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SWRPF Archive Epidemic : The Unkown Regions

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Master_Dmentae, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006

    These messages were recovered from the Endorser, an Acclamator-I Class Assault Ship, from a Republic Commando's Private Log, the Year is 21 BBY.

    Entry #1 - RC-736 - Melona/Satunda

    We have found it. The gap in the Hyperspace Disturbance Field, years of searching have finally paid off. The Separatists know nothing of our discoveries, and we are too far out of communicating range to inform the Chancellor, who set us this task.
    It was found by the Jedi, Krotorn Vahns. He walked calmly onto the Command Bridge, and whispered to the Commander something. You could see his eyes widen, he informed the rest of us in the mess hall the next day.

    Entry #2 - RC-736 - Melona/Datunda

    The first team went in today. A quick action, I agree but it is necessary to act fast so that the Separatists cannot come nearby and pick up any of our systems. We cannot see it now, but it has not entered hyperspace, there is a thick mist covering the gap, but it blends in with the stardust around, making it near impossible to spot apart from the dust. We cannot risk sending out any ships back to the Core Planets either, as we are surrounded by Separatist Space. This will all be explained in my next log.

    Entry #3 - RC-736 - Melona/Natunda

    We cannot send out any ships through our in-passage as the system through which we passed has turned Separatist. We are isolated; our only hope of escape is through this gap. The team has not yet returned, but that is not surprising, some murmurs have spread about them supposedly only going out for ten hours at a time, but these were silenced quickly.

    Entry #4 - RC-736 - Melona/Atunda

    Another day has passed without the return of the ship, another ship has now gone through, this one connected. With a cable so we can tow it back if necessary, it also has recording equipment that will send data down the cord instantly.

    Entry #5 - RC-736 & 735 - Melona/Katunda

    I am now here with my Squad leader, who is more attuned to these happenings than I am, the ship we sent through yesterday seems fine, all the scanning material is normal so far, so the Commander decided to keep it out there. I am being told that it will be pulled back tomorrow, as some data cannot be transferred via the cable, and is stored on the ship itself.

    Entry #6 - RC-736 - Melona/Satunda

    It's as we feared - the Cable was retracted, but it was severed at the ship link. The ships floated back through about two hours later, they looked whole and unscathed. But when we attempted contact with them, there was no answer, just a low crackle and the occasional high-pitched interference. We dont know what happened to the crew, we are docking with the ships tomorrow, after we have analysed them thoroughly.

    Entry #7 - RC-736 - Melona/Datunda

    A week has passed scince the first ship entered, and we are docking with it now, using tractor-beams to haul it in. we have fire teams at each entry point incase of an enemy boarding.
    The ships are attatched, i'm watching from the security feeds. The order has gone through, the doors are opening. I have to go, help a team will report tomorrow.

    Entry #8 - RC-736 Melona/Atunda

    I have only just been able to restore this log, as the barracks were overrun first. I guess that it was the best place for a new host. When the doors opened, there was silence for a minute, a man moved in and was overwhelmed by the crew, we opened fire but it took a clip to take each one down. The man was dead, his armor ripped open by nails and fingers, and then feasted upon. The virus then spread, we disposed of the bodies and ejected the second schuttle, but they managed to get inside somehow. We know now that it is a disease, and highly contagious, whilst wearing our full body suits we are fine, but we cannot eat or dispose of bodily waste. Drinking is barely possible through a makeshift device attatched to our helmets. There are...twelve twelve of us left. From a crew of 20,420 of us, the disease spreads quicker than hyperspeed. But cannot survive in the vaccum of space. It is also not intelligent it is driven by a lust for food and host
  2. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    One CS in, plus mine

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Laaht - RC-Echo-737
    Race: Human/Mandalorian Clone
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Republic Commando Captain
    Class: Leadership, Firearms
    Profession: Republic Commando, Leader of Echo Team
    Oddities: Although he is the Leader of Echo team, he has no other team at the moment, and works alone.
    Attributes: He is a kind and caring man, although he is cold of mercy and heart when it comes to the enemy.
    Quirks: He has a slight mental disorder that grants him unlimited free thought.
    Habits: None
    Nerves: He will hand his head when thinking, and seem to blank out.
    Likes: Dedicated Soldiers
    Dislikes: Any form of enemy
    Traits: He can lead a non-Clone Squad effectively and quickly.
    Skills: Basic medical training, Firearms Training, Survival Training, Communication and Piloting skills.
    Training: All of above, other Soldier basics
    Height: 1.83m
    Build: Thin and muscular
    Features: He has a distinctive scar running from his eyebrow to his cheek.
    Clothing: Standard Republic Commando Katarn Armor
    Additional: None
    Hair: Cropped, Dark Brown Hair
    Eyes: Brown
    Melee: Wrist-Blade
    Ranged: DC-15
    Small: DC-15s Blaster
    Special: Wrist-Mounted Incapacitator Dart
    Items: Bacta reserves
    Specific Items: Dogtags of past team
    Transport: LAAT/i
    Private matter: Has seen the deleted security vids of the Endorser, and has gone to try and avenge his Pod Brothers, the RC's mentioned in the log.
    Bio: Laaht is an elite Commando, and volunteered to go destroy the Endorser along with the infestation.
  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: Although I have not attempted to do a CS for this, due to time (and its a complicated looking template) I actually found your opener quite interesting.
  4. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    OOC: Thank you for your intrest, the CS isn't that complicated, as i have explained most things that could be confusing, if you get stuck on any, just pm me r make a shorter one yourself covering the nessecaries, as you said, that was just a template.
  5. Captain_Rex

