Episode .04 Th Children of the Galaxy

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    Okay now this story take place in Earth future and Star Wars past. The two times don't go togatter and I know that but I need it to be like that to have the story work out right. So now to the story. Please tell me what you think. I have the whole story done so it should be posted fast if people like the story.

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
    or was it that long ago or that far away?

    On the distant moon of Yavin 4 the ancient Sith meet again. They came from far, they come from near. Each coming out of hiding in hope that they will come to rule the galaxy. It has been two years since that fall of the great Sith.
    "Master, everyone is here," said a young Sith as her walked into the grand audience chamber, with 10 Sith Lords following him. They gathered around a table.
    "I have called you here today in hope that we will come to power," Darth Zaber, the head of the Sith that still lived, said. "We are the last of our kind. 12, that is all. We need to find people to train. I have found a child to train, young Chris."
    Chris looked up at his master. He had worked so hard in the past three months to make his master happy. Darth Zaber found Chris on the streets of Mos Eisley. He was only 11 then, but in the past three months Chris had turned 12. As far as Chris knew, both of his parents died when he was about 4. Someone killed them and left him for died on the streets. The only reason he had lived so long was because of the little force training his dad gave him. The only thing his dad gave him. My parents didn't love me or they would of found a way for me to be safe, Chris thought. He turned back to his master to hear what he was saying.
    "...tried and tried but no one will come to the Sith. No one wants to be trained by us," said Darth Zack. Darth Zack was only 18 when his master was killed, two years ago.
    Darth Zaber looked at Chris, Darth Zack and the rest of the Sith in the room, and said, "That is why we are going to a different galaxy. To a planet my master told stories of. A planet called Earth."

    Far form the moon of Yavin 4, on a planet only known through myths. On a planet in the mist of was. The planet of Earth. The year (in Earth years) is 2012. For the past 5 years they have been in a battle for the freedom of their planet. They call this was World War 3. They have battled so long and so hard.
    One group in the War, called the U.A., United Americas, have found ten kids, but something about them is different. Each of the kid were taken from the hospital when they were born. Each now at the age of 12, are the strongest, smartest, and deadliest beings known to Earth kind.

    General Nimitz walked onto the parade ground. Before him stood 2 rows of children. He thought back to all the training he had put them through. From the day they came to the base, to today they have never been to their homes with their parents. Yes they see their parents at the least 2 times a year. But the government has took these kids childhood away form them, but then something have to be sacrificed if we liked it or not. Now down to business.
    "Lieutenant Jecas and Lieutenant Wild step foreword now!" yelled Commander Chico. Two people stepped foreword from one line and two people from the other line. Commander Chico looked at General Nimitz and said, "Sir, which Lieutenant Jecas did you need?"
    General Nimitz looked up and responded, "Lieutenant Megan Jecas stay out of line and Lieutenant Janine and Susan Jecas step back in line." Megan Susan and Janine are triplets but they don't look alike.
    "Lieutenant Megan Jecas and Lieutenant Jared Wild follow me," General Nimitz said as he walked off. They both followed him to his office. " You two have both been picked to lead the two squadrons. Megan you are leader of the Knightflyers. Jared you are leader of the Nightkillers."

    In the Lightside Explorer on there way to Yavin, Nomi sat with her daughter, Vima. Their mission was to find out what the Sith are up to and report back to the Council. Nomi was worried about Vima facing the Sith. This
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    This sounds really cool! Keep on postin'!
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    If this isn't cool, I understand. But I think having a resource like this thread would be beneficial to everyone trying to put together a production.

    I'm Guildnavigator.

    I'm in Wisconsin, USA

    I'm 22.

    I have experience on stage, backstage, and behind the camera.

    I have done 16mm, Super-8, VHS, S-VHS and Hi-8 camera work.

    I have two Super-8 cameras, two older video cameras, a Super-8 projector, and a 16mm projector.
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    Go for it. I'm still waiting from Jim at Fan Force to get the final Cast and Crew search program.

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    Guildnavigator, email me:


    We might be able to help each other.
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    Go for it Guildnavigator! I think we should make a site for this very reason.
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    Name: Justin Harris

    Location: Philly, PA

    Age: 27

    Experience: Digital Video

    Gear: Access to 3 DV cameras, lighting, linear editing and titling equipment, Steadicam Jr and 3D Studio Max R3

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    Name: Nathan Butler

    Age: 20

    Location: Evansville, Indiana


    Acting: local dinner theater troupe; high school plays; Prelude to Hope; Trail's End/Boy Scouts Promotional Video "The Secrets"

    Directing: local dinner theater "Riverboat Murder"

    Effects: nada

    Writing: local publications; various websites; multiple CCP scripts (Preude to Hope, Second Strike, Shots, Teks)

    Gear: not a whole helluvalot. VHS-C camcorder (not anything special); relatively well-equiped PC; mind rife with enough baggage to rarely run out of story ideas; inborn anal retentiveness . . .
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