are there no PT characters? It is the Star Wars SAGA after all. I love the prequels and though I would have liked a few things differently, I love them just as much as eps 4,5,6. I think most haters went in wanting to hating to hate those movies. The one thing I love about Star Wars is that each film is different in tone and yet they 'feel' like one movie. I can't say the same about other franchises such as 'Alien'.

    2)Why is Leia in the gold bikini? What I mean is they used pics of Luke and Han from ep 4 but when it came to Leia, they used her ep 6 photo. I might be nitpicking but it just kinda stood out to me. Maybe it wouldn't have if they had used ESB Luke or something.
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    Sex sells.
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    Shia Lebouf is awful. I'm sorry. Terrible, terrible actor and NOT right as Indy's son. Indy's son should be a bit dashing and lebouf is a midget. Don't even get me started on how awful that movie was. The sword fighting on cars, yeah right. Then the ants that can strip a man clean in under a minute. Barring those things I had no problem with the alien part or even the fact that Indy survived a nuclear blast inside a refrigerator.
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    oh thanks for posting this...i'll be sure to pick it up.

    I have started a group on FB, come and join! Trying to go international..hehehehe

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    He's a terrible actor? Wow.
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    I actually liked Ewoks as mean bastards too. It's when it got too sappy I became annoyed. That and beating the Imperial elite with stone age weapons. It's too much even for Star Wars. Besides, what was their motivation for atacking the Imperials anyway? We didn't see Empire napalm their villages.
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    Don't you remember C3PO telling them the stopry up til that point? The Ewoks wanted to help their "God" and his friends.
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    EW is a rag. I wouldn't waste my money on it.

    And the one time I went on their website a virus tried to infect my computer.:rolleyes:
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    So do you want to see complete abandonment of the EU or limited utilization?
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    I hope more Lucasfilm means a sequel to Willow! :) Also, I am glad that Bard Bird got a good mention. I don't think that killing Han 20 minutes in is a great idea though, maybe he should die at the end in some kind of awesome climactic ending! But whatever the case may be, I am looking forward to seeing what the writer and director come up with :).
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    I'm not sure about Willow. They sort of told the rest of the story in the three Chronicles of the Shadow War novels written by Chris Claremont a while back. And those were "canon" in that they were based on an outline by George Lucas.

    EDIT: But I guess if there were more Willow movies, they would just base them on those. Ellora was the main character. I liked them a lot.
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    1. I would assume they did this beacause it's Episode 7, as in a continuation of the OT. Well that, and these are the characters most adults associate with Star Wars.

    2. Again, I'm thinking familuarity; these are some of the most iconic of images of all of them.
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    There are four PT characters that I see: Yoda, Vader, C3P0 and R2-D2. And correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the above Vader image created and used to promote Episode III?
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    And those character represent universally loved icons of SW, put Hayden on the front and sales go down unless you're a hardcore fan.
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    Holy cow, there's another SWC fan out there??

    Actually those books were better thought out in this regard: after the climax, the normal continuity was completely restored. GL probably had it in mind that he might want to do another movie one day.