    Captain_Rex Jedi Youngling

    Apr 17, 2008
    GM approved:

    Name: CC-9823 "Rev"
    Race: Human (clone)
    Age: 24(Physically) 12(Years of growth)
    Gender: Male
    Rank: ARC Captain
    Class: Planner/Leader, Firearms/Stealth
    Profession: ARC, Reconnaissance
    Oddities: Has a Mandalorian Symbol on his shoulder pads
    Personality: Quiet, passive, calculating, can be very aggressive in battle
    Attributes: Is able to find a solution to most problems, just with the things around him, quick to understand languages, he is very loyal to leaders who fight in battle alongside(such as the jedi, not the Chancellor)
    Quirks: More compassionate to his troops than others
    Habits: None
    Nerves: None
    Likes: Plans, explosions, battle, his own soldiers
    Dislikes: most droids, cowards
    Traits: Makes effective, thorough plans.
    Skills: stealth training and(look below)
    Training: Extensive training in hand to hand combat and close quarter combat and firearms training. Has less extensive training in other fields.
    Appearance: Jango/Clone Trooper
    Height: 1.83 meters
    Build: Muscular
    Features: Armour has black paint in various spots, white mandalorian symbols on shoulder pads, there is also a large indent from a vibroblade on his chest plate, he has a fair amount of hair around his mouth, a deep notch above his left eye and a light scar across his right cheek
    Clothing: Clone trooper armour with pauldron and kama
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Melee: gauntlet vibroblade(like Clone Commandos)
    Ranged: DC-15 rifle
    Small: (below)
    Special: A pair of blaster pistols
    Items: grappling hook, flash-bangs, thermal detonators
    Specific Items: A set of custom mandalorian armour
    Transport: Light Freighters
    Private matter: Began having "secret meetings" with a female jedi, but both decided to end it after a few months.
    Bio: One of the two survivors of a devastating defeat, the second survivor being a jedi, Rev decided to do an "easy" mission, so he volunteered to be part of the effort to investigate the Endorser.
  6. Spatz

    Spatz Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 10, 2008
    Name: Khanarizzpanner DeShaddaa (Nickname: ?Khan?)
    Race: Squib
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Rank: - Official voluntary officer
    Class: Heavy artillery operator
    Profession: salvager/Volunteer to the republic
    Oddities: Can tell the type of metal something is crafted from by taste.
    Attributes: Quirky and curious like most squibs, he?s also reckless, and has no fear of danger.
    Quirks: Has an unexplained dislike of the Squib value system, and prefers to get good deals through value by credits.
    Habits: Sucks on a stick of metal whilst in thought.
    Nerves: -
    Likes: Salvaging, Dog fighting, and helping if beneficial.
    Dislikes: Not receiving benefits from work, being kept still, and not being allowed to do things, Ugors.
    Traits: Can tell the type of metal something is crafted from by taste.
    Skills: Salvaging, value assessing, dog fighting, ship modifying, and demolitions
    Training: Fire arms, and piloting (salvaging and dogfighting)
    Height: 1.11 meters
    Build: Base Squibbian stock
    Features: Damage to his left ear, and a large scar across the back of his head. His right arm is cybernetic due to a salvaging accident.
    Clothing: Baggy pants that fit well and have many pockets, leather belt across his chest going from left shoulder to right side of his hips, hold many tools. Black leather fingerless glove on his left hand, of which provides stability to whatever he may wield. Wears a half helm of Mandalorian craft, made for Squibs that covers his right eye. (Provides H.U.D.)
    Additional: -
    Fur: Maroon, with black streaks dyed in, his ears are fully black.
    Eyes: Red Squib eyes.
    Melee: Vibroblade
    Ranged: DLT-19 heavy blaster
    Small: S-5
    Special: Modified Super battle droid arm, built to work as a three function blaster. (Repeating/tri-shot/rocket)(Integrated as part of his cybernetics)
    Items: Pack of bacta patches, repair tools, extra clips, and three extra sets of arm rockets.
    Specific Items: -
    Transport: Self built KR-TB ?Doomtreader? freighter. Extensively modified from base stock freighter
    Private matter: His young cousin and uncle are both Jedi, but are both not at the temple anymore for a reason Khan only knows.
    Bio: Khan was born and raised by his parents on Nar Shaddaa, developing an accent that was closer to that of human than Squibbian, and generally more understandable. He was raised in the way most Squibs are, but came to dislike the Squibbian basics of value. After he had turned 15, he had finished building his craft, with his father?s help, and set off on his own, helping those of whom deserved the aid, at an appropriate price of course. When he heard that the republic was setting out to find a lost ship from his uncle, he saw this as a business opportunity, and signed up as a volunteer, with the exception that he was allowed to take his ship, the Payload. Khan has always been accompanied by a droid known as K1-RK, or Kirk, who always shouts Khan?s name if he can?t find Khan. Kirk is a K1 assassin droid that Khan had modified for more useful purposes.
  7. Master_Dmentae

