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NYC, NY EPIC WIN Burlesque presents...STAR DEBATE!

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by MagdalenaFox, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. MagdalenaFox

    MagdalenaFox Jedi Youngling

    Sep 7, 2010
    EPIC WIN Burlesque continues to be the nerdiest burlesque show in town, having produced sexy and geeky tributes to electronic interactive entertainments (?Video Game Vixens?), Saturday morning animation (?CARTOONS!?), the caped crusader ("Holy ****...BATMAN!") and Ghostbusters ("GHOSTBUSTERS!") since forming in 2009. This summer they also stormed the stage of Nerdapalooza, an annual "nerdcore" music festival in Orland...o, FL.

    This September, the geeks of EW! will clash against one another in civil war to settle one of the most impassioned nerd arguments of our time: Which science fiction franchise is superior, Star Trek or Star Wars? Leading the arguments for Team Trek will be vaudevillian Nelson Lugo, with "evidence" provided by Trekkie hotties Bonnie Voy?age, Lefty Lucy, Miss Mary Cyn and special guest Fem Appeal. Arguing on behalf of Star Wars will be nerd rapper Schaffer the Darklord and his team of sultry Siths BB Heart, Victoria Privates, Magdalena Fox and special guest Rosey La Rouge! Since our hosts will be playing the parts of opposing counsel, our audience will play the part of jury. Indeed, the "winner" will be determined by your vote.

    EPIC WIN Burlesque presents "The Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars." This sexy symposium will settle the great nerd argument once and for all. Phasers will clash with lightsabers. Klingons will battle Stormtroopers. Tribbles will wrestle Ewoks. And although there can be only one victor, all of the nerds in attendance will unite and rejoice in the majestic spectacle of space boobs. The battle has begun.

    May the force live long and prosper.

    EPIC WIN Burlesque presents...
    "The Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars"
    Two shows: Friday September 10th & Saturday September 11th
    @ The Tank Theater in the big room downstairs.
    354 W. 45th St. (btw 8th/9th Ave.)
    Doors @ 9:30pm. Show @ 10:00pm.

    Pre-order tix!

    Epic Win show ALWAYS sell out so it is highly advised to buy your tix ASAP!
  2. johnnynod

    johnnynod Jedi Youngling

    Mar 17, 2009
    Lucas himself isn't a really big fan of all the crazy Star Trek vs. Star Wars debates.

    And quite frankly, neither am I. each their own. :p
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