    Master_Dmentae Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 17, 2006
    OOC: I'll begin once we have a couple or more players, everyone will begin on a medical spacestation that has found a possible cure for the virus, where we will meet and talk briefly. Then move on.
  8. navyknight

    navyknight Jedi Youngling

    Mar 5, 2009
    ((OOC: Sorry, but I just found this RP site, and when I tried to PM it said I needed 20 posts, and I don't feel like going to 20 random boards and spamming so I can send pms, I hope this is okay.))

    Character Sheet for Epidemic: The Unknown Regions GM PENDING
    Name: Kel Sindrl
    Race: Zabrak
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Jedi Knight
    Class: Jedi Sentinel-esque (prefers to try and find a way to smooth things over, but usually fails and he must fall back on his lightsaber training)
    Profession: Jedi Chronologer
    Oddities: His horns are not large, but rather small and fine, resembling human hair at first sight.
    Attributes: Looks to find the how and why behind the issue at hand, instead of settling for surface details.
    Quirks: Prefers not to use his lightsaber unless absolutely necessary. He doesn?t even carry it on his belt, like most Jedi, but hides it in his droid who accompanies him everywhere.
    Habits: Rolls a credit chip over his fingers when bored or thinking
    Nerves: none
    Likes: mysteries, reading and researching the unknown (to him, or to the galaxy)
    Dislikes: people who assume they know everything and talk about things they have no idea about like they invented it
    Traits: can remember random and seemingly useless facts, but according to him, everything is useful, the use just hasn?t presented itself yet.
    Skills: Force
    Training: Tera Kasi (martial arts), lightsaber combat, inept at using a blaster
    Height:1.65 meters
    Build: Lean
    Features: Zabrak tattoos (blue) cover entire body, head to toe
    Clothing: Jedi Robes, traditional brown
    Additional: none
    Hair: Spikes that are short, thin and fine so that at first glance it resembles hair and he can pass as a human.
    Eyes: Sharp blue irises, small black pupil
    Melee: prefers hand-to-hand combat, has a single bladed lightsaber (blue) in his droid which he can summon to him instantly if needed (also if he needs to distance himself from droid, he will carry it on his belt)
    Ranged: none
    Small: none
    Special: none
    Items: journal that has a constant feed to the Jedi Archives, so he can look up any information he needs instantly. Also, anyone looking at the Archives can read his journal.
    Specific Items: Droid, R1-S2
    Transport: Walking, or public transport for long journeys.
    Private matter: Fed into the dark side when he received his tattoos in order to relieve himself of the pain. He is both disgraced by his actions and intrigued by the feeling of power the dark side gave him.
    Bio: Taken to the Jedi Academy at the age of 2, Kel went through the same training any other Jedi received. At the age of 10, he was taken as a Padawan, and at the age of 23 became a full Jedi Knight. At 24, he traveled back to Iridonia to partake in his tribes traditional tattooing ceremony, where he received blue tattoos that match his eye color. Sent on the mission to the Endorser by the Jedi Council, so that the Council may have an official record of what happened.

    ((OOC: New to this site, but not rping in general, but the rules are different site to site, so I?m hoping that I haven?t broken any rules so far. Also, if anyone wants to, am willing to have an apprentice/padawan.))
  9. Darth_Reese

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    Mar 8, 2009
    It said I needed 20 posts also. Do I have to fill in that big of a sheat?
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